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Editor’s Desk It brings us great pleasure to present the 2018 ‘recap’ edition of the OASIS. It has been a very eventful year for the University and we are pleased to share the many developments and advancements that have occurred over the last six months. In September 2018, CMU celebrated its first year as a university and it was filled with a myriad of exciting activities, such as the grand opening of the largest Festo Authorized and Certified Training (FACT) Centre in the world, here at the CMU, the first Geoinformatics Symposium held on campus, hosting of the first Technology and Innovation Road Show in additional to annual maritime awareness week activities, receipt of scholarships from donors, hosting of the first regional conference on behalf of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean among so many others. This issue highlights all of these and provides insight into the developmental plans for the university.

University Operational Structure at a Glance


Introducing the Centre for the Blue Economy and Innovation


Student Spotlight


Building Global Partnerships


CMU celebrates first anniversary

Recent Developments

Editorial Credits and Contributors: Articles by Donette Subron, Public Relations Officer and Nikel Innerarity, Digital Marketing Officer Edited by Archibald Gordon, Director of Marketing and Communication Photographs by Michael Gordon, Lincoln Crooks, Nikel Innerarity, Donette Subron Design and Layout by Demar Brown

Staff Spotlight

Culinary Delight

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University Operational Structure at a Glance

CMU is a special university because of its unique features and rich history. It is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified university in the Caribbean, the first to be established at the international level in Jamaica and the only one in the region that is recognized by the International Maritime Organization. It has multiple accreditations and awards, enjoys equivalency with similar training institutions abroad, is the first specialized public university in the region and is home to six state-of-the-art centres of excellence.

More Interesting facts about CMU: -

CMU has undergone four name changes from ‘Jamaica Maritime Training Institute’ to ‘Jamaica Maritime Institute’, to ‘Caribbean Maritime Institute’ to ‘Caribbean Maritime University’. Just like CMU, other maritime institutions were established by Norway in places such as Cape Verde, Nairobi,Tanzania and Sierra Leone, however only the one in Jamaica (now CMU) is still operational today.



Faculty of Shipping and Logistics

Office of Academic and Student Affairs (including the Registry)

Faculty of Marine and Nautical Studies

Office of Human Resource and Administration

Faculty of General Studies

Office of Marketing and Communications

Dr. Andrew Wheatley Centre for Digital Innovation and Manufacturing

Office of Legal and International Affairs

Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains

Office of Technology and Innovation

Centre for the Blue Economy and Innovation

Office of the Treasury

Centre for Security, Counter Terrorism and Non-Proliferation

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology Faculty of Advanced Skills and Professional Development

Office of University Advancement and Development


CENTRES Maritime Training Centre Festo Authorized and Training Centre

SCHOOLS School of Graduate Studies and Research School of Aviation (coming soon)

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the Centre for the Blue Economy and Innovation By Donette Subron

The world has a unique way of healing itself. Nature ensures that. The more we populate it and pollute it however, the more difficult it is for what should be a natural replenishing process, to be maintained and for ecological balance to be sustained. CMU is very aware of this and the impact that human actions have on the environment, especially the ocean and marine resources. This practice of awareness and protection of marine resources is an emerging one and is referred to as the blue economy.

Ambassador Joachim Schmillen Executive Director of the Centre of Blue Economy and Innovation

CMU champions this cause through its newly established Centre for the Blue Economy and Innovation (CBEI). The Centre exists to examine the potential of the Blue Economy to drive sustained and inclusive economic growth, examine ways that ocean and coastal resources can support economic development, enhance healthy sustainable oceans and well-managed coastlines and advocate keeping the balance between growing the economy, protecting the environment, and advancing social well-being. It aims to do this through advocacy and projects. Advocacy takes many forms, such as speaking at conferences and meeting with stakeholders. One such conference was the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, which was attended by Executive Director of the Centre, (former ambassador of Germany to Jamaica) Ambassador Joachim Schmillen and Associate Vice President of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology, Dr. Stephen Rhoden. Some of the ongoing projects are: Oyster-Project for water cleaning: This is a strategy to rehabilitate the Kingston Harbour by using oysters to clean the water, creating an environment where more shellfish, and other fish can grow. Ambassador Schmillen notes that “over 30,000 oysters will be used to clean and improve the water quality. Not only will it have a positive environmental impact with its proximity to Port Royal, but it will also provide income for the fisherfolk living in and around Port Royal”. Funding from the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) is being sought for the establishment of this. JAMBIN project: The concept of a sea bin is not new but the use of it in Jamaica is. This is an initiative that started in New Zealand that allows an anchored buoyant surface cleaning device (bin) to ‘suck up’ garbage through a vacuum and store it in the container until it is cleared, to have the process repeated. It is usually an expensive project however, CMU has found a more economical alternative to the sea bin that uses less power via an air pump, which actually oxygenates the water. It is called a Jambin and it was made with all locally sourced material – some of which was recycled.


