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to the Christmas 2016 edition of our school magazine which encourages us to reflect on all the wonderful learning opportunities that have taken place this term. As you will see from the following pages, we have made very good use of the excellent facilities that we have here on site, however, we also have a very strong outdoor and off-site curriculum. Learning outside the classroom supports the provision of memorable activities resulting in meaningful learning; an approach we are embracing with our developing Forest School. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Paula Wareing - Head Teacher

The Big Dig In October we were part of a local project run by Big Heritage, together with Woodchurch C of E Primary School, to investigate the history of Woodchurch. The Big Heritage team came to school to excavate a small part of our car park lawn to look for artefacts and natural materials. It was a busy day that involved digging, sieving and washing finds. All the pupils involved were very excited to be searching for any hidden treasures, and to learn more about the history of our area. Unfortunately we didn’t find any gold coins, but we recovered pottery fragments and materials from old houses that previously stood on the site. We learnt lots of interesting information about Geology and the Geography of our area, and thoroughly enjoyed getting our hands dirty! Loren Miller

This term in English we have been looking at the work of Roald Dahl. In September we celebrated his 100th birthday by completing a range of activities based around his stories. Alongside this we have been looking at extending our vocabulary as well as writing for different purposes. All groups have been working hard to improve handwriting. Learners in Stars and Fusion have been looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have invented our own chocolate bars, acted out some of the scenes and used games to explore the features of language especially rhyme. They have also used story cubes to inspire their writing and story telling. Sun group learners have been looking at Boy, Tales of Childhood which is an autobiography of Roald Dahl’s childhood. We have also explored a variety of grammatical terms and tried to incorporate these into our writing.

Miss A Branch

Moon group has been focusing on The Twits. They have looked in detail at each chapter in turn and talked about the pranks that Mr and Mrs Twit have played on each other.

Post 16 students have been looking at The BFG. They have unpicked the story and have a good understanding of the plot and the characters involved. They have written a variety of texts around the story. They have also explored the Autumn scenery and created a description using their senses.

This term in Maths we have been covering all aspects of the subjects under the whole school topic ‘60’s and 70’s’. In statistics, the Sun group gathered information about album sales in these decades and turned the information into graphs, suggesting reasons why album sales have changed over time. The Star group has learnt about shape by looking at the work of the artist Don Flavin who uses bright lights, bold colours and the repetition of geometric shapes to create his exhibitions. In Post 16, the learners have been developing their number skills using everyday scenarios. 16L practised counting on in 5’s by pricing up train tickets in 5p increments. Everybody has worked very hard in Maths this term and I look forward to seeing this continue in the Spring Term.

Mrs Dunn


This term we were very lucky to have another Music Roadshow perform for us. Five musicians from the Music Service played a range of orchestral instruments and pieces. Our favourite ones included movie themes, such as excerpts from Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. In class, we have been exploring Rhythm and Pulse, tapping steady beats and counting in 2s, 3s and 4s. We have developed our group working skills, composing short rhythmic pieces and performing to the class.

Music Club continues to be popular, Lauren has built up lots of points on the Song Quiz App, with her extensive musical knowledge! We have begun singing our Christmas songs, practising for the Carol Service and some Carol Singing events that raise money or bring cheer to the community. Watch out for us on Twitter or Facebook to see how we get on. Mrs Hughes

This term we have been enjoying weekly visits to Eastham Woods on Wednesday afternoons. The learners who selected the Forest School activities option, have explored the woods and improvised a lot of their own games. The Forest Schools ethos encourages young people to develop team work and communication skills, manage risk and build resilience and self-reliance. The learners have enjoyed making journey sticks, climbing, ’sword fighting’, treasure hunts and discovering a range of unusual creatures, including a bright green caterpillar with a brown horn! Most of all, the learners have loved the mud. Having said that, one of the most popular activities was fire lighting. Everyone was given a demonstration of how to light a fire and the equipment that they would need before working within a small group to make a fire. Of course no campfire is complete without marshmallows! All of the learners involved in Forest School this term have demonstrated exemplary behaviour and must be commended for this. Well done guys! Mrs Dunn

Flair Learners in Flair group have enjoyed this half term, welcoming a new teacher to the team—Mrs Lawrence. Katie, Kieran and Ellie remember her from The Lyndale School. We have made good use of the Immersive space, using woodland scenes to extend our Autumn topic and the space and planets scene to learn about the world around us. We have explored leaves and seeds, making a nature display in the classroom and enjoying the crunchy leaves in our hands and under our feet. Our main topic has been ‘Stepping Back In Time’ and we have especially enjoyed listening to the music of the 60s and 70s, chilling on the beanbags. We have a sensory schedule now, with a daily focus on different sensesMonday-Visual Tuesday-Touch Wednesday—Switch Thursday– Smell Friday - Sound Mrs Hughes

BONJOUR! Learners in KS3 have practised basic French vocabulary, including greetings, parts of the body and classroom instructions. Some pupils have even started to learn how to use a bilingual dictionary and others took on the challenge of singing in front of the class!

