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Carver 2012-2013 Review 2013-2014 Update Report to Our Community

The CaRveR WORld Founded in 1938 as a neighborhood community center, named the 2013 “Nonprofit of the Year” by the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, Carver today is the largest provider of free after-school programs for middle and high school students in Norwalk, CT. Carver’s free after-school Youth Development Program, so named in 1970, began its expansion into Norwalk Public Schools in 2008, and is now conducted in the Carver Community Center and in Norwalk’s four middle and two high schools. Carver also offers college scholarship funds and multiple summer programs, winning basketball travel teams, international learning opportunities, a parent leadership academy, health and wellness programming, spring and fall college tours, food drives, community holiday events and more for the benefit of the Norwalk community.

Building lifetime achievers

CaRveR is lifeTime

• education • enrichment • health and wellness • graduation • achievement

GOveRnanCe and leadeRship Carver Mission: To help children reach their greatest potential by providing educational, social and recreational programs in a positive, safe and fun environment. Board of directors Janis Curtis, President William Pitt, Sotheby’s Diana Napier Vice - President The WorkPlace, Inc. Jude Earl Alaba, Treasurer Deloitte & Touche Valerie Watson, Secretary Patriot National Bank Janine Smith, Assistant Secretary Marketing Consultant Simon Sumberg, Esq. Legal Counsel Private Legal Practice Dr. Marie Allen Norwalk Public Schools

Michael Gregorich Stone Point Capital Brent Haney Haney College Placement Consultants Brian J. Kreiter Bridgewater Associates, LP William Leopold WFL Real Estate Services, LLC Cristina Linton Deloitte & Touche

Richard Whitcomb St. Luke’s School, Headmaster Emeritus

Jack Ryan GE Capital

executive director Novelette Peterkin

Norman Weinberger, M.D. Optimus Health Care

president emeritus Charles Burns

Jonathan Whitcomb Diserio Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni LLP

immediate past president Leo Mellow

Dear Mission Partners, 2013 will mark the passing of 75 years since our doors first opened in 1938, the year our country abolished child labor in factories. From the time the first young people called themselves Carver kids, we have undergone a series of changes that have brought us to where we are today — the largest free after school program in Norwalk Public Schools. Each era at Carver was special in its own way. Today we are proud and grateful that 100% of our seniors graduate on-time and go on to college and/or career, and in recent years more than 50 percent of our students achieved honors or high honors. Your support and involvement honors their commitment to succeed in school and life. The Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown, NY in 1938, and in the same spirit we honored Dick Whitcomb with our Lifetime Achievement Award last May at our 75th Anniversary gala. Since his earliest years at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, Dick and his students have been volunteering at Carver. Several years ago, Dick formed Carver’s Strategic Planning Group, which brought many new resources and leaders in support of our mission. Over the past year, Dick recruited the significant financial and in-kind support necessary to renovate the Carver Community Center, which has not benefited from such thorough going renewal since the building’s construction in 1975. Today, Dick is a member of our Board of Directors and is asvital as ever to Carver’s young people and parents. Our after school model includes a close partnership with Norwalk Public Schools; being closely involved in the shift to the new Common Core State Standards; academic staffing with certified teachers; enrichment support with outside experts; project-based learning opportunities built into each program; school-by-school curriculum flexibility with the middle schools naming their own programs (Ponus P.R.I.D.E, Nathan Hale B.A.R.K, Roton S.T.R.I.V.E., West Rocks R.E.A.C.H) and central data collection and student-by-student analysis by Carver.

