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MAY 2014/ Iyar 5774

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B’nai Israel Review

February 2014


Our Mission Through our congregational life, our goal is to provide the opportunity for our members and friends to experience Jewish life to its fullest. We want to transmit the ideals of Conservative Judaism to our children and grandchildren, to enable them to be knowledgeable and responsible participants in Jewish life, sensitive and ethical human beings and reliable custodians of an enduring heritage. Through the synagogue, we want to find strength and inspiration in worship and study, in the sharing of lifecycle events, in acts of caring, in reaching out to the wide Jewish and non-Jewish communities, and in concern and support for Israel.

Rabbi Jacob Luski, D.D. 727.381.4900 x207 Cantor Jonathan Schultz 727.381.4900 x305

Ongoing Activities at CBI

Participate in Aliyot The Ritual Committee of Congregation B’nai Israel encourages worshippers to participate in services by performing aliyot. If you like to receive an aliyah, please call the synagogue office at 727.381.4900, or speak to one of the ushers when you enter the sanctuary, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request. Those wishing to receive an aliyah on Shabbat morning are asked to arrive at services no later than 9:30 am. We look forward to your participation.

Executive Director Susan Goldstein

Daily Services

Become a Minyanaire! Support our Daily Minyan in the Chapel: Sunday Morning: 9:00 Monday—Friday mornings: 7:45 Sunday—Thursday evenings: 6:30

Office Drop Box As a reminder, there is a Secured Drop Box available at the shul and at your service when you are in the building. It is located outside the Synagogue office across from the Judaica Shop. You can drop off messages, contributions, etc when coming to classes, events, meetings, or when dropping off children at school. It is an easy way to communicate within the congregational family. Drop-in sometime!

Junior Congregation All B’nai Israel children, ages 9 -13, grades 3 - 7 are invited to participate in a special, age-appropriate Shabbat Service in the Chapel Saturday May 10, at 10:00am. Bonnie Halprin Pauline Rivkind Preschool Director 727.381.4900 x211

Come just for the joy of davening together. You'll be glad you decided to join the growing number of CBI members and friends who do. Youth Director 727.381.7900 x 209

Continental Breakfast The Mitzvah Men’s Club provides a Continental Breakfast for all worshippers on Minyan Mornings in the alcove of the Social Hall. Please join the Minyanaires for the morning Shaharit service and relax and schmooze over breakfast—bagels, cream cheese, coffee cake and coffee/tea.

Shalom, Morry Bornstein, Ritual Chair

727.381.4900 x202 Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Education Director Ilana Dayan 727.381.4900 x310 Community Engagement Liz Sembler 727.424.0513

Sponsorship Opportunities If you are interested in sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat on Friday evening or a L’Hayim following a Morning Minyan in honor or memory of a loved one or a special occasion, please contact the Synagogue office. Torah Reader/Educator Deborah Marmon 727.381.4900 x205 Office Manager Pam Askin 727.381.4900 x203


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Melissa Hertzfeld

You can also make payments and donations on our website!

727.381.4900 Accounting Dianne Gettler

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727.381.4900 x204 President Laurie Reiskind Women’s League President Alice Ettinger Men’s Club President Jesse Rodman USY President Hannah Terzi Kadima President Danielle LeVine

CBI Announcements

With Love From the CBI Kitchen Gail Frye’s Meringue Cookies 

3 Egg whites

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 1/2 Cup Sugar  1 tsp Vanilla Beat egg whites with sugar until very stiff. Add vanilla and fold in chocolate chips. Add flour. Drop by teaspoonful on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes.

Shop at your favorite stores and eat at restaurants while making money for CBI! Now available in the CBI Office. Get your Mitzvah

Gelt Gift Cards!

1 Package Mini Chocolate Chips

Mahzor Dedication Opportunities The Ritual Committee wants to remind our Congregants that there are still opportunities to dedicate individual copies of our High Holiday Machzorim in honor or memory of loved ones and friends, to commemorate a special Simha, etc. Please contact the Synagogue Office for information. Thank you very much! Sincerely, CBI Ritual Committee

CBI Annual Meeting and Installation

Saturday, May 17, 9:00 am

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Education Shabbat

7:00 pm

Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Graduation April and May Simha Shabbat Followed by ‘Kid-dush’ Luncheon

Graduation Shabbat Saturday, May 31, 9:00 am If you have a student graduating from high school, college, or graduate school we would like to celebrate this Simha at Graduation Shabbat. Also, please let us know their school, degree program, and their future plans. You may send this information to our College Committee Chairperson, Pam LeCompte at

Volunteer Pals

Hagbah, Gelilah, Carrying the Torah Class On Saturday, May 10, following Shabbat morning services, the Ritual Committee will conduct a training session to instruct interested congregants on the proper way to perform the aliyot of Hagbah (Lifting the Torah), Gelilah (Binding the Torah), and Carrying the Torah. We look forward to seeing you , and enabling you to participate in these aliyot! For more information, please contact Morry Bornstein at 727.397.9955 or B'shalom, Morry Bornstein, Ritual Committee Chair

Bereavement Group Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services is offering a Bereavement Support Group for 6 consecutive Thursdays beginning on April 24, through May 29, from 11:00AM to Noon at Gulf Coast offices, 14041 Icot Blvd., Clearwater. The group will be using the book “Living With Loss, Healing With Hope” by Rabbi Earl Grollman, which will be provided. A donation of $18.00(Chai) or nonperishable donations to the JFS Food Pantry are welcome. If there is interest in an evening group, or to register for this group, contact Sue at 727.479.1811. This is open to the community. Renee Baseman will be conducting the group. 3

The Pauline Rivkind Preschool is looking for volunteers to read to preschoolers any week day from 9:00 am to noon for about an hour. For more information contact Bonnie Halprin at 727.381.4900 x211 or

Summer Speakers Series and 7:30 Summer Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Services RETURNING It is that time of year again for Glimpses into Jewish History for Friday evening talks and Summer Sermonettes on Saturday Mornings. Please contact Lou Bader 727.867.4913 or email if interested in giving a talk.

