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CARVER 2011-2012 Review 2012-2013 Update REPORT TO OUR COMMUNITY

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THE CARVER WORLD Founded in 1938, the Carver Foundation of Norwalk serves low-income youth and their families in Connecticut’s sixth largest city through community, educational, enrichment and recreational programs. Intensive college and career prep afterschool programs led by certified teachers are based within the Carver community center and in Norwalk’s four middle and two high schools. Carver’s world also includes a bustling community center, active Carver alumni, community outreach, college scholarship funds, summer camp, a winning basketball travel team drawing players from Norwalk and neighboring towns, international service learning, parent leadership, and spring and fall national college tours.


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Governance and Leadership Mission

Richard Whitcomb helping Carver youth with their college applications

To help children reach their greatest potential by providing educational, social and recreational programs in a positive, safe and fun environment.

SPECIAL ADVISOR Richard Whitcomb

STRATEGIC PLANNING GROUP Alexandra Baudouin Community Volunteer Barbara Cox Community Volunteer Michael Gregorich Stone Point Capital Jack Ryan SVP Human Resources, GE Capital Janine Smith Marketing Consultant Jonathan Whitcomb Diserio Martin O’Conner & Castiglioni LLP Richard Whitcomb The Richard and Barbara Whitcomb Foundation

2011-2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Janis Curtis, President William Pitt, Sotheby’s Diana Napier Vice - President The WorkPlace, Inc. Richard Baudouin, Treasurer RB Aero Advisory, Inc Valerie Watson, Secretary Patriot National Bank Janine Smith, Assistant Secretary Marketing Consultant Simon Sumberg, Esq. Legal Counsel Private Legal Practice

Brian J. Kreiter Bridgewater Associates, LP Trip Hoffman Cushman & Wakefield Cristina Linton Deloitte & Touche Louis Schulman Norwalk Transit David Turner McKesson Health Solutions Norman Weinberger, M.D. Optimus Health Care President Emeritus Charles Burns

Dr. Marie Allen Norwalk Public Schools

Immediate Past President Leo Mellow

Robert Brady, M.D. Coastal Orthopaedics, P.C.

Executive Director/ Ex Officio Novelette Peterkin


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Dear Mission Partners, Thanks to you, Carver closes the “achievement gap” for low-income Norwalk youth. Carver students regularly become the first in their family to go on to earn a college degree. Carver youth may face steep uphill climbs, but we are there with rich opportunities, tools, and encouragement to help them reach the summit of their individual goals. Since 2005, 100% of our youth graduate on-time. In 2011-2012, even with the steady increase of youth involved in our afterschool programs, 26 percent of Carver youth earned High Honors, another 26 percent earned Honors, and 96 percent earned a C or better. The Carver model works. Carver began a year-long strategic planning initiative last summer to establish a five-year timeline for continued growth and impact. Carver’s Youth Development Program (established in 1970) is reaching 817 students in the 2012-2013 school year with intensive college-prep support, from 695 students in 2011-2012, and 435 in 2010-2011.

Carver alumna Sophia Lubin, Haitian immigrant, Carver student since middle school, graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, and a freelance designer for Aeropostale, was recently accepted into the highly competitive MBA program at the International Fashion Academy in Paris.

Our almost 100 percent privately funded financial picture also grew: Our 2012-2013 budget is $3,050,000; 2011-2012 Revenue $2,528,365, Expenses $2,498,285; 2010-2011 Revenue $2,226,230, Expenses $2,009,551. As I write this report to you we are preparing for our 75th anniversary gala that will honor Dick Whitcomb, the former headmaster of New Canaan’s St. Luke’s School, for his devotion to Carver youth since the 1960’s. Among his many other recent financial and personal contributions, Dick rallied his many friends to help renovate the community center. Please visit and see the transformation! Our 75 years of alumni are also rallying under the leadership of Erik Clemons, the Executive Director of the Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology in New Haven. Alumni events and other initiatives are underway.


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Carver nominated and won for City of Norwalk (for the third consecutive year) the America’s Promise Alliance “100 Best Communities for Young People” award. Our deepening partnership with Norwalk Public Schools and many other partners such as the 33-member Norwalk Collaborative for Youth Success informs Carver innovations and leverages Carver’s impact. Youth Voice initiatives invite youth to co-create Carver’s action agenda, including goals, strategies, metrics, and indicators of progress. Carver youth produced two Youth Forums in the 2011-2012 school year with an average of 500 people attending, the media moderating and a panel of community leaders, parents and teachers “listening.” State leaders invited Carver youth to testify before various education reform commissions and hearings. Carver’s 15-and-under AAU basketball team won 4 out of 5 games in the national competition this past summer. Both teams won by wide margins until they each lost in the final contest. An anonymous donor made the travel and housing possible for our teams to compete in Florida and in Las Vegas. Success for Carver youth requires cross-sector coordination, youth leadership, quality programs, evaluation, and advocacy. While this report briefly explains Carver’s programs and financial performance last year, the progress Carver inspires is the collective result of when our youth and their families, the public schools, donors and volunteers, and the public are brought together around a common agenda. This report speaks to the journey Carver is on with our many partners embracing collective vigilance, learning, and action. Only working together can new solutions to complex social challenges emerge. Together we are creating shared value through trust, relationships and communication. Sincerely,

Novelette Peterkin Executive Director


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Administrative Team Executive Director Novelette Peterkin Deputy Director Brian Allert Finance Manager Kristen Londona

Administrative Manager Amy Perry Desiree Preston Coker

Brien McMahon High School Site

Anthony Pryor

Grace D’Onofrio

Program Manager Waid Ramsubhag

Valerie McNamara

Jacqueline Roberson

Executive Administrator Elsie Lopez

Program Manager Debbie Ross-Williams

Development Director Jim Schaffer

Maria Ruiz Tara Seabrooks Kaaren Shoulders

Carver Center Site

Tammy Smith

Joanne Addison

Tracey Smith

Ralph Arnold

Eve St. Surin

Renee Cadlett

Angela Tarantino

Matthew Carswell

James Taylor Sr.

