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GIVE 2012-2013

A decade ago, Christ Journey was determined to get more people on mission. We prayed, we wrote, we filmed, we trained, and we went. And then it happened.

This year, 92 people went global and joined Christ at work in the world.



Every team had a purpose, and every team met their goal. Every slot was full. Missions was sold out!

Here is what sold out missions looks like at your church…




God uses us to spread His love and hope throughout Miami, as we teach children to read, donate food, and use our skills to benefit our community. 678 volunteers gave of their time and skills at different sites through City Serve and other local missions opportunities.

In Florida City, at OPEN HOUSE MINISTRIES, we helped set up their library. We organized hundreds of donated books. Our kids read to other kids – literacy was just plain fun! Sixteen students helped run the Summer Day Camp, assisting those in one of the poorest areas in our community. In Liberty City, it was hammers, shovels, and gloves for those at HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. On a blazing hot day, we scraped, sanded, trimmed, and re-painted an entire house. We also worked outside smoothing out the ground and spreading sod to beautify the yard.

In Overtown, at TOUCHING MIAMI WITH LOVE, Christ Journey came out strong to sort crafts so kids can enjoy an after-school art program. We painted walls, built picnic tables and benches, and much more!

At a Jackson Medicaid facility called PERDUE MEDICAL, teams provided much needed improvements to the site. We did work on the parking lot, pressure washed and painted a common area. Volunteers sorted 200 lbs of clothing donated to the residents. Our kids even made them crafts to brighten their day!

A team of men faithfully serve weekly in SOUTH FLORIDA JAILS as part of our faith-based jail transition program. They assist inmates in the areas of need that are typical to offenders while encouraging a personal relationship with God as the life-changing force in overcoming a criminal lifestyle. The Christ Journey FOOD PANTRY was open 48 weeks this year. An average of 61 families were fed weekly through the extreme generosity of our church members, Feed Miami, and monetary donations. We have become an ACCESS center for those in distress to apply for all of their services in one place. Gifts given to FEED MIAMI help fill food pantries throughout the city. The need for food in Miami is great. 14% of households in South Florida fall under the poverty line, leading to approximately 1,378,600 people in South Florida seeking emergency food assistance each year. In 2013, 11 schools and 22 churches joined Feed Miami efforts to give back to those who are food insecure in our city. From Florida City in south Dade to Liberty City in the north, Feed Miami gives non-perishable food through a strong network of community centers and small churches in the neediest neighborhoods in Miami.

92 people gave 13,256 hours on global missions

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An agriculture team headed to Brazil to answer a long-time prayer for food and water. A 40’ x 60’ garden was built complete with a well and irrigation system producing enough to feed 26 people a day! 

In SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, a team of five installed 986 feet of drip tubing, 465 adjustable/regular drip emitters, and 28 rotary emitters in just five days. We worshiped and worked – in the dirt during the day, and in the favelas at night. The dormant well finally produced the water missionaries Pete and Jodi Brennan had patiently waited for 10 years to see. Our second team, a small group of three joined local teams in leading Bible study, soccer games and pool play for children from the favelas. They created care packages and made home visits to deliver these to expecting moms and infants who reside in dire poverty and what the team described as unlivable conditions. In a twist that only God could design, this team also delivered video equipment for church online. As it turns out, one of the members is a film major and was able to train local leaders on how to use it and film.


People of Christ Journey Church continue to travel to other countries to offer hope to the poorest of those in our world. These volunteers go on short-term trips to offer medical and dental care, agricultural training, training for school teachers and pastors. They build buildings, plant gardens, distribute food and work with children to provide a safe and fun time to play and learn. On each trip, the teams focus on making the most of every opportunity to share with others how much God loves them.

In NICARAGUA, alongside missionaries, Chris and Krista Farrington, we spread the Gospel – youth to youth. Our young leaders worked with the children of La Chureca, in the Managua City Dump, and taught the Bible to kids. Our youth also worked to landscape Club Esperanza, a new pre-school. They labored to remove hazards from the play area and triumphed in their fundraising goal, raising $13,800 for the purchase of the school... one slice of pizza at a time.

