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Equal Exchange ‘It’s Our Coffee’ Mountain Roast and Ground 227g

Body and H a i r C a r e

This organic vibrant, medium, full roast is blended from high mountain coffees from Colombia, Peru and Uganda. A great morning coffee, for a refreshing start to the day.

For Your Bo dy Bat h and S h o w e r

t , O,

Urtekram Organic and Fairtrade Brown Sugar Shower Gel 500ml t, O,

840790 £5.82

Equal Exchange Columbian Excelso Beans 500g

This medium roasted, well balanced coffee has a rich, smooth flavour.

t , O,

S oa p Urtekram Organic and Fairtrade Brown Sugar Liquid Handsoap 500ml t, O,

577744 £3.46

577766 £8.60

Equal Exchange Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans 500g

Fairtrade coffee with a spicy, winy flavour characteristic of the beans.

t, O,

577777 £7.21

840380 £5.73

Equal Exchange Fairtrade Organic Colombian Excelso Coffee 227g

Drink s

Classic Excelso varietal beans are medium roasted to give a well balanced and characteristic smooth flavour.

Co ffee

t, O,

477004 £4.12

CafeDirect Espresso 227g

Strong and intense fairtrade coffee for filter and espresso


478101 £3.66

Equal Exchange It’s Our Coffee, Italian Roast and Ground 227g

Unbelievably dark and very, very rich.


CafeDirect Fairtrade Kilimanjaro Coffee 227g

A lively, aromatic coffee from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.


478478 £4.56

CafeDirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Organic Coffee 227g Fairtrade coffee direct from the growers.

t, O,

478424 £4.56

577700 £3.09

Equal Exchange It’s Our Coffee, Italian Whole Beans 500g Unbelievably dark and very, very rich

t, O,

577711 £6.80

Equal Exchange Organic Dark Roast Coffee 227g

Rich and deep bodied Arabica coffee from Latin America for filters and cafetieres.

t, O, V,

CafeDirect Medium Roast Coffee

477010 £3.42

Smooth and rounded Fairtrade coffee


478413 £3.77

CafeDirect Rich Dark Roast Ground Coffee 277g Rich roast, dark and full bodied.


478451 £3.66

Equal Exchange Organic Medium Roast Coffee 227g

Fairtrade full bodied and velvety smooth coffee.

t, O,

477067 £3.42

Equal Exchange Organic Medium Roast Coffee Beans 500g

Arabica coffee beans from Latin America.

t, O, V,

478021 £6.75

Equal Exchange Sumatran Takengon Roast and Ground Coffee 227g

Full Roasted Sumatran Takengon Beans. Full Strength 4.

t, O,

477334 £3.60

Fairtrade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee 227g

Such a special coffee requires no more than medium roast to bring out its fine balance and acidity, whilst emphasizing its spicy, winey flavour.

t, O,

477102 £3.60

Fairtrade Organic Mount Elgon Gumutindo Ugandan Coffee 227g

Medium roasted fine coffee, with a smooth balanced, good acidity and sweet, delicately rounded flavour. Medium stength 3.

t, O,

477193 £3.60

Percol Ethiopia Roast and Ground Coffee 227g t, O,

635508 £3.33

Percol Fairtrade Americano Instant Coffee 100g

with improved flavour and now strength 4


635311 £3.99

Percol Fairtrade Colombia Coffee 227g

Instant Arabica strength 3 coffee. Percol ensure that the coffee growers receive premium pay for the coffee they sell.


635414 £3.33

Percol Fairtrade Decaffeinated Colombia Instant Coffee 100g

A single origin blend with soft smokey aromas, well balanced flavours of dried fruit with hints of toasted coconut.


Percol Fairtrade Honduras La Tigra Rainforest Coffee 227g t,

Unmistakably Colombian. A tantalisingly rich aroma with a hint of nuts. Complex flavours creating a smooth, full-bodies coffee with attractive citrus notes on the finish.

t, O,

635322 £3.99

635520 £3.33

Percol Fairtrade Italiano Coffee 227g t,

635531 £3.33

Percol Fairtrade Nicaragua Coffee 227g

Nicaragua Arabica strength 4 coffee. Percol ensure that the coffee growers receive premium pay for the coffee they sell.


