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FOR THE NEXT WEEK, WE TALKED ABOUT THE ‘ADVENTURE’ OF MOVING TO A NEW PLACE. Inspire (for parents) It was a beautiful California evening, perfect for shooting hoops in the backyard with my two sons. In the middle of our game, my husband arrived home from work. He looked surprised. “My company wants us to move again,” he began. “My new job will be in North Carolina. We need to move within the month.” “North Carolina!” exclaimed Steven, our five year old. “Where’s that?” My husband found a map and placed his finger on the state. “Wow! That’s a long way from here,” Steven said. “I won’t be able to play with Nicholas,” added our youngest son, Kevin. “And I won’t be able to play with Avery.”

want us to move again so soon?” Our family had just been transferred from Seattle 18 months earlier. I realized there was no logical explanation. But I did know that if the Holy Spirit was leading us in a particular direction, we needed to follow. Days later, my husband came from work puzzled. “This is crazy,” he said. “The company has created a new job for me here in California. Even my boss is surprised!” God had something else in mind for that season of our lives. However, it was a great opportunity to teach my boys—and remind myself—that we need to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. by Sue Funkhouser

“North Carolina is a great place,” I said, hoping to encourage the boys. “There will be new friends to meet and wonderful 16:6–15 places to go. We need to Scripture: Acts and Philippi) go where God sends us, (Lydia Us Holy Spirit Leads and if He wants us to live Main Point: The in mily to have time d to allow your fa there, it will be the right ne e sig us de ca is Be ce . ur This reso tend church your children at rs place for us.” For the next re re fo rtu be nu l d ua or W irit God’s primary sp parents to be the week we talked about the iritually, God’s plan is for at as you grow sp th ow kn we , ith fa n’s re “adventure” of moving to a of their child well. grow spiritually as new place. Steven asked your children will the question we knew was coming: “Why would God

Getting Started

Equip (for parents) Equip is additional background information that will help you introduce this Scripture passage to your children this week. The Holy Spirit led Paul to establish the Philippian church when Paul first visited the city of Philippi during his second missionary journey. The city held a favored status during this time and was considered a “Rome away from Rome.” Philippi was created by the emperor as a strategic Roman outpost and military colony. It was located on the Via Egnatia, the main route between Rome and Byzantium. The citizens who lived in Philippi were mostly Roman citizens (loyal to Rome) and held Roman political privileges. When Paul arrived, there must not have been a very large Jewish population in Philippi because he didn’t find a synagogue in the city. Jewish law required 10 men for the creation of a synagogue. Though Paul didn’t find a synagogue or a group of Jewish men in Philippi, he did find a group of women. This group included a successful businesswoman named Lydia. This woman not only owned a business in which she manufactured expensive purple dye but also ran a household of many other women. The Holy Spirit spoke to Lydia’s heart, and she received Jesus as her Savior. This fledgling community of believers (which later became the Philippian church) displayed generosity, love, and joy. The Philippian church showed their love for Paul by repeatedly ministering to him. They sent him gifts and monetary aid. Unlike many of Paul’s other letters, his letter to the Philippians wasn’t a corrective letter but one in which he declared his love and appreciation for the church and its members.


EME “Let MB rule the pe ER VERS E as m in your ace of C you embe hearts hrist rs o wer , sin f And e called one bo ce be to p dy eace Colo than k ssia . ns 3 ful.” :15 Even today we can thank God that the Holy Spirit led Paul to Philippi. We can be grateful God led him to a humble group of women and other people. And we can be thankful God used him to start the church in Philippi as an example of a vibrant and joyful faith community for today’s church.

Support (for parents & kids) This week, JUST FOR FUN, take some time to look at a map of Paul’s missionary journeys. The Internet is filled with images and websites that show exactly where he traveled and even explain what he did in each city. Then read together Acts 16:6–15. Ask your children: “Who led Paul and his companions on their journeys?” Share with them a time the Holy Spirit directed you. Remind them that because we are God’s children, His Spirit will lead us in all we do. Take some time to pray together, thanking God that He doesn’t leave us alone and that He sends His Spirit to direct our paths. Explain to your children that what they just heard is a part of The Big God Story and they will hear more in church this week about how the Holy Spirit leads us.

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Elementary 1-5 October 21,2012  

This preteaching tool for parents encourages families to spend time in God’s Word together before children arrive at church.

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