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EVOLVE All learners within EVOLVE can complete a LASER Award, Certificate or Diploma qualification. The curriculum offered is individualised to meet their needs as outlined within their Educational Health Care Plan.

EVOLVE I LEARNING, EMPLOYABILITY & PROGRESSION [ENTRY 3] EVOLVE II PREPARING TO GET A JOB [ENTRY 2] EVOLVE III PERSONAL PROGRESSION [P5-E1] Within the Evolve programme you will cover a balanced programme focussing on the following areas: • Personal Social Development • English and Maths • Information Technology • Business Enterprise • Supported Work Experience.

LEARNERS WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES AND/ OR DISABILITIES The College has earned an excellent reputation for its courses for Learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities (LLDD). Our experienced tutors are highly trained and specialise in helping people with many different types of difficulties and/or disabilities to ensure you make the most of your time with us. You will improve your independence and confidence, and develop your skills for employment such as good communications and responsibility and where possible undertake some work experience. In addition, we offer fantastic enterprise schemes to help you learn new skills, build confidence and work as a team.

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Langley College Course Guide 2019-20  

Langley College Course Guide 2019-20