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The Free Lunch Academy, is preparing to host their inaugural fundraising event, Brunch For A Cause, on Dec. 30 at Latinicity in Chicago. Photo Credit: Free Lunch Academy


The Free Lunch Academy, a performance arts outreach program based in Chicago, is preparing to host their first ever Brunch For A Cause fundraiser. The event will be held on Dec. 30 at Latinicity, 108 N. State St., in downtown Chicago and will feature all-you-can-eat brunch, bottomless brunch beverages, live entertainment, photos, games, and gift bags. PAGE 2




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Nationwide survey reveals more than 80 percent of African-American and Hispanic business owners of companies under 500 employees offer some form of employee benefits?

Fred Hampton Jr. and his mother Akua Njeri said the Black Panthers fought for equality for the black community and it is a fight they are still fighting today.

Forty nine years after Black Panther leader Fred Hampton Sr. was shot to death by members of the Chicago Police Department, the Citizen examines Hampton’s life and death in an upcoming feature on Dec. 12.



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UNCF CHICAGO JOINS THE GLOBAL #GIVINGTUESDAY MOVEMENT UNCF Chicago joined #GivingTuesday to encourage philanthropy through education. Benefiting historically black colleges and universities, UNCF Chicago aims to change the narrative of HBCUs across the nation by equipping minority students with the resources necessary to transition into college and ultimately the workforce. With the recent release of UNCF’s new publication, HBCUs Make America Strong: The Positive Economic Impact of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the value can be seen in how HBCUs perform in annual job creation and economic development: 134,000 jobs nationwide and almost $15 billion in total national economic impact. In Chicago alone, UNCF Chicago awarded 784 scholarships to IL students. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving which takes place annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) “The foundation of UNCF was built on the act of giving,” said Dr. Michael L. Lomax, president and CEO of UNCF. “UNCF’s participation in Giving Tuesday shows our steadfast commitment to educating our students and providing resources to our HBCUs; ultimately having a great impact on the nation. And, of course, securing a better world for the next generation starts with a quality education.”


AETHLON MEDICAL’S CANCER THERAPY RECEIVES “BREAKTHROUGH DEVICE” DESIGNATION Aethlon Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEMD), a therapeutic technology company focused on unmet needs in global health, recently announced that it has received a “Breakthrough Device” designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to support the advancement of the Aethlon Hemopurifier® for the treatment of cancer. The Aethlon Hemopurifier is a first-in-class technology designed for the rapid depletion of cancer-promoting exosomes and life-threatening viruses. FDA’s Breakthrough Device program was established under the 21st Century Cures Act to facilitate more rapid patient access to breakthrough technologies with the potential to address life threatening disease conditions for which no approved or cleared treatment alternatives exist.


JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AWARDS $56 MILLION TO SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT HEALTH AND SAFETY Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recently announced awards of over $56 million in grant funding awarded last month through the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) to enhance state, local, and tribal law enforcement safety and wellness. OJP’s Bureau of Justice Assistance and National Institute of Justice awarded grants to law enforcement departments, local jurisdictions, and training, technical assistance and research organizations throughout the United States. The funds will be used to provide services designed to protect officers and improve overall public safety. Whitaker announced the grants during remarks to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City. More than $29.8 million will reimburse jurisdictions for up to 50 percent of the cost of body armor vests purchased for law enforcement officers; $12 million will support law enforcement safety and wellness programs, research and services; and $12.2 million will support the implementation of law enforcement agencies’ bodyworn camera programs.

Free Lunch Academy Prepares to Host Inaugural Brunch For A Cause Fundraiser Continued from page 1 BY KATHERINE NEWMAN

The Free Lunch Academy, a performance arts outreach program based in Chicago, is preparing to host their first ever Brunch For A Cause fundraiser. The event will be held on Dec. 30 at Latinicity, 108 N. State St., in downtown Chicago and will feature all-you-can-eat brunch, bottomless brunch beverages, live entertainment, photos, games, and gift bags. The Free Lunch Academy was founded by Calvin King, a self-proclaimed class clown, in 2014. His idea was to create an arts outreach program that could connect with kids in schools as a way to prevent drama and bullying and to help the students heal from the trauma they have already experienced. “Free Lunch Academy uses creative and performing arts to mitigate the occurrence of violence, decrease and diminish bullying, and also help resolve conflict in and around school communities,”

said King. “Essentially we use drama to prevent drama and help heal trauma in the communities we serve around the Chicagoland area. We do that in the form of live performance, workshops, in and out of school programming, and special events that are all community focused and youth-centered.” The upcoming Brunch For A Cause will benefit Free Lunch Academy’s programming which includes their original traveling stage performance, Be a Buddy Not A Bully, various student workshops, and workshops for parents and educators. “This is an exciting event for us because in the four years of our existence, we have never had an official annual fundraising initiative which Brunch For A Cause will serve as. It’s going to be an amazing event with amazing people and some amazing collaborations with the organizations that are partnering with us. It’s just as the title states, it’s a brunch for a cause. Brunch is the new wave in Chicago and across the nation and it’s always good to come

together with friends and family and loved ones to break bread and have fellowship and to be able to support a good cause while doing it,” said King. Free Lunch Academy’s cornerstone is Be A Buddy Not A Bully which is an original multimedia stage performance that focuses on anti-bullying techniques and provides inspiration for students. King said that he “was the class clown growing up,” and looking back, he now realizes that some of the jokes he would make might have had a negative effect on some of his peers. “Now that I’m a father and I’m in education and have traveled to various parts of the world, I’ve seen that one common thing is that we have all had to deal with bullying at some point of our lives. I’m trying to create a way to empower our young people and encourage them to be a buddy and not a bully,” said King. To learn more and purchase a ticket to Brunch For A Cause visit

Chicago Comedian Hosts Two-Night Stand-Up Performance BY KATHERINE NEWMAN

Emmy-nominated actor and well known Chicago comedian, Melissa DuPrey, recently performed the highly anticipated SEXomedy 2.0: The Second Coming at Chicago Dramatists. DuPrey’s well-received comedy show brought humor to many taboo topics surrounding sexuality and her own personal experiences. DuPrey is originally from the Humboldt Park neighborhood but moved to Texas with her mother in her early teenage years to escape the violence that was taking place in the neighborhood at the time. After earning double Bachelor degrees from the University of Houston, she returned to Chicago to join the all-Latina theatre company, Teatro Luna. “My uncle Tony always encouraged me to be funny as a woman and a woman of color. Knowing that I was kind of a goofy kid and loved comedy, he always told me that comedy was the highest form of intelligence and that if I could master comedy as a woman and as a woman of color that I could basically conquer the world. I didn’t really know what to do with that messaging at the time but he really influenced

Local Chicago comedian, Melissa DuPrey (pictured), recently hosted her original stand-up comedy show, SEXomedy 2.0: The Second Coming. Photo Credit: Joel Maisonet

my life because he was fun and also very smart and I really looked up to him,” said DuPrey. The idea for SEXomedy was somewhat thrust upon DuPrey when she was working for a theatre company that ended up with less than enough performers for a show that they had already

sold tickets for. DuPrey said that she was told to get on stage and perform and all she felt confident performing was sex jokes. Her performance was so well received that night that she decided to build upon it and created SEXomedy, and later SEXomedy 2.0. “I was basically ranting

about the frustrations of dating and sex in this peace and it was so well received. For that 15 minutes I had the whole place rolling on the floor laughing and so I was asked to do it again. Eventually, I had done enough 15-minute sets that I had 45 minutes of material and I workshopped that into the very first version of SEXomedy that opened in 2012 and I oversold that house of a 100 seat theater by 100 people. So I had 200 people in a theater for my very first time as a storyteller and a solo artist,” said DuPrey. As far as comedy in Chicago goes, DuPrey said she did not have a typical experience getting her start in stand-up being that she was simply thrust into the spotlight and didn’t spend time doing open mic nights or playing to empty clubs. She is thankful for the opportunity to be doing comedy in Chicago. “I think Chicago is the place where people nurture and develop their voice. I think Chicago is a capital for comedy and a Mecca for comedy and we are in the best city to develop,” said DuPrey. To learn more about Melissa DuPrey visit www.

