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Volume 5774 Issue 9

April 2014/ Nisan 5774

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B’nai Israel Review

April 2014


Our Mission Through our congregational life, our goal is to provide the opportunity for our members and friends to experience Jewish life to its fullest. We want to transmit the ideals of Conservative Judaism to our children and grandchildren, to enable them to be knowledgeable and responsible participants in Jewish life, sensitive and ethical human beings and reliable custodians of an enduring heritage. Through the synagogue, we want to find strength and inspiration in worship and study, in the sharing of lifecycle events, in acts of caring, in reaching out to the wide Jewish and non-Jewish communities, and in concern and support for Israel.

Rabbi Jacob Luski, D.D. 727.381.4900 x207 Cantor Jonathan Schultz 727.381.4900 x305

Ongoing Activities at CBI

Participate in Aliyot The Ritual Committee of Congregation B’nai Israel encourages worshippers to participate in services by performing aliyot. If you like to receive an aliyah , please call the synagogue office at 727.381.4900, or speak to one of the ushers when you enter the sanctuary, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request. Those wishing to receive an aliyah on Shabbat morning are asked to arrive at services no later than 9:30 am. We look forward to your participation.

Executive Director Susan Goldstein

Daily Services

Become a Minyanaire! Support our Daily Minyan in the Chapel: Sunday Morning: 9:00 Monday—Friday mornings: 7:45 Sunday—Thursday evenings: 6:30

Office Drop Box As a reminder, there is a Secured Drop Box available at the shul and at your service when you are in the building. It is located outside the Synagogue office across from the Judaica Shop. You can drop off messages, contributions, etc when coming to classes, events, meetings, or when dropping off children at school. It is an easy way to communicate within the congregational family. Drop-in sometime!

Junior Congregation All B’nai Israel children, ages 9 -13, grades 3 - 7 are invited to participate in a special, age-appropriate Shabbat Service in the Chapel Saturdays at 10:00am. Bonnie Halprin Pauline Rivkind Preschool Director 727.381.4900 x211

Come just for the joy of davening together. You'll be glad you decided to join the growing number of CBI members and friends who do. Youth Director 727.381.7900 x 209

Continental Breakfast The Mitzvah Men’s Club provides a Continental Breakfast for all worshippers on Minyan Mornings in the alcove of the Social Hall. Please join the Minyanaires for the morning Shaharit service and relax and schmooze over breakfast—bagels, cream cheese, coffee cake and coffee/tea.

Shalom, Morry Bornstein, Ritual Chair

727.381.4900 x202 Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Education Director Ilana Dayan 727.381.4900 x310 Community Engagement Liz Sembler 727.424.0513

Sponsorship Opportunities If you are interested in sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat on Friday evening or a L’Hayim following a Morning Minyan in honor or memory of a loved one or a special occasion, please contact the Synagogue office. Torah Reader/Educator Deborah Marmon 727.381.4900 x205 Office Manager Pam Askin 727.381.4900 x203


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Melissa Hertzfeld

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727.381.4900 Accounting Diane Gettler

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727.381.4900 x204 President Laurie Reiskind Women’s League President Alice Ettinger Men’s Club President Jesse Rodman USY President Hannah Terzi Kadima President Danielle LeVine

CBI Announcements

With Love From the CBI Kitchen Passover Cheesecake Do you go to Carrabbas?

3 Eggs

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 Cup Sugar

2– 8oz. Pkgs. Cream cheese, softened

1 tsp. Sugar

1 Cup Sour Cream

CVS? TJMaxx? Shop at your favorite stores and eat at restaurants while making money for CBI! Now available in the CBI Office. Get your Mitzvah

Gelt Gift Cards!

Save the Date CBI Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 7:00 pm CBI Photo Journal Directory Don’t forget to sign your family up for your profession photography session at CBI! The available dates are: Monday, March 31 Tuesday, April 1 Wednesday, April 2 Thursday, April 3 Sunday, April 6 To sign up for your time slot go to and look for directions in an announcement on the right side of the page. For questions or more information contact Phil or BethAnn Redisch at 727.546.4291 or

 1/4 tsp. Vanilla Add eggs, one at a time, to the cream cheese alternating with the sugar, add 1 tsp of Vanilla. Beat until smooth. Grease a 9in round glass pan (it’s the glass pan that allows the cake to brown on the bottom eliminating the need for a crust). Pour in mixture and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool 10 minutes. Topping: Blend sour cream, 1 tsp. Sugar, and 1/4 tsp. Vanilla in a small bowl and spread on warm pie. Put back in oven for 3—5 minutes. Serve Chilled.

Save the Date Yom Ha’atzmaut Community Celebration At CBI Sunday, May 4, 2014 Noon—4:00 pm

5774 Passover Guide The Rabbinical Assembly 5774 Passover Guide is available to download at:

Are you, or were you ever involved in

Yom Hashoah Community Yom Hashoah Observance Guest Speaker Stanlee Stahl, Executive Vice President of Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

Sunday, April 27, 2:00 pm Florida Holocaust Muesum 555 First Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida Light Yellow Yom Hashoah Candles after dark, Sunday Evening. Prayers are included with your Candle.

