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Casemate IPM Welcome to the Casemate IPM Spring 2022 catalog! Spring 2022 brings new titles in a wide range of subject areas. From Customizing Your Clothes with Embroidery and Modern Crochet Style for the crafty reader to Disappearing Act, the debut short story collection from Umbrella Academy actor Robert Sheehan, we are certain there is something for every bookworm and library patron among these pages. This season we welcome four new publishers to our list. Baker Street Press publishes illustrated retellings of classics, perfect for libraries. This season they are also publishing beautiful reissues of some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s best loved Sherlock Holmes stories. Hidden Europe publishes the definitive guide to interrailing around Europe, now in its seventeenth edition! Key Publishing publishes highly illustrated titles for enthusiasts across the globe. With expertise in aviation, transport, history, and sport, they focus on bringing high quality rare or little-known images that bring these stories to life. Pikku Publishing publishes thoughtful, original, illustrated books for readers 3-13 years of age, penned by passionate storytellers, and illustrated by wonderful creative talents. Any questions, concerns, or comments, please don’t hesitate to get it touch. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter @CasemateIPM and/or like and follow us on Facebook for our latest news. You can also sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date on all our new releases. All books listed in this catalog are available on Edelweiss where you will find additional information and page spreads. Thank you for your ongoing support of Casemate IPM and our client publishers. Michaela Goff VP Sales, Marketing & Client Relations Tel: (610)-853-9131 Email: casemate@casematepublishers.com Website: www.casemateipm.com

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Canbury Press**

Our front cover is taken from The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting 2 (Anomie Publishing, 2019), featured on page 5. Image Credit: Jadé Fadojutimi, Turmoil (detail), 2019. Oil on canvas, 190 x 200 cm. © Jadé Fadojutimi. Courtesy Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London. Photo: Stephen White & Co.


Casemate 18 Classic Illustrated Comics


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Addison &zHighsmith Olympia

The Oar of Odysseus

The Birth of the Games

Richard M. Bank

John A. Martino Michael P. O'Kane

$19.99 • Paperback • 240 pages 6x9 • October 2022 • FIC009100 978-1-59211-153-4

$19.99 • Paperback • 228 pages 6x9 • September 2022 FIC014010 • 978-1-59211-154-1

In ancient Greece and across the Mediterranean, kingdoms strive for dominance. The great powers of Carthage and Egypt look on with avarice as the might of the Greeks is spent warring between themselves, oblivious to external dangers. Year in and year out, the people suffer at the hands of their rulers and the famine and pestilence that comes with conflict. Yet often hope springs from the most unlikely sources. There is one amongst the Greeks who sees light where others only perceive darkness. One who sees that there is another way to settle conflict – with honor and courage. One who will set aflame a torch that will burn for thousands of years, down through the ages. In an epoch of chaos and strife, a new force for peace is born.

The Lost Diary of Anne Frank

The Crossing

Johnny Teague

$19.99 • Paperback 360 pages • 6x9 October 2022 FIC027200 978-1-59211-155-8 Ashby Jones lives in Santa Ana, CA

$19.99 • Paperback 236 pages • 6x9 September 2022 FIC040000 978-1-59211-056-8 Johnny Teague lives in Tomball, TX

In The Lost Diary of Anne Frank, Anne receives mysterious help from many quarters. A strange lady on the other side of the fence haunts her dreams. Her sister falls in love with a Nazi guard. Her mom, once vilified, becomes a hero. Anne struggles with the existence of God and His presence or absence in all of her ordeals. She contrasts the depravity of man with what she sees as mankind’s evident virtues. Her longing to experience sensual pleasures is numbed by forced over-exposure. She finds that in the Nazi efforts to extinguish the humanity of their victims, a chorus of unity evolves among the captives. Anne’s vaulted dreams for fame and notice are ultimately traded in for the true longings of life, love, and peace. The Lost Diary of Anne Frank follows her story to the chilling end.


Penelope Bauer sips on a margarita, celebrating her acceptance into the graduate Classics program at Boston University, unaware that she will soon become the central player in a bold scheme to save Western Civilization from itself. Of course, like any intelligent young woman in the dark days of 2018, she sees the symptoms of decay all around her, and the waning of the original values of ancient Greece. Fate has groomed her to participate in a grand adventure, a wild ride of Homeric proportions, with help along the way from an Irish Setter mix named Sappho, and a bevy of strong, intelligent women--Black and brown, Irish and Greek, gay and straight. And like her ancient namesake, the wife of Odysseus, she will have to depend on an abiding love and her courage, the courage of a woman warrior, to see her through the perils of her own Odyssey.

Dying Art Joe Kilgore

Ashby Jones

Irish-born Johnny Flynn, a former British soldier, is banished from his homeland and sent to America. Johnny is plagued by the memory of his lost lover, Nora, whose father, the famed Irish revolutionary, James Connolly, met his death through a firing squad that included Johnny. One night, drunk on the floor, he encounters the ghostly Esme, an Irish singer who suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the British Black and Tans. Hell’s Kitchen, Johnny discovers, is thronged with people whose damaged hearts ache for revenge, repentance and love. He learns that Nora is coming to New York to advocate for Irish independence. As he confronts her and soon thereafter receives a piercing love letter from Esme, the story comes to a turbulent climax.

$19.99 • Paperback 220 pages • 6x9 October 2022 FIC022000 978-1-59211-156-5 Joe Kilgore lives in Austin, TX

Brig Ellis is a new age private investigator with old school values. When he gets a call from an old flame seeking protection for her husband, he agrees to help. Ellis soon finds himself in the middle of multiple bizarre events that could be chalked up as accidental mayhem. Of course, they could also be escalating murder attempts. From wild art house happenings in the warehouse district to glittering soirees in the manicured mansions of the upper crust, things get more and more dangerous. The violence keeps increasing exponentially, as do the suspects. There are jealous artists, shady gallery owners, reporters with hidden agendas, outraged Christian ministers, even Jewish groups who become incensed when they find that one of the artist’s paintings includes the ashes of a Holocaust survivor.

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z Addison z&•Highsmith

The Death Tax

The Ravens of Vienna

S. A. Hogan

Adrian Grafe

$29.99 • Hardback • 280 pages • 6x9 March 2022 • FIC031080 • 978-1-59211-141-1

$29.99 • Hardback • 340 pages • 6x9 April 2022 • FIC014050 • 978-1-59211-138-1

Why do a million hummingbirds descend upon a certain Missouri lake every April 15th, killing one more resident than they did the year before? Once an ENT man with a seemingly limitless future, Lake Tanaka resident Dr. Kevin Cousey struggles to find a purpose in life after a prankster mangled his hand with an M-80 twenty years ago, costing him his career, his family, and very nearly his life. He thinks he has found it in the lethal hummingbird attacks that occur at the lake every year, as well as an ally in small-town newspaper editor Paul Mahr, the only other person who sees a pattern and seeks to connect the pieces of the mystery that haunts the lake. Pieces that include a thirteen-year-old French exchange student with a passion for hummingbirds, the Navy diver-turned-corporate millionaire with the mysterious past she was staying with at the time of her disappearance, and the patron saint of birds. The Death Tax is a cross between Hitchcock’s The Birds (with a purpose, no less), Nabokov’s Lolita in its darkest incarnation, and a murder mystery, tackling such thorny issues as pedophilia, social apathy/intolerance, and religious hypocrisy along the way. Likewise it is a celebration of nature, from its assuming the mantle of vengeance where man has failed, to all the subtle nuances of light and atmosphere that occur on the water and in the sky between the twin glories of sunrise and sunset: no less than an ode to Steinbeck’s loving descriptions of the Salinas Valley. The Death Tax is at once nasty, unflinching, unlikely, and beautiful!

Vienna in 1942 is a city overrun with Nazis, profiteers, and spies. A desperate Nazi officer, under pressure from his superiors, bullies Lichtblau, a banker, also a writer, into handing him over some of the bank’s money. He is the object of hatred on the part of Hellroth, who has always been in love with Lichtblau’s wife. As Lichtblau’s and his family’s lives become more and more perilous, they devise a plan for his wife and children to leave Vienna and travel across Europe to England. Once in Oxford, a professor, Tom Oliver, with whom they have been in touch through a Resistance network in Europe, is due to take them in. Tom Oliver is loosely based on the figure of Maurice Bowra (1898-1971), a colorful libertine who played a decisive role in helping Jewish refugees escape war-torn continental Europe and get to Oxford. Lichtblau stays behind in Vienna after his family’s departure, in order to work for the Resistance. As the Lichtblau party crosses Europe, they encounter danger and get into life-threatening situations, facing them with resourcefulness and sometimes disguises and bluff. They also come across people willing to help them in their onward journey, passing through Germany and France. The Russians are still some distance from Vienna, as Herr Lichtblau, in 1945, torn between his love for his family and his desire to fight the Nazi plague in Vienna, decides to set out for England.

The Last Words of James Joyce James Broderick $29.99 • Hardback • 270 pages • 6x9 February 2022 • FIC019000 978-1-59211-142-8

A disgruntled Community College professor who loves literature but loathes his students. A homicide detective who takes her inspiration from Patti Smith’s punk period. A cult of Christian zealots who livestream actual crucifixions. And a writer of porn movies whose career does not have a happy ending. All of them connected by a lost manuscript written by one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers. (That is, if it exists.) At the heart of this multi-faceted narrative is Lucia Joyce, James Joyce’s daughter and muse, a brilliant and visionary woman whose life remained shadowed by the specter of madness. Was she the recipient of her father’s last masterwork? Where are the letters that would tell her story? Would she have shared his final work if she had ever been released from the mental institution where she languished her entire adult life? The Last Words of James Joyce is a modern-day literary treasure hunt, feverishly churning through the worlds of social media, academic conferences, sanitariums, porn movie sets, and late-night diners, with a cast of characters who’d be right at home in the most wild Joycean fantasy, all drawn by the prospect of the literary find of the century: an unpublished work by the master modernist and literary icon himself. Both playful and profound, this modern quixotic adventure explores the life of a neglected and heroic woman and her legacy as the keeper of strange and dark secrets.

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z • z& Highsmith Addison

The Pukur

A Woman of Valor

D.K. Powell

Fred Skolnik

$29.99 • Hardback • 467 pages • 6x9 September 2022 • YAF018050 978-1-59211-144-2

$34.99 • Hardback • 688 pages • 6.14x9.21 September 2022 • FIC014000 978-1-59211-143-5

When 12-year-old Sophie Shepherd is orphaned after a motor accident, she is left scarred both physically and emotionally. Recovery is slow - first at hospital, and then living with her only blood relative, her aunt. Her nightmares torment her and Sophie is withdrawn and fragile. But rather than support her, a jealous and cruel uncle-in-law destroys her life all over again. Dumped in rural Bangladesh without warning, with an uncle she didn't even know existed, who she hates, and who doesn't want her there, Sophie has to come to terms with grief, loss, and a totally alien culture. Her Uncle Joshua can't abide the girl and won't entertain the idea of dealing with this head-strong teenage girl. Nothing is allowed to interrupt his beloved bachelorhood and peaceful tranquility, with which he has bound up and silenced his own hurts for a long time. The only one he allows into his trust is the beautiful Didi who serves him faithfully. Together, they start to find out how to accept one other and find a way through the troubles forced upon them. Sophie begins to find friends and allies in the strangest of circumstances and learns that first impressions can be wrong, very wrong. In the middle of all this, literally, is the pukur, sitting there ominously calling to Sophie, inexplicably bringing peace to her uncle while increasingly confronting Sophie with her demons. As her nightmares threaten to consume her from within, Sophie finds her fate is entirely entwined in the dark depths of the pukur.

A Woman of Valor is a monumental family saga that is in effect a history of the Jews in the 20th century. It centers around a heroine who grows up in Bialystok, survives the Holocaust fighting in the Underground, and rebuilds her family in Israel. The Lefkovitzes are a well-to-do Bialystok family operating a textile factory that employs 100 Poles and Jews. The five brothers and sisters and fifteen of their sixteen children occupy a family-owned three-story building in the middle of the city. The sixteenth child lives in Palestine. Emma Lefkovitz, the first grandchild, is born in September 1920 in Independent Poland a month after the Russians are driven out. The children grow up in an often hostile environment but the family flourishes. Rivka studies agronomy and teaches in Warsaw University as a single mother. Chana becomes a pediatrician in residency at Bialystok's Jewish Hospital, where she meets her husband. Eliezer marries Sarka and manages her father's movie theater. Emma becomes an ardent Zionist, joining the socialist Hashomer Hatzair movement. Some of the other cousins are employed in the factory. Then the war breaks out and the Germans arrive and now the long nightmare begins. When the ghetto is liquidated in August 1943, Emma and her husband fight in the uprising, but it is easily suppressed and they flee to the forest to join the partisans. The rest of the Lefkovitz family, numbering over sixty members now, are murdered, mostly in Treblinka, Auschwitz, and Poniatowa.


Brandy, You're a Fine Girl Dee DeTarsio $29.99 • Hardback • 260 pages • 6x9 February 2022 • FIC027050 978-1-59211-139-8 Dee DeTarsio lives in San Diego, CA

If you know the song, you know Brandy’s sailor loved the sea more than her (The bastard). Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1972 hit song. Brandy’s story doesn’t end when the music stops—her destiny is filled with adventure! Barmaid Brandy seizes on a plan to become that good wife and escape her life of drudgery. A pregnancy would be just the thing to get him to marry her. When that doesn’t work, she crosses paths with Elliot, a nobleman in need of a wife and heir by his fast-approaching 30th birthday, or else his inheritance will go to his scheming cousin Clarence. Once married, Elliot’s problems appear solved, and Brandy has a kind husband and a warm and comfy new home, even if it is full of Elliot’s odd band of friends. Everyone tries to get along and put up with Brandy’s strange cravings and profanity-laden drama, until they discover she was never really pregnant. She fears she’ll be kicked out, but not to worry— there’s still time for Elliot to fulfill his husbandly duty and save the day. Or is he... up to the task? When Elliot’s handsome — and virile — best friend Beau shows up, Brandy promptly falls head over heels. She becomes pregnant, but will it be too late? Will the baby arrive before Elliot’s 30th birthday? Will it even be a son and therefore true heir? And who is the mysterious one-armed carpenter from Brandy’s past?

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z Anomie Publishing Bill Woodrow & Richard Deacon

The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting 2

A Democratic Process: Shared Sculptures and Drawings

Matt Price Joe Gilmore

Bill Woodrow Richard Deacon

The Anomie Review of… • $40 Paperback • 240 pages • 8.25x11 Currently Available • ART015110 978-1-910221-27-3

$33 • Paperback • 120 pages 7.5x9 • October 2021 ART016030 • 978-1-91-022131-0

Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon have been making sculpture together since 1990. This new book is the first to showcase the work made over this thirty-year period. They have created over sixty works altogether which they call ‘shared sculptures’, highlighting the important equality of authorship and responsibility at stake for both these artists. Their shared sculptures exist as five main bodies of work, which have been variously shown in exhibitions in Britain and abroad: ‘Only the Lonely’ (1993), ‘monuments’ (1999), ‘Lead Astray’ (2004), ‘On the Rocks’ (2008), and ‘Don’t Start’ (2016). Their recent body of work, ‘We Thought About It A Lot’ (2021), has seen them working on paper to explore their ideas together. This new book provides a rich visual account of these works, showing new and original photographs of them individually and in their exhibition contexts.

Frank Walter Music of the Spheres

Paget Henry

Barbara Paca PhD Professor

$40 • Hardback • 256 pages • 8.5x10.25 Currently Available • ART016030 978-1-91-022134-1

This publication has been produced to accompany an exhibition staged by Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, for the 2021 Edinburgh Art Festival. Walter’s work was unknown during his lifetime, but in the decade since his death he has emerged as one of the most distinctive and intriguing Caribbean voices of the last fifty years. Painted with a rare directness and immediacy on whatever material came most readily to hand, his works describe a visionary artist rooted in the landscape of Antigua, the island of his birth. The publication is co-published by Ingleby, Edinburgh, and Anomie, London.

Following the success of The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting in 2018, a second volume has been created to showcase more than sixty solo exhibitions that have defined contemporary painting in Britain since the first volume. This new, larger anthology presents the work of sixty artists born or living in Britain through documentation and discussion of solo exhibitions of their work in museums and galleries around the UK and internationally. Featuring artists at different stages of their careers, from senior figures exhibiting at major museums to emerging artists staging some of their first commercial gallery exhibitions, The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting 2 offers an overview of recent activity in the medium of painting in Britain.

Mariele Neudecker – SEDIMENT Prof Mariele Neudecker Greer Crawley $38 • Paperback • 224 pages • 6.5x8.67 190 • October 2021 • ART016030 978-1-910221-32-7

Mariele Neudecker is a German-born, Bristol-based artist working at the crossover of art and science. Her multimedia practice, which incorporates sculpture, video, painting, and sound, explores the processes and effects of perception, the complexities and contradictions of landscapes and visuality, and the politics of representation and territorialization. The influence of the nineteenth-century German romantic sublime is interwoven alongside inspiration from Neudecker’s work with scientists, as a guest artist on the Arts at CERN program, her trips to the Arctic and travel elsewhere.

Journey of the Mind Koi Without Shape Without Form $40 • Hardback • 144 pages • 8.66x8.66 December 2021 • ART006010 978-1-910221-35-8

This is the first publication from Without Shape Without Form (WSWF), an arts organization and arts space established in 2017 by volunteers from the Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara (GMGG) in Slough, England. WSWF is the UK’s first, and currently only, permanent Sikh art gallery. The publication has been created as an illustrated introduction to the history and teachings of Sikhism. The Gurus shared a message of kindness, equality, and inclusivity, helping all humanity find peace and connect with truth through the journey of the mind.

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Banovallum Baker Street Press


Mansfield Park

Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen Gill Tavner

Jane Austen Gill Tavner

Jane Austen Gill Tavner

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 •30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246408-1

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246419-7

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246422-7


Pride and Prejudice

Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen Gill Tavner

Jane Austen Gill Tavner

Jane Austen Gill Tavner

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246414-2

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246402-9

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246412-8

Jane Eyre

Wuthering Heights

Robinson Crusoe

Charlotte Brontë Gill Tavner

Emily Brontë Gill Tavner

Daniel Defoe Margaret Elphinstone

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 •30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246418-0

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246426-5

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246421-0


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Banovallum Baker Street Press

Bleak House

A Christmas Carol

David Copperfield

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246401-2

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246423-4

Great Expectations

Hard Times

Little Dorrit

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246405-0

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246432-6

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246434-0

The Old Curiosity Shop

Oliver Twist

A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246424-1

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246400-5

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91246425-8

Charles Dickens Gill Tavner Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV021000 978-1-91-246433-3

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Banovallum Baker Street Press

The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tony Evans

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246420-3

The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Sean Connolly Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246404-3

Hamlet William Shakespeare Helen Street Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246431-9


The Sign of the Four

A Study in Scarlet

Arthur Conan Doyle Tony Evans

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tony Evans

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246435-7

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246427-2

Les Miserables

All Quiet on the Western Front

Victor Hugo Tony Evans Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246416-6

Macbeth William Shakespeare Helen Street Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246415-9

Erich Maria Remarque Tony Evans Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246417-3

A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare Helen Street Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246428-9

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Banovallum Baker Street Press

Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Helen Street

The Tempest

Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare Helen Street

William Shakespeare Helen Street

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246409-8

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246430-2


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Mary Shelley Gill Tavner

Robert Louis Stevensoin Pete Crowther

Bram Stoker Chaz Brenchley

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246406-7

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246429-6

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246413-5

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246411-1

Around the World in 80 The Time Machine Days H. G. Wells Jules Verne Tony Evans Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246403-6

The War of the Worlds

Eric Brown

H. G. Wells Eric Brown

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246410-4

Baker Street Readers • $9.95 • Hardback 64 pages • 5.25x8 • 30 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV007000 978-1-91-246407-4

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Banovallum Baker Street Press

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 • FIC022050 978-1-91-246449-4

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 FIC022000 • 978-1-91-246455-5

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 • FIC004000 978-1-91-246451-7

His Last Bow

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 FIC004000 • 978-1-91-246450-0

Baker Street Classics $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 FIC004000 • 978-1-91-246452-4

The Sign of Four

A Study in Scarlet

The Valley of Fear

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 •February 2022 FIC004000 • 978-1-91-246448-7

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 FIC004000 • 978-1-91-246447-0

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 FIC004000 • 978-1-91-246453-1

Baker Street Classics • $22.95 • Hardback 308 pages • 5.25x8 • February 2022 FIC004000 • 978-1-91-246454-8


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Addison & Highsmith Bauhan Publishing

Girl as Birch

Not a Soul but Us



Rebecca Kaiser Gibson

Richard Smith

$17 • Paperback • 80 pages • 6.5x8.5 April 2022 • POE005010 978-0-87-233333-8 Rebecca Kaiser Gibson lives in Marlborough, NH

$17 • Paperback • 80 pages • 6.5x8.5 April 2022 • FIC014020 978-0-87233-360-4 Richard Smith lives in Washington, D.C.

In Girl as Birch, Gibson mimics the flexible (adaptable? too pliant? healthily, if secretly, resilient, then, finally, aligned) motion of a birch in strong wind, as it relates to the options seemingly available to her, growing up as a girl. The poems imitate in form the experiences they evoke. The leitmotifs of red, birches, mirrors, walls enclosing gardens, labyrinths as metaphors for constraint, recur throughout the book. Without being a manifesto, Girl as Birch explores female gender roles with both pliant and uprising imagery and action. Restriction and rebellion, silence and speech, appearance and artifice, passion and repression, the past and being present, buffet and embolden the speaker of these poems. The elastic and varied syntax, pace, music, and the use of rhetoric and wit express deft self-examination. The book moves from serial impressionistic poems of early childhood to discrete lyric poems of memory and experience and on to a sense of emotional, social, spiritual evolution, not resolution.

Set in rural England during and after the bubonic plague pandemic of 1348–1349, this verse novel drives to the heart of what we humans are capable of when boiled down to our very core in the struggle to survive—and how, in more ways than one, it’s not our intelligence or our resiliency, but love and the non-human animals that save us.

Time for Everything

Essays from Essex

My Curious Life

Nature—Its Miracles and Mysteries

Joseph D. Steinfield $22 • Paperback • 232 pages • 6x9 illustrated • May 2022 • BIO026000 978-0-87233-362-8

Following up on his book, Claremont Boy, noted attorney Joseph D. Steinfield offers more thoughtful commentary in this new collection of essays. In Time for Everything, Steinfield first looks back at friends, heroes, family, travel, being Jewish, and, of course, sports. He then turns his thoughts to the law and offers insight into issues that are particularly relevant today, such as the right to vote, executive power, the internet, and Constitutional issues arising during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sydney M. Williams III $22 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6x9 illustrated • May 2022 • BIO026000 978-0-87233-348-2 Sydney M. Williams III lives in Essex, CT

In Essays from Essex, Sydney M. Williams III shares new musings on family, nature, and the miracles to be found in everyday life. The nearly two dozen entries in this, his third collection, range from stories of growing up in the 1940s and ’50s, Christmases past, and remembrances of friends, to observations on the joys of motherhood and the return of Atlantic sturgeon to the Connecticut River. The book also includes a half-dozen drawings by Williams’s grandson, Alex.

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Birlinn z•z A Sky Full of Kites

A Scurry of Squirrels

A Rewilding Story Tom Bowser

Nurturing The Wild

$21.95 • Paperback • 240 pages 5.9x9.05 • 8pp color plates December 2021 • NAT043000 978-1-78-027650-2

Polly Pullar

Red kites were once Britain’s most common bird of prey. By the early 1900s they'd been wiped out in Scotland and England following centuries of ruthless persecution. When some reintroduced kites began roosting on their 1,400-acre farm at Argaty in Perthshire, Tom Bowser’s parents, Lynn and Niall, decided to turn their estate into a safe haven. They began feeding the birds and invited the world to come and see them, learn about them and fall in love with them. A Sky Full of Kites is the story of the Argaty Red Kite project, and the re-establishing of these magnificent raptors to Scotland, but it is also much more than that. Ill at ease with the traditional rural values of livestock farming, Lynn and Niall’s son Tom, who returned to work on the farm after a career in journalism, reveals his passion for nature and his desire to dedicate his family’s land to conservation.

Newcastle upon Tyne Mapping the City Michael Barke Brian Robson

Polly Pullar has had a passion for red squirrels since childhood. As a wildlife rehabilitator, she knows the squirrel on a profoundly personal level and has hand-reared numerous litters of orphan kits, eventually returning them to the wild. In this book she shares her experiences and love for the squirrel and explores how our perceptions have changed. Heavily persecuted until the 1960s, it has since become one of the nation’s most adored mammals. But we are now racing against time to ensure its long-term survival in an ever-changing world. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Polly’s Perthshire farm, where she works continuously to encourage wildlife great and small, she highlights how nature can, and indeed will, recover if only we give it a chance. In just two decades, her efforts have brought spectacular results, and numerous squirrels and other animals visit her wild farm every day.

Argonauts of the Western Isles

The Scottish Nature Colouring Book

Robin LloydJones

$44.95 • Hardback • 272 pages • 9.7x9.85 color throughout • January 2022 • HIS015000 978-1-78-027726-4

Newcastle has a long and distinguished history through two millennia: a Roman fortress at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall; an important centre of monasticism; a 'royal' bulwark against attacks and invasion from Scotland; and the principal centre for the export of coal to London. In the 19th century it was transformed into an elegant Georgian townscape with dramatic streets and handsome public buildings. It and other towns on the Tyne - Gateshead, Jarrow, Wallsend, Tynemouth, North and South Shields - developed important industries: shipbuilding, glass and heavy engineering. Tyneside suffered severe contraction in the 20th century as heavy industry declined, but it has begun to reinvent itself and create new growth shoots, not least its vibrant cultural industries including music and art.


$21.95 • Paperback • 240 pages 6.1x9.2 • 8pp color plates December 2021 • NAT037000 978-1-78-027704-2

$14.95 • Paperback 256 pages • 5.1x7.8 June 2022 • TRV009070 • 978-1-78-027705-9

Robin Lloyd-Jones has been exploring the west coast of Scotland in his sea kayak for more than forty years. In this book he recalls many a memorable expedition to wild and beautiful shores. Amongst magnificent scenery and ever-changing seas, we are transported to Jura, Scarba, the Garvellach Isles, Mull, Staffa, the Treshnish Isles, the Monach Isles, Iona, Lewis and the Uists, Skye, the Orkneys, and the Shetland Isles. Along the way, he explains a great deal about kayaking, about the wildlife and history of the areas he visits. More than that, however, he makes us feel that we are with him in his kayak. This is a book to set the imagination adrift and appeal to the Robinson Crusoe in all of us.

Eilidh Muldoon $13.95 • Paperback • 48 pages • 9.8x9.8 b/w line drawings throughout • June 2022 GAM019000 • 978-1-78-027763-9

Featuring iconic animals from red deer, golden eagles and Highland cows to red squirrels, pine martens and salmon as well as the plants, trees and flowers which thrive in mountain, forest, moor and seashore, this book is the ideal way to explore Scotland’s amazing range of flora and fauna. Many of the illustrations show the animals and plants in their natural habitats, so you can appreciate the extraordinary beauty of Scotland’s landscapes too.

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Birlinnz The Night Before Morning Alistair Moffat $13.95 • Paperback • 256 pages • 5.1x7.8 March 2022 • FIC040000 978-1-78-027737-0

June 1945. Hitler has triumphed, Britain is under German occupation and America cowers under the threat of nuclear attack. In the dead of night, a figure flits through the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, searching for a hidden document he knows could change the course of history. The journal he discovers, by a young soldier, David Erskine, records an extraordinary story. Captor becomes captive and Erskine is held as a POW in his own land. As the brutal grip of the occupying forces tightens, he is determined to join the resistance. A daring escape leads him and his fiancée Katie on a breathless chase to the university town of St Andrews, where the Germans have established a secret research laboratory. When it becomes clear what its purpose is, David, Katie and their small, trusted band must adopt a desperate and audacious plan to thwart Nazi domination...

The Star Drive The True story of a Genius, an Engine and Our Future Phillip Hills $21.95 • Hardback • 256 pages • 5.5x8.85 16pp b/w plates • December 2021 HIS037060 • 978-1-78-027668-7

In May 2018 NASA called a press conference to announce the successful test-run of their tiny nuclear reactor KRUSTY (Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling Technology). This revolutionary technology, which runs on heat alone, may have profound consequences for the future of mankind, enabling us to maintain permanent bases on the Moon, on Mars and other planets, and eventually power a starship. On earth too it could have enormous benefits as a new way to generate power at a time when climate change is threatening our very existence. This book is the amazing story behind this invention, which began with Robert Stirling’s original designs for a heat exchange engine in 1816. An invention truly ahead of its time, the practical application of the Stirling Engine has taxed the minds of scientists and inventors for almost 200 years. Only now is it possible for its full potential to be realised. Phillip Hills weaves science and history together to tell the story of one of the most exciting scientific developments the world has ever seen.

A Sword for Christ The Republican Era in Great Britain and Ireland Jonathan Cobb $44.95 • Hardback • 416 pages 6.3x9.45 • 8pp color plates October 2021 • HIS015040 978-1-78-027692-2

The fifteen-year period between 1645 and 1660 was one of the most dynamic in British history. Drawing on the latest research and established sources, as well as the works and diaries of contemporaries such as John Evelyn, Lucy Hutchinson and Samuel Pepys, A Sword for Christ offers a new and stimulating perspective on these extraordinary years. Key personalities such as Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Marquis of Argyll, Charles II and, of course, Oliver Cromwell himself – one of the most contentious figures in history – are re-appraised and brought vividly to life. In addition to exploring the religious and political debates which shaped the era and the military culture which defined it, the book also considers how society was profoundly affected by the upheaval caused by the civil wars; the relations between what was essentially an English republic and its Irish and Scottish neighbours; and the ethos of the New Model Army and the navy.

Neville Chamberlain The Passionate Radical Walter Reid $39.95 • Hardback • 336 pages 6.3x9.45 • 8pp mono plates October 2021 • BIO011000 978-1-78-027674-8

Neville Chamberlain is remembered today as Hitler’s credulous dupe, the man who proclaimed in September 1938 that the Munich agreement guaranteed ‘peace in our time’. This is a magisterial reappraisal of Chamberlain and his legacy. It reveals the nuances of a complex and sensitive man who was a true radical and a man of passion, especially in all that concerned the welfare of his fellow citizens. As Minister of Health, Chancellor and Prime Minister, he presided over a fundamental modernization of Britain, shutting the door on the Victorian age, ending free trade, improving living conditions and abolishing the Poor Law and the workhouse. Munich was much more than the traditional narrative suggests. Scarred by the death of his cousin in World War I, Chamberlain was determined to ensure that a new generation was spared the tragic waste that had consumed their elders. Even so, he prepared for war while he worked for peace. The aircraft that won the Battle of Britain were built on his watch. He didn’t win World War II, but it was he who ensured it wasn’t lost in 1940.

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Arden Birlinn A Taste of the Highlands

The Ninth Wave Love and Food on the Isle of Mull

Ghillie Basan

Carla Lamont

$34.95 • Hardback • 208 pages 7.45x9.2 • December 2021 CKB011000 • 978-1-78-027742-4

On this culinary journey through the Highlands of Scotland, award-winning food writer Ghillie Basan meets a host of artisan food producers, farmers, crofters, fishermen and distillers. From the wild glens of the Cairngorms, the bountiful waters of the Moray Firth and the rolling farmland of the Black Isle to the sea lochs, moors and mountains of Sutherland and Argyll, she discovers a huge variety of local produce. Here she shares some of the best of it: lamb and grass-fed beef, wild venison, fresh salmon and juicy langoustines, seasonal fruits and berries, cheeses and charcuterie, butter and breads, as well as whisky, gin and beer – and much else besides. Featuring a hundred recipes gleaned along the way, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, as well as the stories of the people she meets, this is a magnificent celebration of life and food in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Owners of the Ninth Wave Restaurant on the Isle of Mull, Carla and John Lamont, have brought fine dining to one of the most beautiful islands in the Hebrides. Their cooking is based on seasonality - using the wonderful natural larder of fruit,vegetables, game and seafood at the times of year when they are available and at their best. Lobster, crab, hand-dived scallops and fish are often caught only hours before appearing on the dinner-plate. John, a fisherman himself, will not only catch crab and lobster on his own fishing boat, but will act as waiter and wine steward in the restaurant in the evening. Carla tells the story of how she came to set up the restaurant in a remote corner of Scotland and captures the zest and creativity of its menu in detailed and easy-to-follow recipes. This is a book to treasure and to turn to again and again.

The Founder's Tale

Gin: The Ultimate Companion

A Good Idea and a Glass of Malt

The Essential Guide to Flavours, Brands, Cocktails, Tonics and More

Phillip Hills $21.95 • Hardback • 256 pages 5.5x8.05 • Currently Available BIO026000 • 978-1-78-027628-1

Ian Buxton $21.95 • Paperback • 272 pages 5.3x7.7 • December 2021 • CKB006000 978-1-78-027753-0

The 21st century’s own Gin Craze continues unabated, with exciting new crafted gins launched on a regular basis. Most recently, we have seen growing interest in Pink Gins and the development of a range of flavoured gins, not to mention the remarkable rise of tonics – with a tonic to suit every palate, and perhaps every gin. So naturally, leading spirits writer Ian Buxton has looked to revise and renew his focus on this most fashionable of spirits. In this book he brings his customary wit, industry knowledge and highly developed palate to this fast-evolving and dynamic market with enthusiastic, book-buying drinkers keen for more ginsights!


$24.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 7.5x9.25 • color throughout Currently Available • CKB115000 978-1-78-027756-1

This is the story of how one man, with a bit of help from his friends, created a revolution in the hitherto staid world of Scotch Whisky. But by creating the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, he gave whisky drinkers access to the finest distilled liquor on the planet – and what’s more, he had a great time doing it. The book is a collection of stories about Pip and his friends and how they brought Scotland’s finest product to a waiting world. It begins in a small farm in Aberdeenshire and moves through high places (The World Trade Center) and low (a jungle dive in the South Seas), with the help of the famous and the obscure, the good, the bad and the mildly delinquent. There are high mountains and wild seas, and a trip (with whisky) to Communist eastern Europe in a vintage Lagonda.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Bauhan Publishing Banovallum Birlinn • Arena Sport • Kitchen Press The Tobermory Seafood Bible

Bad Girl Bakery

Sally MacColl Bob Dewar

Jeni Iannetta

The Cookbook $34.99 • Hardback • 336 pages 7.8x9.9 • color throughout January 2022 • CKB004000 978-1-91-631655-3

$7.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 4.35x6.15 • b/w line drawings throughout • December 2021 CKB076000 • 978-1-78-027754-7

In today's world of ready meals and snacking, the value of healthy eating has never been more important. Seafood is one of the healthiest things you can put on your plate: fish is good for the heart, improves circulation, keeps your joints mobile and your eyes healthy, and is packed with minerals. There's even evidence it can boost your brain power. In this book, Sally MacColl presents 50 delicious tried-and-tested seafood recipes featuring produce from the waters around her home island of Mull, including salmon, trout, haddock and mackerel as well as mussels, langoustine, lobster, scallops and crab. Arranged in five main sections – Quick and Easy Fish Recipes, Quick and Easy Recipes with Smoked Fish, Quick and Easy Recipes with Shellfish, Favourite Fish Recipes, and Sides and Sauces – and featuring a host of mouth-watering dishes, from Smoked Salmon Hash to Scallops with Island Black Pudding and Garlic Butter, Sally also includes useful information on buying and preparing fish.

A Difference of Opinion My Political Journey Jim Sillars

Jeni Iannetta's cakes, bakes and biscuits have won plaudits ever since her Bad Girl Bakery opened in 2017. For Jeni, baking is about the occasional indulgence that’s worth it. It's about baking being a process that brings you joy. These aren't recipes with hundreds of steps, requiring loads of specialist kit; it's about baking with the best ingredients, and recipes that celebrate texture and flavor and are inspired by home baking techniques. They are do-able, fast, with simple steps and tricks that yield the tastiest results and look great without hours and hours of work. With chapters including everything from 'Cake for Breakfast' to 'Leftover Cake' (who wouldn't bake extra cake to make themselves a Hot Mess?), via an entire section dedicated to Millionaire's Shortbread, Bad Girl Bakery brings together over 100 of Jeni's best bakes. Because Bad Girls make good cake…

The Greatest Show on Earth

Make Mine a Double The Lockdown Legends – St Johnstone FC: 2020-21

The Inside Story of the Legendary 1970 World Cup

Ed Hodge

Andrew Downie

$21.95 • Paperback • 320 pages • 5.9x9.05 8pp color plates • October 2021 • BIO010000 978-1-78-027683-0

$24.95 • Hardback • 320 pages • 6.3x9.45 16pp b/w plates • November 2021 • SPO040000 978-1-90-971596-7

$18.95 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6.15x9.2 16pp color plates • December 2021 SPO040000 • 978-1-91-375902-5

Jim Sillars, among the last of his generation’s working-class politicians, has had a prominent role in Scottish public life for more than six decades. In this candid memoir, he records a controversial political life from local councillor to Westminster MP, during which he had dealings with many prominent politicians of the day. But he also reflects on what moulded him in his early years. Bringing the book up to date to address contemporary issues, he offers views on Brexit, Russia, the Middle East, climate change, the Alex Salmond trial and the consequences of the 2021 Holyrood election.

