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Central Chronicles Volume: 1 Issue: 4

FRIDAY, May 18th, 2018

Josh’s Park: A Place to Skate BY COLEMAN BERRY

As a skater in a small town with nowhere to skate, I believe we need somewhere to go. I’m not the only one. 
 Our friend Josh had a plan. Josh Kinsman was a dedicated skater. “He would try to skate even when it snowed,” his mother told the Atchison Globe. Now it’s up to us to make his plan a reality.

Now it’s up to us to make his plan a reality. According to an article in the Atchison Globe, Josh’s parents talked to the Atchison City Commission to push forward a skate park project. His family has been in contact with city manager Justin Pregont for the last few months about a skate park in memory of Josh. “If I have to mow it, if I have to cut down trees, if I have to plant, I don’t care,

I’ll do whatever it takes to make this happen,” they told the governing body members at an April meeting.

Landen Williams had similar feelings and ideas. He told me “Josh was a street skater. But he would have loved a skate park.”

I talked with fellow Central School students Gabe Ackmann and Landen Williams about Josh and the skate park. Gabe believes a skate park would bring a positive feeling to the community and would be good for businesses such as Sonic.

“A s k a t e p a r k i s something better than getting into trouble.” —Landen Williams

I asked if any businesses would help? He said, “Yes, especially Sonic since they plan on building the park right next to it.”

“The park would be a world safer and better than the rides we use for our carnivals.” —Gabe Ackmann



I agree with them, a skate park is good for businesses and something to entertain kids who both love to skate and socialize. Josh and I sat with each other at lunch, although I never really knew him well, we had something in common. We both liked to skate. I liked to hear his ideas of a park at lunch and would talk to also Gabe and Landen. So I want to help push on his ideas and make it happen.


Blake Olson and Chelsea Martin

Matthew Carpenter

Dalton sinclair

Gabe Ackmann

Photos by Lori Richards




savannah Martin

Rhaun’e taylor

Tahj helms

jauron parker

Photos by Lori Richards



Volume: 1 Issue: 4

FRIDAY, May 18th, 2018

Central Celebrations Central Chronicles asked students and staff about the best things that happened to them this school year. I have lots of friends here, and my best friend is awesome!

When Mr. Martin takes us outside

Going to AMS

Getting to swing and play outside during free time and P.E.

The best thing is getting to come back to my home (AKA Central School) and learn by my most favorites teachers of my schooling days. Thanks for letting me come back!

The GREAT STAFF! They don’t mind being the target of my sarcasm?!!? I love them!!

I played football for the Atchison High School Redmen #67.

The birth granddaughter!

I have completed my BS degree in General Studies at Fort Hays State University and my son Micah completed his freshman year at Kansas State University.

Going on a field trip and having work caught up Early release Good food and going outside I was able to get my grades up and keep them up. I was able to be more interactive with teachers and students. I had more free time and could hang out with my friends more. My daughter is graduating. Working with an amazing staff I bought a dirt bike. I was making friends. I have a lot of help. I got to have two turkeys and four chickens. Candy bingo and the game Sorry!



My band and I got to play for the Central School Winter Celebration. It was something I will remember for a long time. Watching the success of my own children in their current jobs, from doing things they were taught. Watching a student mature and learning to make positive choices to become a productive person in society, thus self satisfaction of living a good life. That I was given the opportunity to graduate.



I got a new job and my daughter’s birthday. Getting good grades That my new job working with this great staff and students has worked out even better than I could have imagined. New Grand-babies! Getting money—cash Getting my Master of Arts in Special Ed from Pitt State.

Volume: 1 Issue: 4 

FRIDAY, May 18th, 2018


Do you plan on traveling this summer?

Mrs. Wolfe

Coleman Berry

Family vacation and to the Y.

Yes, I plan on going to Colorado for a family reunion.

Mr. Coop It’s family. They drive you insane! Fun? Family

Ms. Lueckenhoff

and fun—what do you think? Family makes a

Yes, I plan on going t o Punt a Cana,

mess I have to clean up!

Dominican Republic with my family. Mrs. Ellerman I plan to travel to Texas, visiting Waco and

_________________________________________ Do you have any work plans for the summer?

San Antonio.

Ms. Lueckenhoff

Mrs. Wolfe

and the American Legion.

I work at the Atchison Chamber of Commerce

I plan to travel to New Orleans, LA and Salina, KS.

_________________________________________ Do you plan on having fun with your family this summer?

Coleman Berry I want to get a job at Walmart. Mrs. Smith I will be working in my veggie garden and

Coleman Berry

hopefully spend time with my grand baby.

I am going to spend most of my time with my

And read a book or two!

family and friends. Mrs. Ellerman Mrs. Ellerman

I plan on teaching summer school.

I will be spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren.

Mr. Coop Whatever my wife tells me to do.

Mrs. Richards Yes, family vacation and going to Worlds of

Mrs. Hallburg


A little bit of farm work, then make some trips to the farmer’s market.

Mr. Patterson Every day—my favorite part about summer!



Volume: 1 Issue: 4

FRIDAY, May 18th, 2018

Mrs. Martin Moves On by Coleman Berry with Elijah Haley & Skye Evans After 
 the 2007-2008 school year, Mrs.Martin was looking for a change. She had been working as a guidance counselor at Highland/ Doniphan West High School. The principal at Atchison High School called her for an interview for a counseling position. She was offered and accepted the job and worked at AHS for four years.

some things that could be put in place to make the school even more appealing. One of the accomplishments that she is most proud of is changing the name from Atchison Alternative School to Central School. She believes that this change has helped make the public perception of the school more positive and will continue to benefit the school in the future as well.

