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Carver Foundation of Norwalk 2013-2014 Review 2014-2015 Update Report to Our Community


The Carver Community

Founded in 1938 as a neighborhood community center, named the 2013-2014 “Nonprofit of the Year” by the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, Carver is the largest provider of after-school programs for middle and high school students in Norwalk. Carver’s Youth Development Program is conducted in the Carver Community Center and in Norwalk’s four middle and two comprehensive high schools. Carver also provides after-school programming for K-5 students at the Carver Community Center. A new custom program is underway in Briggs High School this year as part of the governor’s turnaround plan for the school. Carver helps Norwalk Public Schools raise overall student performance. Carver students out-perform their peers on standardized testing. Since 2005, 100% of Carver students have graduated from high school on-time, nearly 100% of our graduates attend college and 85% go on to earn a degree; 95% of Carver graduates are first generation college students. We offer college scholarships, multiple summer education programs, winning basketball travel teams, international learning opportunities, parent leadership, health and wellness programming, spring and fall college tours, food drives, community holiday events and more for the benefit of the Norwalk community.

We have gifts and talents


Governance and Leadership Carver Mission: To help children and youth reach their greatest potential by providing educational, social and recreational programs in a positive, safe and fun environment.

Board of Directors President Janis Curtis, William Pitt, Sotheby’s Vice - President Diana Napier The WorkPlace, Inc. Treasurer Jude Earl Alaba, Deloitte & Touche Secretary Valerie Watson Patriot National Bank Assistant Secretary Janine Smith, Marketing Consultant

Michael Gregorich Stone Point Capital William Leopold WFL Real Estate Services, LLC Jack Ryan GE Capital Norman Weinberger, M.D. Optimus Health Care Jonathan Whitcomb Diserio Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni LLP Richard Whitcomb St. Luke’s School, Headmaster Emeritus Executive Director Novelette Peterkin

Legal Counsel Simon Sumberg, Esq. Private Legal Practice

President Emeritus Charles Burns

Dr. Marie Allen Norwalk Public Schools

Immediate Past President Leo Mellow

We work hard so you’ll be proud of us


Dear Mission Partners

In keeping with the example of our namesake, the legendary scientist and educator George Washington Carver, we are always asking what’s possible. Thanks to the hard work and contributions of many individuals, organizations, and institutions, last year and the year now underway are years of investment, the steady expansion of our after school, summer and community programming, and the strengthening of our relationships and strategies. From the University of Pennsylvania’s Character Lab conducting research at Carver to a new Kids’ Fitness and Nutrition Services program conducted in partnership with Stamford Hospital, the Carver community is expanding in its reach and ideas. Last year, more than 500 future scientists, developers, engineers and mathematicians immersed themselves in a day of building robots, fuel cell-powered cars and wind turbines followed by a career expo at a symposium Carver conducted in partnership with Norwalk Public Schools, CBIA Education Foundation and dozens of exhibiting companies and organizations. From producing five distinct summer education programs this past summer serving more than 600 students throughout Norwalk to conducting our 44th annual spring 10-day college tour, Carver is keeping faith with its history while responding to emerging community needs and fostering the spirit of—and providing the infrastructure for—collaboration and increased impact. Our donor community remains as vital and enthusiastic as ever, from our annual gala to inspiring gatherings in advocates’ homes in Darien and Rowayton. This new fiscal year, our Board of Directors organized Carver’s first annual golf tournament at the Country Club of Fairfield. Carver is Community and Education, and we are Thankful. Carver is what you help us to be and to become. As we soon begin our 77th year, who is to say that these are still not Carver’s early years? Thank you for being such a vital part of the Carver story. Sincerely,