From the Rabbi

MAY 2014

Israel will celebrate 66 years of Independence. In many ways, the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948 marked the completion of a journey. Theodor Herzl convened the first Zionist Congress in Basel over 50 years ago. Waves of Aliyah brought Jews to resettle the land and rebuild it. They revived the Hebrew language, which had not been spoken for more than 1000 years. Centuries of anti-Semitism and persecution, culminating with the Nazi Holocaust convinced the world that the time had arrived for the fulfillment of our thousands year dream to reestablish Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael. Many of that generation remember sitting by the radio and listening as David Ben Gurion declared the establishment of the state followed by the recitation of Sheheheyanu by Rabbi Yehudah Leib Fishman. That Friday afternoon in 1948 marked the beginning of a new journey. The new state was immediately attacked by the armies of seven Arab states. The armistice agreement that ended the fighting in 1949 was followed by more wars and significant Israeli victories. Yet, the threats to Israeli security still continue to this day. In its first three years the infant state absorbed 700,000 immigrants, doubling its population. There was the challenging commitment to be both a Jewish and democratic state, committed to the unique values of Judaism along with universal values and human rights. When Yom Ha’atzmaut arrives on Monday evening, May 5, and Tuesday, May 6, we will have much to celebrate. At the same time we recognize that in the real world there is much work to be done. Let us rededicate ourselves to the mitzva of building and strengthening the Jewish state. Consider your investment in Israel Bonds. Make a donation to the Masorti/Conservative movement to strengthen religious pluralism in Israel. Plan a trip to experience Israel first-hand. Join AIPAC and sign up for Policy Conference 2015 to support the critical relationship between the United States and Israel. Rabbi Office Hours Of course, join us for the celebrations of Israel and Jewish peoplehood throughout this month. Let us join together in celebrating the miracle of Israel and working diligently to sustain its future. Shalom,

Rabbi Jacob Luski will be available for any congregant to stop by for any questions or conversations they may have Wednesday afternoons from 2:00—4:00, May 7, 14, 21, and 28. Appointments not necessary.

From the Cantor May 2014 is chock full of minor holidays: Yom HaZikaron, Yom HaAtzma’ut, Lag Ba’Omer, and Yom Yerushalayim. Here’s a little overview of each: Yom HaZikaron is Israel’s Memorial Day, when Israelis remember all those who lost their lives in the struggle that led to the establishment of the State of Israel, as well as all IDF personnel who were killed while in active duty. In Israel, the observance of Yom HaZikaron is similar to Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in two distinct ways: (1) A siren is sounded for two minutes, at 8:00 pm and then again at 11:00 am, during which the entire nation comes to a standstill, including traffic. (2) All places of public entertainment are closed from sunset to sunset. Yom HaZikaron is observed on the day before Yom HaAtzma’ut. Yom HaAtzma’ut is Israel’s Independence Day, marking the anniversary of the day when David Ben-Gurion and other members of the provisional government read and signed a Declaration of Independence. As you might have guessed, it’s a day of celebration with many festivities throughout the land. Some Orthodox communities, following a ruling by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, recite Hallel. Conservative Judaism does not recite Hallel, but we do add Al Hanissim in the Amidah, as on Hanukkah and Purim. Yom HaAtzma’ut is also the only day between Passover and Lag BaOmer when semi-mourning practices are suspended. Lag BaOmer is much more ancient. Its origins are unclear, but the most common explanations are: (1) A plague that was killing Rabbi Akiva’s students ended on Lag BaOmer. (2) Lag BaOmer is the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, one of Rabbi Akiva’s disciples. In any case, it is a festive day, practices of semi-mourning that are otherwise observed during the Omer are suspended, and weddings are permitted. Yom Yerushalayim commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 following the Six-Day War. It is the youngest holiday on the Jewish calendar. In Israel, it is observed through state ceremonies, parades, other festivities, and also memorial services for soldiers who died in the battle for Jerusalem. B’shalom,


From the President

MAY 2014

As we head into May, I hope you all have Wednesday, May 7, on your calendar. That evening is the CBI annual meeting. We will vote on a new slate of officers, vote to approve the budget and give out the Gail S. Warren Legacy for Leadership Award. I hope you will consider this annual meeting important enough that you attend. Even though we will be voting on a new slate of officers in May who will begin their terms in July, I want to welcome two new board members. Following two resignations, I am happy to announce that Andy Giskin and Ari Weisberg are now members of CBI’s Board of Trustees. When you see them, please thank them for their service to CBI. I also want to thank Bonnie Halprin for her work this year as our Youth Director. Bonnie will be stepping away from this position next year so she can continue to focus on making Pauline Rivkind Preschool the best it can be. Often people ask what value we receive form our membership in USCJ. Ilana Dayan recently participated in a workshop, “The Future is Now: Jewish Education for the 21st Century,” presented by Susan Wyner, national education consultant for synagogue education from the USCJ Learning Department. Additionally, CBI was selected by USCJ to participate in a Strategic Planning Process. We will have our “hands held” through an intensive process to help develop a strategic plan for CBI. Todah Rabah to Alice Etitnger and the committee, who met, discussed and decided to apply for this incredible opportunity. Committee members gathered information necessary for the application and Todah Rabah to Susan Goldstein who put it together in a winning way. Liz Sembler will be our facilitator. This comes at an important time is CBI’s history as we recently celebrated 90 years of conservative Judaism in St. Pete, but recognize that our world is changing and we need to change also to meet the needs of the community for the next 90 years. Thanks to our affiliation with USCJ, we plan to move forward with great guidance.

