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It’s my pleasure to welcome you to yet another edition of Inspirational London.

Hollie Felstead

The last few months have flown by and our Autumn/Winter edition is now ready and I can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve got in store for you.

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This time around our cover feature focuses on TV star, social media influencer and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. Kylie has been something of a phenomenon in recent years including becoming the youngest ever self-made billionaire. Our article charts her rise from reality star to one of the most influential women on the planet. And talking of influence, our Fashion and Entertainment pages also documents the exciting relaunch for Influencer Matchmaker, a multi-award-winning influencer agency. The team tap into their extensive UK and global network of over 2,000 influencers and celebrities to match brands with the highest level of talent. Be sure to check out their new look. When the weather gets colder it is more important than ever to look after ourselves. With this in mind, our Beauty & Health section features an insightful interview with Dr Hazel Wallace, the founder of online blog, The Food Medic. Here we found out about the winter blues and how we can keep our motivation high when it comes to eating well and exercising at this time of year. At this time of year summer feels like a distant memory. For many of us our summer clothes have long been packed away, but if you fancy jetting off for some winter sun then we have you covered. A quick flick through our Travel and Lifestyle pages offer up a whole host of stunning destinations that are ideal all year round. From Caribbean havens to idyllic American resorts we have it all. It’s been a busy time for us all here at Inspirational London and this can be seen with our social pages at the back of our magazine. Once again, we organised and attended a number of events throughout the capital and we’re looking forward to taking part in many more in the future. I hope all of you enjoy the read as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.

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Men’s Style Guide ............................................................................................................... 16 Add style to your wardrobe this winter

Women’s Gift Guide............................................................................................................18 The very best styles for winter

Influencer Matchmaker ..................................................................................................... 22 Leading influencer agency undergoes a fresh new rebrand


BEAUTY AND HEALTH Staying on Track in Winter with The Food Medic .................................................36 Dr Hazel Wallace offers her tips on staying healthy in winter

Winter Skincare Essentials .............................................................................................. 38 Keep your glow throughout winter

Elegantes ............................................................................................................................... 40 The world’s most exclusive perfume


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THE HOME COLLECTION Interior Guide.....................................................................................................................104 Make sure your home is on trend this winter

Haute De Gamme..............................................................................................................106 The Chelsea artist whose commissions are in high demand


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Networking Breakfast with Ken Segall

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Lord’s Taverners ............................................................................................................... 124 The UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity

Office Freedom................................................................................................................... 128 Explore flexible working solutions

Business Excellence Awards Essex The Authors XI vs The Lord’s Taverners XI Rainbows Annual Charity Ball


Fashion and Entertainment

KYLIE JENNER: THE BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSWOMAN Growing up in the spotlight, Kylie Jenner is certainly no stranger to the media’s headlines, but in March 2019 she dominated them all when she became the world’s youngest billionaire at just 21 years of age. In this six-page feature, we take a look at her upbringing and delve into the brand which sees her rivalling cosmetic heavyweights.

A Different Kind of Upbringing Unconventional is one of the many words you could use to describe the upbringing of Kylie Kristen Jenner. In 1997 in Los Angeles, she was born into the Kardashian family-tree – one that was by no means nuclear. Her mother is Kris Jenner, the ex-wife of Robert Kardashian who was O.J. Simpson’s defence attorney during his very public murder trial. During the pair’s thirteen-year marriage, they had four children together – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob. Following her divorce from Robert in 1991, Kris went on to marry retired Olympian Bruce – now Caitlyn – Jenner, with whom she spent 24 years and had two more children – Kylie and her elder sister, model Kendall. To add a few more branches to that deep-rooted family tree, Bruce also brought with him four children from a previous marriage. Kylie might not carry the same surname as her siblings, but in sharing a mother, she was inevitably swept up in the Kardashian frenzy, which despite Robert’s death in 2003, has never fizzled out. Such was the world’s increasing infatuation with the family, E!, along with producer Ryan Seacrest, commissioned the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007.

8 //

“Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I did have privacy because we started our show when I was 9 years old,” Kylie notes during an interview with Elle. The show, which continues to entertain millions of viewers across the world, charts the personal and professional lives of the family. Unlike other teens who did their growing up in private, all of Kylie’s most intimate life moments were caught on camera; from going through puberty and experiencing the turbulent mood swings that come with that, to public heart breaks and most recently motherhood as she brought Stormi into the world in 2018. “Of course, there are times when you feel like your privacy is invaded, but I feel like I’ve learned how to pull back when I need to. “I love my fans and we have such a strong relationship. I do love sharing and inspiring and bringing people into my life.” And while nobody can deny the challenges having all eyes on you at a young age can bring, equally the opportunities Kylie was afforded as a result cannot be ignored. Before she had even left her teen years, the youngest Kardashian had achieved more than what many can hope

// 9

Fashion and Entertainment

to in a lifetime. She had; launched her own jewellery collection alongside her sister Kendall, released a shoe and handbag line with Steve Madden, co-authored a dystopian science fiction novel, worked with Topshop on a clothing line, held ambassador roles for the likes of cosmetics brand Nip + Fab, featured on the cover of Teen Vogue and then later Vogue and donated significant money to charitable organisations. Around her though her sisters were spearheading business ventures or breaking into high fashion modelling. Sister Kim had brought out her own cosmetics brand and Kendall was walking for some of the greatest known fashion houses in the industry including Burberry, Victoria’s Secret and Oscar de la Renta. Kylie proved that she shared more than just their good genes and putting her business head on, she made the decision to invest $250,000 of the earnings – a small figure in the grand scheme of things – she made modelling to get her business idea off the ground. Little did she know then what that investment would turn into.

The business idea wasn’t just plucked from thin air as something to do to pass the time, it stemmed from something far deeper and something much more relatable among her young audience. Blossoming into a young adult with the world watching inevitably meant everything Kylie did, wore or said was under the microscope. As a result of her very public fame, she was and continues to be, the victim of online trolling – a harsh and sad consequence that most of today’s stars face. And something that was repeatedly criticised was the size of what she later described herself as “really small” lips. Dissatisfied with how they looked, she made the decision to undergo lip augmentation, a cosmetic procedure whereby an injectable dermal filler produces plumper lips. “I just didn’t feel desirable or pretty,” she aired during an interview with the London Evening Standard.

A Business Built on Self-Doubt

“I really wanted bigger lips. I would overline my lips with lip liner just to create the illusion. And then finally I ended up getting my lips done.”

Kylie Cosmetics, or Kyle Lip Kit as it started out, was made official in 2014 when she signed on with Seed Beauty to debut a lipstick line but wasn’t announced publicly until the following August. The lip kits retail at $29.00 and include a liner and matching liquid lipstick in a range of shades.

The long-standing battle she had with her appearance only fuelled her fire more and formed the inspiration behind her debut lip kits. Turning to lipstick for confidence at a time when she was at her most insecure, she wanted to create her own range that she hoped would empower other women to embrace their lips.

10 / /

“It was the most authentic thing I’ve ever done in my career, and it really relates to me,” she said. The self-investment that she put behind the venture was enough to produce 15,000 lip kits which when put on sale, and thanks to some self-promotion on her Instagram account, sold out within just one minute! That only set a precedent for what was to come.

Kylie Cosmetics Takes Off After the lip kits had officially exploded onto the market, Kylie’s mother – ‘Momager’ as she is affectionately called due to her managing the finance and PR of her children – brought in Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform, to outsource the sales.

Discussions were had around the brand and its potential, which led to the name Kylie Cosmetics as it allowed for future product development beyond lips. And it was at that point, in-line with the re-brand, that production of the lip kits was increased from 15,000 to 500,000 units. When the first financial year came around it was revealed that the company had generated a remarkable $420 million in revenue in just 18 months. Her buyers were hooked and the beauty industry was rocked as everyone waited for more from the brand. In today’s industry, collaborations with celebrities and influencers are an almost guaranteed sell-out, if the collaboration is right for the brand of course. And Kylie

/ / 11

Fashion and Entertainment had quite possibly the best people for it at her disposal – her famous family. Over the years she has released exclusive collections with her sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, the latter sibling she has collaborated with three times due to the success of their Koko X Kylie collections. Non-family collaborations also followed including the recent Kylie X Balmain range which has seen the young business mogul team up with the renowned fashion house. What naturally followed from there was getting the products on shelves as well as furthering the sales coming through the e-commerce site and in 2018 the billiondollar American chain of beauty stores, Ulta, became a distribution partner selling an estimated $55 million of the products in just six weeks. These types of collaborations were Kylie’s opportunity to diversify her brand and branch out into new products

12 //

including eyeshadow palettes, foundations, bronzers, highlighters and setting sprays. This has resulted in her driving one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world, currently estimated to be worth at least $900,000, that is ripe and ready to rival her biggest competitors Sephora, Revlon, MAC and Estée Lauder.

The Milestone Moment In March 2019 the brand reached its peak ‘pinch me’ moment when Forbes revealed Kylie was officially the world’s youngest billionaire. In an article foreseeing the announcement, the publication wrote: “At 21, she’s set to be the youngest-ever selfmade billionaire […] welcome to the era of extreme fame leverage.” Of the milestone Kylie said: “I didn’t expect anything. I did not foresee the future. But [the recognition] feels really good. That’s a nice pat on the back.”

The phrase ‘self-made’ that was used to describe the now 22-year-old’s business in the article sparked great controversy, with many furiously taking to social media to air their main gripe; ‘her family’s fame helped her amass her fortune’ and ‘if she weren’t a Jenner and didn’t have Kim Kardashian as a half-sister, her success would have been much harder to come by’. But as her supporters have pointed out – there is a flaw in the criticism in that being born into privilege is often the case for most billionaires. Jenner is not the first and won’t be the last person to be born into money and should be commended for investing and re-investing hers into a genuinely positive business model. Her billionaire status can also be credited to Kylie’s ability to keep her overheads low despite exponential expansion. Kylie to this day only employs seven full-time and five part-time employees, marketing cost is minimal as it is done primarily through Kylie’s Instagram account which has 149 million followers and her brand’s social media which boats its own 22.3 million. And she owns a 100% stake.

I see Kylie Cosmetics going very far,” she said. “I work really hard.

So, say what you like about the Kardashian and Jenner clan, there is no denying that Kylie has used her status in the right way, has become a savvy businesswoman whose consistent drive to stay at the heart of her business will see her, and Kylie Cosmetics reach even greater heights in the future.

/ / 13


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Fashion and Entertainment Cartier at

Khaki has been enjoying somewhat of a residency in the fashion industry for some time now as top designers have been implementing the military inspired colour into their designs.

Les Heures Voyageuses Oud & Santal Eau de Parfum

The colour might have originally been used to blend in, but now it stands out – versatile and easy to wear the khaki comeback is without doubt here to stay.


It’s all about layering in winter and this statement t-shirt by Givenchy is the perfect base. Pair it with black jeans and throw over a shirt jacket by Our Legacy for a casual weekend look. Complete the outfit with an on-trend beanie by Moncler.

Moncler at Tricolour Trim Logo Polo Shirt

Eton at Egyptian-Print Silk Pocket Square



Paul Smith at Forest Green Saffiano Leather Wallet

Moncler at


Logo Patch Beanie Hat


Adrenaline at Graphite Grey Tech Hoodie

£60.00 Palm Angels at Kill The Bear Black Twill Cap

16 //


Givenchy at Cotton Logo T-Shirt


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Gucci at Stirrups And Web Bow Tie


Gucci at Leather Flashtrek Low-Top Sneakers

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Stone Island at Army Green Hooded Cotton Sweatshirt

£250.00 Our Legacy at Long-Sleeve Shirt


Gucci at New Ace White Leather Sneakers


// 17

Fashion and Entertainment Olivia Burton at Under The Sea Rose Gold Bracelet


Badgley Mischka at Ruffled Off-the-Shoulder Dress

£815.00 Tom Ford at Blush Nude Lip Colour

Gucci at


Gg Marmont 140 Gold Leather Sandals


Rosantica at Mamba Gold-Tone Headband


Gucci at Small Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag

£1,420.00 Dolce & Gabbana at Lilium Floral-Print Textured-Leather Cardholder


18 //

Gucci at Ruched Leather Belt

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Chloé at Mini Leather Faye Shoulder Bag

£525.00 Chopard at Jasmin Moghol Eau de Parfum


L’atelier Nawbar at Rose Gold, Diamond and Malachite Amulets of Light Bangle


Jimmy Choo at Shiloh 100 Gold Leather Sandals

Adrenaline at

Guerlain at L’or Primer Base 30Ml



Grey Marl Cropped Hoodie


Step into a new season with Jimmy Choos on your feet and Gucci on your arm, as the rich tone of Emerald has been injected into Autumn/Winter fashion. Embrace the hue with a fluted floor length dress or add it subtly to your day-to-day style with an elegant cuff or waist cinching belt. Every season sees a style staple sweep the fashion industry and for 2019 it was the headband. From gracing the heads of royals – The Duchess of Cambridge sported the accessory at many a royal engagement this year – to the High Street, the headband was the ‘it’ item of the summer. And the trend is set to carry into the months ahead, so if you are yet to embrace it, make your debut with a stunning designer piece by Rosantica.

// 19

Fashion and Entertainment

MEET FIVE FASHION FABULOUS OVER 40S Among Instagram’s one billion active users is a group of over 40 fashion influencers who are proving the platform is no longer just for millennials and Gen Z users. Meet five of our favourites who everyone needs to follow for a dose of self-love and fashion inspiration. A recent breakdown of Instagram’s key age demographics found that there are 131 million active users between the ages of 35-44, 68 million between 45-54 years and 30 million 55-64 year olds. This means that it’s not just the younger generation who are addicted to the photo sharing platform and identifies a whole other audience that are ready and waiting for content. Among these age groups, fashion inspiration is an immensely popular search and from high end fashion staples to dressing to different body shapes, our five influencers are bringing it in the bucket load.

Fashionmumof40 Mum of two, Ann Marie, or Fashionmumof40 as she is known online, is one of our favourite fashion bloggers and Instagrammers in the 45-54 age group. Through regular updates on her Instagram feed she is showing that women over the age of 40, who juggle busy lives with work, children and keeping fit all while maintaining a social life, don’t have to stop being fashionable. Through her own style she strikes the right balance between high-street and designer, casual and formal wear. Much loved by her 22.5k Instagram followers for her ‘dupes’, Ann also regularly takes a costly designer item and shares the high street equivalent she has found, demonstrating that women don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. A popular choice for brands, she has collaborated with Seven Seas and The White Company.

Doesmybumlook40 Turning 40 is something a lot of women, and men, dread. Yet, Kat Farmer put her anxious journey into the big four zero to good use by documenting it on social media and her blog.

* All images sourced from Instagram

20 //

Her playful handle, Doesmybumlook40 and blog of the same name, is a fantastic source of fashion inspiration for women of a similar age. She expresses her love of classic modern fashion and her passion for throwing in a few staple pieces such as biker jackets, heels, leopard print and just a touch of leather, and the result is a wardrobe to die for. And, such is Ann’s influence in the world of social media and Instagram. Today she has an impressive 104k followers and is continuing to receive recognition from the fashion world. Recently she was invited along to the Woman of the Year Lunch and has collaborated with brands such as Liz Earle, Robert Welch.

Fashiononthe4thfloor Somewhat new to the social media scene, Fashiononthe4thfloor first came on to the Instagram scene in 2015 and is still taking huge strides to Instagram glory. 46-year-old Diane stormed onto the platform with the confidence of someone that has been doing it for years and her beautiful sense of style is enviable among fashionistas everywhere. With a keen eye for creating fashionable and completely wearable outfits, Diane pairs garments together that are completely wearable day-to-day and easily replicable – something that will only work to her advantage as she continues to climb her way up the social media ladder.

Michelle Tyler Some of Michelle Tyler’s Instagram snaps fall nothing short of the images seen on the pages of Vogue or any other fashion publication for that matter, as the 51-year-old showcases her innate flair for fashion, makeup and beauty. Rather than buying items that are worn once and never see the light of day again, Michelle understands the need for quality items that can be re-styled again and again. So, that’s exactly what she relays on her Instagram feed and her 15.1k followers suggest it’s appreciated far and wide. Due to her ever-increasing following, Michelle has teamed up with brands such as Keranique and Grey Goose to name just a few.

Grece Ghanem Residing in Montréal, Canada, after emigrating from Lebanon, Grece Ghanem is a personal trainer with a flair for fashion And, it’s a passion which spans back to her early years. In an interview with Grece credits her grandmother for initiating her “curiosity for fashion” saying: “I remember dressing up in her clothes and trying on her accessories and jewellery.” Taking advantage of the photo sharing platform, Instagram, and with a little encouragement from her daughter, Grece started sharing the ways in which she styles herself and she has gone on to inspire the masses.

Her confident Instagram feed is now adored by 56.8k followers and with many of her posts and outfits inspired by art, and her time travelling the world, you could easily whittle away hours scrolling through her page. Brands such as Gucci, understand the audience Grece can open them up to and have made the decision to work with her.

For further information on Influencer Matchmaker’s services visit or contact Amelia Neate, Senior Manager on

// 21

Influencer Matchmaker mark industry growth with a colourful re-brand By the end of this year, influencer marketing is expected to reach its highest market worth yet as world leading brands scramble to feature the prominent stars in their marketing campaigns.

And during the re-brand, the team behind the agency kept the market’s promising future in mind, acknowledging the importance of creating authentic content which audiences can trust.

What this means, aside from being fantastic news for the economy, is that things are going to start getting a lot more competitive. The marketing industry has long been a case of shouting the loudest, but as demand rises for influencers, it’s going to be increasingly tougher, but equally much more important, for brands to be heard above the noise.

“By the end of this year, influencer marketing will become an $8 billion industry,” said Amelia Neate, the Senior Manager at Influencer Matchmaker.

This is why one of the leading influencer marketing agencies has undergone an exciting re-brand as its expertise in matching influencers and brands in genuine partnerships goes from strength to strength.

“That’s why it is vitally important that the relationships between brands and influencers are genuine and authentic. Our skills are in matching the two – which is what gave us the idea for our new name.”

Newly named Influencer Matchmaker, formerly Influencer Champions is based in Loughborough, boasts more than 120 members of staff and has built on its 15-year track record of forming successful brand partnerships with some of the world’s top businesses. The business goes beyond the industry norm by taking the heavy work out of campaigns for brands by handling all the contracting, legalities, logistics and fees that come with it.

The agency’s re-brand is the culmination of more than six months of hard work, with a fresh new website, logo and accompanying literature all branded in an eyecatching fuchsia colour scheme.

Thus far the agency has been the trusted campaign partner for brands such as Amazon, Cartoon Network, McDonald’s and eBay to name just a few.

“People love the influencers they follow on social media because they are engaged with what they post and trust their recommendations.

“We spend so much time investing in the brands and influencers we work with that we thought we should indulge in a little TLC ourselves,” explained Amelia. “We share their passions and are committed to helping brands to reach and engage with wider audiences. “We’re really excited about our fresh new look and

believe this will help us take the service we offer to the next level.” The agency will also continue to develop its management of top influencers including food blogger Recipes from a Pantry, globe-trotting influencer Travel Mad Mum and Silk Fred model Naomi Millbank-Smith, as well as having access to more than 2,000 other influencers and celebrities. “Our aim is to help the brands we work with to gain a core understanding of what defines tangible results – from the right audience and engagement, through to new followers and the ways in which you can capitalise on your investment. “We want to help them recognise how successful influencers can be in helping them to get the results they are after and to create that special ‘brand love’.”