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SocialWorks Expands Donation Window For Warmest Winter Clothing Drive BY KATHERINE NEWMAN

A Chicago based nonprofit, SocialWorks, is in the midst of their Warmest Winter clothing drive. Originally scheduled to run from Nov. 5 to 18, SocialWorks recently announced that they would be extending the drive to Dec. 15 to allow Chicagoans a little more time to make donations. “To all that have donated to our warmest winter clothing drive already, thanks so much for your support! For those that haven’t been able to’re in luck! We’re extending the Warmest Winter clothing drive until December 15th! Together, we can help warm Chicago’s winter,” a representative from SocialWorks said in a written statement. SocialWorks is a nonprofit organization, led by Chance the Rapper, that aims to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while encouraging its young participants to become leaders and make a positive impact on their communities in Chicago, according to the SocialWorks website. Chance the Rapper, whose legal name is Chancellor Bennett, is a Grammy award winning rapper who was raised on the south side of Chicago in the Chatham neighborhood. The Warmest Winter initiative was created by SocialWorks to raise awareness and to provide relief for

Chicago nonprofit, SocialWorks, is currently collecting donations of winter clothing items for their Winter Warming campaign that benefits Chicago’s homeless population.

the cities homeless population and transient community by providing them with warm clothing items to help them make it through Chicago’s harsh winter. According to the Chicago Co-

alition for the Homeless, the total unduplicated count of people that were homeless in Chicago throughout 2016 was 80,384. Of those people, 80% were living doubled-up which means they were sharing

the housing of others due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason. Likewise, the Chicago shelter system served 23,808 people in 2016, according to the same report provided by the Chica-

go Coalition for the Homeless. The Warmest Winter campaign is aiming to make the winter a little more bearable for those thousands of people that are currently homeless in Chicago and from November to February, SocialWorks will be providing volunteer opportunities, experiences, and contributions that benefit the homeless. Acceptable donations include coats, hats gloves, and scarves and can be brought to a number of drop off points throughout the city that can be found on the SocialWorks website. An upcoming event hosted by SocialWorks at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) will also serve as a drop off point for donation items. Night at the Museum will take place at MSI on Dec. 20 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will be a night full of fun and thoughtfulness. “We are thrilled to partner with SocialWorks to host A Night at the Museum at MSI,” said Amy Patti, communications director, Museum of Science and Industry. “Both of our organizations strive to motivate children to realize their full potential, and this partnership with SocialWorks is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the city and provide the necessary tools to support Chicago’s bright future.” For more information on SocialWorks, the Warmest Winter Campaign, or Night at the Museum visit

Heart Failure . . . and Success BY PHILIP B. ADAMSON

Heart failure is becoming more and more common. Nearly 6 million Americans are suffering from it today. That figure will grow to more than 8 million by 2030. The condition exerts an enormous toll on patients, their families, and the economy. Fortunately, medical research has yielded new technology that can help people with heart failure live healthier, fuller lives -- and reduce overall healthcare costs. It’s time to fully deploy that technology. Heart failure occurs when a person’s heart struggles to pump blood. This deprives the body of oxygen and nutrients, which can make performing even basic daily activities -- like walking or climbing the stairs -- difficult. Heart failure hospitalizes more than 1 million Americans annually. About half are back in the hospital within six months of diagnosis; the average stay lasts five days. That’s a huge burden for patients -- and for caregivers, who may not live

nearby and thus may have to miss work. In total, the condition costs the U.S. more than $30 billion every year. The standard treatment regimen for heart failure -- take medication, reduce salt intake, and stay active -- has been in place for years. But it has never been truly effective, largely because it’s complicated and difficult for patients to follow. Consider medication. Some drugs do help patients. But three-quarters of patients don’t consistently take their medications as instructed. More than one in four never fill a new prescription. And doctors sometimes don’t prescribe all the medication that’s recommended. Advising patients to eat less sodium is ineffective, too. Do you know how much sodium you consume? Neither do patients. Ninety-seven percent of Americans underestimate -- or don’t feel confident estimating -- the amount of sodium they eat each day. As for exercise, many patients don’t have the time, resources, or social support to get in recom-

mended workouts. In other words, the status quo for treatment of heart failure isn’t working. But medical researchers are changing that by developing technologies that can help physicians more effectively monitor and treat heart failure -- and improve patients’ quality of life. Consider one device that measures the heart activity of cardiac patients during rehabilitation training. The smartphone-sized unit helps ensure that workouts are at a safe intensity level and duration. Clinicians can immediately determine if a patient’s heart rate is becoming too fast or irregular. The device is demonstrated to improve the health and recovery of heart failure patients. Researchers at Harvard University are toying with a wearable device that can monitor ankle swelling -- a common symptom of worsening heart failure. That could help ensure patients seek medical attention before a major problem occurs. Or consider an innovation I helped develop

at Abbott. The CardioMEMS HF system enables doctors to proactively monitor patients’ pulmonary artery pressure and heart rate remotely. So clinicians can detect worsening heart failure before a patient even feels symptoms and adjust medications accordingly. That helps keep patients out of the hospital. Indeed, research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology last year showed that hospitalizations for heart failure declined 46 percent in patients six months after receiving the device. Based on Medicare claims data, average healthcare costs per patient were $10,500 lower than in the six months before the implant. Traditional treatment for heart failure is, itself, failing. We can achieve far greater success by embracing new technology that can better monitor and treat heart failure. Philip B. Adamson, M.D., is a cardiologist, heart failure specialist and medical director at Abbott (

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Paychex to Acquire Oasis Outsourcing Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, benefits, human resources, and insurance services, recently announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Oasis Outsourcing Acquisition Corporation ("Oasis"), the nation's largest privately owned professional employer organization (PEO) and an industry leader in providing human resources outsourcing services. The acquisition will significantly advance Paychex's leadership position in HR outsourcing, leveraging the scope of the company's technology platform and providing new clients access to Paychex's innovative products and technology-enabled services. Paychex will now serve more than 1.4 million worksite employees (WSEs) through its HR outsourcing services.