Program Manager Benson Casimir

Anthony Trusty

Rebecca Dombrowski

Chad Milling Lead Program Coordinator Sarah Molinelli Jeff Oliver Qadir Abdus-Salaam Jimmy Shuler Tangela Smith Chad Southerland

Autier Craft Diane Day Gerard Evans Teen Center Manager Tremain Gilmore Julius Jackson Kathryn Jobe Mike McElveen Dean McLeod Carmen Navarra


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Nathan Hale Middle School Site

Ponus Ridge Middle School Site

Roton Middle School Site

Christy Counts

Mary Judson Anderson

Alice Ayme

Carmen Delgadillo

Angela Askew

Angela Blue

Kathy Gamscik

Ann Marie Dustin

Lynn Corrigan

Antoinette Giles

Program Coordinator Joseph Giandurco

Brenda Farrell

Program Coordinator McKenlley Harrell

Mark Jackson

Margaret Lyon Chris Olden Lead Program Coordinator Dr. Thomas Stanford

Ellen Knapp

Timothy Williams

Cheryl Lignelli

Elaine Zawatski

Dr. Fred Pierre-Louis Georgia Mack

Norwalk High School Site Donna Carswell

Sheena Starks Marissa Ulmer

Lynn Federici Shannon Lusebrink Norma Mejia Lead Program Coordinator Robert Pennington Jose Perez Derek Sellers Stephanie Thom Dean Vaccaro

MaryAnn DiMeglio Katelyn Elkas Lead Program Coordinator Donna Ellett Chanel Gardiner Clare Juden Jackie Morgan Juliette Shimkess Jessica Slason Julie Ritch


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West Rocks Middle School

Carver Interns Regine Augustine

Additional Summer Staff

Jennifer Baker

Ny Aja Boyd

Shaneice Brown

Program Coordinator Victor Baptista

Kayla Deguzman

Amanda Burden

Naomi Hadarik

Sasha Caldwell

Program Coordinator Denise Barrington

Christopher Hayes

Raequon Calhoun

Marcus Hooks

Chelcia Foster

Janessa Joseph

Rebecca Gabriel

Tomar Joseph

Brittany Hankins

Laveau Cervalin Frank Cirino Denise Hermida Program Coordinator Laura Khamarji Kerwin Maldonado Martha Zombar-Negron Donna Reeves Cheryl Rogers Ms. Sabol Kara Williams

Tiba Huckabee Rottisha Lewis Joseph Linton Jacklyn Price Kailah Simon Daquan Skeeter Brian Langley Waid Tyler Walston


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linking school, afterschool, and summer learning to support student success


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:43 PM Page 11

Youth Development Program Schools cannot do it all. At the center of Carver’s student- and family-centered approach are our efforts to connect different learning environments to ensure that youth have continuous developmental supports, access to a broad range of learning, and smooth transitions between grades. Ours is an intentional, community-based effort to connect school, afterschool, and summer learning to support positive youth outcomes, develop continuous learning pathways, and provide equitable opportunities for both students and families. Professional development and support for students and families align with high expectations for every Carver student. Carver’s free, student- and family-centered afterschool Youth Development Program (YDP), also known as the PLUS program, is based within Norwalk’s four middle and two high schools as well as Carver’s busy community center. YDP staff includes certified teachers hired from within the participating schools. Reaching economically challenged and academically at-risk students with intensive, project-based learning college- and career-prep support, Carver presents its students with real-world, multidisciplinary problems that demand critical thinking, engagement, and collaboration. YDP operates four days a week, three hours a day in the school sites and five days per week, four hours per day at the Carver Center. All sites offer nutritious snacks and transportation. The students are recommended to Carver by their guidance counselors and teachers. Careful not to over-schedule youth with academics, each day’s programming is evenly balanced with academics, enrichment, and recreation to allow for creative time to explore and play.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:43 PM Page 12

By utilizing the extensive in-kind support of Norwalk Public Schools, the YDP budget is further leveraged through the deployment of dozens of skilled professionals, volunteers to help with homework, and mentors. Partnering agencies such as Shakespeare on the Sound, Maritime Aquarium and Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program provide in-depth exposure to many academic disciplines. Thanks to a significant multiple-year financial commitment from GE, Carver enhanced its STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programming in the middle school programs beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, which includes additional certified science teachers, robotics instructors, and math and technology instructors. Learning opportunities range from graphics arts to forensic science. Project-based hands-on learning is an integral part of our programming. Students explore real-world problems and challenges while simultaneously developing cross-curriculum skills working in small collaborative groups. Students develop confidence and self-direction more readily as they move through both team-based and independent work. YDP programming includes tutoring, instruction in math and science, literacy, life skills, college planning (including two one-day fall and ten-day spring college tours), creative writing, intense SAT, CAPT and CMT preparation, guidance counseling, art enrichment programs, and many other learning opportunities. The high school YDP includes paid internships and work opportunities. YDP also conducts parent workshops on topics such as IT, financial literacy, child advocacy, and on understanding standardized testing.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:43 PM Page 13