Let us help your brand find the love it has been looking for. T: 0203 9580 427 E: InfluencerMatchmaker InfluencerMatchmaker InfluencerMatch

Influencer Matchmaker Top 5 Campaigns from 2019 Each year the agency pairs countless brands with their perfect influencer match and 2019 has so far seen some dynamic pairings. We give the rundown on just five of their many successful campaigns from the last 12 months.


+ Giovanna Fletcher Ahead of Mother’s Day 2019, Amazon Handmade approached Influencer Matchmaker to secure them a high-profile mummy blogger. The brand’s ‘Mum’s the Word’ campaign promoted their handcrafted customisable gifts and needed to drive traffic to the website. Tapping into their network of influencers, the team successfully paired the brand with internet sensation and mum of three Giovanna Fletcher. With 1.1m followers on Instagram, Giovanna was the perfect fit. Giovanna selected 20 of her favourite products to feature on her Amazon Handmade page. She also pushed content out via her highly followed Instagram account through stories and posts.


+ Lethal Bizzle Arsenal required an influencer who was a fan of the football club and had an impressive social following. The campaign was run by their sponsor Visit Rwanda to promote the first #RwandaChampionsChallenge. After discussing several options, Influencer Matchmaker collectively decided that the UK rapper Lethal Bizzle would be the perfect match. Bizzle spent a day filming down at Arsenal Training Centre which brought together three fans and three Arsenal first-team players. The fans and the first-team players worked together in a variety of challenges whilst Bizzle hosted and motivated everyone. Several video edits were produced which have been posted on Visit Rwanda’s website, YouTube and social channels. Bizzle also promoted it across his social channels which was a huge success.

For further information on Influencer Matchmaker’s services visit, or contact Amelia Neate, Senior Manager on


+ Syd & Ell and Em Sheldon eBay was looking to engage in an influencer marketing campaign that brought more attention to the fashion and accessories outlet on their site. The team’s knowledge of top fashion influencers meant they were able to form a positive pairing with YouTubers, Syd and Ell, as well as fashion blogger Em Sheldon. Syd and Ell came up with an ‘eBay Outfit Challenge’ where they selected an outfit for one another off eBay’s outlet and presented them to one another on their joint YouTube channel. Em Sheldon also created a fantastic blog post.

4 + Naomi Millbank-Smith Influencer Matchmaker was thrilled to negotiate leading retailer Ann Summers a three-month campaign with prominent fashion influencer Naomi Millbank-Smith. The brand was looking to boost its sales and with 95.6k followers on Instagram, Naomi was the perfect match to help them do just that. Together Naomi and Ann Summers are currently working on an ongoing Instagram campaign which will see the SilkFred model create three promotional posts and stories over the course of the campaign.


+ Numerous Leading fragrance provider The Perfume Shop was eager to capitalise on annual holidays and occasions for which perfumes make a personalised gift. The first deliverable Influencer Matchmaker worked on was with fashion and lifestyle influencer Naomi Millbank-Smith. For the partnership she shared one Christmas and one Valentine’s post on her platform with a discount code. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day six high-profile influencers took to Instagram to share the perfume they would either like to receive as a parent, or would be gifting their parents. The agency also secured fashion and YouTube star Misha Grimes and body positive influencer Demi Donnelly who have both created launch review videos for the channel.

Fashion and Entertainment

CHASE ADVENTURE WITH ADRENALINE CLOTHING A new range of clothing is being brought to market in the form of Adrenaline – performance wear that encourages people to step outside of their comfort zones and dive into the unknown. Have you ever really lived? Have you experienced a moment when you felt alive because ultimately you were frightened to death? For a split second, lightning runs through your veins, your pulse goes off the scale, your imagination catches fire and you engage with every element on Earth. And, in that moment, you cut the cord and let go. Life in free fall. Your mind stops wandering, your eyes stop rolling – fight or flight? It’s now or never. Have you ever had a moment like that? When everything you’ve seen before, everything you thought was real and every trauma, every naked piece of flesh fails to mean anything anymore. You emerge from the coma you called life, and finally, it hits you. Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re living. Feel the rush. These are the words and inspirational thinking behind brand new performance wear brand Adrenaline. The brand has a specific interest in extreme sports and is on a mission to encourage wearers to fuel their own adrenaline rush.

Men’s clothing starting from £30.00

“Adrenaline is commonly used to describe the physical symptoms that happen to us when our body goes into fight or flight mode,” said Stuart Crowther the brand’s Founder and Managing Director. “But when it comes to what engages that mode, it becomes far more individualised. For some an adrenaline rush comes when scaling great heights or jumping out of an aeroplane thousands of feet up in the sky. For others, it could take the form of racing around a track at high speed or quite simply stepping into a room full of strangers. “These varied and individual meanings behind an adrenaline rush is what inspired our clothing.” As part of that same mission to fuel everyone’s adrenaline rushes, Stuart and his team have developed and curated clothing that allows people, no matter what their chosen activity, to perform to their maximum ability. Their debut collection – they’re releasing clothing range by range – will be brought to market soon via their e-commerce website and is what Stuart describes as “athleisure”. It will feature t-shirts, long sleeved tops, sports bras, shorts, leggings and hoodies for men and women in a range of different colours which can be worn to work out, or day-to-day. Next to launch will be their ‘Junkie’ range which takes inspiration from street and urban fashion with slogan t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits and hoodies followed up by the innovative Energy Return Technology (ERT) range. ERT - a term coined by Adrenaline – is performance clothing made from a 6.6 microfiber yarn with built in FIR (far infrared ray) properties. The mineral additive found in the yarn converts the thermo energy of the human body

Women’s clothing starting from £22.00

into FIR and reflects it back to the skin tissues causing deep, gentle heating. The gentle heat emitted by the fibres energizes the body and helps to return energy back into the body giving the wearer the benefit of performing longer by reducing fatigue and helping the body to recover quicker. This FIR technology will shake the performance wear industry and be knitted into the base layer garments including tech hoodies, t-shirts, training bottoms and shorts. Adrenaline’s new e-commerce website where their debut range can be purchased is launching soon. Keep an eye out on or contact info@ for more information. Stuart’s top four things to fuel your adrenaline rush

1. Speed round a racetrack High speed is something that naturally gets our heart rate going and in turn releases adrenaline. To experience this at its peak supercar or motorbike track days are a must. For some though, adrenaline might actually come when letting go of control, in which case you might benefit from giving up the steering wheel and taking up a passenger experience.

2. Take up boxing It might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about adrenaline rushes, but boxing relies on reflexes and is very much a sport where you have to have your wits about you. The ‘rush’ in boxing not only comes when your arm is being lifted as the winner, but also when you’re ducking from your opponent’s flying punches.

3. Experience Snowdonia’s zipline Set 500 feet above an old slate mine, Snowdonia’s zipline in Wales combines adrenaline pumping height and speed in one go. The fastest in the world and the longest in Europe, the zipline reaches speeds of more than 100mph all while you are lying in a cocoon like bag unable to move.

4. Take the leap of faith Men’s GraphiteTech Zip Hoodie £60.00 Men’s Black Shorts £30.00

Skydiving is something that is on everyone’s ‘bucket list’ but how many of us actually tick it off is questionable. Why? Because the moment when you are peering over the edge of the plane, getting ready to tip forwards is a moment of sheer fear that many dread. But if you are one to chase adrenaline, then there is nothing quite like it.

For more information about the new brand, please go to:

/ / 27

Welcome to Encore Experience unforgettable moments at a world-famous venue. With Encore at The O2, you can have the best seats in the house for a year of unforgettable shows. From our suites to our seats, you’ll find your perfect setting to watch or host, where we take care of everything for you and your guests. With your Encore at The O2 membership you’ll have access to all public events in 2019 including: Jack Whitehall, Rod Stewart, Michael Bublé, Hugh Jackman, Ariana Grande, Nitto ATP Finals, Cirque du Soleil: Toruk, Pete Tong Presents Ibiza Classics plus many more. Contact the Encore team: / 020 8463 2158


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DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF PANTO WITH X-FACTOR STAR ANDY ABRAHAM With leading roles in Aladdin and Jack and the Beanstalk already under his belt, former The X Factor finalist Andy Abraham is no stranger to the panto limelight. This Christmas, he makes his Rotherham debut at the Civic Theatre in Sleeping Beauty, taking on the role as the heroic King Hugo.

Jamie Gray Photography

Fashion and Entertainment

Ahead of his performance, we caught up with Andy to chat to him about rehearsing his lines, getting into character and his favourite panto moments from yesteryear.

Obviously singing is a great asset but what other skills have you transferred over from your day job?

What do you love about doing panto?

I would say stage positioning, speaking with confidence, and really connecting with the audience.

I love the uniqueness of panto. It’s quintessentially British and you can’t get that anywhere else in the world. Every show has a new comedy feel to it, and you get to revel in over-the-top characters. There’s always a little bit of you in there, but it’s really an opportunity to go outside your comfort zone and do something new, which is exciting to me.

How was your first experience doing panto? I had a fun time - I played King Crumble in Jack and the Beanstalk in Weymouth. It’s a really lovely place by the sea and the Pavilion where we performed is really historic. I also spent a fair bit of time with the cast prior to rehearsal, so it was a good way to relax any nerves and get to grips with what I was doing. I love audience interaction, singing and performing, so once I got on stage I was fine!

Do you spend much time with the cast and crew outside of the performances and rehearsals? Yes, when possible, but we’re with each other so much during the pantomime run anyway that you really get to know one another. It’s important because it makes it all the easier to move on, say if something goes wrong, or if there’s a chance for a bit of ad-libbing. It adds to the fun.

30 / /

When you’re singing, you might get the odd opportunity between songs to interact with the crowd and tell stories, but with acting and panto, you get to really pause and dig out those moments for an extra laugh or moment of tension. I’ve really enjoyed taking those extra few moments to soak up the spirit of panto.

Any tips for those thinking of getting involved in panto? I’d say do it - it’s fun, you make great friends, and you learn so much about the stage and entertainment. It’s much more than just being silly on stage for a few hours, which of course is fun, but you also get to experience a new side of yourself and learn some great skills along the way.

Do you hope to continue panto for the future? Music is my first love and I’ll always write and perform, but I’ll do panto for as long as I enjoy it. Right now I’m having a blast, so I certainly imagine myself doing it for the foreseeable future. Sleeping Beauty runs from Friday, November 29th, 2019 until January 5th, 2020 at the Rotherham Civic Theatre.

Tickets are available on 01709 823621 or from For more information on Andy and bookings, visit

Fashion and Entertainment

THE RISE IN E-SPORTS From teenagers playing video games in their bedroom, to earning millions in international competitions, the world of e-sports has dramatically changed in recent years. With gamers now able to make a career out of what was once their hobby, and even the Olympics considering implementing them, we took a look at the rise in e-sports and whether they’ll ever truly be considered a sport. Since it first burst onto the game console scene two years ago, you’d struggle to find a teenager anywhere in the world who hasn’t played Fortnite.

of Stanford University in USA took part in a competition using the game Spacewar for the chance win a year’s subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.

The online survival game has become something of a phenomenon since its arrival on the video game industry and earlier this year the first ever Fortnite world championships took place in New York.

However, it wasn’t until the 21 st Century where it really took off.

16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf came out on top scooping a staggering $3m (£2.4m) in the process. And this could prove to be a historic moment in the world of e-sports. It has been estimated that the e-sports industry will be worth more than $1bn by the end of 2019 with a global audience of more than 450 million viewers. Much of this is down to the fact that online streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have exposed it to a much greater audience. Now they are looking to bridge the gap between themselves and more traditional sports, something that is looking increasingly more likely with the amount of money being pumped into the industry. While e-sports seems like a relatively new thing, the origins of it can actually be traced back almost 50 years. E-sports is a form of competition using video games and in 1972 the first ever e-sports event took place. Students

32 / /

It began in South Korea in the aftermath of the financial crisis in Asia in 1997. With high unemployment levels across the continent, many people turned to video games for things to while out of work. Soon gaming was gaining prominence across the country and in 2000 the government formed the Korean E-Sports Association as part of their Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism department. Fast forward to the present day and there is an ongoing debate on whether esports should be classified as a sport in its own right. With a growing number of people becoming professional e-sports players and being paid significant sums of money to play video games for a living, more and more people are beginning to see it as a viable career path and therefore should be officially classified as a sport. In China it has been deemed as a sport since 2003 and earlier this year e-sports player is also an official profession ion the country. To date over 100,000 people in the country list gamer as their profession. The Olympic Games looks like one way in which e-sports could become more legitimatised in the eyes of the general

public. There were discussions to include an e-sports element to the 2024 Olympics in Paris as a way to keep younger generations engaged with the event.

violent to be used at the event with games that simulate real life sports (such as the NBA 2K basketball series or FIFA for football) preferred.

However, it has been determined that it might be too early to do this for the 2024. Instead they are considering having e-sports related activities surrounding the Olympics rather than being medal events themselves. Despite this, it looks set to be a matter of when, and not if, e-sports have established themselves on the traditional sporting world.

As well as sports games there is a whole host of different e-sports genres for players to choose from including fighting games, first-person shooters, strategy and racing games.

In terms of the Olympics it has been suggested that many of the video games currently on the market would be too

And, while the debate rages on regarding whether e-sports should be classified as a sport, one thing is clear, they are here to stay.

/ / 33

25% F OF


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Or simply want to give your loved one an adrenaline filled treat, get 25% off by using the code EMG911 when you book.



The super platinum experience is your chance to drive one of our best supercars. This is the perfect gift for everyone whether it’s the first time behind the wheel of a supercar or a seasoned driver looking for a quick thrill. Choose from the following cars: Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche GT3 RS, McLaren 570s, Audi V10+ and Aston Martin DB11.

1. Supercar thrill- +HighSpeed passenger experience

Drive One car for 3 miles

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Drive Four cars for 12 miles 3 miles per car

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Drive Five cars for 15 miles 3 miles per car

£279 £209.25


2. Supercar thrill+HighSpeed passenger experience

Drive Two cars for 6 miles 3 miles per car



EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF THE MCLAREN 720 AND LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR! The Diamond Thrill is something special and we are the only company in the UK to offer this exclusive supercar package. We operate from many circuits in the UK including: • Dunsfold Aerodrome – Surrey • Elvington Airfield, York • Mallory Park, Leicestershire • Brands Hatch, Kent • Oulton Park, Tarporley

Here at Everyman Racing the quality of your experience is of paramount importance. We only host our events on the best quality airfields and tracks. For more information on Everyman Racing and to redeem your 25% voucher simply visit and quote EMG911 for your discount.

34 //

Alternatively call us on 01509 892260 and we’ll be happy to help you with any queries.

INDULGENCE AWAITS The Art Deco glamour. The signature spa treatments. The sense of serenity. The calm amongst the roar. The moment of luxury. The ultimate pampering. The Dorchester Spa.

Perfection just happens.

TDL0418_SPA_collage_230x285.indd 1


#DCmoments TheDorchester TheDorchester TheDorchester

19/04/2018 17:02

Beauty and Health

STAYING ON TRACK IN WINTER: THE FOOD MEDIC DISCUSSES Doctor, nutritionist, author and founder of the popular blog The Food Medic, Dr Hazel Wallace speaks about her career, the winter blues and how we can maintain momentum during the colder months. Dr Hazel Wallace first set up the online educational platform ‘The Food Medic’ to bridge the gap between professional medical advice and the latest nutritional knowledge. What started out as somewhere for her to share the knowledge she was gaining while studying medicine, and later a masters’ degree in clinical nutrition and public health nutrition, soon turned into an online space which now sees 41,000 loyal monthly users visit the site. Now the brand she has built has led to many contributing authors adding their insights onto the site, a five star podcast which sees Hazel discuss medical myths and issues, 400,000 followers on Instagram, two bestselling books which feature easy, healthy recipes and numerous award wins including ‘Wellness Blogger of the Year’ at The Wellness Awards 2018. And she has achieved all of this while working full-time as a doctor specialising in nutrition for the NHS.

She took time out of her busy schedule to speak to us about her career, the effect winter can have on us mentally and physically and to give us some tips on staying healthy when the colder weather sets in.

What made you choose a career in medicine and then pursue a masters degree in clinical nutrition and public health nutrition? I decided to study medicine after losing my dad at the age of 14. He died very unexpectedly, and it changed mine, and my family’s lives. I studied medical sciences first for three years and then entered graduate entry medicine for a further four years to become a qualified doctor. My interest in nutrition came when I was at uni. My own nutrition was poor – fast food diet and cereal for dinner was a menu regular – and much to my surprise I wasn’t learning very much about nutrition at med school. I decided to pursue a masters in nutrition because I wanted to ensure the advice I provide is evidence based and safe.

Winter is often a time that sees people retreat inside. What negative effect could this be having on our physical and mental health? Colder weather means we are less likely to want to get up early and go for a run or go to the gym, we take public transport or drive instead of walking, so as a result we are less active. This poses a problem because research actually shows that people are more likely to find outdoor exercise more enjoyable than indoor, as outdoors is considered more restorative in nature. Many people also feel depressed in winter and even suffer from “the winter blues” – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is thought to be due to the shorter daylight hours in winter which affects the amount of melatonin produced in the body. The condition can be helped in part by getting outside, or sitting near a window, or using light therapy (such as a light box).

36 / /

Cold weather and shorter daylight hours often result in a decline in exercise over the winter. What is your advice to keeping up the momentum?

The Food Medic’s Winter Warming Recipe: ·

350g mushrooms of choice

Understandably we are put off by adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow, so it’s important to ensure you are well prepared when it comes to the clothing you wear.


150g frozen peas

If you don’t have a routine already, make one! Schedule exercise into your day like you would for any appointment can you go before work, on the way home, your lunch break or drag a friend with you to keep momentum going?

Just like many of our readers, you lead a busy life, juggling your work as a doctor, podcast, social media empire and much more. How do you find time to eat well and stay fit? And what is your advice to those that struggle with similar time restraints? I wish I had a simple solution to this, but it really comes down to preparation. I wake up at 5am every morning so that I can make it to the gym for an hour before work. I also go to bed no later than 10pm on weekdays so I still get between seven and eight hours sleep. My advice would be to prepare what you can the night before, everything from your breakfast and packed lunch to laying out your clothes.

Mushroom & Pea Risotto


500g risotto rice (also known as Arborio)


3 shallots, diced


1 tablespoon of olive oil


2 garlic cloves, crushed


Pinch of salt


1.2 litre of vegetable stock (1 veggie stock cube plus 1.2 litres of boiling water)


50g parmesan (use dairy free if required)


Handful of rocket (or spinach if preferred)


3 sprigs of fresh thyme, leaves picked

1. Place a pan over a medium heat, add the olive oil and once hot, add the shallots and fry for a few minutes. 2. Next add the garlic, fresh thyme and mushrooms. Fry for a further 4 minutes, until softened. 3. Add the risotto rice and stir to combine. 4. After a couple of minutes pour in the vegetable stock, season with salt and leave to gently simmer for 40 minutes until the stock has been absorbed. Stir occasionally. You can add more water should you wish for it to be runnier in consistency.

