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Citizen Week of May 16, 2018

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ST. AGATHA’S CHURCH OPERATES COMMUNITY TECH CENTER OUT OF CLOSED SCHOOL BUILDING St. Agatha Catholic Parish in North Lawndale has found a way to repurpose the building that once housed the St. Agatha Catholic Academy to better serve the community. The school closed in 2016 and shortly after became the Church’s Winslow Redmond Technology Center where several community programs currently operate. See more on Page 3

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VPC Study Provides Update on Black Homicide Rates

ATLANTA, GA — On Monday, May 7, 2018 - The Home Depot’s


briefly THE HOME DEPOT ANNOUNCES ITS 2018 RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT GRANT PROGRAM AWARD RECIPIENTS Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program held its 2018 Winners’ Ceremony to announce this year’s grant recipients. Nine HBCUs were awarded a total of $360,000 grants to make sustainable campus improvements across their campuses. To date, the program has awarded more than $2.1 million dollars in grants to HBCUs. The nine winning schools were selected by a combination of cumulative online voting scores and grant proposals that were submitted by the schools and judged by a panel of distinguished judges. The ceremony also welcomed the cast members from the syndicated hit sitcom “A Different World.”  Actors Kadeem Hardison, Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer and Darryl Bell reunited at The Home Depot Store Support Center in Atlanta, Georgia and participated in a panel discussion  discussing the importance of HBCU’s. The panel was moderated by AAFCA co-founder and President, Gil Robertson.



Services received notice from the Federal government recently that plans to better serve Medicaid beneficiaries with substance use disorders and mental health challenges have been approved. The Federal approval authorizes the state to receive federal financial participation (FFP) for the continuum of services to treat addictions to opioids, other substances and other health conditions. Federal rules outline how states can spend Medicaid funds. But states can ask for “waivers” of federal Medicaid requirements to pilot or demonstrate approaches to providing services not typically covered by Medicaid, creating more innovative delivery systems that improve care, increase efficiency and reduce costs. For more information, visit and click on “1115 Waiver”.


RANKING FOR THE TOP 100 MOST DANGEROUS CITIES IN AMERICA RELEASED The National Council for Home Safety and Security releases their Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America ranking for 2018. The top ten most dangerous cities (per average rate of violent crime, per 100,000 people) are: 1. East St. Louis, Illinois 2. Darby Borough, Pennsylvania 3. Opa Locka, Florida 4. Florida City, Florida 5. Flint, Michigan 6. Detroit, Michigan 7. Saginaw City, Michigan 8. College Park, Georgia 9. Prichard, Alabama 10. West Memphis, Arkansas The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting database was consulted and crime reports were downloaded for the years 2010-2014 (the most recent years available) for multiple jurisdictions. The National Council for Home Safety and Security is a trade association comprised of home security professionals across the United States. The council advocates for safe communities and home safety with a strong focus on community involvement. For the full list and analysis:


he National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently released NFPA 3000TM (PS), Standard for an Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program to help communities holistically deal with the fast-growing number of mass casualty incidents that continue to occur throughout the world. “The proactive, integrated strategies recommended and defined in NFPA 3000 will go a long way in helping communities plan, respond and recover from active shooter and hostile events,” said NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley. The new ASHER program marked the second time in NFPA’s 122year history that they have issued a provisional standard. Provisional standards are developed in an expedited process to address an emergency situation or other special circumstance, according to the NFPA. While NFPA works to help communities plan, respond and recover from active shooter and hostile events, another national crisis involving gun violence in America is disproportionately affecting blacks. According to a recently released national study now in its 12th year, black men are dying needlessly at disproportionate rates. In a study called, Black Homicide Victimization in the United States: An Analysis of 2015 Homicide Data, the Violence Policy Center (VPC), a national educational organization working to stop gun death and injury concluded that in the U.S., in 2015, the national black homicide victimization rate was 18.68 per 100,000, and the overall national homicide victimization rate was 4.62 per 100,000. Nationwide, 86 percent of black homicide victims were killed with guns. Of the 7,014 black homicide victims in the U.S., 6,152 were male and 862 were female. The homicide victimization rate for black male victims was 34.21 per 100,000. The homicide victimization rate for black female victims was 4.41 per 100,000. “Blacks in the United States are disproportionately affected by homicide,” said VPC Executive Director Josh Sugarmann. “For the year 2015, blacks represented 13 percent of the nation’s population, yet accounted for 51 percent of all homicide victims,” he added. “Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll, like America’s homicide toll as a whole, must put a focus on reducing access and