Measuring What We Value Since 2005, 100 percent of our youth graduate on-time. While 90.6 percent of white students graduated on time last year, the rate was 77 percent among black students, 78.7 percent among Hispanic students and 77.8 among low-income students. In 2011-2012, even with the steady increase of youth involved in our afterschool programs, 26 percent of Carver youth earned High Honors, another 26 percent earned Honors, and 96 percent earned a C or better. The Carver model works. Those are the highlights. Also measured are dozens of incremental indicators of progress such as standardized test scores and attendance. Carver tracks student progress with the Connecticut State Education Department endorsed APLUS System evaluation software. Data is collected from students using pre-tests and post tests to determine their skill set and knowledge base specific to reading, math, science, critical thinking skills and creative expression. Feedback is obtained using a qualitative method. Report cards, assessments, observations and performance on standardized tests are also used in assessing student’s performance. Teachers, guidance counselors and parents are interviewed by the Project Director prior to and at the conclusion of the term. Monthly parent meetings address issues, concerns, and opportunities.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:43 PM Page 14

Summer Learning More than a decade of research and evaluation studies on the “summer slide” suggests that, on average, students lose one month of instruction in reading and mathematics every summer. These losses are exacerbated for low-income students who have differing levels of access to formal enrichment activities when school is out. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University concluded that two-thirds of the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income youth results from unequal access to summer learning opportunities. Carver’s summer day-camp delivers irresistible, kid-approved learning opportunities, hands-on involvement, project-based learning opportunities and unique experiences that include science, travel, art, sports, history, nature and so much more. Youth are involved in one or more programs each summer from day trips to brushing-up on learning and leadership skills to sports and fellowship in between. From days enjoyed at the beaches, museums, zoos, and Six Flags to journeys to Connecticut’s orchards, Thimble Islands, and even NYC’s NBC studio, there is no limit to the imagination exercised in planning fun and discovery for summer camp. A specific summer camp program called C.A.M.P (Computer Academic Motivational Program) is designed to help students transition from the 5th to 6th grade. We offer a summer reading program at East Norwalk Library and at the Carver community center designed by Carly Imhoff while she was an student at Johns Hopkins University. Carly facilitated the program for several years and now Carver, with the support of volunteers, sustains this excellent program that incorporates the objectives of the Connecticut State English Language Arts frameworks.


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The Challenge and the Opportunity Carver STEM Education Without a firm grounding in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), our students will have little chance to contribute to the kinds of innovation that have fueled U.S. economic growth for decades. The fact that low-income students and students of color are least likely to succeed in STEM fields is an affront to our nation’s basic ideal of equal opportunity. This is a crucial time for Carver to continue to invest in its afterschool STEM programs. With a significant commitment from GE beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, Carver’s enhanced STEM programming sits at the junction of the school day and a free-choice, project-based learning environment for our youth. Rather than being duplicative of school, our programs are designed to explicitly relate to school-day learning in ways that can help children bridge their learning and accomplishments across settings. Carver’s STEM programming is expected to grow in size and importance with the advent of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts (which include literacy in science and technical subjects) as well as the Next Generation Science Standards becoming available in March 2013. Over the next several years—as new federal initiatives are implemented and new state assessment measures are developed—Carver will be seeking increased support for its role in helping Carver youth and Norwalk Public Schools excel in STEM education.


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The Cost of Dropping Out The best economic stimulus is a high school diploma and preparation for college and career without remediation. High school dropouts are less likely to earn a living wage, vote, volunteer in their communities, and they have a greater chance of being unemployed, incarcerated, uninsured, and receiving public assistance. Research shows that failure to graduate translates into a loss of approximately $9,618 a year in income compared to a person who does graduate. High school graduation is the single most powerful indicator of whether a young person coming from generations of poverty will break the cycle.

Afterschool for Student Success Because children spend only 20 percent of their waking hours in the classroom, Carver’s afterschool and summer learning programs are essential for student success. Hundreds of youth on our waiting list demonstrate that students, counselors, teachers and parents agree. Sustained participation in high-quality programs outside the classroom results in increased results in student performance on standardized achievement tests; improved work-study habits and homework completion rates; stronger feelings of engagement and school connectedness; increases in self-esteem; improved relationships with peers and adults; and declines in negative, risk-taking behavior. Low-income families, likely to be headed by a single parent, are increasingly stretched for time and resources. 47 percent of students in Norwalk Public Schools are eligible for free and reduced lunch; this poverty measure was 19.31 percent in 2002. 37.7% of Norwalk school district students come from homes where English is not the primary language; the number of non-English home languages is 57. Carver fills these opportunity gaps. To ensure success in college and career, young people need to achieve more than passing grades. They need to learn agility, adaptability, initiative, entrepreneurship, and effective oral and written communication. They need to have curiosity and imagination. They need Carver.