The Food Medic blog covers medicine, nutrition, exercise, mental health, lifestyle and other resources as well as a section dedicated to nutritious recipes. Visit: or, follow Dr Hazel on Instagram @thefoodmedic

// 37

Beauty and Health



Make sure your skin transitions seamlessly into a new season with these six skincare products that will protect you from top to toe. Oh the joys of winter – dry hands, chapped lips, breakouts, dull skin the list of miserable cold weather side effects goes on… Short of migrating to warmer climates for the winter period – we’re strongly considering a trip to Australia how about you? – sadly there is nothing we can do to stop winter setting in on our skin. But if you go into battle armed with the right tools you might just come out on top.



Liz Earle - Your Daily Routine

SkinGlo - Collagen Drink

The saving grace of skincare, Liz Earle’s wonderful Daily Routine kit is the perfect place to start on your search for the ultimate winter toolkit.

Unlock the secret to a beautiful complexion with this unique collagen supplement that revives your skin from within.

For £69, the routine kit includes full size Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Superskin Moisturiser, Gentle Face Exfoliator and two pure cotton cloths. After a day spent outside, run the cloths under warm water and feel makeup and impurities melt away. Carry out for the full four step routine three times weekly for the best results.

38 / /

The tropical tasting collagen supplement helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, restores volume to the skin and gives a brighter appearance to complexion – without the need of any invasive injections. Drink one sachet – either straight up or diluted in water – every day and see results in as little as just two weeks. For long-term effects it should be used as part of your daily routine. Packs of 14 are available for £54.99.

3 The Body Shop - Vitamin C Glow Protect Lotion, SPF 30 Many people ditch the SPF as soon as the sun clocks out for a few months, but UVA rays, which penetrate into the skin’s thickest layer, are still very much on the rampage in winter. Moisturiser is an easy way to incorporate SPF into your daily skincare routine and The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Glow Protect Lotion is the perfect product to do it. It has an SPF 30 so you can feel reassured that your skin is properly protected even on rainy days. Priced at £15, your skin will glow with natural radiance and remain hydrated all winter long.



4 La Roche-Posay - Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Lip Balm Sore lips are perhaps one of the biggest irritants to come with winter and is a look nobody can carry off well. La Roche-Posay’s excellent formula lip balm targets chapped and irritated zones with a thick repairing barrier that rebuilds the epidermis on the lips. With 5% concentrated panthenol, this balm helps to enrich lips and achieve a visibly softer and smooth surface.

5 Darphin - Hand and Nail Cream With constant exposure to all the harmful and frosty surroundings, dry knuckles can be extremely painful and if you are prone to dry skin it might be something you dread when winter comes around. Darphin is the solution with its super hydrating rose water hand and nail cream. With a supportive moisture barrier, the cream also aids in conditioning the cuticles with a non-greasy finish. For £29.33, it leaves hands feeling and looking noticeably smoother.

6 Chanel - Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base Finally, we have the ultimate primer that prolongs your makeup hold all day. The iconic primer used by professional artists evens out imperfections on the skin and gives it a long-lasting illuminating radiance. The £38 multi-use primer can be used both as a base for perfect skin texture, or on top of your makeup to help reduce the appearance of pores and to radiate a subtle glow.

/ / 39

Beauty and Health

ELEGANTES LONDON LTD Elegantes London founded in 2014 by Thomas and Dagmar Smit, is the home of the world’s most exotic and rare perfume collections since the 1930’s.

21 Bedford Square London WC1B 3HH

The crystal is made by hand in one of the oldest factories in France and the perfumes curated by master perfumer Julien Rasquinet.

Filled and packed by hand in a small factory in Northern England, these masterpieces are showcased at the prestigious Salon de Parfum in London’s iconic Harrods store that opened its doors in 1849 and Fortnum & Mason which opened in 1707, close to Buckingham Palace. The Elegantes London collection was curated for connoisseurs and collectors and are gorgeously beautiful and powerful. All our perfumes are refillable and packed in handmade eco-friendly boxes and guaranteed to impress for generations - made for eternity!

Dagmar Smit

Thomas Smit

T: 077799 228 122

T: 077554 066 889



Co-Founder & CEO

40 / /

Co-Founder & Group Chairman

/ / 41

Sporting World

BRITISH GOLF SHOW: THE MUST ATTEND EVENT OF 2020 The only event of its kind in the UK, the British Golf Show lands at Wycombe Air Park in May 2020 Following its huge success in 2019 which saw more than 6,500 people attend, the immensely popular British Golf Show is back from 15 – 16 May 2020 at Wycombe Air Park in Marlow. Seeking to bring together those new to the game and seasoned players, the family-friendly weekend will showcase the best products and services from leading golf suppliers with an emphasis on equipment, technology and travel. Among the many exhibition stands dotted around the venue will be Champions (UK) plc who are the event managers behind three high-profile golf events. Here, you can find out more about the Farmfoods European Senior Masters, the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship and the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, including how you can exclusively rub shoulders with professional players. Over the course of two days, there will be the opportunity to put skills and equipment to the test on the driving range and simulators, as well as sample more than 30 other activities including supercar test-drives and wellness treatments. The event is co-located with The Elite London, a luxury lifestyle exhibition which showcases cars, aircrafts, boast and other experiences. All situated in three hangers adjacent to the British Golf Show, this makes for an entirely unique and immersive weekend. British Golf Show organiser Alex Ayling, Managing Director of The Elite Luxury Events, said: “I am delighted to confirm that, after the success of the first show, we will be back with a bigger, better experience for both visitors and exhibitors.


“The second day was monumental; we smashed our expectations, with a very high percentage of our preregistered visitors actually coming along to the show. “We had bloggers live-streaming their golf show experiences on YouTube, toasting their viewers with our complimentary glasses of champagne. We had visitors from as far away as Australia and Holland specifically to see the show. “So, wait until you see what we have in store for visitors in 2020!”

A truly unmissable event! Please visit for more details on the British Golf Show. For more information on The Elite Events London, please visit

Soho’s best kept secret…

An exclusive private members club in the heart of Soho on Shaftesbury Avenue offering a home away from home and the opportunity to escape the chaos of the city. Century Members enjoy the use of the club’s fantastic shared and private spaces for both work and play. Benefits include access to over 20 reciprocal clubs worldwide including New York, Paris, Cape Town, Melbourne, LA, San Francisco and many more.

If you’re interested in membership, please contact – CENTURYCLUB .CO.UK 6 1 – 6 3 S H A F T E S B U RY AV E N U E · LO N D O N · W 1 D 6 LQ M EM B ERS H I P @ C ENTU RYC LU B .CO.U K · 0207 5 3 4 30 8 8

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29/10/2019 12:32

Sporting World



The iconic fourth green at Trevose

2019 saw a brand new event land on the Staysure Tour in the form of the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship. Taking place on the stunning Cornish coast the event truly had it all, so we take a look back at all of the week’s best bits. Stunning views, one notoriously tricky course and an unexpected winner were the talking points of the inaugural Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship.

which along the way threw up plenty of twists and turns culminating with a spectacular win from Frenchman Jean-François Remésy.

The event well and truly made its mark on the Staysure Tour calendar back in June as the championship debuted in spectacular fashion at the stunning Trevose Golf & Country Club in Cornwall.

Thursday 20 June

Here, European Tour legends, Ryder Cup winners and enthusiastic amateurs gathered for four-days of golf,

A team Pro-Am eased players into the event and saw amateur teams of three joined by one Staysure Tour pro.  With state-of-the-art golf equipment, Magnum Champagne, designer apparel and experience prizes on the line, competition was rife out on the Championship Course. ‘Team Trevose’ clinched the prize thanks to an impressive 94 point victory. European Tour winner Miguel Angel Martin was the pro leading the team to its success with Lee Cunningham, Matt Gunn and Ben Treleaven. They finished three points ahead of second placed ‘Team Champions (UK) plc 3’ who were headed up by six-time European Tour winner David Gilford and the three amateur players, Ivan Knezovich, Greg Van Laun and Glyn Rowett. The day ended with a black tie gala dinner which saw ‘Team Trevose’ presented with their prizes. On top of this, guests were treated to a fascinating Q&A with 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie OBE and French star Jean van de Velde which gave a unique insight into their successful careers.

2019 Farmfoods European Legends Links Champion Jean-François Remésy.

Friday 21 June The following day was where the action really got underway. The Alliance element of the tournament saw one amateur pair up with one Staysure Tour professional for a truly unique experience. With €50,000 on offer for the winner, the Alliance contributed to the professionals’ overall score, so it came as no surprise that competition was fierce. And, after the opening day it was Swedish star Jarmo Sandelin who was riding high on the top spot shooting -6. This included a remarkable eagle on the fourth and two consecutive birdies. His lead was only slight though as five-time European Tour winner Barry Lane, South African star Chris Williams and former European Tour player Stuart Little all concluded their opening round just one stroke behind on -5. One of the event’s biggest stars, Paul Lawrie OBE sadly had his day cut short when he was disqualified after just five holes for mistakenly hitting Carl Mason’s ball instead of his own. Carl too lost out on his place as a result.

Saturday 22 June Sandelin continued to set the standard on the final day of the Alliance, scoring another eagle on the fourth. Finishing the day on -5, he was joined at the top of the leaderboard by three-time European Tour winner Jean-François Remésy. A steady round for the Frenchman saw him par every hole on the front nine, consolidating his position as joint leader. Truro-based professional Mike Reynard finished the day on -1, meaning the Trevose member was very much in contention going into the final day. After receiving one of the three available invites for the event he lined-up alongside a stellar list of golfing icons. In the Alliance team event, tournament host Ian Woosnam OBE and his playing partner Farmfoods CEO Eric Herd were victorious holding off the challenge from Mike

Paul Lawrie OBE

Reynard and his amateur Tony Murtagh as well as Mauricio Molina and amateur Simon Harding. The pair finished with a total score of -16 over the two day’s play one shot ahead of the teams in second place.

Sunday 23 June On the final day the amateurs stepped aside as the professionals battled it out for that all-important title. In what turned out to be a scintillating final round, Remésy closed by shooting -5, giving him a final score of -10. This was enough to claim victory one stroke ahead of Barry Lane. This win marked Remésy’s first ever victory in the UK to which he commented: “It was my dream to win in England. After 40 years I finally managed to do it. It’s never too late to achieve a dream. I’m just past 55 years old and here we are, so I’m very delighted with this moment.” Another stand-out moment of the day saw Markus Brier hit eight birdies and an incredible hole in one on the eighth. This earned him a magnum Moet & Chandon which was presented to him by John Hayes, CEO of the event’s organisers Champions (UK) plc.  The dates for next year’s championship have now been announced and it will return from the 18–21 June 2020. Playing places for the Pro-Am or Alliance event are now available.

For more information on this, as well as sponsorship and hospitality opportunities, get in touch with Benoit Lawrence at event organisers Champions (UK) plc. Call 08453 31 30 31 or email

// 45 Ian Woosnam OBE

EVENTS Presents

Trevose Golf & Country Club, Padstow, Cornwall

18th - 21st June 2020

Play w Van de Velde



Buy a Pro-Am team 18th June 2020 For more information on playing in or sponsoring the event Please contact Benoit Lawrence at Champions (UK) plc on 08453 313 031 or email

- Team of 3 joined by a legend - Breakfast on arrival - 18 holes on the Championship Course - Attend the VIP player’s dinner


To play, sponsor or watch the action,


with the Legends!




Play in the Alliance 19th and 20th June 2020 - Play two rounds with a legend on the first two tournament days - Breakfast and lunch on both days in the VIP marquee - 36 holes on the Championship Course - Attend champagne and canapes prizegiving on Saturday 20th June




Become a sponsor and enjoy 18th and 21st June 2020 -

Branding on and off course Pro-Am team places Alliance playing places Integrated social media campaign VIP Hospitality On site 5 star rated lodges

Costs available on request

ion, visit:

Sporting World

GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP LEADS THE WAY WITH ICONIC CORNISH PARTNERSHIP The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree as Jack Stein shares an unwavering passion for seafood with his famous father. And now the chef is fronting an exciting new partnership with Cornwall based golf event the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship. There’s no doubt that the inaugural Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship was a huge success when it arrived on the Staysure Tour in June. Testament to its successful, the 2020 tournament will see a brand-new partnership take place. Jack Stein will be supporting the event in 2020 bringing his passion for food to the championship at Trevose Golf & Country Club. In 2013 Jack took on the role of Executive Chef for the Rick Stein restaurants, pub and cookery school in Cornwall. He was promoted to Chef Director in 2017, to support the growing family business with restaurants outside of Cornwall. This fantastic new relationship will see the combination of Jack’s passion for food and golf with him overseeing the introduction of his own style of street food for the public to enjoy on the course for the duration of the event. As well as the food on the course, Jack will be working with the catering team at Trevose to create a specially designed menu for the Pro-Am dinner which takes place following the opening day’s play on the 18th June 2020. Here, Staysure Tour players and their amateur teams will be treated to a wonderful meal as they enjoy the night’s prizegiving and entertainment.

2019 Farmfoods European Legends Links Champion Jean-François Remésy.

Jack, born in Cornwall worked as a kitchen porter during school holidays at his parents’ Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. Following his studies, Jack travelled the world experiencing food in Paris, Australia, Japan and the Far East. When he returned to Padstow he quickly rose through the company holding several high-profile roles before his appointment as Chef Director in 2017. In recent years Jack has launched his own cookery course, filmed two TV series - Jack Stein: Born to Cook and Jack Stein - Inside the Box and has released his own cookery book.

The 2020 Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship 18 th –21 st June. Register for FREE tickets by visiting

Rick Stein has many restaurants close to Trevose Golf and Country Club in Padstow and St Merryn, as well as in Fistral, Porthleven and Falmouth. The business also has 40 guest rooms across Padstow as well as their world renowned cookery school. Readers can also enjoy Rick Stein restaurants in London, Sandbanks, Marlborough and Winchester.

To book your Rick Stein Experience There are several fantastic Rick Stein restaurants near to Trevose so why don’t you book in whilst you’re visiting for next year’s tournament: The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall Rick Stein’s Café in Padstow, Cornwall St Petroc’s Bistro and Ruby’s Bar in Padstow, Cornwall The Cornish Arms in St Merryn, Cornwall

For all bookings call 01841 532700 or visit

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presents Keith Duffy having a selfie with a spectator

HISTORY IS MADE AT THE FARMFOODS BRITISH PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIP August saw some of the biggest names in golf descend on Warwickshire’s famed golf course for the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship. Here, we take a look back on a week of action. The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship has seen many a memorable moment over the years and 2019 was no exception. History was made at Nailcote Hall between 6-9 August as Jarmo Sandelin became the event’s first ever non-British champion. The Swedish star put in a stellar performance on the Cromwell Course to clinch victory and the €50,000 first prize that comes with it. As well as this, Jarmo was joined out on the course by a number of Major and Ryder Cup winners alongside some of the most high-profile celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment. If you missed out on the event, enjoy a full rundown of as-it-happened action.

Tuesday 6 August As is tradition the week got going with a Celeb-Am where a number of famous faces took to the Cromwell course. Among them, Manchester United legend Teddy Sheringham

50 / /

MBE, athletics star Kriss Akabusi MBE and former Wales international rugby star Tom Shanklin. Teeing off in the first group at 8:30am, it was ex-England cricketer James Taylor who took an early lead, scoring +5 (31), including five birdies. But it was former Manchester United footballer David May who came out on top putting in a stunning performance and winning with a score of +1. He fought off competition from the likes of Strictly Come Dancing stars Len Goodman and James Jordan who ended on +2 and +3 respectively. There was also a team aspect to proceedings with Champions Speakers edging out ‘Team Britvic’ and ‘Farmfoods 2’. Champions Speakers finished on -9 (81) just one stroke ahead of the competition. All the winners received their trophies at the evening’s prize giving ceremony and it was event host Tony Jacklin CBE and Nailcote’s owner Rick Cressman who were on hand to present them.

Wednesday 7 August The next day saw the Pro-Am get underway with a variety of big names out on the field, including 1991 Masters winner Ian Woosnam OBE, 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie, 2005 U.S. Open winner Michael Campbell, European Tour star Aaron Rai and the event’s first ever disabled professional, Mike Browne. But it was last year’s champion, Steven Tiley who ended the opening round as the overnight leader. The reigning champion got his title defence off to the perfect possible start scoring five consecutive birdies. With no player ever successfully defending their title, Steven had put himself into an incredibly strong position with a score of -5. Staysure Tour star Gary Wolstenholme MBE also put himself in contention with a stunning round which saw him score -3 scoring five birdies along the way.

Len Goodman

Tony Jacklin CBE and 2019 Farmoods British Par 3 Champion Jarmo Sandelin

// 51

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Jasper Carrott

Tony Jacklin CBE and 2019 Norma C Herd Silver Salver winner Matt James

Thursday 8 August The professional championship came to an end on Thursday with overnight leader Steven Tiley and Gary Wolstenholme MBE soon finding themselves neck and neck. Wolstenholme scored three consecutive birdies but fell away after bogies on the 13 th and 18 th. Tiley put in a consistent performance and for some time it looked as though he may become the first ever player to successfully defend his Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship crown. However, it wasn’t meant to be and the momentum swung the way of Swedish player Jarmo Sandelin after he potted a remarkable hole in one on the eighth. He completed his round with a score of -8 meaning that Tiley needed two birdies in his final two holes to win the competition outright.

The Norma C Herd Silver Salver, which is presented to the event’s best performing amateur, went the way of Matt James who scored +6 - two better than last year’s winner David Nelson who finished on +8. In the team competition Jarmo Sandelin and Penny Dawson took the title with a score of -14 the same as second placed Paul Lawrie OBE and Farmfoods’ CEO, Eric Herd. Sandelin and Dawson were crowned winners on countback. The winner of the event’s Super Senior competition - open to those over the age of 50 - was Carl Mason who came out on top with a total of +2 a stroke ahead of Ian Woosnam OBE, and Costantino Rocca. This victory marks the sixth time Mason has won this prize, more than any other player.

Unfortunately for Tiley he wasn’t able to do so and finished with a bogey handing victory to Sandelin who made history as the event’s first ever non-British winner. 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie OBE put on a fantastic spectacle finishing on -7 in joint second place with Tiley. And, Austrian Markus Brier made six birdies to end a stroke behind on -6. Another of the day’s highlights saw European Tour star Lee Slattery record a hole in one on the fourth hole.

52 // Teddy Sheringham

Friday 9 August Warwickshire was hit by heavy rain overnight meaning there were changes to tee times for the Celeb-Am which marked the final competition of the week. Nine holes were played rather than 18 with the likes of Harry Potter actors James and Oliver Phelps, Irish boyband singers Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden, ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit Johnny Herbert and Ashes winning cricketer Steve Harmison MBE all out on the course.

But it was former Manchester United and Everton manager David Moyes who reigned supreme with a score of -2. He overcame Scottish actor Craig McGinlay who ended on level par and Ex-Aston Villa footballer Lee Hendrie on +1. There was another team competition and ‘Team Bidfood’ ended on -11 overcoming ‘Typhoo Par Tea’ on -6. An evening dinner then took place where celebrities enjoyed some wonderful entertainment and the chance to raise money for charity.