PNC Bank To Roll Out Digital Business Lending Platform With OnDeck In 2019 PNC Bank, National Association, recently announced that in 2019 it plans to begin offering fully digital business lines of credit, up to $100,000, in an expansion of its online lending to customers and prospects in the United States. PNC's new digital product brings together one of the nation's largest banks and OnDeck (NYSE: ONDK), the leader in online lending to boost small business. PNC will utilize OnDeck's Platform-as-a-Service (ODX) solution to simplify and accelerate the conventional lending originations processes for PNC Bank's small and medium-sized business customers. PNC will combine its extensive product and credit expertise with ODX's online origination technology and professional services to create PNC Small Business Lending, a fully digital, online business credit origination solution.

New Nationwide survey reveals more than 80 percent of both African-American and Hispanic business owners of companies under 500 employees indicate they offer some form of employee benefits As unemployment rates remain low across the country, strong employee benefits packages are a key driver of both recruitment and retention. Diverse business owners — specifically those owned by Hispanics and African Americans — appear to be leading the way, as they are the most likely to offer benefits that can increase employee satisfaction. According to Nationwide’s fourth annual survey of U.S. business owners with 1-499 employees, 85 percent of African-American business owners and 81 percent of Hispanic business owners say they offer some form of an employee benefits package — well exceeding the broader business owner market (64 percent). “We treat our employees like family,” said Natasha Pongonis, a native Argentinean who is coowner of Nativa, a Nationwideinsured independent multicultural marketing communications agency based in Columbus. “That’s why these survey results weren’t that

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Life insurance is offered by 38 percent of African-American business owners, 38 percent of Hispanic business owners and 22 percent of total business owners, according to a new nationwide survey.

surprising to me. They reinforce the fact that diverse business owners are diligent not only in job creation, but also in job security.” Across every benefit category included in Nationwide’s survey, more African-American and Hispanic business owners indicate they provide more benefits to their employees than the general population of business owners: • Medical insurance: Offered by 62 percent of African-American business owners, 52 percent of Hispanic business owners and 41 percent of total business owners • Dental insurance: Offered by 48 percent of African-American business owners, 43 percent of Hispanic business owners and 25 percent of total business owners • Paid time off: Offered by 45 percent of African-American business owners, 40 percent of Hispanic business owners and 33 percent of total business owners • Workers’ compensation: Offered by 40 percent of AfricanAmerican business owners, 43 percent of Hispanic business owners and 33 percent of total business owners • Life insurance: Offered by 38 percent of African-American business owners, 38 percent of Hispanic business owners and 22 percent of total business owners • Retirement benefits: Offered by 37 percent of African-American business owners, 37 percent of Hispanic business owners and 27 percent of total business owners • Vision insurance: Offered by 34 percent of African-American business owners, 34 percent of Hispanic business owners and 20

percent of total business owners • Short-term disability: Offered by 23 percent of African-American business owners, 24 percent of Hispanic business owners and 17 percent of total business owners • Long-term disability: Offered by 20 percent of African-American business owners, 19 percent of Hispanic business owners and 14 percent of total business owners • Domestic partner benefits: Offered by 13 percent of AfricanAmerican business owners, 17 percent of Hispanic business owners and 8 percent of total business owners • Pet insurance: Offered by 4 percent of African-American owners, 7 percent of Hispanic business owners and 2 percent of total business owners “Employee benefits help business owners take care of their most important asset: their employees,” said Syed Rizvi, Nationwide’s chief specialty insurance officer. “And when it comes to caring for their employees, diverse business owners appear to be among the most generous. From retirement plans to workers’ compensation and even pet insurance, they are more likely to invest in their employees’ futures and personal well-being.” The reasons for this form of employee generosity may vary, but one potential factor may be that the majority of African-American (64 percent) and Hispanic (55 percent) business owners surveyed believe it’s their responsibility to help their employees save for retirement, and about half said they feel their employees are on track to retire.

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NEWS NAACP Legal Defense Fund to Supreme Court: Rule on Police Obligation to Administer Aid BY STACY M. BROWN NNPA NEWSWIRE CORRESPONDENT @StacyBrownMedia

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the question of whether police officers are constitutionally obligated to help a person injured during arrest. Officials said the question arises from the case of Jason White, a decorated veteran who was killed by two Columbus, Ohio, police officers in 2013 during a mental health crisis triggered by his service in Iraq. Both officers were trained as first responders, but after shooting White multiple times, neither tried to help him. Instead they stood over him and waited 15 minutes for an ambulance as White bled to death, LDF officials said. “This petition is about fundamental civil rights and basic human decency,” said LDF Assistant Counsel Daniel Harawa. “As the case of Jason White tragically illustrates, whether or not police officers administer care to those in their custody can be a matter of life and death. We believe that at a minimum, officers have a constitutional responsibility to provide aid to those injured during arrest when they are trained as first responders and it is safe to do so,” Harawa said. The Supreme Court has previously held that the Fourteenth Amendment requires police to provide

Jason White/NAACP Legal Defense Fund

medical care to persons in their custody. But it has not defined what that care should consist of. On that issue, courts of appeals have disagreed: The Eighth and Tenth Circuits have held that there are occasions where the Fourteenth Amendment requires officers to personally provide care to an arrestee. But the Sixth and Ninth Circuits have held that officers satisfy their constitutional obligations simply by calling for an ambulance. Each year, over 10 million people are arrested, 55,000 people are injured or killed during arrest, and one-third to half of all police use-of-force incidents involve disabled persons, according to the LDF. “[We] therefore urge the Court to clarify this vital question and define police officers’ constitutional obligations to provide medical assistance to people in their custody,” Harawa said.

Eli Lilly Announces Lilly Diabetes Solutions Center to Assist People With Insulin Affordability The American Diabetes Association estimates that over 30 million Americans are affected by diabetes and is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. In the African American population, studies show that we are disproportionately affected by diabetes in comparison to the general population. The rates of diagnosed diabetes among African Americans is 12.7% compared to 7.4% of whites. Not only does the African American community face the dilemma of an increased diabetes diagnoses, they also face numerous health care challenges when trying to manage diabetes such as cost for treatments, medications, limited supplies and access to primary care to maintain a quality of life. Eli Lilly and Company, a global leader in diabetes care, understands these gaps and burdens of costs in the African American community. They understand that there are gaps in health care for communities of color and working to help close it by reducing the cost of insulin and making sure that everyone will have equal access to

their medicines. For this reason, Eli Lilly has launched Lilly Diabetes Solution Center and Helpline in the African American community to ensure people receive comprehensive treatment for diabetes. To spread the word on this effort, Lilly will launch this announcement with full page ads in African American newspapers across the country. Beginning this week, the National Newspapers Publishers Association representing Black newspapers will be running advertising in selected markets announcing the solutions center as an opportunity for African Americans to receive affordable diabetes medication. This is especially great news for African Americans who are disproportionately affected by diabetes and its effects. This collaboration with the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center will help decrease the complications of diabetes by making sure that access to affordable insulin is available to improve the quality of life in the African American community

