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Front Cover Winner: Kristin King Photographer: Darcy Davies-Williams HMU : Just Glammit

May 22 Edition

Inside Cover Winner – Millie – UK National Junior Miss West Midlands Photographer – Charlotte Clemie

Letter From the Editor

Hello Everyone and welcome to Issue 17! This month I attended the Inspirational Women Awards in Sheffield as I was nominated for the charity award along with some incredible other women, I didn’t win but I was I was awarded a recognition certificate so thank you everyone for te support. Much love Charlotte - Ms Diamond U.K.

Thoughts from your Assistant Editor: Lyndsay Mizen

Miss Diamond Curve Wiltshire 2022

Hello and welcome to the May 2022 issue!! So far, we have raised over £2200 for Samaritans and Coppafeel and we’ve only been able to do that because of you!! Thanks so much for wanting to continue submitting your inspirational stories with us so we can share you with the worldwide pageant community. Last month I was at the Atlantic UK finals, and everyone did amazingly. This month, I shall be planning for my finals in October and a great fundraising event. Keep those eyes peeled! Love and light, Lyndsay xxx

Social Media Queen: Faith Gould – Junior Miss Atlantic UK


Hi everyone and welcome to our May edition Issue 17. I would just like to take this opportunity as always to thank you all for your continued support. I have been very busy this month continuing to share all of your amazing achievements. You are stars!

Keep shining Love Faith-Louise

Social Media Host: Natasha Streatfield –

Mrs Diamond Suffolk 2022

Happy New month everyone and happy new title to me, I am very excited to say I am your new Mrs Diamond Suffolk and will be competing in October, let the new journey commence I had a fabulous time at handover in last month it was so lovely to be back in pageant land, the pageant hangover was real however haha, as sad as I am that my year had come to an end I was delighted to of crowned the new Mrs Atlantic Dionne I can’t wait to follow her year, I feel like I had an amazing reigning year and achieved lots and look forward to new adventures in the Diamond family, I have had a great start on my new page @theplatformdigest if anyone would like to be featured please get in touch, podcasts for crowns and sashes are still available message myself or charlotte to book in. Speak soon Mrs Diamond Suffolk xxx

CONTENTS  3 - FEATURE: Meet the Team  10 - INTERVIEW: Miss Elite World Czechia  13 - INTERVIEW: National Ms. Captivating 2022  15 - FEATURE: Meet the Quiz Winner  16 - FEATURE: Meet the Judges 7  17 - INTERVIEW: UK’s National Jr Miss West Midlands  19 - INTERVIEW: Ms. Exquisite Global United 2022  21 - INTERVIEW: America’s Elegant Miss 2021  24 - INTERVIEW: Miss Exquisite Global United 2022  27 - FEATURE: UK Pageant Calendar  30 - INTERVIEW: Bryana Hampson  31 - INTERVIEW: Darcy Davies-Williams  34 - FEATURE: Meet the Cover Star



Interview with Kate Cast - Miss Elite World Czechia

Title, name & age? Kate Cast - Katerina Castkova 25 yrs. young Miss Elite World Czechia What made you enter pageants in the first place? I have been working as a fashion model for many years and didn’t think about participating in any beauty contests. But when this amazing opportunity came to me, I could’ say no. It really resonates with me because I believe in Beauty with purpose what it’s exactly what I feel this contest is about. It goes beyond the standards of the most traditional beauty pageants. It is much cooler but and still one of the most prestigious in the world at the same time.

Can you tell us about yourself and your beauty journey? My name is Kate Cast & Kateřina Castkova. I’m Miss Elite Czechia. Thanks to my career as the fashion model I have been living and visiting the places and countries all over the world. The most time I have been in NYC and Milan which both became my home for many years. I was honoured to appear on the covers of NumeroRussia, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Esquire and was working with the most famous designers such as Versace, Dior, Gucci, Oscar della Renta and many others. I’m also Fashion TV host and have been working for Italian TV as well. Besides modeling I’m very passionate about healthy lifestyle and mental health. I do teach yoga and spirituality (I’m certified Health Coach, spiritual life coach and Kundalini yoga teacher). My past contests & titles includes Miss Golf Czech Republic, Miss Billionaire Italy, Miss & Face of Fashion TV, Miss Tourism International Czech, Miss Prague Open. What made you decide to compete in your current system? As I mentioned before, this beauty pageant is very unique. Also I believe that it’s such a great opportunity to speak for all the young girls and woman not only from my country but from all the world and help to show them, that we all matter. Your opinion matter, your dreams matter.