Bereavement Group Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services is offering a Bereavement Support Group for 6 consecutive Thursdays beginning on April 24, through May 29, from 11:00AM to Noon at Gulf Coast offices, 14041 Icot Blvd., Clearwater. The group will be using the book “Living With Loss, Healing With Hope” by Rabbi Earl Grollman, which will be provided. A donation of $18.00(Chai) or non-perishable donations to the JFS Food Pantry are welcome. If there is interest in an evening group, or to register for this group, contact Sue at 727.479.1811. This is open to the community. Renee Baseman will be conducting the group.


education? We would like to know! CBI will be having our first Shabbat Hinuch, or Education Shabbat May, 17. If interested contact Linda Grau at or 727.344.2058 or Livia Wein at 727.393.3289

Volunteer Pals The Pauline Rivkind Preschool is looking for volunteers to read to preschoolers any week day from 9:00 am to noon for about an hour. For more information contact Bonnie Halprin at 727.381.4900 x211 or

Wanted! Yiddish Teacher Please call office! Seeking a volunteer that would like to teach a Yiddish class for our Adult Education Series. Please contact Lou Bader 727.867.4913 or email

From the Rabbi

April 2014

As we approach the celebration of Passover, it is hard to disassociate current events from ancient ones. While our People are not enslaved, the scourge of slavery still exists. Although there is no current Pharaoh for a Moses to confront, the world still has many oppressors who regard themselves as all-powerful and who are as hard-hearted as any ancient tyrant. Passover is an annual opportunity to rejoice in our ancestors’ liberation. It is also a time to emphasize not only from where they came, but what they became. We take no pleasure in the fact that our national beginnings were in slavery. We rejoice, however, in the religious and moral compass they gained and because of which their descendants enriched the world. The symbols of the Seder are intended not merely to remind us of the place where we began, but to urge us on in our quest to become the best that is within our grasp. Because we remember oppression, we must be even more sensitive. If we condemn hard-heartedness, then we must demand of ourselves that we be especially compassionate. If we respond to the punishment of the Egyptian oppressors by diminishing our cup of joy and sympathize with those who suffer, even those like Pharaoh who embittered our ancestors’ lives, we must be scrupulous in showing compassion when we can and careful in the way we treat others. To celebrate the past without translating what we learn from it into lessons for our own lives is to miss the essence. It is because the past is real to us that we are able to use it to help us shape the present and the future. May you enjoy your Seder. I urge you to use the Seder elements to spark discussion to derive contemporary meaning. Who is today’s Pharaoh? Who might be the Moses of our age? What are contemporary plagues, and who suffers them? What is the difference between freedom and liberty? What do we Rabbi Office Hours mean by “redemption?” Rabbi Jacob Luski will be available I also hope that you will come to the synagogue to share Yom Tov with our Congregational Family. Help us to make this Pesah a vehicle for communal celebration, universal liberation, for any congregant to stop by for any and personal sanctification. questions or conversations they may have Wednesday afternoons from 2:00—4:00, April 2, 9, 23, 30.

Hag Kasher V’sameah – a joyous and meaningful Passover!

Appointments not necessary.

From the Cantor By the time you read this, the CBI Choir will have performed Shabbat Musaf with me on Shabbat Zachor, the day before Purim. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and yasher koach to my choir members: Mali Feld, Susan Goldstein, Phyllis Werner, Ellie LeVine, Joan Epstein, Gary Levine, Mitch LeVine, Gerry Werner, and Sidney Werner. We just celebrated Purim, and we all know what that means: Passover is right around the corner! As a “warmup” for Passover, CBI is having our fourth annual Matzah Mania on Sunday morning, April 6, from 9:00 am to noon, featuring games, fun activities, a Virtual Seder, and more, for children and adults of all ages. I would like to also welcome back Linda Grau, Livia Wein and Helen Kahan, who will once again present the Four Questions in various foreign languages. I would like to share with you how I got that idea in the first place. My brother Joe had many friends who were immigrants from other lands, and whose first languages were not English. One year his Lithuanian friend translated all Four Questions from English to Lithuanian on the fly. In other years, his Chinese-American friend translated from English to Mandarin on the fly, and his friend from Malawi translated from English to Chichewa on the fly. My Dad’s friend the Catholic deacon came prepared with a Latin translation. Eventually, we started inviting our Passover guests to prepare the 4 Questions in a language of their choosing. One year a friend of mine even did them in American Sign Language! Many families have different Seder traditions that they weave in to make the Seder experience more meaningful and enjoyable, and this has been one of ours. Another tradition was to be creative musically with the songs at the end of the Seder. It turns out that “Ki Lo Naeh” scans perfectly to “Yellow Submarine,” “Adir Hu” scans to the “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and “Echad Mi Yodea” scans perfectly to “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” Hag Sameah! 4

From the President

April 2014

CBI is always a busy place. As you receive this bulletin, Pesach is just a few short weeks away. The deadlines for having your picture taken and placing your ad for our new, wonderful photo membership directory is coming soon! Don’t be left out! Your Board of Trustees continues to be hard at work making CBI a place that is more responsive to our employees and members. You will be receiving information about the proposed slate of officers and board members for the upcoming year. Please plan to attend the Annual Congregational Meeting on Wednesday evening, May 7, to show your support to the hard working members of the Board who have completed their terms of service, as well as those who are about to begin to serve on your behalf. CBI needs all of its members. Serving on the Board is only one way to become involved. How will you help CBI? How can CBI help you? Have Lunch with the Rabbi or learn Mishna with Steve Wein. Attend our daily minyan with the goal of becoming a Minyanaire. Enjoy Shabbat every week by attending services Friday evening or Shabbat morning. Let Melissa know you are available to help with mailings. Join a committee. Both you and CBI will be better with your involvement. It is my pleasure to share with you that the Executive Director Search Committee made a recommendation to the Board of Trustees to extend the contract of Susan Goldstein. The Board approved the motion, meaning Susan will be with us for another two years. She joined us when we most needed professional leadership and has worked hard and has been successful leading CBI through a time of great transition. We look forward to our continued relationship with her.

