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READY FOR SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER Disinfecting Building walls disinfected to be resistant to viruses and spreading germs. Ÿ Vinyl covered drywalls – similar to hospitals and medical facilities Ÿ Vinyl sheet walls - wipe clean surfaces Ÿ Floors – vinyl and wipe clean surfaces

Facility Maintenance INDOOR AIR QUALITY

Ÿ HVAC Systems have Hepa Filters, Air Exchange to Ensure Air Circulation Ÿ Windows For Fresh Air All 4 buildings have: Ÿ UV Light Air Purification System Ÿ RFG Commercial RTU UV Light photohydroionization technology Ÿ RFG Halo LED In-Duct Air purification system

OUTDOOR FRESH AIR QUALITY - 9 Acre Campus - Experiential Learning SAFETY PROTOCOL

Ÿ All students will wear masks. Ÿ Temperature Scans Of All Adults, Children Ÿ Deep Cleaning Protocol Ÿ Disinfecting Protocol Ÿ Using disinfectant fogger and spraying Hypochlorous Acid Hypochlorous Fast Facts: Hypochlorous is naturally produced in the white blood cells of all mammals. The white blood cells make it as needed to kill pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Ÿ Hand Washing Protocol Ÿ Contact Tracing App To Be Downloaded By All Adults And Students Who Have Phones

152 Cedar Grove Lane Somerset, NJ 08873 • Tel: 732-356-5400 • www.cedarhillprep.com

Coronavirus Protocols Transportation (Bus/Van) Ÿ Bus capacity will be limited to 50% or 10-12 students at one time. Ÿ ALL students and staff will wear masks and have their temperature checked before boarding the bus. Ÿ Students will sit in “marked” seats only based on the driver’s discretion. Ÿ Students will be dropped off near the cafeteria entrance where they will be greeted by a CHP staff member and walked into the building (no temperature check required as it was taken before they boarded the bus). Ÿ Bus will be quickly sanitized before heading back out for a second pick up. Ÿ The van will be used for single, emergency pick ups only. Same rules apply as above, including masks and temperature checks.

Arrival at School Ÿ CHP will adjust its schedule to have more staggered arrival times to avoid overcrowding in the parking lot. Ÿ ALL parents/students and staff members will be required to wear masks. Ÿ Parents WILL NOT be allowed to walk their child into the building. They will need to park and walk their child to a temperature check station in the front of the main building. Ÿ A CHP staff member will assist in forming two lines, maintaining 6 feet distance, for temperature checks before entering the building. Ÿ After the student is admitted on campus, the parent must exit the parking lot. Ÿ A student who has a temperature of 100.4 or above, or is showing any signs or symptoms of illness, will not be admitted on campus. Ÿ If the child has no temperature or signs of illness, they will walk directly to their homeroom, maintaining 6 feet of separation from any other child or staff member. Ÿ Students will keep their backpacks next to them at their desks. Ÿ Throughout the day, students will remain in their homeroom building, with the exception of art, physical education, recess, and visits to the nurse.

Classrooms Ÿ Classrooms will be set up so that desks are 6 feet apart (to the best of our ability). Ÿ Teachers will teach lessons to the students in the classroom as well as virtually to any students at home. Ÿ Students and teachers will be expected to wear masks at all times with the exception of while eating snacks or lunch. Ÿ Students will stay in their classrooms throughout the day while teachers will move from class to class (this includes all specials classes with the exception of art, physical education and recess). Ÿ Students will only leave their classroom to use the bathroom, visit the school nurse, art and gym classes, and outdoor recess (lunch will be in classrooms). Ÿ Teachers will keep a log book indicating when students leave a classroom to use the bathroom or visit the nurse and their return to the classroom. Ÿ Students will have hand sanitizer at their desks as well as hand sanitizing pumps located in each classroom and in hallways. Ÿ Students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently throughout the day as well as sanitize hands periodically. Ÿ Windows in classrooms should be open whenever possible to allow fresh air in. Ÿ No student will bully another student for coughing or sneezing, and no student will make fun of another. student’s mask. Punishments can range from a verbal warning up to and including suspension.