The 1970 World Cup is widely regarded as the greatest ever staged, Some of the finest teams ever to represent the likes of West Germany, Peru, Italy and England came together for a tilt at the world title. But at the heart of the tournament were Brazil; captained by Carlos Alberto and featuring legends like Pelé, Gérson, Jairzinho, Rivellino and Tostão, the 1970 Seleção are often cited as the greatest-ever World Cup team. Using brand new interviews alongside painstaking archival research, Andrew Downie charts each stage of the tournament, telling a host of remarkable stories in the players’ own words. This is Mexico 1970. Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth.

This is the inside story of St Johnstone's Historic Cup Double in Season 2020-21 – one of the most remarkable achievements in Scottish football history. Led by Callum Davidson in his first season in charge, this is the stunning story of the underdog not only upsetting the odds but doing so during the daily challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and without fans to cheer them on. Exclusive interviews with the entire squad, management and board document the extraordinary Betfred League Cup and Scottish Cup triumphs in their own words as St Johnstone became only the fourth team in Scotland – after Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers – to do the double.

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Blackstaff ArdenPress A Force Like No Other The Final Shift

The Black Dreams Strange Stories from Northern Ireland Reggie Chamberlain-King

More Real Stories from the RUC Men and Women who Policed the Troubles

$22.95 • Hardback • 256 pages 5.3x7.6 • December 2021 • FIC003000 978-1-78-073328-9

Colin Breen $14.95 • Paperback • 208 pages • 5.3x8.5 January 2022 • HIS054000 978-1-78-073331-9

In this final part to his bestselling A Force Like No Other series, Colin Breen brings together more compelling insider stories from RUC officers who served during the Troubles. "A most powerful and unique insight into the world’s most dangerous job in policing in the 1970s and '80s." — Henry McDonald, Observer and Guardian "This book of real RUC insider anecdotes…has, of course, the best possible sources – the cops themselves." — Hugh Jordan, Sunday World "A Force Like No Other recalls the horrors of the Troubles but also some of the funnier stories of everyday life as a cop." — Stephen Gordon, Sunday Life

New Reporting the Troubles Journalists Tell their Stories of the Northern Ireland Conflict

Stand Up, Speak Out My Life Working for Women's Rights, Peace and Equality in Northern Ireland and Beyond Monica McWilliams $29.95 • Hardback • 368 pages 6.1x9.2 • December 2021 • BIO026000 978-1-78-073322-7

By the age of ten, Monica McWilliams was dispensing payouts in her granny’s post office, book-keeping for her cattle-dealer father and leaving no one in any doubt that she could stand up for herself. She went on to break the mold in so many ways, as a woman, as an activist, and as a politician. In this frank and fascinating memoir, she tells her extraordinary story for first time. A Derry Catholic, she participated in the civil rights protests of the 1960s. She was 15 when attended her first NICRA meeting in ’69. Her ground-breaking work on domestic violence and the training she delivered to police officers and the Public Prosecution Service. Her pivotal role in the women's movement in Northern Ireland. Her co-founding of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition and her participation in the peace talks that led to the signing of The Good Friday Agreement. The deep misogyny and discrimination that she and the Coalition were subjected to during their time in politics and how they stood up to that. Her 5 years as a serving politician in the NI Assembly. Her work with victims as Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and her global work in human rights and peace-building.


"My brother said that he needed to dampen down the colours in his flat. There was too much colour in there. There was too much confusion. The colours were clashing. They were humming. First he did the walls, and then he did the skirting boards, and the ceiling. And then the doors. Carefully, methodically, over the course of a couple of weeks, he stripped them, primed them and painted them. He painted them all – carefully, methodically. He painted them black." ?— Ian Sansom, ‘The Black’ This anthology of specially commissioned short stories explores the weird, surreal, and dream-like, a world that is off-kilter. Bringing together some of the best of Northern Ireland’s literary talents along with new and exciting voices, this compelling collection is dark, funny, and unsettling. Contributors: Jo Baker, Jan Carson, Reggie Chamberlain-King, Ailsinn Clarke, Emma Devlin, Moyra Donaldson, Michelle Gallen, Carlo Gebler, John Patrick Higgins, Ian McDonald, Gerard McKeown, Bernie McGill, Ian Sansom, and Sam Thompson.

A Second Volume of the Bestselling Book, Featuring New Contributions from Over Sixty High-profile Journalists Deric Henderson Ivan Little $22.95 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6.1x9.2 • July 2022 • HIS054000 978-1-78-073325-8

Following the success of the acclaimed Reporting the Troubles (2018), this book brings together new contributions from over sixty journalists – including Sir Trevor McDonald, Gavin Esler, John Ware, Colin Bateman, Charlie Bird, Lindy McDowell, Allison Morris, Mark McFadden, and Gerry Kelly – writing about the events and people they could never forget from their time reporting in Northern Ireland.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Arden Brandon Books from the Attic Treasures from an Irish Childhood Alice Taylor Emma Byrne $19.99 • Paperback • 256 pages • 5.3x8.5 35 Halftones, color • Currently Available BIO026000 • 978-1-78-849269-0

Alice Taylor takes a look back at the well-used schoolbooks she used in her youth in the 1940s and 1950s. Flicking through the pages of the books and recalling poetry and prose she learned at school, Alice reminisces about these texts, how she related to them and how they integrated with her life on the farm and in the village. In her warm, wise way, Alice reflects on poems and stories on topics ranging from birds, trees and nature to fairy tales and legends, and ties them in with her own knowledge and memory of traditional country life. Containing the text of the poems that readers will remember from their own school days, and evocatively illustrated with photographs of the school books and Alice’s notes on them, as well as nature, flora, fauna and objects associated with schools of old, this is a reminder of childhood days and a treasure trove of memory.

Tea for One Alice Taylor Emma Byrne $29.99 • Hardback • 240 pages 5.3x8.5 • 70 Halftones, color December 2021 • BIO026000 978-1-78-849279-9

Some people are home alone by choice, while others, like Alice, journeyed into it through a change of circumstances. But no matter how it comes about, living alone has its minuses and its pluses. We strive to get the balance right, finding ways to enjoy the peace and solitude and keep ourselves occupied. From improving her painting to perfecting her garden, exploring family histories and reclaiming her mother’s art of tea-making, Alice discovers the challenges and pleasures of living alone.

Black Mountain

Stolen Faith

and other stories

A Forbidden Love. A Stolen Child. A Divided Family.

Gerry Adams Timothy O'Grady

James McVeigh

$18.99 • Paperback • 320 pages 5.1x7.7 • October 2021 • FIC029000 978-1-84-717630-1

$21.99 • Paperback • 288 pages 6.1x8.9 • April 2022 • FIC014000 978-1-78-849294-2

In this collection, one of Ireland’s best-known political figures brings us new and selected stories of politics, of family, of love and of friendship. These are portraits of Ireland, and especially Belfast, old and new, in times of struggle and in times of peace, showing how our past is always part of our present. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, always moving, these are stories of ordinary people captured with wit, with heart and with understanding. Introduction by Timothy O'Grady.

A novel by Jim McVeigh, set in Ireland and the US, that draws on both the mother and baby homes and the Boston clerical abuse scandals. Set in Belfast, Dublin and Boston, Stolen Faith is a story spanning the 40s, 50s, 60s and the present day. It is at times a love story, at others a courtroom drama, but always a quest - first for a sister, then for justice.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


Arden• Casemate Canbury Press TikTok Boom

Direct Legacy

China's Dynamite App and the Superpower Race for Social Media

James Stejskal The Snake Eater Chronicles, Vol. 3 $27.95 • Hardback • 304 pages • 6x9 July 2022 • FIC032000 978-1-63624-119-7 James Stejskal lives in Alexandria, VA

Chris Stokel-Walker $19.99 • Paperback • 288 pages 5.3x8.5 • Currently Available COM060140 • 978-1-91-245479-2

TikTok is the fastest growing app in the world, and the first to challenge Silicon Valley's dominance of social media. Donald Trump claimed it was a threat to US security tried to outlaw it. India has banned TikTok. Do the concerns about TikTok's Chinese ownership justify TikTok's treatment in the West? How has it taken over the world in just a few years, and what does its success mean for the future of technology? Chris Stokel-Walker has interviewed scores of people connected to the world’s hottest app, including current and former employees, as well as some of TikTok’s biggest names in front of and behind the lens, gleaning never-before-seen insights as to how the new influencer ecosystem works. And he goes behind the scenes at its ambitious Chinese owner, ByteDance, which wants to become Beijing's answer to Google, and finds out what has happened to its founder, Yiming Zhang.

It is the height of the Troubles and Northern Ireland lies under a shadow… When Neil Fitzpatrick, a rogue Green Beret soldier, is recruited by the Irish Republican Army to help prepare a terrorist attack, Paul Stavros, his former teammate, is sent to stop him and bring him home alive. Fitzpatrick, the American son of an Irish rebel who was forced to flee his birthplace, is a Special Forces demolitions expert. Fitzpatrick knows his trade and has a personal agenda with the IRA. Paul Stavros is also a Special Forces veteran. He knows little of the Irish Troubles but is about to learn. What he does know is how to fix problems and Neil has just become his biggest headache. The British aren’t happy with Stavros on their turf; they’d rather do the job themselves. Once, Fitzpatrick and Stavros were comrades and friends. Now they are pawns on opposite sides of an ugly war where all is fair and no one is innocent. The British want to kill one, the IRA wants to kill the other. It’s a race to see who will be first.

How To Be A Liberal

Going Zero Our Family's Journey to Zero Waste and a Greener Lifestyle

The Story of Freedom and the Fight for its Survival

Kate Hughes

Ian Dunt

$12.99 • Paperback • 256 pages 5.1x7.8 • February 2022 • HOM022000 978-1-91-245469-3

$15.99 • Paperback • 480 pages 5.1x7.8 • Currently Available POL042000 • 978-1-91-245445-7

When a ripped beanbag sent thousands of tiny polystyrene balls flying through her garden, Kate Hughes made a decisive break with the throwaway society. The English journalist greened every aspect of her family’s life. She and her husband ditched plastic and shunned supermarkets. They cooked all meals from scratch and made their own cleaning agents. They bought second-hand clothes and washed them naturally. Reaching deeper, they switched to renewable power, pulled their savings out of dirty banks, and ran an electric car. They and their two children are now going beyond the ‘zero waste’ goal of avoiding sending anything to landfill. Told with refreshing humility and humor, this is the inspiring story of an ordinary family who rebelled against the waste of a lifestyle wrapped in plastic. Packed with handy tips, it reveals much about what makes a fulfilling modern family – and how readers can empower themselves to preserve the climate, forests, and seas. And, revealingly, how that can lead to a more relaxing life.

The authoritarian right is taking control. From Viktor Orban in Hungary, to Brexit in Britain, to Donald Trump in America, nationalists have launched an all-out assault on liberal values. In this groundbreaking new book, political journalist Ian Dunt tells the story of liberalism, from its birth in the fight against absolute monarchy to the modern-day resistance against the new populism. In a soaring narrative that stretches from the battlefields of the English Civil War to the 2008 financial crash and beyond, this vivid, page-turning book explains the political ideas which underpin the modern world. But it is also something much more than that – it is a rallying cry for those who still believe in freedom and reason.


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Casemate Arena Sport Baghdad Blues A Novel of the Iraq War Paul Kendel Casemate Fiction • $22.95 • Paperback 288 pages • 6x9 • April 2022 FIC032000 • 978-1-63624-172-2 Paul Kendel lives in Florida

At a dusty intersection in Baghdad, Sergeant Thomas Kierkegaard is seconds away from unleashing a hail of bullets on a possible suicide bomber when he's stopped by the unexpected—the piercing dark eyes of a young girl sitting on her mother's lap in the passenger seat. For a split second he'd held the life of this child and her family in his hands. Plagued by fear and anxiety, Sergeant Kierkegaard struggles with his own inner demons as he confronts a population around him that wishes him dead. But he confronts more than just an external enemy, as he discovers the darkness that exists not just within himself, but in his fellow soldiers. A starkly honest and gut-wrenching account of the Iraq war from the perspective of an infantry soldier. The threat of IEDs and ambushes are ever-present, but as Sergeant Kierkegaard and his comrades soon learn, modern war can take many shapes and forms. Grappling with a myriad of emotions they face many external threats, but they begin to discover that the enemy within themselves can often be more challenging and dangerous than the one they were sent to fight.

Echo Among Warriors Close Combat in the Jungle of Vietnam Richard D Camp Casemate Fiction • $22.95 • Paperback 288 pages • 6x9 • February 2022 FIC032000 • 978-1-63624-034-3 Dick Camp lives in Fredericksburg, VA

In war, every action has a beginning and an end. Echo Among Warriors is a story of close combat between two opposing, equally committed adversaries. The powerful narrative immerses the reader in both sides of the battle, playing and replaying the same battle sequence from alternating viewpoints—through the eyes of the Marines and through the eyes of the North Vietnamese. The bullet fired from a Marine’s M-16 at a silhouetted enemy solider crouched on the jungle path will in the next chapter tear into the flesh of that crouched NVA trooper. The story—unfolding from the initial contact to the final horrific ending—represents just one of perhaps thousands of deadly encounters that reflect the reality of battle—a mind-numbing, intensely personal experience that forever changes the participant.

In the Shadows of Guadalcanal

Leaving Gettysburg

Phillip Parotti

Casemate Fiction • $22.95 • Paperback 6x9 • February 2022 • FIC032000 978-1-63624-170-8

Casemate Fiction • $22.95 • Paperback 264 pages • 6x9 • April 2022 FIC014050 • 978-1-63624-162-3

Twice torpedoed during the Battle of the Atlantic, LT. Tony Colombo USNR, a former merchant marine officer, is appointed to command a new Navy ship, PC-450. After a period of escorting convoys up and down the Atlantic coast, Tony suddenly finds himself escorting ships loaded with Marine Corps equipment all the way to New Zealand and then to Australia.Once arrived, he is instantly ordered to begin escorting small convoys up and down the Australian coast. In the summer of 1942, as PC-450 begins to escort numerous convoys from Australia to Noumea in New Caledonia, the United States suddenly invades Guadalcanal with the result that Tony begins guiding convoys north in support of the invasion while fending off the multiple day and night air raids that the Japanese throw down The Slot. Subsequently, following the hard fought victory on Guadalcanal, PC-450 participates in the invasion of the Russell Islands and then, during the grinding fight for New Georgia, PC-450 not only helps to fend off Japanese air attacks on the fleet but twice engages in surface actions when the Japanese attempt to infiltrate troops onto the island. Wounded in a sudden air attack, Tony and Baldy are returned to Brisbane for convalescence and new assignments.

Curtis Crockett

Pickett’s charge has just ended, the battle of Gettysburg is over. The Confederate army is defeated and must retreat to the Potomac River forty miles away with thousands of wagons full of wounded soldiers, provisions and tens of thousands of animals. Asa Helms is torn between serving his country and going home to take care of his wife. He faces a long, seemingly impossible march with little food, little hope and the Yankees on his heels. Captain Louis Young begins to doubt the ability of the Confederacy to gain another major victory and thus independence. His objective is to get the rebel army across the Potomac River to preserve it to fight another day. Colonel George Gray is hell-bent on putting down the rebellion before it divides the country that has been so good to him. He has gotten on the wrong side of his superior, General George Custer, and sees a chance to cut off the Confederate army and end the war before it reaches the Potomac River. The journey ends at the Potomac River where each soldier must face the bitter realities of this unnatural war.

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Classics Illustrated Comics Birlinn Arabian Nights

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Antoine Galland Charles Berger Classics Illustrated, Vol. 76 • $9.95 Paperback • 48 pages • 6.5x9.5 Full color throughout (approx. 270) January 2022 • JUV008060 978-1-911238-29-4

Mark Twain Jack Sparling

A collection of three popular tales from the beloved cultural stories known as the Arabian Nights: "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", "Aladdin", and "Sinbad the Sailor." Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, and has since included over 200 classic tales released around the world. This new Paperback Replica edition is part of a continuing effort to make Classics Illustrated available to all, be they young readers just beginning their journeys into the great world of classic literature, or collectors who have fond memories of this much loved comic book series.

Follow 19th Century American Hank Morgan as he finds himself in England during the time of King Arthur and embarks on a quest to modernize Camelot with electricity and gunfire. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began in 1941 and has since included over 200 classic tales. This new Paperback Replica edition is part of a continuing effort to make Classics Illustrated available to all, be they young readers just beginning their journeys into the great world of classic literature, or collectors who have fond memories of this much loved comic book series.

Three Famous Mysteries

Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes Louis Zansky

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Guy De Maupassant

Classics Illustrated, Vol. 74 • $9.95 Paperback • 48 pages • 6.5x9.5 Full color throughout (approx. 300) January 2022 • JUV008060 978-1-911238-27-0

Cervantes' great classic of the comedic adventures of a noble man who decides to become a knight to revive chivalry and serve his nation. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, and has since included over 200 classic tales released around the world. This new Paperback Replica edition is part of a continuing effort to make Classics Illustrated available to all, be they young readers just beginning their journeys into the great world of classic literature, or collectors who have fond memories of this much loved comic book series.


Classics Illustrated, Vol. 77 • $9.95 Paperback • 48 pages • 6.5x9.5 Full color throughout (approx. 270) January 2022 • JUV008060 978-1-911238-50-8

Classics Illustrated, Vol. 75 • $9.95 Paperback • 48 pages • 6.5x9.5 Full color throughout (approx. 270) January 2022 • JUV008060 978-1-911238-28-7

These three short mystery tales from a collection of the greatest literary minds of all time - Conan Doyle, Poe, and Maupassant - make for an enjoyable yet spine chilling read. This volume includes Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Sign of the Four," Guy de Maupassant's "The Flayed Hand," and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Emile Zola, theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began in 1941 and has since included over 200 classic tales. This new Paperback Replica edition is part of a continuing effort to make Classics Illustrated available to all, be they young readers just beginning their journeys into the great world of classic literature, or collectors who have fond memories of this much loved comic book series.

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Columba Books • Currach Birlinn • BC Books Books Finding Peace

Challenging Power Abuse in the Catholic Church

Sister Stan $19.99 • Hardback 260 pages January 2022 PSY036000 978-1-78-218381-5

While the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging time, it has also offered an opportunity for individuals to open up to an inner world. A time to find out that there is a human need for something beyond the routine and materialism of everyday life. Sr Stan gathered writings from well-known people to understand how others bring peace into their lives every day. “Where and how do you find peace in your daily life?” was the question posed to the contributors including TV presenter Miriam O’Callaghan, ex-rugby player Johnny Sexton, actor Tommy Tiernan, and women’s health advocate Vicky Phelan among many others. Each individual had something different to offer, so the material here is diverse and wide-ranging. All the contributions are a testament to an inner life that needs to be sustained, especially in times of crisis.

Changing of the Guard Jack Marrinan’s battle to Modernise An Garda Síochána Tim Doyle $24.99 • Hardback • 272 pages • 6x9 December 2021 • BIO006000 978-1-78-218929-9

Jack Marrinan was a key modernizer of policing in Ireland. He was elected to the national executive of the Representative Body for Guards (RBG), the precursor to the Garda Representative Association (GRA). This biography tells the story of Marrinan as a transformational figure in the force at a time of great social and economic change. Under his leadership, the GRA evolved into a skilful and powerful negotiating body. Nearly all of the advantages that gardaí enjoy today in their service are built on the foundations he established.

Voices from the Desert

Cardinal Sin

The Lost Legacy of the Skelligs

Brian Devlin


$17.99 • Paperback 250 pages • 5.5x8.5 October 2021 REL014000

As the papal conclave that was to choose Pope Francis was being called, a cardinal of the Catholic Church was exposed and took a monumental fall from grace. Since then, many more high-profile Catholic clerics have been confronted. One of four whistle blowers, former priest Brian Devlin relates what it took to uncover the sexual hypocrisy of Cardinal Keith O’Brien in this previously untold inside story. Making the effort to write not from a place of anger and hurt, he presents Cardinal Sin as an opportunity for the global Church to learn and change. With far-reaching insights, the book offers genuine lessons to help avoid future horror stories involving Catholic leaders.

Hugh MacMahon $17.99 • Paperback • 212 pages • 6x9 October 2021 • REL086000 978-1-78-218380-8

In 384 AD, John Cassian began his 24 interviews with famous Desert Fathers and recorded them in The Conferences which had a profound effect on spiritual life in Western Europe, especially in Ireland. What the Desert Fathers had to say about Christianity and their own spiritual practices is as relevant now as it has been through the ages. Despite the many visible changes in the world, the inner hopes and struggles of humans remain unchanged. Individuals looking for a fresh view of what it means to be a Christian will appreciate its authenticity, clarity, and relevance.

Banshee Rising Riley Cain

$15.99 Paperback 490 pages • 5x8 October 2021 YAF019010 • 978-1-78-218914-5

Caitlyn McCabe's gift is undeniable, forcing her to share her life with a host of quirky spirits as she tries to navigate a "normal" day of bullies, boys, and Gran’s bad cooking. And then Professor Sackimum Brody steps into her life and nothing will be the same again. Mortal yet mysterious, the Professor seems to know far more about Caitlyn and her lost parents than he reveals, even as he guides her to understanding the secret of her gift. When at last he offers a glimpse into a deeper realm, Caitlyn is plunged towards an impossible truth and a threat to her worlds. To defeat what is rising from Ireland’s haunted heart, Caitlyn McCabe must face an adventure that is, literally, life and death.

A Robin's Tale Noelle Rock Sasha Sakhnevich $17.99 • Hardback • 32 pages • 8.5x10 fully illustrated • December 2021 • JUV039030 978-1-78-218928-2

Robins appear when loved ones are near. This is one robin’s tale, simply told, as he returns to happily watch over the people he loves. A Robin’s Tale, is a gentle and thoughtful children’s story addressing death. This beautifully illustrated book offers a safe way for adults and children to explore death and grief together and take time to talk.

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BirlinnHemeria Countryside Books • Editions

Period Homes - Styles & Original Features



Laurent Baheux

Laurent Delhourme

An Easy Reference Guide

$80 • Hardback • 128 pages • 11.5x9.5 • B&W photographs • December 2021 • PHO011000 978-2-490952-22-9

$80 • Hardback • 120 pages • 12x12 • B&W photographs • January 2022 • PHO011000 978-2-490952-02-1

This book offers an incomparable spectacle, that of an intimate face-to-face with the animal, here treated as a subject in its own right, on an equal footing with man, and it encourages us to take the time to contemplate it, to better question our relationship to the wild world and our place in it. Laurent Baheux's approach is not that of a naturalist or ethology-loving photographer, he does not seek to describe behavior or to unravel the mystery of a sensitive area of the animal that has remained unknown until now. What he finds with African elephants is the feeling of a rediscovered plenitude, of wonder at the world, of a rebirth, of a reconnection with the living. Far from the crowds and the urban world, it is in the heart of African national parks that he experiences the deep meaning of life, and that he offers himself the luxury of slowness. The elephant is not a predator and it is man who threatens its existence today, competing with it for the control of a territory which is shrinking more and more every day. The pressure of human activities, the demographic growth are the dangers which endanger its survival. As an extension of his militant commitment and his anti-speciesist discourse which seeks to break down the psychological barriers linked to the categorization of animals - wild, farmed, domesticated - according to their degree of utility or their “nuisance” power, Laurent Baheux provides new proof of the need to save elephants and protect their environment, not just because they populate our collective subconscious, but because they are closely linked to the balance of our planet.

Macadam Paname is the first book of Laurent Delhourme. This editorial project is the culmination of many years spent capturing the strangeness of reality in the streets of the French capital. The photographs concentrate humor, burlesque situations, and incongruities of everyday life. If the photographer takes care of his frames, by choice, he never designs a production. He is sure that the behavior of passers-by is interesting enough to let them express themselves in their entirety. He grabs his images on the fly. Instantaneity is his motto. He plays with street furniture, light, and movement always in a benevolent state of mind. Welcome to a collection of analog images, where each photograph responds to the one next to it to give it a new interpretation, a new lighting, creating surprise, playing with our astonishment and our amused looks.

Trevor Yorke $9.99 • Paperback • 64 pages • 5.83x8.27 December 2021 • ARC003000 978-1-84674-402-0

Are you ready to step inside the world of period homes? To unlock the secrets of the iconic buildings we see throughout the cities, towns, and villages of Britain? Then this is the book for you. Period homes are all around us. Not only are they charming homes for those lucky enough to live in them, but they also give the community in which they’re set a distinguished character and a link with the past. Yet sometimes it’s hard to know exactly which features to look at in order to date these buildings. Or what to look for if you need to replace an original fitting. This book aims to help the reader recognize the common styles and original features from each period, whether they just want to find out more about a particular property, or are trying to restore one. If you’re in the middle of a renovation, for example, and you want to know which original window style you should be installing, you’ll find it here. All British styles and periods are covered - from graceful Regency terraces with elegant iron balconies and muscular Victorian houses with colorful stained glass, to Edwardian homes with white patterned timber work, and stylish 1930s semis with curved suntrap windows. From glasswork and doors to fireplaces and floors (plus everything in between) this is a treasure trove of information about the British period homes we love.


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FernhurstGlobal BooksCollective • Fonthill Media Publishers Coastwise

The Sailor's Bluffing Bible

Understanding Britain's Shoreline

Tim Davison John Quirk

Peter Firstbrook Tom Heap

$19.95 • Hardback • 128 pages 4.75x7 • 23 Illustrations, black and white • December 2021 • SPO036000 978-1-91-262139-2

$55 • Hardback • 256 pages 8.25x9.75 • 378 Halftones, color; 50 Illustrations, color; 21 Maps • December 2021 NAT045050 978-1-91-262140-8

Coastwise examines the coastline of the British Isles as a dynamic environment and offers you an understandable explanation of how the coastline functions as a single entity. It is supported by hundreds of stunning photos and illustrations. All aspects of the coast are covered, making it essential reading – or a wonderful gift – for all those who spend time on Britain’s coast. As Countryfile presenter, Tom Heap, says in his Foreword: “These pages are a practical love letter to Britain’s waterfront and no seaside holiday home should be without them.”

Passengers Life in Britain During the Stagecoach Era James Hobson

For a modest man, Tim Davison has done quite well for himself in the sailing world. He has won National and European championships from the 1970s to 2020s, has skippered his yacht from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and has written over 20 books on sailing. Maintaining that sailing is too important to be taken seriously, he has used the bluffing skills described in this book to help propel his racing boats to the front of the fleet and his cruising boats to the warm waters of the Med – and back. In The Sailor’s Bluffing Bible, the reader will learn how to bluff in the yacht club bar, and so manoeuvring himself onto the best yachts and dinghies. Once there he will find useful the tips on what to do, what to wear, what to say, how to stay safe and how to be asked back. While racing or cruising or on a sailing holiday he will be able to hold his own in conversation and stagger his audience with his sailing knowledge. A perfect book – or gift – for the sailor and would-be sailor, illustrated by nautical cartoonist John Quirk.

Queen Elizabeth 2

Tommy Steele A Life in the Spotlight

Ship of Legend William H. Miller

$35 • Hardback 192 pages • 6.5x9.25 • 24 illustrations Currently Available • HIS037060 978-1-78155-822-5

$34 • Paperback 112 pages • 8.5x11 • 167 illustrations • Currently Available • TRA006020 • 978-1-78155-829-4 William H. Miller lives in Secaucus, NJ

Passengers is a social history of Britain between 1790 and 1840. This is the period of the Napoleonic War and of rapid technological change and social tension. It was a contradictory age, simultaneously the elegant era of Jane Austen and the inspiration for Charles Dickens’s work on poverty and injustice. The book has an initial focus on transport and hospitality, but it is also a wider portrait of this important but neglected period of British history. The inn and the stagecoach were some of the few places that the different classes met and coexisted. The poor served the transport and hospitality system, the middle classes used it and the ruling classes profited from it.

The 1960s were, it was believed, the end of the era of transatlantic liners. Grand, graceful but aging luxury ships such as the ‘Queen Mary’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth’ were surpassed and outmoded by the new age of jet aircraft. By 1963, airlines had secured over 95 per cent of all transatlantic travelers. But looking to the future, the historic Cunard Line believed that there was room for one more last Atlantic super ship. Thus, came the ship which became the most successful super liner of all time, the ‘Queen Elizabeth 2’. Fondly known as the ‘QE2’, she was launched and named by HM the Queen in 1967, entered service two years later, and went on to sail for 39 years.

Sebastian Lassandro $35 • Hardback 448 pages 6.5x9.25 • 80 illustrations • Currently Available BIO005000 • 978-1-78155-847-8

In the summer of 1956, Thomas Hicks was spotted playing a new type of music in a coffee bar in London. Having never heard anything like this ‘rock’ performed in Britain, he became an overnight sensation. He changed his name to Tommy Steele and for 65 years he has been Britain’s greatest showman. In a remarkable career spanning radio, records, Broadway and Hollywood, Tommy Steele started the rock revolution in the UK before moving to lighter, family entertainment and becoming a well-loved household name. He received an OBE for Services to Entertainment in 1979 and a knighthood for Services to Entertainment and Charity in 2020.

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Frontline z Books Charles Dickens

Queen Victoria

Places and Objects of Interest

Her Life and Legacy Paul Kendall

Paul Kendall

$42.95 • Hardback • 280 pages • 6.7x9.6 • 200+ color illustrations • April 2022 • BIO014000 • 978-1-39901831-9

$42.95 • Hardback • 312 pages • 6.7x9.6 • 200+ color illustrations • January 2022 • BIO007000 • 9781-39-909136-7 • Paul Kendall lives in Folkestone, Kent

Few writers have had a greater impact upon British society than Charles Dickens. His stories, and, in particular, his many memorable characters, highlighted the life of the forgotten poor and disadvantaged within society. Little wonder, then, that his legacy can be found across the UK. From the buildings where he lived, the inns and hotels he frequented, the streets and towns which formed the backdrop to his novels and short stories, to the places where he gave readings or performed his own amateur dramatic productions to raise funds for his philanthropic causes. Dickensian memorabilia also abound, including his original manuscripts to his famous works and letters to his wife. Many of these have been woven in a single volume which transports the reader magically through stories and images into the Dickensian world of Victorian Britain.

For almost 64 years, Queen Victoria reigned over Great Britain during a period which saw the country become the most powerful and prestigious in the world and one which experienced enormous social, political and industrial change. All aspects of Victoria’s life from Kensington Palace, her birthplace to Frogmore Mausoleum, are covered within this volume. Her personal life as well as her public persona are examined with illustrations of many of the places and palaces that were significant in her life – such as the site of the Fox & Crown public house on West Hill, Highgate, where, the landlord stepped out to halt the horses of Victoria coach which was careering out of control, or the point along Constitution Hill where the first assassination attempt was made on Victoria’s life. Queen Victoria: Her Life and Legacy is a journey in gloriously-colored images through one of Britain’s greatest eras – the age of Victoria.

The Crusades in 100 Objects

Henry VIII in 100 Objects

The Great Campaigns of the Medieval World

The Tyrant King Who Had Six Wives

James Waterson

Paul Kendall

$49.95 • Hardback • 248 pages 6.8x9.7 • 150 color illustrations January 2022 • HIS027050 978-1-52-679530-4 • James Waterson lives in Addiscombe, Surrey

$32.95 • Paperback • 344 pages • 6.7x9.6 • 100 color illustrations • January 2022 • BIO014000 • 978-1-52676719-6

For half a millennium, throughout almost the entire medieval period, the Catholic church sanctioned military campaigns against what it perceived as its enemies. The rise of Islam and its spread across large parts of the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, and even the peripheries of Europe, saw Muslim warriors seize the Holy Land, occupy Jerusalem, and threaten Constantinople. In response, Pope Urban II advocated a crusade to retake the Holy Land – the first of nine military campaigns that stretched over the succeeding 200 years. Such diverse theaters of conflict have resulted in an equally diverse number of relics still to be found in a score of countries. From magnificent castles, swords, artillery and coats of arms, to Crusader-struck coins and even the brass pen box used by Muslim writers to spread the word of Islam, this remarkable collection of artifacts and structures tells the story, much of it largely forgotten, of the conflicts which shaped the nature of the Western World known today, both in spiritual and geographical terms.


Henry VIII is one of history’s most memorable monarchs. Popularly known for his six wives, and the unfortunate fate which befell Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, Henry initiated many reforms and changes which still affect our lives today. In this engaging and hugely informative book, the author takes us on a journey across the country, from Deal Castle on the south coast, to Tower Green where Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard lost their heads, and far north to Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire. Along the way we see places where Henry stayed, where the Mary Rose was recovered, the homes of his consorts and Smithfield where prominent individuals convicted of heresy were burned at the stake. Travel, then, not just across the country, but also back in time through 100 objects from the days of the second Tudor monarch – Henry VIII.

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Birlinn Frontline Books • Gaudium How Progressivism Destroyed Venezuela

Macron Unveiled The Prototype for a New Generation of World Leaders

A Cautionary Tale Elizabeth Rogliani $19.99 • Paperback • 200 pages • 6x9 September 2022 • HIS037080 978-1-59211-151-0

After Hugo Chavez Frias won the 1998, most Venezuelans felt hopeful of the promise of change and the opening up of new possibilities, and perhaps the return of an era of prosperity such as Venezuela had known in the 1950s. Reality, however, proved much different. Although the most obvious explanation for Venezuela’s tragic situation is Hugo Chavez, his corrupt government, and his failed policies, the seeds of this disaster were planted in the country long before he ever set foot in the Presidential Palace. This book explores the progressive ideas and events that led up to the election of 1998.

$29.99 • Hardback 224 pages • 6x9 February 2022 • BIO011000 • 978-1-59211-145-9

Macron Unveiled examines Macron’s first four years as France’s president, scrutinizing Macron’s personality, his way of solving problems, his sources of inspiration, his mistakes, his difficulties, as well as the impact he may already have had in his country, in Europe, and the world. New leaders with a modern approach to politics are quickly emerging, and despite having limited political experience, they are facing the challenges of today head on. As a former French Diplomat, psychologist, and political coach, Alain Lefebvre is uniquely positioned to explain the French perspective to international audiences.

John Reed Dr. A.K. Brackob $18.99 • Paperback • 128 pages • 6x9 October 2022 • POL005000 978-1-59211-150-3

Why Political Democracy Must Go is an insightful analysis of the origins of the socialist movement in the United States, written by famed journalist John Reed, one of the most distinguished American writers on the subject. Although one of socialism’s fiercest proponents, Reed exposes the myth of ‘democratic socialism’ by providing an overview of the development of socialist thought in America. His devastating critique of political democracy argues that socialism cannot be achieved through democratic means.

The Battle Against Slavery The Untold Story of How a Group of Yorkshire Radicals Began the War to End the Slave Trade

Military Murderers of WWII Paul Johnson

Nestled deep in the Surrey countryside stands the Brookwood 1939-1945 Memorial. Maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, its panels contain the names of nearly 3,500 men and women of Britain and the Commonwealth who died in the Second World War and who have no known grave. But entwined within the names of heroes and heroines are those of nineteen men whose last resting place is known. All were murderers who, following a civil or military trial, were executed for the heinous offense they had committed. The bodies of these individuals, with the exception of one, lay buried in un-consecrated ground.

The Origins of Socialism in the United States

Alain Lefebvre

The Brookwood Killers

$49.95 Hardback • 264 pages • 6.1x9.1 • 40 black and white illustrations • April 2022 • HIS027100 978-1-39-901182-2

Why Political Democracy Must Go

Paul L Dawson $49.95 • Hardback • 264 pages • 6.1x9.1 16 black and white illustrations • April 2022 HIS015050 • 978-1-39-901848-7

The Battle Against Slavery charts the story of a group of West Riding radicals in their bid to abolish slavery both in the United Kingdom and abroad. At a time, today, when the history of slavery is the subject of considerable debate worldwide, this revealing insight into the abolitionist movement, which demonstrates how ordinary men and women battled against governments and the establishment, needs to be told.

The Early Years of the FA Cup How the British Army Helped Establish the World's First Football Tournament James W Bancroft $39.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 6.1x9.2 16 Mono • December 2021 • SPO040000 978-1-39-909991-2

The 150th anniversary of the first FA Cup competition will be celebrated during the 2021-2022 season. During the first decade of the competition three teams associated with the military, Royal Engineers, 1st Surrey Rifles and 105th Regiment, were involved in 74 matches. Often great footballers are referred to as ‘heroes’ – in the case of the men who played for the Army teams in the early FA Cup competitions, such an epithet is genuinely true.