exposure to firearms,” he said. Even though homicides among blacks are up at alarming rates, VPC pointed out in the introduction to its companion study that far too often incidents of violence often go ignored outside of those communities most affected by the crimes. The companion study called, Black Homicide Victimization in the Great Lakes States An Analysis of 2015 Homicide Data, also concluded that in Illinois at the time of a homicide, more often than not, the victims knew the identity of their offenders. For homicides in which the victim to offender relationship could be identified, 61 percent of victims (51 out of 83) were killed by someone they knew and only 32 victims were killed by strangers.

“Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll, like America’s homicide toll as a whole, must put a focus on reducing access and exposure to firearms.” JOSH SUGARMANN VPC EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Moreover, research from the study stated, for homicides involving blacks in Illinois, in which the circumstances could be identified, 83 percent (280 out of 337) were not related to the commission of any other felony. Of these, 18 percent (50 homicides) involved arguments between the victim and the offender. In total, there were 394 black homicide victims in Illinois in 2015. In an April 18 press release issued on the heels of VPC’s annual study, Sugarmann said, “Each day in America, the number of black homicide victims exceeds the toll in the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. And just like Parkland and other mass shootings, these deaths devastate families, traumatize whole communities, and should provoke an outcry for change. “The devastating and disproportionate impact homicide, almost always involving a gun, has on black men, boys, women, and girls in America is an ongoing national crisis,” he added. “We hope our research will help educate the public and policymakers, spur action, and aid community leaders already working to

end this grave injustice.” VPC also points out that individuals living in communities where violence is prevalent are at a higher risk for a broad range of negative health and behavior outcomes. An increased understanding of how trauma resulting from community violence influences development, health, and behavior can lead to improvements in the way many social services are delivered as well as policy changes at the local and federal levels, a recent VPC press release stated. According to The Relationship Between Community Violence and Trauma: How Violence Affects Learning, Health, and Behavior, a 2017 report also issued by VPC and the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (VPCGLA), violence goes far beyond the physical injury that a bullet can inflict. Negative outcomes include: IMPACT ON LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT • Disrupts brain development causing lower impulse control and impaired ability to concentrate, make decisions, and follow instructions • Reduces academic performance, lowers education and career aspirations IMPACT ON MENTAL HEALTH AND BEHAVIOR • Increases incidence of PTSD, substance abuse, and suicide • Causes hypersensitivity to threats and desensitization to violence • Causes aggressive, violent behavior • Increases acceptance of violence as a legitimate response, leads to perpetuation of cycle of violence IMPACT ON CHRONIC ILLNESS • Increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and asthma • Increases risk for obesity and reduced physical activity A VPC press release reported that, “In the context of gun violence prevention, evidence suggests that living in violent communities compromises residents’ ability to break intergenerational cycles of violence. Research has also shown that exposure to the trauma of community violence is uniquely linked to [the] development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), especially among children and adolescents.” For the full report, visit pdf and in Spanish at http://www.vpc. org/studies/traumaesp17.pdf. For more information on VPC, visit