Tony Jacklin CBE , Michael Campbell, Ian Woosnam OBE, Paul Lawrie OBE

Mark Foster

Interested in being part of next year’s event? For more information on this, as well as sponsorship and hospitality opportunities, get in touch with Benoit Lawrence at event organisers Champions (UK) plc. Call 08453 31 30 31 or email

Derek and Maria Redmond

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HOW A SUMMER OF SPORT CAPTIVATED A NATION Whether it is convincing ourselves that the England football team will end more than 50 years of hurt at the World Cup, or rooting for the next British hopeful at Wimbledon, sport has a way of bringing a nation together. Read all about how 2019 has done just that, featuring highlights from some familiar faces too. It’s July 2018 - the UK is enjoying one of its best summers in recent history and the England football team has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup, their best performance in the competition for 28 years. Football may not have ‘come home’ as we had all hoped it would but thanks to Gareth Southgate OBE and his now famous waistcoat, the country fell back in love with the spirit of national football. At this point it seemed hard to imagine how the summer that followed could top this. But we scored lucky again as we were once again treated to a remarkable sporting summer with a whole host of Brits becoming sporting heroes.

England become world champions Cricket fever officially hit the UK as the Cricket World Cup took place in England and Wales between May-July. Despite the weather not playing ball during some of the games, the tournament was a huge success and culminated in one of the most dramatic finals in World Cup history. On Sunday 14 July England faced off against New Zealand at Lord’s with the game ending in a draw as both teams

scored 241 runs. This meant an unprecedented Super Over had to take place to determine the winner. Each team faced six balls and again it was a tie with the sides both managing 15 runs. England’s superior boundary count saw them clinch World Cup glory for the first time ever.

Djokovic and Wimbledon





As well as England becoming world champions of cricket and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton MBE winning the British Grand Prix on his home turf at Silverstone, ‘Super Sunday’ as it is now hailed also included another iconic sporting event. The men’s Wimbledon final came to an end with two of the event’s most successful former champions facing off. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic went head-to-head on Centre Court in what turned out to be the longest final in Wimbledon history. At four hours and 57 minutes long, the pair couldn’t be separated and for the first time ever a final set tie break was introduced. Djokovic was able to win the tie break 7-3 and lift the famous trophy for the fifth time.

The Lionesses roar again A testament to the progression of the game, the Women’s World Cup dominated front and back pages this summer. When the USA’s Megan Rapinoe wasn’t at the centre of the media’s attention, Phil Neville’s England team were making an impact on the pitch. Equalling the achievement of the men 12 months prior, they made it to the semi-finals. Here, they faced the USA and despite losing 2-1 courtesy of American superstar Alex Morgan (and the ever divisive VAR) the Lionesses left France with their heads held high.

54 / /

Off the back what was a legendary summer, we spoke to four British sporting icons on what moments they have enjoyed in 2019.

Alex Gregory MBE, two-time Olympic champion rower. “I’ve really enjoyed watching the new Sail GP this year. It’s a brand new event involving refined catamarans all sailing on hydrofoils at speeds of over 50 knots! Six teams are involved in racing in some of the world’s most iconic sailing locations. “However my favourite sporting moment of 2019 is not a traditional ‘sport’ as such but I’ve loved watching it progress. Mountaineer Nirmal Purjar (an ex-British special forces member) has been attempting to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000m peaks in seven months. Which is seven years faster than the previous record. It’s truly unbelievable physically, psychologically and logistically. Most people will never climb one of these peaks and those that do may only do one in their lifetime!”

Sharron Davies MBE, former Olympic swimmer and BBC Sport presenter “For me it has to be the World Swimming Championships in South Korea. It gave us a good rehearsal for Tokyo next year and my favourite race was the men’s 4X100m relay which saw Great Britain beat the USA. “Adam Peaty MBE put in a great performance and Duncan Scott performed an amazing final freestyle leg.”

Matthew Hoggard MBE, former England Ashes winning cricketer “A lot of my favourite sporting moments this year have involved the heroics of Ben Stokes! He has provided some truly inspirational sporting moments this summer. “However, for England to be named World Champions playing the sport I love the most is my key highlight of 2019. Watching Eoin Morgan captain our team throughout the tournament and to see him raise the World Cup trophy, at Lords has to be my moment of the year!”

All of the sports stars featured in this article are available to book through Champions Speakers Agency. If you want to add a special touch to your next event, contact 0207 1010 553

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CHAMPION EMPLOYEE WELLBEING WITH OLYMPIC LEGEND SALLY GUNNELL OBE Create a happier and healthier workplace with Olympic legend Sally Gunnell OBE It was the 5 August 1992 in Barcelona and Sally Gunnell OBE was less than one minute away from achieving a lifelong dream. Crossing the finish line in 53.23 seconds, Sally won gold in the 400m hurdles, joining the legendary list of British Olympians before her who had their name etched in history for their success on the biggest stage of all. During her incredibly successful sporting career she also won gold medals at the World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games. To this day she remains the only woman in history to hold the four major track titles concurrently. Now the British athletics legend is using the lessons she learned during her sporting career to support businesses across the UK and internationally. Since hanging up her spikes in 1997, Sally has become one of the country’s most sought after keynote speakers providing insight on a variety of topics including resilience and corporate wellbeing. As well as this, she has created Sally Gunnell Health and Wellbeing which works with companies of all sizes and from a number of sectors creating bespoke programmes

that explain the link between organisational health, performance and results. Dedicated to creating a healthier and happier workplace Sally and her team offer a range of solutions including wellbeing consultancy, wellbeing initiatives, trainers and coaches. Some of the aspects of wellbeing Sally helps to address include: · Physical wellbeing · Mental Health · Sleep · Nutrition · Financial “Each day you must have a purpose,” she said explaining why she made the transition into keynote speaking and how her wellbeing programme aims to help businesses around the world. “You can’t just sail through life and when I was running, I knew what I wanted to accomplish on that day, whether it was a training session or a race. “It is the same in business, you need to know what gets you out of bed in the morning. You want to be the best you can be as a person and it’s all about finding ways of dealing with any forms of stress that is affecting you. “It might be about thinking about what you eat, sleeping better, exercising and what you do to relax as well. Everyone has good days and bad days but it’s all about how you pick yourself up and move on and our programme helps with this.” Sally Gunnell Health and Wellbeing organisation understand that every business is different which means everything they do is completely bespoke.

To book Sally Gunnell OBE for your next event get in touch with Champions Speakers Agency. Call 0207 1010 553 or visit For more information on the services Sally can provide your business visit

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Amazing eagles, a debut winner and a surprise weather turnout, the 2019 Farmfoods European Senior Masters certainly looks set to live long in the memory. From 3–6 October this year’s Farmfoods European Senior Masters took place at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Warwickshire. And, all eyes were on Spaniard Santiago Luna to see if he’d be able to successfully defend his crown and once again scoop the €50,000 first prize. But it wasn’t to be, as Frenchman Thomas Levet put in a stunning performance to clinch his first ever Staysure Tour win. And if you weren’t lucky enough to see the six-time European Tour winner lift the trophy in person, then our rundown will fill you in on the full four days of golfing action.

Thursday 3 rd October – Pro-Am team event gets championship underway

The team finished ahead of second placed Margetts who were fronted by Joakim Haeggman. Farmfoods 2 led by Paul Lawrie and SecureAUTH headed up by Philip Price both tied for third. Following all the excitement on the course, an evening dinner was held where prizes were handed out to Mike and his team which included a signed piece of Tony Jacklin memorabilia, a magnum of Moët, a foldaway golf trolley and a pair of Duca del Cosma shoes. The evening also provided an opportunity to raise money for the event’s official charity, the Lord’s Taverners. The UK’s leading youth cricket and disabled sport’s charity put on a range of programmes across the country to engage disadvantaged and disabled children in sport.

As has been the tradition with this event since it was inaugurated three years ago, a Pro-Am kicked off the weekend with 28 teams heading out onto the Forest of Arden course. Each team was made up of one Staysure Tour player and three amateurs with the overall champions claiming a team prize. It was Reynard’s Raiders, featuring professional Mike Reynard and amateurs Steve Reynard, Louis Sanders and Tony Murtagh, who came out on top clinching victory with a score of 93 points.

58 // Ian Woosnam OBE

Friday 4 th October - Event host Peter Baker leads the way Friday was the first day of the tournament proper where a whole host of Major, European Tour and Ryder Cup winners took on the course to get their bid for glory underway. For much of the day it was PGA Tour star Dan Olsen who looked like he would end the opening day on top of the leaderboard, but following a stunning back nine it was the event’s host Peter Baker who finished top of the pack. Baker ended his round by shooting -6 which included a remarkable eagle on the 17th. This performance meant he finished one shot ahead of Olsen. Next came a number of players in third place including Argentinian Mauricio Molina, European Tour winner Markus Brier, Staysure Tour star David Shacklady, Swedish player Jarmo Sandelin, and 2017’s champion Stephen Dodd.

Jarmo Sandelin

2019 Farmfoods European Senior Masters Champion - Thomas Levet

// 59

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Iain Carter, Des Smyth, Thomas Levet and Phillip Price

Thomas Levet holing the winning putt on the 18th green

Saturday 5 th October - Tournament heats up as Broadhurst takes the lead Attention remained on Peter Baker going into the second round with spectators eager to see if he could maintain his lead at the front. Sadly, for Peter this was not the case as he fell down the leaderboard after an unsuccessful round which saw him drop a number of shots, including a double bogey and three bogies. However, the Forest of Arden was instead treated to a tussle between some of the event’s biggest names. It was British golfing legend and two-time Senior Major winner Paul Broadhurst who lead the way scoring -4, on a day which also saw him putt a superb eagle on the 4th, to bring his total score up to -7.

James Kingston. They walked away with a Burridge glass trophy, a pair of Duca del Cosma shoes, a Magnum of Moët & Chandon Champagne and a two-night stay at Castillo Hotel Son Vida Mallorca.

Sunday 6 th October – Levet clinches debut win on final day Despite heavy rain overnight delaying tee off times by 30 minutes, spirits couldn’t be dampened on the final day of the tournament. And the action certainly didn’t disappoint. In what was widely regarded as ‘anyone’s game’ due to the hugely competitive and ever-changing leaderboard it turned out to be one of the most exciting final days yet.

This gave him the lead going into Sunday’s final day. Closing in on him just one shot behind was a prolific pack including 1991 Masters winner Ian Woosnam OBE, 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie OBE, Australian star Peter Fowler, former European Tour player Gary Evans, sixtime European Tour winner Thomas Levet and Argentine Mauricio Molina. Saturday marked the end of the amateur championship with Team Wilson taking the win – comprising amateur Jeremy Wilson and two-time European Tour winner

60 // Huge crowds following Ian Woosnam OBE during the final round

It was Thomas Levet who took charge quickly flying through the leaderboard. His near flawless round faltered on the tenth when he scored two consecutive bogies giving his competitors the chance to strike while the iron was hot. A third bogey on the 16th put him in a vulnerable position but he kept his cool and managed to maintain the lead taking victory by one stroke. He finished on -10 one shot better than Austria’s Markus Brier who had shot -9.

Further down the leaderboard was three golfing icons in the form of 1991 Masters winner Ian Woosnam OBE, 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie OBE and five-time European Tour winner Jarmo Sandelin. The trio all ended on -8 as the tournament came to a close and Levet lifted the silver trophy.

Paul Lawrie OBE on the 18th tee

Thomas Levet with tournament host Peter Baker

The 2020 event will take place from 15–18 October with preparations already underway.

For more information on this, as well as sponsorship and hospitality opportunities, get in touch with Benoit Lawrence at event organisers Champions (UK) plc. Call 08453 31 30 31 or email

Peter Baker, Louis Sanders, Tony Murtagh, Steve Reynard, Mike Reynard and Stuart Davis

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e xperience the be autiful g ame.

more b e autif ul ly.


Club Wembley is a truly unique multi-season membership that offers world class hospitality and a guaranteed seat at some of Wembley Stadium’s biggest events.

GUAR ANTEE Y O U R P L A C E A T: • The Emirates FA Cup Final

• The Carabao Cup Final

• The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Finals

• All Senior Men’s England Internationals at Wembley

• The FA Community Shield

Plus, get priority access to the biggest concerts and other events at Wembley Stadium.

Connections A benefits programme run exclusively for Club Wembley members. Think Q&A’s with football legends, VIP breakfasts and dinners, celebrity matches, access to England training sessions – or even the chance to put your son, daughter, niece or nephew forward to be the player mascot for the next big game.

Hospitality From a crisp, cold beer on the members’ concourse to a chilled flute of Laurent-Perrier Champagne in One Twenty; from our famous chicken balti pies and fully stacked burgers in Inner Circle to à-la-carte dining in Bobby Moore, you’ll find something for every fan.

To find out more: 0208 795 9524

20/04/2018 12:08

A rest unlike the rest Welcome to The Hari, a luxury five-star hotel in the heart of Belgravia. Moments from Harrods and the high-end shops of Knightsbridge, The Hari is also within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and The Royal Albert Hall, as well as the city’s most famous museums.

The Hari is a mix of plush upholstery, marble bathrooms, contemporary art and cosy furnishings. All 85 designer bedrooms, of which 14 are luxury suites, are designed to make every stay as relaxing as possible. The Hari is also home to Italian restaurant, il Pampero, which prides itself in serving exceptional homemade cuisine in a chic setting.

The Hari, 20 Chesham Place SW1X 8HQ | 020 7858 0100 #TheHari

64 / /

CORPORATE G O LF DAYS FOUR TIME RYDER CUP HOST Create the perfect environment for drawing business associates and clients together. Whether you want exclusive use of The Brabazon or want to extend your visit with a dinner and overnight stay, The Belfry Hotel & Resort can deliver the perfect corporate golf event to match your every need.

01675 238 600 |

65 //


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THE GREAT WINTER ESCAPE With a little help from Travel Beautifully, who specialise in bespoke Caribbean holidays, we have your next holiday in hand. The Caribbean islands are always a temptation, but their blue waters and much needed dose of sun becomes ever more alluring when the weather in the UK makes its inevitable transition. With so many islands to choose from, all offering their own quirks and experiences, it can be a challenge to know where to go, what to do and where to stay. We enlisted the expert guidance of Travel Beautifully, who have worked in the Caribbean for 20 years. Together, we have focussed on Saint Lucia, and Saint Kitts and Nevis bringing together all the best places to eat, sleep and play.

Saint Lucia Eat The Hi Tide restaurant is a must visit at any time of the day – although evening is recommended for a more serene experience – if you are looking to complement delicious food with unparalleled views. The restaurant is perched over the picture-perfect Reduit Beach and has a menu which boasts the best of Caribbean cuisine as well as some world favourites. If you want to truly immerse yourself in Caribbean culture staring with Saint Lucian delicacies, then add SeaGrapes bar and restaurant to your list. In a relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy the freshest seafood while taking in the breathtaking views of Pigeon Island National Park.

Sleep Bay Gardens Resort’s new five-star luxury villas, Waters Edge, is a stunning choice of stay. Located along a beautiful marina, close to the island’s famous Rodney Bay, the venue is enveloped by tropical gardens and long views. A perfect place to indulge in a little tranquillity and elegance, Waters Edge comes complete with a virtual concierge which outlines dining options, shopping recommendations and guidelines of the attractions the island has to offer for guests.

66 //

Waters Edge Villas also offer a complimentary private catamaran tour – the best way to drink in all that Saint Lucia has to offer. You can find out more about these two venues in the later pages of our Travel & Lifestyle section.

Play You won’t grow bored of things to do in the area as there is plenty to explore in Saint Lucia. Spend a day uncovering the beauty of the Sulphur Springs & Drive-In Volcano in Soufriere, or get in amongst the bustling Castries Market where you can enjoy the sights and smells of a traditional Caribbean street market. And when the sun goes down, Rodney Bay Village’s nightlife comes alive with authentic beach shack bars serving up fruity cocktails.

For when the holiday guilt kicks in – the pesky overindulging feeling we all get at some point on our travels – Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, situated on the west coast of the island, puts on unique fitness classes three days a week. The aptly named AbSoLucian, has been created by the resort’s resident fitness guru and includes all kinds of classes including Pilates, power walking, and hill climbing in the bay.

St Kitts & Nevis Eat If searching for the finest island restaurants, venture outside of St Kitts’ resorts. Reef Bar and Grill, in Dieppe Bay, is a seafood lover’s dream boasting the best lobster on the island – a big statement to make but it has the reviews to back it up. Sprat Net in Old Road, the Caribbean’s first British settlement, is another one for the foodies. Some of the island’s best fishermen work for the restaurant who, in the 1990s made the decision to cook the fish they catch. Time it right and you can even watch as your fish is caught our in the sea before being prepared in an open kitchen. The restaurant is a live music regular too so you can get yourself settled for the whole night.

Lavish and chic, the resort is situated on the mountainside, so you can take a stroll through the hills of Mount Liamuiga or dive straight into the sea which is just on the doorstep.

Play Saint Kitts has history to boot with much of the island’s architecture from the 17th and 18th Century. This includes the Brimstone Hill Fortress which is certainly worth a visit. The site is of both historical and cultural significance in the region and the views you can take in from the top really need to be seen to be believed. Saint Kitts is also famous for its Vervet monkeys that roam the island. So be sure to get some snaps of the cheeky primates as you will certainly come across them in all areas of the island. Watch out for your food and drink though as they have a particular taste for fine cuisine and cocktails!


So bring your suitcases back down from the loft, unpack your summer wardrobe and leave winter behind you.

Belle Mont Farm, with its luxury villas, cottages and farmhouses is one of the island’s best hotel resorts. All accommodation has been designed by award-winning architect Bill Bensley who has drawn inspiration from the natural landscapes that surround the resort.

This is just a small handful of recommendations from Travel Beautifully, for more information from the experts visit:

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The suite life reimagined


03/05/2019 15:03

St Enodoc Hotel, Restaurant & Spa


Beach Elegance in the Heart of Rock…

Eat With Us…

A privately owned boutique hotel in an exquisite hideaway with sweeping views over the Camel estuary, Rock. The beach is a stone’s throw from the Hotel as is the passenger ferry to Padstow. St Enodoc is a stylish and relaxing place for your stay in North Cornwall. Explore the rugged Cornish coastline, sample a variety of water sports in the protected estuary and enjoy some of the finest restaurants in the South West of England.

Our Restaurant is relaxed and welcoming. In the summer, food can be enjoyed alfresco on our terrace overlooking the estuary. Breakfast in the sunshine or try one of our cocktails as the sun sets. Our kitchen has the ‘Cornish larder’ at its disposal which can range from local Porthilly oysters, fish and lobster landed in Padstow.

To eat with us, book a dog-friendly stay, complete with a cosy dog bed, bowls & treats, book a spa treatment, book a staycation... E: T: 01208 863394 W:

CELEBRATING 90 YEARS OF GROSVENOR HOUSE HOTEL One of London’s most distinguished hotels celebrates its 90th birthday and undergoes an exquisite refurbishment. Since 1929, JW Marriott Grosvenor House London has stood just a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace welcoming some of the world’s most illustrious guests through its doors. Boasting one of the capital’s most exclusive postcodes, 2019 is a very special year for the iconic hotel as it celebrates its 90th anniversary. And now the hotel has paid homage to its heritage and fascinating past with a renovation. Over the years royalty, dignitaries from all over the world, as well as some of the most famous celebrities on the planet have visited the hotel which has become synonymous with British elegance. Its new renovation infuses neighbouring Hyde Park’s bright parkland into the intricate design of the hotel guestrooms. Taking four years to complete, the extensive project accents warmth with the chosen palette of soft neutrals and velvet greens with woodland inspired furniture that mimics the changing of seasons.

