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Cross of Christ Chapel on Lake Vann



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2020 | VOLUME 79 A U N I V E R S I T Y R E L AT I O N S P U B L I C AT I O N Editor and Designer: K I M S H E R M A N B A I L E Y '10 Staff Writers: K I M S H E R M A N B A I L E Y '10, LO U A N N G I L L I A M University Relations Intern: G R AC E A R R E D O N D O '21 Additional Contributors : E VA N N C A R P E N T E R '13, J O H N M C K E I T H P H O T O G R A P H Y, B OYC E P R O D U C T I O N S Printed by: PROGRESS PRINTING

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W W W.C H O WA N . E D U/ W E G I V E W W W.G O C U H AW K S .CO M N E W S @ C H O WA N . E D U O N L I N E AT: C H O WA N . E D U/C H O WA N O K A

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C R O SS O F C H R I S T C H A PE L The new chapel is a momentous milestone for Chowan University as it is the first overt sign of the institution’s Christian heritage.


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| noun | 1: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage 2 obsolete : STRENGTH




A student's perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Honoring the Whites' seventeen year tenure at Chowan.

T H E S T E I N WAY S TO RY The addition of this newest Steinway is one step closer to the University achieving its goal of being an all Steinway school. T H E S PI R I T O F C H O WA N

Mary Breeden is the thirteenth recipient of the Spirit of Chowan Award.

2 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

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Ray and Judy Felton - A couple with a servant's heart, and faith and family focus.


Dr. Kirk Peterson reflects on an unprecedented year.


Highlights from the year.


News for Brave Hawks fans.

Shafiq Kutabb's dreams become a reality with the support of Chowan University.


Alumni news & notes.




Professors Dame and McGuire, along with student Skadi Kylander's studies on the Prothonotary Warbler.


Linda Hassell was a part of the Chowan fabric for forty-four years.



A list of investors who have faith in Chowan's future.


Jacob Hunter gives glory to God.




3 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020



let t er f rom t he pre sident K I R K E . PE T E R S O N I want to share a word of encouragement on how God's providence and Chowan University's fighting spirit have enabled this institution to endure and thrive in a world currently marred by uncertainty and fear. We live in times where the next generation's textbooks will describe the difficulties we are facing today. Throughout its storied history, Chowan has undoubtedly seen dark days, but these are not the darkest. Despite COVID-19's challenges, Chowan University has steadfastly remained united and strong. Our nurturing, Christ-centered environment continues to encourage and motivate all who call themselves Hawks as we carry on learning, teaching, and growing amid a global pandemic. In March 2020, when schools across the nation were forced to convert in-person learning environments to virtual classrooms, our students, faculty, and staff's incredible flexibility carried Chowan successfully through the final months of the academic year. With only a few months to pivot and adapt for the upcoming fall semester, I called on the University's leading personnel to formulate and execute a plan. This task force was comprised of the following thirteen members: Dr. Danny Moore, Kim Bailey, Danny Davis, Sher-Ron Laud, Meredith Long, Pat Mashuda, Dr. Keith Reich, Montrose Streeter, Emily Terry, Daniel Wilson, Brandon Zoch, Dr. Francis Taylor, and University RN, Joy Taylor. I selected each individual to cover the spectrum of areas requiring COVID-19 adaptations such as creating hybrid-learning platforms, designing socially distanced pathways around campus, and enabling athletes to return to play, and to compete safely.

Additionally, the University instituted multiple methods to regulate each student's daily symptoms to identify someone sick with COVID-19 before infecting others. Every student, faculty, and staff member reporting to campus must log their wellness before attending classes or beginning work on the CampusClear mobile app. If faculty, staff, or students indicate that they feel ill, they are asked to remain at home or in their room, and the University is notified. From there, they are connected with Nurse Joy Taylor, assessed and given instructions, which may result in the individual being quarantined until they produce a negative result.

The Return to Play Task Force, consisting of leading personnel within Chowan Athletics, took charge of putting various methods for athletes, thereby alleviating some of the load from the rest of the University's long to-do list. In addition to completing CampusClear, they must fill out an online form between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm detailing their current wellbeing. If they record that they are feeling ill

4 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

faith. family. fortification or fail to complete the form altogether, they cannot attend any team functions the following day. When showing up to practice, each athlete has their temperature and oxygen levels recorded by their coaches to ensure that they are well enough to participate. Due to safety measures being enforced, the sheer diligence exhibited by each task force member, and the compliance of every student, faculty, and staff member, I am pleased to report that Chowan University offered in-person learning to over one thousand students for the fall 2020 semester, saw sports continue training for their respective seasons, and sustained a minimum number of positive cases with each individual recovering and returning to full health. Though we have many masked faces to thank, let us not forget to direct the highest praise above; God's watchful eye and sheltering hands have ultimately made this school year possible. The evidence that we have been extremely blessed lies in the fact that Chowan University successfully and safely endured the past fall semester. However, for those who need a more tangible example of the Lord's providence, turn your attention to the Cross of Christ Chapel that is beautifully situated on Lake Vann in the heart of Chowan's campus. The plans for this chapel were conceived and approved before COVID-19's landfall. Its original purpose was to provide a peaceful place for all to worship, a chapel that sits immersed in nature and boldly declares Chowan's Christian heritage. Soon after its foundation was laid in February 2020, the world came to a halt and flew into a frenzy. With the institution's early release, the summer months gave the chapel ample time to bloom into a perfectly, socially distanced location for worship. The Cross of Christ Chapel came to fruition in Chowan's

hour of need, not by coincidence, but because God's plan provides for more than we can anticipate. Therefore, this first overt display of Christ on the University's campus is not only a declaration but also a comforting reminder that He is the omniscient light of the world, guiding us through this temporary period of darkness. Faith, Family, Fortitude. This issue's theme appropriately captures the three pillars that have contributed to Chowan University's success in proceeding in the face of incredible adversity. Faith is first in the order just as Christ is King; He is the principal reason Chowan has been able to continue to provide a safely modified in-person learning experience and athletic participation. Faith also describes the trust we put in God to provide for and protect us. The family is we, the Brave Hawk nation, banding together as a unit, each member doing their part to limit the spread of the virus and help one another through the darkness one day at a time. And fortitude is the mantra we sing as we endure, rising above the challenges every passing day presents, knowing we are that much closer to the end of this terrible virus, the glorious unmasking, and the long-awaited hugs, reunions, and coveted normalcy. I will leave you with the encouraging words of our Savior, from John 16:33, where he declares, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. However, take heart! I have overcome the world." Faithfully,

Kirk E. Peterson President, Chowan University

5 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

ACC R E D I TAT I O N R E A FFI R M E D B Y S AC S C O C The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) announced on December 10, 2019 that accreditation for Chowan University is reaffirmed for an additional ten years following a comprehensive review of Chowan's academic and administrative programs. Reaffirmation signifies that Chowan programs meet high standards as the result of a rigorous internal and external review process that evaluates compliance against a common set of standards. Chowan University, which is accredited to award the associate, baccalaureate, and masters degrees, has been continuously accredited by SACSCOC since 1956.

C H O WA N A D O P T E D N E W VA LU E S C O R E The new general education core requirements are represented in the acronym, VALUES which stands for Vocation, Application, and Learning in the Undergraduate Experience for Students. Recognizing students want more independence in making decisions, the VALUES Core gives students more choices, while making the curriculum more personal and engaging, promoting lifelong learning, and ensuring students acquire the skills and knowledge employers want. The core is designed as a six-part journey that requires students to focus on writing, reading, religion, mathematics, and the first-year experience. Students will then choose from a variety of courses designed to help them identify their personal and civic values, historical and global values, scientific values, and cultural and diversity values.

FA L L 2020 B R O U G H T T H R E E N E W M A J O R S Chowan University announced the addition of three new academic programs to its offerings, starting fall 2020: E-commerce, Educational Studies, and Business and Design. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in E-commerce prepares graduates for several career opportunities that are projected to grow over the next eight years. A Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies is a flexible program that allows students to participate in and learn from education courses as well as exploring other interests, and is a non-licensure program with an emphasis on education and liberal arts courses, students have the option of taking coursework in mathematics, science, social studies, English, and humanities. A Bachelor of Science in Business and Design allows students to integrate design courses with the theory and practice of management. Career opportunities include working on the business side of creative companies and on the design side of any company.

6 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

I N AU G U R A L DA N A N D S A L L I E S U R FAC E LECTURE IN HISTORY On Monday, October 14, 2019, Chowan University hosted the inaugural Dan and Sallie Surface lecture in History. The lecture was funded by long time supporter Warren Chauncey of Virginia Beach, VA and delivered by Matthews, VA resident, Robert Garnett. Garnett’s lecture, entitled “Civil War Prison Camps: an Ancestor at Hellmira” explored the life, death, and legacy of his fourth- great- grandfather who was a Civil War prisoner of war.

A random act of kindness led to a friendship over many years with the Surface family, initially with Dan Surface and very quickly, with wife Sallie and children Eric, Julianne, and Brian as well. Mr. Chauncey was the beneficiary of Dan Surface’s generosity who served the university for many years as both a staff and faculty member. The Dan and Sallie Surface Lecture in History was Chauncey’s vision to commemorate and honor his dear friends Dan and Sallie Surface. Ultimately, Warren Chauncey’s generous gift to the university has made the vision of making the history lecture series program a reality. His selfless display of stewardship has secured invaluable learning experiences for generations of Chowan students to come.


D R . DA M E RECOGNIZED IN AU D U B O N M AG A Z I N E On October 10, 2019, Chowan University’s Dr. James “Bo” Dame, coastal ecologist and professor in biology, was mentioned in the Audubon Magazine’s fall 2019 edition. In the Audubon article entitled “The Fight to Save Pine Island”, author Purbita Saha describes Pine Island’s battle with climate change and rising sea levels as well as Dr. Dame’s role in researching wildlife and wetland preservation. Pine Island lies between the Atlantic Ocean and an estuary separating the northern Outer Banks from the mainland known as Currituck Sound. Erosion and flooding have contributed to the area’s deterioration. Sponge-like marshes do protect the barrier island from being obliterated by natural disasters, most recently, Hurricane Dorian. However, natural and

man made defenses, such as seawalls, will soon become useless in preventing climate change’s total takeover. Instead of relying solely on prevention methods, researchers have come together to assist the marshes in adapting while there is still time. Dr. Dame, as well as other scientists, are conducting revolutionary research that may not only save the marshes, but the entire ecosystem. Through their success, they hope to convince property owners to preserve and restore wetlands in other Outer Banks areas.

P R O FE S S O R D E S I G N S FAC E S H I E L D S F O R FR O N T L I N E R E S P O N S E T O C O V I D -19 The COVID-19 pandemic has created an enormous problem to be solved; the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. With this concern, Dr. Mitchell Henke, Associate Professor of Graphic Communications headed to the production lab “to figure out a way to help those on the frontline.” With Chowan’s ArtiosCAD software for

2020 R O U S O N L E C T U R E A N D AWA R D S Murfreesboro native, Mrs. Eresterine Guidry was the guest speaker of the Reverend George T. and Luvenia B. Rouson Memorial Lecture. In her lecture, “The GLOW UP is REAL: How a Country Girl Conquered the City,” she shared personal stories encouraging students on how to have a more fulfilling lifestyle. Mrs. Guidry is founder and co-owner of African American Art & More in Four Seasons Town Centre, Greensboro, NC and the website Rev. Dr. Claude M. H. Odom Ed D. received the Futrell/Ruffin Community Service Award for his service to the citizens of this region promoting education and health care. He is the Senior Pastor of the New Middle Swamp Missionary Baptist Church. Colonial Pharmacy, owner and pharmacist, Joseph G. Minton, was awarded the Minnie Wood Perkins Humanitarian Award. He was recognized for his dedication to the citizens of Murfreesboro.

7 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

package design and Kongsberg cutting table for prototyping and production, Henke was confident he could be part of the solution. His first design step was to create a mask comfort strap made from triple black e-flute corrugated paperboard donated from Packrite in High Point, North Carolina. “This makes the mask more comfortable for those wearing them for extended periods,” says Henke. From there, he created a face shield frame out of the same material. After multiple prototypes, he found a feasible solution. From these existing materials, Henke created frames for the face shields. Two donated boxes of mylar from Fujifilm were provided to assit in supply needs. Each face shield takes around four to


2019 -2020 R E T I R E S S

Professor J Brabban, E. Lee Oliver Fagan Distinguished Professor of Bible and Religion Department Chair Professor Tom Brennan, James L. Knight Associate Professor of Printing Technology and Communication Arts Chair Linda Hassell, Cataloger, and Special Collections Librarian Professor Christina Rupsch, Distinguished Professor of Art and Dean of the School of Fine and Applied Arts Timothy "Tim" Stienrock, Director of Human Resources Lynn Vann, Human Resources Coordinator

five minutes to produce. Charles Futrell, Director of Printing Production, assisted in production tasks and his wife Denise Futrell, a registered nurse at Southampton Memorial Hospital in Franklin, Virginia gave consulting advice. Denise is on the frontline every day, ‘gearing up’ to keep herself and patients safe. She happily tested designs and provided invaluable feedback helping Henke create a more durable and comfortable face shield. Along with providing face shields for Southampton Memorial, Henke contacted Minister to the University Rev. Mari Wiles, to identify other areas of need. Rev. Wiles suggested that members of Chowan’s Public Safety staff could use this equipment. Wiles also reached out to Tom Beam, Disaster Relief Coordinator at NC Baptist on Mission (NCBM) who Chowan Campus Ministry regularly partners with NCBM for disaster relief and mission trips.

A LU M N A H I R E D A S HUMAN RESOURCES M A N AG E R Emily V. Terry joins the Chowan University staff as Human Resources Manager, replacing Tim Stienrock who retired. She is a 2004 graduate of Chowan University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Prior to her return to Chowan, Emily spent fifteen years in human resource, quality, and process improvement at Vidant Health.

VA L E R I E C A R T E R SMITH LEAD R E L I G I O U S H E R I TAG E Valerie Carter Smith blessed Chowan with her encouraging testimony for a span of three days the week of September 23, 2019. On Monday and Wednesday, in Turner Auditorium, Smith delivered her autobiographical addresses. Tuesday

8 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

evening, Smith attended an event where she spoke to Chowan Chrstian Service Association (CCSA) donors and distinguished guests about the importance of making monetary investments in the education and spiritual growth of the university’s students. During each lecture, Smith stayed true to her theme: “Against All Odds but With God”. She also accomplished her two main goals with her passionate story and delivery: to challenge students to identify with her personal struggles and to illuminate the sociological concepts evident in her story.

H AW K S C A R D W E N T D I G I TA L Students, Faculty, and Staff will be able to add their HawksCard to Apple Wallet and use their iPhone or Apple Watch, or add it to Google Pay and use their Android device, to access buildings, scan for meals in Thomas Dining Hall and Murfs, and more. This new ability is not only convienient and provides fewer

AROUND CAMPUS touchpoints, but also provides greater security for those who may lose their plastic card. The tool requires multifactor authentication on the device to keep the card information secure. Users will simply hold their Android device, iPhone, or Apple Watch near a capable reader at any location that the physical student ID card was previously accepted.

N E W R E S I D E N C E L I FE TEAM BRINGS THE CARE A P P R O AC H Chowan University welcomed three new Residence Life employees last summer, as well as the new Care Team approach, which will function in a broader scope to ensure that each student is safe and secure in their living and learning environments. Sher-Ron Laud, from Springfield, MA, became part of the Chowan family as the new Residence Life Director. Damian Taylor, of Winton, NC, and E’Mia Williams of Durham, NC joined Residence Life as Area Directors.

NEW VICE PRESIDENTS NAMED Daniel O. Wilson Appointed VP for Enrollment Daniel Wilson of Winterville, NC, joined Chowan University as Vice President for Enrollment Management on April 6, 2020. Wilson stated, “I am truly blessed to be chosen as the new Vice President for Enrollment Management at CU...I am looking forward to the challenge and am confident that with God on my side, and with an awesome team on the other side, we will work together to meet all of the goals that are set before us. With God, all things are possible.” Wilson brings with him more than a decade of experience in higher education. Most recently, he served as Dean of Enrollment Services at Nash Community College where he developed the college’s first strategic enrollment plan, doubled the graduation rate, and repeatedly increased enrollments. Before that he also served at East Carolina University, Beaufort Community College, The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, Louisburg College. Wilson and his wife, Whitney, and are blessed with three children, Daniel Jr, (7) Gabriel (6), and Esriel (1.5).

Andy A. Wilson Leads Newly Named Advancement

The department also introduced a new program designed to assist in behavioral intervention and identifying risk factors within the Chowan community. The Care Team initiative is designed to be a proactive group dedicated to identifying and resolving concerning behaviors. Chowan’s Care Team is trained to provide guidance on a wide spectrum of concerns: ranging from homesickness to dissociation issues to potentially harmful situations. Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Streeter summarizes that at its core, “the program is designed to help students be successful and create a comfortable and safe environment for Chowan’s students to live, learn, and thrive.”

On June 1, 2020, the Office of Development transitioned its name to the Office of Advancement, and Andy Wilson of Middletown, Ohio joined Chowan University as Vice President for Advancement. “The transition of Development to Advancement modernizes the division into how it currently functions. Development reflects primarily the fundraising program. Advancement encompasses a broader approach by its inclusiveness and acknowledgment of the professional divisions of Public Relations, Development, Alumni Relations, and Church Outreach. Our divisions do so much more to advance the university than just Development” shared new Vice President Andy Wilson, who was instrumental in the change. Wilson brings more than twelve years of executive leadership in higher education and over 28 years of fundraising experience. He most recently served seven years at The University of Tennessee at Martin. He and his wife Ami, have two children, Emily who attends University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and David who is a high school junior.

9 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020


LOUISE CURTIS G I L L E S P I E A N N UA L SCHOLARSHIP E S TA B L I S H E D The Louise Curtis Gillespie Annual Scholarship Fund has been established by Curt and Linda Gillespie in honor of his parents, and their devotion to service. Following undergraduate studies at Chowan, Lousie Curtis Gillespie earned a nursing degree at the University of Virginia. The annual scholarship provides financial assistance to worthy and needy full-time first-generation students majoring in the Biological Sciences who are committed to pursuing a professional program in the medical field beyond the undergraduate degree. Recipients of the scholarship must have proven academic ability (GPA 3.0 or higher) to earn and retain the scholarship. The scholarship commitment is $20,000 for each student recipient and consists of $5,000 per year for four years. For this initial year, there have been two recipients named for the Louise Curtis Gillespie Annual Scholarship, Heidi Jensen of Loveland, CO and Katalia Gibbs of Gaffney, SC.

LOUISBURG COLLEGE AG R E E M E N T S I G N E D On January 16, 2020, Chowan University’s School of Education and Louisburg College in Education Degree Program signed an agreement that welcomes transferring Louisburg students pursuing a baccalaureate degree to complete their studies at Chowan.

that potential Chowan University students, particularly those who live some distance from campus, have an opportunity to see campus, the University developed a virtual tour. Available at, the virtual tour provides visitors with an opportunity to see campus facilities through a guided tour, with 360-degree panoramic photos, videos and other still imagery.

A M O D I FI E D C A M P U S In preparation for fall 2020, the University has made a variety of changes to campus facilities to assist students, faculty, staff, and visitors in staying healthy and practicing social distancing. In the agreement, Louisburg graduates of two-year associate of arts and associate of science degree programs are assured admission to Chowan with Junior status.

T O U R C H O WA N V I R T UA L LY The opportunity for prospective students to visit campus and see where they will attend class, study, and live is a vital part of choosing the right fit university. To ensure

At the direction of the COVID-19 Task Force and University leadership, the University Maintenance and Grounds in conjunction with housekeeping have been coordinating the changes. In some areas, transparent shields have been installed as well as directional barriers. Increased cleaning and disinfecting have taken place all over campus and maintenance is also coordinating the installation of over 100 additional sanitizing stations around campus. Chowan has designed, printed, and installed over 2,200 signs to serve as

T W O M A S T E R S P R O G R A M S S L AT E D T O B E G I N JA N AU R Y 2021 In September 2020, two new masters programs were approved by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to begin in 2021. SACSCOC also approved Chowan University to offer distance learning. Chowan University's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for upper-level management positions and expertise to further their organizations' mission. The new program is among the first in our region and is the Unversity's first online program.

