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2011 Autumn Training Catalog

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Annual Compliance & Payroll Updates

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Most classes listed are also deliverable on-site.

HRCI Recertification Credit

HR Leadership Elective

Mini-MBA Workshop

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Legal Compliance Attracting, Selecting and Retaining Quality Talent The success of any organization starts with finding and hiring the right people for the right positions. Key learning points include: developing a winning strategy and aligning practices; recruitment and hiring tactics including job descriptions, posting positions, screening applications and interviewing; and, ensuring individual success. Dec 6 (Portland), 1:00-4:30


Employee Handbooks and Supervisory Manuals: Establishing Sound Policies and Clear Expectations Promote consistency in human resource administration and help reduce legal risk. This workshop will provide you the basics for developing, administering, and communicating organization policy. Key learning points include: crafting a company-specific document reflecting company standards and culture; ensuring employee and management “buy-in”; common legal pitfalls; and, supervisory manuals for consistent policy administration. Sept 28 (Eugene), 8:30-12:00; Dec 14 (Portland), 8:30-12:00


Managing Leaves of Absence: Family Medical Leave, Workers’ Compensation and the ADA Understanding the rules and dynamics between different leave laws and your organization’s leave and attendance policies is the key to managing risk associated with leaves of absence. Key learning points include: statutory requirements for OFLA, FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Compensation; steps to placing employees on leave, managing leave time and returning employees to work; and, setting and communicating attendance standards and dealing with common leave issues Nov 9 (Portland), 1:00-4:30


Reasonable Suspicion Training All supervisors and managers need to know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of and effectively respond to drug and alcohol use. Key learning points include: elements of reasonable suspicion; observing signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse; how to document, approach employees and arrange for reasonable suspicion tests; and, avoiding the most common mistakes. Nov 17 (Eugene), 9:00-11:00


Employment Law: Minimize Risk and Gain Confidence Prevent problems before they arise, minimize financial loss and gain the confidence you need to know you are doing the right things for the right reasons. Key learning points include: understanding of current state and federal employment laws, rules, regulations and recent cases; how to apply employment laws, rules, regulations to any situation; and, avoiding common mistakes. Sept 28 (Eugene), 1:00-4:30; Nov 9 (Portland), 8:30-12:00


Seven Steps to Better Job Descriptions Job descriptions are one of the foundations of success for any position within an organization – from the hiring process to performances management to minimizing legal risk. Key learning points include: elements of an effective job description; how to draft clear, concise and accurate job descriptions; and, practical and legal reasons for job descriptions. Part of the monthly compliance Webinar series. Oct 26 (ONLINE), 9:00-10:00


Harassment Awareness Training Increasing awareness of workplace harassment is one of the most important steps employers can take to reduce associated risk and ensure employees have a respectful work environment. Key learning points include: elements of workplace harassment; importance of day to day conduct and perceptions; and, reporting claims of harassment. Additional learning points for supervisors include: gathering information and conducting investigations; responsibilities as supervisors; and, liabilities associated with complaints. Employees: Oct 25 (Portland), 9:00-11:00 Supervisors: Oct 25 (Portland), 9:00-12:00

$95 $115

Ten Interview Questions You Must Ask Knowing the right questions to ask in an employment interview will increase the number of great hires you make and improve retention. Key learning points include: developing great interview questions to ask all applicants; developing great job specific interview questions; and, interpreting applicant responses. We’ll also provide you with some favorite interview questions provided to us by your peers. Part of the monthly compliance Webinar series. Nov 30 (ONLINE), 9:00-10:00



Legal Compliance (continued) The Do's and Don'ts of Attendance Policies Attendance policies can be your best defense or greatest liability when dealing with employee absences. Key learning points include: understanding the different types and impact of attendance policies; elements of an effective and defensible policy; enforcing attendance policies; and, avoiding common mistakes. Part of the monthly compliance Webinar series. Dec 28 (ONLINE), 9:00-10:00


Workplace Investigations: Building Trust and Credibility Learn how to uncover and legally address the issues underlying employee concerns while building trust and credibility in the process. Key learning points include: elements of an objective, confidential, and complete investigation; weighing the evidence and making a reasonable decision; and, administering appropriate discipline and following up. Dec 14 (Portland), 1:00-4:30


The New Workplace: Managing Remote Employees, Flexible Schedules and Access to Information The way employees access information and complete their work is changing and creating new compliance and management challenges and opportunities for employers. Key learning points include identifying and minimizing legal risks, and understanding and managing day to day production and efficiency issues. Part of the monthly compliance Webinar series. Sept 28 (ONLINE), 9:00-10:00


Resources that give employers clear direction When your organization has an HR challenge or dilemma, you don’t need to fly solo. With our extensive research and resources that cover a broad range of industries, we collaborate with employers to provide a complete range of human resource management services - from hiring well, to training for excellence, to dismissing effectively.

