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Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

Thank you for picking up the Fall Issue of CESA Times for the 2012-2013 year! CESA Times is the per-semester magazine published exclusively for CESA members. This year, our magazine’s theme is CHANGE. Everyone goes through changes when they first enter University. We are filled with new feelings and emotions that may be pleasant or overwhelming. New experiences in University will also come to define who we are as a person. So this magazine will take you through all those changes and be with you every step of the way as you journey through this major milestone of your life.

Oscar Kwok

Selvynna Tang

In this magazine you will find stories about people moving to a new country, changes you go through in life, and how to change yourself for the better. As well there is a not to be missed photo shoot modelled by our own execs! There Is also a personality quiz that will help you determine whether this change is really right for you and a handy little calendar guide to show you all the cool things you can do in Toronto each day of the week. We want to highlight how CESA can help and support you during your time of change. Read this magazine to learn how CESA can bring fun and happiness in your life! We hope you will find this magazine an intriguing and insightful read. Good Luck and remember CHANGE is good! CESA Times Joyce Cheung

Emil Jayatingtong

Message From the President My name is Chang and I’m so glad to have you as part of CESA for year 2012-2013! We are much more than just a student club, it’s the place where you get to know awesome friends, enjoy exciting and meaningful events, and have lots of fun with us! When I first got in U of T, I was confused and disoriented; being in this big unfamiliar community is very intimidating. Joining CESA has not only helped me get involved in Skule, but it has also given me the exact experience that I thought about before coming to University: meeting new people, picking up leadership and teamwork skills, challenging myself, all of which are part of what CESA represents. Being in CESA has been the highlight of my life in U of T and I hope you will also have a great fun year with CESA! This year CESA has a great executive team who are committed and passionate. Everyone on the team is ready for another exciting year. CESA got you covered in every part of your Skule life, from academics, social, to cultural and sports. While you are in CESA, be sure to take advantage of all the cool things that we offer: exciting and involving events all throughout the year, networking opportunities with fellow students and alumni, professional seminars on jobs and research, member goodies, and don’t forget, this awesome magazine. Wish you have a wonderful year and see you in classes!

Benefits of Joining CESA .Free Food .We give out free food at our events, what more can I say?! Come join us at our Orientation .Dinner, Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch, Chinese New Year Lunch, and much more for some .good food! Membership merchandise Sign-up with us and get our campus famous membership merchandise. Each year we give out different goodies chosen by our execs. and some traditional including our campus famous clipboard! Network & Support CESA has a great network o members who face the same struggles but share similar goals. So you don’t need to look far to find someone who can provide you with mentorship. Through CESA, you will be connected to different people who will become your life-long friends! Great events We work tirelessly to give you awesome events! You’ll meet new people at our social events, feel at home through our cultural celebrations, learn things from our academic events, and flex your muscles at our sports tournaments.

Event List CESA 2012-2013

CESA Event List Event


CESA Orientation Dinner

September 10th 2012

CESA Intramural Basketball Tryout

Mid- September 2012

CESA Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

September 28th 2012

CESA Karaoke Nite

Mid-October 2012

CESA Halloween Party

October 26th 2012

CESA Christmas Outing

Late-December 2012

CESA – CUSA Alliance Winter Ski Trip

Late-December 2012

CESA Food Eating Contest

Mid-January 2013

CESA Chinese New Year Celebration

February 8th 2013

CESA Badminton Tournament


CESA – CUSA Alliance Semi-Formal

Mid-February 2013

CESA Basketball Tournament

March 2013

CESA Little Engineers’ Day

Late-March 2013

Check out our awesome events and save the date on your calendar. We will also send you notifications as the date gets closer; and look out for our posters and event invitations.

For more information go to:

Nope, that isn’t a typo. We didn’t spell CESA as CUSA. CUSA stands for Chinese United Students’ Association and it is an alliance group that CESA is in, along with many other Chinese clubs from different Universities across Ontario. This year, the alliance consists of 8 clubs: Ryerson CSA, York HK SAY, Mc-Master CSA, UTM ECSA, UTSC SCCC, Waterloo CSA, Wilfrid Laurier CSA and of course UTSG CESA!!! CUSA is the ONLY network of joint Chinese clubs in Ontario, having over 2,800 members across all 8 clubs. You are automatically a member of CUSA when you join CESA!!

