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Chicago Residents can take advantage of free tax prep services throughout the city from February to April. Photo Credit: Jasmin Shah


Chicago residents are able to receive free tax preparation services through the city’s Tax Prep Chicago program. PAGE 2







Chicago Advertising Federation Honors Renetta McCann with Silver Medal Award

EdTech Studio, Wonder Media, Produces Emergency Preparedness Animation Series

Sally Beauty Calls for Influencers to “Unleash Their PROtential” Following Announcement of Brand Campaign Launch



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IBHE NAMES EDUCATION VETERAN GINGER OSTRO AS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Illinois Board of Higher Education named veteran education administrator Ginger Ostro as its new Executive Director. Ostro brings deep experience in Illinois education to the role, most recently serving as the Interim Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Financial Operations at Chicago State University. IBHE also named Stephanie Bernoteit as Deputy Executive Director. Bernoteit most recently served as the agency’s Deputy Director for Academic Affairs. “We are thrilled with the new leadership team the Board has put in place and are confident that Ginger and Stephanie will build on Governor Pritzker’s record investments in higher education in Illinois,” said Deputy Governor for Education Jesse Ruiz. “After years of cuts to our higher education system, we look forward to continuing to work closely with the IBHE to rebuild our colleges and universities and ensure students from all backgrounds have access to the education they deserve.”


COOK COUNTY URGES RESIDENTS AND PET OWNERS TO TAKE PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID COYOTE ENCOUNTERS More than 1,500 coyotes reside throughout Cook County. While they are very unlikely to attack humans, it is important to take precautions to ensure the safety of residents and their pets. Cook County’s Animal and Rabies Control offers the following tips: l Do not leave food outdoors for your pet. That can be a welcome invitation for coyotes. l Walk dogs on a short leash and always be aware of your surroundings. l If letting a dog out in the yard, especially a small dog, always supervise the animal. Coyotes can easily climb a fence and snatch your pet in seconds. l Switch up your routine. Coyotes are smart and can learn your schedule. If you always let Fido out or take him for a walk at a certain time, coyotes will learn that and be ready at that time. l If you see a coyote, make loud noises, jump around and bang on garbage cans or whatever else is around. They should fear humans – it’ll keep residents and their pets safe.


CNN TO PAY $76 MILLION IN BACKPAY As part of a settlement signed recently, CNN has agreed to pay $76 million in backpay, the largest monetary remedy in the history of the National Labor Relations Board. The dispute originated in 2003 when CNN terminated a contract with Team Video Services (TVS), a company that had been providing CNN video services in Washington, D.C., and New York City. After terminating the contract, CNN hired new employees to perform the same work without recognizing or bargaining with the two unions that had represented the TVS employees. CNN sought to operate as a nonunion workplace and conveyed to the workers that their prior employment with TVS and union affiliation disqualified them from employment. After a lengthy hearing in 2008, an administrative law judge found that CNN’s actions violated the National Labor Relations Act and that CNN was a successor to, and joint employer with, TVS. In 2014, the National Labor Relations Board agreed and ordered CNN to bargain with the unions and provide backpay. Later, in 2017, a panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, including Chief Judge Merrick Garland and then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, adopted the majority of the Board’s findings, and enforced the Board’s order that CNN cease and desist from refusing to recognize and bargain with the unions. However, the court remanded the Board’s joint employer finding for further clarification, along with the issue of backpay for further consideration by the Board. After the case was remanded, the parties agreed to resolve their dispute through the Board’s Alternative Dispute Resolution program. Since then, numerous Board staff have worked with all concerned parties to reach the recent settlement.

Tax Prep Chicago is a partnership between the city of Chicago and Ladder Up. Photo Credit: Jasmin Shah

Free Tax Prep Services available to Chicago residents Continued from page 1 BY TIA CAROL JONES

Chicago residents are able to receive free tax preparation services through the city’s Tax Prep Chicago program. The program is open to residents who earn up to $30,000 individually and $56,000 as a family, as well as those who need to file an amendment to their Form 1040X or IL-1040-X. For more than 15 years, the city of Chicago has partnered with Ladder Up to provide free tax services. Ladder Up was founded 25 years ago with the mission of helping hardworking families succeed financially. One of the ways Ladder Up does this is by providing free tax preparation to make sure people can get their returns done without incurring any of the costs associated with using a commercial tax preparer. Christine Cheng, executive director of Ladder Up, said one of the things the organization is proud of is how much it is able to help the clients secure and how much clients save in commercial tax preparation. “We are in it for the good of our clients, we’re about putting our clients interests first,” she said. There are 15 sites throughout the city, which include the Chicago Public Library, 5615 W. Race, in Austin; UCAN, 3605 W. Fillmore, in North Lawndale; Kennedy-King College, 6343 S. Halsted, in Englewood; Olive-Harvey College, 1001 S. Woodlawn, in Pullman; and Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State, in the Loop. “If a taxpayer comes in, there’s going to be a wait, it’s first come, first serve,” Cheng said. There are multiple steps to the