From the Executive Director Philanthropy I recently read an article written by Simone Joyaux, “Are We Talking the Same Language?” in the Nonprofit Quarterly that gave me cause to reflect. The article included two definitions of the word philanthropy that the author had heard. They are: “freeing the talent of the citizenry” (Manuel Arango Arias); and “voluntary action for the common good” (Robert L. Payton). What struck me most about those definitions was that neither referred to money or fundraising. The essence, to me, was that philanthropy has to do with voluntarily sharing one’s talents. We’re all familiar with the phrase Im Ein Kemach Ein Torah (Pirkei Avot 3:21), “Without bread there is no Torah” – or, no money, no Torah. And, yes, CBI needs your money to continue to bring you quality services and programs. But that’s not what I am emphasizing in this column. Rather, I’m asking you to share your talents as a volunteer. Everyone has a talent that he/she can share. We want you to choose to share your particular talent with your CBI family with a view to strengthening the sacred work we do here. We’re going to start asking you, one by one, to take on a task here and there. You don’t have to chair a committee. You don’t even have to be on a committee. Fact is, the world has far too many committees already! It doesn’t take a committee to help with a mailing in the office, to make phone calls to remind our fellow members that a Got Shabbat? Dinner is coming up and we’d like them to join us there. How about reaching out to somebody who doesn’t usually attend the Rabbi’s Lunch n’Learn and asking him/her to join you there? Maybe there’s an adult education class that you think would be of special interest to someone you know. You’re going. Wouldn’t you like to invite him/her to join you? Do you know somebody in the community who’s not involved in Women’s League or the Mitzvah Men’s Club, but you’re sure he/she would enjoy being a part of the group? If there’s something you’d like to do, let us know before we start knocking on your door. Please be in touch with me at or 727.381.4900, x202. I’m waiting to hear from you! B’Shalom,


Torah Educator/Reader

MAY 2014

Memories Many times I think of growing up on the West Side of New York and the North Side of Chicago. My Father, Abraham Duker, was a scholar, author, historian, and sociologist. We were raised in a unique environment with notable Jewish figures of the time visiting and eating at our apartment. I did not realize as a child that some of these people were famous and many times I could not understand the conversations or heated debates which were in many different languages. My sister Rivka and I used to sit on the floor and play with our favorite toys, my father’s collection of books, and name them from words we heard at home. Books took over every available space in our small apartment. My father was a believer in “Am Yisrael” and worked for the three main branches of Judaism teaching at Jewish Institute of Religion (Reform), The Jewish Theological Seminary (Conservative) and Yeshiva University (Orthodox). When Rabbi Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, wanted to set up a library, he had my Father’s help. He met my mother, Lillian Miriam Sandrow, at a Labor Zionist meeting in New York. She was a social worker and worked after World War II with many Holocaust survivors as well as at the Bureau of Child Guidance of the City of New York. Her Brother was a Conservative Rabbi, Rabbi Edward T. Sandrow, who taught pastoral psychology at JTS. Some of the notables that came to our apartment were Rabbis Abraham Heschel, Mordechai Kaplan, Ira Eisenstein (and his wife Judith, who had the first Bat Mitzvah), and Louis Finkelstein. Authors who ate my mother’s wonderful food were Isaac Bashevis Singer, Gershom Scholem, Salo Baron, Saul Lieberman and Trude Weiss-Rosemarin. Many dissertations were spread out on the dining room table and my father helped more notables attain their degrees. I attained most of my Jewish knowledge in that unique environment! My parents retired in Israel and are buried there….Z”L.

Debbie Marmon Torah Educator/Reader

A Team: CBI’s Advocacy for Israel Committee CBI was represented at the recent AIPAC Policy Conference by Chandaye and Eric Pastman, and by Hannah Terzi, who was part of the national USY delegation. It was the largest Conference yet - over 14,000 pro-Israel activists from across the United States. Over the course of the Conference, we heard many prominent leaders, including John Kerry, Robert Menendez, John McCain, Benjamin Netanyahu, and others. We learned about new Israeli technologies, eg, one that allows police to see through walls (that has already proven effective in hostage rescues), and another that allows blind people to read. Attendees were able to select from a variety of in-depth, specific topic presentations during the breakout sessions. We attended updates on Hamas, Egypt, and Israel’s relationship with China. In each case, the session was detailed and informative. Each presenter spoke for 60 minutes; this was followed by questions for 30 minutes. During these sessions we learned that the US is pulling back from the Middle East, while France, Iran, and Russia are the major beneficiaries as they move in to fill the void. The Conference’s final day was for lobbying. Senator Rubio was unable to attend the Florida Senate session, but he sent one of his aides. Since we had no Representative at the time, the CBI delegation joined the Pastman’s previous New Jersey delegation to lobby Congressman Chris Smith. We had a discussion about AIPAC issues as well as his topics of interest. Due to our airline schedule, we were unable to meet with Senator Nelson. For a look at the 2014 Policy Conference, visit We have already signed up for the 2015 Conference, and hope that you will join us.

Eric & Chandaye Pastman 6

February 2014

Youth Department

MAY 2014

Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah The week between the twenty-seventh of Nisan, Yom Hashoah, and the fifth of Iyar, Yom Ha’atzmaut, is modern Israel’s best history lesson. Yom Hashoah commemorates the six million Jews murdered during World War II. Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrates the recovery, the revival of the Jewish state, and Yom Hazikaron is not only a day of remembrance, but also a day of awareness. Yom Ha'atzmaut in Israel is always preceded by Yom Hazikaron, Israel's Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers. The message of linking these two days is clear: Israelis owe their independence to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for it. During Yom Hazikaron many families in Israel keep the TV on throughout the day, turned to a special channel that, for 24 hours, shows nothing but the names of all of the soldiers and victims of terrorist attacks who have died since the day of Israel's birth. There is something very Jewish about that act. In a sense, it's our way of reminding ourselves that every person matters, that everyone had a name. The state of Israel, with all its wonders and achievements, is our miracle, and we should thank those who paid the price. PRTT commemorated Yom Hashoah on Sunday, April 27, with a short presentation. We dedicate Sunday, May 4, to Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut. -‫הנה מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד‬ Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to celebrate together. Friday, May 2, PRTT will host Got Shabbat? Dinner, Children and adult friendly and delicious, you really don’t want to miss it!!!! Festival of food, Ruach: singing and dancing celebrate: Israel’s Birthday. Our goal is to bring together almost all the members of the synagogue. Please help us to achieve this Goal: “Shevet Achim Gam Yachad.” Israel is our creation, the grand project of the Jewish people. No one can love Israel more than we do, so let’s come together and celebrate! Ilana Dayan Education Director