MFL Pupils in KS3, Fusion and Flair have enjoyed listening to French songs from the 1960s as well as watching cartoons such as Asterix and Obelix to become familiar with French sounds and intonation.

ยกHOLA! The MFL department has also started a new Spanish Lunchtime Club on Fridays, where pupils have the opportunity to experience another language through an interactive language journey.

Flair group learners are creating a beautiful display with flags from different French speaking countries, while they enjoy the soundtrack of the French movie Amelie. Mrs Ubeda

Design & Technology Beech and Chestnut groups designed and made a diorama, or scene with 3D figures, based on scenes from the film ’Joseph and his Technicolour


Fusion group—Sean prepared gum tape to help reinforce the boxes used to make the diorama.

Key Stage 4 pupils have worked on the Health and Safety module for their Entry Level certificate in Product Design.

Ms Hoffmann

Religious Education The theme for Key Stage 3 this term has been Relationships. Pupils played a game based on friendship, discussing what makes a good friendship, a not so good one and a bad friendship. They were very discerning in their answers.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated items for our whole school Harvest Assembly which was led by Mrs Hughes. We donated over 50kg of food to Wirral Food Bank. The theme for Fusion Group this term has been ‘Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat.’ Learners have really enjoyed watching the film and listening to the music. Sean particularly enjoyed the singing and watching the dancing. We used a story box to reinforce the story and Jamie-Leigh was excellent at role playing using the dolls and props. Learners have also decorated fabric pattern pieces that will be sewn together to make Joseph’s coat of many colours.

Ms Hoffmann

The whole school Art theme this term has been the Pop Art Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Fusion learners explored Andy Warhol’s celebrity portraits and then did their own portraits in that style. Katie enjoyed using the light box and had great control when following the contours of her face.

Key Stage 3 pupils have explored and developed portraits by putting them into repeats.

Post 16 learners painted portraits in the style of the artist Roy Lichenstein. Ms Hoffmann

Acorn Group practised skills in observational self portrait drawing and then painted portraits in the style of the Pop Artist Romero Britto.

Computing Computing lessons have focused on blogging, taking care to keep safe and post only appropriate comments and threads. We have designed avatars to use as profile images, instead of actual photos.

We explored animated gifs to create Powerpoint presentations and developed skills in attaching files to email and saving in different locations . We have continued using iPads to take photographs– Katie had great timing to capture an image of an onscreen character from a video clip.

A group of keen computer coders worked with Tim Quinn, former editor of Marvel Comics, at a Coderdojo, an event for pupils to learn how to code and be creative with technology. Mrs Hughes

Work Related Learning. Ewan, Claira, Ellie and Kiaran are enjoying work experience at Best Bites Cafés in Wallasey and Bromborough. They attend every week and are learning lots of new skills. For this term learners are working in the dining room, learning how to take customers’ orders, how to set the tables correctly and about stock rotation. After Christmas Ewan will be based in the kitchen where he will be taught how to use the dish washer, how to prepare salads and snacks, he will also be making drinks and assist in making scones and other cakes. Claira, Ewan, Kiaran and Ellie are showing great potential and are happy to work as part of a team. Debbie Gardiner and Jenny Wilson

Ellie has also undertaken a work experience placement in Hairdressing at Mendell Court this term which she really enjoyed.

Daniel is really growing in confidence in his retail work experience placement at the ’Red Cross’ in Hoylake which he attends on Fridays.

Cambridge Road Work Experience We have been on a Work Experience placement to explore the roles at a Day Centre.

Kim has been helping with baking and craft activities.

Kieran has been encouraging the clients to socialise and play Wii, pool and Bingo!

