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Sophia Hayes Editor With the winter nights drawing in, it’s time for a good read and luckily the latest edition of Inspira-tional Birmingham has landed! The autumn/winter edition has a brand-new look in-line with our luxurious style, and our designers have been hard at work implementing it across our pages. Here at Inspirational Birmingham we are always keen to acknowledge home-grown talent, and Lily James is one British actress who is taking Hollywood by storm. She rose to fame thanks to her role in Downton Abbey and has since gone on to star in a wide-range of films, and we look at how she has progressed from an up-and-coming star, to one of the most sought after personalities in the industry. Our Fashion & Entertainment pages will also include a look at some of the highlights from the world’s biggest fashion houses this autumn/winter season. As we spend more time indoors at this time of year, we often think about how we can spruce up the appearance of our living spaces. Quite often this will inspire us to add some stylish accessories and furniture to our homes and we look at some luxury brands who can help transform your home’s interior. As ever, our Social and Networking section will outline some of the fantastic events that we have attended this year, including our trio of golf events, the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, Farmfoods European Senior Masters and Tony Jacklin CBE Charity Invitational. We hope you enjoy this edition of Inspirational Birmingham, as with all of our publications the team have worked extremely hard to produce what you now have in front of you. This would not be possible without our readers so, thank you all as ever for your support, and enjoy the read!

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From Downton Abbey to Hollywood acclaim

Amplify.....................................................................................................................................14 Premium event hospitality

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Mailbox....................................................................................................................................26 The go-to shopping centre for luxury goods


Bespoke Tailor.......................................................................................................................30 Tailored to perfection

SPORTING WORLD Edgbaston Stadium.............................................................................................................44 World-class sport in a world-class setting

Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.......................................................................48 Check out who came out on top at Nailcote Hall this year

Farmfoods European Senior Masters .......................................................................... 52 Check out the latest edition of the Staysure Tour event

Powerboat P1......................................................................................................................... 56 The marine motorsports making waves across the world


FOOD AND DRINK The Fourpenny Pub.......................................................................................................... ..78 Shawbury Wines……........................................................................................................... 80 Vinteas......................................................................................................................................81 Haloodies................................................................................................................................84



BEAUTY AND HEALTH Lastinghealth......................................................................................................................... 32 Putting your health first

Highfield Dental .................................................................................................................. 34 Maintaining your smile

Geiko Hair Salon..................................................................................................................36 Salon style hair for every occasion

Mo Bro’s ……........................................................................................................................... 40 For facial hair to be proud of

SkinGlo....................................................................................................................................42 Drinkable collagen taking the beauty industry by storm


TRAVEL AND LIFESTYLE Travel Beautifully..................................................................................................................62 Holiday in style

Falkensteiner Croatia ……...................................................................................................64 Paradise in Croatia

Alistair Brown International Real Estate.....................................................................68 Experience the Grove Resort and Waterpark

Nailcote Hall.......................................................................................................................... 72


Warwickshire’s finest hotel and golf club


Eden Hotel Collection....................................................................................................... 74

Interior Gift Guide ……....................................................................................................... 90

Best Western Hotels........................................................................................................... 76

The most luxurious hotel collection in the country

Inspiration for your home

Reuben Colley Art Gallery...............................................................................................98 Works by the representational painter

Visit the region’s best hotels


Love Your Postcode............................................................................................................99 For unique estate agency services

Reload Gallery......................................................................................................................101 Contemporary urban art

Alexander Millar................................................................................................................. 102 The artist’s journey from the bottom to the Big Apple

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Fashion and Entertainment

FROM THE MANOR TO THE MOVIES For many aspiring actresses, the opportunity to star in Hollywood blockbusters or world renowned television series’ is the stuff that dreams are made of, so you would be forgiven for thinking that the lucky few who make it would be more than happy with any role that comes their way.


And, for the early years as an actress, navigating their way through the bright lights of Hollywood this is probably the case. Later though, as their name is more widely spoken, and their talent has been admired, it couldn’t be more different. Becoming typecast becomes a real-life concern for these actors and actresses as once it happens, there is often no going back. One actress, who is determined to not let this happen to her is Hollywood newcomer, Lily James. In recent years, Lily has starred opposite acting icons such as Gary Oldman in The Darkest Hour and Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. But, it was on awardwinning British period drama, Downton Abbey, where her affiliation with period dramas began. Starring as Lady Rose MacClare, a socialite who had many a controversial relationship on the show, Lily joined the Downton Abbey cast in the third series, appearing until the final episode in 2015. The programme was an international

8 //

// 9

Fashion and Entertainment

sensation, launching Lily into the homes of fans all over the world. Much to the delight of fans everywhere, earlier this year it was announced that Downton Abbey would be making a spectacular return but this time on the big screen. But someone was missing from the casting list… In a recent interview Lily announced that ‘it would be farfetched to bring her back’ after her character moved from the famous manor to New York at the end of the series. Despite her insistence that she would have liked to have been involved if it worked with the film’s plot, she has also been vocal about her reluctance to stay within the period drama genre. Following Downton Abbey’s conclusion Lily was one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry. The roles kept coming but apart from her turn playing the lead in Disney’s live-action version of Cinderella, it seemed like she was being pigeon holed as a performer who would only ever make a nest in the period genre.

A year after Downton Abbey ended, she starred in another big-budget period drama for British television, appearing as Natasha Rostova in the BBC’s adaptation of War & Peace. And it was the same story in Hollywood. From romantic war drama The Exception, to starring as Winston Churchill’s famous personal secretary, Elizabeth Nel, in the Oscar nominated The Darkest Hour, it seemed that Lily was destined to follow in the footsteps of so many typecast actresses before her– Knightly, Bullock, Jolie. Even when she starred in her first comedy film it was in a period drama setting in the somewhat surreal, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies where she gave a unique portrayal of Jane Austen’s famous heroine Elizabeth Bennet. Rather than simply allowing herself to fall into the trap Lily realised that for the sake of her career she needed to explore some different avenues. In an interview with 5 News she said that “I’m trying to mix it up a bit, I’m ready to leave period dramas behind and do something different.”

I’m trying to mix it up a bit, I’m ready to leave period dramas behind and do something different. 10 / /

/ / 11

Fashion and Entertainment

And, do something different she did. After that, her next role saw her appear in the action packed Baby Driver. Starring as American waitress Debora, the love interest to Ansel Elgort’s main character, Baby, the film was hugely popular with both audiences and critics alike with Lily’s castmates also boasting the likes of Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx. Little Woods was next to witness the change in Lily. A film which focuses on a woman trying to make ends meet for her family in North Dakota whilst raising her sister and nephew. Lily plays the main character’s sister, Deb, who sells drugs in order to raise money for a termination. With a poignant story, the western crime thriller exposed her to a brand-new audience.

12 //

Demonstrating her versatility, Lily’s most recent appearance has been in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, a sequel to the musical rom-com from 10 years ago. Portraying a younger version of Meryl Streep’s famous character, Donna Sheridan, this was a part that was particularly close to Lily’s heart. One of her favourite West End musicals as a child, not only was it nostalgic, but it also saw her tick off another genre. But, it was not an instant ‘Yes!’ Speaking about the role she said: “I was rather untrusting. I thought, ‘God! It’s Mamma Mia! 2, how are they going to do that?” However, after reading the script she fell in love with the film, particularly its focus on strong women characters. “Mamma Mia! is a story that celebrates women in all that we are. Even though it’s a musical, that side of it feels really real, and rooted in something that’s important and brave, and it was incredible to be around. I’ve played the girlfriend part before, and I’m sure I will continue to do so, because sometimes, even though they’re the girlfriend, there’s still so much redeeming about the character, or the people involved with the project. “But for me, this just felt like, yes. And I was so ready for it and I was so excited by it. My two best friends saw the movie, and they were both like, “God, it’s so refreshing,” to see that kind of a girl for once being shown on the screen.” Playing strong women is something that is particularly important to Lily, especially in light of the recent #metoo and Time’s Up campaigns that have swarmed the headlines in Hollywood. Therefore, the role of Juliet Ashton, a female author trying to forge a career during the Second World War, in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, seemed perfect. There was just one problem. It was another period drama. Still intent on exploring different roles she initially rejected the part. However, it was not her affliction with the genre that saw her change her mind, but the lifelong desire to work with director Mike Newell, who has been responsible for the likes of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now known all over the world, Lily already has one filmed lined up for a 2019 release. The currently untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis collaboration will see her star opposite a giant from the music world, Ed Sheeran, in a musical comedy. We are yet to find out where Lily’s career will take her next, but if what she has achieved so far is anything to go by, it is sure to be a success. Just don’t try and typecast this actress any time soon.

/ / 13




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Fashion and Entertainment



Whether the arrival of autumn and winter leaves you yearning for summer, or embracing the seasonal change, there is no getting away from the fact that fashion in fall is, well, fabulous.

As nature’s colours turn, so too do the colour palettes of fashion and fresh out of their spring/summer closet, fashionistas from around the world, us included, wait eagerly to hear what the top fashion houses have to say.

From chic floor length black gowns to printed mini dresses with plunging necklines, the collection is oozing with sophistication but done in such a way that makes it extremely versatile and wearable.

Our fashion experts at Inspirational Birmingham have compiled and reviewed the autumn/winter collections from some of our favourite designers…

The brand has become synonymous for creating looks to emphasise the legs and for many of their autumn/winter looks the brand’s creative designer, Anthony Vaccarello, has honed-in on above the knee cuts with shorts and miniskirts dominating the collection.

Chanel – Tailored to perfection Chanel never fails to deliver during any season, but their autumn/winter, ready-to-wear collection has left us once again falling shamelessly at the feet of the French fashion house. Showcasing it for the first time in Paris’ Grand Palais, the collection draws inspiration from the colours of nature with burnt oranges, metallic golds, forest greens and light fawns all making regular appearances. An extensive range of materials and textures have been used to bring the collection to life - tweed, velvet, fur and mohair to name just a few and the designers have experimented with different cuts and lengths, from ankle grazing trousers to floor length coats and plenty of high neckline designs.

Yves Saint Laurent – A blooming autumn It’s black or it’s floral and there’s no in-between for Yves Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear autumn/winter collection. And, the contrast is simply beautiful.

16 //

Leather is a recurring material for Yves Saint Laurent and has been used to bring an edge to shorts, jackets, dresses and gloves in the collection.

Tom Ford – A walk on the wild side Raising the curtain on his autumn/winter menswear collection in New York Fashion Week, the Park Avenue Armory space was the backdrop for Tom Ford’s latest pieces. The result? A collection for the fashion forward. Black, white and silver colour palettes are prominent, and the recurring use of snakeskin cannot be ignored from Ford’s creations. A chic print that makes a statement, it is incorporated onto a variety of different materials and

used on garments such as suit jackets, trousers, shoes and even ties.

use of colour, Blahnik has delivered one of our favourite footwear collections yet.

Having previously stated that actor, Roy Halston Frowick’s fashion has been the inspiration for some of his pieces in the past, there is certainly notes of that in this collection too with no shortage of roll neck tops on display.

From classic courts with a colourful toe and knee-high boots with a fur-detail cuff, to the brand’s classic eye for embellishment, the vast collection is one to cherish forever.

Manolo Blahnik – A whimsical winter Highly anticipated each season is the offering from one of the world’s most influential footwear designers, Manolo Blahnik. Famed for his whimsical designs and his unafraid

A material which is widely recognised as one of the brand’s favourites, tweed is carried across sling backs, pumps and courts. In-line with the season, the beloved Blahnik has opted for darker, more autumnal shades of the material and described his inspiration as “the Lombardian landscape during harvest time.”

// 17

Fashion and Entertainment


Opt for cool and classic presents for the perfect gentleman, whether he’s a dapper dresser, a jetsetter or a whisky connoisseur. From luxury hampers and must-have accessories to the most stylish trainers, HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM boasts an Aladdin’s cave of sought-after gifts.

9. 6.




18 //


5. 12.




1: Burberry graffiti print vintage-check leather wallet, £280. 2: Charbonnel et Walker milk caramel praline sea salt truffles, £14.50. 3: Fendi Monster leather and nylon backpack, £1550. 4: Harvey Nichols Man Food hamper, £80. 5: Hibiki Japanese Harmony blended whisky, £75. 6: Larsson & Jennings Lugano watch, £195. 7: Limited edition Britalia Wallpaper City Guides (Phaidon), £79.95. 8: London Sock Co Simply Dapper three-pair gift set, £36. 9: Valentino Garavani Runner camouflage-print suede trainers, £520. 10: Versace cut-out cufflinks, £220.


11: Versace satin-trimmed terry dressing gown, £375. 12: Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme EDP (50ml), £62.50. Products featured are available from Harvey Nichols, The Mailbox, via Style Concierge or online at

// 19

Fashion and Entertainment



Sprinkle your Christmas with style with a range of gold-tinged gifts from HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM. Forget whether she’s been naughty or nice and instead spoil her with wowfactor worthy presents that will make her gasp with delight. Here’s our edit of the treasure-forever pressies guaranteed to take pride of place under the tree this festive season.

1. 10. 9.

2. 6.

20 / /






1: Maison Di Prima strapless dress, £2,495. 2: Atelier Flou Shamsin Eau De Parfum (100ml), £220.


3: Baublebar double ring, £50. 4: De La Vali velvet top, £350. 5: Fendi Kan I small gold shoulder bag, £1680. 6: GHD Gold Series Max Styler, £135. 7: Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV Gold Limited Edition, £50. 8: Peter Thomas Roth 24kt Gold Mask, £64. 9: Valentino Garavani Rockstud 100 gold pumps, £700. 10: Vivienne Westwood Leadenhall gold tone watch, £215. 11: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Brow Palette, £36. 12: Stand Camille leopard-print faux fur coat, £300. Products featured are available from Harvey Nichols, The Mailbox, via Style Concierge or online at

// 21


Fashion’s association with flowers is a strong one, but invariably we associate fabulous florals with the spring catwalks. For A/W18 however, beautiful blooms show no signs of wilting thanks to the likes of Prada, Valentino, Gucci, Peter Pilotto and Erdem who showcased this key trend on their catwalks. For the new season, use flowers to add a delicate touch to heavy winter outfits – dark prints look luscious next to cream separates and caramel coats, while botanical brocade adds a luxe twist to leather and faux fur. LISA PIDDINGTON, from HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM, reveals her lust-worthy edit of this most feminine trend.

7. 1. 11.

9. 10.

22 / /



12. 6.


3. 8.

1: Main – team dark prints with cream separates for this season’s chicest look. 2: Alice + Olivia floral-appliquéd sequinned skirt, £1020. 3: Dolce & Gabbana Sicily medium floral-print leather tote, £1750. 4: Dolce & Gabbana stretch-silk blouse, £775. 5: Dries Van Noten floral-brocade ankle boots, £470. 6: Erdem Sidney floral-print slim-leg trousers, £615.


7: Keepsake floral-print chiffon dress, £180. 8: Gucci modal-blend scarf, £270. 9: Kenzo floral knitted dress, £360. 10: Olivia Burton signature floral rose gold-plated watch, £85. 11: Peter Pilotto wide-leg poplin culottes, £650. 12: RED Valentino botanical print silk dress, £820. 13: Free People lace dress, £75. Products featured are available from Harvey Nichols, The Mailbox, via Style Concierge or online at

// 23

Fashion and Entertainment



England is home to some of the most renowned fashion houses and brands in the world, and we have a rich history to be proud of when it comes to our fashion industry.

Adored the world over for our classic looks, quality garments and vast choice, Latvian-born Michail Bolohs is one of many to have fallen for our trend-setting designs. Through Michail has created a place where men and women across the world can find Englishbranded footwear, clothing and accessories. A buyer by profession, Michail has hand-picked what he believes to be the best of English fashion, and, with 60% of his sales exported to Russia, USA and Asia he is giving people everywhere the opportunity to experience these brands. While his online business continues to soar, Michail couldn’t ignore the need for footwear to be admired in the flesh and fitted properly. So, he has brought the best of his footwear and accessory brands to the gentlemen of Birmingham with his new men’s store. Located inside The Mailbox, Birmingham, the store – which has been carefully designed to reflect English patriotism – boasts solid oak shelves adorned with footwear from the country’s most talented shoemakers, and bags made from the most premium leather. From the likes of Chatham Marine and Solovair to Gaziano & Girling Ltd there is footwear for both trendsetters and businessmen alike. Men’s accessories haven’t been neglected with satchels, holdalls and briefcases from makers including Chapman Bags and Tusting, all available in store.

24 / /

What Michail has successfully created is a store that gives men, who are passionate about footwear, the chance to indulge in some of the most luxurious brands around. An entire buying experience, customers are offered the opinions of experts who are on-hand to help pair bags with shoes and offer styling tips. The newly opened English Brands store can be found on Level 2 of The Mailbox. Visit: to browse Michail’s full clothing, footwear and accessory collections.

// 25

Fashion and Entertainment


GET THE LOOK: NOMAD Winter will soon be upon us, so hang on to the rust-tinted leaves of autumn with a living space filled with comforting, statement pieces in rich, warm shades. Surround yourself with tactile, textured accessories like sumptuous, deep-pile rugs, animal hide cushions and natural wood furniture. Leather is a strong feature this season, but not just in the usual black – warm shades of rust add a luxurious twist. Try adding accents of copper, gold and mustard to bring everything together.


SHOP, DINE, PAMPER, STAY Forget the crowds and queues, for stress-free shopping head to Mailbox Birmingham this season In the heart of the city, just a five-minute walk from Birmingham New Street Station, you’ll find premier shopping destination Mailbox tucked away from the chaos. Alongside easy and reliable transport links nearby, it also offers secure and disabled car parking, allowing you to browse all day stress-free. Shop the latest trends at a host of luxury stores including Harvey Nichols, Emporio Armani and Paul Smith, before dining in style at the likes of Tom’s Kitchen, Gas Street Social and Miller & Carter. Enjoy drinks with friends in stylish surroundings at Aluna and Churchill’s and for the film fans, a visit to the boutique Everyman cinema, where you can recline on plush sofas and order nibbles right to your seat, is a must. Whether you’re getting pampered with a fresh blowdry, express manicure or refreshing facial, treat yourself to some much-needed R&R at Flint+Flint, James Bushell Hair and Nicky Clarke. And, for ultimate relaxation, why not spend the night at Malmaison or AC Hotels. Mailbox is the place to indulge yourself in the latest fashion, homewares and food.

26 / /



From express beauty to authentic Italian, winter is all about treating yourself.