Ladder Up does work to ensure hardworking people are financially secure. Photo Credit: Jasmin Shah

process, which includes an intake and screening to make sure the person is eligible for the service. Each return is seen and prepared by two people, the second person does the quality review to ensure accuracy and allow the client to ask questions. “We do this so there’s a little bit of demystification as to why a tax return is the way it is,” Cheng said. “A lot of what we hear in general is ‘I never knew why I owed.’” Cheng said other questions include the basic math the IRS uses and even explanations as to why a return might have a different outcome than expected. “Being able to shed some light is pretty common,” she said. The services for Ladder Up’s tax assistance program are provided by volunteers. There is also a need for volunteers. “We provide all of the training. You do have to have the desire to give back in this way,” Cheng said. “This is a skills-based volunteer opportunity and you have the ability

to have a lot of impact.” Cheng added, there are also non-tax roles at the sites for those interested in volunteering. The tax assistance program at Ladder Up is part of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Cheng said while there are hundreds of programs across the country, Ladder Up processes 23,000 returns, which is a lot. She said the organization is always trying to do what it can to build its capacity. “While we do a lot in relation to VITA programs, what we do is just a sliver of what the total need is,” she said. “We’re looking at different ways to amplify what we do.” Cheng said the organization realizes that many people are using their refund to pay for everyday expenses. “This is their hard-earned money and we want them to keep as much of it in their pockets as possible,” she said. For more information, visit www. or

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Chef José Andrés and Gibsons to Launch New Dining Destination With Multiple Venues at 110 North Wacker Drive The Howard Hughes Corporation® (NYSE: HHC) and Riverside Investment and Development recently announced that José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup, together with Chicago’s own Gibsons Restaurant Group, has signed a 17,200-square-foot lease at 110 North Wacker Drive, the new trophy-class office tower in downtown Chicago. The group will be opening a veritable dining destination with multiple concepts, including a fine dining restaurant and an elevated cocktail bar experience, as well as providing catering for the building’s 10,000-square-foot event space. This joint venture represents an unprecedented pairing of Gibsons Restaurant Group’s Lombardo family with the two-Michelin star Chef Andrés, combining the culinary ingenuity of his ThinkFoodGroup with the local operational expertise of the Gibsons team. “We are thrilled to partner with José Andrés, his ThinkFoodGroup, and the Gibsons Restaurant Group as we continue to set a new standard for development and see overwhelming market and tenant demand at 110 North Wacker Drive,” said Paul Layne, CEO of The Howard Hughes Corporation. “The Gibsons team has been setting the standard for steakhouses in Chicago for decades and José Andrés is an award-winning chef as well as an incredible humanitarian—together the team will bring an array of exceptional new culinary experiences to one of the best cities for food in the country.” Situated along the Chicago River, 110

110 North Wacker Drive, image © Goettsch Partners

North Wacker Drive is both the city’s tallest office building and the second largest office building to be delivered in three decades. The highly anticipated, 1.5-millionsquare-foot trophy-class tower situated along the Chicago River in the West Loop is now 74 percent preleased and scheduled to open in October of 2020. Anchor tenants include Bank of America, Jones Day, Perkins Coie, Morgan Lewis, Lincoln International, No.18 and King & Spalding. John Vance of Stone Real Estate represented the developers of the Class-A+ building.



NEWS Special Olympics Illinois Opens Chicago Headquarters To Develop, Expand Urban Programming Special Olympics Illinois, the only Illinois entity accredited by Special Olympics Inc., is opening a Chicago headquarters in the West Loop as the Chicago-born non-profit expands programming to ensure people with intellectual disabilities an ever-expanding opportunity for growth. The Chicago office for Special Olympics Illinois (SOILL) will bring the organization closer to a growing constituency in the city as it expands and introduces new programs. Roughly 53,000 people in Chicago live with intellectual disabilities. Currently, Special Olympics Illinois serves about 6,000 athletes, ages 8 and older of all ethnicities. “We are moving into the West Loop to expand our work in Chicago. We want Chicagoans to know Special Olympics is much more than a track meet. We are a leader in health services for people with intellectual disabilities and we enhance life skills to build confidence,” said David Breen, president of Special Olympics Illinois. “And with our key partners, many of whom are in the city, we can