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Carver and Norwalk Public Schools Novelette, Thank you is really not enough to say. History was made again today at BMHS thanks to the generosity of your donors. 803 students, in 10th and 11th grades, took the PSAT for free today. I am so grateful for this opportunity for my kids. For the vast majority of my juniors, this was their second time taking this very important test. For many of my students this only happened because we were able to offer this for free during the day. Like anything in life, research shows that practice makes perfect, so having the opportunity to take this exam twice prior to taking the SAT is a huge advantage that many of my kids would not have had. The discussions in House (the BMHS advisory) about the importance of the test added to the purpose and air of seriousness of the day. It is spirit week and today was College Day. Watching my students walk into school in “college clothes” to have the opportunity to take this test, literally brought tears to my eyes. Please pass along my heartfelt thanks. Everyone should be VERY proud for the role they played in making this a reality. I hope you will be able to share your generosity with my kids again next year (and forever). Suzanne Suzanne Brown Koroshetz Principal Brien McMahon High School

For the third time in as many years, Norwalk is named by America’s Promise Alliance as being among the nation’s “100 Best Communities for Young People.” Here Suzanne Brown Koroshetz applauds Norwalk, one of three cities nationwide to be singled out for a live interview in the America’s Promise national webcast from Washington, DC, joined by hundreds of enthusiastic students and community leaders in the Brien McMahon High School CGS Community Room.


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Carver and Norwalk Public Schools Carver shares its strengths as a community convener, communicator, mobilizer, connector, and funder with Norwalk Public Schools in order to help more low-income youth become lifetime achievers. Carver’s commitment ranges from the major expansion of its Youth Development Program into Norwalk’s four middle and two high schools to paying the cost for the College Board to bring its instructive PSAT test inside the schools so all eligible students can benefit (after learning that few took the exam privately on weekends for a fee). Carver programs help middle school students transition into high school. We help improve school student culture by helping youth personalize their education, and by engaging their parents. Professional development of Carver staff, certified teachers in the schools hosting the Carver afterschool programs, is shared with their school day peers. Carver strives to align school curriculum with its afterschool programming. By invitation of the Norwalk Board of Education, Carver’s executive director, Novelette Peterkin, serves on the selection committee for the next superintendent of schools.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:44 PM Page 19


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:44 PM Page 20

The George Washington Carver Community Center For almost its entire 75-year history, Carver, or rather the George Washington Carver Community Center, was known more as a destination than its expanding afterschool program now reaching deep into Norwalk Public Schools. The address changed three times. Our center for the past 25 years, located at 7 Academy Street, is presently enjoying a complete facelift inside and out, including an enlarged computer lab on the second floor, thanks to the volunteer leadership of Dick Whitcomb and the financial and in-kind support of his many friends, especially David Campbell and Ring’s End. The community center remains a pillar of strength in the neighborhood and the location for most of Carver’s year-round volunteer activities. The center is a place for Carver’s robust afterschool programs and summer camp, food drives, appreciation and awards events, teen “Explosion” nights, parent leadership and learning opportunities, career fairs, encounters with professionals, memorial services, milestone celebrations, basketball and other sports leagues, lighted outdoor basketball courts, playgrounds and picnic areas, and many other facilities and activities reaching thousands of people young and old.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:44 PM Page 21

Carver Alumni Alumni have been returning regularly and enthusiastically to Carver through the decades, but now in this 75th anniversary year an alumni association is forming under the leadership of a committee led by Erik Clemons. The Carver community center, or rather “The Carver� as it is affectionately known by most, is what most alumni remember. During the planning meetings, we are realizing just how many Carver graduates live close by, how much our friendship and community matter to them, how proud they are of Carver, and how much they still care about the Carver mission. As they renew their ties and rediscover Carver, they will be encouraged to support their alma mater and to especially serve as role models for present day Carver youth.

Mayor Richard Moccia, the Fuller family, Rev. Dr. Lindsay Curtis and many others celebrating the memory of Richard Fuller, long-time former Carver Executive Director

(L-R) Tonya Williams Peterson, Karry Ballard, Barry Carlos, Denise Rawles-Smith, Diaghilev Lubin, Lauren Stevens (Front) Novelette Peterkin (Executive Director) and Erik Clemons


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:45 PM Page 22

Carver’s Volunteer Community Volunteers are integrated throughout Carver’s three areas of afterschool programming: academics, enrichment and recreation. Volunteers serve as tutors, mentors, homework helpers, career counseling, and skill-specific project-based learning providers. The community center engages individual and groups of volunteers for community events and initiatives and corporate team-building projects. The Fairfield County Sports Commission established its Cohen Fitness Center at the Carver community center. Corporate teams and individuals produce day-long fitness and healthy living programs for our youth. More than 500 volunteers commit themselves to Carver youth in a year. Carver was one of the initial charities to be profiled on the new Darien-based online volunteer portal and Carver is a vigorous participant of the Volunteer Center and other advocates of voluntarism such as the United Way and community foundations.


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Collective Impact Carver’s Executive Director is a member of the Norwalk ACTS leadership team that is among many other tasks working with STRIVE Cincinnati (Ohio) to bring the “Collective Impact” framework to Norwalk to help academically at-risk youth succeed in school. Unlike most collaborations, this new collective impact initiative will involve a centralized infrastructure, a dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants. Some of these elements already exist in Carver’s strong public-private partnership with Norwalk Public Schools and the many agencies and professionals engaged in Carver’s programs.

