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THE SPiRIT Summer 2014 Annual Report 2013

from the BISHOP of trenton My dear friends of Catholic Charities: Pope Francis, in his encyclical letter “The Light of Faith” reflects on “the light of God’s face (that) shines on me through the faces of my brothers and sisters.” And “thanks to faith, we have come to understand the unique dignity of each person.” (para.54) The mission of Catholic Charities in our diocese is to be “a light” to our brothers and sisters in need. The belief in the unique dignity of each person is paramount in their service and the manner in which they offer it. The multitude of persons who have been touched by their help can attest to this. We are grateful to all at Catholic Charities who work to “renew lives and restore hope” and to be a

light to those who come to them for assistance. We thank the board of trustees and all the donors who support them. You each share in this mission of letting God’s face shine on the faces of our brothers and sisters in need. As Bishop, I am honored to offer you this endorsement of Catholic Charities. May your support continue as Catholic Charities continues to be a “light” to our brothers and sisters in need. With my grateful, best wishes and prayers, I am Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M. Bishop of Trenton

from the Executive Director We are beginning our second century of providing service, a perfect time to start mapping out our future and setting goals. After gathering input from staff and other stakeholders, we created a new agency Vision Statement: “Together we provide hope and opportunity for renewing lives, through a compassionate approach to individuals and families impacted by trauma and adversity.” To spread the word and generate enthusiasm for the ways in which each of us may breathe life into these inspired words, we produced an in-house video which is featured on our You Tube channel at I encourage you to watch and share the video with friends who care about the mission and work of Catholic Charities.


While the focus of our work remains on providing assistance and self-sufficiency tools to our community’s most vulnerable, we are adopting new and more efficient ways to do this, applying best-practice standards, one of which includes integrating an understanding of the impact that trauma has on individuals and families into all aspects of our programs. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by the contents of this Annual Report and on behalf of our staff, volunteers and those we serve, I thank you for your generous support.

Marlene Laó-Collins Executive Director

inside this issue: Large Acts of Kindness from Small Places


Days of Caring at Providence House


MCICC: A Teaming Success


Upcoming Events


County Board Updates


Annual Report 2013: Revenue and Expenses


Annual Report 2013: Donor Listing


Pictured on cover: Tiyyonna Gerald and Rassan Washington, members of the “Dream Chasers” team at Catholic Charities’ Walk of Hope. The team was captained by Mercer Community Services’ Talaya Woodall. The Spirit and 2013 Annual Report are published by Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, Central Administrative Services. 383 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08618 609-394-5181 Publisher: Marlene Laó-Collins Editor-in-Chief: Lisa Thibault Designer/Photographer: Kim Giacobbe Contributors: Cheryl Davis, Maria Paz Duarte, Marcia Fishkin, Jean Furdella, Jennifer Leip, Jane Meyer, Kara Pieluc, Riverview Studios Printing: Garrison Printing Company, Pennsauken, NJ Some images used in this publication ©

Former State Senator Peter Inverso Named Chair of Board of Trustees

Re-Accreditation and New Vision Jump Start 2014 Catholic Charities recently received notice that we were re-accredited, following a rigorous site visit and review process, by the Council on Accreditation (COA). This represents the highest measure of peer acknowledgement of the agency’s practices, mission and values. One COA site reviewer made the following observation: “One of the significant strengths of the various programs is the professionalism and dedication of the staff — staff spoke with a passion for their work with the clients and their pride in working for the organization.” Another reviewer commented: “The organization has very strong, entrenched programs in the community,” and described staff as being “mission driven.” While the agency’s mission remains unchanged, the vision statement was updated and refreshed

s Staff gather at a vision roll-out meeting.

Carol Spiker and Dina Kerr, CAS staff and members of the Communications Strategic Team moderated the discussion and brought treats to celebrate the new vision.

to align with the agency’s goals for its second century of service. “This new vision creates the opportunity for engaging more of our staff in identifying ways to improve service delivery and create greater unity,” notes Marlene Laó-Collins, executive director. At vision roll-out meetings held at programs throughout the agency, she encouraged employees to ask themselves, “What can I do to keep this vision alive through work activities, events and other ways to make it meaningful?” To learn more about our new vision statement, view our video at:


At the annual Board of Trustees meeting in June, Sen. Peter Inverso assumed the role of Chair and will serve a two-year term. He succeeds outgoing Chair Peter Haas, a banking and finance executive who had also served as Board Chair of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen and advisory board member of the Center for Financial Training in New Jersey. Sen. Inverso was first elected to the 14th legislative district in s Sr. Joanne Dress, Executive Director, 1991 and remained until the end of his last term in 2008. He Catholic Social Services; Marlene was the president and CEO of Laó-Collins, Executive Director, Roma Financial Corporation. Catholic Charities with Sen. Peter Inverso. He has served as Board Chair of the Robert Wood Johnson Health Care Corp. in Hamilton, a trustee of Project Freedom, which provides housing assistance for individuals with disabilities, and is a past board member of Angel’s Wings, which provides respite care for at-risk children under the State’s care.

our NEW Vision Together we provide hope and opportunity for renewing lives, through a compassionate approach to individuals and families affected by trauma and adversity. The Spirit — Summer 2014


Model used for illustrative purposes only.

The Hofackers: Giving Back Spans Generations Annemarie Hofackers’ parents, Pat and Margaret Walsh shared enthusiasm with their adult children about their involvement with El Centro. The Walshes were acknowledged for their generous support of El Centro and Catholic Charities as recipients of the 2011 Light of Hope Award at the Guardian Angel Dinner Dance.   Annemarie and her husband Brian — who had taught their 6year-old twins Meghan and Andrew about sharing toys with each other at an early age — talked with their family about the help El Centro provides to people in need.

have anything in their toy box. Since that first donation, Annemarie and Brian have visited El Centro with their children several times to give them the opportunity to see where their toys are going. Brian says, “I told the kids we were going to El Centro and asked them to choose which toys they wanted to bring. Giving them the opportunity to play a role in the selection and delivery of donated toys reinforces the good in giving back to others who need a little help.” In addition, Meghan and Andrew witness their parents giving back to others as they often stop en route to El Centro to purchase

“Give some of your toys away because there are kids who don’t really have any and it would make them happy.”

