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Artwork: Golden by Maya Drake, 11th grader at Charleston County School of the Arts

Honoring Charleston’s Class of 2021 JUNE 16, 2021 • charlestoncitypaper.com


Charleston County sChool DistriCt GraDuation 2021 Ceremonies CCSD HIGH SCHOOLS IN-PERSON GRADUATION CEREMONIES Each school will hold an outdoor, in-person ceremony using COVID-19 protocols. Academic Magnet High School Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston) Baptist Hill High School Friday, June 18, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Brockington Herne Stadium (Baptist Hill’s campus) Burke High School Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Johnson Hagood Stadium (The Citadel) Charleston Charter School for Math & Science Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Johnson Hagood Stadium (The Citadel)

Graduation 06.16.2021

Charleston County School of the Arts Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston)


James Island Charter High School Friday, June 18, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Floyd E. Hiott, Jr. Memorial Stadium (James Island’s campus) Military Magnet Academy Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston) North Charleston High School Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston) R.B. Stall High School Friday, June 18, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston) St. John’s High School Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Robert Biggerstaff Field (St. John’s campus) Septima P. Clark Academy Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Hibbie Ayoub Stadium (Garrett’s campus)

Early College High School Friday, June 18, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston)

Wando High School (three ceremonies) Friday, June 18, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.; Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.; and Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 6:00 p.m., District 2 Regional Stadium (Wando’s campus)

Greg Mathis Charter High School Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. District 4 Regional Stadium (in North Charleston)

West Ashley High School Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Wildcat Stadium (West Ashley’s campus)


By John J. Tecklenburg As mayor, nothing gives me more pride in our city, or more hope for its future, than the fine young men and women who graduate each year from our area high schools. Which is why I’m so pleased that City Paper has given me this opportunity to congratulate you, the Class of 2021, as you celebrate that singular achievement. Over the past thirteen years, with the help of parents, teachers, loved ones and friends, you have done the hard and happy work of preparing yourselves for a life well-lived — a life of meaning, of accomplishment, of service, of joy. And as a result, you have earned not just the diploma you’ll soon receive, but the abiding respect of your fellow Charlestonians as well. Now, as that life you’ve been preparing for is about to begin, I’d like to offer two thoughts that have made a difference in my own life — thoughts that I believe are particularly relevant in these difficult times. The first is from the great American

writer Maya Angelou, who tells us, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” And the second is from the renowned statesman, Mahatma Gandhi, who reminds us that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” These simple quotes speak to the very essence of a successful life, in these times or any other — a life built on the solid foundation of hope, courage, steadfastness and love. And so, Class of 2021, with that, I’d like to thank you for reading these words — and for doing all the hard work that made this achievement possible. The next great adventure is about to begin for you. Congratulations again. And now, get out there and start making a great life for yourselves.

John J. Tecklenburg is the mayor of the City of Charleston.

Everyday Blessings By Gerrita Postlewait Graduation from high school is an important milestone that you, your parents and family will remember forever. We celebrate and applaud the completion of your K-12 education. Although your senior year was interrupted by the uncertainties and challenges of a world pandemic, you had an opportunity to develop new perspectives, gain a new appreciation for everyday blessings, and become more resilient human beings. You finished strong, and over time, we hope that what you remember and come to reflect about most is how, in 2021, you overcame challenges, built stronger relationships and developed greater

self-reliance. You faced an adverse situation, and you prevailed! I am excited for each of you as you transition to postgraduate life in pursuit of your unique dreams. Your future will be as bright as you make it, and I challenge you to be a difference maker as you move into the world of work or college and service to others. It has been a privilege to serve alongside the outstanding teachers and administrators who have helped guide your success both inside and outside your school walls. With great pride in your achievements, we congratulate you, the Class of 2021, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Godspeed.

“You finished strong, and over time, we hope that what you remember and come to reflect about most is how, in 2021, you overcame challenges, built stronger relationships and developed greater self-reliance.” Gerrita Postlewait is superintendent of schools for the Charleston County School District.


A Successful Life



Class of 2021 carries memories of classmates, teachers with them moving forward By Skyler Baldwin



Graduation 06.16.2021


he students of Charleston County Schools’ graduating class of 2021 have been through a lot in the last year, so they can now sit down and catch their breaths after receiving their diplomas. But despite the struggles, many of the memories they made during their times at school will stick with them for years to come. “Magnet really is the best possible high school I could have been at,” said Lily Lassiter, an Academic Magnet High School graduate. “None of this would have been possible without the support and help of my family — my parents, twin sister and grandmother — and of course, the support of teachers and mentors at the school.” She isn’t the only one who feels that way. Felix Von Asten, a fellow Magnet graduate, said support from the school helped him and others push through the challenges of the last year. But, he said it may have been spirit week that really gave him the boost he needed to cross the finish line. Denney “Having our whole community come together after having worked so hard at Magnet, that week is the one we get to really let loose and have fun and enjoy ourselves and our community,” he said. “I’m really going to miss that.” Sometimes the greatest support system in a school is from your peers. Perhaps no one knows this better than students at Early College High School (ECHS), which celebrated its first graduating class since opening in 2017. “In my class, we never had more than 70 or so students, so we all really knew each other,” said ECHS graduate Lillian Avery. “Because we were all going through the same classes, it was nice that we all knew what each other was going through class-wise. And, we didn’t really have cliques,” she continued. “We were all so kind and were there to help each other. Being independent and totally responsible for your own work is really tough.”

Class of 2021 adapted to new normals in last year of high school

Lily Lassiter

Tina Robinson “There were no popular students,” echoed ECHS graduate Tina Robinson. “There wasn’t anyone we all didn’t know, and we all got together as a family. That’s something I will take with me for the rest of my life — to really make connections with people.” The small classes and relative newness of the school, which meets at Trident Tech’s Palmer campus downtown, helped students bond with teachers, said principal Vanessa Denney. “They came to us, literally signed up before we ever opened,” she said of the graduating class. “They believed in this dream that is ECHS. They took a chance, and kept taking chances. This class holds a special place in our hearts.” That memory may be even more solidified after Denney’s cancer diagnosis during the inaugural year of ECHS, a harrowing point in her life and her students’ academic careers. “They rallied around me and shared that perseverance with me, and no matter what I was facing personally, they were going to make sure that ECHS was ok, and they were going to take care of their responsibilities. In so many ways, they as a group created ECHS.” “Ms. Denney — she’s always told us that she felt like our school mom, and she was always really there for us,” Avery added. ”We all really had a connection with her, and I remember we had a day when everyone dressed up all in pink for breast cancer awareness

Felix Von Asten Photos by Ashley Rose Stanol

and we surprised her with it. We all just wanted to get together to show her how much we cared.” Von Asten will be attending New York University and studying business. He isn’t sure what exactly he wants to do with his studies, but is tossing around options like investment banking and finance. Lassiter will be attending Yale University and is planning to double major in music and an undetermined STEM field. She said while she loves music, she doesn’t see herself making a career out of it, and wants to study something in medicine. Avery will be attending College of Charleston this fall to study education. She plans on becoming a teacher, probably starting at the elementary level before moving up to high school education. She said the decision was partly inspired by the teachers she had at ECHS. Robinson is also pursuing a career in education, and has accrued 500 hours of student teaching experience through the Teacher Cadet program.

This year’s graduating class had to fight tooth and nail for what others might take for granted during a “normal” high school year — like the simple act of sitting at a desk in a classroom. “It was definitely a big adjustment, going virtual,” said Academic Magnet High School graduate Lily Lassiter. “I was online for the whole first semester, until about February. I’m glad the end of my senior year was somewhat normal, even if the first half wasn’t.” Lassiter’s principal, Catherina Spencer, said this year’s graduating class had to learn life lessons that no other class before them has had to learn. “I have told this class that they are not better in spite of what we’ve had to go through, but they’re better because of it,” Spencer said. “We all had to learn new lessons in terms of flexibility, passion and hearing each other’s voices … and hopefully no other class in the future will have to learn these in such a time-sensitive way.” But, many students and school leaders look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment after having made it through all the change and challenges brought about by the pandemic. “I think it feels triumphant,” said Early College High School principal Vanessa Denney. “Any time you face an obstacle that seems daunting or even completely unimaginable at the start, and then you look back and realize that each obstacle was overcome, it’s triumphant. Back in August, we couldn’t even picture what school was going to look like, let alone finishing a year.” Denney’s students, being the first graduating class of Early College High, were no strangers to adapting to new norms. “I’ve always been able to adapt to new classrooms,” said graduate Lillian Avery. “But this last year was a bit more difficult. I had a lot of teachers who were really great about having open communication through the pandemic, but some teachers weren’t so great about that, but that’s just virtual life — it’s not for everybody.” Denney said what she witnessed throughout the school year during the pandemic was an ebb and flow — of students, of fear, of danger. But, one constant was change. Spencer said she hopes manby of those changes and lessons schools were forced to learn this last year stick around. “Virtual learning should have been a reality a long time ago — the tech has been here for well over a decade,” she said. “What I really look forward to now, if there’s a silver lining to the pandemic, is making virtual learning a possibility for students who have to be out of the classroom for any reason moving forward.” But Spencer said she hopes the need for such technology and adaptation isn’t so dire in the future.


By Skyler Baldwin


The first big step By Andy Brack To the graduates of the Class of 2021: Congratulations. This month, you don caps and gowns and celebrate making it through 12 years of schooling, from days when you memorized multiplication tables and printed in big letters to the high school years of writing essays, analyzing data, and interacting with friends and teachers. This year has been different than any in recent memory, which, in and of itself, makes it special and memorable. You had to learn how to go to school in a new way—with masks, hand-washing, plexiglass dividers and social distancing. But you did it. And now, thanks to more and more South Carolinians being vaccinated, your graduation is in-person with friends and family members so you can share the joy of moving to the next stage of your life. The Charleston City Paper, in coordination with the Charleston County School District, offers this special keepsake graduation edition to honor your years in local public, charter and private schools. This 32-page publication includes the name of every high school graduate in Charleston County that we were able to collect. (If your name isn’t published, please get your school to contact us.) Throughout these pages, please also notice the broad community support you have from Mount Pleasant and the peninsula to James Island, West Ashley and North Charleston. Companies from all



over the area believe in you and your future. Thanks to their additional support, we are able to spread the word about you and your classmates and what you have accomplished. We honor your hard work by publishing your We honor your accomplishments and singing your praises widely. hard work by Like us, you’re now free, publishing your independent and local. Celebrate your success. accomplishments But also make your and singing your habit of learning over the last dozen years become a praises widely. habit of lifelong learning. Continue to read and study. Keep pushing the envelope to expand your knowledge and expertise. Show up at the voting booth. And make sure to put your talents to use to help people wherever you live your life.

Editor: Sam Spence Staff: Skyler Baldwin, Samantha Connors, Chelsea Grinstead, Parker Milner, Michael Smallwood Cartoonists: Robert Ariail, Steve Stegelin Photographer: Rūta Smith Contributors: Vincent Harris, Robert Moss, Alex Peeples, Michael Pham, Rex Stickel, Kevin Wilson, Vanessa Wolf, Kevin Young Published by City Paper Publishing, LLC Members: J. Edward Bell | Andrew C. Brack Views expressed in Charleston City Paper cover the spectrum and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. Charleston City Paper takes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. © 2021. All content is copyrighted and the property of City Paper Publishing, LLC. Material may not be reproduced without permission. Proud member of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and the South Carolina Press Association.

Andy Brack is publisher of the Charleston City Paper.

Graduation 06.16.2021



HATS OFF TO THE CLASS OF 2021! Graduates read the


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Graduation 06.16.2021



Thomas Joseph Abraham Rachel Ann Ackerman Emma Marie Anderson Grace Ann Anderson Nicholas Alexander Apostolou Taylor Montgomery Aquino Aiden Patrick Astle Jack Edward Austin Justin Baek Macon Griffin Bauknight Colby Isaiah Beaver Eric Vernon Beaver Alan Yuchen Bi Lillian Stephanie Bluestein William Thomas Boyd Collin John Brientnall Kaila Amia Brown Haley Elizabeth Bryan Conolly Benjamin Burgess Connor Adam Kenneth Burrill Amelia Grace Butcher Sophia Claire Butcher Julia Morgan Camp Emily Deppe Campbell Dylan Jacob Carter Mattia Luigi Cassell Owen Christopher Adams Chapman Kaitlyn Minh-Tam Chau Maisie Elizabeth Cochran Owen Thomas Conley Anna Ridgeway Cook Kristen Veree Cooper Lydia Rose Cox Prudence Marie Criscuolo James William Culler, III Evan Connor Daniels Isabella Sophia Darce Cameron Dawson Carmen Francesca Del Mastro Ansel Morales Dietrich Christina Michelle Dolan

CONGRATULATIONS RAPTORS! Brendan Patrick Elliott Belol Avaz Emenov Landon Christopher Ethredge Lillian May Feingold Ashley Lee Fister Aidan Patrick Flinton Pilar Marie Florez Tonisha Sharee Forrest Andrew Patrick Forsyth Adam Shaw Frye Serenity Ann Gainey Connor Michael Gale Keiry Chantel Garcia Mora Jeremy Odell Garza Adam James Gatch Christian Becker Geils Emily Jane Griffin Jason Guo Ishraq Aziz Haque Gabrielle Amelia Hart Sean Stuart Healy Leah Grace Heineck Thomas Martin Henry Alexander Henry Hernandez Joel Everett Herndon Grace Cathryn Hill Marshall Phillip Hodges Liana Suzanne Horner Hannah Alara Hughes Simon James Hughes Sydney Elise Isaacks Mohamed Walid Ismail Tate Shaughnessy Jennings Tabitha Catherine Nichole Johnson Kyle Liam Jonsson Charles Milford Jordan, III Alyssa Kathryn Lyn Kapinos Mary Katherine Kerrigan Colton Cawley Kilgallen Whitney Elizabeth Knotts Lily Adele Fu Lassiter, Val