work together to bridge inclusion hurdles, so our athletes have equal opportunities to prosper as contributing adults.” Already in Chicago, Special Olympics Unified School programming is offered at 19 Chicago Public Schools. Unified Champion Schools (UCS) is an all ages, education-based program supported through the Federal Department of Education. At Unified Champion Schools, students with and without intellectual disabilities work together to develop, skills and opportunities to build change and help their schools develop true cultures of inclusiveness. Later this month, SOILL will host a professional development seminar for schools that have implemented Unified programming and for those interested in learning more. It is the first of several informational meetings planned for the year. Significant expansion plans throughout CPS are on tap for 2020 adding to the expanding list of 280+ UCS schools throughout Illinois. Ahead of the move into Chi-

cago, SOILL hired an outreach director to work with Chicago Public Schools to expand programming for students with intellectual disabilities. Also, SOILL hired a government relations specialist to expand development and partnership opportunities for the Chicago region. The West Loop office will provide SOILL additional opportunities to help corporate sponsors to work on solutions for workplace diversity and inclusion issues. “Inclusion creates career opportunities for our athletes, and we are at a time when companies are looking to us for help on implementing their goals for a more inclusive workforce,” Breen said. “Furthermore, given the area’s continued business and residential growth, our new office will help us better connect with the city’s young professionals looking to spend time with our inspiring athletes and growing our mission.” The new space is located on 820 W. Jackson Blvd. and will complement Special Olympics Illinois’ existing state headquarters in Normal, Ill.


Children of color already make up the majority of kids in many US states BY ROGELIO SÁENZ AND DUDLEY L. POSTON, JR.

Demographers project that whites will become a minority in the U.S. in around 2045, dropping below 50% of the population. That’s a quarter-century from now – still a long way away, right? Not if you focus on children. White children right now are on the eve of becoming a numerical minority. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that, by the middle of 2020, nonwhites will account for the majority of the nation’s 74 million children. Children in 2018 The share of the U.S. non-Hispanic white population has fallen since the mid-20th century. Between 2010 and 2018, the number of white children fell by 2.8 million, or 7.1%. In contrast, nonwhite children grew by 6.1%. In 2018, the last year for which data are currently available, the pro-

portion of people in the U.S. under 18 years of age was just barely more white than nonwhite. However, children under 11 were more nonwhite than white. In almost one-third of U.S. states, nonwhite children outnumber all white children under 18 in 14 states – including Nevada, Hawaii, Georgia and Maryland – plus the District of Columbia. Nonwhite children currently outnumber white children ages 0 to 4 in these 15 states and in Louisiana. In the next few years, the same will be true in North Carolina, Illinois and Virginia, followed a little later by Connecticut and Oklahoma. In the coming decades, the percentage of all white children will drop – from 49.8% in 2020 to 36.4% in 2060. A growing trend Why will white children become the numerical minority? We draw on the insights of demographer Kenneth Johnson and his

colleagues to understand this trend. First, the declining number of white children reflects the significant aging of the white population. Whites in the U.S. have a median age of 43.6, much higher than those of all other racial or ethnic groups. Latinos, in particular, are much younger, with a median age of 29.5. Slightly more than one-fifth of whites are age 65 and older, while elders account for only about onetenth of nonwhites. Indeed, today in the U.S. there are more white elders than white children. The older age of whites is mainly due to fewer white births than white deaths. Between July 2017 and July 2018, there were 0.88 white births in the U.S. for every 1 white death. In the case of Latinos, the ratio was 5 births for every 1 death. Whites also have lower fertility rates than most other racial and ethnic groups. Even if white women increased their fertility levels, their actual

bers of births would not go up that much, because there is a shrinking number of white women of childbearing age. Only 41% of white women aged 15 and older are in the childbearing ages of 15 to 44, when most births occur, compared to 57% of nonwhite women. What the future holds In the coming decades, people of color will have an increasing presence in all U.S. institutions, in higher education, the workforce and the electorate. Americans are already seeing the consequences of these demographic shifts in higher education. Between 2009 and 2017, the number of white undergraduate students in the U.S. dropped by 1.7 million, while the number of Latino undergraduates rose by 1.1 million. In addition, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projections show that, between 2014 and 2024, the white share of the civilian labor force is declining, while the share of nonwhites is

estimated to rise. Furthermore, people of color will increasingly be part of the voter rolls and slates of political office seekers in the coming decades. Despite these expected changes, one thing is certain. The white population is not going to disappear. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that whites will still be the largest racial or ethnic group, accounting for 44.3% of the nation’s population in 2060 and outnumbering Latinos, the second largest group, by 67.9 million. The reality is that whites will not dominate demographically as they have throughout most of U.S. history, when they accounted for as much as 90% of the country’s population. Roughly speaking, the share of the U.S. white population in 2060 will be the same as it is now in Las Vegas, about 44%. Rogelio Sáenz is a Professor of Demography at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Dudley L. Poston, Jr. is a Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University