Mitzvah Men’s Club

MAY 2014

Kudos and thanks to the folks who made this year’s PASSOVER BBQ a lot of fun and a great success: Alan Gross, Bill Marger, Larry Green, Lenny Gelfond, Marv Leibson, Sam Janofsky, Eddie Ginsburg, Steve Feld, and an extra Todah Rabah to Marc Reiskind for his special contribution. Thanks also to Susan, Melissa, Amy, Christopher and Chris. Moish’ Pipick apologizes to those who were hotdogless. It’s a long story, better left untold. Our heavy construction recently built and unbuilt the KOTEL. Those stones are heavy, the guys are all to be commended for their heavy lifting. That same team will this summer be replacing parts of the Sukkah. By the time you read this we hope you will be planning to attend our annual MOTHERS’ DAY BRUNCH, under the chairmanship of Larry Green. We are expecting it to be, or to have been, very enjoyable. Any mothers who attended and were disappointed will receive a full refund, no questions asked. The MMC Board of Directors is currently working on by-law revisions to bring the group into this century. Thanks to Sandy Heller for starting this project and to Bill Marger for coming in from the bullpen to close. The updated by-laws will be presented to the entire MMC membership at its meeting in June. Jesse Rodman Mitzvah Men’s Club President

Women’s League Torah Fund Dinner, Honoring Livia Wein, A Huge Success By: Joanne Luski, Torah Fund Vice President On February 19, 2014, we gathered to honor The Jewish Theological Seminary and Livia Wein, as CBI Women’s League 2014 “Jackie Jacobs Woman Of Achievement”. Mazel tov to Livia on receiving this prestigious award! Because of Marilyn LeVine's efforts, as Special Gifts Chair, our Women’s League boasts 1 Patron, 10 Guardians And 49 Benefactors. Once Again CBI Women’s League will make our quota of $12,500. I encourage all of you to schedule a visit to The Seminary. When you go, please note the plaque on the "Wall Of Honor", outside the Women's League Synagogue and several shelves in the library from our Congregation B’nai Israel Women’s League. Thank You To The Following Individuals For Making The Torah Fund Dinner Such A Success: Special Gifts Chair:

Marilyn LeVine

Centerpieces and Torah Fund Cards: Jennifer Sternberg Programs: Myrna Rubin Invitations: Lorri Helfand And Anita Helfand Reservations, Certificate And Seating: Anita Helfand Speaker: Rabbi Gail Swedroe, Assistant Director And Campus Rabbi, Hillel University Of Florida Anthems: Janet Augengraun Motzi: Dr. David, Rachel And Aaron Wein D’var Torah: Rabbi Jacob Luski Birkat Hamazon: Cantor Jonathan Schultz Head Chefs: Ricki Lewis And Irma Mayer Their Sous Chefs: Gail Frye, Ruth Ann Mizrahi, Mark Lewis, Jack Mayer, Chandaye Pastman, Joan Redisch And Millie Gelfond Servers: Rita Jacobson, Eileen Richman And Jackie Wertel Setup: Patti Adelson, Susie Berman, Karen Kauffmann, Vivian Lurie, Jennifer Sternberg And Phyllis Werner Cleanup: Susie Berman, Sheryl Feinman, Araceli Gross, Carol Marger, Starr Silver, Byron Kolitz, and Laurie Reiskind Greeting From Florida Region: Anne Schimberg, President Women’s League For Florida Region Presentation Of The 2014 Woman Of Achievement: Helen Kahan 8

Women’s League

MAY 2014



MAY 2014

Lag Ba’Omer The eighteenth day of Iyar is La Ba’Omer, or the thirty-third day of the Omer. It is the day of respite from the sadness of s’firah, because it is believed to be the day when the plague that afflicted Rabbi Akiva’s students

ceased. Tahunun is not said, weddings are permitted, and haircuts and shaving are allowed for those that refrain during s’firah weeks. To celebrate people usually have picnics or parties.

Yom Ha’atzmaut Israeli Independence Day-The State of Israel was proclaimed on the fifth of Iyar, 5708, or May 14, 1948. Although Yom Ha’atzmaut falls during s’firah, the celebration of Israeli becoming an independent state takes precedence over the restrictions.

Yom Hazikaron The day before Yom Ha’atzmaut is Yom Hazikaron. It is a Memorial Day dedication to the memory of all those who have died in defense of the State of Israel since 1948 and of the Jewish Yishuv is pre-State days.

Yom Y’rushalayim The twenty-eighth day of Iyar is Yom Y’rushalalyim. Its name comes from the twenty-eighth day of Iyar, 1967. The IDF entered the Old City of Jerusalem, which Jordan had occupied since the War of Independence in 1948. This meant that for the first time since 1948, the Jewish people had control over the Kotel. It is a day meant to reflect this significant event and honor the men and women of the IDF who participated in its liberation. Also, it is appropriate to remember those who fell in the battles for the city in 1948 and 1967.

Source Used: Cohen, Martin Samuel. "Holy Days and Holidays." The Observant Life: the wisdom of Conservative Judaism for Contemporary Jews. New York: Aviv Press, 2012. . Print. 10

Lag Ba’Omer

Photo Caption

MAY 2014


Todah Rabah

MAY 2014

We would like to say a special Todah Rabah to the following people for their dedication to CBI. ✡

Esta Blaxberg and Karen Kauffman for co-chairing our wonderful Passover Seder.