The new online Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) with two specializations: 1) Elementary Education and 2) Secondary Education (Social Studies, Mathematics, English, and Comprehensive Science). The M.A.T. is designed for individuals seeking an initial teaching license through the completion of graduate study, and for individuals who hold a license and/or an education degree but wish to earn a master’s degree to help them further their careers.

10 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

AROUND CAMPUS visual reminders and aides to navigate the campus to assist with social distancing to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

C H O WA N ' S FI R S T E V E R V I R T UA L C O M M E N C E M E N T C E L E B R AT I O N For the first time in the history of Chowan University, a virtual commencement celebration was held for the class of 2020. The in-person Commencement Ceremony was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was rescheduled to take place on December 19, 2020 but with continued pademic limitations, the University postponted the in-person ceremony until May 2021.

A VARIETY OF COURSE DELIVERY WITH THE AID OF A NEW INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER Chowan University made adjustments to the fall 2020 semester to support health and encourage learning. Courses were designed to be delivered both remotely and in-person. The majority of remote and hybrid sessions were delivered in real-time, to enable immediate interaction and discussion. Some classes consisted of remote lectures and small, in-person sessions while some had alternating groups of students to attend in the classroom on alternating days. To support the transition in delivery methods, Chowan University hired an Instructional Designer to oversee the design, quality, and development of courses offered in all modes of delivery including face-to-face and distance delivery formats. Jonathan D’Souza has been charged to provide training to support instructional and support services in collaboration with faculty and support staff to ensure best practices in all instructional delivery formats (face-to-face, synchronous hybrid, asynchronous hybrid, and online).

Graduation is one of the most celebrated days of many families, but with the pandemic forcing restrictions, especially as it relates to gatherings of large groups, schools across the nation have had to make adjustments. While there were no graduates in gowns or turning of tassels, there were still celebrations as Chowan University decided to honor its graduations virtually on the pre-pandemic scheduled date. At 10:00 am on Saturday, May 8th President Peterson, Dr. Danny Moore (Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Montrose Streeter (Vice President for Student Affairs), and Rev. Mari Wiles (Minister to the University) conducted the live-streamed virtual celebration. Dr. Moore then recognized all 215 graduates by announcing their name and degree earned while both were displayed in the stream. Following the naming of the graduates, President Peterson conferred the degrees and gave a charge to the graduates. He challenged them to “think about how you have grown… I assure you, you are a better person, a stronger student, and a more responsible citizen because of your Chowan family… Now it is up to you to travel and change the world.”

View the commencment online at

F E E L L I K E YO U ’ R E M I S S I N G O U T ? S TAY U P T O DAT E O N A L L T H E L AT E S T N E W S I N R E A L T I M E W I T H O U R W E E K LY N E W S E M A I L , T H E C H O WA N I A N. T O M A K E S U R E YO U ’ R E O N T H E L I S T V I S I T C H O WA N . E D U/ S U B S C R I B E .

11 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020


A Student’s Perspective of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Grace Arredondo, in her on-campus room for online class.


or Americans, nestled in our bubbles, focused on our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the Coronavirus of December of 2019 was a bottom- of- the- page news blip. Nothing more than a rumor of a respiratory illness contracted from bats sprung from Wuhan, China. But current events such as the Sudan factory fire and ongoing protests in Lebanon occupied international headlines. Confusion erupted in the West on January 30, 2020, when the World Health Organization confirmed the official outbreak of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Suddenly, the world became a much smaller place as countries mobilized to create measures that would prevent COVID19’s landfall and a possible pandemic. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization upgraded COVID- 19’s status to a pandemic level. Chowan University responded to new state regulations by extending spring break another week, set to conclude on March 22, 2020, in the hopes of returning to finish the academic year. We were initially elated to be gifted with an additional week of sunshine and freedom, but our joy quickly faded with the school’s inevitable action of suspending in-person learning for the duration of the semester. As a result of this sudden, unforeseen change, Chowan was forced to accommodate North Carolina requirements by shifting classes to a virtual platform and cancelling spring sports. The abrupt and jarring changes signaled a mass exodus of on campus students retreating home to complete the academic year as well as the sad postponement of the 2020 Commencement ceremony.


For an extended summer, Chowan was left to recover in the ruins of students’ unfinished hopes and dreams to establish the road to returning in the fall. President Dr. Kirk E. Peterson got right to work by establishing a task force composed of the University’s leading staff members in charge of accomplishing the necessary steps to convert classrooms and shared spaces into socially distanced learning and social environments. Additionally, Patrick Mashuda, Vice President for Athletics led a subcommittee of the University’s main task force under the “Return to Play” initiative. The leading members of Chowan’s Athletic Department were tasked with creating guidelines for returning athletes according to NCAA, Conference Carolinas, CIAA, and CDC COVID-19 regulations. The Coronavirus did not only make life difficult for current students, it threatened to severely hinder the prospective student experience of touring Chowan’s campus. Thankfully, through a virtually guided tour comprised of 360- degree panoramic photos and videos, potential Hawks can experience the University’s landscape, architecture, classrooms, and facilities through the safety of computer screens. While life in “the boro” was bustling with frenzied preparations, Chowan students eagerly awaited the call back to a revised normality. Maintaining sanity throughout stay- at- home orders and finishing classes online was difficult for us all. Watching summer drip away with an empty calendar started to weigh heavily on my mental health. In talking with fellow students, we realized that avoiding loneliness was our summer prerogative. This was the time to vanquish all excuses, to finally accomplish the goals we continuously shelved. Whether it was becoming more physically fit, nurturing a neglected hobby, or finding an available summer job, finding a channel to redirect our energy and focus was the key to surviving the summer. After what seemed like ages, the time had come to return to campus. An especially apprehensive breed of returners were Chowan’s student athletes. The devastation spring athletes felt after missing out on their 2020 season loomed over fall sports eager to begin training. Approximately one week before move in days began, the Conference Carolinas Board of Directors voted to postpone all fall sports competition until spring 2021. Furthermore,

12 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

if sports made it to their competition seasons, they would be competing for empty bleachers. Although not all hope for a successful season was lost, the frustration of another delay threatened to rattle more athletic aspirations. But the foundational, driving force at the heart for a successful season was lost, the frustration of another delay threatened to rattle more athletic aspirations.

maintaining socially distanced lines, masked students were able to file in and out of the Jenkins Center, assembling goodie bags for the community’s elderly. With the stress and uncertainty perpetuated by constantly reconfigured calendars, leading members of Chowan’s student body also took charge to empower others in the wave of unceasing tension. Chowan’s Rotaract Club pivoted from their usual hands- on service approach by initiating two projects where Hawks But the foundational, driving could contribute to their community "How does one joyfully accept force at the heart of college remotely. In July, the organization continuously canceled plans, the athletes, the pure love of the launched a fundraiser for the National game, sustains us all. At the loneliness embedded in physical Urban League as a response and end of every day, we don’t train separation and the frustration of a contribution to the summer’s social through exhaustion and aching movement for racial equality and life on hold yet time marching on muscles for a competition’s justice for victims of police brutality. applause or post- game indifferently?" Following suit after the school year’s recognition. We play to defend reignition, the University’s Honors the honor of our school and to be College and Student Government satisfied by the personal gratification of our achievements. A team, Association both raised awareness and garnered support for the their coach and the win at stake. That is all we’ll ever need. Black Lives Matter movement. Subsequently in September, Rotaract began their “Encouraging Notes Initiative” where the University Fall 2020’s return to campus was unlike any other in previous was asked to write uplifting messages for the hardworking staff Chowan history. The usually manic, exhilarating aura present on at Vidant Roanoke- Chowan Hospital in Ahoskie, NC. These service move in day had matured into a grateful, cautious excitement that projects achieved the new ideal: recreating a sense of involvement permeated throughout campus. From a six foot distance, squinted and community by remaining socially distant, yet connected at eyes from hidden smiles made familiar faces hard to recognize. heart. In order to have a safe and successful on- campus experience, the University was mapped with blue arrows and directional stickers charting proper foot traffic across the campus grounds. Additionally, Chowan instituted new instructional delivery formats. Fall semester courses were conducted through either face-to-face, synchronous hybrid, asynchronous hybrid, or online interactions. By taking these necessary changes in stride and focusing on conquering one day at a time, our timid return eventually evolved into a bearable, new kind of normal. Although Chowan’s status remained stable with vigilant rule enforcement, the trend of COVID related cancellations and postponements continued. All annual Homecoming festivities were suspended indefinitely and an altered spring 2021 schedule announced further amendments. With the new date for students returning to campus pushed to January 20, 2021, spring break occupied a valuable week of class instruction and was therefore canceled. Additionally, the originally rescheduled 2020 Commencement ceremony that was to occur on December 19, 2020, was increasingly postponed to May 8, 2021 with the class of 2021 still expected to graduate the following day.

This year has been an extraordinary experiment in learning new ways of embracing. How does one joyfully accept continuously canceled plans, the loneliness embedded in physical separation and the frustration of a life on hold yet time marching on indifferently? It is through the preservation and perseverance of the human spirit that we do not let the light at the end of the tunnel grow dim. While it is easy to mope, make excuses, or quit the fight completely, there is not a moment to spare in getting about the business of achieving greatness. Time does not stop to pity our circumstances nor grant extra minutes because life decided to turn us upside down. The finish line approaches; let us be encouraged, and carry on. -Grace Arrendondo '21, Charleston, South Carolina

This tumultuous year of postponed plans and delayed dreams has been the clearest evidence that as we suffer together, the need for service never ceases. Chowan’s Campus Ministry kicked off the school year with a reconfigured campus- wide project for the Hertford County Office of Aging. By limiting touch points and

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Grace, masked in her history class.


B E N B . USS E RY, J R . CL A SS O F 1968 BEN B. USSERY, JR. is the oldest of four children. He was born in Wilmington, NC (Old Hanover Hospital). His Father, Rev. Ben B. Ussery, was pastor at Boykins Baptist Church (1955-1969) and his Mother, Beth H. Ussery, raised their children and served as the church choir director. His Father and Mother also served other Baptist churches during their careers. Ben is a Christian, and he was baptized when he was eleven years old. He is a member of Second Baptist Church in Richmond where he has served in numerous capacities such as church deacon, Sunday school teacher and Every Member Canvas leader. Ben graduated from Southampton High School in 1966, where he was an outstanding athlete, particularly in football. He then entered Chowan Junior College (now Chowan University) where he played football for Head Coach Jim Garrison. After earning his AA degree, Ben transferred to the University of Richmond Robins School of Business where he was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma and Omicron Delta Kappa and graduated with his BS in Business Administration in 1970. He also was a member of the U of R Southern Conference Championship football team which won the 1968 Tangerine Bowl Championship in Orlando, Florida. The Head Coach was Frank Jones. Ben pursued post-graduate education with a fellowship to Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business located in Bloomington, Indiana where he earned his MBA in 1972. While at the University of Richmond, Ben and Carol Birkhead were married. In November 2019, they celebrated 50 years of love and devotion to one another. Carol and Ben originally met while both were attending Chowan.

office, but the vast majority of his employment with Philip Morris USA involved working in their numerous Richmond locations, where he climbed the corporate ladder to various senior management positions. These positions included blending, logistics, warehousing, field operations, Building Our Business, plant-manger, and supplier diversity development. Due to Ben’s longevity at Philip Morris, he was eligible for full retirement benefits at the age of 50. Carol and Ben now live at Westminster Canterbury Richmond (WCR), where they were recognized in 2018 with the Laurel Award for their dedicated community service and full-time volunteering activities. Additionally, Ben was awarded the WCR Wellness Lifestyle Award in 2015. It is with great gratitude and humility that Ben is recognized by Chowan University with their Distinguished Alumni Award.

Ben’s entire 27-year career was with Philip Morris USA. He began training in the New York

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T H O M A S J. BA L L A N C E C L A SS O F 1969 Tom and Patsy enjoy worshiping at Central Baptist Church in Norfolk. They have been members for sixteen years and Tom serves as a Sunday School teacher and a Deacon. He has also participated on the Finance Committee and Vacation Bible School programs. Today, Tom serves Chowan University as a member of the Alumni Council. With over five years of dedicated service, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and a love for the University. In 2018, Tom and Patsy served as host to the Chowan alumni gathering at Nauticus in Norfolk. Through his guidance, this was one of the largest off-campus alumni gatherings to date. TOM BALLANCE was born in Norfolk, VA on June 16, 1946. In his younger years, he attended Willard Elementary and Junior High School, followed by graduation from Granby High School in Norfolk. While at Granby he was a member of the Hank Foiles Hi-Y and was secretary of this service organization for two years.

Tom considers Chowan as the place where he grew in character and in his endeavor to pursue his degree in education. He thanks everyone at Chowan who had a part in his education and in his life. To God be the glory.

He then attended Old Dominion University on a parttime basis. At this point, Tom was accepted as a fulltime student at Chowan College. While at Chowan, he had the honor of having many wonderful and caring professors. Tom stated, “my experience at Chowan was awesome, and this is where I made my decision to become a teacher. I made many new friends, many of which I’m still in contact with today.” After Chowan, Tom went on to Atlantic Christian College, where he was president of the dorm council and received his education degree.After graduation, Tom taught school for forty years. He mainly served in private education. It was during his teaching years that he was reunited with Patsy Simms. They started dating and were married on July 22, 2000.

2019 Inductees (left to right): Robert Earl and Carolyn Brinkley, Chinedu Iwuora, Ben B. Ussery, Jr and Tom Ballance.

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ROBERT EARL AND CAROLYN BRINKLEY are not strangers to the community. Robert Earl was born and raised in the Center Grove Community and Carolyn was born and raised in the Early Station Community. They both attended Ahoskie High School where they began dating, fell in love, and married at a young age. Soon after marriage in 1951, Robert Earl was drafted in 1952 during the Korean Conflict into the United States Army and after basic training, he was stationed at Ludwigsburg, Germany. He achieved the rank of corporal/company clerk and received an honorable discharge in 1953. After returning home, he worked several different jobs and tenant farmed to provide for his family. In 1963, he was employed by Planters National Bank, which later became Centura Bank, in the Trust Department in Ahoskie, specializing in Farm Management. After retiring from the bank in 1990, he opened his own farm management business known as REB Farms Inc. which remains operational today. Carolyn supported her husband during his military service and remained in the Early Station Community until his return. When he returned, they made their home in the community that she grew up in. They have called the Roanoke-Chowan area home for their entire lives. Carolyn also provided for her family by working several different jobs. She worked for the Hertford County Tax Assessors Office as a “list taker” for over 45 years. During her employment with the Tax Office, she was also the Office Manager for Farmers Tobacco Warehouse for over 33 years. During this time, she remained a mother to their three sons as a taxi mom and supporter in the education of their children.

The Brinkleys have always believed in community involvement. Robert Earl was part of the Ahoskie Lions Club and was instrumental in the creation of two scholarships, the Mack Jones Scholarship and the Ahoskie Lions Club Scholarship, at Chowan University which continue to financially assist students at the University. During his membership in the Lions Club, he served as President and received the Jack Stickley Lion of the Year Award by the North Carolina Lions Foundation. Because of his love for agriculture, he has also served on the North Carolina Peanut Growers Association, the North Carolina Society of Farm Managers for 20 years, the United States Farm Service Association for 42 years, the Hertford County Soil and Water Conservation Board for 41 years, the Hertford County Farm Bureau for 35 years and is presently a member of the Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce and a Board Member of the Ahoskie Rural Fire Department where he has served as Treasurer for over 37 years. Carolyn has been a member of the Ahoskie Woman’s Club for 44 years, which also provides a scholarship at Chowan University. She has served as President, chosen as Clubwoman of the Year in 1986 and 2011, received the Juanita Bryant Citizen of Year Award, Working Woman of the Year and Woman of the Century Award. She has been a member of Roanoke Chowan Hospital Auxiliary and has volunteered at Vidant Roanoke Chowan Hospital for over 45 years in various positions and recently received the Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service in Hertford County for her involvement in the community. Both are still active members of Earlys Baptist Church. Robert Earl has been a member for over 62 years and continues to serve as Deacon, Sunday School Director, Treasurer and has been very instrumental in several remodeling projects and two major building projects. Carolyn’s family founded Early's Baptist; therefore this church has been her church for her entire life. She continues to serve as teacher and has been for 66 years, church clerk 33 years, Women’s Missionary Union for 68 years, choir member and other various positions. Both continue to be part of the Chowan Christian Service Association at the University. In June 2019, they celebrated 68 years of marriage. They have three sons, Bob (wife, Carol) of Raleigh, NC, Don (wife, Debra) of New Bern, NC and Doug (wife, Susan) of Ahoskie, NC. They have seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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CHINEDU C. IWUOR A C L A SS O F 2010 a full-time Masters in Business Administration at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There he served as a graduate assistant. He was also inducted into various honors societies and received several leadership awards. He graduated magna cum laude with a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

CHINEDU IWUORA, or Slim as he was fondly called during his Chowan University days, is from Lagos, Nigeria. Chinedu came to Chowan in August 2006 to start his college journey and was a member of the Chowan University Soccer team for three years. During his time at Chowan, he was named to several honor societies and won the academic award for Best Overall Student in Economics in 2009 and 2010. Despite his academic achievements, his best memories of Chowan were during his tenure as the President of the Chowan University International Students Club. It was there he honed his leadership skills, helping other international students acclimate to Murfreesboro and exposing Murfreesboro to the world. Chinedu graduated from Chowan summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.

Chinedu landed an audit position with the prestigious Big 4 firm, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, after graduate school. He has more than six years of public accounting and auditing experience, primarily serving real estate and investment management clients in the financial services industry. He has served financial services clients ranging from midsize private companies with assets under management of $50 million to large, publicly-traded entities with assets under management of $8 billion. He also has substantial experience in real estate acquisitions and fair value accounting. Outside of work Chinedu is very passionate about his community and helping others. He is the immediate past president of the board of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants and is the President of the Deloitte Chicago Office Black Employee Network Resource Group. Despite all his responsibilities, he still finds time for his hobbies which include playing soccer, reading, and dancing. He is a licensed CPA in the State of Illinois.

After graduating from Chowan, he worked for a year as a Junior Accountant at Patch Rubber Company in Roanoke Rapids, NC. He left this position to pursue

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Student C ampus Minis tr y Chaplain, Pat r ic k K r ac k read the f oc al sc r ipture f or the chapel at the de dic ation f rom John 14: 1-8. This re f erence is e spe cially signif ic ant as it is the f oundation of the Chr is tian f aith and the Biblic al pur pos e f or the Cross of Chr is t Chapel. It de sc r ibe s Je sus comf or ting his dis ciple s with the words now etche d into the chapel ’s alt ar, “I am the way, the tr uth, and the li f e.”

JOH N 14:6 | Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. The Cross of Christ Chapel Dedication was held on Sunday evening, September 6, 2020. Amid the pandemic and under gathering limit restrictions, only the gracious donor and several key members of Chowan University’s administration and campus ministry were involved in paying tribute to the newly finished outdoor chapel. The new chapel is a momentous milestone for Chowan University as it is the first overt sign of the institution’s Christian heritage. The breathtaking outdoor chapel is a culmination of a longtime vision, the generosity of an alumna, and a lot of planning and hard work by many. Retired Chancellor, M. Christopher White had a vision that one day the Chowan University campus would have a chapel. At the dedication, he shared that a chapel has been attempted many times over his tenure, but given the other needs of the University in the past two decades, it has not come to fruition until now. Dr. White shared the vision of an outdoor chapel with an alumna who aspires for Christ to be the focus of the project and not her. She immediately answered the call to contribute and make the vision become a reality. Chowan is forever indebted to the donor who recognizes the central focus of this place is Christ. Thus the name, “Cross of Christ Chapel.” The criteria for the outdoor chapel were structured to create a perfect worship environment and a quiet place to escape the commotion of daily life where one can “be still and know that [He is} God.” The location for the chapel was to be in a serene place, encouraging worship, and near water to evoke the New Testament where the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River play important roles. The chapel also needed to have clear

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visibility and accessibility to the campus community. Lake Vann’s picturesque bank provided all of these requirements. W. Frank Rose, Chair of Chowan’s Board of Trustees profoundly noted at the dedication that not only is the chapel an important symbol of Chowan’s faith but it stands as a holy place of reflection, celebration, and remembrance. By constructing a chapel, in an outdoor, very visible location, the University is upholding the importance of its Christian heritage, but continuing to respect the rights of each person to worship God according to their own conscience. It is difficult to overstate the significance that the Cross of Christ Chapel will play in the lives of all at Chowan University. The timing of this outdoor chapel could not be more perfect. In a time suddenly thrust upon us where we are limited to the number of people allowed to gather, the Farris Prayer Room and campus ministry are limited to

serving only a couple people at a time. This sacred place allows for more people to safely gather and retreat to the peaceful solitude of Christ. The Cross of Christ Chapel is a beautiful illustration of how even in a period where life is framed with uncertainty, God’s providence has prepared us.