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Chicago Advertising Federation Honors Renetta McCann with Silver Medal Award

Renetta McCann

Renetta McCann, chief inclusion experience officer, Publicis Groupe, was recently named the recipient of the Chicago Advertising Federation’s 2019 Silver Medal Award. The Chicago Advertising Federation (CAF) is one of the largest marketing and communication organizations, representing thousands of advertising professionals. Its purpose is to connect the marketing industry across all types of companies, disciplines and professionals. Part of its mission is to elevate the marketing community to foster thought leadership in Chicago. The CAF Silver Medal Award recognizes a distinguished member of the Chicago advertising community for outstanding career accomplishments in the areas of: creative ability, contributions to the general advancement of advertising, contributions to a specific area of advertising, and contributions to the community. McCann is the 25th professional


Executive Vice President, Edelman and President, Chicago Advertising Federation

and fifth woman to earn the honor. She has been recognized as one of the leading innovators and most influential executives in the advertising, marketing and media industries, with a global reputation for not only building brands, but also the organizations and leadership to sustain them. “It’s impossible to quantify Renetta McCann’s influence on our industry and the people within it, but immense, game-changing, enduring and human would be a good way to start describing it,” said Richard Roche, executive vice president, Edelman and president, Chicago Advertising Federation. “Renetta is that extremely rare executive who is both innovative and operational, both analytical and empathetic. Everything Renetta does, from leading global businesses to mentoring individuals, she does with passion and leads by example. Her achievements, particularly what she has done in and for the city of Chicago, are what made her stand out for the Board of Directors of the Chicago Ad Federation. A generation of industry leaders thanks Renetta; awarding her the CAF Silver Medal is a chance for the Chicago ad community to honor her immense contributions, in the company of some of the countless people she’s impacted.” “The Silver Medal Award truly acknowledges what I’ve centered my career around: helping others and contributing to the greater good of our industry and our community,” said McCann. “I am humbled to join the prestigious group of professionals who’ve also earned this honor.” As Chief Inclusion Experience Officer for Publicis Groupe, McCann works to drive inclusion at all levels of the organization, with an emphasis on ensuring that the company’s clients are benefiting from the many strategic advantages that diverse teams deliver. McCann is no stranger to the Publicis family. She began her career at Leo Burnett, and, after a long tenure, became the CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group Worldwide. Under her leadership, client billings

exceeded $26 billion and the global workforce rose to over 6,000 people. Most recently, she served as the Chief Talent Officer for Leo Burnett USA and Publicis Communications North America. Throughout her career, McCann has been an active volunteer and contributor to various industry and civic organizations. Currently, she serves on the Executive Committee of the Chicago Community Trust, the Marketing Committee of the Robert and Ann Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Legacy Giving Committee of the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago. She is a frequent name in the press. In 2002, McCann was named “Corporate Executive of the Year” by Black Enterprise magazine and was selected Ad Woman of the Year by the Chicago Advertising Federation. Essence named her one of “50 Women Who are Changing the World” and she received a Matrix Award in 2006 from New York Women in Communications. She has appeared on the pages of Advertising Age, Business Week and Chicago magazine. In 2014, the American Advertising Federation honored her with a Diversity Achievement Award for her contributions as an Industry Influential and she received The Pantheon Award from the 4A’s MAIP program. Recently, she was featured on Adweek’s list of “11 Inspiring Women Who Have Broken Down Advertising’s Most Persistent Barriers.” After nearly 30 years of communications management and leadership, McCann went back to the books, earning an M.S. in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University. She worked as an executive coach and organizational change consultant before rejoining Burnett in fall 2012. Currently, she is an adjunct lecturer in the MSLOC program, teaching a course on organizational design. McCann has also served as a Corporate Director of Tribune Publishing. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Kevin, and children, Ella and Alexander.

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Global Girls Celebrate It's 20th Year Anniversary

Members and staff of Global Girls, Inc. performed to a standing room only audience.

Pictured above, over 50 South side youth ranging in age from 4 to 19, took to the stage to celebrate the Global Girls, "20th Anniversary". Global Girls is located in the heart of South Shore and provides after school and summer programs for girls ages 5 to 14 and teens and adult co-ed theatre programs. for further information on Global Girls and the program that are provided visit us at: (Pictured on the left), Joining the celebration are: Raymond Stanton, Board Member; Lafayette Ford, Board Chairman; Marvinetta Woodley-Penn CEO and Founder Global Girls; MiCrystal Day, former student; Charles "Chuck" Gordon, Business Supporter.