Our students experienced both personal and team successes this past year. A Ponus engineering team naming themselves “Smarties” earned third place in the Magnetic Levitation Category at a statewide competition. Of the five Carver robotics teams fielded this past year, Ponus “Lego Legends” won 4th place in the regional competition held in Greenwich. We collaborated with Westport Playhouse, Shakespeare on the Sound to provide a variety of cultural and arts programs. We conducted our 43rd annual 10-day college tour and the 8th annual Career Fair this past year. For the third year we produced a college boot camp for girls and college boot camp for boys at the Carver Community Center. And our “Meet the Professionals” series remained an important opportunity for our young people. 2014 will mark the beginning of our implementation of a new five-year strategic plan after a full year of study and analysis. New programs are already underway. Based on our success this past summer with a pilot program, we hope to expand our summer 2014 programs for elementary students transitioning into middle school and middle school students transitioning into high school. Thank you for your vital part in the Carver story, which will hopefully carry on for 75 or more years of our “building lifetime achievers.” Sincerely,

Novelette Peterkin Executive Director

CaRveR is edUCaTiOn

Linking school, afterschool and summer learning to support student success

YOUTh develOpmenT pROGRam Blending optimism with pragmatism, mixing impatience with the status quo and with enthusiasm for our many partners’ contributions, Carver is opening up the world of possibility for Norwalk young people. We connect talent to opportunity by partnering with Norwalk Public School teachers, administrators and our many community partners. Carver reached 842 students in the 2012-2013, 695 students in 2011-2012, and 435 in 2010-2011 fiscal years with intensive college-prep programming and support. Continued incremental growth is planned until we reach our 2020 goal of 90% of all Norwalk Public School students graduating on-time and college-ready. Carver’s after-school Youth Development Program operates four days a week in Norwalk’s four middle and two comprehensive high schools and five days a week in the Carver Community Center, at least three hours a day. Students are recommended to Carver by their guidance counselors and teachers. All sites offer nutritious snacks and free transportation. The student to adult ratio is 10:1. Each day is balanced with academic, enrichment, and health and wellness programming. Led by certified teachers, the program includes tutoring, instruction in math and science, robotics, literacy, life skills, creative writing, intense SAT, CAPT and CMT preparation, guidance counseling, and (for high school) paid internships and work opportunities. Teachers are involved in curriculum development and we ignite student interest through project-based learning, team-based learning competitions, and by incorporating input from working professionals. Carver’s method pays close attention to the bonding of teachers and students and uses after-school and summer programs to pre-bond students with teachers that they will have later in formal classroom settings. Our liTeRaCY programs focus on one-on-one and small group activities consistent with Connecticut’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts. Community partners provide opportunity for creative writing through the arts. Partners include Shakespeare on the sound and Northeast Children’s Theatre Company. Literacy activities are keyed to daily classroom instruction and to skills identified by the students’ teachers as needing work.

YOUTh develOpmenT pROGRam maTh programs focus on one-on-one and small group activities consistent with CCSS for Mathematics and/or the Connecticut Core Science Curriculum Framework. Math activities include: Intense Algebra as designed by the Charles A. Dana Institute; Go Math including TimezAttack which is research proven to get students fluent in their math facts in 8 to 12 hours; Financial Literacy, facilitated by Stacia Morris, Author of Teen Money 101; Math Pays; Writing and Creating a Checkbook; Fractions, Decimals, Percentages; Rate; Area, Volume, and Perimeter; Algebra; Tables, Charts and Graph; and Math trivia competitions. Khan Academy, with in-class support, is also utilized. sCienCe programming is delivered by certified Science teachers hired from each of the school sites as well as partnering organizations and volunteer professionals utilizing the schools’ resources and result in age/grade appropriate activities centered on Science concepts. For example, the Maritime Aquarium provides weekly one-hour hands-on classes with a tour of the Maritime Aquarium on the last session. Sessions include squid dissection, exploring the habitat of the Long Island Sound, global warming, learning about seals and more. The Maritime educators travel to each school site with all the animals. Other teachers and partnering organizations address Middle School Connecticut Science Standards. TeChnOlOGY activities include: iMe Digital; nature photography and film; videography; Artistic Creations; Garage Band; and computer animation. Dr. Thomas Stanford, a Carver Program Coordinator and a 6th grade Science teacher at Nathan Hale Middle School, is creating a new Computer Science curriculum for our middle school students drawing on the resources of the Norwalk Public Schools.