Jennifer Jing yi Lee Simon Yecheng Li Benjamin Moshe Lipschutz Ruth Meixin Liu Johannah Lynn Lonyo Morgan Alexandra Macdonald Mark Daniel Maci Anna Grace Maher Emma Kate Martin Sophia Lynne Martuscello Jocelyn Monique Massenet Katherine Eileen Massie Casey Jordan Matthews Jonathan Elias McCall Emma Hayden McLain Trinity Lyn McManus Aidan Thomas McPherson Charles Robert Medlock Ishaan Somya Mehrotra Brooks Andrew Melton, Jr. Ruth Chandler Middleton Carson Randolph Moore Devon Sierra Mulligan Shreyas Harshad Mytri Christian David Nelson Sarah Fair Nelson Madeline Hudson Nguyen Sophie Y-Nhi Nguyen Olivia Grace Niesse William Wenshu Novak-Condy Frances Louise O’Shea Lillian Carson O Charles James Olsen Rey David Ortiz Bautista Evelyn Grace Otis Ethan Adams Ouellette, Sal Maya Ramesh Pai Rawisara Pansap Janice Park Nicholas Ryan Patterson Matthew Marco Porzio


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Nora Marie Powell Disha Qanungo William Porter Quantz Michelle Ren Casey Allen Richmond William James Rocco Mary Josephine Routh John Roger Rowe, III Adam Harden Rubinstein Anyjah Kamari Lashae Sally Valeria Isabel Salvatierra-Palacios Catherine Aiden Santos Preston Grey Sessoms Brady Theodore Siegan Hayden Cole Southworth George Wells Sterrett Johanna Tate Stone Allison Caroline Streck Karoline Kelly Surdyk Elizabeth Gray Taylor Julia McCabe Templeton John William Thomas Molly Catherine Tippey Henry Harton Tschantz Jack Robert Tucker Nicole Marie Tufts Miles Ethan Turk Arthur Manning Unger Felix Anton von Asten Sylvia Wray Watkins Sophia Lewis White Benjamin Robert Whitley Briana Ahman Williams Timothy Alexander Wilson Lily Linnea Wolf Liam Dennis Wood Vivien Yang Mason Audrey Yost Porter Dort Zach


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Tra’Shona Kimora Chania’ Green Jamauri Richaun Harris Willie Kendell Hines Jr. Kyla Cheyenne Hutchinson, Val Michael Andrew Hutchinson Jamell Maurice Jackson Amariya Alanze’ Jenkins Jacoby Carrington Johnson Qwana’jah Laneeke Johnson TaNiya Janae Johnson Anastasia Te’Anya Camisha Jones Kayla Pierria King Amuri Nariah Hillery Lance Adrian Mikez Lockwood Ronald Lavelle Lockwood Jr. J’Niyah Moniek Long Ta’Nyia Javonna Macon Jamya Imani Manigault Orion Cato Maxwell Antonio Montez McCray Joy Alecia McCray Ashia Samantha Moore Davashia Tamage Morris Daveshia Tamaja Morris Byron Michael Murphy Jaelen DeShawn-VonShay Murray Dominic LaPaule Nelson Teosha Keyrell Nelson Bryant Lee Polite Jr. Omarr Rishard Polite

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“Commendations to the Burke High School Class of 2021. Your mark in history began at birth; but, your legacy of perseverance and success is solidified today, your graduation day.” -Cheryl F. Swinton, Principal, M.S., M.Ed., GCDF




Graduation 06.16.2021

Winter Irie Barnwell Bre’Anjonai Ky’Asia Blake-Townsend Ta’Miyra Nizhya Brisbane Terrance Terron Markesis Brown Rosalyn Ragene Bryant Keandre Dominique Treyvon Butler Avery Demetrius Cason Dejanae’ Ariyanah Coaxum Ka’Zorain O’Neal Sanquel Darby Keandre Jayshawn Deas Jessica Delgado, Val Maleek Rashaad Ferguson Jaylen Patrick Ford Davon’ta Raquan Frazier Donnelle Lamart Gathers Isaiah JuWon Gilliard Ashanti Niazjah Green Jazmyne Shidae Green I’Jah Denise Simone Hill Amauri Chellerese Holmes Kenneth Laron Lee Horry Jamila Kakita Jenkins Niya Lenay Jones Zana’ya Monet Jones Zy’Nasia Quinique Kima’jha Lance Janay Sa’Ronna Loyd T’Kai Christopher Samuel Madison


Emily Maldonado-Hernandez Monica Selena Masias Tyaunna Monay Matthews TeAsiah Nequan Meggett Carnatrian Thomsina Miles Errin Pearly-Kai Morris Yemani Nevaeh Nesbitt Daniel Isaiah Ordonez Jesus Quinones-Medrano Tanea A’hlece Rambert Phillip Jerome Richards Rodulfo Davilmar Roblero-Vasquez Kaitlyn Toni-Denise Scott Ranaijha India Lachae Simmons Angel Nevaeh Simmons-Bocanegra Dalazia Damonye Smith Kayla Danielle Smith Taiwan Shakeem Smith Makelya Malaun Stevens Nicholas Tyrell Washington Taylar Mone Webb James Raymond White Parrish Lisa White Anthony Yata Moreno Fernando Yata Ramos Benny Geronimo Yata-Yata, Sal


CONGRATULATIONS TIGERS! Lillian Grace Avery Tyler Britton Baize Johnathan Cole Baker Aaron Bradlee Booth Taliya Amauri Stardasha Brown Tatyanna Le’Shawney Amoy Brown Ethan Michael Bryant James Kaleb Carter Keywan Marques Cash-Cooper Eric Robert Center Wylen Brixx Comilang Cortez Shawn Alexander Cox Lauryn Kay Daley John Cameron Dobson Logan Maxwell Elias Azaria Shawntese Ervin Jaelin Cynniya Ervin Denesha Keyosha Evans Ruby Fabre Alexis Lynn Fielding-Williams Kyra Elizabeth Freeman Abisaid Garcia Daniel Lee Glover Brian Lawrence Goss Dylan Matthew Thomas Griffith Ivy Shellae Grinnage Rachel Lashell Heyward Isis Ja-Myia Holcomb Hannah Elizabeth Holst Jocelyn Cristina Jimenez Pena Kaitlyn Michelle Johnson Qwana’jah Laneeke Johnson Kaylyn Alexis Jones Ramon Tamiekais Jones Ethan Tyler Keen Cooper Kopsak

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Andrea Guadalupe Alvarez Lopez Raul Eduardo Alvarez Lopez Victoria Jadyn Anastasis, Sal Saray Arenas Nava Oneil Christopher Bernard Jordan Eric Vandell Blake Marckalia Mignon Bright Danny De’Shaun Brisbane Kason Jonahan Brown Corben Paul Campbell Kaila Olivia Campbell Rylan Cade Campbell Collin William Collins John Edward Collins Angel Contreras Bruna Vitoria Messias De Jesus, Val Jenitza Diaz Morales Perla Rene Duran Kynaja Tanea Fludd Alex James Fobbs Tracey Rakim Frasier Amiyah Lanae Frazier Jorge Gamez Cuevas Brian Garcia Solano Santos Jared Garcia-Vazquez Amanda Joyce Grant Angelo Michael Green Keira Reese Griffith Quincy Kohl Hamilton Tolia Janet Louise Harris Dekhari Antonio Jenkins Jamonte Jake Jenkins Jaylin Jerome Jenkins Emili Juares Portillo Miguel Angel Lopez-Lopez Sean Tarae Lowry Laura Ximena Luna Flores

Xavier Ivan Matos Torrey Lamar Matthews London Dior McClair Shawn Kevonte McNeil Adam London Miller Charles Thomas Mixon Caleb Pearce Montgomery Aaliyah Sasha Moore Miguel Nathaniel Moultrie Cameron Izayah-Darnell Neeley Argenys Yampol Nunez Lopez Johneia Armani Odom Ja’Qwan Ishmael Pinckney Cheryl Aaliyah Pratt Luis Gerardo Prospero Gomez Jacqueline Ceja Renteria Faviola Rivera Ramires Jonquez Landis Rodgers Jahir Elain Rodriguez Becerra Taylor Savanna Roper Jaylin Marquise Simmons Kazadia Lanae Smalls Robert James Anthony Snelson Kinleya Monezja La’Rose Tre’Alaise Tolbert AnDric Shaleek Toomer Lauren Victoria Tumolo Nadia Zuriany Velasquez Roblero Corey Jeremiah Washington Rinardo Davon Washington Adrianna Nechole Whitaker Dasani Anastajga Williams Christian Alexis Yata Angelina Marie Zamudio Alexis Ruby Zilli Hernandez


Myla Amori North Destyni Alaiyza Pugh Juan Santiago Ramirez-Juarez Juan Carlos Reyes Sanchez Kyjuan Dominique Rivers Zyquan Robinson Lalove L. Shine Malique Jar’rell Simpson, Sal Tre’von Ollie Spillers-Ferrell Ethan JaeQuan Steed Joshua Cecil Stevenson Trenton Andrew Tolbert Ta’riq Xavier Ulmer Bralin Kristofer Velasquez Hernandez Axel Amilcar Villatoro Velasquez Jalen Emmanuel White Nautica Zeriah Williams Amyah Nicole Wright Cristian Zavala Perez



Quinniah Armani Kierra Brown Tekiesha Rinay Deas Shania Lashay Fulton Aaliyah Candance Head, Val Diamond Jahlita King LaDestiny Tiawanna Lee

JenAisha T. McLaurin, Sal Jarell Tremayne Smalls Allen Leon Simmons Dymasja Elizabeth Cashmay’a Taylor Alyasia Amari West Quinterrion Synceir Williams


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Alexandria Patricia Archie Omari Breshers Joshua Xavier Brooks Aysha Chanel Brown Kayata T. Clinton Anthony Cruz Galindo Brandon Michael Fancy Keisai Tiazahne Fleming Jayden Termaine Grey Isaiah M. Griffin Angel Gabriel Hernandez Servin Kaytron Aziyah Holmes, Val Lamar Alexander Holmes Benjamin De’Angelo Hunt Jesus Armando Jaime Franco Ramon Tamiekais Jones Keiari Major Satoya Shamaree Martin Alexa Mendez Brayan Daniel Montero Olmedo


Graduation 06.16.2021



Waleed Alquza Rylee Bagwell Ethan Baly Isaac Barney Halle Barnwell Emma Barrier Jordan Bartemeyer Sydney Bates William Baxley Jaycee Beckham Matthew Beitel Malaka Belser Samuel Blount Anna Bowden Dax Bowden Clare Boyer EllaGrace Bradley John Bryant Mary Ella Bryant Caroline Campbell Jackson Canon Caleb Carbone Cade Carpenter Jordan Carretta Devan Chorbajian Douglas Coker Matthew Colshan Alexander Costanzo Samantha Cowart Joseph Cradock Kellen Cuppy Sophia Daniel Keisean Deas Gabriel Deavenport Julia Deen Ethan Deer Henry Dew John Dhabliwala William Donnelly Ansley Donovan


CONGRATULATIONS LANDSHARKS! Bryce Dostert Aidan Ennist Matthew Evans Fletcher Files Kelly Flattery Breann Fogle Zayona Ford McCoy Fowler Avery Frazeur Carter George Parker Gibbons Madelyn Gilbert Madison Gillen Annaliesa Gowe Logan Granger Chandler Griffin Randarius Gulley Daunta Hagler Margaret Happel Zuri Harris Ella Hawsey Mason Hayes Willa Hayward Andrew Hewitt Madison Hill Taylor Hills Cassandra Hunt Emily Hurteau Grayson Hutchins Catherine Isaacs Abigail Jones Katherine Keating Nathan Kitchens Sean Kittrell Paige Klimas Hannah Korson Wesley Kramer Anna LaPorte Michael Lee Daniel Light

Adam Lipsky Britton Logan Kathryn Looby Jackson Lynch Joseph McCormack Alaina McIlwain Mia Medina-Amores Jorge Medina-Valencia Bryce Merling Mary Miller Maya Miller Taylor Moore Kaylee Moskos Valentina Mosquera Kylie Mullis Aspen Nestler Emma Netherton Constance Noland Kayla Oh Carson Paluscsak Matthew Parry Lucy Peacock Alexis Perry Landon Peters Michael John Petry Hannah Picinich Jacob Pitsis Clarissa Poston Dollie Powell Ansley Pridemore William Prioleau Aiden Quertermous Monte Reichard Anthony Rhodan Kennedy Rhue Karlin Ripperda Ryan Rogers Mali’ Sampson Kylie Scantlin Lindsey Schatz


Emma Schimpf Hannah Shatz Carlee Singletary Emily Skillman Ethan Slocum Dillon Smith Elise Smith Morgan Smith Maxwell Sobel Nathaniel Soto Ariel Spach Jacob Sparks Richard Stanton Reese Stebbins Charlotte Stiles Molly Grace Storm Scott Templeton Kylagh Tew Benjamin Thompson Eden Thompson Hugh Thompson Blaine Throckmorton Bryce Throckmorton Tess Tifft Savannah Tiller Maxim Traverse Rachael Tuck Charles Van Slyck Ted Van Thullenar Sidney Vincent Reese Vorster Joel Walker Haley Waller Holland Wallman Abigail Ware Haagen Williams Hanna Worel Jackson Yager Isabella Zarzaca

NORTH CHARLESTON HIGH SCHOOL Alexander, Timorai Tinasia Aaliyah Alston, Emonie Dez’monay Andrews-Richardson, Tristen Pierre Attah, Omar Ibhrim Beall, Aniyah Mikayla Beaton, Za’Neara S Bellamy, Kni’Jha Nevaeh Bolton, Kay’Orjania E Bolton, Santonio DaQuan Boone, Raheem Rashad Brightman, Zoriah Aiyonna LeShea Brooks, Arzhane’ Veronica Brown-Delesline, Mashiya Ashish Brown, Arianna De’Aisa Brown, Jarvis Antwan Buchan, Christian Ethan Burns, Destiny Malijah Burns, Zyasia ShyAnn Burton, Joan Bush, Rosa Faye Capers Anderson, Ciera Amari Carroll, Steven Clark, Aaleila Mya Nicole Clayton, Dakarai Lamont Cohen, Keniah Sherell Crook, Janasia La Joy Davis, Zariah Anailae Derieux, Erin Elizabeth Dickson, Nakia Kalik Drayton, Mckayla Lynn Drayton, Michael Christopher Early, Trinity Asia Elias, Logan Maxwell Ellison, Khani Antonio