Large Acts of Kindness from Small Places Empathy, experts say, is a native human attribute but requires careful cultivation to fully develop. This is demonstrated by two families whose young children are already avid donors to Catholic Charities’ El Centro program, where their gently used toys, furniture and clothing are given a second life by children in less fortunate circumstances. 4

“It has always been instilled in us by both of our parents to give back in any way that we can,” observes Annemarie. “It can be with our time, such as serving on committees to help fundraise or to work on events but we feel that donating items is an easy, tangible way to see the impact our efforts make. This is what makes giving to El Centro so special.” Meghan and Andrew decided they wanted to share some of their board games, stuffed animals and a fire truck with kids who might not

other items needed by El Centro’s consumers. “We try and help meet other requests from Roberto Hernandez, El Centro’s director, and that usually means diapers and more diapers, but we have also stopped along the way to purchase a microwave oven for El Centro.” To further encourage awareness of the needs of others, Brian and Annemarie ask their children to place toys they wish to donate in the “El Centro” nook outside their bedroom. As the pile grows, it serves as a reminder to make a visit

to El Centro to deliver the toys. Both children feel that the experience of giving back has been rewarding. According to Andrew, “It makes me feel happy that kids have new toys to play with and I hope they have as much fun playing with the toys as I did.” Sister Meghan adds, “I was really happy the first time I donated toys because I wanted more kids to really enjoy the toys as I had.” Both kids advise, “Give some of your toys away because there are kids who don’t really have any toys and it would make them happy.” t Andrew and Meghan Hofacker

The Spatuccis: Giving is a Family Tradition Steve and Sharon were determined from the start that in raising Nico, age six and an only child, they would not allow him to be spoiled. “It is important to us that he not only understands how fortunate we are to have a house, plenty of food, warm clothes, fun toys, books and the opportunity for education, but also that he needs to appreciate these things as well,” says Sharon. One of Nico’s many interests is geography so his parents use geography lessons as a way to talk about how children in other parts of our state, country and world may not be as well-provided for as he is.  Nico’s parents also find other ways to encourage giving to others. “When Nico has outgrown baby and toddler things, we give them to those we know who need them but we first make sure his desire to pass items along is genuine and not forced, because otherwise the lesson is lost,” says Sharon. When it came time to finally pass along Nico’s crib, Sharon asked her mother, Catholic Charities’ executive assistant Kathy O’Connor if any of the agency’s programs would have a need for it. She said she was certain that El Centro would have an immediate need for a crib and in fact, it was given to a family within minutes of its delivery to El Centro. As Nico helped gather the various pieces and hardware for the

crib, he wondered, “Who needed a crib?” “Where does that baby sleep now?” “Can’t his/her parents just buy him/her a crib?” Recalls Sharon, “We had our usual discussion about sometimes not having enough money, even if you work very hard.” Nico obviously understood and all on his own, offered to add his much loved but recently outgrown Thomas the Tank Engine bike to go along with the crib, bedding and a stroller. He recently received a thank you letter from Roberto Hernandez and Sharon reports, “he was so happy to know that a little boy named Enrique would now have a bed of his very own ‘because someone like him cared’.”

s Nico Spatucci

for both a boy and a girl in every age category. In three years of doing this, not once has Nico asked for anything for himself (and handing

“Nico was so happy to know that a little boy named Enrique would now have a bed of his own.” Roberto’s acknowledgement was greatly appreciated by Nico and also helps to reinforce the lessons that Nico’s parents have taught him. Sharon adds, “As a family, we also collect our change throughout the year for a holiday shopping spree for toys to donate. Whenever he finds change, Nico wants to put it right into our jar, knowing that the more we save the more toys we can buy.” Nico chooses every toy for the donation. He is very diplomatic, making sure he chooses something

over a shopping cart full of toys could be difficult for a young child). “Nico knows exactly why we are there and who will benefit. It’s become a cherished family tradition and has allowed us to completely take the focus off of receiving gifts and instead putting it on giving,” says Sharon. To donate to El Centro, contact Roberto Hernandez at 609-394-2056, or rhernandez@


The Spirit — Summer 2014










Spring “Days of Caring” Several groups recently donated their time and energy to spruce up the Providence House emergency safe houses. Ocean County “Days” 1. Music is the Medicine, a band from Toms River, spent two days in May rejuvenating the vegetable garden at the safe house. Because of their efforts, safe house residents will be able to cook using fresh, organic vegetables. Providence House staff encourage residents to help out with gardening duties and hope the garden will help mothers teach their children about healthy foods.

2. The Jackson MOMs Club spruced up the outside of the safe house by mulching, weeding, raking leaves and planting flowers. The group also donated all the supplies for the project along with many wish list items for the safe house residents. 3. Country Walk Stitch n’ Sew from Whiting recently participated in


two Days of Caring along with two additional days over the winter. Volunteers came in two shifts and spent the days wrapping baskets for the upcoming Gift Auction. This group of creative women used their talent to make stunning gift baskets. Burlington County “Days” 4. Staff from Title Resource Group (TRG) in Mt. Laurel participated in a “TRG Cares” day at the Burlington County safe house. The group spent the day outside cutting the lawn, raking leaves, cleaning up debris/ garbage and pulling weeds. TRG also donated supplies to build a wooden privacy fence and then installed it.