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Waste separation and recycling at the CMU: This initiative is in direct support of the government’s response to littering and proliferation of non-biodegradable waste, which eventually ends up in the sea – hurting marine life and maritime resources. The campaign will educate the school population about the importance of sorting garbage, recycling and reducing waste on campus. Currently all garbage receptacles are divided into three categories and labeled accordingly, as general waste, paper and plastic to encourage staff and students to adapt to the change.

The Future of the Centre For 2019, the centre plans to support the Government of Jamaica’s Blue Economy initiatives and ultimately inform national change. According to Ambassador Schmillen, “the development of a sustainable Blue Economy requires evidence-based science to inform policy and decision-makers in the formulation of strategies and the implementation of these strategies,” and this is the support he aims to provide through the work of the Centre.

A section of the Hillshire beach

CMU has also applied to the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund, to get money to install a mangrove nursery as mangroves are important to the ecology of Jamaica. The project will be used as an educational tool to raise awareness about the importance of mangroves. The Centre also hopes to secure funding for its upcoming project - the Hellshire Reef restoration. The Centre supports the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, which speaks to the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. It will provide evidence through research and innovation to


inform Jamaica and the region about the possibilities of the Blue Economy for growth, job creation and sustainable use of the maritime resources. Using the full potential of the ocean will demand responsible, sustainable approaches to its economic development. The CBEI will raise awareness about the potential of the blue economy and mobilize public and private bodies to invest in research, skills and infrastructure; stimulating innovation by building bridges between researchers and industry. For more information contact Tel: 1-876-834-4772 Email: Source of photographs:

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Student Spotlight

Shining the light on Shamara Mclean – A woman in a man’s world By: Nikel Innerarity

Meet Shamara McLean, an outspoken and funloving young woman who has a drive to succeed. She tells us that, “I’ve always had a passion for hands-on jobs, so working in the construction industry is something that I like, despite it being dominated by males,” says Shamara McLean. Women still face an uphill battle when it comes to advancement in the construction industry. They make up fewer than 9% of the industry’s international workforce, and it is this lack of representation that has contributed to the struggle to both recruit and retain female workers.

McLean studied business administration at the Portmore Community College (PCC), but discontinued the programme mid-way after being told of the opportunities that exist at CMU. “I was well into my programme at PCC, but after learning of the programme offerings at CMU, I decided to apply.” While studying at CMU, she’s involved in various extra-curricular activities, and is passionate about drama. A student in the upcoming Graduating Class of 2020, McLean is passionate about gender equality in the workplace. She plans to continue to lobby for increased opportunities for females in male-dominated industries – whether through social media or traditional media. “I just want to see more females occupying jobs that society once thought were just available for men.” Below Shamara is seen at her part-time construction job on campus, which is unrelated to her logistics course but provides valuable work experience.

McLean, a logistics student at CMU is now a part of that 9%, through an initiative which saw students engaging in labour intensive, administrative, and supervisory roles on construction projects around the campus. However, she believes that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information must play a more active role in exposing females to traditionally ‘male-dominated jobs.’ “In our high school system there is not enough technical options for females, especially those who are enrolled in all-girls institutions,” says McLean. “I’ve heard of several cases where girls have expressed interests in learning technical drawing, mechanic engineering science, and other technical subjects, but were told we [the school] does not offer it.”


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Global Partnerships CMU has signed numerous Memoranda of Understanding to forge partnerships with international universities and training institutions overseas. These include Galilee Management Institute in Israel, Delaware State University in the United States of America, Nigeria Maritime University, University of Lagos and Ondo State University of Science and Technology. These partnerships are geared towards building capacity, fostering student and faculty exchange and conducting joint research.

