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Dominic Gomersall Dominic Gomersall

I frequently touch on the future of Lumbers as a family business. Hopefully, one day Freddie, my son, will enjoy the business as much as I do. However, in this column, I’d like to touch a little on the past before coming to the present. My Ifather inherited three shops – Lumbers in Leicester and business. Banbury and a third shop in frequently touch on the future of Lumbers as a family Hopefully, one day Hanley. He built an empire of shops with 92 retail Jewellery outlets across the UK. Freddie, my son, will enjoy the business as much as I do. To furnish these stores, he I’d owned Leicester fitting business, that to many of you However, in this column, like toa touch a littleshop on the past before coming the present. mayMy know, called Antone Displays in Syston. A further shop fitting father inherited three shops –based Lumbers in Leicester and Banbury and a company third shopinin London wasHe added and proved to with be the of the business… but the thatUK. story is Hanley. built later an empire of shops 92downfall retail jewellery outlets across for another day. The group of businesses became a family business under the ownership To furnish these stores, he owned a Leicester shop fitting business, that many of you of H. Gomersall Group – my grandfather’s initial. may know called Antone Displays based in Syston. A further shop fitting company in To stock andwas support trade, mythefather also of had manufacturing jewellery London added the laterJewellery and proved to be downfall thea business… but that story is business in Syston, called Allied Jewellery became Manufacturing. All the under items the made within for another day. The group of businesses a family business ownership H. Gomersall mySheffield grandfather’s thisof company wouldGroup go to –the assay initial. office to be hallmarked with our sponsor’s mark, AJM - standing for Allied Jewellery Manufacturing. To stock and support the jewellery trade, my father also had a manufacturing jewellery in Syston, called the Allied Jewellery Manufacturing. All late the eighties. items made within Thebusiness workshops moved above premises on Market Street in the Amongst would go to athe office to be hallmarked with ouremployee, sponsor’s the this teamcompany of goldsmiths was 17Sheffield year oldassay Youth Opportunities Programme mark,Gregory, AJM - standing for the Allied Jewellery Manufacturing. Martine learning trade of repairing and hand-making Jewellery for our clients. The workshops moved above the premises on Market Street in the late eighties. Amongst the team of immense goldsmithsamount was a 17-year-old Youth Opportunities employee, It gives me an of pride that Martine is still ourProgramme in-house goldsmith Martine Gregory, learning the trade of repairing and hand-making jewellery forYear our today. She has recently been recognized by winning the National Workshop of the clients. 2018/19 Award from the National Association of Jewellers. This Award is the most coveted goldsmithing and shows the quality that Martine hasShe given It gives meaward immense pride that Martineofiswork still and our dedication in-house goldsmith today. has to Lumbers family over the 4 decades! She thoroughly this2018/19 award as she recently and beenour recognised by winning the National Workshopdeserves of the Year Award is one of the the National unsung heroes of ourofbusiness, not visible thecoveted front line. We have from Association Jewellers.who Thisisaward is the to most goldsmithing celebrated theshows awardthe andquality Martine deserves the praise she has has enjoyed. award and of richly work and dedication that Martine given to Lumbers and our family over the four decades! She thoroughly deserves this award as she is one of In recognition of this, we have expanded our in-house engagement ring range to an the unsung heroes of our business, who is not visible to the front line. We have celebrated offering that is incomparable within the jewellery trade. Martine is able to bespoke the award and Martine richly deserves the praise she has enjoyed. rings within 2 hours for our clients with the choice of diamond quality, diamond halos, In recognition this, weorhave expanded in-house engagement ring range to an diamond shoulders,ofplatinum yellow gold. Toour further celebrate Martine’s achievement, offering that is incomparable within the jewellery trade. Martine is able to create bespoke we have commissioned a new sponsors mark. I am delighted that from 2019 all Martine’s rings within two hours for our clients with the choice of diamond quality, diamond halos, work will be assayed by Birmingham Assay office with LL stamped into each of our rings diamond shoulders, platinum or yellow gold. To further celebrate Martine’s achievement, alongside an engraved Lumbers logo. There is much debate as to what these two initials wefor….Love have commissioned a new sponsor’s I am delighted that from 2019 all of stand Lumbers, Lumbers Leicestermark. or just Lumbers Limited……my favourite Love Lumbers, new and exclusive Hublot Big Bang MECA 10 Martine’s work will be assayed by Birmingham Assay office with LL stamped into each bespoke ring collection,being Love Lumbers – the new brand name of our engagement ring range. Ceramicengagement Blue - £18,200 of our rings alongside an engraved Lumbers logo. There is much debate as to what these prices starting from £850 We two are truly delighted andLove honoured that Lumbers Martine has won such a richly deserved award initials stand for... Lumbers, Leicester or just Lumbers Limited. My Available from: Available from: for our business, and I know how proud my father would be of her continuing support to favourite being Love Lumbers – the new brand name of our engagement ring range. Lumbers | Lumbers | our family… I am and Freddie will be! 0116 255 1233 We are truly delighted and honoured that Martine has won such a richly deserved award 0116 255 1233 for our business, and I know how proud my father would be of her continual support to our family, as I am and Freddie will be!

A MILL I O N MI L E S FROM E V E RY DAY The perfect retreat. A twist on tradition. The clatter of hooves. The rolling countryside. The miles of possibility. The feeling of home. Coworth Park.

Perfection just happens.

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Matthew Hayes Editor Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2019 edition of Aspirational Magazine. I want to start by giving my personal thanks to Dominic Gomersall of Lumbers Jewellers who earlier this year helped me with what is potentially one of the biggest decisions in one’s life. I proposed to my now fiancée Amelia with a truly bespoke and stunning ring from Lumbers. I cannot praise the team’s professionalism and friendliness enough. They took the stress out of the experience and made the entire decision-making process one that I will never forget – and Amelia was thrilled with the chosen ring (phew!) So, anyone that is taking the leap, believe me when I say there truly is no better place to enjoy selecting your partner’s wedding ring than at Lumbers Jewellers. Back to this edition and as ever our cover star is another of Hollywood’s A-listers, this time in the form of Wonder Woman herself – Gal Gadot. From serving in the Israeli military to becoming one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood, Gal’s life story is certainly a fascinating one and our feature charts her rise to the top. Our Sporting World section details highlights from some of the most-loved sports including golf and cricket. England and Wales will be hosting this year’s Cricket World Cup and with games taking place in the Midlands we have provided a rundown of the best teams to look out for in the tournament. As well as this, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of a very special sporting moment. Fans of golf will be well aware of ‘The Concession’ which took place at the Ryder Cup in 1969 between Tony Jacklin CBE and Jack Nicklaus and a charity golf day to celebrate the occasion will be taking place at Wentworth Golf Club this summer. If you haven’t heard of ‘The Concession’ before check out our article, it really does define the meaning of the word ‘sportsmanship’. Here at Aspirational Magazine we are always keeping up-to-date with the latest business developments and this edition’s Business Matters section includes pages from the brightest companies in the region. So, please enjoy reading your copy of Aspirational Magazine while lounging in the summer sunshine.

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Pattonair..................................................................................................................................36 Global aerospace company partners with Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Farmfoods European Senior Masters........................................................................... 38 A look ahead to the eagerly anticipated golf championship

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TRAVEL AND LIFESTYLE Irnham hall ............................................................................................................................ 52 Discover the exclusive wedding venue and stunning orangery

Holiday PA ............................................................................................................................. 56 A world of private luxury travel

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Haut de Gamme ..................................................................................................................82 The Chelsea artist whose commissions are in high demand

SOCIAL AND NETWORKING Leicester Mercury Sports Awards Champions Annual Celebrity Charity Ball Aspirational Club’s Gastronomique Food & Tasting Demonstration Evening


BUSINESS MATTERS Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd..................................................................93 Financial protection for your assets

Eileen Richards Recruitment...........................................................................................96 20 years of recruitment expertise in the local area

Edward Cooper Young Chartered Surveyors...........................................................98 The independent chartered surveyors to trust

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Aspirational Club Fine Dining Evening


Fashion and Entertainment

AN ISRAELI SOLDIER’S JOURNEY TO STARDOM Many actresses in Hollywood follow a similar path on their way to the top. With many of the world’s biggest names having had ambitions to be on the big screen from a young age. But, not everyone follows this conventional journey to stardom.


This is particularly true of Wonder Woman and Fast & Furious star, Gal Gadot. Born in the Israeli city of Petah Tikva, some 7,546 miles away from the bright lights of Hollywood, Gal is certainly not your average movie star. Growing up in Israel, Gal’s family are of Ashkenazi ancestry with her grandfather being one of the millions of Jews imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War. With military service still compulsory in Israel, Gal completed two years of service with the Israel Defence Forces before being enlisted as a combat instructor.

10 / /

This role saw her gain a high level understanding of how weapons function, something that would come in handy with some of her future roles. While many actors and actresses may have been on a film set depicting a conflict of some kind, not many can say they have stood and fought in a real life war zone. Serving in the 2006 conflict between Israel and Lebanon, Gal witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of war. And, while you would be forgiven for assuming her time with the military was one of dread, it actually went on to shape her entire future.

/ / 11

Fashion and Entertainment

Speaking to Glamour Magazine she said: “Let me start by saying, I wish no country had the need for an army. But in Israel serving is part of being an Israeli. You’ve got to give back to the State. You give two or three years, and it’s not about you. You give your freedom away. You learn discipline and respect. The things I went through in my military service helped me cope with my career as well.” Returning from her military service, Gal headed to IDC Herzliya college to study law with aspirations to become a lawyer, but again she didn’t take the traditional path. Prior to her time in the military, Gal had begun to make a name for herself as a model and was even crowned ‘Miss Israel’ in 2004 before going on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Soon, she had become one of the modelling world’s most sought after stars working on campaigns for the likes of Gucci, Jaguar and Miss Sixty. As well as this, Gal was featured on the covers of a whole host of popular publications including Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Maxim. However, despite getting her first taste of the spotlight, her main focus was still very much on a career in law. But this was all set to change when she received a call up from a casting director about a role in the next Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

12 //

Having spotted Gal on the catwalk and thinking she’d be perfect for the role of Camille Montes (later played by Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko) she was encouraged to audition despite having no prior acting experience. Unfortunately, she did not get the role, but from this point on she had caught the acting bug. Talking to W Magazine she said: “At first I said no way I’m studying law and international relations. I’m way too serious and smart to be an actress, and besides, the script is all in English. I spoke English, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. I did not get the part at the end of it, but throughout this process I started to enjoy the acting. It was like, oh, my God, this is so much more fun than law school! I said to my agent, let’s give it a try!” Three months later the same casting director approached her with a new role, the part of weapons’ expert, Gisele Yashar, in the fourth edition of the hit action franchise, The Fast & the Furious. However, competition for the role was fierce with up to six other experienced actresses auditioning for the role. Since her last attempt at landing a film role, Gal had only appeared in the little-known Israeli drama series, Bubot making her by far the least experienced auditionee in attendance.

The things I went through in my military service helped me cope with my career as well.

/ / 13

Fashion and Entertainment

Fortunately, the part could not have been more perfect for Gal. As a former real life weapons expert, her impressive knowledge saw her stand-out from the crowd and win over director Justin Lin. Landing the role, she appeared alongside the likes of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez and became one of the franchise’s most popular characters, going on to star in a further three films in the series. This role catapulted her into the spotlight and she was soon popping up in a number of other Hollywood hits including Date Night, Knight and Day and Keeping Up with the Joneses. However, if Gal thought that she’d now achieved the height of fame, she was in for a shock as her profile was about to rise even more when cast as the all new Wonder Woman in DC’s revamped universe.

14 / /

Her first outing as Wonder Woman’s secret alter ego, Diana Price, came in the 2016 superhero flick, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice before getting her own solo movie, Wonder Woman, in 2017. Gal has also portrayed the role in Justice League, and 2020 will see her don the iconic red costume again in Wonder Woman 1984. Gal has received almost universal praise for her portrayal of Wonder Woman with it being described as “charismatic” by Rotten Tomatoes and “inspirational, heroic, heartfelt, endearing” and “the most real Wonder Woman portrayal” by the Chicago Sun-Times. However, as is inevitable when it comes to someone new taking on such an iconic figure, not everyone was so happy with Gal’s casting. Some fans were unhappy with her casting as they believed she did not have the right body type. Gal did not allow this body shaming to cast a shadow over her career though. Instead, laughing in the face of these comments she threw herself wholeheartedly into the role, embarking on a relentless training regime which involved Kung Fu, kickboxing, jujutsu and Brazilian martial arts to name but a few. As one of the most popular faces of the ever-growing DC Universe, there is still plenty more to come from the talents and indeed the wonder of Gal Gadot.

Inspirational, heroic, heartfelt, endearing... // 15

Fashion and Entertainment


For the refined gentleman who wishes to add a splash of colour to both his corporate and off-duty uniform, orange is the perfect pick. Masculine yet bold, the hue reflects both the warmer weather and the palettes used on the exotic architecture of paradises such as Morocco. For a subtle dash of the shade, why not add a striking watch with touches of tangerine? Or for a summer-inspired accent that feels reminiscent of the Riviera, a burnt orange shirt when paired with cream chinos is a polished choice. Leave the monochrome behind for just a day or two. 1.


1. Patagonia at Go To Organic Cotton-Blend Shirt £60

2. TAG Heuer at Gulf Formula 1 Limited Edition £1,300 3. Wolf at Cub Watch Winder in Tangerine

16 //




4. Deakin & Francis at Bee Cufflinks

5. TAG Heuer at Carrera with Blue Dial and Rose Gold



6. Polo Ralph Lauren at Slim-Fit Cotton Shirt



7. Wolf at Double Watch Winder in Chocolate and Tangerine £529


// 17

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£ 285

Fashion and Entertainment


The colour of the moment, orange is the modern siren’s choice for any woman who wishes to stand out. From bold tangerine to faded blood orange, the hue encompasses a variety of shades to complement any skin tone. Why not inject the colour with a fabulous leather bag in this season’s bucket shape for a refined nod to the trend? Satin bias midi skirts are also undeniably the cut of 2019 and when paired with burnt rust makes for a truly ageless piece to suit all figures. Truly a trend for Summer.

2. Furla at Corona Small Bucket Bag in Chalk White and Mandarino

1. 1. Rick Owens at Flared Self-Tie Crepe Wrap Top

£ 310


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3. 3. MontBlanc at Muses Marilyn Monroe Rollerball £ 665


4. Bigli at 18ct Rose Gold Quartz Rutile Bloom Earrings £ 2900 5. Furla at Furla Venus Bow Keyring in Mandarino

18 //

£ 50



6. Polo Ralph Lauren at High-Rise Faded Denim Shorts £110 7. Chopard at Caroline Medium Wallet with Silver Motif


£ 453

8. TAG Heuer at Carrera Calibre 5 with Diamond Bezel

9. Gucci at Gemstone & 18ct Yellow Gold Running G Ring

£ 3,800

£ 1,350



10. Furla at Metropolis Mini Crossbody Bag in Manderino £ 235


11. LOEWE at Logo-Print Silk Twill Scarf

12. Alberta Ferretti at Mia Floral Embroidered Mules £685


12. 11.

// 19

Fashion and Entertainment

KARL LAGERFELD: AN ICON IMMORTALISED After his passing in February, the following feature celebrates the life of an icon who epitomised creativity and style, from humble Germanic beginnings to the helm of Chanel. Hailed by many as “The Master of Reinvention”, Karl Lagerfeld’s life was one of colour and art, hallmarked by his inimitable creativity and love of couture.

K Beginnings

Karl Otto Lagerfeld was born into a pre-war 1933 Germany to a businessman father and Swedish mother. Undoubtedly born into good fortune due to his father’s business ventures, the young creative and his family emigrated to rural Northern Germany from Hamburg during the turn of Hitler in order to escape Nazi ruling. Despite his somewhat sheltered upbringing away from the horrors of war, a 14-year-old Karl, increasingly hungry for creative inspiration, sought a future in the design capital of Paris. During his stint in the French capital, Lagerfeld mingled with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent whilst working under the guidance of the legendary Pierre Balmain: first as a junior designer and later as an apprentice. Unsurprisingly, such early exposure to industry greats ensured that by 1961, Lagerfeld was ready to strike out on his own. What followed was a series of incredible collections for brands such as Chloé and Fendi where he became famous for his love of vintage: buying and reconstructing antique garments in an authentically Karl way. Life at Chanel By the 1980’s Karl was something of a celebrity, not only in the world of fashion but also in the general media, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Andy Warhol and other iconic creative figures.

20 / /

His renowned status led to the launch of his eponymous label in 1984, a brand that was built around the concept of “intellectual sexiness” and continues to see phenomenal success to this day. However, it was undoubtedly Karl’s position as Creative Director of Chanel that earned him his legendary status. His appointment at the brand was originally met with a mixture of bewilderment, bemusement and some anger, as he was tasked with the challenge of turning around the then prim and archaic design house into a modern and desirable label whilst not losing Coco Chanel’s classical identity and vision.

Despite the mammoth size of the undertaking, Chanel was reborn as the most covetable of all fashion brands. By combining signature brand staples such as tweed and pearls, with a heady mix of recognisable logo placement, supermodel endorsement and shorter hemlines, it wasn’t long before the fashion crowd couldn’t get enough of the once defunct label. This status was not fleeting, and every season fashion’s finest would gather to see what the individualistic designer was offering. Lagerfeld was also the master of the ‘It Bag’, taking a concept originated by Hermés and turning it into a global frenzy for the latest style. His reimagining of the double ‘C’ logo and modernising of the classic flap bag created a style that would continue to dominate waiting lists globally, due to its rare ability to be both enduring and the height of fashion simultaneously: much like the man himself. Public Persona and Later Years Whilst continuing his presence at Chanel, Karl simultaneously worked as Director of Fendi, lending his enduringly erudite eye to a label once known for little more than fur and ascending his star power even higher. Every season, journalists clamoured for new styles and Karl’s presence in equal measures. Unfortunately, this was to both his benefit and detriment, as Lagerfeld would often go on record in his typically unreserved style to make less than savoury comments about a variety of public figures.

The once untouchable icon began to feel the wrath of the press on a number of occasions, sometimes struggling to save face in the wake of sexist and anti-plus size commentary. Nevertheless, when he emerged looking increasingly frail, concern circulated globally as many became troubled about the health of the elderly designer. Despite this, he continued to turn out collection after collection of beautiful couture. When the world woke to the news of Lagerfeld’s death on the 19th February, there was a collective sadness as the world mourned the loss of one of the original creative greats. Muses and fashion lovers alike gathered to watch the last Chanel show with an unforgettable mixture of sadness and celebration. As the last look turned on the catwalk, Cara Delevingne could be seen wiping her eyes in response: a gesture that seemed almost symbolic of all those who had experience of Karl’s work.