She got to know the staff at Central, then called Atchison Alternative school, while working for Atchison High. When Principal. Downing left, she applied for the position as an the idea of affecting change as a principal would be an interesting challenge for her.

She is also proud of the staff that she has brought together here at Central. She says that this is not just the teachers but the whole staff. She said, “They are the best staff that anyone could ask for. They work really hard to make each student successful.”

She became the principal at what would become Central School in 2012. Her first impression was that there were some great students and staff working at the school, but that there also

She is also proud of the many traditions established in recent years at Central. She says, "I love the Thanksgiving lunch that we do with the students, the parent luncheons that we have, the


talent show at Christmas— OK, I love them all!” Mrs. Martin said her favorite moments at Central were being on stage and watching Central students receive their diplomas, when a student transitions back to their school and are successful, the celebrations with students and staff at the end of each academic quarter and all the laughter we share throughout the year. She added, “And of course, Royals Bingo.” Mrs. Martin encouraged the students of Central to pursue graduation, push themselves further, and work harder to achieve their goals. Her plans after leaving Central are that she’ll be a school counselor at Kickapoo Nation School in Powhatten, KS. She will be missed at Central School, but she will be a valuable resource at her new school. We wish her all the best.


Mrs. Martin’s Memories



Volume: 1 Issue: 4

FRIDAY, May 18th, 2018

End of the Year Staff Survey If you could change one things about this school year what would it be?

What was your favorite day of this school year?

What new projects would you like to work on next year?

I would change the amount of days students missed. (Mrs. Ellerman)

Thanksgiving feast! (Mrs. Ellerman)

I would like to see more interaction with the community. Also, a fundraiser for Central and having parents, family members, community members to come into the building for snacks and music. (Ms. Lueckenhoff)

I.D.K. (Ms. Willms) No hood wearing in the building. (Mrs. Smith)

D e c e m b e r 14 , 2 017 ( M s . Richards) Our Christmas celebration—talent show, caroling, and breakfast for lunch. (Ms. Willms) When my team won the volleyball tournament. Elephants rule! (Mr. Kelsey Martin)

Bad attitudes (Georgie) Missing out on building relationships with students who are no longer with us at Central. (Ms. Lueckenhoff) I thought real hard about t h i s , a n d , h o n e s t l y, I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve had a good year. (Mr. Keenan Martin) Not having so many of the staff leave. (Mr. Coop)

I want to get through this day first! Then the months of June and July. Then, and only then, will I think about new projects for next school year. (Mr. Coop)

The Christmas celebration! (Ms. Smith)

Manners 101, Boys Bathroom for Beginners, and Please Don’t Call me a … (Georgie)

My favorite day was when we played volleyball. I wish the completion was better though! Haha! (Mr. Keenan Martin)

Kickball. Have a field day. (Mr. Kelsey Martin)

Getting to play with my band at the Christmas celebration. (Mr. Coop) It hasn’t happened yet—The Last Day! (Georgie) The talent show! It was so much fun to see the talent of our students. (Ms. Lueckenhoff)



A change in the format for A+, maybe a new credit recovery program. (Mrs. Ellerman) Recess for elementary students. (Ms. Smith) More co-teaching and project based learning. (Ms. Willms) New guidelines for high school students. A staff lunch table. (Ms. Richards)

Volume: 1 Issue: 4

FRIDAY, May 18th, 2018

Advice from Seniors

How to Catch a Fish in Five Steps by Michael Gerber Step 1: You need to get a state fishing license. If you get caught fishing without one they can take everything you catch, your equipment, and give you a fine. You can get a license at Walmart for around $25. Step 2: You will need line, a rod, a reel, and tackle. I like Rattle-Trap brand lures, circle hooks, and jigs. Use fingernail clippers to cut your line if you need. Step 3: You will need a good spot to fish. I like the mouth of a river, a farm pond, or around a dam. Step 4: You will need the right kind of bait for the fish you are trying to catch. For bass and crappie use lures and jigs. For catfish use dip bait, dough bait, or livers. Step 5: There are a lot of ways to work a pole and reel. My favorite is open-faced. Flip the bail, put your finger on the line, let go, and wait for the line to tug. Then, pull to set the hook and then reel it in. If the fish is big enough, use your net to scoop it up. I like to use my hands to pull out the hook, but some people like to have a set of pliers handy.

“Do all the work you have to do now so that it is easier when you are a senior and you can finish early.” “Find an honest service you can provide for others that harms no one, and if you would be happy doing that, chase it. Don’t make yourself miserable to feed into a greed that cannot be satisfied.” “Don’t sell drugs.” “Always listen. The more you talk, the less you hear and see what is important.” “Don’t be a ding-dong. Pay attention and be respectful to others. Then other people will give you respect back and be there to help you when you need them.”

Central Chronicles Issue 4 Staff Coleman Berry, Skye Evans, Elijah Haley, Michael Gerber, & Jon McCrerey CENTRAL CHRONICLES


central Seniors farewell!

Jessica Rule

GAbe Ackmann

Blake Olson

Dalton Sinclair

Chelsea Martin

Matt Carpenter

Ms. Michelle Birch B.A. Fort Hays State

Central chronicles Issue 4 May 2018  

Central School, Atchison, Kansas Student Newspaper

Central chronicles Issue 4 May 2018  

Central School, Atchison, Kansas Student Newspaper