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O Subdepartamento de Inglês promoveu no ano letivo de 2019/2020 a 1ª edição do concurso “Halloween Horror Writing Contest”. Serve o presente para divulgar as histórias participantes. Agradecimentos Direção do AECCB Biblioteca Escolar ESCCB Clube Europeu Escola Embaixadora para o Parlamento Europeu Porto Editora Areal Editores

One Halloween night Once upon a time there was a Halloween night in a place in Europe. It was a night when kids had a great time masquerading as monsters and all that. A class from a school decided to go to the forest under the control of the Class Director. So, they took pumpkins that gave birth and went. Unintentionally, a small group of three boys got lost. There was large boulder which was illuminated by the full moon. Then the boys noticed that there was a sword stuck in the rock. One by one they tried to get it out, but they couldn't. Then they tried all together and, after much effort, managed to get the sword. Then the rock succumbs to grains of sand and ... the moon turns red! Then, a storm begins, and the boys are very frightened, and try to escape, but they find themselves petrified on the ground. A ghost comes near (the damn ghost or ghost king of the witch) who draws the sword to one of the boys. That was the worst nightmare anyone could have! However, for the rest of the class, everything was calm when they heard some bushes moving. What would be there? And suddenly, a zombie appears! What a fright! Then all began to flee, one way and the other. And more zombies appeared, who got some brains here and there. In the village and town, many skeletons began to come from the ground, which began to possess people, turning them into other skeletons through their bites. One of the victims was a bride in the middle of the ceremony! There were also many hungry wolves with red eyes! One of the class survivors fled, and stupidly went into a castle, a haunted castle. As he entered, he saw an armchair, a tattered old armchair lined with a cross. So, he sat on it. Shortly thereafter, bats appeared above his head, and he ran from his chair. He was heading for the exit door when a coffin fell over the entrance. Then a vampire bites him and leaves. After all this, the zombies, the skeletons, the bats, the vampires, the wolves, and the damn ghost come together. They, as they speak, are pursued by another zombie attack survivor. He was a long way away, so he could only read a few words: "Risen"; "This town"; «The spell book». He tried to get closer, to listen better, but someone put a stick on him. The zombies and the skeletons went against him to kill him, but the damn ghost calmed them down, saying to arrest him because he could be "useful." They took him into a HUGE haunted castle. There, only the boy, David, and the damn ghost came in. They came to a room, which would be the library. The ghost searched and searched, and found a huge, thick book. He opened it and had the boy touch a page. He obeyed and saw that the book spoke about the evolution of the ghost. And he could do nothing. A lot of light started to come out of the book, and the ghost evolved, getting very strong, breaking everything. But David noticed that on the next page it was written a way to end the curse: “You have to stick the sword in the ghost, and then rub a lettuce on it.” In the meantime, the ghost was showing his power to his allies when David appears with four other boys who arrest the ghost. David takes the sword and cuts the ghost in half. Then, another boy rubs his lettuce and transforms into dust. And now the other monsters all crumbled to dust, and the people who had been killed by the monsters wake up, remembering nothing. The boys who were petrified were also released. But David never forgot this Halloween night! João Maria Monteiro, 7º11 – 1º classificado 3º ciclo

