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YMCA SUMMER CAMP 2022 CAMARILLO FAMILY YMCA 3111 Village at the Park Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012 805.484.0423 •


Welcome to Summer Camp at the Camarillo Family YMCA! Welcome to the Camarillo Family YMCA Camp. As you read this, our camp team is excited to be planning fun, enriching, and safe adventures for children to discover who they are and what they can achieve! At Y Camp, the possibilities are endless! Y Summer Day Camps provide children and teens with supervised activities that cultivate values, develop skills, nurture relationships and actively explore children’s imagination. At camp you are able to create YOUR ideal summer experience. Our wide variety of programs provides something for everyone! Give your kids the chance to have fun, improve their health, learn new things and reach their potential. Sign up for Summer Camp at the Camarillo Family YMCA today!


ACA Accreditation means that your child’s summer camp cares enough to undergo a thorough peer review of its operation — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. American Camp Association collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at your child’s camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. For more information visit

CAMP REGISTRATION How To Register For Camp To register for camp, visit our website, register and pay online, and upload your child(ren)’s immunization records at least two weeks prior to the camp start date, in order for your registration to be valid. Registration opens February 1. Location and Hours Day Camp is located at our Camarillo Family YMCA Hiji Center and runs from 9am to 4pm. AM and PM extended care is available at $25/week. AM Extended Care PM Extended Care Preschool Camps

7am - 9am 4pm - 6pm 9am - 1pm

Everyone Is Welcome! Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify. Applications are available at the front desk. The deadline to apply is Monday, May 20.

S! NO MORE PAPER FORM lcome email

we You will receive an ePACT the link in the after April 15. Simply click d complete your ePACT welcome email an tly online! registration pack convenien /camp. Learn more at

LET’S GET ORIENTED! Attend a virtual pre-camp orientation so you and your camper are ready for the first day of camp! You will experience camp arrival and procedures, meet your camper’s Unit Leaders and get your questions answered. RSVP your attendance and get entered into a drawing to win a Ready for Summer Survival Kit! Tuesday, June 7 at 6pm Wednesday, June 15 at 5pm RSVP your attendence to

BE AN EARLY BIRD! $10 off each week of day camp if you register by March 31.

DAY CAMPS PEE WEE ARTISTS & ATHLETES HALF-DAY Ages 3 - 5 $185/week Campers will create art masterpieces including drawing, painting and arts and crafts. Sports will include soccer, basketball, running and hand-eye coordination drills to keep campers moving and learning all day long. FRIENDSHIP CAMP Ages 4.5 - 7 $205 for full time/ $180 for part time Campers will visit our specialty counselors for activities in arts n crafts, sports games, and education and literacy. This camp also includes an offsite fieldtrip once a week, swimming and so many fun memories! EXPLORER CAMP Ages 7 - 9 $205 for full time/ $180 for part time Our Explorer camp provides endless opportunities for fun! Explorers will enjoy group activities, allowing them to develop valuable skills and lifelong friendships! Campers will participate in water days, outdoor sports and swimming days. VOYAGER CAMP Ages 9 - 11 $205 for full time/ $180 for part time Give your camper an opportunity to build skills and values through activities that build peer relationships. Campers will participate in water days, team building activities, sports and swim days. TEEN CAMP Ages 11 - 14 $220/week Through different weekly themes, teens are inspired and empowered as they experience traditional camp as they swim, work in teams, play fun games and make new friends. Teens will also have the opportunity to learn and grow by participating in interactive field trips offsite three days a week, create and plan camp wide themed activities and so much more! Our goal is for teens to learn to work together, learn new skills, gain better decision-making and conflict resolution skills, while discovering something new about themselves.


Ages 14 - 17 $100/week The Leader In Training Program is designed to give youth an opportunity to support YMCA Camp programs. Participants must complete an interview process and be selected to take part in this learning experience. Participants will assist counselors in the daily duties, complete service learning projects and organize and help run camp events. Participants will receive volunteer hours for their time spent in the program. Each participant must attend a LIT training the week of June 27 - July 1 to participate in the summer program.