Novelette Peterkin Executive Director


After School

Carver is the largest provider of after-school programs for middle and high school students in Norwalk. Carver’s Youth Development Program (YDP) is conducted in the Carver Community Center and in Norwalk’s four middle and two comprehensive high schools with a 90+% daily average attendance rate. Carver also provides after-school programming for K-5 students at the Carver Community Center offering an evidence- and project-based curriculum in STEM (science Technology Engineering and Math), Literacy, Nutrition and Wellness, tracking performance on pre- and post-tests to determine a student’s mastery of content. YDP offers intensive college prep support, including free busing for each location. Our target after-school enrollment for 2014-15 is: Norwalk High School – 80 students | Brien McMahon High School – 80 students | Nathan Hale Middle School – 80 students | Ponus Middle School – 80 students | Roton Middle School – 80 students | West Rocks Middle School – 80 students Carver Community Center: (K-5 program) CASPER – 65 students | Jr. YDP – 45 students | Sr. YDP – 30 students. YDP maintains a 10:1 student-to-staff ratio and each after-school program is led by certified teachers hired from within the participating schools. Non-certified staff and professionals help facilitate programs. Additionally, select certified teachers are hired, especially in science, math and technology, to support our robust STEM education programming, including project-based activities such as Robotics, Hands on Science, marine biology, pre-engineering, videography and digital arts. Many partnering agencies include FIRST Lego (robotics), Shakespeare on the Sound, CPEP (engineering projects), Maritime Aquarium (marine biology), Sound Waters, Norwalk Seaport Association, Westport Playhouse, Northeast Children’s Theatre Company, Girl Scouts and many others that provide in-depth, hands-on exposure to many academic and enrichment disciplines and opportunities.

We are not statistics


Summer Learning

Carver facilitated five 2014 summer learning programs for 616 students receiving significant media attention. Our traditional summer enrichment program served 185 students (ages 5 to 13) at the Carver Community Center. Students participated in Reading, Math and Science programs that were facilitated by Norwalk certified teachers using evidenced-based curriculum aligned with the Common Core. The Connecticut Department of Public Health conducted its annual unannounced inspection and for the second consecutive year gave Carver a perfect score. The new summer enrichment program at Columbus Magnet School served 206 students (ages 5 to 13). Students participated in project-based activities, which were facilitated by professionals and partnering agencies such as the Maritime Aquarium, Stepping Stones Museum, Norwalk Seaport Association, Friends of Ryan Park, Girl Scouts and Norwalk Grassroots Tennis. In partnership with Norwalk Public Schools we facilitated two Freshman Summer Success Academies for incoming 9th grade students transitioning into Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon High School. For the second consecutive year, we implemented an academic credit recovery summer program for students at Briggs High School. Twenty-five students spent half of their day with a Math, Science and English teacher and the other half in a paid internship or job. This past summer six students successfully graduated as a result of their participation in the summer academy.

We are the future



The George Washington Carver Community Center is a place for continuous community activities from food drives and parent leadership programs to celebrations and sports leagues. The community center hosts K-12 after-school programs, summer camp, career fairs, holiday celebrations, awards dinners, our Step Dance Talent Showcase, and teen “Explosion” nights, reaching thousands of people each year young and old. In the community, Carver is called upon to meet additional needs and opportunities. For example, Stefan Pryor, Commissioner of Education for the State of Connecticut, selected Carver to provide wraparound services for Briggs High School students as part of the governor’s turnaround plan for that school, beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year. Another example is Carver being called upon to create a new summer education opportunity for young people in South Norwalk.

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling stands in the Carver Community Center gym with CT's winning state champions, Carver's 7th grade girls AAU 2014 Basketball League Team, coached by volunteer Daryl Johnson

The primary principles that drive all of Carver’s programs are high expectations of our young people with the final goal of graduating high school on-time and college-ready; academic rigor focused on project-based learning and individualized learning; building healthy relationships; student voice and taking responsibility; building community through defined structures of cooperative decision-making; and a youth development approach to instruction that recognizes individual strengths, needs, and learning styles.

We have hopes and dreams


Groups and individual volunteers are integrated throughout Carver’s three intense areas of after-school programming: academics, enrichment and health and wellness. Volunteers include tutors, mentors, homework helpers, career counseling, skill-specific projects. The Carver Community Center also utilizes individuals and groups of volunteers for community events such as Career Fairs, talent contests, student and family awards ceremonies, Teen Explosion Nights, many holiday celebrations, and food drives. Carver’s summer and holiday programs draw many more volunteers. The Fairfield County Sports Commission established its Chelsea Cohen Fitness Academy at the Carver Community Center involving volunteers. Corporate teams and private schools such as St. Luke’s School in New Canaan produce day-long events for our youth and undertake extensive renovation and clean-up projects. You may have your own ideas! Help Carver remove barriers to learning and increase access to learning supports and enrichment opportunities; help our families increase access to services and opportunity; expose youth to new learning opportunities and provide them access to personalized learning through web-based programs and activities; provide other key supports to help students get and stay on a pathway to high school, college, and beyond.


