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Farm Extensions & Enhancements New at the Farm Access to Upper Farm and Home Field Berkshire & Lop Pigs, Lambs & Chicks, Red Poll Cattle 4 Acre Veg & Fruit Agro-forestry Embden Geese, Aylesbury Ducks, Guinea Fowl Lower Farm Indoor Play / Shelter

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e nc ra t En

Farm Entrance & Reception

Upper Farm

Farm Office & Classroom New Toilets Open

Fe Ca ed t ttle he

Picnic Area and Play Area

Home Field

Pi Po gs & ult ry

Laying Chickens Geese Turkeys

Veg Plots Fruit Trees Soft Fruit Pigs Geese Turkeys Walk around - help feed animals

Walk Way

Farm Map for Aldenham Country Park  

Take a look at the new farm extension at Aldenham Country Park.