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The new Jewel-Osco is officially open in Woodlawn at the corner of 61st Street and S. Cottage Grove Avenue. Photo Credit: Antonio Dickey


For over 40 years, Woodlawn residents have lived without their own full-service grocery but a recent grand opening ceremony for the newly constructed Jewel-Osco at the corner of 61st Street and Cottage Grove Avenue brought an end to that inequity. PAGE 2



Panera Bread founder and former CEO Ron Shaich to deliver speech on why he believes Wall Street’s hunger for short-term profits is hurting the average American’s bottom line

Debate over income tax plan to start soon, but ad battle’s already begun

You shouldn’t have to give up styling: Tips for Dealing With Damaged Hair






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Newly Opened Grocery Store Brings Jobs And Fresh Food Options To The South Side Continued from page 1 BY KATHERINE NEWMAN

President Wayne A. I. Frederick (left) celebrates with the Howard University 2019 Charter Day honorees: LaRue V. Barkwell, Rosie Allen-Herring, Lori George Billingsley, and Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford. Proceeds from the event will directly address the financial aid needs that exist for Howard students.


HOWARD UNIVERSITY’S 2019 CHARTER DAY DINNER CELEBRATES 152 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE WHILE RAISING FUNDS FOR STUDENTS More than 1,000 guests celebrated the 152nd University Charter Day with a magnificent dinner at the Washington Hilton. Held Saturday, March 2, the 95th Charter Day Dinner serves as Howard’s premiere fundraising event, one of the most important activities for the University. This year, the proceeds will directly address the financial aid needs that exist for Howard students. “Howard University has answered the call to educate deserving young men and women, regardless of their financial circumstances,” said David Bennett, vice president of development and alumni relations. “For 152 years, that mission has remained unchanged. We greatly appreciate the support of our corporate donors and individual sponsors whose philanthropy continues to ensure that our students will be able make ends meet to complete their educational goals.” Howard University Board of Trustees Chairman Stacey J. Mobley, Esq., and Howard University President Wayne A. I. Frederick, who were both present with their families, introduced the honorees. The occasion was a grand gesture to honor three accomplished alumni, Rosie Allen-Herring, Lori George Billingsley, and Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford, along with one long-term and impactful University staff member, LaRue V. Barkwell. Each one has made significant contributions to their communities and in their fields of work.


JOHNSON & JOHNSON ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE AURIS HEALTH, INC. Focused on creating the next frontier of surgery, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), recently announced that Ethicon, Inc., entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Auris Health, Inc. for approximately $3.4 billion in cash. Additional contingent payments of up to $2.35 billion, in the aggregate, may be payable upon reaching certain predetermined milestones. Auris Health is a privately held developer of robotic technologies, initially focused in lung cancer, with an FDA-cleared platform currently used in bronchoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This acquisition will accelerate Johnson & Johnson’s entry into robotics with potential for growth and expansion into other interventional applications.


SOUTHERN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CENTER RELEASES EXPLAINER VIDEO ON FEDERAL PROPOSAL TO GUT CLEAN WATER ACT The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently opened the public comment period for citizens to provide feedback on a proposal to gut the Clean Water Act by redefining what waters are protected. This proposal threatens to strip longstanding safeguards for streams, wetlands, and smaller waterways that feed drinking water sources for millions of people across the country, according to a Southern Environmental Law Center press release. In response, the Southern Environmental Law Center released a video to explain what’s at risk if this proposal is allowed to move forward and encourages the public to submit comments over the next 60 days. The 60-day comment period will be open until mid-April and will be the only chance for the public to take action. For more information, visit

For over 40 years, Woodlawn residents have lived without their own full-service grocery but a recent grand opening ceremony for the newly constructed Jewel-Osco at the corner of 61st Street and Cottage Grove Avenue brought an end to that inequity. With the opening of this new 48,000 square foot grocery store, residents now not only have neighborhood access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats but there have also been 200 jobs added to the community and the location offers a 24-hour drivethrough pharmacy. “While it’s cold outside, it’s a great day in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Today, we are celebrating the grand opening of a new Jewel-Osco grocery store which is the first full-service grocery store to open here in over 40 years,” said Leon Walker, managing partner of DL3 Realty. “For 100 years Jewel has been Chicago’s number one neighborhood grocery store.” The opening of this new Jewel-Osco in Woodlawn is the most

recent accomplishment in a wave of developments in the area thanks to a $30.5 million U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Choice Neighborhood Grant that was awarded to the Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) and the City of Chicago in 2011. The redevelopment in this area began in 2008 with a collaborative community and city effort to bring POAH into the neighborhood and address issues at Grove Parc Plaza which was a 504-unit housing complex that was solely occupied by Section 8 recipients. POAH is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve, create, and sustain affordable healthy homes, according to their website. Ultimately, POAH set out to demolish Grove Parc Plaza and find a way to replace the 504 units of affordable housing in the community through new developments. Ten years later, the new Jewel-Osco has opened on the last piece of vacant land that was once home to Grove Parc Plaza and the grocery store is surrounded by new mixed-income housing developments,

like the Woodlawn Station housing development located at 63rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. “We knew that by taking down the foreboding old Grove Parc Plaza and replacing it with well-designed mixed-income housing both on South Cottage Grove and in the neighborhood, we would attract new businesses like a Jewel grocery store that would help make Woodlawn a community of choice,” said Aaron Gornstein, president and chief executive officer of POAH. And a community of choice it is. For the first time in 50 years, the population of Woodlawn has increased by almost 15%, according to a press release announcing the new Jewel-Osco. “All I can say is wow, we have finally arrived at this day after a long process of planning. Congratulations to everyone who has helped get us to where we are today and I want to give a special congratulations to the residents of Woodlawn. We at Jewel-Osco are super proud to be part of the Woodlawn community,” said Paul Gossett, president of Jewel-Osco.

Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Seeking Aspiring Journalists to Cover “News for Kids, by Kids” The application period for the award-winning Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is now open for the 2019–2020 school year. Students ages 10–14 with a passion for telling great stories and discussing the issues that matter most to kids are encouraged to apply. During their time in the program, Scholastic News Kid Reporters from across the country and around the world gain valuable writing and critical-thinking skills in addition to hands-on journalism experience through their work covering local and national current events. All Kid Reporter applications must be received by May 31, 2019. For more information about the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps application process, visit: www. Through local and

national assignments, Kid Reporters in the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps have the opportunity to interview newsmakers, including politicians, authors, actors, musicians, and professional athletes. In past years, Kid Reporters have sat down with several notable figures, including Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Sonia Sotomayor, Olym-

pic medal–winning sabre fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Late Late Show host James Corden, CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, and film director Ava DuVernay. During the 2018–2019 program year, 45 Kid Reporters compiled comprehensive coverage of national and global events, including the 2018 midterm elections and the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

They also uncovered powerful stories within their communities: a firsthand experience from the Woolsey Fire in California; a Florida baseball tournament that empowers athletes with physical or mental challenges; how librarians are making a difference in New Jersey; and more. Kid Reporter stories are published online at the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website as well as in issues of Scholastic Classroom Magazines, which reach more than 25 million students in classrooms nationwide. To learn more about Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL), the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, visit the Company’s media room:

CITIZEN | Hyde Park | Week of March 13, 2019




COMMENTARY: The Tax Surprise BY BILL FLETCHER, JR. NNPA Newswire Contributor

The mainstream news has been covering an interesting story. People who were expecting significant tax refunds are, in very large numbers, either getting a minimal refund, no refund or having to pay the IRS. This, after the man Spike Lee has named “Agent Orange”—Donald Trump— promised a massive tax benefit for middle-income people. When I first started reading and seeing these stories, I wondered why anyone was surprised. After all, in the lead up to Trump’s tax bribe, economists across the board were warning that this was a scam to benefit the rich. They were telling the average taxpayer that this was not going to work to their benefit. And, while the majority of the public has generally opposed the tax bribe—reform—it was still the case that the actual implications of the tax bribe took too many people by surprise. After more than 40 years of listening to right-wingers call for tax cuts and watching the public’s reaction, I

“…WHEN IT COMES TO TAXES, MUCH OF THE PUBLIC HEARS WHAT IT WANTS TO HEAR. IF SOMEONE SAYS THAT THERE WILL BE A CUT AND THEY CAN PROVIDE MINIMAL EVIDENCE TO THAT EFFECT, SUCH AN ARGUMENT CAN BE A WINNER. EVEN WHEN ONE DEMONSTRATES THAT IT IS A LIE, THE POSSIBILITY OF TAX RELIEF SERVES AS A SEDUCTIVE SONG THAT SOFTENS THE BRAIN.” have come to a few conclusions. First, when it comes to taxes, much of the public hears what it wants to hear. If someone says that there will be a cut and they can provide minimal evidence to that effect, such an argument can be a winner. Even when one demonstrates that it is a lie, the possibility of tax relief serves as a seductive song that softens the brain. Second, there are those who wish to believe that tax cuts for the rich really are positive because they themselves, despite not being rich, may at some point be rich. I realize that this sounds completely convoluted, but it turns out that there

are those who believe that they will at some point in the future be rich and they do not wish to be penalized. This is called magical thinking. Third, there is a disconnect in the minds of many people between public services and taxes. There is also a racialized element here, by the way. A friend of mine told me a story about arguing with some Trump supporters and they were suggesting that they only wanted to pay for the things that they needed and not pay “…for someone else…” He asked them whether they drove on roads, pointing out that those roads were paid for by the taxes of many people who may or may not use particular

Bill Fletcher, Jr. is the former president of TransAfrica Forum. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and He is the author of the mystery The Man Who Fell From the Sky.

roads. The discussion came to an abrupt halt. Many of us act as if ‘things’ happen on their own and that they need not be funded. Or, worse, that our tax money is being used for allegedly un-deserving populations. Thus, there is a willingness to go for the right-wing arguments for tax cuts even when such tax cuts may cut one’s own throat. Welcome to another day in the

United States of Agent Orange. Make sure that you test that bridge before you cross it. There may not be enough tax money to keep it standing. Bill Fletcher, Jr. is the former president of TransAfrica Forum. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and www. He is the author of the mystery The Man Who Fell From the Sky.

South Side Residents Come Together To Share Concerns About Local Post Office BY KATHERINE NEWMAN

A public meeting was recently held to address community complaints regarding the quality of service at the Henry W. McGee Post Office in Bronzeville. Scheronda Hall, (right) is acting manager at this particular location and said she is committed to resolving the issues that residents are having. Photo Credit: Katherine Newman

Fourth Ward Alderman, Sophia King, recently held a public meeting to address a long list of complaints from her constituents about the mail services that they have been receiving from the Henry W. McGee Post Office located on 4601 S. Cottage Grove Ave. in Bronzeville. The list of complaints that were made by residents include issues with their letter carriers, missing mail, inconsistent mail delivery, and the quality of service provided on location at the Henry W. McGee Post Office. “We are really going to get to the bottom of problems and get to some solutions and point out who is responsible for those solutions,” said Alderman King. Representatives from all levels of the United States Postal Service along with Union Representatives for United States Postal Service employees were all present at the meeting to share with residents what they are doing to try and resolve these issues. “We are not trying to put a bandage on an open wound. There is a change that needs to happen and we know that,” said Scheronda Hall, acting manager at the Henry W. McGee Post Office. At the time of the meeting, Hall had only been in her new role as manager of this particular post office for two weeks. She was brought to this location after showing great progress in resolving similar issues at another post office in Chicago.

“I tapped Ms. Hall and said ‘would you please go to the Henry McGee station so we can get this communities mail situation squared away,” said David Durrett, area manager for the United State Postal Services overseeing the Henry W. McGee Post Office. “With the support and help of Ms. Hall and her team and the buy-in of the carriers we are going to get this fixed. It may not be overnight but we are committed to getting it fixed and we will get it fixed.” Many residents spoke out at the meeting and stated that their mail delivery was very inconsistent. Several people noted that they do not receive mail every day and there was a general consensus that mail never comes on Mondays. “Our supervisors are out on the streets now doing street supervision, street route examinations, and ensuring that these routes are being delivered the same way every day,” said Hall. Another complaint from residents was about the long lines they experience when visiting the Henry W. McGee Post Office. “We have added an additional clerk to the office window area to ensure that around peak hours like lunch time and when our customers are getting off work we have an extra clerk there to ensure that the lines move at a regular pace and that our customers are serviced,” said Durrett. Everyone involved with resolving these issues noted that this will not be a quick process but that they are committed to getting it done.