Mitzvah Men’s Club for another successful Passover BBQ.

Murray and Myrna Rubin for bringing the “Be a Better Bystander” JAEDA Event to CBI.

Rita Jacobson, Karen Kauffman, Ricki and Mark Lewis, and Murray Rubin for their help with mailings.

Sam Cohen, Dr. Steve LeVine, and Steve Wein for davening Pesukei D’Zimra.

Michael Barth, Niomi London, Mattan Melamed, Emma Piper, Talia Shwer, Sarah Silverberg, Jordan Tralins, and Steve Wein for reading Torah.

Dr. Jay Azneer, Michael Barth, Jocelyn Howard, Jay Kauffman, and Jordan Tralins for chanting Haftarah.

Maot Hittim Todah Rabah to the following people for their generous donation towards Passover Maot Hittim Dr. Richard & Debbie Blanchard Esta Blaxberg Pearl Brook Dr. Pat Cottrille Dr. Larry & Sheryl Feinman Lou & Yollette Frey Selma Gaby Sheri Frogel Joe & Eva Fuchs Joel & Ellen Goetz Jack & Linda Goldfarb Susan Goldstein Steve & Linda Grau Anita Helfand Carolyn Isakson Sam & Sandy Janofsky Byron Kolitz & Dr. Starr Silver Hannah Krassner Bob & Elaine Lachter Dr. David & Janice LeVine

Dr. Mitchell & Ellen LeVine Dr. Morris & Marilyn LeVine Dr. Steven & Susan LeVine Mark & Ricki Lewis Jeff & Diane Litt Dr. Arthur & Bebby Marlin Debbie Marmon Lenny & Ruth Mauer Jack & Irma Mayer Adele Morris Michael & Barbara Noonberg Dr. Leslie Pearlstein and Reva Pearlstein Harold & Anita Pollack Dr. Marc & Laurie Reiskind Murray & Myrna Rubin Greg & Liz Sembler Dr. Robert & Jennifer Sternberg Dr. Hugh & Susie van Gelder Dr. Mitchell & Dr. Leslie Weiss 12

Women’s League

MAY 2014

CBI Women’s League Judaica Shop Call for an Appointment: Ellen Bernstein 727.345.0237 Anita Helfand 727.347.2300

Visit the Judaica Shop for: Hanukkah items, ceremonial objects, Kiddush cups, candlesticks, Shabbat Candles, shofars, honey dishes, tefillin, tallitot, Challah plates, boards, knives, and more!

We special order!

Buns Family Library

Adult Studies Hagbah, Gelilah, Carrying the Torah

CBI– HADASSAH BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB MEETINGS Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 21, at 10:00 am in the Buns Family Library

Saturday, May 10, 2014, following 9:00 Shabbat Morning Services Training session on the proper way to perform the aliyot of Hagbah (Lifting the Torah), Gelilah (Binding the Torah), and Carrying the Torah. Contact Morry Bornstein at 727-397-9955 or with additional questions.

Torah For Seniors, led by Rabbi Jacob Luski Tuesday, May 20, 11:00 am (Philip Benjamin Tower)

Lunch with the Rabbi and Mishnah Study The next book that will be discussed is

The Outside World, by Tova Mirvis

Wednesday, May 21, noon RSVP to the CBI Office with your Deli Lunch Order at 727.381.4900 by Tuesday, May 20, noon

Talmud Made Easy Stephen Wein continues his class studying Talmudic text along with its selected commentaries. The classes are in English, and Steve explains it all. All materials are provided. The class involves textual analysis and lively discussion and is open to all. No previous knowledge necessary. Wednesdays, May 21 and 28, 7:00 pm

Dialogue with the Rabbi An informal question and answer session during Shabbat Morning Services Saturday, May 24, 9:00 am *For more information on these events, check, the Adult Studies Program Book, or call the CBI office at 727.381.4900 13

MAY 2014






5 Yom Hazikaron

6 Yom Ha’atzmaut


11 Mother’s Day




18 Lag Ba’Omer





26 Memorial Day CBI Office Closed


28 Yom Y’rushala

9:00 Morning Minyan 9:00 PRTT 12:00 Pinellas County Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration at CBI 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 19

9:00 Morning Minyan 9:00 NO PRTT 10:30 MMC Mother’s Day Brunch 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 26

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 20

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:00 Chess Club 6:00 “Living Our Faith Well, Working Together in One Community,” Unitarian Universalist Church 6:30 Evening Minyan 6:45 Ritual Committee Omer Day 21

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 27

7:45 Morning Minyan 4:00 PRTT 6:00 Chess Club 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 28

9:00 Morning Minyan 7:45 Morning Minyan 9:00 NO PRTT 6:30 Evening Minyan 11:00 Lag Ba’Omer Event, Bear Creek Park Omer Day 34 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 33

9:00 Morning Minyan 9:00 NO PRTT 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 40

7:45 Morning Minyan 11:00 Torah 4 Seniors, Philip Benjamin Tower 12:00 Lunch with the Rabbi RSVP Deadline 4:45 NO PRTT 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 35

7:45 Morning Minyan 4:45 NO PRTT 6:00 Chess Club 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 42

9:00 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 41


7:45 Morning Minyan 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Office 5:00 Intro to Judaism 6:00 Minyanaire Pinning 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 CBI Annual Meeting Omer Day 22

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 Women’s League “S Show Omer Day 29

7:45 Morning Minyan 10:00 CBI Hadassah Bo 12:00 Lunch with the Ra 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Office 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 Talmud Class with S Omer Day 36

7:45 Morning Minyan 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Office 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 Talmud Class with S Omer Day 43

Shabbat Schedule 

MAY 2014

Friday, May 2 Dave and  Dine at the Kotel Kabbalat Shabbat, followed by Got Shabbat? Dinner, 6:00, Candlelighting 7:47