Not A Dream The cycle repeats itself every night. There was a storm outside, loud and fierce, and I was standing in the corner of the room, just watching. I wasn’t entirely sure if they could even see me until Audrey screamed something at me, although all it came out was static noise. It sounded frightened, desperate, and she was looking at me, but I did not answer her. I couldn’t. All I could do was watch. And so, I did! There was another one on the ground, Zachary. His face was pale, his eyes have melted into a pool of dark green near his mouth, part of it mixing onto the drool he let out. His ribcage was opened, his heart missing. Blood started to soak through his clothes onto the floor. I had an urge to throw up, but I couldn’t move. I blinked once, and I saw it. It’s glowing red eyes looking at me, digging up my soul, knowing all my secrets. I closed my eyes for good and focused on the noise. Thunder, wolves howling in the distant forest, a growl close to me, Audrey, Howard, Mike. Wait, where’s Carol? I opened my eyes again and there she was. Carol was cornered, its black paw against her neck, squeezing hard. She gasped for air until she couldn’t anymore, and she fell limp. Mike reached for the closest object next to him, but all he caught was one of Howard’s little house lettuces. He threw it at the monster, but it just switched its gaze over to him, his mouth curving in a wicked smirk, revealing a set of deformed, sharp, yellow teeth covered in red. Blood red. Maintaining eye contact, the monster took a bite out of her. Her neck detached from her body, a horrible sound following suit. I could hear her bones cracking while he chewed, Carol’s blood leaking to his black fur. All of them were crying, but I couldn’t. I knew it was only a nightmare at this point, so I started to giggle. That’s right, it’s not real, it’s just my mind playing sick tricks on me again. Mike held onto my shoulders, and I felt their pressure. The ringing stopped slightly, I could hear him, he was angry. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Two of your best friends are dead, you sick witch!” I didn’t answer him, just laughed harder. He started to back up and looked down at Howard and Audrey. They were sitting on the floor, looking directly at the feasting animal delighting himself with their best friend’s meat, Zachary long forgotten. I felt my limbs move without my consent. I was getting closer to it, still giggling and in no terms to stop. They were calling out for me, but I ignored them all. Something in the back of my soul told me to reach for the beast and touch it. Its soft, black fur shined under the moonlight and the silence invaded the room. The monster dropped the girl and turned back to me, growling. “Go on, kill me, you coward.” The beast silenced to my whispers. His big mouth opened, and then I saw it. The end of times. And then I wake up.

“Interesting, now tell me, Miss Henry, is it a cycle if it keeps changing night after night?” Doctor Hidgens straightened his posture on his chair, looking attentively to his notebook. “Well, I suppose it is not a cycle then, Doctor, but then I don’t know what it could be.” I sipped on my tea and looked around his neat office once again. From its cream coloured walls and soft decoration to the old cross upon some photographs. I averted my eyes back to him and his desk and he smiled at me warmly. “Well, miss Henry, a vivid dream perhaps?” I looked at the neatly framed picture on the Doctor’s desk. It was him and his bride, Melissa, upon the doors of an old, yet well-kept church. There was something craved on the wood under it: Europe, 2001. I smiled softly. “I don’t think so, Doctor. I don’t feel in control. Could it be a vision? A warning that something bad will happen on the 31st?” “Well, I don’t think so, miss Henry. Such things as monsters don’t really exist after all.” Oh, if he knew. I was getting slightly sleepy and decided to leave the rest of the tea untouched. I looked at the big clock next to Doctor Hidgens’s head and got up. “Our session appears to be over, Doctor. I’ll be sure to come tomorrow if something happens tonight.” He gave me another smile and got up as well, getting closer to shake my hand. He held it firmly, and I saw them. Those glowing red eyes, eating at me. “I don’t think it will be necessary, Lilith.” I blacked out. Maria Mendes, 11ºA – 1ª classificada ensino secundário

Welcome to the Infinite Hotel When I was young, my father always used to tell me stories about this strange hotel in Europe. Every night, parties were thrown. And like the parties in The Great Gatsby no one knew each other. Parties where guests would drink, play and gamble with each other, completely strangers. When I turned 30, I booked a room in this hotel and flew to Europe. When I arrived, I went in the taxi and told the driver to leave me in the nearest street. Between the street and the hotel, there was a large forest with big dark trees. I took my suitcase, and strangely the taxi driver wished me luck. “Why?” I asked. He looked at me in a quick glance and lit a cigarette. His hat was covering his eyes. I noticed a defiant smile as if he was trying to scare me. “It’s a dangerous place. People who don’t know each other drinking and gambling with each other, you don’t see that every day.” “Sounds exactly like a casino to me…” “Don’t say no one warned you, son! Have a good day!” I paid him. After, I began my journey to the hotel. In the middle of the forest, a large cross monument, like those crosses in the cemeteries. I was sceptical about all that danger the taxi driver was talking about, but I have to admit that the cross was a little frightening. I continued to walk and suddenly I saw the hotel tower. It looked like it had at least thirteen floors. When I arrived at the door there was a little man. He was skinny, just like Tim Burton’s characters. He was the doorman, judging by the jacket and the typical hat. He smiled at me. “Welcome to the Infinite Hotel.” He said. By the look on his face I would say he was trying to scare me. I didn’t react. “You may enter, young man, your room is ready. I’ll take care of your suitcase, making sure it reaches the room.” “Thank you.” It was all I could say. He grabbed the suitcase and entered. I followed him. The lobby had spider webs decoration pending on the ceiling. “I forgot it’s Halloween, I thought.” After the check-in, a young woman looked at me. “Don’t forget we have our annual Halloween party tonight. Beginning at 9 p.m. sharp, in the lounge. You can dress up as a vampire or anything related if you want to.” “It’s a great idea.” I lied. I don’t really like parties or too much racket. I ended the conversation and looked for my room. As I suspected, the hotel had thirteen floors. My room was on the last one.