4 | CITIZEN | Hyde Park | Week of March 13, 2019

BUSINESS GoZone WiFi Strengthens Channel Presence with New VP Hire and Reseller Program Launch GoZone WiFi (GoZone)recently announced the hire of industry and channel veteran Wayne Newton as the company’s new VP of Channel Partnerships, further solidifying the company’s position as the leading US -based WiFi analytics, marketing and advertising provider. Newton’s hiring comes as GoZone launches an unprecedented channel initiative including new White Label and Reseller Programs. “I’m thrilled to join the GoZone team at a time when the demand for our services and solutions is at an all-time high,” Newton said. “GoZone’s continued success is dependent on our ability to reach customers more deeply and broadly, and we’re doing this through new partnership models with hardware vendors and key channel participants.” GoZone’s new channel initiative is founded on four years of successful market penetration and partner feedback. “We’ve learned a lot working with a variety of partners who have unique needs, goals, and opportunities. These programs are designed to meet the demands of those partners – from a regional MSP to a global enterprise carrier, and anyone in between,” said Todd Myers, GoZone’s chief executive officer. “Wayne brings the expertise needed to successfully launch these new programs,” he said. The new partner programs give service providers, solution providers and value-added resellers the opportunity to leverage GoZone’s platforms through AP-based and session-based pricing models. Prospective partners can choose to enroll in the turnkey Reseller Program or the completely customizable White Label Program, offering a wholesale pricing model. Added partner benefits include multiple discount tiers, deal registration, marketing and sales support, lead generation, and expert training and tech support.

Panera Bread founder and former CEO Ron Shaich to deliver speech on why he believes Wall Street’s hunger for short-term profits is hurting the average American’s bottom line at National Press Club Headliners Luncheon, April 26.

Panera Bread founder and former CEO Ron Shaich to deliver speech on why he believes Wall Street’s hunger for short-term profits is hurting the average American’s bottom line In 2017, Panera Bread founder Ron Shaich took the company he had once proudly taken public in the early 1990s off the public stock exchange and stepped down as its CEO. Shaich did this, he said, to protect the fast-casual empire and its more than one hundred thousand employees from falling prey to the pressures of shareholders chasing shortterm profits. On Friday, April 26, Shaich will deliver a speech at a National Press Club Headliners luncheon detailing why he believes Wall

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For all ticketing-related questions, please email Tickets must be paid for at the time of purchase. To submit a question for the speaker in advance, put PANERA in the subject line and email to The deadline for submitting questions in advance is 10 a.m. on the day of the luncheon. The National Press Club is located on the 13th Floor of the National Press Building at 529 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C.

1 in 5 Millennials with Major Depression Aren’t Seeking Treatment: New Data from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s Health of America Report

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Street’s fixation on short-term profits has led to greater social instability and political polarization in American society, and why executives and policy-makers need to reinvest in America’s future. Lunch will be served in the Club’s Ballroom at 12:30 p.m., with remarks beginning at 1 p.m., followed by a question-and-answer session ending at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $25 for National Press Club members (members may purchase two tickets at this rate) and $39 for all other non-member tickets.


New data from Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Health of America Report® (HOA) points to a troubling trend among millennials with major depression. The new research finds that 1 in 5 millennials diagnosed with major depression are not seeking any form of treatment. Millennials are defined by the Pew Research Center as Americans born between the years 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019). Diagnoses are increasing faster in millennials and teens than in any other age group. “Treating major depression is complicated and it’s important for patients to be able to find the right balance of treatments that work best for them, whether that’s therapy, prescription anti-depressants or a combination,” said Vincent G. Nelson, M.D, vice president of Medical Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Among the key findings are: l 2+ million commercially insured Americans of all ages are not seeking any treatment Half use only prescriptions A third seek only therapy or doctor visits 1 in 5 use both prescription and therapy or doctor visits l 85 percent of people diagnosed with depression also have one or more serious chronic health conditions such as: Hypertension Type II diabetes Substance use disorder If you or someone you know is worried about depression, please contact your doctor or ask your health plan about the behavioral health resources available to you. Always call 911 in case of an emergency. For more information, visit: l






CITIZEN | Hyde Park | Week of March 13, 2019




Debate over income tax plan to start soon, but ad battle’s already begun BY CAPITOL NEWS ILLINOIS STAFF

Springfield – Just three months removed from the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in the nation’s history, divisive political ads could soon begin populating Illinois residents’ screens once again, this time relating to a “fair tax” – or a “jobs tax” – depending on whose ad is being seen. At issue is Illinois’ income tax structure. The state Constitution allows lawmakers to set only a single, flat income tax rate regardless of income. It currently sits at 4.95 percent. But Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker wants to adopt a “graduated” income tax structure which charges higher rates to higher income earners, an effort staunchly opposed by Republican lawmakers. This change would require a constitutional amendment, a process in which the governor plays no formal role. Instead, three-fifths of both the Illinois Senate (36 votes) and House (71 votes) would have to approve the placement of the constitutional amendment on the 2020 general election ballot, and voters would have to approve it for ratification. State Sen. Don Harmon, an Oak Park Democrat who is carrying the amendment in the Senate, said he expects the Legislature to begin its role in the process soon – and he expects a fight. “I’m hoping to start talking about this in earnest when we’re back in Springfield next week,” Harmon said Monday, Feb. 25. “This is certain-