ADVENTURE & SPORTS CAMPS Parkour Camp Ages 5 -12 $225/week Ages vary by week Parkour camp will take your campers parkour to the next level! From basic fundamentals and proper body positioning to advanced skills and spacial awareness, explore creativity through movement in the Parkour program. Bunkers, battle sounds and more will put teams to the ultimate test! Battle stations provide an environment for kids to dive into action. We will also play team games like Star Wars, Strike and Capture the Flag to keep action exciting. All Sorts of Sports Ages 5 - 10 $185/week Ages vary by week Huddle Up! This camp is designed for campers to learn the basics of all sorts of sports: flag football, soccer, basketball, kickball and swimming. Campers will also learn how to warm up, teach drills, and work together as a team, all while havin’ a ball!

SWIM CAMPS Splash Camp Ages 5-12 See fees below Splish, splash, we’re having a blast! This camp is designed for beginning to intermediate swimmers, with swimming lessons in the morning followed by free swim and entertainment each afternoon. Half day ends at 1pm. Half Day 9am - 1pm Full Day 9am - 4pm

$160/week $225/week

Jr. Lifeguard Camp Ages 9 - 14 $225/week Learn how to spot and rescue distressed swimmers, casual dry-land conditioning, and play fun lifeguard games! Study the American Safety and Health Institute basic first aid skills and have the option to test for certification.

WEEK 1 6.20 - 6.24

WEEK 2 6.27 - 7.1

WEEK 3 7.5 - 7.8*

WEEK 4 7.11 - 7.15

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs)

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs) LIT (14 - 17 yrs)

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs) LIT (14 - 17 yrs)

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs) LIT (14 - 17 yrs)

WEE 7.18 -

Day C Friendship Explorer Voyager ( Teen Camp LIT (14 -

Preschool Camps Pee Wee T-Ball ½ day (3-5yrs)

Enrichment Camps Passport to Art (5-9yrs) Design & Construct (7-12yrs)

Enrichment Camps Painting Lab (5-8yrs) Fashion Fun (7-12yrs) Parkour Camp (7-12 yrs)

Enrichment Camps Enrichment Camps Superhero Camp (5-7yrs) DIY Camp* (7-11yrs) Chem Exploration Inventors Camp (7-12yrs) (7-12 yrs) Parkour Camp (5-8yrs)

Sports Camps Sports of All Sorts (7 - 11yrs)

Swim Camps Splash - Full Day Splash - Half Day

Enrichme Coding Cam Dino Camp

Sports Sports of (5 - 8

Swim Camps Splash - Full Day Splash - Half Day

Swim Camps Splash - Full Day Splash - Half Day

Swim C Splash Splash -

EK 5 - 7.22

Camp p (4.5-7yrs) (7-9yrs) (9-11 yrs) (11-14yrs) - 17 yrs)

ent Camps mp (7-12yrs) p (5-8yrs)

WEEK 6 7.25- 7.29

WEEK 7 8.1 - 8.5

WEEK 8 8.8 - 8.12

WEEK 9 8.15 - 8.19

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs) LIT (14 - 17 yrs)

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs) LIT (14 - 17 yrs)

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs) LIT (14 - 17 yrs))

Day Camp Friendship (4.5-7yrs) Explorer (7-9yrs) Voyager (9-11 yrs) Teen Camp (11-14yrs)

Preschool Camps Pee Wee Arts and Athletes ½ day (3-5yrs)

Enrichment Camps Cheer (5-7yrs) Robotics Camp (8-12 yrs)

s Camps f All Sorts 8yrs)

Camps - Full Day Half Day

Preschool Camps Pee Wee Sports ½ day (3-5yrs)