The imaginative ground floor revamp includes framed and ceramic artwork along the hallway that radiates sophistication. The décor beautifully reflects the hotel’s elegance with butterfly wall art, marble finishings and a bespoke floor-to-ceiling glass lobby. Many of the hotel’s standout selling points have remained during the refurbishment including its ability to provide the perfect backdrop for all occasions. In its anniversary year the hotel is hosting a range of special events including a new history package with walking tours of Mayfair, audio podcasts and history tours of the hotel. Alongside the celebrations Grosvenor House’s Executive Chef, Paul Bates continues to serve a delicious awardwinning afternoon tea between 12:30pm-6pm. This season’s ‘Celebration Tea’ features miniature culinary delights such as milk chocolate and honeycomb mousse and a rhubarb and custard delice, in addition to traditional finger sandwiches and soft buttermilk scones.

Want to be part of the celebrations? Visit JW Marriott Grosvenor House at 86-90 Park Lane, London, W1K 7TN.

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MARGARITAVILLE RESORT ORLANDO: VISIT ONCE OR STAY FOREVER Alistair Brown International Real Estate help people find their perfect home abroad and among his extensive portfolio of resort properties lies the stunning Margaritaville. With its world-famous theme parks, alluring year-round climate and welcoming residents, there is little wonder why Orlando is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Last year the Sunshine State hit record-breaking tourist figures as it welcomed 75 million people – more than one million of which were Brits. And on some occasions, what starts out as ‘just a holiday’ captures hearts and spurs the desire for something a little more permanent. Enter Alistair Brown International Real Estate (ABIRE). ABIRE is a boutique real estate consultancy that brings together the most distinguished properties from around the world.

Headed up by Alistair Brown himself, the business has years of experience in selling properties in global locations such as London, Paris, Tuscany and Spain but places onus on Florida and the Caribbean. As an international brand ambassador of One Sotheby’s Miami group, ABIRE has unprecedented access to unique homes which include current offerings from One Thousand Museum in Downtown Miami, Aventura Park Square in Florida as well as Grove Resort & Water Park and Margaritaville, both of which are in Orlando. The latter resort, Margaritaville, is the most recent addition to ABIRE’s expansive Florida-based portfolio. Spread across 300 acres, hugged by Walt Disney World Resort and encapsulating a sense of community, it’s easy to see why it is a popular destination among holiday goers and property investors alike. A little slice of paradise, the resort boasts an 184-room luxury hotel, vacation cottages and cosy timeshares all of which have been thoughtfully designed to incorporate the comforts needed when away from home. Margaritaville’s incredible range of leisure facilities include entertainment venues, a spa, kids’ club, swimming pools and Sunset Walk – the resort’s outdoor shopping district – which means there is always something to do. And if neighbouring Disney is not enough entertainment, then perhaps the resort’s own 14-acre water park will deliver. Island H20 Live features a wave pool simulator, nine different thrill rides and adult-only areas scattered around the park.

Beyond the bustling atmosphere of the hotel is where the vacation cottages can be found – a colourful community of two to eight-bedroom cottages available for short trips or permanent holiday homes. Designed by renowned interior company Ethan Allen, the cottages are just a few steps away from the sandy beach and echo the laid-back lifestyle that Margaritaville is known for. With the vacation home rental market becoming a hugely popular alternative to hotels, there has been no better time to invest in Margaritaville. The ability to truly understand their clients is at the heart of ABIRE’s offering, as Alistair points out: “From the very first

conversation, I am thinking about the client; their family, their likes and dislikes and those subtleties and emotional triggers that are important to their lifestyle. “Before we think about a property we need to know why they have made the decision to start the search,” he added. “Everything I learn about them creates a vision, which I then use to hand pick properties for their unique circumstances.”

To discuss your requirements, or to find out more about Margaritaville, or any of the resorts in ABIRE’s property portfolio, contact the team on 0141 483 8484. Alternatively, email

So, turn your favourite place into more than just a holiday destination by contacting the ABIRE team today.

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THE PINNACLE OF LUXURY IN ST. LUCIA The Bay Gardens Resorts properties are located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Whether you’re looking for accommodations overlooking the Rodney Bay Marina, an extraordinary island retreat in the heart of the Rodney Bay or a beachfront walk-out on the stunning Reduit beach, the resort chain provides the ideal location for an exciting, fun and relaxing atmosphere on the island. Guests can now stay at Bay Gardens Resorts new 5-star luxury villas, Waters Edge Villas. Surrounded by tropical gardens and the incredible views of the Rodney Bay Marina, a popular attraction when visiting the northern part of the island, Waters Edge Villas sits ideally along the marina and comprises two private villas. A perfect place for those seeking refuge in a world of tranquility and elegance, these four-bedroom vacation-rental villas are fully airconditioned and offers custom designed amenities. With the addition of Virtual Concierge powered by Alexa, guests now have a new way to access Bay Gardens Resorts’ amenities and services during their stay. It provides dining options, shopping selections and guidelines to explore the island’s most magnificent attractions. Relish in luxury with our in-villa catering option by indulging your palate in an array of island flavours from an award-winning private chef. We bring the finest

76 / /

culinary tastes from our Bay Gardens Beach Resort& Spa’s SeaGrapes and Hi Tide Restaurants right to your villa. Pair this with your fully stocked fridge of fine wines. Get the ultimate rest and relaxation retreat at the nearby Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa’s La Mer Spa. An allencompassing spa experience awaits as La Mer Spa, in collaboration with the TripAdvisor top-rated Ojas Spa and Wellness, introduces Ayurveda therapy as part of its health and wellness package. Or indulge in authentic Caribbean experiences right in the comfort of your villa with our invilla massages which are available upon request.

such as concierge service, daily housekeeping, room service upon request and numerous recreational amenities including unlimited Splash Island Water Park passes, unlimited non-motorised water sports activities and much more. Uniquely designed with their own private deck, Water Edge Villas by Bay Gardens Resorts offers guests booking with us a complimentary private catamaran tour collecting you right on your private berth, offering the very best of the Bay Gardens brand!

For a truly authentic experience, enjoy the best of both worlds by taking advantage of our resort-styled privileges

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O L D - S C H O O L LO N D O N G L A M O U R O U T S I D E , C H I C F I V E - S TA R L U X U R Y I N S I D E



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Living space at Port Ferdinand

FAMILY, FUN, ADVENTURE Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residences delivers an exceptional experience combined with all the amenities and services expected of a coveted, world-class destination resort. Across 2,200 sq ft of living space, guests are treated to year-round sunshine, tropical breezes and turquoise seas, everything else just falls perfectly into place. Whether you’re living here or simply vacationing at our awardwinning resort, it will be a life-changing experience marked by adventure, relaxation and a chance to recharge and reconnect. Our two, three and five-bedroom luxury villa-style accommodations and penthouses display traditional Barbadian architecture and finishes, with floor plans that maximize open living spaces, breathtaking views and privacy. Generous terraces with spa pools, fully equipped kitchens, and beautiful en-suite bedrooms are accented with marble tiles, whitewashed cedar joinery and coral

Beach and Marina at Port Ferdinand

mouldings. Beach elevators take guests from residences on higher floors to the pool and beach. We offer an array of bar and dining options including our poolside restaurant, The Gazebo Bar & Grill and our inhome or on the beach private dining experiences. You can also enjoy casual or fine dining at our sister property, Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residences, a short 10-min drive away or complimentary water-taxi. There is plenty to do at Saint Peter’s Bay with a large selection of on-site facilities and off-site options at our sister resort. Lounge beside our beautiful 160-ft lagoon style pool that wraps and winds alongside the beachfront of Barbados, visit the Fitness Centre, enjoy an in-room Yoga, Pilates or Zumba session, snorkel with the turtles, or take up any of our complimentary water sports activities including paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, wakeboarding, sailing and more. There is always something for the kids too - our youngest guests may spend indoor playtime at The Kids Zone. For a more interactive and educational experience, kids can enjoy classes in Arts & Crafts, Sea Turtle Education and Fitness Fun. We also offer in-suite Babysitting and Nanny services. No matter the type of vacation, Saint Peter’s Bay is one of the best luxury resorts to choose from in Barbados as it offers an array of world-class amenities and services, coupled with luxurious accommodation and authentic ‘Bajan’ hospitality.

For more information, visit Pool at Port Ferdinand

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Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residences delivers an exceptional experience combined with all the amenities and services expected of a coveted, world-class destination resort. With year-round sunshine, tropical breezes and turquoise seas, everything else just falls perfectly into place. Whether you’re living here or simply vacationing at our award-winning resort, it will be a life-changing experience marked by adventure, relaxation and a chance to recharge and reconnect. At Port Ferdinand, you’ll find a stunning selection of one to three-bedroom villa-style accommodations designed to allow maximum enjoyment of the unique experience that the waterfront resort has to offer. Each beautifully designed villa features over-sized living spaces and relaxing areas, allowing a peaceful yet luxurious haven for a Caribbean family vacation, romantic getaway or a special event.

Tucked away on the eastern end of the property and framed by the tree from which Barbados got its name - the bearded fig tree, the spa has extra special garden views. The resort also offers an array of bar and dining options including a fine-dining restaurant, Dockside at 13°/59° led by internationally acclaimed Chef Larry Rogers, an alfresco pizzeria and in-home or on-the-beach private dining experiences. You can also enjoy additional dining options at our sister resort Saint Peter’s Bay Luxury Resort & Residences. A large selection of on-site facilities supplemented by additional off-site options at our sister resort, Saint Peter’s Bay, provide options to suit everyone. Visit Nikki Beach Club at Port Ferdinand, an intimate and vibrant lifestyle

Complementing its tranquil natural surroundings, The Sandbox Tree Spa at Port Ferdinand provides the ideal retreat to nourish and replenish the mind, body and soul. Pool at Saint Peter’s Bay

Pool at Saint Peter’s Bay

beach club set on our beachfront with access to a restaurant and pool, snorkel with the turtles, or take up any of our complimentary water-sports activities including paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba diving and more. Our youngest guests may spend playtime at either The Buccaneer HideoutOutdoor Kids’ Park or The Pirates Den- Indoor Kids’ Club. For a more interactive and educational experience, kids can enjoy classes in Arts & Crafts, Sea Turtle Education and Fitness Fun. We also offer in-suite Babysitting and Nanny services.

Saint Peter’s Bay

The Sand Box Spa and Port Ferdinand

Whether your Barbados dream is a couple’s romantic escape, a wellness retreat or a family vacation, Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residences are sure to check all the boxes, combining privacy with exceptional service and stylish living with world-class amenities.

For more information visit // 81

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CONFERENCE AND EVENTS FACILITIES FOR UP TO 400 DELEGATES BUSINESS MEETINGS | TEAM BUILDING | CORPORATE GOLF Welcome to an award-winning venue that is surrounded by 550 acres of countryside whilst still being easily accessible from major transport links, a venue where every meeting and event space is uniquely designed, and a venue that has a variety of world-class facilities to match your every need.

01675 238 600 |

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ECOTOURISM – MAKING TRAVELLING MORE SUSTAINABLE As climate change is on everyone’s mind, we take a look at ecotourism and its mighty impact on the environment. People all over the world are starting to stand up and listen to the harsh realities of our world’s future, influenced more by protesting efforts and prominent public figures such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Sir David Attenborough raising awareness. The latter national treasure shared in April a shocking truth that has been heard across the world. In the BBC programme Climate Change – The Facts, Attenborough stressed that “If we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies.” The sheer journey that lies ahead cannot be understated, but we can only hope that with signs such as the UK enforcing a zero emissions law and increased awareness of our own environmental impact, action will be taken. Tourism is undoubtedly an area of particular focus which sees many of us making small but mighty steps to reduce our travelling footprints. Within the industry this is defined as ‘ecotourism’. Defined by the International Ecotourism Society, it refers to “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the

environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” This can be done through building environmental awareness, providing financial benefits for conservation, local people and the private industry, and recognising the beliefs and culture of indigenous people in the community. And while it’s more commonly done by those dedicating large amounts of time to travelling and conservation work, there is increasing behaviour changes, small though they may be, that are actually making a big difference.

Offset your flights International flights account for around 60% of aviation emissions with a return flight from London to New York generating 986kg of Carbon Dioxide per passenger – more than the average person generates in a year in 56 countries around the world. When you consider that 4.5 billion passengers took nearly 45 million flights worldwide last year, it’s clear to see that the amount of CO2 produced is exponentially high. But there is a way to give back. You can now offset flights to make up for the emissions produced by air travel. Carbon offsetting is a voluntary process whereby purchasing an offset contributes to ongoing projects that reduce greenhouse gases. Some of these projects help to restore forests, increase the efficiency of transport and make factories greener.

Don’t take public transport You’re enjoying a city break and need to get to the other side of town. You have no idea of how to get there so jump in an Uber. We’ve all done it but much like aeroplanes most public transport options also release harmful emissions. While the likes of trams and underground rail systems are much better for the environment than cars or buses a simpler solution is to walk.

We’re not suggesting trekking for hours on end across a city but for small to medium size journeys this is the best solution for the planet. In the modern age almost all of us has a map on our phones which can easily help you get from A to B. Plus en route you may discover some hidden gems that you might have otherwise been oblivious to. And, it is a simple way to sneak some exercise into your holiday. A win-win right?

Buy and eat locally Immersing yourself in a new country’s culture is one of the best parts about going on holiday. And you can take this one step further by ensuring everything you buy and eat comes from a local source. Transporting food and goods to many of the world’s tourist destinations has a negative effect on the environment with more emissions being generated in the process. Therefore, it is better to consume goods that have a low carbon footprint. You can do this by ditching the chain restaurants for local delicacies and staying away from the global brands in favour of local stores. Doing this does not only help the planet but also gives back to the local economy and gives you the chance to have a more authentic experience while away.

Use a responsible tourist board Before booking your getaway it is always worth checking out the tourist board of the country you’re going to. A great example of a responsible tourist board is Visit Rwanda – the tourist board for the central African country – who help maintain Rwanda’s reputation as the cleanest country in the continent. For example, since 2008 plastic bags have been banned in the country and if you take one with you it will be taken off you at the airport. They also invest a significant amount of their tourism income back into local communities. Visit Rwanda is also dedicated to conservation, particularly when it comes to the country’s gorillas. Thousands of people go gorilla trekking each year hoping to catch a glimpse of the endangered animals. And, Rwanda is one of just two countries where these spectacular creatures can be safely viewed in their natural habitat with Visit Rwanda organising trips and safaris for visitors to see them up close. As a whole, Rwanda is committed to being environmentally friendly and on the last Saturday of every month it is mandatory for Rwandan citizens to participate in ‘Umuganda’. The practice runs from 8:00am– 11:00am and sees businesses close and traffic come to a stop as people head to their neighbourhoods to sweep the streets and dig drainage ditches.

For more information about ecotourism, its benefits and how you can help, visit:

A new style in the eternal city HOTEL DE LA VILLE, SPANISH STEPS, ROME



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THE NEW OLD FASHIONED The Berkeley Bar & Terrace; Belgravia’s answer to an intimate drink-à-deux.

For reservations or more information, please call +44 (0)20 7235 6000 or email THE-BERKELEY.CO.UK


FOOD AND DRINK At Inspirational London we have compiled some of our favourite eateries from across the capital, so you can read up before you dine out. For a new Asian-inspired dining experience, why not visit Sexy Fish in Mayfair? The menu veers towards sushi with an emphasis on fresh fish while an energetic bar team concocts an extraordinary variety of cocktails and tipples. Plus, their rotating menus are always seasonally conscious an experience to be savoured. One of the capital’s most luxurious hotels, The Dorchester has recently relaunched The Grill restaurant under the stewardship of up and coming chef Tom Booton. Placing an emphasis on British suppliers, their signature dishes are inspired by local London produce and their delicious cocktail range is also well worth sampling. Every meal is enhanced by a fine wine and Shawbury Wine is leading the way with a great selection of bottles. The family run business offers a carefully curated selection of wines each individually chosen for their exceptional quality and body of flavour. And for the nights when nothing but some home comforts will do, we have provided you with a recipe sure to warm your cockles this winter.

400g plain flour 1 tbsp English mustard powder 100g lard 100g butter

2 eggs beaten (1 for the pastry and 1 for egg wash) For the filling 1kg braising steak such as brisket or skirt, cut into chunks, any sinew and fatty bits discarded 50g plain flour 1 tbsp English mustard powder 3 tbsp rapeseed oil or vegetable oil 250g bacon lardons 2 carrots, cut into small chunks 2 onions, chopped

88 //


2 bay leaves 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp tomato purée 600ml beef stock 6 thyme sprigs 150g strong crumbly blue cheese, such as stilton 1 piece marrowbone, about 10cm depending on the depth of your pie dish (optional)

1. First, make the pastry. Put the flour, mustard powder, ½ tsp salt, the lard and butter in a food processor and pulse until combined. Add 1 egg and pulse again. Add 1 tbsp cold water, if needed, until it forms a short pastry. Knead into a ball, wrap and chill in the fridge for 30 mins. 2. Season the steak and toss with the flour and mustard powder. Heat half the oil in a large pan. Brown the meat in a few batches, adding more oil as you need to and making sure you don’t overcrowd the pan. 3. Fry the bacon until beginning to crisp. Tip in the carrots, onions and bay leaves and cook until the veg is soft. Stir in the Worcestershire sauce and tomato purée for 1 min, then add the stock, thyme and browned beef. Season, cover the pan and simmer gently for 2½ hrs, stirring now and again to prevent the sauce from sticking. Remove the lid for the last 30 mins to thicken the sauce. 4. Transfer the beef to a pie dish and crumble the cheese over the top. Place the marrowbone in the centre, nestling it into the meat. Roll out the pastry on a floured worktop until large enough to cover the pie and about ½cm thick. Brush the beaten egg over the edges of the pie dish, drape the pastry over, trim the excess and pinch around the edge to seal. Cut a hole for the marrowbone or pie funnel to poke through and brush the top all over with beaten egg. Chill for about 30 mins while you heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. 5. Bake for 45-50 mins until the pastry is golden.

Langan’s Brasserie is arguably one of the most iconic eateries in London, boasting an interesting history, a menu that showcases traditionally British cuisine, and an interior easily mistaken for a high-profile art gallery. Located on Stratton Street in the affluent Mayfair, which is awash with fine architecture and five star hotels, Langan’s Brasserie was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur Peter Langan and his actor friend and business partners, Sir Michael Caine CBE and Richard Shepherd CBE (the first ever Michelin starred chef). Under the trio’s wing, the restaurant quickly became a haunt for the world's most famous faces, seating the likes of the iconic Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Mohammed Ali, Sir Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson. An avid art enthusiast, Peter also built a prestigious art collection with originals from dear friends and famed artists including Francis Bacon and David Hockney. To this day the restaurant and private dining area’s walls are still adorned with original paintings, a feature that brings guests to the brasserie time and time again. Sadly Peter passed away in 1988 due to a fire at his home, however his legacy lives on. Offering an exciting range of traditional British fayre, at Langan’s, diners find a delicious mix of vibrant dishes all made from fresh ingredients. Dishes include, spinach souffle, grilled Dover sole with parsley butter, Veal Saltimbocca and beef Wellington with Madeira sauce. The menus have, of course, naturally changed with the times, but there are still a few dishes that pay homage to the brasserie’s history and have remained on the menu since the day it’s doors first opened. The brasserie, which also offers a decadent bar area, is truly the perfect destination for both art and food lovers alike.