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Exhibition surveys more than 70 years of the House of Dior's enduring legacy The Denver Art Museum (DAM) will be home to the U.S. presentation of Dior: From Paris to the World, an exhibition surveying more than 70 years of the House of Dior's enduring legacy and its global influence. A selection of more than 200 haute couture dresses, as well as accessories, photographs, original sketches, runway videos and other archival material, will trace the history of the iconic haute couture fashion house. Dior: From Paris to the World also will profile its founder, Christian Dior, and subsequent artistic directors, including Yves-Saint Laurent (1958–1960), Marc Bohan (1961–1989), Gianfranco Ferré (1989–1996), John Galliano (1997–2011), Raf Simons (2012–2015) and Maria Grazia Chiuri (2016– present), who have carried Dior's vision into the 21st century. Dior: From Paris to the World also will highlight North and South American patrons' vital role in helping establish the House of Dior's global presence. Organized by the DAM and curated by Florence Müller, the DAM's Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art and Fashion, the exhibition is on view now to March 3, 2019, and designed by Shohei Shigematsu, OMA Partner and Director of the global firm's New York office. The more than 70-year Dior retrospective will offer a new vision on the fashion house's legacy following the 2017 to 2018 Paris exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. "Dior: From Paris to the World will give our visitors insight into the House of Dior's creative process and inspirations that contributed to its unparalleled impact on the fashion world, which continues to reverberate today," said Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director of the DAM. "This exhibition will encourage audiences to think differently about the boundaries of fashion as art, and advance the museum's commitment to taking viewers behind the scenes to reveal Dior's imaginative and innovative endeavors." Christian Dior generated a revolution in Paris and around the globe after World War II in 1947 with his New Look collection. Dior, the art gallerist who became a celebrated couturier, completely shed the masculine silhouette that had been established during the war, expressing modern femininity with his debut collection. Dior's sophisticated designs, featuring soft shoulders, accentuated busts and nipped waists, drew on his inspirations of art, antiques, fashion illustration and his passion for gardening. The result was elegant feminine contours that brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion world through luxurious swaths of fabrics, revolutionary design and lavish embroidery. This marked the beginning of an epic movement in fashion history that would eventually lead to Dior successfully becoming the first worldwide couture house. The museum will mount this major

Gianfranco Ferré, Robe Hellébore, Dior Collection Haute Couture, Spring 1995. Photo ©Paolo Roversi/Art + Commerce.

exhibition with loans from the esteemed Dior Héritage Collection, many of which have rarely been seen outside of Europe, with additional loans from major institutions. The chronological presentation, showcasing pivotal themes in the House of Dior's global history, will focus on how Christian Dior cemented his fashion house's reputation within a decade and established the house on five continents— Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Dior: From Paris to the World also will highlight how his successors adeptly incorporated their own design aesthetic. "Artistic interpretation has always been a key factor to the House of Dior's success in creating a global legacy for the French haute couture house," said curator Müller. "Each one of the artistic directors has accomplished this during their tenure and through their visions. Visitors will witness this through thematic exhibition sections, and will also begin to understand how the Americas

contributed to the success of the house over a seven decade period." North and South American patrons were essential to establishing the House of Dior's international prestige, especially after World War II when designers in Paris were looking to reestablish the city as the epicenter of creativity and design. Dior accomplished this by founding locations in countries such as the U.S., Mexico, Venezuela and Chile. Locations central to building its reputation in the U.S. included New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago, following Christian Dior's invitation to tour the country after being presented the esteemed Neiman Marcus award. Americans welcomed avant-garde fashion and culture during this time period, taking an interest in Dior's extravagant designs. Notable clients at the time included famed actresses Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor. Visitors also will be able to delight in seeing

the exquisite technique of the Dior atelier in a dramatic visual display presenting a glimpse into this secret world, including sketches, toiles, dress patterns and the intricate process of embroidery. The atelier represents the heart of the house where seamstresses work with Dior's creative directors to collaboratively bring couture to life as art, with the goal of making women more beautiful and therefore happier—which was Christian Dior's ultimate dream as a couturier. Internationally renowned architect Shohei Shigematsu, also known for his work designing the critically acclaimed 2015 Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will oversee the exhibition design, building off of the bold architecture of the Frederic C. Hamilton Building to showcase the House of Dior's innovative haute couture. The DAM's presentation of Dior: From Paris to the World will be on view in the Anschutz and Martin and McCormick galleries on level two of the Hamilton Building. Individual tickets are now available by visiting the museum's website at www. Group ticket sales are available for reservations of 10 or more. To book a group, please email groupsales@ or call 720-913-0088. Exclusive VIP hotel packages also are available for those traveling to Denver, which feature skip-the-line tickets. The DAM and VISIT DENVER, the city of Denver's convention and visitors bureau, have created to offer 12 exclusive hotel packages, which include: l Grand Hyatt Denver l Halcyon – a Hotel in Cherry Creek l Hotel Teatro l Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center l Kimpton Hotel Born Denver l Le Méridien Denver Downtown l Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel l the ART, a hotel l The Jacquard Hotel & Rooftop l The Ramble Hotel l The Ritz-Carlton, Denver l The Westin Denver Downtown EXHIBITION SPONSORS Dior: From Paris to the World is organized by the Denver Art Museum. It is generously presented by Joy and Chris Dinsdale. Additional funding is provided by Bridget and John Grier, Swarovski, Denver Agency, Nancy Lake Benson, John Brooks Incorporated, the Fine Arts Foundation, the donors to the Annual Fund Leadership Campaign, the Textile and Fashion Circle and the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). Special thanks to the Avenir Foundation for its support of the department of textile art and fashion. Promotional support is provided by 5280 Magazine, CBS4, Comcast Spotlight and The Denver Post.


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Chicago Park District Neighbored Ice Rinks Now Open The Chicago Park District has announced that the Chicago Blackhawks ice rinks at parks citywide are open for the season, weather permitting. Skate rentals are available at all rinks. Patrons may also bring their own and enjoy amazing views of Chicago’s skyline and city parks while skating. “Skating is just one more fun and exciting way to enjoy your neighborhood parks this winter,” said Park District Superintendent and CEO Michael Kelly. “From learning how to shoot a puck or twirl gracefully while on skates, neighborhood ice rinks provide visitors of all ages with access to quality programming and memorable experiences close to home.” Child ice skater trainers and sled assisted skates are available to allow people of all abilities to skate together. These specialty sleds for both children and adults are designed with a foot guard, ABS bucket seat, foot rest and pusher handle. Maggie Daley Park’s popular ribbon, which is twice the length of a normal ice rink, is open. Open skate and family skate opportunities are available throughout the season at all of the rink locations. Come learn to skate or participate in popular programs like Stick & Puck, Pond Hockey and Rat Hockey. Participants start by learning the basics of balance, forward stride, starting and stopping, and backward skating. Admission is free to all five neighborhood ice rinks. Skating rental is $7 for all ages. Locations include: · McKinley Park, 2210 W. Pershing Rd., 312747-6527 · Midway Plaisance Park, 1130 Midway Plaisance North, 312-745-2470 · Mt. Greenwood Park, 3721 W. 111th St., 312747-6564 · Warren Park, 6601 N. Western Ave., 773262-6314 · Wentworth Park, 5625 S. Mobile Ave., 312747-6993 Please be advised that Riis Park, 6100 W. Fullerton Ave., and Rowan Park, 11546 S. Avenue L, are not opening at this time. Check the Chicago Park District website for updates. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS HOCKEY CLINICS The Chicago Blackhawks offer kids, ages 5 to 12 years old, the opportunity to participate in free learn-to-play ice hockey clinics. Use of skates and professional equipment will be provided at no cost to the participating skaters. Participants will also receive a free Chicago Blackhawks jersey. Skating experience is not required, but participants should plan on arriving 20 to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled lesson. Spots are limited; interested individuals should register online at blackhawks/community/cpd-clinics. · Warren Park- December 8, January 16 & 23 · McKinley Park- December 15 · Midway Plaisance Park- January 19 · Mt. Greenwood Park- January 26 & 30 · Riis Park- February 2 · Wentworth Park- February 6 SILVER SKATE COMPETITIONS Competitive skaters are invited to participate