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George F ThompsonBirlinn Publishing

Roadside South


David Wharton Steve Yarbrough

An Elegy for the Earth

Travels across the Roof of the World

David Ulrich

A Himalayan Memoir

$50 • Hardback • 156 pages • 12x9 78 duotone photographs and 13 color photographs • May 2022 • PHO023040 978-1-93-808692-2 David Ulrich lives in Honolulu, HI

Anne Frej William Frej

$50 • Hardback • 184 pages • 11x9 130 duotone photographs • February 2022 PHO023040 • 978-1-93-808682-3 David Wharton lives in Oxford, MS

Much of the American South, especially its small towns and rural areas, is connected not by interstate highways but through a web-like network of country roads, many of which appear only on the most detailed of maps. These are the backroads that most Southerners drive on every day. Unlike the interstates, whose roadsides have been largely scrubbed clean of regional character, these smaller roads travel through unplanned, vernacular landscapes that tell much about local life, both past and present, and suggest that we make connections between the two. David Wharton has been traveling throughout the American South since 1999, resulting in his first two books — Small Town South (2012) and The Power of Belief: Spiritual Landscapes from the Rural South (2016). As he journeyed, he often paused to make pictures of hamlets and the countryside he was driving through that did not fit the themes of those earlier books. These are scenes that speak to a sense of wonderment, or curiosity, about how those landscapes came to be and how they reflect a complex past with a modern-day world in which the urban competes with the rural in nearly every way. In Roadside South, the third book in Wharton’s magical Trilogy of the American South, the photographer captures the quirky and the humorous, the sometimes sad and sometimes ironic scenes that are commonplace along the local, county, and state roads of the South. No artist has revealed the on-the-ground truth of the South as Wharton has, giving rise to a new understanding of and appreciation for a distinctive regional culture that all too frequently, and sometimes mistakenly, is imagined as a bastion of rural and small-town virtue.


Climate change is the great existential reality of our time. How we approach this crisis will affect life on Earth for all present and future generations. In spite of our collective ideals, irreversible damage to the environment is imminent and represents both an urgent local and global concern. Through photographs of an acutely endangered landscape, Oceano: An Elegy for the Earth explores the deep paradox between the devout, powerful presence of nature and environmental loss and damage. Extending eighteen miles along Central California’s famed coastline and divided into both a natural preserve and a state vehicular recreation area, the Oceano Dune complex has long fascinated photographers and artists such as Edward and Brett Weston and Ansel Adams. The ephemeral, ever-changing landscape here expresses a sublime order and reflects the many correlations between the land and the dynamics of human society. Using metaphors that inspire hope and explore impermanence and darkness contrasted with the purity of suffusing light, Ulrich’s photographs have been likened to Mark Rothko’s “silence and solitude” that express the resonance and subtle dimensions of consciousness. The coastal environment of the Oceano Dunes is tempered by multiple threats such as incessant motorized activity, the toxicity of surrounding industrial-scale agriculture, and the second-worst air quality in the nation. Thus, for the title and sequence of the images, the photographer employs the literary form of an elegy, an extended reflection and lamentation on Earth during the twenty first century.

$55 • Hardback • 276 pages • 12x10 220 color photographs, 18 line-art maps, 1 fullspread map • July 2022 • PHO019000 978-1-93-808693-9 Anne Frej lives in Santa Fe, NM

Travels across the Roof of the World provides a sweeping yet intimate view of the breathtaking peaks, splendid valleys, and extraordinary people of this vast region, from the Pamir Mountains in Kyrgyzstan through Afghanistan’s fabled Hindu Kush, the Karakoram in Pakistan, and the Great Himalaya Range that stretches across northern India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Unique in scope among photo books on the Himalaya, Travels across the Roof of the World chronicles William and Anne Frej’s more than twenty pilgrimages throughout the area spanning forty years and 3,000 miles through some of the world’s most remote and difficult-to-reach country. Inspired by the devotion to the practice of Tibetan Buddhism they encountered in the villagers they met on their first trek to Nepal in 1981, they set out on a quest to document Asia’s highest peaks as well as the lives of the resilient people living in these remote mountain communities. When they began, trekkers from the West through these regions were few. Even now, trips are demanding––but not nearly as harsh as the daily lives of the residents, who continue to exist in a kind of stunning isolation that has allowed them to maintain the rich cultural traditions and spiritual practices that have sustained them over many centuries. Edwin Bernbaum’s essay adds to the depth of the pictures, with his focus on the symbolism, religious importance, and associated legends of these sacred places. The authors also share extensive vignettes about the places they saw and how they have changed over time.

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George F Thompson Publishing • Gill Books Global Collective Publishers Occupying Massachusetts

Inland The Abandoned Canals of the Schuylkill Navigation

Layers of History on Indigenous Land

Sandy Sorlien John R. Stilgoe

Sandra Matthews David Brule

$45 • Hardback • 184 pages 11x9 • 103 color photographs, 20 historic illustrations, and two maps • June 2022 • PHO023040 • 978-1-93-808691-5 Sandy Sorlien lives in Rhode Island

$40 • Hardback 100 pages • 10x8.5 • 61 color photographs and 1 map April 2022 • PHO023040 • 978-1-93-808689-2 Sandra Matthews lives in Northampton, MA

Utilizing a muted color palette, Matthews’s photographs of both structures and historical markers are subtle and haunting. They suggest the presence of histories, embedded in the landscape but often invisible. Although the book is focused on Massachusetts, it implicitly raises larger issues of settlement and nationhood. How did the United States of America come to occupy its land? How is this story told? As a longtime occupant/occupier of Massachusetts herself, Matthews aims to understand more deeply the land on which she lives. The main text of the book comes from photographs of historic markers, which were installed around the state at different times by different interest groups. The words on these markers describe early relations between Indigenous people and largely English settlers, from diverse points of view. In this way, the book explores how difficult histories are written and how they change over time.

The Schuylkill River flows more than 100 miles from the mountains of the Pennsylvania Coal Region to the Delaware River. It passes through five counties—Schuylkill, Berks, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia—and its valley is home to more than three million people, yet few are aware of the hidden ruins and traces left by a pioneering 200-year-old inland waterway: the Schuylkill Navigation. Some of it is literally buried in their own backyards. Along with Sorlien’s full-color plates and explanatory essays, Inland features a selection of historic images, rare historic Schuylkill Navigation Company maps, and early Philadelphia Watering Committee plans. The book also includes a foreword by renowned landscape scholar John R. Stilgoe, an essay on regional transportation history by Mike Szilagyi, Trails Project Manager for the Schuylkill River Greenways Natural Heritage Area, and an afterword by Karen Young, Director of the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. A sweeping new Schuylkill River map by Morgan Pfaelzer connects it all.

Waterford Whispers News 2021

One Day at a Time 2022 Diary

Colm Williamson

A Year-Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation

$23.50 • Paperback 144 pages • 6.9x9.6 December 2021 HUM007000 978-0-71-719257-1

Waterford Whispers News is the ninth annual from Ireland’s leading online satirical site, featuring the funniest stories of the year. Read all about the big news stories of 2021, Waterford Whispers style! Packed with brilliant satire, sharp wit and insightful social commentary, Ireland’s answer to The Onion is now a worldwide phenomenon and a must-read in an era when the news has never been more unpredictable.

Abby Wynne $17.95 • Paperback • 232 pages • 6.5x9.3 October 2021 • SEL045000 978-0-71-719208-3

Abby Wynne’s One Day at a Time Diary 2022 is both a practical diary that provides space to write down your appointments and to-do lists, and an inspirational workbook that is filled with uplifting affirmations and space to journal your thoughts and emotions. Drawing on information from astrologers, the diary will support you through the energy shifts of the coming year through monthly themes, exercises and affirmations. Take it one day at a time on your healing journey this year and you will be amazed at how your life will transform.

National Gallery of Ireland Diary 2022 Ireland

National Gallery of

$26.95 • Hardback • 120 pages • 7.5x8.7 October 2021 • SEL045000 978-0-71-719256-4

This beautifully illustrated diary contains some of the finest paintings from the National Gallery of Ireland’s permanent collection. Featuring 56 carefully reproduced paintings in a week-to-view format, this diary highlights some of the stunning Irish and European works on view in the Gallery. Following the format and style of the popular 2021 edition, the National Gallery of Ireland Diary 2022 promises to be the must-have desk diary of the year.

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zGill • z Books Death on Ireland's Eye The Victorian Murder Trial that Scandalised a Nation Dean Ruxton

In Hinde Sight

$22.95 • Paperback • 304 pages • 6.1x9.2 December 2021 • TRU002000 978-0-71-718893-2

Postcards from Ireland Past Paul Kelly

One morning in September 1852, a handsome couple stepped onto a hired boat bound for Ireland’s Eye, an uninhabited island and popular tourist spot off Howth Harbour. William Kirwan was an artist of considerable means and his wife, Maria, was a keen swimmer. After sunset, when the boatmen returned to collect their customers, Maria was found dead in a lonely, rocky inlet. A veil of mystery has hung over Maria’s death for almost 170 years. Now, this modern analysis casts greater doubt over the Crown’s version of events, shedding new light on the question of whether William Burke Kirwan really was guilty of murder.

$27.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 10.8x9.4 October 2021 • PHO023040 978-0-71-719004-1

John Hinde’s postcards of Ireland featured bright sunshine and blue skies, "We need to be uplifted rather than depressed. To me pictures should always convey a positive, good feeling, something which makes people happy..." Join Paul Kelly as he returns to John Hinde’s Ireland on a photographic pilgrimage, capturing some places that have changed forever, and some that are just the same.

Tree Dogs, Banshee Fingers and Other Irish Words for Nature Manchán Magan Steve Doogan $26.95 • Hardback • 96 pages • 10.7x12.6 illustrated • January 2022 • JNF020000 978-0-71-719255-7

Manchán Magan is fascinated by words, particularly Irish words, with all of their complex meanings and associations and their connections to the natural world. Having enjoyed huge success with his bestselling book Thirty-Two Words for Field, Manchán now brings his infectious wonder and enthusiasm for the Irish language to a younger audience.

My Name is Jhon

Haughey Gary Murphy

When Dreams Come True

John Brennan $37.95 • Hardback 608 pages • 6.1x9.2 January 2022 BIO010000 978-0-71-719364-6

Saint or sinner? He was the most talented and influential politician of his generation, and his presence still looms over the Irish body politic, yet the very roots of his success – his charisma, his intelligence, his ruthlessness, his secrecy – have rendered almost impossible any objective evaluation of his life and work. He is, depending on whom you ask, either the great villain of Irish political life or the benevolent and forward-thinking savior of a benighted nation. That is, until now. Based on unfettered access to Haughey’s personal archives, as well as extensive interviews with over 80 of his peers, rivals, confidantes and relatives, Haughey is a rich and nuanced portrait of a man of prodigious gifts, who, for all his flaws and many contradictions, came to define modern Ireland.


$26.95 • Hardback 272 pages • 5.3x8.5 December 2021 BIO026000 978-0-71-719140-6 John Brennan lives in Chico, CA

As a child, John Brennan wasn’t an obvious candidate for success. He he was always at the bottom of the class. His battle with dyslexia meant that he felt stigmatized by a society that didn’t understand him. Yet his determination to not be defined by his dyslexia created an ambition that has been matched by his business acumen. Now in his mid-fifties, John’s optimism is still flowing. It is a measure of his character that, on being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the first thing he did was to buy a very uncared for Dromquinna Manor on a waterfront estate on 46 acres of overgrown grounds. This is a fascinating account of a man with the vision to create his own life against the odds that will inspire people everywhere to find their own way too.

The Heartbreak and Hope on My Journey to Motherhood Rosanna Davison $24.95 • Hardback • 320 pages • 6.1x9.2 December 2021 • BIO026000 978-0-71-719183-3

In early 2020, Rosanna Davison gave a raw and sincere account of the 14 miscarriages she had suffered before choosing to have a baby via gestational surrogate. Then, just weeks later, she discovered she was pregnant with identical twin boys, conceived naturally. In this heartfelt and honest book, Rosanna reveals her difficult journey to motherhood and examines the stigma and silence that surrounds infertility. Shining a light on miscarriage and motherhood, Rosanna tells her story.

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Books Publishers GlobalGill Collective Disappearing Act

In Fact

Robert Sheehan

An Optimist’s Guide to Ireland at 100

$27.95 • Hardback • 272 pages 5.3x8.5 • November 2021 • FIC029000 978-0-71-718970-0

Mark Henry

Robert Sheehan is one of Ireland’s brightest stars of the screen, both at home and abroad. Best known for his roles in Love/Hate and The Umbrella Academy, Sheehan has received widespread critical acclaim for his acting talent. In his debut collection of short stories, he disappears into characters, challenging the complacencies of everyday experience, often from entirely unexpected angles. Surreal, intelligent, dark, and provocative, the collection presents a multitude of observations that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished. Informed by the author’s peripatetic life, Disappearing Act reflects on the absurdity of human behavior. Sheehan delves deep into his characters’ streams of self-talk and self-imposed delusions, and explores the dark impulses that lurk below the shiny surfaces of many outwardly normal lives. Warning: Contains Adult Content

Keep Calm and Trust the Science An Extraordinary Year in the Life of an Immunologist Professor Luke O'Neill $22.95 • Hardback • 320 pages • 6.1x9.2 December 2021 • BIO017000 978-0-71-719181-9

Take a front row seat with Professor Luke O’Neill on a high-octane year. Luke has become one of the most well-known and trusted voices of Ireland’s COVID-19 pandemic. A world-renowned immunologist, he was thrust into the spotlight as we struggled to make sense of a crisis that saw the country grind to a halt. In these compelling diaries, Luke reveals what life was like behind the scenes as he endeavored to keep calm and trust that the science would save us. Shot through with natural positivity and humor, Keep Calm and Trust the Science is an unputdownable account of one of the most dramatic years in Irish history from one of its key players.

$27.95 • Hardback • 390 pages 6.7x9.4 • November 2021 • HIS018000 978-0-71-719038-6

If you follow the headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking that things in Ireland in 2021 are worse than ever. In fact, we live longer than ever before, we have never been healthier or better educated, we earn five times more than our grandparents did, our personal freedoms exceed those of any previous generation, and the lives of women and children have been transformed for the better. At a time when some good news is welcome, this uplifting book tells our national story through facts and stats, placing Ireland under the microscope to chart 100 undeniable achievements of the past 100 years. When the State was formed, Ireland was one of the most poverty-stricken nations in Europe. Now it has the second-highest standard of living in the world. While there is still more to be done, In Fact illustrates that Ireland, for all its imperfections, is in a much better state than you might think.

Going the Distance

Ranger 22 Lessons From the Front

The Making of a World Class Endurance Cyclist

Ray Goggins $22.95 • Paperback 304 pages • 6.1x9.2 October 2021 BIO026000 978-0-71-719249-6

From the hills of south Lebanon to the monsoon jungles of Southern Asia, Ray Goggins has operated in a life-and-death world. In the suffocating humidity of Liberia, the mountains of Afghanistan and the snow-covered Balkans, Ray has seen the best and worst qualities in himself and others. From conflict zones to terrorist attacks and hostage rescues, Ray has learned the greatest life lessons: how to control fear, how to react calmly and positively, and how to create a strong baseline from which to take action. Ray now trains others to foster a mindset to handle whatever madness life has in store. In this remarkable book, he takes us on an exhilarating journey through his incredible career and draws on the valuable lessons to help all of us deal better with life, whatever the situation.

Joe Barr $29.95 • Hardback 304 pages • 6.1x9.2 December 2021 BIO026000 • 978-0-71-719060-7

In 2012, Joe Barr almost died from altitude sickness on the infamous 11,000-ft Wolf Creek Pass in a Race Across America attempt. The infamous 3,200-mile race is non-stop, ultra-cycling at its most extreme. In 2014, Joe returned and received the coveted Finisher’s medal, and in 2019, at the age of 60, he went back again and won his category. This story of extreme perseverance begins on a yellow Raleigh Chopper on the streets of Co. Derry, where Joe, trying to escape the harsh everyday reality of the Troubles as a young Catholic boy in an all-Protestant school, went on long bicycle rides into the countryside, dreaming of one day taking part in cycling’s grand tours.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


Birlinn Gill Books The Little Squirrel Who Worried

The Friendship Fairies Go to Camp

Katie O'Donoghue

Lucy Kennedy Phillip Cullen

$17.95 • Hardback • 64 pages • 6.1x9.3 December 2021 • JUV002160 978-0-71-719230-4

Little Squirrel hasn’t left his nest since last autumn. He needs to gather nuts for the long winter to come but he’s too worried to leave his cozy nest. Luckily, Little Squirrel has lots of friends in the forest, from Wren to Snuffly Hedgehog, Grey Rabbit to Mister Fox, Old Badger to Great Stag. Will their encouragement and words of advice be enough to help Little Squirrel to venture out? A wonderfully timely story, beautifully illustrated and gently told.

$17.95 • Hardback • 160 pages 6.1x8.5 • December 2021 • JUV012030 978-0-71-718966-3

It’s summer, and the Friendship Fairies, Emme, Holly, and Jess, are off to Camp Tír na nÓg to help Sir Prize mind his animals and learn lots about looking after the environment. But the Barns boys are going too, so you can be sure there’ll be trouble! Will Emme be able to help clean the ocean? Will Jess meet the magical people who live in the forest? But most importantly, will Holly manage to earn the trust of Riley, the rescued Chunga-Wunga? As always with the Friendship Fairies, it’s going to be an adventure!

Noni and the Great Chaaawklit Mystery

King Henry

Dermot Whelan

$11.95 • Hardback • 174 pages • 5.1x7.8 October 2021 • JNF007100 978-0-71-719082-9

Paul O'Flynn

$16.95 • Hardback • 272 pages • 5.3x8.5 January 2022 • JUV001000 978-0-71-719185-7

Meet Noni. She’s a crazy old, law-breaking, chocolate-selling, pram-wielding, wickedly funny woman who likes nothing more than a dangerous caper! Someone has tampered with the city’s supply of chocolate and now Noni and her young friends must find out who did it before the evil tricksters poison the whole town - including the dreamy rugby star, Chunks McSturdy. Can Noni and her pram of seriously dodgy treats overcome the odds and get to the bottom of the mystery before all hell breaks loose? Will her pet raven, Francis, ever find enlightenment? Will anyone ever teach Noni to say the word ‘chocolate’ properly? Get ready for lots of laughs, tons of adventure and truck loads of chawwwklit!


There are parts of Ireland where hurling is life. Where it’s the first thing you think about when you wake up, and where you’ll be hitting the small ball until bedtime. Luckily for young Henry Shefflin, his home village of Ballyhale in County Kilkenny is one such place. Henry is from a hurling stronghold where every thought is about the next point, the next goal, the next match. But there’s only one match anyone talks about come September – the All-Ireland Final. Can Henry be as good a hurler as his father and brothers? Can he train hard and overcome injuries and disappointments to one day play at Croke Park for his beloved county? King Henry is the incredible story of how Henry Shefflin became the greatest hurling player of all time. "An accessible and entertaining biography for young sports fans, especially appealing for reluctant readers…with all the thrill and excitement of compelling sport commentary." - Children’s Books Ireland

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

GillzBooks •z

The Same but Different

Up On the Mountain

Emer O'Neill Debby Rahmalia

Peter Donnelly

$19.95 • Hardback • 32 pages • 9.8x11.8 • December 2021 • JUV039120 978-0-71-719285-4

Little Emer doesn’t like it when she’s teased for having brown skin and fuzzy hair. She wishes she could look like everyone else. But with a little help from mom, Emer soon learns that we’re all the same but different - and life is better that way!

The Great Irish Politics Book David McCullagh Graham Corcoran $34.95 • Hardback • 96 pages • 10.7x14.6 December 2021 • JNF043000 978-0-71-719028-7

Join political buff David McCullagh and illustrator Graham Corcoran as they guide you through all the things that make Ireland work. Why do we have a president and a Taoiseach? What is the Seanad and why can only some citizens vote in its elections? Who makes the rules for Ireland and how are they enforced? And what do we do if we want to change them? Learn what it means to be a citizen and the positive role you can play by helping others, protecting what works, and creating change in the world you live in.

$19.95 • Hardback • 32 pages • 11x9.3 • December 2021 • JUV013000 978-0-71-719363-9

Up on the mountain we followed a small path through the woods… So begins the latest story from the award-winning author and illustrator Peter Donnelly. Follow the family throughout a year of nature walks as they collect leaves, take shelter beneath a giant oak, feel the sun on their skin and breathe in the cool, fresh air. Life is good up on the mountain. Put on your boots and come along too!

The President's Surprise

A Dublin Christmas

Peter Donnelly

Nicola Colton

$13.95 Hardback 32 pages 6.8x8.1 • October 2021 • JUV030050 978-0-71-719195-6

$19.95 Hardback 32 pages 9.8x11.8 • November 2021 • JUV017010 978-0-71-719084-3

Today is a very special day. It is the Irish President’s birthday and everyone in the Áras is preparing a birthday party. So while the President is sent out to the Phoenix Park, preparations get underway. Meanwhile, the President enjoys tea and scones and even does a spot of outdoor yoga. But will our forgetful President enjoy his day in the park too much to remember it’s his birthday? Or will it be his turn to surprise everyone?

To Orla, Christmas means Gran, so when it looks like Gran won’t make it this year, everything feels a lot less festive. And with Christmas spirit everywhere at a low, the whole of Dublin is in darkness. But then the fairy lights on Orla’s Christmas tree come to life and take her on an enchanting adventure. Together, Orla and her new friends attempt to restore the meaning of Christmas and holiday cheer.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


Gill Books z Brain Hacks

Mind Full

Everyday Mind Magic for Creating the Life You Want

Unwreck Your Head, De-stress Your Life

Keith Barry

Dermot Whelan

$22.95 • Paperback • 320 pages 5.3x8.5 • December 2021 • SEL031000 978-0-71-719192-5

$19.95 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6.1x9.2 Currently Available • OCC010000 978-0-71-719179-6

Keith Barry is the world’s leading TV hypnotist, mentalist, and brain hacker. With skills that have been showcased on over 40 international television shows, he has mastered the unique ability to hack into people’s minds and rewire their subconscious. In this groundbreaking book, Keith reveals a variety of techniques that will help you to cultivate a champion mindset and develop mental toughness subconsciously. These are the very techniques he uses himself every day to achieve the things he wants. If you feel you are stuck in any sort of a rut or need help in life – whether that’s in your career, your finances, your personal life, your professional life, or anything else – this book will help you to move forward. When you master these methods, you too can program your mind to have all the success you desire!

In 2007, comedian and broadcaster Dermot Whelan arrived at a comedy festival in an ambulance after having a panic attack en route. Realizing this was not a sustainable way to travel to future gigs, he decided to become a meditation teacher and learn how to de-stress without annoying the emergency services. Telling Dermot’s own story and offering useful everyday tips and techniques, Mind Full is his funny and accessible guide to meditation. You’ll discover that learning to meditate doesn’t require you to blow up your life and move to Nepal, but it does help you make very small changes that make a long-lasting difference. With exclusive access to Dermot’s guided meditations, Mind Full will help you restore your sense of fulfillment, happiness and true contentment.

Syncopated Blue

Learn to Cook With Neven

Ryan Hennessy Megan Luddy

Neven Maguire

$17.95 • Hardback • 144 pages 5.1x7.8 • January 2022 • POE005020 978-0-71-719184-0

$29.95 • Hardback • 240 pages 7.4x9.7 • December 2021 JNF014000 • 978-0-71-719262-5

Influenced by his father’s and grandfather’s poetry, Ryan Hennessy started writing poems as a young boy growing up in Co. Kildare. As lead singer of Picture This, Ryan’s songwriting reveals the unguarded spirit of a young man unafraid to wear his heart on his leopard-print sleeve. In his first book of poetry, Ryan reveals his natural gifts of self-expression to cover topics such as love, relationships, growing up, and identity. At once defiantly romantic and nakedly vulnerable, he deftly chips away at the barriers many young men build in self-defense as he explores the euphoria of young love and its subsequent heartbreak. With striking illustrations by Irish illustrator Megan Luddy, Syncopated Blue features over ninety relatable yet deeply intimate poems, resulting in an extraordinary collection that reflects the free spirit of its creator.


With many aspiring young chefs getting into the kitchen, it's clear that kids can cook and love to cook! Learn to Cook with Neven is the perfect first cookbook for kids of all ages. It will give them their first 80 step-by-step recipes, accompanied by colorful photography and basic kitchen how-tos. Whilst creating favorites from eggy bread to salmon parcels, fluffy pancakes to homemade pizza, kids will also learn culinary techniques as they go along -- with explanations for chopping, beating, whipping, and baking -- ensuring they learn the right way from the get-go. Learn to Cook with Neven will become a treasured family favorite as it helps children of all ages to discover the endless fun to be had in the kitchen and to learn skills which will stay with them for life.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Global CollectivezPublishers The Female Gaze

Women Detectives

Essays on Gender, Society and Media

The Untold History of Female Sleuths & Spies

Dr Shoma A Chatterji

Moumita Bhattacharyya Subhankar Bhattacharyya

$25.99 • Hardback • 216 pages • 6x9 March 2022 • SOC028000 978-1-954021-69-3

Frank but scathing in her remarks, Chatterji in this collection of essays voices those who have been muted but not silenced. She scrutinizes the intertwined fabric of social and financial milieu that determines a woman’s place in society. Her observations on the systemic silence of women, the physical and mental abuse, the stereotypes that women are forced to live up to, are some of the many things that force you to stop and think. Ranging from issues that affect women and society to the representation of women in cinema, she goes through important societal issues one by one with a fine-tooth comb and analyses them through multiple lenses.

$24.99 • Paperback • 246 pages • 6x9 April 2022 • TRU010000 978-1-954021-61-7

The book chronicles the history of real-life women detectives. Beginning with Kate Warne (1833 –1868), the first female detective (who worked for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and saved President Lincoln from being assassinated), the book goes on narrating the tales of some of the sharpest female sleuths who could rival the intelligence and vigor of their male counterparts including: Belle Boyd, who spied for the Confederacy during the American Civil War, riding her horse at breakneck speed between the lines to deliver her dispatches; Vienna-born photographer Edith Taylor, who spotted British traitors working for Stalin in the 1930s – among them, Kim Philby. Also presented is Corrie Ten Boom, who eight hundred men, women, and children from the Nazis during the German occupation of Holland in World War II. And not to be missed, Polish Countess Krystina Skarbe, who spied for Britain in German-occupied Europe only to be abandoned and then stabbed in a London hotel.

The Lady of Two Nations

Before the Break of Dawn

Life and Times of Ra’ana Liaqat Ali Khan

Secrets of the Namboodiri Women

Raj Gopal Singh Verma

Devaki Nilayamgode Indira Menon

$24.95 • Paperback • 276 pages 5.5x8.5 • March 2022 • BIO022000 978-1-954021-87-7

A casual encounter between an Oxford University-educated scion of a Nawabi family and a comely young woman belonging to a Christian family of Kumaon transformed into a ‘happily ever after’ alliance. Their romantic entanglement had as its backdrop of the tug-of-war between Congress and Muslim League in undivided India. When Irene converted to Islam, her family ostracized her. Liaqat Ali Khan (1896-1951) went on to become the first Prime Minister of Pakistan and his wife Irene Pant (1905-90) attained fame as his wife and fondly came to be known as Gul-e-Ra’ana. After Liaqat’s assassination, the Begum brought up their two children alone and made a stellar contribution to Pakistan’s political, social, and cultural domains. She also served as the country’s finance minister and diplomat to several Western countries. On her return, she continued to work for empowerment of Muslim women of the country. She raised her voice against the dictatorial regime of Zia-ul-Haq. This book leaves no doubt that Irene Pant deserves to be counted as an iconic woman leader of South Asia, but we hardly know her.

$19.99 • Paperback • 132 pages 5.5x8.5 • June 2022 • SOC028000 978-1-954021-79-2

Before the Break of Dawn: Secrets of the Namboodiri Women is a celebration of life in a Kerala Brahmin household. Most of the narratives start before dawn. The ordinary business of having a bath, the almost compulsory visit to the temple, the task of caring for the unapologetically patriarchal male Namboodiris, the retiring ladies of the house and the Irikkanammas, all following a strict code of conduct. One can smell the lazy smoke of the kitchen fires, the clatter of vessels being cleaned as the household gradually comes awake, brass lamps burnished to look like gold, the chill of the sleeping waters of the pond, the subtle fragrances of blooms easily identifiable by their smell alone, the simple but wholesome and highly repetitive meals of the day, interspersed with rare festival days, the highlight of which is obviously the feast, with the winding down of the day into soft nights where birdsong and fireflies are very much part of life.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


Global Collective Publishers z•z Songs of the Night World

Words Know It All

The House of Rain

Subhankar Bhattacharyya

Madhumita Roy

$18.99 • Paperback 72 pages • 5x8 January 2022 POE009000 978-1-954021-47-1

$14.99 • Paperback 72 pages • 5x8 January 2022 POE024000 978-1-954021-27-3

Dr. Sanjay Ghosh Moumita Bhattacharyya

Songs of the Night World, a collection of 55 poems, is a bold critique of late capitalism and the degeneration of liberal values in the wake of sectarian politics and bigotry across the globe. Love is the only hope that can save civilization from the inevitable decline and fall in a hellish world. Bhattacharyya's epigrammatic use of words, an ironic undercurrent of conflict and tension, along with a free-flowing yet unsentimental lyricism, makes the collection one of the most awaited books of 2022.

Rumi A New Collection Farrukh Dhondy $22.99 • Paperback 146 pages • 5.5x8.5 March 2022 POE009000 978-1-954021-23-5

Love, devotion, suffering, and longing mysteriously co-exist in the poems of Jalal-ud-din Rumi. Composed almost eight centuries ago, the deep spirituality and buoyant wisdom of the poems are a source of inspiration to millions today. Farrukh Dhondy's translations not only offer a modern idiom to the poems, but also faithfully keep intact their religious context. With selections from Rumi's masterpieces the Masnavi and Diwan-e-Shams, as well as his ghazals, this volume is a poetry lover's treasure-trove.


A woman waits at an elusive platform amidst the abundance of nature with a melancholic yet supple desire. These poems by Madhumita have freed themselves from poetry’s time-honored dependence on theories and techniques (propounded mostly by men and dutifully abided by women) as if a woman is confident enough to break all the barriers of a male dominated society (even the theories) to fly higher and still higher with the wings of poesy.

$14.99 Paperback 92 pages • 5.5x8.5 • December 2021 POE025000 • 978-1-954021-89-1

The house of rain may or may not come across a shower, but the voyage will always beckon you to the forbidden lake, urging you to undertake a surreptitious journey to the land of nowhere, leaving your beloved garden behind. Is it not the moment you confront the inauspicious time and, under the dark new moon, holding the book with your pale, melancholy hands, read the last dialogue?

Everlasting Bengali Poems

Everlasting Bengali Rhymes

Moumita Bhattacharyya

Moumita Bhattacharyya

$14.99 • Paperback 72 pages • 5x8 June 2022 POE009000 • 978-1-954021-53-2

A collection of 100 Bengali Poems, the book handpicks the gems from the 1000-year-old history of Bengali poetry. It starts with the poets of the Charyapada (who wrote between the 8th and 12th centuries AD) to travel a lengthy path (along with Krittibas, Vidyapati, Chandidas, Krishnadas Kabiraj, Mukundaram Chakraborty, Daulat Kaji, Ramprasad Sen, and Bharat Chandra Roy) through the Middle Ages. Arriving at the Modern Age with Iswar Gupta, Michael Madhusudan Dutta, Biharilal Chakraborty, Rabindranath Tagore, and others, it concludes with Jibanananda Das, the greatest poet of Bengal after Tagore.

$14.99 Paperback 72 pages • 5x8 • August 2022 • POE009000 978-1-954021-57-0

A collection of 100 Bengali Rhymes, this book contains the choicest chharas from the archive of Bengali rhymes. Some of them are still sung as a lullaby by Bengali mothers to their children. As a result, several chharas (by unanimous village poets) feature in the collection alongside the contributions by celebrated poets like Madanmohan Tarkalanker, Kusumkumari Das, Rabindranath Tagore, Jogindranath Sarkar, and Sukumar Roy.

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Global Collective z • z Publishers

The book is a kind of multi-hued diary, a first-person account (by the author) of the life and times of Bhaskar Chakraborty, one of the leading modern poets of Bengal. The book contains six essays, fourteen letters, eight poems, and twenty facsimile images. It effortlessly takes the reader down memory lane and prepares him for a more 'insightful reading' of Bhaskar's poetry.

The Immortal and Other Stories Rik Bhattacharyya $18.99 • Paperback 126 pages • 5x8 • April 2022 • FIC029000 978-1-954021-49-5

The award-winning author of the critically acclaimed Fan has returned with another spine-chilling thriller Amartya (The Immortal, winner of the Second Prize in Paulami Sengupta Fiction Competition 2020). The collection includes 9 other incredible short stories based on varied genres (horror, supernatural, thriller, humor, satire, and drama).

Selected Short Stories

Subhankar Bhattacharyya

Prasanta Maji $18.99 • Paperback 144 pages • 5x8 20 facsimile images June 2022 POE009000 • 978-1-954021-43-3

Edgar Allan Poe

Between Victory and Defeat

Under the Shade of the Tree Named Bhaskar


Edgar Allan Poe

$14.99 • Paperback 40 pages • 5x8 December 2021 FIC037000

The novella is a political thriller that breathlessly narrates the inside story of the deteriorating student politics in Bengal during the early days of the 21st century. An admirer of Che Guevara, Abhi, the erstwhile GS (general secretary) of the college union, fights from the beginning with the shadows of his unknown enemies. And when he is about to enter into the heart of the matter, he gets devastated discovering the truth. An action thriller, the novella is not without a romantic angle. Does Diya, the bold and the beautiful fresher from the Department of English, nurture romantic feelings for Rishi, the newly elected GS from the rival union? Or does she have a weakness for Abhi, the defeated one?

January 2022 • FIC004000 978-1-954021-71-6

One of America’s most influential writers, Edgar Allan Poe belongs to the ages. His first work, Tamerlane and Other Poems, was published in 1827, and today, almost two centuries later, he remains just as relevant. With an uncanny ability to reflect in the atmosphere that which takes place in the mind, Poe never disappoints. A thoughtfully curated collection of some of Poe's best short stories including The Cask of Amontillado, The Black Cat, The Tell Tale Heart, The Masque of the Red Death, The Eight Chained Ourang Outangs, Some Words with a Mummy, The Oval Portrait, The Pit and The Pendulum, and The Fall of the House of Usher.

Sasi is Waiting, and other Stories

Everlasting Bengali Short Stories

Sujatha Vimala Balakrishnan $19.99 • Paperback 204 pages • 5.5x8.5 January 2022 • FIC029000 978-1-954021-65-5

Sujatha Rangarajan, is a name synonymous with Tamil literature. In this collection of stories, he takes us on a wild journey into different genres of fiction. He delves into science fiction in City Tours while The Sun depicts the horrible reality of a nuclear holocaust. In Secha, he captures violence in an incident of brutal mugging in the USA, while the ethical dilemma of police brutality is debated in Justifications. We also have The Edge, a psychological thriller, and the delightful story of Krishnaswamy titled The Horse. And finally, in his showstopper, Sasi is Waiting, the writer dissects the most basic of human emotions, Love, Fear, and Longing with just one question: How long will Sasi keep waiting?

$22.99 Paperback 232 pages • 6x9

Moumita Bhattacharyya $14.99 • Paperback 72 pages • 5x8 June 2022 • FIC029000 • 978-1-954021-55-6

A collection of 25 Bengali short stories, the book is a testimony to the assertion that the foremost writers of Bengali short stories (Rabindranath Tagore, Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, Manik Bandyopadhyay, Somen Chanda, Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay, and Rajshekhar Basu among them) can equal the greatest exponents of the genre including Maupassant, O Henry, Chekhov, and Tolstoy.

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Global Collective Publishers z•z So Now You Know Growing Up Gay in India

The Kamal-Sunil Discourse

Vivek Tejuja

Prasanta Maji

$18.99 • Paperback • 148 pages 5.5x8.5 • April 2022 • BIO026000 978-1-954021-25-9

$14.99 • Paperback • 32 pages • 5x8 December 2021 • SOC008000 978-1-954021-41-9

The year was 1991. Vivek was eight. He realized he was gay. Only he didn't: he just figured that he wanted to be different. And that he was in love - for want of a better word - with Deepak, his best friend. Then Mast Kalandar released, with Anupam Kher playing Pinku, a stereotypical gay character. And Vivek realized he didn't want to be Pinku. So he tried to walk differently, gesticulate differently, and speak in as gruff a voice as he could - all to avoid being Pinku. Funny, poignant, heartwarming, and heart-breaking all at once, this is a memoir of growing up gay in India in the 1990s, with Bollywood, books, and the Bombay sea for company.

This book talks about the little-known Guru-Shishya (master-disciple) relationship between Kamalkumar Majumdar and Sunil Gangopadhyay. While Majumdar is one of the finest writers of fiction in inimitably ambiguous yet artistic prose (Majumdar is to us what Jorge Luis Borges has been to the West). During the second half of the twentieth century, Gangopadhyay has been one of the most popular novelists (of Those Days and The First Light fame) in Bengali literature to date. The intimate relationship shared by these two maestros and their exchange of ideas resulted in the ideation of several key concepts relating to contemporary art, literature, drama, and aesthetics. Maji's book delves deep into this camaraderie and invites the readers as quiet listeners to the discourse.

The Year that Wasn't

Ramayana A Comparative Study of Ramakathas

The Diary of a 14-year old

A.A. Manavalan C.T. Indra

Brisha Jain $22.99 • Paperback 252 pages • 5.5x8.5 February 2022 BIO022000 • 978-1-954021-67-9

When Brisha made a New Year’s resolution to write a diary for the coming year, little did she realize that these entries would eventually turn into a treasure trove of experiences. The year 2020 brought forth a barrage of impossible challenges, monumental odds, and unforeseen calamities. The diary tells a story that’s much more than the sum of its entries—a tale of self-improvement, patience, strength, tenacity, and most importantly, inner peace. This was the year that turned several 14-year old boys and girls into adults as they dealt with issues that they could not have envisioned. This is not just Brisha’s diary, it is the diary of an entire generation that has learned to cope, hope, struggle, and survive through an epochal time.