What the best thing that pageants have taught you? Let me “teach” you something about MissEliteWorld contest. It’s fantastic pageant to enter. It will be hold on - in beautiful Somabay (Red Sea; Egypt) ( June 3rd-June 11th). Miss Elite was founded by Stefano Douaihy in 2012. It’s one of the most prestigious contest in the world and the best in Middle East and Africa. The special hosts include, Golden Star Nawal El Zoghby, one of the most famous female Arab singer in the Arab world. The female host, Carla Haddad, is one of the top three hosts from Dancing with the Stars Arabia. Male host is Aiman Kaissouni. Just to name a few. Between our juries are : Wissama Hanna, Mr World 2006 Nabil Younes, a renewed French designer of Arab origins who collaborated with Chopard, dressed Paris Hilton, Miss Universe France, and many others. Amir El Masry, British-Egyptian renewed actor who acted in Star Wars and several international movies. Best actress award winner, Ghinwa Mahmoud, Lebanese actress, recently ranked between the top Lebanese actresses. And many more. What’s your pageant platform and why? I believe in Beauty with purpose. Strong women support other woman and help them achieve their dream. With this purpose I have created my spiritual life coaching platform and my IG page @spiritualbitch__katecast there I explain why the things work (or don’t work) for us and how to find the higher meaning in anything that happens in your life. I believe in leading by example and always trying to be the highest version of myself. What’s your dream title? Miss Elite World would be the dream come truth. Miss Elite World Europe would mean a lot! to me too =)) But already representing my country as Miss Elite World Czechia and being part of this phenomenal contest is amazing. If you were to win, what would it mean to you? If I would win, I would use that title to increase awareness of one’s consciousness, I will work out the program especially for women whom the world have told that they’re not beautiful and good enough to raise their self-esteem and confidence. I would also strongly advocate for animal rights, fight for climate change. I would use my title to share compassion, and kindness in the world. I would suggest that all wars are unnecessary and that we attempt to negotiate instead of utilising wars to solve problems. And spread the message of peace, cooperation and harmony of all living things.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? Never ever put yourself down and always believe in your dreams. Your dreams represent you and why you are here for. Not believing in them is like not believing in yourself and that’s basically the same as not being alive. What have you been doing in the run up to your pageant final? I’m trying to eat more and gain some weight, lol. It might be funny but it’s truth. I have been working as the fashion model for so many years and I’m naturally skinny which I don’t complain about, I love my body just the way it is, but I have always wanted to have more curves. What is your favourite ever appearance? I love my spiritual life coaching project #spiritualbitch (sharing the highest truth and meaning of our life and its circumstances and helping the people to find the happiest version of themselves) in the most funny and understandable way) as well as my food blog @healthysexydiet . I like to share with my followers that there’s not ‘bad’ and ‘good” food and that we shall not be restricting ourselves but rather make any changes (if desired) from the place of self-love and compassion. What makes a good pageant role model? My role model is my mum. She is the most patient and loving person that I know. She has not only taught me, but I have seen her put her needs aside and put those of her children and other people above hers. It is the most important quality that a parent can ever teach her child, so they grow up knowing how to be in the service of others. In the course of my charity works, many times I have been required to put my needs aside for the sake of those who need my help. This would not have been possible had my mum not demonstrated to me the need to be a selfless person. What’s your favourite pageant round? Questions and answers. All the girls are very beautiful, but this is the only one discipline where we can show our personality and intellect a bit more. And for me the sexiest thing about the woman or a man is their intellect. How do you deal with pageant nerves? Just breeeeaaaathe. Simple but cannot stress it enough.

Links Instagram : @katecast @spiritualbitch__katecast @healthysexydiet Website :

Interview with Cristina Feret National Ms. Captivating 2022

What made you enter pageants in the first place? Per a cousin's suggestion, my mom entered me in Detroit's Most Photogenic Baby. I ended up winning my age division and a modelling contract. From there I continued to enjoy pageants and modelling for the next 20 years and beyond. Have you competed before? If so, can you tell us about your journey? I have many Photogenic awards for American Coed and National American Miss. My first big win was Michigan's Perfect Teen in 2012, where the following summer I won the America's Perfect Teen Supermodel title. I've also held divisional and overall titles for Starjewel Pageants. What made you decide to compete in your current system? I always admired Captivating Pageants, but I didn't feel ready to compete at a national level, and so I decided to focus on completing my degree. I watched 3 Captivating National Pageants as a guest,(even cheering a friend into top 5 for Ms. Captivating) before talking with my coach, Rian Valentine, on what pageant would be best for me. She helped me realize that I finally was ready to become the National Ms. Captivating, if I was ready to dedicate time and energy into my crown. What is the best thing that pageants have taught you? As an empathetic person, I tend to put others' needs before my own. Pageants have taught me to take care of myself so I can be my best for others. My physical and mental well-being are above all when it comes to my daily life, and especially when it comes to being my best on the stage.