ly going to require a full-fledged campaign to convince voters to ratify the amendment. I expect we’ll be joined on both sides of the debate with vigor and resources.” Detractors, including a handful of Republicans and one Democrat who have signed onto a non-binding resolution opposing the amendment, are calling it a “jobs tax.” Republican legislative leaders in the House and Senate have pledged to fight the amendment. Drug Prices Democrats in the Illinois House unveiled a package of bills Wednesday, Feb. 27, they say would help control the spiraling cost of prescription drugs. Republicans, however, are arguing that the entire issue of prescription drug costs is beyond the scope of state government, and that some of the Democrats’ proposals could actually end up costing taxpayers and making life-saving medications less available to people in the state. The package of bills is largely based on recommendations from Families USA, a national consumer health advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., which has been working with lawmakers to develop the bills. Those bills call for regulating some drug prices in much the same way the state regulates utility rates; taxing drug price increases that exceed the rate of inflation; requiring drug

companies to disclose more information about their prices; and creating a mechanism for the state to become a licensed wholesaler of cheaper imported drugs from Canada. “People in Illinois are being crushed by the high cost of essential medicines,” Rep. Will Guzzardi, a Chicago Democrat and sponsor of one of the bills, said during a news conference announcing the bills. Guzzardi chairs the House Prescription Drug Affordability and Accessibility Committee, which had an informational hearing earlier in the day on the subject of prescription drug pricing and how it works. The only person to testify at that hearing was Families USA’s Justin Mendoza, who heads that organization’s “state partnerships” program. Marijuana Demand A fully-matured adult-use marijuana program in Illinois could produce between $440 million and $676 million in annual revenue, and the expected demand would be far greater than the state’s current supply, according to a demand study released Friday, March 1. The study was conducted by Freedman and Koski, a Colorado consulting firm which advises local governments on the implementation of marijuana legalization. It was commissioned by state Rep. Kelly Cassidy and state Sen. Heather Steans, both Chicago Democrats who have

been working on legalization efforts for the past two years. Illinois would have to produce 350,000 to 550,000 pounds in dried cannabis plants each year to meet the expected demand, the study said. The state’s existing industry could supply between only 35 percent and 54 percent of that number. The bill’s sponsors said the expansion of the industry will help increase minority-owned business inclusion. “We’re contemplating additional license categories such as craft cultivation, transportation and processing to ensure that everyone is at the table,” Cassidy said. “These will create space for more innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry, but more importantly, provide opportunity for more diversity in an industry with a pressing need for it.” The revenue and usage estimates were determined by using other states with legalized marijuana as a baseline, while factoring in Illinois’ usage and tourism rates among other demographic factors. Illinois would become the second-largest of the 11 states to legalize adultuse cannabis and the third-largest jurisdiction in the world after Canada and California. The tax revenue estimates were based on a total mature-market marijuana industry revenue number of $1.69 billion to $2.58 billion, which was determined by medicinal prices and the usage estimates. These revenues, taxed at an assumed rate of 26.5 percent, would produce between $443,690,100 and $676,481,400 annually.

6 | CITIZEN | Hyde Park | Week of March 13, 2019

FASHION Coach Introduces ‘Words Matter’

Heat tools, color processing and even the simple act of brushing, can cause hair to lose its strength.

Tips for Dealing With Damaged Hair StatePoint - Heat tools, color processing and even the simple act of brushing, can cause hair to lose its strength. Indeed, eight out of 10 women in the U.S. experience some form of damaged hair, according to an IPSOS Brand Health Study. But there’s good news, say experts. “You shouldn’t have to give up styling, coloring or all the things you love to do to your hair,” says Dr. To revive your locks and protect them for the future, stick to the routines that Rocio Rivera, vice president and head of scientific leave you feeling beautiful. communications at L’Oréal Paris. “You just need a 450 degree heat protection and make hair 15 times stronger for 97 solution that will repair and prevent the damage.” To revive your percent less breakage. Also included is a rinse-out balm product that locks and protect them for the future, consider the following: repairs up to one year of damage in one use, fighting the appearance Treat Hair With Care of split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness and dehydration. To complete your hair repair routine, use shampoos and Stick to the routines that leave you feeling beautiful. Just be sure to conditioners tailored to your needs. This collection’s shampoo and complete these tasks with care, gently shampooing and conditioning conditioner, for example, are made from a formula containing hair, avoiding unnecessary friction on the hair fiber by using a wide tooth comb (or whatever style brush or comb your stylist recommends ceramide and protein to fight visible signs of damaged hair. for your hair type), avoiding tugging when combing and brushing, and Get a Regular Trim considering wearing your hair in styles, at least some of the time, that Even if you are growing your hair long, it’s important to trim don’t pull. A gentler beauty regimen will mean healthier hair. ends regularly to do away with split ends and keep hair looking Restorative Products healthy and shiny. Skipping regular trims can cause the split end to go up the hair shaft, resulting in extra damage and frizz. “Flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers -- these daily essentials that give women the short-term look they want, often lead to Check Your Lifestyle long-term effects that cause real damage to the hair fiber,” notes Certain nutritional deficiencies, stress and lack of sleep are Dr. Rivera. “Using a heat protectant before heat styling will prevent linked to hair damage and loss, so be sure your diet is well-rounded breakage and help hair remain strong.” and contains all the components necessary for healthy hair. Dr. Rivera recommends undoing the effects of heat styling as well Likewise, get plenty of sleep and seek out ways to manage stress. as protecting hair from future damage with restorative products, Love your styling routine but hate damaged hair? Don’t despair. such as those from the Elvive Total Repair 5 Collection. The Whether it’s dryness, roughness or split ends, hair damage is normal, and collection includes Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge Leave-in, which is made with almonds and protein to restore protein loss in hair, offer simple steps and useful tools can help you protect and revive your locks.

