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G N I N R A E L N O I T FOUNDA Our Foundation Learning provides courses up to and including Entry Level and Level 1. Whether you didn’t quite get the grades you were hoping for, have no formal qualifications or have been out of education for a while, our foundation courses will help you improve your skills, gain a qualification and progress to further study or employment.

A FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS • We offer personalised programmes for those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities that can put you on a journey towards a qualification, further study, employment/supported employment and/or independent living. • Our friendly advisors are highly trained to help guide you according to your ambitions, expectations and interests. • You will be taught by friendly, talented tutors who will help and support you through your courses to help you achieve your goals. • You can get hands-on, learning new skills such as motor vehicle, childcare, beauty therapy, construction, ICT or customer service. • We offer multiple starting points for courses throughout the year.

52 I Course guide 2019/20

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Langley College Course Guide 2019-20  

Langley College Course Guide 2019-20