The Brien McMahon High School Cheer Leader Team helps rouse the hundreds of youth and adults gathered at their school to join the live national simulcast in Washington, DC, celebrating the City of Norwalk winning for the third consecutive year inclusion in the America’s Promise Alliance “100 Best Communities for Young People” award for which Carver serves as the nominator.


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Carver Celebrations Child of America Annual Gala Janine Smith, long-time member of Carver’s Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Group, and her valiant event committee welcomed almost 300 friends from across Lower Fairfield County to Carver’s eleventh annual Child of America gala held on Friday, June 15, 2012, to enjoy a spectacular evening at Darien’s Wee Burn Country Club. Guests gave generously to celebrate the expanding work of the Carver Foundation of Norwalk. David Smith, Connecticut’s premier auctioneer, revved-up the excitement by offering priceless experiences around the world. Among them was a chance to experience the 2012 Summer Olympic Games as the VIP guest of an international corporate sponsor! Virgin Atlantic provided the round-trip air transportation. Accommodations included the Five-Star Savoy Hotel. Alberto M. Carvalho received the Child of America award. Mr. Carvalho is Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), the nation’s fourth largest school system, serving a diverse student body of over 400,000, and is a national advocate for high quality education for all students. David Campbell of Ring’s End received the Community Builder award for making his company such an exemplary institutional stakeholder in our community and for personally making a significant difference in the lives of Carver youth and the greater Norwalk Congressman Jim Himes talking at the gala with Isaiah Mocommunity and beyond. hammed, a Bank of America Intern at Carver. The Connecticut General Assembly’s Achievement Gap Taskforce invited Isaiah to Hartford earlier in the year to present his ideas and observations following his participation in Carver’s Youth Forum on the same subject.


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Child of America Honorees The Child of America award honors leaders in the fight for educational opportunity and a just society. Past honorees were Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Roger Wilkins, in 2002, the first year of the award; Helene Gayle, MD, President and CEO of CARE USA; James Comer, MD, the Maurice Folk Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine; Geoffrey Canada, CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone; Cynthia Thompson, National Chair of The Girl Scouts of America; Cornell Leverette Moore, Esq., Grand Sire Archon-Elect, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity; the Reverend Dr. James Alexander Forbes, Jr., Senior Minister Emeritus of Riverside Church, NY, NY; Richard Fuller, the past Executive Director of the Carver Center (1978-2004); and in 2010 Debo P. Adegbile, director of litigation for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. In 2011, Elizabeth “Betty” Molina Morgan, Ph.D., former superintendent of Washington County Schools in Maryland and the 2010 American Association of Janine Smith, Gala Chair School Administrators National Superintendent of the Year, received this award. Dr. Morgan is currently the Executive Director of Grad Nation, an initiative of the America’s Promise Alliance. Founded in 1997, the America’s Promise Alliance, chaired by Mrs. Alma Powell, named the City of Norwalk among the “100 Best Communities for Young People” in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Its founding chairman is General Colin Powell. In 2012, the award recipient was Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:46 PM Page 27

Community Builder Honorees The Carver Board of Directors created The Community Builder Award in 2005 to recognize at our annual Child of America gala exceptional corporate leadership. Award recipients are honored for fostering a strong nonprofit sector in Norwalk and in meeting the educational and human service needs of its employees, their families and neighbors. Past award recipients were Pitney Bowes (2005), Affinion Group (2006), GE (2007), Stew Leonard’s and Norwalk Hospital (2008), Bank of America (2009), Deloitte LLC (2010), Pepperidge Farm (2011) and David Campbell of Ring’s End (2012).


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:46 PM Page 28

Carver Connections Parties In addition to Carver’s annual gala, individuals offer their homes and private clubs and committees form to help organize wonderful gatherings for friends and neighbors to learn about the work of Carver. Two such parties were organized last spring and summer in Darien and Rowayton. Hundreds of people enjoyed fine food and fellowship while learning about and advancing the mission of Carver. The delicious food for both Connections parties was donated by Atria Darien, prepared by Carrington Parker, food service director, and his team, and served by Linda Beckles, dining room manager, and her team. Special thanks go to Atria Darien Executive Director Wendy Winnick-Baskin, who has been a great supporter of Carver for many years.

L-R (back row): Novelette Peterkin, Bebz Eydt, Wendy Winnick Baskin, Alex Baudouin, Ann Eydt, Sarah French, Cathy Konstantin, Ruth Freeman. L-R (front row): Lorena Jiminez, Cecilia McCall, Joan de Regt. Rowayton Committee members not shown: Mike Barbis, Jamie Behr, Mollie Boyle, Karin Howells, John Igneri, Tracey and Russ Stidolph, and Claudia Zeller.


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:46 PM Page 29


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT_Carver annual report 7/15/13 1:01 PM Page 30

2011-2012 Review Financial Accountability Audited Financials for the year ending June 30, 2012 Total Assets: $777,832 Total Revenue: $2,528,365 Current Liabilities: $141,196 Total Expenses: $2,498,285 Net Assets: $636,636 Operating Surplus: $30,080


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:46 PM Page 31

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011 Carver sincerely thanks and seeks to recognize the many supporters who gave so generously to advance the Carver mission during the past fiscal year. Please let us know of any omissions or errors on this donor list or to request anonymity in future donor rolls. Space limitations require that we begin our list at $100 and above, though our gratitude is just as deep for all donors, including those who give in-kind gifts, regardless of their capacity to give at that level.