Congressman Jim Himes joins Deliotte volunteers on IMPACT Day

Norwalk Common Council member, Eloisa Melendez leads a cheer


Our Annual Gala

Our Gala on May 30th raised $521,500! Gala Co-Chairs Janine Smith and Dick Whitcomb joined Carver’s Board of Directors, our students and their families, staff and volunteers in welcoming nearly 300 guests to our annual celebration of building lifetime achievers. The evening began with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and good fellowship on the picturesque Wee Burn Country Club veranda. A live auction and dinner followed and then we danced to music of the “Best of the Gold Coast” rated band, The Short Bus, until 11PM! Photo Credit: Olivier Kpognon


Child of America Award

Morris Pleasure founded We R 1 Voice, a digital youth leadership initiative sponsored by the Carver Foundation of Norwalk that involves an Advisory Council and Youth Advisory Council of global leaders in the music industry. The United Nations and the new Ghana National Museum on Slavery are among the earliest institutions to invite the participation of We R 1 Voice youth in their respective communications. When Morris Pleasure (second front left) performed at Carnegie Hall on June 17, 2014, we presented Morris with the 2014 Child of America Award. Past Child of America recipients include Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Roger Wilkins; Helene Gayle, MD, President and CEO of CARE USA; Geoffrey Canada, CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone. Morris Pleasure, a renowned American composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and touring musician who began his career as a member of Ray Charles’ orchestra, was musical director for Earth Wind and Fire, performed with Michael Jackson for This Is It and is featured in the This Is It documentary, and has played with many performers including Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Roberta Flack, Natalie Cole, and David Foster.


Thank you, Darien and Rowayton Communities!

Rowayton The Rowayton Carver Connections Committee joined with party hosts, Lisa and Dan McHugh, to bring to life for the 11th year in a row a vibrant gathering of friends in a beautiful home for the benefit of Carver young people. Cocktails were generously provided by Fountainhead Wines of Norwalk and the sumptuous dinner was generously provided by Atria Darien. Profound thanks to the Rowayton Carver Committee members: Michael Barbis; Alexandra and Richard Baudouin; Jamie and Brant Behr; Mollie Jones Boyle; Joan and John de Regt; Ann and Bob Eydt; Ruth Freeman; Sarah French and Jim Fitzpatrick; Karin and Andrew Howells; Tracy and Ian King; Cathy and Neal Konstantin; Cecilia and Greg McCall; Chris Tierney and John Igneri; Wendy Winnick Baskin and Rich Baskin; and Claudia and Eric Zeller!

Darien Karen and Michael Gregorich generously hosted their third Carver Connections Darien party. The torrential rain only served to bring guests closer together under the tent where BARNSTORM entertained to everyone’s delight. We are deeply grateful to the event committee and Atria Darien for bringing such joy to the life of Carver. The Connections Committee included Karen & Mike Gregorich; Barbara & David Bell; Ana & Cliff Blaze; Gretchen & Scott Brooks; Anne-Lise & Don Brown; Mia & Charlie Cortellesi; Sandi Ennor & Rick Gabriel; Carla & Mike Griffin; Julia & Palmer Sparkman; and Melissa & Edward Williams!


2013-2014 Audited Financial Results Total Assets: . . . . . .$1,281,615 Total Revenue: . . . .$2,807,107 Current Liabilities: $ 974,947 Total Expenses: . .$3,145,284 Net Assets: . . . . . . .$ 306,668 Expense Allocation After School Education: .59% Community: . . . . . . . . . . . 9% Summer Education: . . . .1 0 % Administrative: . . . . . . . .1 3 % Fundraising: . . . . . . . . . . . 9%

Financial Review

We first expanded our successful Youth Development Program, conducted at the Carver Community Center since 1970, two Norwalk middle schools in the 2008-2009 academic year. Carver began to carefully add Norwalk Public School based programs in 2009-2010. Carver reached its capacity in 2013-2014, serving a maximum number of students in Norwalk’s four middle and two comprehensive high schools, as well as at the Carver Community Center, with 100% of our students still graduating on-time and college-bound. We are reducing our operating budget in 2014-2015 to strengthen our funding reserves. With almost 100% of our revenue resulting from private individual, corporate and foundation gifts, we are deeply grateful for your generous support through the years and for the years to come.