What’s your pageant platform and why? Mental health awareness is my platform because of my own experiences with depression and anxiety. After speaking to my teenage cousins about their mental health, I realized the topic isn't spoken about as openly as it should be. I was grateful they had someone to turn to for answers with their struggles, but it made me realize how important it was to make sure the world was educated about mental health and illness. What’s your dream title? Being Ms. Captivating definitely has been a dream come true. I have been working with my Captivating family to achieve great success during and after my reign. These new endeavours will be revealed in time, but I am excited to continue to stay heavily involved in pageantry and give back to the industry that opened many doors for me. What was it like when you won? When it was down to the final 2 on stage, I remember feeling excited, nervous, and also prepared for heartbreak. My last pageant, I had placed first runner up, so I was ready for either fate. However, the other girl grabbed my hands tightly and began to tell me, "Today is your day." This was such a special moment because I had competed with her when we were kids. She was right. They called her name for first runner up and we hugged while the shock rushed through my body. The best way I can describe it is pure joy with tons of tears! What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? Be true to yourself. There is no other person like you in this world. Learn what makes you who you are and understand your past and how it shapes who you are today. What have you been doing since you won? I have participated as a judge in numerous pageants, made attended events related to mental health awareness, and began to expand my career as a model. What is your favourite ever appearance? Being a designer for Columbus Fashion Week's Trash Fashion show has been the most fun and stressful appearance I've done. I had 48 hours to design a garment made out of recycled materials and afterwards my model and I won a gift card to our local mall. As a fine artist and model, I found it fascinating to be on the designer’s end of the creation process. What makes a good pageant role model? A role model considers what is best for herself and her community. I think about my little cousins, what I can do to not only be a wonderful Godmother to them, but how I can impact their world. I wish to make the future better for our youth who are living with mental health conditions or have family members struggling with mental Illness. Anywhere I go, if I can make someone smile, then I know I've done my job!

Hi everyone! I have a very exciting announcement! I have been crowned Elite UK ambassador! This is a charity pageant based in Kent for all ages taking place in September . To find out more or even become a finalist you can message me Lots of love Taylor xox

Congratulations to this month’s Quiz Winner

I'm Chantelle Aka Shaz and I am a finalist for Miss Voluptuous pageants! I love adventure and making my dreams a reality! I always try to go out my way to put a smile on people's face regardless of who they are, and I am a true believer that smiling when you wake up is the best medicine to the start of a good day! Supporting Coppafeel and The Samaritans both go together so well considering sometimes it's not always easy to speak to family or friends about how you’re feeling because you don't want to upset them but at the same time being a female, we are terrible for wanting to be strong all the time and forget we are human too! These charities for me are close to me as I have lost loved ones to cancer, and we should listen to our body. I love knowing people can pick up the phone and speak to someone and realise we are in it together. No one needs to struggle alone

Meet the Judges

Geneva Guajardo is the inaugural Mrs. Texas Prime Division XX queen of the newly established Prime Pageants system. She is an assistant manager and social media marketing manager for a local optical. She enjoys gaming and has recently picked up reading again. Her platform is Studying With Purpose, which aims at providing effective & efficient study tips to help prevent academic burnout. Her platform account has reached over 10k students from around the world and this year it’s her goal to bring her platform from the digital world to her community. She plans to accomplish this by speaking to 5 different local/education organizations about coping mechanisms, signs, & prevention of academic burnout. When she’s not mentoring students, she models for local businesses in her hometown and takes dance classes such as ballet/jazz/heel dancing.

Eden McAllister, current Miss Great Britain 2021/22. The first Miss Great Britain to win representing Belfast. Former Miss Teen Galaxy Ireland 2016 and Miss Pageant Girl UK 2019. BSc Criminology and Forensic Science first class honours graduate and currently studying LLM Masters in Law specialising in Human Rights at Queen’s University.

HER Pageantry is an elite Pageant Coaching Academy based in London and Essex that provides an all-inclusive International Pageant experience. We are heavily devoted to actualising your success and bringing out the Queen that's naturally within you. We train entrants to a high professional competing standard, support and represent them in prestigious International Beauty Pageants and opportunities all around the globe.

