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FALL ISSUE 1 2011-2012

TIPS: Best Study Area

Katrina Jin

Academic Director

Simon Han

Academic Director

Emil Wong Arts Director

Fangzhou Su Arts Director

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Joyce Cheung VP Operations

EDITORS JoYee (Jiayi) Pu Nicholas Gan

CONTRIBUTORS Betari Prokoso Oscar Kwok Andrew Park

Shirley Gu VP Internal

MODELS Katrina Jin Jay Lin JoYee Pu


Ian Xiao

VP Finance

Arrow Tian VP External

Selvynna Tang

VP Communications


JoYee Pu

Times Director


Nicholas Gan Times Director

Amy Sang

Cultural Director

Chang Liu

Cultural Director

Harry Chen

Marketing Director

Veronica Zhang

Marketing Director


Photography Director

Dear Reader, Thank you for picking up the fall issue of CESA Times 2011-2012! We hope that you enjoyed the content of this issue. We hope the information we provided will be useful in your academics and at Skule. Make sure to come out to our CESA events mentioned earlier in this magazine and visit our CESA Executive Team!

Zhaoxiang Chen Social Director

Nicholas Gan and JoYee Pu CESA Times Editors

Michelle Fan Social Director

Allan Wang

Technical Director

Song-Liang Lai Sports Director

Marcus Mak

Sports Director



Jason Leung

Social Director


Executive Introduction President’s Message CESA Upcoming Events Choice of Dessert -Macaron Going in Style Engineering Comics I Tablets’ Choice Cameras’ Choice Where to Study on Campus Engineering Comics II

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Hi everyone!

President’s Message

My name is Oscar and I’m really happy that you guys have decided to join CESA for the 2011-2012 Skule year! You guys are taking the first step to having a very fulfilling and wonderful University experience. School doesn’t have to be just about studying and being locked up in your room. It can be amazing and FUN FUN FUN! That’s why the CESA team has worked hard to give you all awesome and great events that you will remember forever!

What can CESA do for you? Great Events: We work tirelessly to give you awesome events! You’ll meet new people at our social events, feel at home through our cultural celebrations, get smarter from our academic events, and flex your muscles at our sport tournaments (look at next page for full event list). Free stuff: All CESA members will get free lunch/dinner at our special events in SF Atrium. We also give you our campus famous clipboard, and unique membership merchandise! You receive so many gifts and benefits from CESA! The $10 is totally worth it! Resource Sharing: CESA has a great network of members who face the same struggles but share similar goals. So you don’t need to look far to find someone who can provide you with mentorship. Through CESA, you will be connected to different people who will become your life-long friends (and maybe even someone a step further =D).

Interesting Facts about CESA:

Discounts: By becoming our member, you will obtain a membership card which will

Alliance: CESA is part of an alliance with 9 other Chinese student clubs, called the Chinese United Students Alliance (CUSA) and we join together to hold large-scale events with a huge turnout. These events include a Winter Banquet and Ski Trip just to name a few. History: CESA is at its 37th year and we are the largest student club in the Engineering Faculty at U of T. We have approximately 400 members including undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni. Diversity: We have a diverse range of members including Chinese, non-Chinese, Engineering and non-Engineering students (even one of our executives is non-Chinese). So don’t be fooled by our name and think we only accept Chinese and Engineers! Impact: We leave a huge mark on students as well as the community. We have even been featured on Fairchild TV and Radio for our Little Engineers’ Day event. The goal of this event is to teach and nurture young students’ about Engineering. (http://www. Hope to see you guys around! Sincerely, Oscar Kwok




Check out our awesome events and save the date on your calendar! We will also send you notifications as the date gets closer; and look out for our posters and facebook event invitations! Social Event


Cultural Event

Academic Event


September 6 Engineering Clubs Day 7 UTSU Clubs Day 12 CESA Orientation Dinner 14 CESA Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration October 1 CESA Intramural Basketball Tryout and Drop-In Basketball 28 CESA Halloween Party/Alliance Clubbing Event