2012-2013 Audited Financial Results Total Assets: . . . . . .$ 914,025 Total Revenue: . . . .$2,842,077 Current Liabilities: .$ 269,180 Total Expenses: . .$2,833,868 Net Assets: . . . . . . .$ 644,845

2011-2012 Audited Financial Results Total Assets: . . . . . .$ 777,832 Total Revenue: . . . .$2,528,365 Current Liabilities: .$ 141,196 Total Expenses: . .$2,498,285 Net Assets: . . . . . . .$ 636,636

2010-2011 Audited Financial Results Total Assets: . . . . . .$ 797,676 Total Revenue: . . . .$2,226,230 Current Liabilities: $ 191,120 Total Expenses: . .$2,009,551 Net Assets: . . . . . . .$ 606,556

2009-2010 Audited Financial Results Total Assets: . . . . . .$ 514,373 Total Revenue: . . . .$1,484,820 Current Liabilities: $ 124,496 Total Expenses: . .$1,444,542 Net Assets: . . . . . . .$ 389,877

Expense Allocation After School Education: . . 53% Community: . . . . . . . . . . . .1 0 % Summer Education: . . . . . 6% Administrative: . . . . . . . . .2 0 % Fundraising: . . . . . . . . . . . .1 1 %

Expense Allocation After School Education: . .5 8 % Community: . . . . . . . . . . . .1 2 % Summer Education: . . . . . 7% Administrative: . . . . . . . . .1 2 % Fundraising: . . . . . . . . . . . .1 1 %

Expense Allocation After School Education: . .5 8 % Community: . . . . . . . . . . . .1 2 % Summer Education: . . . . . 7% Administrative: . . . . . . . . .1 2 % Fundraising: . . . . . . . . . . . .1 1 %

Expense Allocation After School Education: ....57% Community: . . . . . . ...........14% Summer Education: ........... 7% Administrative: . . . . ...........12% Fundraising: . . . . . . ...........10%


Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 The Community Fund of Darien United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

Carver Stars $100,000 and Up Anonymous GE Capital, Americas The Grossman Family Foundation Richard and Barbara Whitcomb Foundation State of Connecticut Department of Education Guardian Angel $20,000 or more Arthur Watson Bruce and Sharon Bottomley City of Norwalk

Edward S. Moore Family Foundation Fairfield County Community Foundation Anonymous-Laurence Weiss Michael and Janine Smith New Canaan Community Foundation Norwalk Redevelopment Agency-CDBG Richard and Alexandra Baudouin The Nielsen Company The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation The Serenbetz Family Foundation

Sponsor $10,000.00 to $19,999.99 Allen S. Church Christopher Thomas McDonald Healthcor Foundation Trust James G. Fitzpatrick Jessie B. Cox CLT - Cox Family Fund Mary Sue Bosch Michael and Karen Gregorich Near & Far Aid Association Newman’s Own Foundation Norwalk Children’s Foundation Pepperidge Farm, Inc. Serving All Vessels Equally Inc. The WRG Foundation Guardian $5,000 to $9,999 Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Brian and Alexandra Kreiter Catherine Wood Chris and Anne Hussey First Congregational Church of Darien First Congregational Church of Greenwich First County Bank Foundation


Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Jack and Patricia Ryan Karen Krupnik Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Noroton Presbyterian Church Norwalk High School Peter and Barbara Godfrey Richard and Wendy Winnick Baskin The Goodnow Fund Tim and Susan Jensen Vincent and Maryann Procaccini Mentor $1,000 to $4,999 Affinion Group Alan and Marsha Ingber Alex G. Nason Foundation Amy Gildea Andrew Knuth AT&T Foundation Bank of America -Merrill Lynch Ben and Heidi Sylvester Brett Whitton Bryan Katulski Charity Buzz Charles and Elizabeth Burns Christopher and Mollie Boyle