Coach recently announced the release of “Words Matter,” a Short Film directed by Spike Lee, starring global face of Coach menswear, actor/producer Michael B. Jordan. Shot in the desert outside Los Angeles this past fall, the Short Film features a strong poetic narrative that speaks to Coach’s values of inclusion, optimism and courage. Emphasizing the importance of these values today, its purpose-driven concept reinforces what the brand stands for. To create the film, Coach brought together Lee and Jordan, two unique talents known for challenging and redefining the landscape of American film. Working together for the first time, the pair handpicked the distinctive words featured in the narrative to champion a message they both strongly believe in. The Short Film opens with Jordan traversing the hot, dusty landscape on a motorcycle. Alone on his journey, he dismounts his bike to find rocks scattered among the desert scrawled with negative words— ”Hatred,” “Evil,” “Bigotry,” “Lies.” Taking action into his own hands, he replaces the bad rocks with good rocks featuring positive words—”Courage,” “Truth,” “Love” and “Dream”—and writes a new legacy. “Collaborating with the iconic Spike Lee on this short film for Coach was an inspirational experience,” said Jordan. “Spike’s art has moved the cultural dial for decades. I’m proud of the powerful messaging of this film and to be working alongside a brand that cares about putting that narrative into the world as much as I do.” “I’m honored to get to collaborate with Giants in their respective fields, Michael B. Jordan and Coach,” said Lee. “It was truly a Magical Day working, shooting in the Desert. Enjoy.” In addition to Spike Lee, who directed and cowrote the film with his children Satchel and Jackson Lee, Coach worked with stylist Jane How, hair stylist Jove Edmond and makeup artist Carola Gonzalez to bring this vision to life. To start a conversation around the film “Words Matter,” Coach is also enlisting friends of the house in a series of first personal videos. Directed by Lee’s children, Jackson and Satchel, the series of shorts features the artist Whisbe, Nets player Spencer Dinwiddie and Satchel and Jackson Lee, among others. It will showcase personal points of view on why words matter and will be published over the course of several days to inspire the wider community to post their own testimonials around the film’s core message

No Water Necessary: P&G Beauty Unveils New Hair Care Brand; WATERL The Procter & Gamble Company has announced the launch of its first new retail hair care brand globally in four years. The new WATERL The range is designed to cater to the different hair care needs of all women without the need to use a drop of water and includes: an ultra-lightweight Foam Dry Shampoo, a residuefree Dry Shampoo spray, Dry Conditioners and alcohol-free

Hair Refreshers. According to the World Wildlife Fund, only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water and by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. Leading market research firm, Mintel, has also found that 27% of consumers are trying to reduce their water usage. “At P&G Beauty, our goal is to be both a force for good and

a force for growth. We remain committed to providing every woman with products that work for her unique hair care needs. Water is a precious commodity that is under great stress, and we believe that we can play a role in helping people achieve the end result they desire despite water shortages through insightful and meaningful innovation,” said Alex Keith, chief executive officer, P&G Beauty.

“With South Africa battling severe climate change, we are excited to partner with P&G Beauty to provide consumers with this worldfirst innovation in water-less haircare that will not only help them reduce their impact on the environment, but change the way they look at hair maintenance,” said Jamie Lane, Head of Trade at Clicks. Additionally, the WATERL

Coach recently announced the release of “Words Matter,” a Short Film directed by Spike Lee, starring global face of Coach menswear, actor/producer Michael B. Jordan. In this photo, Lee is shown at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Photo Credit: David Shankbone

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Sensory Loss Can Bring Increased Risk of Isolation, Depression According to a study by The University of Chicago, nearly 94 percent of older adults in the United States are living with at least one diminished sense. While many seniors experience hearing or vision loss, senses such as taste, touch and smell can also be affected. Diminished senses are commonly regarded as minor annoyances, but they have also been linked to serious and long-lasting problems for older adults, including loneliness and feelings of social isolation. Researchers at the University of British Columbia examined the impact of undiagnosed or untreated hearing issues in seniors ages 60 to 69 and found that for every 10 decibel drop in hearing sensitivity, the odds of social isolation increase by 52 percent. Left undetected, the loss of senses can result in feelings of depression and diminished quality of life for older adults. That’s why Home Instead Senior Care encourages families to be mindful of signs that an older adult is experiencing diminished senses, including: l Hearing: Signs of hearing loss can include difficulty following conversations, increased exhaustion following social interactions, trouble maintaining balance, feeling as if there is a buildup of wax or fluid in the

According to a study by The University of Chicago, nearly 94 percent of older adults in the United States are living with at least one diminished sense. While many seniors experience hearing or vision loss, senses such as taste, touch and smell can also be affected.

ears, or continually increasing volume on television and radio programs. l Sight: Visual impairment affects almost 3 million older adults in the United States.

Warning signs may include hesitance with stairs, blurry or discolored vision, difficulty identifying familiar faces or objects, and loss of interest in reading mail, newspapers

or books. l Touch: Weakened sensitivity to touch can also pose a hazard to seniors. A decreased reaction time to very hot or very cold surfaces can be a sign that the sense of touch is beginning to decline, and can lead to accidental injuries. l Taste/Smell: Additionally, a diminished sense of taste and smell can also occur as we age. According to The University of Chicago, 74 percent of aging adults will suffer from impairment to the sense of taste, which works simultaneously with the sense of smell. Individuals may experience lack of appetite, loss of interest in food altogether, or complete loss of taste or smell. Home Instead Senior Care provides specialized training for its CAREGiversSM to help them better understand the aging process, identify the signs of sensory loss and deliver the best care for seniors experiencing the impacts of sensory loss, such as loneliness and isolation. If you are interested in receiving more information about sensory loss or looking for support for an aging loved one, you can find additional resources at or find a Home Instead office near you at www.homeinstead. com/state.

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ENTERTAINMENT Global Music Icon Janet Jackson Announces Las Vegas Residency Metamorphosis At Park MGM

Janet Jackson Metamorphosis

Global music icon, multiple GRAMMY® Award-winner and multi-Platinum selling artist, the incomparable Janet Jackson, is taking over the Las Vegas Strip with her headlining residency Metamorphosis beginning Friday, May 17 at Park Theater at Park MGM resort. Metamorphosis peels back the layers of the immensely private life of Janet Jackson, sharing her transformation from a young girl with issues of self-esteem to global icon. The centerpiece of this all new thought-provoking show, will be Janet herself, captivating you through your senses with electrifying visuals, explosive dance numbers, charttopping hits and fan favorite deep cuts. The show also features a special 30-year anniversary celebration of her ground-breaking album ‘Rhythm Nation.’ Fans will follow her path to self-love, empowerment, motherhood and activism, amidst the challenges faced along her personal journey. She encourages her audiences to find their own light within themselves through her Metamorphosis. Tickets starting at $79 went on sale Saturday, March 2 at 10 a.m. PST. Tickets can be purchased at all Ticketmaster outlets or online at All shows are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. The 15 dates going on sale are: May 2019: 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26 July 2019: 24, 26, 27, 31 August 2019: 2, 3, 7, 9, 10 Janet Jackson is one of the most influential entertainers of the modern era. Her music has won her six GRAMMY® Awards, two Emmy Nominations, a Golden Globe Award and a nomination for an Academy Award along with dozens of American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards.

