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Oftentimes our children have faith when ours has run out. Inspire (for parents) Before I was born, my older sister desperately wanted to have a sibling to play with and to nurture. At around five years old, she began to question our parents as to why she didn’t have a brother or a sister like her friends did. Through further discussion, she came to realize that she wasn’t alone in wanting a sibling. It was our parents’ deepest desire also, but for some strange reason they were unable to conceive again.

did, she decided that my middle name should be Faith. When everyone else had stopped believing, she was the only one who held out faith that God would answer her prayers and give her the family member she wanted. Oftentimes our children have faith when ours has run out. This is why Jesus reminds us to look to “the little children” as our example as to who the kingdom of God belongs to. Jesus is looking for faith, and as parents we often find it in the hearts of our children.

My sister decided to pray. She knew that if she were going to have a sibling, it would be by Debbie Guinn God’s doing. She asked our parents if they could begin praying together, and they did. My parents said that for the next five years, my sister faithfully prayed every night for a baby brother or 13 sister. She continued to believe  atthew 8:5– Scripture: M enturion) that God was going to answer (Faith of the C for Faith that prayer even through failed sus Is Looking Main Point: Je ily to medical procedures and lost hope allow your fam is designed to ce ren ur ild so re ch is Th re your on my parents’ part. od’s Word befo r fo is an have time in G ’s pl . Because God of Miraculously, when she was 10 attend church tual nurturers iri sp y ar im pr e th be ow gr to s u years old, her prayers were answered parent that as yo faith, we know s well. n’ re as ild ly al ch r tu and I was born. She asked if she could ei iri th ill grow sp w n re ild ch ur spiritually, yo take part in naming me, and when she

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Equip (for parents) Jesus was looking for faith when, in astonishment, He proclaimed to those following Him, “I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith” (Matthew 8:10). The Greek word for “astonished” is thauma, and it means a wonderful thing, a marvel, or causes one to wonder exceedingly. Wonder provokes amazement, surprise, and respect. Why did the faith of a Gentile Roman centurion cause the Lord to wonder exceedingly—to be surprised? The Jewish community, the people who were supposed to know all about God and how He works, evidently did not demonstrate such faith. Yet, a Roman soldier, a man without the strong heritage of faith, put his belief into action with Jesus. The Roman officer in Matthew 8 was a man who commentators believe was highly respected by the people of Capernaum. Scripture tells us that he had built a synagogue as a place of worship for the Jewish people, and some speculate that he was regarded as a man with great character and sense of duty. There were some barriers of society that would seem to keep the officer from seeking Jesus—he was a soldier and Jesus was a man of peace; he was a Gentile and Jesus was a Jew. But barriers did not stop the man from pursuing the Lord. His compassion for his servant and his belief in Jesus’ power to heal drove him to action. From his profession, he understood the “chain of command” and believed that Jesus had authority over disease, just as the centurion had authority over the soldiers he led. Because of this conviction and trust in Jesus’ power and ability, his servant was healed within the hour. Faith is belief in action.


Serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13b

Support (for parents & kids) JUST FOR FUN this week instead of driving somewhere local, walk together as a family. While walking, explain to your children that when you get back from your walk, you’re going to read them a part of The Big God Story. Tell them this part of the story is about a man who met Jesus while He was walking and asked Him to come and heal his servant. Ask them, “If you ran into Jesus while we were walking, what would you say to Him?” and “What might you ask for?” Once home, read together the passage about the Roman centurion in Matthew 8:5–10, 13. When you’re finished reading, ask your children why they think Jesus was “astonished” by the centurion’s faith. Talk together about some areas in your family where you may need to exercise faith. Then allow your children to pray for those areas in your family’s life. Remind your children that what they just heard was a part of The Big God Story, and they’ll learn more about this exciting story of faith in church this week.

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Preschool August 26, 2012  

This preteaching tool for parents encourages families to spend time in God’s Word together before children arrive at church.

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