NH44: Take Me Home Anushka Dhar $22.99 • Paperback • 236 pages • 8.75x8.75 January 2022 • YAN006000 978-1-954021-83-9

Anushka Dhar, a sixteen year-old, is a blossoming Mumbai-based writer who strives to engage in mindful, progressive conversations. Following in the footsteps of her father, Deepak Dhar, she aspires to join the film industry and leave her mark by continuing to tell stories such as this one about the Kashmiri Pandit exodus from the Valley. Placing that traumatic experience in context, she offers a panoramic view of the history of the region, emphasizing the injustice that continues to haunt the psyche of those who went into exile.


$32.95 • Paperback 416 pages • 5.5x8.5 March 2022 LIT008020

The story of Rama has been a part of our lives for ever, but most of us are unaware that the story has as many variations as there are versions. In the author’s own words, Valmiki’s Ramayana has taken several ‘incarnations’ due to the efforts of many great writers who wanted to bring the story to their own people in their own language. In his book, Professor A. A. Manavalan, an eminent scholar in the field of comparative literature, has painstakingly made an intensive and analytical study of the Rama story in 48 languages including the folk tradition. Professor Manavalan’s main focus is on how the receiving language’s rendering could make a greater impact than the original in the popular imagination of the people.

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Global CollectivezPublishers When the Clock Struck 12

Kashmir: The War of Narratives

15 August 1947

Bashir Assad

Shailaja Nair

$22.99 • Paperback • 252 pages 5.5x8.5 • May 2022 • POL062000 978-1-954021-81-5

$18.99 • Paperback • 116 pages 5.5x8.5 • February 2022 • FIC014000 978-1-954021-85-3

We had just won independence, but all was not well, the horrors of the partition were very real. Living in the heart of a simmering Delhi, eightyear-old Ashok and Priya can't wait to meet their friends Asghar and Afshan. But the elders won't agree. That is when sequestered in their hall, they overhear a plan: A plan to murder a Muslim family. As the kids try to find allies and save their friends, they must face people blinded by hate and personal vendetta. Will they succeed or lose their friends forever? Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous events of independence and partition, When the Clock Struck 12 is a tale of innocence, unity, and courage, but most importantly, of friendship.

Revisiting the Educational Heritage of India Sahana Singh $32.95 • Paperback 308 pages • 5.5x8.5 May 2022 EDU016000 • 978-1-954021-75-4

Long before the first European universities appeared, India already had multi-disciplinary centers of learning that fueled a knowledge revolution around the world. This book fills a dire need to chronicle the great educational heritage of India. It describes a unique ecosystem which ensured that Gurus and Acharyas handed the lamp of learning to generations of students. Historically, the book covers a vast time span from ancient India’s traditions to the deliberate destruction of its heritage. It also outlines steps that can be taken today to incorporate the most relevant aspects of ancient learning systems into the current structure of school and university education.

The stereotypical Kashmir narrative runs on a grinding machine of disinformation, half truths, and concocted accounts unrelentingly flowing from Pakistan. This is an obfuscation of truth. Through the cruel, merciless arms of terrorism, atrocities, and pain have been inflicted upon the Kashmiris. Hair-raising terrorist atrocities over more than 30 years tell the story of how Pakistan has ripped apart the life and happiness of Kashmiris. It is never easy to challenge the narrative constructed by Pakistan on Kashmir. This is not an exoneration of the state for its faults and follies. But Kashmir desperately needs a new intellectual discourse. It needs new perspectives. The beneficiaries shall be all of us: We, our loved ones, our society—all of Kashmir that wants to live an abundant, enriched, and peaceful life.

Arise, Chicago

Bengal Famine

Moumita Bhattacharyya Subhankar Bhattacharyya

An Unpunished Genocide

$24.95 • Paperback 226 pages • 5x8 February 2022 REL033000 • 978-1-954021-51-8

This is a book of questions and answers written specially to inspire students across the globe. It has attempted to document Swami Vivekananda’s historic voyage from Bombay to Chicago in 1893, introducing Spiritual India to the Materialistic West. The authors meticulously researched every minute detail of that memorable journey that influenced Indian and global history. It was his famous lectures at the Chicago World Parliament of Religions in September 1893, and later the foundation of Vedanta Society (still thriving) in New York in 1894 that paved the way for yoga in the USA and the birth of modern yoga (including Pranayama and meditation) as a transnational movement.

Syama Prasad Mookerjee Sudip Kar Purkayastha $22.99 • Paperback 288 pages • 5.5x8.5 • April 2022 • HIS017000 978-1-954021-73-0

This book is a commentary on the 1944 book Panchasher Manwantar by Syama Prasad Mookerjee. In his book, Syama Prasad argues that the famine of 1943-44 that is said to have caused the death and displacement of three million people was a man-made disaster. The acute food shortage was deliberately created by the Churchill government to punish a rebellious, militant Bengal. The colonial government burned the boats that carried grain, promulgated an anti-hoarding act that prevented farmers and householders from keeping even small buffer stocks, while hoarding by private lobbies was allowed resulting in huge price rise. This policy was actively supported by the communal practices of the local Muslim League government.

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Grub Street Cookery z • z • Green Bean Books Vegan Recipes from France

TASTE! How to Choose the Best Deli Ingredients

Kristina Arnold

Glynn Christian

$32.95 • Hardback • 176 pages 6.7x9.5 • color photos and illustrations throughout • June 2022 CKB125000 • 978-1-91-166709-4

$40 • Hardback • 360 pages • 6.7x9.5 two-color images throughout December 2021 • CKB105000 978-1-911667-23-0

TASTE! is a refreshed and expanded new edition of Glynn’s REAL FLAVOURS – the handbook of gourmet & deli ingredients, voted World’s Best Food Guide and described by Nigel Slater as "one of the only ten books you need." The book features unique new NEED TO KNOW panels for each category, fast-to-use lists telling you what’s important, whether buying, cooking or eating. Each is a guide to how to spot the good, the bad or ugly, and the ideal ways to enjoy the world’s best deli ingredients. You’ll end up reading TASTE! like a challenging novel, because it also presents controversial opinions about chillies, synthetic flavorings, palm oils and more. Glynn says: "the book answers the questions you didn’t know you should have asked, and is an ingredient handbook that makes every cookbook work."

But Perhaps, Just Maybe...

Lights in the Night Chris Barash Maya Shleifer

Tuvia Dikman Oro Menahem Halberstadt

$11.99 • Hardback • 8 pages • 7.9x7.9• 50 color illustrations • January 2022 JNF049110 • 978-1-78-438660-3

In this charming picture book for young children, the magic of Shabbat is celebrated through light. As the sun goes down on a Friday evening and darkness descends, different sources of light welcome in the Sabbath: candles, lanterns, the moon and stars, fireflies, nightlights and then the next morning, the sunrise. Told in gently rhythmic rhyming couplets and beautifully illustrated throughout, this is an enchanting exploration of light and dark, and a journey through the various rituals and delights of Shabbat.


French food is regional, full of variety, and above all designed for enjoyment. But it is also traditionally rich in products of animal origin: meat, butter, cream, eggs, and cheese. Vegan Recipes from France translates all the French classics into vegan alternatives. You will discover many easy recipes to make, with simple ingredients. The book starts with all the basic recipes that are the foundation of French cooking such as stocks, baguette, brioche, croissants, béchamel, aioli, and cheese. There are recipes for delicious vegan appetizers such as soups, terrines, and many original salads. Main dishes offer a selection of tarts and tartlettes, gratins, omelettes, quiches, souffles, and crepes. Desserts provide mouth- watering vegan alternatives to such standards as mousse au chocolate, clafoutis, tarte tatin, pain perdu, gateau, and madeleines. The dishes are sumptuously photographed showing all your favorite French dishes vegan-style.

$12.99 • Paperback • 32 pages 50 color illustrations • January 2022 JUV039220 • 978-1-78-438736-5

A beautifully-illustrated picture book for young readers, that teaches children to have the patience to look past annoyances, and not judge people too quickly. Duck and Hedgehog wheel their broken bicycles to Mrs. Hoopoe's Bicycle Shop to their flat tires fixed. Suddenly, Cat whizzes past them on her motorcycle, leaving Duck and Hedgehog choking on clouds of dust. Duck is annoyed, but Hedgehog suggests that maybe Cat is rushing off to see her injured sister. Afterwards, Duck and Hedgehog have to navigate around a rock rolled into the street by Mr. Billy Goat. Once again, Duck is irritated, but Hedgehog wonders if Mr. Billy Goat was trying to fill a pothole in the road. When Duck and Hedgehog, tired and hungry, want to snack on raspberries along the way, they discover that Mrs. Fox has picked all the fruit. Duck is understandably grumpy, but Hedgehog imagines Mrs. Fox might have picked the berries to share with friends. Finally, at Mrs. Bird’s Bicycle Shop, Duck and Hedgehog catch up with Cat, Mr. Billy Goat and Mrs. Fox. As everyone enjoys raspberry juice together, Duck realizes that Hedgehog was right all along, and that his friends each had good reasons for unintentionally creating the earlier problems!

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Histria Kids • Jantarz Publishing Percy St. John and the Chronicle of Secrets

Orphan Wish Island Sarah Anne Carter $18.99 • Paperback 212 pages • 6x9 October 2022 YAF058050 978-1-59211-147-3 • Sarah Anne Carter lives in New Carlisle, OH

Miriam’s parents died in a car crash when she was almost 8 years old. The night after her 12th birthday, she sees a glowing writing on the attic door in her room. Behind it she finds a tropical island where some fairies tell her she has been granted yearly wishes. She can listen to a message from her parents, make a wish and then come back each year to make another one. Each year, Miriam wishes for something to help her. Along the way, she learns lessons about hard work, friendship, trust and loyalty. Her parents also get to make a wish for her each year, but she won’t know what they wished until she comes to the island for the final time.

E. A. Allen

Penelope Pine Amelia Balkan Evan Balkan $16.99 • Paperback • 28 pages • 8.5x11 Illustrations • October 2022 • JUV051000 978-1-59211-152-7 Amelia Balkan lives in Towson, MD Evan Balkan lives in Towson, MD

Penelope is a pine tree. She lives in the forest and enjoys playing with her tree friends. But when autumn rolls around and her friends turn beautiful colors, Penelope the evergreen believes that she doesn’t measure up. But when winter comes and her friends are suddenly very cold, without their leaves, Penelope learns that she is perfect just the way she is.

Birds of Verhovina

City of Torment

Adam Bodor Peter Sherwood

Daniela Hodrova Veronique Firkusny

$24 • Paperback 280 pages • 5x8 March 2022 FIC019000 978-1-91-499004-5

$40 • Paperback 620 pages • 5x8 March 2022 FIC019000 978-1-91-499001-4

The reader arrives in Ádám Bodor’s world, the periphery of civilization, at the break of dawn. Adam, the foster son of Brigadier Anatol Korkodus is waiting at the dilapidated station for a boy who is arriving from a reformatory. Soon afterwards, Korkodus is arrested for unfathomable reasons. Yet this decaying and sinister world is not devoid of a certain joie de vivre: people eat gourmet dishes, point out their interlocutor’s hidden motives with incredibly dark humor and enjoy the region’s stunning natural beauty.

Alice returns from her death to act as witness and participant in Prague’s tumultuous history from its foundation to 1989. History’s losers return to watch the victors enjoy and lose their spoils. An unusual quest for self, for one’s place in life, and in the world, a world that is embodied in Prague.

$19.99 • Paperback 210 pages • 6x9 January 2022 • YAF001000 978-1-59211-148-0

An unbreakable cipher, a dead priest with expensive shoes, a hermit who has conversations with saints, an angry French girl, a guardian angel with attitude, a murderous master criminal, and a gaggle of angry demons might stop an ordinary fifteen-year-old safe-cracking genius, but not Percy St.-John. He’s out to prove he did not steal a mysterious ancient book that may hold the key to mankind’s greatest hope and greatest danger.

Carbide Andriy Lyubka Reilly CostiganHumes $24 • Paperback 250 pages • 5x8 March 2022 FIC016000 978-0-99-344674-0

A drunken teacher dreams up a hairbrained scheme to dig a tunnel from Ukraine to Hungary to force the EU to grant Ukraine admission by smuggling its entire population into a member country. Hilarity inevitably ensues, along with danger, when Tys, the would-be ‘Moses of Ukraine’, recruits a gang of local smugglers, including a latter-day Icarus determined to fly over the border and a femme fatale who traffics human organs.

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Hidden Europe Publications •zKey Publishing Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide

Making the Range Rover Legend

17th Edition

The 1971–72 British Trans-Americas Expedition

Nicky Gardner Susanne Kries

John Carroll $24.95 • Paperback • 128 pages 6.69x9.57 • April 2022 • TRA001000 978-1-913870-30-0

$29.95 • Paperback • 544 pages 5.25x8.5 • 32 color Illustrations April 2022 • TRV009000 978-3-94-522503-5

One-stop solution for planning your European rail travel adventure. Fifty key routes to follow or use as building blocks for longer itineraries. Includes Britain and Ireland. Best ticket deals, booking tips and rail pass information. Perfect for Eurail and Interrail. Long-standing guidebook that combines evocative writing with practical advice. Useful tips on where to stay and what to see along the routes. Written by two highly experienced travelers who have roamed the rails for years. Classic routes and popular journeys such as the Glacier Express, the Rhine Valley, French Riviera and the Scottish Highlands. New routes to Slovakia, Romania and Greece, plus enhanced coverage of the Alps and Adriatic regions in this brand new edition.

In 1971, a British Army team undertook the challenge of driving the Pan-American Highway in its entirety from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. This included crossing the notorious Darién Gap, the approximately 200-mile-long missing link in the intercontinental highway’s length. It took almost 100 days of concerted effort for the expedition to drive, winch and float two Range Rovers through this trackless jungle terrain. This book looks at the region’s history and previous expeditions as well as the epic 1971–72 journey. It contains reminiscences from eight members of the expedition as well as previously unpublished photographs, decorative maps and commemorative postal covers.

Land Rover Series One

Land Rover Series III

John Carroll


Classic Vehicle Series, Vol. 1 $24.95 • Paperback 96 pages • 6.69x9.57 Currently Available TRA001000 978-1-913295-64-6

John Carroll

The Land Rover was a post-war marvel, a vehicle that helped change the face of motoring on and off-road around the world. From its humble beginnings as a temporary stopgap intended to get the Rover Company up and running again, it soon endeared itself to those who needed to travel off the beaten track anywhere in the world. The vehicle evolved quickly in its first ten years from 1948-58 – to the extent that the Land Rovers known as Series Ones include five wheelbases and three engines – and it became a permanent part of the Rover Company’s range. Owners and drivers soon included royalty, farmers, explorers and soldiers, and the Land Rover became a ubiquitous part of the British landscape, especially in rural areas. Inevitably, the Land Rovers that started the legend became cherished and sought-after classics, to the extent that the Land Rover Series One Club is now the largest Land Rover club in the world. Series Ones are owned by people as diverse as the tasks Land Rovers are expected to perform, and this book reflects that. Photographed in recent years, it offers a portrait of these cherished vehicles, their owners and the events they attend.


Classic Vehicle Series, Vol. 3 $24.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 6.69x9.57 • Over 190 color photos May 2022 • TRA001060 978-1-913870-67-6

The Series III Land Rover, an updated Series IIA, was launched in 1971 and offered an amalgamation of cosmetic and engineering changes intended to modernize the Land Rover in the face of growing competition from other manufacturers, especially in traditional export markets. Despite being produced during a troubled era of motor vehicle production in Britain, more than 400,000 Series IIIs were produced, and they are now considered cherished classics. Fully illustrated with over 190 color photographs, this book looks fondly at the numerous Land Rover Series III models that were produced successful against an uncertain backdrop.

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z Key Publishing Classic British Motorcycles

Canadian Pacific in the Rockies

An Illustrated History

Ian Lothian

Andy Tallone

$24.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 6.69x9.57 • photographs Currently Available • TRA004020 978-1-80282-001-0

Classic Vehicle Series, Vol. 4 • $24.95 Paperback • 96 pages • 6.69x9.57 Over 150 photos • April 2022 TRA001060 • 978-1-913870-57-7

Classic British motorcycles were more than simple machines, they were a cultural phenomenon that lasted half a century. From the early days of motoring, British innovators led the way, building some of the world’s most famous motorcycles, as well as some of the best performers. At one point, the rest of the motorcycle world followed Britain’s lead, and by the late 1950s, the British were by far the largest producers of motorcycles in the world. However, barely a decade later, the British motorcycle industry was almost bankrupt and in utter disarray. Illustrated with over 150 photographs, this book explores the rise and fall of the British motorcycle industry, looking at its history through the years and then at the motorcycles themselves by brand, giving the complete story of these amazing machines.

The Canadian Pacific Railway was built to unite all the Canadian Provinces with a transcontinental line running from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Many obstacles were encountered during construction including the Rocky Mountains, a formidable range of mountains in Western Alberta and Eastern British Columbia. Originally planned to run further north, the line eventually crossed the Continental Divide at Kicking Horse Pass, a challenge to railway operating that still exists today despite the use of high-horsepower diesel locomotives. Illustrated with unique photographs, taken over a number of years, this book covers the line from Exshaw, where it first encounters the Rockies, to Golden. The variety of traffic found on the line is shown against a backdrop of stunning scenery that is encountered along the line. Also detailed is the other Canadian Pacific line in the south of Alberta, which traverses Crowsnest Pass.

The Railways and Britain's Nuclear Industry David McAlone Britain's Railways and Industry Series, Vol. 1 $24.95 • Paperback 96 pages • 6.69x9.57 Currently Available TRA004000 978-1-913295-65-3

The World's Last Steam Trains China Chris Davies $29.95 • Paperback • 128 pages • 9.69x6.61 • Over 120 color photos Currently Available • TRA004020 • 978-1-913295-97-4

This book looks at the last of the standard-gauge steam operations in China, including Sandaoling, the last steam-worked opencast coal mine in the world; Fuxin, a coal-mining city in Liaoning Province, which until recently, operated the largest surviving fleet of SY locomotives; Baiyin, in Gansu Province, which operated some of the last steam-hauled passenger trains in the world; and Wu Jiu, a remote coal-mining outpost in Inner Mongolia. Beautifully illustrated with over 120 color photographs and a description of the operations, this is a striking portrait of the last of the world’s operating steam trains.

1945 marked the beginning of the Labour government that would nationalize the railways and witnessed the start of British nuclear weapon development, which led to a civil nuclear industry. By the 1990s both industries were heading for privatization, though neither would truly be free from government control. This book provides a brief history of British nuclear power and technology, and goes on to illustrate the transport of spent nuclear fuel from around the world to the Sellafield reprocessing plant. In the twenty-first century the decommissioning of reactors and defense establishments across England added to the loads traveling by rail to the national Low Level Waste Repository. The railways also transported chemicals for the nuclear industry, construction materials and – at least in part – the industry’s workers too. Direct Rail Services took over this traffic and became a major player in the rail freight business, with a significant role in the nation’s passenger market. The book illustrates this transformation and explains why it happens.

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Key Publishing • Liberties z Press • The Liffey Press Germany's Railways

Czech and Slovak Railways Three Decades of Change, 1990–2020s Ketih Fender World Railways Series, Vol. 2 • $24.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 6.69x9.57 • Over 140 pictures • May 2022 TRA004020 • 978-1-80-282029-4

The Czech Republic and Slovakia emerged as independent countries in 1993, as joint successors of the former Czechoslovakia. Having once been a single country, with a single national railway operator, the change was significant, although both countries, and their railways, still have a lot in common. Spanning three decades, this book explores the history of both countries and their railways, and features over 140 pictures, most of which have never been published before. The book concludes by looking at the ambitious plans for new high-speed networks, connecting both countries, and most of their neighbors by the late 2030s.

Keith Fender World Railway Series, Vol. 3 • $24.95 Paperback • 96 pages 6.69x9.57 Over 130 pictures • April 2022 • TRA004020 978-1-913870-06-5

Germany, divided after World War II into two separate countries, was reunified on October 3, 1990. For the country’s rail system, the complex task of unifying two networks with very different rolling stock and systems had just begun. This book, illustrated with over 130 pictures, traces the development of the unified German rail network and new national operator Deutsche Bahn (DB AG). It also looks at the wider rail industry in Germany and the introduction of market reforms leading to one of the most dynamic rail markets anywhere, with over 300 rail freight operators, open access intercity competition and more than 100 regional passenger concession contracts replacing the original two state railway companies.

Hornby Magazine Yearbook No 13

The First Heresy

Mike Wild

$17.99 • Paperback 224 pages • 6x9 April 2022 FIC002000 978-1-91-258926-5

Eddie Hobbs

$29.95 • Hardback 128 pages • 8.3x11.7 January 2022 • TRA004000 978-1-913295-67-7

The hardback collectors’ edition of the thirteenth annual Hornby Magazine Yearbook offers a spectrum of modeling features including a full tour of Britain’s Biggest Model Railway, Hornby magazine’s latest exhibition layout build to create a typical Great Central Railway station in ‘OO’ gauge, a review of new models from 2020, a look forward to 2021 and a host of step by step guides using the latest products and arrivals for the model railway scene. The Hornby Magazine Yearbook covers all major scales and gauges from the British model railway scene as well as encompassing steam, diesel, and electric traction.


30 Years After Re-Unification

Information about the First Heresy is secreted out of Jerusalem after its fall in AD 70. It reaches the last great pagan philosopher, Hypatia of Alexandria, and is smuggled out of Egypt by her slave-companion on the day of her murder. Centuries later, clues to the First Heresy are revealed in Ireland to a Norman youth and retired Templar Knight. Meanwhile, in Paris, a scholar of Persian descent, and connected to the Knights Templar, is drawn into the events that unfold. The First Heresy, the debut novel from financial commentator and TV presenter Eddie Hobbs, combines historical research with fiction and mysticism to create a unique, fast-paced thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Hornby Book of Trains The First One Hundred Years Pat Dargan $39.95 • Hardback • 448 pages • 6.14x9.57 Over 800 • Currently Available • TRA004020 9781-913295-21-9

When talking of model railways, the name Hornby means different things to different people. To some, it is the large 0 gauge metal trains mainly of the interwar period. To others, it is the 00 scale Hornby Dublo trains which were at their peak in the 1950s. To modelers, it is the highly detailed models they find in shops today. While they share a brand name, they are all very different products. The Hornby brand has been owned by four different companies and while it has been carried by three quite different systems, they have had three things in common – they have been British, they have been quality products and they have all carried the name ‘Hornby’ with pride.

The Trinity College VIII Rowing for the Ladies Plate David Hickey $24.95 • Paperback 280 pages • 6.7x9.4 40 color photographs October 2021 BIO026000 • 978-1-83-835936-2

Trinity College Dublin has a rich academic and sporting history, and similarly has produced talented undergraduates with mischievous minds and a healthy disregard for establishment rules. In The Trinity College VIII the two fuse together perfectly. Author and crew member David Hickey describes their prowess on the water and misadventures on land, but also takes an in-depth look at the reality of competitive rowing. He describes what actually happens in a race, what it feels like in the boat, the tactics involved and choices that have to be made. He also explains why he and his teammates were willing to spend the many gruelling hours of training required in order to be competitive.

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z The Liffey Press The Art of Place People and Landscape of County Clare Peadar King Anne Jones $45 • Paperback • 320 pages 8x10 • 40 color plates December 2021 • BIO026000 978-1-8383593-9-3

With a particular emphasis on the role of landscape and environs, The Art of Place brings together 30 captivating personal stories by some of the most creative people in Ireland, who all live in or come from County Clare. Featured contributors include writers and visual artists, musicians and composers, sculptors and crafts people, photographers and filmmakers. Their compelling and deeply personal stories will resonate not only with people from the West of Ireland, but with people worldwide who are enthralled by the creative process. Beautifully designed and including 30 specially commissioned photographic interpretations by award-winning photographer John Kelly, The Art of Place is a work of art itself, and a magnificent testament to the artistic spirit for which Ireland is justifiably famous.

Food through the Ages A Popular History Mike Gibney $24.95 • Paperback • 300 pages 6.7x9.4 • 50+ color plates December 2021 • CKB041000 978-1-83-835937-9

Written for food aficionados everywhere, this book provides an entertaining look at the history and development of the key foods we eat every day. Mike Gibney, Professor Emeritus of Food and Health at University College Dublin, traces the story of food from early hunter gatherers through settled agriculture to the migration across Europe, and examines the influence early trading, imperial conquests and medieval exploration had on the food chain. Professor Gibney explains the origins of commonplace foods, including bread, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, sugar, tea, chocolate and of course Ireland’s beloved potato. He defines a well-stocked larder and shows how the kitchen has changed over thousands of years, getting cleaner, less smelly, more reliable, less dangerous and more accessible to all.

A Different World

Nine Lives

An English Vicar in West Cork

The Reflections of a Deliberate Diplomat

Hilary Wakeman

Dónal Denham

$21.95 • Paperback • 176 pages 6.1x9.2 • 40 color photographs October 2021 • BIO026000 978-1-83-835935-5

$24.95 • Paperback • 250 pages 6.1x9.2 • 20 color photographs May 2022 • BIO026000 978-1-83-835938-6

A quarter of a century ago, Canon Hilary Wakeman became the Rector of a Church of Ireland parish in the far southwest of Ireland, a very different world from her English home in Norwich. This book is Hilary’s record of her memorable first year in West Cork. During Hilary’s eventful year there were challenges and setbacks, and even tragedies: drownings, a suicide, the fatal road accident of a young boy, and a brutal murder that received international coverage. But there was also great joy and even romance: two weeks after arriving, Hilary’s daughter meets a handsome Catholic fisherman, though not everyone approves... A Different World ends with a jubilant Catholic–Protestant, homemade wedding. The marriage service is conducted by Hilary in the Famine Church by the sea, and the reception held in the beautiful garden of the nearby Rectory. It was a wonderful day.

In a career spanning 41 years in the Irish diplomatic service, Ambassador Dónal Denham has lived among nine very different societies, spanning three continents. With stops in France, Zambia, the USA, Lithuania, Belarus, Finland, and finally the Holy See, Dónal has a few choice tales to tell. He opened two Irish embassies, served in all seven Irish Presidencies and had thought-provoking conversations with some fascinating people, including Ronald Reagan in the White House, Kenneth Kaunda in the State House, and Mary Robinson in Ireland's own President's House. With a focus on funny incidents, happy moments, and some achievements for Ireland Inc., Nine Lives is a refreshing and enjoyable read by a diplomat who thoroughly enjoyed his years as Ireland’s envoy.

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Messenger zPublications Hearers of the Word

Hearers of the Word

Praying and exploring the readings for Advent and Christmas, Year C

Praying & exploring the readings Lent & Holy Week: Year C

Kieran J O'Mahony OSA

Kieran J O'Mahony OSA

$25.95 • Paperback • 160 pages • 5.5x8.25 December 2021 • REL052010 978-1-78-812463-8

$25.95 • Paperback • 160 pages • 5.5x8.25 January 2022 • REL052010 978-1-78-812470-6

This is the seventh volume in this popular series, and the first for Year C, the Year of Luke. By exploring the context and background to all three readings, the author hopes to make the readings available for personal prayer and as a preparation for taking part in the Sunday liturgy. This book is a very useful resource for all who wish to get more out of the season's readings. Fr Kieran is very well-known for his hugely popular 'Weekly Notes' – an email resource for each week's readings throughout the year.

The readings for Lent in year C are mostly from Luke, with the emphasis falling on conversion and reconciliation. This year, the narrative arc from the Old Testament begins with a very ancient Israelite creed, “A wandering Aramean was my ancestor,” a mysteriously inspiring narrative. In a markedly consistent way, the middle readings link with other readings and help to bring them into our present moment. By exploring the context of all three readings, the author hopes to make them available for personal prayer and as a preparation for taking part in the Sunday liturgy.

The Messenger Advent Booklet Reflections on the Weekday Readings Donal Neary

Praying and Exploring the Readings for Easter and Pentecost Year C Kieran J O'Mahony OSA $25.95 • Paperback • 160 pages • 5.5x8.25 February 2022 • REL052010 978-1-78-812461-4

The first and third readings for Eastertide in year C are taken from the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of John, both very appealing in their different ways. The second reading offers some of the more approachable scenes from the New Testament Apocalypse. By exploring the context and background to all three readings, the author hopes to make the readings available for personal prayer and as a preparation for taking part in the Sunday liturgy.

The Deep End

My Words Will Not Pass Away

A Journey with the Sunday Gospels in the Year of Luke Tríona Doherty Jane Mellett

$6.95 • Paperback • 64 pages • 4.7x7.1 November 2021 • REL052000 978-1-78-812490-4

$19.95 • Paperback • 144 pages • 5.5x8.25 November 2021 • REL052000 978-1-78-812506-2

The scripture of Advent is one of the most enriching series of readings in the Church’s year. The Old Testament presents some of the best known and favorite texts of the prophets, especially from the Isaiah tradition. The gospel links the life and work of Jesus with the Old Testament reading. These short reflections on both readings of the daily Liturgy explore this link in a deep and relevant way with some of the big themes and words of Advent: waiting, expectation, hope, joy, forgiveness, compassion, fulfilment.

The Deep End invites readers to come on a journey through the story of Luke’s Gospel and to follow Jesus as he makes his way to Jerusalem. Through a series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels, it offers a fresh perspective for anyone who wants to explore how the Gospels are relevant today. Today, in a world threatened by ecological breakdown, inequality and division, the message of Jesus as presented by Luke has much to say to us. The book includes tips for prayer and meditation to nourish ourselves along the way, as well as practical suggestions for building communities of welcome and love.


Hearers of the Word

cal year 2021/22

Reflections on the weekday readings for the liturgi-

Martin Hogan $25.95 • Paperback • 350 pages • 5.5x8.25 November 2021 • REL006110 978-1-78-812502-4

At the weekday Eucharist we read from sections of all four gospels in the course of the liturgical year. The reflections in this book are based predominantly on the gospel readings for the weekdays of the coming liturgical year, 2021/22. In and through these gospel readings we encounter the living word of the risen Lord to his church. There is rich fare here to nourish our faith life and to help us to grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord.

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z Messenger Publications To Bring Comfort and Consolation

God in Every Day

Bereavement Ministry

Deirdre Powell

Paddy Shannon

$16.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 5.5x8.25 • April 2022 • REL052010 978-1-78-812535-2

$19.95 • Paperback • 128 pages 5.5x8.25 • April 2022 • REL016000 978-1-78-812534-5

In 2012 the author was invited by the Parish Pastoral Council in Newcastle, Co Down to help establish a Bereavement Ministry in the Parish. Unable to find exactly the course structure he was looking for, he designed his own course. He has divided it into five sections: • The Human Experience of Grief. • The Liturgy of Mourning. • Grief in the Scriptures. • A selection of suggested Scripture readings with reflections and some sample prayers of intercession. • A selection of prose, poems and prayers. This book is directed primarily to those involved in bereavement ministry.

Chaplains Ministers of Hope Alan Hilliard Eamonn Walsh

A Whispered Prayer

This book is intended as a guide to help each person in their prayer life. The book explores various images of God and how He may be found in everyday life. Reflections with suitable scripture references are provided. Some of the images of God are very familiar ones, such as God as Parent and God as Shepherd. However, other images of God are explored that may be less familiar to the reader, such as God as Chef (where we find God in food); God as Artist (where we find God in art); and God as Gardener (where we find God in the garden). The idea is to explore various images of God that are drawn from everyday life, in order to bring home the notion that God is present in the everyday. It is hoped that this book will aid the reader in their prayer life and help them to experience God in ordinary life by exploring usual and unusual images of God.

See God Act The Ministry of Spiritual Direction Michael Drennan SJ

$25.95 • Paperback • 160 pages 5.5x8.25 • January 2022 • REL016000 978-1-78-812510-9

$25.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 5.5x8.25 • December 2021 REL016000 • 978-1-78-812498-0

Chaplains - Ministers of Hope presents chaplaincy as a living out of the utterly gratuitous love of God as seen in the resurrection of Jesus and it is an invitation to acknowledge and celebrate God’s love in the various chapters and events of life. The background to chaplaincy is covered in contributions that focus on the theological evolution of chaplaincy, its ecclesial history and its place in a contemporary ecclesial model. Further consideration is given to the scriptural origins of the ministry and its role in contemporary society. The practical evolution of chaplaincy is well covered in various contributions. The final section of the book contains contributions from Chaplains who go about their daily work as Ministers of Hope. There are contributions from a variety of chaplaincy perspectives: hospital, prison, hospice, sea-port, army, school, university, migrants, those with special needs, Travellers and the homeless.

The book seeks to provide a broader vision of the ministry drawing on insights from spirituality, scripture and psychology. These bring a fuller understanding of the person created by God, capable of knowing and responding to God. It acknowledges that many of the difficulties that arise in the direction of life are at the human, not the faith, level. Patterns are laid down in early life and can continue into adulthood. This can be so without much awareness of their source, though their influence may be evident. Even in a prayerful reflective life, further help may be needed to bring greater freedom from unconscious influences. We live in relationships with God, self, others and all creation. Jesus is active in life and meets people where they are but does not leave them there. The invitation is onwards. Attention is drawn to, and there is an exploration of the dynamics involved in the different relationships to bring greater clarity to them. The experience of working with people has highlighted the need of this development. Prayer that comes out of life and flows back into life is key to this. May the book inspire you to navigate your ongoing journey in the Lord in an integrated way.

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Messenger zPublications Channelling the Inner Fire

Joy in God

Ignatian Spirituality in 15 Points

Joachim Hartmann Annette Clara Unkelhäußer

Brendan McManus SJ

$16.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 5.5x8.25 • December 2021 REL070000 • 978-1-78-812482-9

Rekindling an Inner Fire

$6.95 • Paperback • 64 pages • 4.7x7.1 February 2022 • REL012120 978-1-78-812531-4

Many people are good people and genuine “searchers”, but often lack the practical methods and ‘tools’ to know how to deepen their faith. Often the idea about ‘faith’ that they have inherited is not helpful, and they need something real and experiential that helps with the complexity of contemporary living. This book redefines spirituality as about “channelling the inner fire”; there is some God given desire within us that seeks expression. Our goal is to become fully alive and human, just like Jesus was, by tuning into our inner world of feelings and desires. We are called to live like Christ, tuning into God’s plan for us and how we could serve the world. This book synthesizes the Ignatian system into 15 easy to understand concrete aspects. God is at work in each of our lives right now. Our job is to uncover the subtle messages that God is communicating to us, to be in dynamic relationship with God, and engaged with the world.

Contemplative prayer and the contemplative way of life are the central themes of this book. Against the backdrop of their rich experience of accompanying those coming on retreat to House Gries, Germany, the authors talk about what happens in silence: healing and wholeness, suffering and consolation, forgiveness and reconciliation, gratitude and joy... The individual chapters of the book, each based on a particular theme have a clear and consistent structure. A short introduction to the theme is followed by a conversation. Scripture, the writings of St. Ignatius, experiences from spiritual accompaniment as well as the authors’ own personal experiences form the basis for these conversations. Through using the questions, “Where was my heart burning?”“Where were my eyes opened?” the authors pick out aspects in the conversation which triggered a particular resonance within them. Finally, each chapter concludes with short exercises for the reader, relevant to the theme.

Trust Your Feelings

Discover God Daily

Learning How to Make Choices with Ignatius of Loyola

Seven Life-Changing Moments from the Journey of St Ignatius

Nikolaas Sintobin SJ

Jim Deeds Brendan McManus SJ

$16.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 5.5x8.25 • March 2022 • REL012120 978-1-78-812523-9

This book is about discernment. To discern means to look for clues in your innermost experience in order to know what to do or what not to do. More precisely, discernment means paying attention to what is happening in the very depths of your heart. Christians believe that a careful reading of our deepest emotions can reveal what God is inviting us to do. The language that God speaks today is that of human experience. The book opens with a general overview about the practice of discernment and examines the role of our heart, our intelligence and our will. It then explains how discernment can be practiced in daily life, how discernment can help in making choices, and in knowing whether something is good or bad. Then ten different emotionally charged situations are explored. Finally, the book addresses the question of whether or not discernment is reserved for Christians, and also briefly discusses discernment in a community setting. The book concludes with a reflection on discernment as a way of life.


$19.95 • Paperback • 160 pages 5.5x8.25 • May 2022 • REL012120 978-1-78-812538-3

One of the traps in the spiritual life is assuming that things will happen miraculously in one dramatic, unrepeatable moment. The authors illustrate the “slow work of God” (Teilhard de Chardin), an unfolding of God’s plan for our lives over time, as a much more helpful and humanising way to look at faith. Using details from the life of St Ignatius Loyola, this book presents a hopeful vision of a compassionate God who is always with us, working powerfully to guide us through the messy experiences of life. The book highlights that the saint is not made in one moment and that knowing God and oneself involves a process rather than a single event. The authors use seven distinct moments from the life of St Ignatius to illustrate how God works through the unexpected twists and turns of life and how this process plays out over a number of years – twists and turns that Ignatius experienced as he developed from the impulsive soldier with vain heroic ambitions, to the wounded pilgrim in search of deeper meaning in life. It took Ignatius over fifteen years to be able to fully listen to what God was saying – the slow work of God indeed.

