Collateral Beauty from COVID-19 Infographic

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Collateral Beauty from COVID-19 We've heard of the many challenges facing NGOs because of the global pandemic. But are there any unforeseen positive impacts? We asked our partners on the ground. Here's what they reported!

Spiritual Growth

More Mental Health & Trauma Awareness & Education

Increased Compassion & Empathy

Ability to Reach More Families via Zoom

More Opportunities and New Ways to Serve

Families Feeling Empowered

Pivoting & Refocusing on Priorities

Deeper Relationships, Rather than Wider

Strong Spirit of Collaboration

Opportunities for Indigenous Leadership to Step Up

Opportunities for Partnership & Connection

Recognizing Gaps & Adjusting to New Realities

Chances for Local Church to Engage with Neighbors

Opportunities to Build Attachment in Residential Care

More Online Resources = A Better-Trained Staff

Increased Storytelling Opportunities

Greater Community & Local Government Engagement

Opportunities to Think Creatively

Slowing Down & Reprioritizing

Grassroots Empowerment

While COVID-19 has certainly brought many challenges, we hope you're encouraged by this list of positive impacts. What would you add to it?