For more information or to book a table please visit or call 020 7491 8822

Stratton Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8LB // 89

Food and Drink

THE GRILL AT THE DORCHESTER: A BRITISH ICON RELAUNCHED One of London’s most luxurious hotels, The Dorchester relaunches The Grill restaurant under the stewardship of up and coming chef Tom Booton. A hotel and its restaurant are the perfect marriage – and no one echoes this sentiment better than The Dorchester who have been a cherished resident of London’s Mayfair for many a decade. Now, the hotel, which is situated on Park Lane, has taken their commitment to providing the best stay and the finest food, to the next level by relaunching The Grill. Long regarded as one of the capital’s best British restaurants, the relaunch has come with an extremely talented chef in the form of 26-year-old Tom Booton. Tom is one of the country’s finest young talents and has brought fresh energy to the role. By his side is a stellar team comprising sous chef Adam Nevin, head sommelier Eugenio Egorov and general manager Jennifer Santner who

all share Tom’s vision to take The Grill to exponential new heights. The chef opened his kitchen to his first diners on the 12th November this year and his food has been an instant hit. Wanting to place an emphasis on local London and British suppliers, Tom’s signature dishes include homemade stout bread, prawn scotch egg, lobster thermidor tart, soft serve fig leaf ice cream with beignets, beignets and his own take on the classic chocolate treat ‘Double Decker’. Tom’s arrival has been celebrated in the form of a brand-new drink ‘Gentleman Tom’ which features The Dorchester’s famous Old Tom Gin. This is the brainchild of cocktail curator and award-winning bartender Lucia Montanelli who has designed a new extensive menu.

Adam Nevin with Tom Booton

90 //

Lobster thermidor tart

The restaurant’s reinterpretation extends beyond the menu too as updates to interiors have been intricately thought out. A more comfortable dining experience has been created through the banquette seating which allows guests to relax long into lunch and dinner. A pudding bar adds a theatrical element to the dining experience as guests are invited to dine at a ‘chef ’s table’ for their final course to watch the pastry chefs in action. This exciting new era marks a new chapter in the hotel’s 88-year history as Tom and his team look to create a dining experience accessible to all reflected in his pricing. Lunch menus are £23 for two courses and £30 for three courses. Dinner menus are priced at £60 for three courses and £75 for four courses.

/ / 91

A M I L L I O N M I LE S FRO M EV ERYDAY The perfect retreat. A twist on tradition. The clatter of hooves. The rolling countryside. The miles of possibility. The feeling of home. Coworth Park.

Perfection just happens.

A S COT +4 4 ( 0 ) 1 344 876 600 DO RCHE S TE R C O LLECT I ON .COM #DCmoments CoworthPark CoworthParkUK CoworthPark

With beautiful views across the River Thames, we bring the freshest f ish and shellf ish straight from the Cornish coast to London. Enjoy some of Rick’s most iconic dishes such as Dover sole à la meunière, fruits de mer and Indonesian seafood curry inspired by his travels around the world. BREAKFAST | SET MENU | SEAFOOD BAR 0208 878 9462 | Tideway Yard, 125 Mortlake High Street, Barnes

RICK STEIN’S COOKERY SCHOOL Our cookery courses offer the perfect balance of demonstrations by our chefs and hands-on cooking as well as plenty of time to enjoy the fruits of your labour whilst overlooking the Camel Estuary.

Prices start at £35, choose from: - Tasting evenings - One dish workshops - One day courses - Two day courses

- Children’s cookery - Private parties - Four day courses - Cook & stay breaks | 01841 532700 Padstow | Cornwall

Food and Drink

DRINK AND BE MERRY AT THESE SIX LONDON BARS Indulge in some of London’s cosy alpine gardens and festive pop-up bars this winter season.

Coppa Club Igloos, Tower Bridge

The Ivy Chelsea Garden, Chelsea

With front row seats looking over the Thames and Tower Bridge, is there any wonder that the beautiful glass igloos at  Coppa Club are always in high demand? During the winter months, these quaint domes are kitted out with faux fur rugs, cushions, blankets and all things cosy to keep you warm during your visit.

While a winter terrace sounds quite contradicting to the term ‘cosy’, this rooftop oasis is set in the most sublime location, high above the bustling city. Although the flower garden will not be in full bloom, the frosted ivy hanging from the ceiling and winterydecor will enable you to relax and forget about all your stresses over the festive period. Get yourself settled in the lavish velvet chairs that are placed among candle lanterns and furry rugs and wrap a blanket around yourself whilst you sit beside the fire pit.

You will have the chance to experience fine wining and dining at this picturesque spot with all your favourite festive treats. Although they accept walk-ins, to avoid disappointment over the busy winter period make a reservation in advance.  You can visit the igloos between 9 October-31 January.  Instagram: @coppaclub

The Gingerbread Cabin at York and Albany, Parkway Escape the glacial winter wind in the perfect fairytale retreat this November. Gordan Ramsey’s very own Gingerbread Cabin pop-up restaurant is returning to the York and Albany Hotel over the festive season.  The secluded lodge stands within frosted christmas trees and fairy lights where you can warm your cockles and indulge in some of the chef ’s best culinary delights among friends and family. Awaken your taste buds with warming mulled wine and a selection of Christmas inspired cocktails including a Tipsy Snowman and a Gingerbread Latte-tini. Ensure you book in advance and menu prices start from £29.00, inclusive of a welcome drink and food platter.

94 / /

Enjoy the most desirable food they have to offer including succulent sirloin steaks and roasted fillet of salmon, as well as seasonal inspired cocktails.  Instagram: @ivychelsgarden

Skylight Tobacco Dock, Wapping Killing two birds with one stone couldn’t be easier with the perfect balance of a festive mini bar and a fun filled day out. Open all year round for events, Skylight transform their rooftop into a wonderland between November and January.  Get involved in the  ultimate ice skating experience and hockey court while overlooking the London skyline. Warm your toes back up in the sheltered seating area, fully equipped with heating, rugs and neon lighting. Get reacquainted with the warm if the cold is not for you. Hire out one of the personal heated igloos and enjoy a festive drink at the mini bar. Make sure you book now to secure a Christmas slot.  Instagram: @skylight_london

Lodge d’Argent at Coq d’Argent, Bank Finally, we have the piece de résistance in these luxurious enchanted chalets available for private hire between 21 November - 28 February. With all the delicate touches such a wooden logs in wicker baskets and mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, this really is the perfect place to be this winter.  It offers ski resort glamour where you can expect tasteful bar snacks, Christmas styled cocktails such as alpine berries, cigar menus and all cosy interior to shut you off from the bitter cold.. The lodges can accommodate a party of eight with a spend of £250.00 required, inclusive of drinks and bar snacks.  Instagram: @coqdargent

Montague Ski Lodge, Bloomsbury, Holborn  Situated at the back of The Montague on the Gardens a Bloomsbury Hotel - this is the ultimate cold weather sanctuary. This dreamy alpine lodge  is embellished in snow with luxurious festive decor and ornate lanterns.  With delicate fairy lights and checkered blankets, the setting is truly divine. The lodge opens on November 14th and has a private cigar terrace and bar where you can sip on  some of their homemade butterscotch vodka. To top it off, why not immerse yourself in the alpine food platter that offers all things festive for £38.00, inclusive of three drinks.

// 9 5

Food and Drink

ENJOY LUXURY CATERING WITH TOPHAT Incorporating great food and phenomenal event planning, TopHat strive for excellence in everything they do. TopHat is a boutique catering and events company, founded by Hattie Mauleverer in 2007. Since conception, the company has grown significantly and now consists of a team of creative and focused individuals who love what they do. With an eye for detail, and a passion for fabulous food, TopHat has established a reputation as one of the UK’s best luxury caterers, creating sensational food that is affordable and deliverable. Most recently, TopHat’s efforts were recognised when they were awarded ‘Best Small Caterer’ at the London Catering

Awards 2019. The company has also been recognised in established publications Vogue, Tatler, Country Life and the Evening Standard. TopHat appeals to a range of clients across both the corporate and private world. Their client base has predominantly come from recommendations, and as a result the business has grown organically over the years. Not only have TopHat worked with luxury brands including Rolex, Tom Ford, Fendi, Ferrari and Ruinart, collectively the team has worked in some of the most renowned and impressive event spaces in and around London, including Roundhouse, Blenheim Palace, Somerset House, Garden Museum and Two Temple Place. TopHat has made a name in the industry for their attention to detail and personable approach. What makes them stand out is their founding team members, who are hand on at all times, and are dedicated to offer a bespoke service where their top priority is not only to meet, but to exceed client expectations. TopHat’s boutique size, matched with the extraordinary experience, ensures that each and every client and event feels truly special.

Contact Us: Unit 1, Heliport Industrial Estate, Lombard Road, Battersea, SW11 3SS T: 020 7924 3180 E:

96 //

TopHat food has been innovative and delicious and our clients have been very happy with all the elements of the planning, food and service - Quintessentially Events

The judges noted that TopHat Catering’s hands on approach, attention to detail, and ability to maintain a personal touch delivered a fantastic catering experience for clients London - London Catering Awards 2019

// 97


EXCULSIVE IMPORTERS OF GRAND CRU CHAMPAGNE, FINE WINES & PORT FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Shawbury Wine is a family run business that began trading in 1999. We carry a carefully curated selection of Fine Wines chosen for a variety of drinking occasions. Whether for casual entertaining or exceptional food pairings, you are sure to find the perfect wine on our list. We’re always looking to find wines that are of a superb quality, unique character and most importantly offer an enjoyable drinking experience. We typically avoid large wineries and instead deal directly with small, boutique, often family run winemakers. These people have real passion for their produce and are creating exceptional wines usually in small quantities. If you’d like to any further information on any of our services please contact us further to arrange a visit or a tasting in the comfort of your home or business.

OUR WINES • Small Growers • Boutique Wine Products • Hand Crafted • Award Winning Wines

OUR SERVICE • Personal Wine Advice • Friendly, Professional and Knowledgeable • Corporate Tastings & Gifts • Bespoke Wine Events • Sponsorship and Promotions


To discuss your event enquiry please contact the events team on 0330 107 0815 or email

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The Home Collection

Gucci at Herbarium Porcelain Teapot

£440.00 Turn the meaning of winter blues on its head by welcoming the colour into your home with small but stunning additions. Colder weather sees us seek solace in the comfort of our homes, so it’s important that you create a place that you enjoy spending time in. The plush, peacock inspired settee by Sofology is the perfect place to whittle away a day in front of the fire. Complement it with a statement stool by none other than Gucci for the ultimate cosy set up. Light up the dark nights with candles by Oliver Bonas who have a vast collection that will not only match the season’s colour palette but smell divine too.

Gucci at Herbarium Coffee Cup And Saucer, Double Set


SMEG at Smeg KLF03 Kettle, Blue

Sofology at Perle In Plush Peacock


104 / /


Amara at Coral Cushion Green 45x45


Pols Potten at Green Radium Vase Medium


Cuckooland at Dutchbone Dolly Armchair

Visit our website to see more...


Oliver Bonas at Iko Scalloped Cocktail Shaker

Haut De Gamme at


New Limited Edition - Giclée Print On 350gsm Textured Art Paper


Oliver Bonas at Abstract Orange Blossom & Amber Scented Candle


Gucci at Tiger Jacquard Stool

£ 2,400.00

Oliver Bonas at Luxe Duck Egg Velvet Chair


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INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS UNVEIL LATEST COMMISSION WITH ARTIST, ALEX HALL With one of his eye-catching art installations being seen around the world and the recent unveiling of a major new commission, it’s been a good year for artist Alexander Hall. A new luxury hotel in the historic French city of Lyon is the setting for the latest ambitious project by upcoming British artist Alexander Hall. Two of his eye-catching paintings have taken pride of place in the foyer of the InterContinental Lyon - Hotel Dieu, one of the city’s most iconic buildings. The artwork was unveiled during a five-day celebration in September to mark the official opening of the opulent hotel following major renovation works. And the London-based artist was at the five-star venue to talk about his work. “It has been a really exciting commission and I couldn’t wait to see what they have done to the building and to see my own work in there,” he said. “The hotel is absolutely stunning – they have done an amazing job with it. It was great to be there and to see my paintings in such a lovely setting.”

The Hotel Dieu is housed within a former hospital, on the tree-lined banks of the River Rhône. A hospital has operated on the site since the 12th century, with the current building dating from the 18th century. Its renovation took four years and was the largest private transformation of an historic monument carried out in France to date. Landing the high-profile double commission was a thrill for mixed-media artist Hall. He’s the founder of the fastemerging creative brand Haut de Gamme – an appropriate name, as it is French for “upmarket” or “high-end”. The 29-year-old came up with the idea for the hotel’s paintings after imagining opening a suitcase in a luxury hotel in a beautiful city and asking room service for a bottle of celebratory champagne. One of the paintings is a metaphor for exotic travel: an ancient leather suitcase, of the type usually found in attics but which can nowadays fetch a fair bit at bric-a-brac auctions. The other is a symbol of celebration: a work featuring three bottles of champagne. Champagne bottles, splashed and dripping with paint, have become one of the artist’s signature images which have won him many fans. His work features on the walls of celebrities including Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones, TV personality Denise Van Outen, Formula One racing driver Daniel Riccardo and Hall’s close friend, former Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead. The commission in Lyon, a city once described as the gastronomic capital of the world, came after he took on an ambitious project for InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.

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He was asked to create a piece of work to mark the company’s 200th hotel acquisition last year. His head-turning installation of 200 individually painted champagne bottles has been seen at InterContinental hotels around the world. Hall travelled to Shanghai – the home of the new InterContinental Wonderland Hotel - where the installation was suspended from the ceiling. He continued on to Singapore, Dubai, Australia and the US to showcase and talk about the life-changing work. “The paintings for Lyon are a spin-off from that commission,” Hall added, “so it’s been a chance to continue my work with InterContinental.

“I was inspired to take, as one of my subjects, an old-school leather 1940s suitcase as InterContinental was founded in 1946 by Juan Trippe. I used logos like Pan Am which the founder had previously worked at for example. “I wanted something that would convey the romance of travel to faraway places; something that spoke of the things you expect to find when you go on holiday, and what you don’t expect. “In the champagne triptych, the three bottles could represent breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Hall worked on the paintings this summer. They are substantial pieces – one metre by one and a half metres. Fifteen limited-edition reproductions of the two originals were created and personalised individually as hand finished prints, these were pre-sold to VIPs of the IGH brand. Hall and other VIPs and guests at the event found themselves at one of the most historic hotel locations in France. In medieval times, it was a resting place for beggars and Rome-bound pilgrims. The site served as a hospital for 800 years and the current building, more than 375 metres long, was started in the 18th century. The hospital closed in 2010 and, following a massive restoration project, opened this year. Guests will find the lobby, and Hall’s paintings, under the building’s stunning Grand Dome, which stands 32 metres high. The hotel’s 143 beautifully designed rooms and suites occupy the eastern façade, with views across the Rhône.

For more about Alexander Hall and his work, visit

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HELP YOUR BUSINESS FULFIL ITS POTENTIAL WITH CHAMPIONS (UK) PLC’S BRAND AUDITS Is your business achieving its full potential? Are you getting everything you want from your marketing and branding? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no’, ‘not sure’ or ‘we could do better’ then a brand audit is for you. Leading brand agency Champions (UK) plc offer extensive audits into businesses of all sectors helping them to achieve their objectives.

Increase your brand’s visibility in the right places

Boost awareness among the right people

So, what is a brand audit? Put simply it is a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your brand’s current performance. Champions has more than 15 years’ experience of delivering results for their vast client base and use this, as well as knowledge they’ve gathered about your brand, to help you in the most effective way. This includes increasing your brand’s visibility in the right places, boosting its awareness among the right people and driving brand connectivity with the right perceptions. All of this goes a long way to the overall strengthening of your business.

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Drive brand connectivity with the right perceptions

We take you on a three phase journey to fulfilled brand potential.



Getting to know you and your world

Conclusions & Recommendations

Brand Research & Analysis


Industry Diagnostic

The Discovery stage sees Champions invest their time in your business. Here the team will visit you and conduct interviews with key members of your staff from senior personnel to grassroots staff members. Staff will also be sent a questionnaire which allows Champions to truly understand where your business is on its current journey. This gives Champions the opportunity to get under the skin of your business finding out what makes you tick. They will look at your history, values, strengths, weaknesses, services, tools, channels, engagement, people and competitors. Having ascertained a thorough insight into all of these elements, the team will then move onto Development. This is where the forensic detail of the audit comes into play. Champions gather qualitative and quantitative data to help inform their conclusions. The process includes looking at brand identity performance, competitor analysis, audience analysis, Google Analytics diagnostics, social media evaluation and much more.

Brand Blueprint

Activation Plan

Touchpoint theory will also be considered which focuses on the 16 touchpoints of a customer journey. Champions will outline how the customer goes from having no awareness of your brand to becoming a brand advocate in 16 steps. Once the development work is complete it is onto the Delivery stage. Your business will be presented with an expert external look at your brand’s current performance. Champions will present this to you in person as well as giving you a comprehensive audit document which covers each aspect of the investigation. The document will also include a blueprint of recommendations. These recommendations are completely bespoke to each and every business and will help to deliver maximum impact to your brand. They will also come with a tailored multichannel activation plan to integrate your new assets with your current activities. Champions’ ten in-house departments will then be able to help you complete this journey.

For more information on Champions (UK) plc and their brand audits get in touch with the team. Simply call 08453 31 30 31 or email On-site for Key Stakeholder Interviews (up to 6)

Competitor Analysis

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PATTONAIR’S COMMUNITY EFFORTS REACH NEW HEIGHTS The past year has been a rewarding one for Pattonair, the leading global aerospace company, with a busy round of events which have reflected its commitment to the local community. Pattonair’s successful year began with the launch of a major sponsorship deal with one of Derbyshire’s top sporting teams. Its partnership with Derbyshire County Cricket Club (DCCC) in a four-year plan gave the Derby-based company naming rights over its ground, with crowds flocking to the Pattonair County Ground for a season of exciting games and events. The move bolstered the firm’s support for the community and celebrated its local roots. One of the highlights of the year was Pattonair’s involvement in Derby’s biggest fireworks extravaganza at the ground. This year’s event saw a local community hero, an inspirational dad who has devoted hours to helping children play cricket, invited to set off the fireworks display. Martin Forster, who uses a wheelchair after suffering chronic spinal injuries in a workplace accident nearly 20 years ago, had been encouraged by family and friends to volunteer at Wirksworth and Middleton Cricket Club. The father-of-three, who spends up to five hours a week coaching youngsters, was recently presented with the 2019 Derbyshire All Stars Activator of the Year award by the Derbyshire County Cricket Board.

