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Which Gender Has Stronger Friendships?


Girls Girls

Angie / T.K. /

Boys Boys

Hypothesis: Angie’s Hypothesis: I think girls will have stronger friendship because they always share their snacks. T.K.’s Hypothesis: I think girls will have a stronger friendship because they do B.F.F stuff like I do. Boys fight and don’t share things well enough. Girls care for each other and always play together.




Who’s friendship is stronger?

Materials 1. A Treat 2. Camera

Steps: Step #1

Take a Girl or Boy and her friend(s) out at the hallways.

Step #2

Give one person in the group a treat.

Step #3

See what actions they do.

Conclusion Hypothesis: T.K.’s Hypothesis: My hypothesis was wrong because one of the girl groups didn’t share the treat. I thought that girls have stronger because they share things well. Over all of the groups, 7 groups shared the treats so I think the friendships at Chadwick are strong. Angie’s Hypothesis: My hypothesis was wrong, because one of the girl groups didn’t share their treat at all. I thought girls have stronger friendship because I am a girl and I know that girls like to share their snacks. Overall the seven groups shared their treats so I think that friendships in Chadwick are stronger than I thought.

What We Learned During the Science Project T.K.: I learned that boys and girls can fight sometimes about small problems, but on the other hand, both have strong friendships.

Angie: I learned that boys aren’t careless about their friends, and also I learned that girls fight (have a conflict) about small problems that can happen often.

Boy Group

Girl Group

Procedure: Say,” We are doing a survey on friendship.” Say “Here is a cookie for you.” Give one friend a treat and watch what the friends do. Say “You may eat the treat now.” Next ask Questions: 1) How long have you been friends? _____________ 2) On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is not that close, 5 is good friends, 10 is best friends) rate your friendship. _________________________________ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 say “Thank you, for answering our questions.” Did the group... Share the treat

Don’t share the treat

Which gender has more stronger friendship?