Fisher, Princess Lenora Fluker, Tamya Latiea Fowler, David Deyshon Fyall, Tatiana Geraya Gadsden, La’Darius Lee Gainor, Ke’hajahnea Simone Gayle, Javon Rashawn Gayle, Luke L. Graham, Parker Phoenix Grinnage, Ivy Shellae Grinnage, Noah Stephan Hamilton, Corey Lavar Hamilton, Nautika Aliyah Hardee-Yeadon, Jalel Lamont Hayes, Christopher Trevon Holmes, Florence Ebony Howard, Dajanae Lavasha Jacome Garcia, Maria Emily Jant, Shelice Nyeela Mary Jenkins Graham, Carlese Shamy’a Jenkins, Eshanta Shennia Jenkins, LaShonda Shanie Johnson, Jack Douglas Johnson, Keisean Alexander Johnson, Kevin Angel Jones, Kaylyn Alexis Jones, Theresa Davanna, Val Lawson, Joseph Edward Lee, J’Veon Tyrell Levine, Avron Tracey Little, Tyrek Nasir Lloyd, Ja’Maya Victoria Anaisa Lockwood, Nyla Anye Mack, Hasan Abdullah

Mack, Michael De’Shawn Mack, Murray J Madrid-Chavarria, Angie Gissel Major, Kierra Ajai Marroquin-Hernandez, Sheyla Ninnel Maxwell, Priya Ah’mauri McClennon, Cihera ArReil McNeil, Jarvon Teirre Meeks, Jamie Alexis Lynn Mitchell-Smalls, Tranell Marie Molina Martinez, Jonathan Domingo Montgomery, Adrian Cordell Morehead, Vanetta Leanne Mulligan, Sha-Lil Daquan Murphy, Joemal Keivion Nesbitt, Kaylin Tierra Partridge, Malakai Lorenzo Phoenix, Nikia Symone-Janell Pinckney, Rashard Latrell Planter, Jada Latrice Praleau, Shironn Khaliyah Prioleau, Chassity Monique Rambert-Smalls, Tyler Tramell Malaky Ravenel, Michael Brian Reed, Kerchief C. Reyes Condado, Edith Reyes, Jade Devine Rivers, Aaliyah Nyasia Rivers, Naryah De’avion Robertson, Anysa Tatiyana Robinson, Tina, Sal Rolon, Justice Nobel Rowe, Jack Benjamin

Russo, Matthew James Samuels, Kesiah Monajah Sartin, Ryan J Seabrook, Idaija Alysse Shannon, Crystal Desiree Sheppard, Deamonte Latregus Sheppard, DeaShante Samaria Silva-Gutierrez, Araseli Simmons, Alieceia Kiara Simmons, De’Asya Mone`t Simmons, Donald Joseph Simmons, George Raenard Singley, Rachel Alexis Marie Smalls, Amarriona Chade Sosa Benitez, Karina Trinidad Stokes, Semaya Maryssa Taylor, Michael James Taylor, Zanieyah Dai’Lashon Thompson, Itayshia I’isha Shacoya Thompson, Timya Rashaun VanBuren, Brionna Minjonet Walker, Princess Priscilla Wallace, Khayla Latavia Washington, Courtland Alexander Washington, Dimonasia Kayla Washington, Jaquez Markeil Washington, Nadia Amerra Williams, Jaedon Andrew Williams, Jordan Anthony Wilson, Nakira Catrell Wright, J’Asia Imari Denise Wright, Jazmyne Valaysia



Responsible Attorney: Ken W. Harrell, Esq.; 5861 Rivers Ave, N. Charleston





Graduation 06.16.2021



Angel Misraym Aceves-Gamez Nataija Danisha Ackies Jennifer Aleman Miron Alberto Josue Alfaro Zelaya Karen Alonzo Noriega Nyreon Thean Alston Mikey Amilcar Kleigh Christopher Anderton Daniela Angel Ortiz Jose Julian Aparicio Austin Isaiah Luis Aquino Ivania Lisbeth Arce Reyes Evan Arredondo Christopher Ascencio Enriquez Monserrat Avila Reyes Kelis Semaj Bailey Anna Maria Mackenzie Baker Marneza Levalanese Barker Silvia Adela Maria Bautista Guerra Alexis Benjamin Justin Jabori Bennett The-Ron Curry Dewayne Bond Gaven Will Desharr Bowden Elizabeth Susanne Bowling-Martinez Jocelyn Alexandria Bowling-Martinez Toriana Sadae Brewer Mikayla Chyann Brogdon Jaden Kentrell-Carone Brown Jamaal Ramone Brown Jayla Monae Brown Jazmin Brianna Brown Kiara Mei-Ling Brown La’neshia De’amanta Brown Ta’teonna Tiajia Brown Tatyanna Le’Shawney Amoy Brown Jayvon James Jordon Brown Monty Russell Bruce Zariah Chauncie Burgess Twanaeja Makayla Burnell Marquez Aaron Burns Chrishara Journey Cade Ka’tron Maurice Detron Campbell David Cano

Simone Leasia Capers Jessica Castro Melody Michel Castro Santos Valeria Nazareth Castro Varicelli Dajsha Denise Shaudai Ceasar-Tindal Daisy Victoria Cedillo Perez Eric Robert Center Luis Alberto Cervantes Rivera Joshua Louis Chapman Devron Deron Chestnut Mary-Caitlin Elizabeth Chestnut Zair O’Neal Chisolm John Louis Church Jabaree Amir Clark Alexandria Nicole Clarke-Ivey Kamari Tyrez Coaxum Malachi Devon Cohen Francisco Contreras-Mendoza Ny’asia Da’nae Cooper Wendy Cordova-Huerta Leslie Coronado-Hernandez Ruddy Emanuel Cotto Rosario Stacceiy Siaara Crawford Rebekkah Elizabeth Creel Alejandro Cruz Hernandez Manuel Cruz-Tellez Antinazhia Ki’Yanna Dantzler Ty’Asia Amani Davis Nyla Michelle Delaney Riley Katherine Denton Daniela Diaz Layla Alissa Dominguez Jaden Breon Husan Dotson Malik John Dwayn Douglas Jerome Lamare Messiah Drayton Promise Destiny Naveah Drayton Quinnard Zion Drayton Zoila Duque Montano Carmen Duque-Montano Javier Duran Tovar Twayne Giavonnie Dashawn Durant Nakya Lanette Dwight-McGill Tobias Jondae Dye

David Avonti Keywan Edwards Deanna Ashaunti Sanyia Edwards Yasmeen Alexis Ali El-Amin Azaria Shawntese Ervin Jaelin Cynniya Ervin Arnold Espinoza Cancino Jessica Celyn Estevez Antwan Damont Evans Denesha Keyosha Evans Elizabeth Marie Evans Esynce Heavenly Angel Everett Destinee Lashae Felder Joelle Antonia Ferguson Yuli Crystal Feria Reyes America Fernandez-Gamboa Adam Bayden Ferrell Tahlaia Nierra Ferris Alexis Lynn Fielding-Williams Michael Darrell Frayer Ronaldo Fuerte-Garcia Jacqueline Carmella Fulton Michael Terrell Gadsden Jesahnna Jenee Gadsden-Chavis Demitric Iszell Gant Jasen Trayvon Kimaire Gantt Abisaid Garcia Reina Elizabeth Garcia Berrios Ana Joaquina Garcia Flores Cesar Omar Garrido Bernardino Amanda Rose Garza Ariel Robin Gail Ann Gathers Johnson Mitchyll Gathers Deon Daekwon Thyhiem Geathers Dislandi Esmeralda Germosen Harris Kaylyn Denise Gibbs Kylan Timothy Gilliard Daniel Lee Glover Fermin Gonzalez Yahira Marie Gonzalez Brayan De Jesus Gonzalez Galvan Jose Manuel Gonzalez Jose Freddy Gonzalez Vargas Juliana Gonzalez-Guevara

Marigza Gonzalez-Reyes Shaniyaa Jonaisha Grant Omari Daniel Green Tamara Nicole Green Tavares Rayquan Ladelle Green Kevin Van Gregory Dylan Matthew Thomas Griffith Roberthdiego Guadalupe Guerrero Wualter Anthony Guevara Cartagena Bryana Shantay Hamilton Anthony Jeremiah Harris David Lee Haynes Imani Cziar Henderson-Lawson Zaynab Abdelmajid Hentati, Sal Eduardo Hernandez Galilea Hernandez Oliver Hernandez Alexis Hernandez Avila Mateo Enrique Hernandez Lugo Jennifer Herrera-Lopez Evan Warren Hickman Keara Ashton Hoats Johnathan Matthew Holmes Keivon Santonio Holmes Bre’asia Jenkins Zamir Jenkins Tanisha Sherniece Jerideau Bryan Jimenez Escamilla Shamila Yaela Jimenez Olan Jocelyn Cristina Jimenez Pena Ni’Keyeria Dominique Johnson D’ziari Unique Jones Jayson Daeveon Jones Nysean Bart Jordan Aranza Andrea Kanfer Flores Aydan Victor Allen Kapinos Kent Eagan Kilgore Dashaun Jaheim King Hunter Don Kirby, Val Kaycee Laine Koontz Kathlene Elizabeth Bell Lachance Jadon LaQuan Lemons Kyimmish Amerie Nykkhol Lewis


Wishing the graduates of R.B. Stall High School so much success as they move into the future!

R.B. STALL HIGH SCHOOL Erwin Halmica Mungin Ah’nya Zyeia Murray Kwamain Jashad Murray Nadya Cierra Murray Shaniah Lashawn Marie Myers Odamar Nazareth Rivero Narvaez Henrry David Navarro Navarro Trevion Ky’Juan Nelson Landon Edward Nicholson Travez DaShon Norton Deon Guadulupe Nunn Cristofer Ocampo Johnzavier Temond Odom Matthew Jacob Oldag Samantha Nicole Oldag Payton Leigh Olver Edvin Rolando Orantes Torres Joel Orellana-Torres Isaac Fernando Oseguera Rivera Erick Ivan Palma Diaz Wendy Citlali Palma Diaz Jonathan Michael Pardo Urvil Satishbhai Patel Antoniya Destiny Patterson Yoeli Marisol Perdomo Lara Bryan Estif Perez Elvis Perez Perez Victor De Jesus Perez Sanchez Juan Fernando Perez Zuniga Madison Victoria Perry Rowan Ehle Perry Jayshon Tariq Phillips Sha’Nia Ashanti Poole Rashad Coutreyer Powell O’sheanna Antonia Prescott Janiyah Kiana President Timiya Danae’ President Jamaria Amashe’ Purdie Lanyia La-Cha Rambert Noe Ramirez Barrios Uriel Ramirez Martinez Hillary Ramirez Palma Aldahir Ismael Ramirez Palomec

Angela Ramirez-Arreola Jose Francisco Ramirez-Corrillo Rosemberg Daniel Ramos Hernandez Frida Real Contreras Monterique Reaves Dajuanna Tabitha Reavis Selena Shaina Resendiz Maribel Reyes-Reyes Danyen Graham Alexander Richardson Amaris Tianna Riley Jeins Naiker Rivas Santiago Estefanny Rivera Rosas Terrence Lamond Rivers Rivers-Geddis Tiffany Robinson Tye Sherrod Robinson Yisela Montserad Rodriguez Herrera Niyana Tyjay Rogers Enrique Rosette-Tapia Jonnay Aurice Ross Ja’cobi Ka’ron Rouse-Grant Luis Saldana Cindy Isel Saldana Guzman Jessica Sanchez Tremara Nyel Sanchez Erica Rosario Sanchez Luisa Fernanda Sanchez Fino Anthony J’Querion Sanders Stephany Ja’nae Sanders Daniel Santana-Sandoval Michael Santiago Mendoza Sarah Alexandria Sargent Qualeac Dabarius Scott Adrian Demetrius Scott Kellayshia Elani Seabrook Andrea ShyAnn Simmons Kalya Shaina Simmons Tra’Veon Ja’Quan Simmons Jose Samuel Simon-Perez He’Lenah Armanie Simpson Williams Zenia Ar’teona Simpson-Smith Diamond Zykala Sims Richard Earl Singleton Gabriel Isiah Smalls

Shamiya Lashay Elizabeth Smalls Stefone Latrell Smalls Lartice D’morea Jykenya Smiley Ayanna Estacia Smith James Smith Jeremiah Isaiah Smith Justin Ryan Smith Jocelyn Soriano Melendez Kevin Soriano Melendez Vernon Lenard Steward Corey Ja-Var Stewart Oswaldo Tapia-Jimenez Zhania Vyashia Thomas Jerrod Derrell Thompson Alexander Ulloa Mayen Oscar Omar Valencia Licea Adolfo Eduardo Vasquez Mendez Janet Vazquez Adriana Vazquez-Gomez Jennifer Belen Velasquez Cano Sincere Romez Waller Heaven Alexis Ward Diamond Ashanti Waring Devin Lamar Warren Brea Shanae Washington Da’Quan O’Neil Washington Jaheim Deshawn Washington Tre’Vaughn Malik Washington Tori Chanell Weiters Janae Jamelle Whaley Caleb James Williams Daniel Curtis Williams Kenya Shavon Williams Te’Asia Shaunta Lashay Williams X’zavier Jaden Williams Zamiria T’asia Williams Ar’kaisa Christeen Lee Wilson Sarah Megan Wilson Tysheianna Tyquiasai Wolfe-Hughes Sade Samyra Wright Eric Francisco Zambrano Juan Carlos Zapata German