Rev. Mar i E.Wile s, Minis ter to the Univer sit y, read the de dic ation pass age f rom John 14: 1-8. This sec tion of John is known as the “ farewell message of Christ ” because Jesus deliver s it to the disciples shor tly before he is crucif ied, encouraging them to stay the cour se. He reminds us through this passage that in the midst of all of the chaos and uncer taint y in life, there is no need to be troubled. Though fear insists that God is not enough to sustain us, His word reminds us that he is “ the way, the truth and the life.” The Cross of Christ Chapel embodies this message as a place for us to gather on the principle that no mat ter what life brings, God is enough.

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For Ray and Judy Felton, the satisfaction of their service for others can only be fully absorbed in serenity and silence. However, Chowan University’s overflowing, thankful heart can no longer quell the insuppressible desire to respectfully recognize the Feltons for their unceasing generosity. After 53 years of marriage, the couple continues to mirror their loving commitment to each other through their unmatched service to others; their character can only be described as the purest examples of determination, dedication, and humility. The Feltons are recognized as major supporters of the Chowan community as they are both past recipients of the Chowan University Community Service Award and the North Carolina Baptist Heritage Award. Ray and Judy, as well as two of their adult children, have grappled with hardships of their own, all four being cancer survivors. But through each diagnosis,

they gained an unparalleled understanding of how important a kind soul can be in an hour of desperate need. In somber recollection, Ray referenced Psalm 23 as a particularly comforting passage he often recited when enduring painful cancer treatments. After having courageously conquered the disease, Ray and Judy became resolved to direct their philanthropic efforts towards helping others fight cancer by founding the annual Hertford-Gates Relay For Life. Additionally, Ray served as an NC ambassador for the American Cancer Society. It is through their unshakable foundation in the Father that the Feltons have endured and become resolved that their blessings from above should be showered on us all. Ray Felton is a family man with a servant’s heart. His gregarious, encouraging personality lends itself as a tool, helping him locate people’s needs and serve them with quiet sincerity. In addition to being a notable

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member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Chair of the Board of Education for Gates County, as well as part of the Executive and Business Affairs Committees, Ray Felton is a long time representative of Chowan’s Board of Trustees.

and resourceful with the focus of continually giving. After he replaced Chowan’s scoreboards, he transported the old ones to Gates County so they could continue to be used instead of leaving them for the scrap pile. In 2016, the Feltons advanced to giving one of the University’s most cherished donations, an endowed When retired chancellor, Dr. Christopher White, scholarship. Ray Felton fondly established the Mary first approached Ray with the proposition for him Worrell Felton Carter, Benjamin Franklin Carter, to hold this distinguished position, the Gates county and Elijah Joseph Felton Scholarship in memory of native sat astonished. Ray confided that he felt his mother, father, and stepfather for the Friends of unqualified to serve on the board, believing that his lack Teacher Education fund. Ray recognized that this of formal education exempted him from contributing momentous investment in a student’s academic career worthy opinions. Dr. White was a necessary advancement reasoned with him, insisting of financial and emotional Th e Lord is my sh ephe rd ; I sh all not that the entrepreneurial and empowerment. want . He m aketh m e to lie down in leadership skills exhibited in gree n pa st ures: h e l eadeth m e b es ide Ray’s ability to successfully Ray’s favorite and most found and grow a large rewarding project was being th e s t ill wate rs . He restoreth my company like Metal Tech was asked to design and erect the soul : he l eadeth m e in the path s of enough evidence to show his sign outside of the Hawks r ighteo u s n ess for his n am e 's sake. input would be valuable to Athletic Center using the Yea, tho ugh I walk through the vall ey variable message board that Chowan University. of th e sh adow of death, I will fear Pepsi, a Chowan Athletics Ray’s guiding principle sponsor, donated to the no e v il : for thou ar t with m e ; thy was to strategically allocate University. He described the rod an d thy staff th ey comfor t m e. resources to where the most whole endeavor as “a real Thou preparest a tabl e b efore m e in help was required and where pleasure” and one of the most th e prese n ce of min e e n e mies: thou that aid can impact the fun projects he had done for anointest my head with oil ; my c up most people. Through his Chowan. Metal Tech experience, Ray r unn eth ove r. Surely goodn ess and cultivated an appreciation m e rcy sh all follow m e all th e days of Although there is evidence for encouraging capacity at every turn of the Felton my life: and I will dwell in th e hou se family's contributions across expansion; he sees the bigger of the Lord for e ve r. picture and the essence that Chowan’s campus, few bear Psalm 23 the whole is stronger than their surname. After steadily the individual. This mindset giving to the University is evident in how Ray and for over thirty years, the Judy serve as a unit, not one independent of the other. first visible recognition of the couple’s stewardship Although Ray’s number is the proverbial helpline, his was the naming of one of the newly renovated answer to a call for help is always the same: “I can’t do University Development Department houses. When it without talking to Judy”. Only after consulting each the adjacent properties were purchased, Ray relished other does Ray embark on meeting others’ needs. the opportunity to assist in the planning and funding processes; he knew the need for these designated spaces Since 1988, the Feltons have established a legacy was crucial to the school’s expansion and success. To for graciously meeting Chowan’s needs. Some lesserhonor his continued dedication to Chowan University, known contributions include financial support for the the building housing the Office of the Chancellor and Friends of Music and CCSA funds as well as Metal University Relations was appropriately dubbed “The Tech’s indispensable aid in upgrading the athletic Felton University House” in 2018. scoreboards. Every selection Ray makes is methodical 21 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

In 2019, Ray Felton undertook a more symbolic project. A fact that is only common knowledge to alumnae and Chowan history buffs is that an enormous, wooden arch once welcomed walkers to the campus’s picturesque promenade. The storied arch’s reconstruction was a long-overdue project that was the unfortunate victim of constant reshelving. Ray said no longer. Through Metal Tech and his son Brock Felton’s generous financial donation, he modeled the new design after the famous original and constructed the new steel version to be situated at the promenade’s entrance. Its position is personally significant for Ray as it directs the wandering eye to behold the McDowell Column’s Hall down the long, stretching path that so many have walked during Relay For Life, honoring the lives of cancer victims, fighters, and survivors.

The Felton's extensive history of support has been consistently private; they desire to help with the humble things. And through decades of service, Ray’s mission has remained the same: to cultivate a uniting sense of pride within Chowan University and the surrounding community. The new arch represents the story of Ray’s service and stands as a symbol for all he hopes to accomplish. The Felton’s contributions have spanned over and across this entire campus and are so widely distributed that they have touched every Hawk from the past thirty years on their academic journey. And now, by way of this adorning photo op, Ray Felton can witness his dream coming to fruition through the throngs of posing students, smiling because they proudly identify with Chowan University.

Felton University House

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m. christopher white



n 2003 Chris White and his wife Linda moved to Murfreesboro to orchestrate what would become the renaissance of a small college in dire financial straits, known as Chowan College at the time. The Whites initially expected their tenure to last one or two years, but during those initial months, something magical happened. They fell in love with Chowan, her students, her mission, and her place in Christian higher education. Chowan became their passion and from that point, led to one of the most miraculous transformations in higher education during those years. White credits the institution's transformation to having a committed senior staff, almost all of which served alongside him during this critical period in Chowan’s history. A dedicated faculty and staff followed his lead and together accomplished what was thought by many to be impossible. In 2017 White announced his transition to becoming the first-ever chancellor at Chowan University, and Kirk E. Peterson was named the twenty-third president in 2018. White first hired Peterson at Chowan in 2004 as a member of the faculty, then in 2018 the Board of Trustees and Dr. White brought him and his family

back home as he was named president. Dr. Peterson shared his heartfelt “appreciation for [Dr. White’s] significant impact on our University during his 17year tenure” in a message to the Chowan community. He reflected on the first time White brought him to campus and shared how they “walked around campus and he explained and showed me what he was going to accomplish. I loved his vision, and, today, I believe he accomplished every goal.” In the message to the Chowan University community, M. Christopher White announced his retirement as Chancellor of the University effective May 31, 2020. In his message, he shared that it was “with a mixture of happiness and sadness that Linda and I announce my retirement” and continued that he “would have preferred to have made [the] announcement in person. However, the coronavirus pandemic has upset all our lives by banning large meetings. Please know that my retirement plans have been underway for a long time and are not related to the pandemic. Now is simply the best time for our lives, stress levels, health, and future plans.” White’s career in higher education spans almost fifty years.

23 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Dr. & Mrs White both received honorary doctorates from Chowan University. Presidential Inauguration

Over his fifteen-year tenure as president at Chowan, White transformed the school into a thriving regional university with the largest enrollment and strongest financial position in its 170-year history. Some of the most significant accomplishments during White’s tenure include: • Saved the school from closure in 2003 and led it to its strongest position in history.

• Built morale and confidence among faculty, staff, and the community that the institution had a positive future. • Transitioned the Chowan from college to university status, as well as changed its nickname from “Braves” to “Hawks.” • Doubled enrollment to tie the highest number in history. • Obtained financial strength and stability, with major operating surpluses each year and endowment almost tripling to nearly 30 million. • Adopted Faith in Your Future as a tagline for admissions and marketing to further emphasize the institution’s focus on Chrisitan values. • Successfully reaffirmed all accreditations (SACS, NASM, NCATE) • Spent and paid for thirty million dollars for on-campus upgrades, including renovations of every building. • Twelve new buildings were constructed, including the nine-building student apartment and suite complex named Whites Crossing by the trustees in honor of

Dr. and Mrs. White and their families. • Acquired property of numerous lots and raw acreage expanding the campus to over 400 acres. • Upgraded the athletic program from NCAA DIII to NCAA DII and solidified athletic conference memberships in the historic CIAA and Conference Carolinas, and added eleven intercollegiate sports to the university's athletic programming (men's and women's tennis, men's soccer, men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's swimming, men's and women's crosscountry, women’s golf, and women’s bowling). • Academic programs were enhanced, a graduate school and adult degree completion program were established, and the faculty became arguably the best prepared in the institution’s history. • Added significant scholarship opportunities, increased endowed scholarships by 300%, increased athletic scholarships from zero to over 2.5 million dollars, and created other scholarship opportunities including the Friends of Teacher Education (FTE) and the Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) surpassing the two million total endowment milestone. • Redesigning the institution’s relationship with the North Carolina Baptist State Convention and expanding trustee membership to include all Christian denominations. • Successfully orchestrated many project campaigns with the most significant being the preservation of McDowell Columns Hall, the renovation to create the Pond Football Center, and naming two of the residential buildings in Whites Crossing - Jewell Glover Hall and Juanita Pond Hall.

24 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

In White’s message to the faculty and staff, he noted that “as I have reflected over the fifteen years I was privileged to serve as your president, all of us working as a team we were able to accomplish amazing things. From the near-death of the school to record enrollments and the strongest financial status in school history was thought to be impossible.” He concluded his message by sharing a heartfelt thank you to all that were a part of the team. When visitors look around the campus today, appreciating the new buildings and beautiful grounds and the positive attitude of students and staff, they are admiring the results of Dr. and Mrs. White’s years of service. White often acknowledges those that have been instrumental in his career, with the greatest strength behind his accomplishments being his wife Linda Fleming White. Mrs. White shared that over the years the one constant in their endeavors has been the people and relationships along the way, but Chowan has always been “extra special.” The special relationships at Chowan initiated when faculty and staff came to Boiling Springs to help the couple move to Murfreesboro in 2003 and carried throughout their seventeen years.

him. He is a Rotarian and has worked with the Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Boy Scouts, YMCA, Foundation of the Carolinas, and historical associations. The governor of North Carolina bestowed on him the highest honor – the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. In addition, both Dr. and Mrs. White have been awarded honorary doctorates from Chowan University and the coveted Spirit of Chowan Award. The Whites are spending their retirement years at their home in Charlotte and anticipate a lot of their time being dedicated to their family and cherishing time with their six grandchildren. Dr. and Mrs. White's son Martin and his family reside in Charlotte, and their son Andrew and his family reside in Connecticut.

A native of Hartwell, Georgia, White earned degrees from Mercer University, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Emory University. He is also the first United States citizen to be awarded the honorary Doctorate of Musical Arts degree from the prestigious Moscow State Conservatory of Music in Russia. White’s professional career began at Elon University in Burlington, NC where he served as a faculty and staff member from 1972-1986. In 1986 he started his presidential career that continued through 2002 at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC. Dr. White has chaired numerous accreditation teams for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools during his career in higher education. Community involvement has always been important to

25 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Chowan Makes Way for the Steinway


earing 2:00 pm on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020, Chowan University celebrated the arrival of a new Steinway piano in Turner Auditorium, McDowell Columns Hall. Dr. Kirk Peterson, President, and a conglomerate of excited onlookers witnessed school history as the piano was unveiled on the stage. Even before the instrument’s assembly process was completed, the awestruck faces of beneficiaries, donors, instructors and students alike were visible in the polished piano’s unblemished reflection. With the protective wrappings removed, now retired Chancellor White properly initiated the instrument into Chowan University’s care by playing the classic hymn “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. Following Dr. White, several other pianists timidly approached the gorgeous piano to play, feel, and experience its qualities. And as Chowan’s musicians left the first fingerprints on its ivory keys, the Steinway’s inauguration into Turner Auditorium was complete.

Mrs. Elaine Myers and daughter Paige along with Mrs. Jane Newsome were among the eager crowd of spectators who patiently watched the tedious unloading and assembly processes. As well as being generous financial contributors, the women were also influential in selecting the new Steinway. They, along with Mrs. Linda Weaver, accompanied a group of Chowan affiliated individuals to the Steinway & Sons Factory in New York where they painstakingly examined some of the world’s finest pianos. Ultimately, the nine foot Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano that now sits in Turner Auditorium was chosen primarily based on its incredible touch and tone. When played, the piano’s keys possessed a superior, unmatched quality. Joshua Bryant, a senior music major, had the opportunity to be the first student to play the new Steinway. He described the piano as having an incredibly "bright tone" that's touch and sound capabilities took his breath away.

26 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

The addition of this newest Steinway is one step closer to the University achieving its goal of being an all Steinway school. With the help of the most recent, generous donations, Chowan is four pianos closer to this accomplishment. This campaign that started five years agonbegan with the hopes of elevating the quality of music as well as enhancing the Chowan experience. Becoming an all Steinway school illustrates how Chowan University prides itself on providing the best for its students. Keith Pendergraft, institutional representative with Hopper Piano and Organ Company in Raleigh, NC, acknowledged that their brand is “associated with prestige and quality”. To be an all Steinway school is the musical pinnacle of providing students the greatest opportunities for learning, experience, and success. In a statement from

Steinway and Sons, the company remarked that being an all Steinway school “demonstrates a commitment to excellence and an unparalleled educational experience by providing students with the rich, unrivaled sound, incomparable tone, and pristine touch of [our] pianos. These [instruments] inspire students to realize their artistic talents and best prepare them to compete at the highest level in the professional world.” Some schools with stellar music programs that have achieved an all Steinway school status are Oberlin Conservatory, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Curtis Institute of Music. In the home stretch of capturing this incredible achievement, Chowan University looks forward to being recognized as the only all Steinway school in Northeastern North Carolina.

Clockwise from top, left: Student, Joshua Bryant playing for the first time. Professor Mary Hellmann taking in the first time she played on the Steinway in Turner Auditorium. Gracious donors, Jane Newsome, Linda Weaver, and Elaine Myers. Group in New York at Steinway and Son's Factory.

27 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Dr. Peterson shared, “Mary Breeden will never be found in the spotlight, but all of us recognize her special touch in helping Chowan put her best foot forward. She3has taken pride and special interest in making sure all facilities are ready for use and maintained to the highest standard. Her talents are many. She literally has helped CU put her “best foot” forward for over 30 years!” Mary has the distinction of working with six Chowan University President’s: Dr. Bruce Whitaker, Dr. Jerry Jackson, Dr. Herman Collier (interim), Dr. Stanley Lott, Dr. M. Christopher White, and Dr. Kirk Peterson. Her commitment to the University and its mission certainly has not gone unnoticed. Her loyalty and dedication are second to none. Mary has had a front-row seat with the growth and development of this great University, and we recognize her devotion over all of these years. The award was established in 2002 through the vision of the late Jewell Faye Glover, Chowan Trustee, of Seaboard, NC. The Spirit of Chowan Award is given to those few individuals in the Chowan community whose service to others is exemplary, whose honesty and integrity are unquestioned, and who live out in their lives the servant-hood of Jesus the Christ. To date, this is only the 13th time the award has been presented. Former Spirit of Chowan Award Recipients: Genevieve T. Greer, former Student 2002 Sami El-Massarani, former Food Service Director 2004 Syble Shellito, Director of Academic Success, 2006 Andrea E. Eason, Former Dean School of Business 2009 Lindsay C. Comstock, Graduate (2003), 2011 M. Christopher White, Former President, 2012 Linda Fleming White, Former First Lady, 2012 Randy Harrell, former Vice President of Student Affairs, 2014 Hargus and Doris Taylor, former Chair of Religion and Whitaker Library Staff, 2015 Garth Faile, former Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, 2016 John M. Tayloe, Executive Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving, 2017 W. Frank Rose, Jr., Board of Trustees Chair, 2018

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n Monday, August 17th, Dr. and Mrs. Peterson visited the home of Mary Breeden to present her with an award bestowed only to twelve other people - The Spirit of Chowan Award.

re cog n i z i ng M A RY B R E E D E N


Photos courtesy of the Chowan University Department of Biology

"The criteria Dr. Dame and I use to develop research projects at Chowan University are simple. We design projects that take advantage of our areas of expertise and contribute useful information to our fields of study. However, our number one priority is to involve students in all aspects of the process of scientific inquiry. We consider the Prothonotary Warbler research a success – particularly when it comes to student engagement. Many students have their fingerprints on this project. Work-study students and students enrolled in our Ecology Field Camp course built, installed, maintained, and monitored nest boxes. Skadi’s involvement in the project has far exceeded our expectations. She has participated in every aspect – building and installing nest boxes, grant writing, conducting fieldwork, analyzing data, and presenting her results at external conferences. It has been a pleasure to work with her and to see her engage and grow with this project. She has a bright future ahead and we look forward to watching it unfold." -Dr. Heather McGuire


id you k now Mur f re e sb or o, Nor th C aro lina is a great p lace to f ind a mate? S enior Sk adi Ky lander and Pr of e ss or s D r. Heather Mc Guire and D r. Jame s “B o” Dame have f ound t his t r ue f or t he Pr othonot ar y War b ler. T he s e br ight yellow bir ds migr ate to Nor theas ter n Nor th C aro lina f rom Cent r al and S ou t h Amer ic a to f ind a mate, bre e d, and r ais e their young. For a t hir d of t he year, the s e bir ds c all t his cor ner of the wor ld home. In 2017, Dr. Mc Guire lear ne d t hat t he Prothonot ar y War bler was on watc h lis t s w i th s ever al cons er vat ion agenc ie s. Since 19 6 0, the p opulation of t he s e bir ds has de c line d by 4 0 %. It s o hap p ens that Nor t heas ter n Nor th C aro lina is one of t he top t hre e bre e ding lo c ations in Nor t h Amer ic a. Thr ough a combinat ion of pr oblem and p rox imi t y y ielde d an ideal op p or t uni t y f or the biolo g y pr of e ss or s and major s f or f ield si te re s earc h.