YOUTh develOpmenT pROGRam enGineeRinG partners include FIRST LEGO League (robotics) and CT Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP). Engineering activities include A Roller Coaster activity; Fuel Cell Experimentation; Just Breathe – creating a model pair of lungs with everyday products; a review of the greatest engineering achievements of the 21st Century; Trophy Tower, and Hit the Target game. FIRST LEGO League, for example, is a robotics program for youth aged 9 to 16, designed to get children excited about science and technology and teach them valuable employment and life skills. Carver robotics teams consistently compete well against a field of mostly far more seasoned teams from across the state. A Carver team placed 5th this past academic year. The children do the work and the work is programming an autonomous robot (using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set) to score points on a thematic playing surface, creating an innovative solution to a problem as part of their project. These three elements – the Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values – make up what is called the yearly Challenge. Like any other organized “sport”, teams also fundraise, create a team identity, and go on field trips. This activity also engages volunteer professionals from Norwalk manufacturers. healTh & Wellness programming addresses health, nutrition and physical activity consistent with Connecticut’s Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework for Comprehensive School Health Education and Comprehensive Physical Education. The Wellness Component is broken into four activities: Health, Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Rap Tuesday (confidential peer sharing facilitated by a social worker).

sUmmeR leaRninG No one who attended the Summer Success Academy received a behavioral referral for the first semester. In fact, no freshman received a suspension until October 28. This has never happened in my seven years at BMHS. The faculty reports superlatives about this class and I attribute a part of that to the halo effect of the positive behavior and attitude of the 48 students who attended the Summer Success Academy. Once again, I am in debt to the wonderful and caring people at Carver who do so very much to support BMHS students, families, teachers, and administrators. It is my hope that – with your continued generosity – we will be able to offer the Summer Success Academy to many future classes of rising freshmen. Suzanne Brown Koroshetz, Principal, Brien McMahon High School Carver is planning to significantly expand its summer programs beginning in summer 2014 to help Norwalk students transitioning into Middle School and those transitioning into High School. Carver conducted a pilot program this past summer for Middle School students transitioning into Brien McMahon High School with support from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and other donors. The Hour as well as the Nellie Mae Foundation featured the success of this program. The Hour’s lengthy article excerpted below described all three of Carver’s 2013 summer programs, the other two being a credit recovery and internship initiative at Briggs High School for 25 students, and the traditional academic program at the Carver Community Center for 175 students. NORWALK — In a moment of truth on the tennis courts at Brien McMahon High School (BMHS) recently, science teacher Ed Grillo prepared to launch student-made water- and air-propelled bottle rockets as more than 25 incoming freshmen watched expectantly. The project was the finale of one of three Carver Center-sponsored student enrichment programs happening this summer in Norwalk. “Anyone knows that the transition between middle school and high school can be challenging. The goal of this program is to provide enrichment activities to get the kids ready for high school,” said BMHS principal Suzanne Koroshetz. “Studies have shown that the smoother the transition, the more successful students will be.”

sUmmeR leaRninG

The COmmUniTY CenTeR The George Washington Carver Community Center Inside and out, The Carver Community Center is nearing the completion of its renovation. The leadership behind this transformation is Dick Whitcomb, long-time volunteer, advocate, donor and now member of the Carver Board of Directors. Donors adopted rooms to be refurbished and Ring’s End provided essential improvements such all new windows and many enhancements hidden to the eye. King Industries, Inc. gave us a new entrance that would be fitting for a Greenwich estate. Ring’s End and King Industries were named Carver’s Community Builder Honorees in 2012 and 2013 respectively. In the coming months the gym ceiling will be replaced. The Carver Community Center is just that – a place for countless community activities from food drives and our parent leadership academy to celebrations and sports leagues, from K-12 after-school programs and summer camp to career fairs and teen “Explosion” nights, reaching thousands of people each year young and old.