Homewood-Flossmoor High School Wrestling Team Receives Honor

Author Jermaine Lawrence Anderson and NBC Channel 5 Reporter Regina Waldroup, reading excerpts from Carson Cares. Photo by: Algean Garner II.

The 1993 State Championship Wrestling Team of HomewoodFlossmoor High School were recently honored by the school. Team members attending the reunion are: Ryan McCormick; Bob Stringham; John Trioni; Jeff Trask, Captain Rael; Griffin and Todd Blumb.

I Am A Gentleman, Founder and CEO, Jermaine Anderson held his Chicago Book Signing at the Chicago Children's Museum and Introduce the star of his book series "Carson".

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If I could do one thing, I’d tell the world she counts. Communities are as rich and diverse as their needs. That’s why completing the 2020 Census matters. It’s a safe and confidential step toward having an impact on how public funds flow through our communities. That could mean more resources in your area for special needs. It’s within your control.

Learn more at:

2020CENSUS.GOV Paid for by U.S. Census Bureau.

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1/15/20 4:11 PM

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Mother Daughter Duo Launch New Hair Tool: THEBRAIDREALEASER

BRAIDREALESER can be used to unbraid hair extensions or natural hair.

Angela Green created THEBRAIDRELEASER in 1992 as a pain free way to unbraid her daughter’s tresses, while never making the ergonomic tool public. Now, as Co-Founder & CEO, her youngest daughter Saraa Green is bringing this family secret weapon to homes everywhere. As recently mentioned on, “In January, Saraa received her MBA, and decided to continue to develop the product after she used it for a required business proposal for school.” Green is now proudly spearheading this project bringing it to market in

Spring 2020. According to a press release, the mini spear shaped curved tool is built for comfort, with an end for mini braids and the other for thicker braids. THE BRAIDREALESER can be used to unbraid hair extensions or natural hair. Starting on January 26th via Kickstarter, The BRAIDRELEASER will welcome crowdfunders and an invite only hackathon event will take place in New York City on January 26th & 27th. For more information, follow @ saraa_green_ and @thebraidreleaser on Instagram. For crowndfunding updates visit


Sally Beauty Calls for Influencers to “Unleash Their PROtential” Following Announcement of Brand Campaign Launch Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SBH) has started the search for its first #SallyCrew, an official partnership that offers influencers the opportunity to serve as Sally Beauty brand ambassadors. The #SallyCrew program aligns with the brand’s priority to boost confidence, build trusting relationships and inspire consumers to take beauty into their own hands. Five inaugural #SallyCrew members will be revealed in May 2020. “Sally Beauty has always enjoyed collaborating with influencers to help educate and empower beauty enthusiasts. As we continue our transformation, we’re excited to establish the #SallyCrew to reinforce our commitment to helping our customers discover quality products to Unleash their PROtential,” said Carolyne Guss, group vice president of marketing at Sally Beauty. “I am especially pleased to announce we’ve extended the invitation to our very own Sally Beauty associates.” The brand is seeking influencer submissions from the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico from beauty enthusiasts who are passionate about hair color, hair care, textured hair care, cosmetics and nails. Five brand ambassadors will be selected to receive a one-year, paid contract of up to $150,000, as well as professional business coaching, spokesperson opportunities with the brand and access to exclusive products and brand events. The ideal candidates will embody Sally Beauty’s new motto to “Unleash Your PROtential” and empower others by sharing expert tips, encouraging self-expression and building strong relationships with other beauty enthusiasts. Influencers interested in applying to join the #SallyCrew can find more information at The program will take place in four phases: l Step 1: Influencers can apply online at https://fs22.formsite. com/bjXD9a/p9h5ezlceb/index.html now through Jan. 31. l Step 2: Applicants submit a video on Instagram between Feb. 17 and March 13 sharing why they’d be an awesome Sally Crew influencer, using #SallyCrew and #SallyBeauty to gain support and shout-outs from their followers. l Step 3: Up to 25 semi-finalists will promote special category products on their social platforms to showcase how they share

Sally Beauty Opens Search for Brand Ambassadors to Join the #SallyCrew

expert beauty tips with their followers. Fans will be able to support their favorite semi-finalists by voting and shopping their curated product picks. Voting is open April 13 – May 8. l Step 4: By May 29, the five inaugural members of the #SallyCrew will be announced. “The new Sally Beauty is all about giving our customers the

confidence to shine by unlocking the ‘power of pro’ at home. With our professional-grade products, Sally Beauty empowers the everyday beauty-lover to take their skills to the next level,” said Aaron Alt, president of Sally Beauty. “We can’t wait to meet our new ambassadors, who will help us share our revamped, pro-philosophy on an even greater scale.”