The Perrin Family Foundation


The Serenbetz Family Foundation

The Grossman Family Fund

United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

Inner-City Foundation for Charity and Education James G. Fitzpatrick Joseph Scarborough

Richard and Barbara Whitcomb Foundation

Michael and Karen Gregorich

GUARDIAN ANGEL $20,000 TO $99,999

Near & Far Aid Association

Allen S. Church

Pepperidge Farm, Inc.

Bruce and Sharon Bottomley

Richard and Alexandra Baudouin

Edward S. Moore Family Foundation

The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation

Fairfield County Community Foundation GE Capital, Americas

GUARDIAN $5,000 TO $9,999

Michael and Janine Smith

Affinion Group

Noroton Presbyterian Church

Alan and Marsha Ingber

Norwalk Public Schools-CMT and Intense Algebra

America's Promise Alliance Andrew Knuth

Norwalk Redevelopment Agency-CDBG


Paul Tudor Investment Corp. Swordspoint Foundation, Inc.

SPONSOR $10,000 TO $19,999

Bank of America Foundation, Inc.

The Community Fund of Darien

Dave Campbell

Bank of New Canaan, The

The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation

Douglas and Sandra Campbell

Brent and Christine Haney

First County Bank Foundation

Brian and Alexandra Kreiter


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:46 PM Page 32

Bryan and Leslie Street

GE Foundation

Pauline E. Fitzpatrick Charitable Trust


Giselle Wagner

Peter Ahrens

Carey Family Foundation

Healthcor Foundation Trust

Peter and Barbara Godfrey

Charles and Elizabeth Burns

Henry and Karen Keating

Peter and Laurie Maglathlin

Charles and Julia Hoffman, III

Howard and Suzie Landis

Peter Finnican

IBM Corporation

Richard and Jean Bollman

IBM Employee Services Center

Richard and Wendy Baskin

Isabel Cruz

Robert and Ann Eydt

Jack & Tricia Ryan Family Foundation

Robert and Carol Haskell

Jim and Elisabeth Ely

Robert and Jane Malcolm

John and Shona Seifert

Rook and Roll

Jonathan and Rachel Whitcomb

Ruthann Walsh

Ken Germann

Santiago Gilfond

Kevin and Janet Cramer

Scott and Eileen Oakford

Linda Richardson Harper Foundation

St. Luke's Foundation, Inc.

Louis and Sylvia Schulman City of Norwalk Carver College Tour David and Holly Hawes David and Karen Alexander Deloitte & Touche LLP Donald and Elizabeth Morgan Drs. Susan and Norman Weinberger Eric and Millyn Gaaserud First Congregational Church of Darien First Congregational Church of Greenwich Frank and Joanna Toscano Gary Holloway

Margaret Murray Marnie Zaffino Maurice Goodman Foundation

MENTOR $1,000 TO $4,999 Michael Benevento Michael Endico Michael Regan Newman's Own Foundation Norfield Congregational Church Norwalk Children's Foundation Patrick and Gretchen Callaghan


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:46 PM Page 33

St. Matthew's Parish

Westport Rotary Club Foundation

John Gregson

Steve and Janine Pickhardt

William and Alice Mahoney

John Igneri

Steve and Sandy Ward

William and Barbara Murphy

Karen Krupnik

Stolt Nielsen USA INC

William and Mary Pressley

King Industries

Sturgis and Carolyn Woodberry

William and Nicole Charney

The Goodnow Fund

Wilmot Wheeler Foundation, Inc.

The WRG Foundation

Wilton Congregational Church

Thomson Reuters Holdings Inc.

Xerox Foundation

Tim and Susan Jensen

COACH $500 TO $999

Tim Brown

Alessandra Laureda

Tom and Libby Butterworth

Alexander and Karen Zaharoff

UBS Matching Gift Program

Allen and Claudine Siegel

United Church of Rowayton

Andrew and Victoria Bieler Benson Casimir Brett Whitton Charles Cortellesi David Dirvin David McCarthy Debo Adegbile Doug Dooley Everett and Sarah Schenk Geoff and Lisa Schneider Gerard and Angela Murray Grace Baptist Church Haroldo V. and Lupita Williams


James and Alison Von Klemperer

Virgin Atlantic Airways

John and Sally Bassler

Leigh and Frances Wilson Lindsay and Janis Curtis M. Briggs Forelli Matthew and Mary Elizabeth Peterson Molly Moseley New England Insurance Services Peter Boone PhRMA R. T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. Richard and Beth Zucker