Daniel and Lisa McHugh Daniel and Paula Reingold Douglas and Sandra Campbell Drs. Susan and Norman Weinberger Edward and Linda Hortick Everett and Sally Schenk FactSet Research Systems, Inc. Fairfield County Sports Comission, Inc. Greg Manocherian Howard and Suzie Landis IBM Corporation James and Mary Himes Jim and Elisabeth Ely John and Joan de Regt

John and Shona Seifert John Foster John Igneri Jonathan and Rachel Whitcomb Jonathan Beyman Kevin and Janet Cramer Kevin T. Katse Leroy and Shirley Vaughn Anonymous Mark and Elaine Sullivan Matthew and Candace Wagner Norwalk Public Schools Patriot National Bank Pauline E. Fitzpatrick, Trust Peter Ahrens R. C. Bigelow, Inc. Richard and Jean Bollman Richard P. Gabriel Richard Wenning Robert and Carol Haskell Robert and Sharon Prince Rook and Roll Ruthann Walsh Scott and Gretchen Brooks, III St. Luke’s Foundation, Inc.


St. Matthew’s Parish Steve and Janine Pickhardt Steve and Sandy Ward Stolt Nielsen USA INC Sturgis and Carolyn Woodberry Suzanne Small Tauck’s World of Giving Ted and Rosi Rawson IV The Landegger Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Maurice Goodman Foundation Thomas and Wendell Livingston Thomas and Janet O’Connor Thomas and Marla Sinchak Tom and Libby Butterworth USTA CT Weston Kiwanis Club Foundation, Inc. Westport Rotary Club Foundation Westport Young Woman’s League William and Barbara Murphy William and Kristen Leopold William and Mary Pressley Xerox Foundation Coach $500 to $999 Alex De Boissiere

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Alexander Watson Allen and Claudine Siegel Anonymous Donor Blandine Lewine Brent and Christine Haney Brian and Kathryn McCormick Calvary Baptist Church Campbell Soup Foundation Capital Strategies Group, LLC

Carver Alumni Committee Charles and Julia Hoffman, III Community Health Systems David Dirvin Doug Dooley Douglas Adams Eric and Paula Dalrymple Grace Baptist Church IBM Employee Services Center


Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 Scott and Eileen Oakford Simon and Ileen Sumberg The Maybell Family Foundation Anonymous Verizon Matching Gifts W. Robert Haskell

James and Debra Goll James Fieber Joe and Marilyn Herbin Jonathan and Rachel Albert Jonathan and Susan Stone Manuel and Nadine Schultz MBIA Matching Gift Michael and Amy Diamond Michael and Michelle Diliberto

New Canaan Old Timers Association New England Insurance Services Nicole Cipriani Pitney Bowes PSEG Power Connecticut LLC R. David and Julie Genovese Robert and Ann Eydt Robert and Suzanne Koroshetz Ruth Freeman

Friends $499 and Under Aaliyah Peast Abigail Moore Adam and Allison Benenson Alan and Ilene Frost Alan and Loni Haas Alan and Ruth Winnick Alex and Elizabeth Salvi Alice Levin Allen Yale Amy Perry Andrew and Karin Howells Andrew and Pamela Whitaker Andrew and Susan Mais Anna Mae Skakel Anne and Eric Baurmeister Annie Cheng Anthony and Cathy Maranon


Anthony and Victoria Woodruff Anthony Coscia Apollo Education Group Arne and Helen de Keijzer Arnold and Sally Rutkin Arthur Simmons Ashley Orellana AT&T United Way Bankwell Financial Group, Inc. Barbara Henry Bard and Barbara Bunaes Beatrice Krawiecki Benefit Planning Services, LLC Bert Ballin Bettina Hegel Brant and Jamie Behr Brian Allert Brian and Susanna Filanowski C. Flemming and Judy Heilmann Carl and Barbara Westhelle Carmen Molinos Cassandra Burns McDonald Catherine J. Moffatt Catherine Vaughn Charles and Barbara G. Lott