Enrichment Camps Passport to Art (5-9yrs) LEGO Intro (5-8yrs) LEGO Advance (8-12yrs) Parkour Camp (7-12yrs)

Enrichment Camps Dance (5-7yrs) Dino Camp (5-8yrs) Design and Construct (7-12yrs)

Sports Camps Sports of All Sorts (7 - 11yrs)

Swim Camps Jr. Lifeguard (9-14yrs)

Swim Camps Splash - Full Day Splash - Half Day

Enrichment Camps Painting Lab (5-8yrs) Wild About Science (7-12 yrs)

Sports Camps Sports of All Sorts (5 - 8yrs)

Swim Camps Splash - Full Day Splash - Half Day

*Pro-rated Week 3 for $114

ART & ENRICHMENT Cheer Camp & Dance Camp Ages 5 - 7 $185/week GO, FIGHT, WIN! This highly energetic camp offers aspiring cheerleaders and dancers an opportunity to receive basic instruction with choreographed dances; various cheer routines and the basics of tumbling. Campers will learn a routine that will be performed for families and camp friends at the end of the camp each week. Chem Exploration Ages 7 - 12 $225/week Grab your science goggles as we take a dive in to chemical reactions! Campers will experiment with different chemical reactions from slime creations to exploding fizz concoctions. Campers will have a blast with these hands experiments in camp! Coding Camp Ages 6 - 12 $315/week CODE is a unique summer camp experience that allows kids to learn essential coding skills while also engaging in active games and hands-on learning. The combination of online activities paired with engaging offline activities like scavenger hunts, code-cracking mysteries and team robotics challenges keep kids active and reinforce coding skills. This is a winning formula for fun in the summer! Design & Construct Camp Ages 7 - 12 $225/week Children are natural inventors; this camp will allow campers to create projects using their interests and imaginations. Using repurposed materials and building supplies, campers will design and race Pinewood Derby Cars, create a Floatation Device out of recyclable materials AND use their innovation to create a project of their own. Campers can construct anything they put their minds to! Dino Camp Ages 5 - 8 $225/week Stomp into summer with Dino science. Campers will learn the types of dinosaur species and the impact each type of dinosaur had on the world. Campers will get to enjoy dino digs, fossil creating and dino themed art activities! DIY Camp Ages 5 - 9 $225/week Bring your imagination to Y camp and get creative with our “Do it Yourself” Camp! We will explore a variety of art projects from scrap booking, to wreath making, ceramics and MORE. Throughout the day we take a break from the hard artists’ work to enjoy games in the gym. To celebrate all the wonderful masterpieces created each week, parents and friends are invited to the gallery exhibition on Friday. Fashion Fun Ages 7 - 12 $225/week Campers will learn a variety of hand-sewing skills. Campers will sew a pillowcase, patchwork pillow, beach bag and practice cross-stitching! Campers will get the opportunity to sew stylish accessories for a doll (please provide own doll). NEW Inventors Camp Ages 7-12 $315/week Campers will spend their week overcoming a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, and tips from famous inventors like Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci and Rube Goldberg. They will use a little bit of ingenuity to create catapults, forts, and construct working light sticks to take home. Thomas Edison said, “Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.”