From the Executive Director Notes from the Land of Maple Leaves A few weeks ago, I attended the annual conference of the North American Association of Synagogue Executives (“NAASE”) in Toronto. This conference affords synagogue executive directors the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, share “war stories,” and exchange valuable information on an informal basis when not in formal learning sessions. This year’s theme was “Development – New Skills for a Complex World.” Our presenters were affiliated with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (“AFP”), and we used the AFP’s Fundamentals of Fundraising Course manual. The materials in this manual and presenters covered a LOT of ground! The subject of Development/Fundraising is a big one and touches just about everything an organization does. It was clear from the beginning that we weren’t going to talk about one-off ideas for raising money. Rather, we learned that development is, indeed, a process. It starts with an organization’s being able to define itself through its mission and vision statements: Whom do we seek to serve? How are we different from other synagogues in the area? What sets us apart and makes our members “raving fans?” It all starts with a strategic planning process, and I’m very excited that we’re about to begin that as part of the USCJ Strategic Planning Cohort. As we begin this journey, stay tuned for much more about these ideas! Before the conference kicked off, I attended a meeting of NAASE’s Board of Governors. The Board recently completed a strategic plan where, predictably, we took a hard look at who we are and who we want to serve. The easy answer is that we want to serve the executive directors in Conservative kehillot in order to help them manage the business of serving members of the kehillot. Did I say easy? Not so much anymore – because we’re living in times of CHANGE for the Conservative movement and Jewish life in general. Change was a consistent leitmotif throughout the conference. We are all seeking to define ourselves so we can succeed in a new landscape. We have to look at our mission statements and compare them to the actions we are taking. Do they match? Whether or not they match, do our statements and our actions make sense in today’s Jewish world? If not, what can we do to ensure that our members want to invest their time and money with us? These are all issues with which we are about to grapple at CBI. I look forward to tackling them with you. Hag Kasher V’Sameah!


Torah Educator/Reader

April 2014

What is “Kavannah?” We have been taught that the best way to be close to God is through our prayers. There is a great difference of praying mechanically or with “kavannah” –real concentration; intentionality. I only wish that each time I pray or read from the Torah, I am so completely involved that all else is forgotten. In regard to prayer, our Rabbis have told us to place great stress on “kavannah” stating, “rather little prayer with intention than much prayer without it.” Maimonides said, “Kavannah means that the worshipper must clear his mind of all private thoughts and regard himself as standing before the “Shekhinah- Divine Presence.” He adds that if your thoughts are wandering or occupied with other things, you should not pray! Maimonides wrote in the Guide for the Perplexed, “turn your thoughts away from everything while you read the Shema or at prayer….After sometime when you have mastered this, accustom yourself to have your mind free when you read any prayers.” He is telling us to focus which is so difficult today, when we have to check our phones, and emails, and are bombarded with constant electronic media! How can we eliminate our worries, doubts, thoughts, questions and develop Kavannah? When we pray, sometimes we sway back and forth, we utter prayers quietly and attain spirituality. There are some prayers that we associate with our parents, children or spouse that makes us emotional or search our souls. There are sections of the Torah that are extremely emotional for me to read: the Song of the Sea, the death of Sarah, the complaining of our people and Moses not being able to enter the Promised Land. Maybe, I cannot attain complete Kavannah, but there are times when I do free myself from daily thoughts and can concentrate, focus… Debbie Marmon Torah Educator/Reader

A Team: CBI’s Advocacy for Israel Committee I share a critically important water-related article titled “The Truth Behind the Palestinian Water Libels”, by Haim Gvirtzman. The report appeared on 24 Feb 14; it was published by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University. The link to the complete story is: utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=truth-behind-palestinian-water-libels Executive Summary: Water shortages in the Palestinian Authority are the result of Palestinian policies that deliberately waste water and destroy the regional water ecology. The Palestinians refuse to develop their own significant underground water resources, build a seawater desalination plant, fix massive leakage from their municipal water pipes, build sewage treatment plants, irrigate land with treated sewage effluents or modern water-saving devices, or bill their own citizens for consumer water usage, leading to enormous waste. At the same time, they drill illegally into Israel's water resources, and send their sewage flowing into the valleys and streams of central Israel. In short, the PA is using water as a weapon against the State of Israel. It is not interested in practical solutions to solve the Palestinian people's water shortages, but rather perpetuation of the shortages and the besmirching of Israel. Prof. Haim Gvirtzman is a professor of hydrology at the Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University, a member of the Israel Water Authority Council, and a long-time advisor of the Israel-PA Joint Water Committee. Byron Kolitz


February 2014

Youth Department

April 2014

April Events 4-6 – Gesher Convention for all 8th graders 6 – Matzah Mania 6 – Preschool Rummage Sale 9 – Preschool Practice Seder 12 – USY and 8th graders Mystery Bus Ride, 8:30 pm – Midnight 25-27 – USY Regional Convention Please contact Bonnie directly for more information on these events at or 727.381.4900 x209

How do you raise a Happy and Healthy Child? Part 3 This is the final article discussing “Five Secrets for Raising Healthy and Happy Children,” by Arthur Rosen. Take time to enjoy life together. This may seem like common sense, but many parents are so busy with work and commitments, they can sometimes leave the child to enjoy life alone.

Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah On Passover we celebrate our freedom from slavery . The Haggadah teaches us how to respond to the unique needs of four different types of children, or possibly the same child, depending on the circumstances and the motivation behind the question. The ability to think—to be a lifelong seeker and integrator of new knowledge—is based on the ability to ask and consider important questions. How can we gain, analyze, and integrate new information unless we can ask questions that force us to do these things? Our tradition is founded on the pact that people are not simply receptacles of information. Indeed, the whole constructivist theory rests on this belief. People gather, organize, and analyze information, and then reach conclusions that make sense to them. It Answers all questions, never trivializing the importance of a child's curiosity.

Family trips and even just going to the park or museum can be a source of pleasure for the whole family. As children get older, it is important to continue to find activities that are fun for everyone. “A happy kid is a contented kid; one whose parents only go out to enjoy life by themselves will cause a child to go away from his family, and who may eventually find a low level of enjoyment.” A parent who is there to educate the child will lift the spirits of the child and teach him to enjoy life.

Sunday, April 6, we are going to celebrate our annual Matzah Mania. The program includes a lot of information about what Passover is, how we celebrate, and why. There will be a slide show, games, fun activities, eating haroset, and more. One of the activities encourages our children to ask their own question about Passover.

Finally, pay attention to who your child’s friends are. Ask the teacher who he spends most of his time with in school. Have playdates at YOUR house so that you can monitor what is going on. Try to surround your child with good influences. As your child grow into his teens, continue the practice of having him invite his friends to your house to hang out. Stay aware. This may help you steer your child in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 8, PRTT students will perform a great mitzvah, a practice Seder with Philip Benjamin tower residents. We are very proud of our children for doing this every year, because it makes the residents so happy and thankful.

In conclusion, our number one goal for our children is that they grow up to be happy, healthy and independent individuals. Their childhood is when we, the parents, have the best opportunities to encourage this

The Haggadah not only encourages us to answers the question, but also to address the unspoken issues bothering the questioner. We coach our children to think on their own.

Hag Sameach! Have a Pesach Kasher v’Sameach. Ilana Dayan Education Director 7

Bonnie Halprin Preschool Director Youth Director


April 2014


Matzah Mania

Photo Caption

April 2014


Mitzvah Men’s Club

April 2014

Last month, CBI was chosen to be the host site for a meeting of Men’s Club representatives from Sarasota, Clearwater and Tampa. Our guest of honor was Rabbi Charles (Chuck) Simon, International Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC). Rabbi Simon’s talk, and his discussions with those who attended were enlightening, frank and inspiring. By the time you read this, we hope you will have joined us for Men’s Club Shabbat and the opportunity to honor Joel Goetz as the Man of the Year. About the same time as you receive this Review, you’ll also be receiving your YOM HASHOAH YELLOW CANDLE. Our hope is that you’ll join with thousands of people, Jewish and Gentile, around the world, in lighting your candle after sundown on Sunday, April 27, when Yom HaShoah begins. The task of saying “NEVER AGAIN!’ is devolving now on new generations. It is clear that vigilance is still in order, as is strengthening your pride in being a Jew, the ultimate revenge. Although every cent of your donation, if you choose to send one, will go directly to activities and organizations that perpetuate the memory of those who endured the Holocaust and spread their stories to an ever widening audience. Any donation is optional. Although we would love to receive one for this worthy endeavor, no donation is required. Either way, please join us in lighting your candle. The appropriate words to say when you do so are included in your candle package. On another note, our world famous MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH will be on Sunday, May 11. Mark your calendar and make sure you tell all your family members. All women, as is our custom, will be guests of the Mitzvah Men’s Club. Jesse Rodman MMC President

Women’s League Women’s League needs

CBI Women’s League


Judaica Shop Hours Mondays 11:00 am—2:00 pm 3:00 pm—5:00 pm Tuesdays 3:00 pm—5:00 pm Thursdays 1:00 pm—3:00 pm Shop the Judaic Way!

To help bake your own recipes/cake mixes to be used for Kiddushim.

Or Call for an Appointment:

If interested, please contact Ruth Ann Mizrahi at 727.347.6688 or

Anita Helfand 727.347.2300

Ellen Bernstein 727.345.0237

Visit the Judaica Shop for: Hanukkah items, ceremonial objects, Kiddush cups, candlesticks, Shabbat Candles, shofars, honey dishes, tefillin, tallitot, Challah plates, boards, knives, and more! 10

Women’s League

April 2014


Purim 5774

April 2014

We had a great time at Purim last month. Let’s take a look back at all the fun!

CBI would like to say a special Todah Rabah to Naomi Berg, Esta Blaxberg, Sandy Brasch, Irma Mayer, and Sheryl Sutton for all of their hard work making our Purim great! 12

Buns Family Library

April 2014

CBI– HADASSAH BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB MEETINGS Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 23, 2014, at 10:00 am in the Buns Family Library The Next book that will be discussed is

The Innocents, by Francesca Segal (be sure to get the correct author).