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Charles and Jill Koons Charles and Mary Lynn Phillips Charles and Mindy Green Charles and Susan Carroll Charles Cortellesi Charles Halasz Charles Hinnant Charles Roy Charlotte Lyeth Burton Christine Bandoni Christopher and Kelly Powers Christopher and Serena Richards

Christopher and Susan Lue Chuck and Sandy Drimal City Carting and Recycling, Inc. Claudine and Michael Holmes Constance Boll Cornelius J. Howe Curtis and Betty Langley Dale and Inge Ortmeyer Dale and Kathleen Tubbs Dana Raphael Daniel and Susan Drake David B. Jackson David and Alexandra Austin David and Deborah Winnick David and Diane Boston David and Elizabeth Mettler David and Myra Wilson David and Sara Hunt David and Susan Ballard David and Suzanne McCollum David Westmoreland David Williams David, Jenny and Julianna Lee Debra Ross-Williams Desiree Duda-Blumenthal


Diane Blasco Diane Winston Donald and Anne-Lise Brown Jr. Donald and Carolyn Chiodo Donald and Gaylen Nash Donald and Geraldine Fager Douglas and Elizabeth Harmon Dr. Lynne Moore Drew and Katie Turnbull Dulce Weigel E. Wynn and Robin Plaut Earmia Lee Edward and Amanda Stearns Elizabeth (Betsy) English Elizabeth Beinfield Elizabeth Burke Elizabeth Burt Elizabeth Dwyer Elizabeth V. Gibbs Elizabeth Wernqvist Elsie Lopez Eric and Claudia Zeller Ethel Hinton Fairfield County Vending Frank and Joanna Toscano

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 Fred and Betsy Afragola Frame Advisors, LLC Gabe and Jennifer Morrow GE United Way Campaign Gene and Susan Shanks Geoffrey and Dana Beringer George and Diana Tsimoyianis George and Karen Korner George Steinberg Gerard and Angela Murray

Gigiann Van Dyke Glenn and Melinda Houck Grace Robinson

Grant and Samantha Keller Greg and Cecilia McCall Gregory and J. D. B. Davis Gregory and Kelly Lesko Grove and Jean Ely Harriet Abel Harrison and Lisa Dunne Harrison and Nancy Buck Helle Jepsen Memorial Fund Henry and Karen Keating Howard T. Owens Hugh and Vasso Kelly Ian and Tracy King J R and Deborah Chapman J. Brooks and Sarah Ritchey Jacqueline Steiner James and Joan Whitehead James and Alvia Hilliard James and Alison Von Klemperer James and Jeanette Wheeler James and Jennifer Schaffer James and Margaret Riley James and Melissa Petropoulos James and Susan Brewer James Pulie


Jane Christie Janet G. Evelyn Janine Deering Jeannette Pascarelli Jeff and Alix Townley Jeffrey and Crista Bazoian Jeffrey and Cynthia Ingraham Jeffrey and Susanne Miller Joan Byrne JoAnne Addison John and Mimi van Dyke John and Amanda Harchuck John and Anda Hutchins John and Gretchen Stevens John and Helen Ong John and Jessica Baylis John and Jody Pullan John and Michelle Sini, Jr. John and Stephanie Devita John and Susan Serena John Collins John Gill John Keller Jon and Jen and Frattaroli Jon and Lisa Haas

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Jonathan and Ashley Wakim Jose Perez Joseph and Marilou Stadler Joseph and Patricia Cappalonga Joseph and Shannon Giandurco Juanita James Judith Rivas Jules and Sydelle Lichtman Junius R. Clark, III K. D. and Ruby M. Bullock Karen Casey

Karen Vogel Keandra Snider Keith and Virginia Bachman Kelly Heese Kelsey Ortiz Ken and Bella Casanova Ken and Kristy Barclay Kenneth and Pam Ritt Kenneth Lanouette Kevin and Allison Gasvoda Kevin and Claudia Sheehan


Kevin and Kathy Walsh King Industries Kyle R. Heaslip Laura Talafous

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Laure E. Dunne Laurie Bellis Laurine Browder Lawrence K. Brown