Historic MOU signing between CMU and Nigerian Maritime University (NMU) and CMU and University of Lagos (UNILAG) will forge formidable partnerships among the institutions. Signing are Professor Fritz Pinnock, President of CMU and Professor Yetabo, Vice Chancellor of NMU, while representatives from the three universities witness the occasion. These are (L-R) Professor Olunwatoyin, Vice Chancellor of UNILAG, Professor Ibrahim Ajagunna, Vice President of Academic and Student Aairs at CMU, His Excellency John Clark, Acting High Commissioner of Jamaica to Nigeria, CMU Alumnus and Ambassador in Florida, Balfour Peart, His Excellency Professor Yemi Osinbajo - Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and His Excellency Sylva, Pro Vice Chancellor, NMU (seated).


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Raising Maritime Awareness and

Celebrating CMU’s 1st Anniversary in Style Maritime Awareness Week was celebrated from Sunday, September 23 to Friday, September 29, among industry partners such as the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), CMU, Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ), Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL), Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) and Women in Maritime Association, Caribbean (WiMAC). It included a church service, on Sunday, a technology and innovation day on Monday, a two-day exhibition on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Celebration of World Maritime Day on Thursday. The official 1-year anniversary of the attainment of university status was Friday, September 28, however the entire week of activities was held in celebration of this anniversary.

Judges examining the models of ships made of recycled material during the ship model competition on September 25 at CMU. A section of the congregation at the Church Service held on September 23 at the St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Port Royal.

Jamaica College students engaged in drone flying at CMU Technology and Innovation day on September 24.

Thursday, September 27 (World Maritime Day) featured the Launch of Seaperch in Jamaica – an international underwater robotics youth initiative which is sponsored by Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) and WiMaC. It also featured the release of approximately 1000 helium balloons in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the International Maritime Organization. Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth & Information, is joined by members of the maritime and education sector. They are Mrs. Mona Sue-Ho, Social Development Manager at JSIF, Mrs. Vivette Grant, Vice President WiMAC, Rear Admiral (Ret’ d) Peter Brady, Director General, MAJ, Professor Fritz Pinnock, President, CMU, Mr. Derek Jones, Founding Member, Seaperch Cayman and Mrs. Erica Simmons, Executive Director of the Centre of Digital Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing at CMU.


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Developments CMU HOSTS FIRST AVIATION LECTURE Mr. Peter Drissell, Security Aviation Specialist and Guest Lecturer receives a token of appreciation from Mrs. Ann-Marie Deans Clarke, from the School of Graduate Studies and Research after his presentation on aviation security, which was held on Saturday, December 15, 2018 on campus in collaboration with CMU’s Centre of Security, Counter Terrorism and Non-Proliferation (CSCTN).

CHINESE DELEGATION VISITS CMU A 10-member delegation to Jamaica from China visited CMU on Thursday, November 29, 2018 to explore opportunities for partnership, meet with CMU’s executive management team, tour the campus and meet with first year Chinese nationals, who are currently pursuing a range of programmes in maritime and logistics specializations at CMU.

The team from Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT) was led by President Rui Zhi Yuan (left). With him is Executive Director of the Dr. Andrew Wheatley Centre for Digital Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing, Mrs. Erica Simmons, who explains the process of printing the 3D model on display and the materials used in the additive manufacturing process.


President Rui Zhi Yuan presented a token of appreciation, on behalf of the LUT to the CMU executives. Receiving it are Professor Noel Brown, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Professor Fritz Pinnock, CMU President and Mrs. Erica Simmons, Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing.

OASIS newsletter ALL SMILES! Students, Tonian Trowers (2nd right), Kemonie Jones (centre, front), and Danielle Eccleston (3rd left) are all smiles at the symbolic handing over of JD$300,000.00 worth of scholarships from the Desnoes & Geddes Foundation. Joining them in the proud moment are Foundation Chairman, Noel DaCosta (right), Vice President of University Advancement and Development, Eron McLean (2nd left) and University Treasurer, Devon Gardner (left). These students each received scholarships of $100,000.00, towards their tuition. The students were chosen on the basis of academic performance as well as need and this will assist the ladies to excel as maritime professionals, in what is widely regarded as male-dominated fields. Tonian and Danielle are both 4th year students pursuing Bachelor degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, while Kemonie is in her 3rd year in the BSc. Customs, Freight Forwarding and Immigration degree programme. Desnoes & Geddes Limited, trading as Red Stripe, in Jamaica, is celebrating one hundred years of existence this year. As part of this celebration Red Stripe, through its charitable arm, the Desnoes & Geddes Foundation will be donating one hundred gifts to worthy causes island-wide. CMU is grateful to have been able to secure assistance for its students, through partnership.