Looking for authentic Italian cuisine in the city? Look no further… Pinocchio, the family-run restaurant has just opened on Level 3. We’d recommend Gamberi All’arancia with delicious butterflied king prawns pan-fried with white wine, garlic, chilli and parsley. Try it before the secret’s out.

1. BEAUTY FOR THE BUSY From 15 minute manicures to a relaxing aromatherapy massage, the beauty team at Harvey Nichols Birmingham offer a range of express pamper packages to get you glam in less than 30 minutes! All packages include a complimentary glass of bubbly or soft drink. For more information and prices speak to a member of Harvey Nichols beauty team in store or call 0121 616 6019. 2. BOTTOMS UP If you love cocktails as much as us, you have to visit Tom’s Kitchen at Mailbox. Every Monday to Friday from 6pm – 7pm you can enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails. We’ve got our eyes on the Air Mail, with Havana 3 year, Lime and a dash of Champagne Irroy. Cheers!

4. STEAK AND COCKTAILS FOR £20 Gas Street Social is offering mouthwatering meat dishes accompanied by a fun cocktail for just £20. All steaks are aged for 35 days and served with roasted tomatoes, onion strings, a side & a sauce. Find out what’s on and discover exclusive offers and promotions at

BEST OF BEAUTY The best products, treatments and tricks - as told by the experts themselves Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic 100ml, £10

Kératase Mousse Bouffante 150ml, £21

Nichols Helen Gough, Beauty Manager at Harvey Nichols

James Bushell, Director at James Bushell Hair

I use this morning and evening as part of my routine to gently remove any extra impurities after cleansing, leaving my face feeling soft, fresh and hydrated.

This is my go-to product, all of my clients love it and it’s one of our bestsellers because of its versatility. For luxurious volume and hold, this is the product you need.

Nicky Clarke Argan Oil 75ml, £20 Helen Carson-Brown, Senior Technical Director at Nicky Clarke

This oil is nourishing without being too heavy. Unlike some serums that coat the hair, this soaks in to condition from within. Just add a couple of dots to damp hair and blow-dry to banish frizz.

Full COMCIT™ Facial, ON OFFER FOR £79 from £120 Melissa, Manager at Flint + Flint

Often referred to as the ‘Instagram Effect’ facial due to the picture-perfect filter finish it leaves on the skin, the Full COMCIT™ facial will give you fresher, healthier and more taut skin in just one hour. blow-dry to banish frizz.

/ / 27


DE SIGNED BY US, F E LT B Y YO U Experience the ultimate London stay at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge. Relax in a luxurious room or suite with stunning views over London, indulge yourself at The Peak Health Club & Spa with our range of cutting-edge treatments and enjoy a quintessential afternoon tea in the opulent Chinoiserie lounge. | 020 7235 1234







CV11 5JX

Fashion and Entertainment



The tie began its life in seventeenth century France when Louis XIII stole the idea from the Croatian mercenaries he hired to fight for him in the Thirty-Year War. The king admired the piece of cloth tied around the Croatians necks so much that he made it a compulsory accessory at the French royal court and christened it a cravat (the French word for “Croat”) in their honour. However, exactly how the black tie or bow tie we now associate with the most prestigious social occasions and special events evolved out of a piece of rag round a Croatian solder’s neck is not quite clear.

What we do know, however, is that it was in the late nineteenth century that the dinner jacket and corresponding back tie became popular amongst the British middle and upper classes who sought

30 //

an alternative to the dress coat, which was an evening tailcoat that had begun to seem just a tad too formal. Then in 1886 it properly became a part of fashion history when a formal ball was held by the tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard on his estate in Orange County in New York state. We know how much influence this event was to have by the name of the club at which it was held: The Tuxedo Club. So, not only was the dinner jacket introduced to America, but it was taken to the heart of American society and given a new name that would last to this day. The Evolution of the Black Tie As the twentieth century progressed, dinner jackets and black bow ties became less associated with regular evening wear and more

associated with the special events that came to be characterised by the tie that was an intrinsic part of the uniform. In turn, “black tie events” became associated with glamorous events and people, and so in time they became synonymous with Hollywood and the glitz of the film industry. Amongst its most famous advocates were Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Dean Martin. As time went on and the black tie lost some of its formality, other colours and designs began to creep in, but the bow tie was always a symbol of class and refinement. It would also later come to be strongly associated with intelligence, as various famous intellectuals,

politicians and scientists began to favour it, including Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Saul Bellow and Arthur Schlesinger. In the decades after the end of the Second World War, black tie events have become increasingly less rigid in their protocol and today quite a lot of variation is permitted. However, it’s still important to realize that black is very much used as a gentleman’s uniform. It is the beautiful dresses of the females at a black tie event that take centre stage in terms of colour and overall splendour. The male’s ‘uniform’ should never over-shadow this. It would be ungentlemanly to do so.

For more information visit, alternatively to discuss your specific requirements call Adrian on 07968 438 717 or email Keep up to date with the latest news from The Bespoke Tailor by following, @TweetingTailor

/ / 31

Beauty and Health

DISCOVER THE TOXINS AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH In these days of Insta-worthy dining, clean eating and protein shakes, many of us are more conscious than ever before of what we put into our bodies. And yet, despite our best nutritional efforts, we may all still be running the risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals every day. Health test provider, Lastinghealth, highlight a report from the World Health Organisation that there are over 150,000 unnatural chemicals found in products we use and in our everyday environment, as well as in the products we use. Over time this build-up of toxins has the potential to impede health. Such chemicals can be found in items from makeup and sunscreen to sandwich bags, drinks bottles and even the air we breathe.

32 //

Taken in through the air or ingested after they have leached into our food and drinks from plastic packaging, these chemicals find their way into our bodies in all kinds of ways and are often difficult to avoid. With the potential to have a significant impact on the body, avoiding them is something we should all prioritise. For example, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) such as phenol, can have a negative impact on our sleep, general development, mood and metabolism. Of course, tolerance to the various toxins varies from person to person and levels which may impact on one individual may be perfectly tolerable to another.



So, what’s the solution? Knowledge is power and finding out your personal levels of unnatural chemicals is the first step in reducing them. Established with the aim of providing individuals with the opportunity to find out whether they are carrying a potentially toxic burden, Lastinghealth offer test kits which help individuals to take control of their wellbeing, now and for the future.

Easy testing… Testing for the unnatural chemicals that could be playing havoc with your system is easy to do and three test kit options are available; toxic non-metal chemical, urinary organic acids & toxic and essential element hair test.

Once you’ve decided the test that’s right for you, it is simply a matter of supplying hair or urine samples to the lab for testing. Results are presented in a straight-forward way and not only does the personalised report detail your individual chemical profile, it also indicates where such chemicals are mostly found along with tips on ways to counteract their impact. With a detailed picture Lastinghealth’s clients are able to make an informed choice about the products they use and can make steps towards reducing their exposure, helping to ensure that that next selfie posted to social media is a picture of health, both inside and out.

To find out more, and to purchase a kit visit *MAG30 to be entered at checkout to apply discount

/ / 33

Beauty and Health



Find your freedom to smile at Highfield Dental Clinic

The importance of a beautiful smile shouldn’t be underestimated. Smiling is an essential part of interacting with others, helping to reassure, build bonds and communicate feelings. Whether it is missing, crooked, stained or cracked teeth, for those unhappy with their smile the impact can be all-consuming. Not only leading to a reluctance to smile, problem teeth can cause more serious issues with speech and eating. Highfield Dental Clinic, based in Edgbaston, Birmingham, are experts in smile rejuvenation, helping to perfect their patients’ smiles, giving them the confidence to laugh and smile again. Treatment plans may include one or a combination of treatments depending on the desired result a patient is aiming to achieve. From the initial free consultation with the clinic’s treatment coordinator, all options are discussed and explained. Practising dentistry for over 20 years, Highfield’s Dr Nazanin Shona-Assadi and Dr Fash Shoja-Assadi understand the importance of a confidence boosting smile.

34 //

Having undergone orthodontic treatment herself, Dr Nazanin Shona-Assadi knows how dramatically it can change a person’s self-esteem. Patients often report having been unhappy with their smile for many, many years, feeling there is nothing that can be done about it. With patients often feeling hopeless, frightened and insecure, the Highfield team aim to create a friendly, supportive and calming environment where even those patients with a fear of the dentist and/or procedure can feel comfortable as their smile dreams and goals come true. The private clinic offers outstanding levels of client care and along with delivering solutions in terms of dental aesthetics, Highfield Dental Clinic also provide general dentistry too, including emergency care and children’s dental treatments. For more details on the complete range of services, including smile makeovers and preventative dentistry, call 0121 455 6974 or email

Dr Fash and his team are at the very top of their game. Trust me, you will not find a better, more sensitive, more knowledgeable dentist anywhere in the world. - Aidan Keane

Highfield Dental Clinic has helped me achieve the smile I have always wanted. I have always tried to keep a nice appearance, but felt my teeth let me down. When getting ready to go out I’d look at my friends’ teeth and feel a dent in my confidence no matter how good my clothes or hair looked. At Highfield Dental Clinic I have never felt under pressure or pushed into anything and every member of staff did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. Now my treatment is complete I have the smile I’ve always wanted! My smile is even better than what I expected, I’m so happy with the result! Thank you! - Jenni

Making cosmetic dentistry available to all, treatments on offer include: • Cosmetic smile makeover • Orthodontics, including ‘invisible’ braces • Dental implants • Porcelain veneers • Porcelain crowns • Dental bridges • Tooth coloured fillings • Dentures • Dental hygienist

Highfield Dental Clinic Highfield House, 2 Highfield Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3ED // 35

Geiko, the home of hairdressing excellence and beautiful hair Geiko is an exclusive five star hair salon located in the heart of Leamington Spa offering exceptional all-round standards of hairdressing skills and customer service. An independent, award-winning salon, Geiko is shamelessly unique and endeavours to ‘set the standard’ in every sphere of hairdressing. Fashionable Geiko enjoys the highest accolade of being a ‘Prestige Salon’ for some of the most luxurious hair brands, including Balmain Hair, Shu Uemura, Windle and Moodie and L’Oreal, while having Gold Star status with the Fellowship of British Hairdressing. Quality and attention to detail is at every touchpoint. The experience starts with the salon’s very calming Japanese inspired décor, stylishly created by renowned London interior designers. The ambience effectively depicts the essence of Geiko, which means ‘Woman of Art’ in Japanese. Geiko’s highly-skilled stylists and colour technicians have been educated at prestigious London training academies, and this training continues on an ongoing basis. Never complacent, education is at the heart of the Geiko philosophy and why standards, and customer satisfaction, are consistently high. It also means that the very latest techniques in the hairdressing industry are being used at Geiko, frequently paralleled to a London salon experience. The menu of services on offer is extensive, ranging from cutting and styling, to specialist colour techniques, indulgent hair treatments, permanent hair straightening and the most fabulous human hair extensions from Balmain Hair. Geiko’s friendly, very experienced team are extremely talented and motivated. They listen and give advice when needed on style, colour and the health of hair. Above all, they are passionate about creating beautiful hair to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. At Geiko, every client is individual. And that’s what makes the salon very special. It is why clients travel from all over the UK, and even overseas, for their hair appointment at Geiko. To make an appointment call the Geiko team on: 01926 885859 or to view the complete range of services available, visit: 12 Park Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4QN Car parking is available on Park Street and adjacent streets or next door in the Royal Priors car park.




in association with

INDULGENCE AWAITS The Art Deco glamour. The signature spa treatments. The sense of serenity. The calm amongst the roar. The moment of luxury. The ultimate pampering. The Dorchester Spa.

Perfection just happens.


#DCmoments TheDorchester TheDorchester TheDorchester

Beauty and Health



Stepping back just ten years, it was the norm to open any cabinet, in any household bathroom, and be faced with shelves stocked with only female beauty products. In terms of men’s products, a deodorant, shaving foam and maybe an aftershave, was probably the extent of a man’s grooming collection. Why? Because body care and grooming were typically associated as a female-only regime and stigmas worked against the favour of those men who wanted to pay more attention to how they look. Now though, there is a noticeable change. Men are spending more time in salon chairs, commanding more space in the bathroom and standing in front of the mirror far more. And, that’s thanks to changes in attitudes, the rise in social

38 / /

media and a significant increase in male-steered grooming products. This liberated attitude is giving men everywhere the chance to loosen their ties, roll up their sleeves and make the journey into self-expression – one-moisturiser-at-a-time. Male grooming is a multi-billion-pound industry and sees exfoliants, makeup, moisturisers, oils, hair gels, spot treatments, shampoos and conditioners all far more readily available and even marketed towards men. And, there is no over the counter judgement! Male celebrities – Clooney, Beckham, Farrell – have also jumped on the bandwagon, teaming up with male grooming brands all in aid of de-stigmatising the industry and encouraging men of all ages to take pride in how they look.

Male grooming by nature is about keeping skin and hair neat and tidy, but by no means does it suggest that all facial and body hair has to be removed completely! In fact, we would be missing a trick if we didn’t address the elephant – or beard in this case – in the room. For centuries, a clean, wet shave, may have been the nofuss, groomed look for men and one traditionally associated with a ‘presentable’ gent. But, now with men free to groom as they wish, there is a new generation of males putting money, time and effort into the presentation of their facial hair. The beard boom, as we affectionately call it, like most crazes appeared almost overnight and now men, of all ages, around the world, are ditching the blades in search of a more au naturel image. Like head hair, facial hair needs taming and beard grooming has become somewhat of an art – something some brands have built an entire business model around. Mo Bro’s is one such business whose success has been born out of the love of beards. The Leicestershire-born brand was established in 2014 by bearded brothers – Keval, Kunal and Savan Dattani. Marketed towards beard maintenance, the brand offers butters, balms, oils, wax, cleansers and accessories, all specially formulated to make beard grooming easier and more enjoyable. Taking their beard products into the lair that is, Dragon’s Den, the trio walked away with a £150k investment and are now available in Next, on Amazon and on-board KLM airlines as well as, of course, online at

/ / 39

IT’S A BEARD REVOLUTION Whether you have stubble, or a beard, a goatee or a moustache, Mo Bro’s are here to unite against badly pruned facial hair with their range of beard grooming products. From cleansers and balms to conditioners and styling accessories, all of the products at Mo Bro’s are steered towards one ultimate goal – to make men proud of their beards. Such is the quality, effect and results of their products, Mo Bro’s is loved by bands of bearded brothers across 78 different countries. With Mo Bro’s there’s no more excuses for badly tamed beards…












To learn more about Champions (UK) plc, our Perfect 10 and all the different ways we can transform your brand, call Matthew Hayes on 08453 31 30 31 or email



Beauty and Health


Forget serums, it’s time to look at your diet for real anti-ageing results. Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? It’s not as far off as you think! Everything we consume has an affect on our appearance. Acne sufferers are told to avoid dairy, those suffering with pigmentation are told to avoid gluten, not to mention the havoc alcohol and takeaways can cause with our skin. We spend a fortune on serums, creams and ointments to keep skin looking its best. But many of us forget to look to our nutrition in order to restore what our bodies are slowly losing over time.

WHY DO WE AGE? So what exactly causes the skin to age? Sun exposure and smoking are the two main external factors to have an affect on our skin. Bad diet and poor genes also play a role. But why? The reason our skin begins to sag and show lines and wrinkles is because our bodies are losing what keeps it strong and supple to begin with – collagen. The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen plays a huge factor in the way our skin looks and feels. It’s the main structural protein and a fundamental building block for our bodies. But from our early 20’s, we begin to lose collagen at a rate of 1% each year. So, by the time you’re 30, you’ve lost 10% of your collagen reserves – resulting in the appearance of lines, skin dullness, and a lack of volume. Smoking and sun exposure also contribute and speed up this depletion. So, to prevent signs of ageing and stay looking younger for longer, it’s important to keep our collagen levels topped up. HOW DO I GET MORE COLLAGEN? Consuming collagen is a quick, easy way to prevent signs of ageing. Load your plate with foods like sweet potato,

42 //

carrots, salmon and leafy greens to boost your collagen intake. Unfortunately, you’d have to eat a LOT of greens in order to get the recommended 8 grams of collagen a day. You could make bone broth for an extra collagen hit, though it’s a time-consuming process and not everyone is a fan of the taste. SkinGlo stands apart from the crowd due to their unique NutriProtect Liposomal Technology, providing 8X better absorption than traditional supplements. IS THERE ANYTHING I SHOULD BE AVOIDING? While moisturisers and serums do work to a certain extent by keeping skin moisturised and smoothing the texture, it’s important to note that any creams claiming to increase collagen levels are unlikely to do so as collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin. Avoid smoking and sunlight – wearing an SPF daily and avoiding cigarettes will all help prevent unwanted collagen loss. Sugar is thought to cause early signs of ageing too, so cut down if you want to keep skin smoother for longer.

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR WHEN CHOOSING A COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT With so many collagen supplements now on the market, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. Here’s what to look out for: •

Avoid solids or powders. Instead look for a liquid formula, which has a higher absorption rate.

Avoid sugar. If a collagen supplement has sugar in, it’s going to be more detrimental to your skin as sugar can cause ageing.

Choose the right kind of collagen. Hydrolysed Marine Collagen is the highest quality with the best absorption rate, and lowest molecular weight available.

SkinGlo is a ready-to-drink 8g hydrolysed marine collagen supplement, ticking all the boxes needed for best results. As the only skin supplement currently to use liposomal technology, it provides 8x more absorption compared to traditional supplements. Taken once a day, results can be seen from as little as 2 weeks.

• Check the other ingredients. Vitamin C is known to help the body absorb collagen. Hyaluronic acid will help hydrate skin, giving a plumper, more youthful appearance. B Vitamins are well known for their skin enhancement abilities. Cermamosides improve skin moisturisation. •

Choose a supplement that provides 8 grams of collagen a day. If a supplement claims to provide more, it’s false – the body can only provide this much at a time. If it’s less, you’re not getting the key amount.