Interview with Millie Greenway - UK’s National Jr Miss West Midlands

Title, name & age? My name is Millie Greenway, I am 13 and I am your Uks National Jr Miss West Midlands. What made you enter pageants in the first place? The first pageant I entered was Miss Teen Great Britain, I entered in 2019 and I saw on the website that it said it was a confidence booster and as someone who wasn’t always confident, I thought I should give it a go! Have you competed before? If so, can you tell us about your journey? My previous title was Little Miss Teen Coventry, that was my title when I first competed in Miss Teen Great Britain. What made you decide to compete in your current system? Uks National Miss is such an amazing system that has made me feel so welcome. I first watched the 2021 finals on livestream and once I saw Eva Grant, the reigning Uks National Junior Miss, I knew that this system was the one for me! The sportswear round may have also influenced my choice What the best thing that pageants have taught you? Pageants have taught me to have confidence in myself and that it isn’t always about the competition. What’s your pageant platform and why? My pageant platform is Parkinson’s, I picked this charity after my nan sadly passed away on the 28th of November 2021. I was always really close with my nan, and I was heartbroken when she passed. My platform is extremely close to my heart, and I have been very happy to raise awareness about it and to be donating money towards helping this horrible disease. What’s your dream title? My dream title is Uks National Jr Miss because I love what the system stands for and would love the chance to represent it.

If you were to win what would it mean to you? If I were to win it would mean the absolute world to me because of what the system represents, and I think it would give me better opportunities to continue my charity work. One of the things I would do if I were to win would be to host a pageant ball in aid of Parkinson’s Uk and The Christie. What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? The advice I would give to fellow pageant queens and finalists is to give it your all, be yourself, you will have the time of your life and have friendships that last forever. What have you been doing in the run up to your pageant final? In the run up to my pageant finals I have been raising money and awareness for my platform Parkinson’s UK. I have also raised money for the ExtraCare Charitable Trust and over Easter I gave a donation of Easter eggs for their residents. Another charity I have supported is the Christie, I have hosted bake sales, raffles, and football cards to do this. I have enjoyed supporting my fellow pageant girls with their charity events and campaigns and I have also been busy finding outfits for my finals! What is your favourite ever appearance? My favourite appearance so far would be my Easter raffle for The ExtraCare Charitable Trust as not only were the residents delighted with their prizes and the funds raised but I also got to watch them plant a tree in honour of the Queen’s 70th jubilee. What makes a good pageant role model? I think a good pageant role model is someone who is compassionate, determined, and elegant. What’s your favourite pageant round? I am most looking forward to fashion wear, as I believe my fashion wear outfit in particular shows my bubbly personality. It is tough decision as I also love the elegance of the evening round. How do you deal with pageant nerves? I try to channel my nerves and remember to make the most of my time on stage as the judges only get to see me for a short period and I want to walk off the stage knowing I gave it my all.

Interview with Meghan Theresa, Ms. Exquisite Global United 2022

Title, name & age? Meghan Theresa, 37, Ms. Exquisite Global United 2022 What made you enter pageants in the first place? Having a platform for a cause that means a lot to me combined with building confidence and being part of a sisterhood. Have you competed before? If so, can you tell us about your journey? I have competed in charity pageants before. During my first ever charity pageant, I met so many amazing people including a wonderful pageant sister who introduced me to the system that I currently hold a title in, Global United. What made you decide to compete in your current system? Their primary focus is on charity work and helping others. What is the best thing that pageants have taught you? Having the confidence to know how God views me (being fully capable and fully loved) and owning that deep down is crucial to not only achieving goals but also living a fulfilled life regardless of my circumstances.

What’s your pageant platform and why? Anti-human trafficking. I have had a heart for this since 2009 and have done several charity events to help fight against this. What was it like when you won? I was ecstatic. It was truly incredible. What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? You are loved. Believe that for yourself and know it deeply. True beauty comes from the inside out. What have you been doing since you won? I have been doing appearances, articles, interviews, and YouTube videos to spread awareness about human trafficking What is your favourite ever appearance? A radio interview to help spread awareness about human trafficking What makes a good pageant role model? A giving and graceful heart, mind, and soul What’s your favourite pageant round? Evening wear How do you deal with pageant nerves? Pray

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Interview with America’s Elegant Miss 2021, Brooklyn Tippett