Also in NICARAGUA’S villages of La Concha, Los Cedros and at Club Esperanza in Managua, 17 dental and medical professionals served the poor. A difficult year of preparation paid off as the team set a record of 180 patients a day. Even without electricity the dental hygienists cleaned teeth, the nurses did triage, the doctors practiced – and lives were saved, not just through medicine, but through prayer. Hundreds of glasses were handed out along with Bibles. Even more amazing is that over 100 people professed faith in Christ. In Quito, ECUADOR, five families traveled to make a difference in the lives of 253 children.  Our team worked alongside missionaries Pancho and Pity to teach God’s Word with passion and diligence. Through musical instruments, jump ropes and soccer balls, amazing things started to happen. When one of our youth told a local 16 year old that God had chosen him to be a leader, his eyes lit up and his past drug use and bad behaviors were left behind. In SANTIAGO DE CUBA, a team did Vacation Bible School for 150 youth and a session for 50 women. They took over 700 lbs of supplies – backpacks for every child stocked with school supplies, vitamins, and clothes. They played sports, did crafts and taught curriculum.  As a result, 30 local youth signed up for discipleship classes and 47 were lead to Christ. They donated a piano to Iglesia Jehova Nissi Church, leaving behind the beauty of music. Also in CUBA, the Primera Iglesia Bautista San Luis, went multisite with the help of Christ Journey. Over the past two years, our church has provided support to help build a church in Pinar del Rio. A team will return in 2014 to serve in the church and provide much needed pastoral training for over 40 pastors.



INFLUENCE We describe our world outreach as any point globally where a Christ Journey member or partner is actively helping people find and follow Christ. These Points of Influence are places where people are receiving ministry from Christ Journey Church through collaborative

communication, leadership support, team support, resourcing and accountability. We carry the message of Christ all over the globe with deep reach through four different types of partners:

JOURNEY PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS (Local/Global) Agape Family Ministries Miami, FL


are both organizations and individuals that receive teams, work in special projects and are funded through the Christ Journey missions budget.



Cooperative Baptist National US Feed Miami South Florida


Cooperative Baptist Florida Florida


Chris & Krista Farrington

Managua, Nicaragua

Open Hearts Ministry

Jodi & Pete Brennan

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Feed My Sheep

Francisco (Pancho) Sola & Clemensia (Pity) Rosero

Quito, Ecuador

Love and Hope Foundation

Raul & Karen Armbrister

Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Karazim Ministries

Elly Admiral

Uganda, Africa

Africa Inland Ministries

Steve & Arlene DeBardelaben

South Florida


Betty & Larry Barr

Atlanta, Georgia


Brittany Gonzalez

South Florida


Jason & Jenise Burris

South Florida


Betty Lara

South Florida

The Glory House

Florida Baptist Children’s Home South Florida Living Hope Haiti St. Michele, Haiti Open House Ministries Florida City, FL Paul J. Sumanth Ministries Hyderabad, India Share Your Heart South Florida Southern Baptist Convention Southern US South Florida Jail Ministry South Florida Touching Miami with Love Miami (Overtown), FL



Network Partners (Local/Global) Christ Journey works with network partners domestically and globally on projects through teams and special projects. This year Christ Journey worked with: Food for the Poor, Alfalit, KIX, Branches, Perdue Medical Center, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Missionary Flights Int’l, MAP International, San Luis Pinar del Rio and Iglesia Bautista Cardenas/Matanzas, Jehovah Nissi VI Baptist Church of Santiago de Cuba, Miami Rescue Mission, March for Jesus, Urban Resurrection, Habitat for Humanity, Compassion International, Vision International, Jack C. Gordon Elementary School and Baptist Hospital. Online Partners (Global) These partners are key in our church online expansion and trained to work with us on capturing images and hosting church worldwide in over 175 countries including Guam, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Germany, and Switzerland.

JOIN THE MISSION... At Christ Journey Church, we have strived to answer the call of Matthew 25.   “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me”.      Our partner missions and missionaries are those that provide food for the hungry,

clothes for the naked, medical care for the sick, education for the illiterate, shelter for the discarded and the love and hope of Christ for all. You are a vital part of this.   A strong percentage of Christ Journey Church’s operating budget is allocated to support our global and local missions partners. Christ Journey is steadfastly committed to joining the Lord in his work with the least of these.

This catalog is full of real things, helping real people in real places. Your God-given time, talent and treasure are so important to forward the Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven”. Remarkable things happen through the blessings of the Lord and the giving of the faithful. When you and I give our tithe (firstfruits), we are supporting our ongoing ministries through the operating budget, our mission efforts, and designated projects. When we give to the ongoing Christ Journey budget, lives are changed, ministries are provided for and the gospel is shared. What a privilege to be a part! This catalog represents gifts given above and beyond the church’s tithe and can help accomplish even greater things.

Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine. - Proverbs 3:9-10




Place your gift in an envelope during a Worship Experience and designate it “Missions”

Give online at and make sure to check “Missions”

Use your smart phone to scan and be directed to online giving.




Give Catalog 2013