5. TD Bank volunteers spent a day at the safe house helping to organize the basement, food pantry and closets.

6. Reilly Financial Group, an office of MetLife, from Piscataway used their Day of Caring to clean up the inside of the safe house. Through a grant that the group donated, the safe house was able to purchase much needed storage cabinets. This allowed the volunteers to empty storage bins and boxes from the basement into the new cabinets. Volunteers scrubbed marks off walls, doors and ceilings throughout the house. The morning concluded with a special breakfast prepared by a few of the volunteers for the residents and their children. 7. The Hedden Family worked together one Saturday in May to

paint, organize and clean areas of the safe house, including cleaning out the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and carefully checking expiration dates on all food products. Family members also repaired holes in interior walls, fixed the BBQ grill, planted flowers and weeded. Thank you to all who participated in a Day of Caring at Providence House this Spring! to learn more about participating in a Day of Caring at Providence House, contact Marcia Fishkin at 732-350-2120, or


news from children & family services

Penny Paparteys, Advocacy Supervisor for Providence House, was recently honored by the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention Network. Penny received the Beverly Crawford Award for her participation in the original 2008 pilot project which allowed domestic violence liaisons to work directly with the Department of Children and Families. This partnership strove to keep victims and children together and safe throughout the child protection case process and has now been replicated throughout New Jersey.  Penny trained and consulted with child protection managers and staff on identifying domestic abuse, created effective service plans, built collaborative relationships with other agencies to provide education and provided direct advocacy and services to more than 400 families.  t Providence House staff (l to r): Rebecca

Hill and Courtney Tokgoz, liaisons to DCP&P; Penny Paparteys, Advocacy Supervisor; Mary Pettrow, Associate Director and Cara Lanza, liaison to DCP&P.

Helping Victims Heal Monmouth’s Family Growth Program receives national grant. Catholic Charities’ Family Growth Program in Monmouth County, which provides specialized treatment to both child and adult sexual abuse victims, has received a grant to train in the University of Oklahoma Problematic Sexual Behavior — Cognitive Behavior Therapy model. This grant is a National Child Traumatic Stress Network funded project that provides evidence-based group treatment for work with youth ages 7 to 12. Once implemented at the Family Growth Program, Problematic Sexual Behavior-Cognitive Behavior Therapy will complete a full range of outcomes-based treatment to children and adolescents at each stage of development. Currently, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (for work with very young victims) are utilized by clinicians in the program’s Red Bank office, as well as in satellite offices in Keansburg, Freehold and Neptune.  In 2013, 100 percent of child victims receiving services at the Family Growth Program showed a reduction of trauma symptoms following their treatment. Last year, the Monmouth program was also chosen the primary mental health provider for the county’s Child Advocacy Center and works closely with the county prosecutor and Department of Child Protection and Permanency to offer treatment to children with active cases of substantiated sexual abuse. Last year, more than 500 child abuse cases were handled through the Child Advocacy Center. Child abuse often divides families, results in economic hardship and causes trauma-related symptoms including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, nightmares, somatic complaints, poor concentration and social isolation. The Family Growth Program team provides the services necessary for recovery and a brighter future.

Model used for illustrative purposes only.

advocate honored


for more information, call Jane Meyer at 732-747-9660 x7106, or

Capitol Trip Expands Horizons for Trenton Youth The staff of the After School Program at El Centro and volunteers from the Bonner Community Scholars program at Rider University took 15 children to Washington DC for their very first time. Many of the children had never left Trenton before and were amazed when visiting the White House, Air and Space Museum and other attractions. They got a valuable glimpse at the world of opportunity that awaits them. The Spirit — Summer 2014


news from behavioral health services

intervening to transform lives

A Teaming Success Mercer County Integrated Care Collaborative on track to achieve goal.

Catholic Charities’ innovative Early Intervention Support Service (EISS) opened its doors in early 2014, designed to provide counseling and respite stays to adults experiencing an emotional crisis. After just three months, EISS has already seen more than 100 individuals dealing with a crisis, many experiencing severe emotional problems for the first time in their lives.

In 2010, Catholic Charities’ Behavioral Health Services created a partnership — the Mercer County Integrated Care Collaborative (MCICC) — with the Henry J. Austin Family Medical Center, Greater Trenton Behavioral Health Services, Family Guidance Corporation and All Access Mental Health. MCICC provides integrated primary care and behavioral health services for people with serious and persistent mental illness in Mercer County. Since 2011, the project has served more than 1,000 individuals and is on track to accomplish its goal of engaging 1,500 unduplicated individuals over four years. As the lead agency, Catholic Charities staff set a goal of measurably improving health outcomes and reducing the 25-year variance in life expectancy for individuals with serious mental illness. The program accomplishes this goal by engaging consumers in having their primary care health needs assessed, treated and managed alongside the treatment and support services they receive for mental illness and substance abuse.

Some EISS consumers are later referred to other programs within Catholic Charities for longer term recovery and support. Referrals to EISS come from Capitol Medical Center’s crisis screening center and the community.


for more information about EISS, call 609-256-4200.


Model used for illustrative purposes only.

“The great thing about EISS is that our 24/7 accessibility allows us to help people during the worst of their crisis,” says Karalee Pieluc, associate director of psychosocial rehabilitation and residential services, Mercer Behavioral Health Services. Pieluc authored the grant providing the program’s funding. “By intervening at a critical point, we can reduce the need for hospitalization and enhance the ability to recover. We have seen some miraculous transformations for some of our consumers,” adds Pieluc.

Participants in the MCICC program typically demonstrate risk in multiple health indicators upon intake. Program interventions have positively effected lab results of patients, bringing them closer to normal ranges at their most recent follow-up exams. According to a recent study, 47% of all participants completing an intake and at least one follow-up assessment demonstrated improvement in at least two of the following health indicators: n Blood pressure n HDL cholesterol n Waist circumference n LDL cholesterol n BMI n Triglycerides n Plasma glucose/HgbA1C The study also indicated that improvement increased steadily with length of tenure in the program — 82% of participants enrolled in the program for 24 months or more showed improvements in multiple health indicators. MCICC has been successful in not only moving participants toward normal range, but also in moving a significant number completely out of risk. Emergency room visits and inpatient admissions for psychiatric disorders also showed significant reduction for program participants — 63 participants reporting hospitalizations or emergency room visits, saw a 71% reduction in the number of days hospitalized for mental illness or substance abuse (115 vs. 390 days) and an 81% reduction in the number of emergency room visits (7 vs. 37 visits).


for more information about MCICC, call 609-396-4557 x2413.

news from community services

Community Services employee organizes team to ride in Battle Against Hunger.

be different as it will be dedicated in memory of the ride’s founder, Chuck Inman. Earlier this year, Inman was fatally injured in a car accident and his wife was seriously injured and unable to participate in the ride. “Organizers of this year’s ride plan to make this the most successful to date, the least we can do to honor his legacy of compassion and generosity,” says Barbara (pictured at left). In its first 11 rides, the BAH raised nearly $650,000 with funds directly benefitting food pantries at Catholic Charities, Rescue Mission of Trenton, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen and others. The ride starts on September 5 in historic Gettysburg and ends with festivities and a barbecue in Washington Crossing State Park.