CaRveR daY Carver Day, September 19, 2013 NORWALK — Thursday afternoon, the Carver Center’s backyard was crowded. Students socialized, played, slid down the bouncy castles and ate cotton candy. Local dignitaries took pictures. Center alumni barbequed, while Carver staff looked after everyone. They were all there for the Carver Center’s block party, celebrating the community center’s 75th anniversary and Carver Day, so proclaimed by Mayor Richard Moccia at the event…. “There’s a lot to celebrate today,” Peterkin said. “A lot to celebrate.” State Sen. Bob Duff, D-25, agreed when addressing students before Moccia read his proclamation. “The Carver Center is one of the best non-profits in the city of Norwalk, if not Fairfield County and maybe even the state of Connecticut,” Duff said. “They’ve done a great job for each and all of you in helping you with after school programs.” It was an occasion to celebrate, too, for program alumni, many of whom are coming together to raise money for Carver’s scholarship fund….

CaRveR vOlUnTeRs Carver’s Volunteer Community When the Great Hurricane of 1938 made landfall the community came together to help each other, and that spirit is alive and well today at Carver. Groups and individual volunteers are integrated throughout Carver’s three intense areas of after-school programming: academics, enrichment and recreation/health and wellness, e.g., tutors, mentors, homework helpers, career counseling, skill-specific projects. The Carver Community Center also utilizes individual and groups of volunteers for community events such as Career Fairs, talent contests, student and family awards ceremonies, Teen Explosion Nights, many holiday celebrations, and food drives. Carver’s summer and holiday programs draw many more volunteers. The Fairfield County Sports Commission established its Chelsea Cohen Fitness Academy at the Carver Community Center involving many volunteers. Corporate teams and private schools such as St. Luke’s School in New Canaan produce day-long events for our youth and undertake extensive renovation and clean-up projects.

CaRveR is CeleBRaTiOn

Richard Whitcomb, Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

75Th anniveRsaRY Gala Carver Foundation of Norwalk, Inc.

Long-time board member, Janine Smith, chaired Carver’s 75th anniversary gala that honored Carver’s most vital volunteer leader for many of those decades, Dick Whitcomb. Our Community Builder Honoree was King Industries. Our Keynote Speaker was Deborah Augustine Elam, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, GE. David Smith, Connecticut’s premier auctioneer, reved-up the excitement by offering priceless experiences around the world. More than 325 friends from across Lower Fairfield County came together to enjoy a spectacular evening at Darien’s Wee Burn Country Club. Guests gave record-breaking contributions to celebrate the greatly expanding work of the Carver Foundation of Norwalk. The gala was scheduled to end at 9PM, but people elected to stay until midnight not willing for the evening’s joy to end. What the evening celebrated, the success of Norwalk youth, will never end. Carver Center’s 75th Anniversary Gala raises $750,000 for education Thursday, May 23, 2013. By LESLIE LAKE, Hour Staff Writer


NORWALK — …New Canaan resident and Carver board member Janine Smith chaired the annual event. “I realized when I first became involved with the Carver eight years ago what a fantastic and dynamic organization it is.” Smith said. “Novelette is a visionary leader-unique in both the non-profit and educational worlds. She has created cutting edge programs dedicated to meeting the needs of Norwalk youth.”

75Th anniveRsaRY Gala The gala’s honoree, Richard Whitcomb, Headmaster Emeritus, of St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, received the Carver Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest Carver honor. Whitcomb has been instrumental in raising over $3 million during his years of involvement with the Carver Center, according to Peterkin. “It’s nice to have been honored, but really it wasn’t necessary,” Whitcomb said. “This is labor of love for me.” In 2002, Whitcomb retired as headmaster from St. Luke’s, a position he held since 1980, and founded a scholarship fund to enable economically challenged students, many from Norwalk, an opportunity to attend St. Luke’s School. Since his earliest years at St. Luke’s School, Whitcomb and his students volunteered at Carver. St. Luke’s students, parents and faculty continue to host holiday parties and provide volunteer support to the Carver community. …GE this year made a significant commitment to the advancement of Carver’s STEM education programming. More than 40 GE employees were in attendance. Jack Ryan, Senior Vice President, GE Capital, and Carver board member, introduced his longtime friend and colleague Deborah A. Elam, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, GE, who gave the Keynote address. Elam challenged the evening’s guests to “not accept the things we can change,” extolling Carver’s successes as an example of what works brilliantly for the benefit of all children….

