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Although there will be sin and sorrow and death in this life, God’s story has written redemption in it. Inspire (for parents) My daughter turned 11 on September 10, 2001. The very next day the terrorist attacks of 9/11 took place. I worried how such a horrific display of death and destruction would mark her. In the days that followed, we talked about the event as we watched portions of the rescue and recovery efforts. Gradually, the names, faces, and stories of both victims and villains emerged, and so did my daughter’s questions: “Mom, what happened to the people on the planes? Did they know they were going to die? Did they have a chance to accept Jesus? Mom, what about the terrorists? Do you think they went to hell? Did God give them a chance?” Wow! These were not the questions I was expecting. My little girl was pondering the spiritual condition of the people caught in this tragedy. She wanted to know if there was redemption in their stories. She wanted to know what part God had played in this real-life drama. My heart and mind had never even gone there. As parents, we hope to shield our children from sin and destruction and death—but we can’t. And some things

that happen we just can’t explain. In those moments, it’s easy for us to feel inadequate. Take heart! Although there will be sin and sorrow and death in this life, God’s story has written redemption in it. We can tell our sons and daughters that the great Promise-Giver and Promise-Keeper of Noah is our God too. Knowing they are part of The Big God Story will give them a peace and security that can sustain them in tough times, and a hope they can share with the world.

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Equip (for parents) Amazingly, God equipped Noah with all he would need for the task He called him to—building an ark. Archaeologists have speculated about the ark’s design based on their findings and modern imaging. An interesting possibility is that there were no steering devices on the ark. No rudder. No sails. Nothing physically attached to guide the ark. All who boarded the ark needed to trust God completely; safety and navigation were left to Him alone (Genesis 7:23—8:22). Immediately after leaving the ark, Noah built an altar to worship God. God said, “I now establish my covenant with you … the everlasting covenant … This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth” (Genesis 9:8–17). His covenant is a promise that cannot be undone. Today as you seek to spiritually parent your children, remember that the same God who set His covenant in the sky as a reminder of His faithfulness, is the same God to whom we can entrust our daily storms of parenting and family life. Take a few moments to bring your concerns for your children and your family to God, asking Him to give you protection and guidance.


“The Lord causes his miracles to be remembered. He is kind and tender.” Psalm 111:4 (NIrV)

Support (for parents & kids) Sometime this week, read with your child the biblical account of the flood in Genesis 7:1– 12. Before reading, pray together as a family and ask God to show you something about Himself that you’ve never noticed before. Then think of questions that review what you just read such as, “What did God ask Noah to build?” or “How many days did it rain?” JUST FOR FUN, we suggest reading this passage to your children while they’re in the bathtub. Allow them to bring a toy in the tub to represent Noah’s ark. Perhaps you can use something like a watering can or a spray bottle to be the “rain.” When you’re finished, share with your children that what they just heard is a part of The Big God Story in the Bible, and they’ll hear it in church. Ask your children to share with you their thoughts and questions about what they just heard. Close your time by praying and thanking God for making so many great promises to us, and for always keeping those promises!

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Prep for 9.25.11 Pre K / Kindergarten  

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