She has received accolades as an actress as well including the NAACP Best Supporting Actor award. Janet is a published author, dancer, businessperson, philanthropist and one of the biggest-selling artists in popular music history. With sales of over 160 million records worldwide, Janet Jackson stands as one of the best-selling artists of all time with a string of hits that have left an indelible impression on pop culture. Her music and artistry has opened doors through which other top artists have followed, many acknowledging her impact on their musical perceptions. For more information, please visit

The Battle for Star Trek Revealed in Newest Volume of Award-Winning Book Series These Are the Voyages: Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in the 1970s, Volume 1, from Jacobs/Brown Press, is the fourth installment in a heralded series of books about the development and legacy of Star Trek. This latest volume delivers surprising revelations concerning the decade-long fight to resurrect the series after its 1969 cancellation by NBC. A key part of the story is Gene Roddenberry’s struggles against studios and networks, which severely compromised his health. “I was stunned as I went through those letters and memos,” said author Marc Cushman. “My heart went out to Gene Roddenberry. Despite Star Trek’s remarkable popularity, Gene didn’t see any of his promised 25% profit participation. And, as he fought to bring Star Trek back, he was usually ignored or disrespected by those in charge.” As the 1970s progressed, the show’s legions of fans fueled a Star Trek boom. Syndicated repeats of the episodes dominated their time slots in over 150 U.S. cities and in 70 foreign markets; merchandising hit unparalleled levels with the sales in the millions; and fan conventions attracted tens of thousands. An Associated Press reporter described one gathering as being like Beatlemania. Cushman’s previous three books in his “These Are the Voyages” series cover Star Trek’s creation and production in the 1960s. The narrative now continues into the 1970s, a defining era in the history of Star Trek, based on hundreds of interviews and a foundation of studio source materials, including thousands of

documents from the Gene Roddenberry private archives, which, Cushman says, “contain every scrap of paper which Gene had ever written.” Throughout the 1970s, as Paramount Pictures remained reluctant to resurrect the expensive series, Cover of new book other studios and featuring Gene Roddenberry, circa 1975. networks attempted to replicate Trek’s success. This led to Roddenberry’s 1970s TV films Genesis II, The Questor Tapes, Planet Earth, and Strange New World, all borrowing elements from Star Trek. Cushman discovered that all of the pilots were sold as series, with scripts written and production dates planned, yet internal disputes doomed each. “After numerous disagreements with the networks, Gene was either forced out or driven to quit,” Cushman reveals. Star Trek finally returned with a mid-1970s Emmy-winning animated series, then 1979’s Star Trek – The Motion Picture. In between these milestones was “Phase II,” a planned Trek series for 1977, with all but one of the original cast members signed. Like Roddenberry’s other projects, scripts were written, sets built, and the first episode was weeks away from filming when the plug

Gene Roddenberry on the set of Genesis IIm one of his 1970s TV pilots.

was suddenly pulled. “Paramount delayed bringing Star Trek back for so long that, when they finally decided to make a movie, the executives demanded it be epic in both story and scope in order to meet growing expectations,” notes Cushman. “As a result, they rejected the scripts Roddenberry wrote, and shot down ideas from other Star Trek writers, one of whom pitched a story about the universe blowing up. The studio said it wasn’t big enough!” Ironically, “In Thy Image,” a TV script for the aborted “Phase II” series, was the basis for Star

Trek – The Motion Picture. As revealed by the thousands of documents in this new book, the true behind-the-scenes story of Roddenberry and his famous creation was far stranger than fiction … even by sciencefiction standards. The late Leonard Nimoy called Cushman’s research “astounding.” These Are the Voyages – Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in the 1970s, Volume 1 is now available from Jacobs/Brown Press. For more information, visit the publisher’s website at

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State-of-the-Art Climate Model funded by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation shows how we can solve the Global Climate Crisis As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report warned in October 2018, the planet must be kept below the dangerous temperature rise of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels if we are to avoid a worsening of climate-related impacts. We are already seeing the devastating consequences of a 1°C global temperature increase, including ever-rising sea levels, extreme storms, prolonged droughts, and intensified wildfires. Now, after two years of research and modeling by leading scientists at the University of Technology Sydney, the German Aerospace Center, and the University of Melbourne, a groundbreaking new framework offers a feasible roadmap for achieving--and surpassing--the targets set by the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement. This research effort was funded by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation as part of its new One Earth initiative. The research* produces the most detailed energy model to date, with 72 regional energy grids modeled in hourly increments through 2050, along with a comprehensive assessment of available renewable resources like wind and solar - and configurations for meeting project-

ed energy demand and storage most efficiently for all sectors over the next 30 years. Lead author Dr. Sven Teske, research director at the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures, said: “Scientists cannot fully predict the future, but advanced modeling allows us to map out the best scenarios for creating a global energy system fit for the 21st century - and with momentum around the Paris Agreement lagging, it’s crucial that decision makers around the world can see that we can, in fact, meet global energy demand at a lower cost with clean renewables.” While climate scientists have created hundreds of models to help policymakers understand the impacts of climate change and how to mitigate them, nearly all of these models have relied upon negative emissions technologies, which are expensive and not proven to work at scale. This model is the first to achieve the required negative emissions through natural climate solutions, including the restoration of degraded forests and other lands, along with a transition to 100% renewable energy by mid-century.