As she has done for the past few years, Barbara Clancey, Program Director of Community Services, will pedal approximately 200 miles in the 12th Annual Battle Against Hunger (BAH), but this year’s ride will

For more information about the BAH ride or to support “Team Catholic Charities CS,” contact Barbara Clancey at 856-764-6945 x6128, or

Pedaling to End Hunger


Grant Offers Help to SNAP Recipients

hopping to the rescue Volunteers of all ages hopped into action this Spring, assembling Easter Baskets for children in the community. Many of the families whose children received the baskets have experienced an economic setback, such as job loss or illness. Special thanks to The Porch Club of Riverton (pictured above, left) and the Riverside High School National Honor Society (pictured above, right).

Community Services in Burlington County received funding from Catholic Charities USA and the Walmart Foundation to offer assistance and education regarding enrollment in SNAP (formerly Food Stamps). To date, more than 200 households have received educational information regarding nutrition and more than 130 families received help enrolling. For more information, contact Ada Suarez at 856-764-6940 x6110, or asuarez@


Volunteers Honored at Special Luncheon Community Services in Burlington County recently honored their own "Olympic Champions" at a volunteer luncheon held at The Washington Fire Company in Delanco. More than 25 volunteers enjoyed lunch and then competed in three Olympic events: the pillow carry game, dress-up relay race and pass the torch. Gold, silver and bronze medals were even presented to the winners during an official Community Services awards ceremony. The Spirit — Summer 2014


25th Annual Guardian Angel Dinner Dance Saturday, September 27, 2014 Hyatt Regency Princeton

Plans are underway for Catholic Charities’ major annual fundraiser — the Guardian Angel Dinner Dance. This year’s honorees were formally announced at a Kick-off event held in May. Organizers are still seeking event sponsors and are in need of donations for the silent auction portion of the event. For more information on event tickets, sponsorship or to donate an item for the gift auction, contact Jennifer Leip at 609-394-5181 x1137, or


s 2014 Guardian Angel Honorees (left to right): James and Marie Dorry, representing St. Mary’s Parish in Barnegat; Wally Loza; Norma Monaghan; Father William Dunlap representing St. Catharine-St. Margaret Parish; Pat and Dave Wright, Event Co-chairs; Karen and Robert Tanzola; Marlene Laó-Collins, Executive Director; and George Reilly.

20th annual

TastE of Burlington County benefiting providence house domestic violence services of catholic charities, diocese of trenton

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 s Marlene Laó-Collins (center), chats with Peter and Mary Ellen Griffin at the Guardian Angel Dinner Dance Kick-Off. s

Jim Parker, Anna Kilian and Katy Redtchits from Riverview Studios — a longtime sponsor of the event.


6 to 9:30 PM The Merion 1301 Route 130, Cinnaminson, NJ For ticket and sponsorship information, to purchase raffle tickets or to learn more about donating gift auction items, contact Marcia Fishkin at 856-824-0599, or /cctrenton


Three Words Kids Dread: Back to School! Many, if not all kids love summer and are sad to see it end when school re-opens. This is especially true of children from economically fragile households because the start of school creates stress about the expenses it will incur. But it doesn’t have to be … For years, Catholic Charities has distributed donated backpacks and other school supplies through various programs and you can help! The following programs will gratefully accept donations of backpacks, writing utensils, notebooks, highlighters and other “staples” and summer is the perfect time to organize a “back to school” drive in your community! Community Services Burlington County 801 Burlington Avenue, Delanco 856-764-6940 x6111 (drop off Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and noon or 1 and 4 PM)

Mercer County 132 N. Warren Street, Trenton 609-394-8847 (drop off Monday through Friday, between 1 and 3 PM)

Monmouth County Linkages 4261 Route 33, Tinton Falls 732-922-0400

(drop off Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 4 PM)

Ocean County 200 Monmouth Avenue, Lakewood 732-363-5322

(drop off Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 4 PM)

providence house domestic violence Services Burlington County 950A Chester Avenue, Suite 20, Delran 856-824-0599 (drop off Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 4 PM)

Ocean County 88 Schoolhouse Road, Suite 1, Whiting 732-350-2120 (drop off Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 4 PM)

Family Growth Program 145 Maple Avenue, Red Bank 732-747-9660 El Centro 327 South Broad Street, Trenton 609-394-2056

WALK OF HOPE On a beautiful Saturday in early April, nearly 400 walkers gathered at Mercer County Park to take part in Catholic Charities’ inaugural Walk of Hope. The event netted more than $30,000 to help Catholic Charities continue its mission of reducing poverty, promoting recovery and strengthening families. Donna Wile (pictured above at right with her family), a consumer who was featured in the last issue of The Spirit, helped kick-off the event. Special thanks to our generous event sponsors: n n

Inaugural Sponsor: ShopRite

 iamond Sponsors: Investors Bank; D Reilly Financial Group, an office of MetLife; Stark & Stark; and The Bank of Princeton.



 old Sponsors: Thomas Edison G State College and Walmart  ilver Sponsors: St. John the S Baptist KOC Council 7333 and St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church

For more information about the event or to view additional images, visit


Save the Date

2nd Annual

Walk of Hope

March 28, 2015 Mercer County Park The Spirit — Summer 2014


Save the Date Monmouth County Board of Catholic Charities

Oktoberfest To benefit Catholic Charities’ Monmouth County programs

It’s In the Bag for Monmouth County Board Pocketbook Bingo event raises more than $17,000 for Monmouth County programs. In April, more than 325 people attended a Pocketbook Bingo event hosted by the Monmouth County Board. The sold-out event, held at St. Leo the Great in Lincroft raised more than $17,000 to benefit Catholic Charities programs throughout Monmouth County. Twelve lucky winners each went home with a new designer hand bag, including a Louis Vuitton valued at $1,250. The event was sponsored by Financial Solutions, Inc. Special thanks also to St. Leo’s for graciously donating the space for the event.

s Pictured at top left (l to r): Pocketbook Bingo Committee Members Mary Lee, Barbara Willis and Valarie DeFelice (far right) with the winner of the 50/50 raffle, Maryann Gowen. s Pictured at top right (l to r): Valarie DeFelice presents Mega Bingo game winner Nancy Tesoro with a Louis Vuitton bag.