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ESSENCE Celebrates Women Owning Their Narrative and Transforming the Art of Storytelling ESSENCE has unveiled the honorees for its highlyesteemed 2020 Black Women in Hollywood Awards. The highly coveted invitationonly Oscar-week event— spotlighting Hollywood’s most renowned and accomplished women at the forefront of the industry—will be held on Thursday, February 6, 2020 at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, CA. This year’s theme, in honor of the brand’s 50th anniversary, will be a celebration of women owning, expanding and transforming the art of storytelling. ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood is presented by Ford and sponsored by AT&T Humanity of Connection, Geico, L’Oréal Paris and

Netflix. The 2020 illustrious Black Women in Hollywood honorees include: EMMY Award-winning actress, comedian, director and producer Niecy Nash (When They See Us, Claws, Kidnapped: The Kamiyah Mobley Story); DGA nominated director and two-time Grammy Award winning music video director Melina Matsoukas (Queen & Slim, Master of None’s “Thanksgiving”, “Formation” by Beyoncé); actress Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel and the upcoming No Time to Die); and the trailblazing cast and co-executive producer/

director/writer of Pose (Janet Mock, Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, Angelica Ross and Hailie Sahar). The star-studded list of presenters will include EMMY, GRAMMY and Tony award-winning actor Billy Porter (Pose, American Horror Story.) Additional presenters will be announced at a later date. “For fifty years, ESSENCE has remained committed to portraying and highlighting the triumphs, aspirations and dynamic lives of Black women,” said Michelle Ebanks, CEO of ESSENCE Communications, Inc. “The ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood luncheon has become an amazing platform to recognize and honor the

unparalleled talents of Black women in an industry that often hasn’t. We celebrate all of our honorees this year for their fearlessness and strength as they boldly continue to own their narratives and share our stories.” “ESSENCE is thrilled to commemorate the creative and critical achievements of Black women as originators, nurturers, makers and creators during our 13th Black Women in Hollywood awards luncheon,” said MoAna Luu, ESSENCE Chief Content & Creative Officer. “Whether they’re reclaiming our culture or dismantling traditional gender ideas, each of our honorees uplift us as they present their unique gifts on the screen and behind

the camera. As ESSENCE celebrates 50 years of the power of our presence, we are proud to salute them all.” In addition, ESSENCE’s Oscar week activities will culminate with the launch of the inaugural ESSENCE House: Hollywood Edition, which will be held on Friday, February 7th. This communal space will provide a catalyst for diverse creatives to connect and collaborate through an interactive program. The event will feature a curated schedule of panels, workshops and screenings focused on uplifting emerging storytellers through the mentorship of established Hollywood movers and shakers. Scheduled speakers and participants

EdTech Studio, Wonder Media, Produces Emergency Preparedness Animation Series The EdTech animation studio founded by Terry Thoren, the former CEO of the company that incubated Rugrats and The Simpsons, has rolled out yet another mission-driven series using animated stories to engage children. The series is titled “Rocket Rules;” and was developed with the Hero In You Foundation to teach emergency preparedness and safety awareness to children ages 3-9. Based on research which shows that children will mimic the behaviors of an animated character before they listen to an adult, the series features Rocket the Safety Spokesdog who delivers tough subjects in a kidfriendly way. Wonder Media produced the

concept and series for The Hero in You Foundation and they have teamed up with fire departments, law enforcement agencies, school districts, afterschool programs, community centers, museums and libraries to distribute the safety resources. One of the videos is hosted by Los Angeles Dodger and NLCS MVP Justin Turner who also appears in TV public service announcements. The program has been endorsed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s former director, James Lee Witt. Aligned with the National Health Education Standards for K-5th graders, Rocket Rules teaches safety awareness with topics that range

include talent attorney Nina Shaw; celeb hairstylist Kim Kimble; filmmaker/author Nelson George, producer Nina Yang Bongiovi and more. For more on ESSENCE House: Hollywood Edition visit ESSENCE’s January/ February 2020 issue (on newsstands now) features its annual Black Women in Hollywood package highlighting each honoree. Stay tuned to ESSENCE. com for highlights and behind-the-scenes access to the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @essence #BlackWomeninHollywood. Join in the discussion on Facebook.

