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The Y is a diverse organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility. We bring men, women, and children – just like you – together, and our shared commitment to our communities ensures the opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive that we create for all are ones that endure.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Channel Islands Mission Statement Camp Program Goals Four Core Values Financial Assistance COVID-19 ______________________________________________________________________page Enrollment and Registration ePACT (Camper Emergency Information) Payment Policy Cancellations and Changes Credit and Refunds Billing and Electronic Funds Transfer Ratio Absenteeism Late pick up American Camping Association ______________________________________________________________________page Parent Responsibilities Babysitting What to Send With Your Child Summer Camp Staff ______________________________________________________________________page Swimming Sunscreen Concerns or Questions Communication Lunch and Snacks Parking Lost and Found Photo Release ______________________________________________________________________page Health and Safety Children with Special Needs Injuries Other Illness Medication ______________________________________________________________________page Behavior and Discipline Emergency/Natural Disaster Thank You ______________________________________________________________________page Heads Up Concussion ______________________________________________________________________page Symptoms of Coronavirus ______________________________________________________________________page






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CHANNEL ISLANDS YMCA MISSION STATEMENT The Channel Islands YMCA is a charitable organization providing programs based upon Christian principles to people of all ages, races, religious beliefs and economic status to promote Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. CAMP PROGRAM GOALS The Channel Islands YMCA Camp Program is designed to allow your child the chance to become an integral part of a small group of children as they learn new skills, develop lasting friendships, and pursue the YMCA mission of healthy body, mind, and spirit. In particular, YMCA Summer Camps strive: • • • • • •

To provide an environment of safety, support, care, and fun. To develop the values and character of campers. To increase the physical fitness and selfawareness of campers. To strengthen the interpersonal and social skills of campers, and allow for leadership opportunities. To foster an appreciation for diversity. To create new educational experiences and opportunities to learn new skills.

FOUR CORE VALUES The Four Core Values were introduced by the YMCA of the USA in the mid 1990’s. These assets were put in place in order to teach children the difference between right and wrong. We stress the high importance of these values everyday in all of our camps. Honesty: Being honest, dependable & loyal. Respect: Living the Golden Rule, accepting others, showing courtesy and manners. Responsibility: Being accountable, doing one’s best. Caring: Being kind, compassionate & understanding, showing love and charity to others.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Our programs and services are available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. OPEN DOORS, the Channel Islands YMCA financial assistance program, uses a sliding fee scale designed to meet financial needs of most families and individuals. People of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes need assistance at different times in their lives; anyone can apply for OPEN DOORS Financial Assistance.

HEPA STNADARDS (Healthy Eating, Physical Activity) Family involvement is an important component in establishing healthy eating and physical activity habits in children from a young age. Y programs will engage parents and guardians using informational materials and activities focused on healthy eating and physical activity. We will implement at least 60 minutes of active physical activity each day in all of our full day camps. Screen time is not allowed in most camps. If allowed for program reasons, there is a maximum of 30 minutes. We will only serve healthy snacks in program and ask that families provide health options in lunch and snacks as well. Food high in sugar (including soda) should not be brought. Fruits and vegetables are needed in daily meals. COVID-19 The Channel Islands YMCA is making a conscience effort to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. UPON ARRIVAL: Upon arrival, campers will be screened for illness. Once a child is permitted into camp, they must wash or sanitize their hands. SYMPTOMS PARENTS SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE: If a child is experiencing any of the following; cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, fatigue, headache, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of taste or smell, they must remain home. If your child becomes ill within 10 days after attending camp, we ask that you notify the YMCA Program Director immediately. KEEPING YOUR CAMPER SAFE: There will be daily safety reminders at the start of the camp day and throughout reminding campers of healthy practices like coughing etiquette, avoiding touching faces and not sharing personal items All staff have been trained in COVID-19 procedures and protocol to include but not limited to hygiene practices, supervision, sanitation, cleaning and disinfecting procedures. If a child becomes ill they will be separated and parents called for pickup. The Y will follow all required federal, state, and county health mandates. SUPPLIES: Campers are required to bring a backpack with their daily supplies which should include a filled water bottle(s), snacks, lunch, sunscreen, face mask. Hand sanitizer will be provided by camp and use must be supervised. If there is an allergy please let the camp director know so we can make accommodations. CLEANING & DISINFECTING: Restrooms, sinks and all common areas are cleaned regularly throughout the day. End of day cleaning occurs to ensure 3 safety.