The Tow n of Mur f re e sb or o has generously gi ven the Chowan Biolo g y D ep ar t ment acce ss to the Meher r in River f ield si te lo c ate d le ss than a mile f r om c ampus. The NC Co as t al Re s er ve and National E s t uar ine Re s earc h Re s er ve Sy s tem has p er mi t te d acce ss to a s e cond si te in K i t t y Haw k Wo o ds. The s e areas of f er pr ime “real- e s t ate ” f or the s e br ight yellow bir ds. The bir ds ne s t in t re e c av i tie s that have t y pic ally b e en le f t by other animals. For t unately f or the Chowan re s earc her s, the s e bir ds w ill als o d well in the human - made ne s t b oxe s c r af te d by bio lo g y pr of e ss or s and s t udent s. Building ne s t b oxe s was one of the f ir s t proje c t s Sk adi under to ok w hen she s t ar te d as a s t udent wor ker in the biolo g y dep ar t ment. In the summer of 2019, Sk adi eager ly b e gan f ield wor k alongside Dr s. Mc Guire and Dame. The opp or t uni t y f or hands- on re s earc h e xce e de d Sk adi ’s e x p e c t ations. She

30 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

enjoy s the sp e c i f ic re s earc h on the Pr othonot ar y War b ler at the f ield si te s, bu t als o une x p e c te d dis cover ie s. Sk adi delight s w hen she and her pr of e ss or s co lle c tively “ge ek- ou t ” over a plant to b e identi f ie d or an une x p e c te d b at re s ting in one of the ne s t b oxe s. O ne of Sk adi ’s mos t memor ab le moment s was w hen D r. Mc Guire p lace d an adult war b ler in her hands f or the f ir s t time. Sk adi b eams as she de s c r ib e s the bir d, “i t was s o light and s of t.” Now Sk adi rou tinely holds the ne s tlings and the o cc asional adult to c he c k their weight and t ake other measurement s. Along w i th the f ield re s earc h, D r. Mc Guire and D r. Dame have int r o duce d Sk adi to gr ant w r i ting and re s earc h p re s ent ation. Sk adi has had great succe ss in the s e areas. In 2019, she re ceive d re s earc h gr ant s f rom Nor th C arolina Indep endent Co lle ge s and Univer si tie s (NCICU) and the C arolina Bir d

DESTINATION MUFREESBORO Faculty + Student Spotlight

"Interacting with these birds in the summer is an incredibly special experience, and an incredibly enriching experience for a budding biologist. It's amazing how patient they are with us as we take their measurements, watching us with their shining black eyes as we measure their legs and wings. It's amazing when a four-day-old nestling nestles in the makeshift nest of the fingers of one of our hands for a brief nap before it's her turn to be weighed. It's amazing how quickly an adult can return to a nest with a beak-ful of wriggling caterpillars right after bringing the nestlings a dragonfly so big it's a wonder that there could be any nestlings that would still be hungry. It's amazing to be standing in a swamp and suddenly see a flash of yellow as a prothonotary warbler flies by, no doubt in search of a delicious snack for its babies that will be ready to fly less than two weeks after they hatch. Opening a nest box one day to find a nest, and then going back to it to find eggs in that nest, then seeing those eggs hatch into baby birds that one day decide to take a leaps of faith out of the only home they’ve ever known to make their first flights, not to mention all work that has to be done by the baby birds’ parents for those first flights to happen, is just unforgettable." -Skadi Kylander

Club. In 2020 she re ceive d a gr ant f rom the E as ter n Bir d B anding A ss o c iation. Sk adi pre s ente d her re s earc h at the St ate of Nor t h C ar olina Undergr aduate Re s earc h and Creati v i t y Sy mp osium (SNCURC S) at Duke Uni ver si t y in 2019 and won t he Alp ha Chi National Honor S o c ie t y Alf re d H. No lle S c holar ship f or a p ap er she w rote ab ou t her re s earc h. In Januar y 2020, D r. Mc Guire and Sk adi p re s ente d t heir re s earc h f indings at the D r. William Br adley S alon Le c t ure S er ie s f or t he Chowan communi t y. Sk adi is t he f ir s t s t udent to pre s ent re s earc h at t he s alon. To ge ther they int r o duce d Chowan to t he Prothonot ar y War bler and t heir f ield si te dis cover ie s. Flo o ding and pre dator s were p o ssible c hallenge s to ne s t v iabili t y at the Meher r in Ri ver si te, and wasps may have imp ac te d ne s ting at the K i t t y Haw k Wo o ds si te. D e spi te the s e p ossible issue s, Pr othonot ar y War b ler s ne s te d at t he

f ield si te s and the re s earc her s s t ar te d colle c ting dat a. Af ter compiling and shar ing her re s earc h f r om 2019, Sk adi prep are d f or the 2020 Pr othonot ar y War bler bre e ding s e ssion. “Figur ing ou t s olu tions to pr oblems, to make things b e t ter ” ener gize s Sk adi. Wi th that mot i vation, she f ound a s o lu tion to t he “wasp pr oblem.” Wasps dislike slipp er y sur f ace s, s o Sk adi adde d a new ameni t y to the top inter ior of t he ne s t b oxe s, plas tic she e ting covere d in Vas eline. It s e eme d to dis cour age the p e sk y wasps, w hic h may have allowe d f or more v iable ne s t s in 2020. Sk adi enjoy s all the asp e c t s of s t ud y ing the s e b eau ti f ul yellow bir ds, f r om time sp ent in the s wamp to analy zing the dat a and content to rev iew v ide o f o ot age of the bir ds as t hey f e e d their young. This has gi ven great insight into the bir d ’s die t.

31 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Lis tening to Sk adi, you c an under s t and w hy she and her pr of e ss or s are s o engage d w i th their re s earc h. The bir ds have value in their b eau t y and their s ongs, b u t als o in their b ellie s. They are great at ke eping dow n the ins e c t p opulation, a welcome b ene f i t to the humans w ho als o d well in this re gion. A s Sk adi under t ake s her f inal s eme s ter at Chowan, the b r ight bio lo g y s t udent prep are s to p ur sue higher e duc ation and addi tional re s earc h opp or t uni tie s. She is op en to any f ield of re s earc h: bir ds, p lant s, or other animals. The s e lovely yellow bir ds w ill alway s b e sp e c ial f or Sk adi. Her hop e f or them is that other s t udent s w ill s e ek to s t ud y w i th Dr s. Mc Guire and Dame to continue the wor k of cons er vation and re s earc h. Per haps, like Sk adi and the Prothonot ar y War b ler, other s t udent s w ill f ind Mur f re e sb oro their de sire d de s tination.

Sh af iq s t an ds out a s on e of my b r ight es t a ccount ing s t u de nts. I a dmire Sh af iq b ecau se h e wa s unwilling t o pa ss on any opp or t unit y t o improv e him self, e v e n if it m eant t rav eling a c ross t h e world t o s t u dy at Ch owan . T h e det er min at i on an d dr iv e h e di splayed t hrough out his t im e h ere s h owed m e h e wa s h ea ded for a s u ccess f ul career a s a CPA. He cer t ainly didn't di sapp oint. I am v er y prou d of Sh af iq 's a ccompli s hm e nts an d s o gla d I h a d t h e opp or t unit y t o h elp him along t h e way. -Sh ann on Willi am s

DREAMS, NOW REALITY Alumni Spotlight When the unimaginable dream is realized, a surreal experience occurs where the imagination dramatizes the conflict between ambitious aspirations and their practicality. But when this dream is molded into a goal that one day becomes accomplished, no obstacle appears impossible to overcome. So is the case with the 2013 Palestinian graduate, Shafiq Kuttab's journey from East Jerusalem to Murfreesboro, NC. Before he could pen his own name, Shafiq knew that his life's goal was to pursue higher education at an esteemed university in the United States. And through Chowan's stellar networking and accommodations, his seemingly unrealistic dream gave way to an incredible opportunity. Reflecting on his three years at Chowan University, Shafiq recalls how his professors' sincere care and dedication to their jobs as educators prepared him for a career in the accounting field. He appreciated being known in class as a name, not a number, and acknowledged that this elevated the professor-student connection, making it more effective and genuine. "My professors at the school of business (Shannon Williams, Patsy Taylor, Tom Eisenmenger, Dr. DeJesus, Dr. Griffin, to name a few) were instrumental in my academic development. Professor Williams was my advisor and helped me a lot, not only as a student but also as an alumnus." Additionally, being employed as a student worker in the tutoring center as well as admissions and business offices gave Shafiq an unparalleled experience to hone his responsibility, accountability, and time-management skills. Shafiq excelled

academically and was inducted into the Alpha Chi Honor Society, where he received opportunities to travel the United States to participate in national research conferences. Shafiq confides that "being away from home while on campus, as an international student, was challenging at times." However, Chowan's nurturing and caring environment helped ease his transition into an enjoyable experience. A few of the notable, friendly faces Shafiq gives thanks for are Chad and Stephanie Holt, Dr. and Mrs. White, Professor Jill Awuni, Kim Bailey, Dr. and Mrs. Brabban, Craig Janney, and Stephanie Furlough. After graduating from Chowan University with an accounting degree, Shafiq became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and started his career as an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Jerusalem. After two and a half years as an associate with the firm in Jerusalem, Shafiq transferred to the Toronto office, where he currently works as a senior associate in Advisory. With sincere regards, Shafiq remarks that ultimately "my experience at Chowan helped me start my career on the right path and helped me pursue my career goals. When I was making important decisions early in my career, I reached out to some of my professors on multiple occasions for advice. Their [guidance] helped me get to where I am, and it's something that I am very grateful for." Shafiq's story models Chowan's mission, to provide an incomparable educational experience where learning and consideration for others meld. We are a place where graduates depart with diplomas in hand and the acquisition of a new family in spirit.

32 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

ARCHIVING HISTORY Staff Spotlight Linda Hassell, Cataloger, and Special Collections Librarian, retired from Chowan University in December 2019. Her position’s responsibilities included: performing original and copy cataloging and classification of materials in all formats. She worked to ensure the accuracy of local bibliographic records based on OCLC records to provide service to faculty, staff and students using the online public catalog. Ms. Hassell was also responsible for the oversight of the Special Collections in the McDowell and Creech Collections. Her mission was to preserve the university’s history and its Baptist traditions. Ms. Hassell’s legacy at Chowan spans more than her work in the library. Her father was employed at Chowan as the Director of Maintenance from 1960-1995. Because her father worked at Chowan for many years, Linda Hassell was very familiar with Chowan and its campus at a very young age. She was a student at Chowan from 1971-1973 and graduated with an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts. Hassell completed her education after receiving a B.A. in history in 1975 from Meredith College, and later, earning her first Masters in Education (M.A.Ed.) in 1990 and her second masters in Library Science (M. L.S.) in 1992 from East Carolina University. Her career as a faculty member at Chowan began in the fall of 1975, working for the Housing Department. A few years later, she worked as the Director of Institutional Research. And in the fall of 1988, Ms. Hassell began her most treasured position, working in Whitaker Library. Some of Linda Hassell’s most memorable events include being a member of Lux Veritas in 2000 and the dedication of the Chowan University Hassell Center Maintenance Building in memory of her father.

In August 2013, she was appointed as a Chowan Faculty Marshall and in spring 2018, Ms. Hassell was appointed to serve as Chief Faculty Marshall for the 2016-2017 academic year. She was nominated for the Community Service Award in spring 2018, as well as the recipient of the Female Employee of the Year Award (2017- 2018), and the Academic Affairs Award of Excellence for job performance in the spring of 2019. Ms. Hassell’s awards and recognition stand as a testament to her dedication and fervent loyalty to Chowan University. Ms. Hassell was a part of the Chowan fabric for forty-four years. Her passion and love of learning was rooted in her collegiate experience; being taught by intelligent professors who were invested in helping college students succeed inspired her to do the same in her professional life. Ms. Hassell’s job in Whitaker Library gave her the opportunity to have a positive, influential impact on student’s lives.

A . L I N DA H A S S E L L UNIVERSIT Y ARCHIVES As a token of appreciation for her dedicated service, Chowan University named its archives after Ms. Hassell upon her retirement.

33 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

GIVING GLORY Graduate Spotlight

Since elementary days, Jacob Hunter knew he was destined to play football. The Rocky Mount, NC native stood out from his peers and teammates as a goaloriented, self-motivated individual. Jacob’s mother Patricia Hunter, a special education teacher, taught her son the value in a quality education and a strong work ethic. She worked tirelessly to ensure her children thrived despite being a single mother since 2008 and living in a city where poverty and violent crime rates make vigilant parents wary. Jacob’s commitment to honoring his mother’s sacrifice was the cornerstone of his motivation to achieve stellar grades and enter Chowan University on academic and football scholarships. Upon arriving at Chowan, Jacob admits that like most incoming freshmen, he didn’t know what to expect. Being away from the comfortabilities of his home and family caused Jacob to begin searching for stability and meaning to his young college career. He found purpose in being a valued member of the university football team, which became Jacob’s foundation for support and direction. The team’s summer training season gave Jacob an easier transition and helped him find a home and family in his teammates. Jacob’s life as a freshman at Chowan became primarily focused on becoming the best student-athlete possible. Being a student-athlete had its pros and cons for Jacob. The biggest benefit was that the rigorous football schedule provided important daily structure. Hunter was strict with himself on maintaining time management and left little room for procrastination. He also enjoyed the camaraderie. Although his teammates could never fill the emptiness Jacob felt missing his mother and

brother, having a support system on and off the field gave him the chances to embody role models as well as the opportunity to be a leader. But being a successful student-athlete is not for the faint of heart. Hunter recalls that there is little time for relaxation and he couldn’t visit home for twelve to thirteen weeks due to football obligations. This lack of free time is what ultimately contributed to Hunter’s resigning from the team. Football preoccupied the time he wanted to devote to the classroom and his goal of becoming a ministry chaplain. Going into his senior year, Jacob knew he had put himself in a difficult situation. Leaving the football team to focus on his grades meant that Hunter had forfeited his athletic scholarship. Unable to pay his updated tuition, Jacob considered withdrawing from Chowan University. Determined not to give up, Jacob sought financial assistance through the Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) Scholarship. This special award is given to deserving students preparing for Christian vocational service. By receiving the CCSA Scholarship, Jacob was given a second chance to complete his degree. Hunter acknowledges that this opportunity helped him appreciate people who give back to Chowan University. Their donations and endowments propelled him to graduation. Since receiving the CCSA Scholarship, Jacob has been especially dedicated to community service, particularly helping others who are struggling to provide for themselves. Being able to meet his donors and have a relationship with them has been equally significant for Hunter. He hopes that their relationship encourages beneficiaries by physically seeing their donations impacting Jacob’s steady growth.

The Chowan Christian Service Association not only uplifted Jacob’s financial state, but the fellowship with fellow scholars revitalized his spirit and reaffirmed his calling to be a ministry chaplain.

34 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Jacob’s initial calling to ministry can be traced If asked who he owes his success to, Jacob’s initial back to his freshman year of high school. On a cold answer is God before all. He has witnessed the Lord’s November night, Jacob found himself over at a friend’s providential care, keeping him on the path of security, house. The backyard pool had slightly frozen over, but always working toward success. A close second is Jacob’s wasn’t enough to halut the force of Jacob slipping and mother. Although his parents divorced when Jacob crashing into the water. Hunter was in fifth grade, above the first recalls losing consciousness pain he remembers his mother's "To whom be glory for ever followed by a keen awareness that perseverance that instilled an he was drowning. Jacob remembers unshakable work ethic, driving and ever. Amen." feeling completely helpless, waiting Hunter to perform to the best Galatians 1:5 to die. Then suddenly, someone of his abilities in college and in miraculously pulled him out before life. Jacob’s mother went out of he took on too much water. Jacob her way to not only supply his had known others who drowned and his experience left basic needs, but to provide a sense of security so her him wondering why God had saved him. This near death sons could focus on their studies and sports rather than experience gave Jacob a new perspective; he had woken worry about where their next meal would come from. up to God’s plan. Throughout his current ministry, Hunter equates his diploma to a thank you note for his Jacob uses this story in his testimony, a platform to reach mother in honor of her perseverance. others who are drowning and need saving. Currently, Jacob is furthering his education at He describes being a ministry chaplain as an utter Georgetown University studying cyber security. This blessing. His job on paper is to have a comforting, career choice gives Jacob a chance to use his criminal spiritual presence in dorms around campus. But his justice degree while immersing himself in opportunities daily pleasures center around connecting with fellow to minister to his colleagues. Although Jacob’s four year athletes who are struggling with their faith or life’s journey at Chowan was not what he initially anticipated, problems. Jacob enjoys simply being present for his his legacy is a testament that though his plans changed, peers in their time of need. His strength is his ability God’s appointed path leaded him through hardships to to listen and perpetuate healing. He also recognizes that clarity and a purpose driven life. Without his dream his relationship with his peers is a sacred one; many at five years old to play collegiate football, Jacob would students feel more comfortable talking to Jacob, a fellow never have found himself on the turf in Garrison student, rather than a faculty or staff member. Hunter’s stadium. Chowan University quenched Jacob’s football journey as a ministry chaplain at Chowan gave him the aspirations and gave him a new thirst to further Christ’s opportunity to touch students’ lives as well as have a kingdom through ministry. more grounded, interpersonal relationship with himself. Jacob’s personal approach to ministry is to give a blend of scriptural and logical counsel, providing a balance of religious and personal advice. But his basis is the Bible, both for his ministry and his life. Jacob’s life verse is Galatians 1:5 where the Bible encourages believers to give glory to God in all things. This reference has given Jacob the capacity to appreciate his struggles as well as his successes; they all had influential roles in molding Jacob into the best version of himself, the man God wants him to be. For Jacob, the struggle validates the success, the best rewards are earned, and the trials make him stronger. Similarly, the story of Samson is one Jacob frequently returns to. It reminds him that there is strength in knowing his limits and even greater strength in trusting God’s omnipotence. At Georgetown University

35 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020 2019

Campus Ministry Chowan Cares Week - Make one Take One Socks for Christ House in Washington DC.


Annual campus-wide ministry project

The last "normal" event was the spring break mission to Waiane, Hawaii before the height of the pandemic and the shift to virtual learning in spring 2020. When students returned to a "new normal" on campus for fall 2020, all campus ministry events had to be reimagined. Chowan Campus Ministry kicked off the 202021 school year with its annual campus-wide ministry project. This popular event had to be reinvented, as the previous year involved students standing shoulder to shoulder assembling meal packets. The pandemic nixed this usual plan and left Minister to the University, Rev. Mari Wiles, challenged to find a safe way to serve. Together Rev. Wiles and Lou Ann Gilliam, Director of Church and Community Relations decided that making goodie bags for local seniors would be this year's project. Rev. Wiles designed a safe way to pack the bags by limiting touchpoints and practicing social distancing. Then mask-wearing students slathered on hand sanitizer and formed well-spaced lines. One by one, students stopped at each table, collecting items for the bags. Campus Ministry supplied useful items like lotions, lip balm, stress balls and other goodies. Campus Ministry staff and students passed out bags at the Murfreesboro Nutrition site to go with the curbside meals. The rest were sent to be given out at the other sites. An annual tradition for Chowan Campus Ministry is Chowan Cares Week which promotes ministry through service. Creatively, Campus Ministry staff has given students, faculty, and staff a safe way to serve amid the pandemic. The emphasis of each of the days was to serve locally or to places where Chowan has been on mission trips. There was a "make one, take one" event where students made tie dye socks, one pair to keep, one pair to send to Christ House in Washington DC. Students also wrote Thanksgiving cards for Preble Street in Portland Maine, for those experiencing homelessness.

Recent Mission Trips Mission Trip to Portland, Maine The Campus Ministry Mission team began their 2019 winter break by going to Portland, Maine. There they served with Preble Street, an organization that assists those experiencing homelessness. This was Campus Ministry’s second trip to Preble Street, but the first time in the winter. Over and over, the team was asked the same question, “Why in December?” December was a perfect time for a mission trip. The need in Portland was great. Portland has had an increase of those experiencing homelessness. The city has been the host to a large population of Congolese refugees that are awaiting to be granted asylum. Rev. Wiles says of the trip, “We

Spring Break 2020 Mission Team

carried with us the prayers of the campus, the community, and partnering congregations. We gifted our new friends with scarves (many handmade), socks, hats, gloves, coats, and homemade Christmas cards. We carried the light of Christ into a chilly neighborhood and watched as the warm embers of that light/love ignited many hearts.”