Wonder Media has rolled out yet another mission-driven series using animated stories to engage children. The series is titled “Rocket Rules,” and was developed with the Hero In You Foundation to teach emergency preparedness and safety awareness to children ages 3-9. This lesson demonstrates what to do if a dangerous intruder enters a school campus.

from natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes to manmade tragedies such as a dangerous intruder on a school campus. The series includes 23 lessons in Spanish and English based on Rocket’s 5 Rules of Safety: Be

WIN $350,000 UP TO

Prepared, Stay Calm, Follow the Plan, Stay in Your Safe Zone and Call for Help. The program includes a series of workbooks and a state-of-the-art ability for an animated Rocket the Safety Dog to make personal and customized live appearances into school assemblies via Skype.



“The Rocket Rules deliver emergency preparedness safety skills in a fun, memorable, and age appropriate way, to children 3 to 9 years old. We want to give children the ability to make life-saving decisions in a split-second,” said Terry Thoren, CEO of Wonder Media.

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CALENDAR CCICS & BUFI present Black History Month lecture featuring Dr. Greg Kimathi Carr Lecture pays tribute to the historic work of Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Carter Woodson biographical cartoon by Charles Alston, 1943

director of BUFI, are “excited to keep this partnership alive through the co-sponsorship of this historic Black History Month program.” Carr is the chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University and As a kick-off to Black History 1st vice president of the Association Month—celebrated during the for the Study of Classical African entire month of February—the Civilizations. He represents a long Jacob H. Carruthers Center for line of scholar/activists and was Inner Studies (CCICS) and the mentored by late CCICS professors, Black United Fund of Illinois Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers and Dr. (BUFI) will co-sponsor the lecture, Anderson Thompson. A Tribute to Dr. Carter G. Woodson Widely respected as the ‘Father Carter G. Woodson & the Continuing Challenges of of Black History,’ Dr. Carter G. MisEducation, featuring Dr. Greg Kimathi Woodson’s profound tome, The Mis-Education Carr on Friday, January 31, 2020 in the Donn of the Negro published in 1933, is considered F. Bailey Legacy Hall on the campus of CCICS, one of the most significant books on Black 700 E. Oakwood Boulevard, at 7pm. self-empowerment. “Dr. Carter G. Woodson “The Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner and his contributions to the study of African City Studies (NEIU) and the Black United peoples’ contributions in the world remain an Fund of Illinois (BUFI) have a longstanding inspiration,” shared Worrill. partnership in educational and community A Tribute to Dr. Carter G. Woodson & the programming,” stated Dr. Conrad Worrill, Continuing Challenges of MisEducation is free professor emeritus and retired CCICS director. and open to the public. For tickets, go to www. Worrill went on to say that CCICS director, For additional information, Dr. Andrea Evans, and Carolyn Day, executive contact Dr. Conrad Worrill, 773.592.2598.

Orion Premieres Arrangement Of Ugandan Composer Tamusuza’s Quartet In March Plus Works by Rolla, Huydts, Dvorák in Chicago, Evanston, Aurora Highlighted by a premiere arrangement by and for its musicians, The Orion Ensemble, winner of the prestigious Chamber Music America/ ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming, continues its 27th season with a diverse chamber music program combining classics with modern works. Performances, which also feature guest violist Stephen Boe, take place at a new venue this season--New England Congregational Church in Aurora--March 1, followed by a benefit reception; PianoForte Studios in Chicago March 4; and Music Institute of Chicago’s Nichols Concert Hall in Evanston March 8. The program A highlight of the concert is the premiere of Orion clarinetist Kathryne Pirtle and Orion violinist Florentina Ramniceanu’s arrangement of Ugandan composer Justinian Tamusuza’s Mu Kkubo Ery ‘Omusaalaba (On the Way of the Cross) for clarinet quartet (1993), a rhythmically innovative and captivating work earlier recorded

by the Kronos Quartet. Tamusuza blends Western classical and Ugandan traditional styles in his compositions, including African folk elements, minimalist techniques and polyrhythms. The Concertante Duo in E-Flat Major for violin and viola, Op. 5 by Alessandro Rolla features the highly expressive strains of early Romanticism, tempered by the charming elegance of Classical era influences. Known primarily as Paganini’s teacher, Rolla was a viola and violin virtuoso whose many accomplishments include writing one of the first viola concertos. Continuing a long and fruitful partnership with Chicago-based composer Sebastian Huydts (b. 1966), Orion performs selected movements

of his Delicias de Blancanieves (Snow White’s Delight, 2015), a highly imaginative work consisting of 27 fairy tales with a decidedly Spanish flavor. Strongly melodic and tuneful, offering much rhythmic variety and a fair amount of harmonic spice, each piece harbors a little story, suggested by its title. Orion’s performance features selections Huydts has arranged specifically for the ensemble as well as original versions played by Orion pianist Diana Schmück. Dvorák had an international reputation when he completed his Piano Quartet in E-Flat Major, Op. 87 in 1889. Responding to his publisher Simrock’s request, Dvorák composed this work only after completing his opera, The Jacobin. This masterful chamber work displays extraordinary writing for piano and prominent expressiveness for strings, resulting in an exquisitely crafted work in overall texture and tone. Orion’s 27th season Orion’s 2019-20 season, which includes violist Stephen Boe on all programs, concludes with Mozart,

