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my plea for help brought me immediate calm as I remembered who was really in charge. (It definitely wasn’t Mickey.) Inspire (for parents) Our evening at Disneyland started out just as planned: hot chocolate and Mickey Mouse. But the magical moments came to a screeching halt as the masses converged and the lights dimmed for the holiday fireworks extravaganza. My oldest son, then just six years old, vanished. Within seconds, we had enlisted the help of everyone around us. We ran in circles (literally) shouting our son’s name with the fireworks in full bloom overhead and Christmas carols swelling through the night air.

Legos. As we departed, Caden smiled and said, “They were nice and gave me a sticker. Can we go back sometime?” He was completely oblivious to the drama that had preceded our reunion—just enjoying his time at the “happiest place on earth.” Though the moment of losing my son was terrifying and chaotic, it was clarifying. It reminded me that God hears our distress calls. No matter the circumstances, He is waiting to rescue us. He responds when we cry for help.

by Lisa Proctor I will never forget the fear that raced through my mind or the wave of helplessness that crashed over me. All I could do was call out to God. And that night, my plea for help brought me immediate calm 9:18–26; as I remembered who was really in 1:40–45; Matthew Scripture: Mark charge. (It definitely wasn’t Mickey.) I Call For Help Responds When Main Point: God your family to This story, as with all Disney signed to allow de is ce ur so re This your children classics, has a happy ending. d’s Word before Go in e tim ve ha n is for parents Nearly an hour later, on our second Because God’s pla ren’s faith, attend church. rers of their child rtu trek to the “Lost Children” site on nu l ua irit sp e to be th lly, your children you grow spiritua Main Street (yes, this does exist), as at th ow kn we lly as well. we found our son. Apparently, a will grow spiritua kind lady had delivered him. We found him happily playing with

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Equip (for parents) REM By establishing Jewish law at Mt. Sinai, God EMB “I ha set up rules for how people were to live their ER v ve b ers een and lives. Because God is holy, people needed to E c rucifi I no purify themselves in order to approach Him. long lives e d wi er i Some of the ways people could become body n me. Th live, bu th Chris tC t , e life “unclean” were by eating unclean foods, of Go I live by I live hrist touching someone who was unclean f a d him , who lo ith in th in the (having a disease), coming into contact self v e d me e Son for m with body fluids (including blood), and e.” G gave alat or having contact with a corpse. When ians 2:20 Jesus came to earth, He satisfied the law. He physically came to be with people, so they no longer needed to keep themselves “clean” in Support order to approach God. One of the first ways (for parents & kids) He proved this was by physically touching Sometime this week, ask your children if they people who were considered “unclean.” know or have a special handshake. If so, have After Jesus healed the leper in Matthew 8, them teach it to you. Just for fun, make He said, “See that you don’t tell anyone. But go, up your own family handshake. Try to get at show yourself to the priest and offer the gift least 10 actions or touch points (like elbow Moses commanded, as a testimony to them” to elbow or hip to hip) into it. As you play, talk (v. 4). Only the Jewish priests could lawfully about how much love is shared through touch— certify a miracle had occurred. So, in order especially in families. Later, read through the to allow this man to return to the community, biblical account of Jesus healing the man with Jesus knew He must follow the Jewish law. leprosy in Mark 1:40–45, then talk about how Though Jesus came to fulfill the law, He still Jesus knew this man needed not only healing had respect for it. He also showed sensitivity from his sickness, but the love that comes from by wanting to see the leper restored, not only touch. physically, but also spiritually and socially. Hold hands with your family and have a time Jesus’ faithfulness to the law took of prayer for whomever needs help. Just as precedence over His desire to hide His work. Jesus often did when He prayed for or blessed Jesus knew that to not tell the priests about others, lay your hands on anyone in your family the miracle might make it appear suspicious who would like a specific prayer spoken over in their eyes. Jesus might have also wanted them. Ask God to show up. the man to have validation from the priests When you are finished, share with your first, before others found out. In all, Jesus was children that what they just heard is a part of revealing Himself in the way that He thought The Big God Story in the Bible, and they will best—by both choosing to follow the Jewish hear more about it in church this week. law and restoring the leper to a healed life, physically and socially.

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