Discount Program: Representatives from the clubs of CUSA go out across Ontario to find discounts at all your favorite restaurants and stores! No matter if you are always downtown, in Chinatown, or uptown, our discount program will have something for you! (see the back of your CUSA membership card for list of participating stores this year)

Network: “Getting tired of seeing the same people each day?” “Don’t Worry!” It is no longer hard to meet people from other schools. Come out to our CUSA events and meet people from across Ontario. Everyone is unique, and by getting involved you life will be more AWESOME!

Upcoming CUSA Events of 2012-2013 CUSA Social (early October) Halloween Screamers (Late October) 16th Annual Townwest Singing Contest (November 10th) New York City Winter Trip (December) Annual CUSA Semi-Formal (February) Visit for more details

Differences Between CESA and ECC

As you know, there are 2 Chinese Engineering clubs in Skule. Many people ask why that is and what are the differences between CESA and ECC. Let me break it down for you: *ask a CESA exec. for more information

Large-Scale Events: There is no lack of fun at our CUSA joint events. Join in on the excitement with hundreds of other members. Past CUSA events include: Montreal Winter Ski trip, Old Shanghai Semi-Formal, Halloween Clubbing, Mahjong Tournament, Paintball and much more!



Founded in 1975 Emphasis on Social Events (but we have Academic Events as well!) Accept all members (Engineer, ArtSci, Fob, CBC, Canto, Mando, Non-Chinese, etc.) Main Language: English Focus on CBC style events (but we have Fob events too; e.g.: San Guo Sha Tournament) Alliance Network with CUSA

Founded in 2004 Emphasis on Academic Events (such as PEY Seminar, Grad Seminar, etc.) Predominately Mandarin Chinese members Main Language: Mandarin Focus on Fob events (e.g. English Speaking Seminar)

Cut me out!

Things to do downtown‌

CESA Comics

Personality Quiz 1) What is the minimum amount of sleep you can function with? a. 5 hours (1 point) b. 7 hours (2 points) c. 8 hours (3 points) d. 10 hours (4 points) e. Sleep is for the weak (0 points)

6) What is your outlook after graduation? a. research (1 point) b. work in industry/Grad school ( 2 points) c. “I wanna do Business AND Engineering!” (3 points) d. “Grad school because I can’t find a job” (4 points)

2) How often do you go to class? a. I go to every class (1 point) b. I skip a few now & then (3 points) c. Whenever I wake up -. (4 points) d. I don’t go to class (5 points)

7) How is your communication with people? a. Great! I love talking and having fun with people (4 points) b. Everything has a purpose. I network and build opportunities (3 points) c. I talk to people only when I want or have to (2 points) d. I keep to myself (1 point)

3) What are you looking for in a partner? 8) How do you describe your social life? a. artistic, creative, stylish a. Party everyday! (4 points) (5points) b. Just go out on Fridays and weekends b. Super hot (4 points) (3 points) c. As long as they have 內在美 c. Chill every once in a while (2 points) (inner beauty) (3 points) d. what social life? (1 point) d. No preference as long as they are of the opposite sex (2 point) 9) Do you like solving problems? e. “I’m fine with ugly” (1 point) a. “Bring on the Challenges and problem sets!” (1 point) 4) Why did you choose Engineering? b. “I do enough to get by” (2 points) a. To challenge myself (0 poinst) c. “I get others to solve it for me” (3 points) b. I love Engineering!! (1 point) d. “Runs away” (4 points) c. Didn’t know what else to choose (2 points) 10) Would you recommend Engineering to d. For the money (3 points) others? e. For the boys (4 points) a. Only if they want to do research or be unemployed when they graduate (1 point) 5) On Friday nights I go: b. Yes because Engineering is so much Fun! a. clubbing (5 points) You work hard and you play hard b. to a lounge for drinking and (2 points) chatting (4 points) c. Yes because I want them to suffer c. drinking (3 points) (3 points) d. study!! (3 points) d. No Way! You have no life as an Engineer e. DOTA (2 points) (4 points)

Ever thought about what you are best suited for? Take this fun test and find out! Score Add up your points to see which kind of personality you have!