Borodin and Schumann, featuring guest violinist Mathias Tacke, in May. Orion appears on the broadcast series “Live from WFMT” May 11, 2020. The Orion Ensemble Founded in 1992, The Orion Ensemble, winner of the prestigious Chamber Music America/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming for its critically acclaimed millennium celebration “An Inside Look at Contemporary Music,” features a roster of four musicians--Kathryne Pirtle (clarinet), Florentina Ramniceanu (violin), Diana Schmück (piano) and Judy Stone (cello)--who have performed throughout North America, Europe and Asia, as an ensemble and individually in solo, orchestral and other chamber music roles. The Chicago Tribune called Orion “one of Chicago’s most vibrant, versatile and distinctive ensembles,” and Peter Schickele (aka PDQ Bach) said Orion is “what chamber music should be all about: Individual virtuosity melded into a group personality.” The Orion Ensemble

is supported in part by grants from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, the John R. Halligan Charitable Fund, the Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund, the Illinois Arts Council and generous donations from its patrons. Performance and ticket information The Orion Ensemble’s third concert program of its 27th season takes place Sunday, March 1 at a special time of 3 p.m., followed by a wine and cheese benefit reception, at its new venue, New England Congregational Church, 406 W. Galena Boulevard in Aurora; Wednesday, March 4 at 7:30 p.m. at the PianoForte Studios, 1335 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago; and Sunday, March 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Music Institute of Chicago’s Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue in Evanston. Single tickets are $30, $25 for seniors (65+) and $15 for students; admission is free for children 12 and younger. A four-ticket flexible subscription provides a 10 percent savings on full-priced tickets. For tickets or more information, call 630628-9591 or visit

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LIVING 4 Ways to Ease Jet Lag and Make the Time Change Transition a Cinch (StatePoint) While visiting a new place is exciting and fun, it’s often no match for jetlag. Here are four ways to make the most of your trip and avoid grogginess and lost sleep. • Revamp Evenings: Time changes and jetlag are best handled when you’re wellrested. Encourage plenty of sleep in the weeks ahead of your travels. Before bed, avoid activities that make sleep more evasive, such as looking at bright screens, consuming caffeine or indulging in too much alcohol. A vigorous workout, while great for your cardio health, is best performed at least several hours before lights out. • Connected Tech: You don’t necessarily need a smartwatch to avoid the hassle and potential risk of forgetting to wind watches to local time when you arrive at your destination. Instead, consider a connected watch that updates automatically when

Daylight Saving Time starts or ends or when traveling to a different time zone. For example, the shock-resistant, solar-powered G-Shock GSTB100XA-1A is equipped with Bluetooth that lets it connect with a smartphone to receive time information from an internet time server. Likewise, the Casio Edifice EQB1000D-1A, a new highspec super-slim model with phone linking capabilities can keep you further on track with a daily alarm, full auto-calendar and stopwatch. • Avoid Anxiety: The anxiety caused by traveling to a different time zone can ironically make it harder to function. Make a point of engaging in a stress-reducing activity when you arrive, like meditation or yoga. • Think of the Family: Traveling with pets or young kids? A time change can be especially difficult on those who don’t understand why bedtimes and feeding schedules have changed. Ease kids and furry creatures into the time change by shifting their schedules 10-15 minutes each day. Traveling east or west can cause stress, jetlag and lost sleep. With some smart strategies, you can make the transition smooth sailing. __________________________________

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Get a FREE dining plan for kids (ages 3–9) when you purchase a non-discounted 4-night/4-day Walt Disney Travel Co. package for you and the kids that includes a room at a select Disney Resort hotel, Theme Park tickets and a dining plan. Take advantage of this offer when you book by February 26, 2020 for arrivals most nights May 25 – August 28, 2020.

Call 407-W-DISNEY, contact your Travel Agent or visit

The number of rooms allocated for this offer is limited. Tickets must be used within 7 days from check-in. Everyone in the same room must be on the same package. Child must stay in room with adult. Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. Advance reservations required. Disney dining plans exclude gratuities. Children ages 3–9 must order from the children’s menu, if available. Some Table-Service restaurants may have limited or no availability at time of package purchase. Theme Park admission is required for some dining locations. Offer excludes the following room types: 3-bedroom villas, campsites, Cabins at Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

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