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Jinghong Lin Alonso Lomas Lopez Mariana Lomeli Rodriguez Luis Fernando Lopez Perez Adrian Ernan Lopez-Ramirez Alex Benito Lopez-Ruiz Sakwon Anthony Lowder Maria Del Carmen Lozano Nataren Trinidad Luna Silvan Christopher Mekhi Mack Shimya Heven Lanciah Rena Mack Victor Labryant Saori Mack William Austin Mack Nicholas Paine Mailloux Ana Laura Maldonado Reyes Isyss Lachille Manigault Mikayla Rose Markosky Mariela Martinez Jesus Martinez-Gutierrez Shantez Treyvonn Maxwell Abby Rae McCain Toddjenai Bre’onna Daneisha McClain I’mani Faith La’tasha McMillan Holly Shakara McNeil Terrell Jermez McNeil Adam Matthew McVay Alejandro Medina Leal Arturo Javier Medrano Perez Johnny Antonio Mejia-Esquivel Yinmi Orlando Mejia-Flores Jose Antonio Mendez-Rodriguez Allurra Clarese Mickle London Tyreshia Middleton Ezekiel Daniel Minns Izaiah Kentrel Minus Alonso Junior Monroy Alejandro Mora-Martinez Alexis Shamara Morales Jose Alfredo Morales Liliana Anai Morales Gonzalez Ingri Lisbeth Morales Sanchez Juan Manuel Moran Olmedo Raymond James Moses





Graduation 06.16.2021



Eliana Abbriano Omar Zahir Abualrub Elizabeth Laura V. Adamson Malachi Nasir Addison Kate Annslee Aeppli Janiley Daily Aguirre Michele Ronke Akinjobi Ameer Esam Al-Ahmad Reema Mustafa Al-Ahmad Ansley Van-Ness Albrecht Ben Geer Alderman, IV Connor Dalton Aldridge Ann Frances Allison William Harrison Althen Siraj Atri Amin Grayson Elizabeth Ammons Austin Reed Andersen Makenzie Leigh Anderson Mikala Renee Anderson Mario Daniel Andrade Blake William Apostol Morgan Faith Arent Luke Lawrence Armstrong Naomi Elise Arnold Zaria Camille Ascue Devin Glenn Atkins Ian Paul Aukamp Maryn Elizabeth Austin Andrew Joseph Aviles Breyer Harrison Bagwell William Evan Bailey Kaitlyn Marie Baker Edith Caroline Baldwin Braelyn Breeze Banning Sage Grayson Baraso Mercedes Neriah Barker Tah’Kaira Sharae Barnett Ian John Barrett Donna Michelle Barton Estelle Gold Bauer Matthew John Bauer Reagen Katherine Bauer Steven John Bautista Madeline Maria Beach Virginia Lee Beall Ryliegh Mckenna Becker Ethan James Beckner Cheyenne Renee Beerer Megan Elizabeth Beitel Casey Grace Belcher

Megan Lynn Bell Thomas Jeb Bell Jeffrey Thomas Bellino Lucas Andrew Berger Miriam Beatrice Berle Ethan Jeremiah Betsill Justin David Bevis Jackson Mark Bilbro Savannah Valentina Bird Jared Christopher Bischoff Andrew Benjamin Black Kaleigh Paige Black Matthew Edward Blackwelder Mason Griffin Blalock Layla Melissa Blue Rylee Grace Bogden Joseph Henry Bokern, V Kayla Noelle Doroja Bolling Kyle Robert Bomenblit Kylee Brynn Bone Cameron James Boni Olivia McRae Bonnet Louise Constance Francine Bonnimond Jack Henry Bormet Benjamin Joseph Boselowitz Miles Scott Bosley Ian Patrick Bosse Kaitlyn Lamar’ia Bostic Luke Yates Bowlin Kyle George Boyce Marcus Klinge Boyer Elwood James Boyet, II Robert Samuel Boyles Wyatt James Bradley Maxwell Reid Branham Claire Amelie Brannen Nickolas Paul Brau Christian James Brennan Declan Thomas Brennan Charles Wesley Brindley, V Bradford Windham Brooks Anna Berkley Brown Christopher Nelson Brown Earl Brown, III Elizabeth Grace Brown Ezekiel Kwesi Brown Jonathan Philip Brown Jordan Miroslav Brown Katrina Elizabeth Brown Lauren Makayla Brown

Savanna McKenzie Brown William Scott Brown Wilson Jenkins Browning, IV Tyler Mckenzie Bruno Colin James Bryant Harley Shae Lynn Buchanan Caroline Leigh Buchman Braydon Kendahl Buckendahl John Morgan Bucknam Stella Marie Budde Krisjen Noelle Buncum Evan Connor Burgess Brynn Renee Burke Annabelle Louise Burkhold Samuel Fulton Burlos Vinyet Asrenee Burns Maggie Leigh Burriss Natalie Elizabeth Burton Jack Christopher Bushey Jake William Butts Matthew Dillon Caimbeul Christopher James Calders Ethan Lloyd Caldwell Nicholas Rocco Caliri Sienna Laurice Cameron Abigail Kenley Camp Alex Jay Campbell Marissa Brook Canberg Lauren Olivia Cantrell Adriana Jade Carlucci Caroline Francis Caron Douglas Patrick Carson Gabrielle Loretta Casement Dirk Jenkins Cavanaugh Emma Louise Chadwick Lucy Susannah Chalfie Iona Grace Chalk Robert William Chase Kiresten Alexandria Chisolm Myles Brendan Chisolm Ethan Patrick Chrismer Beau Douglas Chuvalas Gino Vincent Cifolelli Brittany Louise Clark Jackson Harris Clark Sarah Brinn Clark Elizabeth Darley Clayton William Columbus Coffey, IV Emily Hope Coker Christopher Andrew Colangelo

Grace Emily Colangelo Joshua David Colangelo Caroline Grace Colcord Dominic Francis Colella Joseph Foster Coll Chase Joseph Collins Ethan Graeme Collins Ashley Elizabeth Comire Caroline Elizabeth Condon Randolph Brock Connelly Destiny Onyea T’asia Conyers Eliza Palmer Cook Michael K Cook Natalie Marie Cook Charles Morrison Cooper Divine Elouise Cooper-Dingle Auston Dean Corless Annabella Frances Correia Robert Ian Coste Andrew Douglas Cote Reiley Katherine Cote Tristan Presley Cotton Chase Andrew Cottone Sarah Elizabeth Cox Cameron Lynn Cradock Owen James Crane Adam Ray Crawford Kylie Elizabeth Cronan Lillian Tillia Crouch Toby Stephen Crowfoot Benjamin Ashley Curry James Rembert Dubose Cuthbert, Jr. Luke Robert Cutter Maxim Christian Cyr Chad Kincaid Dailey Lauryn Kay Daley Nathaniel James Dancer Caitlin Lee Danner Alexandra Allyse Davis Bayleigh Danielle Davis Isabella Marie Angelique Davis Izabell Kwiatek Davis Riley Ann Davis Leah Abigail Dawson Victoria Lee DeBonis Johnny Jaheim Decius, Jr. Caroline Rose Deer Alyssa Leilani Dempsey Gantenbein Jade Elizabeth DeMario Thomas Di Marco



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Ethan David Diana Marcelo Diaz Duran Reyes Alexandra Mia Diaz Elizalde Micah John DiCarlo Mary Devlin Dixson Le’Arian Chania Doiley Matthew James Dorfner Raquel Victoria Doubal Michael Anthony Douglas Anthony Damir Douglass Andrew Michael Douty Morgan Kelly Dowling Estelle Claire Doyle Matthew James Douglass Doyle Emma Riordan Drew Cameron Payne Drolet, Jr. Emily Taylor Duke David McKay Jackson Dunaway Mary Catherine Grace Dunn David Duong Watts Kanter Durkee Zahra Christiana Dwight Joshua Lee Eckert Adilene Cordes Edens Malachi Amon Edwards Tradd Michael Edwards Colan Brennan Egan Davis Daniel Egloff Farrah Christiane El Kachbendi Ross Andrew Elliott Martin Arnulfo Enriquez Kaitlyn Ann Eriksson James Edward Lee Evans, V Keith Rees Evans, Jr. Bridger Augustus Faber David Isaac Fahrer Austin Hunter Fann Grace Esther Farley Grace Jane Farrell Riley Patrick Farrell Anna Grace Faulds Suzanna Teresa Feeney Jackson James Fekete Jaydaa Ophelia Nicole Felder Margaret McCullough Fellows Reilly Nicolas Ferrie Hannah Mae Ferris Alexandra Maria Fishback Connor Michael Fishburne Morgan Scott Flanders

Hannah Elizabeth Flint Aileen Flothmann-Vargas Connor Brett Ford Arshina Temonte Fordham Graclyn Elizabeth Fowles Ethan Christopher Fralish Michael Calvary Frame Cole Lewis Frank Sarah Michelle Frankel Julia Riley Freeman Jasmine Christina French Lance Andrew Friedrich Samuel David Funk Lauren Delaney Funkhouser Tyler Scott Furches Claire Parker Gaddy Ava Grace Gallo Leah Donna Galt Luna May Ganstrom Elijah Chase Garcia Carlyn Elizabeth Garner Lauren Grace Garrett Kaden Reed Garris Kathryn Elliott Garwood Austin Mark Geng Madison Rose Gennarelli Mia Elizabeth Gennarelli James Vincent Gentile Dru Kendall Geraci Jacob Roland Gerbrand Zane Scot Gibson Aaron Michael Gillam Amber Denae Gillard Joel Zane Gillie Thomas Michael Glennon Shannon Elizabeth Goad Jett Michael Goldberg Neal Lauper Goldberg Zoe Katherine Goldman Luke Emmanuel Goldston Aiden Gabriel Gomez Isabella Laura Gonzalez Isabella Olivia Good Emalee Mae Goode Madison Lee Goodwin Owen William Goulah Ella Jane Grant Lauren Alexis Grantz Miranda Diana Conley Graves Thomas James Graves, II

Connor Andrew Graysmith Joseph Henry Grech Alexander Bradford Green Alaizha Monae Greene Joseph Amador Greene Caitlyn Julia Greenway Carolyn Joan Greenway Shamari Monae Gregg Mack Harrison Gresham Jenna Valerie Griffin Santana Celeste Groff Troy Richard Grogan, II Verina Guirguis Shianna Shishi Guo Matthew Luke Gush Caroline Bailey Haberman Michael Jerome-Craig Habersham Cailyn Leigh Hager Caroline Grace Haigh Jake Wallin Haire Emma Lillian Hall Ian Matthew Hamill Madelyn Brooke Hamilton Raegan Christine Hamilton Seth Aaron Hamilton Katelyn Darby Hamlin Breanna Michelle Hammond Alexander Gibson Haney Casey Landon Hanselman Caroline Catherine Hansen Lola Elena Hansen Marah Marie Hanson Hunter Stuart Harkins Stephen Michael Harrelson, Jr. James Daniel Harrington, Jr. Heather Noel Harris Maisie Anhui Harrison Lily Janelle Harshaw Gregory Alexander Hart Camden Alan Hartley Jacob Cole Hartley Chloe Nicole Hartnett Breanna Nicole Harvey Amelia Munroe Hathaway Tyler Christian Hauck Kathleen Rose Hayler Madilyn Patricia Heater Morgan Mallaney Heath Griffin David Heicher Isabella Marie Heinzmann

Alexander Michael Heller Lindsey Margaret Hepburn William Hudson Hepner Mia Lindner Herlong Luther David Herndon, III Gavin Patrick Hewitt Savannah Lyn Hickey Abigail Agnes Higbie Yosra Adel Hikal Annika Cecilia Hilmersson Camryn Faye Hiott Christopher Glen Hoag John Liam Hoffman Annabelle Jo Hogg Caroline Georgia Holland Harrison Jake Holland David Bruce Holmes, III Laura Anne Holmi Daniel Clayton Holt Griffin Joseph Honig Kyra Jenise Horlbeck Grant Jeffrey Houser Henry Oswell Howell Sidney Carter Howell Abby Kathleen Hricik Jack Andrew Huber Greyson Willa Hull Katherine Elise Hulsey Julian Callender Hunt Grant Walker Hurd Hannah McKenzie Hutto Samuel Robert Hutto Trinity Marie Hutzler Kimberly Lynn Hydrick Grace Makenzie Hyman Matthew Vincent Iannuzzi Jersey McKenzie Ikeda Makayla Ashton Ikeda Robert Steele Infinger Brooke Madison Ingram Ryan Michael Ingram Katherine Lile Inman Kaitlynn RaeLee Ishler Joseph James Izzo, II Parker Giordano Jackson Russell Arlington Jackson, III Sterling Christian Jacobsen Jordan Rhea Jamerson Ethan Michael Janik Avery Lauren Jarvis







Graduation 06.16.2021



Danielle Alice Jefferson Peyton Reid Jeffus Jaiden Sheloid Jenkins Jenna Virginia Jenkins Julien Christopher Jenkins O’Malley Seabrook Jenkins Ashlin Grace Jennings Zachary Taylor Jennings Brooke Michelle Jewell Marco Antonio Jimenez Ava Castleman Job Alexander Jonathan Johnson Cole Macadam Johnson Eugene Gaillard Johnson, V Joshua Call Johnson Logan Baily Johnson Max Cooper Riley Johnson Skylian Kaison Johnson Ashlee Kay Johnston Laura Deif Johnston Helena Anne Jonas Ryan Wilder Jones Aaliyah Christine Joseph Natalia Jovic Joseph Justo Haya Jonathan Michael Kahl Christopher Kallaur, Jr. Ahmed Mohamed Kamesh James Walter Kannon Benjamin Kline Karinshak Alexander Charles Ubina Katzburg Joy Katherine White Katzburg Ethan Tyler Keen Jacob Dalton Keener Emma Anne Keiser Gwendolyn Elizabeth Keiser Audrey Grace Kelly Hudson Layne Kelly Gabriel Scott Kemp Eliza Grace Kennedy Aaron Robert Kenner Thomas August Kern, Jr. Elijah Levi Kekoa Key Lia Khachatryan Giyoung Kim Emily Elizabeth King Kaitlyn Elizabeth King Paris Elise King Ian Thomas Kingshott Benjamin Allen Kinlaw Isabella Mia Kobierowski Gabrielle Belle Kohler Sean Mathias Kohyama Jacob McGuire Konen Jelle Geer Koridon Nicholaus Michael Kotiw Josie Grayson Koval Andrew Louis Krabbenhoft Alexis Elizabeth Kramer Jay Kevin Kuehmeier Sarah Jane Kurzenberger Jack William Ladd Claire Reilly Lady Justin Michael LaForge Lindsey Elizabeth Laing Amiya Zia Lajeunesse Brian Nguyen Lam

