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God holds the box with the big picture in it … and he continues to reveal himself every day. Inspire (for parents) My husband loves the game of football—the strategy, the hard hits, the way it brings men and boys together, the challenges to the human body. When he wanted to get involved in the area football scene, he didn’t have any connections to turn to. So he decided to volunteer as a board member for the local youth football league; he was responsible for updating the league website and attending board meetings twice a month. I gave him a courtesy “Okay, honey. If that’s what you wanna do.” My inner monologue, however, went something like this: “Are you kidding me?! That’s gotta be the most random thing I’ve ever heard!” So two times a month for the next year, he dutifully learned the inner workings of the league— rules, parent relations, coach and player expectations, even concession sales. Then our pastor approached my husband about starting a youth football league near our church, in the inner city of Los Angeles. He didn’t know about the board experience, only that he loves God and football. He said “yes,” and

went right to work, relying heavily on all he had learned the previous year. Their systems are now set; players are registered; and fundraising is in full swing. For the first time since the Vietnam War, kids from rival Los Angeles housing projects will don the same uniform and work together toward a common end zone. Turns out, my husband’s decision wasn’t so random. It was a small puzzle piece in a greater Kingdom design. God holds the box with the big picture on it. And I’m so glad He continues to reveal Himself every day.

Getting Started

by Sharron Jackson

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Equip (for parents) REM During the early years of Moses’ life, he was a EMB “For participant in three cultures: Hebrew, Egyptian, ER v he c ers and Midianite. His identity was confused. hos befo E e us re th But all along, God knew who Moses was: i n the e cr a Hebrew, one of God’s chosen people. wor eati him l on dt blam But Moses was also a descendant of eles o be ho of Eph the priestly tribe of Levi … Jacob’s son. s in l esia ns 1 Wow! his y and : 4

Moses began to understand who he was the moment God revealed Himself from the burning bush. God said He was the God of Moses’ father, and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. By saying this, God reminded Moses of his heritage—physical and spiritual. God called Moses to be His hands and feet, to bring about His incredible plan to reveal Himself to His people and save them from their bondage. Moses would have stayed an alien in a foreign land had God not revealed Himself and reminded Moses of his heritage, revealing his true calling: service to the one true God. Moses found his identity in God. Our children are given this same invitation … to find their identity as chosen children of God. This world is full of messages that tell them their identity is dependent on what they look like, who they hang out with, what grades they get, or what sport they play. In the midst of a society that tells kids they are never enough, parents have the opportunity to point them back to Jesus, who reminds them He is enough. Their identity and worth lie in Him alone.




(for parents & kids) Sometime this week read through the biblical account of God calling Moses in Exodus 3:1– 12. Then ask a question that reviews what you just read such as, “Who was in the burning bush?” or “What did God tell Moses to do?” Before you begin to read, pray together as a family and thank God for being a God who reveals Himself and wants to talk with His people. Just for fun, take your kids outside (in your backyard, to a park, or around the neighborhood) and tell them to go look for the best bush they can find. Once they have selected a bush, sit down beside it together and read the passage. When you are done, ask them to imagine how they would feel if this bush suddenly lit on fire and God started talking to them. Ask them to imagine how Moses must have felt when this happened. When you are finished, let them know what they just heard is a part of The Big God Story in the Bible and that they will hear it in church. Close by spending some time praying God would reveal Himself to each of you in a personal way, just as He revealed Himself to Moses.

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Prep for 11.7.10 Elementary  

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