ENROLLMENT AND REGISTRATION Registration: IMMUNIZATION FORMS ARE REQUIRED! All registration forms must be completed in full 3 weeks prior to the week in which you wish to enroll your child. Space is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Children who are brought to camp with incomplete ePACT information and or not registered will not be admitted to camp. You may not complete forms on start date. Should you be turned away, fees will not be pro-rated. ePACT (camper emergency information) ePACT Network is a digital platform for collecting your child’s emergency and medical information to improve member privacy and reduce our carbon footprint. ePACT information must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to your child’s start day. We are unable to allow your child into camp without this information. Paperwork cannot be filled out on site PAYMENT POLICY At time of registration, camps may be paid in full with cash, check or credit card. Otherwise, a nonrefundable deposit per week is required to reserve each camp in which you wish to register your child. If camp is not paid in full, you will be required to submit an EFT bank or credit card information form. Your bank account or credit card will be drafted for the week of camp for the remaining fees (minus the deposit). Failure to pay on time will result in loss of space and deposit. CANCELLATIONS/CHANGE Camp additions, changes and cancellations require an add/change/cancel form. The deposit per camp is non-refundable. We can accommodate schedule changes on a space availability basis. If no notice is received for a change or withdrawal, camp fees will be charged and are non-refundable. Promotional rates expire and are not available after March 31. See add/change/cancellation form for more details. CREDIT and REFUNDS, Refunds, not including deposits, will be issued only with approval from the Program Director, and when two weeks written notice is provided. Refunds are processed through our Association Office and usually take 2-4 weeks for processing. If paid by credit card, fees will be refunded directly back to the credit card. Please allow up to 10 business days. Program deposits are non-refundable and are not transferable. Programs canceled two weeks in advance of the start date will receive a refund, minus the deposit.

BILLING & Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) CALENDAR : CAMP 2021 Drafts occur at 12:01a.m. Camp Start Date

EFT Date

June 6 June 13 June 20 June 27 July 4 July 11 July 18 July 25 Aug. 1 Aug. 8 Aug. 15

May 30 June 6 June 13 June 20 June 27 July 4 July 11 July 18 July 25 Aug. 11 Aug. 8

Ratio Counselor to camper ratio is: 1:6 4-6 years 1:8 6-8 years 1:10 9-14 years Campers will rotate among daily activities in small groups. We aim to keep consistent camper groups the same each week if possible. ABSENTEEISM Campers are to be signed in to camp by 9:00am each morning. If your child will be absent from camp please contact the appropriate Camp Director to inform them of the absence by 9:00 am. LATE PICK UP Late pick-up fees will be charged for each child picked up after closing time. Payment must be received upon pick up. Late fees are charged at a rate of $1 for every minute. Chronic late pick-ups will be grounds for dismissal. AMERICAN CAMPING ASSOCIATION The Channel Islands YMCA Camps are all ACA accredited programs, meeting up to 300 standards for health, safety and program quality. ACA is a community of camp professionals who, for over 100 years have joined together to share knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality and safety of day camp programs. ACA works to preserve and promote and improve the camp experience.


PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES The YMCA recognizes that parents are the most important people in a child’s life. We believe parents are #1 in importance, they are also #1 in the ability to influence and motivate their children. We welcome your advice, participation and support. If you have an issue, concern or question please speak with the Camp Director. If they are unable to meet your needs, please contact the Program Director. Your Responsibilities: • You are responsible for your child upon arrival to camp until he/she has been signed in, had a wellness check and you have been acknowledged by a staff member. Your child may not be signed in before the start of camp day. • All campers must be signed in/out each day with a full legal signature from an adult (at least 18 yrs. of age). Campers will only be released to persons listed on the ePACT registration form. To ensure safety, all adults must show valid photo I.D. when picking up children. • Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. Children who are 8 years of age OR have reached 4’9” in height may be secured by a booster seat, but at a minimum must be secured by a safety belt. • Updated personal information: Providing updated information to the Y is the responsibility of the parent and must be made immediately at the time of change. • We frequently communicate by e-mail. Please be sure we have your preferred e-mail address and that you check often. • We ask that parents ensure their child has a clean mask and is in good health to attend camp. • Parents are to send their child with a beach towel or blanket daily so children may sit and socially distance during snack and meal periods.

BABYSITTING YMCA staff shall not socialize with children enrolled in YMCA programs outside of approved YMCA activities, including babysitting or transporting children. Immediate disciplinary action will be taken by the YMCA toward YMCA staff if a violation is discovered. PLEASE DO NOT ASK STAFF TO BABYSIT! WHAT TO SEND WITH YOUR CHILD Campers should wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes (not crocs), and play clothes. Child’s belongings must be brought in a backpack and each item labeled. Healthy snacks and sack lunch Backpack Sunscreen Hat Refillable Water bottles Hand Sanitizer Beach towel or blanket

All belongings are to be placed in child’s backpack The following items are NOT permitted at camp: Fast Food or Soda Candy (including chocolate) or gum Toys/Electronics (iPod, cellphone, PSP, etc) Trading cards (i.e. Pokemon) If brought to camp these items will be kept in the Program Director’s office until parents pick them up. SUMMER CAMP STAFF The Summer Camp Program operates under direct supervision of the Program Director. Many staff have a background in education, sports and recreation, or child development. All have cleared a strict background process that includes fingerprinting. Staff are certified in CPR, AED, First-Aid, and Child Abuse Prevention and COVID-19 procedures. They have had a successful experience working with children, have been trained by YMCA Personnel and are looking forward to working with your child.


SWIMMING Campers will be given the opportunity to swim in the YMCA pool possibly once a week. If campers are allowed to swim, they must come to camp in a swim suit. Changing before or after pool time will not be permitted this summer. Each time a new session/week begins all new campers will be given a swim test. Only those who pass the swim test will be allowed in deep areas. All campers are allowed in the shallow end. Floatation devices will be provided at the YMCA pool for children who do not pass the swim test and who do not show the ability to swim. Alternate activities will be provided for children who do not wish to swim. SUNSCREEN Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to sending them to camp. By requiring families to apply sunscreen prior to camp the Channel Islands YMCA can avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction. In order to avoid a reaction we require that all children bring their own sunscreen daily to camp marked with their name. The YMCA’s sunscreen will only be used in emergencies. Due to COVID-19, no one is authorized to assist your children in applying sunscreen. Staff will remind campers every hour to re-apply, but it is the responsibility of each child to apply their own. Campers may not assist each other. PROGRAM CONCERNS OR QUESTIONS The YMCA encourages constant communication between parents, staff and children to assure everyone’s needs are being met. If you should ever have a problem, concern or question, we encourage you to ask your Summer Camp staff. Should they not be able to meet your needs, please contact the Program Director at the main YMCA facility. It is through your input that we are better able to meet the needs of the community and enhance the quality of our programs. COMMUNICATION Activity calendars for camp will be available for each session of camp. Calendars are also emailed out to families the Friday before the next week of camp. The calendars include pertinent information for the week: contact info, special events, possible swim days, etc. Weekly schedules are subject to change. Camp Directors also communicate directly to families via email and ePACT. Please be sure to provide an email that is checked often to avoid missing any important camp information.