// 21

Fashion and Entertainment

22 / /


THE BEYONCÉ OF THE ‘POPERA’ WORLD That was how Simon Cowell commented following one of the most powerful auditions ever seen on Britain’s Got Talent when Faith Tucker impressed the famous judges in April. From performing in local competitions to wowing millions of viewers on Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, operatic sensation Faith Tucker epitomises the meaning of a rising star. Since the age of eight it was clear that Faith was destined for greatness, with her stunning vocals raising goosebumps at every venue she performed in. The Nottingham-born singer has become well-known for her renditions of classical and operatic pieces, but it wasn’t until she was 13 that these became her genre of choice. Influenced by sopranos such as Katherine Jenkins, Elīna Garanča and Maria Callas, she often creates arrangements in her own unique style and personality, including the wonderful Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen, Granada and Time to Say Goodbye. In her early teens, Faith won a junior scholarship at the prestigious Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, studying vocal performance technique as well as piano and music theory where she impressed peers and students alike achieving distinctions in her Royal School of Music piano exams and winning the Peter Vernon Trophy for vocals, in 2015. She is soon to start at the Royal College of Music in London. At just 18-years old and under the expert management of Champions Music & Entertainment, Faith has performed at some of the UK’s biggest events and venues such as at the world-famous Symphony Hall in Birmingham, Leicester Cathedral in front of King Richard III’s tomb, the beautiful L’eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in Paris and at the opening gala event in London for the 2015 Rugby World Cup’s sponsors where she completely wowed the audiences. However, her biggest break to date has undoubtedly come

in the form of television’s biggest and toughest talent show... Britain’s Got Talent. Just like Susan Boyle, Diversity and Paul Potts before her, Faith made the decision to audition for the 2019 series which led to her appearing in front of celebrity judges, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams, plus a live theatre audience of 1500 and more than nine million viewers watching at home. Faith stunned the nation with her rendition of ‘Granada’ which saw her receive a standing ovation from the judges and the entire TV audience. The very difficult song made popular by the likes of Luciano Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra was performed incredibly by Faith. Sailing through to the semi-finals, Faith is clearly enjoying the experience where the prize awaiting the show’s eventual winner is the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show at the London Palladium. Whatever happens though, one thing’s for sure... Faith has a big future ahead of her. To book Faith Tucker for your next event, call Alan Warner at Champions (UK) plc on 0207 0787 876 or email

// 23

Beauty and Health

SELF-CARE CENTRAL: TAPPING INTO THE WELLNESS TREND In the UK, one in four adults – and one in five in the US – suffer from a form of mental illness. Yet mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are still under represented in the media something that the wellness trend aims to tackle. Exercise and diet have traditionally been seen as natural shortcuts towards wellbeing, but over time the media has twisted this message to form an association between wellness and physical beauty. However, pioneering businesses and consumers are claiming the word back as their own, focusing on placing a positive, mental health focused stance on the term.


The following roundup touches on some of the most important elements of the new wellness trend and where abouts the revolution has originated from: Yoga

Perhaps the exercise most associated with wellness, yoga is having a resurgence thanks to its new association with a host of mental health benefits. Traditionally, HIIT and other forms of intense exercise have been promoted as the best option thanks to mantras such as “sweat out all of the negativity”. However, such strenuous activity can also release cortisol (the stress hormone). Enter yoga, an activity that is continuously being associated with more and more benefits. Principally, it focuses on deep breathing, stretches and mental release with long term practitioners seeing changes in brain structure that correlate to being less effected by negative stimuli. Now with mental health truly in the spotlight for the first time, yoga is being offered as the solution to combining body and mind. The science of breathing We all need to breathe, however, linked to the yoga trend is the art of mindful breathing. Our modern lives and stress levels have conditioned us into unhealthy shallow breathing that is not in line with optimal wellness.

26 / /

This has led to a new focus on Holotropic and yogic breathing where the act is transformed from a subconscious bodily function into an act of mental and physical stabilisation. Furthermore, just one session of relaxing practices like meditation, yoga, and chanting influenced the expression of genes in both short-term and long-term practitioners, according to a Harvard study. Mindful eating and health cafés A powerful tool to help gain control of destructive dietary habits such as binge eating, mindful eating is being modernised from the traditional Buddhist concept that centres around controlling your physical and emotional ingrained responses. What we put in our bodies is directly linked to wellness and state of mind and mindfulness encourages abundance rather than excess or deprivation. Fundamentally, mindful eating involves eating slowly and without distraction, listening to hunger cues but only eating until satisfied rather than stuffed, distinguishing between actual hunger and when food is being used as a prop for another issue such as boredom. As well as this it’s about learning to cope with anxiety or guilt around food. In response to this and presenting themselves as the antithesis to the traditional ‘blow out restaurant meal’ a slew of cafés are popping up that are based around these very principles and focus on making the diner feel good about what they

are putting into their bodies. Places such as The Deliciously Ella Deli and Clean-Cut Kitchen encompass the indulgence of café culture with feel good ingredients to create a virtuous but delicious menu. Wellness retreats Part of the larger ‘transformative travel’ trend, wellness retreats focus on combining the escapism of a break away with the benefits of an intensified health and fitness regime. These retreats are less about massages and more about getting back to your true self before the stresses and strains of life interviewed. With more than 17 million travellers stating that they are health and wellness focused, think of these retreats as an intellectual upgrade on the traditional spa break. With a combination of nourishing food, mind and body focused classes and meditation, wellness breaks are being presented as the ultimate antidote to modern day life.

Wellness on the go Strapped for time? The following apps offer a piece of wellness that will easily slot into a busy routine: Headspace From the basics of meditation to a 10-day course that offers a more detailed insight into the practice: Headspace removes the daunting element of being alone with your thoughts and transforms it into the ultimate ‘me time’. Calm The Calm app combines meditation with relaxing music, podcasts and even poetry to create an oasis of relaxation that is guaranteed to have the ultimate in positive impact. Calm also tracks sleep cycles to ensure that a full REM cycle is being completed to underpin a healthy lifestyle. Deliciously Ella Linked to mindful eating, this plant-based app offers healthy recipes and podcasts at the touch of a button as well as interesting podcasts on wellness and the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. Deliciously Ella focuses on feeling great rather than simply lowering the number on the scales.

/ / 27

Beauty and Health



Work-related stress, burnout and depression will top the list of the world’s most prevalent diseases by 2020.

Bliss Wellbeing’s aim is to support businesses in creating a happy and healthy workplace. Discover how Bliss Wellbeing’s range of workplace wellbeing services can support your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Good health is good business We are in a time where competition is tough and the goodwill of your people helps you through busy periods. Both time and energy management is critical in managing your business and stress, depression and musculoskeletal ailments continue to be some of the biggest workplace issues. Investment in creating and maintaining a healthy and energised workforce are at the heart of business growth. Mental health is an integral part of how we feel about our jobs and how we interact with colleagues, customers and clients. With one in four employees currently experiencing mental health problems, mental health is an essential business concern. There is a strong relationship between levels of staff wellbeing and motivation and performance. Taking a positive and proactive approach to mental health at work can help businesses to grow staff and proactively develop the organisation. Bliss Wellbeing is focused on supporting businesses with promoting a positive wellbeing culture and environment. They do this by providing a selection of workplace wellbeing services specifically designed to prevent and reduce stress, musculoskeletal conditions and depression; three areas that account for over 85% of workplace absences. One of the most popular services Bliss Wellbeing provides is seated workplace massage sessions. This corporate wellness initiative is fast becoming a staple of every successful business’s wellbeing culture.

Seated massage is revolutionising the corporate wellness industry A chair massage might not seem like much, what good can happen in a 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute seated massage at work? The answer turns out to be a lot. Studies have shown that the benefits of seated acupressure massage is almost instant. The mind and body begins to relax and

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recharge within just a few minutes. What better way to tell your employees you care about their mental and physical wellbeing? Maximising the benefits of seated massage with regular scheduled visits, employees love where they work! Imagine how much more good can occur when the brain and body are being refreshed on a regular basis.

What is a seated massage? Seated acupressure massage is quick and convenient. The massage is performed over the clothes on a specially designed chair and no messy oils are used. It is so easy to set up and does not require a substantial time commitment on behalf of the client. Seated acupressure massage is based on a traditional Japanese massage called ‘Anma’ that can work specifically on the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hands. Improving the flow of energy throughout the body, as well as acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems to reduce stress, ease depression, muscle tension, lower blood pressure and increase lymphatic circulation, sitters are left feeling refreshed, relaxed and focused! Regular treatments will have a cumulative effect and provide a greater benefit.

Bliss Wellbeing services: • Seated massage • Group mindfulness sessions • Reflexology • Yoga, pilates and boot camp fitness sessions

What are the benefits? Although not an exhaustive list, here are a few of the main benefits of this incredible treatment: • • • • • • • •

Reduces stress, depression, anxiety Reduces muscle tension Lowers blood pressure Eliminates toxins Improves clarity and concentration Boosts morale Boosts energy Boosts productivity

Bliss Wellbeing were hired to incentivise and invigorate eight of my staff. Arranged at short notice, they provided an excellent service to the team at SWP to the point that they can’t stop going on about the next record month resulting in another massage. Thank you Bliss Wellbeing for an excellent job! Chris Bulpitt, General Manager, Stephen Webster Plastic

What Bliss Wellbeings clients say: “CTG have had the pleasure of using Bliss Wellbeing. The feedback from our staff after our first session couldn’t have been better - it was really positive. The most common feedback received was “this is by far the best wellness initiative we have ever had, I loved my massage and can’t wait for my next!” Some other great feedback received was how professional the Bliss Wellbeing team are, they really are a professional team that clearly love what they do, they are always happy and carrying a smile, we always look forward to their return. This year we are really excited about introducing more of Bliss Wellbeing’s additional services, such as group mindfulness and reflexology sessions alongside our regular seated massage sessions. I would highly recommend Bliss Wellbeing to any organisation that is looking for a way to engage their workforce and put a smile on their face – I promise, you won’t be disappointed.”

Sally Reading, Human Resource Manager, Crompton Technology Group

To discuss your workplace wellbeing, contact Annice on: T: 07398 627 656 E: @Blisswellbeing1




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INDULGENCE AWAITS The Art Deco glamour. The signature spa treatments. The sense of serenity. The calm amongst the roar. The moment of luxury. The ultimate pampering. The Dorchester Spa.

Perfection just happens.


#DCmoments TheDorchester TheDorchester TheDorchester

Award winning salon, Femi Health and Beauty, now offer EDS Rejuvenation Microneedling treatment. EDS Rejuvenation is an advanced, electronic, micro-skin needling treatment, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally, resulting in smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin. How Does EDS Rejuvenate Work? The EDS Rejuvenate treatment is an electronic, micro-skin needling procedure that produces thousands of micro-needle columns in the skin, which in turn stimulates the skin to naturally generate and repair itself. As part of this stimulation new collagen can be formed, new cells generated and the structure of the dermis, the lower level of the skin, enhanced. Your therapist will carry out the EDS Rejuvenate procedure using the advanced, medical grade eDermastamp device. The Procedure The procedure has a good comfort level, however, this will normally be made more so as your therapist will numb your skin using a topical anaesthetic beforehand. They will then use the electronic eDermastamp to produce thousands of micro-medical needle columns in the skin, and a hyaluronic acid serum is used to further the results and help the hand piece glide on the skin. The treatment will take around 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Immediately after your treatment you will look as though you have moderate sunburn, and your skin may feel warmer and tighter than usual. You will need a few days of downtime. To assist your skin in its recovery your therapist will apply a post-procedure product. Your therapist will suggest a course of treatments depending on the condition being treated, but expect at least three treatments with approximately 4 weeks apart. The salon which has been in business for almost 30 years, offers the perfect combination of the latest advancements in aesthetic and beauty treatments, with a luxurious retreat and premium spa experience. They have won Regional Aroma Gold Salon for the past 22 consecutive years, Inspirational Decleor Salon 2012, National Salon 2013 and National Inspirational Salon 2016.

Winner - Inspirational Salon of the Year 60 Highcross Street | Leicester | LE1 4NN | Tel: 0116 253 2393 Opening Hours: Mon, Tues & Sat 9am to 6pm, Wed, Thurs & Fri 9-8pm |

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/FemiHealthandBeauty @femi_beauty FemiBeautyLeics

Beauty and Health



Many around the East Midlands will be aware of BMI The Park Hospital and the excellent care that it provides for countless patients across a wide range of services.

The private hospital is part of BMI- one of the UK’s largest private healthcare corporations and provides vital medical care, surgery and diagnostic imaging as well as housing a critical care unit and dedicated cancer centre.

One such example is Sue Myers, a Senior Staff Nurse who has been working there since its very first days. She was keen to relay just how much the hospital has progressed over these 35 years.

2019 marks 35 years since the hospital first opened its doors. This milestone is further solidified by a number of staff who have worked at the hospital for many years, seeing it undergo a variety of changes and updates along the way.

“The day the first patients came into the hospital was exciting! We only had four patients, but we formed a guard of honour and they were all given a gift” she said, Clearly something that still holds an impression for the nurse, as she was quickly able to recall the day in great detail. She continued: “Patient care has changed over the years, patients are no longer in the hospital for two weeks after their surgery, they are in and out again in a matter of days now. The range of specialties has also changed over the years; with the addition of Cardiac Surgery amongst others.” The community spirit and friendship mentioned by Sue seems to be a recurring theme for all staff at The Park and this is something that Kevin Partridge, Materials Manager and employee of 30 years also touched upon. “The team here is fantastic; I trust them implicitly with what they have to do and they will always get the job done.”

32 //

Of course, Kevin also holds his own fond memories of early days at the hospital, mentioning that “Previously working for the NHS, I was only responsible for one area, at BMI The Park it was the whole hospital. A big change for me!” Over the years, ownership has changed hands but this has never been to the detriment of any element of patient care or staff spirit. Barbara Shreh, Senior Staff Nurse and employee since 1987 elaborated: “The Park had originally been set up by a group of four Consultants and although when I joined it was then owned by AMI it was very much still The Park and you could tell – it had and still has a lovely feel to it”.

And it seems as if those working at the hospital are not the only ones noticing its incredible commitment to healthcare, with a recent survey showing that 98.1% of those who received care there would recommend the hospital to family and friends. In a world of increasingly impersonal digitalisation, BMI The Park Hospital still firmly has its roots in exceptional patient care and the local community, something that continues to only go from strength to strength as the hospital progresses. To find out more about BMI The Park Hospital, visit our website at

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CRICKET WORLD CUP It has been two decades since the UK last hosted the Cricket World Cup, but 2019 sees the biggest event in one day cricket return to our shores. It’s the fifth time our country has hosted the event, but never have we been victorious, so this year England will be hoping a dose of home advantage will help them win the event for the first time ever.


The format of this year’s event differs from previous years as all 10 teams will play each other once in one group stage. Usually, the teams are split into two groups, but this new format means the top four will progress to the semi-finals which start immediately after. A number of stadiums around the UK have been selected as host venues including Nottingham’s iconic Trent Bridge, Warwickshire’s Edgbaston Stadium and of course Lord’s in London where the event will reach its finale. The event, which takes place between 30 May–14 July, promises to be hugely competitive with organisers hoping the festival of cricket on show will inspire future generations to take up the sport. So, let’s take a look at some of the main teams who will be vying for glory this summer… England As hosts, the pressure is well and truly on for England to perform. But, at time of writing they are top of the ODI World Rankings so are perhaps better placed than ever before to lift the historic trophy. England crashed out before, even making it to the knockout stages in the 2015 World Cup and will be wanting to put that bitter disappointment behind them this time around. However, since then, they have become one of the most prolific sides in the world thanks to the leadership of captain Eoin Morgan. One man who believes them to be favourites is former England batsman, Ian Bell MBE. Speaking to

34 //

The Metro he said: “I think people are saying they are the favourites and rightly so. The 50-over cricket they have played over the last three years has been outstanding. It’s going to be an exciting tournament.” India You can’t have a conversation about the best teams in the world without mentioning India. The two-time Cricket World Cup winners will get their campaign underway against South Africa. But, they have some big decisions to make in terms of selection before then, with Mohammed Shami recently making his comeback in their ODI setup. There has also been talk that off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin may be recalled after a similarly good year. Selection choices always spark big debates amongst fans but whoever India pick, you can be sure they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Pakistan Holders of the Champions Trophy, Pakistan is another team whose eyes are firmly set on the trophy. The team haven’t won the World Cup since 1992 but they are confident they can end their drought this year. All-rounder, Shoaib Malik, is one of their stars who believes they have what it takes. “I feel we have a very good chance to win the tournament. But then having a ‘good chance’ doesn’t mean much. How we play each game and how we perform against the rest of the world will define how far we go.”


The Cricket World Cup’s greatest moments

The Aussies have won more World Cup titles than any other team in the world and are the current holders of the tournament. However, they may have to work hard if they are to successfully defend their title this year. Recent years have not been kind to Australian cricket following the retirement of some key players and of course, the small matter of that ball tampering scandal that made headlines across the world.

Since the first ever World Cup campaign in 1975 the event has thrown up a whole host of memorable moments, here are some favourites.

However, while there may be a few teams ahead of them in terms of quality at the moment, Australia have a habit of delivering the goods so don’t write them off just yet.

1. South Africa’s impossible target (1992) – South Africa have never made it to a Cricket World Cup final, but their best opportunity came in 1992. The Proteas only needed 22 runs from a remaining 13 balls to clinch their place in the final, but the weather scuppered all hope. After a 12 minute rain delay, South Africa’s target was adjusted to an impossible 22 from just one ball, meaning they went home, and England progressed. 2. South Africa choke… again (1999) – Seven years after the weather let them down, South Africa had another chance to make it to the final. Up against Australia, they needed to score nine runs in the last over. It all started so well as they quickly equalled the scores, meaning they only needed one run to progress. Somehow, they were unable to manage it and Australia progressed due to their superior record in the group stage. The Aussies went on to win the World Cup while South Africa were left wondering what went wrong. 3. Freddie Flintoff ’s pedalo encounter (2007)– The England legend forged quite the reputation in his playing days for his off-the-field antics and one of his most controversial incidents occurred during the 2007 World Cup. Following a defeat to New Zealand in their first game, Freddie drowned his sorrows and eight hours drinking resulted in him being stranded on a pedalo in the Caribbean Sea. He had to be rescued by hotel staff and was promptly stripped of his vice-captaincy. 4. Dwayne Leverock’s lunge (2007) – It isn’t just about the big names at the Cricket World Cup. In 2007 Bermuda found themselves facing heavyweights India in the group stage. Little did bowler Dwayne Leverock know that this match would make him a global star. A prison officer in his day job no one could quite believe their eyes when he threw all 20-stone of himself through the air to make a spectacular catch from Robin Uthappa. It made him a national hero in what was a truly wonderful moment.

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The return of a local hero. The arrival of exciting international talent. Derbyshire County Cricket Club is gearing up for success in 2019.

Supporters are hoping the signing of ex-Derbyshire and England star Dominic Cork, as a coach, and the acquisition of new players, like New Zealand pace bowler Logan van Beek, will deliver positive results on the pitch. But, undoubtedly, one of Derbyshire’s most significant deals has taken place away from the field of play. A fouryear sponsorship agreement struck with one of the region’s most ambitious and innovative companies will underpin the club’s investment in sporting talent and further improvements to its Derby home. That home now bears the name of the new Principal Partner, Pattonair – a world-leading aerospace and defence supply chain solutions provider. Headquartered in Derby and with 600 employees in the city, Pattonair has been associated with the cricket club since 2016 but this year decided to take its support to a whole new level. Its ambitions for the club mirror its own drive to further develop its already highly successful business model. It can currently boast an annual turnover of £400 million and a global workforce of 1,100 but is now eyeing opportunities for additional worldwide growth on the back of its welldeserved reputation for a relentless commitment to quality, efficiency and first class customer service to a range of blue chip aerospace customers. At the same time, the company remains immensely proud of its Derbyshire heritage and, as it prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, has announced exciting plans to move into a new multi-million pound aerospace campus in Derby. Pattonair will take a long-term lease on an 80,000 sq.ft. warehouse and 15,000 sq ft of office space to be built at

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Derby’s Infinity Park aerospace campus and hopes to have operations up and running there by 2021. Pattonair already bases its innovation team at the park’s bespoke iHub facility, alongside a range of start-up labs and educational workshop facilities. Chief Executive Wayne Hollinshead says the cricket club sponsorship is a demonstration of the firm’s commitment to its community. “Pattonair is a truly global business, with more than 2,000 customers worldwide and 1,100 employees across all continents. However, we are keen to celebrate our Derbyshire roots and see this association with one of the county’s premier sporting teams as a fantastic opportunity. “Our relationship with the cricket ground goes back to 2016, partnering with DCCC’s first Fireworks Night and Fun Fair spectacular, an event we have continued to enjoy and support,” he said. Wayne believes working with the cricket club will help Pattonair to strengthen relationships with organisations in the region and create opportunities for talented recruits to join the business from local and regional universities and technology institutes. “We’re keen to work through the club with the region’s universities to create learning and innovation pathways,” he added. While Pattonair may not be able to directly influence results on the field this season, there is no doubt the company is a hugely valuable addition to the greater Derbyshire team. For more information on Pattonair visit

Left: Ryan Duckett, Derbyshire Chief Executive. Right: Wayne Hollinshead, Chief Executive of Pattonair.