Title, name & age? America’s Elegant Miss 2021, Brooklyn Tippett, 20 years old What made you enter pageants in the first place? I was introduced to pageants by a friend. I was always an athletic girl, and this opened a door to a new experience where I could be competitive. Have you competed before? If so, can you tell us about your journey? I have represented as Tennessee in Miss Teen Galaxy, America’s International Miss and Reigning America’s Teen. I have also competed in National America’s Miss, Miss Tennessee Teen USA, Miss Galaxy Teen, and Miss Tennessee Outstanding Teen. My journey has created a lot of development of me. It has built my confidence and I have made a lot of connections. It has moulded me into who I am today. It opened a lot of doors, like modelling and photo shoots. It made me learn more about who I am and what makes me – me. What made you decide to compete in your current system? I met the Director of America’s Elegant Miss during my pageant journey and when she told me about the system, I liked what it stood for. What the best thing that pageants have taught you? The best thing I have learned is that I do not have to go out of my way to be impressive or seem impressive. That’s not what they judges are looking for. The most interesting thing, the most attractive thing about a girl is when she is confident in who she is. They are looking for someone who is comfortable with that and able to express it.

What’s your pageant platform and why? My platform, “A Little Brighter,” advocates for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Once people realize how special they are, their lives can become a little brighter every day. What’s your dream title? Miss Tennessee USA What was it like when you won? When I won America’s Elegant Miss, it was a really pure moment. I was extremely excited. To see the product of a lot of hard work and dedication was really special. What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? You do not need some super out of the world answer to be good at an interview. Study yourself. Don’t walk in thinking you already won. Think what they would miss out on if they do not choose you. What have you been doing since you won? I have had so much fun during my reign. While balancing my life as a college student, I have been to New York Fashion Week twice, and to the Fashion Model Parade in Orlando. Parades and photo shoots were fun. I even got to throw out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game. What is your favorite ever appearance? My favorite appearance was judging a local pageant and getting to see behind the scenes. What makes a good pageant role model? A good pageant role mode is comfortable with herself, well-spoken and servant hearted. What’s your favorite pageant round? Believe it or not, my favorite pageant round is the Interview. This is where I get to show the judges the depth of who I am and not just the surface. How do you deal with pageant nerves? Before I go in or out on stage, I look into my hands and picture myself doing it perfectly.

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America’s Elegant Miss 2021 americaselegantmiss2021

About Samaritans

Whatever you’re facing, a Samaritan will face it with you. Every seven seconds, Samaritans answer a call for help. We’re here, day or night, for anyone who’s struggling to cope, who needs someone to listen without judgement, or pressure. Samaritans is not only for the moment of crisis, but we’re also taking action to prevent the crisis. We give people ways to cope and the skills to be there for others. And we encourage, promote and celebrate those moments of connection between people that can save lives. We offer listening and support to people and communities in times of need. In prisons, schools, hospitals and on the rail network, Samaritans are working with people who are going through a difficult time and training others to do the same. Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy, and Samaritans’ vision is that fewer people die by suicide. That’s why we work tirelessly to reach more people and make suicide prevention

Interview with Miss Exquisite Global United 2022 Hunyah Irfan

Title, name & age? Hunyah Irfan 29 Miss Exquisite Global United 2022 What made you enter pageants in the first place? When I was 6 months ago old my mom entered into baby contest in 1993 where I won as cutest baby award .Then in 2016 I entered Miss All Canadian Pageants Photo Contest and won photogenic award .Then in 2022 I have doing online pageants .For myself ,In my family I am the second titleholder in the family because the first titleholder is Mrs. South Asia International 2017 .Pageantry runs in the family .I continue the legacy of the pageantry. Have you competed before? If so, can you tell us about your journey? Miss Inspiration Canada 2022 social media Miss All Canadian Pageants Bling Mini Pop-Up Pageant 2nd Runner Miss Go Gold 2nd Runner Global Ms. Ontario Tourism 2022 Ms. Canada Spirit of Global United 2022 Caring Hearts Charity Pageant 2022 Best Personality Miss March for Hope Princess Heart Shine Photo Contest 2022 Miss Sparkle Nation International 2022

What made you decide to compete in your current system? I decided to compete in Miss Exquisite Global United Pageant 2022 because I saw the ad on Facebook and the pageant looks amazing .It was international virtual pageants .Being my first international virtual pageant I did .Global United Pageant is genuine pageant I saw the website and it looks amazing and I entered and won Miss Exquisite Global United 2022. What the best thing that pageants have taught you? Best thing pageants have taught me that is new friends you make and there is something to new learn in every pageant. Don’t worry about winning or losing, it’s about the experience in pageants. What’s your pageant platform and why? My platform is mental health awareness and I pick mental health awareness because often there is stigma around mental health .Mental health should be discussed more in families. What’s your dream title? My dream is Ms. Universal Canada. What was it like when you won? Winning for me was amazing moment being announced as titleholder. It was a dream come true winning Miss Exquisite Global United 2022. What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? If you don’t a title don’t be upset, there is always time for improvement. If you don’t win one title, then you win another title. What have you been doing since you won? I have been interviewing Global United Queens on The Hunyah Show Queen To Queen where Global United Queens discuss mental health and daily challenges. I also have my business Care Hangers Online Thrift Store which donates to Global United Pageant.