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:47 PM Page 34

Alexis Mead

Anthony and Aimee Richards

Alice Levin

Anthony and Brandi Maniscalco

Alison Gerstell

Anthony and Grace Coscia

Amy Parsley

Anthony Daddino

Andre and Garduth St. Surin

Anthony Ditrio

Andrew and Karen Bogdan

Arne and Helen de Keijzer

Andrew and Karin Howells

AT&T United Way

Andrew and Susan Mais

Barbara G. Lott

Andrew Garfunkel

Barbara Henry

Andy and Carmen D'Alessio

Beatrice Krawiecki Bert Ballin Betsy Gribble

Richard P. Gabriel

Bob and Cindy Hogan

Robert and Gail Storm

Bradley and Stephanie Jordan

Ruth Freeman

Brant and Jamie Behr

Simon and Ileen Sumberg

Brent and Kristina Puff

The Brennan Family Fund

Brian and Heatherlyn Schneider

Thomas and Wendell Livingston

Brian and Jennifer Foresta

Tom and Patty Severance

Brian and Jessica Bailey

Tremain Gilmore

Brian McQuade

W. Robert Haskell

Brien McMahon High School Alumni Association

William and Elizabeth Reiss Wynn and Robin Plaut

Anita Schmidt

Bruce and Cherie Burton

Friends $499 and Under

Anna Mae Skakel

Bruce and Margo Kirby

Alan and Ruth Winnick

Anonymous Donor

Bruce V. Morris

Alex and Elizabeth Salvi

Anonymous Donor

Bryan and Sara Murphy

Alexandra Falconer Austin

C. Flemming and Judy Heilmann


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:47 PM Page 35

Carl and Barbara Westhelle

Christopher and Mollie Boyle

Debra Ross-Williams

Carla Kupiec

Clarisse Thomas

Deirdre J. McGovern

Caroline Hadley

Claudine Holmes

Deirdre McAllister

Cathy Seibel

Clayton and Jennifer Sherman

Dennis and Nancy Meany

Charles and Ellen Powis

Community Baptist Church

Desiree Duda-Blumenthal

Charles and Kristin Collier

Constance Boll

Don and Gaylen Nash

Charles and Mary Lynn Phillips

Curtis and Betty Langley

Donald J. Greene

Charles and Regina Cheever

Curtis Law

Dorene S. Suggs

Charles and Schuyler Hinnant

D. M. and C. V. Owen

Charles and Susan Carroll

Dale and Inge Ortmeyer Dale and Kathleen Tubbs Dana Raphael Daniel and Doris Vetter Daniel and Jennifer Anderson Daniel and Susan Drake David Alpert David and Alison Smith David and Barbara Hazelton David and Cora Osherow David and Deborah Winnick David and Diane Boston

Dorothea Sullivan

David and Margot Congdon

Doug and Kelly Ambrose

Children of the American Revolution

David and Melissa Coughlin

Douglas and Donna Hempstead

Chris and Christine LaJaunie

David and Myra Wilson

Douglas and Janine Tienken

Christian Basketball Tournament

David and Sandra Kirchhoff

Dr. Lynne Moore

Christina Dahm

David and Susan Ballard

Dr. Susan Marks

Christopher and Heidi Keelips

David B. Jackson

E.C. and M.M. Carlson

Christopher and Kelly Powers

David Hunt

Edmond and Harriet Abel


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:47 PM Page 36

Edward and M. Lynn Dacey

Finn and Terry Wettergreen

Edward and Melissa Williams

First Niagara Bank

Eli and Erin Combs

Floyd and Frani Taylor

Elizabeth "Betsy" English

Frances Middleton

Elizabeth Beinfield

Fred amd Betsu Afragola Frame Advisors, LLC

Elizabeth Dwyer

Fred and Betsy Afragola

Elizabeth Pritchard

Frederick and Jill Klein

Elizabeth V. Gibbs

Frederick and Nancy Lione

Emilie I. Wiggin

GE Foundation Matching Gift Program

Emily Oppenheimer

GE United Way Campaign Geoffrey and Dana Berringer Geoffrey and Karine Sweitzer George and Diana Tsimoyianis George and Marilyn Steinberg Gladys Dowling Glen and Meghan Moore Glenn and Melinda Houck Glenn and Susan Crafford Gordon and Jennifer Brown Grayson Coale Greg and Aviva Lederman Greg and Cecilia McCall

Eric and Claudia Zeller

Greg and Sarah Baxter

Erik and Laurie Landsness

Gregory and Alison Hickey

Ethel Hinton

Gregory and Donna Wilson

Eugene and Janet Moseley

Harlan and Phyllis Murray

Eugene and Jessica Rigo

Harrison and Lisa Dunne

Harrison and Nancy Buck Helen LeVine Hugh and Vasso Kelly Ian and Paula Keller J R and Deborah Chapman J. Brooks and Sarah Ritchey Jacob and Jennifer Hyde Jacqueline Jarrett Jacqueline Steiner James and Alvia Hilliard James and Debra Goll James and Jennifer Schaffer James and Joan Whitehead James and Jodie Bishop


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:47 PM Page 37

Joan Byrne

Karen Martin

Joe and Sadie Smith

Karl and Lynee Andren

John and Gretchen Neff

Ken and Kristy Barclay

John and Gretchen Stevens

Ken and Silvia Doyle

John and Jennifer Fallon

Kenneth and Pam Ritt

John and Jennifer Ruth

Kenneth Futter

John and Joan de Regt John and Kristin Maloney John and Lisa Elwell, Jr. John and Lynne Vaught John and Michelle Sini, Jr. John and Mimi van Dyke James and Leah Hogan