Friday, May 9 Sephardic Shabbat, Ask the Rabbi Sit Down Oneg 8:00,Candlelighting 7:51

Saturday, May 3 Morning Service, Daven and Dine at the Kotel, Minyanaire Kipah Presentation, and Israeli Breakfast Kiddush, 9:00 Sedra Emor, Minha, Maariv, Havdala, 7:50

Saturday, May 10 Morning Service Hebrew High Graduation, and Kiddush 9:00am, Sedra Behar, Minha, Maariv, Havdala, 7:50


and Reception

Friday, May 16 Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30, Candlelighting 7:55

Saturday, May 17  Education Shabbat, April and May Simha Shabbat, PRTT Graduation and Kiddush, 9:00, Sedra Behukotai, Minha, Maariv, Havdala, 7:55


Friday, May 23 Kabbalat Shabbat, 6:30 Candlelighting 7:59

Saturday, May 24  Morning Service, Dialogue with the Rabbi, and Kiddush 9:00, Sedra Bamidbar, Minha, Maariv, Havdala 8:00


Friday, May 30 Flip Flop Shabbat at Upham Beach, 6:15 Candlelighting 8:03 Saturday, May 31 Morning Service, VPK Graduation, USY Summer Sendoff, and Kiddush 9:00, Sedra Nasso, Minha, Maariv, Havdala 8:05



3 Sedra Emor



10 Sedra Behar

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:00 CBI-Ish’s “Big Fat Jewish Greek Dinner,” Athenian Gardens 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 23

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:00 Daven and Dine at the Kotel Kabbalat Shabbat, followed by Got Shabbat? Dinner 7:47 Candlelighting Omer Day 17

7:45 Morning Minyan 7:51 Candlelighting 8:00 Sephardic Shabbat, Ask the Rabbi Sit Down Oneg Omer Day 24

g and Installation


7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Spring Fling” Fashion Omer Day 30

ok Club abbi e Hours

1 Rosh Hodesh Iyar

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan 6:30 The Cordozo Society Leadership Award Dinner, Presented to Bruce Marger, The Bank of Tampa Omer Day 16

e Hours


7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Kabbalat Shabbat 7:55 Candlelighting Omer Day 31

9:00 Shabbat Morning Services, Daven and Dine at the Kotel, Minyanaire Kipah Presentation, followed by Israeli Breakfast Kiddush 10:00 NO Junior Congregation 7:50 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 18

9:00 Shabbat Services, Hebrew High Graduation, and Kiddush 10:00 Junior congregation 11:30 Hagbah, Gelilah, Carry Torah Workshop 7:50 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 25

17 Sedra Buhukotai 9:00 Morning Shabbat Services, Educators Shabbat, April and May Simha Shabbat, PRTT Graduation, and Kiddush 10:00 NO Junior Congregation 7:55 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 32



24 Sedra Bamidbar


30 Rosh Hodesh Sivan

31 Sedra Nasso

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 37

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat 7:59 Candlelighting Omer Day 38

9:00 Shabbat Morning Services, Dialogue with the Rabbi, and Kiddush 10:00 NO Junior Congregation 8:00 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 39

Steve Wein


e Hours

Steve Wein

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 44

7:45 Morning Minyan 11:00 VPK Graduation 6:15 Flip Flop Kabbalat Shabbat, Upham Beach 8:03 Candlelighting Omer Day 45 15

9:00 Shabbat Morning Service, Graduation Shabbat, USY Summer Programs Sendoff, and Kiddush 10:00 NO Junior Congregation 8:00 USY Elections and Final Program 8:05 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 46

Life Cycle Events

MAY 2014


Bruce Marger on receiving The Cordozo Society of Tampa Bay Leadership Award from the Jewish Federation of Pinellas and Pasco County.

Sandi Rodman on publishing her second novel on Amazon Ebook, “ Denise Crawley, Flight Nurse, Fear No Evil Overnight,” nom deplume, AJ Keene

Liz Sembler on being nominated by President Barack Obama to a second term to the Board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and continuing her role as vice-chairwoman of the agency, which oversees the government funding of PBS and NPR.


Mazal Tov to Louis Orloff, Hope and Melvin Globus, Charles Aufhammer, Carolyn Aufhammer and Elizabeth Toomrey, Sherri Orloff, Anne and Marc Orloff, on the birth of their great-grandson, grandson, and son, Jonathan Gray Orloff.

Mazal Tov to Marvin and Lee Leibson on the birth of their great-grandson, Benjamin Samuel Hughes.


Mazal Tov to Drs. Hazel and Steve Shwer on the marriage of their daughter, Dr. Talia Nicol Shwer to Dr. Jason Charles Snyder

Mazal Tov to Larry and Helen Freid on the marriage of their daughter, Dr. Nina Philip to Larry Bernstein


Mazal Tov to Ali and Dr. Kevin Tralins on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Jordan Rakhel Tralins.

Dr, Sidney Grau Husband of Lillian Grau Father of Steve Grau, Barry Grau, and Martha Kimmel Brother of Helen Simon

Lenny Mauer Husband of Ruth Mauer, Father of Liz Sembler, Rabbi Sue Morningstar, and Debby Gaines

Harry Kraff Husband of Jean Kraff, Father of Eileen Richman, Tina Hager, Ronald Kraff, Brother of Ted Blum

May He who comforts Israel, Grant you solace in your bereavement. 16

Join us in wishing Mazal Tov! to members celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and B’nai Mitzvah. Your good wishes can be part of their memories, while at the same time, supporting B’nai Israel’s commitment to help our schools, youth groups and Synagogue through your donations to our Mitzvah Fund.