Pattonair is a truly global business, with more than 2,000 customers worldwide and 1,100 employees across all continents. - Wayne Hollinshead

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Sporting World


Since it arrived on the official Staysure Tour schedule in 2017 the Farmfoods European Senior Masters has gone on to forge a reputation as one of the most popular events on the Tour. Taking place at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in the stunning Warwickshire countryside the event sees an impressive list of professionals, from Ryder Cup winners, Major champions to legends on the European Tour take part.


The event is returning this autumn between 3–6 October and is once again hosted by European Tour winner and Ryder Cup star, Peter Baker. The event will kick off with a Pro-Am on the opening day which will see the event’s Staysure Tour icons get to grips

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with the course before the main event gets underway. Teams made up of three amateurs and one professional will take to the course, giving amateurs the chance to get up close and personal with a true golfing icon.

Peter Baker, Costantino Rocca, Jean van de Velde

Tournament Host, Peter Baker

Players will go head-to-head for a team prize with individual honours also on offer and last year it was Team Sofidel who came out on top. Their score of 90 clinched victory with South African star James Kingston playing alongside the team. The following day will see the competition really heat up as the Alliance element of the competition kicks off. The format of this will see an amateur player take on the course alongside a Staysure Tour star on both the Friday and Saturday. The pair will also play better ball for a team prize but the professional player’s score will count towards the overall event. On these days, amateur players will be treated to breakfast and a buffet lunch, as well as attend an informal drinks reception once play has concluded on Saturday.

Thomas Levet

Here, the team champions will be crowned, and last year it was Liverpool legend, Steve Staunton alongside Gary Marks who came out on top with a score of -14. This win saw the pair take home some great prizes including a large suitcase with Sub70 merchandise inside, an Eleven golf bag with three + four rescue clubs, a leather score card, a pair of Duca del Cosma shoes, a one night stay with dinner, and a round of golf for two, across five Marriott Country Clubs in the UK. In second place were James Kingston and Jeremy Wilson, with Duncan Sinclair, Stephen Bennet and Jarmo Sandelin in third. All of these players also won a wide-range of fantastic prizes for their achievement. Amateurs step aside on the final day as a professional shootout takes place. Teeing off in reverse order from last to first, it proves to be the most dramatic part of the entire four-day event. With a prize of €50,000 up for grabs for the winner, last year was as fiercely contested as ever. To register for free tickets to this year’s Farmfoods European Senior Masters please visit: For more information on how you can sponsor or play in the event please contact Benoit Lawrence on 07792 530 020 or email:

/ / 39 Ian Woosnam OBE

The greens were unbelievable.

Sporting World

- Santiago Luna


Thomas Levet and the Woburn Whizzers team

Ian Woosnam OBE on the 18th at the Forest of Arden

John Hayes and 2018 Champion Santiago Luna

Going into the final day, Spanish star, Santiago Luna found himself in the lead along with Peter T Wilson sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard with a score of -7. Luna continued his grip on the event and started to pull away from the chasing pack. Scoring fantastic birdies on the fourth, sixth and seventh holes, he soon had a three stroke advantage on the rest of the field. A par on the final hole clinched victory for Luna with the Farmfoods European Senior Masters marking his fourth win on the Staysure Tour. Jean van de Velde

Crouch Logistics team with Jarmo Sandelin

40 / /

Speaking of the victory he said: “This week was fantastic. I have a good relationship with the golf course. I hit it fantastic and I had a good feeling on the greens and that was really important because the greens were unbelievable. They were really fast but really nice, the golf course was in great condition, and I played really well. I kept a good attitude, and everything was with me.” Preparations for this year’s event are now well underway with the likes of Ian Woosnam OBE, Paul McGinley and Costantino Rocca likely to be in attendance.

Yt r A n fo L e v P e ter TS e TOtheegis KEbsit in o r ICwe T t r r o EE ou FRvisit


THURSDAY 3RD – SUNDAY 6TH OCTOBER 2019 Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Tournament host Peter Baker








esmastersgolf / / 41

Sporting World

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF THE ULTIMATE ACT OF SPORTSMANSHIP As a two-time Major winner and Europe’s most successful ever Ryder Cup captain, Tony Jacklin CBE has many career highlights to choose from including becoming the first European winner of the US Open in over 80 years and being named in the World Golf Hall of Fame.


And there is one moment in particular which reinforced the meaning of golf being a true ‘gentleman’s game.’ Representing Great Britain in the 1969 Ryder Cup, Tony found himself up against Ryder Cup rookie Jack Nicklaus ahead of the final afternoon of play. Up until this moment, many of the matches in the tournament were marred by controversial displays of poor sportsmanship which influenced Jack’s next decision. In what has since become known as ‘The Concession’ Jack made the unprecedented decision to concede his putt and grant victory to Tony. This act had a huge impact on the entire tournament as it meant that the USA were unable to win the tournament outright. Instead, the overall score ended in a 16-16 tie, the first time the Ryder Cup had ever been shared. And, as well as becoming known as one of the world’s greatest ever examples of sportsmanship, ‘The Concession’ was the making of what has become a life-long friendship between the two players. The moment also proved to be the inspiration for The Concession Golf Club which saw Tony and Jack come together to design the Florida course. Launched in 2006, the course was designed to be different. There are no houses lining the course and it has won countless awards over the years. 50 years on from ‘The Concession’ and the pair are set to join forces once again for a very special event.

42 //

On Saturday 6 July Tony and Jack will be heading to Wentworth Golf Club for a charity event which will combine golf with fundraising for some incredibly deserving causes. Organised by Champions (UK) plc the occasion will see money raised for The European Tour Foundation, whose aim is to improve the lives and communities all over the world, the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, who are dedicated to providing families around the world with world-class healthcare for children and Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People who provide vital care for children who are suffering from life-limiting or life threatening conditions. The event will begin with a brunch and a welcome from Tony and Jack before guests receive a golfing masterclass from the two professionals. Then the golf will get underway with a shotgun start from 1pm. After play has finished a drinks reception will bring the day’s players together before a night of entertainment and fine dining gets underway. Hosted by BBC Sport and News presenter Dan Walker, guests will be treated to a threecourse meal before classical crossover artist and Britain’s Got Talent star Faith Tucker takes to the stage to perform some stunning operatic hits. A prize presentation will than take place and Tony and Jack will take centre stage for a Q&A with guests. There will also be an opportunity to raise money for the event’s charities with esteemed auctioneer Charlie Ross overseeing an auction.

For more information or to book your place get in touch with Roxanna Hayes by calling 08453 31 30 31 or email

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Sporting World

Jenni Falconer



Once again, this August will see a whole host of stars from the world of sport and entertainment descend on Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire for the latest edition of the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.

This year’s event takes place between 6-9 August and will see people from all golfing backgrounds including professionals, amateurs and celebrities of all ages and genders take on the tricky par 3 course. Now one of the most inclusive events in the sport, the competition has grown significantly in recent years and this is largely thanks to the combination of Nailcote’s owner, Rick Cressman, Farmfoods’ owner, Eric Herd, and leading brand agency, Champions (UK) plc. Together they have transformed the event from a littleknown Par 3 event to one of the region’s most popular golfing competitions. Ensuring that each edition of the Championship is bigger and better than ever before, preparations for the 2019 event are well underway in what looks set to be the best yet. One of the biggest draws of the event is that for over a decade, the Championship has been hosted by Europe’s most successful ever Ryder Cup captain, Tony Jacklin CBE. And, the former US Open champion will be back for the 2019 event. Over the years the BP3 has acted as a launchpad for the careers of many future European Tour stars. This includes Tommy Fleetwood and Eddie Pepperell who both won the event prior to having success on the European Tour. Fleetwood won the event in 2013, and in the same month he won the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles, clinching his first European Tour victory. Since then he has

44 / /

gone on to win three more Tour events and become part of Europe’s Ryder Cup winning team in 2018. Pepperell has also seen success winning two European Tour events. Women’s star Charley Hull is no stranger to the Cromwell Course, having played at the venue in her youth. The club’s bar is even named after her! A regular at the BP3 she has been a member of the Ladies European Tour for many years, winning two events to date. She also became the youngest ever member of Europe’s Solheim Cup team in 2013. Since 2011 the leading amateur of the BP3 has been rewarded with the Norma C Herd Silver Salver. Introduced by owner of Farmfoods, Eric Herd, the Silver Salver is in honour of his mother and the first one was won by amateur turned professional golfer, Aaron Rai, who has since gone on to achieve one victory on the European Tour and three on the Challenge Tour. Other notable winners include Charley Hull, former Strictly Come Dancing professional, James Jordan, and Craig Lawrie, the son of the 1999 Open winner Paul Lawrie OBE. Once again, last year’s event saw a stellar line-up of professionals and celebrities in attendance in what was another thrilling week. As usual the action kicked off with a Celeb-Am bringing a range of famous faces to the course. It was Liverpool, Aston Villa and Ireland legend, Steve Staunton who came out on top on the day, with his score of +1 enough to overcome the likes of former Strictly Come Dancing judge, Len Goodman, England rugby star, Mike

Len Goodman, Ola Jordan and Derek Redmond Charley Hull

Dan Walker

Tournament Host, Tony Jacklin CBE and 2018 Champion Steven Tiley

Tindall MBE, radio and television presenter, Jenni Falconer, Westlife star, Brian McFadden and Harry Potter actors, James and Oliver Phelps. The following day is when the action really heats up as the Pro-Am gets underway. Some of the players in action in 2018 included: 1991 Masters winner, Ian Woosnam OBE, Europe’s most successful Ryder Cup Captain, Tony Jacklin CBE, Open Championship star, Sam Locke, 2005 U.S. Open winner, Michael Campbell, the Ladies European Tour and LPGA Tour Charley Hull, European Tour rookie Aaron Rai, one of the most successful Italian players of all-time Costantino Rocca, and the event’s first ever Chilean player, Matias Calderon.

// 45

Sporting World But it was Challenge Tour player, Steven Tiley who came out on top on the opening day of the main tournament. His score of -3 was enough to make him the overnight leader, ahead of European Tour player, Andrew Marshall and the 2013 Norma C Herd Silver Salver winner, Craig Lawrie. In what proved to be a tense final day, a number of players were still in contention of scooping the title and the â‚Ź50,000. In the end, it went down to a straight shootout between Steven Tiley and Andrew Marshall. With only one stroke in it, Tiley was crowned victorious holing for par on the final hole in front of a packed out grandstand. His final score of -6 was enough to clinch victory.

Amy Boulden

Mark McNulty won the Super Senior Title, the Norma C Herd Silver Salver awarded for best scoring amateur went to David Nelson, and there was also a team aspect of the day with Marshall and Jeff Sverdlow winning this.

Derek and Maria Redmond

Brian McFadden

Mike Tindall MBE

The curtain on another wonderful week came down with a final Celeb-Am. The likes of Geordie Shore star, Gaz Beadle, Love Island’s Chris Hughes, BBC Sport and news host, Dan Walker, and Coronation Street legend, William Roache MBE, all took part. It was Wolves legend, Don Goodman, who ended up winning the event with a score of +3 ahead of former Aston Villa midfielder, Lee Hendrie who scored +8. As well as all the fantastic golfing action, one of the greatest things about the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is the dinners and charity auctions that take place throughout Johnny Herbert

46 / /

Aaron Rai

Nick Matthews and Ian Woosnam OBE

the week. These events bring together all the players from across the week providing a place where they can unwind from the day and enjoy themselves, as well as raise much needed funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People who care for youngsters who are suffering from life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. Check out some of the names taking on the course this year‌ Celebs: Len Goodman, Kriss Akabusi MBE, Brian McFadden, Graeme Swann, Keith Duffy, Alan McInally, Mark Ramprakash MBE, Dean Ashton, Steve Harmison MBE, Jasper Carrott OBE, William Roache MBE, Derek Redmond, Rory Underwood MBE, Mike Gatting OBE and Don Goodman.

Tony Jacklin CBE and David Nelson

To register for free tickets to this year’s Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, please visit: For more information on how you can sponsor or play in the event please contact Benoit Lawrence on 07792 530 020 or email:

Pros: Tony Jacklin CBE, Ian Woosnam OBE, Michael Campbell, Costantino Rocca, Charley Hull, Paul Lawrie OBE, Gary Wolstenholme MBE, Barry Lane, Peter Baker, Robert Rock, Lee Slattery, Aaron Rai, Steven Tiley and Oliver Wilson.

// 47

Sporting World


Hosted by Ian Woosnam OBE


What do you get when you bring together Ryder Cup stars, European Legends and one of the most beautifully designed golf courses in the country? A brand new and highly anticipated event on the Staysure Tour calendar!

The inaugural Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship takes place at the picturesque Trevose Golf & Country Club. A truly stunning venue, the course is just five miles west of Padstow port and features endless views of the Atlantic Ocean across it’s luscious greens. Some of the biggest names to have ever graced the world of golf will be in attendance at the event including host Ian Woosnam OBE. The 1991 Masters champion and the man who captained Europe to its Ryder Cup glory in 2006, Ian is one of Europe’s most successful golfers who has 29 European Tour wins to his name and has been inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Ian will be joined at the event by 1999 Open winner Paul Lawrie OBE. The Scotsman is best known for his Major win where he over overthrew Frenchman Jean van de Velde on the final day. Jean will also be in action in Trevose as the pair lock horns once again.

A number of exciting playing and sponsorship opportunities are on offer for the event. Giving people the unique chance to rub shoulders with the professionals out on the Championship Course during the event itself, these include: Pro-Am Team Event • Play alongside an icon of European golf • Breakfast on arrival • Refreshments throughout the day • Invite for you and your team to attend the Pro-Am Champagne reception and three-course dinner as well as evening entertainment The Alliance • Two days one-to-one with a Staysure Tour legend • An opportunity to win incredible prizes

Other star names who will be taking part include Costantino Rocca, Gary Wolstenholme MBE and Peter Baker.

• Breakfast and lunch on both days

While it may be too late to get involved this year, dates for the 2020 edition of the event has now been confirmed and will take place between 18–21 June.

• A place at the prize giving ceremony

48 //

• An informal drinks reception on Saturday evening

Tournament host, Ian Woosnam OBE

Further sponsorship opportunities • Automotive displays As well as packages that involve playing in the event you can also get involved in a range of other sponsorship opportunities such as: • Pro-Am Team event • Pro-Am players’ dinner • Alliance • Event partner packages • Tee board partner packages • Green Board Partner packages

• Shirt sponsorship • Caddy bib sponsorship • Golf tee box markers • Drinks partner • Hospitality sponsorship • Media wall The format of the event means that amateurs will be able to be at the centre of the action as the professionals fight it out for the €50,000 first prize which is up for grabs.

/ / 49

Sporting World

Peter Baker

The Pro-Am team event On the Thursday, play will begin with a Pro-Am team event where teams of four, (one pro golfer paired with three amateurs), play alongside one another and bid for team success. The best two scores out of the four players in each team, on each hole, contributes towards the final total of the round. On Thursday evening, after an exhilarating day’s play, guests and players alike are invited to a black-tie, three course dinner, with Champagne, entertainment and charity fundraising. The Alliance With each Alliance team made up of one amateur and one Staysure Tour professional, the two-day event is extremely popular among those wishing to experience a truly professional round of golf. Overall scores are taken from the best score of the two players on each hole. Playing with a professional will give amateurs the opportunity to gain hints and tips from the pro as well as slice of the team prize. There will also be an informal drinks reception and prize giving on the Saturday evening where players will be able to wind down, before the final day! The final round For the final day’s play the amateurs will step aside and the pros will spend the day going head-to-head in a bid to take the Championship title. In what is sure to be an incredibly dramatic affair, every shot counts. With thousands of spectators in attendance, and highlights of the entire tournament will be broadcast on Sky Sports Golf.

50 / /

As well as the incredible four days of golfing action taking place, Trevose also has plenty more to see and do. Their luxurious accommodation options mean that guests are able to take in the sounds of the waves and smell of fresh sea air as they relax in one of their apartments, flats, bungalows or cottages that are all just a short walk away from the course itself. Trevose’s Constantine Restaurant, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, regularly serves up the freshest seafood and meat straight to diner’s plates. Giving people an experience to equal the one they experience on the golf course, the entire venue is dedicated to ensuring everyone’s requirements are met. For the duration of the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship at Trevose, a tented village will be pitched and offering delicious food and drink as well as the latest in golfing fashion and accessories for people to enjoy. A gin bar will also be available where spectators will have the opportunity to sample a range of different flavoured gins whilst taking in the action. Players will also have access to state-of-the-art performance centre facilities where they will be able to test their swing and review their performances before and after taking to the Championship Course. Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship at Trevose is the third golfing event to be organised by Champions (UK) plc, and after the success of the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship and Farmfoods European Senior Masters the event is sure to live long in the memory. Trevose Golf & Country Club also comes with a range of facilities that make it the perfect place for your clients to relax after the day’s action. This includes five star apartments, cottages and lodges, a massage and beauty salon, a swimming pool and surfing school.

Jean van de Velde

To register for free tickets to this year’s Farmfoods European Legends Link Championship, please visit: For more information on how you can sponsor or play in the event please contact Benoit Lawrence on 07792 530 020 or email:

Paul Lawrie OBE

// 51

Travel and Lifestyle




Set in the beautiful countryside of South Lincolnshire, close to the borders of both Rutland and Nottinghamshire, Irnham Hall offers an exquisite country feel with a touch of timeless luxury.

The stunning estate is the private family home of the Benton-Jones family and is set within beautiful manicured gardens and extensive grounds. With its attractive grey stone and mullion windows, the house has been in the lineage for five generations. For the ceremony itself, the beautiful Orangery is licensed for civil ceremonies or civil partnerships and will comfortably seat well in excess of 100, or for a more religious affair the local church is little more than a five minute walk from the venue. Wedding parties will enjoy the exclusive use of Irnham Hall’s Summer House and Walled Garden, the former being a sensitively converted building that blends high timber beamed ceilings with vast floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light. There is a wonderful intimacy about the Summer House that provides an individual atmosphere for a truly special wedding day and the enchanting space is perfect for both small occasions and larger events. However, perhaps the true jewel in the crown is Irnham’s walled garden. The beautiful lawn is the ideal location for stunning portraits and the privacy of the secluded space will allow everyone to relax and enjoy a game of croquet

52 //

over drinks and canapés. Reminiscent of a HodgsonBurnett novel, the garden is simply magical. Of course, nothing is more important at a bespoke wedding than the food and drink. Whilst there are no in-house caterers, the venue provides a curated and approved list of exceptional local catering and hospitality companies, all of whom have delivered on countless occasions. There is also ample room for a live band or DJ to accompany a first dance or for guests and loved ones to twirl the night away in style against the dramatic backdrop of the woodenbeamed Summer House . The family also own a select number of elegantly curated properties around the village, all of which provide ideal accommodation options for the wedding party and guests. These include cottages and a Bed & Breakfast. Irnham hall is unique, vibrant and altogether enchanted, offering something distinctively different for those who want an easy elegance in situ of immaculately maintained lawns that will bring photographic memories to life.