Aimee and Helena helped in the Beauty Room, getting their nails painted! Trish Pude TA3

We marked Global Outdoor Classroom day this year with a host of lessons held outside in our beautiful school grounds. Maths lessons involved some active shape making, and sorting. Computing lessons were about looking closely at nature and capturing it on the iPad to make into a collage. Science focused on classifying materials with different properties. Music lessons involved collecting sounds by recording clips of leaf crunching, fence tapping and water running to name a few. The iPads then converted the sounds into a video that sampled the sounds into a lively piece of actual music. There was den making, using natural materials and there were problem solving activities. We were blessed with a lovely clear day and everyone enjoyed working a little differently.

Mrs Hughes

This term Post 16 learners have been preparing themselves for their Annual Review Meetings. We have been thinking about ourselves and how we can prepare for a meeting or an interview. We have thought about the importance of work experience and how to present ourselves to others. The learners have also thought about the jobs that people do in the community. Placements this term include retail—working in the Red Cross Charity shop in Hoylake, Catering—working at Best Bites café, and PE technicians—at Woodchurch High School.

KS3 groups have been thinking about themselves and completing their ‘All About Me’ paperwork. We have thought about likes and dislikes in terms of school and home life. We have been looking at the importance of practice and what to do when we find ourselves facing a new challenge. The learners have enjoyed practising playing some unfamiliar board games to experience this. We have also looked at rules and why we have them.

Fusion learners have been looking at their family and friends and what makes them happy. They have thought about how to look after animals and ways that they could help at home, in school and in the community.

KS4 learners have been looking at how to look after themselves and stay safe. Learners have participated in roleplay, discussing how we can stay safe in certain scenarios. We have also looked at the importance of sleep, exercise and eating healthily in relation to staying safe. Work experience placements have included supporting a Dance Class, Best Bites café and Salon 21 Hairdressers.

Miss A Branch

This term, pupils from Acorn, Beech and Key Stage 4 have been taking part in gymnastics; looking at balances, movement and rolls. Key Stage 4 pupils have also developed simple parkour moves. Chestnut Group has been taking part in Yoga, particularly routine A in ‘Yoga for Schools’, as well as relaxation elements. Fusion Group has been taking part in games, looking at sharing and team work. Flair Group has been taking part in a physical development unit.

Pupils from Key Stages 3 and 4 have also taken part in the Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership ‘Young Leader Award’ in Basketball which has included risk assessment, coaching, time keeping, scoring and knowledge of the game. The pupils have also helped to organise a basketball event at Fazakerley High School, for other secondary and primary schools in our SLD cluster. Post 16 pupils have taken part in Leisure Activities, in horse riding, tennis and swimming, to develop teamwork through physical activities, personal and social skills and a keen interest in leisure options to take into life after Meadowside School. Mr Stubbs

In Science this term Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils have been studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics; looking at living things and their habitats, materials and their properties and light and sound respectively. Physics - pupils have been looking at how light and sound travel and experimenting with musical instruments and what and how animals use light and sound to hunt, move and survive. Biology - pupils have been looking at where different animals live and how they adapt to their surroundings. Chemistry - pupils have been looking at what different materials we use to make objects and what materials mini beasts use as habitats. Pupils have also started a project to make homes for mini beasts.

In Personal, Social and Health Education this term pupils have been learning about Drug education. Pupils have been working on how to be safe in school and at home, looking at how they can keep themselves safe by learning to say no to peer pressure. Pupils have looked at different substances and the side effects they can have and identifying the consequences of becoming addicted to these.

Pupils this term have been able to take part in lots of different after school clubs including swimming, WiiU and Multi Sports club. Pupils have had lots of fun while learning new skills or developing old ones. The outcomes for After School clubs are to develop personal and social skills and to develop the pupil’s physical self. Mr Stubbs

We have had a successful term navigating with the compass around local parks. We went Geocaching in Royden Park and Wirral Country Park. Students were particularly impressed with the different types of containers they found hidden and the imagination of the people that hide them. The current favourite is a realistic plastic stone with a secret compartment.

We have been to Queens Park, Hoylake to help plant 500 purple crocus with the friend of Hoylake in Bloom and the Rotary Club who provided the crocuses. These were planted to celebrate the eradication of Polio in this country. All the completed bus pass applications have been handed in to Mersey Travel and we are hoping to have them back soon, so we can start a new challenge and learn new skills out and about on public transport. Mrs Sayer

Humanities The 1960’s and 1970’s has been a whole school topic this term with related activities in different subjects’ lessons. One example of this was developed in the Sun Group where learners created a timeline and compared prices of goods between the 1960’s and today. History lessons have involved learning about life in the 1960s and 1970s. We have studied music, fashion, leisure interests including holidays, and events such as the moon landing.