□16 Larry Lew

□23 Pam Kravitz

□ 2 Dr. Mandel Sher

□16 David Robbins

□24 Rachel Domber

□ 3 Dr. Larry Green

□16 Dr. Robert Sheppard

□24 Sheryl Feinman

□ 3 Audrey Kopelman

□17 Herb Brasch

□25 Walter Loebenberg

□ 3 Peggy McAvoy

□17 Jared Shenofsky

□25 Ralph Mizrahi

□ 3 Dr. Hugh Van Gelder

□17 Ilene Worman

□25 Kim Zinkerman

□ 7 Jerry Benstock

□18 Shana Gaines

□26 Dr. Irwin Ayes

□ 24 Robin and Dr. Jimmy Post

□ 7 Eliot Dantowitz

□18 Jim Gordon

□28 Rose Polsky

□ 24

□ 7 Susan Scheinert

□18 Ben Thomas

□29 Sheila Knapp

□ 24 Joanne and Charles Given

□ 8 Diane Weiner

□19 Hannah Krassner

□30 Shelley Lynn

□ 24

Gail and Carl Rubinsky

□ 9 Peter Benstock

□20 Helen Kahan

□30 Rosa Russek

□ 25

Eva and Joe Fuchs

□ 12 Harold Pollack

□20 Vivian Lurie

□31 Igor Sirotkin

□ 26

Leisa and Dr. Michael Zimmer

□ 12 Beulah Steel

□20 Dr. Robert Weisberg

□ 27

□ 13 Phil Hirschfield Sandy and Herb Brasch

□21 Ron Yogman

□ 13 Steve Wein

□22 Ann Mark

□ 28

Helen and Larry Freid

□14 Sam Janofsky

□23 Steve Feld

□ 29

Vicki and Dr. David Greenfield

□15 Eva Fuchs

□23 Lou Frey

□ 29

Beulah and Sam Steel

□16 Rita Jacobson

□23 Cynthia Goldstein


Judy and Jack Buns

□ 17

Ellen Podgor and Cheryl Segal

□ 22

Tertia and Craig Kunins

□ 24

Helen and Aaron Applefield

Jessica and Jeff Strait

□ 30 Rachel and Dr. David Wein □ 31 Nancy and Dr. Stanley Rosenberg

In Honor of: ___________________________



Check the names of everyone to whom you want to send a Mitzvah Gram. Send this form together with your check, minimum $10 donation fro each acknowledgement to: CBI St. Pete, C/O Kesef Accounting Services, PO Box 159 Montvale, NJ 07645, donate online at, or drop off your check in the synagogue office. *The minimum donation per acknowledgement is $10. Please print: Your Name: ______________________________________________

MAY 17

Address: _________________________________________________


City, _____________________________Zip: __________________ Telephone: ______________ 17


MAY 2014

Adult Studies Fund

In Memory of

Mitzvah Fund

In Memory of

Lou Bader

Lenny Mauer

Anita and Harold Pollack

Dr. Sidney Grau

Sheryl and Larry Feinman

Lenny Mauer

Betty Sue and Joel Shane

Dr. Sidney Grau

Linda and Steve Grau

Lenny Mauer

Marilyn and Dr. Morris LeVine

Dr. Sidney Grau

Bonnie Walker

Lenny Mauer

Harry Kraff

MaryAnn and Bruce Marger

Lenny Mauer

Lenny Mauer

Cantor’s Fund

In Honor of

Livia and Steve Wein

Dr. Sidney Grau

Drs. Leslie and Mitch Weiss

Cantor Jonathan Schultz

Audrey Kopelman

Dr. Sidney Grau

Linda and Steve Grau

Cantor Jonathan Schultz

Dr. Harvey M. Kopelman

Gail S. Warren Legacy for Leadership Fund Linda and Jack Goldfarb

In Honor of

Beverly Halem

Dr. Steve LeVine’s special birthday

Norman Halem

Liz and Greg Sembler

Sheryl Feinman, in gratitude and friendship Scott and Cara Jay’s Wedding

Warren Simmons

John M. Simmons

Rebecca Z. Douglass

In Memory of

Marilyn Benjamin

Her father, Seymour Zapen Dr. Sidney Grau Lenny Mauer

Nancy and Dr. Stanley Rosenberg

Dr. Sidney Grau

Linda and Jack Goldfarb

Dr. Sidney Grau

Joan and Jerry Benstock

Dr. Sydney Weiss

Lenny Mauer

Ruth Mauer

Dr. Howard Heller

Liz and Greg Sembler

Florence Veniar

Dr. Sidney Grau Dr. Sydney Weiss

Vera and Dr. Larry Green

Dr. Steve Warren

Lenny Mauer

Lois and Peter Pardoll

Lenny Mauer

Rebecca and Warren Simmons

Drs. Naomi and Warren Abel

Lenny Mauer

Jacobs Beautification Fund

In Memory of

Bob, Debbie, Abby, and Bill Jacobs

Murray M. Jacobs

Library Fund

In Memory of

Beverly Sherman

Dr. Sidney Grau

Audrey Freid, Adam Tao, Julie Freid, and Sally Freid Janet Augenbraun

Dr. Sidney Grau

Eileen Koteles

Dr. Sidney Grau

Mitzvah Fund

In Honor of

Livia and Steve Wein

Sharon Grau’s engagement

Audrey Kopelman

Joel Goetz being named Man of the Year Helen Kahan’s birthday

Janice and Dr. David LeVine Bebby and Dr. Arthur Marlin

Millie and Lenny Gelfond Dr. Pat Cottrille

Dr. Arthur Schloss

Larry’s mother, Paula Green Dr. Sidney Grau Lenny Mauer

Jane Markowitz

Dr. Nancy Landfish and Ed Bailey Susan Burnett and Jim Frisch

Eugene and Joyce Bailey

Arlene Ludin

Sally Rubenstein

Anita Sher

Dr. Sidney Grau

Sharon and Alan Koenig

Gladys Koenig

Barbara, Samantha, and Ivan Bernstein Susie and Alan Schwartz

Lenny Mauer

Michael Meyer

Ann Grubstein and Yetta Stein Morris Sacket

Sharon Gershuny

Joel Goetz being named Man of the Year David Goldfarb’s engagement

Dr. Sidney Grau

Lenny Mauer

Mickey F Walters and Lee Grossman Lucille Ginsburg

Samuel H. Feinberg

Dr. Philip Warren

Lenny Mauer

Sandy and Sam Janofsky

Harry Kraff

Lenny Mauer

Lenny Mauer

Dr. Starr Silver and Byron Kolitz being given Lifetime Acheivement Awards from Israel Bonds Joan Redisch’s birthday Joanne Luski’s birthday