For further details please telephone 01476 552 027 or email

/ / 53

The new Continental GT Convertible. Where elegance and exhilaration work in perfect harmony. Discover more at at Continental GT Convertible WLTP drive cycle: fuel consumption – EU Drive Cycle in mpg (l/100 km): Combined 20.2 (14.0). Combined CO2 Emissions – 317 g/km. The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2018 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Continental GT Convertible.


Located in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel offers a warm welcome with a choice of stylish guest rooms and suites. Enjoy modern cuisine in Lowndes Bar & Kitchen, discover London with a self guided tour on our complimentary Belgravia Bikes and relax in the indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi at the nearby Peak Health Club & Spa. | 020 7823 1234

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Holiday time is precious so it’s natural that when we jet off, we want to make the most of the adventure. At times booking your dream holiday, can become a logistical nightmare. This is where HolidayPA come in. Whether you are planning on sunning yourself on the glorious beaches of the Dominican Republic, taking a rare opportunity for a romantic getaway in Venice or chancing your luck at seeing the Northern Lights, HolidayPA act as a travel concierge to a whole host of clients.

Sandie Lehal, travel director at HolidayPA is an awardwinning travel expert who has coordinated trips for a number of high-profile clients in her career so far. She explained what makes HolidayPA different: “The level of service we offer depends solely on what the client wants. We will take into account a number of factors including budget, weather and the month they wish to travel. Everything is tailored to them.

The business creates bespoke travel experiences for all of their clients, working alongside some of the world’s leading travel brands they ensure the trips their clients embark on live long in the memory. HolidayPA will handle every aspect of your holiday including:

“It’s very personable. Typically, I will meet them for a cup of coffee and then I will go to my suppliers and match them with the best deal for my client. I can also coordinate with the hotel and make sure everything is in place for when they arrive. As well as this we can book restaurants, theatre tickets and meals on the beach.”

• Travel schedule • Flights • Accommodation • Activities

For more information on HolidayPA get in touch with Sandie, on 0844 809 0917 or 07974 479931 or email

Helping holiday dreams come true they guide you through every step of the process. Whether you have your heart set on a particular destination or simply want some recommendations on where to go, HolidayPA will use their vast network of industry contacts to deliver something for everyone.

56 //

HolidayPA Creators of luxury travel experiences and personalised concierge services

Let our travel concierge guide you to your next destination‌

Luxury travel concierge service for private and corporate clients 24/7 concierge support Award winning agency

0844 809 0917 | +447974 479931 S a n d i e @ H PA L u x u r y Tr a v e l . c o . u k w w w. H PA L u x u r y Tr a v e l . c o . u k

// 5 7

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Whether it’s a beach holiday in a tropical resort or a retreat a little closer to home, is there really any better opportunity than a summer holiday to get acquainted with a good book, or two?

With no interruptions and plenty of time to whittle away, a captivating fiction or non-fiction book can make for the perfect travel companion. We have shared our pick of seven scorchers that you should be making space for in your suitcase this summer.

You’d Be Mine – Erin Hahn

The timing for romance novel You’d Be Mine couldn’t be more perfect for author Erin Hahn as her debut novel’s country music themes will draw-in those still teary-eyed over the blockbuster A Star is Born. The book tells the story of American country musician Annie who is amidst a hiatus from the spotlight following the death of her parents. But unbeknownst to Annie, the career of mega star and notorious bad boy Clay, hangs in the balance as his label threatens to drop him should he fail to convince Annie to embark on a summer tour with him. Swayed by Clay’s smooth talking and annoyingly good looks, the talented Annie agrees, and the pair soon find themselves spending one long, hot summer fighting a battle between head over heart. An easy and addictive read You’d Be Mine is screaming out to be read on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand.

The Suspect – Fiona Barton No summer is complete without a psychological thriller that gets people talking. Last year it was Dan Mallory’s The Woman in the Window that took residence in suitcases.

Now it’s time for New York Times’ bestselling author, Fiona Barton to shine with her latest offering The Suspect. The worst nightmare of any parent comes true in this gripping thriller when two 18-year-old girls go missing in Thailand. As the mysterious case unravels across 381 pages, journalist Kate Waters takes centre stage in the book finding herself first to the story and first to discover the truth. Perfect for whittling away the hours on a long-haul flight, The Suspect is a real page turner with twists and turns waiting around every corner.

Machines Like Me – Ian McEwen After nearly three years without a release, fans of Ian McEwen’s work have something new to get their teeth into this summer. Machines Like Me whisks readers off to an alternative 1980s London and focusses on the life of protagonist Charlie and his relationship with student Miranda. When Charlie’s financial status suddenly changes for the better, he invests in Adam – one of the first synthetic humans to have been created. Able to program his personality, Charlie makes Adam handsome, strong and intelligent. What follows though is a love triangle which throws up a moral dilemma of epic proportions for everyone involved. While humour has been cleverly threaded throughout the novel, Machines Like Me is wrapped in a wider message in true McEwen form, and will leave readers searching for deep answers to humanity.

Burnout – Emily & Amelia Nagoski Summer holidays offer the rare opportunity to unwind from the everyday, but with relaxing, comes reflection. Burnout: The Secret to Solving the Stress Cycle is one for women as two sisters, Emily & Amelia Nagoski seek to confront and break down the barriers between women and wellbeing.

58 //

The Dreamers – Karen Thompson Walker New York Times’ Bestselling Author, Karen Thompson Walker proves there is no end to her imagination with her science-fiction novel The Dreamers which is sure to grip readers from beginning to end. Set in an isolated college town in Southern California, one night a girl falls asleep and doesn’t wake. She’s not dead, she’s asleep. But when she is unawakenable the case perplexes paramedics and doctors. What ensues is a domino effect as more and more students fall into the same state of sleep. A town which is seemingly beyond repair and a quarantine already established, a psychiatrist is brought in to uncover the truth behind the outbreak. She finds the sleeping students have the highest level of brain activity ever recoded which poses the question ‘what are they all dreaming about?’

When All Is Said – Anne Griffin 336 pages, one man, one night and five toasts. When All Is Said is a tale of one man’s evening of self-discovery. Anne Griffin is the mastermind behind the novel and tells the story of Maurice Hannigan. Set in a hotel bar, Maurice makes five different drink orders and dedicates each one to someone vital in his life. Raising a toast to his older brother, sister-in-law, newborn daughter, son and late wife, he tells the story of his life. Themes of regret, feud, love and triumph all come into focus in this novel which will leave readers thinking carefully about which ‘five’ they would toast, and what they would say.

Mistress of the Ritz – Melanie Benjamin Just a year after publishing her seventh novel, Girls in the Picture, historical fictionist Melanie Benjamin has released her eighth in the form of Mistress of the Ritz. A stunning wartime story based on a real-life American woman, the book centres around actress Blanche and her husband Claude who worked secretly for the French Resistance during World War II. The non-fiction book is packed full of worksheets, exercises and the latest in scientific discoveries, and explores how women can work to complete the biological stress cycle, monitor the brain to regulate emotion and the ways in which ‘Bikini Industrial Complex’ is making it difficult for women to truly love their bodies.

When the Nazis occupied Paris in 1940, many of the party resided in The Hotel Ritz, where Blanche and Claude, who worked as the hotel’s manager, were living. Dreaming of a Nazi-free city, while living under the same roof as the Germans the pair fearlessly and secretly joined the French Resistance.

Empowering and optimistic, Burnout is a book for women looking to make some positive and long-lasting changes.

A courageous tale of a couple’s fight for freedom in a city in crisis, Mistress of the Ritz is ripe with tension and one that readers won’t want to put down.

// 59

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Welcome home… Each year thousands of Brits cross the Atlantic to visit the sunnier climes of popular destinations such as Florida and the Caribbean. Boasting glorious, year-round temperatures, exceptional opportunities for outdoor living and stunning beaches, it is little wonder that these short visits spur the desire for a holiday home abroad. Enter Alistair Brown International Real Estate… Headed up by Alistair himself, a former professional golfer now boasting expertise in real estate branding, marketing and sales, Alistair Brown International Real Estate, are experts in matching people with their dream home abroad. With decades of experience in the world of hospitality and real estate development, Alistair has held key senior management positions with both global hospitality groups, including Fairmont Resorts & Hotels International and luxury builders, WCI Communities. Alistair’s clients benefit from his lifelong experiences in the travel and hospitality industry which gives him access to some of the world’s best properties. The Alistair Brown International Real Estate difference… The ability to truly understand their clients is at the heart of the Alistair Brown International Real Estate offering, as Alistair points out: “From the very first conversation, I am thinking about the client; their family, their likes and dislikes and those subtleties and emotional triggers that are important to their lifestyle.”

60 / /

“Before we think about property we need to know why they have made the decision to start the search.” He continued, “Everything I learn about them creates a vision, which I then use to hand pick properties for their unique situation.” Delivering a truly bespoke experience, Alistair has 25 years’ experience and his ability to find the right destination and property for each client is based upon a detailed understanding of their needs and desires. Your dream location... Whether an ultra-modern villa or an attractive home suitable for a growing family, the Alistair Brown team help clients invest in the right property for them. With years of experience in global locations such as South Florida, Orlando, Barbados, London, Paris, Tuscany and Catalunya, Spain, ABIRE has direct access to many developments and investments, often before they are offered to the general public.

As an International Brand Ambassador with the famed, One Sotheby’s Miami group, Alistair has unparalleled access to some of the world’s most beautiful and unique properties with current offerings including:

Alistair’s dedicated focus on his clients and business ethos reflects the values that are important to me and it was a pleasure to work with him.

• The unique Grove Resort & Water Park, Orlando, a next door neighbour to Walt Disney World

Bursting with enthusiasm, Alistair’s knowledge and network proved invaluable and he took care of everything - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

• Margaritaville Resort, Orlando

So, let your journey begin…

• One Thousand Museum, Downtown Miami

Delivering the personal touch, Alistair Brown International Real Estate is based in both the UK and USA and is on hand to help with every aspect of your property search.

• Aventura Park Square, Aventura, Florida John Hayes, CEO, Champions (UK) plc, said of Alistair Brown International Real Estate: “The personal service I have received from Alistair Brown International Real Estate has been second to none. At every step of the way, he made it his business to understand what was important to me and my family and designed his offering around this. I felt that Alistair not only listened to what I wanted, but that he also understood me and my motivations.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more, contact Alistair Brown International Real Estate on 0141 483 8484. Alternatively email Our website is

// 61

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EXPERIENCE THE HIDDEN GEMS OF BERLIN From its vibrant nightlife and contemporary lifestyle to its stunning architecture, Berlin has plenty to shout about. Germany’s capital is the second largest in Europe and has without doubt became one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. More than 30 million people visit the city each year, with many people in the UK choosing it as a destination for a city break. Away from the famous landmarks such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate, the city has plenty of other hidden gems that are equally as extraordinary. We have pinpointed some of the best places you can explore.


Explore a different kind of museum… Many of Europe’s major cities have a world famous museums and art galleries that are always a popular choice among tourists and Berlin is no different. These museums provide guests with an insight into Berlin’s rich history and culture. But if you want a different kind of museum experience, then the Body Worlds Museum might be right up your street. Located close to the famous shopping district Alexander Platz, this museum is like nothing you will have ever experienced before. Body Worlds have museums all over Europe which give a unique insight into the human body. The museum displays real human bodies that have been donated for science. Using the plastination process which maintains organs and bones, the museum takes you on an exhibition of happiness, pressure, gluttony, moderation and chance & destiny.

64 / /

Enjoy the art of the Berlin Wall Since the Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989 and Germany unified in 1990, the memorial and museum to the wall is a must see for tourists. And, while it’s certainly a big part of Berlin’s history, the iconic wall’s artwork is also worthy of a mention. Known as the East Side Gallery, the 1,316m long mural is the longest open air gallery in the world and features artwork from more than 105 different artists. The purpose of the artwork is to demonstrate peace between society and people following over 20 years of separation when the Berlin Wall split the city.

Check out a German food market Germany is proud of its food culture, (you can’t go anywhere in the country without coming across a famous Bratwurst!), so if you are a foodie, heading to a local food market is a must when visiting the city. Berlin once had 14 stunning markets, but sadly only three remain with Markthalle Neun being one of the most historic, dating back to 1891. They put on a ‘street food Thursday’ as well as breakfast market once a month. As well as this there is a fantastic fleamarket at Mauerpark. Held every Sunday along where the Berlin Wall once stood, there are food stalls, beer gardens and even a karaoke area for people to enjoy.

Discover the bars of Prenzlauer Berg Berlin’s nightlife is world renowned (over 1,000 shops stay open late specifically to stock beer) and the regions of Mitte, Hackescher Markt and Warschauer Strasse are arguably the most popular hotspots in the city when it comes to partying. However, the district of Prenzlauer Berg is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to more quirky bars. The east of the city is generally considered the most authentic part of Berlin and this certainly rings true here. Germany’s drinking culture is much more relaxed than the UK, and Rhabarber exemplifies this. As soon as you enter the bar you’ll be struck by its character. From its retro décor to unique features including a wall full of books and a chair hanging from the ceiling. And, the staff are friendly too. You’ll receive a free bag of popcorn on arrival (which can be refilled at any time) before you are presented with an extensive menu of delicious German beers and cocktails. Want a particular song playing? Simply let one of the bar staff know and they’ll let you link your phone up to their sound system.

// 6 5


FOOD AND DRINK Bintu or Recipes From A Pantry as she is known in the blogosphere, is a leading food writer and blogger. Sierra Leonean by birth, she specialises in creating easy to prepare but rich and dynamic big flavour recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Bintu’s wide repertoire makes her well placed to advise on the very best restaurants that the area has to offer. The East Midlands is a real gem of fine eating establishments ranging from casual options to Michelin starred cuisine. However, with so much choice on offer, Bintu has compiled a list of must visit eateries that any foodie needs to frequent when in the area. For everyday exception, why not visit Spokes on the Jubilee Campus, The University of Nottingham? With a quirky bicycle theme, Spokes is a cycling inspired coffee house built on the original and iconic Raleigh bike manufacturing site. With views of the picturesque boating lake, visit for delicious fresh pastries at breakfast, deli inspired lunch and dinner options, plus great coffee provided by local Nottingham baristas 200 Degrees. Or for a gastropub experience that truly surpasses anything else, The Pear Tree Inn in quaint Woodhouse Eaves offers an outstanding country dining experience. Whether it’s a Sunday roast with the freshest locally-sourced ingredients or a woodfired pizza from the stone oven, every dish is crafted with gastronomic excellence to create exceptional flavour.

Pesto Stuffe d

Roast Lamb

Ingredient s Met hod - 4 tbsp pe sto 1. Preheat th e oven to fa - 1 tsp chop n-assisted ped 240C / 22 0C / 425F anchovies / gas 7. 2. Mix toge - 1 kg (2.2lb ther the pe ) Rolled sto and anchovies shoulder of lamb 3. Stuff the ro lled lamb w ith the - Salt pesto mix an d roast in th e preheated oven for 20 mins. 4. Then redu ce the heat to fanassisted 14 0C / 160C / 325F / gas 3 and ro ast for 10 m in per 500g / 1.1l b for rare or 20 mins per 500g / 1.1lb for wel l done. 5. Use the thermomet er to check your meat. Your readin g should be 50C / 12 2F for rare and 70C / 158F for w ell done. 6. Allow th e lamb to re st for 20 mins before carving.

Recipe taken


For more information on Bintu or to enquire about booking her for your brand’s campaign please contact Influencer Champions on 0203 9580 427 or email

66 / /


THE PEAR TREE, BAR & RESTAURANT Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire

Whether stopping by for a lazy Sunday lunch, seasonal à la carte dishes or exquisite wood-fired pizza, all dishes on offer are nothing short of exceptional. Seasonal ingredients are brought to life across a vibrant and varied menu that is perfectly accompanied by the beautifully curated wine and cocktail selection. However, for a truly extraordinary experience, The Pear Tree offers a private dining option that is simply perfect for any intimate function or dinner. Designed with dramatic blue, wooden cladded walls and parquet floor, the room also features a hidden ‘speak easy’, ideal for welcome drinks and toasts. Whether hosting a baby shower or corporate meeting, the experience entails a sumptuous three course dinner for up to 30 guests. Informal gatherings are also catered for, as pushing through an antique bookcase leads guests to a secret bar that undoubtedly adds a theatrical element to any special occasion. Of course, the usually remarkable standards of The Pear Tree are upheld to the highest degree, with guests also welcome to venture downstairs for lunch in the main restaurant. A remarkable yet welcoming experience that is sure to measure up to even the most discerning of requirements.

Food served: Open 7 days a week for lunch and evening. The Pear Tree 8 Church Hill, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire LE12 8RT Tel: (01509) 890 243

// 67



Belton, Loughborough

Plumtree, Nottingham

Aspirational Magazine recently sampled the delightful menu at The Queen’s Head. The cosy pub is situated in the quaint village of Belton.

Perkins Bar & Bistro, located at Plumtree’s beautiful former Victorian railway station offers the perfect balance of fresh quality food and outstanding service.

The mix of contemporary and rustic décor was instantly appealing. The Queen’s Head has a homely feel which is carried throughout the restaurant.

Whether you’re popping in for a pint and a sharing board, a light lunch or a delicious three course dinner, the award winning front of house team will ensure you have a dining experience to remember.

After being shown to the table we scanned the wine list which was brimming with variety and opted for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc – the waiter was very well versed in the menu and helped us select a suitable wine for our palates. The main menu matches the season with a tempting selection of comfort foods. For starter we selected both sharing boards. Firstly we chose the sumptuous Spanish tapas with mini chorizo, serrano ham, manchego cheese and quince and secondly the aromatic baked camembert topped with local honey and fresh rosemary. Both boards were served with freshly baked bread. After the perfect amount of wait time between courses we tucked into dishes including fillet steak, whole grilled plaice on the bone – both of which came with rustic cut chips – chicken Kiev paired with creamy mash, vegetarian fettucine with gorgonzola and chilli and sausage and mash with a red wine and shallot sauce. For the sweet lovers there is also a number of desserts to satisfy cravings including lemon sorbet and homemade waffle. It was clear that the head chef had sourced the freshest selection of meat, fish and vegetables and overall he has succeeded in compiling a menu of exquisite food for all tastes and preferences. The pub also houses a private dining area ideal for weddings, conferences and other special occasions.

An ever-changing Prix Fixe lunch and daily specials run alongside a seasonal a la carte menu. The bistro also hosts afternoon tea, Saturday morning breakfast and a hearty Sunday lunch offering. Whatever the occasion, Perkins commits to using the highest quality ingredients, local where possible. The menus are not restricted to food – alongside an extensive wine list, there are cocktails, gin and tonics, aperitifs and draught beer. In terms of interior, the rustic tables and brass light fittings offer a relaxed countryside bistro feel. There are monthly ‘Taste The Season’ evenings, live music on a Friday night and sell out Perkins Gastronomic taster events taking place throughout the year. If you are looking for a private party, Perkins Bar & Bistro offers a dedicated 26-cover dining room, or alternatively, the whole venue is available for private hire. If you are looking for something even more grand, Perkins’ sister venue ‘The Carriage Hall’ is one of the region’s most prestigious event venues able to host up to 120 guests seated – perfect for any occasion!

