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High Caliber Singles Events with Matchmakers and Coaches Lucie and Xiaoli Story and photos by Charleen Earley

Today there are more dating websites than ever before, and with our advanced technology, it’s easy to put up a profile photo and bio, but it seems it’s more difficult than ever to find quality singles to date. Not any more!  Meet three amazing women in the matchmaking world, connecting high caliber singles face-toface by hosting attractive and exquisite events.   Owner of Luvidya, Lucie Ebnerova Luvidya is a dating coach and matchmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, along with Xiaoli Mei, a certified relationship coach, owner of Happiness In Love, and Jina McDonald, who hosts the events in her simply stunning and breathtaking home in Woodside, CA, nestled among the mountains and regal redwood trees.  Their latest, exclusive matchmaking event was held on Saturday, Jan. 18 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and included delicious hors d'oeuvres, wine and champagne, music, and dancing among 18 distinguished singles, ready to find love. Singles ranged in ages 40 to 65, with varied careers and cultures.  Lucie, who was born in the Czech Republic, a country of strong, proud people with high values, started coaching after a friend suggested it.  “I started with dating coaching, helping friends to uncover their dating ‘why.’ One day my friend asked me, ‘why don’t you do this for business?’ And because I was and still am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, I instantly knew that dating coaching and matchmaking is the right choice for me,” said Lucie.   

Xiaoli Mei, Lucie Luvidya and Jina McDonald host exclusive single's events, helping clients find their perfect match.


Colorful Living Live | Feb. 2020

Lucie matches singles full time, however she

Today she teaches women from all cultural

does offer individual coaching to help her clients

backgrounds how to find their true love by

on a deeper level, as they search for the answer

teaching them how to bring balance to career and

to their big dating question, ‘why am I still

love. She also helps them attain joy and harmony


in their lives without sacrificing one important life aspiration over another.

Single herself, Lucie says many people ask her why, even when she’s a successful

Lucie believes that hiring a matchmaker and

matchmaker. “Simply put, I haven’t found the

coach helps singles find their soul mates more

right partner yet, and I won’t settle for anyone


who is less than extraordinary,” she said. “Finding love can be exhausting and also timeXiaoli Mei coaches professional women to find

consuming, but working with a matchmaker will

true love and to bring balance to a happy

help you make the most compatible introductions

relationship with a busy career. A professional

with people who have the same desire for a

herself, she emigrated to the U.S. from China in

relationship as you do,” she said. “You don’t

the late 90s and established a successful career

have to waste energy on people who don’t share

in corporate America, working for Fortune 100

your values or aren’t looking for the same thing


as you. Matchmakers work with people who are ready to invest in a committed relationship and

Despite her amazing career, she says she found

find a strong romantic connection.”

herself feeling miserable, empty, lonely, confused and sad.  

By hiring a coach and matchmaker, Luciestresses that finding true love is a process.

“Having experienced two failed marriages and other broken relationships, I knew there had to

“It is a process because matchmaking takes time

be a way to balance a successful career AND

and doesn’t happen overnight,” she said. “The

have a fulfilling relationship,” she said.

first step is I have my clients create a profile on our database (https://www.luvidya.com/dating-

So she set out to do what she calls, “crack the

registration/), which allows me to learn the basics

Happiness Code,” all while working two jobs

about each individual.”

and raising her two children as a single mom in the San Francisco Bay Area. She discovered what it takes for career women to find lasting happiness and love in today’s fast-paced modern world – since she found her soul mate Jim.

Colorful Living Live | Feb. 2020


“The next step is personal interviews and

“Online dating has many advantages, but it has also become the

getting to know the essence of each person,”

norm that people use dating sites for reasons other than serious

she added. “When matching people, I focus

dating,” she said. “I’m a big believer in personal connections, and

on finding those who have similar goals,

unfortunately the goal of meeting face-to-face seems to have

values and outlooks on life.”

disappeared in online dating. So whether dating apps are the right choice for someone really depends on his or her dating goals, expectations and how much time they want to invest.”

The face-to-face, exclusive and private events that all three women organize, offers high

The next matchmaking event is on the horizon – with a date to be

quality singles a relaxed and intimate setting

set soon.

that encourages a commitment to finding love. Luciesays online dating can’t really do

“We don’t have a date yet, but we are already brainstorming ideas

that for singles and it’s not for everyone.

about wine tasting, happy hour and summer-themed parties,” said Lucie.

Visit www.luvidya.com & www.happinessinlove.com Email Lucie & Xiaoli  lucie@luvidya.com & Xiaoli@happinessinlove.com


Colorful Living Live | Feb. 2020

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High Caliber Singes Events with Matchmakers and Coaches Lucie and Xiaoli | By Charleen Earley  

Story and photos by Charleen Earley | Feb. 22, 2020

High Caliber Singes Events with Matchmakers and Coaches Lucie and Xiaoli | By Charleen Earley  

Story and photos by Charleen Earley | Feb. 22, 2020


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