Call Cascade Employers Association to learn how we can help you on the HR side of business.

■ Quick answers to compliance questions - always practical, completely reliable ■ Sample employment forms, policies, and guidelines ■ Project support - employee handbooks, affirmative action programs, pay structures, job descriptions, and more ■ Training to develop and grow your supervisors and managers

We deliver unsurpassed resources to develop good employers into great employers

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Annual Compliance & Payroll Updates 2012 Compliance Update

2012 Payroll Update

In 2011, the activity level involving changes and trends to employment laws, rules and regulations has been steady, resulting in new challenges and opportunities for employers. Learn about the latest changes and developments in: social media (NLRA, privacy, 1st & 4th amendments, and more); discrimination, harassment and retaliation; ADA; jury service; wage and hour; pay discrimination; pre-employment inquiries; affirmative action; OFLA, FMLA and other leaves; and more. Dec 1 (Springfield), 10:00-12:00; Dec 7 (Portland), 10:00-12:00

Get up-to-date information on payroll tax requirements and learn about changes for 2012. Key learning points include: wages; fringe benefits; employer responsibilities; deposit requirements & penalties; independent contractors; quarterly and year-end returns; military service obligations; web site resources; and, important addresses and due dates. Dec 7 (Portland), 1:00-3:00



Attend both Compliance and Payroll Updates for one low price, including lunch: December 7 (Portland), 10:00-3:00 $160


Human Resource Management Building Your Team: Engagement Through Kaizen Discover how Kaizen concepts have helped Japanese and American companies and their employees to achieve greater productivity and higher morale. Key learning points: historical comparisons between US concepts and Japanese Kaizen concepts; effective Kaizen components for engaging the employee and employee development; and, case studies of successful Kaizen implementation in Japan and the US. Sept 15 (Salem), 8:30-10:30


Coaching Employees and Supervisors Bringing out the best in others isn’t always easy. Learn proven techniques for guiding and motivating employees and supervisors toward taking increased responsibility and sensible risks while reaching higher levels of performance. Key learning points: active listening to encourage better teamwork; dealing with negativity; and, coaching to spur taking on responsibility. Sept 14 (Eugene), 8:30-12:00; Nov 15 (Portland), 1:00-4:30


Gossip, Rumor and Negativity Negativity, gossip and rumor tear at the heart of the workplace and drive insecurity, distrust, resistance to change and turnover. Make your organization more positive and productive. Key learning points: meeting people’s needs while minimizing fear and distrust; countering the negativity that drive gossip and rumor; and, addressing gossip and rumors and the problem makers who circulate them. Dec 15 (Portland), 8:30-12:00


Overview of Lean Practices This workshop introduces Lean Concept and its implementation. Lean provides business operating systems for all types of organizations, and can make a significant difference n the workplace. Key learning points: Lean Concept in the US and TPS (Toyota Production System) in Japan; effective Lean components and tools for significantly improving daily operations in any type of business; and, case studies of successful Lean implementation. Nov 10 (Salem), 8:30-10:30



R Leadership: A Certificate Program for Human Resource Professionals

This program transforms managers into visionary workplace leaders by underscoring the vital role the Human Resource function plays in the success of any organization. This in-depth program consists of 24 hours of required coursework, followed by four elective courses of your choice over the following few months. The initial three days of coursework include these key learning points: HR leadership - reaching the next level; communicating the mission; managing risk; organization development; linking jobs with organization success; and, managing performance and recognizing success. Visit for complete details of the certificate program. Oct 12-14 (Portland), 8:30-4:30


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Recognition Techniques and Programs Giving positive recognition is both a skill and an art, but most of all it is a commitment. Explore the do’s and don'ts of praise and showing appreciation by sharing best experiences with spontaneous and organized recognition, learning what the research says about how often recognition is needed and what impact it has, and reviewing the top ten creative ways Oregon organizations recognize good work. Sept 14 (Eugene), 1:00-4:30