Want to know what our County Boards in Burlington and Mercer have been up to? Check back in the next issue of The Spirit for an update on their respective activities and efforts to support the mission of Catholic Charities.


September 19, 2014 The Parker House Sea Girt, NJ

The ‘Fixing Irish’ of Ocean County Former Ocean County Board Chair and former Light of Hope honoree Dave Heskin organized a group of fellow Notre Dame alumni several years ago to help provide fall and spring yard clean up as well as some minor repairs for seniors unable to do this for themselves. On a recent Saturday, Dave and his group of “Fixing Irish” spruced up the yards of several grateful residents, some of whom look forward to spending time chatting with the volunteers as much as having their yard cleaned. “Everyone was uniformly grateful for our work,” says Heskin. Most have no other way to get this work done. One client’s macular degeneration leaves her functionally blind, so Dave helped her find her glasses one recent morning while they chatted.  Another client is in dialysis three days a week and bed-ridden. A third has had heart problems and can no longer do any manual labor. “She told me how she’d worked for 30 years, raised her family, tended to her husband, and volunteered at a nearby hospital. But now she’s alone with her children living at a distance so she relies on Catholic Charities to help her out.” He adds, “All of our clients love to be able to spend a few minutes to talk and visit. I think that the ‘visit time’ is as important as our work

Three years ago, the Ocean County Board started a program of collecting used bicycles with the objective of giving them to needy working people to be used for transportation to and from work. To date, board members have collected more than 200 bikes and distributed them to both adults and children. In Ocean County, many very low-income families cannot afford a car to get to work. Public transportation is not always a

viable option since buses are expensive and the reach of the system is limited. Bicycles offer a good alternative, but they too can be expensive. Longtime board member and former Light of Hope award recipient Bobbie Banks-Grove created the idea of collecting used bikes and distributing them to those in need. Fliers and church bulletin inserts were initially sent to 17 parishes in northern Ocean County

Interested in supporting this project? Drop bikes off at Ocean Community Services, 200 Monmouth Avenue in Lakewood, or at Avis Rent-A-Car, 248 Rt. 37 East in Toms River.

soliciting bike donations. Bikes had to be in working order, but there were no other conditions. What started off as a one-time project has grown into an ongoing one that helps meet a need in the community’s most vulnerable population. Donations are accepted year round. Children’s bikes are also accepted.

Model used for illustrative purposes only.

Ocean County Board Re-”Cycles”

generous donation


Former Ocean County Board Chair Dave Heskin (pictured third from left) with the “Fixing Irish” clean up crew.

Providence House Domestic Violence Services of Catholic Charities would like to extend a special thanks to Dave Heskin, former Chair of the Ocean County Board for his support with this year’s Gift Auction. Dave donated multiple gifts for the event. Providence House is also grateful for the support of the entire Ocean County Board with selling admission tickets, raffle tickets, sponsorships and for a board donation of a hammock for one lucky winner at the event.  The annual Gift Auction raises more than $60,000 each year to benefit Providence House. Catholic Charities is grateful for the support it receives every year from the Ocean County Board and surrounding community.

making repairs or doing yard clean-ups.” Heskin says the residents look for ways to express their appreciation. For example, one woman served ham and cheese sandwiches and bottled water, another served cookies and cream soda (her “trademark” snack). “At the end of the day, what’s important to me and my volunteers is that we’ve helped someone who really doesn’t have many — or any — other options.”  The Spirit — Summer 2014


annual report 2013 Revenue + Expenses. Following is a pre-audit summary of revenues and expenses for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2013.* Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, continues to be fiscally responsible, fulfilling the stewardship expected by our funders and donors. Less than 8.2% of our budget is spent on centralized administrative costs. Revenues by Major Source


Medicaid and Medicare $11,347,923 New Jersey Department of Human Services $20,560,514 Other Federal, State, County and Municipal Funds $6,946,116 Contributions and Donations $6,086,828 Client and Third Party Fees $850,261 United Ways $406,989 Diocese of Trenton $626,042 Other $228,722 Total Program Revenue Expenses by Service Group Addiction Services Basic Needs Services Children’s Services Housing Services Disaster Response Mental Health Counseling Services Services for the Seriously Mentally Ill Violence Prevention and Treatment Services Total Program Expenses Program Surplus 14

2% Client and Third Party Fees 1% United Ways 1% Diocese of Trenton 1% Other Contributions and Donations Other Federal, State, County and Municipal Funds




Medicaid and Medicare

44 %

New Jersey Department of Human Services

$47,053,395 2013 $1,408,826 $6,066,899 $4,423,841 $11,050,994 $5,004,434 $328,407 $14,530,726 $3,981,449 $46,795,576

3% Addiction 1% Mental Health Counseling Services Violence Prevention and Treatment Services

Services for the Seriously Mentally Ill



Basic Needs Services

9% 31%

24% 11%

Children’s Services

Housing Services Disaster Response

$257,819 * A full financial statement may be obtained by writing to: Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton; Attn: George Bontcue, Associate Executive Director of Fiscal Affairs; 383 West State Street, PO Box 1423;Trenton, NJ 08607-1423

449 domestic violence victims and their children were provided with safehouse sheltering.

35,619 hours were donated by

Catholic Charities volunteers.


7,981 people received counseling

1 car given to consumer

baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas along with holiday gifts.

5,709 individuals received

— 19,589 of whom were children.

36,279 individuals received

clothing, household items and personal hygiene products.

counseling, citizenship applications and legal services related to immigration.

618 individuals received

mortgage and/or rental assistance.

45,875 people received food 2,150 people received

temporary shelter to prevent homelessness.

1,206 kids received school supplies.