635436 £3.33

Percol Fairtrade Organic Guatemala Coffee 227g

Percol Fairtrade Organic Guatemala Coffee New Harvest 2007 For the first time there is the equivalent of a Beaujolais nouveau for the coffee as Percol Coffee shows the importance of ‘coffee seasons’ and to the origins of coffee’s flavour.

t, O,

635469 £3.33

Percol Fairtrade Original Instant Coffee 100g t,

635542 £2.99

Percol Organic Americano Arabica Coffee 227g

Fairtrade Americano Ground Coffee, Strength 4. Percol ensure that the coffee growers receive premium pay for the coffee they sell

t, O,

Percol Fairtrade Colombia Instant Coffee 100g

635333 £3.99

635447 £3.33

Percol Rainforest Organic Colombia Coffee 100g

Made from the finest Arabica beans, bright and lively with toffee and treacle flavours.

t, O,

635344 £3.98

Percol Rainforest Organic Columbia Coffee 227g

Rainforest organic Colombia Arabica strength 3 coffee. Percol ensure that the coffee growers are paid premium pay for the coffee they grow.

t , O,

635481 £3.33

Traidcraft Fairtrade Medium Roast Instant Coffee 500g t , V,

751336 £10.30

Clipper Organic Decaffeinated Freeze Dried Coffee 100g

This decaffeinated version of Clipper’s Award Winning Organic Instant Coffee is made from the same 100% Arabica Highland Coffee Beans, giving a wonderfully smooth and rich cup of coffee.

t, O, V,

Clipper Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 100g

This superior blend of coffee genuinely rich and smooth is made from organically grown Arabica Highland Coffee Beans.

t, O, V,

De caffeinat e d CafeDirect Decaffeinated Roasted and Ground Coffee 227g

Smooth and rounded decaffeinated coffee


478402 £3.82

Equal Exchange Decaffeinated Roast and Ground Coffee. Strength 3

Supporting small farmers since 1981 this coffee is pure revival. Taste and see...

t , O,

362017 £3.59

Clipper Papua New Guinea Organic Instant Coffee 100g

Papua New Guinea Instant coffee is both organic and fairtrade What’s more it is the only instant coffee from Papua New Guinea that is both organic and fairtrade.

t, O,

362382 £3.75

D r i n k i n g Ch oc o l at e a n d C oc o a

477020 £4.36

Percol Fairtrade Decaffeinated Colombia Coffee 227g

Decaffeinated Columbia Arabica strength 3 coffee. Percol ensure that the coffee growers receive premium pay for the coffee they sell.


362795 £3.99

Clipper Organic Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate 250g

100% organically grown and from Fairtrade estates, this chocolate is rich, luxurious and completely unforgettable - just add hot milk for a delicious cup of pure indulgence.

t, O,

362180 £2.49

635403 £3.70

Clipper Organic Instant Hot Chocolate 400g

Ins tant Co ff e e

Clipper’s Fairtrade Organic Instant Hot Chocolate is a rich, smooth and satisfying cup of pure indulgence.

CafeDirect Fairtrade Classic Blend Freezedried Coffee 100g

Su, t, l , O,


Equal Exchange Divine Fairtrade Cocoa 125g

362446 £3.39

The height of coffee taste

478465 £4.59

100% rich dark cocoa powder.

CafeDirect Fairtrade Decaffeinated Coffee 100g

Premium instant coffee grown organically and decaffeinated using only natural elements.

t, O,

478439 £5.32


Equal Exchange Organic Fairtrade Cocoa 250g

Hispaniola cocoa, rich chocolate heaven.

t, O,

577662 £1.70

478284 £3.08

Green and Black’s Organic Cocoa 125g

Fairtrade cocoa means a better deal for cocoa producers and their families.

t, O,

599686 £1.76

Ea r l G r e y Cafe Direct Earl Grey Tea, 50 bags t,

Fruit Juice A pple and P e a r

Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea 50 bags

AJ’s Fairtrade Apple Juice 400ml t , V,

478511 £2.89

300599 £1.07

Mixed Fruit s a n d T r o p ic a l

Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea comes from very special tea gardens set high in the beautiful mountains of South India. Here the China tea plant thrives in a wild and remote enviroment. This organically grown China tea delicately scented with natural bergamot flavour makes the perfect cup of Earl Grey.