01332 542500 |

/ / 43

Sporting World


Edgbaston Stadium offers a range of inspiring meeting spaces that will keep your delegates engaged from the moment they arrive to one of UK’s leading sporting venues. The venue features an array of versatile, modern and luxurious suites with capacities ranging from 20 to 800 delegates. Edgbaston’s state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect venue for conferences, meetings, awards, weddings, banquets, exhibitions and much more. ● Award winning Conference and Events venue ● Located just 1.5 miles from Birmingham’s city centre ● Range of modern and luxurious suites that offer natural

daylight ● Capacities ranging from 20 to 800 delegates A dedicated, passionate and experienced events team will work Edgbaston Stadium is one of the UK’s leading sporting ● Dave with you to deliver a truly unforgettable service and create an Hill - Executive Headmodern Chefand venues which features an array of versatile, This unique and iconic venue provides an exquisite backdrop event that you and your guests will remember for years to come. luxurious suites that are suitable for any occasion. The ● On-site car ofpark formeeting over spaces 500 cars We pride ourselves on outstanding service and our passion is venue offers a range inspiring that with natural daylight and stunning views overlooking the to deliver tailored events and a memorable experience for our will keep your delegates momentpitch and Birmingham ● Fantastic viewsengaged over from thetheiconic customers. they arrive to a world renowned international stadium. famous Edgbaston pitch and the Birmingham Skyline. skyline Our state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect venue for The stadium has benefited from a major redevelopment and Edgbaston is fully equipped with all the latest cutting edge conferences, meetings, awards, weddings, banquets, was awarded ‘Best Venue’ at the prestigious Birmingham Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards in June 2016.AV It was technology also crowned exhibitions and much more. from recommended suppliers which will Midlands Wedding Venue of the Year at the British Asian Edgbaston has an extensive range of suites and function rooms Wedding Awards in March 2017. bring your event to life. To add extra personalisation, you that cater for corporate events, business meetings and private As well as having an award-winning Executive Chef functions of any size, from four luxurious Executive Boxes for up canHeadutilise and brand Edgbaston’s pitch-side scoreboards to serve you the finest cuisine, our unique and iconic venue to 20 delegates in a boardroom style to an impressive Exhibition provides an exquisite backdrop with natural daylight and Hall which can cater up to 800 delegates in a theatre style. and stadium TVs. Their facilities are superbly equipped, stunning views overlooking the famous Edgbaston pitch. This unique and famous stadium offers fabulous event spaces, complete with complimentary robust Wi-Fi, to provide an stunning views of the legendary pitch and the Birmingham Edgbaston is fully equipped with all the latest cutting edge AV skyline, with packages available to suit all requirements and technology from recommended suppliers unforgettable which will bring your atmosphere. budgets. Edgbaston is a venue unlike any other in Birmingham! event to life. To add extra personalisation, you can utilise and professional and dedicated event organisers will brand Edgbaston’s pitch-side scoreboardsA andteam stadium of TVs. Our As well as having an on-site car park, the stadium is ideally facilities are superbly equipped, complete with complimentary located just one mile from the heart of UK’s second city. ensure that the investment you make in your event is a robust Wi-Fi, to provide an unforgettable atmosphere. The venue is only minutes away from major motorway links, Birmingham’s New Street and Snow Hill train stations, only success. Day delegate prices start from just £28.00 + VAT per seven miles from Birmingham International Airport and close to person. several upscale hotels for your out-of-town guests. Day delegate prices start from just £28.00 + VAT per person.

For more information please call Edgbaston’s Conference and Events team on 0121 369 1994 (option 3) or email

For more information please call Edgbaston’s Conference and Events team on 0121 369 1994 (option 3) or email



44 / /


Edgbaston Inspirational Magazine Ad.indd 1




2019 Hospitality Packages On Sale For more info:

0121 446 3659 // 45

e xperience the be autiful g ame.

more b e autif ul ly.

Club Wembley is a truly unique multi-season membership that offers world class hospitality and a guaranteed seat at some of Wembley Stadium’s biggest events.

GUAR ANTEE Y O U R P L A C E A T: • The Emirates FA Cup Final

• The Carabao Cup Final

• The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Finals

• All Senior Men’s England Internationals at Wembley

• The FA Community Shield

Plus, get priority access to the biggest concerts and other events at Wembley Stadium.

Connections A benefits programme run exclusively for Club Wembley members. Think Q&A’s with football legends, VIP breakfasts and dinners, celebrity matches, access to England training sessions – or even the chance to put your son, daughter, niece or nephew forward to be the player mascot for the next big game.

To find out more: 0208 795 9524

Hospitality From a crisp, cold beer on the members’ concourse to a chilled flute of Laurent-Perrier Champagne in One Twenty; from our famous chicken balti pies and fully stacked burgers in Inner Circle to à-la-carte dining in Bobby Moore, you’ll find something for every fan.

Sporting World



The 2018 Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is a roaring success!

A whole host of golfing icons and celebrities once again descended on the stunning Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire between 7-10 August for a thrilling week of golf at this year’s Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship. Widely regarded as one of the most inclusive golf events in the world, the four-day event brings together men, women, professionals, amateurs, juniors and people of all ability as they play alongside one another on the famously tricky Cromwell Course. Hosted by two-time Major winner, Tony Jacklin CBE, this year was extra special as it saw the first ever junior qualifier event take place. Offering a youngster the chance to play in the main event, Nick Matthews was the lucky winner, bagging himself a place in the Pro-Am. At 14 years old he is the youngest player to have competed in the pro event. If you missed out on the action, take a look back at 2018’s remarkable event… Tuesday 7 August – Liverpool legend Steve Staunton wins first Celeb-Am The week, which was broadcast on Sky Sports, kicked off with a Celeb-Am which saw a whole host of famous faces take on the course. The likes of former Strictly Come

48 //

Dancing judge, Len Goodman, England rugby legend, Mike Tindall MBE, radio and TV presenter, Jenni Falconer, Westlife star, Brian McFadden and Harry Potter actors, James and Oliver Phelps were all in action, but it was former Liverpool and Ireland defender, Steve Staunton, who came out on top. He clinched victory with a score of +1, fighting off competition from ex-Manchester United star, Clayton Blackmore, and Len Goodman. Wednesday 8 August – Steven Tiley takes early lead in the Pro-Am Competition really heated up on the Wednesday, as the Pro-Am got underway. With a €150,000 prize fund on offer, it was a fiercely contested affair. Some of the sport’s biggest names took part, including 1991 Masters winner, Ian Woosnam OBE, Europe’s most successful Ryder Cup Captain, Tony Jacklin CBE, 2018 Open Championship star, Sam Locke, 2005 U.S. Open winner, Michael Campbell, the Ladies European Tour and LPGA Tour star Charley Hull, European Tour rookie Aaron Rai, one of the most successful Italian players of all-time Costantino Rocca, and the event’s first ever Chilean player, Matias Calderon.

It was Challenge Tour player Steven Tiley who had the best of the play, and his score of -3 was enough to make him the overnight leader, ahead of former European Tour player, Andrew Marshall and the 2013 Norma C Herd Silver Salver winner, Craig Lawrie. Thursday 9 August – Steven Tiley is crowned Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship winner for 2018 The final day of the professional event saw numerous players in with a chance of scooping the title, but in the end, it went down to a straight shootout between Steven Tiley

Charley Hull on the tee

Tournament host Tony Jacklin CBE and 2018 champion Steven Tiley

Celebrity Q&A: Len Goodman, Ola Jordan and Derek Redmond

England Rugby World Cup winner Mike Tindall MBE

/ / 49

Sporting World

BBC Breakfast and Sport presenter Dan Walker

Huge crowds gather at Nailcote Hall

Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps

to David Nelson, and there was also a team competition of the day with Marshall and Jeff Sverdlow winning this. Tony Jacklin CBE with the Norma C Herd Silver Salver winner David Nelson, and Eric Herd of Farmfoods

and Andrew Marshall. With just one stroke in it, Tiley was crowned victorious with a par on the final hole in front of a packed out grandstand, meaning his score of -6 was enough to take home the title. Earlier in the day, Aaron Rai and Craig Lawrie, put themselves into contention, and at one stage, along with Tiley they found themselves on the same score, and the prospect of a play-off, loomed large. However, Lawrie fell away after bogeying on the 13th eventually finishing on -4 and when it looked like Rai could go on to triumph after scoring a magnificent hole-in-one, his round ended with a double bogey on the final hole in front of the grandstand, a hole he struggled with all day. Mark McNulty won the Super Senior Title, the Norma C Herd Silver Salver awarded for best scoring amateur went

50 / /

The day also saw the event’s first hole-in-one courtesy of Staysure Tour star Gary Wolstenholme MBE, with Rai then following suit later in the day. Friday 10 August – Former Wolves striker, Don Goodman, brings the week to an end with Celeb-Am win The curtain came down on another wonderful week with a final Celeb-Am. Even a brief rain shower couldn’t dampen spirits as Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle, Coronation Street legend, William Roache MBE, BBC Sport and news host, Dan Walker, ex-Scotland manager, Gordon Strachan OBE and Love Island’s Chris Hughes, hit the course. It was Wolves legend, Don Goodman, who won the event with a score of +3. His closest competitors came in the form of ex- Aston Villa midfielder, Lee Hendrie and BBC Sport and news presenter, Dan Walker, who shot rounds of +8 and +5 respectively, but Goodman’s round saw him bag four birdies helping him to clinch victory.

Evening dinners also took place during the week which raised money for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People who care for youngsters with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship would like to thank all of this year’s sponsors for once again coming on board to support the event. They include: headline sponsors Farmfoods, event organisers Champions (UK) plc, Nailcote Hall, Volvik, Sub70, Champions Celebrity Talent Agency, Browns Food group, The Eagle Tour, McCain, Sky Sports Golf, Liberty Industries Group, Thomas Lyte, Birmingham Post, Golf Punk, Total Motion, Inspirational Magazine, Finest Catch, VPAR, Champions After Dinner Speakers and Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.

TV presenter Jenni Falconer

Monday qualifier Nick Matthews with ‘91 Masters Champion Ian Woosnam OBE

Strictly duo James and Ola Jordan

Plans are already underway for next year’s event, and for more information on the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, visit the website, / or get in touch with event organisers Champions (UK) plc by calling 08453 31 30 31.

// 51 Love Island star Chris Hughes with the Mars-Wrigley’s confectionary team

Sporting World



Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, this year marked the eagerly anticipated return of the Farmfoods European Senior Masters. Once again taking to the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in picturesque Warwickshire, the Staysure Tour event included a stellar list of pros, from Ryder Cup winners, to legends of the European Tour.

an amateur partner with a Staysure professional, and once again there was a stellar line-up of players on the green. These included: 1991 Masters winner, Ian Woosnam OBE, French stars Jean van de Velde and Thomas Levet, Italian legend Costantino Rocca, European Tour winner Jarmo Sandelin, Staysure Tour player, Gary Wolstenholme MBE and event host, Peter Baker.

Thursday 4 October The first day kicked off with a fantastic Pro-Am which saw a whole host of Staysure Tour icons get to grips with the Championship Course prior to the main event getting underway on the Friday. In what was a team event, one Staysure Tour professional was paired with three amateurs and it was ‘Team Sofidel’ who came out on top. With a score of 90 points they clinched victory with the help of South Africa star, James Kingston, the team’s professional player. Castle Gate Financial Management were in second place with a score of 89 alongside Challenge Tour star, Paul Streeter, and ‘Woburn Whizzes’ in third with a score of 86. They were led by former Ryder Cup star, Thomas Levet. Friday 5 October The real competition began on the Friday as the competitive aspect of the event got underway. The Alliance element saw

52 // French golf star Jean van de Velde

2018 European Senior Masters Champion

And, it was Austrian star Markus Brier who took the lead early on. Scoring a fantastic -7 on the opening day, this performance saw him finish two strokes clear of Spaniard, Santiago Luna, three ahead of Ian Woosnam OBE and four ahead of Peter Baker - scoring three birdies, the European Tour winner put himself in an extremely strong position ahead of the second day’s play.

Santiago Luna on the iconic 18th at the Forest of Arden

n Santiago Luna

1991 Masters Champion Ian Woosnam OBE

French favourite Thomas Levet

/ / 53

Sporting World

Team Woburn Whizzes with Thomas Levet

Farmfoods Eric Herd, with his guests and professionals Peter Baker and Ian Woosnam OBE

Saturday 6 October

Sunday 7 October 2018

Rain delayed play on Saturday, meaning players had a shotgun start in the afternoon. It was Santiago Luna who impressed when play did eventually start and was one of only four players who managed to hit under par rounds due to the relentless conditions.

Conditions played havoc on day three of the event, but it couldn’t stop a dramatic final day of action at the Forest of Arden. The amateurs made way on the final day as the professionals battled it out as the competition reached its climax. With a €200,000 prize fund up for grabs, €50,000 of which going to the winner, the final day was fiercely contested.

Leapfrogging overnight leader, Markus Brier, Luna was joined by Peter T Wilson at the top of the leaderboard, as they finished the day on -7 in a two-way tie, one stroke ahead of Brier. 2004 British Masters winner, Barry Lane, who has a history of winning at the Forest of Arden, was also within touching distance with a score of -5. The Alliance team event was also being played alongside the main competition and saw Liverpool legend, Steve Staunton and Gary Marks triumph with a score of -14. This win saw the pair take home some great prizes including a large suitcase with Sub70 merchandise inside, an Eleven golf bag with three and four rescue clubs, a leather score card, a pair of Duca del Cosma shoes and a one night stay with dinner, as well as a round of golf for two, across five Marriott Country Clubs in the UK. In second place were James Kingston and Jeremy Wilson, with Duncan Sinclair, Stephen Bennett and Jarmo Sandelin in third. All of these players also won a widerange of fantastic prizes for their achievement.

54 / /

It was Santiago Luna who maintained his grip on the competition, he began the day tied with Peter T. Wilson with the lead but soon began to pull away from the pack. Scoring birdies on the fourth, sixth and seventh holes, he soon had a three stroke advantage on the rest of the field. Bogeying the 16 th, things suddenly became too close for comfort for Luna as Ian Woosnam OBE moved to within on shot of the Spaniard. However, Luna remained composed and birdied the next hole which secured his title. This win marks his fourth title on the Staysure Tour, and his first of the 2018 season. Speaking of the victory he said: “This week was fantastic. I have a good relationship with the golf course. I hit it fantastically and I had a good feeling on the greens and that was really important because the greens were unbelievable. They were really fast but really nice, the golf course was unbelievable, and I played really well. I kept a good attitude, and everything was with me.”

Dominic Holland interviewing tournament host Peter Baker, Costantino Rocca and Jean van de Velde

Huge crowds gather at the Forest of Arden

Kev Orkian and Dominic Holland

For more information on how you can sponsor or play in the event please contact Benoit Lawrence on 07792 530 020 or at Jarmo Sandelin entertains the crowds!

// 55

Sporting World

THE FATHER, SON AND P1 PANTHER For around 2,600 years the world has known that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For businessman and entrepreneur Asif Rangoonwala his journey has involved building a commercially viable and credible international marine motorsport business, and his first step was in Italy in 2003 when Powerboat P1 held its first race event. Since then, P1 has staged more than 600 races in 18 countries on four continents and jet ski racing has been added to its product portfolio.


The Panther is born The first leg of Asif ’s journey, which took his offshore powerboat world championship featuring mono-hull, twin-engine boats to a host of glamorous locations, came to an end in 2010 when he decided to strategically refocus the business to build a genuine motorsport platform by implementing a new business model based on ground-up development. At the heart of the launch of one-design, single-engine national racing series in the UK and USA the following year – the P1 SuperStock Championships - was the new Panther race boat, designed by P1 and built in Florida where the company has an office in Orlando. The Panther was to be the catalyst for the next leg of Asif ’s journey. P1 SuperStock has established itself as one of the most affordable, accessible and competitive forms of motorsport, with identical boats and engines creating a level playing field where it’s the racers that make the difference. It was designed to be raced close to shore on a short and tight course to provide a demanding racing experience and entertainment for the live, television and online audiences. The major change was that P1 took control of all the commercial properties – from boat production through to the podiums.

Passage to India Over the past eight years the P1 Panther fleet has raced in Florida, the UK, Denmark and India, where the natural amphitheatre of Mumbai’s splendid sweeping bay provided

56 //

the venue for the first P1 SuperStock World Championship last year. The event introduced the sport to a new audience on the sub-continent and the nine hours of live television coverage played a considerable role in taking powerboat racing to the next level on its journey to becoming a mainstream sport. As a result of his somewhat non-traditional educational background, Asif will tell you that he learned most of what he knows about business from his father and the old saying that ‘one father is more than a hundred schoolmasters’ readily comes to mind. He is now embarking on the third leg of his journey in the role of a father himself, and his son Azam - an engineering graduate, former racer and now chief executive of P1 – is leading the team that will take the Panther to a new level and spearhead growth in the P1 SuperStock series.

Photo captions Bottom left: The new Mercury Racing 300R engine Main image: The P1 SuperStock USA fleet in race action Bottom right: Here’s what the 2019 canopied Panther will look like

// 5 7

Sporting World

Upgrade underway P1 is embarking on a major programme over the coming months to significantly upgrade its fleet of Panther race boats in the United States in readiness for the 2019 season. Following the Panthers being fitted with new carbon hulls ahead of this season and the announcement that they will be repowering for 2019 with the new Mercury Racing 4.6L V-8 four-stroke 300R outboard, P1 has unveiled plans to revolutionise the SuperStock championship and attract a new set of racers by converting to canopy race boats. The hull replacement work on the P1 SuperStock USA fleet was carried out over last winter, with the new hulls being built with an advanced fusion system using a foam core and custom blend resins. The work was carried out in Florida by specialist boat builders, Wilson Custom Composites.

Hello 300R Mercury Racing’s relationship with Powerboat P1 includes them being the presenting sponsor of the P1 SuperStock Championship and in July this year they announced that their all-new 300R V-8 four-stroke outboard will replace

the legacy two-stroke 300XS as the exclusive power for both next year’s USA series and any international venues. Designed, developed and manufactured in-house, the 300R features a heavy-duty midsection with solid mounts, race-proven Sport Master gearcase and handcrafted Mercury Racing Rev 4 propeller. The naturally aspirated four-stroke V-8 powerhead provides an astonishing 44% increase in displacement and 40% more bottom-end torque compared to the 300XS it replaces. Rick Mackie, PR & Communications Manager at Mercury Racing, believes the SuperStock teams will be impressed: “They will experience a noticeable improvement in acceleration – particularly useful when powering out of turns – together with an improvement in top-end speeds.”