The World in 2019

'The world looks wobbly' according to The World in 2019

in seven local speed skating competitions and a citywide championship. Silver Skates is open to children and adults. Distance to skate is determined by the age of each participant. Distances range from 100 meters to 10,000 meters. Participants must register on site an hour prior to the meet. Registration will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 20 participants from each age group and gender. Helmets and skates are available free of charge at all meets. Park: Wentworth Park Date: Wed., January 2, 2019 Registration: 4 p.m.; races begin at 5 p.m. Park: Mt. Greenwood Park Date: Thurs., January 3, 2019 Registration: 4 p.m.; races begin at 5 p.m. Park: Midway Plaisance Park Date: Wed., January 9, 2019 Registration: 5 p.m.; races begin at 6 p.m. Park: McKinley Park Date: Thurs., January 10, 2019 Registration: 5 p.m.; races begin at 6 p.m. Park: McFetridge Sports Center Date: Tue., January 15, 2019 Registration: 5 p.m.; races begin at 6 p.m. Park: Riis Park Date: Wed., January 16, 2019 Registration: 5 p.m.; races begin at 6 p.m. Park: Warren Park Date: Thurs., January 17, 2019 Registration: 5 p.m.; races begin at 6 p.m.

Citywide Championship Park: McFetridge Sports Center Date: Tue., January 19, 2019 Registration: 9 a.m.; races begin at 10 a.m. MAGGIE DALEY SKATING RIBBON Maggie Daley Park skating ribbon offers skaters a view of the city’s breathtaking skyline and a fun outdoor experience. Admission to the Skating Ribbon is free. Skate rental is available for those who do not own skates, Monday through Thursday (excluding holiday periods) for $13. Rental is available on weekends and holiday periods for $15. “Fast Passes” return this year for $40 for one person. These include free admission to the ribbon, skate and locker rental and the ability to skip the line; only available 72 hours in advance. There will also be a $90 “Fast Pass” for two skaters. This option includes skates for two, lockers for two, two cups of hot chocolate, and fast passes. These passes must be purchased onsite during Skating Ribbon hours and are available in limited quantities during peak hours. Events returning to the skate ribbon include the annual Ugly Sweater Skate on December 8 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Skate with Santa, taking place December 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Come enjoy a skate with Santa, play games and take photos in the field house. For Zamboni hours, holiday hours, visit skating-ribbon. For more information about the Chicago Park District and its ice rinks please visit https:// ice-rinks.

The World in 2019, the annual publication from The Economist, predicts that 2019 will be jittery, citing more populists in power from Brazil to Italy, a trade war under way between America and China and growing public wariness of technology and giant tech companies. The World in 2019 is on newsstands now and can be found on https:// and within The Economist app. Daniel Franklin, editor of The World in 2019, said of the publication: "You will find a feast of forecasts in these pages. On the political front, the Trump Show moves into Series Two, now facing a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives; beyond America, countries with more than a third of the world's population will hold nation-wide elections in 2019--among them India, Indonesia, Nigeria and the whole of the European Union." Franklin continued: "As for the economy, by midyear America will be in its longest-ever expansion, but a trade war, rising interest rates and waning stimulus from tax cuts could spell trouble ahead. In short, the world in 2019 looks wobbly."

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New Ways to Help Protect Your Home and Family StatePoint - When it comes to your home, there is unfortunately no shortage of things that can go wrong and no shortage of culprits, from wicked weather to electrical fires. High winds, plumbing and appliance issues, hail, leaky roofs, frozen pipes and break-ins -- these are some of the most frequent causes of property damage, according to Travelers, which analyzed eight years of its homeowners insurance claims. But experts say that there are steps you can take to help protect your home and family from situations beyond your control, particularly when it comes to some of the most common issues. “Beyond investing in an insurance policy, integrated smart home technology can go a long way toward helping you protect your home,” says Pat Gee, senior vice president of Personal Insurance Claim at Travelers. “Some of the most common situations we see might be prevented or mitigated with the use of smart home technology.” Gee points out that with a smart water sensor, for example, you could

Experts say that there are steps you can take to help protect your home and family from situations beyond your control.

be alerted at the first sign of excess water where it doesn’t belong and take care of it before it’s too late, or, with a smart motion sensor, you’ll

know about unusual activity on your property in real time. Travelers thinks that smart home technology is a game changer when

it comes to protecting homes and property, so it has teamed up with Amazon to offer integrated smart home solutions at a discount to the

insurer’s eligible customers. Customers can choose between a Smart Kit, Smart Kit Plus and Smart Kit Premier, which include an Amazon Echo Dot, security cameras, water sensors, motion detectors and a smart home hub to centrally control these devices from one app. Travelers is also offering discounted kit installation, providing free Amazon Echo Dot devices to eligible customers, and has introduced new Alexa skills to help answer billing questions and provide property maintenance and home safety advice to all consumers, with more skills planned for the future. To learn more, visit the insurance industry’s first digital storefront at “Traditional smoke alarms and home security systems are helpful, but there are new, proactive ways to monitor your home, including devices that are easier to use and more affordable than ever,” says Gee. “There has never been a better time to explore smart home solutions that can enhance your home’s security and help provide peace of mind.”

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Anthony Browder makes history, 2018 Conference Features Prominent African Centered Scholars, Lecturers, Artists, and Musicians Washington DC’s own, Anthony “Tony” Browder makes history as the first African American to lead and fund an archeological excavation project in Egypt. In May 2018, Mr. Browder, his daughter Atlantis Tye Browder, and the ASA Restoration Project excavation team discovered 2700-year-old Kushite artifacts that were recently installed in the Egyptian Museum in Luxor. Mr. Browder and his team are continuing the difficult work of bringing to light ancient knowledge that will dramatically change our understanding of Nile Val­ley history and culture forever. A Rich Legacy Anthony Browder has an extensive portfolio as a celebrated cultural historian, Egyptian archeologist, author, and educational consultant. He is a Howard University graduate who lives in Washington DC. Two of his most recent noteworthy accomplishments include the 10-year anniversary of the ASA Restoration Project and the upcoming 2018 Kemetamorphosis Conference. Asa Restoration Project Celebrates Its 10Th Anniversary This year is the 10th anniversary of the ASA Restoration Project that was estab­lished to honor the late Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III, an esteemed psy­chologist, historian, master teacher, and author who was interna­tionally recognized for his outstanding scholarship regarding ancient Egyptian history. Following in the tradition of Dr. Hilliard, Mr. Browder and his team have made significant dis­coveries that will change our understanding of Egyptian his­tory and culture: l He is currently excavating and restoring two 25th dynasty Nubian Kushite Tombs built 2700 years ago for the Kushite noblemen and priest Karakhamun and Karabasken the