WORLD’S LARGEST FACT CENTRE OPENS AT CMU The largest Festo Authorized and Certified Training (FACT) Centre in the world was officially opened by Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness at the CMU on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. As he inks his signature on the welcome sign to Jamaica’s suite of the most sophisticated and largest collection of engineering laboratories from German Company FESTO, he is joined by Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator Hon. Ruel Reid.

CMU SIGNS RICHARD “CHARLIE CHAPLIN” BENNETT AS FOOTBALL PRESIDENT CMU has signed former Arnett Gardens Football Club general manager, Dr. Richard “Charlie Chaplin” Bennett as president of the University’s football team in a private ceremony on CMU’s main campus, signaling the institution’s ambition for greater success in intercollegiate football. Present at the signing were (seated L-R); Dr. Richard Bennett; and Ms. Donnet Phillips; director of student affairs. Looking on (standing from left) are: Stacy Ann Jack; sports administrator (CMU), Marlon Nunes; student-athlete, and Stephan Williams; sports administrator (CMU). Also present at the signing but missing from photo were former international football players: Oneil Thompson and Michael Tulloch.

CMU SPONSORS 2018 GIS WEEK OF ACTIVITIES CMU partnered with the National Spatial Management Division, the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation and the Land Information Council of Jamaica to host the 2018 Geospatial Symposium. CMU students and staff presented their research, findings and works under the theme: Geospatial Technologies: Driving Logistics and Transportation. CMU hosted the event as the university with the largest suite of logistics programmes. The presenters and their topics included: - Nahjae Nunes, second year Logistics Student: Geomatics in Online Shopping - Keldon Green (logistics lecturer & alumnus) and Alyssa Subratie (4th year Logistics student): Geospatial Technologies, focusing on Global Positioning Systems (shown in photograph) - Jovan Miller (alumnus, staff researcher and Engineer): Hybrid immersed Virtual experience


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Developments con’t

A section of the graduates from the faculties of Shipping and Logistics, Engineering and Applied Technology, Marine and Nautical Sciences, Advanced Skills and Professional Development, School of Graduate Studies and Centre for Security, Counter Terrorism and Nonproliferation.


Graduation 2018 was held on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the Jamaica Conference Centre. It featured a record number of graduates across fifteen programmes including associate, occupational, bachelor and masters degrees as well as two honorary doctorate degrees in International Shipping to industry veterans, Charles Johnston (2nd left) and Yuri Verniers (centre). Sharing in their proud moment are Mrs. Hyacinth Bennett, Chairman of the University Council, HRM Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, Chancellor, Sen. Hon. Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry, Dean-Roy Bernard and CMU President Professor Fritz Pinnock.

Young Dae-Quan Hardy is consoled by CMU Chancellor, HRM Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, during a moment of silence as he collects the bachelor of science degree in security administration and management on behalf of his father, Fabian Hardy, who was murdered a few weeks ago, while the platform party of University Officials look on.

CMU LECTURER GETS SCHOLARSHIP TO JAPAN Kahuina Miller, (3rd left) Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology is the recipient of a scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree in Applied Marine Environmental Studies from the Government of Japan at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. The award was officially handed over on September 6, 2018 at CMU with university staff and partners. Sharing in the moment before he left on September 29, are: Ambassador of Japan to Jamaica His Excellency Hiromasa Yamazaki, (2nd right) Professor Ibrahim Ajagunna, VP of Academic and Student Affairs, CMU, Mr. Yasushi Satake, Acting Representative to Jamaica, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Professor Fritz Pinnock, President, CMU, Dr. Phylicia Marshall, Assistant Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and Niki Ahoba, Project Formulation Advisor, JICA.

MICHAEL LEE CHIN VISITS CMU Jamaican billionaire and Chairman of the Government of Jamaica’s Economic Growth Council, Michael Lee-Chin shares a light-hearted moment with CMU staff member Kemar Barrett, from the Centre of Digital Innovation and Advanced manufacturing, which hosts the largest suite of 3D printers in the Caribbean. With them are Erica Simmons, Executive Director of the Centre, Verona Carter, Vice-president of Public Affairs at New Fortress Energy and Dr. Eric Deans (partially hidden) Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority, Chairman of the Jamaica Logistics Hub Task Force and Associate Professor at the CMU (partially hidden). The Council and other stakeholders visited CMU recently to meet with the management and staff and toured the facilities.