Canopy is coming Working closely with the key players on all aspects of the upgrade will be Martin Sanborn, who was one of the lead developers of the P1 Panther and will take it to the next level through utilising the resources of the Performance Boat Centre in Florida. He makes clear that the move to the canopy configuration will have a number of important | |

58 //

results including increased safety for the crews, improved race performance and the change from a mechanical control system to a digital throttle and shift system which will increase responsiveness and simplify the rigging process for the boats. Martin Sanborn points out that the work to be carried out will be compliant with current UIM and APBA certification, and he is keen to highlight the safety and performance benefits that will result from the canopy system: “The canopy and cockpit will feature a carbon composite structure that is both light and exceptionally strong. Engineering, that will include a complex integration of a polycarbonate windscreen and receiver together with recessed carbon hatches, is targeted with aerodynamic, hydrodynamic and mechanical impact considerations to provide maximum protection to the racers. The boats will see another weight loss resulting in a lowering of the vertical centre of gravity and better handling. Craig Wilson added: “Powerboat P1 has leap frogged the marine industry by having the most technically advanced, full safety canopy system and interior available. The DDCompound racing seats will be carbon/glass with billet aluminium brackets and stainless-steel runners. Billet aluminium parts are precision engineered out of solid blocks to deliver a high degree of precision and great structural strength. The seats are tested to withstand huge G-forces and will be fitted with a 6-point harness. We will make the P1 Panther a racing work of art.” Azam Rangoonwala concluded by saying: “The canopy version of the P1 Panther will be going through a rigorous testing program later this year that will include offshore rough water testing, propeller selection and performance tests with the 300R installed. The combination of new power and sleek, new hulls will bring an extra dimension to the SuperStock series where the focus will be even more on boat setup and driver skill. I can’t wait for the green flag to drop next May!” Photo captions Left page: The P1 Panther in Florida this year Main: Azam in his powerboat racing days Rop right: Powerboat P1 partners with Mercury Racing Bottom: Azam and Asif at a P1 race event

// 59


ENGLAND’S LEADING RESORT WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS 2018 Standard Belfry terms and conditions apply.


Located in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel offers a warm welcome with a choice of stylish guest rooms and suites. Enjoy modern cuisine in Lowndes Bar & Kitchen, discover London with a self guided tour on our complimentary Belgravia Bikes and relax in the indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi at the nearby Peak Health Club & Spa. | 020 7823 1234

Travel and Lifestyle



Our luxury concierge travel service is born out of a desire for quality and exceptional service. Here we open up a world to our existing and new clients with delivery of exceptional experiences at the highest level, leaving out the stresses and strains of the organization that goes behind them. Our service is both specialist and highly discreet, used by some of the world’s most affluent individuals and their companies, we give back the most precious element….. time.

beaches around the word. Whether you’re looking for a resort or private villa you can just step out into the softest sand from, we have a perfect selection waiting for you.

Beautiful Adventure

Beautiful Sports

Looking for more than just lying on the beach? Travel Beautifully has a number of destinations filled with soft adventure. Zip lining through tropical rainforests, whale watching to Jazz music or abseiling down waterfalls. Talk to us today to plan your next adventure filled holiday.

Mixing travel with your favourite sport makes your holiday time even more enjoyable. We specialise in golf, cricket and polo with packages where you learn from the best coaches, test your own skills in tournaments or just sit back and watch from a private box. Call us now for more information on our current programmes.

Beautiful Beaches Our team has travelled from East to West to find the finest

62 / /

Beautiful Family Time Whether you’re looking for a five star kids club or a variety of activities you can do as a family, we have a range of resorts, destinations and cruises perfectly suited to family fun so spending quality time together easy.

Beautiful Romance Find the perfect romantic hideaway to enjoy time as a couple, whether you’re just starting your lives together or looking to reconnect away from the daily roller coaster of life. Talk to us about romantic resorts and couples getaways, we have it covered. Beautiful Cruise Set sail on a cruise docking in exotic destinations, visiting uninhabited islands and sight seeing off the beaten track, all the while enjoying world class catering and the finest wines. From the Caribbean and Mediterranean to Alaska and the rivers of Germany, sail away with us now. Beautiful Journeys The journey to the perfect holiday should be just as relaxing as the holiday itself. We offer private transfers to the airport, access to fast track and airport lounges, flight upgrades, helicopter transfers on arrival and even private jets to whisk you away to your chosen destination.

Tel: +44 (0) 208 679 2508 Email:

// 63

Travel and Lifestyle

WELCOME TO PARADISE IN CROATIA The Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera: Service the way it’s meant to be. The five-star hotel belonging to the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences features a spectacular design combining spaciousness, futuristic-looking elements and typical regional accents. The design concept was the work of renowned star architect Boris Podrecca, and his creation brings to life his visions of a lifestyle hotel on the Dalmatian Adriatic coast and perfectly reflects his passion for aesthetics and minimalism.

W Welcome home

Falkensteiner’s ‘welcome home’ concept means that you’ll feel right at home as soon as you arrive – greeted by a concierge, you will have the freedom to relax, unwind and savour the sensational architecture, modern Mediterranean design and the staff ’s charming service.

Pure luxury for the body, designed to meet your individual needs The 6,000 sq m Acquapura Spa is an oasis of saunas, massage chairs, private spas, indoor and outdoor pools, and an indescribably impressive 700 sq m hamam – in other words, everything you imagine when you think of wellness, beauty and lifestyle. At the Hotel & Spa Iadera, treatments have a particular focus on the thalasso method, and natural active ingredients such as seawater, algae and lots of sun are used to pamper the skin the Mediterranean way. The Turkish hamam is the heart of the Iadera spa oasis. A visit to the hamam offers guests a taste of the oriental path to well-being. This bathing culture stretches back hundreds of years to the time of the Ottoman Empire, with its origins in Central Anatolia and Istanbul.

Infinity pool Swim in the freshwater or brine pool and enjoy a view of the sea and the islands of the Zadar archipelago, located just off the coast. Here on the Punta Skala peninsula, you’ll get a sense of endless relaxation as you gaze out at what appears to be a boundless horizon.

64 / /

New for 2018 is the sports centre with seven clay tennis courts, two paddle courts, golf range area, mini golf, two beach volleyball courts, basketball, mini tennis and badminton which you can also play during night, due to lighting poles. In 2019 there will be a basketball academy and tennis academy added as well, and these new sports facilities will put Falkensteiner Punta Skala on the map as one of the best sport resorts in Europe.

An oasis for the senses, a refuge of pleasure At the La Veranda à la carte restaurant, guests can enjoy a taste of Italy in one of the most beautiful places in Croatia, where the culinary team uses fresh, regional products to create Italian-Dalmatian delicacies. If you prefer to chill out on the beach, the Bracera beach bar and restaurant is

perfect for you. For a truly sensational experience, you can take in the beautiful sunset by the sea while you indulge in culinary delights cooked to perfection over pine and olive wood. With freshly caught fish and seafood as well as regional meat and a wide array of wine and refreshing beverages, this is the perfect place to relax at the end of the day. For additional culinary highlights, there’s the hotel’s Jadran restaurant, the Spa bistro, the cigar lounge and the

Baracuda beach hut. Meaning there are seven heavenly culinary options to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a holiday destination where you can forget the stresses of day-to-day life, relax on the beach, get involved in various sports activities or just enjoy an exquisite beauty treatment, the Hotel & Spa Iadera is the place to be.

For more information please contact: E: T: 00385(0)23 555 601

// 6 5

Travel and Lifestyle

EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY OF AUSTRIA Famous for its stunning architecture, beautiful mountain ranges and of course its delicious range of cakes, Austria has a whole host of hidden wonders, and the Falkensteiner has a range of luxurious hotels in the country to discover.


From modern architecture to delicious food, the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden offers a service that is second to none. After an evening of fine-dining, why not head to the Schlossbar, which presents guests with an inspiring lounge style incorporating pink and red colour features. Here, guests will be able to sample a range of cocktails and fine wines from the neighboring wine cellar. The Schlosshotel Velden also includes a private Beach Club for people to enjoy. Complete with an Acquapura Spa, medical Spa, Panorama Pool and various saunas, the venue offers an excellent combination of lifestyle and luxury. The hotel’s location looks directly onto the beautiful Wörthersee lake, which is in the middle of Velden’s lake promenade. It is also just a short walk away from the Casino Velden, which rounds off the exclusive living experience. FALKENSTEINER SCHLOSSHOTEL VELDEN Schlosspark 1 AT-9220 Velden am Wörthersee +43 (0) 4274 520 00 - 0

66 / /

The Balance Resort Stegersbach, reopened late last year, and is the first Falkensteiner Premium-Adults- Only-Hotel. The venue has created a new ‘Endless Time’ concept and brings an exclusive world of relaxation, wellbeing and enjoyment through all the senses to its guests. Embracing wellness and focusing on the health and wellbeing of their guests, this can be experienced throughout the resort, and allows people to slip into a world of calm, rest and relaxation at the most varied locations in the hotel. Want to keep on top of your fitness while away? Well, a completely new, unique and revolutionary method of training is on hand to help with this. Tsar® focuses on specific movements and has a sustainable impact on body posture relieving tension in the muscles. This focus on health and wellbeing also extends to their food, offering locally sourced fresh ingredients throughout their menu.

FALKENSTEINER BALANCE RESORT STEGERSBACH Panoramaweg 1 AT-7551 Stegersbach/Burgenland +43 (0) 332 65 51 55

// 67

Travel and Lifestyle


W Welcome home…

Each year thousands of Brits cross the Atlantic to visit the sunnier climes of popular destinations such as Florida and the Caribbean. Boasting glorious, yearround temperatures, exceptional opportunities for outdoor living and stunning beaches, it is little wonder that these short visits spur the desire for a holiday home abroad.

“Before we think about property we need to know why they have made the decision to start the search.” He continued, “Everything I learn about them creates a vision, which I then use to hand pick properties for their unique situation.” Delivering a truly bespoke experience, Alistair has 25 years’ experience and his ability to find the right destination and property for each client is based upon a detailed understanding of their needs and desires.

Enter Alistair Brown International Real Estate…

A place to call home…

Headed up by Alistair himself, a former professional golfer now boasting expertise in real estate branding, marketing and sales, Alistair Brown International Real Estate, are experts in matching people with their dream home abroad.

Whether an ultra-modern villa or an attractive home suitable for a growing family, the Alistair Brown team find the right property for every client.

With decades of experience in the world of hospitality and real estate development, Alistair has held key senior management positions with both global hospitality groups, including Fairmont Resorts & Hotels International and luxury builders, WCI Communities. Alistair’s clients benefit from his lifelong experiences in the travel and hospitality industry which gives him access to some of the world’s best properties. The Alistair Brown International Real Estate difference… The ability to truly understand their clients is at the heart of the Alistair Brown International Real Estate offering, as Alistair points out: “From the very first conversation, I am thinking about the client; their family, their likes and dislikes and those subtleties and emotional triggers that are important to their lifestyle.”

68 / /

With years of experience in global locations such as South Florida, Orlando, San Francisco, Barbados, London, Paris, Tuscany and Catalunya, Spain, Alistair has direct access to many developments, often before they are offered to the general public.

As an International Brand Ambassador with the famed, One Sotheby’s Miami group, Alistair has unparalleled access to some of the world’s most beautiful and unique properties with current offerings including: • The Turnberry Ocean Club, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami • One Thousand Museum, Downtown Miami • Aventura Park Square, Aventura, Florida • Le Palais Royale, Hillsboro Beach, Florida, • And the unique Grove Resort & Spa, Orlando, a next door neighbour to Walt Disney World

offering around this. I felt that Alistair not only listened to what I wanted, but that he also understood me and my motivations. Alistair’s dedicated focus on his clients and business ethos reflects the values that are important to me and it was a pleasure to work with him. Bursting with enthusiasm, Alistair’s knowledge and network proved invaluable and he took care of everything - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.” So, let your journey begin… Delivering the personal touch, Alistair Brown International Real Estate is based in both the UK and USA and is on hand to help with every aspect of your property search.

John Hayes, CEO, Champions (UK) plc, said of Alistair Brown International Real Estate: “The personal service I have received from Alistair Brown International Real Estate has been second to none. At every step of the way, he made it his business to understand what was important to me and my family and designed his

To discuss your requirements or to find out more, contact Alistair Brown International Real Estate on 07984 777060 or 0141 223 9060. Alternatively email or

/ / 69

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DISCOVER SOME OF BUDAPEST’S HIDDEN GEMS... Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, attracts over four million visitors every year, and is famous for a whole host of buzzing tourist spots including the Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion on the bank of the Danube river.


However, away from the usual ‘places to see’ the city is also home to some hidden gems. Here at Inspirational Birmingham we looked beyond the tourist’s eyes to explore some of the more unique things to do in Budapest…

Visit a bear sanctuary Just a short train or car drive out of the city, the nearby town of Veresegyhàz is home to a fantastic bear sanctuary. Built in 1998, it is central Europe’s only dedicated bear shelter and has brown bears in its care. Rescued from circuses in Romania, the bears have over five hectares of land to enjoy, and share the sanctuary with wolves, big cats and racoons.

Undoubtedly the highlight of visiting the sanctuary is being able to get up close and personal with the wonderful creatures. A once in a lifetime opportunity, guests are able to feed the bears honey from a wooden spoon and it is an activity that will warm the hearts of adults and children alike.

Take a hike up the stunning Buda Hills The natural wonders of Buda Hills can be seen from the heart of the city itself, but if you want to experience them in the flesh, then a hike through this area is a must. Trek up to the famous Elizabeth Lookout tower which is located at the very top of the picturesque location. From this point you will experience panoramic views of the city, as well as explore the Buda Hills themselves. There are hiking trails available for people of all ability, but if you would prefer, a stair-lift is available to take you straight to the top.

Head for a drink at Szimpla Kert Budapest isn’t short of places to eat and drink, but the city’s ruin bars really are worth a visit. Built within the ruins of buildings, Szimpla Kert is arguably the best of all. From live music to quirky décor, the bar even has a disused Trabant car located in its centre. An open-air bar, the venue also puts on cinema nights and always has a fantastic atmosphere and is certainly a highlight of Budapest’s nightlife scene.

70 / /

Take in Budapest’s graffiti scene Many of Europe’s major cities has a prominent graffiti scene, and Budapest is no exception. You can a get map of some of the best pieces in the city, or just stumble upon some remarkable graffiti art as you are going about your day. The city still has plenty of former communist style buildings and these are often where some of the best graffiti can be found. From political pieces, to artwork detailing some of Hungary’s greatest sporting achievements, there is plenty of extraordinary pieces to discover, particularly in the city’s Seventh District.

Explore underground caves Everyone is familiar with Budapest’s natural thermal baths which can be found throughout the city, but what most tourists perhaps do not realise, is that there is also an entire passageway of underground caves to explore. Linked to the thermal waters which heat the baths, you can discover the fascinating history of how these caves were formed and check out the amazing stalagmites and stalactites that have been formed over thousands of years. Be sure to remember to take a jacket though as it can be chilly down there, despite the usually warm temperatures that Budapest boasts.

// 71



Nestled in the heart of England is a four-star luxury country house hotel that can only be described as ‘a venue for all occasions’. Whether these are private, personal or corporate, Nailcote Hall lends itself to a huge range of uses and whatever the customer needs this versatile country house hotel delivers.

was Challenge Tour star, Steven Tiley who came out on top winning the generous €50,000 prize. Of course, you don’t have to be professional or famous to go around the challenging Cromwell course – players of any age and level of skill are all welcome to ‘stay, pay and play’ on what is acknowledged to be Europe’s best par 3 course.

Nailcote Hall is well known in the golfing fraternity for playing host to the increasingly popular Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship which attracts some of the biggest names in sport, as well as major TV personalities and celebrities. The event returned to the Cromwell Course this year, with even more top golfing professionals as well as a whole host of famous faces from the world of sport and entertainment taking part. Two-time major winner Tony Jacklin CBE was once again on hand to oversee proceedings as the event’s host, with early names including, Harry Potter actors, James and Oliver Phelps, former Strictly Come Dancing judge, Len Goodman, Coronation Street star, William Roache MBE and former Wales, Arsenal and Celtic striker John Hartson. In the professional event it

Golfing is just one of the many attractions at this incredible hotel, which provides the most amazing entertainment and party nights, running hugely successful charity events, as is the backdrop to hundreds of weddings as well as accommodating some of the biggest names in the world of business and commerce.

72 / /

The conference facilities at Nailcote Hall are second to none, as are the wedding reception rooms, the luxury marquee, the leisure club, the fine dining in the Oak Room restaurant and so much more. The options available to visitors are virtually endless, whether they are looking for leisure and pleasure at the weekends or serious business functions Monday to Friday.

Indeed, the hotel’s guestbook boasts high-profile visitors such as the current Prime Minister Theresa May, former Deputy PM Baron John Prescott, former Chancellor Denis Healey MBE and global star of stage and screen, the inimitable Dame Joan Collins. If cabaret is your kind of entertainment, Nailcote Hall puts on a fantastic show that has to be seen to be believed. Love party nights or want an unforgettable wedding reception? Nailcote Hall’s owner Rick Cressman has a saying: “Bring your party to our party!” and offers a choice of rooms to suit everyone’s taste. These include Rick’s Bar which is ideal for entertaining up to 120 people, the massive marquee which caters for up to 300 or a new upstairs clubhouse, which has a superb private area for intimate groups of up to 50 guests. Maybe you are looking to rest your weary head in the most luxurious surroundings possible after a tiring day, or to surprise your loved one with a romantic overnight break, or to have your wedding guests stay over for breakfast the next day. If any of these apply, Nailcote Hall has 49 incredible bedrooms, including – of course – the bridal suite, and all are beautifully decorated in the style you would expect for a 17th century building full of English charm. The high quality furnishings and sumptuous beds, including fourposters, are complemented by the most contemporary design and modern facilities such as flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Nailcote Hall also boasts beautiful gardens and surrounding woodland for those who love to relax out in the open as well as a croquet lawn, an area for playing pétanque and a jogging track. For relaxing indoors there is a stunning

Roman style bath 14-metre swimming pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, a jacuzzi and a steam room. On top of all this, one of the major attractions of staying at Nailcote Hall is its location. Located just 10 minutes from Birmingham Airport, close to Birmingham International Railway Station and the National Exhibition Centre. It is also no more than half an hour from Birmingham city centre, 15 minutes from Solihull and Coventry, around 20 minutes from Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon, and just 10 minutes away from Warwick University and Coventry University. The hotel will be even more accessible when the planned HS2 high-speed railway connects Birmingham International with London, Manchester, Sheffield and the East Midlands. Rick Cressman, Owner says: “Nailcote Hall is a home away from home for business travellers and the general public. It is just perfect for birthday parties – whether you’re 18 or 80 – as well as hen parties, charity events and a whole host of corporate activities. And if you don’t have time to enjoy the beautiful gardens, the leisure room, the gymnasium or the golf course, you can always pop in for one of our wonderful Sunday lunches. Freshly carved roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, mouth-watering steak Diane, delightful crêpes Suzette – whatever the customer’s taste, we can cater for it.”