The room was classy, with a single bed. It was enough for me. The dinner was almost ready, so I went downstairs to the dining room. The place was full. Families and single guests were there. I looked for a table and ended up sitting with a nice couple. They were British. She told many stories about their life together, their holidays in Amsterdam, their carnival in Venice. While she spoke, her husband kept looking to any woman in that room except his wife. I could tell it was a routine, in a glance he would judge their entire body, just like a killer choosing his victim. As the kept talking, I kept smiling avoiding being rude. “You should come with us…” she said “to the party…” “It sounds great.” I couldn’t tell her the truth. I didn’t want to go to the party. “We’ll meet in the lounge, five minutes before the party starts.” “I’ll be there.” I went upstairs. Since I was going to a Halloween party, I thought what should I wear. I didn’t have vampire cloaks or a hockey mask. I decided to ask to the lovely woman I saw in the check-in if she had anything I could wear. It sounded like a stupid idea. Why the hell would they have costumes waiting for a guest. It turns out they had a Dracula costume that I took to the party. The dinner couple was already there. “What a lovely costume.” She said. How could a Dracula costume be lovely. She was wearing a long black dress and her hair was black. Her face, incredibly white with bright red lips, reminded me of Morticia Addams. “Where is Mr. Addams?” I asked. She laughed. “He’s grabbing something to drink” “Already?” I didn’t realize how rude I was. “That’s all we know. Drink and avoid all the yelling. After that, I go home, and he finds someone to comfort him. He always wants more.” When she finished the sentence, his husband arrived holding two Martinis. He was wearing a bowler hat and a suit. In his face, he had a moustache. “I’m sorry” I said, “I can’t recognize your costume.” He smiled at me, like the taxi driver did. “I’m H. H. Holmes.” Shivers ran down my spine. “The serial killer who had a hotel to commit all those crimes?” “Exactly, it’s totally appropriate for the occasion.” He laughed.

Like my father’s stories, the room was full. A woman, dressed as a witch, was gambling with a man in a devil costume. Frankenstein’s drinking and mummies dancing. The check-in lady was wearing a bride dress, with a ripped veil in her head. I walked towards her. She was smiling at me. I was embarrassed. “Nice costume, Count.” She was definitely dressed as the dead bride in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. “I guess you haven’t found Victor yet.” When I said that, she chuckled. “I’ve been waiting all night; he probably found his place among the living.” I gained some courage and invited her to take a walk. The night was quietly beautiful, although some said there was a storm coming. “Sometimes you can hear wolves howling. It’s a beautiful sound.” She was beautiful. “I had a nightmare once…” I never knew why I talked about nightmares. “I was standing there, quietly, while someone was stabbing a corpse. I woke up sweating and shaking, I never knew who the killer or the victim was.” She stared at me. Why did I start the nightmare talk? “You shouldn’t take fright at what that might have been. Nightmares, dreams. They all mean nothing.” She was wrong. “You should come to my house one day; I could cook to you.” “My holiday here will only last a week.” “It’s not a problem. Tomorrow it’s my day off, you could come with me.” I wanted to go. I gave her a smile, thinking about an answer. “What would you cook for me?” “Maybe a salad.” She laughed. “Well, I’m afraid I can’t accept the invitation, I’m allergic to lettuce.” We both laughed. “I’ll be there.” She gave me her address and left the party. “Finally, I’ve found you.” The man dressed as the serial killer was standing in front of me. “I’ve always been here.” After a thirty second pause I asked, “Why H. H. Holmes?” “The man builds an entire hotel so he could murder people and hide the bodies.” “Not the best role model.” “We stand in a hotel too. I couldn’t think on a better costume than this.”

