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Church Farm, Ardeley Internship FAQ Q. Where will I live during my internship? A. Interns are provided with free accommodation during their internship. This is typically in a mobile home, although some interns may (depending on availability) stay in small converted cabins on site. Depending on the size of your mobile home, you will either share with other interns or live by yourself. Accommodation is fairly basic however all interns have access to communal cooking and washing facilities. There are no utility bills. We encourage you to bring your own bedding and toiletries, as these are not provided by the farm. Q. Where will I eat? A. All interns have access to the Diner; a cooking and social area reserved for interns and members of staff. We have implemented a rota for cooking and cleaning in the Diner; interns typically contribute to this 1–3 times per week. Food is provided by the farm free of charge. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. Q. What type of clothes should I bring?

A. The majority of interns will spend a lot of time working outdoors in horticulture or farming; we therefore recommend you bring comfortable, waterproof work clothes, gloves and shoes/wellingtons that you don’t mind getting muddy. Obviously appropriate work wear will reflect the season. For example, waterproof clothing, wellingtons and a hat will be vital during the winter months, but perhaps less so during summer! Q. Is there somewhere I can wash my clothes on the farm? A. Interns have access to a washer/dryer facility free of charge. Washing powder is also provided. Does the farm have internet facilities? A. The farm provides free WIFI to interns. The Farm Cafe and the Jolly Waggoner Inn also have free WIFI to customers. Q. How long does an internship last? A. Internships lasts, on average, between 6 months and 1 year. However, many interns may stay for longer than this; the length of your internship depends on your goals and ambitions during your stay at Church Farm.


Church Farm, Ardeley Internship FAQ Q. What is a typical week like at Church Farm? A. Interns work 6 days per week for up to 48 hours. We provide a weekly rota for interns that displays your work schedule and days off. Depending on your interests, you will become part of either the Farming, Horticulture, or Events and Marketing Teams – however it is possible to work across all three teams if desired. You may also work in some of our community-related enterprises, for example, the Farm Shop, Farm Cafe, or Rural Care. Every day is different and flexibility, a proactive nature and a willingness to learn are essential for the role. Project and academic study goals are encouraged and can be modelled to suit accordingly, within individual schedules. Q. How many other interns are there at Church Farm? Where are they from? A. There are approximately 15 interns at Church Farm, all of whom are involved in many different aspects of the farm. Interns range in age from pre-university gap year, to graduates, post grads and the university of life. Interns arrive from all around the world, making a Church Farm internship an exciting cultural experience. There are many different motivations for interns working here including wanting to gain work experience in animal management or horticulture, spending time on the farm as part of their studies, or wanting to improve their English. There are many unique reasons for people wanting to become an intern at Church Farm. Q. What is the weather like at Church Farm? A. The weather at Church Farm fits the typical stereotype of British weather; rainy during the Autumn/Winter months and sunnier during Spring/Summer. You can check the weather using the following tool and typing ‘Ardeley’ in the ‘Find a Forecast’ section. Q. Where is Church Farm? Can I get there using public transport? A. Church Farm is located south of the village of Ardeley, Hertfordshire. There is no public transport to Church Farm, however buses do go to nearby villages. These are listed below. The farm can collect you with prior arrangement. Please email the farm with an approximate time and place of your arrival.


Church Farm, Ardeley Internship FAQ If you travel by plane, there are a number of different airports surrounding London. Heathrow Airport. Take the underground rail tube network from Heathrow to Kings Cross. At Kings Cross, transfer from the underground network to the national rail network. This can take you to Stevenage. Stevenage is the largest town near to Church Farm of about six miles. Within walking distance of Stevenage station is the local bus/coach station. Bus 383/384 travels to Walkern. From Walkern it is a walk of approximately 45 minutes to Church Farm. Luton Airport. Bus 777 (Luton Airport to Cottered). Bus 777 (Luton-Standon), then take bus 700 (Standon-Cottered), from Cottered to Church Farm it is a walk of approximately 45 minutes.

Stansted Airport. Bus 700 (Stansted Airport to Cottered); from Cottered it is a further walk of approximately 45 minutes. Q. What do individuals go on to do after an internship? A. Interns go on to do a range of other things after their internship. Some may stay on at the farm as employed staff, may use their skills within other agricultural related ventures, or go abroad. You will learn many new and transferrable skills during your time on the farm, which will be useful for a number of different areas should you decide to move on.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Darren at We look forward to hearing from you!


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