SPOKES COFFEE HOUSE & RESTAURANT Nottingham Tucked away on campus within the University of Nottingham’s De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre, Spokes is a hidden gem that offers great food and drinks in a stunning lakeside setting. Their menu includes mouth-watering stone-baked pizzas, a delicious noodle bar, flatbreads, pastries, and for guests who prefer healthier dishes, tasty super salads. As well as these eat in and takeaway options, Spokes also offers a full evening menu where diners can enjoy a wide range of dishes. These include perfectly cooked beef and chicken burgers, a range of delicious steaks cooked exactly to the diner’s liking and their own take on the British favourite of fish and chips. Their dessert menu comes complete with chocolate brownies, vanilla panna cotta and raspberry torte. Built on the same manufacturing site responsible for producing the renowned Raleigh bicycles, much of Spokes’ interior design has a cycling theme. This includes a Raleigh racing team image on the wall, a cake stand made out of bicycle wheels, and an original Raleigh racer bike on show. Staying true to their local heritage, Spokes source the majority of the ingredients for their dishes from the local area including their local artisan 200 Degrees coffee, now a staple for any coffee loving connoisseur in Nottingham. With free parking and free Wi-Fi it is a great spot for a morning cuppa, an engergising lunch or relaxing dinner.

And why not end your meal with an overnight stay in one of the luxury Shepherds huts? With a Full English breakfast the following morning.

There are also four very homely bedrooms available.

Food Served: 6pm – 9pm (Fish & Chips Night) Tuesday 12pm – 2.30pm & 6pm – 9pm Wednesday to Friday 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm Saturday 12pm – 4pm Sunday The Queen’s Head 2 Long St, Belton, Loughborough, LE12 9TP Tel: 01530 222 359

68 / /

Food Served: Monday – Saturday Lunch 12 - 2.15pm Afternoon tea 2.30pm - 3.30pm* Dinner 6 - 9.15pm (Friday/Saturday 9.30pm) Sunday 12 noon – 6pm (last orders 4.30pm) Breakfast: Saturday mornings from 10am Pre Fixe Monday to Saturday 12-2.15, 2 courses £13.50, 3 courses £16.95 * Please provide 24 hours notice.

Perkins Bar & Bistro Station Road, Plumtree, Nottingham NG12 5NA T: 0115 937 3695

Food Served: Open daily to residents and non-residents. Monday to Saturday: 7.00am - 9.30pm Sunday: 7:30am – 10am; and 6.00pm – 9.30pm Sunday 17:00 – 22:00 Spokes De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre, Jubilee Campus, Triumph Road, Nottingham NG8 1DH T: 0115 938 0080 E:

Turning any event from ordinary to extraordinary E S TA B L I S H E D 2 0 0 0




Whether it’s corporate or private, we deliver a Michelin star experience that leaves a lasting impression on all our clients We are totally committed to giving our guests a wonderful experience from the moment you contact us to delivering the perfect dinner, wedding or family celebration. Beautifully designed canapés to restaurant style dinners or a lazy afternoon garden party, we cater for them all. Our passion for excellence is the driving force within our team, that every event is full of the WOW factor and that every guest goes home feeling like they have been well and truly looked after. “Events Unlimited have worked with Red Olive for ten years. They are our “go to” company for events where only the best will do. Their creativity, quality of staff, presentation and service - from the first contact to completion is always impeccable. Lead by Charlie - a complete inspiration - I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Red Olive.”

Unit 4, Sawley Park, Nottingham Rd, Derby DE21 6AS I 01332 331866 I

We Live & Breathe Chocolate At Cocoa Amore, we have been sharing our passion for chocolate since we established our first boutique in Leicester in 2013. We are proud to select the finest Colombian chocolate made by family-owned and sustainable business, Casa Luker, for all of the house-made chocolates, including corporate gifts and wedding favours. We are committed to taking our customers to another level of chocolate heaven with our affordable handmade chocolates. high quality and personal service... Not to mention the exciting and immersive chocolate making workshops we hold at the flagship store in Leicester! Please get in touch to find out more about our product ranges and services, see our contact details below.

Stores Leicester I Engine Yard at Belvoir Castle I Market Harborough

For all corporate enquiries please contact our Leicester store: 0116 262 3278 34 Silver Street, Leicester, LE1 5ET

As feature d in OK! and H ELLO



For memorable photography, whatever the occasion Contact Antonia Doyle on E: T: 07768 19 38 49

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Food and Drink

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO: GIN FESTIVALS Everyone is talking about Gin.

Although the juniper-based spirit has been around for centuries, in recent years it has undergone a trendy resurge, with a national ‘Gin fever’ of epic proportions underway. Blame it on its essential place within modern cocktail culture or the “Instagrammable” nature of the G&T glass, but there can be no denying just how Gin-obsessed Brits have become.


With this in mind, it seems only fitting that such a phenomenon has joined forces with another British cultural institution: the festival. Gin tasting festivals and events are popping up all over the country as lovers of the spirit clamour to get a taste of the wide variety of tipples on offer from distilleries across the nation. In this handy guide, we have selected some of the best events for you to attend that combine culture, music, food and of course Gin in perfect harmony: Leicester Gin Festival: Athena Conference Hall, Saturday 31 August 2019 With all tipples included within the ticket price, this is the perfect event for those who want to sample a wide variety of Gins. With over 80 varieties on offer across four immersive pop up bars, the festival showcases the true breadth of this perennially popular spirit with added talks, demos and masterclasses. For those who want to soak up the fantastic atmosphere but might be driving, there is also a ticket option for entrance with only one or two drinks. Tickets range from £13-£28. The Gin and Rum festival: Nottingham Conference Centre, Saturday 15 June 2019 For those who also happen to be rum aficionados, the UK’s largest Gin and rum tour comes to Nottingham in June. Get ready to be spoilt for choice both drink and entertainment wise, as the resident DJ looks after the tunes whilst you sample the wares on offer. There will also be a selection of

72 / /

Gins and rums exclusive to the festival, adding personalised element and something a little different. Expect a more relaxed day filled with music, amazing drinks and knowledge from those who know the industry best. The Gin Society Festival: St Mary’s Church, Nottingham, 28-29 June 2019 Pure Gin delight! The Gin Society Festival offers a unique and environmentally friendly experience: biodegradable straws, glass and cardboard packaGing combined with over 120 Gins to give a curated but conscientious event. With three Gin bars showcasing British and fruit Gins as well as a variety of cocktails and live entertainment with added masterclasses from distillers, this slightly shorter event is the perfect beGinner’s introduction into the world of Gin festivals. Tickets are also only a modest £12.50.

The Great British Gin Festival: The Atrium, Nottingham, Saturday 13 July 2019 The UK’s biggest Gin tour comes to Nottingham in spectacular fashion. With over 120 Gins on offer as well as talks, presentations and demonstrations from industry insiders, the festival really offers the complete experience for dedicated Gin lovers. The event will also be the ultimate celebration of British summertime with a live band for the entire session and delicious canapés and nibbles on offer. Furthermore, for those who are religious about their Gins, the “Great British Gin Bible” will be on hand for dedicated study! Tickets start at £18.40 for early birds and increase upon demand. And other considerations… If you can’t get enough of the spirit, there are also dedicated events taking place annually. Here are some of the best to inspire further adventures within the world of Gin: 45 Gin School: Market Place, Leicester Located in the oldest retail building in Leicester, this unique three-hour masterclass offers a unique insight into the distillery process along with other amazing facts about the magical world of Gin. The experience includes a question session with the distiller, complimentary Burleigh’s Gin and FeverTree tonic, a custom botanicals selection to create your own unique experience before distilling, bottling and labelling your crafted creation ready to take home. Experiences available from £115.

Nelson’s Gin and Vodka Distillery & school: Grindley Business Village, Uttoxeter A unique opportunity to visit the home of the famous Nelson’s Gin and learn a thing or two. The Gin and Vodka school experience beGins at 10am with an introduction to the day before a tour of the distillery, botanical selection and sampling commence. Students then have the chance to create and bottle their unique creation before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Perhaps the most comprehensive experience on offer in the East Midlands area, Nelson’s is a true A-Z of the Gin industry. Experiences cost £115 all inclusive.

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Founded by Art enthusiast Sara Lovatt in 2013, Urban Antidote Art has evolved greatly over the years, truly going from strength to strength and leading the way in Art for the region.

Moving the Gallery to its new home in Leicester from Lutterworth marked an exciting new chapter for Sara. Though success has been hard earned by the Founder; the message she has wanted her Gallery to send to the world has remained the same; 1. You don’t need to know anything about art. If a Gallery makes you feel uncomfortable then it’s the wrong gallery for you. 2. Buy what YOU like. Sara’s vision is one where Art is accessible for everyone; carrying a variety of Artists from Modern Pop Art to Classical Realism, there is a style and a price point suited to everyone. And with an array of very satisfied customers, Sara’s levels of high quality service is appreciated by all. Working alongside some of the best Artists in the country including; Paul Oz, JJ Adams and Darren Baker, Sara works hard to not only make their Art accessible to the market, but the Artists as well!

74 / /

Throwing gorgeous meet and greets and promoting local Leicester businesses, Sara also hires her stunning Gallery out for special Corporate events! Considering the Gallery has an onsite kitchen, shower, bathroom and a very comfortable upstairs events space; the sky really is the limit for Urban Antidote Art. For more information regarding the Gallery and the Artists it carries, please head on over to the website: Alternatively, why not pop down to the Gallery itself in St. Martins Square, Leicester City Centre where Sara and her team will be more than happy to help! / / / 75

Bawdon Cottage Farm, Charley N

Guide Price £1,645,000


Normanton House, Normanton on Soar N

Guide Price £1,550,000


Situated within 8.3 acres of outstanding landscaped gardens and paddocks and in the heart of Charnwood Forest, a stylish and luxuriously appointed six bedroom detached family home blending period buildings with ultra-modern hi tech open plan feel.

Situated just outside the desirable riverside village of Normanton on Soar in open countryside, a fine country residence of considerable period, integrity and character, situated in approximately 7.8 acres of gardens and grounds with a substantial range of original outbuildings.

Enjoying an impressive electric gated approach, the property offers over 4,300 sq. ft. of internal accommodation is ideal for extended families and those wishing to work from home, the whole enjoying spectacular elevated views over the valley to the rear. Benefiting from a security alarm system, CCTV, Calor gas central heating with underfloor heating and uPVC double glazing throughout and has versatile and flexible accommodation. Viewing is highly recommended to appreciate the setting and stunning views on offer. EPC - C

Offering a wealth of original features including a magnificent reception hall, open fronted fireplaces and ornate leaded windows, the property offers extensive accommodation over three floors to include four reception rooms, a fully fitted dining kitchen with four oven Aga, whilst on the first floor, five/six bedrooms, family bathroom and separate shower room and on the second floor, three further bedrooms and separate WC/potential bathroom. Outside an extensive range of outbuildings, stores, garage and stables with potential for conversion (subject to planning). In total, approximately 7.8 acres of grounds, gardens and paddocks only a quarter of a mile walk from the village centre. Fast access to Nottingham, Loughborough, M1. EPC - F

Sevenoaks Farm, Wigston



Occupying a secluded location in open countryside, a substantial five bedroom detached family home offering over 11,000 sq. ft. including outbuildings and two self-contained apartments, the buildings being ideal for a variety of commercial and other uses (subject to any necessary consents/approvals). The buildings currently comprise commercial vehicle store with first floor above, motorhome garage, further extensive garaging for in excess of 35 vehicles, two separate apartments, an impressive library building with gym and bathroom, viewing platform and Gardener’s Lodge. In total, the property is situated within 1.6 acres. EPCS Seven Oaks House – E Apartments 1 & 2 - E.

Maplehurst, Woodhouse Eaves SO



Enjoying a secluded location close to the edge of this highly desirable Charnwood Forest village, a substantial detached period property dating back to 1865. With three large reception rooms, living/dining kitchen, cellars, utility room, cloakrooms, six bedrooms and two bathrooms, the property also features an attractive private west facing garden, heated swimming pool, triple garage and a range of useful outbuildings. With an impressive reception hall and galleried landing and many original features, the property demands inspection to appreciate the location, size and character of the accommodation. Woodhouse Eaves is extremely well serviced and widely regarded as one of the Forests premier residential locations. EPC – F

The Uplands, Kirby Bellars N

Guide Price £875,000


The Old Barn, Abbots Oak N

Guide Price £875,000


Set well back from the lane, in glorious open countryside just outside the popular village of Kirby Bellars, a rare opportunity to acquire a substantial five double bedroom, detached family home in approximately 4.5 acres of paddocks and gardens.

Constructed by the owners of prestigious developers Pearson Properties Limited for their own occupation, an outstanding extended barn conversion of the very highest quality with luxurious fixtures and fittings together with an oak framed extension and matching detached garage with a separate self-contained apartment/office above.

Offering four stables, tack room and double garage, the property also offers equestrian facilities to include a professional 40m x 20m floodlit mènage and three stock proof paddocks. A further 3 acres of paddocks are available to rent from the neighbour, the property offers a spectacular rural location with outstanding open views on all sides and is immaculately presented throughout. Calor Gas fired central heating, uPVC sealed unit double glazing plus a luxury refitted bespoke living/dining kitchen by Lewis & Hill, two en suite shower rooms, four piece family bathroom and outstanding views from all rooms.

Offering a total of four superb double bedrooms suites with luxury en-suites, with the master suite having a luxury en-suite bathroom and dressing room, the property also features a 32’4” x 18’2” superb bespoke fitted kitchen by Main with extensive Fisher & Paykel and Miele appliances. Featuring a superb full height reception hall with an oak framed window and galleried landing, the property offers the most exquisite stone and brick work, all within a landscaped plot with extensive hardstanding and triple garaging and approximately 2.2 acres of separate paddock with further land maybe available by separation negotiation. The property offers outstanding west facing views over a large part of north Leicestershire towards the hills of Derbyshire, the property demands inspection to appreciate the exceptional quality, style and position of The Old Barn which is ideal for large families or those seeking separate self-contained accommodation for a relative, teenagers or au pair etc. EPC - E


Brook Cottage, Woodhouse N

Guide Price £625,000


Situated within delightful landscaped private gardens and offering a wealth of period features, an immaculately presented and extended detached country cottage in one of Charnwood Forest’s most desirable addresses and within close proximity of the centre of Woodhouse Eaves. With gas fired central heating and a majority of sealed unit double glazing, the cottage features a large living/dining kitchen by DeVol with a double glazed conservatory off, two further reception rooms, cloakroom, three double bedrooms on the first floor, a luxury en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom and a further family shower room. With a block paved driveway with parking for three vehicles and a single detached garage, the cottage offers a wealth of exposed wall and ceiling beams, cottage doors and two fireplaces with wood burning stoves. The south facing rear garden features a magnificent magnolia tree, further specimen shrubs, plants and trees and an excellent chalet style home office building with storeroom. In all, a beautifully situated cottage in a stunning brookside location. Viewing is highly recommended to appreciate. EPC Exempt

Mulberry Lodge, Screveton N

Guide Price £585,000


A stunning barn conversion virtually completely rebuilt to the highest standards including reclaimed brick and pantile and slate roof coverings vernacular with the surroundings. The property is the perfect country retreat situated in a central village position yet approached on a long pebble driveway with views over open paddock land to much of the rear. The property offers oil central heating with underfloor heating to the ground floor, high quality double glazed windows finished in Idigbo wood. The accommodation throughout is flexible and versatile with many character features including high level ceilings and high specification finishing touches including the installation of a magnificent oak clad garage to the exterior. The accommodation in brief comprises superb reception hall with double height ceiling, living room with double height ceiling, superb kitchen diner with high quality fitted units, two ground floor bedrooms, main bathroom and separate WC from the inner lobby. The first floor landing gives access to two large bedrooms, one of which has an en-suite shower room. Externally the property sits in a delightful position central to the plot with gravel off road parking, areas of garden and a long private driveway approach shared with the neighbouring property. EPC – C

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THE SMART TECHNOLOGY YOU NEED TO HAVE IN YOUR HOME Virtual assistants that take the strain out of daily life, robo vacuum cleaners and self-tying shoes (no we’re not joking) are all examples of smart technology that you can now get for your home in 2019. Depending on your definition, smart technology is nothing new. When the first engine-powered vacuum cleaner was released in 1901 it was considered to be ‘smart’ as it instantly made life more convenient. As time progressed and more household appliances (such as washing machines, tumble dryers, irons etc) were invented people’s homes became increasingly used to adopting different gadgets that took the burden out of the day-to-day. The introduction of the internet has increased the level of smart tech we now have in our homes, and while making our day-to-day lives easier is still a big draw, consumers can purchase products that enhance a number of other areas.


For the day-to-day One of the most popular technologies to have emerged in recent years is the virtual assistant. And, if you have heard the neighbours frantically shouting “Alexa!” then you have Amazon to thank for that. Alexa was launched by the technology giants in 2014 and was one of the first virtual assistants of its kind. Alexa has since been adopted by more than 100 million families who are all enjoying her ability to answer the most random of questions, order shopping online and even read the latest football scores. Noticing how quickly Alexa took off, other heavyweights in the technology industry – Google, Apple and Samsung – have all followed suit releasing their own versions, each one competing to do more than the other.

78 / /

For music lovers Known as the ultimate home sound system, Sonos uses the latest in wireless and voice technology, giving users the chance to play different music, podcasts, movies and much more in every room of the house. Using a mobile app, users can then control what each room is listening to with their fingertips catering to everyone’s individual tastes. Sonos also incorporates Alexa so users are able to change tracks and give the system instructions using only their voice.

For your pets

For fun A trend that is increasing in popularity in the world of smart tech is technology that seamlessly blends into your home’s décor. And, it’s Samsung who are paving the way with their ingenious Smart TV, The Frame. The Frame combines technology and art as when it’s switched off, the screen passes for a stunning piece of artwork. Completely customisable, homeowners only have to download their chosen theme from the online store and watch as art turns into their favourite box set. Speakers haven’t been left out of this trend either as they too can be transformed into artistic name sculptures.

For security Everyone wants to sleep easy knowing their home and family is safe, and smart tech can help you sleep sounder than ever. More than a standard CCTV, smart security cameras means no matter where you are in the world you can tune in and see what’s going on back at home. A number of companies have manufactured their own smart home systems, allowing users to view their home on their smartphones, activate their burglar alarms and speak out of speakers to warn off any intruders.

Furry friends aren’t left out either when it comes to smart tech in the home. Some might say it’s excessive, but Doggy Day Care is actually loved by many owners, and dogs. The innovative device can be placed anywhere in the home and features a camera which means owners can keep an eye on their pooch via an app while they’re out and about. And, there’s an extra function which dispenses tasty treats at the touch of a button.

For your convenience Let’s face it, anything that makes the busy nature of modern life quicker and easier is going to be a hit. Now, even simple tasks like switching on the lights or turning on the heating are becoming a thing of the past as they too can be controlled through technology – and it can be done without even having to get off the sofa. There are a variety of products on the market that can control these utilities including the Nest Thermostat. The device controls the home from a phone and is compatible with other virtual assistants such as Alexa.

Want to know who’s at your front door? A video doorbell gives you the chance to check who is visiting before you open the door. So, ignoring the door-to-door salespeople you used to hide from becomes much easier.

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Leicester city is getting ready to embrace the rising trend of co-living as The Wullcomb opens its doors this summer.

The 297-apartment complex features luxurious furnished and unfurnished rent options with unique shared living and social space for its customers. Located on Vaughan Way, opposite The Highcross shopping centre, it is just a stone’s throw from the city’s most thriving hotspots. The need for a space of this kind was realised by UK and European real estate investment manager, Long Harbour alongside its in-house management company, Way of Life. Noticing a lack of residential accommodation built in the city in recent times, Long Harbour and Way of Life have developed a mix of thoughtfully designed Manhattan studios, one-bed and two-bed apartments with stunning shared spaces which go beyond the norm. More than just a place to ‘live’, The Wullcomb’s shared spaces encourage customers to step outside their flats to socialise, engage and enjoy getting to know their neighbours. A shared rooftop terrace with a wood-fired pizza oven, barbecue space and stunning views over the city offers up a special outdoor space. Customers will also be able to host a party in the building’s private dining room, relax in the library or entertain friends in the cinema room, or in the welcoming shared living area The Perch. A place to work as well as relax, the communal areas at The Wullcomb feature fast Wi-Fi and shared equipment to help to get any work-from-home job done. The development will also boast a 24h concierge service, on-site maintenance, cleaning and security which takes a load off customers and gives them more time to enjoy all that The Wullcomb has to offer.