mayor of Luxor and assumed member of the Royal Kushite Family. l Karakhamun’s Tomb is over three times the size of King Tut’s tomb and contains priceless literary and architec­ tural treasures. l Atlantis Browder was the first African American to enter Karakhamun’s burial chamber; where a 20,000 pound, red granite sarcophagus was discovered. l This year he discovered a complete set of limestone canopic jars in the Karabasken Tomb of a Kushite princess known as “Amenirdis-Lady of the House” that are on display in the Luxor Museum in Egypt. Mr. Browder’s work is celebrated throughout the world from Egypt to Amer­ica as the first African American to engage in such a historic undertaking. 2018 Kemetamorphosis Conference Features Prominent African Centered Scholars, Lecturers, Artists, And Musicians Join Mr. Browder for a community gathering to celebrate the 10th Anni­ versary of the ASA Restoration Project at the 2018 Kemetamorphosis Conference on Dec. 7–9 in Washington DC. l Friday Dec. 7th – ASA Restoration 10th Anniversary Gala with a Tribute to Dr. Asa G. Hilliard and concert with Grammy nominated artist Maimouna Youssef, Brother Ah, and Ka’ba Soulsinger, 5:30 to 11 p.m., Union Temple Baptist Church, 1225 W Street SE, Washington, DC 20020. l Saturday, Dec. 8 – Lecture series on African history and culture with Anthony Browder, Atlantis Browder, Dr. Patricia Newton, Dr. Charles Finch, Runoko Rashidi, Gina Paige, and Sounds by Konshens the MC, 8:00 am to 6 p.m., Thurgood Marshall Center, 1816 12th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009. l Sunday Dec. 9 – Lecture series

Washington DC’s own, Anthony “Tony” Browder makes history as the first African American to lead and fund an archeological excavation project in Egypt. on African expression and spiritual­ ity with Professor James Small, Dr. Charles Finch, Amir Jamal Toure’ J.D., and others, 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Thurgood Marshall Center, 1816 12th Street NW, Washing­ton, DC 20009. Purchase Tickets to the 2018 Kemetamorphosis Conference Purchase tickets online @: https:// conferences/kemetamorphosis-tickets/ Donate to the ASA Restoration Project – to Ensure the Legacy Continues The ASA Restoration Project is raising funds to continue the ex­ cavation and restoration work of the 25th dynasty tombs in Luxor Egypt.

The grand opening is planned for 2023. You may donate online at: https:// ikgculturalre­ Contact Mr. Browder and Stay

Connected Phone Number: 301-853-2465 (office) IKG Website: https://

$70,000 in Presents Packed in a UPS Semi, Delivered to ChildServ Locations Picture this… an entire 53-foot UPS semi packed to the brim with toy donations to make Christmas a reality for 1,500 kids in need. ChildServ, the non-profit organization that provides early childhood learning, foster care, housing and counseling services to families, impacting approximately 2,500 children and teens in the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, partnered with UPS and O’Hare Lake Office Park LLC for their annual holiday gift drive. The collecting process is happening now through December 16th and the donations will be packed up and delivered to the following locations on December 18th: ChildServ’s Chicago-South office (3753 Cottage Grove Ave, 2nd Floor, Chicago 60653), Chicago-West office (2808 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, 60622) and Lake County office (2424 Washington St., Suite 210, Waukegan, IL 60085). Visit ChildServ for a wish list, drop off locations, dates and times. Here are the ways everyone can help: Donate a Toy: Help pack the UPS truck with 53 feet of gifts!

The Holiday Gift Drive needs new, unwrapped toys, winter clothes and books (in English and Spanish) for kids of various ages. Specific items needed are coats, gloves, scarves, board books, perfume and lotions, and bedding and towels for homeless youth. For more suggestions, visit Gift cards to stores like Target, Walmart and Amazon are also needed for children entering ChildServ’s care in November and December. Gift cards can be sent via mail to 8765 W. Higgins, Suite 450, Chicago, IL 60631 with the heading “Holiday Gift Giving”. Make a Monetary Gift: ChildServ often needs specific gifts as they approach the holidays. Donate any dollar amount to help fill this year’s gift gaps. Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to help receive, sort, organize, and fill orders at 2200 E. Devon Ave, Suite 351, Des Plaines, IL now thru December 16th as well as December 18th for loading gifts. For more information, contact Zulma Colon at or (773) 867-7361.

DAN KOTOWSKI Dan Kotowski is the President and CEO of ChildServ. ChildServ is a human services organization in Chicago specializing in children and teens and has been serving northern Illinois for 124 years. ChildServ provides counseling, educational, foster care, and adoption services to 2,501 at-risk children and families throughout Cook, DuPage, Kane, and Lake Counties. The organization has been able to greatly increase its funding and services in recent years thanks to new and ongoing corporate partnerships. Dan joined ChildServ in October 2015 after spending almost nine years representing Illinois’ 28th District in the state senate. Prior to his election in 2006, Dan served as the Vice President of Development for Uhlich’s Children’s Advantage Network for six years.

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Home and Garden

The Verdict Is In: These 5 Home Design Ideas Will be Trending in 2019 (StatePoint) Usher in the new year with a crop of inspiring fresh ideas across home design. To help you keep up with the latest décor trends, celebrity interior designer, Taniya Nayak, has pulled together the top five home design trends for 2019 to provide inspiration no matter your personal taste. 1. Natural and Organic. Bring a touch of Mother Nature into your home with this trend that accentuates earthy, organic elements. Nayak recommends adding layers of textures, like natural raw jute, and incorporating muted tones, such as terra cotta, moss green or mustard, to achieve this natureinspired style. 2. Feminine and Free. This style embraces a pastel palette of pale blue, pink and cream to achieve a romantic and glam look. Infuse this trend into your space by creating a striped accent wall with soft-hued tones or alternate different paint finishes, such as eggshell and satin, in the same color for a dimensional effect. Bring the look to life with fresh greenery and indoor plants. 3. Eclectic and Bold. Nayak says “own your own style and show it off…make a statement!” An easy way to achieve this bold trend is to paint a door, an accent piece or even a ceiling in a bright color, like Jester Red or Ceylon Yellow. Unsure if bold colors are for you? Take a look in your closet to see which shades you tend to gravitate toward most. And when it comes to achieving clean, sharp paint lines, one of Nayak’s go-to tools

is a premium painter’s tape like FrogTape brand painter’s tape that delivers the sharpest paint lines possible. Treated with patented PaintBlock Technology, FrogTape is a foolproof way to get professional-looking results and eliminate the need for touch-ups. 4. Fluid and Fashionable. Create a space that exudes effortlessness by infusing repetitive patterns and fluid transitions of the same color. According to Nayak, the best way to incorporate varying shades of a single color is to use a paint sample strip like

you might find at a paint supply store as guidance to achieve a serene look throughout the space. Otherwise, stick to a single shade and carefully play with patterns. For example, pair striped dining room chairs with a patterned rug for a fashion-forward statement. 5. Luxe Modern. A little design secret to keep in mind: mixing metals is back and in a big way. Nayak encourages DIYers to complement metallic accents, instead of matching them. She suggests creating a palette of


two to four metal tones and distributing them throughout the space in ways that are intentional and maintain balance. For a look that is glam, yet modern, consider pairing rose gold with pewter or brushed gold and stainless steel. Visit for more trend information and ideas. Ingenious and easy to achieve, these rising trends for 2019 will provide the necessary inspiration to update your home’s interiors.