t, O, V,

362070 £1.99

Fruit Hit Fairtrade Mango and Orange Smoothie 330ml

Equal Exchange Organic Earl Grey Tea 40b


t, O, V, 472752 £0.77

577559 £2.57

Fruit Hit Fairtrade Pineapple and Passion Fruit Smoothie 330ml

QI Herbal Health, Golden Earl Grey, Fine Black Tea 6x25b


D, t, G, O, W, 472763 £0.77

662094 £1.39

G r e e n Te a

O range and G ra p ef r u i t AJ’s Fairtrade Orange Juice 400ml

Clipper Organic Green Tea 125g


t, O, V, 300601 £1.07

Sparkling a n d S of t Dr i n ks

635553 £1.16

362756 £2.19

Clipper Organic Green Tea 25 bags

Single estate organic green tea from the Bhavani Hills region of India.

t , O, V,

Percola 500ml t,

Single estate loose tea.

362764 £1.49

Equal Exchange Organic Darjeeling Green Tea 25 bags Healthy and refreshing

T ea

t , O,

Ch ai QI Herbal Health, Golden Chai, Fine Black Tea 6x25b t , O,

662083 £1.39

477289 £1.72

Equal Exchange Organic Lemon Green Tea 25 bags

Pure unfermented Darjeeling green tea with organic lemongrass and flavoured with natural lemon

t , O,

478312 £1.82

Jacksons Fairtrade Green Tea and Elderflower 20 bags t,

Equal Exchange Organic Rooibos Tea 40 bags

Superb quality rooibos which has a fruity character with vanilla overtones.

t , O,

757121 £1.67

Jacksons Fairtrade Tea Bags 80 bags t,

477110 £2.09

Organic Masala Rooibos Tea 25bags. A 100% fair trade organic rooibos tea.

757110 £2.92

Qi China Green Tea, Pure and Simple 25 bags

t, O,

477301 £2.19


A rare high mountain tea with a light refreshing taste.

t , K,

661905 £1.02

Qi Herbal Health Organic Chun Mee China Green Loose Tea 125g

Light, refreshing Chinese green tea naturally low in caffeine

t , O,

661834 £1.94

Cafe Direct English Breakfast Tea 50g t,

CafeDirect TeaDirect Fairtrade Tea 80b A bright refreshing brew.


Qi Organic Fairtrade Ginkgo Green Tea 25 bags

An uplifting tea with the taste of vanilla and caramel. Rich in antioxidants, ginkgo leaves are known as the symbol of eternal youth.

t , O,

662134 £1.89

Dragonfly Fairtrade Organic Rooibos Tea 40 bags

A soothing, refreshing, naturally caffeine free, low tannin pure redbush tea.

D , E, t , G , l, O, S, V, W, Y 458119 £1.99

Equal Exchange Organic Buchu Roobios Tea 25 bags.

Organic Buchu honeybush rooibos tea is a 75% fair trade with a hint of the blackcurrant of the buchu, combined with the natural vanilla of the rooibos.

t, O,

477231 £2.19

Equal Exchange Organic Rooibos Tea 100 bags

Superb quality rooibos which has a fruity character with vanilla overtones.

t, O,

477278 £3.62

478489 £3.38

Clipper Fairtrade Everyday Tea 80 bags

The Fairtrade cup of tea is produced using a blend of only the freshest leaves from some of the best tea gardens in Africa, Sri Lanka and India.


R ooi bo s Tea

478522 £2.89

362855 £2.25

Clipper Fairtrade Everyday Tea 160 bags

The original Fairtrade cup of tea is produced using a blend of only the freshest leaves from some of the best tea gardens in Africa, Sri Lanka and India.


363867 £4.35

Clipper Fairtrade Organic Breakfast Tea 40 bags.