Geography lessons have focused on the weather. Learners have found out about different types of weather and the effect that both it, and humans, have on the environment. We have had some very lively discussions and opinions about our environment. Some pupils chose to express their thoughts by writing poetry. The poem below was written by Holly. Mrs Jones

Life Skills Fusion Group learners designed and prepared a face from ingredients that they selected and purchased using Maths and English skills. Lessons have also focused on cleaning tasks in the classroom environment and the importance of personal care.

This term’s topic for Key Stage 4 was ‘Healthy Eating’ and ‘Grow Your Own’. Pupils made a range of different healthy food products incorporating ingredients that were popular in the 1960’s and/or 1970’s. Traditional foods and home management were the focus for Post 16 Groups. Learners made food products that included cottage pie, fish pie, roast dinners, casseroles and cheese pie. Life Skills lessons also involve shopping for ingredients. Pupils are encouraged to develop their confidence and independence by shopping for the ingredients required for the dishes that they then make. Mrs Jones

Meadowside School Council & Interact Club During the Autumn Term, Student Council/ Interact Club has been involved in: 



Planting purple crocus.

Visit to Merefield School.


Jeans for Genes Day We raised £54 to help research into genetic disorders. Thank you and well done! Merseyside School Council Holly and Kayleigh represented Meadowside School at Merefield School near Southport for a meeting with all the other schools. This year’s fundraising is going to be for “The Trussell Trust Food Bank Foundation”. Planning for this event will start after Christmas.

Environmental Project The Duke of Edinburgh group worked with Gordon Caddy and other Rotarians to plant 5,000 crocus bulbs in Queens Park in Hoylake. See the D. of E. page for more details.

Citizenship This term Key Stage 3 learners have been learning about Education, NHS, the Law and Human Rights. The Key Stage 4 topic has been based on Government, laws and voting, and for Post 16 groups the focus has been on the future. This has involved learning about choices, budget skills and different ‘What to do?’ scenarios for life after Meadowside such as colleges, apprenticeships and/or work. Mrs Jones

Pauline Freeman

Home-School Association This term H.S.A. has organised a number of events to encourage and support the social aspects of the Meadowside community and also to raise funds to enhance the education of our learners. The ‘Welcome Barbecue’ in September was a great success and was very well attended. We have also had a coffee morning and the ‘Christmas Social’ on December 9th. Funds raised have enabled us to buy new noticeboards and to fund all the extras which make the Christmas lunch such a special occasion.

If you have some time to spare and would like to join the Home School Association and help out occasionally, please contact us via the school office. Hayley Morris and Debbie Gardiner

Dale Farm

We have been made very welcome by all at Dale Farm this term, on our vocational placement on Thursday afternoons. Dale Farm in Heswall is run as a partnership between Dale Farm Trust and Wirral Council. It is accredited by the Soil Association and uses all aspects of horticulture to create a working environment in which all our learners are able to participate. The Farm Shop sells Dale Farm honey, fruit and vegetables and is open every weekday. There is also a sensory garden which has spectacular views over the Dee Estuary. Jenny Wright

Enterprise Group

has been preparing resources to make recycled Christmas decorations. Luke had a very creative idea of picking leaves and threading them onto thin branches, and this has now become one of our Christmas decoration themes. We hope you like them and that they become one of our best sellers! Ms Hoffmann

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome teacher Julie Lawrence and Administrative Officer Alison Pederson who have joined us from The Lyndale School. We are delighted that so many colleagues from the Continuing Care Team have also joined the Meadowside community this term; we look forward to working with you. After nine years of service we would like to thank Julie Reid for her thoughtful and enthusiastic contribution to the development and governance of our school. We wish Vicky Mountford good luck in her new career at Arrowe Park Hospital. We shall be very sad to say goodbye to our Office Manager, Barbara Pemberton when she retires at the end of this term. Barbara has been a vital, hard-working and good-humoured member of staff for almost 30 years and will be sorely missed.

Meadowside School, Pool Lane, Woodchurch, Wirral, CH49 5LA 0151 678 7711

We are grateful to our sponsor, Newhall Publishing, for printing this edition of the magazine

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Autumn 2016 - Issue 11  
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