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Friday, November  1,  2013


Greetings Parents,

We are in our third week of our second unit, Who We Are. Our first -Wed., November 27 inquiry was into the positive and negative causes that affect our health. Thanksgiving To expand their knowledge of graphic organizers, students are once Half Day

-Thurs. and Fri., November 28 and 29 Thanksgiving No school -HOUSE Nov. 15: Dodgeball

again analyzing and sorting information to help them make better sense of the complex issue of what it means to be healthy. Last week the students developed a survey to collect data regarding some aspects of health. This week we emailed our surveys to the faculty and students of the village, middle and upper school of Chadwick International. We hope this data will help us learn more about the concept of perspective and responsibility. These past two weeks we also explored the six nutrients necessary to good health. Students will begin to uncover how these six nutrients, lack of, or imbalance affect aspects of our health.  1

In math the students are continuing to expand their knowledge and application of the math concepts of decimal fractions, fractions, percent and patterns. Recent problem solving involved finding the part and percent of a number. The students are also solving more sophisticated patterns involving a combination of operations by applying the strategy of working backwards. We also recently introduced the skill of interpreting tables, line, bar, and circle graphs. Next week we will analyze the data received from our health surveys for the unit, Who We Are. Â In literacy we are continuing to practice writing organized paragraphs. Presently, students are focusing on writing persuasive paragraphs. The need to organize and elaborate their thoughts is still extremely important and will continue to be the focus of our writing practice. Additional emphasis is placed on sentence fluency, vocabulary, usage, and voice.


Halloween Party


You know October 31 is spooky Halloween party day. We had a party in the morning with Pre-K and one more party after school. In the morning we went to the Bell Tower and got some treats from moms, friends, and teachers. It was a lot of fun. Before the evening party started I played on the field with Sophia and some 4B girls. I finished my homework and met my friends. When it was getting darker and darker we had a map and got all the stamps. I got a lot of candies in my pumpkin candy bag. I didn’t see Angie and Mina but I got to share my candy with friends and family. I bet that was the greatest Halloween party ever. ~Tae Kyung I can’t believe it. It’s finally Halloween! When I arrived at school dressed as a vampire I dropped off my bag in the classroom and went downstairs to Pre K A to look for my reading buddy and my friends. I saw Shia, my reading buddy, was dressed as a leopard, Angie was dressed as a vampire (same as me!) Tae Kyung was dressed as Red Riding Hood, and Samantha was dressed as a cat! After I found them we marched in the Halloween parade. Everything was good, except for one thing. I didn’t have many candies. Well, maybe it’s a good thing…Nah! I don’t know. Well, I know one thing for sure.

- We have PE Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Please bring PE clothing, PE shoes and a water bottle with your name on it. - Please bring a healthy snack every day. - HOUSE is Friday. Bring PE shoes, your Chadwick House shirt, and your water bottle. Go Earth! Go Fire! Go Water! Go Air!

I love Halloween! ~Mina Kim The Golf Course I was at the golf course with Mr. Cho, Mr. White, John, and Sean. First we went putting. Then we went on the first hole. I didn’t play very well. At the second hole John hit first then Mr. White and finally Sean. Sean’s ball touched Mr. White’s ball and both balls rolled out of the green. All of us were surprised. No one believed he hit the ball because it is one out of a hundred. At hole number three it was getting dark so we played it and then went to the driving range. It was dark already so Mr. White went with us. He saw a basket of balls so he played with us. A man told Mr. White to get his hands off the balls because they belonged to him. Of course Mr. White gave it back. ~Tahirah Suter


Homework is the worst part of my day. If I had a choice I would rather play computer games like Minecraft than do homework. Homework makes me tired. It’s boring and I’m getting lazy. The homework isn’t too hard, but some questions are tricky and my teacher makes too many mistakes. The tricky questions are questions that I didn’t learn or remember how to do. For example, the pattern problems make me think, but I want to be lazy and just play games. ~Woojean Shon Halloween was the highlight of my whole week! I dressed up as a vampire and went to my Pre- K class to meet our reading buddies to take them to the parade. We trick o’ treated, but we didn’t get much candy. We gave most of them to our reading buddy, Shia. We saw Aqua Man running across. He was dressed up with a swimming suit, a pair of flippers, and a peacock feather mask. When we went back to class we had a very boring time. We ate our treats carefully in class time to not get busted. I wanted to go to the party but I had too much homework. Anyway, I had a good time. ~Angie Ko

Who I Want To Be I’m not sure who I actually want to be. I mean there are a lot of things on my mind. When I was young my dream was to be an artist. I admired people like Dali and Leonardo Da Vinci. When I was in first grade everybody said my drawings were great. Even my mom said there was a chance that being an artist could come true. That time I was young, I didn’t know much about life. But at the middle of third grade, my dream changed. I wanted to be an author. It took me a long time to finish a book that had at least 5,000 grammar mistakes. The dream of being an artist was lost inside me. But as my body grew, my dream was to go to Yale. I heard it was a good college. Also I wanted to try being in business. In third grade my dream of being an author was strong there was no doubt until I started fourth grade at Chadwick. My friends told me my singing was beautiful but of course that was hopeless. I know I was totally lost. At summer break everyday I would write, but now there is no time to linger around with a notebook and pen. And that is when I realized that dream was over. It was sad to know every job became impossible for me. At school I asked my friends what I should be. One of them said, a model. But you need to be tall to do that. I’m still a lost child now, but there is still some hope left for me. ~Samantha Jung