Pattonair was delighted to invite Martin, 53, to start the display, said Chief Executive Officer Wayne Hollinshead. “It’s fantastic to see how much his time spent volunteering at the cricket club means to him,” he added. “This underlines our commitment to building strong ties with the community and celebrates the efforts of local people for their work in serving their communities.” As the DCCC’s principal partner, Pattonair also supports its affiliated clubs in various initiatives to encourage youngsters to get involved in the sport. In July, the company invited more than 300 schoolchildren to celebrate the BRM Solicitors’ Chesterfield Festival of Cricket at the town’s Queen’s Park. Drawing inspiration from England’s dramatic win against New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup final, the clash exemplified how true grit and determination can lead to success – something which Pattonair encourages young people to aspire to. In addition to cricket, the company is a proud sponsor of the Derby County Ladies’ Football Club Academy Team which promotes the talent and careers of budding sportswomen. In other community-focused initiatives, Pattonair’s employees took part in the T20 Walkathon organised by the Cricket Derbyshire Foundation, trekking the 20 miles from Trent Bridge in Nottingham to the Pattonair County Ground in July. The event’s proceeds went to the Derwent Ward Holiday Hunger scheme and after-school programme. The company also devoted significant support to the business community. In June, Pattonair was a sponsor of the cricket club’s 1870 Business Club ‘This Girl Can’ event, a campaign developed by Sport England to promote sport among women. The guest of honour, the former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies MBE, gave an inspirational talk to 170 businesswomen where she shared her life experiences and recounted her distinguished sporting career. Beyond the sporting arena, some of Pattonair’s communityled activities reflected the company’s business values while addressing challenges that future industries face.

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In June, Adam Cooper, the company’s quality and excellence director, shared his insights into the world of international business in a talk to 300 students from Littleover School in Derby. He urged them to learn foreign languages to help them succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, describing how his own language skills had offered real opportunities for him to further his career. It came at a time of increasing concerns over a national decline in the number of pupils studying modern foreign languages at GCSE and A Level. In addition, the firm regularly promotes a wide range of graduate schemes with opportunities across the business. These initiatives contribute towards creating stronger ties with its community and identifying potential future employees. Another huge success on the Pattonair calendar was its Autumn Ball in October at The Roundhouse in Derby, attended by more than 300 guests.

The glamorous event raised more than £57,000 for the charity Dementia UK. The condition, described as the biggest health challenge of our time, is a cause that resonated with many members of the company’s staff. The money will pay for one of the charity’s Admiral Nurses – the first in Derbyshire. Pattonair, which has seen another successful year in its role as a major global aerospace supply chain service provider, said its commitment to its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) will continue to go from strength to strength into 2020. “Prioritising CSR as part of Pattonair’s strategic vision demonstrates the organisation’s values and serves as a strong base for engaging employees and the local community,” explained Wayne. “It is vital that we underline our commitment with clear and visible involvement. In the long-term, the challenge will be to increase our strategic ambitions for CSR by reinforcing our values through continuing employee involvement and building additional global relationships based on various initiatives.”










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THE FOUR REASONS WHY PACKAGING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF GIFT GIVING When it comes to giving a gift, is it still a case of what is on the inside that matters most - or is there something much more exciting about the packaging it comes in? We all know the thrill of receiving or buying ourselves a luxurious gift – and these days the experience is enhanced by the array of creative packaging it comes in. Companies are increasingly aware that they need to ‘woo’ their customers not only with a fabulous product, but the way it is wrapped must also live up to expectations.

1. Beautiful packaging creates an element of ‘theatre’ Pretty Woman is an example I always refer to when people ask me why I believe packaging trumps the gift itself.

Whether it’s an item bought in a shop or online, how those goods are presented can be crucial in ensuring the consumer’s experience lives on, as well as the beginning of customer loyalty.

Everyone remembers the iconic scene in the film when Julia Roberts’ character Vivian steps out in her red dress and Richard Gere presents her with a navy suede necklace box. It’s in that moment, when she sees the luxury finish of what is in front of her, that she knows something special is about to happen.

And, as shown by the huge rise in people sharing their exciting gift-opening – or “unboxing” - moments on social media, how a product is packaged can be a powerful marketing tool.

And it is this ‘something special’ that good packaging creates. An element of ‘theatre’ needs to be created because it builds an anticipation that is often more exhilarating to experience than the product inside.

Delta Global, a business which specialises in delivering luxury packaging solutions, has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Tom Ford, Coach and Radley.

If you’re not yet convinced, ask yourself this: would you be genuinely excited to open something that is wrapped in a plain black bag as oppose to something presented to you luxuriously?

Its CEO and founder, Robert Lockyer, gave us his four reasons why he believes that packaging plays the biggest part in the gift-giving process.

2. It creates an emotional connection with the consumer Similarly, to that feeling of theatre, packaging is one of the few ways in which brands can build emotions with their consumers. No brand has the resources to hand-wrap and personally deliver its products to customers, which means this personal experience needs to be replaced in other ways. For luxury clothing company Ted Baker, it’s as simple as a small rectangular branded card included in all purchases signed ‘With love, Ted x’. It’s a small touch which makes an otherwise giant business feel like a local one. It’s effect? Consumers remember the

116 //

little things and will be much more likely to re-purchase from them again. For Tiffany & Co, just one of the many luxury brands that excel at creating emotions, it’s their iconic duck egg colour box which customers love, becoming as coveted as the gift inside.

3. Re-usability Sustainability is something we at Delta Global consider in every single one of our packaging designs, which means we always think beyond the presentation of the gift. Brands need to constantly look at the re-usability of their packaging so that it remains within the person’s home and isn’t just thrown into the bin after being opened. If brands do it right, then it’s not uncommon for those receiving the product to hold on to the packaging and display it as proudly as they would the gift inside – plus they are helping the environment if they find it another use.

4. Marketing Don’t just assume that because someone has bought from you once that they will again – you need to use your packaging as a way of building your brand. It’s about ensuring zero brand dilution and guarding your brand values through everything you do, right through to how it’s packaged. Think post-sale how you produce even less waste. By ensuring your product looks gift-worthy from the off – that way customers will not want to wrap it further. Try to create something memorable that, if put into a lineup of other brands, is picked out every time without fail. And there is another means of marketing which makes it even more essential to get your packaging right – the rise in ‘unboxing’ videos on social media. The world is infatuated with watching their favourite online celebrities unbox their gifts on YouTube or Instagram. People have literally built careers around unboxing products from brands and filming the process. It’s a simple concept that quite literally starts with the package being held up to the camera. What does it mean for the brands featured? Everything – if the packaging excites viewers. If not, it means that watchers will tune out, or even skip ahead to other, more ‘exciting’ brands.

For more information about Delta Global visit:

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MEET THE WOMEN LEADING THE WAY IN LAW Earlier this year the UK celebrated 100 years since women were first allowed to practice law. Now, we meet five leading ladies in the industry who are levelling the playing field when it comes to equality in their field.

For over a century Ipswich based law firm Prettys has strived to deliver outstanding results for clients in a wide range of legal issues.

Georgie Hall, Partner, Head of Private Client, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator

In 2019 the firm added three female members of staff to its list of partners, adding to the existing two, meaning Prettys now has more female partners than male - something of a rarity in the world of law.

“There can be a mix of risk-taking, attention to detail, networking and strong financial governance when there is a good gender mix.”

While a century may have passed since women were first granted permission to practice law in the UK, equality is a different issue with only 18% of partners at the UK’s biggest law firms being women. Here are the five female partners at Prettys who challenge that percentage.

Having worked at Prettys since 1992, Georgie Hall has excelled in family law since joining the department in 2003. Covering all areas of relationship breakdown including finances, children, or asset division, Georgie has gained a reputation as one of the best family lawyers in the region. Georgie believes gender equality can help bring complementary skills to the table.

Zöe Hodge, Partner “There are a lot of excellent female professionals who are discriminated against due to having a family, but I’m proud to say this isn’t the case at Prettys. Our pay structure is clear and transparent and there is no difference between men and women.” Zöe joined Prettys in 2007 heading up the estate planning department before being made Partner in 2013. Her role sees her advise on all aspects of private client work including wills, probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney and much more. She is also a member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP). The leading professional body for trusts and estate practitioners, this accreditation demonstrates Zöe’s high quality of service.

Georgina Rayment, Partner, Head of Family Law and Mediator “I have never felt that there was a ‘glass ceiling’ that limited my ambitions and I am pleased this will continue for future prospective female partners.” Georgina Rayment has had an extraordinary rise since joining the firm in 1999. She initially came on board as a secretary in while continuing to train as a solicitor. Now she is the current head of Prettys’ family team.

Georgie Hall

118 //

She advises clients on all issues relating to family including divorce, financial resolution and child disputes.

Vanessa Bell, Partner, Head of Employment Law “Having a number of female partners in the firm is a really powerful and encouraging message to our female staff that, irrespective of gender, the firm recognises and rewards talent. There are no barriers in place to achieve partnership as a female.” After completing her studies at Southampton University, Vanessa Bell qualified as a solicitor in 2007. She joined Prettys in 2014 after working in London and now heads up their employment law team. Both public and private sector clients benefit from her advice which look at a full range of employment related issues, including grievances, disciplinary issues and redundancy advice.

Georgina Rayment

Vanessa Bell

Zöe Hodge

Emma Woollard, Partner “Juggling a World Book Day costume at less than a days’ notice, organising a cake sale and remembering the school trip consent slip prepares you for any stressful client matter, a deadline or a tricky bit of drafting!” The newest member of Prettys’ team of Partners, Emma Woollard joined the team in April this year. Qualifying as a solicitor 20 years ago, she deals with all aspects of wills and tax planning, the creation and administration of trusts and probate and estate administration.

Emma Woollard

For more information on any of the services that Prettys provide get in touch with the firm by calling 01473 232121, email or visit the website

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BESPOKE CORPORATE DRIVING EXPERIENCES FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM Everyman Racing is the go-to track day experience for adrenaline junkies and petrol heads looking for their next high-speed fix. Dunsfold Park (Top Gear Track), Brands Hatch Kent, Goodwood Race Circuit (Home to the Revival etc), Prestwold Hall Driving Centre, Elvington Circuit are just a few of the venues that the business has across the country. Nothing feels more exhilarating than channelling your inner self on a racetrack as you test out one of Everyman Racing iconic supercars.

The next day breakfast will be provided before a member of the professional team will host the day’s briefing. Then your experience can really begin.

With Everyman Racing’s corporate team building events, you can do just that with your friends and colleagues.

Your instructor will give you a day to remember with expert tuition what more can you ask for – how often can you do that in a world-famous supercar?

Whether your team are Ferrari fiends or Lamborghini lovers, Everyman Racing has more than 150 supercars to choose from which means you can create a truly tailored experience day.

So, what does a typical Everyman Racing look like?



Each track day is open to 10 to 100 drivers, everyone is invited for a delicious gourmet meal the night before taking to the wheel, during which an after-dinner speaker will get you motivated for the day ahead.

120 //

Each and every corporate day can be made bespoke to your team with everyone at Everyman Racing committed to giving you a memorable and thrilling experience.

For more information on and to discuss your driving experience call our corporate team on 01509 892260 or email





PROUD CHARITY PARTNER OF CHAMPIONS UK PLC OUR MISSION is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation

OUR PROGRAMMES support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK

WE CREATE a range of opportunities for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities

IN 2018:




recycling scheme saw

12,646 items of kit donated to 21 countries




with disabilities have had the chance to play cricket regularly through our disability cricket programmes


disadvantaged young people have participated in




LORD_23417.1 What we do advert.indd All Pages


OUR PROGRAMMES SUPER 1s: For disabled young people aged 12-25 tackling the lack of competitive sport available for the disabled community

TABLE CRICKET: Adapted form of cricket played on a table tennis table aimed at young people with disabilities unable to play the traditional form of the game

WICKETZ: Community cricket programme helping hard-to-reach young people in highly deprived areas with a focus on social cohesion and developing crucial life skills

SPORTS KIT RECYCLING: We collect recycled sports kit in the UK and send it to partners at home and abroad enabling more young people to play sport

We also provide specially adapted minibuses, play spaces and sports wheelchairs for special educational needs schools and organisations across the UK.

WHO DO WE HELP? Leanne Tansley was born without her left arm, has ADHD and at times lives with depression. Without seeing attainable goals, her attendance at school was not good and her grades were poor as a result. Leanne started playing cricket two years ago when she joined the Newham Sixth Form College, NewVic, and in cricket she has found a goal, something that makes her happy and something that has changed her whole mindset. She can’t wait for Super 1s training every week, turning up early, keen to get going as soon as possible and counts down the days to competitions. She is always happy to try something new and very keen to improve all aspects of her cricket, fitness and tactical knowledge. Leanne’s new-found confidence, self-esteem and drive have also helped her outside of cricket. The dedication and commitment needed to attend training each week is now showing in her college work. Leanne’s discipline, attendance and grades have improved and her attitude in and around college has been exceptional since she started playing. “I have gone from being someone who only got poor grades, to being a distinction student where teachers use my work as an example to other students.”

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? If you’ve been inspired by Leanne’s story and would like to support the charity on its mission to give disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance, there are many ways for you to get involved. Whether its volunteering, making us a beneficiary charity of your event or attending one of our fundraising dinners, any support will make a massive difference. Please visit to find out more.

Through being involved with Super 1s her leadership skills have also improved. Her coach says she has become a leader within the team, with her teammates now looking to her for inspiration, and she is now taking on more responsibility in many other areas. She has taken on a role with the college’s ‘Here come the Girls’ ambassadors and is now an integral part of this, with responsibilities ranging from recruiting and promoting females in sport, to assisting and planning fundraising events. “Cricket has helped me gain confidence and create true friendships. I have lots of fun playing cricket, learning new skills, and trying to be the best I can be. I never thought I would be able to go to college but now my grades have improved, I know I can. Playing Super 1s cricket is amazing, it has given kids like me the opportunity to change our lives and help us to have fun.” Leanne now plans to go to University and continue playing all sports, especially cricket. She would also like to get more involved in coaching young people and helping the women’s game grow.

11/04/2019 09:58

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THE PERFECT PAIRING - CHAMPIONS AND MOËT HENNESSY ONE YEAR ON To call an event a success relies on a number of factors all coming together at the right time. This includes the perfect venue, the right guest list and entertainment that appeals to the audience. Then there is that extra-something special, that indefinable quality that just makes some events exceptional. This is something award-winning brand Champions (UK) plc knows all too well.


With an enviable reputation for organising high-quality events, organisations from across all sectors rely on Champions to deliver a wide range of wow-factor events including balls, dinners, fundraisers, festivals, golf days and conferences. Always keen to stay ahead of the curve, last year saw Champions become an official partner of prestigious drinks brand, Moët Hennessy. Moët Hennessy are world leaders when it comes to cognac and whisky and in 1971 merged with iconic Champagne producer Moët & Chandon to create Moët Hennessy. And it is this prestige that makes them a perfect partner for Champions. To celebrate a flourishing relationship, Champions were recently invited by Moët Hennessy to Reims – the unofficial capital of the Champagne wine-growing region – to enjoy a number of wonderful tasting experiences. Champions’ CEO John Hayes along with two of his children Roxanna and Jack, and seven of their guests headed to France where their trip included an exclusive guided tour of Veuve Clicquot’s cellars. The tailor-made tour saw the group learn all about the brand’s rich history, which dates back to 1722, and sample some of their exquisite produce.

126 //

The tour took place in The Crayères cellars which in 2015 became recognised by UNESCO as an official World Heritage site. Next they visited the world-famous Maison Ruinart – the very first Champagne house. The group were treated to a private guided tour and a spectacular private dinner in the location where they enjoyed many of Ruinarts Finest Champagnes. Finally, Moët and Chandon hosted a tour of their own cellars with many of their products sampled by guests. A private lunch was served in the historic Moët family house – a residence that has been visited by some of the world’s most famous individuals, including Napoleon and the Marquise De Pompadour. Speaking of the partnership and their recent trip, Mr Hayes said: “The quality that the Moët Hennessy brand stands for is a perfect match for Champions and the excellence and style we bring to each and every event we organise.”

“We work to build and strengthen the relationships we have with our clients and suppliers, and being confirmed as an official Moët Hennessy partner is great news for us and our clients who will benefit from the even greater range of added extras that we can now bring to our events. “It was a real honour to be invited out to the Champagne region with such a dynamic brand. It was a trip that I will certainly remember for a long time and will form the basis of many dinner conversationws.” Along with event management, Champions also offer clients expertise in creative, digital, marketing, PR, media, publishing, advertising, web and celebrity management services.

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“FLEX-IT” – LONDON HITS RECORD COWORKING LEVELS The boom in flexible workspace in London and worldwide has been a trend that turned into a phenomenon. The term flexible workspace encompasses serviced offices, flexible leases, managed offices, coworking spaces and more. October 2019 sees the flexible workspace industry at record levels. The number of coworking spaces worldwide in 2018 was16,599 and it’s on track to reach 18,287 by the end of the year. The rate of year on year growth may have slowed somewhat to 9.5% compared to 15.2% in 2018, but last year saw 2,188 new space openings, a record number. Latest forecasts suggest global flexible spaces will soon cross the 20,000 mark and look set to reach 25,968 by 2022. This represents 56% growth on 2018 and reflects an average increase of more than 2,500 new spaces every year since 2015.

London leads the way Top 10 cities worldwide by coworking growth


London, UK


New York City, USA



Toronto, Canada



Austin, USA



Denver, USA



Dallas, USA



Los Angeles, USA



Houston, USA


Melbourne, Australia



Chicago, USA


Source: Coworking Resources



London is the world’s primary city for coworking growth, with a new flexible office opening every 5 days. London beats New York City into second place with fast growing American tech hubs like Austin and Denver also making it into the top 5. According to Office Freedom data, central London now offers more than 1400 flexible workspaces and the number of new flexible spaces registered with Office Freedom grew by 42% year-on-year. London boasts over 11M sq ft of flexible office space, the largest stock in Europe and has more than 300 workspace providers. The increase in available stock and competition between providers is driving ever more competitive rates and today flexible workspace competes head to head with traditional leasing for large and small requirements. Nowadays flexible workspace is well represented in the most iconic landmark buildings in London and across the world such as The Gherkin, The Heron Tower, The Shard, One Canada Square, in London and The Freedom Tower, The Empire State Building in NYC and Willis Tower in Chicago. Two thirds of new space openings globally are new businesses entering the market, the remainder are established operators, large chains and franchises. Therefore, whilst the established space operators are thriving, most new space openings are coming from businesses entering the market for the first time. Last year Office Freedom recorded a 32% increase in new operators in Central London.

Number of Coworking Spaces Worldwide

25,968 23,103 20,555

18,287 16,599 14,411 11,100 7,805









Forecast based on estimates from Emergent Research/GCUC for the data until 2017. Data projections until 2022 are from Coworking Resources’ data and are based on the average growth in 2018 and 2019.

Enterprise boldly goes into flex space 2018 saw a shift in market trends with more corporate and enterprise clients looking for flex space. Giants of commerce such as Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are already invested in flexible workspace and research indicates that up to 40% of individuals working within flexible spaces are part of larger organisations and this is predicted to grow to 60% by 2022. Consequently, Office Freedom predicts a shift towards more hybrid spaces, offering private space as well as traditional coworking.

