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what is essential … god’s goodness and his victories, even in the small battles. Inspire (for parents) When my oldest daughter was in fourth grade she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Now, as an adult, she has learned to compensate for her disability and excels in all she does, but elementary school was a different story. For many years, her teachers would say, “It’s like the light hasn’t gone on!” Let me tell you, we felt “darkness” in our home every Thursday night as we would help her prepare for her spelling test the next day. Her struggle was only made worse by a younger sister with a photographic memory, who would glance at her spelling words and then gloat about her perfect test scores. When I would pick my daughter up from school on Fridays, the first words out of her mouth were always her spelling test grade. What most families would consider average we saw as a huge accomplishment. Every passed test was cause for a celebration, a victory of overcoming the obstacle that was placed in her way. Are there opportunities for you to celebrate what others might

deem ordinary but are victories for your family? We live in a world that focuses on major accomplishments, and at times we need to be reminded of what is important, what is essential … God’s goodness and His victories, even in the small battles.

Getting Started

by Debbie Guinn

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Equip (for parents)

REM As the Israelites were poised for the great EMB “ F o ER v r he escape, in the last moment of their 430-year ers cho befo sojourn in Egypt, their identity was forever E se u r e s t changed. They were finally a people free h i n the e cr wor eati him to worship the Lord. The exodus truly l on o d to blam began the first moment of Israelite f be h e l E e phe oly a national existence. Now they were free sian ss in n his s 1:4 to celebrate Passover together—year sigh d t.” after year—as a way to remember that God had won the battle to free them. As parents, we often tend to focus on the areas where our children need growth. “He needs to concentrate harder in school,” or “She really needs to learn to listen better,” or “We have to work on teaching him how to be respectful.” Wanting our children to grow is not bad, but sometimes these good intentions can keep us from pausing and truly celebrating the victories they have already achieved. Did your daughter finally fall asleep in peace and overcome her fear of the dark? Did your son start talking things through with you instead of throwing a fit when he became frustrated? These are victories worth celebrating. Let’s make sure to pause in these moments and give worthy celebration to what just happened. Let’s point our children to Jesus and remind them that He is the one who conquers all of the trials of our lives.


(for parents & kids) Sometime this week read through the biblical account of the exodus in Exodus 12:24–28, 31–36. Then ask a question that reviews what you just read such as, “What did the Passover symbolize?” or “What did Pharaoh tell Moses and Aaron?” Just for fun, fill some glasses with grape juice or sparkling cider and pass them out to each family member. Read the passage and explain to your children that God helped the Israelites find victory and escape their slavery. Now invite each family member to share about a trial in their life God has helped them to overcome (or, for younger kids, “something scary” that God has helped them through). After each person shares their story, lift your glasses for a toast and together say, “Thank You, God.” When you are finished, let them know what they just heard is a part of The Big God Story in the Bible and that they will hear it in church. Ask your children if they have any questions about what they just heard. Close your time by thanking God for giving you victory in past trials, and then ask for His help in any struggles going on in your family right now.

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November 20, 2011 Grades 1-5  

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