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What liquid mix with water By Sally 4C Question: Which liquids mix with water and make a chemical reaction? Prediction: I think milk and juice will mix with water, but I think cooking oil and vinegar will not mix with water. Plan/procedure: 1. In the measuring cup put 1/3 of water, then pour it into the container. 2. Pour 1/3 of any liquid that you choose in the measuring cup ( I chose orange juice, milk, liquid soap, vinegar and cooking oil). 3. Look to see if there is a chemical reaction. Juice & Water

step 2


step 3


step 4

Chemical reaction

No chemical reaction

Trial 1 ( with juice )

l (No changing colour )

Trial 2 ( with milk )

l (No changing colour )

Trial 3 ( with soap )

l (No changing colour )

Trial 4 ( with vinegar )

l (No changing colour )

Trial 5 ( with cooking oil )

l (Oil was on the top of the water).

! Present findings: The juice, milk, soap, vinegar mixed with water but cooking oil did not mixed with water.


Reflection: At first, I thought vinegar will not mix with water, but it mixed with water. Also the cool thing, is that when the soap and water mix together, kind of cool lines mix together. If I try this experiment again, I want to try to use more different types of liquids.

What liquid mix with water ( procedure )  
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