Adult Studies Lunch with the Rabbi Deli Lunch and Mishna Study with Rabbi Luski meets monthly on Wednesdays at noon. Enjoy lunch, schmooze and learn, “what, when, where, and why,” of the Mishnah in an informal atmosphere. Wednesday, April 8, noon RSVP to the CBI Office at 727.381.4900 by Tuesday, April 9, noon

Talmud Made Easy Stephen Wein continues his class studying Talmudic text along with its selected commentaries. The classes are in English, and Steve explains it all. All materials are provided. The class involves textual analysis and lively discussion and is open to all. No previous knowledge necessary. Wednesdays, April 9 and 23, 7:00 pm

Torah For Seniors, led by Rabbi Jacob Luski Tuesday, April 8, 11:00 am (Philip Benjamin Tower)

*For more information on these events, check, the Adult Studies Program Book, or call the CBI office at 727.381.4900


April 2014

April 2014 Nisan 5774 Sunday




1 Rosh Hodesh Nisan


7:45 Morning Minyan 4:45 PRTT, Alef– Hef Classes 6:00 Chess Club 6:30 Evening Minyan Lifetouch Photography Session

7:45 Morning Minyan 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Off 5:30 Women’s League 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 Hebrew High and Lifetouch Photography



87:45 Morning Minyan



14 Erev Pesah CBI Office Closed at 1:00 pm

15 First Day of Pesah

16 Second Day

8:00 PRPS Rummage Sale 9:00 Morning Minyan 9:00 Matzah Mania 1:40 Jewish Heritage Day at the Rays 6:30 Evening Minyan Lifetouch Photography Session

9:00 Morning Minyan 9:00 NO PRTT 6:30 Evening Minyan Search for Hametz after Dark

20 Sixth Day of Pesah

9:00 Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan 9:00 NO PRTT 6:30 Erev Yom Tov Pesah Service, Day 7 7:40 Candlelighting Omer Day 5

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan

11:00 Torah 4 Seniors at Philip Benjamin Tower 12:00 Lunch with the Rabbi RSVP Deadline 4:45 PRTT/Philip Benjamin Tower Seder 6:00 JNF Tree of Life Dinner, Grand Hyatt, Tampa 6:00 Chess Club 6:30 Evening Minyan

7:45 Morning Minyan, Siyum B’Horim, and Breakfast 7:37 Candlelighting First Seder at Home

CBI Office Closed 9:00 Yom Tov Services 4:00 NO PRTT 6:00 Minha, Maariv, and CBI Second Seder 8:37 Candlelighting

21 Seventh Day of Pesah

22 Eigth Day of Pesah

CBI Office Closed 9:00 Yom Tov Service 6:30 Erev Yom Tov Service, Pesah Day 8 8:40 Candlelighting Omer Day 6

CBI Office Closed 9:00 Yom Tov Services, Pesah Day 8, Yizkor and Memorial Plaque Dedication 4:45 NO PRTT 7:40 Minha, Maariv, and the conclusion of Yom Tov Services

Omer Day 7

27 Erev Yom Hashoah

28 Yom Hashoah


9:00 Morning Minyan 7:45 Morning Minyan 9:00 PRTT, All Classes 6:30 Evening Minyan 2:00 Yom Hashoah Commemoration, Florida Omer Day 13 Holocaust Museum Light Yellow Candles after sunset Omer Day 12

7:45 Morning Minyan 4:45 PRTT, Alef—Hef Classes 6:00 Chess Club 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 Board of Trustees Meeting Omer Day 14 14

7:45 Morning Minyan 11:00 PRPS Practice S 12:00 Lunch with the R 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Off 6:30 Evening Minyan 7:00 Talmud Class with

CBI Office Closed 9:00 Yom Tov Services 7:40 Minha, Maariv, and Tov Services

Omer Day 1


7:45 Morning Minyan 10:00 CBI Hadassah B 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Off 5:00 Intro to Judaism 6:30 JAEDA “Be a Bet Program 7:00 Talmud Class with Omer Day 8

30 Rosh Hodesh

7:45 Morning Minyan 2:00 Rabbi’s Open Off 5:00 Intro to Judaism 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 15

Shabbat Schedule


April 2014

 Friday, April 4 Debbie Friedman Kabbalat Shabbat, 6:30pm, Candlelighting 7:32 

Saturday, April 5 Morning Service and Kiddush, 9:00 Sedra Metzora, Minha, Maariv, Havdala, 7:30

Friday, April 18  Minha, Shabbat Hol Hamoed Service 6:30, Candlelighting 7:39

Saturday, April 12 Morning Service and Kiddush 9:00am, Sedra Aherei Mot, Shabbat Hagadol, Minha, Maariv, Havdala, 7:35

Saturday, April 19 Shabbat Hol Hamoed Service and Kiddush, 9:00, Minha, Maariv, Havdala, 7:40



fice Hours e Board Meeting

Friday, April 11 Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30,Candlelighting 7:35

7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Lifetouch Photography Session



7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Debbie Friedman Shabbat Services 7:32 Candlelighting