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CMU TRAINS AT-RISK YOUTH FOR SEAFARING JOBS In August 2018, CMU conferred multi-purpose rating certification upon 32 students who will be employed to EXMAR Ship Management, based in Belgium, as ‘able-bodied seamen’. The three-month programme, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information with training delivered by CMU, targeted at-risk youth from across the island. Among those present at the ceremony (seated from left) were Captain Jhonny Pretell associate vicepresident — Faculty of Marine and Nautical Studies; Captain Devron Newman, dean - Faculty of Marine and Nautical Studies; Eron McLean - vice president, University Advancement and development; and Judeen Palmer, programme coordinator — Faculty of Advanced Skills and Professional Development.

NEW FORTRESS SUPPORTS CMU CMU recipients of full scholarships from New Fortress Energy (NFE), had a very engaging talk with Verona Carter, Vice President, Public Affairs at NFE during her visit to the University, while Professor Pinnock, President of CMU beamed with pride. On this occasion, Ms. Carter met the beneficiaries of her company’s investment in maritime education, valued at close to JA$4 million. Through a strategic partnership, New Fortress Energy is also investing in infrastructural development of technical facilities at the University in addition to a student meal programme. The students are (L-R) - Julian Wright Stewart, Oslan Robinson, Christopher Hayden, Kaydia Tinglin, Brandon Levy and Sherwayne Howell.

MEET THE CMU SERVIDORES This is a new service group established to give students the professional finesse to be superb cruise shipping and marine tourism personnel and the initiative is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, during his keynote address at the launch of the ‘Servidores’ Initiative, which was held at the Main Campus on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. The ceremony was held in honour of students from the Bachelor of Science in Logistics programme, who are majoring in Cruise Shipping and Marine Tourism and have completed a comprehensive training in Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping as well as Hospitality. He congratulated them on achieving certification in these critical areas and encouraged them to perform within the tourism sector with distinction.

The group of ten students who received certification in key areas that will advance their careers in the cruise shipping industry after graduation.


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JAMAICA NOW HAS A CERTIFIED MASTER WELDER Several stakeholders are elated that Jamaica now has its first Internationally Certified Master Welder in Ricardo Campbell (3rd left), a student at the CMU, who was recently trained and certified in Germany. He was well received at a reception ceremony on Friday, December 7, 2018, held at the Main Campus, which celebrated his anticipated contributions to the development of the specialized field in Jamaica.

Joining him to commemorate the moment are, Lorna Townshend, Customer Sales and Liaison Representative, interCaribbean Airways - representing Condor – (airline sponsors); His Excellency Dr. Bernd von Munchow-Pohl, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, (diplomatic facilitator); Dr. Birte Timm, PR and HR Manager, Germany Ship Repair, Jamaica (GSRJ) and Klaus-Peter Nitz, General Manager, GSRJ, (industry partners), Erica Simmons, Executive Director, CDIAM, CMU (University representative), Mrs. Janet Dyer, Managing Director, HEART TRUST NTA (local training partner), Dr. Eric Deans, Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Special Economic Zone (industry partner), Eduardo Rodrigues, Senior Consultant DNV GL (international training partner).

General Manager of GSRJ, Klaus-Peter Nitz recalls his first encounter with Ricardo Campbell and shares his experience of operating a business in Jamaica with the supporters.

Dihanroy Mitchell, engineering students and member of the CMU Pop Band, soothes the audience during the reception ceremony for Ricardo Campbell.


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You may know Evette Smith Johnson as Dean of the Faculty of General Studies, at CMU, the designated Chair the University Conferences such as the Maritime and Logistics Conferences and the face of the Charter Day activities in 2017. Her role as Head of Faculty means that she manages the general education courses to support major programmes at the university. This faculty provides interdisciplinary support to the other faculties in the areas of language acquisition and development for foreign students, cultural emersion and academic language-based courses to build competences. Language offerings include College English, Spanish, French and Mandarin. Additionally, the faculty is a certified centre for the Test d’Evaluation de Français - a French certification examination akin to the English Standard Language Test as well as a course in French for International Relations to Diplomats and non-governmental organizations. The faculty also offers the Professional Diploma in French (DFP) for Business and Tourism. This is significant as CMU is the only DFP Centre in the English-speaking Caribbean. Besides working, Evette enjoys many varied things that have enriched her life over the years. Here are ten things we learnt about her during her recent interview with the OASIS. 1) How would you describe your personality? I am an introverted extrovert meaning I love being around happy, vibrant people but I also like my space to think and be alone sometimes. 2) Describe your family size… I am from a relatively large family but now I have a small one – my husband and my three year-old son. 3) Name one place you have visited and wished you could have stayed longer? Aruba! It was awesome. There was a permanent vacation atmosphere and everything was just…delightful. 4) Why is green your favorite colour? I wore it in high school every day at Manchester High for five years and I suppose I have mastered the art of matching other colours with it. Now it is my default colour of choice.