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Messenger Publications z • z • Papillote Press Streets and Secret Places Reflections of a News Reporter Denis Tuohy Trevor McDonald $16.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 5.5x8.25 • December 2021 BIO025000 • 978-1-78-812489-8

Denis Tuohy had been a broadcaster in news and current affairs for half a century when he was asked to contribute to BBC Radio Ulster’s Thought for the Day in his native Belfast. This book is a collection of his Thought for the Day pieces over the past few years with a linking commentary about his professional and personal life. He recalls a multi-faith gathering in New York after the killing of Martin Luther King, meeting an integrated Belfast singing group in apartheid South Africa, and taking part as an actor in Over the Bridge, Sam Thompson’s play about bigotry in the Belfast shipyard. Streets and Secret Places is a mix of reflections that have featured in Thought for the Day including insights that have come with experience.

A Short History of the Church of Ireland Kenneth Milne $16.95 • Paperback • 96 pages 5.5x8.25 • May 2022 • REL108020 978-1-78-812536-9

The Church of Ireland traces its history back to the coming of Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. Kenneth Milne here outlines briefly and simply that history from the beginning, down through the Reformation period, when the church was established as the State church. There followed centuries of plantations and penal laws until eventually, in the nineteenth century, the church was disestablished. The final chapter brings the story through changing times to our own day. The book attempts to tell the story of the Church in the context of Irish history, helping the reader to understand some of the situations in which the Church found itself, and still finds itself. Dr Milne is aware of the importance of writing about the Church’s past in the context of the wider context of Irish history.

Becoming a Pastoral Parish Council

A Scream in the Shadows

How to Make Your PPC Really Useful for the Twenty First Century

$16.95 • Paperback • 200 pages • 6x8 March 2022 • FIC050000 978-1-83-804153-3

Patricia Carroll

A crime story set in the rural Caribbean where traditional allegiances and a flawed criminal justice system provide a backdrop to the rape and murder of a young girl. When her father is accused of the crime, her brother joins the police to try and clear their father’s name. While the suspect languishes in jail on remand, the young detective investigates other suspects. HIs mother remains loyal to her husband but does anyone else and who - if anyone - knows the truth?

$12.95 • Paperback • 80 pages 5.5x8.25 • March 2022 • REL016000 978-1-78-812520-8

This book has been written in a year when Parish Pastoral Councils (PPC) could not meet physically due to the Covid 19 pandemic. For many PPCs this meant that some stopped meeting or met on zoom, or at least re-grouped to form the backbone of the parish sanitising committee. It is hoped that those who read this book will have an aha moment, where they find that the purpose of PPC’s becomes more clear to them, and that they can begin to imagine the part they can play in the pastoral development of their parish. The role of the PPC is explored relating this to the purpose of the parish community, debunking the myth that the PPC is a committee. It also looks at what can be called the five P’s of the PPC: Pastoral, Prayerful, Partnership, Planning and Participation. The whole notion of discernment for pastoral action is explored and how this relates to the ongoing prayer-filled reflection of the PPC and the parish community. Then there is an in-depth exploration into the whole notion of partnership and the implications for how the PPC relates to the parish community.

Mac Donald Dixon

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ThezO'Brien Press •z Lily's Dream

The Normans

A Lissadell Story

John Farrelly

Judi Curtin Rachel Corcoran

Deadly Irish History, Vol. 3 • $13.99 Paperback • 144 pages • 5.1x7.7 May 2022 • JNF025070 978-1-78-849287-4

$13.99 • Paperback • 288 pages 5.1x7.7 • August 2022 • JUV016040 978-1-78-849327-7

This latest installment in the popular series also sees Lily finally on her way to realizing her dream of becoming a teacher. Nellie's older sister, Johanna, starts walking out with Harry the footman, and is extremely worried when he enlists and goes off to fight in World War I. He send letters to the girls from the front and tells them all about the Christmas Day truce in 1914 … but then a telegram comes. Harry is missing, presumed dead. Will he return to Lissadell, safe and sound? Meanwhile, when Isabelle, the children’s nurse, becomes unwell Lady Mary asks Lily to work with the Michael and Hugh Gore Booth in the afternoons until they are ready to go away to boarding school. On a visit home, Lily meets the Master, who tells her that Miss O’Brien is courting a young man – and if she marries, there will be an opening for a Junior Assistant Mistress in the school. He assures her that her current level of education will be enough, and that once she is old enough, he’d be happy to appoint her.

Throw In

Ayeisha McFerran

Twin Power

David Caren

Emma Larkin

Great Irish Sports Stars, Vol. 6 • $13.99 Paperback • 176 pages • 5.1x7.7 May 2022 • JNF007100 978-1-78-849281-2

$13.99 • Paperback • 160 pages • 5.1x7.7 May 2022 • JUV032000 978-1-78-849275-1

“Will you please come back and play for the club Aoife?”. Aidan asks his twin sister this question every week. Twins, Aoife and Aidan Power, along with their four best friends love playing Gaelic football. They spend most evenings after school playing football in the green in their picturesque rural village of “Droichead Beag”. Aoife and Aidan are skilful and fast but when they combine on the same team, “Twin Power” is unleashed and they have an almost telepathic communication on the pitch, leading to some spectacular scores. But while Aoife loves football, an incident at a match almost two years earlier saw her stop training and playing with her local GAA club, Droichead Beag GAA. Aidan knows what happened, but Aoife refuses to tell her friends. Could it have something to do with their Under 12 counterparts in Gorman GAA, the rival parish team of Droichead Beag, where old rivalries run deep? And how will Aoife’s refusal to play affect their school team when the children’s teacher Ms. Kelly, herself a former All- Star football player announces an exciting new school’s football competition, “Star Schools GAA”? Parish rivalries re-surface and threaten to get out of hand as the children of Droichead Beag National School fight tooth and nail to get their hands on the coveted first ever Star Schools Cup.


You can’t go far in Ireland without bumping into a flippin’ castle. They’re everywhere! There were thousands of castles of all shapes and sizes in Ireland. Because most of them are now in ruins, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re really ancient but they only started springing up in the late 12th century. That’s just a dozen of your granda’s lifetimes ago (or two dozen of your dad’s lifetimes. Or seventy of yours. Or three hundred and forty of your pet hamster’s). The latest book in the 'Deadly Irish History' series, The Normans is jampacked with all kinds of interesting facts and stories about castle life. Highly illustrated with cartoons and comic strips, as well as illustrating how castles were built and what medieval fashions were like, it's also full of things to make and do, quizzes and puzzles.

Ayeisha McFerran is an Ireland women's field hockey international. After taking up field hockey at age 7, McFerran began representing Larne Grammar School as a Year 8 pupil in 2008. She made her senior debut for Ireland against Spain in January 2014, the day after her 18th birthday. In March 2015 McFerran was a member of the Ireland team that won a 2014–15 Women's FIH Hockey World League Round 2 tournament hosted in Dublin, defeating Canada in the final after a penalty shoot-out. Between 2015 and 2017 she was named three times as an NFHCA All-American while playing for Louisville Cardinals. She was a member of the Ireland team that played in the 2018 Women's Hockey World Cup final.

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BirlinnPress The O'Brien Uncle David's Wedding Bob Johnston Michael Emberley

Where Are You, Puffling?

Little Love Lessons

Erika McGann Gerry Daly

$18.99 • Hardback • 32 pages • 8.05x10.1 June 2022 • FAM034000 • 978-1-78-849293-5

$13.99 • Board Book • 18 pages • 6.3x6.3 April 2022 • JUV002040 • 978-1-78-849323-9

Little Love Lessons is a compilation of short parenting reflections that invite adults and children to bond in healthy and fulfilling ways, celebrating their relationship. Each double-spread of the book is comprised of two sides. On one side it offers adults a brief yet powerful reflection about the benefits of various aspects in the adult-child relationship. On the opposite side, there’s a full-page heart-warming and loving illustration capturing the essence of each specific reflection.

A brand new board book edition! A puffling has gone in search of adventure – now her puffin parents can’t find her anywhere! Finally, they spot her – on a boat out at sea! The puffling is too small to fly home, so the animals of Skellig work together and come up with something very clever…

Tarsila Krüse

$18.99 • Hardback 32 pages 8.45x10.25 June 2022 JUV013090 • 978-1-78-849314-7

Uncle David and Simon are going to get married! There’s lots to do, from making the invitations to arranging the decorations, but when the wedding rings go missing just before the ceremony, Bear the dog has to use all of his special skills to help save the day! This fun and engaging picture book is a celebration of love, family, and weddings and is a gentle introduction for children to the idea of same-sex partnerships and marriage equality.

A Spooktacular Place to Be

The Missing Referee Croke Park Mice Ruth Croke Triona Croke

Una Woods

Murphy's Law Muireann ní Chíobháin Paul Nugent $18.99 • Hardback • 32 pages • 8.45x10.25 June 2022 • JUV002070 • 978-1-78-849292-8

A Meet Murphy ... the unluckiest dog in Ireland! Whatever could go wrong, would always go wrong, when I was around. Wherever I set a paw, bad luck was always sure to follow. We called it, ‘Murphy’s law’! A picture book for young readers about an accident-prone dog whose tail is always getting him in trouble.

$18.99 Hardback 32 pages 8.45x10.25 • December 2021 • JUV022000 978-1-78-849285-0

A spooky bus tour around Ireland, with our favorite Dublin Vampire! He travels to well-known places all over the country, including St. Michan's church (where the mummies sleep!), Kilkenny Castle, the Hill of Tara (where the fairies dance and spraoi), and visits the giants at the causeway. But, when his travels are done, he decides that home is the most spooktacular place to be!

Croke Park Mice $18.99 Hardback • 32 pages • 8.45x10.25 • May 2022 JUV032000 • 978-1-78-849055-9

Do you know the secret about Croke Park? When there are no games happening on the pitch, the Croke Park mice play their own games there! Right out in the middle of the pitch! There are thirty-two mice, one from each county in Ireland. They live under the stands and watch every match from their tiny mouse holes. But on the day of the All-Ireland final, the referee is nowhere to be found! Can the Croke Park mice find the referee in time to save the day - and the match? A GAA picture book for children by Ruth and Triona Croke, charmingly illustrated by Audrey Dowling.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


The O'Brien z Press Ash + Salt

Dainty Dress Diaries

From Survival to Empowerment After Sexual Assault

50 Beautiful HomeCrafting Activities to Awaken Your Creativity

Sarah Grace

Catherine Carton

$29.99 • Paperback • 256 pages 6.1x8.9 • May 2022 • BIO032000 978-1-78-849316-1

A brave new book from Sarah Grace, a sexual assault survivor whose case has been featured prominently in Irish media over the last year. She was interviewed by Una Mullally in the Irish Times and also gave a lengthy radio interview with Claire Byrne. The purpose of this book would be to shine a light on the sexual violence victims’ experience, not just at the criminal justice stage but holistically, from day one of the crime to long after the trial is over. It is intended to be a practical book, setting out tips and insights illustrated by Sarah's own narrative and those of others who have shared their stories with her. It would also include a checklist or action points at the end of most chapters. Despite it being a dark topic, the message is one of hope and positivity. Sarah Grace's personality shines through the writing, keeping her tone largely informal by sprinkling humour throughout the book, as she works towards normalising talking about rape and sexual violence.

Towns on the Wild Atlantic Way

Based on Catherine Carton's popular blog and vlog channels, Dainty Dress Diaries is an extension of Catherine's 'floral, chalk painted, tea dress-wearing, creative corner of the internet'. Through a variety of afternoon craft projects, recycling and upcycling ideas, gardening tips and sewing inspiration, Dainty Dress Diaries will give readers the skills and enthusiasm you to create the home and life they want with whatever budget they have.

Island Boy Valentia, Skellig and a Life at the Ocean’s Edge

Richard Butler

Des Lavelle

$18.99 • Paperback • 112 pages 6.7x9.45 • May 2022 • TRV009100 978-1-78-849226-3

An illustrated guidebook to the most important, interesting or unusual architectural treasures in the principal 30-35 towns of the Wild Atlantic Way route. This book focuses on publicly accessible heritage in/near towns. Brief, lively and informative descriptions, paired with colour photographs, sketches and maps. Suitable for a glovebox or the pocket of a coat, this book is the ideal companion on a tour of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. The book would be tailored to a 45-60 minute visit to each town, making it perfect for foreign tourists as well as Irish staycationers planning a stop-off visit.


$29.99 • Hardback • 192 pages 7.45x9.7 • July 2022 CRA063000 • 978-1-78-849296-6

$29.99 • Hardback • 256 pages • 6.1x8.9 April 2022 • BIO030000 978-1-78-849286-7

Des Lavelle’s heart never left Valentia Island in the county of Kerry! His international travels as a lecturer in the history and wonder of the local Skellig Islands, his local seafaring activity, his stint in movie life, always had the same return destination – the Island. This is the wide-ranging story of a man born and raised in Valentia - but not hemmed in by its surrounding waters or its peripheral location. In fact, his love of and usage of those surroundings throughout his lifetime has given us a varied journey from an idyllic childhood to finding a track in life where no ready-made routes or signposts showed the way, to becoming an author, an authority and an international lecturer on the historical and wildlife riches of Kerry’s Skellig Islands... A ‘permanent, pensionable job’ that lasted only sixteen years and three days was also a beneficial factor that helped him succeed in his Valentia outpost!

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The O'Brien z • z Press Chop, Cook, Yum

Bread & Butter

Deirdre Doyle Joanne Murphy

Cakes and Bakes from Granny's Stove

$21.99 • Hardback • 128 pages 7.1x9.55 • July 2022 • JNF014000 978-1-78-849274-4

Ciara McLaughlin

A fun and informative first cookbook for children, written by Deirdre Doyle of Cool Food School. Cool Food School was established by BTEC-qualified Health Coach Deirdre with the mission to teach children of all ages about the joys of healthy eating. She travels to schools, preschools and parties to teach children the value of eating healthily through a range of fun workshops and camps.

$29.99 • Hardback • 192 pages 7.45x9.7 • 100 Halftones, color April 2022 • CKB004000 978-1-78-849283-6

Bread & Butter is a nostalgic tribute to the simplicities of home-baking. The recipes reflect an Irish food heritage, with basic local ingredients and fresh produce. Celebrating the skill to make a lot from a little, the story of our ancestors is told through the food they created to nourish their families and the many visitors associated with life on the farm, conjuring a romantic insight into a loving home, with the stove at its heartbeat. The recipes are split into the four seasons, as this seasonal rhythm dictated the produce available for the kitchen. A seemingly harsh country lifestyle is illustrated through romantic aromas of hearty bread and mouthfuls of sweet, sticky cakes.

Lili's Family Favourites

All in the Cooking Book 2

Tasty, Fuss-Free Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Josephine B. Marnell Nora M. Breathnach

Lili Forberg $29.99 • Hardback • 192 pages 7.45x9.7 • June 2022 • CKB070000 978-1-78-849282-9

Lili Forberg believes that everybody can cook, and cook well, but sometimes people are not confident in the kitchen or just really busy, and can fall back on buying processed food, ready meals and takeaways. As a busy mom and photographer, Lili is always on the go but tries to make time for cooking as long as its simple, easy and delicious - no one has time for complicated recipes or ingredients! She simplifies her recipes and methods to make them totally accessible for all levels of home cooks, and only uses ingredients that can be found in any supermarket.

$24.99 • Hardback • 240 pages 5.7x8.15 • July 2022 • CKB101000 978-1-78-849325-3

Sequel to the perennially popular All in the Cooking. For many decades, All in the Cooking was the go-to book for anyone studying Home Economics in secondary school. Even today, it is an absolute gem to add to any cookbook collection, where you can relearn all the classic recipes you perfected as a teenager.

Her easy family cookbook is a one stop guidebook for easy-to-follow family recipes, fakeaways, bakes, treats and great lunchbox ideas that work.

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Pen z • z& Sword A Dark History of Tea

A Dark History of Sugar

Seren Charrington Hollins

Neil Buttery

$24.95 • Paperback 184 pages • 6.1x9.1 • 32 black and white illustrations • May 2022 HIS054000 • 978-1-52-676681-6

$39.95 • Hardback • 224 pages 6.1x9.1 • 50 black and white illustrations • May 2022 • CKB041000 978-1-52-678365-3

A Dark History of Tea explores our long relationship with this most revered of hot beverages. This humble herbal infusion has been used in burial rituals and as a dowry payment for aristocrats. It has fueled wars, spelled fortunes and built empires, gradually forming an integral part of the cultural fabric of British life. This book delves into the distasteful history of a drink that is now considered to be quintessentially British. It tells a story of cruelty, slavery and illicit opium smuggling, all practices that enabled tea to flow into the cups of British society. Scattered throughout this fascinating history are interesting facts about tea etiquette and tradition. Discover the link between tea and seduction and read about the illicit liaisons that occurred as a result of teatime meetings. This is an enjoyable rollercoaster of dark discoveries that will cast away any thoughts of tea as something that merely accompanies breaks, sit downs and biscuits.

Renowned food historian Neil Buttery takes a look at some of the lesser-known elements of the history of sugar, delving into the murky and mysterious aspects of its phenomenal rise from the first cultivation of the sugar cane plant in Papua New Guinea in 8,000 BCE to becoming an integral part of the cultural fabric of life in Britain and the rest of the West – at whatever cost. The dark history of sugar is one of exploitation: of slaves and workers, of the environment and of the consumer. Wars have been fought over it and it is responsible for what is potentially to be the planet’s greatest health crisis. And yet we cannot get enough of it, for sugar and sweetness has cast its spell over us all; it is comfort and we reminisce fondly about the sweets, cakes, puddings and fizzy drinks of our childhoods with dewy-eyed nostalgia. To be sweet means to be good, to be innocent; in this book Neil Buttery argues that sugar is nothing of the sort. Indeed, it is guilty of some of the worst crimes against humanity and the planet.

The Weird and Wonderful Story of Gin

The Origins of Wizards, Witches and Fairies

From the 17th Century to the Present Day

Simon Webb $34.95 • Hardback • 208 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 black and white illustrations March 2022 • SOC022000 978-1-39-900007-9

Angela Youngman $34.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 6.1x9.1 20 black and white illustrations May 2022 • CKB088000 978-1-39-900276-9

Gin is a global alcoholic drink that has polarized opinion like no other, and its history has been a roller coaster, alternating between being immensely popular and utterly unfashionable. The Weird and Wonderful Story of Gin explores the exciting, interesting and downright curious aspects of the drink, with crime, murder, poisons, fires, dramatic accidents, artists, legends and disasters all playing a part. These dark themes are also frequently used to promote brands and drinks. Did you know that the Filipinos are the world’s biggest gin drinkers? And even that Jack the Ripper, Al Capone and the Krays all have their place in the history of gin? Not to mention Sir Winston Churchill, Noel Coward, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and James Bond!


This book tells the fascinating story of the origin of our ideas about wizards, witches and fairies. We all have a clear mental image of the pointed hats worn by such individuals, which are based upon actual headgear dating back 3,000 years to the Bronze Age. Carefully sifting through old legends, archaeological evidence and modern research in genetics, Simon Webb shows us how our notions about fairies and elves, together with human workers of magic, have evolved over the centuries. This exploration of folklore, backed by the latest scientific findings, will present readers with the image of a lost world; the one used as the archetype for fantasy adventures from The Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. In the process, the real nature of wizards will be revealed and their connection with the earliest European cultures thoroughly documented. After reading this book, nobody will ever be able to view Gandalf the wizard in the same light and even old fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast will take on a richer and deeper meaning. In short, our perception of wizards, witches and fairies will be altered forever.

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Pen & z •Sword z

Remembering the Holocaust and the Impact on Societies Today Simon Bell $34.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 6.1x9.1 40 black and white illustrations • January 2022 HIS043000 • 978-1-39-901209-6

The Holocaust is the most researched and written about genocide in history. Yet Holocaust memory is often formed and dictated by governments and others with an agenda to fulfill, or by deniers who seek to rewrite the past due to vested interests and avowed prejudices. Legislation can be used to prosecute hate crime and genocide denial, but it has also been created to protect the reputation of nation states and the inhabitants of countries previously occupied and oppressed by the regime of Nazi Germany. The crimes of the Holocaust are, of course, rightly seen mainly as the work of the Nazi regime, but there is a reality that some citizens of subjugated lands participated in, colluded and collaborated with those crimes, and on occasion committed crimes and atrocities against Jews independently of the Nazis. Survivors of the Holocaust often express a primary desire that lessons of the past must be learned in order to reduce the risk of similar crimes reoccurring. Yet anti-Semitism is still a toxin in the modern world, and racism and hostility to other communities – including those who suffer in or have fled war and oppression – can at times appear normalized and socially acceptable. This book seeks to explore aspects of the Holocaust as it is remembered and reflect ultimately on parallels with the world we live in today.

The Violinist of Auschwitz Jean-Jacques Felstein

Female Innovators Who Changed Our World

$32.95 • Hardback • 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 32 black & white illustrations • December 2021 BIO006000 • 978-1-39-900281-3

How Women Shaped STEM

Arrested in 1943 and deported to Auschwitz, Elsa survived because she had the 'opportunity' to join the women's orchestra. But Elsa kept her story a secret, even from her own family. Indeed, her son would only discover what had happened to his mother many years later, after gradually unearthing her unbelievable story following her premature death, without ever having revealed her secret to anyone. Jean-Jacques Felstein was determined to reconstruct Elsa's life in Birkenau, and would go in search of other orchestra survivors in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Israel, and the United States. The recollections of Hélène, first violin, Violette, third violin, Anita, a cellist, and other musicians, allowed him to rediscover his 20-year-old mother, lost in the heart of hell. The story unfolds in two intersecting stages: one, contemporary, is that of the investigation, the other is that of Auschwitz and its unimaginable daily life, as told by the musicians. They describe the recitals on which their very survival depended, the incessant rehearsals, the departure in the mornings for the forced labourers to the rhythm of the instruments, the Sunday concerts, and how Mengele pointed out the pieces in the repertoire he wished to listen to in between 'selections'. In this remarkable book, Jean-Jacques Felstein follows in his mother's footsteps and by telling her story, attempts to free her, and himself, from the pain that had been hidden in their family for so long.

$19.95 • Paperback • 176 pages • 6.1x9.1 16 black and white illustrations • April 2022 HIS058000 • 978-1-52-678969-3

Emma Green

We are not all born with equal opportunities. Yet there have been countless of women who have overcome a range of barriers such as prejudice, illness, and personal tragedy to advance our understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). They used their knowledge to change the world, and their stories are fascinating. This book offers a concise introduction of the lives of 46 women, taking you into the cultural and social context of the world they lived in. Through their intelligence, courage, and resilience, they used STEM to defy expectations and inspire generations to follow in their footsteps. Some of them invented items we use day-to-day and discovered causes and treatments for epidemics that ostracized whole sections of society, while others campaigned for the reproductive rights of women and harnessed mathematics to send people into space and break ciphers. These women are proof that females can and did have a hugely significant role in shaping the world we live in today.

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Pen &zSword Greco-Roman Medicine and What It Can Teach Us Today

The Origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Nick Summerton

John Pickard

$49.95 • Hardback • 208 pages 6.1x9.1 • 45 color & black and white illustrations • January 2022 MED039000 • 978-1-52-675287-1

$42.95 • Hardback • 280 pages 6.1x9.2 • 32 black and white illustrations • December 2021 REL017000 • 978-1-39-900676-7

The Roman Empire was an amalgam of many cultures, often with dissimilar ideas and beliefs. The Greek impact on health was particularly dominant and, therefore, this book focuses on Greco-Roman medicine as it was practiced during the Pax Romana, the period between the accession of Augustus and the death of Marcus Aurelius. Drawing on ancient literature supplemented with evidence from archaeology, paleopathology, epigraphy and numismatics the Greco-Roman medical context is carefully examined. A particular focus is on the effectiveness of approaches to both preventing and treating a range of physical and psychological problems. Detailed consideration is also given to the ancient technical and hygienic achievements in addition to the place of healers within Roman society.

There has never been a more important time for a study of the social, economic and political origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, three important world religions which share a common root. This book takes as its starting point the idea that gods, angels, and other supernatural phenomena do not exist in the real world and therefore cannot explain the origins of these faiths. It looks instead at the material conditions at appropriate periods in antiquity and examines the historicity of key figures like Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. This is a unique book which draws on the research and expertise of hundreds of historians, archaeologists, and scholars, to create a coherent synthesis based on real-world social conditions. It is a book by a non-believer for other non-believers, and it will be a revelatory read, even to those already of an atheist, agnostic, or secularist persuasion.

A Historical Guide to Roman York

The Welsh Braveheart

John Davis

Owain Glydwr, The Last Prince of Wales

$39.95 • Hardback 252 pages • 6.1x9.1 25 black and white illustrations April 2022 ARC005000 978-1-39-901887-6

Paul Chrystal $42.95 • Hardback 216 pages • 6.1x9.2 • 32 black and white illustrations • January 2022 • HIS002020 978-1-52-678128-4

Considering that York was always an important Roman city there are few books available that are devoted specifically to the Roman occupation, even though it lasted for over 300 years and played a significant role in the politics and military activity of Roman Britain and the Roman Empire throughout that period. The few books that there are tend to describe the Roman era and its events in date by date order with little attention paid either to why things happened as they did or to the consequences of these actions and developments. This book is different in that it gives context to what happened here in the light of developments in Roman Britain generally and in the wider Roman Empire.


Castles of Wales

For as long as there have been castles in Wales, there have been mysteries within their walls. Murders that remain unsolved, treasures unfound, prisoners left to rot in the darkest pits and valiant warriors whose heroic deeds have become a cherished part of the Welsh identity. From blood-soaked heroes to long-lost legends, despotic pirates to wailing hags, Castles of Wales offers a fresh investigation into many of its fascinating fortresses. No country has more castles per square mile than Wales. Even today, there are more than 200 to be enjoyed. Inspired by such a rich tapestry of tales, this book provides an essential introduction to the nation many regard as ‘The Land of Castles’.

Phil Carradice $39.95 • Hardback 216 pages • 6.1x9.1 40 black and white illustrations • April 2022 • BIO014000 978-1-39-900265-3

Like William Wallace in Scotland, Owain Glyndwr fought for his country and was only finally defeated by superior numbers and the military genius of Henry V. Yet Glyndwr was not just a freedom fighter. He was the last native-born Prince of Wales, a man who initiated the first Welsh parliament at Machynlleth and proposed an entirely independent Welsh church. And yet, despite his success and popularity, Glyndwr's rebellion seriously damaged the Welsh economy with towns destroyed and much agricultural land laid to waste. Even so, he was never betrayed by his people, despite a huge reward being offered for his capture.

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z Pen & Sword Medieval Women

Women in the Medieval Court

Michelle Rosenberg

Consorts and Concubines

$42.95 • Hardback • 192 pages 6.1x9.1 • 32 black and white illustrations • January 2022 BIO022000 • 978-1-52-673148-7

Rebecca Holdorph

Meticulously researched and clearly showing the author’s keen eye for detail, this latest offering from Michelle Rosenberg builds on her reputation for bringing back to life women often forgotten from mainstream history. This text weaves together a rich and broad historic tapestry of women’s stories from the fall of the Roman Empire, the invasion of the Vikings, the First Crusade, Hundred Years War and Black Death. It offers an intriguing insight into medieval women whose lives were deemed outstanding enough, whether through exemplary religious conduct, queenly, consort or intellectual accomplishment or scandal, by their contemporaries, to record. Their ability to endure, thrive and survive during a time when most women were subordinate to the men in their lives, makes them extraordinary; it also makes the loss of so many other missing stories so acute and tantalizing for what our collective history has been deprived of.

The Straits from Troy to Constantinople The Ancient History of the Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara and Bosporos John D Grainger $42.95 • Hardback • 272 pages • 6.1x9.2 • 8 pages of color illustrations • Jnuary 2022 HIS002000 • 978-1-39-901324-6 John D Grainger lives in Evesham

In ancient times, the series of waterways now known as the Turkish Straits formed both a divide and a bridge between Europe and Asia. Its western and eastern entrances were guarded, at different times, by two of the most fabled cities of all time: Troy and Byzantium. The narrow crossing points were strategically important invasion routes while the waters themselves were vital routes of travel and commerce, particularly the supply of grain from the hinterland of the Black Sea to the Greek cities.

$34.95 • Hardback • 280 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 color illustrations April 2022 • HIS037010 978-1-52-673981-0

While the courts of medieval Europe ate up tales of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress, the reality for the elite women who inhabited those courts could be very different. Medieval society might expect the noblewomen who decorated its courts to play the role of Queen Guinevere, but many of these women had very different ideas. In a society dominated by men, women who stood out from the crowd could experience great success – and greater failure. Great queens, who sometimes ruled in their own right, fought wars and forged empires. Noblewomen acted behind the scenes to change the course of politics. Far from cloistered off from the world, powerful abbesses played the role of kingmaker. And concubines had a role to play as well, both as political actors and as mothers of children who might change a country’s destiny. They experienced tremendous success and dramatic downfalls.

The Holy Land in the Era of the Crusades

Silk, the Thread that Tied the World Anthony Burton $49.95 • Hardback 192 pages • 6.7x9.6 70 color & black and white illustrations • January 2022 DES005000 • 978-1-52-678092-8

Over a thousand years ago the Chinese discovered that the slender filaments that formed the cocoon of the silk moth, could be woven into beautiful shimmering fabrics. For centuries they were able to keep the process a secret, but eventually started to trade the valuable cloth with the west, along the silk road. Silk was a luxury item that bestowed prestige, so it was inevitable that the wealthy wanted their silks to be as elaborate as possible, beautiful designs were produced in the Islamic world and gradually a European industry developed. Silk remains the most beautiful woven material in the world, moving from its origins in ancient China to help transform the whole world.


Kingdoms at the Crossroads of Civilizations,

Helena Schrader $42.95 • Hardback • 368 pages • 6.1x9.1 20 color & black and white illustrations March 2022 • HIS019000 • 978-1-52-678759-0

The Near East in the era of the Crusades was home to diverse populations Orthodox and Latin Christians, Shia and Sunni Muslims, Jews and Samaritans. It was the meeting-point for Arab, Turkish, Byzantine and Frankish culture, the latter itself a mixture of Western traditions adapted to circumstances in the crusader states by the Europeans who had settled in the Holy Land. While the Crusades have become a synonym for brutality and bigotry, the crusader states represented a positive example of harmonious coexistence across two centuries.

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Pen &zSword Ladies of Magna Carta Women of Influence in Thirteenth Century England Connolly

Sharon Bennett

$32.95 • Paperback • 280 pages • 6.1x9.2 20 color illustrations • December 2021 HIS015020 • 978-1-39-901962-0

Women from many of the great families of England were affected by the far-reaching legacy of Magna Carta, from their experiences in the civil war and as hostages, to calling on its use to protect their property and rights as widows. Ladies of Magna Carta looks into the relationships – through marriage and blood – of the various noble families and how they were affected by the Barons’ Wars, Magna Carta and its aftermath; the bonds that were formed and those that were broken.

The Rise and Fall of a Medieval Family The Despensers Kathryn Warner $26.95 • Paperback • 272 pages • 6.1x9.2 August 2022 • HIS015020 978-1-39-901603-2

The Despensers were a baronial English family who rose to great prominence in the reign of Edward II (1307-27) when Hugh Despenser the Younger became the king’s chamberlain, favorite, and perhaps lover. He and his father Hugh the Elder wielded great influence, and Hugh the Younger’s greed and tyranny brought down a king for the first time in English history and almost destroyed his own family. Rise and Fall of a Medieval Family tells the story of the ups and downs of this fascinating family from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries, when three Despenser lords were beheaded and two fell in battle.


Joan, Lady of Wales Power and Politics of King John's Daughter Danna R. Messer

The Forgotten Slave Trade The White European Slaves of Islam Simon Webb

$32.95 • Paperback • 272 pages • 6.1x9.1 January 2022 • BIO022000 978-1-52-679970-8

$26.95 • Paperback 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 • 20 black and white illustrations • December 2021 HIS010000 • 978-1-52-679709-4

As the first woman to be designated Lady of Wales, Joan's role as a political diplomat in early thirteenth-century Anglo-Welsh relations was instrumental. This first-ever account of Siwan, as she was known to the Welsh, interweaves the details of her life and relationships with a gendered re-assessment of Anglo-Welsh politics by highlighting her involvement in affairs, discussing events in which she may well have been involved but have gone unrecorded and her overall deployment of royal female agency.

A century before Britain became involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, whole villages and towns in England, Ireland, Italy, Spain and other European countries were being depopulated by slavers, who transported the men, women and children to Africa where they were sold to the highest bidder. This is the forgotten slave trade. Reading this book will forever change how you view the slave trade and show that many commonly held beliefs about this controversial subject are almost wholly inaccurate and mistaken.

Accused British Witches throughout History Willow Winsham

Sex and Sexuality in Tudor England Carol McGrath

$29.95 • Paperback 184 pages • 6.1x9.1 May 2022 BIO022000 • 978-1-39-901453-3

$29.95 • Paperback 232 pages • 6.1x9.1 25 black and white illustrations March 2022 • SOC065000 • 978-1-52-676918-3

What did it really mean to be accused as a witch? Why, and by whom, were such accusations made? Was it possible to survive, and what awaited those who did? Prepare to delve into the captivating history of witchcraft with an in-depth exploration of some of the most fascinating and notorious women accused of being witches from across the British Isles. On a journey from 14th century Ireland to 20th century Hampshire, Accused examines the why, the how, and, most importantly, the who of these tantalizing and evocative cases. Using trial documents, contemporary pamphlets, church and census records and a wealth of other sources, eleven accused women are brought to life in a biographical approach that will take the reader back in time.

Because we have consumed so many costume dramas, read so many histories, factual or romanticized, we think we know how Todur society operated. We know they ‘did’ romance but how did they do sex? Find out the truth about ‘swiving’, ‘bawds’, ‘shaking the sheets’ and ‘the deed of darkness'. Discover the infamous indiscretions and scandals, feast day rituals, the Southwark Stews, and even city streets whose names indicated their use for sexual pleasure. Author Carol McGrath peeks beneath the bedsheets of late fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century England to offer a genuine understanding of the romantic and sexual habits of our Tudor ancestors.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Pen & Sword z The Anglo-Saxons and Early Britain

Medieval Military Medicine

Timothy Venning

From the Vikings to the High Middle Ages

Roayl Mysteries • $42.95 • Hardback 256 pages • 6.1x9.1 • 16 black and white illustrations • January 2022 HIS015020 • 978-1-52-678356-1

This text is based on deep research in original sources including rare documents, archaeological and DNA evidence, latest historiography and academic research. These are the 'Dark Ages', but Anglo-Saxon enlightenment is emphasized. The Heptarchy, with seven Anglo-Saxon states is examined and Alfred's victory over the Vikings and emergence of the English kingdom. But mystery surrounds all aspects of dynastic, political and military history. The story includes the surviving British and Welsh kingdoms when 'Welsh' meant 'foreigner, the Gaelic kingdoms in what became Scotland, the survival of lowland 'Britons' under the Germanic Anglo-Saxon radar - a new interpretation of early English society in its shadowy forms with the half-mythical founders of the early English kingdoms like Hengist of Kent or Cerdic of Wessex, up to William duke of Normandy - did he have any legitimate claim to justify his 'power-grab'? Some episodes have dropped out of history like the murder the teen-age King Edward the 'Martyr', but here is a re-telling of early mysteries based on close analysis of the myriad sources while stimulating romantic fascination.

Edward I's Regent Edmund of Cornwall, The Man Behind England’s Greatest King Michael Ray

Brian Burfield $42.95 • Hardback • 240 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 black and white illustrations April 2022 • HIS027230 978-1-52-675474-5

Soldiers of the Middle Ages faced razor-sharp swords and axes, spears and arrows, and even more sinister means of causing harm produced burns and crush injuries. These casualties of war during the 500-year period between the ninth and thirteenth centuries in Northern and Western Europe are the focus of Brian Burfield’s study, but they represent just a portion of the story – disease, disability, disfigurement, damaged minds all played their roles in this awful reality. Surgical methods are described in the book, as are the fixes for fractured skulls, broken bones and damaged teeth. Disfiguring scars and disabling injuries are examined alongside the contemporary attitudes towards them. Also investigated are illnesses like dysentery and St Anthony’s Fire, plus infected wounds which were often more deadly than the weapons of the age. A final chapter on the psychological trauma caused by war is included and contains a significant focus on the world of the Vikings.

Rebellion in the Middle Ages Fight Against the Crown Matthew Lewis

$49.95 • Hardback • 272 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 mono • May 2022 BIO014000 • 978-1-39-909354-5

$42.95 • Hardback • 248 pages 6.1x9.2 • 40 illustrations January 2022 • HIS037010 978-1-52-672793-0

Born at Christmas 1249 to Richard, Edmund of Cornwall was nephew to Henry III and cousin to Edward I. His eventful childhood took him to Germany when his father was elected king there. He was captured at the battle of Lewes and imprisoned for more than a year. Returning from crusade, he witnessed the brutal murder of his half-brother, which left him as heir to his father, the richest man in the kingdom. Throughout his life, Edmund played a crucial role in medieval England. As Regent of England, Earl of Cornwall and the richest man in the land, he was a leading force of the late-thirteenth century. This book considers Edmund’s life, his use of his wealth to lend to the king and others and to be a major benefactor of religious houses. His record as Regent of England for three years is assessed. Edmund was a key figure throughout Edward I's rein and the late-thirteenth century. In this insightful account, the man behind England's 'greatest king' is at long last brought to the fore.