Sports Event

Location BA Lobby King's College Circle SF Atrium SF Atrium Hart House Gym Home Nightclub

November 4 CESA 三國殺 Tournament 12 CESA Badminton Tournament TBD CESA Research Workshop TBD CESA Trivia Challenge

TBD Athletic Centre BA Tutorial Room SF Atrium

January 23 CESA Chinese New Year Celebration TBD CESA Winter Banquet

SF Atrium TBD

Febuary TBD Skating (Valentines Theme) 14 Distribution of 2nd issue of Times week of 20 CESA Ski Trip

Nathan Phillips Square Around Campus TBD

March 10 16 31

Athletic Centre TBD Market Village

CESA 3 vs. 3 Basketball Tournament CESA Mahjong Tournament CESA Little Engineers' Day

*Dates subject to change



飲食推荐 TEXT> JoYee Pu

PHOTO> Calvin Su

想不想在多倫多嚐到法國的精 美甜點?, 尤其是近期非常流行 的馬卡龍,


流的廚師可以做到最好的成度. 今天就由小编来为大家推荐一 家法式cafe BUTTERAVENUE., 位于 3467 Yonge Street 主廚Tina Su畢業於Le Cordon Bleu法國餐飲學校,憑著敏銳的 味蕾和對法式點心的執著, 加上 最好的手藝, 讓各位有機會嚐到 像是在法國的精美食品. 在這裡可以試到各種的法式點 心,macaron(馬卡龍),蛋糕,各 式甜點,同時也會有麵包和各式

x x x

飲品提供. 隨著季節變化還會有 各式的禮盒和特別包裝,女生的 大愛.



Green tea, ear grey, lemon, chocolate hazelnut and many other flavours macarons. $13.50 for each box (6 pieces), $2.10 for each piece.




Passion fruit mousse & apricot jelly cake, $41 for 8 servings, $21 for 4 servings. Mousse & mascarpone cream cake, $41 for 8 servings, $21 for 4 servings.













經過店長 從輕

烘培到重烘培, brewed 和 espresso




有20個左右的座位, 提供外賣和外送服務 (within GTA) 特別推薦: 營業時間:



8 AM to 6:30 PM


8 AM to 9 PM


8 AM to 9 PM


10AM to 5 PM





MODELS Katrina Jin JoYee Pu PHOTOGRAPHY FangZhou Su

Jay Lin

BACK IN STYLE [ Bahen Center ]

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[ U of T King’s College Circle ]

[ Beside Galbraith Building ] TIMES MAGAZINE


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[ In Front of Galbraith Building ] [ Bahen Center ]



[ U of T King’s College Circle ] TIMES MAGAZINE


x x x [ U of T King’s College Circle ] TIMES MAGAZINE



15-35 歲? 以超優惠票價每張 $14,欣賞聞名世界的 多倫多交響樂團現場演奏! 請瀏覽 查閱最新消息。 programme sponsor

official airline of the tso

media sponsor

TABLETTYRANNY BlackBerryPlaybook

Research in Motion (RIM)’s BlackBerry Playbook is one of the major competitors against Apple’s iPad in the war of tablets. There are some features of the PlayBook that need to be improved, which makes it one step behind the iPad. The PlayBook has a decent amount of applications to choose from (26,000+). One feature that was mostly noted was its front and back cameras. They have pretty good quality (rear: 5-megapixels, front: 3-megapixels), which are much better than the ones Apple upgraded on its iPad 2.



The iPad 2 is the thinnest and most user-friendly tablet in the market today, ranking number one on our top 3 best tablets. The development of the second generation iPad was due to some complaints made by consumers about its older version being too heavy, not having any front or back cameras, and not serving very well as a content creation device. The iPad 2 is currently 15% lighter, 33% thinner, and has front and back cameras compared to its older version. In addition, it has an upgraded LCD screen and some self-creation applications for those who want to create their own content.