24 cars were sold

(total value $7,700)

3,664 people received food

In 2013, we served 187,814 clients.*


vehicles donated

people received utility assistance.

for mental health and/or addiction treatment.

how catholic charities changed lives in 2013

2013 car donations


contacts were made between victims and our domestic violence services in Burlington and Ocean counties. * This number may represent duplicated clients in some circumstances.

Total value



Is it the end of the road for your vehicle? It doesn’t have to be! Cars donated to Catholic Charities help local families in two ways: 1. If the car is in driveable condition, it is provided to a client in need of transportation. 2. If the car is not operable, it is sold at auction and the funds are given to programs providing food and other necessities to vulnerable residents. For more information, call 1-877-383-CCDT (2238) or contact Brian Woolford at


Annual Report 2013


2013 donors Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, would like to thank the individuals, corporations and foundations that supported our mission in 2013. The following list contains donors who contributed $ 500 or more. The giving levels indicated reflect those of our 2013 Circle of Friends major gifts campaign. We extend our sincere gratitude to ALL who give generously throughout the year. Please know that each contribution is valued and appreciated. A complete donor listing is available on our website.


Planned Gifts to Catholic Charities Estate of Dorothy A. Brexendorff Estate of Mr. John Connolly Estate of Harold H. Dugan, Jr. Estate of Elizabeth M. Finn

SHAREHOLDER CIRCLE 50,000+ Anonymous Catholic Charities USA Diocese of Allentown Mission and Ministry, Inc. Robin Hood Foundation




$25,000-49,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Baiada Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Berlik

Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. Mary Kay Foundation New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women OceanFirst Foundation Hon. and Mrs. Anthony Persichilli


$10,000-24,999 Archer & Greiner, P.C. Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Circle BMW Component Hardware Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Durso Gibbons P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Griffin International Federation of American IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks Mr. Daniel F. Lundy Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Bank of America Corporation Monmouth Care Inc. New Jersey Wireless Assoc. Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M. Order of Malta Mr. and Mrs. J. George Reilly WL Ross and Co. LLC Ms. Elizabeth A. Ryan Verizon Foundation Wawa, Inc.


$5,000-9,999 Amboy Bank Anonymous The Bank of Princeton The Beneficial Foundation Dr. Edward A. Brennan, Jr. Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Mr. Jeff Chalovich County of Ocean Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. DeFelice Mr. and Mrs. James E. Diefendorf Dynatec Systems, Inc. Ms. Lorraine Earley Ellis Family Foundation The Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties Glenmede Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Guyler Mr. David A. Heskin and Ms. Marilou Brill Mr. William G. Horn Investors Foundation, Inc. Ms. Dorothy Klock J. Knipper and Company, Inc. Lockheed Martin Corporation Mrs. Elaine Murphy Ms. Ann C. Neary New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company and NJM Bank NJ Shares/Verizon NJ Phoenix Packaging & Fulfillment PNC Bank, N.A.

Protection One Charitable Foundation Provident Bank Foundation Ray Catena Motor Car Corporation Renaissance Women’s Club Ms. Suzanne Richer and Mr. Jean-Pierre Geronimi J. W. Parker, Riverview Studios Roma Bank Ms. Jean Schaedel St. Catharine-St. Margaret Parish, Spring Lake St. Francis Medical Center St. Robert Bellarmine Church Ms. Rita M. Szatny TJX Foundation Wakefern Food Corporation/ ShopRite Mr. and Mrs. David T. Wright


$1,000-4,999 Mr. and Mrs. John Adamiak Mr. Harris J. Adams, Jr. Advanced Coring and Cutting Corporation Alex and Ani Retail, LLC Alpha Baptist Church, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Amyot Mr. Lawrence D. Armstrong AT&T Atlantic Lining Company Inc. Barnegat Monthly Meeting Religious Society of Friends Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barry Bartolomei Pucciarelli, LLC

Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Carr Ms. Margaret Carring Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Cashes Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cassano, Sr. Catholic Health East Centryco, Inc. Mr. Arthur J. Christian Chubb & Son Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cinque Circle Hyundai Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Citta Mr. Michael Collins and Mrs. Marlene Laó-Collins The James and Loretta Colotto Foundation, Inc. Comcast Mr. and Mrs. Francis Comiskey, Jr.

We need the involvement and support from individuals like you in order to continue providing the services fewer organizations are offering. Reductions in human services funding have come at the worst possible time — New Jersey’s unemployment rate hovers between eight and nine percent and growing numbers of middle-class families are losing their homes. Individuals who formerly donated to Catholic Charities now find themselves seeking our help.


Battle Against Hunger Bayada Home Health Care Mr. and Mrs. William J. Begley Mr. Richard Benner Dr. and Mrs. Howard B. Bernstein Mr. John A. Binko Ms. Joan M. Birchenall Mr. and Mrs. William Bohnett Mr. Mark S. Bolgar Ms. Janet Borys Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bourbon Brewer Direct, Inc. Bristol Myers Squibb, Employee Giving Program Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brogan Mrs. Annmarie Brownmiller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buenaga, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Burriss Ms. Marybeth S. Burton Mary Ellen Byrne, Ph.D.


Catholic Charities’ annual Circle of Friends major gifts campaign focuses on individuals giving leadership gifts that enable us to continue renewing lives and restoring hope for more than 100,000 people we serve each year. We provide assistance to those in our community who are poor, hungry, homeless and in need of our services. What would 2013 have been like without Catholic Charities providing 100,000 individuals with food, shelter, domestic violence treatment, counseling and addictions treatment, holiday meals and presents, foster care, transitional housing and senior services? How would these unmet needs ripple out and impact families and communities?



Why Join the Circle of Friends?