80 / /

Sowgol Zarinchang is the Managing Director of Way of Life and explained how the new development will also play a positive part in the local community. “Part of our culture at Way of Life is to be a long-term player in the communities we operate in, rather than building and moving on” she said. “As part of this we have already been working closely with local initiatives, we are enlisting the help of local letting agents and have been forming relationships with some of the city’s biggest players, such as Curve Theatre, Mattioli Woods and IBM, so there is lots to look forward to.” For more information about The Wullcomb visit:

The Maserati of SUVs


Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Maserati Levante MY19 range in mpg (l/100km) combined: 20.7 (13.6) to 30.0 (9.4). *CO2 emissions: 282 - 207 g/km. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. *There is a new test used for fuel consumption and CO2 figures. The CO2 figures shown however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration.

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Multi-media artist Alexander Hall and his Haut de Gamme brand are turning heads on the international art scene. We hear his story


Its name translates as “up-market” or “high-end” … so what better symbol for fast-emerging art brand Haut de Gamme than a bottle of expensive champagne? Bottles of bubbly, splashed and dripping with paint, are among the signature works of Haut de Gamme artist Alexander Hall. His subjects also include polo ponies, cars and packs of Marlboro cigarettes. Hall went large on the champagne theme with his most celebrated work to date: a commission from InterContinental Hotels Group to mark its 200th hotel acquisition. The installation, 200 individually painted bottles, has boosted international interest in Haut de Gamme. But why the branding? Why not plain Alexander Hall?

more paintings after being impressed with his first piece of work. “I was summoned to his office. He pointed to a wall and asked what I could do with it and I came up with an idea,” he said. Following that, the businessman told Hall that he had 23 other walls in offices around the world and they all needed his artwork. “That was the moment the game changed,” said Hall, 29. “It introduced me to an array of art collectors who love my work and I created work for charity events, like my first ever champagne bottle painting.” Clients include F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and Aston Martin, for whom he is currently working on a painting. It is a particular joy for him as it reflects his lifelong passion for cars and motor sport. Currently single and working from his west London studio mews, he rents larger studio space for big projects like the InterContinental installation. The 200 empty bottles were arrayed on the floor for painting, each with a board containing reference information on hotel locations. But what happened to all that champagne? “No comment!” Hall adds: “I’ve been lucky, but if you want the good things in life you have to get up early. I feel I’m just getting started, and there is so much more I need to do.”

For more about Alexander Hall, visit

“I wanted something that summed up everything I do, not just art but also developing concepts,” Hall says. “Whatever I do, it’s under that banner.” His creative instinct emerged in childhood. “It was more than just crayons. Hammer and screwdriver, too,” he recalls. “At six I was at a lathe making bowls out of tree trunks. I’d design and build a go-kart or do some painting.” Hall, who lives in London, says his “hard-working” parents taught him “to paint the back of the cabinet, not just the front … to put your best into everything you do.” There were hard lessons. When just 16, he sold a painting for £950. Years later, it was sold on … for £35,000. A blow? “I wasn’t doing well at the time, but it gave me confidence in my own ability. It taught me that I had to believe in myself, so I’m grateful for the experience.” Hall’s big break came from entrepreneur Peter Jones, of Dragons’ Den fame, who commissioned him to produce

82 / /

© Adrian Weinbrecht

© Adrian Weinbrecht © Adrian Weinbrecht

© Adrian Weinbrecht

© Adrian Weinbrecht


// 83

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WAGNER PAINT SPRAYERS THE UNSTOPPABLE WAY TO PAINT! With the summer season upon us, many a homeowner’s thoughts turn to improvements and ways to freshen up interiors. Painting is a huge part of this but can soon become a long-winded task often yielding patchy results and the alternative of hiring a decorator is a costly prospect.


With Wagner’s range of paint spraying tools this needn’t be the case. Wagner offers solutions to make painting quick and easy for even the most complex of projects, while delivering professional looking results every time. From spraying perfectly neat edges to transforming reclaimed furniture, these high efficiency tools can be used by any DIY novice and are ten times faster than a conventional brush as well as offering more power to avoid over spray. The guns are also designed to handle all manner of paint consistencies from thick oil-based to chalk like substances, meaning there is no need to wonder if a particular shade will be compatible with the tool. Wagner also offer SMART rollers for those who prefer this method of painting. A simple squeeze of the ratchet power trigger directly feeds paint to the paint roller cover, eliminating the need for messy paint trays for refills. The SMART roller is perfect for medium-sized projects, and the extended handle reaches 8’ ceilings with ease. As a testimony to its quality, the range is endorsed by celebrity TV DIY expert Craig Phillips. As a leading figure in the home improvement industry, Phillips is well versed in what makes a great tool for the everyday decorator: “With Wagner it has never been easier for everyone to improve their homes. In just a couple of hours your living

84 / /

room can be transformed without having to slog it out over an entire weekend like you would with brushes”. There has never been a better time to make those muchneeded freshen ups. Perfect for professionals! With the number of skilled tradesmen in decline, professions such as decorating are much sought after and many of these individuals are renowned for their seamless attention to detail and reputation. However, when business is thriving why turn away clients when stretched, if an exceptional job can be delivered in half the time with the right tools? Wagner’s range of paint spraying and roller tools make the perfect edition to any professional kit, allowing usual immaculate standards to be maintained in a fraction of the time. In particular, the High Efficiency Airless Collection is the ideal choice for trade professionals as it delivers up to 55% less overspray than standard airless sprayers and improves control for a more consistent finish. Also considerably neater, Wagner’s spray guns avoid the need for mess and post clean-up of brushes that wastes valuable time. They are also compatible with all manner of paints ensuring that a perfect execution can be delivered every time, no matter the scale or manner of the project.

In just a couple of hours your living room can be transformed without having to slog it out over an entire weekend like you would with brushes”. - Craig Phillips, Wagner ambassador

If surface preparation is needed, an on-demand steamer is also available for the removal of barriers such as old wallpaper and anaglypta. So, when a client leaves traces of prior décor behind, this no longer needs to be a source of dread or excessive time spent scraping it off. Whether tackling interiors or industrial metal projects, Wagner has made it easier than ever to render time and cost efficient results that spare the mess, excess paint and effort that is usually associated with such enterprises. Wagner revives the Sydney Harbour Bridge As a choice to trust, their equipment is used by some of the world’s leading contractors on a variety of projects. Wagner contractor paint sprayers were used for renovations on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, proving that the equipment can tackle even the largest of projects. The Wagner home decorating range is available from B&Q, Screwfix, Toolstation, Amazon, Homebase and Wickes.

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1. Missoni Home at Vitim zig-zag Stripe Cushion 60x60cm £356

2. Oliver Bonas at Velvet Love Tub in Terracotta £625

3. Oliver Bonas at Flora Scalloped Mustard Yellow Velvet Armchair

4. Soho Home at Monroe velvet cushion 27cm x 60cm

5. Cuckooland at Reclaimed Taxi Bench & Lounge Chair




When decorating it is tempting to opt for neutral shades. Whilst this is undoubtedly a fail safe option, plumping for richer jewel tones such as burnt orange can help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in even the vastest of spaces. This needn’t entail painting the walls a dramatic shade though, instead choose plush accessories to add a hint of polish to any abode. Vintage inspired scalloped armchairs provide the perfect backdrop for such rich colours or why not opt for a statement piece of art to inject a dose of vibrancy?


1. 3. 2.


86 / /

7. 8.

6. 9.



6. Le Creuset at Stoneware Cafetiere

7. Villeroy & Boch at Samarkand Mandarin Porcelain Gifts Plate 28cm

8. Oliver Bonas at Nomu Orange Decanter

9. Oliver Bonas at Marble & Copper Bar Tools Set

10. Oliver Bonas at Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley






11. Vivo at Stoneware Coffee Cup Set of Two


£22.50 12. Oliver Bonas at Gal Unstained Mango Wood Chest of Drawers £465 13. Oliver Bonas at Woven Raffia Bamboo Table Lamp

12. 13. 15.

£68 14. Oliver Bonas at Lucky Cat Violet Leaf & Vanilla Scented Candle £22 15. Oliver Bonas at Self Love Club Wall Art A3 £69

/ / 87

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One of the Midlands’ longest established building contractors, Brown & Shaw have become wellknown for their high level of quality and service.

Formed in 1946 they specialise in a whole host of areas including new builds, extensions and alterations, working on projects primarily in the public and commercial sectors. They recognise that success in the building industry is generated by confidence and they pride themselves on clients returning time and time again. Over the years the firm have supported a number of specialist sectors including Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Commercial, Leisure and Retail. Working on projects of up to £2million in value, clients include Leicester City Council, The University of Leicester, Loughborough University, Spire Healthcare, University Hospitals of Leicester and Leicester City Football Club. Recent contracts include Sturdee Road Medical Centre, Silverdale Medical Centre and Bat Houses at the new Defence National Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall for which they won an award for Craftsmanship.

For more information on Brown & Shaw please visit their website, email or call 0116 276 7872 88 / /

Russell Stiff, Managing Director at Brown & Shaw, explains why they like to work on these kind of projects: “At Brown & Shaw we love working with the Healthcare and Education sectors. It is great to give back to a community that we have supported for over 70 years and it really is fantastic to see a project transforming before your eyes.” As well as their construction arm, Brown & Shaw also operates a maintenance division which carries out work for a host of clients ranging from changing a door lock to carrying out fire risk assessment works for a whole building. Case study: Champions (UK) plc media hub One recent project that Brown & Shaw are particularly proud of is the construction of a new state-of-the-art media hub for leading brand agency, Champions (UK) plc. With the agency dedicated to enhancing their digital offering, Champions has invested more than £1million in the new facility which will create more jobs and expand their office space to more than 17,000 sq ft.

// 89

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DE VERE EAST MIDLANDS CONFERENCE CENTRE: THE ULTIMATE CORPORATE DESTINATION When planning an important event for your company, you need a venue that will live up to requirements and deliver. The eco-friendly De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre offers such excellence across all fronts, plus so much more, within one incredible setting.


Situated within the picturesque location of University Park Campus, University of Nottingham, the conference centre combines top facilities with a spacious and contemporary environment. A hotspot among businesses not only in Nottingham and UK-wide but internationally too, the venue poses the perfect backdrop for all event types including exhibitions, awards evenings, team building sessions and large-scale product launches. Planning an awards ceremony or vital conference? Voted Best Auditorium for the second year in a row at the CHS Awards 2018, The Conference Theatre is everything a modern events suite should be. A tiered seated auditorium for up to 520 delegates, the space can be easily adapted into a dinner set-up with remote-retractable seating. However, the centre also understands that certain meetings require a more intimate atmosphere, which can be found in The Gallery. Seating 40-60 guests in a cabaret-style arrangement, the room features privacy glass, perfect for more exclusive functions. Whatever you choose, you can rely on fine food crafted with passion, using the freshest local and seasonal produce. From banquets of up to 588 guests to intimate meals for two, the attention to detail is second to none, making stale catered cuisine a thing of the past. Above all, flexibility is the operative word for the conference centre, with no event too much trouble for the expert team. So, no matter the occasion you can trust the centre to create nothing but the best experience for you and your guests.

90 / /

The venue’s unique selling point is their central location, having received events from all over the UK and globally due to their great transport links: • • • •

Minutes from the M1 (Junction 25/26) Complimentary on-site parking available for 250 Minutes from Nottingham Train Station, tram and bus stops 90 minutes from London via train

To create your next successful event contact: Melissa Sobo – Director of Sales,, 07776 246498

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Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd, Principal Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management We focus solely on providing face-to-face advice and offer a dedicated, personal wealth management service to build long-term, trusted relationships. We have the experience to help you successfully secure and enhance your financial future by offering specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: Corporate Financial advice and protection Aspects of Exit Strategy Planning for business owners Investment Planning Retirement Planning Tax and Estate Planning For further information, or to request a no obligation wealth management review, please contact Janine Edwards: 01676 530606 or 07785 295341

Janine Edwards Principal Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Janine Edwards 93 / / Wealth Management Ltd is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group’s website The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

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From the world’s most inspirational figures to iconic sporting heroes, Monumental Icons commission beautifully crafted statues and monuments for clients across the country.

The business was established in 2011 and was the brainchild of Derbyshire businessman Garry McBride who has held directorships at several businesses in his long career. With renowned sculptor Andrew Edwards lending his artful hand, eight years on and the business credits many high-profile commissions in its extensive portfolio. Monumental Icons has reunited the jaunty foursome with a statue of The Beatles on Liverpool docks, captured Muhammad Ali in his prime with a centrepiece for the O2’s I Am The Greatest exhibition and marked the camaraderie between two footballing icons, Brian Clough and Peter Taylor outside the home of the Rams. Most famously of all though, and perhaps their most poignant commission to date, came in 2014 when the world remembered WW1 in its centenary year. The aptly named ‘All Together Now’ statue tells the story behind the Christmas Truce when, on 25th December 1914 British and German soldiers left the safety of their trenches in no-man’s land to unite over a game of football. This piece of historical commemoration can be seen in the Belgian town of Mesen near to where the match took place and shows the coming together of a British and a German soldier over a football, surrounded by mud. The soldiers’ hands are not quite shaking, with a space left deliberately between the two for visitors to insert their own hands and finish the union. The 12ft high statue provides a place of reflection for those that visit it – something Monumental Icons seeks to do with all of its commissions. “We don’t just create statues and monuments, we create destinations” Garry said. “Our work ensures that people, places and memories are immortalised forever. Our pieces aren’t meant to be looked at once, they are made to be enjoyed time and time again.” The last 12 months have been the business’ most prosperous yet with Garry proudly stating that “Enquiries for skills and services has quadrupled” and “turnover reflects the demand having grown by over 150%”.

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And it seems like this trajectory is only set to rise with the business having been brought on board for a number of significant commissions (some of which are still firmly under wraps) and plans fixed in place to expand their client base in the future including commissions in Northampton and two in Leicester. The financial future of both Garry and Monumental Icons is nurtured by Janine Edwards of Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd. Specialising in corporate financial advice and protection, aspects of exit strategy planning for business owners, investment planning, retirement planning and tax and estate planning, Janine has more than 30 years’ experience working in the wealth management industry. Future planning and helping to ensure financial stability for families of high-net worth individuals is also part of Janine’s work and it was on this premise that Garry brought Janine on board. After selling his former and extremely fruitful business, Evans Concrete Limited, Garry required advice on how best to invest the proceeds in a way that kept family security at its heart.

To arrange a meeting please contact Janine Edwards: 01676 530606 / 07785 295341 Or email Home Farm Stables | The Berkswell Estate | Meriden Road | Berkswell | West Midlands | CV7 7SL

“Family is a huge part of my life, and I want to ensure that their financial futures are well protected,” Garry said. “Janine is well known across the entirety of the Midlands for her honest, professional and clear advice so it was a natural decision to work with her. “She suggested the best ways to invest my proceeds in a way that could be enjoyed but still help provide future security for my family, children and their children. “I speak regularly with Janine whether it be in person or on the phone and I use her as a trusted sounding board for financial decisions made in both my personal and business life. “And with her continued advice I am confident that Monumental Icons will enjoy a long and exciting future.”

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested. “The Partner Practice is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website The title ‘Partner Practice’ is the marketing term used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.”

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Your recruitment partner of choice



Wealth creators in land, property & construction

Wealth Creators In Land, Property & Construction




Employer’s Agent

Contract Administration

Consultancy Management

Project Management

95% Client Retention

Over £3 Billion+ Construction Project Advised On

Established since 2008

Tailored Services

Cost Management

Development Management

Building Consultancy

Land Sourcing

1,000 + Projects Completed

UK Wide Coverage

Projects range from 100k to £50m +

Development Consultancy

Regulated by RICS

Dedicated Teams

Drone Services

Qualified & Licenced Drone Pilots



Wealth creators in land, property & construction

For more information please contact: +44 (0)150 941 6519 Fosse House, 20 Prince William Road, Loughborough LE11 5GU

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16 Meeting rooms

Complimentary car parking

123 Stylish bedrooms

Free high speed Wi-Fi

Restaurant and bar facilities

Flexible packages

State-of-the-art audio visual equipment

Winners of ‘Best Team’ and ‘Best Hotel’

Contact our team NOW to find out more about our portfolio | 0116 223 1680 |

One portfolio… Four Outstanding Venues

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Your local divorce law specialists Leading the team in Nottingham is Sushma Kotecha (centre), a highly experienced family lawyer for over 25 years and an accredited FMC mediator. Sushma combines her wealth of knowledge with an exceptional level of client care. She is joined by Maria Coster (left), Senior Solicitor who is an accredited Resolution specialist in complex financial matters arising from divorce and/or separation and the arrangements for children. Lisa Lamont (right) is the Office Manager.

First and foremost, the team listen and support their clients to help them resolve family matters around the table rather than in court, wherever possible. If court proceedings are necessary, they have the expert legal knowledge and tenacity to secure a result that is right for the client. Both Sushma and Maria are recommended lawyers in the Legal 500.

Specialist Family Lawyers and Divorce Solicitors in Nottingham We are here to help if you wish to preserve and protect your assets when embarking upon a

Stowe Family Law is the UK’s largest specialist family law office.

new relationship and/or in the

Our solicitors offer expert legal advice in the following areas:

event that your marriage, civil

• Divorce & Separation

partnership or cohabitation breaks

• Financial Provision

down. Our highly experienced family law solicitors will provide you with expert advice to help you protect your assets and plan provision for your children.

• Child Arrangements Order • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements • Cohabitation Agreements and Disputes • Family Mediation

We listen and achieve a result that’s right for you

Get in touch t: 0115 8284417

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THE TURNAROUND CEO – THE CONSULTANCY THAT PUTS YOUR BUSINESS FIRST Running a successful business is no easy task, there’s a whole host of challenges that business leaders have to deal with day-to-day but even some of the biggest moguls need support. This is where The Turnaround CEO comes in.


Set up by the hugely ambitious and driven Amanda Daly, the business consultancy works with companies across multiple sectors. Dedicated to helping businesses flourish, Amanda is a sales and leadership expert who brings passion, energy and drive to each and every business she works with, setting them on the right path to achieving their goals. In order to help a business reach their full potential, Amanda uses lessons from her own career as well as her own coaching experiences to provide advice and guidance to her clients. Not only do clients benefit from her vast knowledge of the world of business, but they also reap the rewards of the investment she makes in herself. Having had business coaching herself for more than 12 years, she knows first-hand just how beneficial it can be. Starting her career in a PR firm, she then went on to spend 22 years with business communication and IT solutions company, Dalycom, eventually progressing through the company to the role of Managing Director. Amanda still spends one or two days a week with Dalycom but The Turnaround CEO has become her main focus since it was formed in 2016. Getting people to step outside of their comfort zone is one of the key techniques she offers. Everyone develops their own habits and belief patterns, which Amanda believes can cause a fear of change. This is often what holds people back, even if they have a good understanding of running a business.

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These beliefs often shape people’s day-to-day activities and can prevent them from moving forward. Overcoming this and helping people move out of their comfort zone is something Amanda can help her clients with. Unlike some business coaches she makes it her mission to get into the heart of every business she works with, talking to staff members at every level of the company to explore improvements that can be made.