John and Stephanie Devita

James and Melissa Petropoulos

John and Sue Goetz

James and Michelle McLane

John and Susan Serena

James and Sharon Patricelli

John and Tammy Harris

James Anthony and Tamara Pardo

John Gill

James Santos

John Keller

Janet G. Evelyn

John T. and Elisabeth A. O'Shea

Kevin and Claudia Sheehan

Jay and Cathy Droogan

Jon and Lisa Haas

Kevin and Kathy Walsh

Jay and Tina Boll

Jonathan and Helen Skipper

Kurt and Margaret Cellar

Jayne Sullivan

Jonathan and Rachel Albert

L. Thomas and Patricia Gleason

Jean Ely

Joseph and Hallett Parisi, II

Ladd and Catherine Seton

Jeffrey and Crista Bazoian

Joseph and Marilou Stadler

Lajos and Elizabeth Csery

Jeffrey and Cynthia Ingraham

Joseph and Patricia Cappalonga

Langdon and Jennifer Van Ingen

Jeffrey and Susanne Miller

Jules and Sydelle Lichtman

Laura Cramer

Jeremy and Mary Bloomer

K. and A. Gasvoda

Laure E. Dunne

Jerry and Lynne Minsky


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:48 PM Page 38

Leonardo and Liza Paglialunga

Mark and Emily DiTaranto

Pam Davis

Linda G. Hudson

Mark and Jody Sattler

Patricia Tyre

Lisa Brinton

Mark and Lexie Maruszewski

Patrick and Anne Mullin

Lisa Castillo

Martin and Rose Cohen

Patriot National Bank

Lisa Ives

Mary Russell

Lowell and Gretchen Brooks, III

Matthew and Paula Fortuna

M. Eric and Christine Smith

Megan Pryor

Macedonia Church Inc.

Michael and Carla Griffin Michael and Christina Cush Michael and Kristina Larson Michael and Marylou Salvati Michael and Nancy Herling Michael and Sharon Aresco Michael and Susan Cella Michael and Valerie Frost Michael Overbeck Migdalia Rivas Morgan and Jennifer Kennedy

Paul and Amy Darrah, Jr.

Myles and Pamela Ridder

Paul and Carla Wolters

Nancy Usic

Paul and Helene Bartilucci

Neal and Catherine Konstantin

Paul and Jennifer Dehmel

Ned and Wendy Brokaw

Paul and Karla Schimmeck

Marc and Brigitte Mansourian

Newman's Own, Inc.

Paul and Melissa Fiorita

Marguerite Fuller

Nick and Nia Kouchis

Paul and Patricia Krause

Marie Allen

Novelette Peterkin

Pauline Randall

Oliver and Gail Althoff

Peter and Allison Daniel

Palmer and Julia Sparkman, Jr.

Peter and Allison Stuart

Mack, Jr. and Izora Ebron

Marie Litchfield Marion and Roger Gilbert


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:48 PM Page 39

Peter and Jean Anne Barnes

Richard and Heather Hopkins

Peter and Jill Brannigan

Richard and Joanne Van Steen

Peter and Karen Orphanos

Richard and Margot Klingman

Peter and Lisa Rossi

Robert and Celeste Marsh, III

Peter and Page Morrison

Robert and Dee Sachs

Peter and Susan Graham

Robert and Kari Cardone

Peter J. and Cara Dyan Martin

Robert and Kristen Gildersleeve

Phil and Ginny Grant

Robert and Kristin Vrooman

Pierre and Elisabeth Lahaussois

Robert and Leslie Lawrence

Pitney Bowes

Robert and Marion Green

Randall and Lois Willie

Robert and Martha Baker

Rebecca Updegraph

Robert and Susan Oates

Richard and Antoinette Bain

Robert and Tamara Koen

Scott, Joan and Ilana Merlis

Richard and D. L. Munger

Robert and Tracey Duff

Sean and Alexandra Duffy

Robert and Virginia Martin

Sean and Bernadette O'Sullivan

Robert Doran

Sean and Sheila O'Boyle

Robert Kugel

Shaun Jackson, Inc.

Robert Patrick and Margaret Steele

Simply Originals, LLC

Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.

Stanley and Barbara Friedman

Roger and Marcia Smith

Stephen and Jean Thoma

Ronald and Holly Drake

Stephen and Lori Darby

Roy and Tara Carlberg

Stephen and Noeline Randall

Russ and Wendy Lynch

Stephen and Tracey Culliton

Samuel and Lesha Greengus

Stephen De Lange

Samuel Crawford

Steve and Susan Wallerstein

Sara Sikes

Stuart and Cynthia Smith

Sarah Lyons

Stuart and Galen Wells, III


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:48 PM Page 40

Susan Mansfield

W. James and Elinor Murphy

Susan Powell

W. Rahn

Suzanne Small

Warren and Kelly Pullen

Tammy Langalis

West Rocks Middle School

Tamra Lichtman

William and Darunee Wilson

Terence and Mara Neafsey

William and Kathleen Cole

Teresa and Allan Cunningham

William and Laurie Young

Thomas and Ann Piper, III

William Doody

Thomas and Elizabeth Ball

Willie and Sarah Herring

Thomas and Elizabeth Doughty

Wilton Presbyterian Church

Thomas and Lynn Anderson

Winston and Jennifer Holt, III

Thomas and Marla Sinchak Thomas Watson Tim and Margot West Timothy and Karen Ronan Timothy and Lara Walsh Tom and Deb Ritchie Tom Chiappetta Tomar Joseph Tony and Ann Spagnola United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut United Way of Northern Fairfield County United Way of Western Connecticut University of Phoenix Vallerie Williams Virginia Kilbane


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:48 PM Page 41


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:49 PM Page 42


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:49 PM Page 43

Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. - William Shakespeare


CARVER 2012-13 REPORT r5_Carver annual report 6/19/13 4:49 PM Page 44

The Carver Foundation of Norwalk, Inc. 7 Academy Street • Norwalk, CT 06850 203-838-4305


Carver Foundation of Norwalk 2011 2012 Annual Report  
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