NEW LEGO® Unplugged Gaming Ages 5 - 7 $275/week Level up your LEGO Engineering skills in this arcade-inspired experience. Our Play-Well instructors are here to help make your favorite video game adventures a reality. Using LEGO, we can build go-karts to race Mario, blast asteroids with Star Fox, build neighborhoods with your favorite friends from Animal Crossing, and join Link to restore peace to Hyrule. All the fun of an arcade adventure with no screen necessary! NEW LEGO® Next Level Gaming Ages 7 - 12 $275/week Ready to take your LEGO® Engineering skills to the next level? Give the controller a rest and put your skills to the test by Barrel Blasting with Donkey Kong, Flinging Fireballs with Mario, and battling foes with Kirby. Under the guidance of a Play-Well instructor, you will gear up to take down the final boss. Are you game? Paint Lab Ages 5 - 8 $225/week Get your campers paint brushes ready! This onsite camp will explore different techniques in painting! Campers will get to use fun tools to explore the colorful opportunities in making art! Please make sure your camper is dressed in older clothes, because this camp is sure to be messy! Passport to Art Ages 5 - 10 $225/week Campers get ready for an adventure to travel the world, explore, and discover the elements of art! Throughout the week, campers will rotate through multiple art techniques such as drawing, painting, clay and MORE. Campers will learn the history of the art techniques and learn which cultures still use them today. Be sure to check out the art exhibit on Friday! Robotics Ages 6 - 12 $315/week Introducing our newest camp for the engineers and builders of the future: Robotics camp! This camp is in line with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) teaching model. The lessons we teach in Robotics camp will give your child a head-start in understanding and developing a passion for science and technology. Superheroes Ages 5 - 7 $225/week Bam! Kapow! Campers can discover their secret superhero identity as they learn to think, dress and act like a superhero by exploring their own strengths. We’ll develop our inner heroes through a real-life comic book, where we save the world together. Wild About Science Ages 7 - 12 $225/week Campers take off into a world of exploration through hands-on experiments including volcano building, crystal making, soda bottle launching, and more! Campers will take a field trip to the MOXI Science Center in Santa Barbara.


July 31 - August 5

Ventura Family YMCA Ages 9 - 17 $795* In Sleepaway Camp at Lake Sequoia, adventure time is always on. In this program, campers are immersed outdoors, staying in cabins during the night and exploring nature throughout the day. Activities include hiking, sports, crafts, and recreational water activities. Campers will come home with an adventurous spirit and new friends. Contact Julie at for more information.

Family Camp

August 6 - 12

All Ages Welcome Fees below* Santa Barbara Family YMCA Enjoy a week-long adventure for the entire family that promises to be filled with new experiences and fun. Your family will enjoy hiking, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, fishing, campfires, paddle boarding or just reading and relaxing. Price includes six nights lodging, meals, morning kid’s camps, arts and crafts, campfires, YMCA Rag Program, and more. The fees below include a space for four campers. Contact Craig at for more information. Apartment Winterized Cabins Divided Duplex Cabin Rustic Cabin RV or Tent Additional Camper

$3,200 $2,800 $2,300 $2,100 $1,880 $470

*Deposit is $100 for Youth Overnight Camp and $450 for Family Camp

To register, visit or the Welcome Center.

SAFETY AT CAMP We meet or exceed all COVID -19 standards outlined by the California Department of Health’s camp industry guidelines. This summer we will have implemented daily health screenings, the encouragement of social distancing, use of masks, contact free check-in, stable groups of children, and a strict stay home if you are sick policy. In addition, we have increased our cleaning and disinfecting practices, the promotion of healthy hygiene, and staff training to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We have protocols in place should a case occur and have been operating successful youth programs since the pandemic started. While things may look different in camp this year, our commitment to a fun and engaging summer remains.

Don’t forget to wash your hands.

My mask helps protect everyone!

HERE FOR GOOD As a leading nonprofit, the Y is committed to strengthening communities throughout the nation. Your local Y seeks to fill gaps in community services and develop activities, strengthening communities across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Believing that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive, the Y nurtures potential and brings people of diverse backgrounds together. The Y has a local presence and national reach, mobilizing local communities to affect lasting, meaningful change. The Channel Islands YMCA is a charitable organization providing programs based upon Christian principles to people of all ages, races, religious beliefs and economic status to promote Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

AT YOUR SERVICE Contact the YMCA Welcome Center at 805.484.0423. To contact any of the staff below, dial their extension. DIRECTOR Megan Voshell Executive Director

EXT 2213

Paige Harris 2212 Department Head of Youth Programs Christian Willey Aquatics & Youth Sports Director