To find out more about Nailcote Hall visit: or call us on 024 7646 6174

// 73


Escape to Eden Introducing our award-winning Eden Hotel Collection. Each of our carefully chosen nine hotels offers guests a seductive slice of luxury. All are exquisitely unique but share the same value of providing guests with total relaxation. From historic architecture and peaceful surroundings to outstanding spas and food and drink, our guests will experience a heavenly escape when visiting our Eden Hotel Collection.


















Travel and Lifestyle


Windmill Village Hotel Golf Club & Spa

Windmill Village Hotel Golf Club & Spa

Manor Hotel Meriden

Windmill Village Hotel Golf Club & Spa

With its impressive Georgian façade this delightful hotel nestles in the heart of the village of Meriden, yet is just minutes away from Birmingham International Airport, the NEC and the National Motorcycle Museum.

Located in stunning rural countryside, the Windmill Village Hotel offers quality accommodation as well as a diverse range of conference and banqueting facilities.

Last year saw the arrival of the stunning Marco’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill restaurant which offers affordable glamour and a delicious menu featuring fresh seasonal produce. Marco’s is open from noon daily for both resident and non-residential guests to enjoy everything from cocktails and afternoon tea, to lunches and dinners.

The leisure facilities are extensive and include a 20-metre pool, steam room and sauna together with a state-of-the-art fitness suite. The Spa @ the Windmill offers a wide range of treatments using Elemis products. The 18-hole par 70 parkland golf course completes the facilities and buggies and trolleys can be hired; a putting green is also available

Manor Hotel Meriden

Manor Hotel Meriden

76 / /


FOOD AND DRINK Need a recipe to really wow your family and friends, then look no further than renowned food writer and blogger, Helen Best-Shaw, known to her army of online fans as Fuss Free Flavours, who is on hand to provide you with yet another fantastic dish, a stunning apple & mixed berry crumble. As well as being skilled in the kitchen, Helen is also an expert when it comes to food & drink locations. Check out her advice on the best places to eat in Birmingham. When planning a meal, you always need an appropriate beverage to accompany your food. Shawbury Wine provides the highest quality red, white and rosé wines from some of the most prolific suppliers in the world. Working with smaller, lesser known brands, their offering remains immensely luxurious and the perfect drink to complement your meal with. Sometimes, all you need is some good, old fashioned, fish and chips, and The Finest Catch in Solihull offer guests this British classic alongside a fantastic backdrop. And, alongside this traditional dish, the restaurant also serves up a wide-range of hearty main courses such as paella, battered king prawns and spare ribs. If you’d prefer to pop out for afternoon tea, then Vinteas offers guests a wonderful selection of delicious cake and pastries all washed down with copious amounts of tea!

Apple & mix ed berry cru




Crumble to pping for 12 individual pots. Fr half for futu eeze re use. 125g plain


60g rolled


65g vegeta

ble shorte

45g golden


caster suga


Filling for

6 pies

220g cook

ing apples

180g berri


Method 1. Melt the vegetable shortening saucepan. in a small 2. Mix the shortening , oats, and flo together wi ur. Mix it all th a spoon or a fork an up all the clu d break mps. I find using melte is so much d fat faster than rubbing it in solid. when 3. Divide the crumble mixture in half the mixtu half. Freeze re for future use. 4. Peel an d chop the apple into Cut any lar 1cm cubes. ger frozen berries - lar blackberries ge & strawberri es - in half. they’re too If hard, let the m defrost for minutes. a few

5. Cover the bottom of six individual 100ml/4fl oz oven-pr oof ramekin with the ap dishes ple. Add fro zen berries with the cru and top mble mixtu re. Sprinkle top. sugar on 6. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°C/375° F/GM5, un til just golde brown on top n .

Recipe taken

from www.fus sfreeflavours .

For more information on Helen Best-Shaw or to enquire about booking her for your brand’s campaign please contact Influencer Champions on 0203 9580 427 or email

// 7 7

Food and Drink



A quaint and inviting pub in Warwick, The Four Penny Pub has stood on Crompton Street since the late 1700s. It’s believed that when the Warwick section of the Grand Union Canal was being built in the early 1800s, The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel charged only four pennies for a cup of coffee and a tot of rum – quite the steal compared to other inns charging six pennies! Over two hundred years on and The Four Penny Pub still holds the same commitment to offering affordable food and drink. Their menu changes seasonally, using ingredients sourced locally from Warwick Farmers Market, The Meat Room & The Outdoor Pig Company, to name but a few. The Fourpenny Pub prides itself on offering diners delicious, freshly prepared, hearty pub food using quality ingredients. During the week at the Fourpenny Pub there are themed nights. Burger Night Mondays, Steak Night Tuesdays, Roast Wednesdays, Pie Thursdays and Fish Fridays. Sundays are dedicated to everyone’s favourite tradition – The Sunday Roast. To tempt you there are always four roast meats: sirloin of beef, leg of lamb, shoulder of pork & free range chicken, with all the trimmings (Beef fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings, vegetables, gravy...). For the vegetarians they serve a vegan lentil & nut roast. Adding a personal touch to the Sunday roast, the pub also offers a pre-bookable table roast. A whole roast dinner delivered to your table, with endless servings of Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy, without the washing up!



Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

At Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse, Bar and Grill it isn’t just about great food and refreshing drinks, but the overall dining experience. The perfect place to go with family and friends for an evening meal, quick bite or even a few drinks, the vibrant, yet relaxed atmosphere is what sets the eatery apart from others in the region.

For those looking for a high-quality, fine dining experience, the Dining Room at Mallory Court boasts opulent surroundings, a world-class menu and a huge number of awards and accolades including an ‘AA Noteable Wine List’ award. The beautiful oak-panelled restaurant has incomparable views of the gardens and Warwickshire countryside beyond.

Providing lunch, dinner, dessert and kids menus, there is something to set everybody’s taste buds alight. Renowned for its steak and grill options, people can choose from ribeye, sirloin, fillet, t-bone and for those special occasions, chateaubriand. The same goes for the restaurant’s steakhouse burgers which are all finished with a sweet barbecue glaze. When it comes to other mains, people can choose from the likes of confit duck leg à la Parisienne with béarnaise sauce, roast rump of lamb à la dijonnaise, a pig mixed grill and much more.

Executive Chef Adam Brown and his team are deeply passionate about each and every dish, and it is this dedication that has earned Mallory Court’s Dining Room a coveted 3 AA Rosettes. With menus bursting with rich flavour and innovation, the dishes reflect the best seasonal produce from local suppliers and the hotel’s own well stocked kitchen gardens and are regularly refreshed to showcase the latest creations from the kitchen.

The restaurant is also home to a wonderful cocktail menu, all of which are inspired by their drink’s origins and feature everyday favourites such as mojitos and cosmopolitans, as well as more contemporary choices, including Mai Tais, a popular cocktail in Tahitian.

The quality of the ingredients ensures the best possible dining experience ensuring the highest quality and flavour for diners. The cuisine is freshly prepared, hearty pub food and cooked to perfection.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 12pm - 3pm / 6pm - 10pm

The Fourpenny Pub 27-29 Crompton Street, Warwick, CV34 6HJ T: 01926 491 360 E: W:

78 / /

Saturday 12pm - 5pm / 5pm - 10pm

Food Served: Open all day Monday to Saturday 12noon - 2.30pm

Sunday 12pm - 4pm / 6pm - 9pm

(last orders) 6.30pm - 9.30pm (last orders)

Afternoon Tea

and for Sunday lunch 12noon - 3.30pm (last orders).

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 3pm

It is closed on Sunday evening.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar & Grill Best Western Plus® Manor Hotel 127 Main Road, Meriden, Solihull CV7 7NH T: 01676 522 735

The Dining Room at Mallory Court Harbury Lane, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV33 9QB T: (01926) 330 214

You ll be the first to hear about our exclusive promotions, discounts and latest news.

79 //

Food and Drink

TO BOOK A FINE WINE TASTING OF OUR AWARD WINNING WINES Shawbury Wine deals directly with small growers and boutique wine producers from around the World to bring a fabulous selection of fine wines into the UK for your enjoyment.

As a special offer to Inspirational Magazine readers, Shawbury Wine are offering a complimentary wine tasting for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home. Why not take the opportunity to experience a tutored tasting and enjoy our fabulous hand crafted boutique wines.



• • • • •

• • • • •

Small Growers Boutique Wine Producers Exclusively Imported Hand Crafted Award Winning Wines

Personal Wine Advice Friendly, Professional and Knowledgeable Corporate Tastings & Gifts Bespoke Wine Events Sponsorship and Promotions

If you’d like to book a wine tasting or event please contact Richard Lambourne on:

80 / /

07866 524428



Whether it’s a cup with breakfast, brunch and lunch, or a pot with afternoon tea, as Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter rightly stated; “it’s always time for tea”. And, Vinteas certainly has plenty to offer.

A quaint tearoom located in Leamington Spa’s Park Street, Vinteas serves up a wide range of award-winning loose leaf and infusion teas, as well as a selection of coffees, for lovers of the beverages to explore and try. Upon walking through the doors, not only are you greeted by a vintage décor, a colourful array of fresh cakes and scones, await, all of which have been lovingly made in Vinteas’ own patisserie, Beaumont Patisserie. There are also fresh breads and paninis for those looking for more than just a snack. While the tearoom is open and serves breakfast and brunch classics such as eggs Royale, Florentine and Benedict, and

lunch seven days a week, it is their delectable afternoon teas which stand out the most. And, no afternoon tea is complete without vintage china, which is why at Vinteas presentation is everything. All of the crustless sandwiches, well-risen scones and velvety cakes are served on beautiful tiered cake stands while the tea is poured in elegant cups and saucers. The experience is only heightened more by the charm of the vintage interior and music all of which can be enjoyed exclusively for hen groups, parties and baby showers with some fantastic private hire options available. 16 park Street | Leamington Spa | CV32 4QN T: 01926 83 20 91 E:

// 81

The Finest Catch Henley Birmingham Road, Henley-in-Arden Warwickshire, B95 5QR. 01564 793783 The Finest Catch Shirley 1097 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4EB. 0121 745 175

Putting customers first with their impeccable service For the sweet tooth Those looking for something sweet haven’t been neglected either, with sumptuous dessert options such as hot sticky toffee pudding served with ice cream, and, continuing their American diner theme, baked New York style cheesecake and warm Alabama chocolate fudge cake can be enjoyed. The dessert options don’t stop here with Finest Catch also providing their famous selection of delicious sundaes with favourites including the ultimate knickerbocker glory, banana split and hot chocolate fudge sundae all available. For those looking to quench their thirst

For the traditionalists Well known for its classic fish and chip dishes which continue to delight people throughout the West Midlands, Finest Catch have recently relaunched their offering with a sumptuous new menu for diners to choose from. From the highest quality fish including freshly battered cod or haddock, to incredible desserts, Finest Catch has something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Guests at the two 1950s American style Finest Catch restaurants, which can be found in Warwickshire’s Henley-in-Arden and Solihull, are treated to freshly battered fish served with chips made from the very best British potatoes.

Having an evening meal after a long week at work? Then why not sample one of their beers, ciders or wines from their fully licenced bar. Soft drinks are also available and Finest Catch have also paired their fish and chips with another British institution, the cup of tea, with unlimited refills on their tea and hot drinks options. Their thick US style milkshakes come in a variety of flavours and are always a hit with diners.


Classic Prawn Cocktail


Spicy Chicken Wings Bites Salt and Pepper Calamari

Swedish Meatballs Chicken Bites

m Smoked Finestet hing Salmon Sw Scampi Hot StickWholetailee t ........ Whitby y Toffe Cr eam ......... e Pu £3.9 Marinière dding BaMoules 9 ea ked Ne serve ch d with w Yo Pâtis rk St Ice serie yle Ch Selec eese Alab tion cake ama Ch ocola Two te Fu Scoo dge ps of Cake Ice Cr eam Our

Seafood Cocktail

Garlic Bread

Garlic Mushrooms

Garlic Bread with Cheese Battered Onion Rings


...... £2.99

Starters ..........................................

...... £1.99

Starters ..........................................

..... £4.99

Starters ..........................................

Half Price Main Courses

Alabam a Chocola Fudge Ca ke te Knickerb ocker Gl ory

HalfBPananra Split ice All


AWmaren a erry EDNE SundaeChSD AY TH RU' SA Hot oc TURD AY olate FudgCh e Sund ae Just Ice Cream Baked Style ChNew York eesecake



Sund le Y io ae n .... SDAct NDS OF C DAY THRU' TUEUltimate Kn .................... CO



icker ...... £5 bock .99 ea er Gl lit ory Hot ch Choc olate Amare Fudg na Ch e Su EE S O ndae ECO N DS erry Sund ae




£9.99 Main Meals ......................................... BBQ Rack of Ribs with Chips Prawn Salad Prawns with Sautéed or Battered King Salad or Chips with Chips Whitby Wholetail Scampi (Smaller portions available



Chicken Fillet Dishes ........ £8.99

with Chips Two pieces of Crispy Chicken Chicken with Two pieces of Southern Fried Chips Chips Chicken Cordon Bleu with



Alabam a Chocola Fudge Ca te ke Knickerbo cker Glor y

Banana Split


Amaren a SundaeCherry Hot........£4.99 Chocola All Day Breakfast ..................... FuTwo dgeFried Sundaete Bacon, Sausages, Mushrooms, and Toast Eggs, Heinz Baked Beans Ju st Ice Cr eam .........£4.99 Lighter Meals (No age restriction) Baked Style ChNew York Mini Fish, Chips and Beans Beans eesecake

.......... £6.99

Pizza Ristorante .....................

Served with a bowl of Chips Choose from: Salami, Hawaiian Mozzarella Pepperoni and


Banana Split

Amarena SundaeCherry Hot oc olate FudgCh e Sund ae Just Ice Cream Baked Ne Style Ch w York eesecake

Two Sausages, Chips and in a Bun Scotch Beefburger (fully garnished) Beans Chicken Goujons, Chips and with Chips and Beans with Four Cheese Pizza, Chips Scotch Beefburger (fully garnished) Chips and Beans Chips Two Battered Fish Cakes, Cheese in a Bun withAls o ser and Beans ved with Chips Freshly Made Codlettes, Chips Chicken Fillet Burger in a Bunin half-pint................ measu Te .... .......... tleys with Chips res Foot Long Hot Dog in a Roll Sm

Beer an d Cider


........ Meat Free Veggie Kitchen

Alabam a Chocola Fudge Ca te ke Knickerb ocker Gl ory



Burgers, Hot Dogs and Pies

at £7.99)

Fish, Seafood and Chicken


Pizza may not be a dish you usually associate with a fish and chip restaurant, but at the Finest Catch mozzarella and pepperoni options are available, served with a delicious bowl of their perfectly cooked chips. All main courses are half price from Sunday through to Tuesday, giving diners high quality food without the hefty price tag.



without batter on Fish may be baked or grilled at £7.99 Smaller portions also available


OUR SPECIALITY! Fillet Freshly Battered Cod or Haddock restaurant served with chips cut in the every day from British potatoes.


Their brand-new menu goes beyond chippy classics, featuring a variety of delicious dishes to choose from. Diners can now sample BBQ rack of ribs, fish, seafood and chicken paella and sautéed or battered king prawns with chips or salad. Also catering for those with dietary requirements, Finest Catch have their own meat free veggie kitchen section on their new menu with vegetarian sausages and burgers also on offer.


Finest Fish and Chips .........................




na Sp


For those looking for more


Per P in



£2.4 9

ooth £1.50 Carls flow Orders ........................................ berg 3.6% Side 3.8% 175Curry Sa AB Peas Mushy ml Sauce V gOnions Pickled Garden Peas 2 Coleslawlass ............ Baked Beans 50

n Mig ABV Pukka Pies uel 5. So 0%with Mushroom ersb All Steak or Chickenmand y Cide ABV Chips r 4.




5% AB V £6.99

Sausages with Chips or Salad Burger in a Bun with Chips or Salad Chicken Style Poppers with Chips or Salad Garlic Kiev with Chips or Salad

ml g


£3.4 9 £3.9 9 £11.9 9

with Chips Three freshly Battered Sausages request) (available without batter on Chips Battered Fish Goujons with Chicken and Ham Salad or Salad Macaroni Cheese with Chips

Garlic Mushrooms Mac and Cheese

Salt and Pepper Calamari Bites



£1.99 5cl b .......................... Side Orders ....................... ottle with ............. White Garlic Bread Just Chips ............ Cheese Also .... served 11.5% Side Salad Onion Rings.... inBattered 125ml ABV, Red Garlic Bread measuMeatballs Swedish res 12.5% ABV £2.99 Side Orders ............................................

Main Meals ..........................................





S sty Mad e le ........ Dairy to order ... fro Choc Ice Cream m Fres h Milk ol Straw ate, Bana . and berry na, Va . nilla and

£2.4 9

Soft Drin ks


server Vouchers available – ask your Finest Catch Gift Fr


d Re esh fills .... Suitable for vegetarians Appl Milk, Pure . e Ging Juice, Pe Orange Ju er Be psi, Pe ice, er Lem onad , Lemon psi Ligh Pure e and t, ad Rasp e, Traditi Tango, berry on Blue al .

for details

Hot Drin ks ited Re


1 Finest Catch A3 Menu v4.indd

For foo

d alle




intole ran



s PG T ips Te a ............ Coff ........ ee

ces info



A3 Men


dd 2

25/01/2018 11:34

..... 6 9p £1.39

............ Amer ............ icano, ............ and Ca Hot Choc ppuccino , Cafe olate.


www .finest catc k

on please Alcoho speak l sold to ou to ove r sta ff ab r 18s out the only. Please ingred drink ients respo in you nsibly r me al be .

fore pla





18 11:3 4

! y it l a i c e p S r Ou



Food and Drink Winners of the Best Food Business award 2018

REAL HALAL CHOICES YOU CAN TRUST Since 2011, Haloodies has committed to offering halal-living consumers real choices.

Quality and trust sit at the heart of everything Haloodies. That means delivering only the very best chicken, beef and lamb products. With 100% traceability and Red Tractor pasture to plate credibility, Haloodies is fast becoming the UK’s go-to halal brand. And, as demand has grown, so too has the range. As well as their raw meat and their succulent cooked chicken for people on-the-go, their newly launched premium gourmet burgers has seen them expand their halal offering once again. Haloodies know that millions of Muslims love a nice, juicy burger. But, historically, have found it difficult to pin down a quality brand that is a reliable fit for halal living. Haloodies has set out to change all that with their premium gourmet burger range.