Amanda explained why it is important to have faith in people within businesses. “Often you see more in people than they see in themselves. In my experience people limit themselves and have false belief about what they are capable of,” she said. “It’s about untapping people’s potential and creating a new belief in themselves, and when you see people start to grow in confidence it is so rewarding. “Over the course of my career I have been on both sides of the table as a leader and staff member. Therefore, I understand how important this business training and selfinvestment is when it comes to improving business skills.” Amanda has her own process in place with the first step being to help these leaders find their purpose. Often a business struggles because those at the top have some kind of block that prevents them from fulfilling their potential. This could be anything from a lack of belief, knocked confidence or simply struggling to make important decisions. Once Amanda has helped them overcome this, she assists them with setting goals and helping them achieve them, one step at a time. Once all of this is in place, they can begin to look at business growth and really take companies to the next level. Succession planning is also a big part of The Turnaround CEO. Realising that for many business leaders, as their life and career progresses they may want to take a backseat or even leave a business completely, Amanda helps put plans in place for when this time comes, ensuring it is left in the right hands, and a great legacy is left behind. Seeing the transformation in the businesses she works with is one of the main reasons Amanda enjoys her work so much. “Watching a business progress really is one of the most rewarding things. It normally takes around three months to get a bit of traction. The biggest buzz comes when you

see the leaders start to enjoy it again, when they gain that passion back and sales increase too. It really is a great thing to be a part of.” Amanda also regularly puts on numerous events and workshops on topics including succession planning and employee ownership, providing businesses with her expert insight on these topics. For more information on The Turnaround CEO and all of the services Amanda can provide, call her on 01509 274 119 or visit

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An incentive like no other… Motivate your team today by putting them in the seat of some of the world’s hottest supercars. Forget about your traditional employee rewards and your standard lunches out that you usually pass off as team building. Let Everyman Racing help you take it up a gear…

driving experiences and an impressive fleet of more than 200 supercars at a range of locations, including the Top Gear track at Dunsfold.

Everyman Racing pride themselves in tailoring and hosting supercar events for corporate clients at venues across the UK. Enhance your company profile or increase your sales and rewards programmes with a bespoke supercar experience.

You and your team can choose from the latest models including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens. You can also take your pick from some amazing ‘movie cars’ from The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee to the awesome Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds and more. Plus, for those seeking even more thrills you can book an off-road adventure in one of the rally cars.

Treat yourself and your team to an unforgettable, adrenaline-filled experience with Everyman Racing. With more than 38 years’ experience delivering incredible

These incredible cars combined with the passionate team at Everyman Racing will ensure you will get a high quality, memorable experience for your business.

What a truly excellent couple of days at Goodwood.The staff service and food at the hotel could not have been better and the welcome, instruction and setting for the second day was truly superb too. Charlie Turner, Editor in Chief, BBC Top Gear

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Everyman Racing is renowned for its Diamond corporate days with top of the range Supercars such as the Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 720s, Porsche GT3 RS from its fleet of over 200 vehicles. A Typical Corporate Day 08.00 – Registration and Breakfast at Prestwold Hall 08.30 – Safety and Days Briefing 08.50 – Your day begins as you meet the Team Leader Start what will be an eye watering day with the Supercars, followed by:

Events at Everyman Racing can also include accommodation and conference facilities at the historic Prestwold Hall, just half a mile away from the track. Make your business stand out Everyman Racing don’t just offer team building and rewards, they offer a whole range of services that will make your business stand out: • Employee rewards • Team building events • Staff incentive days

- Drift Experience

• Client hosting

- 4 x 4 Experience

• Conferences and meetings

- Rally Experience

• Venue hire

- American Movie Car Experiences

• Product launches

Also available: Race Buggies, Classic Cars, Segway, Helicopters, Ariel Atom, Supercar Hot-laps, High Performance Saloon Hot-laps.

• Manufacturer events

Lunch at the beautiful Prestwold Hall All of the above can be tailored to your guests needs and what you, as the client, requires from Europe’s largest provider of Supercar Experiences. Corporate Days are available from 10 to 50 guests’. Driving time is always the same, whether you are a private individual or part of an exclusive corporate booking. Every full-day event includes breakfast, a waitress-served lunch and a fine afternoon tea. You’ll find complimentary drinks and light bites in our comfortable trackside building.

Call Everyman Racing today on 01509 892260 to discuss your bespoke driving experience day or visit

The Everyman team were friendly, professional and, most of all, keen to share their passion for the cars with everyone. I can see why it’s the best driving experience provider in the country. Jenny Cross, Director of Cross Productions

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15 Years of excellence Award winning Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants Wells McFarlane manage a commercial property portfolio of over three million sq ft across the East Midlands and further afield. Established, trusted and experienced team of multidisciplined Chartered Surveyors based in the heart of Leicestershire, the commercial team represent a plethora of clients from funds, institutions, developers, landlords, high net-worth individuals, land and property portfolio owners. A commercial property department that truly excels Now in their 15 th year and with a combined experience of more than 50 years’ and with its two founding directors Andrew McFarlane Holt MRICS FAAV and Trevor Wells MRICS FAAV firmly leading the way, the firm’s team of Chartered Surveyors are experts in making the most of commercial property assets, negotiating on the landlords behalf to ensure maximum returns for property portfolios. An impressive portfolio of commercial clients including representing three of the largest commercial development schemes in Leicestershire have helped the firm secure a number of prestigious industry awards in the first quarter of 2019. Crowned Business Masters, East Midlands Best Property Business 2019, and the county’s Estates Gazette’s Most Active Dealmaker 2019 and Estate’s Gazettes Most Active Agent 2019 the awards represent a mark of excellence that the team brings to the East Midlands property industry. Acting on behalf of the landlord to advise on the usage of commercial property to maximise returns as at the core of Wells McFarlane’s expertise.

Services include: • Sale, Letting and Acquisition of commercial property • Assignment or subletting of your property • Acquisition of new premises • Strategic advice and Estate Planning • Strategic investment property advice • Property management services for landlords, investors, occupiers and developers • Discreet off-market approaches A client base that reflects an exceptional quality of service The focus is kept on providing a bespoke and tailored service and as a result, Wells McFarlane have many longstanding and founding clients that have been nurtured and developed over 15 years. This portfolio includes: Windmill Square Retail Park, Chipping Norton, Desford Hall, a truly unique business premises located within the stunning landscaped surrounds of the imposing Desford Hall and Narborough Wood Park, a venue regarded as the premier rural business park in Leicestershire.

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To find out more about the full range of commercial and professional property services offered by Wells McFarlane visit | Call the commercial team 01455 55 90 30



Law firms and business support organisations talk about placing clients at the centre of their thinking - but reaching out to business individuals means more than just providing perfect legal advice and beautifully-crafted letters.

With the increase in email communication, the art of being a lawyer has changed. Technology has developed, making communication and document sharing available across a number of ever-changing options. Unlike ‘the old-style’ solicitor who used to dictate to their secretary with a considered advice letter containing the pros and cons of a client predicament and then waiting days for a written reply, the modern lawyer is smartphone-savvy and tablet-aware. They embrace communication technologies like video, texts and blogging; legal advice has never been as fast, accessible and adaptable as it is today.

Client service is an old philosophy, but an important one to protect “The art of having a conversation hasn’t died at LawsonWest, we talk to our clients and get to know them as real people, because we believe client service really matters.” Lawson-West has operated across Leicestershire for over 40 years, with three offices in Leicester, Wigston and Market Harborough, offering a wide range of expert services, including: • Residential conveyancing • Divorce and family law

Clients have access to their lawyer like never before

• Employment issues

The downside is that most lawyers are spending more time with more clients in a faster and less intimate way. Face-toface meetings and conversation have become a dying art in the profession, or so it seems.

• Litigation

Lawson-West bucks the trend of non-empathetic client communication, instead creating a ‘Client Charter’ to set out what Lawson-West clients can expect.

• Wills, probate and LPAs

Managing Director David Heys, a well-respected figure in the East Midlands’ business community and regular speaker on commercial and property-related legal matters, is wellplaced to understand the needs of customers.

• Business and HR services • Commercial property and real estate services

For further information, please contact David Heys, Managing Director, Lawson-West on 0116 212 1000 or visit

“When people instruct a solicitor, they have an impression in advance of the service levels that they will receive and how the lawyer will communicate with them,” said David. “They expect a speedy response and a human conversation - not everything needs to be done by email.” “Picking up the phone and speaking to people can not only make them feel like their matter is in safe hands and being handled by someone they trust, but it can also speed-up communication, avoid lengthy email chains or even letters being sent unnecessarily and charged for.”

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In this digital age, online marketing has become more of a necessity than an option.

As brands gear up to fight for the top spots in increasingly competitive markets, having a strong digital presence is absolutely vital to business success. The world is more digitalised than ever before - recent studies have shown that on average we now spend a total of 24 hours a week using electronic devices. Whether it be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, the growth of the internet and developments in technology has caused marketers to exploit this trend and target device activity to reach new customers and generate more leads for their business. By the end of this year, the total UK digital ad spend is predicted to reach a staggering £20.8bn and this doesn’t include the opportunities presented by other digital channels. Traditional marketing simply isn’t enough anymore. Businesses who neglect the power of digital advertising are being left eating the dust of those embracing the future and the ecommerce giants. If you’re a business owner and are unsure whether this applies to you, here’s a breakdown of why your business needs to invest in digital marketing: Power Digital marketing is now the most powerful marketing channel, so if you’re looking to stand out amongst your competition, riding the digital wave will certainly help you make the biggest splash. It’s no surprise that companies are investing so much in digital, as with the right strategy in place, the possibilities for brand growth are endless.

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Cost Efficiency As far as costs go, the average ad spend is lower for digital than any other form of marketing. What’s more, the return on investment is higher - hooray! For small to medium-sized businesses who do not always have the budget to compete with larger brands for ad space on big channels such as TV, radio and print, digital marketing makes the most sense. In some cases, digital platforms can actually generate more coverage than TV or radio - and it’s a lot cheaper too! Measurability Whilst it’s difficult to measure the success of an offline marketing campaign, virtually all digital marketing activity can be tracked and monitored. This means campaigns can be thoroughly analysed and adapted to identify the most effective tactics and ultimately produce the best possible results. By using just one of many analytics tools, you can monitor your activities in real time and access vast amounts of data that can inform future strategic decisions. Niche Targeting A huge benefit of using digital marketing is its ability to target specific audiences. Unlike traditional means, digital allows you to connect to your specific target audience and focus all your efforts in the right places. By promoting your content in front of the right people, you are far more likely to generate leads and sales, whilst at the same time, using your money and resources effectively.


Adaptability The nature of digital marketing allows you to experiment with different methods and techniques until you find the perfect one for your business. Unlike press or TV ads, digital marketing campaigns can be adapted throughout, so you can fine tune your strategy as you go. If for example, you see that SEO (search engine optimisation) is driving more traffic to your site than email marketing, you may wish to focus more of your site on SEO and switch up your strategy going forward. Global Reach Thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the reach for digital content is limitless. By harnessing the power of social media and online influencers you can seriously amplify your promotions and messaging to raise brand awareness at scale. Moreover, channels such as social media encourages brands to connect and engage with target audiences, helping to build trust and loyalty.

Ask the experts If you’re interested in digital marketing and would like to know what impact it could have on your business, get in touch with the digital experts at Champions Digital. 08453 31 30 31

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ARE INFLUENCERS SAVING THE HIGH STREET? As major High Street stores continue to disappear from towns and cities across the country, we ask if social media and its plethora of influencers could be their saviour.


The Beginning of the End When Woolworths closed its doors for the final time in 2008, it signified a shift in the landscape of the British High Street. At the time, e-commerce was beginning to gain precedence alongside social media platforms and the two were dealing devastating blows to bricks and mortar retail. This overtaking manoeuvre was seemingly signified when in 2018 Amazon surpassed Walmart as the world’s most valuable retailer and has set a precedent for the industry globally ever since. Upon first examination, it seemed as if all of these stores were closing due to an unfortunate turn in the retail landscape and this is true in part. However, certain names appeared to be bucking the trend and flourishing and all for one reason. Although not immediately obvious in store, the answer seems to lie with their online activity and in particular, social media influencers. Granted, most stores now have a social media presence of some variety but working with influencers is not something that has been adopted by all. Simply put, thriving brands know that they need influential figures to attract customers and raise brand awareness. Today, that someone is an influencer. Relatable yet aspirational, stylish yet candid, influencers have the ability to engage and persuade millions like no other social figure.

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Why Influencers Could Be the Saviour of Traditional Retail In the last few years we have seen the emergence of major fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo, all which have seen huge growth from working with influencers. From day one they have heavily invested in influencer marketing and with Boohoo’s profits soaring a massive 97% to £579.8 million last year 2018, it has more than paid off. Whilst some shoppers are undoubtedly purchasing from online sites because of convenience, a great number have been inspired by posts they have seen online and can easily order the same product all in one place. Having worked with influencers for over a decade, Senior Manager of agency, Influencer Champions Amelia Neate believes that influencers could help to boost local businesses: “There is no rule saying that High Street brand’s or even local businesses can’t work with an influencer,” she said The modern consumer isn’t anti-High Street, they just need a reason to visit and influencers can give exactly this them this. Savvy High Street brands have already tapped into this initiative.” Primark is the perfect example. They have ignored the pressures of venturing into the world of e-commerce but that doesn’t mean a failure to utilise social media influencers and their benefits. The brand has established social media channels alongside gifting key influencers the latest seasonal pieces, curated to resonate with their respective audiences. They also offer social stars the chance to come in store to film sponsored videos. On top of this, Primark even launched a fitness collection collaboration with health influencer Alice Liveing aka Clean Eating Alice to offer their consumers a slice of her style at a budget price but only available in store. The collection was instantly sold out. And they aren’t the only ones tapping into this either. Warehouse have collaborated with the likes of fashion blogger Pandora Sykes, H&M do regular style edits with influencers such as Lissy Voddy and even M&S have began to feature an ‘as seen on’ influencer section and invite them to shows . Whether it’s inviting influencers into the store, collaborating through content or sharing a live video, there many in which High-Street businesses can take advantage of this marketing tool and really grow their business. Are you interested in working with an influencer? Speak to the specialists at Influencer Champions and see how you can form a successful partnership with the industry’s leading social media influencers.

For more information please contact Influencer Champions on 0203 9580 427, email or visit the website at

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With more than 30 specialist engineering divisions selfdelivering services to clients across a wide range of sectors from its Birmingham headquarters, the adi Group has, since it was set up by Alan Lusty in 1990, always taken a comprehensive approach to devising and delivering robust client solutions. And, in what has so far been an exciting year for the firm, it has recently added a brand new engineering facility to an extensive offering of 12 regional facilities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Located in Rushden, Northamptonshire, the 16,000 sq.ft. site marks a significant investment for the adi Group which will allow it to be more responsive to regional clients while at the same time broadening its geographical footprint and creating up to 100 skilled jobs in the next 18 months. Inspired by Formula 1’s ‘right first time’ working ethos, adi counts many of the world’s best loved brands among its loyal clients and brought in 1995 British Grand Prix winner and Sky Sports analyst, Johnny Herbert, to cut the ribbon on the new facility at a special event on Thursday 2 May. He said: “This is a fantastic facility on the doorstep of many of adi Group’s key current and future clients. It enables the adi Group to serve those clients even more efficiently, responding quickly in tune with their evolving needs. “There will be high quality jobs for locals and wonderful training opportunities for what can be a rewarding as well as highly rewarded career. Engineering really isn’t a profession fenced off solely for the benefit of the degree-

118 //

educated. And, looking at this facility and hearing the firm’s plans, it is very well placed to inspire the next generation of skilled engineers.” James Sopwith, Group Strategic Account Director, added: “It’s been a pleasure to show clients the new capabilities we have here. Phase 1 of this development will see up to 100 jobs created in the next year and a half. But the fact we already have 30 staff here and will look to push forward towards 200 employees during Phase 2 in Years 3 and 4, marks an exciting expansion of our geographical capabilities. “More importantly, though, it also comes as great news for local jobs and for our clients in the region – current and future – to the needs of whom we can now rapidly respond.” With ambitious plans to more than double its £80 million turnover to £200 million and employ up to 1,000 members of staff, the firm’s right first time culture ensures it creates and delivers the turnkey solutions that engineer the outcomes – and outputs – clients demand. Seamless self-delivery has helped the adi Group cement its status among some of the world’s most sustainable and engaging employers. EcoVadis, a global organisation enabling companies to measure and demonstrate their CSR performance on a rich, multi-tiered scale, recently awarded adi its Gold Accreditation. Scoring the firm at a huge 73%, EcoVadis rates adi the top 1% of the thousands of companies it assesses in over 110 countries worldwide.

Engineering the Future There is a common misconception that UK manufacturing is in decline but the reality is that the country is suffering from a systemic engineering skills shortage that threatens our ability to produce all we need in the years ahead. But, with a ground-breaking pre-apprenticeship scheme in place, giving 14 - 16 year olds from North Bromsgrove High School hands-on experience of a real-world engineering work environment, and with a commitment to having 5% of its employees as full-time apprentices, adi is serious about redressing the balance. Dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers, the two-year pre-apprentice programme enables GCSE students to get to grips with engineering and gives them the hands-on skillsets and confidence they need as they move into employment.

Self-delivering Model Building from the ground up as first a supplier of electrical installation services to industry, Alan Lusty steadily added automation, welding and fabrication service strings to his bow. The firm has since kept to a constant growth

trajectory, enabling it to broaden the portfolio of services it offers clients. Now, with over 30 core specialisms in its locker, the adi Group has a self-delivering model that enables it to serve as a one-stop-shop provider of turnkey engineering solutions to clients in the Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical sectors. With a client portfolio boasting the likes of Rolls-Royce, 3M, Jaguar Land Rover and BAE Systems to name but a few, adi successfully coordinates teams from its UK bases to work on some of the most challenging and technically complex projects of the present day. A key sector for the business is Food & Beverage manufacturing, having built an enviable list of clients in the sector, including Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Muller, Nestle, Weetabix and McCain, as well as a brand new £22million construction project with Princes Foods. For more information on how adi Group’s selfdelivering model can create engineering solutions and opportunities both large and small for your organisation, call 0121 451 2255 or email

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make your wedding day one to remember A marquee is one of the few venues that offers complete freedom of choice and total control over the design, layout and timing of your special day.

OFFICIAL Marquee supplier for Champions (UK) plc

George Mudford & Sons Ltd realise the importance of your wedding day and understand that every detail must be perfect. We also realise you only have one chance to get it right and we recognise our role in the success and smooth running of your day. • Large range of marquees to suit all requests

George Mudford & Sons Ltd.

• Luxurious linings, furniture, lighting and decorations

T: 01777 703489 F: 01777 704743 E:

• Excellent crews of specialist erectors with guaranteed excellent service

You’re invited to come and celebrate 25 years of care at Rainbows For the last 25 years we’ve opened our doors to children and young people in the East Midlands with life-limiting conditions - but this has only been possible because of our incredible supporters. Now we’re opening our doors to you, giving you the chance to see the difference made, at our ever popular Community Open Day on Saturday 21 September. The free event will see Rainbows open its doors to the public between 10:30am and 3pm, providing the perfect opportunity for you to come by the hospice, meet an incredible team of people who bring care to the children, young people and families we look after; and see the difference our supporters make. On the day, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to: ● experience Rainbows through the eyes of our children, young people and their families ● see demonstrations of the important work we do and have the opportunity to speak to our amazing care team about the work they do ● learn about the history of Rainbows - and see how your support is making a difference to children, young people and families throughout the East Midlands There will also be the chance to take part in a range of family activities, enjoy a beautiful BBQ kindly cooked by supporters of Rainbows, Rapid Relief, enjoy cake, tea and so much more!

Find out more about our Community Open Day online at

Hoggard proves ‘all-rounder’ for Rainbows Cricket star and Rainbows Patron, Matthew Hoggard recently visited the hospice in Loughborough to meet some of our children, young people and families and also see how his support is making a difference. During his visit to the hospice, the former Leicestershire County Cricket captain also spoke to the team at Rainbows about how he can get involved in some of the amazing events Rainbows have coming up throughout 2019.