Pure, natural and delicious with a bright, fresh flavour and appearance, this is an excelent tea at any time of the day.

t, O, V,

362089 £1.99

Clipper Organic and Fairtrade Assam Tea 50 bags

From the first and one of the best tea estates in Assam, situated in the lush, fertile Brahmaputra Valley in North East India.

t, O,

362045 £1.99

Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Blend Tea 125g

Tea Direct Gold Fairtrade Tea 80b

The traditional, blended tea.

t, O, V,

Wh i t e T e a Qi Organic Fairtrade White Christmas Tea in Metal Caddy 20b

577548 £2.49

White tea with warming christmas mulled spices.

t, O,

Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Tea 50 bags The traditional, blended tea.

t, O, V,

Fridge V e g g i e M e a ls a n d C o nv e nien ce F o o ds V e g g i e B u r g e rs 577537 £2.57

Goodlife Fairtrade Nut Cutlets 320g

Equal Exchange Organic Tea Bags 80 bags

A delicious moist combination of fairtrade peanuts and cashews with sweet root vegetables and fairtrade rice, with herbs.

Fresh from India

t , O,

t, 477256 £2.68

Jacksons Fairtrade Loose Tea 125g t,

276328 £2.31

G r oc e ry T i n n e d B e a ns a n d Pu l s es

757091 £2.36

Percol Fairtrade African Tea 100 bags D, t , G, V,

662072 £1.99

477223 £2.50

Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Tea 40b t , O,

478500 £3.24

477312 £2.48

Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Loose Tea 125g t, O, V,


635519 £3.25

Suma Organic Aduki Beans 400g Produce of Brazil

t, C, O, V,

713147 £1.02

Suma Organic Black Beans 400g Produce of Brazil

QI Organic Golden Vanilla Fine Black Tea, 6x25b t , O,

662178 £1.39

Ridgways Organically Grown Tea 80 bags A deliciously refreshing blend of pure fairtrade tea grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

t , O,

t , O, V,

713192 £1.02

B i scu i ts a n d C o o k i es Biofair Organic Spelt, Brazilnut, Cantuccini Cookies 150g Cocoa and brazil nut spelt cantuccini

t , O,

328360 £2.89

676009 £2.78

Traidcraft Chocolate Chunk Cookies 200g t,

751475 £1.49

Traidcraft Chocolate Chunk Cookies 44g t,

751464 £0.60

Traidcraft Fairtrade Brazil Nut Cookies 200g t,

751246 £1.49

Traidcraft Fairtrade Brazil Nut Cookies 44g (24 pack) t,

751235 £14.40

Traidcraft Fairtrade FairBreak bar

Doves Farm Organic Lemon Cookies 150g

Zesty crystallised lemon pieces baked into a lemon cookie. This lively, tangy gluten free biscuit will awaken the whole family’s taste buds.

Su, D, E, t, G, O, S, V, W, 415074 £1.55

Doves Farm Organic, Gluten Free Hazlenut Cookies 150g

Hazelnut gluten free cookies with a hint of orange

Su, D, t , G, O, S, V, W,

Doves Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 150g D, E , t, G, O, S, V, W,

751224 £0.29

432489 £1.63

Doves Gluten Free Ginger and Brazil Nut Cookies 150g D, E, t, G, O, S, V, W,

Crisp wafer biscuit covered in Fairtrade Belgian Milk Chocolate.


431314 £1.55

432502 £1.63

B r e a kfa s t C e r e a ls M u es l i a n d M i x es

Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies (Twin Pack) 44g

Stem ginger cookies wtih a really spicy taste!


751101 £0.60

Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies 200g t,

751486 £1.49

Gluten Free B isc u i ts

Product of Bolivia

t, G, C , O,

432490 £1.71

327912 £2.69

C e r e a ls a n d G ra i n s Biofair Fair Trade Organic Quinoa Grain 500g t , G, C, ch, O,

Doves Double Chocolate Cookies 150g D , E, t , G , O, S, V, W ,

Biofair Fair Trade Organic Andean Muesli 200g

327901 £3.69

Biofair Organic Fair Trade Quinoa Pops 200g t, O,

327978 £2.59

Biofair Organic Quinoa Flakes 500g t , O,


327989 £3.99

Divine Fairtrade Dark Chocolate with Fruit and Nuts 100g

Co conut Pr o d uc t s

Fruit and nut dark chocolate, heavenly chocolate with a heart.

Tiana Organic Coconut Milk 400ml D, t, G, O, V,

748415 £1.89

Tiana Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 10ltr D, t, G, C , O, V,

748448 £149.00

t, K,

578001 £1.71

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate 100g Heavenly milk chocolate with a heart.