“Our burgers now being available in Morrisons stores is great news for Muslim consumers, whose commitment to halal living has traditionally meant limited choices in the food market. At Haloodies, we’re always looking for innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the halal consumer, so we’re proud to expand our Morrisons offering beyond the cooked chicken products they already stock. “We’ve got to give great credit to our valued manufacturers, Kepak, who produce burgers that not only taste fantastic but also have a high beef content of 80%. We’re committed to providing the best quality meat products, so we will continue working with them to ensure that 80% rises even higher.”

Newly stocked in multiple Morrisons stores, the frozen burgers include 2 x pack of quarter pounders – ideal for couples, millennials and students – and 6 x pack of 2oz burgers – perfect for families. The burgers, like all of their products, have full traceability and are halal certified with BRC AA+ and IFS accreditation, giving peace of mind to hungry Muslims up and down the country. And it’s important to note, too, that they’re made from grass-fed Irish beef, for a juicier taste sensation. Noman Khawaja, is Haloodies’ co-founder, and said:

Learn more and explore the cooked and uncooked ranges at

84 / / / / 85

The Home Collection


As Mailbox celebrates the first anniversary of opening ‘Home at Mailbox’, design lovers seeking interiors inspiration need look no further than Birmingham’s premier lifestyle destination, thanks to its extensive offering of furniture brands.


From sleep to sofas, lighting to dining, and cabinetry to accessories and fragrance – Home at Mailbox on Level 1 has all you need for your next dose of festive home inspiration.

Midlands debut Known as the home of modern and contemporary designer furniture, the Heal’s showroom marks the brand’s first foray into the region, joining a portfolio of stores in London, Yorkshire and Sussex. In addition to a selection of Heal’s in-house designed collection, customers can expect to find branded exclusive pieces from Tom Dixon, Myer Halliday and Tom Raffield, presenting the best in contemporary furniture design and craftsmanship. Joining Heal’s as a headline brand is MADE.COM, offering high-end but affordable design. The store presents a selection of the modern retailer’s vast range of furniture, homewares and gift accessories; the perfect choice for those looking for timeless yet versatile pieces to complement their existing collection.

European design Head to BoConcept for contemporary Danish furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room and home office. From designer sofas and armchairs through to practical TV and wall units, each modern piece has been made to the highest functionality, design and quality. Shoppers can also benefit from a free interior design service either in the showroom or from the comfort of their own home. As an international brand famed for artistic pieces which are as ergonomic as they are beautiful, the showroom from Italian smart design experts, Calligaris, is not to be missed. After browsing the stunning selection of furniture and accessories, design lovers can also take advantage of the opportunity to customise their chosen pieces in finishes to suit their individual style.

A space for living Design Quarter presents an exciting, curated collection of contemporary furniture and upholstery from some of the most inspirational brands of the moment. Expect to find innovative, affordable and made-to-order Swedish sofas from SITS, a stunning dining table collection by Italian experts, Devina Nais, and the iconic and ever-popular Content by Conran range. What’s more, the retailer’s Design Consultants are on hand to provide expert advice – helping you to make an informed choice to suit your home and lifestyle. Wesley Barrell has been producing fine English upholstery in Oxfordshire since 1895, and today it offers customers beautiful, handmade sofas covered in the latest trending fabrics from across the globe. Uniting its bespoke interior design service is a large choice of cabinetry, fabric, paint and wallpaper to help you design your perfect living space.

86 / /

The heart of the home Kitchen Gallery brings world-class design to Mailbox in its chic SieMatic kitchen studio. Renowned as one of the leading international brands in bespoke kitchen design, this flagship showroom features the first apartment-style VIP Design Room, and showcases SieMatic’s three lifestyle collections; Urban, Pure and Classic. Adding to Mailbox’s kitchen credentials is bespoke designer and manufacturer, Harvey Jones, specialising in high quality, hand-built bespoke kitchen designs made to suit all tastes with expert designers available on-hand throughout each project to advise and assist when choices need to be made.

An artistic touch Art can put the finishing touch to any space and is the ultimate statement of personal style. Whether you’re yet to acquire your first purchase, or are looking to add to your growing collection, head to Castle Fine Art for an array of original and limited edition pieces from today’s most talented artists. Customers can also enjoy an exciting programme of art exhibitions and exclusive opportunities to meet their favourite artists, as well as chat to the team of experienced consultants to help find their next investment. Those looking to set the tone of the room through a statement lighting piece should look no further than iLite; a specialist retailer providing an extensive collection of brands including Swarovski, Foscarini, Masiero, Diesel, Flos and Schonbek. Mailbox is also home to Harvey Nichols’ 45,000 sq. ft. flagship store; fashion retailers including Paul Smith, BOSS, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Underwear, Emporio Armani, Daniel Footwear, L.K. Bennett, English Brands, Gieves & Hawkes and Burrows & Hare. Guests can also find Ribble Cycle’s first flagship showroom, The Wedding Club and Fine & Country, in addition to Everyman Cinema, Malmaison, AC Hotels and Mailbox’s popular canalside bars and restaurants.

Home at Mailbox can be found on Level 1 of Mailbox Birmingham, B1 1RS. Discover more at

/ / 87

The Home Collection

Freelance food writer and blogger, Helen Best-Shaw, knows only too well how important it is to have the very best quality of cooking equipment in the kitchen. From fantastic pans and cooking utensils, to wonderfully designed tea towels, check out some of Helen’s recommendations in her food and drink gift guide.

Alessi potato peeler Alessi turn the humblest of items into objects of beauty and this peeler is a classic example – a pleasure to use every day


Stellar Stay Cool Pans at Stellar Stay Cool Pans are another investment piece which will live long in your kitchen. Their innovative silicon seals on the lids keep steam and nutrients in, and the drainer in the lids saves on washing up.

88 / /

£146 for a four-piece set

Stocking fillers at Turkey and spout tea towel from Annabel James



This striking and bang-on-trend copper bowl is both functional and decorative and is ideal for mixing up a cake or filling full of fruit and displaying on your table.


Dachshund Double Oven Glove at Sophie Allport has a huge range of fabrics from bees to skis and horses to hares, so there will be something in her collection for everyone. I adore these fun wire-haired dachshund oven gloves with a matching apron.

£18 Ferm LIVING Salad Servers and Pot Stand at These gold coloured salad servers and trivet from Ferm LIVING are both gorgeous and minimalist and would add a special touch to any kitchen utensil collection.

Visit our website to see more...

Brompton Coffee Scoop Stainless Steel at

National Trust Copper Mixing bowl at

Servers £28.80 | Trivet £17

// 89

The Home Collection

Soho Home at Wardour Twelve Arm Chandelier

£600 Oliver Bonas at Evo Blue Martini Glasses Set of 2


Soho Home at Shanon Chaise Armchair Teal Velvet


Amara at Petite Friture Francis Mirror - Blue - Large

Cuckooland at


Fir Wood French Style Wine Cabinet


Whether it’s adding stunning furniture to your living space or tying a room together with wonderful accessories there are a number of different things you can do to make your house feel more homely at this time of year. Teal is one of the most popular colours this season and adding a teal Shanon Chaise armchair to your living room or luxe velvet bar stool to your kitchen in this colour can bring real elegance to your home. Planning on entertaining this winter? Purchasing a Wardour twelve armed chandelier can make your home the envy of all your friends and is the perfect accessory for all rooms of the house.

90 / /

Henning Koppel at Clock 22cm - Harlequin

Cuckooland at Rodeo 3 Seater Leather Sofa in Tan


Selfridges at Byzance Fine Bone China and 22ct Gold Teapot


Oliver Bonas at Gold and Glass Blue Velvet Jewellery Box


Cuckooland at Rodeo 3 Seater Leather Sofa in Army Green


Oliver Bonas at Gold-foiled Luxe Velvet Bar Stool


Visit our website to see more...


/ / 91

The Home Collection



Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel and Hermès – all big names in the fashion industry, all of them repeatedly dominate the catwalk and all of them are regularly featured in the most prestigious of publications. They all have something else in common, (besides paving the way for fashionistas to follow), with each one steadily emerging in the world of interior design. From kitchenware and living room must-haves to outdoor furniture and more, even some well-known brands you wouldn’t expect are now making their way into homes. Each year, interior designers culminate at the annual Salone del Mobile. Hosted in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, the event welcomes some of the world’s most prolific designers all showcasing their interior spaces.

One of the most talked about occasions of the year, next to the fashion week, April 2018 marked the 57th edition of the event and to put into perspective the number of people that turn out to see the latest offerings from the interior designers… it was attended by 435,065 people from five continents and 188 different countries. Not that they had anyone doubting their design prowess, but Dolce & Gabbana once again delivered came unveiling a stunning collaboration with appliance company SMEG. 2018 marks the third instalment of their partnership with the brand and never a designer to shy away from extravagance, D&G brought ceramic pottery designs to a fridge and range cooker. LIVING is the house and home collection by Diesel and sees the brand hone in on furniture, accessories, linen, lighting, kitchen, ceramics and even flooring. A wide array of designer offerings, the brand is certainly one for those looking for a bit of edge with their designs modern in nature and interesting to the eye. Fendi has created a sub-brand, Fendi Casa, a licensed brand of Luxury Living Group. The Italian designer adds its signature style to hotels, château residences and yachts around the world and “integrates modern advancements with retro details”.

92 / /

Designing for all rooms in the home, and never neglecting the final details, Fendi Casa is an interior brand which has become synonymous for designs to make you drool. It’s showroom in London’s district of Knightsbridge is well worth a visit, whether you are looking for inspiration for your own home, or simply dare to dream. Luxury Living Group is an interior business catering solely to the designer market and holds licenses to many of the most exclusive interior brands in the world including: Heritage, Ritz Paris, Bugatti Home, Bentley home and more. And, before you scan back a sentence, no, you didn’t read that wrong, two of the world’s most luxurious car brands have also put their name to interior design. Responsible for designing some of the most beautiful high-performance cars in the world, Bugatti has kept their interior collections small and selective. Their interior pieces, which include desks, chairs, coffee tables and sofas, are ahead of the time and modern with most carrying the same curvature as their motors.

Fellow automotive company, Bentley, have opted for a more extensive collection of interiors comprising sideboards, desk chairs, lamps, cupboards and beds. The same level of craftmanship and attention to detail has been paid to their interior pieces, as their cars, with their collection of homewear’s upholstery carrying the brand’s iconic diamond quilt stitch. As for the colours, they are as chic and classic as the cars themselves carrying neutral hues of creams, whites and browns. With a designer for every discerning interior enthusiast, and pieces to suit all tastes, there’s no doubt that one piece, or an entire house by these designers will add something extra special to your space.

// 93

The Home Collection

ENJOY YOUR GARDEN ALL YEAR ROUND At this time of year, many of us, understandably, neglect our gardens in search of comfort and warmth inside.


With the colder temperatures and less than impressive weather, as a general we all spend little to no time in our gardens, but Inspirational Birmingham are here to encourage you to step outside and enjoy your garden all year round…

Keep warm with a firepit Just because the temperature is dropping shouldn’t mean your use of outdoor space should suffer. It may be a slightly different experience to spending time outside to when

the sun is shining, but a firepit can be the outdoor living accessory needed to make sure you continue to make the most of your garden space. Firepits and wood burners can keep you toasty and warm even on the chilliest of days and make for great additions to your garden. Fantastic for socialising, a firepit will certainly bring people together this autumn/winter.

Get comfy with rattan furniture When sitting outside at winter time you want to minimise feeling cold in any way you can. With this in mind metallic patio and garden furniture is a definite no-no. So, instead, why not opt for rattan furniture? Both stylish and practical, this furniture makes for a fantastic addition to anyone’s garden and is both comfortable to sit on as well as great to look at. When purchasing any garden furniture look for waterproof options or consider how it will fare in the winter climes.

Stay sheltered with a garden igloo Ok, so probably not what you were expecting, but believe us, garden igloos are a new and popular trend. The weather resistant product comes with transparent windows and retains heat so that you and your loved ones can remain nice and cosy whilst enjoying the winter evenings.

94 / /

Illuminate your garden With darkness creeping in ever-earlier and limiting your evenings, garden lighting is a great way to extend your time outside. Whether this comes in the form of floor lighting or fairy lights draped within your trees, or more of a large-scale lighting system, these will help you to fully enjoy everything your garden has to offer. If you want to make sure your lights are sustainable, then solar lighting is a great choice, and despite the myths they can still be used in winter time when the natural light isn’t as long-lasting.

// 9 5

The Home Collection



Let’s face it, as human beings we are creatures of habit. So, when the weather turns we recoil into our homes, opting instead for a day (or an entire weekend) in front of the fire.

However, just because the weather is less than impressive outside, and stormy greys are becoming the normal colour palette when looking through the windows, it doesn’t mean the colours inside your home can’t be bright. Take a read of Inspirational Birmingham’s guide to how to beat those winter blues by simply injecting some colourful fever into your home… 1. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise Accessorising is probably one of the most pleasing exercises for the interior design enthusiasts among us. From luxurious throws draped on the arm of sofas, patterned linen and layers of colourful cushions on the bed, the possibilities for accessorising is endless. Don’t be afraid to play around with colours and contrast either. Mix seasonal colours such as warm autumnal oranges with wintery hues such as cobalt blues. Or, try greys with springtime yellows.

A visit to your local antique shop is great for finding unique pieces that not only tell a story, but also make a statement. We have also fallen in love with the latest autumn/winter home wear collections from Anthropologie, Wayfair and Oliver Bonas. 2. A lick of paint is all it takes A feature wall has long been loved as a way of bringing colour into the home, without having to redecorate the entire house. Away from feature walls though, painting other areas of the house with one statement colour such as the inside of alcoves, built in book shelves and even ceilings will create a talking point in your home. Furniture is often overlooked when finding ways of bringing colour into the home, but overlook no more as painting dining table chairs, furniture legs, sideboards and table tops will instantly revive your interior. Farrow & Ball are synonymous for their vast colour palette, so there is a colour for every wall in every house. 3. A frenzy for flowers Whether you fake it or opt for fresh, flowers are a simple but effective way of injecting small splashes of colour into your home. A subtle way of making each room seem instantly more welcoming, flowers can play a big part in bringing to life unimaginative, bland spaces, such as long narrow hallways and white bathrooms. And, thanks to flower delivery services such as Bloom & Wild, you can enjoy new bunches of colour each week or month.

96 / /

By simply playing around with different flower types scales, vase shapes and glass colour you can also make each bunch look different. is our favourite place to source unique and colourful vase designs.

You can fit with the autumnal season by opting for burnt oranges and flaming reds, or, you can create something that you will love all year round by using pastel shades that never go out of style such as greens, yellows or even pinks.

4. Step into colour

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas and there are some beautiful faux designs that can be hung on your door all year round – take a look on Etsy, notonthehighstreet and Wayfair.

Okay, so it’s not quite interior colour, but let’s face it, the exterior matters too. A colourful front door is perfect for those that dare to be different and want to stand out from other houses on the street.

Trust us, being greeted by colour in front of you, will soon leave you forgetting the drab weather behind you.

// 97


FINE ART Colley SteppingREUBEN Stones, OilCOLLEY on Canvas by Reuben

Reuben Colley Fine Art is an independent art gallery set in the heart of Birmingham’s financial district. Its founder, award-winning artist Reuben Colley, became the youngest artist to have his work acquired COLLEY FINEGallery ART by BirminghamREUBEN Museum and Art in 2003. The gallery occupies a superbly converted space in one of Birmingham’s fine Victorian buildings and represents artists who work in a wide range of genres from abstraction to hyper-realism. Reuben Colley Fine Art presents work of outstanding quality in a relaxed and welcoming gallery space. REUBEN COLLEY FINE ART

REUBEN COLLEY FINE ART 0121 236 0920 85-89 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2BB @RCFA_Gallery


0207 1010 553 | member of


European Association of Speakers Bureaux

Specialists in contemporary Urban and Pop art

40 Warwick Street | Leamington Spa | Warwickshire | CV32 5JS T: 01926 429229 | E: |

The Home Collection



Six prints. Six winners. One of the UK’s most popular artists, Alexander Millar, is giving you the chance to own a personally dedicated, signed limited-edition print worth up to £530 from his newest collection, Youth and Young Manhood. To enter, simply visit the link and enter your details. One winner will be chosen each month for a period of six months. Each winner will be notified at the end of each month. Visit the website for full terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions • Prize as follows: Six prints to give-away to six winners • The average value of each print is c. £500. Total prize value c.£3,000 • The prize is as stated, and no cash or alternative will be offered • The prize is not transferrable • There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition • By entering this competition, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions • The winners will be notified by email within 28 days of the closing date • If the winner(s) cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and pick a replacement winner • Prints come unmounted and cannot be exchanged • Winners will be given a choice of print on a first-come first-served basis

102 / /

HOW TO ENTER Go to and enter your details!

You can get some big sales in the art business, but the biggest thrill for me, is to be able to touch people’s hearts.”



From being homeless and sleeping in his car, to opening his own gallery on Fifth Avenue in New York, Alexander Millar’s journey to the top of the art world is certainly one to be admired.

Not your average artist, he grew up in the small Scottish village of Springside and is best known for his work sketching and painting the old men he remembers living in the village during his childhood. Now, he gets his inspiration in a range of different ways and can often be found in cafes near his Newcastle home, sketching his surroundings. Most recently, Alex’s love for the popular BBC drama, Peaky Blinders, has shaped much of his work, and he has recreated many of the characters and scenes from the popular series. He explained why the show has captured his imagination: “Creating these images has almost made me feel young again! I paint images I’ve seen in the series, but I also spend time on the internet looking for pictures from that era. As Peaky Blinders is quite big in the States too, I’ve been putting a lot of the characters from the series against backdrops of New York because of the gallery I’m opening. I’ve been able to have them in front of landmarks such as Brooklyn Bridge, so they’re evolving into Americanised Shelbys!” Alex’s Peaky Blinders work will feature at his New York gallery opening in October, but, life hasn’t always been so plain sailing . “I became a window cleaner for 15 years, and then I hit a point in my life where things started to unravel. Both my parents died, I got divorced, ended up homeless and was living in my car. I was penniless and broke and had hit rock bottom.

“I started drawing the old men from the village we used to live in, just to try and make light of the situation that I was facing. That is how the art career began, these drawings then became paintings. When I was at my lowest point, the painting took me back to my childhood which was a lovely time in my life. I wrapped myself up in a blanket of nostalgia. Little did I know then that it would become a career.” His art career may have been triggered by tragedy, but one of the most rewarding aspects of his work is seeing how it touches people in different ways. For example, his first £100,000 painting, The Wonder of it All, particularly resonated with one woman who Alex found in tears when admiring it. The painting features a man standing with his arms outstretched and it reminded her of her husband who had passed away six months prior. The husband’s final wish was to have his ashes tied to a firework and sent into the stars, and this painting reminded her of this poignant moment in her life. It is these special moments, where people interact with his work that mean the most to Alex as he highlighted. “You could do a painting that is happy and fun, but you end up touching people in ways you never set out to, which fascinates me. You can get some big sales in the art business, but the biggest thrill for me, is to be able to touch people’s hearts. That to me is worth more than anything.”