Wendy Levine

Harry Kraff

Teddi and David Robbins

Annette Robbins

MaryAnn and Bruce Marger

Harry Kraff

Naomi Berg’s birthday

Jean Wittner

Dr. Sidney Grau

Harold Wolfson

Gertrude Wolfson

His aliyah



MAY 2014

Mitzvah Fund

In Memory of

Rabbi’s Fund

In Memory of

Anita and Lorri Helfand

Lenny Mauer

Vivian Neumann

Dr. Sidney Grau

Shelley Lynn

Lenny Mauer

Ana Masri

Lenny Mauer

Judy Benjamin

Lenny Mauer

Caren and Larry Appel

Lenny Mauer

Sheryl and Larry Feinman

Michael Feinman

Finance Department of The Sembler Company Carolyn and Robert Isakson

Lenny Mauer

Joan and Jerry Benstock

Dr. Sidney Grau

Lenny Mauer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L Moore

Philip Katz

Rachel and Maury Seldin

Lenny Mauer

Sharon and Dr. Arthur Schloss

Miriam Schloss

Judi and Dr. Mark Gordon

Lenny Mauer

Sharon and Alan Koenig

David Dotson

Ann and James Soble

Lenny Mauer

Meni Kanner

Isaak Kanner

Lillian Rosen

Lenny Mauer

Margot and Michael Benstock

Max Fisch

Beth and Jim Rosenbluth

Lenny Mauer

Randi and Ben Rabin

Ben’s Grandfather, Meyer Miller

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Fund Myrna and Murray Rubin

Lenny Mauer

Sheila Knapp

Dr. Sidney Grau

Prayer Book Fund

In Memory of

Bebby and Dr. Arthur Marlin

Lenny Mauer

Lenny Mauer Gerry and Richard Mensh

Lenny Mauer Rachel and Dr. David Wein

Her grandfather

Lenny Mauer

Eva Marlin In Honor of

Drs. Leslie and Mitch Weiss

Carolyn and Gil Barron

Rabbi’s kindness and support In appreciation and in memory of Dr. Sid Grau A quick recovery for Anita Helfand His aliyah

Shirley Sommella

Lenny Gelfond’s birthday

Lucille Ginsburg

A misheberah for Gloria Abrams In appreciation

Linda and Steve Grau Barbara and Jerry Levin

Barbara Bernstein Drs. Hazel and Steven Shwer

Dr. Sydney Weiss Lenny Mauer

In Memory of

Rabbi’s Fund

Dr. Sidney Grau

Making Talia and Jason’s wedding memorable

Aldena and Larry Lew

His mother, Lima S Lew

Michael Morris

Leonard H. Morris

Asher Gil

Jacob Gillis

Judith and Carl Anderson

Lenny Mauer

Mary Anne Reilley

Lenny Mauer

Lil Grau

Lenny Mauer

Shirley Somella

Her beloved husband, John

Nancy and Allan Lonschein

Claire and Leon Lonschein

USY Fund

In honor of

Lee and Marvin Leibson Karen and Jay Kauffman

Sarah Jess Silverberg’s Bat Mitzvah Dr. Steve LeVine’s special birthday In memory of

Billie and Morry Bornstein

Lee Schwartz

Carol and Bill Marger

Lenny Mauer

Ricki and Mark Lewis

Lenny Mauer

Looking for a special way to honor your family and friends who are celebrating a Simha?

USY Pilgrimage Fund

In Honor of


Linda and Steve Grau

Carlie Rose Haber’s engagement In memory of

Susie and Ira Berman

Dr. Sidney Grau Lenny Mauer

is just the answer. What a joy it is for someone to walk into our shul and see a Tribute of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, special birthday, anniversary or wedding. Order forms are in the synagogue office and lobby. Minimum donation $254.


Shelley Lynn, Eric and Tracy Lynn Ellen Bernstein

Dr. Sidney Grau

Sandi and Jesse Rodman

Lenny Mauer

Lenny Mauer

Men’s Club

MAY 2014 February 2014


Mitzvah Men’s Club

MAY 2014 February 2014


December MAY 2013 2014

Women’s League needs YOU

To help bake your own recipes/cake mixes to be used for Kiddushim. If interested, please contact Ruth Ann Mizrahi at 727.347.6688 or 22

MAY 2014


MAY 2014

Please Patronize Our Advertisers!


MAY 2014

Come join us! For membership information please contact:

Rhoda Ross – Membership VP

St. Petersburg Chapter


MAY 2014

Women’s League Catering is special. Trust us with you simcha and you’ll discover that in addition to the delicious food, the great attention to detail, and the unbeatable value, there’s one thing that separates us from the rest. With everything we do, from the first phone call to the serving of each carefully prepared dish, we do it with all our heart. Give us a call and see for yourself. Contact Information:

Alice Ettinger 26

MAY 2014


Congregation B’nai Israel B’nai Israel Review 300 -58th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33710-7889 Tel: (727) 381-4900 Fax: (727) 344-1307 Website: 24 Hour Telephone Voice Mail

Change Service Requested

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID St. Petersburg, Fl. Permit # 618

Enjoy the summer with your CBI Family! Things to look out for: 

May 18, Lag Ba’Omer Celebration

May 30, Flip Flop Shabbat at Upham Beach

Beginning in June, we will have our Summer Speakers Series again

Also in June, our Friday Evening Services will begin at 7:30


B'nai Review May 2014  
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