Su, t,

477049 £1.71

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate 45g Heavenly milk chocolate with a heart.

Condi m ent s a n d S e as o n i n gs

Su, t, W ,

477099 £0.90

Vinegar Comvita Honeygar 500ml

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Orange 45g Heavenly chocolate with a heart.

t, K, t,

577972 £0.90

530799 £6.90

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate with Chopped Hazelnuts 100g

Confe ction e ry

Heavenly milk chocolate with a heart

Ch o colate Alt e r n at iv es Plamil Organic Fairtrade Alternative To Milk Chocolate 100g

Fairtrade dairy free chocolate. A delicious blend of cocoa solids, raw sugar and rice powder.

D, t, G, O, V, W,

Fair trade chocolate bar

Heavenly chocolate with a heart.

t, K,

577983 £1.71

This smooth 70% dark chocolate with crispy mint pieces is the perfect after dinner treat to share with friends or keep for yourself.

t, K,

577961 £1.71

577800 £1.71

Divine Fairtrade Orange Chocolate 100g

Divine Dubble 40g

Smooth milk chocolate crispy crunch - fair play for cocoa growers.

Smooth tasting, zesty and succulent orange milk chocolate

Su, t, K,

577816 £0.70

Divine Fairtrade Dark Chocolate 45g 70% heavenly dark chocolate.

t, K,

Divine fairtrade Milk Chocolate with Coffee 100g

Divine Fairtrade Mint Dark Chocolate 100g

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Fairtrade

S u, t,

577834 £1.71

641148 £2.02

Ch ocolate B a r s

S u, t, K,

Su, t, K,

577959 £0.90

577867 £1.71

Divine Fairtrade White Chocolate and Strawberry 100g t,

578149 £1.90


Divine Fairtrade White Chocolate 45g

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Balls 125g

t , K,

t , G, W,

Heavenly chocolate with a heart.

577994 £0.90

Divine White Chocolate 100g

Heavenly white chocolate with a heart

S u, t , K,

577823 £1.71

Green and Black’s Organic Maya Gold Chocolate 100g

Fairtrade dark chocolate with orange and spices

S u, t , O,

590546 £2.05

Green and Black’s Organic Maya Gold Chocolate 35g

Dark chocolate mini bar with orange and spices

t, O,

Divine Chocolate Hearts 125g t,

578203 £3.85

Divine Fairtrade 70% Dark Chocolate Balls 125g t , G, W ,


Plush Bauble with Fairtrade Truffles 55g t, G,

498117 £13.00

Plush Chocolates Fairtrade Belgian Collection Ballotin 200g t,

498011 £13.00

Plush Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate Caramels 100g t, O,

498088 £4.99

Plush Fairtrade Belgian Collection in Black Hand Painted Keepsake Box 55g t,

498055 £8.99

Plush Fairtrade Belgian Collection in Flocked Paper Keepsake Box 100g t,

498044 £14.98

Plush Fairtrade Belgian Collection in Red Kashmiri Hand Painted Box 55g t,

498066 £8.99

577138 £2.50

Divine Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Advent Calender 84g t, G, W ,

577593 £2.65

577582 £4.52

Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Xmas Puddings 90g t , W,

t, G, W ,

577650 £4.26

Divine Fairtrade After Dinner Mints 200g t,

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Coins 80g

590937 £0.77

C hocolate B ox e s a n d G if t s

577671 £4.26

577560 £4.14

Plush Fairtrade Gold English Truffles in Cotton Leather Keepsake Box 55g t, G,

498033 £8.99

Plush Fairtrade Handmade Champagne Truffles 80g

Devon Cottage Organic and Fairtrade Clotted Cream Fudge 150g

t, G,

E, t, K, O, S, Y

498099 £4.99

Plush Fairtrade Handmade English Truffles in Kashmiri Hand Painted Box 95g t,

Devon Cottage Organic and Fairtrade Coffee Fudge 150g E, t, K, O, S, Y

476904 £2.59

498077 £14.98

Plush Fairtrade Handmade Rum Truffles 80g t, G,

476893 £2.59

Devon Cottage Organic and Fairtrade Ginger Fudge 150g E, t, K, O, S, Y

476915 £2.59

498106 £4.99

Plush Handmade Fairtrade English Truffles 200g

Devon Cottage Organic and Fairtrade Rum and Raisin Fudge 150g

t, G,

E, t, O, S, Y

498022 £14.98

Plush Mini Santa Bauble with Fairtrade and Organic Milk Chocolate Buttons 25g t, G,