The EngSci (0 - 10 points)

You are smart, hardworking and can handle stress. You love Engineering and are passionate about solving problems. Many challenges and responsibilities await you, and you can’t wait to tackle them. Social life and sleep are a small price to pay for the special education you will receive as an EngSci. You don’t know what the future has in-store for you, but at this moment, EngSci is where you want to be. Characteristics: smart, nerdy, hardworking, stressed

Commerce (20 - 30 points)

Your ambitions are high and you expect more of yourself and your accomplishments. To you, there is more to life then just graduating and finding a job. You want to make big money and live a glamorous life. Networking and presenting yourself is in your blood and you love the thrill of wearing a suit. The journey to get on top is long and hard, but if you make it, the opportunities are endless. Characteristics: good-looking, rich, ambitious, competitive

The Normal Engineer (10 - 20 points)

You want the best of both worlds. Being an Engineer where your technical dreams come alive; and at the same time you can still have a fulfilling social life. A little stress and work won’t stop you from doing what you want. This is your time to try new things, learn new things, make new friends, and explore who you are. Characteristics: smart, all-guys, socially awkward

The Artsci (30 - 40 points)

You just can’t give up your social life. Your friends are your life and you can’t live without them. Life is too precious to waste studying and you want to live it up. You may not know what you want to do in life, but you just want to live in the moment and live in the “NOW” Characteristics: ordinary, partiers, stylish, creative

Continuous Changing Beginning from his mother’s womb, he changes from a fertilized egg to a baby with maturing body parts. Entering this world, he changes from crying and laughing to muttering words that he hears around himself. Then he starts crawling and waddling to his parents’ hands that are oh-so-far-away. His small ignorant mind turns to cleverer, brighter thoughts. Season by season, he gets leveled up in the school system. Instead of sentences, he develops paragraphs, and then moves on to essays. He looks at his own status, and changes to fit into his friends’ molds, his parents’ dreams and his determined self-identity. Then the girl next door becomes the girlfriend. He moves on to freedom, away from his parents. Instead of filling his piggy bank to buy the next coolest toy, he starts saving up for bigger, better reasons. Entering the real world, his life gets fitted around strict work schedules; unlike the flexibility he had in school. He had once learned to enhance his own knowledge, but now, he learns so that his employer has the right human resource. Day by day, his experiences increase; with people, with things, with ideas. His bachelor pad changes into a warm home, followed by the den transforming into a baby room. His little one begins to be his entertainment and his energy-strainer. Now he watches the change of life from an outer perspective. Then he discovers that his head has turned white, in place of the vibrant colours of his years past. At the end, he changes once more, as he always has.

I have lived in Hong Kong all my life, so when I moved to Toronto for university it was a huge change for me. One of the hardest part is feeling homesick and thinking back to everything I had in Hong Kong that I couldn’t find here in Toronto. In the metropolis city of Hong Kong, everything is busy, vibrant and crowded. The food is good, there are shops everywhere, and everything is designed for convenience. Staying out past 12am isn't uncommon, and there are many places that stay open for people of the night. I never really stayed out much at night, but I like that there's the option if I ever wanted to. Back home, I lived with my parents, so pretty much everything was handed to me. I never had to cook, buy groceries, pay bills, or clean my toilet. All I had to do was show up at the dinning table for meals, do some homework and sleep. It was a good life. In a way. And then, of course, I decided to move to Toronto.