pasT Gala hOnORees past Child of america honorees

Each year, Carver honors leaders in the fight for educational opportunity and a just society with its Child of America Award. We used this occasion to honor Dick Whitcomb with an exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award in May 2013. All honorees are exceptional role models for our youth who through their thought, word and deeds inspire us all. Past Child of America honorees were Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Roger Wilkins, in 2002, the first year of the award; Helene Gayle, MD, President and CEO of CARE USA; James Comer, MD, the Maurice Folk Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine; Geoffrey Canada, CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone; Cynthia Thompson, National Chair of The Girl Scouts of America; Cornell Leverette Moore, Esq., Grand Sire Archon-Elect, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity; the Reverend Dr. James Alexander Forbes, Jr., Senior Minister Emeritus of Riverside Church, NY, NY; Richard Fuller, the past Executive Director of the Carver Center (1978-2004); Debo P. Adegbile, director of litigation for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. For the 10th annual awards ceremony, we honored Elizabeth “Betty” Molina Morgan, Ph.D., Executive Director of Grad Nation, an initiative of the America’s Promise Alliance. Founded in 1997, the America’s Promise Alliance, chaired by Mrs. Alma Powell, named the City of Norwalk among the “100 Best Communities for Young People” in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Its founding chairman is General Colin Powell. Dr. Morgan was the former superintendent of Washington County Schools in Maryland and the 2010 American Association of School Administrators National Superintendent of the Year. In 2012, we honored Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

past Community Builder award honorees

The Carver Board of Directors created The Community Builder Award in 2005 to recognize at our annual gala exceptional corporate leadership. Award recipients are honored for fostering a strong nonprofit sector in Norwalk and in meeting the educational and human service needs of its employees, their families and neighbors. Award recipients, Pitney Bowes (2005), Affinion Group (2006), GE (2007), Stew Leonard’s and Norwalk Hospital (2008), Bank of America (2009), Deloitte LLC (2010), Pepperidge Farm (2011), David Campbell of Ring’s End (2012), and King Industries (2013) are exemplary institutional stakeholders in our community and make a significant difference in the lives of Carver youth and the greater Norwalk community and beyond.

ROWaYTOn COnneCTiOns paRTY By Joan de Regt, Rowayton Connections committee member Sophia Lubin, an alumna of the Carver Center’s Youth Development Program, spoke to about 100 people attending the Rowayton Carver Connections Fundraiser. Lubin is a graduate of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design and currently a freelance designer for Aeropostale. Her family came to Norwalk from Haiti when she was young, and she started at the Carver after-school program ten years ago. At that time, she had no idea that she would ever attend college. In her speech, Lubin attributed much of her success to Carver, and to Executive Director Novelette Peterkin in particular, recounting the story of her junior year in high school when she just wasn’t that interested in getting good grades. Ms. Peterkin kept after her to do her homework and keep her grades up. “I wasn’t going to let her get away with it, when I knew what she was capable of,” laughs Peterkin. Hosted by Alan Shurr of Crescent Beach, Rowayton, the fundraiser marks the tenth year that the Rowayton Connections Committee has supported the Carver. Many of the members have remained on the committee for all ten years, believing that the Carver Foundation is a Norwalk gem that deserves to be recognized and supported for its ambitious and successful programs, and its positive impact on the lives of generations of Norwalk kids.