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is the cheapest tablet in the market today, ranking it number 2 on our top 3 best tablets. The overall experience is pretty good compared, almost comparable to the iPad 2. A few notable features that make it unique from other tablets are its $149 keyboard dock option (which is a good deal if you consider the price of the Transformer itself which ranges from $399 (16GB) to $499 (32GB) for Wi-Fi-only), strong multitasking (up to 20 applications opened at any one time) and a microSD slot (a feature the iPad currently does not have, in which you will need to purchase an adapter). The cheap price feature makes it an attractive option for students.



Cam·er·a Noun/’kam(e)ra’/

Now that it’s back to Skule, we want remember all those university moments we’ve had at Skule with all of our friends. Why not buy a camera? The problem is that there are really excellent cameras in the market, but at really crazy prices (as if it weren’t enough paying for all those tuition fees, residence fees, food, meal plans, rent, etc.). However, we have found cameras fitted just for you engineering students that can serve good enough quality photos to cherish those moments forever. The prices listed below are without tax and vary depending on the manufacturer and jurisdiction.

Casio Exilim EX-Z16 ($84.99 $110.32)

This camera is really good in terms of resolution (12.1 megapixels) and size (3.9 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches). It is also appealing to beginners and students because it is easy to use and cheap to buy. It is rechargeable and light-weight, but it’s difficult to insert a USB serial bus into the port and the LCD screen is pretty small (2.7 inches).

HP CW450t ($65.68 - $76.29)

This camera has some pretty cool features at its price. It has a touch-screen LCD, very easy to use, quick response time, pretty good pixilation for a very cheap camera (12.1 megapixels). The size of it is pretty small (2.40 x 3.72 x 1.13 inches) and has a really sleek design, but the LCD touch screen is not very good for outdoors and you have to purchase two AA batteries, which will add more cost to you.

Nikon Coolpix L20 ($129.95 - $134.95)

The Nikon Coolpix L20 accomplishes at being cheap and easy to use, which are probably the most important features of any beginner in photography. The shutter lag is almost instantaneous, which makes it incredibly good for catching any spontaneous moments you may have as a student. The pixilation is pretty good (10.0 megapixels), but it requires you to purchase two AA batteries, which run out pretty quickly compared to other AA-powered cameras.




Ever wished that you can find a spot on campus where no one can interrupt your studying, sleep, or eating? If you said yes to any of those, here is your chance to encounter some incredibly quiet spots around campus where you can “almost” be in complete isolation from the world, free from disruptions.

Gerstein Library Features • Lots of space to study. • Very cozy atmosphere. • Computers available if you need internet. Address 7 - 9 King’s College Circle *Hours of Operation Mon-Thurs 8:30 am - 11:00pm Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Sat 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Sun 10:00 am - 10:00 pm *Times may change during the year.

Robarts Library Features • Lots and lots of space to study. • Quiet atmosphere for most floors. • Lots of omputers available if you need internet or to do homework. • Great spot for finding resources or leisure. • Open 24 hours on weekdays (bring T-card). Address 130 St. George St. *Hours of Operation Mon-Thurs 24 hours Fri 8:30 am - 11:00 pm Sat 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Sun 24 hours starting at 10:00 am *Times may change during the year.



Earth Sciences Library Features • Lots of space to study. • Very cozy atmosphere. • Computers available if you need internet. Address 5 Bancroft Avenue, 2nd Floor *Hours of Operation Mon-Thurs 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sat Closed Sun Closed *Times may change during the year.

Sandford Fleming Library Features • Not a lot of space to study. • Not many computers to use. • Can get really noisy during weekdays. • Study rooms in 2nd floor. • Lots of resouces for engineers. Address 10 King’s College Circle, 2nd Floor *Hours of Operation Mon-Thurs 8:30 am - 10:30 pm Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Sat 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sun 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm *Times may change during the year.




By: Andrew Park

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CESA Times 2011-2012 Issue I  
CESA Times 2011-2012 Issue I