For more information on Alexander Millar, visit his website

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F EST I V E B R E AKS DISCOVER A WHOLE HOST OF MAGICAL MOMENTS Overnight packages | Sumptuous bedrooms Opulent festive dining | Relaxing spa facilities | Legendary golf

01675 238 600 |

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For info & enquiries contact us on the following: 01562 7111 71

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HOW WELL DO YOU SPEAK DIGITAL? It’s no secret that our world is changing at a rapid rate. We are now living in an era full of amazing digital experiences that are transforming the way we go about our daily lives. For some, the impact of this new digital world is frightening, for others it’s exciting and for some, it’s just plain confusing.


Understanding the world of digital marketing is like learning a new language. It’s complex and constantly evolving. But whilst learning a new language is fun and exciting, it can quickly become a necessity when you find yourself in a foreign territory. Being unable to understand what those around you are talking can be isolating and unnerving; and it’s no different for business’ owners working with digital marketers. But don’t worry, here at Champions Digital we have a user-friendly team who are all ‘mother tongue’ speakers in this world. By helping you to make sense of all the digital ‘jargon’, we can guide you from these early learning slopes right through to mastering the language.

significantly grow your business beyond four walls. It’s like having a global shop window where people can see what you have to offer anytime, anywhere.

Social Media Marketing The practice of social media marketing is about more than just ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. It’s about promoting your brand on popular platforms to increase brand awareness, drive people to your website and generate valuable leads. Today, 83% of adults are spending time on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. So unsurprisingly, it’s a great way to interact with customers and advertise your products around the world.

So, for the first step let’s ask, how well do you speak digital?

Email Marketing

The Awkward Beginner

Often used to promote recent articles, discounts and upcoming events, email marketing is the practice of sending emails directly to your customers. By sending out personalised emails (eShots), you can improve the way you communicate with customers and continue to build a great relationship.

Stage one- the awkward beginner. You’ve heard that the future is digital but you’ve just about sussed using emails on your phone and discovered that Facebook is ‘a thing’. Now is the time to learn the basics that will get you through the initial stages of introducing your businesses into a digital world.

Web Design & Development Websites are arguably your most valuable marketing tool. They essentially act as a central hub for your business; a place where all your marketing efforts point towards. They allow you to showcase your brand identity, sell products, supply contact information and increase consumer trust. If designed and developed professionally, a website can

Online PR


Much like traditional PR, online PR is about secure online coverage with digital publications and other content-based websites. Today, millions of people are spending time reading online, so ensuring your brand is spoken about both on and offline is essential.

As another way of getting people to your website, pay-perclick advertising is a great way to gain instant results. By using text or image-based adverts, you can send people to your website and only pay when they actually click on your ad.

The Improving Intermediate

Typically, these ads appear at the top of search engine results pages but you can also pay for top slots on most social media platforms and third-party websites. You can also target customers who have either visited similar websites or left your website before completing a purchase.

Stage two- the improving intermediate. You understand the basics that help you to get by, but now you want to learn about the key phrases that bring things together and makes everything a lot clearer.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation. The magical, mystical art of getting your website to “rank” higher in search engine results pages. Or, as we know, it’s the practice of helping search engines to better understand your website’s offering and driving people to your website for free. Whilst there are many factors affecting where your website ranks, some of the core ones include: incorporating keywords, producing quality content, providing a good user experience, securing quality links from other websites and improving the overall credibility of your website.

Content Marketing Content marketing is focused on creating and distributing engaging content for your target audience. This can include producing blogs, infographics, white papers, videos and much more. Without quality content, marketing is impossible. Content creation is the driving force behind your whole marketing strategy and plays an important part in improving your SEO efforts, interacting with users and ultimately, driving profitable customer action.

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UX Design

The Fully Fluent

Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing a website that is hard to use, whether it be on your desktop, laptop or mobile. User Experience Design is the practice of ensuring that this isn’t the case and instead your website is easy and enjoyable to use.

Stage three- being fully-fluent.

To create the ultimate experience, UX designers consider important factors such as accessibility, page loading speed and the overall page design to ensure user needs are fulfilled in the easiest way possible.

CRO Often aligning with UX design, Conversion Rate Optimisation is the practice of increasing the percentage of people who take a desired action on your website. Whether it be signing up for a newsletter, submitting and enquiry or making a purchase, CRO will maximise the efficiency of your marketing efforts and creating a high-performing website. This could include testing different elements such as your text, choice of colour or images.

Now you are hitting the advanced stages of learning the Digital language. You can converse easily but some of the more difficult words and concepts are holding you back. So here’s what you need to know to move seamlessly from one language to another...

AI Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming central to the digital world. The idea of living in a world run by robots and machines is no longer unheard of as we continue to use technology to improve our everyday lives. But don’t panic, the robots are not taking over. Instead, their uses are being gradually shifted across from the secret labs at NASA into the everyday practical world. AI is a fairly generalised terms that encompasses different approaches and technologies that set up to ‘think’ like humans. It’s ultimately about using machines to analyse customer behaviour and create a data-driven approach for making your business more efficient and profitable.

Voice Search & Speech Recognition As one of the latest developments to transform the digital world, voice search and recognition is now very much a hot topic. A prime example is the development of personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Home, which are being introduced in homes across the world. With this new technology, we can now search, shop and control elements in our environment all from the comfort of our sofa. As a result, businesses now need to actively optimise their web pages and product listings for voice search to ensure their products can be found at all times.

Talk to The Natives - Champions Digital We admit the digital ecosystem is a complicated one, but once you start to understand the basics and begin to immerse yourself with native speakers, you soon become well on your way to mastering this complicated language. At Champions Digital, we recognise not only the difficulty of understanding Digital, but the power and the potential it has for many businesses. As native speakers, we understand the many layers to the digital ecosystem and take our clients on a journey that, not only helps to build their business, but also improves their ability to speak digital.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re eager to learn the basics or looking to take the step to total transformation, our team of digital experts are here to take you from beginner to bilingual. For more information, please contact Amad Tababa on or call 08453 31 30 31


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SUPPORTING THE NEXT GENERATION OF FLYERS The Royal Air Forces Association is committed to supporting the RAF family, present and future. Now, helping to nurture the next generation of flyers, the charity is giving 16-19-year olds the opportunity to learn to fly, through its 2019 scholarship programme.


The flying scholarship programme has been running successfully for more than 11 years, and this year there are 12 exciting scholarship places available. One successful applicant will receive 35 hours of flight training in a light aircraft, and, depending on the rate of progress, the course could result in a Light Aircraft Pilot Licence. The 11 other selected candidates will each receive 12 hours’ training. Applications are open to members of the RAF Air Cadets, which includes the Air Training Corps (ATC) and the Combined Cadet Force (RAF), the Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets (GVCAC) and the Air Scouts/Air Explorer Scouts. They must also have served at least 12 months with the RAF Air Cadets, GVCAC or Air (Explorer) Scouts on 1 June 2019. The scholarship selection process is designed to take applicants on a learning experience to help equip them for other types of selection in their future careers.

Aptitude Testing Shortlisted applicants will be invited to RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, where an interview and aptitude test will be carried out before learning if they have been successful. Winners will be presented with their scholarships at the charity’s Annual Conference in May, and the flying lessons will take place in the summer of 2019 at South Warwickshire Flying School. The scholars will be provided with overnight accommodation while engaging in the programme. Three of the scholarships are being sponsored by MBDA, a multi-national company that designs and produces missiles for all three armed forces, and one of them by the Aviation Focus Group, which promotes the exchange of aviation information, and encourages young people interested in the industry. The RAF Association is funding the rest. Applicants must be aged 16 on 1 January 2019 and under 20 on 1 June 2019. The application form, along with full terms and conditions, can be downloaded from The closing date for applications is 31 January 2019.

Some of last year’s winners, proudly accompanied by their parents, are pictured receiving their scholarship certificates from the President of the RAF Association, Air Marshal Sir Baz North.

1 10 / /

Advertising Feature

Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd, Principal Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management We focus solely on providing face-to-face advice and offer a dedicated, personal wealth management service to build long-term, trusted relationships. We have the experience to help you successfully secure and enhance your financial future by offering specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: Corporate Financial advice and protection Aspects of Exit Strategy Planning for business owners

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning Tax and Estate Planning For further information, or to request your complimentary guide to wealth management, please contact Janine Edwards: 01676 530606 or 07785 295341

Janine Edwards Principal Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose 1 1 1 The / /ofPartner advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website The title ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are the marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

JANINE EDWARDS WEALTH MANAGEMENT SPONSORS A NIGHT OF MASQUERADE MAGIC FOR ALEX’S WISH Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd – a Principal Partner Practice of St James’s Place Wealth Management, have recently joined the Alex’s Wish Business Club to not only meet likeminded business people but also, and more importantly, to help Emma Hallam, founder of Alex’s Wish to build awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is an aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy that affects one in every 3,500 boys born which results in total paralysis. Alex’s Wish was setup by Emma and Andy Hallam in late 2012 after their own son, Alex, was diagnosed with Duchenne. They wanted to help raise vital funds to bring about new treatments and ultimately a cure for this devastating condition. As part of their support, Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd put on a Shimmering Masquerade Dinner at Lumbers Jewellers in Leicester on Friday 28th September 2018.

112 //

Guests were invited to bring a masquerade mask or purchase one of the special celebrity masks on the evening, with all proceeds going towards the charity. There was also the opportunity to win a beautiful gold diamond necklace, kindly donated by Dominic Gomersall, owner of Lumbers Jewellers. This wasn’t the only chance guests had to dig deep into their pockets for this worthwhile charity either. The wealth management firm had also secured six phenomenal auction prizes from various companies, which included: • 2 VIP tickets to the British Grand Prix in July, kindly donated by Ultimate Racing • An exclusive event of the lucky winners choosing with The Partnership Lifestyle Club, a private members club

The Partner Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

• A helicopter tour of London and surrounding areas

• £50 pays for scientific equipment for a day for crucial testing

• 2 VIP hospitality tickets to see U2 at the O2 Arena in November

• £200 pays for a post-doctoral researcher for a day to work on innovative new treatments

• 2 Hospitality tickets to see Jess Glynne at The Genting Area, Birmingham, donated by Amplify • An overnight stay and a two ball on the famous Brabazon golf course at The Belfry Hotel & Resort. But, before guests could start placing their highest bids for these fantastic prizes, there was some secret entertainment… professional dancers and musicians, the Crashing Waiters!

• £800 pays for essential pre-clinical work per year to improve the effectiveness and safety of new treatments to move them into clinical trial.

If you would like to attend the next event, please contact Janine Edwards on 01676 530606 / 07785 295341 or email janine.

A fantastic addition to the event, the room was full of music – solely made from the tapping (banging) of various kitchen utensils – with MC of the evening James Blick from The Finesse Collection salsa dancing to the sounds made by the wonderful guests and their chosen ‘musical instruments’. From start to finish, the room was alive with laughter and music and saw the entire event raise £10,000 for Alex’s Wish. To put into perspective the impact the masquerade ball had on the charity, here are just some of the ways in which Alex’s Wish use their contributions:

/ / 113

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ARTURIUS PARTNER WITH ARMY RUGBY UNION Leadership. Resilience. Mental strength. Traits all vital to the British Armed Forces and to the sport of rugby. The Army Rugby Union (ARU) was established over 100 years ago to provide a place for British Army servicemen and women, as well as members of local communities, to play in rugby union matches.


Arturius, integrators of bespoke defence and security solutions, have partnered with the ARU in an exciting three-year deal. A discreet, multidisciplined company delivering new thinking to counter dynamic security threats, Arturius provides answers to problems faced by governments, oil and gas operators and commercial clients, enabling them to operate safely and securely. To celebrate the partnership, a special launch event was held in October at the home of English rugby, Twickenham. The event marked the unveiling of a three-year deal that aims not only to further raise the profile of the ARU and its teams, but also to grow the game’s global reach through a series of initiatives with Arturius’ international partners. Members of the press met delegations from both Arturius and the ARU for a Q&A and pitch-side photocall at the stadium, the site of the annual Army versus Navy showdown, said to be the biggest amateur match on the global rugby union calendar.

1 14 / /

Arturius’ core philosophies align perfectly with the ARU and many of Arturius’ team members are former military personnel, making the link between the two organisations particularly apt. CEO, Stuart Ball, discussed the partnership. “The ARU and its teams sit at the very pinnacle of amateur rugby union. They demonstrate time after time what can be achieved when we stick to our principles. Like them, Arturius believes in the power of collective endeavour. We believe in building teams that are greater than the sum of their parts and in going above and beyond to deliver what is required. So, this partnership is a wonderful fit for us and will act as a great vehicle for us to take rugby, and the principles that underpin it, to the world. In doing so, we’ll be giving ARU players a range of opportunities and working to further the development of each of the teams, like the 7s, the under 23s and, of course, the women’s side.”

To learn more about Arturius and how their experienced team of security experts can safeguard your assets, visit or call 0330 113 1944.

// 115

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British cycling is one of our nation’s success stories. Be it road racing through France or racing against the clock at the velodrome, the sport has enjoyed huge international success due to cycling stars and sport ambassadors such as Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton CBE and more recently Jason Kenny CBE, Laura Kenny CBE and Philip Hindes MBE.


British bikes built for British success It has also become a favourite pastime for many ordinary Brits who have become hooked on all sorts of riding, whether for sport, recreation or transport. Many will find their next bike on the high street, but for those looking for something a little different they’re increasingly turning to a small number of British brands driving the revival of bicycle manufacture in the UK.

Shand and Trillion Enter British industrialist and entrepreneur Sanjeev Gupta. Founder and owner of the global metals and industrial business Liberty, he saw an opportunity to revive the once prominent British bicycle manufacturing industry with the acquisition of both Shand and Trillion Cycles. Both brands had been making inroads within the mountain and adventure touring bike markets and Sanjeev sought to build on their ‘Made in Britain’ heritage with investment and engineering expertise from the automotive and aerospace part of his group. He also has a very personal connection to the cycling industry having grown up around his father’s bicycle manufacturing business.

Shand Cycles Originally established in 2003 by Steven Shand and now part of the Liberty Cycles Division, the company comprises of a team of eight specialists dedicated to making the worlds’

116 //

Photography: James Robertson

finest adventure touring bikes from its headquarters in central Scotland. Each bike is built-to-order with every part of the process carried out in-house, with carefully chosen steel tubing, skillfully fabricated into a frame and then painted in the colour and graphics of the customers’ choice. The frame is assembled into a full bike before careful packing and dispatch to customers in the UK and around the world. “It’s hard to put any particular label on our bikes, but more than anything they are inspired by the Scottish landscape” says Steven Shand. “We sometimes take it for granted, but we’re fortunate to have free access to tracks and paths across Scotland and I think that has influenced the design of our bikes greatly.” With twelve different models including road, touring, gravel, MTB and expedition bikes, Shand has a bike to satisfy every For more information visit:

We have free access to tracks and paths across Scotland and that’s influenced the design of our bikes greatly.

Trillion Cycles If Shand is all about exploring, the other Liberty made brand Trillion - is all about adrenalin. Its mountain bikes are designed to shred the trails and put a real smile on the riders’ face. Built with the same attention to detail as Shand, Trillion hardtails are characterized by their long, slack geometry making them ideal for steep, technical trails and the growth in gravity events such as Enduro. The Trillion lineup consists of the Prime, featuring a 160mm travel suspension fork that pushed the limits of what a hardtail mountain bike is capable of, and is supported by its slightly more conservative sibling, the Shug, with 130mm of suspension travel. Both bikes have a number of innovative features such as integrated cable routing for dropper seat posts and an adjustable rear axle (on the Prime) to adjust handling, allowing for different diameter wheel sizes to be fitted (29” or 27.5”). All bikes are built to order and are available as frame only, standard component or custom component build. Frames are available in 14 different colour options and available to order direct from the Trillion website.

Good for the sport and the wider community where bikes and Liberty are concerned, British manufacturing has other benefits too. It is not only about the high-end designs, finish and a delighted customer. It is also about supporting and growing manufacturing to benefit local communities. This is why the two bike brands, working under the GFG Alliance, sponsored and participated in the 66-mile Loch Ness Etape cycle sportive. The GFG Alliance is one of Scotland’s biggest industrial investors, having committed around £500m in recent years to acquire and develop various metals and industrial assets across the country, and was therefore keen to support this high profile cycling event. The GFG Alliance also partnered with the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Fort William in Scotland after Sanjeev Gupta acquired industrial and property assets in 2016, including the estate on which the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup runs. This is a perfect event and venue for both brands to showcase their capabilities.

For more information visit:

// 117

We are excited to announce Qdos has now re-branded as Quest. The business has won regular awards for outstanding services and was recognised this year as one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK and also won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. With a modern and fresh identity, Quest will continue to provide mission critical human resources, health and safety and people management services to a diverse range of businesses, trade bodies and membership organisations across the UK.

For more information visit

QuestOffice QuestOffice is a revolutionary new HR management software platform where you will find a complete range of tools to help support your company’s HR & health and safety requirements. HR & health and safety is made simple for you with our innovative tools enabling you to focus on other things. Employee Management System The must have Employee Management tool to manage employee sickness, holidays and employee records including personal information, performance, training and more. Document Library Covering HR, health and safety and legal with access to hundreds of documents, templates, forms, guides, policies and procedures. AdminLite Automatically populate and build documents with employee data, placing them in your employee’s account area within your Employee Management System. AskQ Online access to HR & health and safety advice from our expert consultants. Save all your advice and access advice archives for your future reference. Audits Easy access to HR & health and safety audits, health checks and feedback reports showing areas of risk or opportunity.