Reversing the Culture of Entitlement Many employees feel entitled to job opportunities, benefits and a host of other matters that are provided at the discretion of employers. Learn the causes of entitlement attitudes and how you and your organization can better educate employees about benefits and other forms of compensation, and help both young employees and those with seniority realize that they must continually earn their opportunities. Sept 27 (Salem), 8:30-10:30



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Compensation and Benefits Getting Your Pay Practices Ready for the New Economy Formal wage and salary programs help employers attract and retain the talent needed to support achievement of organization goals. Learn what every employer needs to know about effective use of market pay surveys, becoming and remaining competitive, and controlling labor costs in periods of economic uncertainty. Key learning points: aligning pay with company goals; effective use of market surveys; and, maintaining competitive pay practices. Nov 15 (Portland), 8:30-12:00

Linking Pay to the Bottom Line Cash incentives help to align employees and their pay with organization success and are critical for controlling labor costs in the current work environment. Learn how to determine an appropriate compensation strategy and effective incentive plan for your organization. Key learning points: developing a total compensation strategy; determining the right incentive plan design and award opportunities; and, selecting the right performance measures and standards. Dec 6 (Portland), 8:30-12:00



“I’ve been using market surveys for years and have never experienced a participation system as friendly and flexible as SalaryTrends®. You’ve just made my job much easier.” Fresh Local Pay Data ■ ■ ■ ■

Glenda Goodrich, Director of HR Organically Grown Company

Data for employers by employers Diverse array of jobs and levels Local, regional and national data Ultimate survey user experience


Leadership and Supervision 7 Keys to Successful Performance Appraisals Research shows that performance appraisal is one of the most effective employee engagement tools and contributes to high levels of organization productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. Learn to be more effective with the entire performance appraisal process. Key learning points include: performance goal setting; performance coaching and feedback; and, performance appraisal discussion. Sept 14 (Salem), 8:30-12:00


Being a lead demands you strike a difficult balance between being a worker and being a supervisor. Explore how to avoid the minefields on the path to: making the switch from co-worker to leadperson; clarifying your leadership role; understanding other people and motivation; dealing with negativity in yourself and others; building teams and collaborating with other teams; goal-setting and recognition; and, coaching and training for better performance. Sept 29 (Portland), 8:30-4:30; Oct 19 (Salem), 8:30-4:30; Dec 13 (Eugene), 8:30-4:30

Basics of Supervision Every lead, supervisor, and manager should have The Basics. Build insight and strength in leadership skills: the supervisor’s role - its importance and obligations; motivation and improving performance; communication and conflict resolution; goal setting; and, giving positive and critical feedback. Also develop a professional approach to employment relations: basics of employment relations law; developing performance standards; and, discipline and documentation. Each participant receives a personalized certificate. Sept 20 & 21 (Salem), 8:30-4:30; Nov 29 & 30 (Portland), 8:30-4:30

Leadperson Effectiveness


Managing Your Priorities Do you ever feel overwhelmed by pressures, wondering how you keep focused among competing forces? After this workshop, you will be more skilled at setting limits while keeping priorities straight, appreciating external and internal customers’ needs, getting help, delegating, and eliminating your most challenging timewasters. Oct 4 (Eugene), 8:30-10:30; Oct 4 (Salem), 1:30-3:30



On-Demand Webinars Cost-effective and convenient, on-demand webinars are an easy way to train your people. And at Cascade, our experts record program topics to help you stay current with employment laws, HR trends, and the best of leadership practices. Visit to explore our growing library of topics. Newest Releases: Advanced Family Medical Leave - The Devil Is In The Details • How To - Manage Pay for Salaried Nonexempt Employees • Strategic Planning • Succession Planning - Planning for the Future of Your Organization • Family Medical Leave - The Basics • How To - Deliver a Difficult Message • Attention and Focus • To Friend or Not to Friend - Social Media in the Workplace • Exploring Leadership for the Multi-Cultural Era • What You Need to Know About the New ADA • Managing Unemployment Costs • Email Effectiveness - A Mini-Course in Time and Task Management

Once you order one of these webinars, they are yours to use again and again! Remember, membership gives you a training credit equal to 20% of your annual membership fee. Apply your credit toward these on-demand sessions.


