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KidsAID Guyana (Global) Help The Kids Annual Magazine | OCTOBER 2018 PUBLISHER Tony McWatt CONTRIBUTORS Aruna Faria Niluka Kottegoda Tony McWatt Kelly Pearce Narendra Singh PHOTOGRAPHY Tiffany Cox Aruna Faria GRAPHIC DESIGN Julie Rambali, PUBLISHED BY: TMac Publishing 132 Mullen Drive, Ajax Ontario, L1T 2A5 647-669-9320

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Chairman's Message GHTK Evolution & Mission Born 27 Weeks Premature, Living As A Miracle Training Programs & Support Pediatric Residency Program NICU Nursing Residence Program Project Impact: 50% Fewer Deaths In One Year GHTK's Canadian Leadership Team Havana Nights Gala Programme GHTK's Guyana Leadership Team Guyana Nurses' Notes GHTK Director's $70,000 Ventilator Donation Guyana Medical Scientific Conference Graduation & Awards Banquet World Prematurity Day Celebration Walk Keybase Financial: Outstanding Corporate Sponsorship Shinaaz & Steve Nijjar Outstanding Unwavering Donors From Day 1 Honored Donors Going Global GHTK's Guyana Contributions

Guyana (Global) Help The Kids President’s Message Welcome to the Premiere Issue of KidsAID. Guyana Help The Kids’ (GHTK) newly introduced Annual Magazine. As GHTK’s President and on behalf of my fellow Executive Board Members and our Guyana Leadership Team, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you as Readers. KidsAID has been developed as a publication vehicle towards increasing and improving public awareness of the work done by GHTK. In the now eleven years since its formation as a registered Canadian Charity, we have made great strides in achieving our goal of reducing neonatal and infant mortality in Guyana, while concurrently establishing a sustainable program. This sustainability has been achieved through the establishment of respective Neonatal Training and Pediatric Post Graduate Residency Programs. We have trained 15 Pediatricians and 70 NICU nurses with more to graduate in the near future. Both of these programs are currently self sustaining. As a direct result of GHTK’s charitable activities, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of specialized equipment has been donated to hospitals across the length and breadth of Guyana. The combined effect of these activities has resulted in significantly laudable reductions in Guyana’s infant mortality rates. Aside from creating awareness of our activities, KidsAID will also fulfill a secondary function as the Official Souvenir Programme for GHTK’s Annual Dinner & Dance. The annual Dinner & Dance is a prestigious gala evening which continues to serve as the Charity’s primary fundraising vehicle. These are indeed very exciting times for GHTK. Having been as successful as it has in addressing Guyana’s pediatric care needs; our organization will very soon be expanding its scope to provide identical assistance to other countries with similar needs, particularly those within the Eastern Caribbean. Our activities will be implemented through a strategic partnership with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). As part of that process, the Charity will in fact be changing its name to Global Help The Kids(GHTK).

the lives of our babies. On behalf of our Board and everyone involved in this process, I invite you to join us on this most exciting journey, first and foremost as valued charitable donors. You can also of course read about our plans and achieved successes in this and future KidsAID annual Issues. Please also do share printed and digital copies of this KidsAID Premiere Issue with as many of your contacts as possible and give us your valued feedback on its provided content. In short become publicly engaged as active stakeholders in the further promotion of GHTK’s activities and initiatives. Working together we can indeed “Give Tomorrow” to as many infants as possible in the countries that we serve! Sincerely Dr Narendra Singh President, Guyana (Global) Help The Kids


Our success to date could not have been achieved without the tireless respective efforts of the members of GHTK's outstanding Board of Directors. On behalf of all Guyanese I would like to thank the non- Guyanese board members, Dr Leif Nelin, Dr Andrea Hunter, Niluka Kottegoda and Cait Yeager for their outstanding contributions towards saving

Dr Narendra Singh


GHTK’s President Dr Nar Singh pointing to the maternity unit where he was born.

Guyana Help The Kids: One Small Pledge Transformed Into Monumental, Sustainable Improvements! Eleven years ago in 2007, Dr. Narendra Chetram Singh was visiting his home country of Guyana and took a tour of the neonatal intensive care unit at one of the hospitals. The Chief of Staff at Humber River Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McMaster University was “surprised and taken aback” by what he saw — or more specifically, what he didn't.

“I was impressed by the dedication of the nurses and doctors in their efforts to save every baby despite limited resources.”

The unit lacked incubators, intravenous pumps, heart and oxygen monitors.

President David Granger Inspecting GHTK’s Donated Equipment

“Babies were dying because of prematurity, or from infection,” he said. Dr Narendra Singh was born in Guyana and migrated to Canada 44 years ago. Following his medical degree he completed a Pediatric Residency Program at the University of Western Ontario, as well as Fellowships in Pediatric Critical Care at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Singh is also a Fellow of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Singh served as Chief of Staff at Humber River Hospital until 2018 and has appointments as Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University, the University of Toronto and Queens University. He is currently the Co-Program Director for the Pediatric PostGraduate Program at the University of Guyana and an External Examiner for the University of Guyana's Undergraduate Medical Program. Dr Singh has authored well over 100 peer-reviewed articles and

abstracts, a handbook in pediatric critical care and several chapters on the same subject. He has also received grant funding for a number of pediatric critical care related projects and from Grand Challenges Canada for Guyana's Neonatal Program, which he helped to establish.

Along with raising funds for essential equipment the duo, in collaboration with Canadian universities, also established Pediatric Residency and Neonatal Nursing Programs to send staff down to Guyana to train pediatricians and nurses. To date, 15 Guyanese pediatricians and more than 70 NICU nurses have been trained.