Black and White: A Reemerging Home Design Trend (StatePoint) Black and white always has been a classic color pairing, and this neutral palette has resurged as one of today’s hottest design trends. Whether your look is modern or traditional, knowing how to properly use black and white can provide balance and boldness to a home. Here are some tips to help integrate this trend into your space. • Create a Luxurious Living Room. They say the darker the wall color, the smaller the space feels -- but that’s not entirely true when black walls are paired with the right light accents. In the right instances, black and white go together like yin and yang, transforming living rooms into picture-perfect spaces. “You can either go heavy on the black, with black painted walls or wallpaper, or make it the accent color and opt for white walls,” says Danielle DeBoe Harper, interior designer and senior creative content manager at Moen, a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures. “In a whiteheavy room, include touches like artwork in black frames, a black fireplace or a black painted floor and ceiling moldings. In a

black-heavy area, use white trim and rugs to offset dark walls for a contemporary look, or organic wood accents to create a unique boho feel.” In modern homes, DeBoe Harper recommends incorporating a pair of bold buffalo check chairs or large scale black and white photos. For a more traditional approach, she suggests using silk black and white striped curtains, or painting the ceiling in a

black and white herringbone design. • Turn up the Heat in Your Kitchen. Also known as entertaining central, your kitchen is the perfect location for some wow factor. The boldness of black and white will seriously impress your guests. “A lot of homeowners want the clean kitchen look, so they’re afraid to bring in a dark, dramatic color,” says DeBoe Harper. “In reality, incorporating black cabinets or fixtures into an all-white kitchen can give it an upscale, current feel that’s still streamlined -- and doesn’t require cluttering your countertops with accent pieces.” Consider combining a matte black faucet, such as Moen’s Sleek kitchen faucet, with

a white backsplash and counters, or mixing black bentwood café chairs around a modern white tulip table for a more eclectic approach. • Shower Your Bathroom with Style. Black and white can give your bathroom a clean, crisp look. Infuse black accents through a matte black faucet and coordinating accessories, like those from Moen’s Genta bathroom suite, or through black and white floor tiles in a geometric print. Towels also provide an opportunity to add texture and visual interest, whether it’s a modern floral or traditional houndstooth. For a seriously eye-catching shower, install black and white striped tile. Keep the bathroom’s walls white, so the tiles really pop, expanding the stripes to the ceiling to emphasize the height of your bathroom walls and make it feel bigger -- the thinner the stripes, the bigger the statement. “Integrating black and white makes your space feel sophisticated, yet playful and on trend,” adds DeBoe Harper. “Use these tips to achieve the ideal balance in your home.”

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Airbnb Offers More than Just a Place to Stay BY STACY M. BROWN NNPA NEWSWIRE CORRESPONDENT @StacyBrownMedia

After more than a decade in business, Airbnb has gone beyond being recognized as just a worldwide accommodations platform that folks use as an alternative to hotels. The company was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk; it’s very first listing was Chesky and Gebbia’s Rausch Street San Francisco apartment. During a weekend where hotel rooms were completely sold out for a design conference, the duo decided to host guests on air beds and serve them breakfast in order to make enough money to pay their rent. Today, Airbnb boasts more than 400 million guest arrivals with an average number of 2 million people staying with Airbnb per night, in an excess of 1,000 cities. But the company offers more than just a room to sleep in. Airbnb also offers “Experiences,” which are oneof-a-kind activities designed and hosted by locals that you enjoy both when you’re traveling or when you’re at home. Unlike a typical tour or workshop, Experiences go beyond the activities themselves. They offer a deepdive into the local host’s world through their passion. Hosts offer their guests special knowledge, unique skills, and inside access to local places and communities that guests couldn’t find on their own, creating lasting connections and treasured memories. Experiences tell the story of the host’s unique

perspective and passion, whether it’s their love of street food, sewing, or the history of their neighborhood. For instance, an Airbnb Experience in Paris could be visiting the Louvre with an art historian who’s also a comedian. In Harlem, it’s a jazz concert with a local musician or in L.A., a concert featuring music from the African diaspora. In Cape Town, mountain biking can be experienced with views of Table Mountain and in Barcelona, making paella based on an old family recipe can be experienced in a private garden. Cassidy Blackwell, who works on the company’s Communications Team as the Director of Strategic Projects, said there are also more than 15,000 Airbnb experiences worldwide which also includes diversity-filled events and attractions. “Our company’s mission is to ensure anyone can belong anywhere,” Blackwell said “It’s really important for us to make efforts to bring different communities onto the platform and to dispel myths around the world about Airbnb,” she said. The folks at Airbnb have counted on people being inherently good and the more that the company can use travel as a way of breaking down barriers, the better everyone can be as a global community. The Experiences on Airbnb include classes, tours, concerts and a host of other exciting activities. Most are designed for people to discover an easy way of doing or even learning something different. One Experience is hosted in New Quay by Gerry, a marine biologist who has worked in the world of oysters for many years – breeding, growing, marketing,


A Tribute To

The Incredible Eddie Kendricks FREE EVENT

Performed by Black Elegance Saturday, December 8 Blackstone Library 4904 S. Lake Park Avenue 1-4 p.m. R.S.V.P. to Sembene Nathanyahu

773.783.7961 after 6 p.m.

opening, and eating them. Gerry offers a tour that’s informal, informative and entertaining. He says the humor dictates the script. “We welcome you into our premises and give you a tour through a working oyster warehouse on the seashore. We introduce you to the area with particular emphasis on the sea outside and how the tides work to provide us with very clean water,” said Gerry, whose full description is available on the Airbnb website. “We will show you our pet/touch tank that holds some of the fascinating sea creatures that inhabit the sea floor right outside our window and watch them as they do their thing.” In South Africa, Martin guides tourists on a hike to the summit of the iconic Table Mountain where they can experience why it’s one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. “We will take some of my favorite more easily missed paths to the top. There are many routes that go up and together we will find one that suits your skill and confidence level,” Martin says. The trails all include a combination of hiking, varied levels of scrambling and exposure to heights that will allow everyone to reach incredible viewpoints of Lion’s Head, Twelve Apostles, Camps Bay, Back Table and the Mother City. “I will take you into the world of the breathtaking Fynbos Floral Kingdom and the very first occupants of Southern Africa who named the mountain ‘Hoerikwaggo’ – or Mountain in the sea,” Martin said. “Once we reach the summit we will go to one of my awesome viewpoints to take some summit photos or just enjoy the view from the top. If the Cable Car Station