Malte Meinshausen, founding director of the Climate and Energy College at the University of Melbourne and Potsdam Institute Fellow, said: “Citing a growing body of research, we show that using land restoration efforts to meet negative emissions requirements, along with a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050, gives the world a good chance of staying below the 1.5°C target.” A transition to 100% renewables and the implementation of natural climate solutions offer additional benefits beyond keeping the climate system in check. The energy transition will be able to recycle our natural gas infrastructure and create millions of permanent jobs. Natural climate solutions could also dramatically increase sustainable livelihoods in the developing world, offering better water security and reduced soil erosion. Justin Winters, executive director of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, said: “Nature is the key to solving the climate crisis. Currently our wildlands and oceans absorb one-half of all CO2 emissions. While the renewable energy transition is imperative to solving the climate crisis, it isn’t enough. As



A Tribute To

Sarah Vaughan FREE EVENT

Performed by Black Elegance Saturday, March 23

Blackstone Library 4904 S. Lake Park Avenue 1-4 p.m. R.S.V.P. to Sembene Nathanyahu

773.783.7961 after 6 p.m.

this climate model shows, in order to keep the global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C, we have to keep our natural carbon sinks intact, scale up restoration efforts and shift to regenerative agriculture.” The proposed energy transition outlined in the climate model is estimated to cost approximately $1.7 trillion per year. This sounds like a lot, but it pales in comparison to the vast subsidies that governments currently provide to prop up the polluting fossil fuels largely responsible for climate change, estimated at more than $5 trillion a year - $10 million a minute, every day, according to the IMF. The research tells us that we could be creating the clean energy future we so desperately need for one-third of the cost. Leonardo DiCaprio, founder of LDF, said: “With the pace of urgent climate warnings now increasing, it’s clear that our planet cannot wait for meaningful action. This ambitious and necessary pathway shows that a transition to 100% renewable energy and strong measures to protect and restore our natural ecosystems, taken together, can deliver a more stable climate within a single generation.”

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2019 Forensics Conference Explores The Role Of Forensics In Sexual Assault Cases Greenville University’s annual forensics conference will take place April 5-6, 2019. This year’s conference addresses the role of forensic science in investigating and prosecuting sexual assault. G.U. invites high school, university students, parents, the general public and those involved in law enforcement/criminal justice to attend. Conference presenters include: * Peter Smerick, retired FBI profiler and forensic scientist * Russell and Myra Strand of Strand Holistic Innovative Forensic Techniques * Dr. Gary Cumberland, retired forensic pathologist and medical examiner * Debbie and Rob Smith, H-EA-R-T Inc. (Hope Exists After Rape Trauma) * Troy Stabenow, assistant federal public defender in western Missouri and professor at the

G.U. invites high school, university students, parents, the general public and those involved in law enforcement/criminal justice to attend its 2019 Forensics Conference in April.

University of Missouri Law School The conference begins with keynote speakers on Friday evening, April 5, starting at 7 p.m.

Saturday features sessions from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. including group presentations, break-out sessions, panel discussions and opportunities

for connection among participants. “April is sexual assault awareness month. Sexual assault is a pervasive problem on campuses within the U.S. How campus staff, law enforcement, the courts, corrections and social workers all respond to sexual assault and rape are important, and the focus on forensics with this conference can help ensure that those of us within the criminal justice system and the sciences put our best foot forward when trying to provide justice to the survivors of these heinous crimes,” said Department Chair, G.U. Criminal Justice Program Michael Laughlin. The conference is hosted by the departments of criminal justice, biology and chemistry. For more information, or to register, visit greenville. edu/about/conferences/guforensicsconference. Registration is open until March 29.

Storytelling event celebrates unsung heroines for Women’s History Month On the evening of Friday, March 22, tour company Chicago Detours will host “Badass Women of Chicago History,” a live storytelling event celebrating Women’s History Month. For this special presentation at the historic Hideout Inn, lively presenters will share stories of Chicago heroines on the peripheries of history. As these talented performers share their narratives, visual and audio elements like images and songs will help bring the stories to life. Chicago Detours will donate a portion of proceeds from the event to the Chicago Women’s Health Center. This year’s presenters for the second annual “Badass Women of Chicago History” event are in no particular order: City of Chicago cultural historian Tim Samuelson will use his colorful, personal approach to history to share the larger-than-life tale of nightclub entertainer Texas Guinan’s time in Chicago’s infamous Green Mill. Presenter Velma Gladney has been motivating and educating audiences through her storytelling for the past twenty years. Gladney will tell the inspiring story of Bessie Coleman, an aviation pioneer and the first woman of African American and Native American descent to earn a pilot’s license. Mary Lu Seidel is a lifelong community organizer and the Director of Community Engagement for Preservation Chicago. She is inspired by the life of Gale Cincotta, whose tireless

fight to make housing affordable and equitable for all families made a lasting impact not just in Chicago but across the US. Writer and artist Laura Hawbaker will tell the story of Leona Woods Marshall, the often overlooked American physicist who was the only woman present at the creation of the world’s first nuclear chain reaction. Actor, scientist and storyteller Krista Damico will introduce the audience to the godmother of forensic science, Frances Glessner Lee. Her intricately detailed crime scene dioramas made her an expert on homicide investigation. Elizabeth Harper is a Chicago poet and the host of Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing variety show at Phyllis’ Musical Inn. She’ll share how Phyllis Jaskot founded that historic institution in 1954 as a polka bar in what was then Wicker Park’s Polish Broadway. Julia Berkowitz is an IBEW electrician and recording secretary for the Illinois Labor History Society. She will explore the organizing efforts of women steel workers in the Chicago area in the 1970s. Chicago Detours’ mission is “To bring curious people to explore stories and places locals don’t even know through guided tours of Chicago’s architecture, history and culture.” Executive Director Amanda Scotese and her team expanded on this mission beyond their usual walking and bus tours with the creation of this