5) Which bit of international news still has you shocked? The fact that North Korea has intercontinental ballistic missiles. That’s just scary. 6) What other career would you have pursued if you weren’t an educator? I would be a lawyer or an investigative journalist. I would be out there travelling to different parts of the world to cover important and exciting stories. 7) What fad or trend do you find silly? I find this era of tight pants ridiculous. I call it Robin Hood: Men in Tights – like the movie. 8) What is your vision for the Faculty of General Studies? I want to build a faculty that supports the human element of our degrees through the study of people so that our students can be rounded individuals because as technical as their fields of study are they are all social careers. As much as we move towards an automated work environment, we must preserve the human factor, especially our language capacity because to me, it is tragic when an extremely brilliant student or graduate cannot articulate, verbally or in written form, a life changing technology or creation of his or her mind, its importance, or its operations because of their underdeveloped social sensibilities. 9) What is your dream car? My dream car is actually a dream truck. I wouldn’t want anything bigger or smaller than a Toyota Tacoma. That would be ideal for me. 10) Give us a fun fact about yourself that might surprise our readers I love motorbikes. The men in my family are into bikes and other automobiles so I have been exposed to a lot but I just have a special thing for bikes. I have never owned one, but I’ve ridden on many different types, sizes and models, except a Harley Davidson but that is definitely on bucket list.


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Delight A complete Vegan meal even meat lovers will enjoy

or by-products. This means red or white meat, fish or fowl, eggs, dairy, honey. So, for many of us a vegan lifestyle may be the most challenging to maintain as an original carnivore. We might think its dull and impossible to enjoy food, but my recent experience proves otherwise. This is a complete vegan meal, which was as satisfying and delicious as any other meal.

For many of us meat lovers, going vegetarian may be a daunting thought but there are different levels to the life choice. According to, there are seven levels, six of which include the following: - Flexitarian – A majority plant-based diet with the occasional meat item on the menu. These folks do their best to limit meat intake as much as possible and they have an almost entirely plant-based diet. - Pescatarian (Pescetarian): These individuals restrict their meat consumption to fish and seafood only. Pescatarians do not consume other meat kinds. This is considered a “semivegetarian” or “flexitarian” diet. - Pollotarian: Much like the pescatarian, this “semi-vegetarian” diet restricts meat consumption to poultry only. Pollotarians do not consume red meat or fish and seafood. - Lacto-ovo vegetarian: These vegetarians do not consume meat, fish or fowl. However, lactoovo vegetarians do consume dairy products and egg products. This is the most common type of vegetarian. - Ovo Vegetarian: Ovo-vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, fowl or dairy products. However, ovovegetarians do consume egg products. - Lacto Vegetarian: Lacto-vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, fowl or eggs. However, lactovegetarians do consume dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt. - Vegan: is the strictest with no animal products


Appetizer: This was a faux smoked salmon niçoise composed salad with red onions, olives and tomatoes on a bed of lettuce, topped with mashed potato and cucumber. For the essence of salmon, carrots which were first seasoned, broiled then baked to a malleable, slick texture so much so that it remarkable, not just tasted like salmon but felt like it too.

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Entre’: This was a memorable twist on the classic southern American comfort meal Chicken and waffles which was unmistakably identical in taste to the real thing. The waffles were dairy free – eggs substituted for bananas and milk substituted for almond milk - and absolutely no flour. For chicken, cauliflower was used and it had just the right outer crunch and savory bite to be convincingly reminiscent to a barbequed chicken breast. All this was accentuated with sweet corn cre’ma, tomato confit and baked coconut flakes…Yum!

Dessert: This was a mulberry smoothie with shredded coconut, dried cranberries, papaya, almonds and orange


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The Oasis Vol 4 - a Caribbean Maritime University publication  

The Oasis Vol 4 - a Caribbean Maritime University publication