Carver alumna Sophia Lubin, Haitian immigrant, Carver student since middle school, graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, and a freelance designer for Aeropostale, was recently accepted into the highly competitive MBA program at the International Fashion Academy in Paris

CaRveR is ThankfUl

finanCial RevieW 2012-2013 Review Financial Accountability

AUDITED 2012-2013 INCOME $2,842,077 In - Kind & Other 4%

Audited Financials for the year ending June 30, 2013

Government 3%

Total Assets: $914,025

Foundations 38%

Total Revenue: $2,842,077

Individual 46%

Current Liabilities: $269,180 Total Expenses: $2,833,868

Corporate 9%

AUDITED 2012-2013 EXPENSE $2,833,868

Net Assets: $644,845 Operating Surplus: $8,209

Youth Summer Programs 6%

Youth Recreational Programs 5%

Community Programs 5% Youth Educational Programs 49%

Fundraising & Development 11% General & Admin 20%

OUR missiOn paRTneRs Our Mission Partners July 1, 2012-2013 Superman first appeared in DC Comics’ Action Comics Series issue #1 in 1938. Today, we look to our many generous mission partners as heroes no less wonderful and vital. We sincerely thank and seek to recognize all those who commit themselves to the advancement of the Carver mission. Space limitations require that we begin our list at $100 and above, though our gratitude is just as deep for all donors, including those who give in-kind gifts and our hundreds of volunteers. Carver Stars $100,000 and Up Anonymous GE Capital, Americas Grossman Family Foundation Richard and Barbara Whitcomb Foundation

The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation The Perrin Family Foundation The Serenbetz Family Foundation The Community Fund of Darien

Guardian Angel $20,000 to $99,999

Sponsor $10,000 to $19,999 Allen S. Church Anonymous Donor Bank of America Foundation, Inc. Bruce Ritter Carl and Amy Kuehner Healthcor Foundation Trust James G. Fitzpatrick and Sarah French Jonathan and Rachel Whitcomb Mattias Bowman Michael and Karen Gregorich Near & Far Aid Association

Anonymous Bruce and Sharon Bottomley City of Norwalk Fairfield County Community Foundation GE Real Estate Horizon Foundation, Inc. Laurence Weiss Michael and Janine Smith New Canaan Community Foundation Norwalk Public Schools Norwalk Redevelopment Agency-CDBG

Newman's Own Foundation Noroton Presbyterian Church Pepperidge Farm, Inc. Richard and Alexandra Baudouin Richard and Ellen Knight Richard and Wendy Winnick Baskin Robert and Sharon Prince United Way of Coastal Fairfield County Guardian $5,000 to $9,999 Alex G. Nason Foundation Brent and Christine Haney Chase and Wendy Carey Chris and Anne Hussey Fairfield County Sports Comission, Inc. First Congregational Church of Greenwich First County Bank Foundation Greater Fairfield County Foundation, Inc.

OUR missiOn paRTneRs Greg Manocherian Greg Smith James and Deborah Fieber Ken Germann Linda Richardson Harper Foundation Michael Wilkins Richard P. Gabriel Roger and Mi-Sun Freeman Saxe Foundation, Inc. St. Luke's Foundation, Inc. Tim and Susan Jensen Tom and Libby Butterworth UBS Matching Gift Program Vincent A. Procaccini Wilmot Wheeler Foundation, Inc. Mentor $1,000 to $4,999 AďŹƒnion Group Alan and Marsha Ingber Alan Shurr America's Promise Alliance Anatole and Joan Penchuk Andrew Knuth Anonymous Bank of New Canaan, The Ben and Heidi Sylvester Bill and Barbara Cox

Brett Whitton Charles and Denise Lucarelli Charles and Elizabeth Burns Charles and Julia Homan, III Charles Roy Connecticut Automotive Retailers Assn. David and Christine Wagner Diageo Employees Donald and Geraldine Fager Doug Dooley Douglas and Lisa Perlman Drs. Susan and Norman Weinberger Everett and Sally Schenk FactSet Research Systems, Inc. First Congregational Church of Darien GE Foundation Gene and Susan Shanks Howard and Suzie Landis IBM Corporation IBM Employee Services Center Jack and Trish Ryan Jim and Elisabeth Ely John and Joan de Regt John Igneri John Levin and Diane Keefe Levin Jonathan and Rachel Albert Kenneth Lang