Emma Christine Lambert Pierrette Madeleine Landrum Sydney Hope Lanier Gage Elizabeth Lapsley Dalton Cole Lardieri Frida Maria Christine Larsson Aubren Arabella Lasek Joseph Angelo Laudati Luke Jacob Laudati Kaleigh Reese Lawler Bethany Suzanne Lawrence Erin Ashley Martha Lawson Katie Page LeBlanc Ian Keels Ledbetter Aidan Isaac Lee Bennett William Lee John James Lee Joseph Patrick Lee Jackson Scott Barefoot Lefko Jake Russell Leiker Robert Legare Leland Samantha Emily Lembo Aaron James Lemke, Jr. Brian Thomas Leonard Paige Allison Leonard William Clark Leonard Juliana Diana Leone Kyleigh Alysa Lesesne Dawson Clark LeVan Jackson Thomas Lewandowski Robert Morrison Lewis Carissa Joy Librizzi Luke Anthony Lilly Isabella Korrin Linville Max Everett Livesey Kailey Briana Loflin Alexander David Lofstead Austin James Lombardi Kayla Imelda Lopez Caroline Genevieve Lord Haley Michelle Lovin Ella Duvall Lucas Tea Marie Lungarini David Kyle Lunn William Michael Lupton Ronan Arthur Lurkin Montanna Marie Lussier Grayson Caroline Lutz Colby Marcus Lyman Victoria Rideout Mabe Hayden Cole MacDonald Zakiyah Amani Mack Keckley Montgomery Mahaffey Noel Marie Mahon Matthew James Malak Juliet Isabelle Maloney Shannon Maeve Maloney Elias Balan Dall Manchester Alexis Mackenzie Manocchio Liam Christian Marguglio Rowland Harris Marshall Samantha Hailey Marvell Hannah Grace Mashburn Kai Ryan Matherly Nicholas Ryan Maticka Declan Michael Matson Camryn Michelle Maxon

Courtland Michael McAdams Noah Wesley McAden Graham Armstrong McAlister Celia Douglass McCaleb Ava Grace McCarthy Ella Jane McCarthy Madison Hope McCarthy Genevieve Elizabeth McCartney Elizabeth Riley McConnell Sarah Leland McConnell Ebony Michele McCormick Juliette Raymonde McCoy Jordan Ashleigh McCrae Matthew Carswell McDonald Matthew Dean McFarland Wyatt Nolan McGrath Annabelle Tennie McIlwain Ryan Lewis McInerney Carlie Elizabeth McLaughlin John-Finley McLeod Tyler Edwin McManus Isabella Runciman McMillan Jake Joseph McQuaid Riley Charles McQueen Sarah Kay Meadows Catherine Legare Mellichamp Elizabeth Mendez Isabella Michelle Mercorelli Rebekah Danielle Meyers Mina Jo Miano Claudia Michalski Aidan Vandermaas Militzer Addison Corrine Miller Jamyra Danyelle Miller Katie Marie Miller Kyla McKinzie Miller Lily Faye Miller Makenzie Nicole Miller Myah Adelle Miller Brooke Elizabeth Millet Hunter Roberto Miranda Anna Luisa Misciagna Peyton June Mistler Zakiyah Alexandria Mitchell Wes Conner Mitchum Abigail Mia Mondello Jesse Damien Montero Alleta Emily Monts Ellis Jackson Moore Holden Patrick Moore Morgan Jean Moriarty Ava Noelle Mosley Helen Anne Mullane Lucy Walker Mulligan Lucas Alan Mullis Tyler William Munkers Daniel Kettler Munoz Harrison William Murphy Louanne Michelle Murphy Charlotte Nina Murray Evan Noah Myers Justin Nadelstumph Hrishikesh Mangalam Namboodiri Michael Vincent Nastro Byron Terrell Nelson Holland Elise Nelson Sullivan James Nesbitt

Isabella Cooper Ness Sophie Emalena Netter Peter Michael Newitt John Tyler Newsom Ailise Margaret Newton Emma Leigh Newton Jagger Douglas Nicoll Lillian Camille Nielsen Andrew Sullivan Nofsinger Cooper James Norman Clayton Joseph Novak Aden Richard Novelli Theodore Jacob Ockerman Jack Ryan O’Connor Talia Bahar Ogretmen Mary-Michael O’Hara Coleman Graham O’Keefe Anna Katherine Oliphant Bryan Michael Orcutt Joshua Mackenzie Oree Grace Elizabeth Orr Sean Lansford Otto Mae Southworth Ouellette Jameson Bryce Owens Raegan McKenlie Owens Lucy Elizabeth Oxford Amy Kathryn Paden James Burton Pagano Anjela Judeth Paiz Parada Jessica Anne Palmer Joy Guo Fuxia Parker Taylor Ashley Parker Aiden Joseph Parkhill Thomas Davin Pasinetti Snovi Bhavinkumar Patel Williams Francis Paterson Tyler Jonathan Payzant Elliot Jacob Peak Athanasios William Peppard Kai Robert Perez Elise Morgan Petit Brianna Clare Phelan Alexander Dailon Phipps Ian Zachary Piihl Matthew Samuel Pilley Nicholas Alexander Pio Jacob Mark Pitassi Benon Michael Pittman Ellis Rose Pitts Aleksander Janek Polka Alexander Karl Pollehn Matthew Joseph Pollehn Olivia Janel Ponessa Alayia Mache Porcher Breyauna Genea Porcher Cameron Nathaniel Porcher Jacelyn Cristina Porcher Wilson Edward Porcher Grace Victoria Poremski Olivia Ann Potter Dennis Davidson Powell Karson Alayne Powers Anna Michaela Prim Dominic James Principe Jazmyne Eylese Prioleau Braden Thomas Pritchard Anthony David Puckett



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CONGRATULATIONS WARRIORS! Kenneth Shawnti Seabrook, Jr. Gabriel Paul Seifert Levi Hunter Sell Sabrina Nicole Sellers Thomas Edison Sexton, III Joshua Thomas Shaarda Sophie Alexandra Baldanoff Shanley Sage Catherine Shannon Aidan Joseph Shaughnessy Natalie Ann Shay Analina Mary Sheehan Jamison Skylar Sheen Molly Lynn Sheerer James Evan Shelley Katherine Sheppard Hollice Milles Shipman Kaden Forde Shuman Robert Geraty Silcox Asher Lloyd Silverman Caroline Grace Simmonds Kashamere Shanayia Dayovonnee Simmons Devon Simmons, Jr. Morgan Claire Simmons Kelsey Todd Sinclaire Danyelah Renee Singleton-Cambra Ava Grace Sirota Cassidy Lauren Slater Skye Nicole Slater Jack Kaylor Slayden Nathaniel Robert Slesinski Shaina Rose Slotchiver Charlotte Caroline Smith James Boyd Smith, II Licole Janetta Smith Loren Kellogg Smith Trevor John Smith Ella Grace Smoot Greer Phillips Smyth Brooke Elizabeth Sneed Terrell Xavier Snipe Zoey Catherine Southern Hope Alexandra Spencer Erin McAllister Spindt Jacob Reed Spring Samuel Dean Stalnaker Daniel Edward Stamps Savannah Rhea Stanton Brooke Allen Staples John Caden Stark David Loy Stewart, III Hadleigh Larin Stewart Joseph Maxwell Stewart Matthew Gregory Stewart Christopher Dylan Stockman Evelyn Abigail Stover Caroline McKinney Strader Maegan Zoe Strawther Kate Newbold Stribling Connor James Stryker Sofie Anastasia Stuchlak Abigail Elizabeth Sullivan Moorea Alexis Sulsona Raleigh Darren Surch Bo Pierson Suthon Mia Shah Sutton Jessica Ai Swan Adam Michael Swanson

Jade Tamia Swinton Elizabeth Anastasia Sykora Cody Long Sun Tang Hitoshi Taniguchi Katerina Maiklovna Tappan Kaeden Andrew Taylor Carl Isak Martin Thilen Benjamin Ewing Thomas Reid Levert Thomas Chandley Eden Thompson Kyra Brooke Thompson Jenna Mackenzie Thrift Michaela Amaya Timberlake Dawson Otto Tomes Justin Henry Trammell Sidney Tran Katelyn Carolyn Trosine Kate Gallagher Troy Isabella Josephine Tuk Elizabeth Denear Turnage Ian Rodgers Turner Preston Scott Turner Jacob William Tyler Timothy Truett Tyler, III Daniel Thomas Tyner Thomas King Unthank Grace Marie Vail William Cooper Valinski Hannah Rose Van Law Adam Jacob VanArsdalen Jaquasia Lenaya Vanderhorst Mary Claire VanHook Kathryn Elise VanMiddlesworth Kathryn Grace Vanscoy Nicholas Vardakas Peter Edward Vardzel Kristina Elizabeth Vasend Nicholas Steven Vasenda Ashli Dallan Jasso Vera Sydney Alyse Verzaal Isabella Kathryn Vesely Anna Rose Volino Kinsey Shuler von Lehe Garrison Gabriel Vote Jonah Royston Vote Grant Dillon Vrbas Anabella Morgan Walker Caleb Michael Walker Nathaniel James Walkowiak Kyle Ronin Wallace Estella Cecile Noel Walsh John Thomas Walter Emma Lucille Wannamaker Jackson Capers Wannamaker Caison Kyle Marley Ward Hannah Rose Wargo Richmond Julius Waring Addington Eliza Warley Elizabeth Frances Warren Graham Thomas Warren Christopher Stephen Warzynski Taniyah Victoria Washington Timothy Robert Washington, Jr. Dominic Joseph Watchorn Ashton Ryan Watson Steven Douglas Watts Brock Carlin Webb

Molly Marie Wedlake Aleksandr Thomas Weinacht Skylar Elizabeth Weiskittel Ella Claire Welch Ava Claire Prinz Wells William Michael Wells Audrey Cay Wessinger Lily Caroline Westerhold John Cooper Westmoreland India Louise Weston Sarah Ann Whalen Nicole Joyner Whatley Tyler Jacob Whitaker Crawford Elizabeth White Ella Catherine White Keshaun Allen White Matthew Alexander White Mikaila Arianna White-Green Brynn Nicole Whitehair Cole Garrick Whitehead Louis Henry Whitesell Carodine David Whitfield, III Marshall Thomas Whitmer Christian Jahiem Trevel Wilder Sarah Elizabeth Wiles Jackson Lee Wilhite Owen Covington Wilkes Aidan Irie Williams Jeremiah Allen Williams Moultrie Rutledge Rivers Williams Noah Wesley Williams Thomas Graham Horner Williams Grace Lorena Wills Carter Reid Wilson Emily Ruth Wilson J’anae’ Teon Wilson Kate Olivia Wilson Sara Abigail Wilson Seth Murray Wilson McKinley Hart Wing Delaney Julia Winn Sydney Elizabeth Winn Hannah Wills Wise James Arthur Wise John Dewey Wise Katlin Renea Wise Jason Patrick Wolan Christina Lorraine Woods Harrison James Woods Robert Christie Wray, IV Gabriel Edward Wyman Aidan Kai Yeh Caroline Elizabeth Young Ethan Jack Young Kate Mackenzie Zetrouer Jake Arthur Zins Lily Beckmann Zollweg Madelyn Elizabeth Zubryd


YOU DID IT SENIORS! tavernandtable.com


Blake Aaron Puckhaber Maehler Lindsey Purcell Jazmine A’Miree Quarles Brady Philip Quick Brendan Foye Quinn Connor Dillon Quinn Spencer Davis Quinn Lauren Elaine Rabb Lawton Mead Racine Julia Elizabeth Raffety Victor Jay Ragland Leo William Ratliff William Christopher Ravenel, Jr. Taylor Ronda Read Hannah Claire Redden Eliza Alice Rehmann Chloe Ashley Reiheld Olivia Laine Renedo Savannah Elizabeth Rennell John Levoy Rhodes, IV Connor Carew Rice David Jacob Maurice Richardson Ashlyn Elizabeth Riddle Bella Grace Riffer Nicholas John Rivera Kylie Mae Robertson Amanda Rachel Robinovitz David Ernest Robinson, Jr. Liyah Janay Robinson Nicholas Aaron Robinson Bryan Keith Rodeheaver Raymond Robert Roe, Jr. Elizabeth Crawford Rogers Elizabeth Wood Rogers Charles Joseph Rohaley Claudia Elizabeth Rollins Jack Weston Rollins Mitchell Joseph Avellanosa Romano Collin David Romberg Melanie Romero Jimenez Lucia Anne Ronchi Aidan Cole Rosand Sophia Leigh Rosenkranz Lauren Elizabeth Rosier Morgan Claire Rosier Gage Edward Rothermel Lily Florence Rothkopf Cecilia Lynn Rothwell Justin Kenneth Ruggiero Shania Alexis Russell Sophie Victoria Sabados John Henry Salamy Sydney Rae Salata Makenna Reese Salvetti Tessa Dubravka Saric Ashley Marie Schaal Mari Neil Scheffer Maxfield Harrison Scheffer Benjamin Joseph Schlueter Maximilian Jason Schmid Gage Steven Schmidt Theodore Almeida Schmitt Corwin Roberts Schrauth Grace Elizabeth Schroeder Mary Katherine Scott Sandra O’Sullivan Scott Victorian Amasi Scott


“SOA Class of 2021: I am immensely proud of you and all you have accomplished in the face of adversity! I see your voice, strength and promise in your poetry, artwork, dance, designs, acting and songs; they have enriched our experience at SOA, and we are better because of you. I know the future holds mountains you will climb and dreams you will reach, and we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.”