Shakespeare’s Henry IV lamented ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’. It was true of that king’s reign and of many others before and after. From Hereward the Wake’s guerilla war, resisting the Norman invasion of William the Conqueror, through the Anarchy, the murder of Thomas Becket, the rebellions of Henry II’s sons, the deposition of Edward II, the Peasants’ Revolt and the rise of the over-mighty noble subject that led to the Wars of the Roses, kings throughout the medieval period came under threat from rebellions and resistance that sprang from the nobility, the Church, and even the general population. Serious rebellions arrived on a regular cycle throughout the period, fracturing and transforming England into a nation to be reckoned with. Matthew Lewis seeks to examine the causes behind the insurrections and how they influenced the development of England from the Norman Conquest until the Tudor period. Each rebellion’s importance and impact is assessed both individually and as part of a larger movement to examine how rebellions helped to build England.

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Pen &zSword Shakespeare's Other Son?

House of Tudor A Grisly History

William Davenant, Playwright, Civil War Gun Runner and Restoration Theatre Manager

Mickey Mayhew $34.95 • Hardback • 232 pages 6.1x9.1 • 40 black and white illustrations • April 2022 HIS015030 • 978-1-39-901104-4

Gruesome but not gratuitous, this decidedly darker take on the Tudors covers some 45 events from the Tudor reign, taking in everything from the death of Richard III to the botched execution of Mary Queen of Scots, and a whole host of horrors in between. Particular attention is paid to the various gruesome ways in which the Tudors dispatched their various villains and lawbreakers, from simple beheadings, to burnings and of course the dreaded hanging, drawing and quartering. Other chapters cover the various diseases prevalent during Tudor times, as well as the cures for these sicknesses, some of which were considered worse than the actual disease itself. The day-to-day living conditions of the general populace are also examined, as well as various social taboos and the punishments that accompanied them. Tudor England was not a nice place to live by 21st century standards, but the book will also serve to explain how it was still nevertheless a familiar home to our ancestors.

An Elizabethan Adventurer

$34.95 • Hardback • 224 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 mono • May 2022 BIO007000 • 978-1-39-909349-1

Sir William Davenant (1606-1668) was in his time widely known as 'Davenant the Poet'. The son of an Oxford vintner (or quite possibly the natural son of his godfather, William Shakespeare), he wrote poems for and about the Court of Charles I, and went on to replace Ben Jonson as Poet Laureate and collaborate with Inigo Jones in composing spectacular Court masques, as well as writing many successful plays - a few fashionably blood-thirsty, most showing a real comic gift, humanity and sympathy with 'ordinary life.' Celebrated and important in his day, Davenant is now surprisingly little known. This enterprising study introduces modern readers to his wit, poetry, and growing scepticism as to Court and aristocratic values, and his developing feminist sympathies. Here, select excerpts and summaries bring this entertaining writer to a new, wider audience.

Power, Treason and Plot in Tudor England

Disability and the Tudors All the King's Fools

The Remarkable Life of Sir Anthony Sherley

Phillipa VincentConnolly $34.95 • Hardback 256 pages • 6x9.25 • 20 color illustrations December 2021 • HIS015000 978-1-52-672005-4

Dan O'Sullivan $39.95 • Hardback • 216 pages • 6.1x9.2 30 black and white illustrations December 2021 • BIO023000 978-1-39-900742-9

Anthony Sherley (1565-1633) was one of three brothers from a Sussex gentry family, whose adventures abroad fascinated their contemporaries. Their doings were celebrated and exaggerated in printed pamphlets and a play on the London stage, but are scarcely known today. Anthony was an irascible, complex character, often derided and disliked. This biography is more sympathetic than previous ones, and discusses his self-fashioning and his belief in his personal honor, both of which might account for some of his misdemeanors.


R E Pritchard

Throughout history, how a society treated its disabled can tell us a great deal about the period. Challenged with any impairment, disease or frailty was often a matter of life and death before the advent of modern medicine, so how did a society support the disabled amongst them? For centuries, disabled people and their history have been overlooked. Very little on the infirm and mentally ill was written down during the renaissance period. The Tudor period is no exception. Phillipa Connolly casts a light on the lives of disabled people in Tudor England and guides us through the social, religious, cultural and ruling classes’ response to disability as it was then perceived.

Margaret Clitherow, an Elizabethan Saint Tony Morgan $39.95 • Hardback • 216 pages • 6.1x9.1 25 mono • March 2022 • BIO006000 978-1-39-909797-0

This book takes a fresh look into the life and death of one prominent Catholic recusant, Margaret Clitherow. One woman taking on the northern authorities, the Church of England and assizes judiciary. Sentenced to death, Margaret received a last-minute reprieve due to claims of her pregnancy, only for these to be rejected. Margaret’s story is examined as a microcosm of Tudor life, a family tragedy of faith and betrayal, set against a backdrop of political power games, treason and plot.

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Pen & Sword z Georgian Harlots and Whores

The Wives of George IV

Fame, Fashion & Fortune

The Secret Bride and the Scorned Princess

Mike Rendell

Catherine Curzon

$49.95 • Hardback • 208 pages 6.1x9.1 • 40 black and white illustrations • March 2022 SOC059000 • 978-1-52-679102-3

This book will look at the phenomenon of celebrity hookers in the eighteenth century – all of them the subject of extraordinary press scrutiny and comment. They were the fashion icons of the age, and what they wore was copied and put on sale in the high street within days. Many of them were passed around within the same small circle of aristocratic lovers. They were the object of constant gossip and whether they were flaunting their fame by taking a box at the opera for the entire season, or by parading through Hyde Park in a phaeton pulled by matching cream ponies, or returning from Paris wearing the very latest fashions, they enjoyed a celebrity status nowadays bestowed on TV reality stars and footballers’ wives.

Enemies of the State The Cato Street Conspiracy M. J. Trow $29.95 • Paperback 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 15-30 illustrations January 2022 HIS015000 • 978-1-39-901381-9

On 1 May 1820, outside Newgate Prison, in front of a dense crowd, five of the Cato Street conspirators - Arthur Thistlewood, William Davidson, James Ings, Richard Tidd and John Brunt - were hanged for high treason. Then they were decapitated in the last brutal act of a murderous conspiracy that aimed to assassinate Prime Minister Lord Liverpool and his cabinet and destroy his government. The Cato Street conspirators matched the Gunpowder plotters in their daring - and in their fate - but their dark, radical intrigue hasnt received the attention it deserves. M.J. Trow, in this gripping fast-moving account of this notorious but neglected episode in British history, reconstructs the case in vivid detail and sets it in the wider context of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

$34.95 • Hardback • 216 pages 6.1x9.1 • 32 black and white illustrations • January 2022 BIO014000 • 978-1-47-389749-6

In Georgian England, few men were more fashionable or more eligible than George, Prince of Wales. The heir to George III’s throne was a very good catch – or so it seemed. The two women who married him might beg to differ. Maria Fitzherbert was a twice-widowed Roman Catholic with a natural aversion to trouble. When she married the prince in a secret ceremony conducted in her Mayfair sitting room, she opened the door on three decades of heartbreak. Caroline of Brunswick was George’s official bride. Little did she know that her husband was marrying for money and when she reached her new home in England, she found him so drunk that he couldn’t even walk to the altar. Caroline might not have her husband’s love, but the public adored her. In a world where radicalism was stirring, it was a recipe for disaster. In The Wives of George IV, Maria and Caroline navigate the choppy waters of marriage to a capricious, womanizing king-in-waiting.

Secrets and Scandals in Regency Britain Sex, Drugs and Proxy Rule Violet Fenn $39.95 • Hardback • 192 pages • 6.1x9.1 40 black and white illustrations • April 2022 HIS015050 • 978-1-39-900426-8

This book takes an entertaining peek at the secrets and scandals of Regency Britain, a period in which the heir to the throne was making merry with his mistress while his ailing father attempted to keep a grip on both his crown and his finances. From Princess Caraboo to the Peterloo Massacre, the Regency was a period of immense upheaval in both personal and public lives as well as in politics. We’ll see how the advent of the modern media brought ‘spin’ to scandal and focus on stories of those people and events who encapsulated the age.

English Rebels and Revolutionaries Stephen Basdeo $39.95 • Hardback 192 pages • 6.1x9.1 32 b&w illustrations March 2022 HIS015000 • 978-1-52-678590-9

Throughout history brave Englishmen and women have never been afraid to rise up against their unjust rulers and demand their rights. Barely a century has gone by without England being witness to a major uprising against the government of the day, often resulting in a fundamental change to the constitution. This book is a collection of biographies, written by experts in their field, of the lives and deeds of famous English freedom fighters, rebels, and democrats who have had a major impact on history.

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Pen &zSword Blackbeard

Outlander and the Real Jacobites

The Hunt for the World's Most Notorious Pirate Craig Cabell Allan Richards

Scotland's Fight for Freedom

$29.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 6.1x9.2 • 20 illustrations December 2021 • HIS057000 978-1-39-901380-2

Shona Kinsella $42.95 • Hardback • 232 pages 6.1x9.1 • 30 black and white illustrations • May 2022 PER004000 • 978-1-39-900471-8

Outlander has brought the story of the 1745 Jacobite uprising to the popular imagination, but who were the Jacobites, really? Explore this pivotal moment in Scottish history, visiting some of the key locations from Jamie and Claire’s travels. Discover what clan life was really like, read about medicine in the 1700s and find out whether the red coats were really as bad as Jack Randall. Meet Bonnie Prince Charlie and explore how he managed to inspire an uprising from France and then storm England with a force of no more than 5,000 soldiers. Witness the battle of Culloden and what really happened there, before exploring the aftermath of this final attempt for a Stuart restoration.

Mother of the Brontës When Maria Met Patrick - 200th Anniversary Edition Sharon Wright $26.95 • Paperback • 224 pages • 6.1x9.2 32 black and white illustrations December 2021 • BIO006000 978-1-39-901881-4

The groundbreaking biography of Maria Branwell reveals a remarkable woman who has been lost in the shadows of her gifted children, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë. The witty, clever, and intrepid Cornish lady of letters, lover of Patrick and mother of genius, has been missing for too long. The extraordinary Brontës were a family like no other and it all began when Maria met Patrick.


Edward Teach Blackbeard is one of the legends of the so-called golden age of piracy. There have been so many accounts of his short, bloody career that it is hard to see him and his times in a clear historical light. This new study looks for the man behind the legend, and it gives a vivid insight into the nature of piracy and the naval operations that were launched against it. In vivid detail it reveals how the hunt for Blackbeard was orchestrated, how he was tracked down, and the parts played in the drama by the larger-thanlife leading characters in this extraordinary story. This freshly researched study of the pursuit of the notorious pirate and his crew - and of the final fight in which Blackbeard lost his life - makes compelling reading.

Victims of the Oaks Colliery Disaster 1847 Jane Ainsworth $34.95 • Paperback 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 60 black & white illustrations • December 2021 HIS015060 • 978-1-52-674573-6

At the end of 2017, Jane Ainsworth transcribed a ledger containing the minutes of the Colliers’ Relief Fund Committee for the 1847 Oaks Colliery Explosion for Barnsley Archives. This stimulated her empathy and curiosity about the lives of the people referred to in the minutes - widows, orphans and a few survivors of the disaster – as well as the 73 victims. She was determined to research all of the individuals in as much detail as possible, despite the challenge of limited early records, to flesh out their stories and to pay tribute to the families of mineworkers whose lives at that time were considered of little value to the colliery owners and managers. Once again, Jane has created ‘a memorial book like no other’ as a contribution to Barnsley’s mining heritage.

Trereife A House of Character and Characters Tim Le Grice $39.95 • Hardback 152 pages • 6.1x9.2 32 black and white illustrations December 2021 BIO006000 • 978-1-39-901239-3

Trereife, Tim Le Grice’s historical Cornish residence, described by Pevsner as ‘one of the most charming houses in Cornwall’ has been home to a diverse range of characters over six generations of the author’s ancestors. This book with a Cornish core charts the life of these and other personalities of Trereife from the late seventeenth century to the present day; residents, visitors, guests are all brought to life through the sharing of a vast array of family stories, letters, and other personal archives, memoirs, and material. Triumphs and tragedies abound, and the work to preserve Trereife for future generations continues.

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Pen &z •Sword z Changing Roles Women After the Great War Vivien Newman $39.95 • Hardback • 216 pages 6.1x9.2 • 20 black and white illustrations • November 2021 HIS058000 • 978-1-52-677426-2 Vivien Newman lives in Essex

Changing Roles looks at some of the women who forged new identities for themselves while exploring how their own or their loved ones’ wartime experiences influenced the roles they stepped into, sometimes reluctantly, frequently enthusiastically, often successfully. It explores how women fought back against the misogynistic climate of the 1920s, used the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act to achieve their goals, played their part as full citizens and how the legacy of their global endeavors, achievements, and occasional failures is still with us today, spreading far beyond our shores. By telling the stories of both ordinary and extraordinary women whose actions disturbed the status quo, shook the Establishment to its core, and sent shock-waves across the Atlantic, this book presents a cast of fascinating characters ranging from crowned heads to girl gangs, business women to philanthropists, inviting readers to exclaim, “Gosh, I never knew that!”

The Titanic and the City of Widows it left Behind The Forgotten Victims of the Fatal Voyage Julie Cook $22.95 • Paperback • 176 pages 6.1x9.1 • 32 black and white illustrations • January 2022 HIS057000 978-1-39-900346-9

When Titanic foundered in April 1912, the world’s focus was on the tragedy of the passengers who lost their lives. Ever since, in films, dramatizations, adaptations and books, the focus has mostly continued to be on the ones who died. The Titanic and the City of Widows it Left Behind focuses on another group of people – the widows and children of the crew who perished on board. Author Julie Cook’s great-grandfather was a stoker who died on Titanic. Her great-grandmother had to raise five children with no breadwinner. This book focuses on Emily and the widows like her who had to fight for survival through great hardship, whilst still grieving for the men they loved. Using original archive sources and with accounts from descendants of crew who also lost their lives, the book asks how these women survived through abject poverty and grief – and why their voices have been silent for so long.

Victorian Fashions for Women Neil R Storey Fiona Kay $42.95 • Hardback • 248 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 color & 50 black and white illustrations • May 2022 DES005000 • 978-1-39-900416-9

Victorian Fashions for Women explores the British styles and clothing throughout the long reign of Queen Victoria, from the late 1830s to the first years of the 20th century. All decades are illustrated with original photographs, adverts and contemporary magazine features from the authors' own remarkable collections, accompanied by a knowledgeable and informative text that describes the fashions, their social history context and influences reflected in the clothes of the time. Laid out in a clear and easy-to-follow chronological order, the key features of styles, decoration and accoutrements will help family historians to date family photographs and will provide a useful resource for students and costume historians or for anyone with a love of fashion and style to enjoy.

The Great Miss Lydia Becker Suffragist, Scientist and Trailblazer Joanna M Williams $49.95 • Hardback • 336 pages 6.1x9.1 • 32 black and white illustrations • March 2022 BIO022000 978-1-39-901480-9

Fifty years before women were enfranchised, a legal loophole allowed a thousand women to vote in the general election of 1868. This surprising event occurred due to the feisty and single-minded dedication of Lydia Becker, the acknowledged, though unofficial, leader of the women's suffrage movement in the later 19th century. Brought up in a middle-class family as the eldest of fifteen children, she broke away from convention, remaining single and entering the sphere of men by engaging in politics. Although it was considered immoral for a woman to speak in public, Lydia addressed innumerable audiences, not only on women's votes, but also on the position of wives, female education and rights at work. She battled grittily to gain academic education for poor girls, and kept countless supporters all over Britain and beyond abreast of the many campaigns for women's rights through her publication, the Women's Suffrage Journal.

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Pen &zSword Carmen Pomiés

Cricket in the First World War

Football Legend and Heroine of the French Resistance

Play up! Play the Game

Chris Rowe

John Broom

$49.95 • Hardback 256 pages • 6.1x9.1 • 40 black and white illustrations • May 2022 BIO016000 • 978-1-39-909170-1

Carmen Pomiès (1900-1982) is a significant figure in the history of women’s football in the interwar years. Carmen was in the first generation of women’s sport in France, first in athletics, winning medals throwing the javelin in international competitions, and playing football for Fémina Sports and France from 1920. Carmen also played a huge part in the story of women’s football in England: she played many times for and against the famous Dick, Kerr Ladies of Preston, including their 1922 football tour of the United States. From 1940 Carmen was secretary to a famous film star, Renée Saint-Cyr, and was active in the French Resistance. In 1946, she settled in Rochester NY before moving to New York to work for the United Nations. From 1956, her life is shrouded in mystery because of gaps in the evidence. She died in France in 1982. So her life is about much more than just football!

1919 Britain's Year of Revolution Simon Webb $29.95 • Paperback 176 pages • 6.1x9.1 20 illustrations April 2022 • HIS015070 • 978-1-39-901139-6

1919 - Britain's Year of Revolution tells the story of an almost unknown passage in British history. On the August Bank Holiday that year, the government in London dispatched warships to the northern city of Liverpool in an overwhelming show of force. Thousands of troops, backed by tanks, had been trying without success to suppress disorder on the streets. Earlier that year in London, 1,000 soldiers had marched on Downing Street, before being disarmed by a battalion of the Grenadier Guards loyal to the government. In Luton that summer, the town hall was burned down by rioters, before the army was brought in to restore order and in Glasgow, artillery and tanks were positioned in the center of the city to deter what the Secretary of State for Scotland described as a Bolshevik uprising.


$49.95 • Hardback • 272 pages 6.1x9.1 • Integrated black and white illustrations • May 2022 SPO054000 978-1-52-678013-3

As Europe descended into war over the summer of 1914, cricket in England continued as it had for the preceding few decades, but by the end of the year it was clear that 1915’s cricket season would be very different. Rolls of honor lengthened as did the grim lists of cricket’s dead and maimed. Some club cricket did continue in wartime Britain, often amidst bitter disputes as to its appropriateness. Charity matches were organized to align the game with the national war effort. As the British Empire rallied behind the mother country, so cricket around the world became restricted and players from far and wide joined the sad ranks of sacrifice.

Escorting the Monarch We Lead Others Follow Chris Jagger HRH Prince Michael $24.95 • Paperback • 184 pages • 6.1x9.2 32 black and white illustrations December 2021 • POL012000 978-1-39-901867-8

Escorting the Monarch is as close to an official history of the Metropolitan Police's 'Special Escort Group' (SEG) as one could hope for. Written by the son of a retired SEG officer who himself served in the British Government's security and intelligence community, Escorting the Monarch is told, in part, through first hand stories and anecdotes gleaned from former officers of the group. The insights offered are unique, privileged, and first of their kind. Chris Jagger unfolds a collection of fascinating and never before told stories built on high profile events, such as the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, and the visit of Nelson Mandela.

With Net and Coble A Salmon Fisher on the Cromarty Firth George Chamier $49.95 • Hardback 208 pages • 6.8x9.7 18 color & 100 black and white illustrations Currently Available • SPO014000 978-1-39-901495-3

An ancient and environmentally friendly method of catching salmon, by spotting them in the water and taking them with ‘net and coble’, unique to the Cromarty Firth, was recently banned by the Scottish government. The men who knew this way of fishing are no longer young, and there is every risk of their centuries-old techniques dying with them. So it is fortunate that a practitioner of the craft for over fifty years has drawn on his knowledge and experience to paint a rich picture of this fishing, the firthland itself, and the history of salmon netting. His and his fellow netsmen’s respect for this legendary fish and their love of the firth and its wildlife shine through.

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Pen & Sword z Revolting Recipes From History Seren Charrington Hollins $39.95 • Hardback • 216 pages 6.1x9.1 • 50 black and white illustrations • April 2022 CKB041000 978-1-52-677302-9

Writer and food historian, Seren Charrington-Hollins delves into the history of culinary experimentation to bring us some of the weirdest and most stomach-churning food delicacies to ever grace a dining table. She uncovers the rather gruesome history behind some everyday staples, uncovers bizarre and curious recipes, whilst casting a light on foods that have fallen from culinary grace, such as cows udders and tripe; showing that revulsion is just a matter of taste, times and perhaps knowledge. From pickled brains to headcheese, through to song birds and nymph's thighs, this book explores foods that have evoked disgust and delight in diners depending on culinary perspective. Be warned; you’ll need a strong stomach and an open mind.

Soviets in Space The People of the USSR & the Race to the Moon Colin Turbett $42.95 • Hardback • 232 pages 6.1x9.1 • 100 black and white illustrations • January 2022 HIS037070 978-1-39-900486-2

The victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, in which the Soviet Union played both the greatest part and suffered the greatest losses, found the country in a state of devastation. Within just over ten years, not only was Stalin dead and the relative freedoms of the Khrushchev 'Thaw' in progress, but the Soviet Union was ahead in the Space Race . The story of those years has rarely been told from a Soviet perspective: Cold War journalism and historical accounts written in the West tend to portray the space race in terms of ideological competition - with success and failure mirroring power and influence in a world divided between capitalism and communism. Whilst the military on both sides certainly benefited from the cutting edge technological advance of the space programs, for the people of the USSR the prestige of their successes offered proof that 'real existing socialism' was moving mankind onto new levels of peaceful progress.

Plagues and Pandemics Black Death, Coronaviruses and Other Killer Diseases Throughout History Douglas Boyd $34.95 • Hardback • 216 pages 6.1x9.1 • 20 black and white illustrations • January 2022 HEA039000 978-1-39-900518-0

Any disease can go epidemic. Everyday European infections brought to the Americas by Cortes’ conquistadores killed millions of the natives, whose posthumous revenge was the syphilis the Spaniards brought back to Europe. The mis-named Spanish ’flu, brought from Kansas to Europe by US troops in 1918 caused more than 50 million deaths. Fifty years later, H3N2 ’flu from Hong Kong killed more than a million people. One coronavirus produces the common cold, for which neither vaccine nor cure has been found. That other coronavirus, Covid-19 was NOT the worst pandemic. Chillingly, historian Douglas Boyd lists many other sub-microscopic killers still waiting for tourism and trade to bring them to us.

Pakistan in an Age of Turbulence Masuma Hasan $42.95 • Hardback • 184 pages 6.1x9.1 • 8 black and white illustrations & 1 black and white map • April 2022 • HIS017000 978-1-52-678860-3

A detailed and graphic personal and family history within a national and international context. It mirrors and brings to life the modern history of the Indian sub-continent and of India and Pakistan, and the dramatic birth-struggles of both major nation states dominating South Asia. The overshadowing influence of the British Indian Empire was a constant factor and sets the context. The huge upheaval and tragedy of Partition is at the heart of the story with the flight of an influential Muslim population, advanced in education and culture and prominent in the professions, to Pakistan to form a new state, liberal in form but Islamic in confession. Here is a vivid and attractive personal family life followed by distinguished state service, laying bare the modern political history of Pakistan from the inside with sharp and decisive insight, including the promise and tragedy of the Bhutto era, the excesses and cruel extremism of the Ziaul Haq regime, and the struggle of the return to democracy in Pakistan.

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Pen &zSword On the Trail of Sherlock Holmes

On the Trail of Jack the Ripper

Stephen Browning

Richard Charles Cobb Mark Davis

$34.95 • Hardback • 160 pages 6.1x9.1 • 32 black and white illustrations • April 2022 TRV009070 • 978-1-52-677901-4

You may have been introduced to the magic of the greatest of English detectives by reading the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or perhaps watching some of the hundreds of films or TV shows that feature the extraordinary adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson - now, this unique book offers a detailed itinerary for actually ‘walking’ Sherlock Holmes. Beginning, of course, at Baker Street a series of walks takes in the well-known, as well as some of the more obscure, locations of London as traveled by Holmes and Watson and a gallery of unforgettable characters in the stories. Details of each location and the story in which it features are given along with other items of interest - associated literary and historical information, social history, and events in Conan Doyle’s life. A chapter then explores Holmes’ adventures in the rest of the UK. 55 black and white original photographs accompany the text.

Missing Presumed Murdered

A Story of Corruption, Intimidation & Violence Dick Kirby

$39.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 6.1x9.1 35 mono • May 2022 • TRU002000 978-1-39-909344-6

$39.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 6.1x9.2 28 black and white illustrations • Currently Available • TRU003000 • 978-1-39-901728-2

Murders hold a morbid fascination to the British public but never more so than when the bodies of the victims are never found. Aside from the lack of closure for relatives and friends, this factor creates problems for police and prosecutor. Dick Kirby, former Scotland Yard detective has ‘unearthed’ a fascinating collection of disappearances such as the dismemberment of a gay man’s wife who had threatened to expose him in the 1950s. Later, when a woman’s head was discovered near his home, he confessed only to find that it dated from Roman times. These and numerous other cases make Missing, Presumed Murdered a riveting, if grisly, read.


Since those dark days of murders committed by gaslight, the mystery of Jack the Ripper has become the ultimate cold case among crime historians and arm chair researchers worldwide, with a multitude of books, plays, and dramas all hoping to solve what London's finest Victorian detectives failed to do. True crime and social historians Richard C. Cobb and Mark Davis return to the Whitechapel of 1888 to see what remains from this dark time in London's history and to take the reader on a step-by-step tour of the modern world of Jack the Ripper, giving a detailed history of the victims, the crimes, and the police investigation. We also look at other victims (outside the accepted five) which may have been killed by the same man. Using the original police reports, state of the art photographs, unseen images, and diagrams, they present the truth about what actually happened in the autumn of 1888 and what remains of Jack the Ripper's London today.

The Brighton Police Scandal

The McKay Case and Other Convictions without a Corpse Dick Kirby

$26.95 • Paperback • 208 pages 6.8x9.7 • 120 color illustrations March 2022 • TRU010000 978-1-52-679478-9

In the late 1950s the reputation of Brighton as a popular seaside resort took a sinister and notorious turn. After a series of drunken disturbances, suspicions were raised that the owner of the Astor Club was bribing members of the town’s CID to ignore licensing hours. During the scandal filled trial of the Chief Constable and CID ringleaders there was perjury, violent witness intimidation with one having his premises burnt to the ground. All this and more is described in this meticulously researched account of one of Britain’s most publicized police corruption scandals.

The Brave Blue Line 100 Years of Metropolitan Police Gallantry Dick Kirby $29.95 • Paperback 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 16pp B & W plates • March 2022 • POL014000 978-1-39-901490-8

Veteran detective and crime author Dick Kirby has brought together a superb collection of inspiring stories of police gallantry over the last hundred years. All four officers to be honored with the George Cross, the highest civilian award have their stories told including Jim Beaton who saved Princess Anne from kidnap in The Mall. Three women officers have been awarded the George Medal, two for decoy work, the third for a heroic rooftop rescue. The book concludes with the astonishing story of a retired detective who tackled armed robbers at the cost of his eye. He may have left the Met behind him but not his courage.

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Pen & z •Sword z Cemeteries and Graveyards A Guide for Local and Family Historians in England and Wales Celia Heritage $26.95 • Paperback 240 pages • 6.1x9.1 • 30 black and white illustrations • May 2022 REF013000 • 978-1-52-670237-1

Cemeteries, graveyards and funerals are essential topics for family and local historians and they are fascinating subjects in themselves. Celia Heritage's handbook is a wide-ranging, accessible guide to them showing how to track down your ancestors’ burial places and memorials, problems you may encounter along the way, and the information you will find. She also looks at changing attitudes towards death and burial and what would have been involved for our ancestors when they buried a loved one. Chapters concentrate on the history of death and burials, the evolution of churchyards, cemeteries and crematoria, funerals and undertakers and the records associated with each. The coverage is comprehensive, ranging from prehistoric burials and beliefs and the origin of the churchyard to ossuaries, cremation and the preservation and destruction of graves.

Life in Miniature A History of Dolls' Houses Nicola Lisle $28.95 • Paperback • 208 pages 6.1x9.1 • 40 color illustrations January 2022 • CRA056000 978-1-52-679704-9

In this beautifully-illustrated book, Nicola Lisle explores the origins and history of dolls’ houses and their furnishings, from the earliest known dolls’ house in sixteenth-century Bavaria to the present, and looks at how they reflect the architecture, fashions, social attitudes, innovations and craftsmanship of their day. She discusses the changing role of dolls’ houses and highlights significant events and people to give historical context. She also takes a look at some of the leading dolls’ house manufacturers, such as Silber & Fleming and Lines Brothers Ltd (later Triang). The book includes numerous examples of interesting dolls’ houses, the stories behind them and where to see them. This includes famous models such as Queen Mary’s spectacular 1920s dolls’ house at Windsor Castle and the eighteenth-century baby house at Kew Palace. One of the most comprehensive guides available on the subject published in recent years, this book offers unique insights into the world of dolls’ houses and is a must for anyone with an interest in the history and appeal of these miniature treasures.

Tracing Your Family History with the Whole Family A Family Research Adventure for All Ages Robin C McConnell $26.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 6.1x9.1 • 40 black and white illustrations • April 2022 REF013000 • 978-1-39-901388-8

Most genealogy books assume that family history research is by adults, for adults, marking family history as an ‘adults only’ sphere of life. This book establishes a new dimension in family history research. It is written in the belief that engaging in family history is a venture for all of the present-day family, regardless of age and, sometimes, because of age. This book, assuredly, has new material for families, educators and children. It leads from their research of the family’s yesterdays to depictions of the family’s contemporary setting. It then leads children and adults into factual and creative portrayals of their present lives which will be handed on to future generations as informative elements of past and present family history.

A History of Tri-ang and Lines Brothers Ltd The Rise and Fall of the World’s Largest Toy Making Company Kenneth D Brown $39.95 • Hardback • 160 pages 6.1x9.1 • 1 black and white illustrations • May 2022 BUS077000 • 978-1-52-679317-1

Light industry was a pivotal theme in British economic history and toy-making and sales in internationals markets was a vital ingredient in Britain's reputation as the 'workshop of the world'. It flourished from the Great Exhibition of 1951 - in competition with German and French toy industries - through the 20th, to postwar commercial ascendancy in consumer goods. Decline began in face of US and Asian competition and with Britain's post-war economic problems; and, the nature of family business contributed, with the passing of generations and loss of drive and tenacity. It is a family business story of the Lines Brothers Ltd, the world's largest manufacturer of children's toys with the household name of Triang. It is a serious economic, industrial and business, history, full of personality and rivalry from supreme Victorian entrepreneurship to modern international decline, but a social and cultural story intimately linked history of childhood.

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Pen &zSword The History of the Port of London

The Development of Crude Oil Tankers

A Vast Emporium of All Nations Peter Stone

Shipping on the Thames and the Port of London During the 1940s – 1980s

$29.95 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6.1x9.2 16 black and white illustrations January 2022 • HIS057000 978-1-39-908522-9

A Pictorial History Malcolm Batten $70 • Hardback • 232 pages • 8.4x11 15 color & 342 black and white illustrations March 2022 • TRA006000 • 978-1-39-901840-1

A fascinating insight into a period when traditional ships and cargo handling methods worked alongside new technology.

The History of the Port of London is the fascinating story of the rise and fall and revival of the commercial river. The only book to tell the whole story and bring it right up to date, it charts the foundation, growth, and evolution of the port and explains why for centuries it has been so important to Britain's prosperity. This book will appeal to those interested in London's history, maritime, and industrial heritage, the Docklands, the East End of London, and the River Thames.

A Historical Miscellany Dr Ray Solly $60 • Hardback • 192 pages • 8.4x11 212 color & black and white illustrations & diagrams • January 2022 • TRA006020 978-1-52-679241-9

Ray Solly examines the history of crude oil tankers from early days when this vital commodity was carried aboard ordinary sailing vessels, through the designs that resulted in significant breakthroughs leading to early single-hulled VLCCs, and the later safer double-hulled vessel.

An Encyclopaedia of World Bridges David McFetrich

Saab Celebration

Porsche Passion

Swedish Style Remembered

911 Heaven and Beyond

Lance Cole

Lance Cole

$52.95 • Hardback • 160 pages • 11.4x9.8 200 color & black and white illustrations October 2021 • TRA001060 978-1-52-677523-8

$42.95 • Hardback • 160 pages • 11.3x9.8 200 color & black and white illustrations April 2022 • TRA001060 • 978-1-52-678569-5

In a collection of over 200 photographic images accompanied by a detailed yet engaging commentary, the book delivers a record of Saab from its first car to its last. The engineering, design, and ethos of Saab's cars across the generations are captured in all their glory. Saab Celebration is designed to be a memorial companion for the Saab fan. If you like Saabs, then enjoy this tribute to all things Saab.


In a book of Porsche photography and engaging conversation, Lance Cole journeys through a personal passion for Porsche –one that many supercar enthusiasts share. From an “oily-rag” 356 to old 911s and new 911s, with a brief alighting upon other cars of the Porsche clan, this is an eclectic collection of enthusiasts “moments” captured across a British Porsche landscape.

$70 • Hardback 320 pages 6.7x9.6 • 250 color illustrations • April 2022 ARC005000 • 978-1-52-679446-8

In this book, David McFetrich gives brief descriptions of some 1200 bridges from more than 170 countries around the world. They represent a wide range of different types of structure. Although some of the pictures are of extremely well-known structures, many are not so widely recognizable and a separate section of the book includes more than seventy lists of bridges with distinctly unusual characteristics in their design, usage and history.

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Pen & Sword z Transport Curiosities, 1850–1950

Recreational Vehicles

Weird and Wonderful Ways of Travelling by Road, Rail, Air and Sea

A World History 1872–1939

John Wade

Andrew Woodmansey

$42.95 • Hardback 208 pages • 6.7x9.6 • 230 black & white illustrations May 2022 • TRA001000 978-1-39-900397-1

Over the years many weird and wonderful types of transport have come and gone, some of which succeeded against all odds, others that spectacularly failed, and some that never got beyond a designer’s drawing board. In this book you will find cars that flew, cars that floated on water and boats that ran on roads; steam-powered airplanes, electric submarines, railways driven by pneumatic air, aircraft with flapping wings, and a whole lot more. If you are a person who would like to have flown in an airship, or traveled in a train whose carriage sat on stilts above the sea with its tracks below the water, or dreamed of riding on a London to New York railway that took twelve days to travel the long way around the world, or maybe just fancied fixing your bicycle to a railway track, then this book is for you.

The Governor

Controlling the Power of Steam Machines John Hannavy $60 • Hardback • 160 pages • 8.4x11 100 color integrated • January 2022 TEC009070 • 978-1-39-909088-9

Power without control is unusable power, and long after the invention of the steam engine, finding ways of applying that power to tasks where consistency was of paramount importance was the 'Holy Grail' which many steam engineers sought to find. It was the centrifugal governor which brought precision to the application of steam power.

$62.95 • Hardback 208 pages • 9.8x9.4 250 black and white illustrations March 2022 TRA001060 978-1-52-679245-7

The RV family is a global one, with six countries in particular having a strong RV heritage - the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. In a world first, this history compares the early evolution of RV design and usage in each country. Also featured is an international gallery of RVs adapted for non-recreational purposes. By portraying not just the vehicles but also the trends, people and fashions of the period, this unique RV history reveals the remarkable early days of transport-based tourism and leisure. Andrew Woodmansey’s engaging account of the early days of the RV will appeal not only to RV enthusiasts but also to anyone with an interest in how vehicles set us free to roam the world.

Clem Beckett

Ernest Marples

Motorcycle Legend and War Hero

The Shadow Behind Beeching

Rob Hargreaves

David Brandon Martin Upham $49.95 • Hardback 224 pages • 6.1x9.1 40 black and white illustrations • March 2022 BIO010000 • 978-1-52-676018-0

Ernest Marples revolutionized three UK government departments. At Transport (1959-1964) he appointed Dr Beeching chairman of British Railways and commissioned him to produce his infamous report, inaugurated motorways and introduced significant regulations for motorists. At Housing (1951-1954) he delivered 300,000 new houses annually and as Postmaster General (1957-1959), he reformed Post Office accounting systems and launched postcodes and Subscriber Trunk Dialling. This first biography of Marples uses newly-available archives to examine public and private transport policy, the growing power of the pro-road lobby and the identification of personal freedom with driving. Railway sentimentalism was no match for these.


$49.95 • Hardback • 256 pages • 6.1x9.1 35 mono • May 2022 BIO016000

As a pioneering Dirt Track rider Clem Beckett broke records galore, and as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War he broke down class barriers. Whether as a tearaway teenager, an outspoken sportsman, or a member of the Communist Party, his life was characterized by broadsides of irreverence towards authority. Reviving faded memories and anecdotes of his career, this book traces Beckett’s extraordinary rise from blacksmith’s apprentice to superstar, in a new sport which typified the energy of the Roaring Twenties. A narrative spiced with anecdotes and new revelations about Beckett shows why from boyhood to the poignant circumstances of his death in battle, Clem Beckett inspired love and loyalty.