What is your favourite ever appearance? My favorite appearance is still to come I am still waiting for one in person appearance. What makes a good pageant role model? A good pageant role model is someone who listens, contributes to the pageant system and people are able to work with the titleholder. What’s your favourite pageant round? My favorite pageant round is the interview, which is also tough at times but, there is so much preparation in the interview that I am used to do doing interviews. How do you deal with pageant nerves? I would say don’t panic just think if your attending graduation when you’re at a pageant. Just like in graduation when they announce honours think they are announcing titleholders the same page.

Social Media Handles @Hunyah05 Instagram @OfficalHunyahTravels Instagram Page @TheHunyahShow Instagram Page @CareHangersThriftStore Instagram Page Miss Exquisite Global United 2022 Facebook Page @HunyahTravels1 Tik Tok

May 2022  Charity event hosted by Roberts Abby and Jessica Mary Logan TBC - 28th May in West Midlands Fabulously Fashionable Afternoon Tea - 28th May Aimée Whitton-Model Miss English Beauty 2022 - 28th May Natural Beauty International - 30th May - 4th June June 2022  Miss Grand United Kingdom - 10th June (Provisional date) Miss Inspiration Beauty Pageant - 11th June Phoenix Gala - 11th June in Birmingham Miss / Mr Moonstone - 25th June in Rhyl Confidence reboot retreat - 26th - 27th June held by Tessa Wenn and Clare Worton July 2022  UK's National Miss Pageant - 2nd July Pageant Girl - UK Pageant Organisers - 3rd July Miss Celestine - 3rd July in Sunderland Tracey Tait Natural Beauty Wales - 9th July Miss Universe Great Britain - 9th - 11th July Natural Beauty England - 16th July Miss Voluptuous Pageants - 16th July Miss Eco UK - 16th July Hilton at East Midlands Airport Texan Hoedown BBQ - 23rd July in Wales Danielle Latimer Double header - diamonds are forever & shimmer and shine - 24th July Miss Elegance of the World - 24th July in Blackpool Miss Flawless - 30th July Natural Beauty Scotland - 31st July August 2022  Pure Schedule TBC - 5th - 7th August Miss Glamour UK and Miss British Beauty - 7th August in Kent Crown & Glory European Pageants - 13th August Miss Sovereign GB - 13th August The Roaring 20s - 13th August in Bristol Miss Global Hope - 14th August in Derry

August 2022  Charity Fashion Show Jessica Ingham PT - 19th August in Hartlepool Royal UK Pageants - 20th August Fancy wear by Donna - 27th August September 2022  Miss Britannia Crystal - 3rd September in Wrexham MISS ELITE UK - 4th September in Kent 2022 Warrior Charity Pageant - 17th September in Burntwood Staffordshire Miss Exquisite World - 17th September in Buckinghamshire Miss Pageant Queen UK - 24th September in Crewe October 2022  Miss Fab and Fierce TBC Miss Sparkling Beauty UK - 1st October in Swindon Miss United Kingdom Endeavour - 1st October in Warrington Face of Scotland - Foew.Uk - 1st October in Coatbridge Miss Mystic Beauty - 2nd October in Worcestershire Royal Sapphire - 9th October Miss European Global. - 9th October Miss United Kingdom Rose - 14th and 15th October Little Miss Teen GB and Miss Junior Teen GB - 16th October Miss Teen Great Britain - 18th October Miss Diamond United Kingdom - 28th & 29th October November 2022  Miss International TBC Miss Beauty UK TBC 19th and 20th November Galaxy Pageants Ms and Mrs - 25th November Junior and Teen - 26th November Miss - 27th November December 2022  Welsh Pageant Awards - 3rd December in Caernarfon (Donna Hanks) Miss Christmas star awards and pageant - 11th December

About our new chosen charity: Coppafeel

We are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. We like to talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering people to start healthy habits for life

We want everyone to have the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer. Ideally, we want to live in a world where all breast cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, at which treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher. Although our main focus is on breast cancer education, we also instigated the #RETHINKCANCER Campaign, as we strongly believe young people should be taught about all cancers and how to lead healthy lives from a young age.

To ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly by… •

Encouraging you to check your boobs and pecs regularly from a young age.

Educating you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Empowering you to seek advice from a doctor if symptoms persist.

Interview with Bryana Hampson

Bryana Hampson is new to the pageant world she's just turned 13 and she has been shortlisted for Miss Teen Great Britain in October 2022, Miss UK National Miss and Miss Pageant Girl in July 2022. Bryana is Miss Liverpool Semi Finalist. Bryana had her batmitsvah in February this year which is a girl coming of age ceremony within the Jewish faith and she becomes a woman in the eyes of her religion. She decided for her Batmitsvah year she wanted to enrol doing pageants and has fundraised for Christies and is a young ambassador for a local charity in Merseyside which helps support men and women experiencing domestic abuse which is called Voice4Change as she believes it’s important for young girls and women to understand what domestic abuse is and to understand healthy relationships. Bryana recently on a family holiday to Tenerife participated in an eco-beach clean up to reduce land pollution for Earth World Day and is donating and helping out at Barnardo’s charity. Bryana is sponsored by Vikki for Hair Liverpool, Bellissima Beauty Manchester & MonAmi Clothes Manchester Bryana will be a 3rd generation pageant finalist as her great grandmother was Miss Liverpool and so was her grandmother.

Interview with Darcy Davies-Williams - Eco Pageants UK 2022 Finalist Title, Name & Age? My name is Darcy Davies-Williams, I am 23 years old and an Eco Pageants UK 2022 Finalist. What made you enter pageants in the first place? I first discovered pageantry in the UK after meeting Lauren Parkinson during her charity event back in 2016 which was local to me. I followed Lauren’s reign as Miss Galaxy Wales where I watched her journey at Galaxy internationals and also discovered the likes of Misha Grimes who became our Miss Teen Galaxy. After following pageants for a few years, I finally decided to take that step further and apply in 2019 which is where it all started. Ever since applying, I was welcomed into the pageant community with open arms, and I have never looked back since. Have you competed before? If so, can you tell us about your journey? My first pageant was back in 2019 where I was Miss Wrexham Galaxy 2019/2020. I competed on the national stage at Miss Galaxy UK during the March of 2020 which we were really fortunate for as we went into lockdown the following week due to Covid-19. I knew that this was just the start of my pageant journey and started discovering other systems in the UK during the lockdown and doing my research on the systems in my spare time, leading me to become a finalist for Miss Intercontinental UK 2020. I had watched Miss Intercontinental UK in 2019 as my first live pageant and first appearance which I loved the layout of, and also watched Molly, Catrina and Georgia’s journeys at internationals. Unfortunately Covid-19 stayed around for a lot longer than we expected, meaning our finals in the November of 2020 then had to be postponed until the following year where we competed on the national stage in November 2021. What made you decide to compete in your current system? I took a short break after competing in my last pageant to take some time for myself and to think about where my next journey will lead me. I got to know Molly during my time as a finalist for Miss Intercontinental UK as she was our Miss Intercontinental Wales at the time, having a group zoom call with her and also having the pleasure of spending time with Molly during rehearsals and the finals last November. Molly was happy answering every single question and query I had about Eco Pageants UK and was always so supportive no matter how many times I would pop up. I felt having a director who was 100% approachable, fully supportive and cooperative was really important to have. I loved the look of the Miss Environment system, although it’s a relatively new pageant, it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with and will be a huge success in years to come. With the news of Miss Earth Wales, Scotland and England waiting for be announced, representing Wales at Miss Earth; one of the most prestigious pageants in the world was something I had only ever dreamed of and I knew it came along at the right time for a reason.