01455 852028 • / / 121



Insurance Broker with Regional Expertise At JLT Specialty, we believe in doing things differently. We believe that in order to deliver solutions in the world of insurance broking and risk management, we must thoroughly understand the different challenges your business faces. By using intelligence, imagination and insight, we provide expert advice and robust risk solutions which are often unique. REGIONAL EXPERTISE, GLOBAL NETWORK We serve businesses across the Midlands from our Nottingham and Birmingham

Our national Restructuring & Recovery practice, based in Birmingham, is one of only three in the UK and has experienced significant growth with 30 experts in the team.

offices, as well as having access to the

Our Nottingham branch was founded in

market strength and wide-ranging skills

2012 and now has a team of eight risk and

of the wider JLT Group and its network of

insurance professionals working with clients

international offices in over 135 countries

across the East Midlands.

worldwide. JLT Specialty has had a presence in Birmingham since 1903, making it the longest established insurance brokerage in the city. We have a growing and experienced team of over 55 insurance and risk management professionals looking after clients across the region.

Lloyd’s Broker. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. A member of the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group. Registered Office: The St Botolph Building, 138 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7AW. Registered in England No. 01536540. VAT No. 244 2321 96.© May 2017 274430

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE, SECTOR EXPERTISE We are a team of experts and locally we focus on sectors where we know we can make the greatest difference.



Our Motor Fleet team has many years’ experience working with a diverse range of fleet clients, offering bespoke insurance and risk mitigation programmes to ensure protection against all eventualities.

Our experienced M&A team in the Midlands is wellconnected and combines its ‘hands-on’ approach with a deep understanding of M&A insurance and due diligence.

GET IN TOUCH To find out more about our products and services, contact:



As the construction insurance partner of choice for contractors, project owners and project financiers, our construction team offers a focused approach to our clients’ key industry and risk exposure.

We provide first class insurance programme design, client service, risk mitigation and claims handling to some of the leading food and agriculture businesses in the UK.

SALLY SWANN Head of Midlands Region t: 0115 935 5350 e:

JON MILLER Partner t: 0121 626 7806 e:

visit our website

Thomas International is the global champion of the people assessment industry. We empower business leaders to transform the performance of their people, teams and cultures. Having been at the forefront of assessment innovation since 1981, our assessments are available in 56 languages and support clients in over 60 countries.

If you would like more information contact us on 01628 475 366 or email


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The Merry Wives of Windsor The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon Wednesday 12th September 2018

9 In AWARD-WINNING LUXURY HOTELS celebration of inspiring women everywhere, the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon put on UNIQUE IN CHARACTER a very special event, around their production of The Merry Wives of Windsor.


In partnership with the Arden Hotel, part of the Eden Hotel Collection, and Pentlands Accountants the event was put on by the Royal Shakespeare Company at The Other Place, and this special evening saw Director of The Merry Wives of Windsor, Fiona Laird, give audiences an introduction to the show. Guests were welcomed with drinks upon arrival, courtesy of Veuve Cliquot, as well as enjoying canapÊs and some pampering before being walked from The Other Place to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to enjoy the live performance. Not only did the show celebrate the world’s inspirational women, but it was also broadcast live throughout the UK and Europe on the same night.

Escape to Eden

oducing our award-winning Eden Hotel Collection. h of our carefully chosen nine hotels offers guests eductive slice of luxury. All are exquisitely unique share the same value of providing guests with total axation.

m historic architecture and peaceful surroundings outstanding spas and food and drink, our guests will perience a heavenly escape when visiting our Eden tel Collection.





Photo by Manuel Harlan RSC

Photo by Manuel Harlan RSC

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BRITISH PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIP Nailcote Hall, Warwickshire 7-10 August 2018

Nailcote Hall played host to yet another fantastic week of golf as the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship returned for 2018. A whole host of golfing stars and famous faces took part in the event which kicked off with a Celeb-Am on the Tuesday. The likes of former Strictly Come Dancing judge, Len Goodman, England rugby legend, Mike Tindall MBE, Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps and Westlife’s Brian McFadden took part in the event, but it was Liverpool legend Steve Staunton who came out on top. On Wednesday, the main event took place with the start of the Professional Championship. Golfing icons such as, Ian Woosnam OBE, Matias Calderon, Sam Locke, Costantino Rocca, Michael Campbell, Becky Brewerton, Jarmo Sandelin and event host, Tony Jacklin CBE were all in action.

2018 Winner Steven Tiley with Tony Jacklin CBE and Farmfoods’ Eric Herd

However, it was Challenge Tour and former European Tour player, Steven Tiley who came out on top, clinching the title with a score of -6 and the €50,000 prize that comes with it. The Norma C Herd Silver Salver, which is presented to the event’s leading amateur, went the way of David Nelson. The curtain came down on the successful event with another CelebAm which was won by former Wolves footballer and Sky Sports pundit, Don Goodman.

Brian McFadden on the tee

Jenni Falconer teeing off




Great Food, Amazing Prices



Jamie Raven entertaining the guests

Kelvin Fletcher and team

Len Goodman at the Champagne reception

James Phelps, Nigel Waldron, Chairman of the Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce, Matthew Hoggard MBE and Oliver Phelps

Len Goodman, Ola Jordan and Derek Redmond during their Q&A in the tented village

Mike Tindall MBE teeing off

Nicole Plowman showcases her stunning voice

William Roache MBE during his Q&A

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The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Warwickshire Monday 24th September 2018

A whole host of stars took to the Brabazon course, to take part in the annual Tony Jacklin Invitational this year, all in the aid of charity. Taking place at the home of one of Europe’s greatest Ryder Cup moments, the award-winning Belfry Hotel & resort, the event saw British golfing icon, Tony Jacklin CBE, return to the course. Some of the stars who were in attendance on the day included; ex Leicester Tigers and England rugby player, George Chuter, Ryder cup and golfing legend, Peter Baker, Former Irish international footballer, Stephen Hunt, former professional Darts Player, Keith Deller, television presenter, Jenni Falconer and noughties singer and first winner of Pop Idol, Gareth Gates.

Champions (UK) plc - John Hayes and guests with Tony Jacklin CBE

25 teams took part in the day, taking on the prestigious course in what was a wonderful day of golf. The event raised vital funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, a hospice that cares for youngsters who are suffering from life-limiting and lifethreatening conditions, Tony acts as a patron for the charity. Following the day’s play, guests were also treated to a Champagne reception and wonderful three-course meal which was hosted by the voice of Rugby, Ian Robertson with the auction being run by Olympic legend Derek Redmond. Golf buggies at the ready


Great Food, Amazing Prices

Tony Harris performing as Frenk

Gordan Greenidge MBE and Ivan Knezovich

Maxi Low’s Ken and Julie Crouch

Tony Jacklin CBE and Farmfoods’ Eric Herd

Enjoying The Belfry’s refreshments from Katie Niland

Gareth Gates entertaining guests

The team gather for a photo

Evening host - Ian Robertson

Great day for golf at The Belfry

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Hosts, Mark Dolan and Lucy Nicholls with Headline Sponsor, Liberty

Janine Edwards and guests from Janine Edwards Wealth Management

Ricoh Arena, Coventry Tuesday, 25th September 2018

Leading design and engineer specialists, Contechs were named ‘Company of the Year’ at this year’s Coventry Telegraph Business Awards in what was a stunning ceremony. Taking place at the Ricoh Arena in the city, the event welcomed some of the region’s brightest businesses for a night of celebration.

Guests from Band Hatton Button enjoying the Champagne reception

Hosted by comedian Mark Dolan and television presenter, Lucy Nicholls there was more than just the ‘Company of the Year’ award up for grabs. Hundreds of guests were in attendance to see employment wellbeing brand, Healthy Performance take home the ‘Small Business of the Year’ award, organic vegetable business, HydroVeg Kits, won the ‘New Business of the Year’ award and industrial design company, Unifabs were able to win the ‘Excellence in Industry’ award. In total 14 awards were presented on the night giving businesses of all sizes and from a range of sectors the opportunity to be acknowledged. As well as this, the night also gave people the opportunity to raise money for the NSPCC.

Julie de Thierry and guests from sponsor, Midlands Business Network

The UK’s leading children’s charity, they are dedicated to preventing abuse and helping those who have been victims of abuse, recover. A game of stand-up bingo and a silent auction took place, with all funds going to the charity.

Faith Tucker entertaining our guests


Stoneleigh Park Agency

02476 418373

Lucy Nicholls introducing the night



Mark Dolan; one of our dynamic co-hosts for the evening










The tables prepared for the evening proceedings






GODIVA ACCESS & SCAFFOLDING Our guests enjoying the evening



Stoneleigh Park Agency

02476 418373



Hydroveg Kits are presented with New Business of the Year by Askews Legal

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NATIONAL TRIBUTE MUSIC AWARDS 2018 Alan Warner of Champions Music & Entertainment, Charley Toulan as Marilyn Monroe and Andy Monk as Simon Cowell

Brochures and drinks at the ready

The Athena, Leicester Wednesday 4th July 2018

Whether it’s stars from time gone by, or music icons from today, the chances are you can find a tribute act in every genre. Understanding the huge contribution that tribute acts make to the music industry on a daily basis, the National Tribute Music Awards celebrated these acts in a glamorous event at the Athena in Leicester.

All the wonderful tributes of the night

Awards were handed out across 14 different categories honouring everyone involved in the world of tribute acts, from those taking front and centre on stage, to those unsung heroes from behind the scenes. One of the main awards handed out during the ceremony is the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ which this year was presented to The Elo Experience who are the UK’s biggest tribute group to the Electric Light Orchestra. Other winners included Donna Marie, taking home the ‘Best Female’ award for her Lady Gaga impersonation and Jeff Dingle was victorious in the ‘Best Male’ category starring as Bruno Mars.

Jeff Dingle as Bruno Mars

All the night’s winners will be able to use the Official UK No.1 tribute act title across all of their promotional material which is sure to give their offering a significant boost. A whole host of acts also took to the stage on the night to give incredible performances wowing audience members with their remarkable likenesses to the original artist.

Andy Abraham, one of the surprise guests of the evening

Little Fix take to the stage


Great Food, Amazing Prices











Nya King as Whitney Houston performing


Great Food, Amazing Prices






Rogue Minogue performing







Patrick Monahan, the host with the most





Utimate Jess Glynne performing

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The Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Warwickshire 4–7 October 2018

Returning for its second year, the Farmfoods European Senior Masters was back at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club for another fantastic golfing occasion. Once again, the Staysure Tour event had a stellar line-up of professionals on display including 1991 Masters winner, Ian Woosnam OBE, French golfing legend, Jean van de Velde, Ryder Cup star, Thomas Levet, European Tour winner, Jarmo Sandelin, legendary Italian player, Costantino Rocca, Staysure Tour player, Gary Wolstenholme MBE, and event host, Peter Baker. With a share of the â‚Ź200,000 prize fund at stake, competition was fierce, and it was Austrian star, Markus Brier who set the pace, leading after the first day. Weather disrupted the next two days, but despite the delayed starts, it did not dampen the quality of the golf taking place. On the second day European Tour winner, Santiago Luna and Peter T Wilson both overtook Brier at the top of the leader board, setting up a thrilling final day of action.

European Senior Masters Winner- Santiago Luna and Champions (UK) plc - John Hayes

It was Luna who came out on top, and four birdies on the final day was enough for him to clinch victory. Other winners during the week included Team Sofidel in the ProAm and Liverpool legend Steve Staunton in the team Alliance event.

Auctioneer - Derek Redmond


Peter Baker teeing off

Tim Munton of Champions (UK) plc and guests

Ben Groutidge, Markus Marquardt, Peter Baker, tournament winner - Santiago Luna, John Hayes and David MacLaren

Costantino Rocca starting things off

Nicole Plowman entertaining guests

John Lombardozzi, winner of stand-up bingo

Kev Orkian and Dominic Holland

Peter T. Wilson teeing off

Farmfoods’ Eric Herd’s table at Thursday’s welcome dinner

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Annual Client Event Lumbers Jewellers, Leicester Thursday 27th September 2018

Clients and potential clients alike attended an evening at Lumbers Jewellers in Leicester, hosted by Janine Edwards Wealth Management Ltd. Clients arrived at the wonderful venue and were given the opportunity to browse the store and their amazing selection of jewellery, watches and handbags. Dan Looney, who is part of the Private Client Division at St. James’s Place, talked about future new Tax Rules and Opportunities, Markets and the Economy in general. Guests were then invited to join Janine and the team for a beautiful 2-course dinner which was provided by The Finesse Collection. Before the delicious food was served, Dominic Gomersall, owner of Lumbers Jewellers, gave a short talk on the jewellery and the different designers they have in store. If you would like to attend the next event, please contact Janine Edwards Wealth Management on: 01679 530 606 or email The Partner Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website about-st-james-place/our-business/our-products-and-services. The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives

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Waddesdon Drive & Lunch Experience Waddesdon Drive & Lunch Experience Tuesday 5th June 2018

SCD members and clients of Janine Edwards came together for what was a memorable experience. The day started off at Janine’s office before embarking on their full morning of driving. Once everyone had caught up with old friends and met some new faces, they hit the road, for a scenic drive. The variety of cars was fantastic, with supercars like the McLaren 720S and Jaguar F-Type SVR, TVR Sagaris, Cobra and a supercharged Aston Martin Vantage. There was even a dash of luxury with two Bentley Continental GTs. The guests arrived at The Dairy at Waddesdon Manor, where they enjoyed a wonderful 3-course meal. To finish off this memorable day the guests were taken for a fascinating tour of the manor and its history. If you would like to attend the next event, please contact Janine Edwards Wealth Management on: 01679 530 606 or email The Partner Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website about-st-james-place/our-business/our-products-and-services. The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

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Aly Bowman of Thomas International with Phil Brown and guests

Dave Regis receiving the Special Recognition Award on behalf of his brother, Cyrille Regis MBE

Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham Wednesday 10th October 2018

Sport plays a big part in communities throughout the UK and Birmingham is no different. The Birmingham Sports Awards provides a place for some of the region’s best and brightest sporting stars to receive the acknowledgment that they deserve. Taking place at Edgbaston Stadium, which regularly hosts England cricket internationals as well as being the home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club and the Birmingham Bears T20 side, 14 awards were up for grabs at the star-studded ceremony.

Shez Cheema of PMGC and guests

This meant there was the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to be recognised. Whether it be professional stars or youngsters making their way through the grassroots level of sport, the awards celebrated everybody’s talent. Trevor Francis was the recipient of the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ thanks to his dedication to football.

Gary Newbon presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award

Other awards on the night included the ‘Professional Sportsman of the Year’ award presented to Ian Bell MBE, the ‘Professional Sportswoman of the Year’ award went the way of Sarah-Jane Perry and ‘Manager/Coach of the Year’ was won by Tim Flowers.

Mark Clemmit, the evening’s host


Guests enjoying stand-up bingo





Headline Sponsors Liberty with host for the evening, Mark Clemmit




The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Trevor Francis





Rayhaan Tulloch, winner of the Professional Young Sportsperson of the Year with Dean Jackson of HUUB and Mark Dry





BIRCHFIELD HARRIERS Ian Bell MBE with Warwickshire County Cricket Club receiving their Team of the Year Award





Mark Jeffreys of Birmingham City University and guests

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Emma Wilkinson and Jane Brown.

Sue Foster and Jennifer Foster.

HARVEY NICHOLS AW18 TRUNK SHOW Tuesday, 25th September 2018

Birmingham’s most stylish enjoyed a showcase of the very latest designer must-haves as Harvey Nichols hosted its AW18 Trunk Show.

Habiba De Silva, Nabila Bee and Nadoosh Abdullah.

The luxury Mailbox store teamed up with the fashion experts from ELLE Magazine to curate the evening. The show was staged in the iconic digital light tunnel and featured pieces from some of the most sought-after labels including Kenzo, Givenchy, Dior, Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Chloe, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney as well as new-to-the-city brands such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rosetta Getty, Filippa K, Rejina Pyo and Sies Marjan. Trends on show included animal print, folkloric, heritage, plastics and 80s. “It was great to show our VIP guests a whole range of labels not normally available in Birmingham, alongside their favourite international brands,” explained Harvey Nichols Birmingham General Manager Richard Vickery. “The style team from ELLE Magazine really captured this season’s key looks and gave our customers a real insight into what to wear for autumn.”

Luisa Hackey and Lisa Piddington.

Hanna Gamble and Sinead O’Herlihy.

Savita Doal and Shivani Doal.

Michelle Straker.

The models’ hair was styled by James Bushell while makeup was created by FENTY Beauty.

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Champions Club guests enjoying the clay pigeon shooting activity

Joe and Joanna Garland welcoming guests to their venue

Country Pursuits Day Mythe Barn, Leicestershire Wednesday 12th September 2018

From archery and clay pigeon shooting to axe throwing, a whole host of local businesses took part in a thrilling day of activities as the annual Champions Club Country Pursuits day returned! Hosted at Mythe Barn. Champions Club members and their guests arrived at the venue to a breakfast made up of sausage and bacon rolls, pastries and drinks.

Champions Club guests at the archery station

A speech was then made to the delegation by Champions (UK) plc’s Group Sales Director, David Simms, as well as Mythe Barn’s owner, Joe Garland. Guests were then split into their teams to take part in all of the day’s activities. Following the day’s events a small awards ceremony took place to present the winners with their prizes. Lunch and dinner was also provided on the day in the form of a delicious hog roast. Guests at the axe throwing station

One activity of the day - archery


Susie Lowell, David Simms and Ben Campey taking part in axe throwing

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Autonet guests

Autonet’s MD Ian Donaldson enjoying the festival

Autofest 20th Anniversary Festival Betley Court Farm Saturday 8th September 2018

In order to mark insurance firm, Autonet’s, 20th anniversary the company put on a fantastic event for their staff. Autofest, brought together staff from the business’ Stoke, Manchester, Dublin and Altrincham offices for a wonderful event, with entertainment coming in the form of Brit-award-winning drum and bass group, Rudimental.

Darby Ward singing

Headlining the event, the group performed some of their greatest hits including Feel the Love, Waiting All Night and These Days. Champions Music & Entertainment secured Rudimental for the event as well as The X-Factor winner, Sam Bailey. Other acts who performed included, Kindred Spirts 90s Mania, Shakermaker, HouseJammerz and Housewives of Cheshire’s Darby Ward. Firebreathers were also on display. The festival was organised by Champions Events who ensured the entire event ran seamlessly. Hosted by DJs Nick Sheldon and Deborah Allen, the day was a huge success as Autonet celebrated two fantastic decades of business.

Rudimental performing

Guests enjoying themselves before the acts


Sam Bailey entertaining the audience

嘀椀猀椀琀 唀猀㨀  吀栀攀 䴀愀椀氀戀漀砀  䰀漀眀攀爀 䘀氀漀漀爀  䈀㄀ ㄀刀䐀 ㄀㈀㄀ ㌀㠀㤀 ㌀㤀㠀 唀渀椀焀甀攀 䰀椀最栀琀椀渀最  椀氀椀琀攀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

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