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Penguin Randomz House South Africa •z Global Investing Made Easy

Thinking the Future New Perspectives from the Shoulders of Giants

Your Wealth-Creating Guide to International Markets

Clem Sunter Mitch Ilbury

Warren Ingram

$17.50 • Paperback • 176 pages • 6x9.2 January 2022 • SOC037000 978-1-7760-9629-9

$17.50 • Paperback • 176 pages • 6x9.2 January 2022 • BUS050020 978-1-7760-9639-8

Investing overseas can be a very intimidating, even scary, subject. Even though many of us would love to invest internationally, we have limited information on how and where to place our money. This book will demystify global investing by providing novice investors with practical guidelines on how to invest overseas while helping them to avoid the inherent pitfalls. Global Investing Made Easy covers all the main aspects that a non-financial person should know before embarking on a global investment journey and will be helpful to investors across the globe. People of all ages and levels of wealth will benefit from the practical, easy-to-understand, jargon-free information required to invest in the international markets, proving that financial freedom is possible for everyone.

All our decisions are about the future, whether it’s tomorrow, next year, or the next decade, yet our choices are often undermined by desires, expectations, and common mental mistakes. But if you can learn how to think, you can learn how to look ahead. In Thinking the Future, Clem Sunter and Mitch Ilbury teach us the futurist’s art of decision-making by re-imagining seminal concepts from some of history’s greatest thinkers. They encourage foxy, flexible mindsets and reject the popular but misleading self-help tenet that you can decide your fate through the relentless pursuit of a single goal. An uncertain world demands a more dynamic approach. The point is not to forecast one outcome but to plot multiple scenarios of what could happen. Using scenario-planning techniques, we can all harness the power to work towards the future we want, avoid the ones we don’t, and prepare ourselves for the possible risks and opportunities no matter what transpires.

Mission of Malice


My Exodus from KwaSizabantu

The True Account of the Nenegate/Trillian Whistleblower

Erika Bornman

Mosilo Mothepu

$17.50 • Paperback • 256 pages 6x9.2 • 8 pages of photos January 2022 • BIO032000 978-1-7760-9623-7

In the 1980s, Erika Bornman’s family joins, and ultimately moves, to KwaSizabantu, a Christian mission based in KwaZulu-Natal, which is touted as a nirvana, founded on egalitarian values. But something sinister lurks beneath ‘the place where people are helped’. Life at KwaSizabantu is hard. Christianity is used to justify harsh punishments and congregants are forced to repent for their sins. Threats of physical violence ensure adherence to stringent rules. Parents are pitted against children. Friendships are discouraged. Isolated and alone, Erika lives in constant fear of eternal damnation. At 16, her grooming at the hands of a senior mission counsellor begins. For the next five years, KwaSizabantu wages emotional, psychological, and sexual warfare on her, until finally she manages to break free and escape at the age of 21. Escaping a restrictive religious community is difficult, but rehabilitation into ‘normal’ life after a decade of ritual humiliation, brainwashing, and abuse is much more painful, as Erika soon discovers. She cannot ignore her knowledge of the grievous human-rights abuses being committed at KwaSizabantu, and so she embarks on a quest to expose the atrocities.


$19 • Paperback • 232 pages • 6x9.2 8 pages of photographs Currently Available • BIO010000 978-1-77-609570-4

When Mosilo Mothepu was appointed CEO of Trillian Financial Advisory, a subsidiary of Gupta-linked Trillian Capital Partners, in March 2016, the prospect of being at the helm of a black-owned financial consultancy was electrifying for a black woman whose twin passions were transformation and empowering women. In October 2016, a written statement handed to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela detailing Trillian’s involvement in state capture was leaked to the media. Although she was not identified by name as the source of the affidavit, details of the revelations left no doubt in the minds of Trillian’s executives: Mothepu was the Nenegate whistleblower. Facing criminal charges and bankruptcy, unemployed and deemed a political risk, Mothepu experienced first-hand the loneliness of whistleblowing. Now, in Uncaptured, she recounts this troubling yet seminal chapter in her life with honesty, humility, and wry humor in the hope that others who find themselves in a similar situation will follow in her footsteps and speak truth to power.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Penguin Random House South Africa z Polaris

Blues for the White Man Hearing Black Voices in South Africa and the Deep South Fred de Vries $18 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6x9.2 8 pages of photos • January 2022 MUS003000 • 978-1-7760-9600-8

It started with a question about the blues: what makes the music of the downtrodden black man so alluring to white middle-class ears? And that’s where it gets interesting. Because blues is more than a musical genre: it’s a cultural phenomenon that spans several centuries on both sides of the Atlantic, from slavery to Black Lives Matter, from Jan van Riebeeck to Fees Must Fall, from Robert Johnson to Abdullah Ibrahim. In Blues for the White Man, Fred de Vries looks for answers in America’s Deep South, drawing historical parallels with South Africa’s experience of colonialism, slavery, racism, civil war, segregation, and protest. Traveling to Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Delta, De Vries speaks to musicians, Black Lives Matter activists, and Trump supporters. He continues the conversation in South Africa, interviewing student protesters, white farmers, and political thought-leaders to develop an understanding of white supremacy and black anger, white fear, and black pain. A fascinating, insightful journey through time and space, Blues for the White Man is a celebration of multiculturalism and a plea for white people to do some ‘second line dancing’ for a change.

Dinosaurs of Africa

Friends. Food. Flavour.

Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan Luis V. Rey

Michael Olivier's Great South African Recipes

$10.50 • Paperback • 64 pages • 8.6x11.2 99 full-color photographs; 68 color illustrations January 2022 • JNF003050 978-1-7758-4770-0

Michael Olivier Roelien Immelman

As much of the African continent is covered in dense vegetation, dinosaur fossils have been relatively rare. Yet parts of the continent – from the Sahara Desert and the dusty plains of Kenya and Tanzania to the sandstone flats of the Karoo – have yielded a significant number of these fascinating creatures, thereby making an important contribution to the science of palaeontology. A brief general introduction on the subject is followed by short chapters on different dinosaur species, including fish-eating, sociable, and predatory dinosaurs, as well as the biggest meat-eating dinosaur of all time. Details are given about where these creatures were found, the meaning of their scientific names, and their size and diet. Spectacular, colorful illustrations bring the dinosaurs vividly to life; photographs, maps, and line drawings further illustrate the subject; and a variety of information boxes add to the intrigue. Previously published as Famous Dinosaurs of Africa, this revised edition includes newly discovered species, the latest scientific information, and vibrant new illustrations. Although written for children, it is sure to have broad appeal for anyone interested in learning more about dinosaurs.

$28 • Hardback • 176 pages • 8.7x11 180 illustrations & photos • January 2022 CKB031000 • 978-1-4859-0087-0

Michael Olivier was invited by the Voyager Wine Estate in Western Australia to prepare a ‘Cape Buffet’ for the duration of the Margaret River November Wine Festival. He and his wife, Madeleine, researched, deconstructed, and rebuilt the recipes, leaving them with a collection of essentially Cape Dishes, which he wanted to publish. Michael and Roelien Immelman, a very talented illustrative designer, agreed to go in a partnership on Friends. Food. Flavour., and including the recipes of friends, this book was born. The dishes are eclectic with Roelien’s superb illustrations and Mike Robinson’s sensitive photography.

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Penguin Random House South Africa z Rogues’ Gallery

Land Matters

An Irreverent History of Corruption in South Africa, from the VOC to the ANC

South Africa’s Failed Land Reforms and the Road Ahead

Matthew Blackman Nick Dall

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi $18 • Paperback • 272 pages • 6x9.2 Currently Available • POL028000 978-1-77-609596-4

$19 • Paperback • 352 pages • 6x9.2 80 illustrations and photographs Currently Available • HIS047000 978-1-77-609590-2

The action starts with the machinations of three colonial governors: rotten Willem Adriaan van der Stel and the ‘twaddling’ British duo, Sir George Yonge and Lord Charles Somerset. Added to this is Cecil John Rhodes’s unparalleled success in poisoning the land with theft, fraud, and war, and Oom Paul Kruger’s corrupt and compromised Volksraads (official and unofficial). Readers are then treated to apartheid’s finest feats in corruption: from the Broederbond’s perfect ten in state capture to the Department of Information’s peddling of fake news and the apartheid state’s manufacture of – no, not illegal cigarettes – Class A drugs! And let’s not forget the hotbed of corruption that was the ‘independent’ homelands. Add to this a few murders, plenty of nepotism and a state president who started out as a Nazi spy, and the gallery of rogues is complete. On the flipside, every chapter also features at least one brave whistle-blower – the true heroes of this book.

In Land Matters, Tembeka Ngcukaitobi tackles the past, present, and future of the land question in South Africa. Going back in history, he shows how Africans’ communal systems of landownership were used by colonial rulers to deny that Africans owned the land at all. He explores the effects of the Land Acts, Bantustans, and forced removals. And he evaluates the ANC’s policies on land throughout the struggle years, during the negotiations of the 1990s, and in government. Land Matters unpacks the government’s achievements and failures in land redistribution, restitution, and tenure reform, and makes suggestions for what needs to be done in future. Steering clear of the simplistic and polarising terms of the land debate, Ngcukaitobi argues for a return to the nuanced constitutional requirements of justice and equity in South Africa’s land policy. Thoughtful and provocative, Land Matters sheds light on one of the most topical, complex and urgent issues in South Africa today.


Nine Letters

The Struggles and Secret Talks that Brought Apartheid South Africa to the Negotiating Table

John Webb $20 • Paperback • 208 pages • 6x9.2 January 2022 • FIC019000 978-1-4859-0413-7 John Webb lives in Honolulu, HI

Mac Maharaj Z. Pallo Jordan $19 • Paperback • 256 pages • 6x9.2 16 pages of color pictures January 2022 • HIS047000 978-1-7760-9647-3

When President F.W. de Klerk announced the unbanning of the liberation movements on 2 February 1990, he opened the door to negotiations that would end apartheid and pave the way to democracy. Written by two ANC veterans who were close to these events, Breakthrough sheds new light on the process that led to the formal negotiations. Focusing on the years before 1990, the book reveals the skirmishes that took place away from the public glare, as the principal adversaries engaged in a battle of positions that carved a pathway to the negotiating table. Drawing from a myriad of sources, the authors have pieced together a definitive account of these historic developments. While most accounts of South Africa’s transition deal with what happened during the formal negotiations, Breakthrough demonstrates that an account of how the opposing parties reached the negotiating table in the first place is indispensable for an understanding of how South Africa broke free from a spiralling war and began the journey to democracy.


Durban lawyer Teddy Dickerson has run out of ideas. Cynical, single, and middle-aged, he’s the very last of his family to still call South Africa home. When his formidable Aunt Val dies, she leaves him an unusual bequest: her task for Teddy is to post letters to eight of her friends around the world, a job that will take him on a journey into new and unexpected territory. When the replies start flowing in – quirky, unexpected, and often hilarious missives from India, Egypt, England, Canada, and beyond – Teddy realizes there was more to his tough aunt than he’d thought. Will he take on Aunt Val’s role as confidant and comforter of the lost? Confidant and comforter? Teddy?! One thing’s for certain: Aunt Val is laughing in her grave.

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Penguin Random ArenaHouse SportSouth Africa Minerals and Gemstones of Southern Africa Bruce Cairncross $27 • Paperback • 296 pages 8.4x10 • 850 full-color photographs • August 2022 SCI048000 978-1-7758-4753-3

Grasses of East Africa Dino J. Martins $21 • Paperback • 232 pages 5.9x8.4 • 310 full-color photographs; 204 color illustrations & line drawings April 2022 • SCI020000 978-1-7758-4548-5

Southern Africa has some of the most ancient rocks on Earth and is home to many spectacular and important minerals and gemstones. Minerals & Gemstones of Southern Africa documents the interesting and relevant mineral occurrences in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, southern Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. Fully updated with spectacular photographs, new distribution records, and an appealing larger format, this new edition of Minerals & Gemstones of Southern Africa features: • An introduction to the geology of the region, including a map depicting the major rock formations • Detailed descriptions of minerals, including their gemological properties, occurrence, and uses • Multiple full-color photographs of each mineral This guide is an invaluable reference for collectors, gemologists, students, and anyone with an interest in the earth sciences.

Grasses of East Africa describes 100 species of common, ecologically important, or remarkable grass found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Grasses comprise one of the largest plant families on Earth but are possibly the most overlooked. Yet it is these ubiquitous and important plants that have the greatest impact on our daily lives. This book includes: • Clearly laid out and easy-to-use species descriptions • Striking line and watercolor illustrations, labeled to highlight diagnostic features • Full-color photographs • A concise introduction covering the economic significance of grasses, their ecology, habitats, and conservation This is a book that will be invaluable to students, scientists, travelers, and nature lovers, aiding identification while also highlighting the functions of these important plants.

Pangolin Plays a Prank

Don't Be Shy Bushbaby

Avril van der Merwe Heidi-Kate Greeff

Avril van der Merwe Heidi-Kate Greeff

$7 • Paperback • 32 pages 8.3x8.3 • 16 illustrations January 2022 • JUV002160 978-1-48-590086-3

$6.50 • Paperback 32 pages • 8.26x8.3 16 illustrations October 2021 • JUV002020 978-1-48-590055-9

After a night of feasting on termites and ants, Pangolin bumps into Lion as she is returning to her burrow to sleep. Since she is not a fast runner, she has to think quickly to avoid being eaten. Being polite and gentle, she doesn’t want to harm Lion, so she decides to trick him instead. Aided unexpectedly by Dung Beetle, her deception proves successful and Lion soon rushes off to find Pangolin, who has been right under his nose all along. Once he is gone, the other animals come out of hiding and Pangolin learns that, despite being shy and solitary, she has more friends than she ever realized.

The animals don’t understand why they never see Bushbaby, so they assume he is shy. One by one, they try to coax him out of his hole in the tree, but Bushbaby never appears. As night falls, the animals head off to sleep. All, that is, except Owl, who has been silently observing the day’s events. As Owl prepares for the night, he calls to Bushbaby, who bounds out of his hole, awake and alert. Throughout the hours of darkness, Owl, Bushbaby, and the other nocturnal animals go about their everyday activities before returning to their beds as daybreak dawns.

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Pikku Publishing z The Farmer and the Fairy

The Talkative Sparrow

Elizabeth Clark Nina Brisley

Elizabeth Clark Nina Brisley

The Elizabeth Clark Story Books $14.95 • Hardback • 64 pages 4.75x7 • 26 Line drawings, color Currently Available • JUV012030 978-0-99-348842-9

The Elizabeth Clark Story Books $14.95 • Hardback • 64 pages • 4.75x7 26 Line drawings, color Currently Available • JUV012030 978-0-99-348841-2

Beautifully crafted tales from home and faraway lands. Each story is divided into tiny chapters, making these perfect early readers, as well as lovely bedtime stories. Six tales, including the title story and 'Yogodagu and the Bees of Yamato'. Exquisite line drawings and charming color plates by Nina Brisley, plus ribbon bookmark.

Beautifully crafted tales from home and faraway lands. Each story is divided into tiny chapters, making these perfect early readers, as well as lovely bedtime stories. Six tales, including the title story and 'The Tale of Peter Peregrine Patch'. Exquisite line drawings and charming color plates by Nina Brisley, plus ribbon bookmark.

Albi Learns to Swim

Albi Visits the Dentist Mikko Kunnas Markus Majaluoma Albi • $14.95 • Paperback • 32 pages • 9.25x11.5 32 Illustrations, color • Currently Available JUV012030 • 978-1-99-963980-8

Albi the snowman lives in a world of everlasting snow. Together with his friends, whale, birdie, penguin and worm he has the best of times. He loves to read his favorite picture book, but always falls asleep! His dreams take him into the world of people, where he has new adventures. When he wakes up, he always has great ideas for games to play!


Mikko Kunnas Markus Majaluoma Albi • $14.95 Paperback 32 pages • 9.25x11.5 32 Illustrations, color • Currently Available JUV012030 • 978-1-99-963983-9

Albi the snowman lives in a world of everlasting snow. Together with his friends, whale, birdie, penguin and worm he has the best of times. He loves to read his favorite picture book, but always falls asleep! His dreams take him into the world of people, where he has new adventures. When he wakes up, he always has great ideas for games to play!

Father Christmas and the Donkey Elizabeth Clark Ari Jokinen $12.95 • Paperback • 32 pages • 9.75x9 32 Illustrations, color • November 2021 JUV017010 • 978-1-83-836511-0

It is a crisp, cold Christmas Eve, and an old donkey finds himself alone on the common. At midnight, he hears a sound, like bells and hooves rushing by. Then a figure appears over the horizon: it is Father Christmas with one last sack to deliver. The donkey finds he can help, and Father Christmas gives him the best present he could ever wish for.

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Pikku Publishing z•z

The Most Beautiful Child

Finn's Garden Friends

William Papas

Rachel Lawston Lia Visirin

$16.95 • Hardback • 28 pages • 8.5x11 • 32 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV002040 • 978-0-99-348849-8

Mr Peacock asks kind Mrs Owl to take his child's lunch to school. He tells her she will recognize his child easily, as the most beautiful child there. But Mrs Owl can't find a child more beautiful than her own, so the lunch is not delivered! Mr Peacock learns a valuable lesson about vanity. Full of dazzling birds and Papas's signature wit.

Finn's World • $12.95 • Paperback • 32 pages • 9.75x9 • 32 Illustrations, color • Currently Available • JUV002160 • 978-1-99-963988-4

Nature loving Finn's life has been turned upside down by a move to the city. But Grandpa has a surprise for him! By taking Finn to his allotment, he learns that nature is right there in the city, as he begins to take care of a hedgehog and befriends a fox.

The Happy Hedgerow


Elena Mannion Erin Brown

William Papas

$16.95 • Hardback • 32 pages • 10.5x9 • 32 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV029010 • 978-1-99-963989-1

An Old Oak stands amid his own beloved hedgerow on the edge of a field. When the farmer gets rid of his friend Beech's hedgerow, the Old Oak watches sadly as it is destroyed. But hope is returned when a new farmer comes to plant fresh saplings. Engendering affection for our hedgerows, this unique tale is rich in abundant details of flora and fauna.

$16.95 • Hardback • 32 pages • 8.5x11 • 32 Illustrations, color Currently Available • JUV031040 • 978-0-99-348844-3

Tasso plays his bouzouki at the local bar, but the owner becomes frustrated that Tasso can't keep up with demand. So he buys a juke box which never gets tired. The customers roll in. But when the volume proves too much for the village, he eventually disposes of it, and learns that traditional music is sometimes best.

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z •Polaris z The Dream Factory

Five Rings and One Star

Inside the Make-or-Break World of Football's Academies

From Bergen-Belsen to Munich '72: The Story of Shaul Ladany

Ryan Baldi

Andrea Schiavon

$28.95 • Hardback • 352 pages 6.3x9.45 • October 2021 • SPO040000 978-1-91-353839-2

With unparalleled behind-the-scenes access to academies at all levels of English football, The Dream Factory: Inside the Make-or-Break World of Football’s Academies is a journey deep into the heart of youth football, revealing in gripping detail how home-grown Premier League stars such as Marcus Rashford and Trent Alexander-Arnold are created, and at what cost. The Dream Factory introduces a rich array of characters – players, coaches, directors – behind talent production lines at several Premier League clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City, zooming in on the stories of Alexander-Arnold’s unique development, how Rashford’s sense of social responsibility was nurtured, and how Phil Foden has become a beacon to City’s young hopefuls.

$14.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 5.1x7.7 • 8pp b/w plates December 2021 • SPO058000 978-1-91-353862-0

5 September, 1972. 4.30 a.m. The Munich Olympic Village. Black September, a group of Palestinian terrorists, break into the Israeli team's apartments. It is the beginning of the most tragic event in Olympic history and, after twenty hours, the day will end in a massacre. This is the story of the race-walker Shaul Ladany: a survivor. But more than just a member of the Israeli team from those terrible events in Munich, Ladany was a survivor of the darkest period in twentieth century history, having been interred as a child at the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen, the camp where Anne Frank died. For the second time in his life, Ladany has survived history. Award-winning author and journalist Andrea Schiavon tells Ladany's extraordinary life and, walking with him, chronicles a whole century of events in this astonishing, touching and epic biography.

Going For 55

Rangers 101

Rangers’ Journey Back to the Top of Scottish Football

A Pocket Guide in 101 Moments, Stats, Characters and Games

Christopher Jack

Tommy McIntyre

$28.95 • Hardback • 368 pages 6.1x9.45 • Currently Available SPO040000 • 978-1-91-353860-6

$14.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 5.1x7.8 • color & b/w throughout December 2021 • SPO040000 978-1-91-353854-5

In February 2012, Rangers faced an uncertain future and fans feared for their club as a Scottish institution was plunged into crisis. Just months later, Rangers would start out on what those supporters christened 'The Journey' as they attempted to make their way back to the top of the game from the Third Division. The years that followed were amongst the most tumultuous and controversial in the club's illustrious history as financial results became as important and noteworthy as football ones. Through it all, Rangers supporters followed near and far. In May 2021, Rangers completed their journey as Steven Gerrard's side were crowned Premiership champions. Going for 55 tells the story of the campaign, giving insight and offering analysis into how Gerrard revolutionised the club and restored Rangers to their place at the top of Scottish football. With interviews from the money men who funded the rebuilding job, the staff and players that made the dream a reality and those in the press that saw history being made, this is a sporting tale like no other.


Rangers 101 distils the history of the most successful football club in the world, Glasgow Rangers F.C. From their founding in 1872 and their first (drawn) League Championship, all the way through to the present day, Rangers' history is brought to life via people, matches and objects. This fascinating volume traces the nearly 150 years of this unsurpassed institution – sometimes irreverent but always faithful to the characters, controversies, disasters and achievements that have taken place to give the club such a rich tapestry of triumph. Whether an old fan or new this is a perfect partner for those who support the club, are interested in its history and who love to recall past and present glories.

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z • z Polaris Standing Alone


Stories of Heroism and Heartbreak from Manchester City's 2020/21 Title-Winning Season

The World of 80s Action Movies According to Smersh Pod John Rain

Sam Lee Daniel Taylor

$24.95 • Hardback • 380 pages 5.45x8.5 • 16pp color plates December 2021 • PER004030 978-1-91-353818-7

$21.95 • Paperback • 352 pages 6.1x9.25 • Currently Available SPO040000 • 978-1-91-353858-3

This is the story of Manchester City's return to the top of English football as well as their journey to their first ever Champions League final as Pep Guardiola's team battle to secure their place in history. Throughout this historic season of breath-taking football, they were followed by their equivalent from the world of sports writing: a team of elite talents, assembled by The Athletic to leave all competition trailing in their wake. The result is an alchemical blend of inside access and expert analysis; great ideas and beautiful writing. City's triumph is relived in real time, in 360 degrees. Articles include profiles of each of City's title winners by their former youth team coaches; on-theroad features from the hometowns of some of their international superstars, brilliant tactics board breakdowns of key moments in the season; and exclusive interviews with players, coaches and backroom staff.

The 1980s. A time of fear: fear of the unknown, fear of your neighbours, fear of drugs, fear of sex, fear of strangers, fear of videos, and the very real fear that the world would end at any moment in an awful, and very sudden, nuclear attack. However, in those times of turmoil and worry, there was a comfort that soothed the mind, and acted as a quiet balm: action movies. Video shops were bursting at the seams with rampant gunfire, sex, drugs, rock, roll, cars on fire, people on fire, guns, bombs, and people dressed in army fatigues (and that was just the staff). Heroes were born shrouded in fire and violent revenge, they were not only armed with guns, but also red-hot quips, that served as a muscly arm around the shoulder, and a wink that everything was going to be okay. Join John Rain, the author of the critically-acclaimed Thunderbook: The World of Bond According to Smersh Pod, as he examines a choice selection of the greatest action movies from the decade when the explosion was king.

Behind the Dragon

Chasing a Rugby Dream

Playing Rugby for Wales

Book Two: Impact

Ross Harries

James Hook David Brayley

Behind the Jersey Series • $24.95 Paperback 420 pages 6.15x9.2 • color throughout • December 2021 SPO056000 • 978-1-91-353870-5

$13.95 • Paperback 256 pages • 5.1x7.8 December 2021 • YAF059000 978-1-91-353825-5

This is a complete history of the Welsh rugby union team – told by the players themselves. Based on a combination of painstaking research into the early years of the Wales team to interviews with a vast array of Test match players and coaches from the Second World War to the present day, Ross Harries delves to the very heart of what it means to play for Wales. Behind the Dragon lifts the lid on what it is to pull on the famous red shirt – the trials and tribulations behind the scenes, the glory, the drama and the honor on the field, and the heart-warming tales of friendship and humor off it.

Jimmy Joseph is enjoying a long, hot summer with his friends, counting down the days until he attends his first ever training camp at the Eagles Academy, the youth section of his local pro club. He hopes this is going to be the first major step on his journey to being a professional rugby player ... but a heavy tackle in training and cruel behavior from his nemesis leads to Jimmy suffering a complete loss of confidence. How can he ever regain his love of the game – and his dreams – if he is too afraid to tackle? In this new rugby adventure, James Hook and David Brayley examine concussion, tackling, friendship, loyalty and the true bravery that’s needed to overcome your fears.

Tekkers Book Two: Turf Wars Seth Burkett $13.95 • Paperback 256 pages • 5.1x7.8 Currently Available YAF059110 978-1-91-353841-5

Redwood Rovers FC are in trouble. The council wants to sell the club's pitches to a property developer. With no money to spare, Redwood’s very future is threatened. Until Zak hears about the YouTube Allstars Cup. It's a football tournament for teams of social media influencers. Best of all, there’s a cash prize of £500,000. Can Zak lead his team to victory and save Redwood Rovers? Tekkers 2: Turf Wars, shows how one simple hashtag can go much further than a single social media post, engaging an entire generation into inspiring change for good.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


Polygon z• Prende Publishing •z Tales for Twilight

The Strange Affair of Madeleine Smith

Two Hundred Years of Scottish Ghost Stories Alistair W.J. Kerr

Victorian Scotland's Trial of the Century

$14.95 • Hardback • 256 pages 5.5x8.05 • December 2021 FIC012000 • 978-1-84-697526-4

Douglas MacGowan

Tales for Twilight offers a spine-tingling selection of unnerving tales by writers from James Hogg in the early eighteenth century to James Robertson, very much alive in the twenty-first. Scottish authors have proved to be exceptionally good at writing ghost stories. Perhaps it’s because of the tradition of oral storytelling that has stretched over centuries, including poems and ballads with supernatural themes. The golden age was during the Victorian and Edwardian period, but the ghost story has continued to evolve and remains popular to this day. Includes stories from Sir Walter Scott, George Mackay Brown, Muriel Spark, Margaret Oliphant, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Guy Boothby, Algernon Blackwood, Eileen Bigland, Ronald Duncan, James Robertson and Ian Rankin.

$14.95 • Paperback • 256 pages 5.1x7.7 • December 2021 TRU002000 • 978-1-84-697580-6

Sight Unseen

Tupac Behind Bars

A Sarah Sutherland Mystery

Michael Christopher

Sandra Ireland

$24.99 • Hardback • 112 pages 6x9 • illustrated • January 2022 BIO004000 • 978-1-59211-137-4

$13.95 • Paperback • 256 pages 5.1x7.8 • December 2021 • FIC022000 978-1-84-697528-8

Sarah Sutherland wanted to be an archaeologist but now she is struggling to cope with the demands of work and caring for her elderly father, who has his own secret troubles. Her fascination with the past still remains, and she feels a special affinity with Alie Gowdie, the Kilgour Witch, who lived in Sarah’s cottage until her unjust execution for sorcery during the Civil War. As Alie and Sarah’s stories collide, can Sarah uncover the truth in order to right a centuries old wrong? And what else might modern-day Kilgour be hiding, just out of sight?


It was a case that rocked Victorian society. Emile L'Angelier was a working-class immigrant from the Channel Islands who began a clandestine affair with prominent Glasgow socialite Madeleine Smith. Six weeks after Emile threatened to show Madeleine's father their passionate letters, on 23 March 1857, he was found dead from arsenic poisoning. The evidence against Madeleine seemed overwhelming as she went to trial for murdering her lover. Douglas MacGowan's vivid account reads by turns like a thriller, a love story and a courtroom drama. He quotes extensively from contemporary sources, notably the pathology reports, the trial testimony and the infamous correspondence between Madeleine and Emile, whose explicit content so shocked Victorian sensibilities. Ultimately it is up to the reader to judge Madeleine’s guilt or innocence.

On March 8th, 1995, 2Pac Shakur arrived at the Clinton Correctional facility in Dannemora, New York, secured in shackles. Tupac walked with his eyes looking forward and his head hung low through the same hardened steel gates that men such as “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti had passed through before him. Tupac Behind Bars is a glimpse inside the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s tumultuous time in Dannemora. It marked an important period in his life, one during which he got married, met his self-professed biological father, and signed a deal with Death Row Records on a handwritten contract. Michael Christopher was a career corrections officer in New York State. During the course of his duties, he had contact with tens of thousands of prisoners, including infamous inmates like David Berkowitz a.k.a. ‘The Son of Sam’ and Robert Chambers a.k.a. ‘The Preppy Killer’, but after more than three decades, the one that left him with a positive memory is Tupac Shakur. Tupac Behind Bars is Officer Christopher’s account of his personal encounters with the famous rapper at the Clinton Correctional Facility.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Poetry z •Salmon z Dead Reckoning


Jude Nutter

A Full Moon

$14.95 • Paperback • 94 pages 6.14x9.25 • November 2021 POE005020 978-1-912561-89-6

Louise C. Callaghan $17.95 • Paperback • 70 pages 5.31x8.46 • November 2021 POE024000 • 978-1-912561-93-3

"In Dead Reckoning, Jude Nutter has given us a book of revelation, poems that press wisdom through language, extracting language itself from the dark earth of the body. Beginning in elegy, and ranging across Europe, she unflinchingly opens doors of our deep mortality: natural history and the fossils that move us and human histories of cave paintings, of the Romans, and especially of World War II and the dead of Bergen-Belsen, where the child-poet once lived. By images at once corporeal and luminous, Nutter’s reckonings render narrative, reflection, and beauty as inseparable. This gorgeous collection becomes a guide for how to love the dead beyond memory, a book to be returned to again and again." —Christina Hutchins author of Tender the Maker and The Stranger Dissolves

Light Rolling Slowly Backward New & Selected Poems Ethna McKiernan $16.95 • Paperback • 166 pages • 6.14x9.25 November 2021 • POE005010 978-1-912561-95-7 Ethna McKiernan lives in Minneapolis, MN

Light Rolling Slowly Backward is Ethna McKiernan’s fifth and most ambitious collection of poetry. McKiernan, who has a gift for metaphor, gives us 120 poems in her latest volume, a third of which are new. Her work ranges from the hilarious (police arrest her girl scout troup of 13-year olds prancing in nighties at midnight on a Chicago street) to an elegy for George Floyd (where she tosses a “grenade of grief up to the sky”), to “The Radiation Room” where she compares the light beams sweeping her body for cancer to the reassuring twinkle of winter constellations overhead and “everyone she’s ever loved.”

"Here, then, is this marvelous poet of elegies and celebrations, of seasons and servants, of boarding school and trundling foreign journeys. Louise C. Callaghan has a keen eye for detail and, like Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, a poet’s gifted ear for those forbidden comments heard from behind wooden panels. Moonlight: A Full Moon is a book rich in the detail we’ve come to expect from this very fine poet, from the Luas epiphany of ‘Winter Solstice’ to the telling, heart-felt memories of ‘The Diplomat’s Daughter.’ Callaghan has created an incredibly rich and series of nuanced narratives here from the earliest fallen heroes of the Covid pandemic to our own lost literary heroes, Eavan Boland and Derek Mahon. This latest arrangement of her personal myths, along with the deepening grace and poise of her verse-craft, make Moonlight: A Full Moon a rich and important new collection." - Thomas McCarthy

Station Lights Alice Pettway $14.95 • Paperback 64 pages • 5.31x8.46 November 2021 POE005010 978-1-912561-94-0 Alice Pettway lives in Seattle, Washington

“What sets [Pettway's poems] apart more than any other virtue is the subtle but insistent sense of irony they convey—one of the rarest and most valuable aspects of any art, but especially of poetry.” —Miller Williams, Inaugural poet “At the last page, I realize Pettway has turned me into the eponymous moth, desperate for that beautiful and dangerous fire that burns in only the best poems but which seems to burn here in every poem.” —Michael Prihoda, author of Out of Sky and editor of After the Pause

Persecution Sofiul Azam $14.95 • Paperback • 112 pages • 5.31x8.46 November 2021 • POE009000 978-1-912561-99-5

In Persecution, Sofiul Azam’s remarkable fourth collection, the poet employs intellectual gravity and emotional immediacy to address persecution as a major theme. Blurring the lines between the private and the public, Azam explores the tyranny of the unfeeling majority and the dictating minority, blending a multiplicity of aspects that may appear separate but are in fact interlinked. Persecution illuminates a powerful, cohesive philosophy, revealing that how we respond to these dynamics in a world such as ours defines what we are and who we will turn out to be.

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Press zSandstone •z The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland

Higher Ground

Clifton Bain

$17.99 • Paperback • 352 pages 5.1x7.7 • January 2022 • BIO016000 978-1-913207-69-4

A Mountain Guide's Life Martin Moran

$34.99 • Hardback • 256 pages 9.8x7.9 • January 2022 HIS054000 978-1-912240-24-1

Clifton Bain now completes his trilogy with this look at the Peatlands of Britain and Ireland. A source of fuel for many generations, they are now a haven for wildlife and plants as well as a storehouse of greenhouse gasses. Their social history is one of exploitation and the value of mending and restoring is a major theme of the book. Like its predecessors, The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland will be a sumptuous volume richly illustrated with photographs and with drawings by the wildlife artist Darren Rees.

An Eye to the Hills

Josephine Tey

Cameron McNeish

A Life Jennifer Henderson Val McDermid

$29.99 • Hardback 320 pages • 6.5x9.4 June 2022 BIO026000 978-1-913207-86-1

For over four decades, Cameron McNeish has chronicled Scotland's majestic landscapes and the outdoor communities who inhabit them. While much has changed, especially in terms of conservation and access, the hills themselves remain little altered, as do the reasons people visit them. In revisiting this collection of essays and diary entries, Cameron shines the light of experience on memory, and renews his vision, keen to share his insights with the many people who love Scotland’s outdoors.


For decades Martin Moran made his living as a mountain guide based in the Scottish Highlands. He also climbed and guided in the Alps, Norway, and the Himalayas, experiencing life changing adventures. Humor was never far away, but neither was excitement and interest. Martin Moran lived life in the mountains to the full and this is his story.


$19.99 • Paperback 504 pages • 5.1x7.7 January 2022 BIO007000

Josephine Tey was the pen-name of Elizabeth MacKintosh (1896-1952). Born in Inverness, MacKintosh lived several lives: Best known as Golden Age Crime Fiction writer Tey, she was also successful novelist and playwright Gordon Daviot. During her exceptional career, she had plays on simultaneously in the West End in London and on Broadway, and even wrote for Hollywood, all from her home in the north of Scotland. Celebrating the 125th anniversary of MacKintosh’s birth, this updated edition of the definitive biography includes a new preface.

Marram Memories of Sea and Spider Silk Leonie Charlton $13.99 • Paperback 288 pages • 5.1x7.7 June 2022 BIO026000 978-1-913207-97-7

From the southern tip of Barra to the ancient stone circle of Callanish, Leonie and her friend Shuna ride off the beaten tracks on their beloved Highland ponies. In lyrical prose, she recounts their journey through the Hebridean landscape, and finally confronts her fractured relationship with her late mother.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Birlinn • BC Books Sandstone Press Puffins Life on the Atlantic Edge Kevin Morgans $34.99 • Hardback • 208 pages 9.6x9.6 • photos • July 2022 NAT043000 • 978-1-913207-77-9

Puffins are among the most recognizable and loved seabirds. Affectionately known as sea parrots and clowns of the sea, they find their way into the hearts of all who make the adventurous journey to see them. Their colorful appearance, quirky personalities, and approachability only enhance their charm and, for ornithologists and conservationists, their return to the UK and Ireland each Spring is a highlight of the wildlife calendar. From Skomer Island, off the coast of Wales, to Shetland and Fair Isle in the far north, wildlife photographer Kevin Morgans has lived as close to the colonies as any human being is likely to do, solo camping in some of Britain’s most remote places to record their lives in the captivating images so beautifully presented in this book.

Daughters of the North Jean Gordon and Mary, Queen of Scots Jennifer Morag Henderson $34.99 • Hardback • 480 pages 6.5x9.4 • May 2022 • BIO006000 978-1-913207-75-5

Mary, Queen of Scots’ marriage to the Earl of Bothwell is notorious. Less known is Bothwell’s first wife, Jean Gordon, who extricated herself from their marriage and survived the intrigue of the Queen’s court. Daughters of the North reframes this turbulent period in history by focusing on Jean, who became Countess of Sutherland: the most powerful woman in the north.

Along the Amber Route

The Wood That Built London

St Petersburg to Venice

A Human History of the Great North Wood

C. J. Schüler $13.99 • Paperback • 320 pages 5.1x7.7 • April 2022 • HIS010000 978-1-913207-99-1

Amber has long been a desirable commodity, surrounded by legend and used to create dazzling artifacts. Fascinated, C. J. Schüler follows the historic Amber Route from St Petersburg to Venice through three millennia of history. As he explores empires and the former Iron Curtain, current politics and his own family’s experience of persecution are never far from his mind.