Interested in joining Matthew at one of our events? Visit to find out what we’ve got coming up.

122 //

Every gesture matters. Every penny counts. Thanks to regular gifts, staff at Rainbows can provide ongoing care tomorrow, next week and every week of the year. Some of the ways your support could help include: • Providing end-of-life care, which takes into consideration every family’s choice, providing comfort and compassion every step of the way • Relieving the pain, symptoms and suffering linked to life-limiting conditions •

Enabling families to spend quality time together, making memories to treasure forever, and long after their loved ones have gone

• Supporting families wherever it’s needed and for as long as they need us

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KingCole ok Live Songbo

P RO U D LY P R E S E N TS One of the UK’s most soulful voices, Andy Abraham has performed at many of the country’s biggest venues and to millions of people worldwide. Following his success on The X Factor in 2005 when he was voted as the show’s runner-up, Andy’s career has continued to go from strength to strength. From releasing a UK Platinum certified album, to performing in packed out arenas, Andy has recently embarked on a nationwide tour, taking on the sound of one of the world’s greatest ever jazz and soul musicians, Nat King Cole!

ANDY ABRAHAM Cole’s birth and has seen him visit a number of locations across the country including Sheffield, Leicester and Lincoln. Using his stunning vocals Andy has taken on timeless masterpieces such as Unforgettable and Mona Lisa, in what has been an outstanding tribute to one of the world’s most well-loved voices. The show has been a huge success so far and there are still three shows left to go. Andy will be visiting Lichfield’s Garrick Theatre on 14 June, Runcorn’s The Brindley Theatre on 19 June and Clacton On Sea’s Westcliff Theatre on 28 June.

The show celebrated the centenary of Nat King

For more information please visit


ANDY ABRAHAM TO BOOK ANDY ABRAHAM NOW Contact Nick Darby at Champions (UK) plc on



European Association of Speakers Bureaux

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Emmanuel Breguet talking about the history of Breguet

Horological excellence at Lumbers Lumbers Jewellers, Leicester Thursday 7th March 2019

To celebrate the new Breguet Marine, Lumbers hosted a prestigious evening showcasing the horological masterpieces of arguably the finest watch brand of all time, Breguet. The guests were enthralled to listen to Emmanuel Breguet, the great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of Louis Abraham Breguet, the father of watchmaking. Watches, never seen outside France and Switzerland, were brought from the Breguet museum to the VIP suite at Lumbers jewellers. And no Breguet event would be complete without a lively and informative talk about the intricacies of a tourbillon movement, one of Breguet’s many innovative inventions.

Emmanuel Breguet and Peter Humm

Louis XIII Cognac with dessert

Book signing after dinner

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Trevor Francis’ Book Launch Lumbers Jewellers, Leicester Thursday 11th April 2019

Lumbers Jewellers were delighted to host the book launch of Trevor Francis’ autobiography, One in a Million, co-written with Lumbers Chairman, Keith Dixon. Trevor’s glittering career started at 16 years old, when he became the youngest player to score four goals in a match, and his record breaking continued when he transferred to Nottingham Forest with Brian Clough agreeing a £1million transfer fee, double the previous record. Trevor’s career with Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest and England star, saw him gain 52 England caps, and he was the match winning scorer for Nottingham Forest in the 1979 European Cup. To celebrate his outstanding time in football, his autobiography is a labour of love, taking the reader through a wealth of memories. The national press joined Trevor for his book launch at Lumbers, and a select group of clients enjoyed meeting one of Britain’s phenomenal footballing talents. Lumbers are planning further book launches in the near future, in collaboration with local sporting heroes.

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networking breakfast Piers Linney and Derek Redmond


#ScaleUp Searcys at The Gherkin, London Wednesday 27th February 2019 As part of an ongoing series of networking events at Searcys at The Gherkin, valued businesses were invited by Champions After Dinner Speakers to hear from esteemed entrepreneur and ex-star of Dragons’ Den Piers Linney. With over 20 years’ of industry experience, which includes a Non-Executive Directorship at British Business Bank, and a comprehensive city and legal background, the businessman gave commentary as part of his #scaleup initiative. This aims to offer no-nonsense, real-world advice to budding and established companies who wish to go further.

Former Dragon, Piers Linney telling the guests how to #scaleup

Guests were also treated to a delicious breakfast whilst listening to keynote speeches on a range of topical issues, including how to successfully expand a strategy or concept and the potential impact of Brexit on British businesses. This was followed by a Q&A session where business owners could gain practical answers to any vital or pressing enquiries. All in attendance came away with fresh insights from one of the most discerning and well-regarded minds in the corporate industry.


Champions (UK) plc’s Amad Tababa with guests Lee Turner and James Stewart-Smith from Hiscox

Networking begins with a picturesque view of London

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Don Burton and Adam Pye

Lord Mayor and John Pye

50 Years of Excellence Celebration The Ballroom, Nottingham Council House Wednesday 28th November 2018

Located in the prestigious ballroom of the Nottingham Council House, more than 300 guests came together to celebrate 50 years of excellence in the auction industry. The evening concluded with speeches from founders Ann and John Pye and Managing Director Adam Pye reminiscing over the last 50 years and their plans for the future including the appointment of two new directors to the board, the Don Burton award and a newly launched online property estate agency launched in April 2019. Managing Director, Adam Pye, said: “Fifty years in any industry is a remarkable achievement for any organisation, but to be able to say we are a 50-year-old family owned operated firm in this modern era is a rare and beautiful thing. All of our development and growth has been organic with no mergers or acquisitions made to date, the growth has all been made based on our own achievements. It’s a privilege I share with my family, friends and colleagues, who have worked together on building a diverse business which spans many markets.”

James Pye, Maddie Pye, Emily Pye, Adam Pye, Ann Pye, John Pye and Addison Pye

Ashley Cowdray, Matthew Ganner, Trevor Palethorpe and Ben Ernstzen

Steve Anderson, Sheldon Miller, Zoe Wright, Adam Pye, Paul Longson and Jeff Foster

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Mark Platt, Dominic and Kim Gomersall and guests enjoying the drinks reception

Manish Bhasin co-hosting the awards

Welford Road Stadium, Leicester Thursday 17th January 2019

From fully fledged sporting greats to rising stars, the Leicester Mercury Sports Awards acknowledges all members of Leicester’s sporting community and brings them together for a night of celebration. The event took place at Leicester Tigers’ Welford Road Stadium and was a roaring success.

Headline Sponsor Smith Partnership’s table with co-host Gail Emms MBE

Among the categories was the Special Recognition award. Presented to an inspirational sporting figure who has made a significant contribution to sport in the city, this award was presented in honour of former Leicester City owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who tragically passed away last year. The award was collected by Leicester City manager Claude Puel. The evening’s most coveted award is without doubt the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to former Leicester City defender, Matt Elliott. One of the Foxes’ current crop of players was also victorious on the night, with defender Harry Maguire taking home the Sportsman of the Year award.

British Army table

Other winners on the night included Paralympian Sophie Hahn MBE in the Sportswoman of the Year category and basketball team Leicester Riders who scooped the Team of the Year award.

Raffle winner with John Hayes from Champions (UK) plc


Dominic Gomersall from Lumbers presenting the Special Recognition Award for Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha to Claude Puel


Joshua Fitzpatrick, Junior Sportsman of the Year winner


Andrew Stamp triumphant in the Young Sportsman of the Year Award



Winner of Young Sportswoman of the Year, Holly Winterburn


Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Matt Elliott, with Manish Bhasin, Gail Emms MBE and Tony Walker from Specsavers

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King Power Stadium, Leicester Friday 25th January 2019

The stars were out in full force for the Annual Celebrity Charity Ball, at Leicester’s King Power Stadium. Hosted by Derek Redmond, guests included Coronation Street icon William Roache MBE, acclaimed runner David Moorcroft OBE and former international rugby star Neil Back MBE, as well as children’s TV legends Dick and Dom, to name just a few. All in attendance were treated to a magnificent ‘Evening in the West End’ theme with a unique Burn’s Night twist, complete with poetry and tartan pins. Entertainment came in the form of ABBA Reunited, The West End Jerseys and Adrian Dixon & Caron Pascoe, before raising further funds via a charity auction and raffle with Charlie Ross.

William Roache MBE

Now in its 18th year, the event raises funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, with proceeds contributing to the provision of much needed care for youngsters suffering from lifelimiting and life-threatening conditions.

The X Factor Star, Andy Abraham and wife Denise


Tables all set for the guests to arrive

TV Entertainers, Dick and Dom

Kevin Carrick of Data Clarity and guests

Matthew Hoggard MBE and Sarah Hoggard

Derek Redmond, Denise Abraham, Kellie Maloney, Charlie Ross, Andy Abraham, Craig Phillips and William Roache MBE

Elliott Watts of HSBC and guests

Magician, Ben Hanlin

Auctioneer for the night, Charlie Ross

Rainbows’ parent speaker informs where the vital funds go

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Table set for the evening

Entertainment from singer, Hattie Rumsey

Fine Dining Evening with David Moorcroft OBE The Cathedral Quarter Hotel, Derby Thursday 28th March 2019

On Thursday 28th March 2019, esteemed members of the East Midlands’ Networking Group gathered at Derby’s illustrious Cathedral Quarter Hotel for an evening of fine food and dazzling speeches. Bringing together the best regional corporations within the network, like-minded individuals met to discuss business, news and build life-long contacts that help to strengthen the local economy. The event featured a talk from David Moorcroft OBE. The former long-distance runner and world record holder for 5,000 metres was on hand to host and share anecdotes about his time at the top of the sporting world. He was joined by fellow Olympian Derek Redmond who was on hosting duties. Alongside these tales, guests were treated to a sumptuous three course meal of smoked salmon, lamb rump and treacle tart, as well as entertainment from young musical theatre star Hattie Rumsey who has appeared in the likes of Sister Act and Les Misérables.

Derek Redmond leading the Q&A with David Moorcroft OBE

Guests also played a crucial part in fundraising for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People who were the official charity partner for the event. The venue of choice, The Cathedral Quarter Hotel, is renowned as Derby’s first boutique, independently owned hotel that has welcomed many a prestigious guest, including none other than Her Majesty the Queen. All in attendance agreed that it had been an excellent night from both a business and a culinary perspective.

Members and guests enjoying the drinks reception



Heads or tails winner Mark Woolerton, with host Derek Redmond and Henry Wheldon who kindly donated the prize

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Aspirational Club’s Gastronomique Food & Tasting Demonstration Evening

Head Chef, Ian, giving food demonstrations

Benscliffe Hay Cottage, Leicester Thursday 9th May 2019

Members of Aspirational Club were treated to a wonderful evening of wine and food tasting experiences courtesy of property experts Bentons.

Benscliffe Hay Cottage

Two Birds Gin

Taking place at the stunning Benscliffe Hay Cottage in Leicester the night was hosted by Bentons’ James Warne and James Flick from luxury caterers, The Finesse Collection. Guests were welcomed upon arrival with a Champagne reception at the stunning property before The Finesse Collection’s head chef performed a cooking demonstration. Two Birds Gin were also in attendance giving members the chance to sample a variety of their flavoured gins. A great night was had by all with guests including Aspirational Magazine, Bentley & Lamborghini Leicester, Bentons, Berkeley Insurance Group, Champions (UK) plc, Edward Cooper Young, The Finesse Collection, Lumbers, Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd and Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.

Janine Edwards and guests




Wealth creators in land, property & construction

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Room all ready for the evening to begin

Stand-up bingo prize winner with Champions (UK) plc, David Simms and Host Mark Dolan

Maher Centre, Leicester Thursday 11th April 2019

The annual Leicester Mercury Business Awards took place in typical spectacular fashion on Thursday 11 April 2019 at the Maher Centre, Leicester. The best of local business came together to enjoy a resplendent evening of fine fare, as well as entertainment from operatic duo Belle Voci: finalists of The Voice UK, 2018.

Headline sponsor ITV table joined by host Mark Dolan

The event was hosted by internationally successful badminton player Gail Emms MBE and acclaimed comedian Mark Dolan. The former has represented England as part of numerous world sporting tournaments, whilst the latter has gained recognition through his appearance on shows such as Balls of Steel and The Mad Bad Ad Show. Both were on hand to not only provide riveting anecdotes from their respective careers, but to also announce the winning recipients for a variety of business accolades. rg+p Ltd were the winners of Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd award for Company of the Year, whilst Baker St Cakes emerged victorious in the Ventola Projects and Michael Smith Switchgear SME Business of the Year.

Speech by George Oliver, Editor of Leciester Mercury

A silent auction and business card raffle were also part of the evening’s programme. Each year, the event raises funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People with all proceeds contributing to the provision of much needed care for youngsters suffering from life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. Gail Emms MBE welcoming guests to LMBA 2019


Belle Voci entertaining guests with their amazing voices


Highcross Leicester prevail in the Contribution to the Community Award


Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd Award for Company of the Year winner rg+p Ltd


Samworth Brothers Award for Excellence in Manufacturing winner JJ Churchill


Ventola Projects and Michael Smith Switchgear Award for SME Business of the Year winner Baker St Cakes


Danaher & Walsh proudly named Family Business of the Year

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Janine Edwards Exclusive Event Selfridges, Birmingham

Janine Edwards Wealth Management and Air Aesthetics came together to host an exclusive event in the Personal Shopping Suite in Selfridges, Birmingham. Guests were invited to enjoy a Champagne reception followed by a discussion from top personal shoppers within Selfridges, who gave hints and tips on the latest trends from the world of fashion. Guests were also given the opportunity to enjoy a taster of treatments and services offered by multi-award-winning company, Air Aesthetics Clinic, the Midlands’ leading clinic in non-surgical facial and body treatments. To finish off this wonderful evening, guests were able to enjoy some of the most delicious dishes served in the iconic Fumo restaurant, also situated within Selfridges. If you would like to attend the next event, please contact Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd on: 01676 530606 or email

Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Con¬duct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group’s website The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

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Matthew Hannah of Innes England and guests

John Hayes of Champions (UK) plc and host Mark Clemmit

An Evening with Andy Wyatt Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Wednesday 21st November 2018

Throughout the year, the East Midlands Networking Group (EMNG) put on a variety of events which seek to bring members together with a range of activities, culminating in an evening dinner. In November, the group hosted ‘An Evening with Andy Wyatt’. The Red Arrows pilot is a renowned after dinner speaker and was on hand to give insight into his inspirational career which includes being part of the Aerobatic Team. It was Prestwold Hall that provided the backdrop for the event and one which welcomes corporate events of all sizes throughout the year. The evening’s menu was the curation of independent hospitality company, Maverick, who use the freshest of ingredients for all of their dishes. For members of the EMNG, the caterers served up twice baked cheddar souffle with a waldorf salad, a main of beef wellington with dauphinoise potatoes and madeira jus and finished off with a tempting salted caramel tart with vanilla ice cream and toffee apple.

Speaker Andy Wyatt

As well as an eye-opening speech from Andy, the event also saw another familiar face in BBC Sport and radio presenter, Mark Clemmit who provided hosting duties. The entertainment for the evening came in the form of teen classical crossover and Britain’s Got Talent star, Faith Tucker, who raised goosebumps with her vocals.

Nichola and Andy Wyatt



Faith Tucker performs

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Steve Hall gives welcome speech on behalf of Derby Telegraph

Derby College table

The Roundhouse, Derby College Tuesday 6th November 2018

Each year, sportspeople from across Derbyshire, of all abilities, come together to celebrate 12 months of success at the annual Derby Telegraph Sports Awards. The 2018 award ceremony came to The Roundhouse, which is situated on the grounds of Derby College. There, hundreds of guests, including finalists, sponsors and special celebrity guests were greeted with a Champagne reception to kick off the evening’s proceedings.

Guests from HUUB are joined by Gary Newbon MBE

The award presentation saw 15 winners from a range of categories, one of which included the Lifetime Achievement Award. An accolade which is presented to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the sporting world over their lifetime, England cricket legend, Geoff Miller OBE, picked up the award. Well-versed in hosting events, the night was compered by former badminton Olympian Gail Emms MBE and Sky Sports presenter, Gary Newbon MBE, who oversaw the evening from beginning to end.

RDS Global table

The evening’s host Gail Emms MBE welcoming guests


British Army table


Community Award winner Dave Cartawick with Craig Ramage and award sponsor Russell Davies from Smith Partnership


Dave ‘Rocky’ Ryan collecting the award for Sandy Ryan, Donna Kellogg MBE with Lt. Col Keith Spiers from award sponsor British Army


Winner Leah Kellogg at the press board


Young Sportswoman of the Year winner, Grace King


Gary Newbon MBE, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Geoff Miller OBE with award sponsor Dean Jackson from HUUB

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British Army’s table


Guests enjoy Champagne reception


East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham Thursday 25th October 2018

Sport plays a big role in Nottinghamshire with two professional football teams, a County Cricket team and popular ice hockey side. With this in mind, the annual Nottingham Post Sports Awards is always an eagerly anticipated occasion. Attended by stars from a variety of different sports, the event sees on this occasion finalists go head-to-head in 15 different categories.

Jayne Torvill OBE receives Lifetime Achievement Award

This includes the night’s most sought after award, the Lifetime Achievement Award. The country’s most famous ice skaters, Torvill and Dean took home this award at the ceremony. Professional squash player, Declan James was named Sportsman of the Year, Paralympic track athlete, Sophie Hahn MBE was named Sportswoman of the Year and the Brian Clough OBE Manager/Coach of the Year award was presented to Gareth Holmes.

Guests enjoy a game of stand-up bingo

Guests at the ceremony were treated to a lavish three course meal and overseeing proceedings were the event hosts who came in the form of Olympic badminton star, Gail Emms MBE and BBC Sport’s pundit Mark Clemmit.

Former Nottingham Forest Manager Aitor Koranka



Headline Sponsor, Butler & Willow table



Sophie Hahn MBE recives award from the British Army and Jayne Torvill OBE


Basford United FC winner of Club of the Year


Alistair Wesson of Mazars and Steve Chettle present award to Gareth Holmes


Tom Moores receives awards from Steve Gelsthorpe of Cartwright King and Tim Robinson


Natasha Coates presented with the Disabled Sportsperson of the Year Award

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Heather Small – Amazing Diva Lumbers Fine Dining Evening

The evening’s entertainment, Heather Small - Amazing Diva

Lumbers Jewellers, Leicester Thursday 22nd November 2018

Aspirational Club, the Midlands’ premier networking group, hosted a fabulous evening of fine dining and entertainment at Lumbers jewellers. Last November, the star of the show was Heather Small, former M People vocalist and music industry icon… and diva extraordinaire. During the sound check, the diminutive Ms Small saw one of the invites for the event, with an image of herself. She asked if her management had been advised, which was a small detail that was overlooked.

Dessert by Finesse Collection

Tim Reed and guests enjoying the Champagne reception

As a result, with huge flair and style, she refused to return to entertain the clients. It took an incredible amount of diplomacy and lip biting to persuade her to perform. However, the result was worth it. She is a true star, with the most fabulous voice. The guests of the Aspirational Club members had a night to remember, and a great story to tell. The Aspirational Club includes Champions (UK) plc, Aspirational Magazine, Lumbers, Berkeley Insurance Group, Bentons, Edward Cooper Young, The Finesse Collection, Janine Edwards Wealth Management, Bentley Lamborghini Leicester and Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, and the group host a series of exceptional events throughout the year.

Jane Burgess, Janine Edwards and Helen Lynch




Wealth creators in land, property & construction

Anthony Kinsey entertains the guests

Members and guests dancing the night away

Heather Small entertaining the guests

Kim Gomersall and Richard Gore

Janine Edwards and Lisa Glover

Dominic Gomersall welcoming guests

Dominic Gomersall and guests enjoying the music of Heather Small

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