CITIZEN | Chicago Weekend | Week of May 16, 2018




St. Agatha’s Church Operates Community Tech Center Out of Closed School Building Continued from page 1 BY KATHERINE NEWMAN


t. Agatha Catholic Parish in North Lawndale has found a way to repurpose the building that once housed the St. Agatha Catholic Academy to better serve the community. The school closed in 2016 and shortly after became the Church’s Winslow Redmond Technology Center where several community programs currently operate. “We saw that the school was going to eventually close and so it was a matter of deciding what our mission would be from that point forward?” said Father Larry Dowling, pastor of St. Agatha’s. “In a lot of ways I think it was a natural transition for us because of the violence in the community, it seemed like a natural flow for us to outreach into the community to impact families. We work with families in our own parish, but also local families in the community. We serve about 700 families in the

community through various programs throughout the year.” Several outreach programs have found their home in the Technology Center. One program is the News School, this is a program where young adults, ages 15-24, learn vital reporting skills like writing leads, interviewing, investigative research, ethics, social media and marketing, and how to use Adobe design tools. There is so much negative publicity about the North Lawndale Neighborhood. When you see our neighborhood on TV it is always about how it’s crime-ridden and full of poor people. We wanted to bring something positive and to shed some positive light on the many people who are doing wonderful things in this community,” said David Wolfe, director of the Technology Center. St. Agatha’s Catholic Academy alumnus Rhea Steele, president of Blue Ocean Logic, is using her professional knowledge of the tech industry to help build the Technology Center. She has been helping St. Agatha’s to identify the best programming, purchase new and used computers, obtain grant funding, and create a safe

and functional design for the Technology Center. A new program that is beginning to get it’s footing in the Technology Center is Tech Girlz. The Tech Girlz programming comes from the Philadelphia based organization and provides free technology curriculum to expose middle-school-aged girls to careers in the technology field. “Only about 25 percent of information technology jobs in the country are held by women which is an appalling statistic when you realize that these are really good paying jobs. You can raise a family on a tech job and you don’t need to really have a college degree to get your foot in the door. We want to prepare girls, get them interested and engaged, and show them that they can do these things and that it is not only for boys,” said Joan Matz, local outreach manager in Chicago for Tech Girlz. The Tech Girlz program is currently looking for volunteer teachers to lead Saturday morning classes at the technology center. For more information on participating in the program call 1-866-420-0296.


Night Owls May Have 10 Percent Higher Risk of Early Death, Study Says BY KRISTEN KNUTSON AND MALCOLM VON SCHANTZ


o you wake up bright eyed and bushy-tailed, greeting the sunrise with cheer and vigor? Or are you up late into the night and dread the sound of your alarm clock? We call this inherent tendency to prefer certain times of day your “chronotype” (chrono means time). And it may be more than a scheduling issue. It has consequences for your health, wellbeing and mortality. Being a night owl has been associated with a range of health problems. For example, night owls have higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Night owls are also more likely to have unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, alcohol and drug use, and physical inactivity. We study the health effects of being a night owl. In our recent study published in Chronobiology International, we found even worse news for the owls of the world: a higher risk of early death. YOUR VERY OWN BIOLOGICAL CLOCK Our bodies have their own internal time-keeping system, or clock. This clock would keep running even if a person were removed from

the world and hidden away in a dark cave (which some dedicated researchers did to themselves years ago!). We believe these internal clocks play an important role in health by anticipating the time of day and preparing the body accordingly. For example, as humans, we typically sleep at night, and our bodies start preparing for our habitual bedtime even before we try to fall asleep. Similarly, we eat during the day, so our body is prepared to process the food and nutrients efficiently during the daytime. Our chronotype is also related to our biological clock. Morning larks’ biological clocks are set earlier. Their habitual bedtimes and wake times occur earlier in the day. Night owls have internal clocks set for later times. But are there any problems related to being a lark or owl, other than scheduling difficulties? Research suggests that there are; night owls tend to have worse health. And, in our new study, we compared risk of dying between night owls and morning larks. In this study, death certificates were collected for an average of 6.5 years after the initial study visit to identify those who died. We found that night owls had a 10 percent increased risk of death over this six-and-a-half year period compared to larks. We also found that owls are more likely