LUNCH AND SNACKS The YMCA will NOT provide campers with any snacks, meals, etc. The Y offers a morning and afternoon snack time where campers may get an item from their lunch. Campers must bring a lunch every day to camp. Do not send food that needs to be refrigerated or heated. Avoid sending perishable food unless precautions are taken (blue ice, frozen drinks). Extra fruit and drink are recommended in hot weather. If your child has a food allergy, it must be indicated on their registration health form and brought to staff’s attention on camper’s first day. Fast food, soda, candy and gum are not allowed. Please remind your child daily that food may not be shared or traded. What each camper brings for snacks and lunch is what they must eat. PARKING Please park in appropriate parking stalls when picking up or dropping off your children, and do not block any fire lanes. All guests are required to show a valid government issued photo I.D. Please use caution in parking lots and streets. LOST AND FOUND The Channel Islands YMCA assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Please label all belongings with permanent marker. Lost and found accumulation is not allowed due to COVID-19 exposure. Thank you for your understanding. PHOTO RELEASE The Channel Islands YMCA may take photos, videos or sound recordings of your children in our programs. We often use them for crafts or projects. The YMCA is not required to contact you regarding using photos.


HEALTH AND SAFETY Your child’s ePACT and health and emergency information MUST be fully completed before your child can attend camp. For information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the COVID section located on page 3. Safety is our primary concern. We strongly enforce safety rules for all campers. We believe in the positive reinforcement approach and work very hard with campers to teach safety at all times. All Camp staff is CPR, AED, and First-Aid Certified and asked to only give care within the scope of their training. If your child is injured or ill at camp, we will take whatever steps are necessary to provide appropriate care. These steps may include but are not limited to: A. Attempting to contact parents. B. Attempting to contact persons named as emergency contacts on the Emergency Information in ePACT C. Summoning 911/emergency care D. Assigning a counselor or a designated person to go with the child to the hospital or medical facilities, if a child is sent. Allergies, or behavioral concerns should be reported to the camp director prior to the start date at camp so that adequate and appropriate preparation and care can be provided for each camper. CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Channel Islands YMCA will accept children with special needs into our programs and makes a reasonable effort to accommodate the child without fundamentally altering the child care program. The Channel Islands YMCA provides group child care and is not able to provide personal assistants for children with special needs. If a child needs an aide please contact the Program Director for directions in placing her/his assistant in our program to aid your child. INJURIES Injuries will be treated as needed: washing, applying Band-Aids or ice packs. Parents will be notified upon pick up, and given an “Ouch Report” explaining the details. In accordance with sanitation and state regulations, YMCA staff cannot administer any cream ointment or anti-bacterial solutions. Parents will be contacted immediately in the case of more serious injuries, in which medical attention is needed.

OTHER ILLNESS If your child is ill and will not attend the Summer Camp Program, please call the appropriate Camp Director by 9:00 am to inform us of the absence. If your child becomes ill while in our care, a parent will be contacted and asked to pick up their child immediately. The child will be isolated, within sight and hearing of staff, until the parent arrives. If the parent cannot be reached, the staff will phone the emergency contact person(s) listed on the child’s enrollment form. The YMCA is not licensed to provide care for sick children. If your child is tested for COVID-19 and has a positive result, we ask that you notify the YMCA Executive Director immediately so proper precautions, notifications and sanitation can take place. We ask that your camper not return to camp for a minimum of 10 days, or until all signs and symptoms have been eliminated and a negative test has been received. Camp Staff have the authority to ask a parent to remove their child from the program, if that child appears ill or their health is judged to be detrimental to the other children and staff. Parents or emergency contacts are required to pick up the ill child within one hour of being contacted. Children exhibiting the following symptoms may not attend the program: • Severe pain • Temperature over 100.4 degrees • Diarrhea or blood in urine • Swollen joints • Jaundiced skin, yellow eyes or red eyes with discharge • Visibly enlarged lymph nodes • 2 or more episodes of vomiting in24 hours • Infected/untreated skin patches or rash lasting more than one day • Evidence of head lice or nits MEDICATION A Medication Administration Form must be completed via ePact by the parent or guardian in order for any medication to be administered. Medication must be brought to staff in its original prescription labeled container. The label must clearly identify the child’s name, doctor, date, prescription name and dosage. Children are NOT allowed to dose medication themselves—all medicine (including inhalers) must be given to the camp staff. Please note: The Channel Islands YMCA does not provide medical or hospital insurance for medical costs incurred by the individual or immediate family as a member of the YMCA or a participant of any of its activities. 7

