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DISCOVERY FLIGHTS A Discovery Flight is your opportunity to experience what it would be like to operate a light sport aircraft. During this flight, you will get a chance to discover the Southern Arizona area as you learn how to fly one of the finest aircraft around. A certified instructor will demonstrate the joys of flight during this once in a lifetime experience. The technical operation you will gain insight to is enlightening, and the views aren’t bad either.

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Feel the excitement of flying and owning your own light sport aircraft! See what it is like to fly totally connected to the environment around you in our fully open cockpit trikes. Light sport trikes are the motorcycles of the sky. Sky camp in your own trike as you cross the USA, or just flying around your local area. Trikes are one of the most affordable & safest ways to fly the incredible skies of America.


by Evolution Trikes

We offer the fully outfitted REVO by Evolution Trikes. REVO is at the leading edge of light sport trikes with every option you could ever dream of. Made in the U.S.A.


by Airborne Windsport

Featuring the top-of-the-line XT-912 Tundra/SST Package as well as 8 other models, Airborne Windsport has the right trike for any type of flying you want to do. Made in Australia.

LESSONS Flight instructor Scott Johnson, a C.F.I., has been safely teaching students how to fly for over 20 years. Scott has the experience to make it a fun and safe flying adventure! We offer full Light Sport trike or Ultralight trike lesson packages. A great intro to the sport is one of our instructional Discovery Flights. We also offer Powered Paragliding sales and full lesson packages.


509 - 780 - 8 3 7 7 509 - 780 - 0554 a r i z o n a t r i ke s c h o o l .c o m

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