to have a variety of health problems compared to larks, particularly psychiatric disorders like depression, diabetes and neurological disorders. The switch to daylight saving time in the U.S. (or summer time in the U.K.) only makes things more difficult for night owls. There are higher rates of heart attacks following the switch to daylight savings, and we have to wonder if more night owls are at risk. WHY DO NIGHT OWLS HAVE MORE HEALTH PROBLEMS? We researchers do not fully understand why we see more health problems in night owls. It could be that being awake at night offers greater opportunity to consume alcohol and drugs. For some, being awake when everyone else is sleeping may lead to feelings of loneliness and increased risk of depression. It could also be related to our biological clocks. As explained above, an important function of internal biological clocks is to anticipate when certain things, like sunrise, sleep and eating, will occur. Ideally, our behavior will match both our internal clock and our environment. What happens when it doesn’t? We suspect that “misalignment” between the timing of our internal clock and the timing of our behaviors could be

Kristen Knutson

Malcolm von Schantz

detrimental over the long run. A night owl trying to live in a morning lark world will struggle. Their job may require early hours, or their friends may want to have an early dinner, but they themselves prefer later times for waking, eating, socializing and sleep. This mismatch could lead to health problems in the long run.

maintain a regular schedule. Avoid shifting to later nights on weekends or free days because then you’ll be drifting back into night owl habits. Also, avoiding light at night will help, and this includes not staring into smartphones or tablets before bed. On a broader scale, flexibility in work hours would help to improve the health of night owls. Night owls who can schedule their day to match their chronotype may be better off. It is important to make night owls aware about the risks associated with their chronotype and to provide them with this guidance on how to cope. We researchers need to identify which strategies will work best at alleviating the health risks and to understand exactly why they are at increased risk of these health problems in the first place.

WHAT CAN OWLS DO? It is true that someone’s “chronotype” is (approximately) half determined by their genes, but it is not entirely preordained. Many experts believe that there are behavioral strategies that may help an individual who prefers evening. For example, gradually advancing your bedtime – going to bed a little earlier each night – may help to move someone out of the “night owl zone.” A gradual advance is important because if you try to go to bed two to three hours earlier tonight, it won’t work, and you may give up. Once you achieve an earlier bedtime,

Kristen Knutson is an Associate Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University. Malcolm von Schantz is a Professor of Chronobiology at the University of Surrey.

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RE/MAX Luxury Report on Metro Chicago Real Estate: $1 Million-Plus Home Sales in 1st Quarter Reach New Heights, Prices Rebound

Merlin Relaunches 24/7 Online Tire Shopping ST. CHARLES, IL – Merlin 200,000

Mile Shops recently relaunched an online tire shopping experience in conjunction with the launch of their new website. Designed to be easier to navigate on all devices, the 24/7 online tire shopping application provided by Merlin helps shoppers compare tire brands in the convenience of their home or office rather than visiting several tire retailers.    The online tire shopping wizard allows internet shoppers to research and order tires 24/7, 365 days a year at  Tires are delivered for installation with no