Mission Trip to Waianae, Hawaii Spring Break 2020, Campus Ministry took sixteen students to Waianae, Hawaii. There they served at Pu’u Kahea Conference Center, a camp owned and operated by the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. The team prepared the facility to host thousands of people by remodeling the dining hall, cleaning,

and repairing the outsides of the bunkhouses. The Chowan team was the largest group of volunteers the facility has ever had. The team worked effectively and efficiently to complete four days of work in 2 1/2 days. The team also partnered with Waianae Baptist Church with their extensive food bank ministry, packing and distributing over 150 boxes of food. Additionally, the team led worship at the church and the local family shelter. Through these experiences and new connections, the team experienced God through the residents of Waianae, HI, and learned that this beautiful island is more than a vacation destination.

Winter Break 2019 Mission Team


HIGHLIGHTS COOPER DR AFTED BY PERFORMANCE LAB IN ASBA DR AFT The dream to play professionally became a reality for one Chowan student-athlete, Haley Cooper, as her name was announced as the 54th pick in the American Softball Association's (ASBA) draft by the Performance Lab team. The ASBA is in their second year of existence comprising of four teams: The Performance Lab, E1 Pro Ballers, The Field, and Moh-BEEL! USA. The league is held from June 14-July 30 at Pat Hicks Softball Field in Satsuma, Alabama. Cooper, a Perquimans County, N.C. native, was a four-year standout for the Hawks' Softball program. The catcher turned infielder helped the program to four straight CIAA Northern Division Titles, back-to-back CIAA Softball Championships (2017 and 2018), and back-to-back NCAA Atlantic Regional appearances (2017 and 2018).


CHOWAN ADDS ESPORTS Chowan University announced the addition of Esports beginning Fall of 2020. Esports is competitive gaming using video games on various platforms, most often in the form of organized, multiplayer competitions. Chowan will join the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), which formed in 2016 and serves as the largest governing body of intercollegiate Esports in the country. NACE currently has over 60 member institutions across the United States, accounting for over 94 percent of intercollegiate programs in the country. In 2018, the Peach Belt Conference will sponsor Esports as a conference championship, with the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) and the East Coast Conference (ECC) sponsoring championships as well.

CHOWAN’S 197980 FOOTBALL TEAM HONOR LEGENDARY COACH JIM GARRISON Members of the 1979-80 Chowan Football Team converged on

38 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

campus Saturday, November 2 for the final home game of the season. Mike Grant, Hall of Famer and reunion organizer, presented each alumnus a Chowan Blue t-shirt which read, "Inspired By The Legend ---Coach Garrison." Jody Schultz, who was a second round draft pick for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles in 1983, was also in attendance. His professional football legacy tallied five memorable seasons (1983-87) with the Eagles.

The former Chowan teammates enjoyed sharing stories of their days under coach Jim Garrison.

MEN'S SOCCER CLAIMED 2019 REGULAR SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP The Chowan Men’s Soccer team continued their climb to the top of the Conference Carolinas by obtaining the 2019 Conference Carolinas Regular Season Championship and the top overall seed in the

Chowan Men's Soccer claimed the Conference Carolinas Regular Season Championship with a 2-1 overtime win against Emmanuel. tournament. The Hawks would host the Conference Carolinas Championship, ultimately falling to eventual champion, Limestone, in overtime.

TOBY SIMS NAMED D2CC A ALL-AMERIC AN Toby Sims accomplished something that no other player in Conference Carolinas’ history had done before by being named Conference Carolinas Defensive Player of the Year for the second consecutive season. Sims would also go on to become the second player in Chowan Men’s Soccer history to be named Division II Conference Commissioner Association (D2CCA) All-American.

COKER SCORED 1,000 C AREER POINTS Mariah Coker became the seventh player in Chowan’s

NCAA history to score 1,000 career points. Coker, a four-year starter for the Chowan Women’s Basketball program, finished off her career as the Chowan Division II leader in steals (226) and assists (424). Coker also became the first player for the Hawks to be named All-Conference in two different leagues after earning Conference Carolinas Third Team honors in the program’s first season in the new league. Coker was named CIAA Rookie of the Year and AllCIAA Rookie Team in 2016-17.

THE PANDEMIC EFFEC T ON SPORTS The afternoon of March 12, Chowan Athletics suspended all spring sports due to COVID-19. The Conference Carolinas honored the senior studentathletes by naming them AllConference.

39 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

On July 9 the CIAA suspended football. On July 22 Conference Carolinas plans to proceed with Fall season. Then on August 15 the Conference Carolinas suspended fall season. On October 30 CIAA canceled the 2020-21 Bowling Season And Championship. In November, Conference Carolinas officially unveiled its 2021 conference basketball schedule.

ALL DIVISION II AND ALL DIVISION III TEAMS Teams were created based on the following criteria but not limited to: Chowan Hall of Fame, All-American, Conference Player of the Year, First Team AllConference, All-Region, Second/ Third Team All-Conference, Career Stats, Graduation from Chowan (or in their senior year), and drafted by professional sports organization. These teams can been seen on the following pages. Congratulations to those named.


40 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

41 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020


42 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

43 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020


44 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020



The Chowan Athletic Department announced the hiring of Josh Seese as the head coach of the Men's Lacrosse program in June 2019. Seese comes to Chowan after spending three seasons as the head coach at Potomac State College (NJCAA). During his stint with the Catamounts, Seese saw improvement in two seasons competing against Division I programs and several NJCAA top25 programs.

Ashley Gustafson was hired as the head coach of the Chowan Softball program in June 2019. Ashley Gustafson is no stranger to Chowan athletics after spending three seasons as an assistant coach under former coach Brian DeWitt from 2014-2017.

NIKKI WHITE PROMOTED TO DIRECTOR OF SWIMMING The promotion of Nikki White as Director of Swimming in June 2019. She entered her third season in with the Hawks after spending her first two seasons as the assistant men's and women's swimming coach. White helped the program to a fourthplace finish on both sides at the Conference Carolinas Swimming Championships in 2018-19.

Gustafson returns to Chowan after spending the past two years as a middle school teacher at Conway Middle School in nearby Conway, N.C. During her time with the Blue Devils, Gustafson was the head softball coach, assistant volleyball coach, Math department chair, and a part of the Staff Leadership and PBIS Culture teams.

SNELSON LEADING NEW ESPORTS PROGRAM In March, it was announced that TJ Snelson would begin the Chowan Esports program. Snelson comes to Chowan after a stint with the Petersburg Racquet Club in Martinez, Georgia. Aside from his career in the tennis world, Snelson played competitively in Rocket League seasons 1-3, where he

45 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

ATHLETICS was the Rocket League Grand Champion in season 3. He was a Diamond level player in League of Legends during season 3 and Legend ranked player on Hearthstone.

CHRIS HARRIS LEADING CROSS COUNTRY Chris Harris joins the Chowan Women's Lacrosse staff as an assistant coach for the 2021 season. Harris will also serve as the Head Coach of the Men's and Women's Cross Country programs. Harris comes to Chowan after five seasons at Northside High School in various positions.

NEW ASSISTANT COACHES Several assistant coaches joined the Hawks: Michael Branch, Assistant Coach for Men's and Women's Swimming Ashley Collins, Assistant Softball Coach. Leon Eason, Assistant Football Coach: Wide Receivers Colin Neely, Assistant Football Coach: Defensive Coordinator Erik Pratt, Assistant Football Coach: Offensive Line/Strength And Conditioning John Wheeler, Assistant Football Coach: RB/TE/Special Teams Coordinator

S I X I N D U C T E D T O J I M G A R R I S O N H A L L O F FA M E C L A S S O F 2019



JAMES DOGGETT came to then-Chowan College from Reidsville High School after being recruited by then-Head Coach, Bob Burke. Burke noticed the 6’5’’ forward after he posted a successful scholastic career for Reidsville High School. In his two year-career with the thenBraves, Doggett was a part of 50 wins and just 14 loses. Doggett’s play at Chowan garnered him the attention of several four-year college coaches, but the Reidsville native opted to finish his education and playing career at Winston-Salem State University, under legendary Coach, Clarence “Big House” Gaines. He started two seasons with the Rams basketball team. Doggett currently resides in Reidsville, North Carolina. He is employed for General Dynamics as a Manufacturing Associate, specializing in underwater communication systems. CHAD DRAKE came to Chowan in the Fall of 1990 after an outstanding scholastic football career at nearby Hertford County High School in Ahoskie, NC. Then-Head Coach Jim Garrison saw a star in the making, a young player and helped to develop him into a formidable offensive lineman over his two-year career for the then-Braves. Drake left Chowan in 1992 as an esteemed student-athlete with both academic and athletic accolades as a recruit for Meredith University where he graduated with honors with a Biology Degree in 1994. While Drake experienced a litany of successes during his scholastic and college careers, it is his postcollegiate journey that fills the most space on his professional resume. Drake joined the United States Marine Corp in 1994 and was Commissioned as an Officer following completion of Officer Candidate School (OSC) where he finished in the top third of his class (1995) at The Basic School. Drake’s career saw him earn a second Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan as the Commanding Officer of the 6th Marine Regiment. Drake’s esteemed Military Career



achievements are far too many to list in order to due appropriate justice. In 2018, Drake retired from the USMC as a CO of the 6th Marine Regiment. He currently serves as a consultant and owns his own philanthropic venture (Filantrophie).

DENNIS HELSEL served Chowan University as Vice President for Athletics dutifully and loyally from 2006 until 2013. Helsel retired from the position in late 2013 with over 35 years of intercollegiate athletic experience. Under Helsel's guidance and oversight, the Hawks soared to new heights having made the transition from NCAA DIII to NCAA DII and accepted into full membership with the oldest historically black conference in the nation, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). The Hawks enjoyed five CIAA Championships during Helsel's tenure; two in the sport of softball, and two in volleyball and one golf medalist along with four CIAA Northern Division Championships in softball and volleyball. Helsel is married to wife, Sue, together they have three children and six grandchildren. The couple resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. TRAYVON LATHAN came to Chowan in the Fall of 2003 after being recruited by then-Head Coach Jim Tribett. In Lathan’s four-year career at Chowan, the 6-7 guard amassed 1,925 points, still leading all-scorers in program history. He ranks 1st in 10 different statistical categories, making him the most explosive and decorated player in the program’s history. In all, Lathan played basketball overseas for 11 seasons in the likes of China, Lebanon, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Barbados, and Mexico. He spent the last five years playing in the LNBP for the Zonkeys with headquarters in Tijuana. Lathan helped the Zonkeys to three consecutive titles, and also earned League MVP honors in his last two seasons. Lathan retired in 2018 after claiming his LNBP Title. Currently Lathan is a 46 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020



business owner in his hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia.

ASHLEY BRADFORD TRIPLETT came to Chowan in the Fall of 2006 from nearby Chesapeake, Virginia as a highly touted scholastic women’s soccer player. Bradford Triplett was recruited by Hawks’ then-Head Coach Georgie Donnelly, who as a former striker herself, recognized her explosiveness as one of the top talents in the southeast region. Bradford Triplett scored 23 goals in 21 games as a freshman with a .581 shots on goal percentage. She also accounted for nine season assists for a total of 55 season points, all of which led the squad. She was named All-NCCSIA, All-Region, and was ranked as the #2 goal-scorer in all of NCAA D2 that same season. Currently Bradford Triplett is employed with Optima Health in Sales, Marketing, and Network Management. She is still active on the soccer scene as both a player and a coach. She currently is a coach within the Beach FC program in Virginia Beach. She is currently the Captain of the HRSC Elite Women’s Pro Beach Soccer Team, where she helped them earn a bid to the National Pro Beach Tournament in December of this year. CJ WESTLER came to Chowan in the Fall of 2008

from Urbana University (Ohio). During his time at Chowan, CJ was named 2008 CIAA All Conference 2nd Team Offense, 2009 CIAA All Conference First Team Offense, 2009 CIAA All Conference Offensive Player of the Year, 2009 Chowan University Team Captain, and 2009 Chowan University Male Athlete of the Year. Upon graduation in the spring of 2010, he held 15 offensive records. Westler is the current Assistant Head Football Coach and Offensive Coordinator for Marion Harding High School. Read inductees' full biographies at

Class Acts At classac ts you can submit an update, share a photo, and be par t of the stor y at Chowan Universit y especially if it ’s your reunion year. For Brave Hawk s who have joined the Chowanian societ y - that ’s 50+ years since graduation - ever y year is a reunion year!

A LU M N U S O F T H E W E E K Make sure to follow Chowan University Alumni and Supproters on social media. Each week our Director of Alumni Relations is featuring an "Alumnus of the Week" highlighting his/her accomplishments. Below is the ingural class from summer and fall 2020.

James E. Taylor, ’54 passed away on August 29, 2020. Walter M Sykes Sr '55, passsed away on December 7, 2020. Nancy Rawls Barden '56, passsed away on July 4, 2019. Richard W. Harris, Jr '56 passsed away on March 3, 2019. Ted R. Rollins '56 passsed away on May 27, 2020. Olive Wendell Yates '57, passsed away on March 1, 2019.

47 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020



Roy Earl Parker '60 passsed away on March 21, 2020. James B Long, Jr. '62 passsed away on October 29, 2020. Linda P Best '66 passsed away on January 21, 2020.

Edward Preston Grissom, 84, of Chesapeake, passed away peacefully, Monday, July 22, 2019 in his home, surrounded by his family. A longtime supporter of Chowan University, Judge Grissom served for more than 18 years on the Board of Visitors, Board of Trustees and as Chairman of the Executive Committee. Grissom was instrumental as one who lobbied for the 1963 merger of South Norfolk and Norfolk County which established the City of Chesapeake. He was one of the founding organizers of Chesapeake Hospital Authority (now Chesapeake Regional Health Center) and served as its attorney during its initial stages of operation. He also served as the attorney for the board of directors in the formation of Chesapeake Bank & Trust. Judge Grissom served most of his professional career as a judge of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He was first appointed as a Substitute Judge in 1961 and later served as an Associate Judge of the Municipal and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court of Chesapeake from 1964-1970. He was appointed as Judge of the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District upon its inception in 1970. He served in that capacity as Chief Judge until his appointment as Judge of the Circuit Court of Chesapeake in 1990 until his retirement in 1998. When he retired, Judge Grissom was the longest serving tenured judge in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He continued to serve as a substitute judge and mediator until his death.

Lynn Smith Pope '68 passsed away on July 26, 2019. H. Wayne Roberts '68 received the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) Lifetime Achievement Award during the recent IMA’s Virtual Summit Awards in September 2020. The IMA Lifetime Achievement Award (formerly IMA Hall of Fame) was established in 2016 to honor individuals who, through a lifetime of achievements in the incentive marketplace, played a major role in the success of the industry. This Award recognizes the business personality who best represents achievement and longevity, acknowledging the winner’s sustained achievements within the incentive industry during a distinguished career. Janet Eileen Meeks '69 passsed away on May 21, 2019.

1970 s Betty E. Long '70 passsed away on October 29, 2019. Matthew Hick '79 graduated with a masters in healthcare

48 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

administration, MBA and Doctoral degree in Management from UMUC. Matthew has accepted faculty position at George Mason University as director and associate professor in the College of Health and Human Services. He is technology director of the college overseeing the population health clinic, nursing school, healthcare administration, healthcare policy, nutrition department and other departments of the college. Terry T. Wells '72 passsed away on October 29, 2019.

1980 s Nate McMillan '84 joined the Atlanta Hawks as Assistant Coach.

1990 s Chad (AA '92) and Jessica Kiser Drake (BA '95) announced the birth of their daughter Jane Claire on August 15, 2020. Chad retired from the US Marine Corps and is a subject matter expert for SAIC in Norfolk, VA. Jessica is founder and principal of Filanthropie Consultancy. They live in Suffolk, VA with their six children.



D R A K E N A M E D C FR E Jessica K. Drake '95 was named as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) by CFRE International in December 2019. Drake joins over 6,700 professionals around the world who hold the CFRE designation. Individuals granted the CFRE credential have met a series of standards set by CFRE International which include tenure in the profession, education, and demonstrated fundraising achievement. They have also passed a rigorous written examination testing the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a fundraising executive, and have agreed to uphold Accountability Standards and the Donor Bill of Rights.

Juanita Kelly Pond of Smithfield, VA died on November 11 at age 72 following a period of declining health. She was the spouse of Charles B. Pond, III. A native of Chuckatuck, VA, she was preceded in death by her parents John and Emma Mae Kelly. She is survived by her husband and his sister, Caroline.

Jessica and her family at the Chowan 2019 Hall of Fame Induction.

Steve Varley '97 was named Vice Chancellor for Advancement at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

20 0 0 s Ashley Parker Dixon '06 and '12 was named the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year for Central Elementary School in Northampton County.

John Wheeler '04 completed his Masters in Sports Managment and Certificate in Project Managment from Western Carolina University in December 2019. Chtaura Jackson '06 was selected as a VCU “10 Under 10” honoree. The VCU program recognizes the noteworthy and distinctive achievements made by alumni who earned their first VCU degree (undergraduate, graduate or professional) within the past 10 years. Chtaura received her Bachelor of Science in Biology

49 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

She, along with Charles, was a strong supporter of intercollegiate athletics at Chowan University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Pond Football Center on the Chowan University campus is named in honor of the Ponds. A major residence hall in the Whites Crossing Complex of Chowan University is named in her honor. The Ponds also supported the university’s Chowan Christian Service Association, which provides scholarships for ministerial students and assists with international mission trips made by university students. She enjoyed music and, for several years, the Ponds have sponsored Chowan University choir concerts at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. She also enjoyed athletic contests with the Chowan University Hawks, the University of North Carolina Tarheels, and the Norfolk Tides being her favorites. Juanita was one of Chowan's most ardent supporters over the past 20 plus years. Her enthusiasm and passion for the mission of this University led Charles and Juanita to be a major part in the transformation of Chowan. She saw the need for major projects and they made them a priority, namely the Campaign for Columns, the Pond Football Center, Endowments, and a host of other strategic projects on campus.



Long time friend and supporter, James A. Pittman, 95, of Roanoke Rapids, NC passed on April 7, 2020, surrounded by loved ones at his home.

from Chowan University. At Chowan, she developed an interest in predator-prey ecology which then led her to the lab of Prof. James Vonesh at VCU. Chtaura’s M.S. thesis examined the factors that shape biodiversity in the riverine rock pools characteristic of the James River fall zone in Richmond, VA.

2010 s

James was born February 11, 1925, to John C. Pittman and Alice S. Pittman Fleming in Whitakers, NC. When he was a child his family moved to Halifax, North Carolina. He served his country honorably in the US Coast Guard during WWII. He attended Mars Hill College, Wake Forest University, East Carolina University and Southeastern Seminary, where he earned Bachelor of Science degree, a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Divinity. James served many churches both part-time and full time as an ordained minister. He farmed, taught school, managed and owned Coastal Supply Company, developed real estate, and built and operated motels and rental cottages on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. James highly valued Christian education which was the focus of his philanthropy for many years.

Marcharkelti Mckenzie '11 served as a US2 missionary through The United Methodist Church and received a Masters of Divinity from Gammon Theological Seminary at Interdenominational Theological Center.

James is survived by his wife of 44 years, Ganell H. Pittman.

Tandra Hedgepeth '12 who graduated with a Master in Education, went on to obtain a Master of School Administration from Elizabeth City State University '18 while serving as the Curriculum Instructional Management Coordinator in Hertford County Public Schools.

The Chowan community honors the Pittmans for their faithful support of students called to the ministry through the Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA). Rev. Pittman had a deep admiration for the work of this organization and its desire to send students to serve on mission experiences.

Pamela Cook Woodard '12 is currently serving as Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Chowan University and obtained her PhD, Criminal Justice with Concentration in Law and Public Policy, Walden University 2019.

50 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

As of August 2020 she is now the Coordinator of Career and Technical Education in Edgecombe County Public Schools. Cheryl Amey '15 obtained her Master’s in Human Services with Counseling from Regent University, Virginia Beach on May 11, 2019. In her words "another Goal accompanied at 51 years young." Ryan Moore '15 and Kylie (McGrath) Moore '16 welcomed a baby girl, Adalyn Moore, into the world on July 31, 2020.

Richard Todd '15 was hired as Registrar at Chowan University. Tyreeka Williams ‘15 is in the PhD in Rehabilitation Counseling and Counselor Education Program at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Fernando Zuniga ‘15 who serves as the Women's Soccer Head Coach completed his Master of Education at Chowan University.


W.J. “BILL” LIT TLE , JR Dristi Bhandari '16 is in the Doctor of Optometry Program at Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) at Salus University. The highly competitive PCO has been in existence since 1919 and set the standard for all other institutions of optometry that exist today. After graduating from Chowan, Dristi obtained her MS in Biology from University of North Carolina at Greensboro where her thesis contributed

to research on understanding molecular mechanisms regulating cell growth, differentiation, and cancer progression.