“I hope you don’t have the same fate as his.” “Death by hanging is one of the most romantic ways to die.” “I wouldn’t say so…” “And how could you know?” I stared at him. How could I even know? “I don’t know. It just seems that having your neck broken while you choke is not that much of a good experience.”

“I don’t intend to try it, anyway. Come with me, let me buy you a drink.” I agreed. The curiosity was big, but I didn’t want to die. I only wanted to know what the last thing Holmes thought about. “Where is your wife?” I asked him. “She was feeling sick and said she was going to bed. What do you want to drink?” I wondered if he knew that his wife was aware of his affairs. “A scotch, please.” “Please, don’t get a wrong idea about me. I’m not a psychopath, I’m just fascinated by their brain.” “Don’t worry, I never thought you were one” He sounded like one “How long are you staying here?” “A week. Cassidy wanted to stay two weeks, but I can’t stay that long. I have to run my own business.” Thirty minutes after dancing and drinking, he left the party. What I thought it would be a big party ended in just one scotch at one o’clock. I went into my room and fell asleep. I woke up three hours later, with noises and screaming. I dressed up and started to follow the screaming, which led me to the door on the seventh floor. The couple who had dinner with me was there, but only one was standing. Only one was breathing. The woman was hanging on the chandelier they had in their room. She was wearing a blue nightdress. By now, and the way this story is going, you don’t need to think too much to have a suspect. His husband was the first suspect. The case remained open until this day, and another murder was committed. This time, the victim was a younger woman, who worked in the hotel. Helping guests with their check-in. The same woman who invited me to her house. She was found in the same day the other victim was found, a couple hours later, around 11 o’clock pm. She wasn’t hanged but choked. Judging by the similarities, the police was convinced that whoever killed the first victim, did the same to the second one.

On the next day, he was arrested. Accused of hanging his wife and choking the young woman. I never get to taste her salad. As the taxi driver said, the hotel turned out to be dangerous for the wrong reasons. Maybe it was just an unlucky day. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong company… The truth is we never know when we’ll be involved in murders like this particular one. And at least, the suspect was arrested. The only thing wrong about this whole situation is the fact that they caught the wrong one. By the time you read this, I will no longer be in the hotel anymore. But you’ll know that Cassidy was able to stay there one more week and all the time she wanted to. John, her husband, wouldn’t need to worry about his business. Or even with the fact that his wife knew about all the infidelities. Edith wouldn’t need to worry about what she would cook to dinner if I ever visited her. And the most pleasant part is, with John arrested, the case would be closed. Without any second investigation. In the night Cassidy was murdered, John left the party with a woman, by the time his wife was killed he was still in his H. H. Holme’s costume. That means he hadn’t been in his room yet. When Norman Bates killed his victims, assuming his mother’s personality in a psychotic state. He thought his mother killed the victims, not being aware that in fact he was the one who did it. That is the difference between us. All I did, I did it in a completely conscious state. I turned out to be the danger that the taxi driver warned me of. Since this is a confession, I could tell you the reason if I wanted to. But I won’t. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t tell you only because I don’t know the reason. Maybe I could lie and say that they hurt me, but if I said that I would sound like a victim, which I am not. I could try to find one, even if it was a silly motive, at least I could say I had one. Maybe I will be able to find it where I’m going. Or Maybe I was just bored. Or with an appetite for adrenaline. Probably not! Probably I was just bored after all!

Sincerely yours, Tom Diogo Martins, 11ºB, 2º classificado ensino secundário


Darkness, black It’s all I can see Where am I I just see a tree.