CHICAGO – The market for Chicago-area homes

selling at $1 million or more showed broad strength in the first quarter of 2018, according to the RE/MAX Luxury Report on Metro Chicago Real Estate, a quarterly analysis of market activity. First-quarter sales totaled 489 units, the most in that quarter since RE/MAX began tracking luxury sales in 2011 and an increase of +7.5% over the same quarter last year. Perhaps of even greater significance was the +5.5% increase in the median sales price of $1-million-plus homes, which came in at $1.35 million. It was the second consecutive quarterly gain following four quarters in which the median price declined in comparison to the same period one year earlier. A third encouraging result for the quarter was a continued reduction in the number of unsold homes listed for at least $1 million. Luxury listings fell -5.6% to 2,742 units, declining only -0.6% in the City of Chicago but falling -8.4% in the suburbs where the inventory had been especially high for the last few years. Even with that reduction, existing luxury listings in the suburbs still represent a 22.5-month supply of homes based on the pace of first-quarter sales. In comparison, there is an 11.8-month supply of luxury homes in Chicago. “Demand for luxury homes is clearly on the upswing right now, but only time will tell if this is a temporary situation sparked by buyers eager to act before interest rates move higher, or if this reflects a longer-term trend that will help pare down the large number of luxury listings on the market,” said Jeff LaGrange, Vice President, RE/ MAX Northern Illinois Region. “Of particular interest going forward will be the trend in the median sales price. If it continues to advance, it will confirm that demand and supply are moving into better balance,” he said.  CITY OF CHICAGO LUXURY SALES Chicago’s luxury-attached-home market enjoyed an upbeat first quarter, with 140 luxury units changing hands, +16.7% more than the same period in 2017.  That compares to 120 luxury detached homes sold in the quarter, a decline of -1.6%, but still the second strongest first-quarter sales figure for luxury detached homes since RE/MAX began tracking that data in 2011. The combined +7.4% increase in city luxury sales for the quarter came along with an uptick in average market time to 166 days, a 12-day increase. And while the inventory of luxury homes for sale in the city remained essentially stable, falling just -0.6%, that result masked an interesting split. The inventory of luxury attached

homes, spurred by new development, rose +12.9%, while the detached luxury inventory was down -14.7%, reflecting a recent slowing of new construction in that category. One noteworthy shift in the attached market was the emergence of the city’s Near West Side as a major locus for luxury residences. During the first quarter, that area registered 25 luxury attached sales, trailing only the Near North Side, the traditional leader of the attached market, in unit volume. That is particularly striking because from 2011 through 2017, first quarter sales of luxury attached homes in the Near West Side totaled only eight units. In 2017, there were 12 luxury attached sales there during the first six months, then 33 sales in the July-December period.  The median sales price for attached homes, which are primarily condominium apartments and townhouses, was $1.33 million during the first quarter, a gain of +4.7%. For detached homes, most of which are single-family houses, the median rose +3.9% to $1.39 million. The communities of North Center and Lincoln Park together accounted for slightly more than half of all first-quarter luxury detached sales in the city. North Center led with 28 sales, up +12%, at a median price of $1.37 million, while Lincoln Park had 25 sales, up +8.7%, with a median price of $1.7 million. SUBURBAN LUXURY SALES Suburban luxury sales, which almost exclusively involve detached homes, delivered generally positive results. Sales activity rose +7.5% to 229 units during the first quarter, and the median sales price climbed +2.4% to $1.3 million compared to the same period last year. Average market time, however, increased to 257 days from 228 days a year earlier.  Hinsdale had the most active luxury market during the quarter, with 29 sales completed, a +16% increase, while its traditional rival for the top spot, Winnetka, recorded 23 sales, a decline of -17.9%.  Solid sales gains were seen in several other leading suburban luxury markets, including, Wilmette, up +8.7% to 25 units, Lake Forest, up +84.6% to 24 units, Naperville, up +116.7% to 13 units and Glencoe up +120% to 11 units.

added shipping costs to the desired Merlin Shop.   Customers first select their preferred Merlin Shop and then can search by their car’s year, make and model, or by tire brand. A good-better-best option is provided to help users navigate the many choices offered; however users can also easily view all brands available for their vehicle. After the preferred tires are selected, customers choose an installation appointment time that is convenient for them. Most tires can be installed and paid for at their chosen Merlin Shop in as little as one business day.