C. J. Schüler Rachel Lichtenstein $29.99 • Hardback • 368 pages 6.5x9.4 • December 2021 HIS015000 • 978-1-913207-49-6

Standing in the busy streets of South London today, it is hard to imagine that much of this suburban townscape was once a vast wood, stretching unbroken for almost seven miles from Croydon to the Thames at Deptford. This compelling narrative history charts the fortunes of the North Wood from the earliest times: its ecology, ownership, management, and its gradual encroachment by the expanding metropolis.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131


z Silver Link • Vagabond Voices • White Owl Model Railways Explained (Beyond the Beginning) The Onward Development of The Newcomers Guide to Model Railways Brian Lambert Railway Heritage • $29.99 • Paperback 160 pages • 6.8x9.4 • March 2022 TRA004000 • 978-1-85-794545-4

The Newcomer’s Guide to Model Railways has proved to be very popular and has given many readers a great helping hand in their hobby. This volume enhances the first without covering the same ground too much.

The Sweetness of Demons

Nile Wilson My Story

Anne Pia

$39.95 • Hardback 144 pages • 6x9.25 32 color illustrations January 2022 BIO016000 978-1-52-677201-5

Nile Wilson

$14.95 • Paperback 70 pages • 5.5x8.3 November 2021 POE005030 • 978-1-913212-32-2

Anne Pia’s responses to Baudelaire’s poetry is not only emotional and intellectual but also linguistic. It comes from her profound love for France’s language and culture, particularly when it looks beyond nationhood. In this volume we have published the original French poems Pia has chosen and her poetic responses in English, along with her literal translations of the originals. It is a bold move in a “language not of its time”, which demands our engagement.

Nile Wilson is known to many as a Great Britain Gymnast who won a Bronze Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and who is England’s most successful ever gymnast at a Commonwealth Games following his 5 medals in 2018. Nile is also an advocate for mental health awareness, and who has been very open about his own personal struggles. Nile Wilson – My Story gives an unprecedented look into Nile’s true battle to be fit and ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - throughout the Games and the aftermath. This book will reveal the struggles behind the smiles, from the brutal reality of performing at an elite sporting level, to the mental health battles Nile has had to fight – and continues to fight – every day.

The Secret Life of the Adder

A Guide to Medieval Gardens

The Vanishing Viper

Gardens in the Age of Chivalry

Nicholas Milton $49.95 • Hardback 168 pages • 6.7x9.6 120 color illustrations May 2022 • NAT028000 • 978-1-39-901816-6

Attracting Garden Pollinators Jean Vernon $49.95 • Hardback • 176 pages • 6.7x9.6 100 color illustrations • May 2022 GAR004000 • 978-1-52-671190-8

Pollinators are in trouble, but our gardens can help. This book explores the role that pollinators play and how gardeners and people with gardens can do something to help attract and support them. From butterflies (and their caterpillars) to surprising pollinators (moths, wasps, beetles and hornets) and of course including honeybees, hoverflies and bumblebees, this book will offer an insight into their fragile existence, lifecycles and their vital role in the food chain and the natural cycle.


In 2019 the most comprehensive survey ever of adders was published. According to ‘Make the Adder Count’ the species will disappear from most of Britain in the next 15-20 years unless we take action now to save it. But despite being a priority conservation species under the Biodiversity Action Plan, not a single nature reserve in Britain has been specifically designated to protect it. Despite the adder population being in dire straits, it is still not too late to save it if we act now. This book contains a 10 point adder action plan which if implemented could help to restore the adder to its former range across Britain. This book is a story of our times, one which typifies the age of extinction through which we are all living and are all responsible.



$42.95 • Hardback • 176 pages • 6.7x9.6 120 color illustrations • March 2022 • HIS037010 978-1-52-679454-3

This book contains information and pictures, including the theory and practice of medieval horticulture. The number of plants was limited, but was still no less than many modern gardeners use in their own gardens today. Yet medieval gardens were imbued with meaning. Whether secular or religious, the additional dimension of symbolism, gave a greater depth to medieval gardens, which is lacking in most modern ones. This book contains some of the vast amount of research that the author carried out to create the medieval gardens at the Prebendal Manor, Nassington, Northamptonshire.

casemateipm.com • celticbooks.com • customer service: (610) 853-9131

Birlinn White Owl

The Making of Tomb Raider Daryl Baxter $34.95 • Hardback • 144 pages • 8.3x11.7 80 color illustrations • December 2021 GAM013000 • 978-1-39-900205-9

Back in 1994 at the game company ‘CORE Design’ in Derby, Lara Croft was born. Through eighteen months of pure hard work from the team, Tomb Raider was released in 1996 and became the success that we see today; taking part in the mid-nineties celebrations of Brit-Pop and Girl Power. This is the story of the team who were involved in creating the first two games, then leaving the series to a new team in 1998. Lara Croft brought class, comedy, and a James Bondian role to the game, dreamt up by Toby Gard and helped to become a pitch with Paul Douglas. The game was a gamble, but because everyone at the company believed in it, it led to huge success for everyone, except for Toby and Paul. The Making of Tomb Raider goes into detail of how Lara and the games were born, alongside why Toby Gard and Paul Douglas left before the sequel was released. Throughout eleven chapters of countless interviews, this book will tell you who was responsible for creating the first two games; from its levels, its music, the many voices of Lara Croft, and much more. The team also reveals all about the star of the second game; Winston the Butler, and how he came to be by Joss Charmet. Over twenty people were interviewed for this story; from the pitch for what would be Tomb Raider, alongside the challenges along the way, up until the release of Tomb Raider 2 in 1997.

A Guide to Manga, Anime and Video Game Cosplay

A Guide to Video Game Movies

Holly Swinyard

$39.95 • Hardback • 224 pages • 8.2x11.6 140 color illustrations • April 2022 PER004020 • 978-1-39-909217-3

$34.95 • Hardback • 128 pages • 8.4x11 130 full color illustrations • April 2022 CRA009000 • 978-1-52-677567-2

Do you find yourself sat at home wishing you could be in your favorite video game? Or do you want to embody your Dungeons and Dragons character for real? What’s holding you back? Maybe you need to introduced to cosplay! Cosplay is a phenomenon that is taking over the world. If you haven’t seen it yet, have you not been looking at social media? Cosplay is a mix of exciting craft skills, heady escapism and passion for pop culture that lets you be whoever you want, whenever you want. Cosplay has made its way into TV shows and documentaries, been included as part of film premieres and video game launches, it’s even referenced in the comics, manga and media it comes from! But what is this super popular hobby? Well, pick up this book, and it’s twin A Guide to Movie and TV Cosplay, to get all the answers. With a little bit of help from this handy, dandy guide to cosplay, you can get stuck in. Learn about the history of the hobby (it’s been around longer than you’d think!), where it came from and how it got to be the way it is now, get your head around making and designing costumes, find out how about all the amazing skills people are using to make these costumes, and perhaps even try a few yourself. Who knows, you might be rocking out as Astro Boy, Chris Redfield or All Might at the next big comic con! So why not give it a try and play make believe for a day.

Christopher Carton

Have you ever wondered if that game you love was made into a movie? Flip this book open and find out! Explore the fascinating journey of your favorite video games as they make their way to the silver screen. This comprehensive guide contains information on over forty big-screen adaptations of popular video games, including the histories of the series that inspired them. Covering four decades of movies, readers can learn about some of the most infamous movies in video game history, with genres such as horror, martial arts, comedy and children’s animation ensuring there’s plenty of trivia and analysis to keep gamers hooked. With nearly two-hundred full color stills, posters, and screenshots, the book is a go-to guide to discovering facts about some of the biggest box office hits and the most disappointing critical bombs in history. From bizarre science fiction like Super Mario Bros. to the latest big budget releases like Monster Hunter, and dozens in between, A Guide to Video Game Movies should please film buffs and die-hard game fans alike. Whether you’re looking for rousing blockbuster action, family-friendly entertainment or a late-night B-movie to laugh at with your friends, you’re bound to find a movie to fit your taste. Put down your controller and grab your popcorn!

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Birlinn White Owl

How to Frame Your Own Pictures

Wreath Making for all Occasions

Crafting Authentic Paper Flowers

Jane Warren

Becci Coombes

Sophie Longhurst

Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 120 pages 8.4x10.8 • 120 color illustrations December 2021 • CRA011000 978-1-52-677571-9

Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 144 pages 8.5x10.9 • 120 color illustrations March 2022 • CRA005000 978-1-52-677690-7

Crafts • $22.95 • Paperback • 144 pages 8.4x11 • 150 color illustrations • January 2022 CRA025000 • 978-1-52-678466-7

This visually appealing book introduces readers with no previous knowledge of the craft to simple techniques for creative home picture-framing. It shows how investing in a few essential hand tools and basic materials can save you hundreds of pounds on your framing costs, and help you create high-quality handmade gifts for family and friends. Step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions - as well as useful ‘insider tips’ reveal the secrets of DIY framing. Ten original projects include simple techniques to frame canvases and stretch canvas artworks, make standard frames and box frames using readily available timber, and even craft a 60-minute mirror frame from a plank of wood. You’ll learn techniques for cutting mount-board and glass, and discover the secrets of easy gilding, decoupage and copper embossing to decorate your frames. The Woodland Pie framing style is all about accessible creativity; making easy and appealing frames from basic materials and always using hand-painted or hand-made finishes. Find out how to create a lustrous, versatile, go-to paint effect for your picture frames using nothing other than household emulsion paint, water, and wire wool! This brilliant how-to book cuts out the unnecessary and promises to get you hobby framing in no time – with creative flair.

Even a quick walk in the countryside or Sunday stroll along the beach can yield the most interesting and attractive materials for making beautiful decorations for the home. In this book, Becci will show you how to form simple wreaths out of foraged elements, with an emphasis on recycling and using sustainable materials. Basic techniques for a variety of seasonal projects are demonstrated, and these can then be used to create smaller garlands, such as napkin rings and candle table centers. Becci focuses on commonly found elements, foraging for plants and foliage and sourcing inspiration from nature; you don’t need to be a trained florist to design gorgeous wreaths and garlands for yourself or your friends. The featured projects will cover wreaths for all seasons, from scented lavender hearts to harvest festival straw circles, and we will explore how to make them from more unusual materials such as pool noodles. The emphasis will be on recycling too, so you will be able to create a garland that can be changed throughout the year to suit your decor and mood.


The delicate art of paper flower craft has been around for centuries, originating in China in 100BC. Since then, the art has remained a powerful tool in calming the mind and encouraging a slower pace of life. Whatever your background, lifestyle or commitments, this book contains projects to nurture your personal skill set. Step-by-step instructions and inspiring illustrations will guide you through the process from start to finish. Paper crafting is an accessible hobby that can be easily practiced at home by everyone of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a rewarding activity to share with your children, or something to help you unwind after a long workday, paper flower crafting is a perfect choice. Use your newfound skills to create your own decorations for display or pleasure, and discover the wonder of nature in all its glorious detail by paying special attention to the coloring, textures and intricate details of your projects.

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Customising Clothes with Embroidery Connie Louise Mabbott Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 152 pages 8.4x11 • 150 color illustrations • January 2022 CRA008000 • 978-1-52-678446-9

Start embroidering your own clothes with inspiration from Connie’s book full of detailed embroidery projects that will have you captivated by the technique of free-motion embroidery. Starting with simple ideas that can be done in an afternoon to get you warmed up, and moving onto more complex, detailed projects that will keep you busy for weeks! Finished pieces like tops, denim and accessories will inspire you to start decorating your own clothes and fill your wardrobe with totally unique, upcycled pieces that no one else owns. The book is split into four parts, each with a range of embroidery projects to get you inspired to either patch up that old top with a hole or stain, or create something outstanding on that staple denim jacket you’ve been wanting to customise for ages - Don’t throw away something just because it’s no longer new! The book will cover all skill levels - from easy patches using straight lines, to big pieces with lots of color and shading for maximum impact and detail! There’s something for everyone to start with before challenging yourself and progressing onto more advanced designs. Each project will contain beautiful imagery of the design process from start to finish, showing how an embroidered garment is created from the initial thought processes and drawing stages, right through to the stitching techniques and the finished pieces.

Modern Crochet Style 15 Colourful Crochet Patterns for You and Your Home, Including Fun Sustainable Makes Lindsey Newns Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 112 pages • 8.5x11.1 150 color illustrations • December 2021 CRA004000 • 978-1-52-679313-3

Modern Crochet Style is packed full of crochet ideas for you and your home. Designer Lindsey Newns, of Lottie and Albert, has created 15 different projects to delight and inspire throughout the seasons, from t-shirt yarn bath mats and raffia beach bags, to luxe Christmas stockings and leopard-print cowls. With advice on yarns, detailed stitch descriptions, and step-by-step photo instructions, the projects are accessible to all, including beginners.

An Introduction to Needle Felting Linda Calver Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 152 pages 8.4x10.8 • 120 color illustrations • March 2022 CRA060000 • 978-1-52-678064-5

The introduction to the book will cover a brief history of felting and felting/wool terms. It will also list what items you need to purchase to make yourself a starter Needle felting kit and then for each chapter subject, the wool and anything else you will need to complete that project. There will also be a suppliers list from which you can purchase anything you will need. There will then follow 6 subject chapters, a 7th chapter introducing wet felting and Needle felting combined, chapter 8 will be some seasonal creations with chapter 9 showing you how all these things can be made into gifts for your family and friends or simply something lovely to keep for yourself. Each subject will be fully supported with both diagrams and photographs of how to achieve each item with suggestions and tips along the way. The subjects covered start from basic simple shapes and how to build on these shapes and will advance in difficulty as you go through the book but everything covered is suitable for a complete novice or someone who wants to try some different ideas.

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Birlinn White Owl

Make Your Own Cake Toppers

Joy of Jigsaws A Puzzler's Guide and How to Make Your Own

Darren Allford

Holly Lambert Crafts • $26.95 • Paperback • 192 pages 8.4x10.8 • 120 color illustrations • January 2022 GAM007000 • 978-1-52-677142-1

Are you already a puzzle fan? Or do you want to find a new hobby? Have you ever wondered how to make your own jigsaw puzzles or simply broaden your puzzling hobby? Then here is a book for you! Whether you are an avid fan or a beginner, this book will equip you with everything you need to know about the much-loved jigsaw puzzle as well as how to make your very own creations. Whilst providing information on the history of puzzles, benefits of puzzles and even some puzzle trivia, this book will also provide you with a step by step guide to enable you to make your own puzzles. This could start with a simple cardboard puzzle cut by hand and lead to higher quality wooden puzzles cut with a craft knife or saw. Your puzzles can be whatever you want them to be and you will no longer be limited to those available in shops. Puzzling can quickly become an expensive hobby and being able to make your own should make it a more affordable one. The first of its type on the market, this book is set to show you everything you need to know and bring you into a whole new world of jigsaw puzzles!


Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 152 pages 8.4x10.8 • 120 color illustrations • May 2022 CRA005000 • 978-1-52-677454-5

Baking is booming! And cake toppers are the perfect way to truly personalize a cake for any occasion. Whether baking your own or adding to a cheeky shop bought cake, Darren Allford’s easy to follow steps are all you need to create your own cute, quirky mini masterpieces. You’ll discover a variety of styles, some super easy and some more advanced, as well as working with different materials – fondant for a sweet toothed friendly treat or clay for a trusted keepsake. With a few tools, clear instructions and a dollop of patience, YOU can make these toppers and make them well. Is it your tiny superhero’s birthday? Or Mother’s Day? What about your daughter’s wedding or your son’s welcome home gift? Maybe you want a festive friend for the Christmas cake. You’ll find that somebody squealing with joy at seeing themselves perched on top of a cake is incredibly rewarding. Darren is confident that after trying your hand at just a few of the projects in this book, you’ll develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to ride your own creative rainbow and make anything you want. Roll up your sleeves…let's get making!

Natural Kitchen Dyes Make Your Own Dyes from Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs and Tea, Plus 12 Eco-Friendly Craft Projects Alicia Hall Crafts • $19.95 • Paperback • 152 pages 8.4x11 • 150 color illustrations • May 2022 CRA007000 • 978-1-52-679309-6

With Natural Kitchen Dyes you can explore the magical world of natural dyes, without the need of a garden full of dye plants. Our kitchens are a great source of natural dye colors, from vegetable peels that create blush pinks and peaches, fruit skins that make lemon yellows, a green dye sourced from carrot tops, dried spices and used tea bags to create vibrant yellows, rich terracottas and deep browns. Natural Kitchen Dyes takes you through the exciting process of creating these wonderful natural colors, dyeing fabric with the dyes and suggests ingenious ways to get your hands on some natural dye sources. Accompanying the natural dye recipes in the book are ten environmentally conscious projects, which have been created not only to show off the natural dyes beautifully, but to help eliminate waste. Several of the projects actually utilize waste that would otherwise be composted or recycled such as old clothes turned into bags and patchwork floor cushions, to dried pulses past their expiration date used to make a beaded necklace.

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z • zWhite Owl The Book Lover's Guide to London

The Architecture Lover’s Guide to London

Sarah Milne

Sian Lye

$22.95 • Paperback • 136 pages 5.5x7.4 • 150 color illustrations January 2022 • TRV009070 978-1-39-900114-4

$26.95 • Paperback • 128 pages 5.5x7.4 • 120 color illustrations March 2022 • TRV009070 978-1-39-900166-3

This book takes you on an area-by-area journey through London to discover the stories behind the stories told in some of the most famous novels, plays and poems written in, or about, the city. * Find out which poet almost lost one of his most important manuscripts in a Soho pub. * Discover how Graham Greene managed to survive the German bomb that destroyed his Clapham home. * Drink in the same pub Bram Stoker listened to the ghost stories that inspired Dracula. This unique book can be used a guidebook on a physical journey through London, or as a treasury of fascinating, often obscure tales and information for book lovers to read wherever they are.

Since the early days as rolling hills crisscrossed with streams, London has come a long way to be one of the most exciting and innovative cities in the world. From the first Roman settlement 2000 years ago to the high tech and high rise buildings of today, the history of London is a story of experimentation, determination and triumph. A city at the cutting edge of style and fashion, rising from every fire, every attack, every setback. The Architecture Lover’s Guide to London takes a journey through history, looking at some of the most significant buildings, as well as the people who have shaped this city.

The Real Kenneth Grahame

The Real Peter Sellers

Manic Street Preachers

The Tragedy Behind The Wind in the Willows

Andrew Norman

Album by Album

Elisabeth Galvin $34.95 • Hardback • 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 32 black and white illustrations • January 2022 BIO007000 • 978-1-52-674880-5

Kenneth Grahame (1859 – 1932) was four years old when his mother died and his father became an alcoholic. Forced to abandon his dreams of studying at Oxford, he wrote secretly in his spare time for magazines. Ironically, his most famous novel today was the least successful during his lifetime: The Wind in the Willows (1908) originated as letters to his disabled son, who was later found dead on a train line after a suspected suicide. Kenneth never recovered from the tragedy and died with a broken heart. His widow, Elspeth, dedicated the rest of her life to preserving her husband’s name and promoting his work.

$39.95 • Hardback 208 pages • 6.1x9.1 32 black and white illustrations January 2022 BIO005000 • 978-1-52-678683-8

Throughout the world, people regard Peter Sellers purely as a comedic genius: surely, one of the greatest ever to have lived. But, the astute observer will notice that he always appeared to be acting, even when being interviewed. So, who was Peter Sellers? To discover the real Peter Sellers is no easy task, and when we do, what we encounter is a totally different persona from the comedic characters that he portrayed on the screen. Sellers had celebrity status: immense wealth; magnificent motor cars; expensive yachts; and various palatial residences. But far from being happy, he was plagued by self-doubt. And so, he resorted to superstition, clairvoyance, and drugs to get himself through the day.

Marc Burrows $34.95 • Hardback 288 pages • 6.1x9.2 32 black and white illustrations • December 2021 • MUS050000 978-1-39-901621-6

This book collects fourteen brand new essays, one for each Manic Street Preachers album, from fourteen different writers from diverse backgrounds, tracing the band’s impact on fans and culture and setting each of their works into context. The essays are linked by a detailed month-by-month biography by music critic and Manics fan Marc Burrows, who compiled and edited the book, tracing the band’s development from glamorpuss upstart intellectuals to the elder statesmen of British indie rock. Manic Street Preachers: Album by Album is sourced from in-depth archival research, making it one of the most comprehensive and detailed works devoted to the band yet compiled.

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Birlinn Wordwell Books The Parks and Gardens of Dublin

Historical Irish Dairy Products Dara Downey Liam Downey

Christy Boylan

$35 • Hardback • 160 pages • 6.6x9.6 40 illustrations/maps • March 2022 SOC055000 • 978-1-913934-63-7

$40 • Hardback • 356 pages 8.3x10.2 • Fully illustrated March 2022 • TRV009100 978-1-913934-14-9

Ireland’s maritime climate combined with its history of demesnes has provided important gardens which are rich in artistic heritage as well as plant collections from around the world. This book is an account of the history and development of over 120 parks and gardens in Dublin, each of which has an interesting story. They include the largest park, the Phoenix Park, to the smallest pocket park around the statue of Anne Devlin in Rathfarnham Village. Dublin has a proud history in the development of public parks, something which was celebrated with a World Parks Congress in 2007. Its managers are in tune with global trends and actively participate in the World Urban Parks organization which means that Dublin’s parks are modern in style but also retain their heritage characteristics.

The story of the evolution of Irish dairying is inextricably linked with continuous innovation in technologies. This book presents a chronological perspective of the evolution of dairy products in Ireland. It draws together information spread across a diverse range of historical, archaeological, economic, and scientific publications and it aims to provide a platform that may be used in reviewing the current state of knowledge, and identifying notable gaps pertaining to the development of dairy products from prehistory, through the medieval period, and on into recent centuries.

Developing Rural Ireland

Birth and the Irish

A History of the Irish Agricultural Advisory Services

Salvador Ryan

a miscellany $30 • Paperback • 288 pages • 6.1x9.2 March 2022 • HIS054000 978-1-913934-61-3

Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh $25 • Hardback • 232 pages • 6.6x9.6 Fully illustrated • March 2022 SOC055000 • 978-1-913934-60-6

Rural Ireland and its agricultural way of life are emblematic of this country. For most of modern history, however, rural Ireland and Irish agriculture were comparatively underdeveloped. This changed dramatically in the twentieth century, during which they were transformed. In 1900 they were synonymous with poverty; by 2000 they had become synonymous with progress. Many people and organizations contributed to this, but chief among these were the Irish agricultural advisory services. First established in the early 1900s, they are today operated as a public service by Teagasc, Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority. With their establishment, agricultural instructors, trained to the highest international standards, were dispatched to every community in rural Ireland. Their brief was to work with farmers, helping them to improve their farm enterprises and, in so doing, to develop rural Ireland. This gradually bore fruit, as each succeeding generation of agricultural advisors and farmers cooperated to adopt the most modern agricultural approaches. This book tells their story.


Following the success of Death and the Irish: a Miscellany (2016), and Marriage and the Irish: a Miscellany (2019), this third volume in the series Birth, Marriage and Death among the Irish explores the experiences of birth in Ireland, and among the Irish abroad, from the seventh century to the present day. In almost seventy short articles, scholars and practitioners from a range of academic disciplines and professions including anthropology, Celtic studies, folklore, history, linguistics, literature, medicine, obstetrics, pastoral care, and theology, reflect on pregnancy, birthing, and the early period after birth over almost 1,500 years. Topics covered include shameful birth in early Irish religious communities; pregnant behind bars in medieval Ireland; preventing and coping with unwanted pregnancies in nineteenth-century Ireland; mother and baby homes, foreign adoption in Ireland; LGBTQ surrogacy; and birth customers among the Traveling Community. This anthology will serve as an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the social, cultural, religious, and legal history of pregnancy and birth in Ireland and among the Irish from the earliest times to the present day.

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Books zWordwell •z The Fadden More Psalter

The Road to Kells

The Discovery and Conservation of a Medieval Treaure

$30 • Paperback • 240 pages • 7.5x9.6 Illustrated • March 2022 • HIS018000 978-1-911633-26-6

John Gillis $50 • Hardback • 320 pages 8.3x11.7 • 100 images • March 2022 SOC003000 • 978-1-914470-00-4

In July 2006, a highly significant archaeological discovery was made in a bog at Faddan More, Co. Tipperary. The remains of an illuminated manuscript from the early medieval period, along with its leather cover, were discovered by chance during turf-cutting operations. The find made international headlines and today represents one of the National Museum of Ireland’s top ten treasures. This book charts the complex and challenging conservation process and the results of a decade of research that followed, including exciting discoveries made along the way. It is the first insular manuscript to be discovered in over 200 years and the first ever retrieved from a wetland environment. The discovery presented many challenges–archaeological, art-historical, and paleographical – and required innovative approaches to its conservation. This book charts the complex and challenging conservation process and the results of a decade of research that followed.

Fintan Walsh

The story begins with Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, who foraged in a forested, primeval landscape, and left traces of a campsite on a gravel ridge in Cakestown Glebe, by the River Blackwater. It continues, chapter by chapter, over a span of c. 5,000 years, recording the homes, burial grounds, work and worship of Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age communities. It brings us at last to the threshold of history, in the Iron Age/early medieval transition period, when we meet agricultural workers on tillage land in Kilmainham, stoking the cereal-drying kilns that would secure their surplus grain harvest for the winter. Kells was not yet the seat of a famous monastery at that time but had already become a central place in the region, with a tribal capital at Commons of Lloyd, on the hill that overlooks the town today.

Between the Meadows

Materialising Power

The Archaeology of Edercloon on the N4 Dromod-Roosky Bypass

The Archaeology of the Black Pig's Dyke, Co. Monaghan

Caitríona Moore

Cóilín Ó Drisceoil Aidan Walsh

$30 • Hardback • 224 pages 7.5x9.6 • 122 images • March 2022 SOC003000 • 978-1-911633-30-3

The bog in the townland of Edercloon, Co. Longford, first came to archaeological attention in 1964, when a local farmer discovered a prehistoric stone axe that retained a portion of its original wooden handle. Forty-two years later, during test excavations in advance of the construction of the N4 Dromod-Roosky Bypass, the preservative peat of Edercloon relinquished further ancient secrets in the form of a large network of wooden trackways and numerous artifacts. Evidence for human activity at Edercloon extends back almost 6,000 years, where the first narrow track of branches and twigs was laid down on the wet bog surface. This practice would continue for four millennia as further structures were built and wheel fragments, spears, and vessels were deposited among them. The story of Edercloon is not limited to the sites and objects submerged within the peat. Volcanic ash, ancient pollen, microscopic organisms, deep accumulations of peat, beetles’ wings, and the wood of the trackways themselves have been the subject of paleoenvironmental studies.

$35 • Hardback • 232 pages 8.2x10.2 • Fully illustrated March 2022 • SOC003000 978-1-9162912-7-0

This richly illustrated book offers a fresh perspective on linear earthworks, perhaps the most enigmatic and neglected of all of Ireland’s prehistoric field monuments. Focusing on one of the best-preserved and largest examples of the monument type in Europe, the renowned Black Pig’s Dyke in County Monaghan — named from a folk-tale that describes how the earthworks were torn into the landscape by the angry marauding of a giant mythical schoolteacher-turned-pig — the authors integrate the results of excavations undertaken by Aidan Walsh in 1982 with new surveys and scientific dating to present a radical reassessment of the chronological and physical development of the monument and its environmental and archaeological setting.

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Books zWordwell •z The Terror War

The Split

The Uncomfortable Reality of the War of Independence

From Treaty to Civil War, 1921-23 Darragh Gannon Brian Hanley

Joe Connell $25 • Paperback • 288 pages 6.1x9.2 • yes • March 2022 HIS018000 • 978-1-913934-20-0

During the Irish War of Independence, the British and the Irish sides often reflected one another. Both the Irish and the British did well in some areas, and were deficient in others. But both sides used terror – murder – burnings – shearing women’s hair – to intimidate the Irish population. British Field Marshal Henry Wilson said of the Black and Tans "It was the business of the government to govern. If these men ought to be murdered, then the government ought to murder them." Michael Collins could equally chillingly say "Careful application of terrorism is also an excellent form of total communication." The actions of the British and Irish frequently mirrored one another – an uncomfortable reality of the War of Independence. This book examines the trauma of the times – both the exceptional and the ordinary – through a diverse range of topics.

Studio & State The Laverys and the Anglo-Irish Treaty Dr. Edith Adrees Logan Sisley

$17.99 • Paperback 100 pages • 8.3x11.7 March 2022 • HIS018000 978-1-913934-64-4

The Treaty, Civil War, and partition profoundly shaped the Ireland in which we live. To make the centenary of the Treaty and Civil War, History Ireland has produced a special supplement featuring historians and writers. The Split introduces ground-breaking articles on women and the Treaty, the role of Eamon de Valera, the establishment of the Gardaí, the dead of the Civil War, the global reaction to Ireland’s independence, and the violence inside the new Northern Ireland state and along the border. It discusses controversial questions regarding Michael Collins and military dictatorship, why the Free State won the Civil War and how Northern Ireland came into being. It looks at how the war has been remembered and asks whether the era of Civil War politics has ended.

KenmareHistory and Survival Fr John O'Sullivan and the Famine Poor Colum Kenny

$45 • Hardback • 8.3x11.7 • illustrated March 2022 • HIS018000 • 978-1-914470-01-1

$25 • Paperback 336 pages • 6.1x9.2 • March 2022 • BIO006000 978-1-913934-15-6

Leeside Legends

The Hugh Lane Gallery and the National Museum of Ireland are co-curating an exhibition to mark the centenary of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. It is planned to examine the political and military background to the Treaty, particularly the role of Dáil Éireann and the Cabinet, nascent Free State / Republican military forces, and their representation or otherwise of the Irish people. Negotiations for and signing of the Treaty were crystallizing moments for Ireland during the ‘decade of disturbance’ from 1913 to 1923; from signing to angry Dáil debate to narrow ratification and their aftermath, the Treaty as a vehicle of peace would mutate into a written accelerator for civil war.

This is the story of a remarkable man’s efforts to help starving people during the Irish Great Famine. It reveals their terrible experiences inside and outside one of the national ‘workhouses’ and throws new light on the relationship between class, religion, and poverty in Ireland. John O’Sullivan was an independent-minded priest who clashed with bishops and landlords. He kept journals that have not been published. The author mines these and other sources, including eyewitness accounts, UK archives and Kerry’s workhouse minutes, for new insights into aspects of Irish society, including politics, proselytism, and the status of women.

John Coughlan


100 Cork Sporting Heroes $25 • Paperback • 220 pages • 8.3x8.3 fully illustrated • March 2022 • SPO019000 978-1-913934-22-4

Sport has always been an important part of life in Cork. What is remarkable about Cork sports men and women is their success across the entire range of sporting disciplines. This collection is not meant to be definitive, but rather representative of the many thousands who through the clash of the ash or the wearing of the green have brought happiness and joy to the sporting capital of Ireland.

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Birlinn Wordwell Books You Will Dye at Midnight Victorian Threatening Letters Donal McCracken $25 • Hardback • 336 pages 6.1x9.2 • 35 illustrations March 2022 • HIS018000 978-1-913934-16-3

Victorian Ireland was global champion of threatening letters. This book reveals the murky world where tens of thousands of these letters and notices were nailed to barn doors or sent by penny post, intimidating, giving ‘fair warning’ and terrorizing the recipients. These victims were sometimes landlords, land agents, and land grabbers. Equally, they could be small farmers disputing land occupancy with neighbors. This book examines the nature, extent, and context of this unusual trend. It investigates who sent threatening letters and why they sent them. It also delves into who received such unwelcome correspondence and what action they took, giving new insights particularly into 19th-century rural Ireland.

Faith and Fury The Evangelical Campaign in Dingle and West Kerry, 1825-45 Bryan MacMahon $25 • Paperback • 352 pages 6.1x9.2 • 40 illustrations March 2022 • HIS018000 978-1-913934-12-5

Bryan MacMahon gives a comprehensive overview of the origins and progress of the Protestant evangelical campaign in West Kerry from 1825 to 1845. These Church of Ireland missionaries were motivated by a desire to save Irish-speaking Catholics from what they saw as superstitious practices and enthrallment to Rome. This study brings personalities to life and records the long-lost voices and values of those on both sides of the religious divide. The work of the evangelicals was widely hailed as a model of a successful missionary campaign; however, it evoked a furious response from Catholic priests. The war of words between clergymen of both persuasions was fomented by rival local newspapers, reaching a climax in a notorious libel case in March 1845.

Total State Totalitarianism and How We Can Resist It Paul O'Brien $22.95 • Paperback • 288 pages 6.1x9.2 • March 2022 POL042030 • 978-1-913934-21-7

Authoritarian nationalism is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere. Freedom is endangered in Eastern Europe. In the Middle East, militant Islam threatens peace, stability, and liberty. The US has recently faced an existential crisis, with the rise of populism and the unprecedented polarization of Left and Right. Brexit has endangered the integrity of the EU, which has hitherto operated as a defender of peace and freedom. At the same time, threats have arisen in the West to the traditional value of free speech. Drawing widely on relevant literature, including political theory from Plato to Hannah Arendt, this book highlights the above and related issues. In practical terms, it suggests some ways in which the tendency to undermine freedom might be countered, through a political re-assertion of the value of liberty.

Midnight in London The Anglo-Irish Treaty Crisis 1921 Colum Kenny $14.99 • Paperback • 5x8 March 2022 • HIS018000 978-1-913934-19-4

On the dramatic night of 5-6 December 1921, Irish Delegates at Downing Street signed an agreement for a treaty to end the War of Independence and to create a new Irish state. This is the story of that fraught midnight deal, and of the events and people that lay behind it. The story is told from original sources and eyewitness accounts, and brings to life the Treaty that sparked a Civil War but made modern Ireland. Irish negotiators were under great pressure, caught between an ultimatum from Prime Minister Lloyd George to sign or face outright war, and a refusal by the President of Dáil Éireann, Éamon de Valera, to lead them in London. For two months Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, and three other delegates faced some of the most powerful men in the British Empire, including Winston Churchill and Austen Chamberlain. Kenny turns a spotlight on the key issues and the problems they faced.

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Y Lolfa Birlinn Forever Orange

The Bootlegger

A True Welsh Love Story

The Good, The Bad and The Tasty

Johanna Francis Jantien Powell

Karl Phillips Peter Read

$14.99 • Paperback • 160 pages 5.5x8.5 • c.30 photos • May 2022 BIO022000 • 978-1-80099-146-0

Johanna Francis (née Dooyeweerd) was born in Amsterdam in 1936 to an extremely well-to-do family. She watched the German tanks roll in as the Nazis took Holland and the family was active in the resistance, sheltering a Jewish family and running an underground newspaper which Johanna hid in her underwear – even though the Gestapo headquarters were just across the street. Thee Gestapo interrogated her father four times. Coming to the UK in her late teens after the war, she met a penniless Welsh farmer and within two days, they decided to get married. They had a huge society wedding in Amsterdam, but her new husband Bob was so poor that on their first night together on the Welsh farm, in a freezing tumbledown house, she cut up her wedding dress to make curtains. Despite their financial difficulties, they only grew closer and more inseparable as the decades passed, and the story of their life together is a beautiful love story. Johanna died in 2021, after a singularly devoted and extraordinary relationship.

$14.99 • Paperback • 144 pages 5.5x8.5 • c.40 photos • May 2022 BIO016000 • 978-1-912631-37-7

This is the life-affirming autobiography of Karl Phillips, aka The Bootlegger, who has become a social-media sensation across the UK with his matchday vlogs following Wrexham AFC and his humorous observations of working-class life. He reveals his difficult upbringing, his underachieving school days, his life drifting from one job to another, his work as a roofer, and his meteoric rise as an influential vlogger and cult figure, now with over 320,000 followers. Following the takeover of Wrexham AFC by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and a documentary spin-off planned for Netflix, the eyes of the world will be on the club, and on the Bootlegger, their most famous fan.

Enoch's Walk

Find the Dragon!

Ninety-Five, Not Out: Journey of a Psychiatrist

Volume 2 - Lost in Welsh Legends

David Enoch

Huw Aaron

$22.99 • Paperback • 368 pages 5.5x8.5 • c.40 photos January 2022 • BIO017000 978-1-80099-076-0

$7.99 Paperback • 32 pages • 8.3x11.7 Fully illustrated in color • April 2022 JNF001000 • 978-1-80099-141-5

Enoch’s Walk is the latest and most personal endeavor of 95-year-old Christian psychiatrist David Enoch. Affectionately known as ‘Enoch the Uncommon’, he is well known for his medical book Uncommon Psychiatric Syndromes. In this fascinating autobiography, David recounts his humble beginnings in rural Wales and traces his unexpected journey to India, where he was stationed during the Second World War. A crucial decision upon his return changed the course of his future, and he subsequently enjoyed a distinguished career in psychiatry. Having been on the forefront of societal, religious, and medical changes, there is not much David has not witnessed, making this account a valuable first-hand contribution to twentieth-century history as well as a candid story of one man’s journey through life. Along the route, David shares openly of the highs and lows in both his private life and his career, from love and success to disappointments and loss. A truly inspirational story of a life lived to the glory of God.


A colorful 32 page, large-format, Celtic-themed activity book for all the family. Packed with lively double-page illustrations, the task is to find the baby dragon and other items hiding in amusing scenes from traditional Welsh myths and legends. Guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

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