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Company Overview

October 2010

Company ‰ Founded in 2003; ‰ Over R$ 1 million invested in structure and training of professionals for the development of differentiated technology products; ‰ Team of 12 professionals; ‰ Team of professionals including PhD, MSc, MBA and engineers; ‰ Capacity allocation of skilled personnel: more 10 people; ‰ Expertise in software and hardware for development of technology products focused on results for the client.

Leader ‰ Antonio Valerio Netto, Ph.D. – CEO ‰ Senior R & D at Opto Electronics S.A., Consultant for new technologies of Debis, group DaimlerChrysler and T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom group. Visiting Researcher at Indiana University (USA). ‰ Coordinator of the Center for Young Entrepreneurs (NJE) and coordinator of the regional center of innovation (NRI) of CIESP (Center of the industries of São Paulo state). ‰ Ph.D. Computer Science at USP; MSc. Mechanical Engineering; BSc Computer Science at UFSCar; Technician in computer industry at ETEP; MBA Marketing at Fundace/USP. ‰ It has about 75 publications including books, book chapters, journals and international and national conferences in the areas of computing and engineering. It has a patent. ‰ Coordinated 15 technological projects funded by FINEP, CNPq, FAPESP and private companies in the last four years. ‰ Received numerous awards and honors. In 2008 he was a finalist for the Entrepreneur Award sponsored by PEGN and FGV. In 2009 he became honorary professor of the Universidad Abierta Interamericana (Buenos Aires / ARG).

Overview ‰ Play the role of a Technology Labs for the client; ‰ Assist in prospecting, and subsequently perform the conceptualization and design of new products and services in tune with customer needs; ‰ Ability to work as a Design Center e System Integrator. Subsequently, support the reduction of cost and technology risk by capturing part of the financial resources to be used in development; ‰ Manage projects to implement the Open Innovation approach and involve technical laboratories in Universities and Research Centers; ‰ Management and performance in the development process (Innovation / R & D) and product engineering. The company applies the method based on agile project management (project management office).

Design Center e System Integrator ‰ OpenMonitor - Tecnology for remote monitoring 9 Device for acquiring, storing and transmitting data in real time based on free software. He exercises the functions of data logger and Remote Data Collection with sending information by mobile data network (GPRS / GSM). Information can be viewed on the web. ‰ Interplan AT Plus - GIS and decision making 9 GIS-based software platform for the distribution area of energy with a focus on asset management and construction planning.

Technological Expertise Intelligent Mobile Robotics: We develop systems that allow mobile robots to perform tasks of monitoring and inspection in areas of difficult access, acquisition of information in situations of routine work and transport equipment for optimization of time and logistics. Instrumentation & Control: We build solutions that can control equipment and systems through sensors and actuators, as well as acquisition and analysis of electrical signals and digital images to allow the optimization and performance improvement of production processes or decision making. Systems Integration: We integrate systems and have created tools that involve the manipulation of information, since its acquisition, visualization and analysis to its transmission and distribution securely for content acquisition, storage and database to aid decision.

Technological Expertise Intelligent systems for decision support: develop systems that apply computational intelligence algorithms that use the input data to generate possible solutions. These solutions are based on expert knowledge, empirical learning, predictive analysis and pattern recognition related to the context of the application. Human-Computer Interaction: We generate software that allow information acquired or arising in the field of computing systems can be viewed and handled appropriately through interfaces able to facilitate decision making and viewing of large amounts of data interactively on a environment of cross information.

Markets Generate tools for the water and sewer sector, gas and electricity that allow companies to compete and achieve their strategic and economic goals. Cases:

We provide simulators for training of professionals and technology systems for disease surveillance and control of information. Cases:

Markets We add technology in equipment that allow aid in the analysis of patient information and support physicians to prescribe their diagnosis. In addition to systems that assist in treatment and monitoring of patients. Cases:

Integrated systems and have created tools to allow information is available on the company's life cycle from initial planning and analysis, development, integration, production, maintenance until after the sale. Cases:


Strategic physical location 9 São Carlos – recognized as the capital of technology in Brazil 9

Ribeirão Preto (116 Km) Campinas (153 Km) São José dos Campos (290 Km) São Paulo (244 Km)

9 High concentration of skilled labor ‰ Annual numbers (2010) o 300 graduates, 70 MSc and 10 PhD graduates in computing; o 520 graduates, 120 MSc and 40 PhD in engineering.

9 Cost of developing more competitive o Current Population: 221,988 inhabitants. Being about 94,500 residents are between 20 to 49 years of age; o Income per capita: US$ 3.5 mil; o GDP of the City: US$ 675 milhões.


Antonio Valerio Netto

Rua Monteiro Lobato, 2479 Jardim Brasil - ZCode: 13569-290 S達o Carlos, SP, Brazil Phone: 55 16 3376-6716

Company Overview  

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