-Dr. Shannon Cook, principal

Graduation 06.16.2021



Elijah Valentine Aiken-Dietz Naja Sabirah Aleem Isabella Rose Andrews Lilie Audier-Johnson Lauren Janette Bailey Logan Elizabeth Baker Esme Louise Barna Andrew James Bednarczyk Hannah Diane Bendure Jonathan Davis Black Caroline Elizabeth Blumer Mia Rachel Bowersox Enrique Jamal Boyd Brianna Lillian Breckenridge William Miller Brown Brooke Legare Brunson James Ethan Butler Margaret Elizabeth Carter Isabela Charity Cawley Tiffany Chan Autumn Izabella Chaveco Jakson Cyril Coatsworth Sara Elizabeth Coggins Margot Dayton Colie Clara Isobel Collins Marcos Ramon Colon Kyla Janay Conyers Victoria Jessie Copeland Adam Pierce Crosby Haley Elizabeth Curtis Travis Matthew Dannecker Maria Pilar Del Mastro Avea Marie Diamond Faith Marie Durinsky Hannah Reese Elledge Susan Claire Elliott Grace Meredith Estes Kaitlyn Anne Everman Laura Delaney Faile

CONGRATULATIONS ARTISTS! John Samuel Feingold Litzy Margarita Flores Guandique Katherine Marie Forrester Ryan Hieu Foust Stella Catherine Fox Makenna Elaine Fugate Abby Jasmine Gardner Simone Shenee Geathers Mya Elizabeth Genegrasso Abigail Mackenzie George Caroline Wilson Gladstein Katie Lynn Gorman Allison Taylor Green Breona Kierra Green Samuel Albert Hagen Emma Sankathi Hales Caitlyn Abigail Hall Kiley JoAnn Hallen Patrick Stephen Hamilton Leah Rochelle McLeod Hand Kelsey Claire Hansen Robert Walsh Hart Michael Mosley Hart Charles Edmund Hastings Sophie Anne Heinold Elizabeth McLeod Herring Tyler Anthony Herrman Jalie Beth Swickert Hittner Joseph Thien Ho-Mueller Benjamin Edward Hudd Anya Ariadne Hutchins Joseph N/A Imbo James Elijah Jennings Alyssa Nicole Johnson Cameron Xavier Jones Alexander Michael Jones Hannah Marie Jones Olivia XiuYao Jones Tay Scott Jones

Emma Rose Joyce Kristina Marie Kerr Kaitlyn Alexis Kogler John Wesley Kornahrens Samuel Jonas Kremser Julien Rice Kucklick Mia Adele Rong Lassiter, Sal Vigi Sonora LeBlanc Kaleigh Turner Lightsey Luke Dean Linhart Savannah Lee Lonyo Riley Elizabeth Main Kaitlyn Kelly Martin Jeffrey Marshall McArthur Charles Pasquale McGuinn Fiora Guthrie McLean Estrella Angelina Mercado Markayla Ah’lista Miller Taemor D Montgomery Sylera Makayla Morrison Dixon Dean Moss Logan Abel Murray Anya Siân Newby Chi T Nguyen Catherine Leann Nutter Aubrey Elizabeth Oates Oluwatomisin Anjolaoluwa Olalere Catharine Elizabeth Oswald Shivani Prabha Pandey Lizbeth Perez Brion Aaron Hunter Poole Ashlyn Grace Pyle Yorasia Ahinsa Randall Esther Magnarella Ray Isabel Zlatinova Raykova Harper Elizabeth Reed Aydan Grace Reimer Piper Glynn Enright Reinwald Lucy Deupree Richmond

Bojena Lavanya Sabin Michelle Kristen Schultze, Val Julia Shepherd Shook Julianne Reid Smith William Zane Sommons Cayden Molnar Spitz Sophie Ann Stalnaker Luna Steedley Kenna Lee Steele Kylie Michele Stephens Madalyn Allston Stisher Franklin Emmanuel Summers Lillian Elizabeth Sustaita George Ethan Temple Anna Katharine Temples Audrey Annelise Teves Lily Mei Thames Ramie Elizabeth Thompson Kelsey Blaize Thorvalson Lilly Haynes Tipton Nicholas Walter Tuemler Hazel Frances Vannewirk Davis Bratton Varnado Zen Lorenzo Vincion Ella Rayne Waldron-Noren Victoria Frances Ward Collin Scott Ware Syncere Ameryce Washington Hannah Michele Washington Andrew Leighton Webb Emma Margaret Weeks Tristan Oliver Wells Justice Jaylen Wooden Aidan Rose Wunderley Jonathan Anthony Yi Nikki Zahedi


“Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.” -Albert Einstein

Pam Paxton 843-509-2350 www.PamPaxton.REALTOR


Andrew James Bailey Euquiera Shainte’-Ajanee’ Bamberg Auguste Friedrich Banker Steven Tyrone Belton Jaleiah Tionna Marie Bennett Taliyah Zy’moni Blake Lelah Alexandria Blizzard Nathan Jerome Boatwright Bless Juan’k Brown Chavell Jarod Brown Endia Ashanti Brown Kayla Var’Shay Brown Taylor Kimani Makiyla Brown John Mark Bullock Chase Truman Burbage   Kelsea Bridget Carmichael, Val Sheldon Orion Crosby Tyrin Calvin-Kareem Dixon Anthony Cole Doscher Lauren Madison Doscher

William Steven Dottai-Ramos Jonathan Nehemiah Dotter Makayla Ann Doyle Ebony Sheree Fields Jessica Leigh Fletcher Ashton Stephen Fludd Kayla Elaine Fludd Jasmine Samone Freeman-Williams Erik Friday Gaines Johnathan Salvo Garvin Onyae T’Arjanae Grant Amber Laverne Green Jade E’niya Gregg Caliph John Ross Hanesworth Evan Daniel Harkins   Jamile Jarvis Raynard Harley Tyler William Hicks Rebekah Mae Holmes E’Mily Lydia Fer’Nae Huger Christian Deon Jefferson

Bryce Bernard Kelly Sha’niya R’Rielle Kitchen Kennedy Aniya Lafayette Samuel Abraham Levis Hannah Jade Limehouse Briana Brielle Linen   Jacob Bryan Logue Kendall Garris Luckie   William Fuller Luckie   Rose Ellen MacLean Marques Keontay Manigault James Hamilton Martin, Jr. Laniya Dyani Chantel Mason Abey Mary Jessie McLeod Ja’Bryon Amoni Middleton Samantha Lauren Miller Kailee Rebecca Milligan Sol Malena Ortiz-Regules Jasmine Nicole Palmer, Sal Justin David Palmer

Oliver Sebastien Petty Zachary Cole Piscatella Hannah Alexandria Prioleau Travontae Shamarr Russell Stephen Julian Schlegel Davis James Schlenker Connor Jae’Vaughn Scott Deona Shanise Lashawn Scott-Milligan Arionna Narsheya Larrey Settles Clemon Jervod Sheppard Marcus Kenneth Simmons Joseph Allan Sparacino Anthony Stevens   Peyton Lee Sullivan Chance Dorsey Webb Jada Donlyric Westbrook Matthew Rosavelt Whaley Brett Michael Widholm Kristen Brianna Williams Onajah Demya Williams




The Class of 2021 is the Charleston Charter School for Math and Science’s 10th graduating class. During the past year, they continued to persevere, to support each other, and to make progress towards their goals. They have triumphed together. They embody the mission of CCSMS. They are focused on STEM Careers, but more importantly, they are caring individuals who are passionate about creating positive change. - The CCSMS Administration and Faculty



Graduation 06.16.2021



Karen Lisette Aguilera Caitlyn Renee Alderman Brian Eric Alexander Jr. Fathi M Alshamleh Katie Leigh Altine Vince Gabriel Apostolico Jayvion Robert Bailey Adam Charlton Bauer William Jackson Beasley Jordan Christian Behrens Vanessa Marlene Belsito Adrianna Rae Berardino Jani Rosemary Blackshear Carter Daniel Blumenstock Macallister Cole Boatman Sophia Grace Bond Luke Robert Boris Dakota Clee Bostic Ashley Frances Bower Rachel Ann Brewer Tylar Jay Brigmon Claire Michele Brinson Amani Ishmael Brown Darius Darnell Brown Darius Harold Brown Jaden Brinasia Brown Jonashia Levaria Brown Joseph Michael Brown Kourtney Kiara Brown Lanijia Sameria Brown David Lee Burgess Anthony DeWayne Burt Jr. Samareyah Lazalea Butler Hayden Daniel Christ Callesen Jenairus Jemal Campbell Jr. Amanda Janae Capers Qutairus Dymear Capers-Mitchell Parker Seel Capps Kinsey Rae Carney Justin Cartrett Aaron James Chessher

David Alexander Chorba Ann Marie Classen Daniel Jason Cline Ashlyn Lee-Ann Collins Nicholas Thomas Connor Kipton McKenzie Cooke Jr. Kaitlynn Mckenzie Cope Jackson Reed Copeland Celeste Katelyn Creedmore Karlos Yonell Cruz Reyes Ahjayla Ja’dai Davis Mya Anne Davis Andrew Taylor Davis Sierra Elizabeth Davis Jenna Ruth Dawley Jacob Lawrence DeAntonio Thomas King Demetre Makayla Kiarah Deveaux Jessica Noelle DeWild Zoe Maria Di Maggio Seth Zechariah Diamond Saniyah Imani Drayton Elana Marie Driggers Henderson Young Drolet Avery Nehemiah Dunbar Skyler Seymour Edwards Avery Jayden Emig Jeremy Allan Erwin Derrell Terrell Felder III Dominic Biaggio Feliciano Sage Dakota Ferry Alaysia ZaQuoya Tania Ford Ke’Nya LaNette Frasier Timothy Jonethan Frasier III Aaron Eugene Frayer Katie Ann Fulmer, Val Brandon Maxwell Gaddy Tyler Auston Gaddy Dominick Kiaon Gadsden-Thrower Brantley Christen Gaetano Joshua Matthew Gantt

Dylan Michael George D’Nejah Lashae Gibbs Janasia Amoni Gibson Madison Christine Glover Allen Emiliano Gomez Hernandez Tykasia Janae Goodwin Nyasia Melissa Graham Meagan Ania Grant Anthony Tra’von Green Cavin HaTrail Green Khyla Na’Jae Green Zy’Naija DeShanti Denise Green Bethany Marie Grove Antwan Terrell Hamilton Nathan Thomson Handegan Therica Janelle Harris Zoe Danielle Harris Sayid A Hassan Katherine Elise Hawkins Tayveon Steven Haynes Madison Amelia Haywood Brianna Marie Heffner Shea Nicole Held Tanner James Henderson Rashad Terrill Henry Alejandro Hernandez Nicholas Elliott Heyward Jonathan Ray Hiers Jr. Jalah Tamiya Hill Alayiah Imani Holmes Tyson Edward Holt Madison Kailey Howard Isaiah Vernon-John Micheal Howerton Ostine Jarod Huggins Carane Ja’Ella Hunter Makhile Lanard Jackson Nicholas William Jackson Jarrod Davis James Jewel Octavia James Aiden Tyler Javier Ethan Gerald Jefferson

Zachariah Isaiah Jenkins Carolyn Josey Jennings Talia Nicole Jerideau JaRon Alexander Jeter Addie Shelby Johnson Kayla Tierra Johnson Aniya Safari Johnson Copeland Reece Johnson Davon Forgettie Johnson Miracle Alexandria Johnson Daniel Davon Jones Janee Anasia Jones London Armani Jones Dishon O’Shea Jordan Madeline E Kelso Laicee Alexandra Kersey Kirkland Royal Kessler Thomas Leon Kilian Zoe Elizabeth King Maxine Lavonne King-Redden Christayne Tu’Shane Ladson Payton Miesha Ladson Brandon Dominic Lafayette Nyla Grace Lafayette Janay Ardell Lary Nicholas Colin LaTrace Emma Leigh Lavender Rachel Elizabeth Leahy Savanah Gail Leber Rebecca Michelle Levis Hannah Eloise Lieberman Aaron Steven Lindenmeyer Christian Antonio Lopez Chase Makell Lucado Lauren Rose Lupton Shyekim Jayvon Macon Riley Helene Maerlender Sharmaine Natoria Magwood William Isaac Malloy Britany Cervantes Mandujano Karah Grace Manigault




WEST ASHLEY HIGH SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS WILDCATS! Alyssa Morgan Panish Anna Carolina Paredes Lauryn Rebekah Le’Asia Parker Tyler Ja’quan Parker Dejah Janelle Parks Shahakar Patel Oriana Perez Matthew Cooper Peterson Ty Jabari Phillips Joshua Winslow Pinckney Nadia Polite Isaac Terrell Porter Preston Scott Postell Mallory Suzanne Pritchard Cecilia Rochelle Ramirez Gabriella Lynn Ramirez Gavin Patrick Reiner Alexis Nichole Richardson Kaitlyn Noel Riley J’Niyah Franae Rivers Holden Cress Robbs Seymone Jona’e Cheyenne Roberson Sara Caroline Robertson Aaliyah Shanayae Robinson Christopher Wyatt Robinson Tonia Elaine Robinson Makayla Destiny Robinson-White Amiyah Gabrielle Ross Ro’Niyah Tamari Rouse Meredith Hutton Rowe Cameron Kyle Saer Rigoberto Ariel Sandiford Rodriguez Ethan Hawkeye Santoro Kennedy Maddison Schaffer Jacoby Adam Schalk Louden Thomas Scherer Sydney Lynn Schuler Anna Michaela Schwerin Preston James Scott Javion Damari Seger Aaliyah Mohnic Selmi

Shekinah Glory Sharper Caroline Olivia Shealy Asya Alaya Simmons Frank Fitzgerald Simmons Jr. I’Mani Ta’Naya Simmons Jordan Elizabeth Simmons Jasmin Grace Simpson Herbria Monea’ Singleton Christian Donavan Sipe Mattie Grace Sires Emily Dorothy Sisson Gytanya Annabelle Smalling Alexander Daniel Smalls Deyanna Na’Kayia Smalls Amaya Sherryl Smith Caleb Alexander Smith Joshua Caleb Smith Ty’Keria Miracle Smith Evan Reece Snider Kaleb Aaron Snider Cheyenne LeAsia Snipes Sydney Nicole Soda John Spencer Stadalsky Krista Gabrielle Stewart, Sal Addison Felder Stoudenmire Amanda Raine Strickland Amber Reese Strickland James Edward Thorne Jr. Evan Steele Tisdale Johntez Da’Montay Townsend Ryan Patrick Tracy Madison Reidi Troy Zoey Maria Truitt Orion Jack Tyra Irving Bernard Vandross III Emma Dupre Vaughn Thao Tien Vong Sierra Lynn Ward Destinee Aliayah Washington Jayden M Washington Justin Tyler Washington

Kristian Demarco Washington Christopher Parker Watford Trapper Jelani Omar Watkins Danaijah Amani Watson Grace Alexandra Watson Tanzania Keyannah Watson Ella Danielle Webb John Hayne Webb Ashlyn Elizabeth Weise Kamen Lawrence Welborn Isaac Benjamin Werner Jarmah Daqua Whaley Emily Grace Whitaker Brandon Alexander White Darryl Lemar White Jr. Donavon Christopher White Jr. Shakira Alesha White Troyetta Anntonett White Caroline Nicole Whitlow Ashlee Nicole Wichman Michael Daniel Wigfall Javonna Aniyah Wilder Gavin Tate Wilgus Madelyn Ann Wilks Camelia Grace Williams Olivia Taylor Williams Sincere Nassar Williams Steven Javon Williams Tre’Shauna Amor Williams Zamaria Arnique Williams Jordan Stephan Williams Jordan Christopher Wood Stella Marie Wood Jackson Thomas Woodham



Congratulations on Your Graduation!