I hope it’s a nightmare Because this can’t be true I’m cold and alone And I’m afraid too.

Maybe it’s all in my mind But I think I saw a dead bride I’m going to pass out Because I got a fright

A forest in Europe? I think I am lost I am hearing the howl of the wolves I have to get out of here at any cost.

I ran as fast as I could Because I have heard a thunder The storm was coming And it doesn’t sound good.

I kept running until my feet hurt I have never felt so exhausted So, I stopped for awhile And I rest for a moment.

A cross was on my way And I went to the right I found a little house farm Whose walls were white.

Suddenly I got hungry And found a lot of vegetables So, I picked a small lettuce To feel a bit comfortable.

I was stuffed so I laid down And watched the night stars I saw a broom flying With an ugly witch laughing.

I heard an alarm ring And then I woke up I assumed it had been A real scary dream.

I still haven’t realized Why I had that dream about it But then my teacher said: -Happy Halloween!!! Inês Duarte Silva, 10ºD, 3ª classificada ensino secundário

My neighbour My neighbour is a witch and every night she rides her broom through the forest whether it is a beautiful and bright night or if there´s a big storm in the sky. Her favourite night is the 31st October, the Halloween night! She usually flies that night to the United States to cause terror in their children but, last year, she decided to terrify other parts of the world. So, last Halloween, as she was riding to the other side of Europe, she saw a pack of wolves around a beautiful woman. She was wearing a lovely white dress and a veil, so she assumed she was a bride who got lost on her way to the church. She could see the fright in her eyes. My neighbour doesn´t like competition. She could be the only one who causes nightmare to people. She approached them very quietly and pulled out her magic and bewitched a cross and showed it to the wolves which ran away very quickly. They understood they were in the witch´s territory! The bride was so happy that she didn’t even realize it was a witch who had saved her. She hugged the witch saying, “you’ve saved my life!”. At that moment, the witch decided to let her live. However, she couldn´t control herself and decided to transform the bride into a lettuce. At least, she was still alive! Beatriz Santos, 11ºI, 4ª classificada ensino secundário

Knock! Knock! I get up from my bed and walk towards the door, angry to whom it was. - What are you calling me for? I opened the door and screamed… really frightened. The boy dropped the mask and started laughing but then, his laughter became more terrifying, his voice distant and repetitive. I felt everything around me was moving, my heart was almost jumping from my chest and I got dizzy. The darkness surrounded me, and, at that moment, some old wooden stairs appeared. They are dusty and broken, in a very poor state. Right next to them a perfect lift, lightly illuminated, is opening and it appears to be so comfortable. Without hesitating I come in. I don’t know where it is carrying me, and when the doors open, a thick and dark forest shows up. It seems to be night. I’ve crossed the first trees, trying to find someone. I peek through the holes and I am preparing myself to shoot when I hear a wolf. A storm of lettuce comes directly to me and the howl of that wolf was almost like a warning. Suddenly, I started running back to the elevator, but a lettuce holds my foot, laughing and talking like a strange witch. I shake my foot desperately and when I finally get free, I come in and close the doors. It goes up and I take a deep breath. The doors open again, but there is nothing in front to me. I peek once more and find this silence and empty place rather strange. Curious as I was, I put a foot out of the elevator. In the background I can hear a wedding instrumental song. I look for the place where it is being played, but it is too dark to see. Unintentionally, I step on someone. Nervously, I try to apologize myself. Someone turns on the light and I can see that I have stepped on the dress of a bride. She turns to me and takes off the veil. I scream, scream loudly… Her face is just bones and she hasn’t eyes nor lips. I have never been so afraid. With shaking legs, I move back to the elevator. I lean against the elevator’s wall, sweating and scared. The emergency alarm rang, and the lift goes down too fast. And then, I woke up, felt all my hairs up and realised it was just a nightmare and tomorrow it’s going to be the European Halloween celebration and I need to rest… «Knock! Knock!» Oriana Silva, 10ºD, 5ª classificada ensino secundário

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