Hallways Ÿ 6 feet of separation between students should be maintained in the hallways whenever possible. Masks should be worn at all times. Ÿ When leaving a classroom to use the bathroom or visit the nurse, teachers will sign students in and out in a classroom log book. Ÿ We will not utilize lockers or hallway hooks until further notice.

Lunch Ÿ Lunch will be in classrooms. The cafeteria will be used for lower school gym classes. Any prep will be done in the hallway outside the cafeteria. Ÿ Brown bag lunches from home will be encouraged. However, Catering Solutions sends their meals individually packaged, this may continue as an option. Ÿ Students will be allowed to remove their masks while they eat. Ÿ Garbages should be emptied after lunch and cans sprayed with Lysol. Ÿ No sharing or exchanging food will be allowed. Ÿ Lunches and snacks should not require reheating or any other preparation.

Outdoor Recess Ÿ Students will need fresh air and outdoor recess is encouraged. Ÿ No physical games or sports will be allowed, including basketball, soccer and pavement football. Ÿ The playground will be limited to 50% capacity, and students should maintain 6 feet of separation. Ÿ All students in the fields or on the pavement should maintain 6 feet of separation. While outside, if students maintain 6 feet of separation, masks may be removed. Ÿ All students will wear masks upon re entering any building. Ÿ Equipment, including basketballs, soccer balls, and the playground will be sanitized regularly.

Gym Class Ÿ No team sports will be allowed. Ÿ Students must maintain 6 feet of separation at all times in gym class. Ÿ Masks need to be worn at all times during gym class. Ÿ Exercises, walking, and running will be some of the main activities. Ÿ All equipment will need to be sanitized regularly. Ÿ Students may remove their masks if gym class is held outdoors. Ÿ Cafeteria will be used for Preschool - 2nd grade gym classes. Ÿ Gym classes will not need to be zoomed or shown virtually.

Isolation Room Ÿ There is a planned Isolation room located in the “French Room” of the administration building. Ÿ Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be placed in this room, not the nurses office. Ÿ Access can be gained through the carport door to avoid entrance through main doors. Ÿ If exhibiting any signs of illness of temperature of 100.4 or above, the student or teacher will be sent home. Ÿ If there are concerns of COVID-19, the school nurse will inform the Health Department.

Dismissal Ÿ Parents are to park and go to the table at the entrance to have their child paged. Ÿ Once paged, students will leave the classroom and walk directly to their parents. Ÿ To expedite the dismissal process and maintain COVID-19 protocols, parents and students must then leave campus. Ÿ Masks will be worn at all times during dismissal. Ÿ Aftercare students will be escorted by staff to designated areas.

Aftercare Ÿ Students will be separated by grade(s) based on the number of students per room. Ÿ Students will continue to wear masks, unless eating snack, while in aftercare. Ÿ 6 feet of separation will continue during aftercare. Ÿ All aftercare staff will wear masks. Ÿ If students go outside for recess, follow recess procedures listed above. Ÿ Teachers will keep a log book indicating when students leave the aftercare room to go to the bathroom or school nurse and when they return.

Aftercare Pick Up Ÿ No parents will be allowed to enter the building. Ÿ All pick ups should be done at the front door entrance. Ÿ Parents will give the name of the child being picked up and wait for their child. Ÿ Children will be called to the front for pick up.

Vendors Ÿ ALL vendors, inspectors and visitors will be required to wear a mask while entering any building on campus. Ÿ ALL vendors will log in, receive a visitors pass, and log out upon leaving the facility. Ÿ Vendors should maintain 6 feet of separation from all students and adults and will always be escorted on campus by a staff member.

152 Cedar Grove Lane Somerset, NJ 08873 • Tel: 732-356-5400 • www.cedarhillprep.com

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Cedar Hill Prep School Protocols  

Cedar Hill Prep School Protocols  


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