200 Cities and Counties Now “Open for Solar Business” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Lee’s Summit, Missouri was designated recently as SolSmart

Gold, marking the 200th local government nationwide to be recognized under the SolSmart program, which provides no-cost technical assistance to help communities make it faster, easier, and more affordable to go solar. The 200 SolSmart designees are in 35 states and the District of Columbia and represent over 59 million Americans. The newest designees range from small towns such as Fairfield, Iowa; to cities such as Asheville, North Carolina and Shawnee, Kansas; to county governments like Suffolk County, New York. Major cities such New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and many others have also achieved designation. The two states with the largest number of SolSmart designees are Colorado and Illinois (each with 18 designees), followed by California (17 designees), Massachusetts (12 designees), Florida (12 designees), Minnesota (11 designees), Missouri (10 designees), and Texas (10 designees). Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office and led by The Solar Foundation and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), SolSmart launched two years ago in April 2016. Local governments that meet objective criteria are designated SolSmart Gold, Silver, or Bronze, a signal that the community is “open for solar business.” Every local government in the United States is eligible to receive no-cost technical assistance to achieve designation by SolSmart. “Local governments are on the front lines of our national clean energy transformation, taking bold action to cut costs and expand solar energy use,” said Andrea Luecke, president and executive director of The Solar Foundation. “SolSmart has helped 200 local governments and counting reduce administrative hurdles to solar, making them more resilient, more competitive, and well-positioned to attract new jobs and economic growth.” Other municipalities and counties interested in achieving SolSmart designation can begin the process at

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Event Raises Over $32,000 with All Proceeds Going to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Research iHeartMedia’s New Country, Chicago’s BIG 95.5 presented Jason Aldean, Back to the Bar with three-time and reigning ACM “Entertainer of the Year” Jason Aldean, at Joe’s on Weed St. on Sunday, April 29th. The event raised over $32,000 with all proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer research. Multi-Platinum entertainer Jason Aldean has helped define the genre’s 21st century with his sure-footedness, which plays

into his 19 number one hits, more than 15 million total album sales and dozens of sold-out stadium shows. He is the second Country act in history to score four consecutive chart-toppers on the all-genre Billboard 200 albums chart with his new album REARVIEW TOWN. All seven of his previous LPs have achieved PLATINUM certification or better as Aldean’s wideopen approach has made him a perennial live-show favorite for the format as he has headlined the biggest stadiums in the

United States. BIG 95.5 is the leading media outlet in the Chicago market with multiple platforms, including its broadcast stations; live events; data; and its digital businesses and platforms, including mobile, social and its own iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s free allin-one digital music, podcasting and live streaming radio service – with more than 1.7 billion app downloads and 110 million registered users.

Hamilton: The Exhibition Premieres in Chicago this Fall Prior to Tour of U.S. Cities CHICAGO – HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION

– a 360-degree, immersive exhibit that will travel to select U.S. cities -- will premiere in Chicago in the fall of 2018 for a limited engagement, it has been announced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the musical HAMILTON, and Jeffrey Seller, the musical’s producer. HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION – on display in a specially-constructed freestanding, all-weather structure the size of a football field -- opens November 17, 2018 for a limited engagement on Northerly Island in Chicago, where HAMILTON has played a soldout run since 2016. 

HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION is a creative collaboration between creative director David Korins, who designed the set for HAMILTON, Yale University professor and historian Joanne Freeman, HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, director Thomas Kail and producer Jeffrey Seller. Harvard University history and law professor Annette Gordon-Reed is also contributing to the historical accuracy of the exhibit.   This exhibit is presented with Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., one of the leading operators of traveling museum exhibits throughout the world.  Lin-Manuel Miranda states, “HAMILTON is a musical.  It’s as much of Alexander Hamilton’s life as we could wrestle into two and a half hours of musical theater, and it’s been incredible and surreal to see the renewed interest this has sparked in Alexander Hamilton’s life and times.  I’m so thrilled with the work David Korins has done alongside