Leslie and Ted Vagnone Linda Fergus Lisa Castillo Lisa Ives Liza Paglialunga Lori Diaz Lynne Burgess MacDonald and Elise Budd Madelaine Hane Mahtab Uddin Ahmed Malcolm Haith Marc and Barbara Thorne Marge Appleby Margery St. John Marie Allen Marion Gilbert Mark Feinberg Marlene Loper Martha Brown Martin Magida Mary Beth and Justin Livengood Mary Russell Matthew and Paula Fortuna Michael and Carla Griffin Michael and Charlotta West


Michael and Elizabeth Klein Michael and Jenny Field Michael and Kristina Larson Michael and Nancy Herling Michael and Pamela Jefferson Michael and Valerie Frost Michele Helms Mike Barbis Nancy Usic Nathaniel and Mary Yordon Neal and Catherine Konstantin Nelly Pinto

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Nicholas and Paola Sordoni Nigel and Kimberley Ekern Norbert and E. Diana Napier Novelette Peterkin Pamela Davis Patricia Gonzalez Patricia Redway Patrick and Julie Begos Patrick Raffaele Paul and Amy Darrah, Jr. Paul and Judith Mocciola Paul and Karla Schimmeck Paul and Melissa Fiorita Pauline Randall Paxton Blair PDC International Corporation Peter and Christine Martin Peter and Page Morrison Peter and Sarah Canelli Peter Burt Phillip and Ann Peloquin Pierre and Elisabeth Lahaussois Polly Perkins Johnson Ponus Ridge Middle School Randal and Lois Willie

Reid and Sue Campbell Renae A. Valdes Richard and Antoinette Bain Richard and Beth Zucker Richard and D. L. Munger Richard and Heather Hopkins Richard and Joanne Van Steen Rob Cevulli Robert and Leslie Lawrence Robert and Gail Storm Robert and Jane Cannavino

Robert and Maria Johnston Robert and Marion Green Robert and Martha Baker Robert and Meghan Pennington Robert and Paula Nusslein Robert and Susan Doran Robert Kugel Robert M. Sachs Robert Patrick and Margaret Steele Roger and Marcia Smith Roger and Marty Gilbert


Ron and Margaret Thorpe Ronald and Carolyn Dominici Ronald and Holly Drake Ronald and Vallerie Williams Rose Cohen Ru Zhong Chen Russ and Wendy Lynch Russ Jones Russell and Tracey Stidolph Sadie Smith Samuel Crawford Sandra and Juan Guzman-Rodriguez Sanford and Josephine Anderson Sarah Sheikh

Our Mission Partners July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

Sarah Waters Sean and Bernadette O’Sullivan Shirley Nichols Srinivas Akarapu Stacey and Kimberly Russell Stephanie & Stuart Ross Stephen and Christine Rooney Stephen and Emily Vehslage Stephen and Noeline Randall Stephen De Lange Steve and Susan Wallerstein Steven Kwok Steven Risbridger Stew Leonard’s Susan Dunlap Susan Gray Tamar K. Mays Tamra Lichtman Tara Olson Teresa and Allan Cunningham Terrie Wood Terry Wettergreen Thomas and Debra Ritchie Thomas and Elizabeth Ball Thomas and Elizabeth Doughty

Thomas and Lynn Anderson Thomas Stanford Tim and Margot West Timothy and Lara Walsh Timothy Ditlow Tom and Paricia Tyre Chiappetta Tremain Gilmore Trisha Mark UBS Matching Gift Program United Congregational Church United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut United Way of Western Connecticut Vallerie Beattie-Henry Verica Jean-Felix W. A. Banks and Meredith Edwards W. Hutchinson Pegler, Jr. Waidnath Ramsubhag Walter and Lynn Maginnis William and Elizabeth Reiss William and Kathleen Cole William and Laurie Young William and Margaret Anderson William and Marge Harrington William and Mary Johnston

William and Ruth Freeman Wistar Dean Wallace Young Women’s League of New Canaan



The Carver Foundation of Norwalk, Inc. 7 Academy Street • Norwalk, CT 06850 203-838-4305

Carver Annual Report 2013-2014  
Carver Annual Report 2013-2014