Mr. Michael Condello Mr. Philip L. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Coppola Mr. Robert J. Craig Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Crowley Mr. William P. Cunniff The Curchin Group, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. D’Alessio D’Olier Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Danek Mr. and Mrs. Albert Del Maestro, Jr. Mr. Peter A. DeLotto Mr. Jesse DeSanto Gregory M. and Deborah M. DeSaye Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. John J. DiBiase Mr. Stephen Distler Mr. and Mrs. James R. Doherty Mr. John Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donnelly

Mr. and Mrs. John Durso Ms. Mary Ann Dworak Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Eberle Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fallis Ms. Marion Fiero First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown Fossils South Jersey, Inc. Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh Mr. Richard B. Frost The Fruscione Company, LLC Gallagher Bollinger Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Garley Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gennello Georgian Court University Mrs. Ellen Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gilchrist Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gillespie Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla Mr. and Mrs. Frank Golazeski

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. David C. Graham Mr. Stephen Graham Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Haas, Jr. Ms. Mary F. Haigney Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Harter, Jr. Mrs. Mary Louise Hartman Herbert, Van Ness, Cayci & Goodell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Herr Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hooker HopeLine from Verizon The Honorable and Mrs. John J. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hurley Hyatt Regency Princeton Mr. Robert Iannone Mr. and Mrs. Ludovico Iezzo, II Dr. and Mrs. Robert Incitti Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Inverso Investors Bank Mr. Raymond C. Ip Jacksonville Presbyterian Church Jersey Shore Running Club Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Joint Bases Maguire & Dix Ms. Margery A. Kalmes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keilman Mr. A. James Kelly Mr. Peter R. Kemmerer Ms. Elizabeth Kilkenny Mr. Anthony Klockenbrink Knights of Columbus, Council #1082 Knights of Columbus, Council #6201 Kohl’s Mr. and Mrs. John Kuchinski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kuser, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William F. LaMorte Lammey & Giorgio Architects Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee Mr. Gerard Lingwood Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Lomurno Ms. Louise C. Loza Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Loza Mr. Matthew Lucia Ms. Margaret M. Lyons M & S Waste Services, Inc. Manalapan Medical Center Ms. Cindi Mark Mr. and Mrs. Edward Massari Mr. George Mates Frances A. McElhill, Esquire Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McEvoy Ms. Carol McMahon Merck Partnership for Giving Campaign MetLife Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Michel Micro Stamping Corp. Ms. Carol Lynn Miller Ms. Mary R. Miller Mr. Paul C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Minch Mission Solutions, LLC The MJC Amelior Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kevin More Mr. William Morrison Mr. John R. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murphy Mr. Robert P. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Vito Nardelli Mrs. Louis A. Natale Navesink Foundation New Jersey Natural Gas Nottingham Insurance Annual Report 2013


A Gift in Your Will: Getting Started We hope you’ll consider including a gift to Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton in your will or living trust. Called a charitable bequest, this type of gift offers these main benefits: n




S implicity. Just a few sentences in your will or trust are all that is needed. Share the sample bequest language for Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton with your estate planning attorney: “I, [name], of [city, state ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”  lexibility. Because you are not actually making a gift until after your F lifetime, you can change your mind at any time.  ersatility. You can structure the bequest to leave a specific item or V amount of money, make the gift contingent on certain events, or leave a percentage of your estate to us.  ax Relief. If your estate is subject to estate tax, your gift is entitled to T an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift’s full value.


for more information about charitable bequests, contact Nancy Tompkins at 609-394-5181 x1161, or


Mr. Thomas J. O’Connell Ocean County Public Employees Combined Campaign OceanFirst Bank Mrs. Mary Lou Oliva The Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Moorestown Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, West Trenton Outerstuff, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Overbeck Palmyra Riverton Cinnaminson Rotary Charity, Inc. Joel and Lynn Perlmutter Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pettrow Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powderly Mr. and Mrs. John R. Powell Provident Bank Foundation The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. Michael Radice Ms. Kathleen Reavy Mrs. John J. Reilly Retail Logistics Mr. David Ricci Ms. Frances A. Romeo Ronstan Paper and Packaging Rotary Club of Central Ocean Rotary Club of Toms River The Rubel Family Foundation Russo Music Center Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ryan Saker ShopRites, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Saldutti Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Savino Mr. Roger Shaffer

ShopRite Supermarket, Freehold Siemens Caring Hands Foundation Mr. Michael Simko Mr. Kevin K. Singer Assemblyman Troy Singleton Six Talents Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph J. Skalka Mr. Edward J. Smith Ms. Pamela H. Smith Mr. Wallace F. Smith Ms. Patricia Southwick Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Spencer Ms. Bette Spero Ms. Kathleen M. Spivey Mr. Kevin Sprake St. Ann Church, Keansburg St. Bernadette Parish St. Dominic Church, Brick St. Joseph Church, Toms River St. Leo the Great School St. Mary of the Lakes Church, Medford St. Patrick School St. Paul Church, Princeton Ms. Dorothy Toris Stack Mr. and Mrs. John S. Steib Mr. Gerard Stercula Ms. Diane Sullivan Mr. Damian Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tanzola, Jr. TD Bank Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tesoro Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tierno Mr. and Mrs. James A. Tignanelli Title Resource Group, TRG Cares Mr. and Mrs. William Torpey Two River Community Bank V. J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Volpe Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Wainwright Fr. Michael Waites Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Walsh Mr. James Wilhelmi William Bassler & Associates Ms. M. Barbara Willis Willis North America Wiss & Company LLP The David and Kathleen M. Wojcik Foundation Ms. Annemarie Woods Zallie Supermarkets, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Zehler Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski, II Memorial Fund Mr. Angelo Zito Zonta Club of Ocean County


$500-999 Mr. and Mrs. George Albers-Schonberg Mr. and Mrs. William Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alfred Mr. Stuart Altschuler Mr. Michael J. Amato American Express Company, Employee Giving Program Aquatherm Industries Inc. Ms. Donna Aromando Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Baiada Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bandarenko, Jr. Ms. Ramona L. Barrientos

Bay Head Chapel Assoc. Bay Head-Mantoloking PBA 347 Ms. Carolyn V. Bekampis Mr. Michael G. Bell Ms. Linda Bennelt Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bernet, III Hon. Francis Bodine Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bontcue Mrs. Irene Boylan Mr. Thomas M. Bozzick and Ms. Laura A. Hagan Mrs. Delores Burke Burlington County Bar Foundation Burlington County Institute of Technology Ms. Patricia Butler Lt. Col. and Mrs. Vincent F. Byrnes Ms. Diva L. Campos Mr. Glenn H. Cantor and Ms. Inge S. Eriks Carluccio, Leone, Dimon & Sacks, LLC Mrs. Louise Marsh Carter Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cascone Cauley Equipment Sales, Inc. Christ The King Episcopal Church Church of the Nativity, Fair Haven CL Nail Parlor Mr. Anthony F. Colao Ms. Barbara A. Colin Mr. Thomas A. Corcoran, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cottrell Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Cronin Mrs. Estrellita Ong Cruz Ms. Joan Czekalski D’Elia Funeral Home Mr. Brendan Davis Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeFelice

Mr. and Mrs. William DeFeo Mr. James Denning Mr. and Mrs. George J. Doehner Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M. Downes Mr. John Downey Mrs. Shelia Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Michael Durso Dr. and Mrs. James Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Earle Mr. and Mrs. Emil Efthimides Episcopo’s Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Fabian Mrs. Amelita Faelnar Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Faistl Ms. Dale Feindt Feinstein Foundation First Data Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Flannery Hon. and Mrs. Terence P. Flynn Ms. Margaret Fox Mr. Frederick Galdo Mr. and Mrs. William Gangi Mr. Ron Gering and Mrs. Connie Piscopo-Gering Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Giordmaine Ms. Anna M. Githens Dr. Mario Gonzalez Grace Cathedral Fellowship Ministry Inc., Trenton Grand Treasurers Appreciation of IBOE of W Greenbriar Oceanaire Womens Club Halston Builders Associates Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hawryluk Mr. William S. Hedley

Ms. Catherine E. Hegeman Mrs. Margaret A. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Cullan Herald-Evans Ms. Deborah A. Herrington and Mr. Douglas Sawyer Ms. Barbara Hill Mr. and Mrs. John Himmelman Ms. Mary M. Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Hoffman Holy Spirit Catholic Church Mr. Patrick J. Honey, III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Houle Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Housen Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Houser Huron Consulting Group Hutchinson Management, Inc. Ms. Lisa Kaczynski Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kallelis Mr. Thomas J. Keefe J.F. Kiely Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Klincewicz Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Knoll Kozlowski Enterprises, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Krauss Mr. W. Timothy Kuser Mr. and Mrs. John Kutys Mr. and Mrs. John Laury Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lawrence Lee Brothers Incorporated Ms. Linda Legge Mr. Fred Leone Mr. and Mrs. John Lestician, Jr. Lighthouse Tabernacle Mr. and Mrs. James E. Linahan Ms. Ann M. Linton Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Losch Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Lovier Mr. Roderick Mackenzie

Mr. and Mrs. James A. MacStravic Mr. and Mrs. John Marmora Mr. James J. McCarthy Ms. Kathleen M. McCormick Ms. Jeanne M. McElwee Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. McGann Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McManimon, III Mr. Peter McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McNeary Mr. Henry E. Meisner Mercedes-Benz of Princeton Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness Merit Service Solutions Holdings, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Paul Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Messina Mr. James Michalowicz Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Milioto Mr. Richard Monaghan Ms. Cassandra O. Moore Moorestown Rotary Charities Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC Mr. Joseph A. Mrazik Ms. Cathy Murphy Mr. Robert S. Navins Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Neville Ms. Rosemary Newhardt NJ State Policeman’s Benevolent Assoc. Ms. Kara O’Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Oleskiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Olimpio Opdyke Furniture, Inc. Mr. Matthew S. Pacello Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Paci

Palmyra Riverton Cinnaminson Lions Club Paradigm Realty Alliance, LLC Perlmart Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeffer, III Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Postel Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Primavera, Jr. Mr. Gerard Rabadeau Mr. Danny Ramjit Red Bank Catholic High School Ms. G. Angelica Robertson Joseph L. Romano, Esq. Rotary Club of Willingboro Mr. and Mrs. George Rovnyak Ruby Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Savage Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sawn Mrs. Bernadette Schoch Ms. Gladys Schultz Mr. Michael T. Schumacher Ms. Barbara Schwait Sferra Bros., LTD. Ms. Eileen F. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sicree Mr. Maurice J. Smith Mr. Stephen Smith Sobel & Co., LLC Soroptimist International of Long Beach Island Mr. Stephen R. Sosna Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Southwick

St. Anthony of Padua Church, Hightstown St. Catharine’s Church, Holmdel St. John’s University St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center St. Leo the Great Church, Lincroft Mr. George M. Strack Mr. Stephen A. Stripp Mr. and Mrs. James A. Tarangelo TD Bank Ms. Mary F. Terjeson Thomas Edison State College Foundation, Inc. Ms. Nancy Tompkins and Mr. Ronald Logan Total Concepts Landscaping Kathryn and Pete Turner USA PhoneCenters, Inc. Ms. Elisabeth L. Van Buskirk Mr. Joseph Vaszily Village Office Supply Walmart Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Walsh Ms. Patricia Watson Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Weber Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Mr. and Mrs. Junius E. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woehnker Mr. Leonard J. Wojton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Zapcic Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Zollner

We sincerely regret any errors or omissions. If you made a contribution and it is not listed here, please contact Nancy Tompkins at 609-394-5181 x1161, or Annual Report 2013


383 West State Street PO Box 1423 Trenton, NJ 08607-1423

“I am so thankful to Robyn [Joannou], Catholic Charities and anyone who ever helped me, I could not be the father I am today without their support and encouragement.”

Meet Eddie Martinez. Eddie lived with his mother until the age of seven at which time he was removed from her home and placed in the custody of New Jersey’s Department of Child Protection (DCP). Eddie lived in more than 16 foster homes, three shelters and one group home until he was 18. At this point he had no job, no home and nowhere to go and eventually resorted to living in his car for several months. It was at this time, that a DCP employee gave Eddie the number for Catholic Charities’ Beacon House — a Transitional Housing Program for young adults who “aged out” of DCP. Eddie shared his story with Robyn Joannou, Beacon House program supervisor and began his journey to self-sufficiency. “I am so grateful for the confidence Robyn had in me, she believed in me at a time when I had lost hope,” says Eddie. After he moved into Beacon House, a flood of opportunities came pouring in — from life skills classes to finding a job. Not long after Eddie graduated from Beacon House, he moved in with his longtime girlfriend and their children. He earned a CDL and is now employed as a driver for a national trucking company. Eddie will receive the Client Achievement Award at this year’s Guardian Angel Dinner Dance. See page 10 for more information. Photo courtesy of Riverview Studios

The Spirit Summer 2014/Annual Report 2013