W.J. “Bill” Little, Jr. was called to heaven on August 29, 2020. Born August 3, 1927, in Stanly County, North Carolina to Will Sr. and Maud Alice Little, “Dub” was raised in Concord, NC with brothers Hubert, Hoyle, and Tom and sister Josephine (Sossoman).

K I R S A N O V E A R N E D FE L L O W S H I P T O S T U D Y M A L E C O N T R AC E P T I V E D R U G TA R G E T S Oleksandr “Sasha” Kirsanov '15 is a PhD student in the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, and has earned a highly competitive fellowship from the Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI), supporting his efforts to identify potential male contraceptive drug targets. He was awarded $50,000 per year for two years to identify molecular targets that can be further used to design safe, non-hormonal, reversible male contraceptive drugs.

51 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Throughout his life, Bill was a service leader and volunteer for numerous state and local educational and government organizations to include Chowan University Board of Trustees, Northampton County School Board, North Carolina Senior Tarheel Legislature, and Duke University Council on Aging. He was also a faithful servant as deacon/chair at Westwood Baptist Church in northern Virginia and Jackson Baptist Church in Jackson, NC. Sharing in Bill’s endeavors and successes of those early adult years, and for many years after, was his beloved wife, Mary Jordan Gay. They were married in Jackson Baptist Church on June 8, 1949, and together raised two children, Bill, III and Julie, in whom they instilled the lasting value of giving while living and beyond. Bill and Mary co-founded the North Carolina Senior Education Corps connecting local retired citizen volunteers with public school needs. In 1997, God called Mary home. Their shared love for teaching and deep commitment to education abides across the state, to include a teaching scholarship bearing their name at Chowan University.



On Saturday, April 4th, 2020 the greater Chowan community lost one of its greats when Bob Burke breathed his last earthly breath. He passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family at his home in nearby Wilson, North Carolina. Burke was 74 years old. With Burke's passing, the mourning of another Chowan legend has begun. Undoubtedly the mourning will be far-reaching as he touched the lives of countless athletes and coaches at all levels. The longest and most successful span of his career was spent captaining the blue baselines of the Helms Center. For twenty-two seasons (1981-2003) Burke built a college basketball powerhouse that was nationally known and synonymous with winning. Burke helped to put the tiny town of Murfreesboro and Chowan on the map. Basketball greats like Jim Valvano, Dave Odom, Lefty Driesell, and Bobby Cremins were staples in the Helms Center on game days. Those coaches along with many others from programs all over the country knew that any player Burke coached would have fruitful careers at their own institutions. Nearly 50 of Burke's players went on to receive scholarships from NCAA D1 and NCAA D2 schools. Several went on to play professionally. Most notably he coached Nate McMillan and local star, Fred Vinson. In 2016 Corey Chandler produced a documentary titled, "Bob Burke: Heart of a Chowan Man". In the documentary, Chandler asked Burke to describe his basketball identity. Burke plainly and humbly replied, "It's Chowan. I was a Chowan man. That's where my identity came from. That's where it will always be."

Christina (Thomas) Hill '16 and Brinton Hill, Jr. '16 both graduates from the School of Business, celebrated their second anniversary on September 1 2020, Christina is the Marketing the Communications Manager at the Center for Energy Education and Brinton is a 4th-grade mathematics teacher for KIPP Gaston College Preparatory School, and is a head football. Christina completed her master's degree in Journalism from Regent University in December 2019. Wesley Bray '17 passed away on Sunday, July 19, 2020. Zack Cooper '17 passed the North Carolina State Bar. Sarah Ghaffoor '17 who serves as the Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach) wil complete a Master’s in Sport Management from West Virginia in December. Kateisha Davis '17 completed a Masters of Arts: Applied Developmental Psychology degree at Liberty University and is now serving

Thank you, Coach Burke. His identity is now legend and as the adage goes, "legends never die."

52 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

as a school counselor at an elementary school. Sierra Jones '17 was accepted into the Master of Science in Chemistry Program at North Carolina Central University. Sierra is on a full tuition scholarship while assisting Dr. Fei Yan’s lab in research on nanoparticles and electrospun polymers. Shaikeyla Jordan '17 was hired as an Admissions Counselor at Chowan University. Randy Allen '18 began his career as a Diplomatic Officer at the Department of State Building in Washington, DC. Courtney O'Keefe '18 is working on her master's in Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas. Angélique Gouin '19 is in the Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition program at Florida International University, McGill University, Pace University, and D’Youville College. Rachel Russ '19 is currently attending Liberty School of Law in Lynchburg, VA.


W R E N N W O O DA R D C O N D U C T I N G C O V I D -19 R E S E A R C H Wrenn Woodard '17 was recently promoted to Supervisor of Clinical Research at University of Michigan Hospital in the Clinical Research Department. While employed full time he is working on his master's in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a fully paid scholarship. Wrenn is co-author on three publications of COVID related research: "Neutrophil extracellular traps and thrombosis in COVID-19," "Neutrophil calprotectin identifies severe pulmonary disease in COVID-19," and " Prothrombotic antiphospholipid antibodies in COVID-19." Wrenn and his wife, Megan, welcomed their son, Emmett, into the world in October 2020.


Dr. Carolyn Carter Modlin, passed away at Virginia Beach General on October 21, 2020. She was born on June 27, 1951 in Richmond, Virginia to the late Marie Jarratt Carter and William Wood Carter. After a lengthy career in the public school system, Dr. Carolyn Modlin joined the faculty at Chowan University in 2001. She humbly served the University for 15 years before announcing her retirement in 2017 and served as an adjunct professor during her retirement years.

Blake Rutledge '19 was hired as an Admissions Counselor at Chowan University.

2020 s Alexis Bolam '20 graduate in Biology, who recently accepted a job with the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries.

Alexis will be responsible for collecting statistical data on the very important, and difficult to quantify, recreational fisheries in northeastern North Carolina. This data is critical for developing fisheries management plans and monitoring the stock of North Carolina’s fisheries.

53 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Dr. Modlin often visited the Chowan campus as a child and always dreamed of returning as a teacher. She loved the University and was devoted to Chowan inside and outside of the classroom. Among her many accomplishments, perhaps her most coveted was the Faculty Advisor of the Year award in 2014, an honor bestowed upon her by students and peers. The Chowan University Faculty Advisor of the Year Award is given each year to recognize excellence in academic advising. In September 2017, the Chowan University Board of Trustees named Dr. Modlin professor emeritus. Dr. Modlin not only had a passion for education, but she was also heavily involved in the community and was honored with the Faculty Excellence in Community Service Award in 2017 for her community involvement with the Southampton County School Board, Boykins Town Council, Boykins United Methodist Church, and Southampton County Elementary Schools. This year she was elected to serve as the Mayor of Boykins, Virginia.



Bynum Rhodes Brown, a life-long resident of Murfreesboro, North Carolina died at home on Friday, September 25, 2020. Bynum, the son of Bynum Henry Brown (August 1890 – October 1971) and Grace Pearce Brown (May 5, 1897 – June 4, 1985) is survived by his daughter and only child, Grace Graham Brown of Palm Beach, FL, his sister Grace Clements Brown Boone of Raleigh, NC along with numerous nieces, nephews, and extended family. He is predeceased by his devoted and loving wife of 63 years, Shirley Graham Brown, and his sister, Jane Vaughan Brown Prichard of Henderson, NC. Bynum lived a well-rounded life and believed firmly that family, duty, responsibility, and fun should be a part of life. Bynum was a long-time Trustee of Chowan University where he served as Vice Chairman and five-times Chairman of the Board of Trustees and was later bestowed an Honorary Doctorate and named a Trustee Emeritus. Bynum was honored with the North Carolina Baptist Heritage Award on April 8, 2008. This award was presented by the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and the Council of Christian Higher Education. In honor of Bynum’s service and generous support to Chowan University, the Bynum Rhodes Brown Aquatic Center was named in his honor in 2016.

Jaime Calcagno '20 recently enrolled in the highly competitive veterinary program at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Hospital. Jaime is one of just 39 Annable Scholars whose selection is, in part, based on a demonstrated commitment to community service. Kristen Harper-Edwards '20 is currently working full time as a Domestic Violence Case Manager/ Emergency Services Program Coordinator. Sarah Hull '20 is enrolled in the Master of Landscape Architecture Program at NC State Department of Landscape Architecture.

Dorian Mitchell '20 is in his first year of the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program (MSBS) at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. The MSBS is a rigorous twoyear program designed to prepare students for admission to medical school and other health professions programs. Cheryl Thomas '20 is working at Oak Street Health in High Point, NC as a Clinic Informatics Specialist.

Congratulations Class of 2020

You handled an unprecedented senior year with class. 54 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020




Kjahna O '15 is working with the Atlanta Falcons, albeit virtualy during the pandemic. Her initial duties are helping area scouts, coordinating travel, college draft preparation and scouting the NFL Combine and college All-Star games. At a young age, she became a fan and TV viewer of pro and college football. Her orginal plan was to be general counsel for the NFL and despite being accetped to many universities after scoring well on her Law School Admission Test (LSAT), she decided to take a year off and defer admission. During that time she reserached options for women working in football, and that's when she found operations and scouting. O entered the University of South Carolina to pursue a Master's Degree in Sports Management and Entertainment. While at USC, O volunteered with the Gamecocks football program. One of only 40 women invited to the NFL Forum, Kjahna attended presentations by such NFL executives as head coaches Ron Rivera (then with the Carolina Panthers and now with the Washington Football Team) and Mike Vrabel (Tennessee Titans) and General Manager John Lynch (San Francisco 49ers). When a position was posted by Atlanta Falcons scouting department, O applied. She was interviewed on a Monday and offered the position that Friday. O is one of a handful of young females recently filling traditionally male positions in professional and college sports.

The University community extends sympathy to the family, friends, and associates of Amin Rudaina Khalil, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, who passed away in September 2020. Khalil joined the Chowan faculty in 2018. He earned his Master of Fine Arts in visual design at the United States International University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in environmental architecture design at Parsons School of Design. He had more than 20 years of experience as Creative Director with expertise in visual and graphic communications design, advertising design, film , fine arts, fashion design, and interior architecture. He taught several graphic design courses. The University Faculty and Staff are gifting a tree and marker on the promenade in Amin's memory.

53 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

imagine the future of o u r v i s i on

Imagine a Christian University that is a national model for student success within an inclusive community. Imagine a Christian University that advances the calling of our students through teaching, learning, engaging, and serving. Imagine a Christian University that is defined by the opportunities we create, by the lives we transform, and by the futures we shape. You have imagined the University we seek to become.

o u r m i s s i on

Chowan University, grounded in its Christian faith, transforms the lives of students of promise.

our values

Faith. Inlcusion. Imagination. Engagement. S U P P O R T T H E V I S I O N AT C H O WA N . E D U/ W E G I V E

19&20 The Honor Roll of Investors lists gifts to the University received between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2020. We are deeply grateful to the following alumni & friends who are helping us transform the lives of students of promise.

New Endowed Scholarships * Daddy Bynum Henry Brown Scholarship Mother Grace Pearce Brown Scholarship Robert J. “Bob” Burke Scholarship Cashie Baptist Church Scholarship Brooks D. Winstead and Rachel Winstead Clark, and Walter G. Clark Memorial Scholarship Dan Cross Scholarship Angeline Faison Scholarship First Citizens Bank and Trust Company Scholarship Sue Perry Forehand Scholarship E. Preston and Bettie Grissom Scholarship Virgil I. Krapauskas Scholarship Bob F. Hill, Sr. and Josie Lassiter Hill Scholarship Oak Grove Christian Church Scholarship Robbie and Malinda Parker Scholarship Grandmother Ella Vaughan Boyette Pearce Scholarship Juanita Kelly Pond Scholarship Roberts Chapel Baptist Church Scholarship W. Julian Robertson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Rev. George T. and Luvenia B. Rouson Memorial Scholarship Daniel C. Surface Memorial Academic Scholarship The “BOTL” 1969 Scholarship Bob and Lisa Turner Scholarship L. Clement Yancey Scholarship

New Estate Gifts * Nancy Rawls Barden Estate Mildred Wheeler Morgan Estate Lawrence W. Myers Estate Robert B. Spivey Estate

The 1848 Society


Baptist State Convention of NC Camp-Younts Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John M. Glover † Ms. M. Elizabeth Harris † Estate of Susan Parker Kerr Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Inc. † Estate of Ms. Ruth Thomas US Department of Education Pioneer College Caterers

Lux Et Veritas Society

LIFETIME GIVING OF $500,000 TO $999,999

Earlys Baptist Church Missions Endowment Andrea Emmot Eason Missions Endowment Robbie and Malinda Parker Missions Endowment Juanita Kelly Pond Missions Endowment

Ms. Grace G. Brown Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation CBF of North Carolina, Inc. MRP CIAA Tournament Mr. and Mrs. Miley W. Glover Independent College Fund of NC Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Henry Jenkins Mr. Wayland L. Jenkins, Jr. William A. Krueger Charitable Trust Pioneer College Caterers Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Pond III † Estate of W. Eldridge Smith Southern Bank Foundation Mrs. Linda Briley Weaver Dr. & Mrs. M. Christopher White Mr. Richard S. Winstead

New Annual Scholarships*

Golden Hawks

New Endowed Funds *

The GEO Group, Inc. Scholarship The Louise Curtis Gillespie Annual Scholarship Amy Rozmus Hammond Annual Scholarship

LIFETIME GIVING OF $100,000 TO $499,999

George I. Alden Trust Grady Askew Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Harold W. Babb † Mr. C. Braxton Britt

Mr. & Mrs. Bynum R. Brown Ms. Grace G. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Brown James E. & Mary Bryan Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Percy Bunch Burroughs Wellcome Fund Mrs. Texie Camp Marks Unitrust The Cannon Foundation, Inc. Mr. Warren F. Chauncey CIAA Tournament Commercial Ready Mix Products Dr. Sheron J. Dailey Mrs. Betty Rose Duke † Estate of Mr. Charles K. Dunn † Estate of Mr. William W. Durrett Mrs. Edith Vick Farris Mr. and Mrs. Ray Felton † Mr. & Mrs. John E. Ferebee † Estate of Verlie D. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Miley W. Glover † Mrs. Madeline M. Griffith † G. Fred Hale Trust Mrs. Deryl Hart † Estate of Mabel C. Hayden † Estate of Mr. Ravenal C. Holland James L. Knight Charitable Trust † Mrs. Anna S. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Lewis † Estate of Martha Foy Lineberry † Mrs. Texie Camp Marks Unitrust † Estate of Cheryl Hobday McElheney Mr. & Mrs. James C. McGill McPherson Beverages, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Meiggs Metal Tech of Murfreesboro † Estate of Marian Fleetwood Moore Murfreesboro Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Newsome, Jr. North Carolina Baptist Foundation North Carolina Community Foundation NUCOR Corporation Mr. and Mrs. James A. Pittman RBC Centura Bank † Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Revelle, Jr.

* Since the Last Honor Roll of Investors

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lee Richards † Estate of Maylia G. Rightmire Roanoke-Chowan Foundation † Mr. W. Julian Robertson, Jr. Rose Brothers Paving Company, Inc. Mrs. Nancy W. Sample † Estate of Mrs. Jean Simpson Sharp † Estate of Victor R. Small Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Spivey † Estate of Mrs. Martha Hawkins Steinmetz The Teagle Foundation, Inc. † Estate of Mrs. Mary Turner The University of North Carolina VA Power Matching Gift Program † Estate of Howard C. Vaughan Mr. Jesse E. Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Vincent Wachovia Foundation Mrs. Dorothy A. Wallace † Estate of Mr. A.J. Watkins Mrs. Linda B. Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Webster Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. † Dr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Whitaker † Mrs. Alma Williams WRB Rentals, Inc. † Mr. & Mrs. L. Clement Yancey

Legacy Society


† Mr. Robert T. Andrews Dr. & Mrs. Harold W. Babb Mr. William D. Baber Mr. Thomas J. Balance III † Ms. Nancy Barden Mr. Jerry Bowman Mrs. Elizabeth H. Boyce Dr. & Mrs. Ralph J Brabban, II Mr. Barry Bradberry Mr. Randy L. Brantley † Mr. C. Braxton Britt Ms. Mabel Britton Ms. Louise Britton Dr. Benji Brown † Denotes Individual(s) as Deceased

57 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

H O N O R R O L L O F I N V E S TO R S † Mr. & Mrs. Bynum Brown Mr. Wayne Browning Mr. & Mrs. Percy Bunch Mr. Winslow Carter Mr. Warren Chauncey Mrs. Suzanne Clifton Dr. Scott Colclough Mr. & Mrs. Clifton & Janet Collins Mr. Dan Collins Mrs. Mary Anne Croom Mrs. Betsy Boone Crowder Mr. Charles R. Daniel, Jr. † Mrs. Constance W. Daniels Mr. & Mrs. Norman Davenport Mrs. Jackie A. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Don DePaul Mrs. Betty Rose Duke † Ms. Elizabeth Duke Mrs. Eloise Durrett Dr. Andrea Eason † H.L. Evans, Jr. Estate Mrs. Julia S. Elsee Mrs. Janelle Greene Ezzell Bill Pataky & Yolanda Faile Mrs. Edith Vick Farris Mr. & Mrs. Ray Felton † Mr. Henry Clay Ferebee III † Mr. John Ed Ferebee † Mrs. Beatrice “Bea” Flythe † Mrs. Elizabeth Francis-Brown † Mr. Raymond Carl Freeman † Mrs. R.L. Freeman Mr. Shelby M. Freeman † Mrs. Verlie D. Gardner

Mr. Walter Raleigh Garris Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Gay Mr & Mrs. Miley “Bucky” Glover †Ms. Hazel Griffin Mr. Richard A. Godwin Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Hall Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hand, Jr. Mr. Joe Harkey Dr. Joseph H. Harkey Dr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Harper, Sr. Mrs. Mable C. Hayden † Mr. B. P. Hedspeth Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hill Mr. Jerry L. Holmes Rev. & Mrs. Billy R. Howell † Mr. John A. Irby † Mr. Grover Howell Dr. Carolyn Jackson † Dr. Jerry F. Jackson Mr. Bradford Lance Jenkins Mr. Joseph Henry Jenkins Mr. Wayland L. Jenkins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Jordan † Mrs. Susan Parker Kerr † Dr. William M. King Rev. Tim O. Langston, Jr. Mr. Robert West Leary, Jr. † Ms. Harriet Leonard † Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clayton Lewis † Mr. Thomas Lively Mr. John L. Long Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Lowe † Mrs. Mary Winston McCready † Mrs. Cheryl H. McElheney

† Ms. Marian Fleetwood Moore † Mrs. Mildred Morgan Rev. & Mrs. Paul Murdock Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Myers †Mrs. Carol S. Neal †Mr. Al Newsome Mrs. Neith Osborne Mrs. Frances M. Arnold Parker † Ms. Velma H. Perrygo † Mr. Thomas Pettyjohn † Mrs. Ruth Phillips Mr. & Mrs. James Pittman Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Pond III Dr. Claud E. & Delores Hill Pugh † Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Revelle, Jr. † Mr. Charles Revelle, Sr. † Mr. J. Guy Revelle, Jr. † Mrs. Martha Seymour Revelle Ms. Judy K. Rexrode Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Richards † Mrs. Maylie Green Rightmire † Mr. Julian Robertson, Jr. † Mr. Walter Frank Rose, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Murphy & Nancy Sample † Mrs. Mildred Satterfield † Mrs. Jean Sharp Mr. Charles Shaw † Mr. Eugene Cary Shaw, Jr. Mr. John Scheifel † Mr. George W. Simpson † Ms. Mary C. Smith † Mr. Stephen D. Stallings Ms. Doris L. Stephenson † Ms. Emma Gay Stephenson

Ms. Peggy Leonard Stroud Mr. Jerry Sullivan Dr. Eric A. Surface Mr. John M. Tayloe † Ms. Ruth M. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Thurston, Jr. † Ms. Suzanne Torbert † Mrs. O.C. Turner Mr. Antwyne Tyson † Mrs. Anne T. Underwood † Mrs. Craig Vaughan † Mr. Howard C. Vaughan Mr. Jesse E. Vaughan Mr. Otis Nathaniel Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. & Janet G. Vincent Mr. Craig Vosler Mrs. Barbara Townsend Wagner Mr. Garland Waters Mrs. Linda Briley Weaver Mr. Dewey Wells Dr. Bryan C. West, Jr. † Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. James White Dr. & Mrs. M. Christopher White Mr. Eley Whitehead † Senator Vernon E. White † Mrs. Violet L. White † Mr. Alan Whitman † Mrs. Alma Williams Mr. Carlyle Winbush Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Winstead Mrs. Katherine Wood Wolfe † Mr. L. Clement Yancey




Chancellor’s Club


Ms. Grace G. Brown CIAA Tournament Mr. John M. Glover Mrs. Jenny Cooke Jenkins Estate Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc .

McDowell Club

GIVING OF $50,000 TO $99,999

Pioneer College Caterers, Inc. Mrs. Linda B. Weaver Mr. L. Clement Yancey Estate

Chairman’s Club

GIVING OF $10, 000 TO $49,999

Dr. and Mrs. Harold W. Babb Mr. Bynum R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Brown CBF of North Carolina, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Garth D. Faile Mrs. Edith Vick Farris Mr. and Mrs. Ray Felton Follett Grady Askew Foundation Mr. Gene Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hill James and Mary Bryan Endowment NC Independent College Fund NCAA Mr. James A. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Pond Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program Southern Bank Endowment Southern Bank Foundation Surry Baptist Church of Surry, VA Mr. Jesse E. Vaughan Mrs. Dorothy A. Wallace Dr. and Mrs. M. Christopher White Mr. Charles Williford

Founder’s Club

GIVING OF $2,500 TO $9,999

Mr. William Jerry Bowman Mrs. Lynette Bunch Mr. Donnie O Clary CMS Printing Services Mr. and Mrs. Jason Chad Drake Mrs. Betty Rose Duke First Baptist Church Ahoskie Mrs. Phyllis Lam Flack Mrs. Elizabeth L. Francis-Brown Mr. Taylor Patrick Furlough Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brian Glover Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood M. Grice Mr. and Mrs. Edward Preston Grissom Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Hill 
Mr. Bob F. Hill Rev. and Mrs. Billy R. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Mike H. Johnson Mrs. Clayton Lewis Mr. Patrick M. Mashuda Metal Tech of Murfreesboro Dr. Linda L Miles Dr. and Mrs. Julian R. Mills

Dr. and Mrs. Danny Moore Mr. James Elliott Moore Murfreesboro Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Myers Mrs. Jane Newsome Capt and Mrs. Milton Arthur Outten Ms. Sarah Virginia Parker Rev. and Mrs. Robbie Parker Mrs. Evelyn F. Pell Rev. and Mrs. Drew S. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fletcher Pierce Mr. Harvey W. Reinhardt Reynoldson Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lee Richards Roberts Chapel Baptist Church Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation Mrs. Nancy W. Sample Mr. Chris P. Stagl Mr. and Mrs. James J. Sterling The GEO Group, Inc. Dr. Richard L. Thompson Dr. Brenda S. Tinkham Ms. Daynelle Trent Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Vinson West Chowan Baptist Assoc. Mr. Barry E. Whitaker Rev. Mari E. Wiles Mr. Charles Rick Williford Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Edward Wilson Worth Higgins & Associates

President’s Club

GIVING OF $1,000 TO $2,499

Abbott Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kemper W. Baker Baptist State Convention of NC Mrs. Ellen Downs Barnes Mrs. Frances F. Bracy Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Bradberry Mr. Samuel T. Bratton Mrs. Maxine B. Britt Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Brown California Baptist Foundation Camp Foundation Mr. Norman J. Carley Mr. Barry Carroll Mr. Warren F. Chauncey College Park Baptist Church Mr. William Thomas Collins Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Shell Collins Connaritsa Baptist Church Mr. Eugene L. Crabtree Dr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Croom Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cross Dr. and Mrs. J. Kirk Dickie Dr. and Mrs. John J. Dilustro Earlys Baptist Church Dr. Andrea E. Eason Mr. and Mrs. James M. Eason Eure Baptist Church Mrs. Austine Evans Mrs. Sue P. Forehand Mr. Shelby M. Freeman Mrs. Sheree Meiggs Freid Mrs. Raye Gay

Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Gilliam III Mr. Jim L. Hammond Harrellsville Baptist Church Ms. Mary Harris Miss Alice Linda Hassell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S. Hauser Dr. Mary E. Hellmann Mr. Ronald Lee Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Hollister Mr. Cecil S. Hollomon Mr. Wayland L. Jenkins, Jr., Fund Mr. and Mrs. James T. Johnson Mr. Hugh Johnson Ms. LaToya Danien Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee Mr. W. J. Little Mr. James W. Mason McPherson Beverages, Inc. Meherrin Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hofler Milam Mr. Paul Murdock Ms. Amphia Rouson Myrick Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ivory Nicholson ation North Carolina Community Foundation Oak Grove Christian Church Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Outland , Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Outland, III Mr. and Mrs. E. Brinson Paul Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Perrin Dr. and Mrs. Keith A. Reich Mrs. Gertrude Revelle Mr. Charles L. Revelle Dr. Bonnie C. Revelle Mr. and Mrs. W. Frank Rose Sara Fisher Memorial Trust Mrs. Carol Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Spivey Mr. John Michael Tayloe Mr. Charles Mort Taylor Mrs. Doris T. Taylor Mrs. Lisa Liverman Turner Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Ussery Mr. and Mrs. Garry Whitaker Mrs. Marion S. White Ms. Penny J. Womble Mr. Thornton H. Yancey

Columns Club

GIVING OF $500 TO $999

Ahoskie Women’s Club Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Alston Mr. and Mrs. David Beard Ms. Leslie Belcher Dr. Robert L. Boggs Mrs. Brenda S Bordeaux Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Brinkley Mrs. Eunice L. Carroll Rev. and Mrs. Thomas H. Caulkins Central Ford Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur K Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reid Childress Clarence and Beatrice Flythe Fund Conway Baptist Church Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Daniel

59 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Mr. Walter Marvin Daugherty Dr. Gladys A DeJesus Mr. Michael Wayne Dickerson Dominion Foundation First Baptist Church Oriental Rev. Frances Sue Fitzgerald Mr. William Henry Foote Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Freeman Galatia Baptist Church Galatia Baptist Men Mr. Thomas E. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. P. Randy Harrell Jernigan Oil Co., Inc. Mr. Samuel W. Johnson Mr. Kevin Tyler Jones Mr. Robert James Lavelle Mrs. Meredith Llyn Long Mars Hill Baptist Church Mr. Roger Lee Martin Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael McClafferty Mr. William F. McConnell Mr. James C. McGill Merck Foundation Mildred Satterfield Fund Mills Properties of RR LLC Mr. Charles Nalon Nationwide Insurance Foundation New Vision Ministries Newsome Family Trust Fund Mr. William L. Pataky & Yolanda Faile Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Zac Place Rev. and Mrs. Billy P. Presley Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Rich Ms. Christina Mary Rupsch Mr. and Mrs. James and Nancy Russ Mr. Jody Schulz Ms. Christie V. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Christian Stambaugh Mr. George Storti Mrs. Helen Summers Mrs. Sallie Surface Suzanne Tolbert Fund Mrs. G. Thomas Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Hal R. Thomas Mr. Ralph Hamilton Thurston Weldon Baptist Church Mr. Christopher Martin Whalley Williamston Memorial Baptist Mr. and Mrs. William T. Williford Mr. David D. Woodbury Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Garrett Zoch

Lakeside Club

GIVING OF $250 TO $499

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Basnight Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bays Bethlehem Baptist Church Ms. Lisa Michelle Bland Mr. and Mrs. John P. Brown Bryant & Ivie, PLLC Mr. Alan B. Clark Ms. Nichole L. Cross Mr. Brian Dewitt Mrs. Diane P. Dixon Dr. and Mrs. M. Scott Edwards

H O N O R R O L L O F I N V E S TO R S Mrs. Diane P. Dixon Dr. and Mrs. M. Scott Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lee Farmer Ms. Virginia Fauntleroy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edwin Forbes Mr. Eugene B. Foster Mr. Walter Raleigh Garris Mr. Kirk George Mr. John M. Harris Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Head Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hines Mr. Austin Humphreys Ms. Ashley Kells Mr. Craig M. Kilmer Ladyconn Inc. Mr. William Lawrence Mr. Richard C. Lee Mr. James R. Lewis Ms. Lisa Moana Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Marchitell Mr. Brett Allen Martin Mr. Frederick W. Mays Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence McLawhorn First Baptist Church Mocksville Mr. Richard Lee Morton Ms. Kristine E. Mudrick Norfolk Southern Foundation Mr. Edward L. Norris Nucor Steel Hertford Country Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Parker Mr. Steven Phillips PIZZA INN of AHOSKIE Mr. Brian K. Ritzer Dr. Ted R. Rollins Rose Brothers Paving Co., Inc. Mrs. Gail Clyburn Settle Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sherrod Mr. Kenneth Wayne Smith Mr. Douglas Clayton Smith Mr. Frank M. Snyder Mrs. Betty S Spring Ms. Catherine L. Spruill Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Steinrock Ms. Julianne P. Surface Mr. Fred C. Tayloe Mrs. Patsy W Taylor Mr. Kenneth Terry Mr. and Mrs. Billy S. Theodorakis Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. L. Mack Thompson Mr. McCoy Tillett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ukrop Mr. and Mrs. Dean G. Vincent Mrs. Janie Allen Wardsworth Warrenton Baptist Church Mr. Buddy Waters Dr. J.C. Watford Mr. Dewey W. Wells Mr. S. Dale White Mrs. Shannon T. Williams Mrs. Pamela Cook Woodard

Century Club

GIVING OF $100 TO $249 IN 2017-18

Mr. Robert F. Abernathy

Ms. Julie Adcock Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eugene Adkins Ahoskie Christian Center Ahoskie Eye Care, O.D., P.A. Mr. Pedro Henrique Costa Aiala Mrs. Hazel H. Alcock Mr. Joseph Alford Ms. B. Gail Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. Philip John Andreassen Ms. Alice Andreassen Mr. Willie G Arant Mr. Earl D. Arrington Mrs. Penny B. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Aycock Mrs. Kimberly Sherman Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Bailey Mr. Michael Bailey Ms. Deborah A. Baker Mr. Walter J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Colon R. Ballance Ms. Marjorie Banks Mr. and Mrs. James L. Barnett Mr. Stewart McDavid Barnette Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benthall Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bentley Rev. C. Thomas Bodkin Mr. Gerald R. Bonney Mrs. Beverly R. Bowen Mr. Ernest E. Boyce Mr. Wilmer A. Brantley Mrs. Nancy Brewbaker Mrs. Ruth D. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bridgers Miss Carolyn Faye Brinkley Mrs. Henry G. Britton Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown Mr. Timothy M. Brown Mrs. Ella S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bryant Mr. William R. Bryant Mr. Michael Wayne Bryant Ms. Judy Darnell Bullock Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burke Mrs. Harriett Oliver Byrum Mr. Evann Ross Carpenter Mr. Brandon Louis Carroll Mr. Donald Ray Carter Mr. Larry Carter Ms. Selena Carter Cassandra Bryan Design Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Castelloe Central Virginia Maintenance Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Manton Chapman Children Today Leaders Tomorrow Mr. Gene Chory Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Christison Mrs. Judy Clark Dr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Clayton Mrs. Mary B. Cobb Ms. Dana Lee Cobb Mr. Charles Randy Collier Mr. Richard E. Conway Mr. William Franklin Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cowan Ms. Angie Cowan

Ms. Dawn Coyier-Brosdahl Mrs. Elizabeth Craft Mrs. Charlotte Elias Crawley Mr. Adam A. Cross Ms. Leeda S. Currin Mr. William Thomas Daughtrey Mr. William Wayne Daughtridge Mr. and Mrs. Norman Davenport Ms. Llewellyn Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davis Mr. and Mrs. David A. Day Mr. and Mrs. Bill Denman Mr. L. Welton Deshields Mr. Timothy DeVaul Mrs. Teresa Taylor Dodson Ms. Joan Dollberg Mrs. Carolyn Van Ness Dooley Mr. John L. Duckles Mr. Larry Dunn Earl and Verila Harper Endow. Mrs. Betty Ann Earley Edenton Baptist Church Mr. Stanley Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Sylena Edwards Miss Patricia Ann Etheridge Fago Electric Mrs. Annie Sue Fairless Mr. James E. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Billy Felton Mr. George R. Ferguson Mr. Kristopher Ferguson Mrs. Catherine S. Foldesi Mr. and Mrs. Leo Carl Forrest Mr. Gary Foster Mrs. Carol Beth Founds Ms. Martha Jane Futrell Futrell Pharmacy Services G. E. Small, P. C. Mr. Peter Gallaccio Mrs. Page W. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Raleigh Garris Ms. Rosalin Ada Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gosney Mr. Gregory Hill Granger Mrs. Lynn Gray Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Griffith Mr. Donald L. Guthrie Mr. Lee Hall Mrs. Joyce Ann Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Flynn Hardy Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Harper Mr. Henry P. Harrison Mrs. Alice H. Hassell Mr. and Mrs. Frederic V. Heckler Mr. Winston J. Hellems Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E Helsel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hendrick Dr. Mitchell E. Henke Mr. Benjamin Caywood Herndon Mr. David W. Herring Mrs. Deborah R. Hill Hill Realty Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hiller Dr. Burke E. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Enos Landing Holloman

60 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Mr. Terry Hunter Hoy Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Christine Hubbard Hubcaps Automotive Center Wm. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hughes Mr. David Glenn Hundley Mrs. Donna Chamblee Hurdle Mrs. John A. Irby Mr. George Jakeman Mr. Raymond W. James Mrs. Susan Ferebee Jennings Mrs. Louise J. Jernigan Mr. Ralph W. Johnson Mr. Thomas L. Jones Mrs. Elizabeth W. Jones Mr. W. H. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Colin D. Jones Mr. Curtis A. Jordan Mrs. Betty H. Joyner Mr. and Mrs. W. G. “Don” Joyner Mr. Leonard Eugene Joyner JustGive Ms. Alison Kolezynski Mr. Thomas G. Kraning Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kraning Ms. Schlezel Madalyn Lasine Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Laughlin Rev. Thomas LeGrand Lehnert LLC Mrs. Garnette H. Leroy Mr. James Lilley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lipscomb Littleton Baptist Church Ms. Eileen Liverman Mr. Richard O. Liverman Mr. and Mrs. James B. Long Mr. Lewis Berkley Lucas Maccord Mason PLLC Mr. Donald Wayne Major Mr. and Mrs. Jose Martinez Mr. Larrie L. Matthews Mr. Joseph Allan McArthur Mr. Frank O. McFarland Ms. Donna McGee Mrs. Johnny A. McGhee Mrs. Elizabeth McGowan Mr. Thomas M. McNear Ms. Ramona Mendez Mr. William Frazier Metcalfe Mrs. Frances F. Minton Mr. Kevin J. Misenheimer Mr. Adrian E. Mitchell Ms. Rachael Modlin Mr. Floyd T. Morgan Ms. Helen H. Mott Mr. Robert J. Mudrick Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Murden Murphy & Coates LLC Napoli’s Mr. Marvin Newsom Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Nicholson Mr. Fletcher Noe Mrs. Patsy E. Oakes Mrs. Patsy C. Oliver Mr. O. A. Osnes Mrs. Janet Wiseman Ostlund Ms. Charlotte Outlaw-Yorker



W E’ R E LO O K I N G F O R T H E N E X T G E N E R AT I O N O F L I V E S TO T R A N S F O R M . D O YO U K N O W S O M E O N E W H O WO U L D B E A PE R FE C T FI T ? S E N D US T H E I R I N F O R M AT I O N A N D W E’ L L TA K E T H E N E X T S T E P. C A L L 8 0 0 - 4 - C H O WA N O R V I S I T C H O WA N . E D U/ F U T U R E H AW K

Mr. Scott T. Parker Mr. Charles L. Paul Ms. Helen Peoples Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Perry Mrs. Judith Wiggins Perry Mr. and Mrs. Denis Petrilak Mr. Steven R. Pieper Mr. Larry D. Pierce Mrs. Linda D. Pierce Mr. Cedric Gray Pierce Mrs. Barbara V. Piland Mr. Douglas Lynn Pilgreen Mr. William Pollard Mr. Jonathan Gregory Potter Mr. T. H. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Drew David Praster Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Prentiss Ms. Sue R. Pressman Mrs. Paula B Pressnell Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Prow Mr. Hermea Pugh Mr. John H. Ralston Mr. Richard Todd Ray First Bapt. Church Red Springs Mr. and Mrs. William Reese Mrs. Elicia Susan Revelle Mr. and Mrs. Robert N Riddick Mrs. Elizabeth Pace Riddick Davis Mr. Melvin C. Riley Mr. Casey Riley Mr. Joshua Rivera Mrs. Betty Worley Rogers

Mrs. Betty W. Rose Mr. Randolph Jackson Rose Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Rowe Mr. Norman E. Satterfield See the Light Inc. Mr. Willie C. Sessoms Mr. and Mrs. James Seward Mrs. Syble Ann Shellito Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sherrod Mr. David Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sidwell Mr. Charles Slade Mr. Adam Paul Smith Mr. Randall Smith Mr. Thomas Smith Southern Bone and Joint Specialists Ms. Susan Sparks Mr. Eric Lynn Spencer Sports Med Plus, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Stancil Ms. Marcia T. Steele Stephen L. West Insurance Agency Mrs. Joan M. Stephenson Ms. Caroline Fleetwood Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edwin Stevens Mr. and Mrs. T. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. C. David Stoess Mr. Lehmer K. Sullivan Ms. Michelle Lynn Surerus Mr. Gary L. Swing Rev. Pamela G. Taylor Mr. Charles M. Taylor

Mr. Henry V. Teage The Eagle’s Roost The Rebels Golf Group Mr. Lonnie Powers Thigpen Rev. Anita Thompson Rev. Charles W. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. G. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James Ting Mr. Bryan Adam Tingle Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Tinkham Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Torbert Mr. Russell Twiford Ms. Lisa Tyler United Power System, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ussery Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Vann Mr. O. N. Vaughan Mr. John D. Vick Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Vincent Mrs. Mary Lee Worrell Vinson Rev. Robert Henry Wainwright Mrs. Carolyn Carroll Ward Mrs. Ruth C. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. White Mr. David White Mr. Edward C. White Mr. David C. Whitener Mr. David L. Whitt Mr. George R Whittemore Mr. Jay N. Willcox Mr. and Mrs. Herscal Williams Mr. and Mrs. Joel Arthur Williams

61 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Mrs. Margaret P. Williams Mr. Gary Williams Mrs. Velda Gardner Williford Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle R. Wimbish Ms. Donna Winborne Mr. Elton Lee Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saunders Winstead Mrs. Susan Farmer Winters Rev. Gilliam Wise Ms. Yvonne T. Witt Mrs. Lisa O. Witt Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. John H. Woodard Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Wrenn Dr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Wrenn Mr. Russ Everton Wyatt Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay C. Yancey Mr. Fernando Zuniga

Friends of Chowan GIVING OF UP TO $99

Mrs. Jane Winslow Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Adamarczyk Mr. Gary T. Albertson Mr. and Mrs. Tony Alexander Ms. Monika Denise Allen Mr. Thomas L. Alligood Mr. Stephen P. Alligood Mrs. Kathy Williams Alston Mr. Marcus Cameron Alston

T H E FU T U R E I S FU L L O F A B U N DA N T P R O M I S E . W I T H PL A N N E D G I V I N G , YO U R L E G AC Y B E G I N S TO DAY. To learn more about supporting Chowan through legacy giving consult John Tayloe, Executive Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving | 252-398-1232.


Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Anderson Ms. Kaylisha Divine-Tiara Anderson Mr. Dudane E. Anderson Ms. Eileen Andreassen Mrs. Eudora H. Andrews Ann Filiere Mitchell Living Trust Ms. Yevette Lucille Anthony Mrs. Cynthia L. Antill Mrs. Carolyn Overman Antis Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Antolik Ms. Daphne J. Askew Mrs. Patricia P. Askew Ms. Alexis M. Avery Ms. Jill Azumah Awuni Mrs. William D. Baber Ms. Victoria Maria Baez-Quiroz Mr. Parker M. Baine Ms. Felicia B. Baldwin Mrs. Bertha W. Baldwin Mr. Justin Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Banks Mrs. Pamela Stillman Barnes Dr. and Mrs. James C. Barry Mr. Alan Basnight Bates Family Ms. Myria A’lena Batiste Mrs. Judy Belch Beasley Ms. Sydney Lynn Bell Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bembry Ms. Jeanne Benthall Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Biddle Mr. Michael K. Biddle

Mr. William Biggs Ms. Ravine Renique Billy Mr. James K. Bishop Ms. Cionne Miarhi Bishop Mr. Robert Archer Blackburn Ms. Whitney Nicole Blackwell Mrs. Peggy D. Blythe Mrs. Bobby Harris Boone Mr. Douglas C. Boyd Boykins Baptist Church Ms. Keonia Zhane’ Brace Mrs. Wendy D. Bradshaw Miss Joudy C. Brady Mr. Kirby Roy Braxton Mr. and Mrs. William Brazier Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brinkley Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Brinkley Mrs. Jerri Lynn Hawkins Britt Mr. and Mrs. David W. Britton Mr. Leon Ellis Britton Ms. Catherine E. Broadhead Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brosdahl Ms. Marilyn Brosdahl Mr. Bedford H. Brown Mr. Lexroy Brown Mr. Justin O. Brown Mr. Samuel Michael Brown-White Miss Vickie Lavern Bryant Ms. Akira Shakeese Bryant Ms. Margaret V. Bryson Ms. Sandra Renee Bullock Ms. Lauryn C. Bullock

Mr. Alton Burke Ms. Denise E. Burke Ms. Alesha Camille Butler Ms. Davonna Brenay Byrd Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Byrum Ms. Maresa Caceres Mrs. Joyce H. Cale Mrs. Eris O. Calimer Mr. Henry J. Campbell Ms. Zakeaiah Campbell Ms. Hollie E. Cannon Capital Community Fountation Inc. Mr. Sean P. Carley Carolina Metal Works, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Winslow Lee Carter Dr. Allen J. Casey Mr. Bradley Alexander Cash Mrs. Ruth Wommack Casper Mrs. Martha Doughtie Cavanaugh Dr. Wilkie W. Chaffin Ms. Shanise Courtney Champion Mr. Nashawn J. Chandler Mr. Benjamin Chapman Ms. Brittni Marie Chase Ms. Melanie Renae Chaussee Mr. Macaulay O. Chilaka Chocowinity Veterinary Hospital Mr. Tyrone R. Christian Mrs. Hope Vinson Clark Ms. Peggy S. Clark Ms. Shawanda Clark Ms. Courtney Juanita Clark

62 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Mr. Edward Lawrence Clarke Ms. Donna Clay Mr. Willis E. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Coburn Mrs. Linda S. Cockrell Mrs. Sarah K. Coggins Ms. Mariah Rose Coker Ms. Connie Cole Mrs. Darlene Cole-Culver Mrs. Lorie B. Collins Mrs. Ellen C. Copeland Ms. Sarah Jane Coston Ms. Vanessa Ariel Council Mr. Rodney Lee Countryman Mr. and Mrs. Ray Coyier Ms. LeAnne Frances Crabtree Mr. Carl P. Craig Mr. and Mrs. John Creed Mr. David W. Creekmore Ms. Dhyamond Montania Crenshaw Mr. Joseph H. Crisp Ms. Denetra Nicole Cromartie Ms. Mikaela Patrice Crutchfield-Collins Mrs. Shirley Eves Cutts Ms. Janet J. Dailey Ms. Lindsey Marie Dalton Mr. Frederick Carlton Darby Mrs. Becky Taylor Dashiell Mr. Wilson Davis Mrs. Sandra M. Davis Mr. Donald C. Davis Mrs. Portia M. Davis

H O N O R R O L L O F I N V E S TO R S Mr. Hugh Howard Davis Mr. Lawrence W. Davis Ms. Shirley A. Davis Mr. Kyle R. Davison Mr. Jovon L. Dawson Ms. Rhonda Daye Ms. Leona De Lellis Mr. Carlton R. Debnam Mr. Calvin C. Deemer Mrs. Brenda Flythe Dennis Mr. and Mrs. James B. Dewar Dicin Electric Co., Inc. Ms. Elisia Amber Diggs Ms. Blaire Aria Dillard Mrs. Janice L. Dossenbach Mr. and Mrs. John K. Doyle Ms. Stacey Drake Mr. George Howard Drawhorn Ms. Juanita Dudley Ms. Claudette Corbett Duffer Mrs. Twyla Gardner Duke Ms. Morning-Staar Dae-jah Dukes Miss Susan C. Durant Mr. Corey Matthew Eads Mr. and Mrs. William S. Earley Mr. Steve E. Edge Mr. Ulrick R. Edmonds Ms. Arlene Edmonds Ms. Carolyn P. Edwards Dr. Allison Eggleston Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ehmke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I Eisenmenger Electrical Engineering Consulting & Testing P.C. Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Eley Ms. Mikayla Jene’e Elliott Mr. Jarvez Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lassiter Emory Mrs. Jane D. Ertter Mr. John J. Esposito Ms. Rhonda Evans Mr. and Mrs. George W. Evans Ms. Danielle Stephanie Evans Mrs. Jeanette Stephenson Everett Mr. Benny Faust Mrs. Genevieve B. Faust Ms. Yulonda S. Feggins Mr. Joseph Fehlker Mr. Timothy C. Felton Mrs. Barbara M. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Terry Flahive Mr. Oliver G. Fleming Ms. Tia Jhanee Fleming Ms. EmaRae Elisa Flores-Corrales Mr. Glen Floyd Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Bruce Fluitt Miss Aderonke M. Forson Mr. Roger Maris Foster Mr. J. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman Mr. R. Glenn Futrell Mrs. Barbara Futrell Mr. and Mrs. William C. Futrell Ms. Wanda B. Futrell Ms. Mariah Gallop

Mr. Moody H. Gardner Mr. James R. Garrett Mr. Wayne Gattshall Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gerloff Mr. Keith G. Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Pope & Carolyn Gillette Mr. John Gillon Ms. Alajah Renee Gray Ms. Chelsea Ann Green Miss Melonie Griffin Mr. James J. Griffin Jr Mr. William Arnold Grissom Ms. Courtney Brooke Groce Ms. Susann Gross Mrs. Patricia W. Grundman Mrs. Wanda Taylor Guest Ms. Breeana Renee Gutierrez Ms. Patricia L. Hale Mr. Larry R. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall Ms. Chenita Jordan Hall Ms. LaTarryl Renay Hall Ms. Taylor Anissa Hall Mr. and Mrs. George Hallow Mr. Mikaiah DeAndre Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. Delma J. Hamm Ms. Ann Hammann Mrs. Patricia Wise Handy Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Harahan Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Hardin Ms. Kenya LaCole Harrell Ms. Ann Lenore Harrell Ms. Karin Anita Harrell Mrs. Evangela Yvonne Harris Ms. Teayona Harris Mr. Antwain Donte’ Haskins Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Haverty Mr. Antuan De Hawkins Mr. Hywartha Malik Hawley Ms. Tinekequa Gabrielle Hayes Ms. La’Quiasha Carol Nicole Hedgepeth Ms. Aryana Alexis Hedgepeth Ms. Brownie Morgan Herbin Ms. Veronica Hill Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Hillon Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hinton Ms. Katrina Emma Hodge Mrs. Linda Thacker Hoffler Mrs. Anne Nicholson Hogewood Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Hoggard Mr. Jeffrey Lyle Holland Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Hood Mrs. Linda S. Hood Mr. Dwight Franklin Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alex Horne Mr. David L. Houchins Mrs. Mary Ann Howell Mr. James Randolph Howell Mr. Jason Howell Mrs. Sue Anne Howell Mr. Jerry Tremaine Hughes Mr. Douglas W. Hugo Ms. Christy B Hull Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Humphrey Mrs. Virginia Taylor Hurdle

Mr. and Mrs. J. Winston Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jackson Ms. Gena Jackson Mr. TiJuan Jevon Jackson Ms. TaVoria LeVone Davy Jackson Mr. Vashawn Bennie Jackson Ms. Kaylah D. James-Jones Ms. Linda Frances Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Jenkins Joe Murray Realty, LLC Ms. Nancy Revelle Johnson Mr. John Mapp Johnson Ms. Qeashaunda M.E. Johnson Ms. Brianna Kelsey Johnson Ms. Ebony Shante’ Johnson Ms. ShyKaela TaMoni Johnson Ms. Christina-Nicol Lee Johnson Mr. James Luther Jones Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jones Ms. Alice Eley Jones Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones Ms. Melissa Jones Ms. Amyah Davion Jones Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jordan Ms. Arlethia Brooks Joyner Mr. Adi Kaliakperov Mr. Paul Kamara Mr. George Charly Kattan Mrs. Allen O. Keene Ms. Carrie Campbell Knutsen Mr. Barkan Koprulugil Mr. Ravelly Rubinel Koume-Ngonda Ms. Elizabeth V. Kraning Mr. Steven Kufs Ms. Ella Kuldanek Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Land Mr. and Mrs. William Lane Ms. Rebekah Walston Langley Mr. and Mrs. Willie Lanier Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Laskey Mrs. Gwendolyn Eure Lassiter Ms. Josephine Latten Ms. Shanice M Lawton Ms. Khyla Kier Leake Dr. Thomas E. Leary Mr. and Mrs. William E. Leary Dr. and Mrs. William Leathers Mrs. Annette Harris Lee Ms. Jada Robyn Lee Mr. John Lees Mrs. Ruth Worrell Lehrschall Ms. Denise Lennon Mr. Charles Leonard Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Lewis Mr. Jemarius Roshaun Lewis Ms. Charmeka Dasia Little Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Lloyd Ms. Melanie Lockamon Ms. Johnetta Sessoms Lofton Mr. James P. Lynch Ms. Debra K. Maingi Mr. Elonga Adida Manseka Mr. Robert H. Marriott Ms. Virginia B. Marshall

Mr. H. Leroy Martin Ms. Loricia Renee’ Martin Miss Jean U. Massey Mrs. Bonnie C. Matthews Mrs. Nancy Matthews Ms. Keshara Anecia Matthews Ms. Quintasia Cyndrail Mattison Ms. Laniqua Davielle Mayes Mr. Daniel I. McCamish Ms. Gladys D. McClain Mr. and Mrs. David McClung Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. McCoy Mr. Isiah Houston Mccullum Mr. Jerry N. McDaniel Ms. Barbara G. McDowell Mr. Trejvon Ali Mcfail Mr. G. Dan McMasters Ms. Bria Nicole McNair Rev. and Mrs. Ronald W. McSwain Ms. Patricia Meder Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Melvin Mr. John H. Meston Mr. Henry L. Miller Mrs. Carolyn Holliday Mills Miracle Hill Minitries, Inc. Ms. Alisha Veronica Mobley Mr. DeShawn Jermaine Monroe Mrs. Linda White Moody Mr. and Mrs. Judson B. Moore Mr. Stanley D. Moore Mr. Clyde Morgan Mr. Marvin Edward Morris Mr. Xzavier Isaiah Morton Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Moseley Mr. Tracy Alan Moskovic Mr. and Mrs. John Brian Mosley Mr. D. B. Moss Mr. Earl L. Moton Mr. and Mrs. Brian Muhlenbruch Ms. Thersea Naomi Murphy Mr. and Mrs. W. Rankin Muse Ms. Tia Shante Neal Mr. Dale Neighbors Ms. Jena’y Sparkle Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Nelson Mr. Lloyd W. Nethercutt Mr. Quoc Phu Nguyen Ms. Jordan Marie Nicholson Mr. La’Quan Shaqual Nixon Ms. Shernita Denise Norman Mr. Frank Nucaro Ms. Courtney Ann Marie O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ferrell Oakley Mr. and Mrs. William K. Obrien Mr. Neal A. Ogden Mr. Richard Olumese Okojie Ms. Norma Olivencia Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ordnung Mr. and Mrs. William Ortiz Ms. Jayda L. Owens Mr. Victor Kent Padgett Ms. Tajah Michelle Paige Ms. Julie Starr Parker Ms. Barbara H. Parker Mrs. Susan Wynne Parker Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Paul Parsons

63 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

Ms. Lisa Perry Ms. Jordan Leigh Pettaway Mr. and Mrs. Jay Petty Mr. and Mrs. Harrell Phelps Mrs. Derusha Darden Phillips Ms. Minerval Bynum Phillips Mr. Roger Niles Phillips Ms. Allessandra Jean Phillips Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Pate Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Pierce Ms. Amy Michelle Piland Ms. Priscilla Faye Pittman Ms. Jacquelyn Ruffin Pittman Mr. Bruce W. Platz Ms. Karla A. Platz Mr. Anthony Cameron Ponsett Ms. Ashayla Taniya Channel Porter Mr. Calvin Rayford Potter Ms. Martha Powell Mrs. Agnes B. Powell Powell Property Management, LLC Mr. Timothy Alan Prettyman Ms. Beverly Matoka Price Ms. Sue B. Prillaman Mr. Gene Proctor Ms. Kiona Lashae Purvis Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ramsdell Mr. Aaron Ardell Ray Ms. Jordan Atlanta Reaves Ms. Samantha Taylor Reece Mrs. Calvin C. Reynolds Mrs. Donna M. Rice Rich’s Heating LLC Mr. Jadavian Letaz Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Richmond Ms. Jeneka S Ricks Mrs. Maryann W. Riddick Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Riddick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riggs Ms. Carol Ritzer Mr. Keith Ritzer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ritzer Mr. Elton Manning Roberson Robert Tadlock Insurance Agency Ms. Chantel Alisaeya Roberts Mr. Eloy Nicolas Robles Ms. Rachel Lauren Rodil Ms. Cathy C. Roe Mr. David W Rogers Ms. Betty Sowers Rogers Mrs. Leeann Barlow Rose Ms. Nancy Rosner Mrs. Myrtle C. Rountree Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rowe Mr. Javan Jamarr Rozzelle Mrs. Peggy Brown Ruffin Mrs. Joan Russell Mr. Nicholas Shakir Russell Mr. Kenneth R. Ryals Mrs. Jillian L. Rydl Mrs. Angela Felton Salerno Ms. Erika Joanna Sanchez-Vergara Ms. Vickie Jones Saunders Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sawyer Ms. Berenice Scatliffe-Ayers

H O N O R R O L L O F I N V E S TO R S Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schlett Mr. and Mrs. George C. Scott Mrs. Linda Tingle Searles Ms. Cynthia W. Sessums Mr. Michael D. Setliff Mrs. Lala Deal Setzer Ms. Tiffany E. M. Sharp Ms. Amanda Lee Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Phil Shelley Ms. Lisa C. Sherrod Ms. Mary Elizabeth-Ann Shomper Mr. Adam B. Sichol Mr. Jelenko Simich Ms. Helen Simmons Sisters of St. Louis Monaghan Mr. Michale A. Siverio Mr. Ray Carter Sizemore Mrs. Janet Copeland Skinner Ms. Ashley Nicole Skipper Mr. and Mrs. John T. Slayton Ms. Latisha Davenee Smallwood Rev. Daniel L. Smith Ms. Eartha Smith Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Smith Mr. David B Smith Ms. Siani A Smith-Makins Mrs. Allison T. Snyder Mr. William Bowman Snyder Mr. David Frederick Southerland Mr. Robert Arthur Spain Mrs. Ruth T. Spencer Ms. Azjiana Mone Spencer Ms. Brenda S. Spruill Mrs. Henry G. Spruill Mr. Tyler Ryan Staley Mr. James E. Stansbury Mrs. Patricia Embrey Stark Ms. Angela Starkweather Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Starkweather Ms. Rachel D Stephens Mr. Marcus Sharod Stephens Mr. and Mrs. J. Frederick Stevenson Ms. Antenette D. Stokes Ms. Elizabeth Marie Stokes Mrs. Donald L. Stotesberry

Ms. Ashley Nicole Sudduth Mr. Mark Woodard Sutton Ms. Kimlin D. Sykes Dr. and Mrs. Julian Taylor Mr. John M. Taylor Mrs. Emily Vaughan Terry Mr. Ronald Lee Thomas Ms. Christina Eve Thomas Ms. Kiara Sharnae Thomas Mr. Edwin Ja’shard Thomas Mr. Jalen Niair Thomas Mr. Steve Tinkham Mr. and Mrs. William L. Tolbert Mr. Allen Bobby Townsend Rev. Tommy Tripp Mr. and Mrs. Steven Trowell Mr. Dane Lewis Tudor Ms. Maria Tuneski Mrs. William E. Turner Ms. Tianna Chloe Turner Ms. Sydney Jamae Tutman Mr. and Mrs. John C. P. Tyler Rev. John Pendleton Upton Ms. Tykeia Monay Urquhart Mrs. Phyllis Van Dyke Mr. Austin Liam Taylor Van Metre Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hearst Vann Mr. Albert L. Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge C. Vaughan Mr. Johnathan Edward Venable Mrs. Janet Vick Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Vickers Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Villeneuve Mr. and Mrs. Brett Talbott Vincent Ms. Xandria Tatiana Daniell Vinson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Voltz Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Voltz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wagner Mr. Richard Douglas Walsh Mr. John L. Walston Mr. George Douglas Warren Ms. Florence Marie Warren Ms. Mari J. Washington Ms. D’Asia Alexius Washington Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Waters Dr. James Clifton Watford

Mrs. Carolyn Roberts Watson Mr. and Mrs. Earl T. Watson Ms. Patricia A. Weathersbee Miss Rebecca Leigh Webster Mr. Arthur Floyd Weeks Ms. Ashley Elizabeth Wells Spradlin Mr. John Wayne Wheeler Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Harvey Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. George W. Whitby Mr. and Mrs. William Michael White Ms. Brenda White Mr. Bill White Ms. Anita White Mr. Zachary Ellis White Mr. and Mrs. Randy W. Whitley Dr. John Leonard Whitley Mr. Harry Long Whitt Mr. Richard O’neil Whitted Mr. and Mrs. James Wick Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Wiggins Ms. Keyera Mone’T Wilkerson Mrs. Sue S. Williams Mrs. Mary Jo Wilson Williams Mr. Derek Lee Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Williams Mrs. Julie Kocmich Williams Mr. Lee Mark Williams Mr. Ronald Jordan Williams Ms. Diamond La’Che’ Williams Ms. Kay’Anna T Williams Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Willie Mr. Zachary Scott Wilson Winton Historical Association, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wood Mr. Leonard Lewis Woodruff Mr. and Mrs. Onnie L. Woodruff Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Woods Mrs. F. Lou Woods Mr. Billy Charles Yates Mr. William John Zach


I S YO U R N A M E M I SS I N G? We maintain a large database, and while we strive for accuracy, such things are never perfect. If you made a gift to Chowan University between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018 and your name is not listed here, please contact the Office of Development at 252-398-1233. Your gift is important and we want to make sure it is properly acknowledged.


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64 | T H E C H O WA N O K A | Fall 2020

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The Office of Advancement

On June 1, 2020, the Office of Development transitioned its name to the Office of Advancement, and Andy Wilson of Middletown, Ohio joined Chowan University as Vice President for Advancement. In the years that the division was known as Development, the team worked endlessly to help constituents develop an understanding of Chowan, acquire financial support for numerous programs, and essentially develop the University. Earlier this year when, John Tayloe, former Vice President of Development, transitioned to serve as Assistant to the President and Executive Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving and a search for a Vice President began, it was clear that the division was evolving into a position to advance the University. “The transition of Development to Advancement modernizes the division into how it currently functions. Development reflects primarily the fundraising program. Advancement encompasses a broader approach by its inclusiveness and acknowledgment of the professional divisions of Public Relations, Development, Alumni Relations, and Church Outreach. Our divisions do so much more to advance the university than just Development” shared new Vice President Andy Wilson, who was instrumental in the change.

Andy A. Wilson, Vice President for Advancement | (252) 398-6343 | John M. Tayloe '94, Assistant to the President and Executive Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving | (252) 398-1232 | Kim Sherman Bailey '10, Asst. VP for Advancement, Director of University Relations & Communication | (252) 398-6526 | Kay Thomas, Senior Development Director, Director of Alumni Relations | (252) 398-6436 | Lou Ann Gilliam , Director of Church and Community Relations | (252) 398-6317 | Twyla Duke, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement | (252) 398-1233 |

The Chowan University Worship Center Campaign is underway.

Visit to learn more.

NONPROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID PPCO Office of Advancement • One University Place • Murfreesboro, NC 27855

The Chowan University Promenade

The Chowan University Promenade

Thank you for having continued faith in Chowan's future.

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