Friday, April 25 Kabbalat Shabbat, Bat Mitzvah of Jordan Rakhel Tralins 6:30 Candlelighting 7:43 Saturday, April 26 Morning Service, Bat Miitzvah of Jordan Rakhel Tralins, and Kiddush 9:00, Sedra Kedoshim, Minha,Maariv, Havdala 7:45


5 Sedra Metzora 9:00 Shabbat Morning Services and Kiddush 10:00 Junior Congregation 7:30 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala

d Mehina y Session


Seder Rabbi fice Hours

7:45 Morning Minyan 4:00 Hebrew High Graduation Photo & Rehearsal 6:30 Evening Minyan


7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Kabbalat Shabbat 7:35 Candlelighting

h Steve Wein

of Pesah

s the conclusion of Yom

Book Club fice Hours

17 Third Day of Pesah

7:45 Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan 5:00 Passover BBQ 7:40 Hol Hamoed and Evening Minyan Omer Day 2


7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Evening Minyan Omer Day 9

18 Fourth Day of Pesah

7:45 Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan 6:30 Minha, Shabbat Hol Hamoed Service 7:39 Candlelighting Omer Day 3


7:45 Morning Minyan 6:30 Kabbalat Shabbat, Bat Mitzvah of Jordan Rakhel Tralins Omer Day 10

tter Bystander”

h Steve Wein

h Iyar

fice Hours


12 Sedra Aherei Mot Shabbat Hagadol 9:00 Shabbat Services, March Simha Shabbat, and Kiddush 10:00 NO Junior congregation 7:35 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala

19 Fifth Day of Pesah Sedra Hol Hamoed

9:00 Shabbat Hol Hamoed Service and Kiddush 10:00 NO Junior Congregation 7:40 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 4

26 Sedra Kedoshim

9:00 Shabbat Morning Services, Bat Mitzvah of Jordan Rakhel Tralins, and Kiddush 10:00 Junior Congregation 7:45 Minha, Maariv, and Havdala Omer Day 11

Life Cycle Events ACHIEVEMENTS:

April 2014

Mazal Tov

Hannah Terzi, the daughter of Melissa and Sam Terzi, on receiving her Golden Kipah Award.

Danielle LeVine, the daughter of Susan and Dr. Steven LeVine and the granddaughter of Marilyn and Dr. Morris LeVine and MaryAnn and Bruce Marger, on receiving her Golden Kipah Award.

Jared LeVine on being one of the four member team that won the 2014 Pinellas County Ethics Bowl . He is the son of Susan and Dr. Steven LeVine and the grandson of Marilyn and Dr. Morris LeVine and Mary Ann and Bruce Marger. We wish Jared luck as he continues on to the National Ethics Bowl competition April 4—6 in Chapel Hill, NC.


Patty and Dr. Leonard Adelson and Oren and Stephanie Adelson, on the Bar Mitzvah in Israel of their grandson and nephew, Oriyah Adelson.


Mazal Tov to Jessica and Jeff Strait on the birth of their son, Simon Henry Strait.

Mazal Tov to Debbie and Dr. Richard Blanchard and Hal and Vivian Blanchard on the birth of their granddaughter Esme Chiu Blanchard.

Mazal Tov to Allison and Jared Shenofsky and Lee Shenofsky on the birth of their daughter and granddaughter, Ariellah Rio Shenofsky


Mazal Tov to Adele Morris, on the engagement of her granddaughter, Carli Rose Haber, to Craig Jaffe .


Mazal Tov to Diana and Arthur Jay, on the marriage of their son, Scott David Jay to Cara Nicole Sigmund.

Jordan Rakhel Tralins Jordan is an honor student at Shorecrest Preparatory School. She plays volleyball, the piano and also enjoys singing, acting, and skiing. She is a member of the Junior Thespians and Student Council. Jordan's Bat Mitzvah project has been ongoing over the last three years. She is the captain of her Relay for Life team, “Crafty Cure.” Together she and her team members consisting of 12 seventh grade girls have raised over 30,000 dollars for the American Cancer Society. They craft, bake, and hold lemonade stands to raise money. Additionally, they participate in the Relay for Life walk at their school in which people make a pledge to support the team. She loves knowing her efforts over the years are helping in the fight to cure cancer!

Dr. Sidney Grau Husband of Lillian Grau Father of Steven Grau, Barry Grau, and Martha Kimmel Brother of Helen Simon

Sydney Weiss Husband of Lillian “Bibby” Weiss

Jordan will be joined by friends and family traveling from Seattle, California, Las Vegas, Boston, New Jersey and Miami to share in her Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Father of Dr. Mitchell Weiss, Mrs. Debbie Picker, and Dr. Rhonda Weiss

May He who comforts Israel, Grant you solace in your bereavement.

She will be called to the Torah Saturday, April 26, 2014. Please join us in wishing her Yasher Koach! 16

Join us in wishing Mazal Tov! to members celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and B’nai Mitzvah. Your good wishes can be part of their memories, while at the same time, supporting B’nai Israel’s commitment to help our schools, youth groups and Synagogue through your donations to our Mitzvah Fund.