Focus on wellness London is a prime example that the flexible workspace sector is now full of predominantly unbranded space that can accommodate small, medium and now much larger requirements, providing high-end contemporary space with state-of-the-art technology, amenities and facilities that are ideal platforms for nurturing and retaining the existing team and attracting the best talent. Today’s flexible workspace provides a habitat that supports staff wellness and welfare that helps companies become happy and productive places of work. As a result, the industry now attracts large corporations, enterprise companies, tech, finance, pretty much all business types - even traditional sectors such as legal and accounting, who have previously shown little appetite for flex, have been unable to resist its charms.

Investment, consolidation and employee power 2019 is expected to see high growth in some global locations whilst others mature. Office Freedom predicts greater investment leading to more consolidation from large scale providers, with smaller independents carving out niche sectors and sustainable business communities.

Aside from market investment, a recent global industry study of 15,000 business people highlighted a material power shift towards employees who are demanding more flexibility. In the survey 50% of employees are working outside of their main HQ for at least 2.5 days a week and 85% cited resultant improvements in productivity.

Onwards and upwards Richard Smith CEO and Founder of Office Freedom commented, “The market continues to evolve and thrive. By 2030 up to 30% of office space occupied by the corporate sector is expected to be flexible workspace. At the moment well under 10% of the office real estate market is flex. As in any industry, in a cyclical world, there will inevitably be bumps in the road but relatively speaking it’s still very early days for the industry. Onwards and upwards!”

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Supersize your savings With Smarter Business solutions Smarten Up It is no small task, running a business in the modern world. From constantly-evolving technologies to recurring staff issues to improving turnover, the last thing a business owner needs is the headache of massive overheads and the stress of procuring fair contracts on utilities and services. It’s far easier to smarten up with Smarter Business, one of the UK’s leading Third-Party Intermediaries and a Crown Procurement Supplier, responsible for saving millions of pounds for over 40 000 businesses to date. We do the legwork for you; finding suppliers, comparing quotes and ensuring that the best possible deal for your business arrives on your desk. Minimal fuss, maximum reward.

“You managed to untangle the mess of our electric installations and, against all odds, you found a supplier that suits our needs. The gas installation was a miracle! We could not have achieved this without you.” - Iain Ogilvie, Senior Minister, Liberty Church Wirral

Smarter Energy



With a well-documented history of success in energy solutions, Smarter Business is known for its attention to the details that matter. Developing a prudent energy strategy is a task often overlooked, leading to expenditure which can almost always be curbed by a Smarter approach. This includes identifying and implementing long-term energy efficiencies tailored for you; such as examining demand peaks and matching your supply to your consumption. Quite simply, we will do it better and more effectively than an overstretched finance manager. As such, Smarter Business takes the time to work alongside you and your business, understanding your exact needs and then working to find the perfect contract for you.

*Based on the average savings procured for a current (2019) sample of our active customer base. Amounts saved may vary depending on consumption profiles.

Smarter Waste Equally, when it comes to waste management, Smarter Business is positioned to take care of all aspects that your business may require. We provide dedicated account management services, giving you a personalised service which can handle any issues which may arise over the duration of your contract. Moreover, with modern developments in recycling and waste separation, Smarter Business will assess exactly what kind of systems will bring you real, recognisable benefits over both short- and long-term partnerships. In this capacity, they are one of the only suppliers offering 12-month fixed contract prices; giving you peace of mind one year at a time.


A Smarter Future With a growing global consciousness around environmental issues, Smarter Business can provide you with a utilities strategy that meets sustainability and carbon dioxide reduction goals. While Smarter Business prides itself on securing deals in both energy and waste, they also save money for businesses across the United Kingdom in water, financial services and facility maintenance.


01444 220060

Business Matters

IS IT TIME FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO EMBRACE THE POWER OF PODCASTING? Podcasts have exploded in recent years - it seems you can find one of almost every category whether you’re on the hunt for some light hearted entertainment for the commute home or current affairs to really get your teeth into. We explore the trend and the ways in which your businesses could, and should, be exploiting the medium. There is no doubt that the popularity of podcasts has grown dramatically over the last few years. In the last 12 months alone it was predicted that six million people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis in the UK, doubling the amount five years previously. Now thousands of podcasts can be found at just a touch of a button and with ‘business’ in the top five most popular categories they are offering up a whole new marketing route for businesses.

They give you a new platform to promote your business Essentially podcasts act as an audio demand service where people can browse shows based on their areas of interest. With this in mind they offer a platform like no other for businesses to spread their message. And as well as creating your own podcast, advertising on them is also a sure fire way to get people to listen. Most podcasts include advertisements before, during and after the main show with the first and mid show slot the most lucrative. It’s an opportunity that more and more businesses are going to be reaching for as it is forecasted that by 2022 advertising revenue for podcasts will reach £534 million. Many businesses looking for ways in which to capture the listener’s attention and are turning to the show’s hosts to create bespoke advertisements, which makes it far more likely that people will engage with the product or service. If you do decide to start your own podcast rather than advertising on one, you need to ensure it isn’t just a long glorified advert for your business.

13 2 / /

Provide audiences with a unique and interesting perspective on a topic, and while the podcast’s subject can relate to what you do it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Become the ‘go to’ company in your industry Business is competitive which means companies in all industries are always on the look-out for ways to stand out from the crowd with establishing oneself as the ‘go to’ business the fundamental end goal. By starting a podcast in your area of expertise you are instantly setting yourself apart from your competitors and in the same breath giving yourself an active voice in the industry. As well as this you are able to regularly demonstrate your knowledge in your area which, as your listener figures rise, your stock will too.

Cheap to make and easy to do One of the main benefits of podcasts is that they are cheap and easy to make which means you don’t have to throw a huge amount of money behind it, for you to potentially decide it’s not for you. On the most basic level, all you need to start one is a microphone, recording and editing software and a place to post the podcast. And the beauty of it is that you can record literally anywhere - many are recorded in people’s living rooms, kitchens or office spaces. Also it is important to get some headphones particularly if you conduct podcast interviews via Skype. Regular smartphone headphones should suffice for the early making of your show, but if you want to go the extra mile there are plenty of options out there.

Will always be a demand for podcasts The podcast is a future proof medium that there is going to be a strong demand for, for years to come. While some media platforms may be wilting in the 21st Century podcasts are only at the start of their journey. The ways in which people listen to them will never die out from daily commutes to exercising, podcasts can be listened to anywhere, any time.

Weekly podcast listeners spend an average of 6 hours 37 mins per week listening to podcasts.

In fact, by 2023 the global listener figures are set to rise to 1.85 billion - so it’s the perfect time for your business to join the revolution that is podcasting.

Top 5 most popular podcasting genres: 1. Society & Culture 2. Business 3. Comedy 4. News & Politics 5. Health

/ / 133


member of

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networking breakfast

Champions (UK) Plc’s CEO, John Hayes and staff with speaker Ken Segall

Jack Hayes greeting guests

Atlanta networking Group staff enjoying the festival Guests

Ken Segall’s book - The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success

Ken Segall signing books

Guests enjoying the venue

Speaker Ken Segall entertaining guests

The beautiful venue


Top Floor, The Gherkin, London Tuesday 1st October 2019

Well-known for being the man who put the ‘i’ in iPhone, former Apple Global Creative Director Ken Segall attended a networking breakfast at London’s iconic Searcys at the Gherkin. Attended by a number of high-profile businesses, Ken gave an insight into his incredibly successful career – and what a career it was. For 12 years he played an integral role in Apple and Next’s marketing machines working directly alongside Steve Jobs. In fact, it was due to his recommendation that the Apple products many of us use on a daily basis are the way they are. With Jobs initially wanting to name Apple’s computer the ‘MacMan’ Ken decided that iMac was a better route to go. This decision then led to the creation of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and a whole host of ‘i’ products we use today. He is also the brains behind Apple’s ground-breaking ‘Think Different’ television advertisements and their iconic Super Bowl halftime commercials. The New York Times’ bestselling author has also previously worked as the creative director at Dell, IBM, Intel and BMW and during his speech he championed simplicity in the world of business. Guests of the event were treated to breakfast and had the chance to have their questions answered by Ken during a post-event Q&A.

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Atlantafest 2019

Betley Court Farm Saturday 22nd June 2019

Multi-award winning Autonet Insurance went above and beyond for its employees earlier this year when it hosted a private festival for them.

Atlanta Group staff enjoying the festival

Fleur East’s incredible DJ Set

Headline Act - Tinchy Stryder

One of the local bands performing on the AtlantaFest Stage

Pixie Lott getting the crowd dancing

Snapshot of Ian Donaldson CEO of Atlanta Group, joined by some famous faces in the VIP tent

AtlantaFest - named after the business’ parent company Atlanta Group - took place at Betley Court Farm, near Wrinehill and brought together colleagues from across the group as well as insurer partners and community representatives.  The entire event was put together by Champions Events and they certainly didn’t scrimp on the acts as award-winning singer Pixie Lott, The X Factor runner-up Fleur East and rapper Tinchy Stryder all headlined. Tribute artists Kaiser Monkey Killers and Queen Symphonica also brought more entertainment to the festival alongside DJs Nick Sheldon and Deborah Allen who hosted the event.   Away from the stage was henna, glitter, face painting and hair braiding stations to get everyone into the festival spirit. Meanwhile Bears Street Food were fuelling festival goers with their flame grilled burgers and pizzas.

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Road to Tokyo with

Gail Emms MBE, Alex Gregory MBE, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Kriss Akabusi MBE

Brett Garratt, General Manager welcoming guests

Tanni Grey-Thompson getting involved with the Q&A

Gail Emms MBE, Alex Gregory MBE, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Kriss Akabusi MBE

Adrian Dixon

Bentley simulator

Guests enjoying stories

The panel discussing the Road to Tokyo

Bentley showroom

Jack Barclay Bentley Showroom, Berkley Square, Mayfair Wednesday 16th October 2019

With the 2020 Olympics less than a year away, Champions Events hosted an exciting ‘Road to Tokyo’ event featuring Olympic legends. Taking place at Bentley’s stunning Mayfair headquarters, Champions Speakers Agency put on a fantastic showcase which was hosted by badminton legend Gail Emms MBE who earned herself a silver medal at the Olympics in Athens in 2004. Joining her were some of the biggest named athletes in British Olympic history, including two-time Olympic gold medal winning rower Alex Gregory MBE, four-time Olympic rowing champion Sir Matthew Pinsent, legendary Paralympic wheelchair racer Tanni Grey-Thompson and world champion athletics star Kriss Akabusi MBE. The group looked ahead to next year’s Olympics in Tokyo and re-lived some of their own career highlights. Jack Barclay is the world’s oldest Bentley dealership and can be found in Mayfair’s famous Berkley Square. Here clients are able to check out the latest makes and models from the world-famous Bentley brand.

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Evening host, Mark Dolan

Speech from Head of Regions at Metro, Phil Irons

Corporate Risks

Five Lakes Resort, near Colchester Thursday 26th September 2019

Essex is home to a wide range of thriving businesses and in September some of the very best gathered for a night of celebration at Five Lakes Resort near the Essex town of Colchester. Businesses of all sizes from across the region headed to the event all with high hopes of getting their hands on one of the 16 awards up for grabs.

Headline sponsor Invest Essex

This included the night’s most prestigious award, Company of the Year which is presented to an outstanding business that has excelled not just over the last 12 months but one that can demonstrate long-running success. ((BOUNCE)) were this year commended for their achievements and went home with the trophy. The Entrepreneur of the Year award was presented to David Maytham from TT Education while it was Carmel Jane Photography who were praised for their impressive employee benefits, in the Employer of the Year category.

Ivan Woolgrave from the Lord’s Taverners and guests

TV presenter Lucy Nicholls hosted the evening alongside comedian Mark Dolan who were both on hand to keep the night flowing.

Guests enjoying the event

Evening entertainment, Belle Voci



Corporate Risks FOR PEACE OF MIND







((Bounce)), Company of the Year winners




COMMUNITY DENTAL SERVICES CIC Davina Steel... Baking the Difference wins New Business of the Year







David Maytham of TT Education, winner of Entrepreneur of the Year








Enterprising Women award winner, Agility Health Tech Ltd






Winner of Contribution to the Community Award, Farleigh Hospice

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Golf masterclass from two golfing legends; Tony Jacklin CBE and Jack Nicklaus

The stunning venue; Wentworth Golf and Country Club

50 years of The Concession Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey Saturday 6th July 2019 50 years has passed since one of the greatest moments of sportsmanship. To mark it, a special celebratory event took place at Wentworth Golf Club to commemorate the event. In 1969 The Concession took place between two-time Major winner Tony Jacklin CBE and legendary American golfer Jack Nicklaus. During the last Ryder Cup match Nicklaus conceded Jacklin’s final putt meaning the iconic trophy was shared for the first time. From this moment, a long-lasting friendship between the two golfers was formed and this event celebrated that very moment. 17 teams gathered on the venue’s West Course to play at the same venue which hosts the BMW PGA Championship. The day, which was organised by leading brand agency Champions (UK) plc, got underway with a verbal masterclass from the pair, giving players tips on the short form of the game and course management.

Team photo

Following the day’s play, guests gathered for a cocktail reception and three-course meal before Tony and Jack took to the stage for a fascinating Q&A. BBC Sport and news presenter Dan Walker hosted the occasion as the duo discussed some of their many career highlights. Renowned auctioneer Charlie Ross took care of proceedings for the charity auction, with proceeds going to The European Tour Foundation, Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, and the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. Entertainment on the night was provided by 2019 Britain’s Got Talent star Faith Tucker and renowned pianist Adrian Dixon.

BBC Presenter Dan Walker with Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin CBE


Alistair Brown teeing off

Winning team; Jumping Jack captained by Robin Bagchi

Tony Jacklin CBE and Jack Nicklaus - The Concession

Dan Walker and John Hayes playing the charity game; heads and tails

Evening Q&A, reminiscing the The Concession

Golf day host; BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker

The Ryder Cup

Evening entertainment from Faith Tucker

Evening auctioneer; Charlie Ross

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The Authors XI vs The Lord’s Taverners XI IN ASSOCIATION WITH

The Getty Wormsley Estate, Buckinghamshire Tuesday 10th September 2019 Alan Lusty and James Sopwith of adi Group with guests

One of the UK’s most historic cricket teams, the Authors XI returned this year to take part in a very special match. Taking on The Lord’s Taverners XI the authors were captained by renowned writer and huge cricket fan Sebastian Faulks CBE. And the opposition was also made up of its fair share of stars including former England cricketers Matthew Hoggard MBE and Andy Caddick as well as comedian and actor Adil Ray OBE. Hosted at the stunning Wormsley Estate in Buckinghamshire, the day was a Champions Club event and saw a number of the club’s members attend including: adi Group, Champions Speakers Agency, Amplify, The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Bloc Digital, Champions (UK) plc, Edgbaston Stadium, Gleeds, Growth Partners, Inspirational Magazine, St James’s Place, Quest, Shawbury Wine, TELA and Thomas International.

Pianist; Michael Amadi

Winner of the charity game, provided by Thomas and Dagmar Smit

Organised by Champions Events, players took part in a 20 over game as guests enjoyed strawberries and cream on the lawn as the cricket took place. The day was hosted by British world champion athletics star Derek Redmond with entertainment on the day coming in the form of The Voice finalists Belle Voci and renowned pianist Michael Amadi. The day also provided the opportunity for much needed funds to be raised for a deserving cause. The event’s official charity was the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sport’s charity – The Lord’s Taverners. The organisation provides initiatives to disabled and disadvantaged children across the country giving them a chance to make friends and enjoy themselves through sport. A silent and main auction took place with renowned BBC auctioneer Charlie Ross overseeing proceedings. A game of heads or tails also raised funds for the charity.

Entertainment on the day from opera-duo; Belle Voci



The world-renowned Worsmley Estate

The cricket underway

The Authors XI team

Q&A with the Lord’s Taverners captain; Matthew Hoggard MBE

The Lord’s Taverners XI team

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EVENTS Presents

The opulant ballroom

Entertainment from Faith Tucker, BGT Semi-Finalist


The Ballroom, The Dorchester, London Friday 31st May 2019

The annual Rainbows Celebrity Charity Ball returned to London’s luxurious Dorchester Hotel this year, raising money for charity and welcoming a whole host of celebrity guests. This year a masquerade ball theme was in place with guests displaying all manner of glamorous masks. Hosted by former British Olympian Derek Redmond, the main purpose of the event was to raise money for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.

Sponsor Elegantes table, with celebrity guest Sinitta

The hospice provides vital care for children who are suffering from life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and they rely on charitable donations from events such as these to do their work. Some of the biggest names from the world of sport and entertainment were in attendance as renowned television auctioneer Charlie Ross oversaw two auctions. A raffle game also took place with all funds going to the hospice. Various acts took to the stage over the course of the evening to provide entertainment. This included The X-Factor winner Sam Bailey, party band MadHen and a surprise act in the form of Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists Rosie and Adam who put on a fantastic skating performance.

David Moorcroft OBE and his wife

Manish Bhasin and wife

Welcome Note from John Hayes, CEO of Champions (UK) plc

Entertainment from Sam Bailey

Chico and guests

Shaun Wallace and Graham Bell

Rosie and Adam, BGT Semi-Finalists 2019

Mark Dolan and Nina Wadia

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Evening dinner - Maurice Addsion of M2K Services, Andy Abraham and Tony Jacklin CBE with wife Astrid

Team photo before the shot gun start

Q&A hosted by Dominic Holland with Tony Jacklin CBE

Eric Herd and the Farmfoods team


Doubletree by Hilton Forest Pines Spa & Golf Resort, Scunthorpe Wednesday 24th July 2019 One of golf’s most iconic players, Tony Jacklin CBE’s successful career saw him win two Major Championships and become Europe’ most successful Ryder Cup captain. And, earlier this year a very special event was put on to celebrate one of his greatest achievements. A charity homecoming event was organised by Champions (UK) plc at Forest Pines Golf Club to mark 50 years since Tony’s historic win at the 1969 The Open Championship. Amateur golfers and celebrities including Brian McFadden, Neil Back MBE, John Inverdale, Kriss Akabusi MBE and Matthew Hoggard MBE were invited to join Tony in celebration of his monumental win by enjoying a day out on the course. 24 teams took part throughout the day but before the action really got underway they were treated to a professional masterclass from David Edwards who demonstrated how to play trick shots.

Team Moët and Chandon joined by celebrity Rory Underwood MBE and Tony Jacklin CBE

Following the day’s play, which saw Team Champions and its celebrity team member cricketer Dean Headley reign supreme, a gala dinner took place inside the spectacular venue. Here, comedian Dominic Holland hosted the night with Adrian Dixon, Andy Abraham and comedian Martin Gold on hand to provide the entertainment. A charity event, the day was all in aid of Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People who benefitted from funds raised during a charity auction hosted by renowned Olympic athlete Derek Redmond. First place team


Trick shot maestro - David Edwards










Embodies tranquillity. Exudes dynamism. The new Flying Spur.

Discover more at The new Flying Spur is not yet available to order in EU28 countries, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey or Ukraine. Availability to order in these markets will be the subject of a separate communication. The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2019 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Flying Spur.

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