Laniyah Jade Manigault-Ferrette Andrew Michael Martinage Claudia Yulisa Martinez Flores Tamars Davari Matthews Madison Lee McCaughtry Townsend Conor McDonald Connor Aidan McGillicuddy Hunter Marion McGrew Ahmad Tyrell McKinley Angel Lillie-Ruth McNeil Shane Lee McTeer Samuel Alexander Medina Hobie John Meekins Alayciah Jazmine Meeks-Jenkins Rayquan Tyrone Middleton Alexis Breannah Mills Taylor Elizabeth Mills Darnysia Lamara Minus Shenelle Alainah Mitchell Laron DeMarques Mitchell Tyler Mollett Connor Franklin Montgomery Robert Warren Montgomery Jr. Maria Guadalupe Morales Justin Rain Morris Michael Anthony Murray II Robert Garrick Murray Jr. Noah Ezekiel Myers Reginald Akeem Myers III Ross Kendall Nebitt Christopher William Nelson Micah Armante Nelson Abigail Grace Nesbitt Secoyia Amonee Nesbitt Joey Quy Nguyen Khue Hieu Nguyen Joseph John Edward Nowakowski Luke Ripon Ogier Abigail Lynn Oldfield Ayanna Nicole Olin Jacob Daniel Owens



Graduation 06.16.2021



Sofia Marie Adaro Leslie Julissa Aguilar Villanueva Fares Al-Kameshki Carl Jerome Alston Jr. Santasia Si’vonna Alston Kennede Lama’i Alston Beaton Izabella Joelle Alvarez Mary Katherine Grace Ambrose Alan Randolph Anderson Elizabeth Claire Anderson Guilherme Armando Anhaia Ashley Gordon Atwater John Alexander Aydin Alaya Dornice Backman Margaret Helen Barfield Grace Marguerite Barnes Sophie Lynn-Zi Bartosh Rania Elese Beall Joseph William Beasley III Matthew Robert Beauchesne Riley Brock Beckett Payton Olivia Beckley Julia Elizabeth Beebe Katherine Mary Beebe Jaylen Montez Beldo Edwards Megan Lee Berry Ian Carlton Bertolini Lawton McLaurin Bevon Sarah Leanne Bischoff Joseph McLeod Bishop John Regan Blanchard Patricia Elizabeth Blanchard Aaron Bradlee Booth Kevin John Booth John Moye Brabham IV Brian Christopher Bright Andrew Michael Britz Carly Elizabeth Browder Beecher Kyle Brown Cayleigh Van Brown DeTroy Christopher Brown Isyss Chantylle Brown Pilar Mattie Brown Tre’von Malechi Brown Collin Gabriel Bryan Dominik Jacob Budz

Andrew Nolan Bullard Timothy Francis Bulson Riese Broughton Butler Iyona Amari Lashay Butler Daniel Anthony Deven Campbell Miakoda Kaya Campbell Schuyler Grace Caporossi Amelia Marie Carson Aidan Tucker Case Jackson Nicholas Cates Marion Anthony Champaign II Alondria Cal’Trice Chavis Emily Catrina Chihocky Maria Jose Chinchilla Hernandez Luke Shen Christy Miles Tucker Christy Steuart McMillan Coco Abigail McLendon Coe Carlous Jermaine Commodore Jr. Ethan Andrew Jeffrey Cooper Lane Greer Copeland Wylen Brixx Comilang Cortez Colby James-Michael Craig India Sanai Crawford Nicolas Agustin Crews Edmund Carter Crites Coadie Alexis Cronk Tucker William Cross James Knowlton Crowther Natalia Isabel Cuvarrubio Isabel Lenore Davies Annette Grace Davis Dion Lamont Davis Jr. Tristan Zayla Davis Douglas Martin Devolld William Cyrus Pinckney Dilligard Taeven Rashaad Drayton Katherine Grace Duane Ethan Capers Dudley Elliott Thomas DuPree Jaden Chai Earwood Christian Jacob Easterby Chloe Michele Ehlers Drennan Ruby Ellis Sheridan Lai Eng Alexia Mackenzie Enright

Kaelah Yanet Esparza Kai Crowell Evans Andrew Scott Farrell, Sal Rachel Grace Fetuao Kathleen Linette Fisk Reece Montgomery Fissel-Brown Ava Paulina Esveidi Fites Tyler David Fitzpatrick Christina Matson Floyd Emily Grace Foreman Teeyarna Unique Forrest Diego Gabriel Forte Collazo Garfield Spencer Fowler Nathaniel Antwane Frasier Jr. Zavian Jameire Frasier Matthew Conner Freedy Margaret Emma Gardner Benjamin Joseph Garrett Marion Finney Garrigan Cohen Gaskins III Jayden Khiara Gathers Stoyan Georgiev Georgiev Morgan Hope Gillette Byron Raphael Gilliard John Elliot Glass Jr. Jakayla Shavone Gordon Joseph Latrin Gordon Jr. Hudson Matthew Graham Kimesha Iesha Grant Davonte Javon Green Skyler Benjamin Green Matthew Douglas Grenier Luca Karl Gruber Jennifer Guevara Isabella Nelson Gurrieri Simeon Andrew Hackbart Jr. Robert Camp Hagood Jr. Logan Fielding Hall Hudson Holland Hames Tracy Bernard Hamilton Jr. Anna Elizabeth Hancock Joshua David Hardin Whitney Teresa Harriett Colin Alastair Heber Harris Gregg Christopher Harrison Abraham Basim Hassouneh

Kayla Elise Heise Lily Moon Helms Katelyn Brooke Hessert Connor Murphy Heyboer Dalilah Monik Heyward Hunter Joshua Higgins Benjamin David Hill Daniel George Hilliard Grace Margaret Hilliard Bailee Renaye Hoch Alarie Marie Hodge Savannah Sheridan Hodges Kayla Britton Holseberg Sumter Ellis Holst Peyton Kenworthy Honeycutt Michael Christopher Houmard Gilad Aviv Hubara Savannah Lee Hudson Kira Lynn Hughes Kevin Michael Hyams Mary Elizabeth Inabinet Justin Craig Jackson Luke Graham Jameson OMari Xavierone Jenkins Shyanna Jade Jenkins Elizabeth Driggers Jimenez Anthony William Johnson Elle Makena Johnson Natalie Elizabeth Johnson Julian Crucifixico-Marcell Jordan Ryan McCrae Joye Susan Piper Judy Joshua Jacob Kangeter Kiehlen Densler Keller Joshua Evan Kent II Caroline Bailey King Chandler Brooks Kirby Samuel Joseph Klau Grace Ella Kleppe Mackenzie Anne Knapp Mary Clare Kreutner Lea Patricia Kroeck Samiah Aryanna Lafayette Brooke Amber Lamar Thomas Glenn Lang Andrew Maddox Langsam


Bill Frehse • 843-762-2005

Best wishes on your next adventure!

JAMES ISLAND CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL Dawson Robert Lasseter Tayvis Robert Lau Bliss Hailey Lavelle Ayrton James Leichner Zachary Olson Leighfield Andrew Patrick Letson Aiden Evens Levy Andrew Geordan Levy Fisher Alexander Lingenfelter Glenn Dale Logan III Wyatt John Long Braedon Greer Love Andrew Park Madsen James Javon Magwood Jessica Lynn Mallard Mary Catherine Mann Hunter Todd Marwine Marvin Lamar Matthews Jr. Matthew Gabriel May Alexis Monicque Mazyck Darius Joseph Mazyck Zavon Adraine Justin Mazyck Jaida LyShelle Nyasia McLeod Joseph Oliver McMichael Charlee Reece McMillan Malik Santanna McNeil Mason Anthony Mendes Halle Grace Michaelsen Tyler Juraun Middleton Reagan Elizabeth Miller Vivian Ruth Miller Willow Joy Mirise Andrew William Mitchum Ellen Ann Mitchum Sara Catherine Mizzell Robert Scott Moody Henry Michael Morabito Myles Michael Morris Fisher James Morton Emily Lynn Murrell Emory Lewis Naylor Keleigh Legare Nelson Cherrell Cierra Nelson Vivian Gwen Nguyen Lucy Marie Nickle Madeline Reilly Noonan

Gunnar Henry Nowak Christian Bostick Olvera Emma Grace Overby Kaitlyn Alexis Overla Lucia Valentina Pacheco Tomas Sebastian Pacheco Blakely Elizabeth Paradis Lawson Atticus Paradis Farley Morgan Park Alexis Dora Passailaigue Russell John Patterson III Thomas Graham Payne Jr. Grayson Carlyle Pedone Adrian Penaloza Huerta Andrew Paul Pennington Robert Reagan Phillips John David Poteet Jr. Sarah Danielle Price Cailin Carolina Proctor Betsy Kate Cox Purvis John Kirk Adams Radin Joshua Ramirez-Nunez Martha Yanira Ramos Macias Tyler Amouri Rampersant Bailey Westbrook Rape Maddie Ruth Virgina Ratcliff Arnett Warnell Ravenel Jr. Aidan Robert Relyea-Girgrah Maya Estelle Reyes Julius Hampton Reynolds Emily Marie Rheaume Raven Monet Richardson Zion Mykhia Richardson Kaylyn Khieda Richardson Logan O’Brian Richardson Ambria Alexandra Riley Andrew Raymond Riley Demetrus Lamar Robinson Joshua Bryce Robinson Angie Analy Rojas Carmen Carmel Roncancio Taylor Leah Rose Tayorius Sunil Rouse Jaleesa Monet Russell Jackie St Clair Rutan Travis Mirfayzovich Samatov

Sean David Sample Omar Sharif Sanders Jr. Alyson Renee Lee Santes Kelvin Luiz Santiago Lucas Richard Schiffman Elizabeth Ann Schneider Aieronna Kristiann-Reyleigh Scott Jaden Bernard Scott Hudson Joseph Seabrook Cain Seagraves James Edward Seyle Hayle Kathryn Elizabeth Sharpe William Mulherin Shealy Tatum Elizabeth Sieracki Allison Kay Sikes Holden Hill Silverman Reginald Eric Simmons Aniya Selena Singleton Yuria Jasmine Sloane Dylan Edward Smith Hayden Andrew Smith James Grant Smith Kylie Madison Smith Michael Coleman Smith Samuel Preston Smoak Jr. Augustine Thomas Smythe Jr. Lamont Davel Snipe Jr. Brady Allen Snipes Walker Paul Sojourner Anna Grace Stafford Tiyana Denver Stanley Carolyn Elizabeth Staples Sarah Elizabeth Steffan Amelia Hyatt Stemple Jay Frederick Stevens Jr. Sara Elizabeth Patricia Strojny Solomon Schofield Stullenbarger Tyler Jacob Suggs Lauren Marie Sutton Joshua Frans Swan Alexander Michael Szablewski Trace Manning Tarleton Halle Nicole Taylor Hugo Jackson Taylor Terrell Bryant Taylor Jr. Terry Omarion Khajuan Taylor Jr.

Taylor Kay Teague Caleb Justin Temples Olivia Marie Lighthart Thompson Katherine Elizabeth Tillman Micah Dale Timmons Belal Abdelsalam Touma Lyla Elaine Trainum Lanae Norma Turner Todd Michael Tyner Parrish Earl-Charles VanDyke Daniel James Voell Logan Lewis Wagener Ahman Kareem Walker Julia Cosgrove Wall Hannah Katharine Walsh Jacob Wayne Walters Katie Elizabeth Ward Meghan Najhi Waring Mya Latrese Washington Tre’von Latrell Washington D’Angelo Evan Washington Benjamin Alexander Watson Charles Roderick Watts Russell Ocean Marion Welch Jr. William Tellous Wells IV John Stephen West Jr. Jasmine Luetta White Kalindi Whitworth Arianna Cyan Williams Camdyn Reece Williams Tomas Marquise Williams Jayden Riley Winters Bailey James Wiseman Ryan Owen Wissel Archer Sullivan Witbeck Kaylee Beth Witherspoon Payton Grace Woodall Laura Mae Woods William McGill Woodward III Chase Hudson Worrill Aidan Layne Worthington Blake Austin Wright Katelyn Grace Xiangmeng Wyandt, Val Jesse Andrew York Rebecca Barnwell Young Rodman Zheng











“The Class of 2021 has contributed so much to Porter-Gaud School. They excelled academically, athletically, and artistically in the face of adversity while embodying the commitment to our founding principles of WATCH - Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character, and Habits. We are proud of their resilience, kindness, and leadership! We look forward to celebrating the extraordinary Class of 2021!”

-D. DuBose Egleston Jr., Head of School Madi Brown Liam Fauci Andres Garcia Emily Horn Ella Kindt Lazo Kirages

Cyntia Puga Sophie Rueger Olivia Thornton Jazmyn Tovar-Salinas Gavin Ward Ta’Leyah Williams



Graduation 06.16.2021

Congratulations to the class of 2021. Your diligence and hard work have paid off. We at Northside will be praying and rooting for you as you continue on and attempt to make a difference in an ever-changing world.