Diane and Jeremiah Weiner

□ 7

Jennifer and Dr. Robert Sternberg

□ 9

Anita and Dr. Harold Pollack

□ 11

Vicky and Michael Henry

□ 12

Mali and Dr. Fred Feld

□ 13

Liz and Greg Sembler

□ 15

Susan and Dr. Sheldon Scheinert

□ 26

Bonnie and Michael Walker


□ 2

Carl Rubinsky

□12 George Sakovich

□22 Billie Bornstein

□ 3 Robert Warsaw

□14 Harry Kraff

□22 Claire Yogman

□ 3

Jessica Strait

□14 Susan Turner

□24 Meni Kanner

□ 4

Lorelei Monast

□14 Rachel Wein

□25 Joel Berman

□ 5

Sandy Brasch

□15 Michael Hurwitz

□25 Pearl Brook

□ 5

Lillian Grau

□15 Jerome Rosenberg

□25 Leslie Kirsner

□ 7

Dr. Naomi Abel

□16 Naomi Berg

□26 Sharon Schloss

□ 7

Robin Schroeder

□16 David Gross

□27 Liz Sembler

□ 7

Sandi Rodman

□18 Mike Frye

□27 Dennis Vorob

□ 8

Dr. Warren Abel

□19 Sandy Heller

□29 Joanne Luski

□ 9

Joan Redisch

□20 Bette Schroeder

□29 Teddi Robbins

□ 10 Marion Joseph

□20 Dr. Steven Shwer

□29 Dr. Steve Warren

□ 10 Joyce Seder

□20 Gerald Wiseberg

□ 11 Diana Jay

□21 Janet Shapiro

□ 12

Barbara Karpay

BIRTHDAY AND ANNIVERSARY In Honor of: ___________________________


Check the names of everyone to whom you want to send a Mitzvah Gram. Send this form together with your check, minimum $10 donation fro each acknowledgement to: CBI St. Pete, C/O Kesef Accounting Services, PO Box 159 Montvale, NJ 07645, donate online at, or drop off your check in the synagogue office *The minimum donation per acknowledgement is $10. Please print: Your Name: ______________________________________________


Address: _________________________________________________ City, _____________________________Zip: __________________ Telephone: ______________ 17


April 2014

Adult Studies

In honor of

Mitzvah Fund

In memory of

Billie and Morrie Bornstein

Dr. Starr Silver and Byron Kolitz’s Israel Bonds Lifetime Achievement Award

Ana Masri

Dr. Barnett Stein

Alan Gross

William Gross

Caren Appel

Dr. Sidney Grau

Charlotte LeVine

Alfred LeVine

Teddi and David Robbins Dr. Charles Possick

David Rabinowitz

Carol and Bill Marger

Minnie and Mel Goodman Philip Bloom

Dr. Starr Silver and Byron Kolitz’s Israel Bonds Lifetime Achievement Award Steve Wein’s Talmud Class His studies

Vivian and Dr. Ed Lurie

In memory of

Marilyn and Dr. Morris LeVine Harold Wolfson

His father, Meyer Possick Ed’s brother, Martin Lurie Dr. Howard Heller

Lou Bader

Dr. Sidney Grau

Camp Ramah Fund

In honor of

Susan Goldstein

Laurie Reiskind’s birthday

Laurie and Dr. Marc Reiskind

Gail S. Warren Legacy for Leadership Fund Susan Goldstein

In honor of

Marion Samson Joseph

Jules Lowengard

The engagement of Adele Morris’ granddaughter

Murray Fink

Mollie Fink

Valerie Hyman

In appreciation of Helen Kahan

Mitzvah fund Ana Masri Dr. Pat Cottrille

The Jewish Federation Reva and Dr. Leslie Pearlstein

Sally and Joe Cohen

Livia and Steve Wein

Benjamin Fink Norma and Ron Maller

Dr. Sidney Grau

In honor of

Pearl Brook

Dr. Sidney Grau

The Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Jess Silverberg

Robin Perlman

Anne Perlman

Sally and Joe Cohen

Loved ones

Linda and Steve Grau’s anniversary Joan and Phil Redisch’s anniversary Dr. Marc Reiskind’s birthday

Steve Feld

Harold Feld

Susie and Alan Schwartz

Dr. Sidney Grau

Laurie Reiskind’s birthday

Rabbi’s Fund

In honor of

Esta Blaxberg

Matthew Wein and Lisa Aronson’s upcoming wedding

Vivian Neumann

Marietta Drucker’s co-chairing the “To Life: To Children” Gala at the Florida Holocaust Museum

Yollette and Lou Frey

The birth of their great-granddaughter, Sophie Hannah Gross

Millie Gelfond’s special birthday Livia Wein’s being honored as a Woman of Distinction Livia and Steve Wein’s anniversary Matthew Wein and Lisa Aronson’s upcoming wedding A speedy recovery for Janet Shapiro Millie Gelfond’s special birthday Drs. Naomi and Warren Abel’s anniversary Dr. Marc Reiskind’s birthday Bebby Marlin’s birthday The engagement of Linda and Jack Goldfarb’s son, David

Susie and Alan Schwartz

Dr. Howard Heller Dr. Sidney Grau

Laney Kay’s birthday Janet and Ed Shapiro

Julia Wolfson

Livia Wein 18

Sydney Weiss

You can donate online at:


April 2014

Rabbi’s Fund

In memory of

Annette Weinshank

Gus Barshefsky

Arlene LeVine

Max Levitt

Looking for a special way to honor your family and friends who are celebrating a Simha?