annual storytelling event. She said, “This event was such a great success last year, and we are excited to offer it again, especially at one of our most beloved historic Chicago venues - the Hideout.” Originally built in 1881 as a boarding house for nearby factory workers, The Hideout Chicago sits in a cozy wood-frame building encircled by a dump truck parking lot and old brick warehouses. Holding the “Badass Women of Chicago History” event at the Hideout is particularly timely, as the venue currently faces tremendous changes. Private development firm Sterling Bay has purchased most of the industrial property surrounding the Hideout to pave the way for its massive Lincoln Yards development. The Hideout owners and community have expressed concerns regarding the future of small businesses and the potential changes to the character of the neighborhood. This special event will take place on Friday, March 22, at the Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia. Doors will open at 5:30pm, with the show from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Tickets are $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door. Space is limited, so guests are encouraged to buy their tickets early via About Chicago Detours Chicago Detours offers guided tours of architecture, history and culture that bring people to explore stories and places locals don’t even know. The tour company is comprised of a team of educators, historians, artists and storytellers, and is proud to be one of few tour companies in Chicago that is rated five stars on both Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Chicago Southland’s April Food Day United Way of Metro Chicago – South-Southwest Suburban Region’s (UWMC – SSW) seventh annual April Food Day is running now through April 18th, 2019. The annual food collection event addresses food insecurity in the southsouthwest suburbs, a region that is home to the fastest growing population of people living at or below the poverty line. Last year, United Way collected more than 128,000 pounds of food to address summer food insecurity and to restock food pantries. Through donations of non-perishable food items, household goods and financial support, individuals and companies can help those in the south-southwest suburbs meet some of their most basic needs. In Illinois, 64% of people that want help with food do not qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This is where food pantries come in and help. The summer months are a critical time to combat childhood hunger and reach kids when they no longer have access to meals at school. UWMC–SSW’s annual April Food Day is once again led by the Chicago Southland hospitality industry. The Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau and area hotels, schools, park districts and municipalities throughout the Chicago Southland region will be collecting food from March 1, 2019 – April 18, 2019. “Let’s keep up the great momentum that has brought us to this annual charity event,” said Jim Garrett, president / chief executive officer for the Chicago Southland CVB. “We truly care about the community and the Chicago Southland hospitality industry has much to be proud of in the efforts to combat hunger around the region.” The following area pantries will be the recipients of the 2019 April Food Day: Ford Heights Community Service Organization; Hope Center, Blue Island; Blue Cap, Blue Island; Restoration Ministries, Harvey; Rich Township, Richton Park; St. Irenaeus, Park Forest; Thornton Township, Harvey; Together We Cope, Tinley Park; Respond Now, Chicago Heights and Orland Township Food Pantry, Orland Park. On April 18, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. all collected donations are to be dropped off at the Tinley Park Convention Center, 18451 Convention Center Dr., Tinley Park, Ill. 60477. There will also be an awards luncheon taking place to honor those that have been instrumental in this endeavor. For the latest up-to-date information on the event and drop off locations, please visit

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available signals. What’s more, every device comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee. The company’s state-of-the-art repair facility is capable and approved to restore devices to manufacturer and carrier specifications. This is great news for resellers buying phones in bulk, too, who are looking to save money while ensuring a high-quality product for their own customers. “Technology should be accessible to everyone,” says Conti. “Unfortunately, many people who are not aware of the quality of these refurbished options may feel priced out of the latest highquality technology.” Once you upgrade, keep in mind that you can stretch your budget even further by extending the life of your new device with proper maintenance. Use protective gear like a case, screen protector and waterproof bag, and keep your phone clean inside and out with a microfiber cloth and/or compressed air. More information can be found at In a world where staying connected is critical, keep in mind that getting the reliable technology you need to do just that, doesn’t need to break the bank. _______________________________

PERSONAL FINANCE Is a Tax Refund the Boon You Think It Is? (StatePoint) A tax refund may sound like a boon, but financial experts say that you may be able to make more over the course of the year by checking your withholdings and putting any additional funds into a savings account over the course of the year. Those who received the average refund in 2018, could see an additional $282 in interest compounding over three years simply by putting the monthly sum into a savings account earning 2.20 percent all year long. Though changing your tax withholdings is easy, three in four workers failed to adjust their withholdings this past year, according to a recent Civic Science survey for Ally Bank, Member FDIC. _______________________________

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AUCTION GUN AUCTION 1035 Guns at Auction March 17th Sunday 9AM 2601 Lake Land Blvd, Mattoon, IL Details & 5000 photos 217-2595956 _______________________________

Room for rent Grand Crossing neighborhood no deposit required has laundry facility use of kitchen full bathroom and central air if interested contact Ms. D 312 208 8870 _______________________________

LEGAL SERVICES NEED LEGAL HELP? Get a FREE referral to an attorney! Call the Illinois State Bar Association Illinois Lawyer Finder The advice you need 877-2703855 or h t t ps : / / w w w. i s b a . o r g / p u b l i c / i l l i n o i s lawyerfinder _______________________________



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How to Save Money on Mobile Devices (StatePoint) With the skyrocketing cost of brand-new mobile devices, it’s no wonder so many consumers wait until their smartphone or tablet is on its last leg, putting up with cracked screens, battery issues and more for months at a time before considering a replacement. The good news is that these days, there are alternative ways to make a timely upgrade that won’t give you sticker shock. “Savvy consumers are catching on to the fact that you can find a highquality refurbished device easily if you

look in the right places,” says David Conti, senior director of e-Commerce at MyWiT. Unfortunately, lingering myths persist about the quality of all refurbished devices, making many consumers shy away from this option. But the fact is that a large percentage of refurbished mobile phones, tablets and accessories were perfectly good devices that owners traded in for newer models, not because there was anything wrong with the device. But buyer beware. Different sellers have their own standards, and you’ll want to stick to reputable sources where you can trust the device you purchase will be in fully functional condition and works exactly as expected. In the case of MyWiT, a company that sells new, like-new and refurbished smartphones and tablets, every device for sale has undergone an extensive 65+ point inspection of cosmetics, functionality and connectivity to ensure optimal performance. Tests verify every function that a customer can use (camera, audio, SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) is in 100 percent working order and connectivity tests ensure wireless devices deliver a consistent quality of connection and do not drop

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