Toronto 多倫多

Many things are different here in Toronto. Most noticeably is the price of living. Prices here are much higher here than in Hong Kong, if you take the direct conversion from CAD to HKD. Plus, there are taxes here. The Chinese food here (downtown Toronto / Chinatown) is so bad compared to back in Hong Kong. But then if you venture further uptown there are some decent restaurants, as I later discovered. The shops here close so early, that after a late lecture, there's nothing still open. The shops and malls here are also inferior to malls in Hong Kong. And then theres the winter - freezing cold out doors and then boiling hot indoors. But I met many great friends over here, and I think they made my time here so much better. I didn't have a particularly bad time in first year, because everything was a new experience, I was exploring everything including my new freedom. As with many things in life I soon became used to the lifestyle here in Toronto, and I am actually starting to enjoy it here!

Moving from Hong Kong to Toronto

Hong Kong 香港

15-35 歲? 以超優惠票價每張 $14,欣賞聞名世界的 多倫多交響樂團現場演奏! 請瀏覽 查閱最新消息。





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潛能全發揮 全靠白蘭氏

年 35 軍 18 量冠 自 始 球銷 全

Please scan this QR code with SmartPhone. QR code app required.


I'm Jiawei Du, 1T5, Chemical Engineering. Don't be trapped in the room. J.D Just like me, come out and have fun!

Hey I'm Leyan, alternative name OTAKU. Is this intro too short? Let me add one more line, 大丈夫だ、問題ない!

Even if I was one in a million, there'd still be almost 7000 others like me in this world. I know I'm not special, but at least I'm happy.

L.S I enjoying cooking and spending time with people! Hope to have fun with you guys ;D R.L Cheers

Hey guys, I am a proud engineering student from Vancouver! Something about me is that I am a person who loves to work hard and relax afterwards:) I hope CESA will continue with its success and help create great memories for all students! K.C

Carol Choi Social Director Chem 1T5


I'm Yvonne. I like

I hate classes at 9am... nothing special other than im the lucy liu from hollywood Y.Z thats sleeping

L.L Kyle Sia-Chen Social Director Mech 1T5

Hello, I am Lamlery. I like things about animal protection. I enjoy singing and playing drum, Zheng. I believe: Never regret for the things that you had done.

Michelle Fan VP Internal Chem 1T3 + PEY


I am Michelle, obsess with Gintama !! >3< Can't lie cz my logic barely make any sense... mIchELle M.F

"Just when the caterpillar thought that life was over, it A.S

Lucy Liu Cultural D Chem 1T

Lamlery Cultural MSE 1T5 Song-Liang Lai

Chang Liu President

VP Communications

Mech 1T3 + PEY

EngSci (Finance) 1T4

Elias Chen VP External Civ 1T3 Amy Sang VP Operations Chem 1T4

Jiawei Du Cultural D Chem 1T Simon Han VP Finance Mech 1T3 + PEY

ver! o

"I talk, I text, I teach, and now I 'Tech'.â&#x20AC;&#x153; Occasionally I do travel around the world, but CESA is where things originate. Welcome to CESA welcome to YOUR home.

"For infrastructure technology, C will be hard to displace." -- Dennis Ritchie



Hello I'm Sherri~ I like to drink tea. S.C Allan Wang Technical Director ECE 1T3 + PEY

Hello, I'm Hao Cheng (Harvey) Wu. I like table-tennis, badminton, skiing, travelling, and meeting new friends like you.

Hi there, I am big sports director this year. I am new at this, so please take care of me everyone :). ECE and trackone represent ;). G.C


Leyan Shi Arts Director Chem 1T4

Liu ural Director m 1T5

Emil Wong Arts Director Civ 1T3 + PEY

Travis Cheung Technical Director ECE1T5 T1

lery Wang ural Director 1T5

Gavin Ching Sports Director ECE 1T5 T1 Yvonne Zhang ECE 1T5

Harvey Wu Sports Director Civ 1T5 Sherri Cui Academic Director EngSci 1T5

Rebecca Li Marketing Director Chem 1T3 + PEY

Photography Director

Linpan Li Academic Director ECE 1T5

ei Du ural Director m 1T5

Jenny Yao Marketing Director Indy 1T5

Siqi Liu

Photography Director

Civ 1T4

Mengxi Shen Marketing Director Chem 1T4

CESA Times 2012-2013 Issue I  

Fall Issue

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