Kevin and Marite Ashley Kevin McDonald Lowell and Gretchen Brooks, III M.B.I.A. Foundation, Inc. Margaret Kelly- Murray Michael and Deborah Brennan Norwalk Children's Foundation Pauline E. Fitzpatrick, Trust" Peter Boone, MD R. C. Bigelow, Inc. Reid and Sue Campbell Robert and Carol Haskell Robert and Jane Malcolm Rook and Roll

OUR missiOn paRTneRs Westport Young Woman's League William and Lisa Powers William and Mary Pressley William and Nicole Charney Xerox Foundation Young Women's League of New Canaan

Shelle Cleveland Simon and Ileen Sumberg St. Matthew's Parish Stephen Mainzer Steve and Sandy Ward Stolt Nielsen USA INC Sturgis and Carolyn Woodberry The Justice Education Center, Inc. The Maurice Goodman Foundation Thomas and Wendell Livingston Thomas and Marla Sinchak Thomas Watson Tom and Erika Luthy Tom Watson

Coach $500 to $999 Allen and Claudine Siegel Anne Casclone Bonita Maddox Brian Kriftcher Campbell Soup Foundation Chris and Laura Sigg Cli and Ana Blaze Collins Funeral Home Community Health Systems David Kline Debo Adegbile Deutsche Bank Matching Gift Program Dionne Boyd Douglas and Allison Milne Edward and Linda Hortick GE United Way Campaign George and Patricia Benington Grace Baptist Church Guy Bailey

Harry Donenfeld Foundation Henry and Karen Keating James Adrian Je Sandreuter John and Susan Serena Kaila Walker Kim Holder Leigh and Frances Wilson Matt and Maggie Kelley Michael and Marylou Salvati Pauline Randall Phillip and Ann Peloquin R. T. Vanderbilt Holding Company, Inc. Richard and Beth Zucker Robert and Ann Eydt Robert and Mary Campbell Robert and Susan Doran Ruth Freeman Santiago Gilfond Scott and Eileen Oakford Ted and Anne Grogan The Tombros Foundation Thomas and Susan Flanagan Tom and Paricia Tyre Chiappetta Tracy Hughes United Way of Central & Northeastern CT Veronica Ford

OUR missiOn paRTneRs William and Barbara Murphy William and Elizabeth Reiss friends $499 and Under Alan and Ruth Winnick Alan Haas Alexandra Falconer Austin Alice Levin Allison Doran Amy Jimenez Andrew and Karin Howells Andrew and Susan Mais Anna Mae Skakel Arthur Simmons AT&T United Way Barbara Blumenfeld Brian and Kathryn McCormick Brian and Kathy Usher Brian and Susanna Filanowski Brian McQuade Brinley Ehlers C. Flemming and Judy Heilmann Carl and Barbara Westhelle Catherine Vaughn Charkit Chemical Corp Charles and Camille Spaulding friends $499 and Under

Charles and Emily Dreas III Charles and Jill Koons Charles and Mary Lynn Phillips Charles and Susan Carroll Chris Lewis Christopher and Mollie Boyle Constance Boll Dale and Kathleen Tubbs David and Deborah Winnick David and Diane Boston David and Sara Hunt DeCausey Bail Bonds Dennis and Nancy Meany Don and Gaylen Nash Donald K. Takacs Doug and Catherine Johnston Doug and Kathryn Leister Doug Peoples E. Wynn and Robin Plaut Edward and Kerry McFarlin Edwin and Louise Brooks Elizabeth ""Betsy"" English Elizabeth V. Gibbs Elliott and Marguerite Sisson Eric and Claudia Zeller Eric and Paula Dalrymple Erik and Sharon Clemons