Joshua Bailey Katherine Bergeron Haley Brewer

Harrison Garrett Samuel Hill Joshua Padgett


Ashtyn Reese Joshua Scurry Emily Sherlock

Camille Alexa Acevedo

Margaret McKenzie Davis

Mia Ann MacLean

Matthew Daniel Adelman

Caroline McMurrough Dellicker

Margaret Chapman McKay

Esther Ruth Adelson

Courtney McMurrough Dellicker

Connor Lene McMahon

Ethan Jack Alderson

Emmett Kaltman DeScherer

John Perry Miles

Isabel Gail Alfonso

Arden Jane Etters

Gavin Alexander Milligan

Thomas Blackwell Anderson

Tyler Sean Fennelly

Elliot John Murphy

Jackson Parker Ayers

Eric Patton Fenno

Olivia Marie Nagrodsky

Pleasant Woodfin Ballenger

Charlotte Ivey Ferguson

Daniel Alexander Newlands

Grace Elizabeth Baranowski

John Keaton Ferm

Lilian Elizabeth O’Dell

Jack Alexander Barnes

Joe Edward Fermo

Kaila Ann Pardus

John David Basto, III

William Lewis Finnegan

Peter William Beck

Luke Thomas Flynn

Charles Lucas Bell

Nathaniel Cordes Ford

Hanah Caroline Bergman

Drew Alan Friedman

Paul Stanford Bickerstaff

Henry Reppard Gaddy

William Tyler Bickerstaff

Katherine Iris Geils

Charlotte Roselyn Black

Sara Burns Fishburne Gibson

Margaret Lee Bland

Mason Anthony Grant

Samuel Pierce Bozeman

Spencer Jaudon Halford, Jr.

Lewis Byrd Bragg

Eleanor Rose Hanckel

Heyward Addison Britton

Margaret Calloway Harper

Sadayah Amy Camille Brown

Kelsey Sherrill Hay

Piper Sydney Brown

James Royston Hill

Wilson Bennett Bruce

Nicole Alexandra Hoffman

Matthew Daniel Butts

Joshua deLiesseline Hughes

Meredith Coles Buyck

Harry Locke Johnson, III

Daniel Grady Stein

James Walker Carswell

William Lasseigne Jones

Jack Carden Steyer

Charles Pinckney Cheves

Frances Grace Kammerer

Lilian Sarah Stock

Zoe Elise Clekis

Matthew James Kelly

Harris Edward Stripling

Mitchell Austin Coleman

Tyler Joseph Kelly

Charles Edward Thomas

Wilkes Otto Cramer, IV

Caroline Woodward Kilborn

Burke DuRant Thompson

Sally Branton Crawford

Kyle Benjamin Lafayette

Savannah Evelyn Winther

Avery Wimbish Crymes

Crawford Lewis Lashley

Denham Miner Wojcik

John Richard Darden

Finnigan Red Lyden

Anna Kelley Zielke

Hampton Thomas Truxton Davis

Donald Frazier Mabe, III

Elana Moise Ziff

Mary Claire Parker Walker Fisk Pitts Haley Alexander Prescott William Kyler Psenka Rebecca Dare-Holton Ravenel Leigh Beverly Reid Michael Flynn Schwab Owen Robert Selden Michael Owen Shipman Lauren Rebecca Simmons Stewart Donovan Smith Margaret Payne Smith Brent Dixon Snyder Sophia Rae Sobich


Congratulations Seniors! carpetbaggerscarpetone.com



Blythe Elizabeth McCurry

Elizabeth Capers Bradley

Katherine Gray McEvoy

Grayson Sophia Brewer

Sarah Virginia McLean

Mary Scott Brisson

Mallory Caroline Mease

AnaCapri Moran Burke

Claudia Sage Miller

Rylie Anson Callander

Laughlin Youngs Murray

Ashton Connor Calloway

Eliza Webb Murrell

Abigail Tillene Clarke

Ainslee Frances Newman

Callie Irene Cox

Leyla Grace Ozyurt

Meredith Louise Devine

Ava Louise Piebenga

Marissa Bradlee Dye

Caroline Ann Prochazka

Patricia Camille Eisenhart

Emma Dietschy Reuther

Ava Grace Evans-Godley

Mia Graci Rogers

Anne Wickliffe Fort

Naia Grace Roper

Laura Abigail Glanville

Ella Gray Settle

Katherine Marianne Goldman

Ruby Ophelia Sloan

Zitong Jia

Anna-Leigh Rose Snyder

Kedi Jiang

Logan Elizabeth Tunick

Riley Elizabeth Kerr

Bryce Hazel Turberville

Kayla Louise Kirkland

Sasha Jones Wagner

Lauren Elizabeth Letton

Kun Wan

Sarah DuBose Marshall

Ziyang Wang

Elizabeth St. Clair Martin

Caroline Bradford Burnham Willis


CONGRATULATIONS MUSICIANS! Kathleen Aller, Sal Ian Bowen Jackson Brandon Julius Cain Cory Camel Kaylah Cardarelle Edward Carter Gino Castillo Acosta Dominic Ciccarelli Christian Cromwell Bryndon Freeman

Heyward Grant Troy Green Kinsey Page, Val James Powell Nathaniel Ravenell Charles Robeson Mia Sack Sterling Singleton Izayiah Smalls Ondarius Smalls Bryce Tomlins



Ellery Bronwyn Baugh Madison Caroline Broach John Kendall Chakeris Ellaree Rae Estes Benjamin Daniel Fauteux Fei Cartmell Fleury Tyler John Fragola Cooper Petty Garner Alyssa Alexis Godwin, Sal Ansley Bryer Gresh Olivia Porcher Horne Emma Ruth Howard Katelyn Louise Howard Adam Michael Kasian Ethan Andrew Lowther

Olivia Grace Martin, Val Emma Katherine Matthews Gabriel Michael Moser Grace Arlene Nims Gabriela Ann Noce Mary Hannah Payne Andrew Russell Barger Propes Ava Ruth Romfo Carson Kevin Rourk Connor Pruett Rourk Olivia Grace Seitz Wyatt Michael Shogren Eliza Dwight Sloan James Alexander Stephens David Koerner Swift


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Graduation 06.16.2021

Ashton, Claire Benner, Isabella Benton, Joseph Biad, Madelyn Bittner, Keegan Blair, Leo Brooks, Daniel Brown, George Brusman, Campbell Busche, Michael Caldwell, Grayson Campbell, Robert Campbell, Ryan Carbon, Timothy Carroll, Elliott Carruthers, Grace Carson, Parker Champlin, Matthew Cherichello, Megan Christy, Bryce Clarke, Bridget Coffman, Dominic Counasse, Katherine Crawford, Sara Cusack, Ethan Dalton, Aoife DeFaria, Paola DeFazio, Nicholas Delpit, Christopher


DeWitt, Quinn Drennan, Kevin Drummond, Emily Duc, Emma Duffy, Lawrence Elliott, Matthew Everman, Nathaniel Fiutem, Nicolaus Fokas, Spiro Geier, Marshall Gibson, Ellen Glazer, Coleman Greene, Landon Gress, Richard Griffith, Ethan Griffith, Julian Hanley, Germaine Head, Anthony Highfield, Charles Hollister, Sean Holt, Edward Horton, Anna Hotchkiss, Grace Hughes, William Hulen, Max Jennings, Jack Johnson, Emma Jordahl, Mason Jordan, Mark

Keating, Shealyn Keene, Kimber Kerr, Mary Khong, Khoi Kirby, Jesse Kuehhas, Meredith Lesslie, James Liverett, Graison Loggins, Chase Long, Kendall Long, Michael LoPriore, Joseph Ludlam, Joshua Maher, Kieran Marinaro, Edward Marr, Bridget Mazur, Madeline McAuliffe, Caitlin McDonald, Henry McDonald, Timothy McGeachy, Jackson McIntyre, Juliana McLaughlin, Mary-Parker Michel, Matthew Michel, Zachary Mihan, Gabriela Miller, Molly Mills, Morgan Murphy, James


Benefitfocus congratulates the class of 2021

Murray, Robert Owens, Aja Owens, Michael Pampu, Colette Penninger, Thomas Pierce, Julia Poch, Mary Angela Prioleau, Savannah Rainero, Mary Randall, William Regan, Thomas Reidenbach, Elizabeth Richardson, Christopher Richter, Mark Roberson, Casey Roe, Victoria Rosato, Frances Rotermund, Oliver Royall, William Rudolph, Colin Runza, Rosabelle Santa Lucia, Jenna Sawyer, Matthew Schaafsma, Tyler Scharnitzky, Emily Scott, Austin Searson, Carly Shirley, Sarah Skultety, Grace

Smear, John Snyder, Shane Soper, Catherine Stanley, Jon Stebbins, Michael Stemple, Caroline Stokes, Miller Swant, Mark Temelini, Lena Teufel, Ethan Thrower, William Todd, Jackson Tovar, Rey Treasurer, Dennis Tysinger, Anna Varn, Jake Volpe, Charles Vroman, Kayla Walsh, Margaret Wendorff, Charles White, Caroline Williams, Jaiha Williamson, John Womble, Brenden Woods, Lillian Woody, Margaret Wysong, Lauren

CONGRATULATIONS HURRICANES! “You are wonderfully made, you are prepared to do great things, and we love you so much! Remember that God has a plan for you, a plan to prosper and to give you hope and a future, trust in the Lord and remember who you are!”

-Principal Will McCombs Shannon Faith Yost Mollie Elizabeth Wolfe Erin Alexis Wayman Sevaughn Jommel Washington Caroline Alleane Kou Urashima Vincent Matthew Troyer Eliza Livingston Smith Kinsey Taylor Selander Clyde Whittier Russell William Matthew Reid John Wayne Ravenel Joseph Angus Rae Mitchell Clark Pothier Luke Daniel Perrucci Ethan Miles Paige Thalia Elizade Nguyen Georgia Jaudon Myrick Richard Alexander Mitchell Jonathan Zeke Mesenbourg Lillie Elizabeth McLeod Emilie Bennett McCombs Jonathan Hamrick Marchant Michael Alexander Maginnis, Sal Maggie Jane Madden Harrison Bennett Livingston Alyssa Boydell King Ramon Dior Kelly

Justus Troy Jones Madalyn Grace Jones Amari Treyvone Jenkins Hayden Ward Hunter Hagan Weston Hiott, Val Kennedy Anne Heyward Jaylin Isaiah Hayward Andrew Amer Halteh Laura Witte Gruber Robert Nicolas Gayle Logan Ashley Faust Lydia Hamilton English Isabella Ahnawake DeCosty Thomas Middleton Dantzler William Swicord Daniel Jacob Lynn Crawford Kenneth Earl Cannon Judith Jade Bullock Cole Evan Bryant Johnathan Michael Bryant Jamar Marquise Blandin Victor Burk Arredondo Malachi Reyshawn Ancrum John Whitlow Akerman



CONGRATULATIONS PHOENIXES! Jaden Allen Liam Atkinson Mary Katherine Austin Kyle Ballinger William Barthold Jordan Berry Bryce Blevins Aaron Bongiorno Mackenzie Bowers Trava Brown Lucinda Bulanow Brasington Burnside Morgan Coleman Anna Condon Victor Cortez Salgado Rebecca Cox Jacob Crabb Cassandra DeVito Connor Dunning Eryn Edwards Ryan Fischer Carson Frohlich Dashiell Fullante Hali Gerald Graham Glaab Jonathan Gleaton Caleb Hudgens Emily Hurn Emily Jensen Zaynah Judge Shivani Kakadia Rahanna Kazi Theodore Klok Emalee Knight Keith Langley

Casandre LaRocque Lauren Lowndes Jessica Mai Caleb Martin Edward McAninch Jayden Meggett Jack Meyer Anthony O’Neill Dhruv Patel Natalia Pina Kennerde Powell Tylene Powell Samantha Quartuccio Dylan Ramer William Reynolds Jackson Riesen Emann Rivero Antonio Roberts Aaron Rosendary Ava Rowley Christian Santiago Cameron Schwartz Gwendolen Seay Ian Smith Kalicia Smith De’Von Snyder Saanvi Somani Bradley Stafford Cem Uzer Jason Van Meir Hayli Wall Khalil Wise Timothy Wolfe Avonte Wright







Pai Doesburg Will Courtney Jack Wheeler

Jack Woodward Emily Miller

Turner Hill Rush Dixon


Charleston City Paper asked students at Charleston County School of the Arts to share some recent artwork to serve as a cover for this special keepsake Class of 2021 graduation issue. City Paper staff evaluated entries and picked three winners, each of whom received cash prizes based on how they placed. Congratulations to each winner. Read more about their art in the statements below.




Student Art Contest

Title: Golden Medium: Oil on wood panel Professional Inquiry: alt.grl.art@gmail.com “This piece represents the power in which Black hair holds, also connecting it to plants. Roots connect a plant to the earth, as do hair.”

Rachel Vasko




Title: Giver Medium: Acrylics and gel pen “I wanted to express an impression of a moment from childhood that anyone could relate to.”

Graduation 06.16.2021



Alston-Beaton, Kennede Baker, Lerico Belle, Jordan Bolton, Santonio Brown-Delesline, Mashiya Brown, Kareem Campbell, Josiah Capers, Jalaya Capers-Rouse, Amari Cason, Avery Forrest, Trinity Frayer, D’Varius Hamilton, Nautkia

Hamiton-Smith, Samari Jenkins-Mitchell, Dynasty Johnson, Kevin Kilgore, Kent Mack, Hasan Major, Kierra Manigault, Brian Matthews, Tyaunna McCray, Joy Meeks, Jamie Meggett, Antinique Monday, Trenton Murray, Jaelen

Myers, Zaniayjah Nelson, Trevion Partridge, Malakai Parker, Ty’Neaja Planter, Jada Rivers, Naryah Skinner, Ja-Rease Smiley, Lartice Stanley, Tiyana Taylor, Zanieyah Wallace, Khayla Webb, Raven Williams, Abdul


Title: In Our Element Medium: Color pencil “This piece was pretty fun to do because it reminds me that school wasn’t always so serious and you can have some fun, even something so simple like this.”


Cap. Gown. It’s Going Down. charlestoncitypaper.com


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Profile for CharlestonCityPaper

Charleston City Paper - Class of 2021  

Founded in 1997, the locally owned and operated Charleston City Paper is Charleston’s only weekly alternative newspaper and the second-large...

Charleston City Paper - Class of 2021  

Founded in 1997, the locally owned and operated Charleston City Paper is Charleston’s only weekly alternative newspaper and the second-large...

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