What’s the best thing that pageants have taught you? I have taken so much away from pageants, and I’m still learning every single day, but the biggest thing pageants have taught me is to continue working to the best of your ability and never stop. Looking back to how dedicated and hardworking you were will always be an achievement and is something to be proud of. I have set myself goals and targets and focused on self-care throughout my time as a finalist to stay fully on track and to work harder than ever before. Being your own biggest cheerleader will change your whole life, for the better of course! What’s your pageant platform and why? My pageant platform is CARE for the community which is all about giving back and educating people on how they can benefit their local areas. I worked tirelessly on a platform I wanted to create where I could support all the charities close to me. Previously when asked what my platform was, the list was endless! I wanted to design something where I could support them all together, raise more awareness and show my passion for my local area. Since creating my platform last year, I have raised money and supported local charities in my area such as Welsh Women’s Aid, Mind UK, Esclusham Fete, Advanced Brighter Futures, Wrexham Cats Protection, Rhostyllen FC Under 7s & Under 9s, Rhostyllen Netball Team and Aria VS DIPG. The purpose and reason I created CARE for the Community was to encourage more people to learn new ways they can benefit local charities and businesses as well as the surrounding area with the end result of a more engaged and united society within Wrexham however, people all across the nation can use this platform for their own local area. My goal is to interview local businesses and causes to be featured on my CARE for the Community website where local people can go and find out all the different ways to support the area. What’s your dream title? My dream title of course would be Miss Earth Wales. Representing Wales on an international stage has always ignited a fire in me, there is nothing more I would love than to get our small but mighty country on the map. Being able to shout ‘Darcy Davies-Williams, Miss Earth Wales!’ is a vision that I’ve wanted to put into action for the longest time and I would love to make it a reality. If you were to win, what would it mean to you? As the saying goes, it would mean the world to me, and I would be honoured to hold one of the titles. I don’t think I can put into words how much it would mean as I have always aspired to represent my home country at an international level. I think it would definitely take a moment to sink in after visualising it for so long. I would continue to commit myself to the system and ethos fully, working to the best of my ability and showing sheer determination and ambition to uphold the role of the title. I would be confident and excited to experience internationals as I have a passion for travelling after studying Travel & Tourism. I lived in Spain during my childhood becoming fluent in the language meaning I would be able to communicate easily in different languages and experience other cultures. I already have a planner filled with fundraisers and events for the upcoming year that I have been working on where I will be revealing the true potential of my platform. What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens/finalists? The best advice I could give to any pageant queen or finalist would be enjoy yourself and live in the moment. You have worked incredibly hard to get where you are, enjoy yourself! When you wish your life away, you look back at missed opportunities and times where you could’ve done more. By living in the moment, you can appreciate all you have got and what you can change for better. Oh, and don’t forget self-care! What have you been doing in the lead up to your pageant final? In the lead up to Eco Pageants UK, I have been putting everything I possibly can into my preparation. From preparing myself physically and mentally by exercising, eating healthier, taking time for mindfulness, spending time doing self-care to spending time in the studio tweaking my walk and posture.

I have announced my first fundraiser which is my Length of Wales run in aid of the Daisy Chain Project which is the chosen charity for Eco Pageants UK. I will be participating in completing running 270km during June to raise funds for the Daisy Chain Project as well as for every 27km completed, giving a fun fact about Wales.

I have also been using my time as a finalist, attending events both local and around the country, representing

What is your favourite ever appearance? Looking back at all the appearances I have done during my time in pageantry, I would say my favourite appearance to date is climbing Ben Nevis. The reason for this would be because this was both mentally and physically challenging for every single one of us, and we all worked together as a team to complete it, supporting one another no matter how difficult it became at times. At the points where I started to doubt I could do it, I pushed through it and felt unstoppable when I reached the top. It taught me to keep going and to show determination through it all, and to be grateful to the team I had beside me. What makes a good pageant role model? A good pageant role model should be someone who is courageous and fully committed to their system and the system's ethos. They should be able to show true dedication and commitment whether they are a finalist or a titleholder. A good role model is also someone who you can approach with ease, someone who is kind and respectful to others. What’s your favourite pageant round? My favourite pageant round is the opening round. This is the first on stage round where you get to introduce yourself and make a good first impression! I love how fun this round is with a small opening number routine as you can dance the nerves away and you’re on stage with all your fellow contestants. I really enjoy learning the dance routine during the day and finding out what the song will be! I’m especially looking forward to the opening round of Eco Pageants UK as this round is actually judged and we are able to give a small introduction of ourselves before the other rounds. How do you deal with pageant nerves? The best tip I have learnt is to be grateful and show gratitude as this feeling takes over the nerves. Also, enjoy yourself. You have worked as hard as you possibly can in the lead up and have done amazing to get where you are, so go out there, strut your stuff and have the best time!

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Kristin King, Classic Ms Regency International 2021 was crowned last July at the Regency International Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a survivor herself, she is a passionate advocate for domestic violence awareness. In addition, as an Engineering Manager with Solidigm Technology, she advocates for increased access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) education. She is also a wife, mother, and new grandmother! She loves the supportive atmosphere of pageantry with women helping and encouraging other women!


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