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Professional Development Mini-MBA: Business Essentials Attend all six starred courses in the Mini-MBA: Business Essentials program to receive a Business Management Certificate. 1st and 3rd Fridays October - December (Wilsonville) 9:00-4:00 $1785

Marketing and Customer Relations Examine how and why organizations or their component units must continually tailor products and services to fit an increasingly fine definition of the customer. Explore strategies that superior organizations use to stay close to their consumers and proactively help to solve their problems. Learn also how to set the fairest prices and save consumers' time. Dec 16 (Wilsonville), 9:00-4:00


Operations Management and Innovation Finance for the Non-Financial Manager Identify and measure financial outcomes consistent with organizational strategies. Key learning points: understanding the importance of cashflow and short, long, and complete cash cycles; using the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows to make business decisions; and, applying ratios and financial controls to understand business risks. Nov 4 (Wilsonville), 9:00-4:00

Proactive, practical management of an organization’s human resources supports business success in many ways. Key human resource strategies will ensure your management team is a differentiator in hiring, developing, and retaining the best talent. Key learning points: risk management; compensation and benefits; employee engagement; and, development. $315

Leadership at the Executive Level Leaders set the tone and shape the performance and culture of their organizations. Learn how to establish the type of leadership an organization needs, choose actions appropriate to different stages of organizational growth, develop organizational accountability, and ensure employee commitment to change. Oct 7 (Wilsonville), 9:00-4:00


Program and Project Management Effective managers know how to get from Point A to Point B, organizing people and resources to complete tasks. This requires tools for planning, initiating, adapting to changes, monitoring, and closing out. This module incorporates example projects for using information technology to improve performance. Oct 21 (Wilsonville), 9:00-4:00

Dec 2 (Wilsonville), 9:00-4:00



Human Resources as a Business Partner

Nov 18 (Wilsonville), 9:00-4:00

Improve operational performance, cut costs, and increase customer response time. Discover how shortening forecasts improves their accuracy; the importance of demand driven forecasts in reducing costs; the uses of information systems; the importance of information channels to supply chain; process efficiencies; and, responsive and reactive capacity.

Seven Dimensions of Productivity and Email Effectiveness In this workshop, learn about how to connect your actions to your aspirations, get the right results, and achieve your goals using seven key dimensions of productivity. In addition, you'll get acquainted with a powerful self-assessment tool that will help you rate your performance along each dimension. Then, learn how to apply the Seven Dimensions to manage your email, including task management to prioritize follow-up and recognizing many common mistakes busy people make. Nov 2 (Salem), 8:30-4:30


Strengths Essentials: Be Strong(er) The single best predictor of a consistently highperforming team is the answer to this question: "At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?" At a time when organizations are trying to do more with fewer people, it's critical to engage each person's strengths, and do it at scale across the organization. In this workshop you will learn: why strengths; myths and truths; identifying your strengths; and, strengths at play. Program includes a box lunch and participant kit. Nov 1 (Salem), 8:30-1:00




Member Engagement High Five Benefits of Membership

Member Forum: Great Conversation

Knowing how to take advantage of the five best returns on your membership investment brings long-term rewards. Learn about: AnswerSource - accessing your helpline for quick and reliable answers; Training Credit applying your annual credit to training that matters most; SalaryTrends - accessing fresh, local pay data; Employee Engagement Survey credit - understanding employee attitudes on key issues; and, Member-Only Area - taking advantage of the many online resources available. Oct 18 (Eugene), 1:30-3:30

A thriving workforce means a prosperous business. Join us for this one-hour online forum, where you will discuss and learn from other Members’ current successes and challenges, provide input to Cascade on areas of HR service and training, and learn about the newest Association resources. We want to help your workforce thrive, so let's talk. Sept 7 (ONLINE), 10:00-11:00



Safety Skills Basic Medic First Aid® and AED Participants who complete this workshop will receive a successful certification card in CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) and first aid. The program meets OSHA requirements for the states of Oregon and Washington. This workshop will include training in basic skills and basic AED (automated external defibrillator) operation. Oct 20 (Salem), 8:30-1:30


Liberty Northwest and Cascade Employers Association partner to offer qualifying Cascade Members a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Group Program. ■ Pricing incentives to encourage improved safety and reduced losses. ■ Premium credit to policyholders who maintain a qualifying drug free workplace program during policy period. ■ Highly trained risk management team responsible for monitoring the group’s performance and providing assistance to employers experiencing safety problems. To learn more about this comprehensive program, contact Cascade at


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.CEA Training Catalog, Autumn 2011  

This Cascade Employers Association Training Catalog lists workshops and courses for the period from September through December 2011.

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