Eugene and Jessica Rigo Finn and Terry Wettergreen Fred amd Betsy Afragola Fred and Elsie Ashley Geo and Dana Berringer Georey and Melba Kelly George and Diana Tsimoyianis Gerard and Angela Murray Gigiann Van Dyke

OUR missiOn paRTneRs friends $499 and Under Glenn and Melinda Houck Greg and Cecilia McCall Gregory and Donna Wilson Harlan and Phyllis Murray Harrison and Nancy Buck Howard and Sandra Nottingham Howard Mills Hugh and Christine Burke Hugh and Vasso Kelly Ian and Tracy King J R and Deborah Chapman James and Alison Von Klemperer James and Jodie Bishop James Pulie Janet Aley Jean Ely Jean Felix Je Kress Jerey and Susanne Miller Jerry and Lynne Minsky Jim and Margaret Riley John and Mimi van Dyke John and Anne Hutchins John and Barbara Erdmann John and Courtney Oldrin John and Helen Ong

John and Helene Crawford John and Kristin Maloney John and Nidy Hendrickson Jon and Lisa Haas Jonathan and Helen Skipper Joseph and Marilou Stadler Joseph and Patricia Cappalonga Joseph Giandurco Kallima Clarke Karry and Bernice Ballard

Keith Bachman Ken and Kristy Barclay Kenneth and Pam Ritt Kenya Townsend Kevin Campbell Kimberly Gaddy Kurt and Lisa Anderson Laure E. Dunne Lenox Stuart, III Linda D. Applegarth

OUR missiOn paRTneRs Linda G. Hudson Lisa Brinton Lisa Ives Lucius Briggs Lynne Burgess Manuel and Nadine Schultz Marcus Proctor Mario L. A. Smith Marion Gilbert Mark and Ninette Enrique Mark and Ronelle Swagerty Martha DuBissette Matthew and Paula Fortuna Michael and Elizabeth Klein Michael and Kathleen Kirby Michael and Nancy Herling Michael and Phyllis Turin Michael and Valerie Frost Michael Antonietti Michael Reshi Ross Michael Shiers Mohammed and Simu Halim Monica Williams Motorola Solutions Foundation Neal and Catherine Konstantin Neal and Maryellen Cravens Nelson and Beth Griggs

New Canaan Old Timers Association Nickel and Augusta Reesema Norbert and E. Diana Napier Norwalk Guardian Assoc, Inc" Norwalk Police Union Palmer and Julia Sparkman, Jr." Pam Davis Pamela Grays Patricia Bobwich PDC International Corporation Peter and Lisa Rossi Peter and Page Morrison Phil and Ginny Grant Pierre and Elisabeth Lahaussois Pitney Bowes Pointe Builders, LLC" Renita Crawford Richard and Antoinette Bain Richard and Heather Hopkins Rick and Joan Agresta Robert and Marion Green Robert and Virginia Martin Robert Patrick and Margaret Steele Robert and Meghan Pennington Robery and Emily Grabowski Russ Jones Russell and Tracey Stidolph

Ruth Weldon Sabina Miller Sandra Ennor Sanford and Josephine Anderson Saul and Elissa Hyatt Shawn Wong Won Sonia D. Bell Stephen and Lynne Goldstein Stephen De Lange Sue Okie Suzanne Small Terri Smith Thomas and Elizabeth Doughty Timothy and Jessica Knowles Troy Haynie United Congregational Church United Way of Central & Northeastern CT United Way of Western Connecticut W. Robert Haskell Wendy Trevil White Mountains Capital, Inc. William and Laurie Young William and Margaret Anderson William and Ruth Freeman William and Sarah Klein Wilton Presbyterian Church

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. William Shakespeare

The Carver foundation of norwalk, inc. 7 academy street • norwalk, CT 06850 203-838-4305

2012 2013 Annual Report  
2012 2013 Annual Report