BEHAVIOR AND DISCIPLINE It is the goal of our YMCA to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for all Summer Camp participants. Children attending Summer Camp are expected to exhibit Character Counts values, follow basic behavior guidelines and to interact appropriately in a group setting.

EMERGENCY/NATURAL DISASTER PLAN In the event a natural disaster occurs, our goal is to keep children safe and calm. The Camp Staff will determine the safest plan of action. The Camp Director will always keep the campers emergency information with them at all times.

Redirection is the first logical step to behavior management. Should a problem persist, natural consequences and removal from the activity will be used as a form of discipline. In the event that chronic behavior problems develop, incidents will be documented and communicated to the parent.

You may want to consider making arrangements for a friend or relative who works or lives close to the YMCA to pick up your child in case of a disaster. Their names must be included on the emergency contact list on your Emergency/Health Information Form. Remember, they must have a Photo ID and they must be at least 18 years old. It is also a good idea to have an out of state contact to call in case of a natural disaster. Often out of state phone lines are still active in the event of a local disaster. Remember, making plans prior to emergencies can expedite the safe release of your child.

The following behaviors are unacceptable and may result in the immediate suspension of a child for the remainder of the current day and/or further time period:

Camp closure due to a natural disaster is at the discretion of the Program Director and the Executive Director. If questionable situations arrive, please call your local YMCA

Discipline is viewed by our staff as a teaching opportunity. Our goal is to teach children the kind of self–control that results in appropriate, cooperative behavior.

• • • • • • •

Endangering or threatening to endanger the health and safety of others, self, children, staff or volunteers. Stealing or damaging YMCA, host site, or personal property. Leaving the program or boundaries as set by staff without permission. Continuous disruption of the program Refusal to follow the behavior guidelines of the program. Using profanity, vulgarity or obscenities Acting in a lewd manner

While the fore mentioned is the general outline of our behavior procedures, the YMCA reserves the right to ask parents to find alternative arrangements for their child without prior notification, as deemed necessary for the safety of staff and/or program participants, not limited to the fore mentioned behaviors.

No credits will be given for absences due to trips, holidays, vacations, disasters, emergencies, or days we are scheduled to be closed. THANK YOU! We are happy that you have selected the Channel Islands YMCA Summer Camp Programs. We offer days filled with happiness, wonderful activities and educational fun. We thank you for sharing your child with us and are pleased you chose an American Camping Accredited YMCA Day Camp.

Immediate expulsion may occur if a child is in possession of and/or using tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, knives, explosives or any other weapon. At no time will swearing, abusive language or physical violence be allowed by children, staff, volunteers or parents. In addition, the YMCA strictly enforces all rules and regulations set by the local school or host sites.



Don’t feel well? Stay Home When You Are Sick Tell your mom, dad, or caregiver before you come to school.Tell your teacher or an adult if you become sick


Shortness of breath or problem breathing


sore throat

loss of taste or smell

muscle pain

Other symptoms include: fever, runny nose, diarrhea, feeling nauseous or vomiting, feeling tired, headache, and poor appetite

cdc.gov/coronavirus CS 317450-A July 20, 2020 9:09 AM