498139 £4.99

Plush Santa Bauble with Fairtrade and Organic Milk Chocolate Buttons 50g t, G, O,

Devon Cottage Organic and Fairtrade Vanilla Fudge 150g E, t, K, O, S, Y

476937 £2.59

498128 £4.99

Plush Mini Snowman Bauble with Fairtrade Organic Milk Chocolate Buttons 25g t, G,

476926 £2.59

498151 £9.99

C r is p b r e a ds a n d C rac k e rs R ic e C a k es p lu s Biofair Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes 50g

Organic fairtrade rice cakes dipped in chocolate.

t, O,

Kallo Fairtrade Organic Thick Slice Rice Cake no salt 130g t, O,

Confe ction e ry

327838 £1.39

554697 £1.39

Devon Cottage Organic and Fairtrade Chocolate Fudge 150g

Kallo Organic Fairtrade Sesame Rice Cakes, No Salt 130g

E, t , K, O, S , Y

t, G, O, 476882 £2.59

554702 £1.39


Dried Fruits

Doves Farm Fairtrade Organic Plain Chocolate Drops 130g

Apr i cot s

t, O,

Ideal for cooking or sprinkling.

Tropical Wholefoods Apricot Kernals 50g t, C,

755736 £0.98

Tropical Wholefoods Apricots 125g t,

755245 £1.28

Tropical Wholefoods Apricots 125g

Organic dried banana, pineapple, mango and raisins pressed together to form a succulent chewy bar.


755880 £1.28

Honey Bio Fair Fairtrade Organic Maya Honey, Set 340g t, O,

327990 £3.69

Bio Fair Organic Fairtrade Maya Honey, Clear 340g t, O,

327923 £3.69

Equal Exchange Organic Honey, Clear 500g

A Fairtrade honey from Latin American cooperatives

Exoti cs

t, O,

Tropical Wholefoods Organic Dried Mango 100g D, t, G, l , O, V,

755234 £1.95

Clear honey with a delicious fruit flavour and a hint of vanilla

Flour Spe ciality F l o u r

671839 £3.55

Traidcraft Fairtrade Sweet Justice Honey 340g t,

748404 £5.99

751358 £2.80

M ush r o oms

Hom e Bakin g Doves Farm Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Chip Cake Mix 260g

Suitable for oven or microwave, handy for emergencies.

t , O,


328019 £4.79

Tiana Organic Coconut Flour 500g t, G, O, V, W,

672394 £3.58

Rowse Squeezable Fairtrade Mexican Honey 340g

Biofair Organic Quinoa Flour 500g t, C, O,

478171 £4.25

Rowse Fairtrade Pure Natural Chilean Honey, Clear 340g t,


431044 £2.65

431419 £2.99

Tropical Wholefoods Dried Oyster Mushrooms 25g t,

755267 £1.89

Nut s

Biofair Fair Trade Organic Rice Quinoa Fusilli 250g

Brazil s

E, t, G, O, V,

Equal Exchange Whole Organic Brazil Nuts 250g

327739 £3.08

Biofair Fair Trade Rice Quinoa Spaghetti 250g Product of Bolivia

t, O,

t, G, C , O,

577926 £2.90

O ils

327956 £2.39

S n ac k s Equal Exchange Organic Nabali Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml t, O, V,

577504 £8.77

Equal Exchange Organic Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml t, O, V,

577515 £9.28

Equal Exchange Organic Rumi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml t, O, V,

577526 £8.77

Tiana Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml t, G, C , O, V,

748426 £7.49

Tiana Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml t, G, C , O, V,

S w e e t S n ac ks S n ac k B a rs a n d F l a pjac ks Doves Apple and Sultana Flapjack 5x40g t, O, S, V, W ,