eminent historians Joanne Freeman and Annette Gordon-Reed, who are experts in this arena. With this exhibition, they’re creating an immersive companion piece for HAMILTON, and a deep dive into the details and experiences of Hamilton’s story.” Featuring an audio tour narrated by Mr. Miranda the musical’s creator, HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION is designed to take visitors deeper into the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, while at the same time chronicling the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America.   With a dynamic, interactive mix of in-depth scenography, lighting, sound, multimedia and music, HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION will give visitors an experiential journey from Hamilton’s childhood in St. Croix to his untimely death in Weehawken, New Jersey and the numerous, indelible ways Hamilton’s bold actions over 200 years ago affect our lives today. Mr. Seller states, “I hope to use this exhibition to answer some questions that the musical doesn’t address, like ‘What did Alexander actually do when he was a trader in St. Croix?  What did Hamilton’s Manhattan look like?  How did we win the battle of Yorktown?’  In an environment that is visually stunning, aurally thrilling and ingeniously educational, we aim to give visitors yet another unique portal through the life of Alexander Hamilton into the American founding.” “HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION will be an enriching, educational and entertaining attraction for Chicago residents and visitors,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “HAMILTON has been bringing down the house to sold out audiences in Chicago, and I am confident this exhibit will be met with similar enthusiasm. I commend producer Jeffrey Seller, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the creative team behind HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION for choosing Chicago for its inaugural run.” HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION is the most recent extension of HAMILTON, the musical, following the release of “HamiltonThe Revolution,” the best-selling book about

HAMILTON: THE EXHIBITION – a 360-degree, immersive exhibit that will travel to select U.S. cities -- will premiere in Chicago in the fall of 2018 for a limited engagement.

the making of the musical; the Hamilton original Broadway cast recording, now doubleplatinum and streamed over two billion times; the HAMILTON MIXTAPE, which features leading pop music stars performing covers of songs from the musical; “Hamilton’s America,” the PBS documentary; the HAMILTON APP, which has already had more than 1 million downloads since its launch late last year; and HAMILDROP, Mr. Miranda’s series of newlyrecorded covers of songs from the musical. As well, HAMILTON has created a nationwide education program, EduHam, that

provides hundreds of thousands of Title 1 high school students an opportunity to engage in an innovative curriculum about the founding era in American and attend all-student matinee performances of the musical. For more information and to sign up to be the first to receive news and ticket sales alerts, please visit For groups of 10 or more contact Broadway In Chicago at 312-977-1710 or contact Tickets to HAMILTON:  THE EXHIBITION will be on sale at a later date, to be announced.

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This Weeks SUDOKU Answer


The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group Inc. is seeking a part-time General Assignment Reporter to gather and write about news in and around the Chicagoland area. The Citizen is the largest chain of black-owned newspapers in the Midwest. It is comprised of five weekly publications. For 52 years, the Citizen has been an integral part of the community and covers neighborhoods such Chatham, South Shore, Englewood, Hyde Park, areas in the South Suburbs as well as many other neighborhoods. The ideal candidate will have the ability to gather, write and report on news in communities encompassing the Citizen's coverage areas. The ability to research and write thought provoking stories on deadline, pitch story ideas, conduct interviews and find sources to discuss topics is an essential function of the position. The ideal candidate should also possess the ability to identify excellent photo opportunities, take photos and complete an in-house column efficiently. Applicants should be proficient in using Microsoft Office, Email, Smart phones as well as writing captions and catchy headlines for articles. A Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, or a related degree and at least six months work expe-

Darrell Garth

President /Publisher

Janice Garth Sales Manager General Manager

William Garth Sr. CEO Emeritus

rience in writing for a print publication serving as a general assignment reporter is preferred. Interested applicants can submit cover letters, resumes and at least one newspaper or magazine article to recruitment@lisettegushinierec-

Send news tips, press releases, calendar listing etc to:


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8 | CITIZEN | Chicago Weekend | Week of May 16, 2018

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