At the Halloween party I couldn't find Tahirah so I went to my friend Ashley and got lots and lots of candy. But then my sister was lost and we kept looking for her. When we found her we lost my mom and my sister again. But we didn't care so we kept walking and Ashley and me got fangs, but it's just fake fangs. We got a hot pack too. Then we at last found my mom and my sister. ~~Rosemary Gostovich ! Yesterday, I went golfing with Mr. White, Mr. Cho, Tahirah, Sean. We were golfing to make an advertisement because the golf After School club was not very popular. The ad was meant to get other students interested in the golf club. First, we waited in the car. We waited for Mr. Cho to come to the car early. But he was 10 minutes late. I felt bad so much that I really wanted to slouch in music class. But, my mind changed when Mr. Cho came. Then, we went to the golfing place. I couldn’t wait until I was there. I was so glad that I wanted to dance around the golfing place like a crazy boy. Mr. White was the cameramen, Mr. Cho was the coach, and we were students. We practiced normally in the field, and then played a game. But while we were playing, Mr. White said because Mr. Cho was late, we would be home in 6:30. My academy starts at 6:00. So I immediately called my mom and begged. Fortunately, my mom said yes. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss academy. So we played on. First, we went to hole 1. Then, 2. Finally, three. I liked 3 the best because MY ball went to the hole in 2 shots! But the most amazing thing was in hole 2. First, Mr.White hit the ball. It was on green. Second, Sean hit his ball. Sean’s ball hit Mr. White’s ball! It was very rare. No. Legendary!!!!!! Tahirah was really good too. She was better than me and Sean. She was the first one to score in the real game. This game gave me of a new opinion. It was this: not all girls are mean. Before this game, I thought that Tahirah was a bad, mean girl. But now, I think Tahirah is kind and really good at golf. Anyway, back to golf. We even went to the driving range. It was really fun because we used driver in the driving range. Driver is a type of cub that can hit the ball the farthest. Even though it was inside, it was fun. I hit the ball really high that it hit the top of the tent thing. Almost nine out of ten of my balls went really far. I learned many things from golf so I love golf and I hope us five always golf like this. ~John Yang 5


Yesterday I went golfing with Mr.White , Mr.Cho , John Yang and Tahirah. We went there for tell what we are doing at golf because golf is this trimester canceled because there were not enough people. We went there at after school so I missed baseball. We were trying to depart from the school at 4:15 but Mr. Cho was late so we departed at 4:27. John said if Mr. Cho comes after 4:30 , he will slouch and won`t listen to Mr. Cho at music class. I was happy that John won`t slouch at music class. We went to a 9 short par 3 courses. Mr.White said that we will make a video of you playing and show it to the kids at spring that what are we doing there to make students come to golf after school and he will do the 3rd trimester after school here. We played 3 holes. On the 1st hole, we showed chipshots, on the third hole, we did bunker shots. On the second shot , we played a real 1 course rounding and Tahirah hit on the green. WARNING!! THIS PART COULD DESTRY YOU INSIDE A GOLF BALL!) Before Tahirah, Mr.White hit a ball and put it on the green and the next I hit the ball and.................................. I hit the ball a little low and it landed on the fairway and it rolled toward Mr.White`s ball............................................... and hit like this.. WHACK!!! AND THEN..... both went out of the green. Mr.White said “Hey!! My ball was in a good space and you just kicked my ball away from that space!!� And then.... Mr.Cho , Mr.White , John and I just HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA except Tahirah who was calling her mom at that time. Actually, when Mr. White`s ball was rolling , it almost hit Tahirah`s ball which was 1 inch away from Mr. White`s ball`s rolling around. On the way back home, Mr.Cho said that I played with Mr. White over 100 times and I didn`t hit his ball even once but you did it in the 1st time playing with Mr. White! and I said that the percent of my ball hitting Mr.White`s ball that is 60 yards away is same as the percent of a volleyball standing on the net. After we did the rounding, we went to the driving range and practiced drivers. I did a few driver shots. I want to do golf with Mr. White and I am enjoying golf.

NEWSLETTER Yesterday was HALLOWEEN! I liked this year’s halloween a lot because we got candy and free toys, like vampire teeth and yo-yo’s. In the middle of the scavenger hunt, I began to play with my friends. Christian and I were partners. We were trying to get to all the different stations, but my friends told me that when you finish you get no prize and they tell you to go home. So Christian and I played soccer until everyone left. I think next year they should give us a prize when we finish the scavenger hunt and get more candies. ALEX

Halloween parade! By Roy Kim 4A

! !

This morning I wore my new costume for Halloween! I

brought 80 candies but after the parade I only had one left because I gave them to my friends. I received other candies from friends. At the parade I took many photos with my friends. My favorite costume was the one I was wearing. It was a costume of a TV show character named Finn and Jake’s Adventure time. I was dressed as a half dog half human. At 6:00pm I participated in a scavenger hunt but I only got 7 candies. I was bored of going around the school so I played with Sean Ha with a balloon. We passed the balloon around and how many passes we could do.I went to the bell tower with Sean and I saw Alex, Woojean, Daniel, Jason, Liz, and Hanna. We played tag for 20 minutes but Sean didn’t participate. 5 minutes before 20mins. Liz, and Hanna went home. One boy went when the girls went and everybody went home. It was really fun today! I wish I could have another halloween parade later on.

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