432445 £1.70

Doves Low Fat Fruity Oat Cereal Bar 40g t, O, S, V, W ,

432412 £0.59

Doves Low Fat Fruity Oat Cereal Bar 5x40g t , O, S, V, W ,

432401 £2.30

Doves Organic Fairtrade Chocolate and Crispy Rice Bars 5

Crispy rice pops and chocolate chips in a bar

t , O, V, W ,

431742 £1.99

748437 £13.99

Doves Traditional Butter Flapjack 40g

Pa s ta

t , O, W ,

Non-Wh eat Biofair Bolivian Rice Spaghetti 250g Gluten free spaghetti made from rice

E, t , G, C, c h, O, V,

327934 £2.29

432478 £0.48

Doves Traditional Butter Flapjack 5x40g t , O, S, W ,

432467 £1.70


Doves Tropical Fruit and Nut Cereal Bar 5x40g

Tropical Wholefoods Apricot and Kernel Bar 40g (28 pack)

t, O, S, V, W,

D, t, O,

Fairtrade fruit and cereal bar

432423 £2.67

Traidcraft Apricot Geobar 24x35g (24 pack)

Tropical Wholefoods Mango and Brazil Bar 40g (28 pack) Fairtrade fruit and cereal bar

Raisin and Apricot Energy Giving Traidcraft Cereal bar


A tasty, soft and chewy cereal bar with the wholesome taste of real fruit, oats, raisins, honey and apricots.


D, t , O,

751134 £11.87

Traidcraft Apricot Geobar 6x35g

755436 £17.39

S p r e a ds F r u i t S p r e a ds a n d P r es e rves

751123 £2.67

Traidcraft Fairtrade Organic Orange Marmalade 340g

Traidcraft Chocolate Geobar (CDU) 35g

t , O, V,


Traidcraft Fairtrade Organic Strawberry Jam 340g

Ta st y ce re a l b a r s w i t h a s u cc u l e n t combination of chocolate chips, raisins and oats.

751156 £0.49

t, O, V,

Traidcraft Chocolate Geobar 6x32g t,

751279 £2.55

751369 £1.75

751370 £2.47

Nut Butters

Traidcraft Honey Nut Geobar 32g (24 pack)

Equal Exchange Fairtrade Crunchy Peanut Butter No Salt 280g


t, C,


751303 £2.55

Traidcraft Mixed Berry Geobar 32g (24 pack) t,

751314 £11.32

Traidcraft Mixed Berry Geobar 6x32g t,

Completely natural

751291 £11.32

Traidcraft Honey Nut Geobar 6x32g


755409 £17.39

751325 £2.55

477146 £2.28

S p r e a ds Equal Exchange Natural Tahini 270g

This fabulous earthy Tahini is made with the finest whole sesame seeds. It’s packes full of goodness and is 100% totally natural.

t , O,

477367 £2.68

Traidcraft Fairtrade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 340g t,

751347 £2.59

Green Tips Fairtrade Small Household Gloves 1 pair

Sugar s and S w e e t e n e rs


Biofair Organic Fair Trade Raw Cane Sugar 500g

Raw cane sugar comes from a project in Paraguay

t, O,

Green Tips Large Fairtrade Household Gloves 1 pair

328327 £2.19 t,

Equal Exchange Organic Fairtrade Raw Cane Sugar 500g t, O,

945071 £1.29

Green Tips Medium Fairtrade Household Gloves 1 pair

Unrefined granulated sugar.

478345 £1.74 t,

Rayner’s Essentials Fairtrade Organic Golden Syrup 340g

Organic golden syrup produced from the finest sugar canes.

t, O,

945059 £1.29

586592 £2.29

Traidcraft Fairtrade Golden Caster Sugar 500g t, G, V,

751381 £1.10

945060 £1.29

L au n d ry S o a p o ds Soapods Natural Detergent Pods 190g (approx 25 washes)

The eco-friendly way to wash your clothes. Soap nuts have been used for centuries to wash clothes and originate in Nepal and India.

t, V,

961208 £2.96

Traidcraft Fairtrade Organic Raw Cane Sugar 500g t, O,

751392 £1.65

Househ old Ec o -friendly Pa p e r a n d Cotton P ro d uc ts Traidcraft Fairtrade 2-ply Facial Tissue, 150 pack t,

751453 £1.41

Househ old Fair Deal Trading Biodegradeable Balloons 25 pack t , V,

972319 £1.94


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