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Sometimes I think I do that spiritually—pretend to be all the way in when I’m really just getting my hair wet. Inspire (for parents) Swim lessons. Jalynn started swim lessons last week. It’s adorable and hilarious and well worth the money we paid. It’s her and three other three year olds in Mr. Louie’s class.

Sometimes I think I do that spiritually— pretend to be all the way in when I’m really just getting my hair wet. Then God pays some special attention to me and shows me what I’m missing. Or, He brings a Mr. Louie alongside to truly show me how. No more pretending. I am all the way in!

On the first day he called their names and told them to “climb on.” Then, like a daddy duck, he swam his four ducklings out to a little by Sharron Jackson raft in the middle of the pool, two on his back, one in the crook of each arm. While the other kids took turns practicing their kicks and bubbles and floats with Louie, Jalynn occupied herself by “going hua 10 underwater.” What she thought was Scripture: Jos ds Still) full immersion was really just putting (The Sun Stan s l Attention to U Sp od Pays ecia her head back just far enough to get to Main Point: G ily m your fa her hair wet. The rest of the class signed to allow de is n re ce ild ur so ch This re fore your were no-shows last Thursday so od’s Word be r G fo in is e tim an pl ve ha se God’s au ec B Jalynn and Mr. Louie had 25 minutes . ch of ur attend ch iritual nurturers the primary sp of undivided time. He taught her how ow parents to be that as you gr ith, we know fa ly s al n’ tu re to go underwater for real. iri ild sp ch their will grow ur children yo ly, al tu iri sp as well.

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Equip (for parents) The Israelites knew that God listened and paid special attention as they prayed: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” This is one of the most central prayers in Jewish history, otherwise known as the Shema (from the Hebrew word for “hear”). To shema is to hear the cry of one’s heart and be moved to respond. It is more than listening; it goes much deeper. It signifies a rich, attentive, and focused listening. For instance, in this prayer Israel is urged to heed that God is the one and only. Then, in the following verse, they are called to respond to this truth by loving the Lord fully—in heart, soul, and strength. To shema is to discern and react. Judaism takes this so seriously, in fact, that it’s customary for Jewish men and women to cover their eyes when they recite the Shema. By doing so, they are ensuring full and utter concentration. In Joshua 10, we see shema in a new light. As the Israelites battled for the Promised Land, God mightily shows His power, granting them victory time after time. While battling with the Amorites, Joshua makes a bold request. He prays that the sun would stand still in the sky in order for the battle to continue without ceasing. In verse 14, the Bible declares that God listened to Joshua—or rather, God shema’ed Joshua. He heard the cry of Joshua’s heart and was attentive. He responded by altering the natural order of the universe in order to give Israel the victory. Within this passage, God demonstrated how to shema. He uniquely attended to Joshua’s cry. His actions exemplified what it looks like to not only hear, but to listen. Our God, Yahweh, models the life we are to live.

God pays special attention to us.


Jesus answered ... “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” John 14:9b

Support (for parents & kids) Before you read the account of when God made the sun stand still in Joshua 10:12–15, take a moment and remind your children that God had already been showing His power by protecting His people and giving them victory after victory in battle. JUST FOR FUN, read this portion of Scripture outside during the day under the sun. After reading this passage of Scripture ask your children to imagine what it would be like if the sun stopped and it didn’t get dark for a day. What might they do differently? Remind them that God has power over everything, even the sun and moon and stars. Tell them there is nothing too big for God to do. Ask them if there is anything special they would like to ask God, knowing that He will listen. When you’re finished, share with your children that what they just heard is a part of The Big God Story in the Bible and they’ll hear it in church this week. Close your time by praying together for the requests your children shared. Thank God that He is a powerful God who always pays special attention to us.

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