is open, then the hike will finish there. You can then spend some more time at the top and soak in some more views or go and enjoy a well-deserved treat from the restaurant, my recommendations being their hot chocolate a cold beer or the mouthwatering milk tart.” Airbnb Experiences also include jazz concerts in London, Seattle and other locations as well as a farm visit in Detroit; history walk in San Juan, Puerto Rico; a city running tour in Philadelphia; a Potter’s Wheel in Brooklyn; lessons on how to make pizza in Atlanta; and a moonlit monuments mysteries hike in Washington, D.C. After a decade in business, whether its hosting, satisfying guests or the wide-variety of Experiences, Airbnb success stories continue to pour in. Those Experiences also include a photo shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge by Sasha, an Airbnb Experiences host. “We’ll walk the length of Brooklyn Bridge, from Manhattan to the Brooklyn neighborhood known as Dumbo,” Sasha says. “As a long-time New Yorker and published photographer, we will help you capture your vacation in beautiful, high-res photos. We will share insider knowledge of New York City while shooting unforgettable photos of you atop the Brooklyn Bridge, and set against the Manhattan skyline,” she said. “You’ll learn an interesting perspective and we’ll show you exciting angles and spots to get the best pictures with a beautiful New York City backdrop.” For more Airbnb Experiences, visit https://www. For a complete list of accommodations, visit

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DRIVERS EMPLOYMENT - DRIVERS Rewarding Our Drivers from Day ONE! $1600 sign-on Bonus! EXPERIENCED DRIVERS *Flatbed *Step Deck *Van *LTL Reefer. Pay is 26% Gross Flatbed/Step Deck & up to .53/mile Van/Reefer. Full benefits w/FREE Health & Life Insurance, 6 paid Holidays + Industry leading Driver Bonus Program! Must have Class A CDL. Call Ruth or Mike at TTI Inc. 1-800-2225732 Apply online __________________________________ Drivers: Local East Chicago No-Touch Openings! Excellent 21.47/hr pay, full comprehensive benefits,unlimited driver referral bonus and more! 2 years Class-A experience call Penske Logistics: 855-980-1337 __________________________________ Drivers, Class-A: Dedicated Openings. $5000 Sign-on Bonus!First Year Average $1300-1350 per week -Top Earners make +$70-75k annually!Full comprehensive benefits day ONE! Bonuses: $2k Referral Bonus, Safety Bonus, Inspection and More! Call NFI today: 844-205-7871 _________________________________

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MISCELLANEOUS HEALTH If you or a loved one were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after use of TALC products such as Baby Powder or Shower to Shower, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Charles H. Johnson 1-800535-5727 __________________________________ LEGAL SERVICES NEED LEGAL HELP? Get a FREE referral to an attorney! Call the Illinois State Bar Association Illinois Lawyer Finder The advice you need 877-270-3855 or h t t ps : / / w w w. i s b a . o r g / p u b l i c / i l l i n o i s lawyerfinder __________________________________ TRAINING/EDUCATION AIRLINE CAREERS FOR NEW YEAR BECOME AN AVIATION MAINTENANCE TECH. FAA APPROVED TRAINING. FINANCIAL AID IF QUALIFIED - JOB PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE. CALL AIM 800-481-8312. __________________________________ WANTED TO BUY FREON R12 WANTED: CERTIFIED BUYER will PAY CA$H for R12 cylinders or cases of cans. (312) 291-9169; __________________________________ WANTED TO BUY TOP CASH PAID! FOR OLD MOTORCYCLES! 1900-1979 Dead or Alive 888-8001932 __________________________________

RENTAL 2 B/R unit 4 rent, at 81st & Dobson. Newly decorated, section 8 welcome w/paper’s only, tenant with 1 B/R voucher ok $950.00 mo. phone 773-978-1484 __________________________________

PUBLICATION Notice is Hereby Given, that on 01/02/19 a sale will be held at Kar Kare Service 7455 S Exchange Ave Chicago IL 60649 to sell the following vehicle to enforce a lien existing under the State of Illinois against labor and services at the request of the following designated person unless redeemed within 30 days of the publication of this notice. Claudette Rachal of 9257 S Green Chicago IL 60620 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan VIN# WVGBV7AX8DW544825 in the sum of $2000. __________________________________

LIVING How to Make Your Empty Nest an Empowering New Chapter (StatePoint) Suddenly, the kids are all grown up and ready to flee the nest. It’s the start of a new chapter -- for

them, and for mom and dad, too. While this sudden change in family dynamic is bound to bring a mix of bittersweet emotions, there are plenty of ways to embrace the shift. An empty nest certainly doesn’t mean an empty life. Raising a family reaps many rewards and any parent knows that family time revolves around the children’s wants and needs well into their teenage years. While in the thick of it, the prospect of a quiet, relaxing weekend with no parental responsibilities and the very concept of self-care can seem farfetched. But now with the kids leaving home, it’s time to make the most of your new foot-loose and fancyfree lifestyle. Make More “Me Time” Now that you have more time to do things that bring you joy, it’s time rediscover who you are -- whether that’s through traveling the world, learning a new skill or language, taking a yoga class, volunteering or simply doing more of what makes you feel good. The newfound time in your day is an opportunity to discover new hobbies and build a social life that is entirely your own.

period of positive growth for you. Instill new routines and experiences in your life, stay connected to your kids, and the rest will surely follow. _______________________________

Stay Connected Just because the kids have left home doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. In fact, you may find yourself on the other end of the phone giving dating advice or having more meaningful life chats than ever before. Family group text threads can replace dinner table conversations, so do make sure you stay up-to-date with technology to keep the entire family connected. Choose a phone plan that lets you talk, video chat or text with your kids as much as you want, when you want, such as T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+, which gives you two lines for just $35 per line with no surprise fees or taxes. A super affordable option designed just for customers 55 and older, it includes unlimited talk, text and data, in-flight texting, one hour of Gogo WiFi on domestic flights, and texting and data when you travel abroad in 210 destinations. And what’s more, all the money you save on your phone plan can go straight into the self-care fund or to finance your next “adults only” fancy vacation. Win-win.

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Find a Furry Friend If you’re an animal lover, adopt a new pet, train a friend’s dog, pet-sit, or become a foster pet-parent. This time, you won’t be getting a pet just for the kids. Animals have a magical ability to lift the spirit and fill the void left from caring for your little ones for so many years. Becoming an empty nester is surprisingly empowering, and can be a

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Make rent a thing of the past. With a down payment as low as 3% for modest-income buyers, Bank of America makes affording a new home easier than ever.1 To get started call 1-800-641-8603 or visit your local financial center. /FirstHome

Available for fixed-rate purchase loans with terms of 25 or 30 years and on primary residences only. Certain property types are ineligible. Borrower(s) must not have an individual or joint ownership interest in any other residential property at time of closing. Maximum purchase loan-to-value is 97% and maximum combined purchase loan-to-value is 103%. For loan-to-values >95% any secondary financing must be from an approved Community Second Program; ask for details. Homebuyer education may be required. Restrictions apply regarding co-borrowers. Maximum income and loan amount limits apply.


Bank of America, N.A.,

Equal Housing Lender Š2018 Bank of America Corporation. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. AR98CFM5

Hyde Park Citizen 12-5-2018  
Hyde Park Citizen 12-5-2018