Alys Levitt Beverly Dikman

Dr. Sidney Grau

Barbara and Jerry Colen

Dr. Sidney Grau

Dr. Howard Kay

David Kay

Elaine and Bob Lachter

Morty Lachter

Helen Kahan

Her father

Marian Lustigman-Rooth

Elaine Greenberg

Sandy and Sam Janofsky

Carrie Janofsky

Steve Garskof

His mother, Shirley Garskof

USY Fund

In memory of

Debbie Sokolov

Sydney Weiss

Jayne and Ron Weissman

Howard Weissman

is just the answer. What a joy it is for someone to walk into our shul and see a Tribute of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, special birthday, anniversary or wedding. Order forms are in the synagogue office and lobby. Minimum donation $254.

Maury Goldblatt

Nine leaves have been inscribed on the Tree of Life this month in honor of:

Don’t miss an opportunity to donate to CBI! Visit and simply fill out the form with your credit card number. Couldn’t be easier! Send a check payable to Congregation B’nai Israel to: Congregation B’nai Israel of St. Petersburg c/o Kesef Accounting Services P.O. Box 159 Montvale, NJ 07645 OR to the synagogue office. Please indicate to which fund you wish to donate, the occasion for the donation (e.g., in honor of, in memory of), the name of the person you are honoring or remembering, and to whom you wish acknowledgement of your donation be sent. If the acknowledgement is not going to a CBI member, please note the recipient’s address. Donation to Women’s League or Mitzvah Men’s Club should be made directly to those affiliate organizations.


Happy Birthday Marc Reiskind, love from Ed, Arlene, Andrew, Stanton & Jodi, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Laurie Reiskind, love from Ed, Arlene, Andrew, Stanton & Jodi, March 23, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday Marc Reiskind, Love from your family, Laurie, Elissa & Jeremy; Sandy & Mike; Al, Abby, Steven, Danyelle & Michael; Andrea, Howie, Liana & Gil, March 11, 2014

To Marc Reiskind, Happy 50th Birthday, from Dr. Annette & Dr. Mark Eichenbaum, March 11, 2014

In honor of Marc Reiskind’s 50th Birthday with Love from friends, March 11, 2014

Happy 40th Anniversary, Livia & Stephen Wein, with Love from Family & Friends, January 27, 2014

In honor of their Engagement, Matthew Wein & Lisa Aronson, Love, Family & Friends, March 2014

Happy 60th Birthday, Steven LeVine, Love, Family & Friends, March 21, 2014

In honor of Joel Goetz, Mitzvah Men’s Club Man of the Year, with Love, Ellen, Michael, Lisa, Sharon & Beth, March 29, 2014

Men’s Club

April 2014 February 2014


Passover Seder

April 2014 February 2014


December April 2013 2014 22

April 2014


April 2014


April 2014

Come join us! For membership information please contact:

Rhoda Ross – Membership VP

St. Petersburg Chapter


April 2014

Women’s League Catering is special. Trust us with you simcha and you’ll discover that in addition to the delicious food, the great attention to detail, and the unbeatable value, there’s one thing that separates us from the rest. With everything we do, from the first phone call to the serving of each carefully prepared dish, we do it with all our heart. Give us a call and see for yourself. Contact Information:

Livia Wein 727.393.3289 or 26

April 2014


April 13 April 14

Evening 7:45 am

Bedikat Hametz - Seach for Hametz Siyum B'horim Service followed by Breakfast

7:45 am 5:00 pm 7:40 pm 7:45 am 6:30 pm 9:00 am 7:40 pm 9:00 am

6:30 pm 9:00 am 6:30 pm 9:00 am

April 17

April 18

April 19

April 20

April 20 April 21

April 22





Sunday Monday



7:37 pm 8:37 pm 7:39 pm 7:40 pm 8:40 pm


Monday, April 14 Tuesday, April 15 Friday, April 18 Sunday, April 20 Monday, April 21

Erev Yom Tov Pesah Service, 7th day Pesah Yom Tov Services, 7th day Pesah Erev Yom Tov Service, 8th day Pesah Yom Tov Services, 8th day Pesah, Yizkor & Memorial Plaques Dedication Minha, Maariv & Conclusion of Yom Tov

Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan Congregation Kosher for Passover BBQ Dinner Hol Hamoed Evening Minyan Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan Minha & Shabbat Hol Hamoed Pesah Services Shabbat Hol Hamoed Pesah Services Shabbat Minha, Maariv & Havdala Hol Hamoed Morning Minyan

First Seder at home Yom Tov Services, 1st day Pesah Includes Tal, the prayer for dew in Musaf Service. Minha, Maariv – Congregation Second Seder Yom Tov Morning Services, 2nd day Pesah Minha, Maariv & Conclusion of Yom Tov

Change Service

7:40 pm

6:00 pm 9:00 am 7:40 pm

April 15 April 16

Tuesday Wednesday

9:00 am

April 14 April 15

Monday Tuesday

Siyum B’horim is the morning minyan and brief study session followed by a light breakfast and is the last hametz meal eaten before Pesah. Attendance at this minyan is a special mitzvah for all first born males; first born daughters and others who wish to attend are also welcome!

Sunday Monday

Congregation B’nai Israel B’nai Israel Review 300 -58th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33710-7889 Tel: (727) 381-4900 Fax: (727) 344-1307 Website: 24 Hour Telephone Voice Mail Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID St. Petersburg, Fl. Permit # 618

B'nai Review April 2014  
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