Patient Baby

Dr. Singh has received a number of teaching awards at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto. In 2013, Dr. Singh was awarded the Prix D'Excellence (Specialist of the Year) by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This award is given to the best specialist in Ontario, as judged by his peers. In 2017, Dr. Singh was presented with the Meritorious Service Medal for his charitable work in Guyana. Singh, along with his pediatrician wife, Dr. Shirley Sit, founded Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) in 2007, as a way to combat neonatal and infant mortality rates in the country.

The hand washing protocol Dr Singh developed and introduced to Guyana's hospitals resulted in dramatic decreases in the country's infant mortality rates of approximately 20% in GHTK's very first year of charitable existence. The infant mortality rate at Guyana's largest hospital — the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation — also decreased by about 50% overall that year. GHTK's programs have now been expanded to five additional hospitals in Guyana. GHTK was founded as a Charity which pledged to do something small. Its efforts have since transformed into something far greater that has become vital, thriving and sustainable. Since GHTK's 2007 launching there are now six neonatal intensive care units open throughout the country, which account for 90% of all deliveries in Guyana. Under Nar Singh's leadership and with the support of his fellow Board members, GHTK has focused its activities on sustainable change, predominantly education, including establishing a highly regarded Pediatric Residency Program to train qualified doctors. In 2011 GHTK also collaborated with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation's Institute of Health Science Education, the University of Guyana, McMaster University and Toronto's Humber River Hospital to establish a Pediatric Post-Graduate Residency Programme in Guyana. With a major emphasis placed on capacity building, GHTK has provided comprehensive education to local physicians, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. GHTK's innovative programs have been delivered via virtual classrooms, as well as by volunteer doctors that travel abroad at their own expense to lend their skills and expertise. Additionally, GHTK continues to secure specialized equipment to raise the bar of neonatal care in Guyana.

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As a direct result of GHTK's activities, which have also included the establishment of a very successful Neonatal Nursing Program, Guyana as a country of 750,000 people has been transformed from having only 3 pediatricians 30-40 years ago, to now having 15 in addition to 70 nurses who have been trained at the highest level of neonatal intensive care. Towards the fulfillment of its charitable organization Mission, to decrease neonatal and infant mortality rates in developing countries, GHTK is now focusing on transposing the project's successful formula to other countries, including several within the Eastern Caribbean. GHTK's public profile and donor bases will therefore have to be expanded, as it seeks to raise the funds necessary to duplicate in other countries the outstanding, highly commendable, success it has achieved in Guyana.

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Born Prematurely at 27 Weeks, Living as a Miracle! Tiffany Cox was into the third trimester of her pregnancy when she suffered a fit and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Subsequent examinations by the resident doctors revealed that she was experiencing abnormally high blood pressure and that

her unborn baby was under serious threat and in mortal danger of not surviving. Events then developed further at a phenomenal pace. Before she could quite grasp all that was happening, the next thing she knew was that she was in the

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Georgetown Hospital giving bir th to a significantly premature baby girl. Tiffany's daughter was born prematurely at 27 weeks on November 20, 2014. She weighed less than 2 pounds at birth, 940 grams to be exact! Tiffany was convinced that her daughter had absolutely no chance of survival so initially she refused to even look at her, let alone touch her. She saw no point in bonding with a baby that she was convinced would soon be dead. Against all odds however and as a direct consequence of the incubators the Georgetown Hospital Neonatal Unit had been provided with through G H T K , T i f f a n y miraculously, survived. She'd spent the entire first month of her life in one of the GHTK provided incubators and it was only until a few weeks after her premature birth that Tiffany, on the suggestion of one of the resident nurses, had started touching her. On January 21, 2015, exactly two months after her premature baby had been born,

Baby Miracle

According to Tiffany Miracle's, survival was entirely made possible through the equipment and specialized pediatric care she received at the Georgetown Hospital. Equipment and care that was available solely as a result of the donations and training that has been provided to the hospital through GHTK’s generous and charitable activities.

Miracle Growing Up Nicely

Tiffany Cox left the Georgetown Public

Hospital bearing in her arms her very much alive and well daughter. Most appropriately Tiffany had named her daughter Miracle.

Speaking to participants at the conclusion of the World Prematurity Day March that was held in Georgetown last November, an emotional Tiffany also recalled that in the months after she'd gone home the Georgetown Hospital nurses and doctors who had attended to her became like her extended family. Dr Winsome Scott in particular was always diligent in responding to her calls in addressing her needs and allaying her concerns. Now a healthy four year old, Miracle is busy enjoying life to the fullest, engaged in all the activities of kids her age. She has shown absolutely no signs of any mal effects from her premature birth. Tiffany laments that Miracle is seemingly a bit under weight for her age but suggests that her relatively slim stature is certainly not the result of a lack of appetite! Here's to the continued health and happiness of both Miracle and Tiffany. Here's as well to all the doctors, nurses and support staff at the Georgetown Public Hospital whose outstanding use of the GHTK provided equipment and training saved a little life that resulted in such a wonderful Miracle!

GPHC CEO George Lewis and the Team at Georgetown Hospital with GHTK Donated Equipment

GHTK Training Programs & Support Making A Significant Impact In Guyana! Since having been launched Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) has introduced several Training Programs and provided outstanding support to Guyana's pediatric practitioners. These Programs and support initiatives have had a significant impact on reducing Guyana's infant mortality rates. Among the very first programs to be introduced by GHTK was the Hand Hygiene Program. The Program was launched by GHTK in 2012 in collaboration with the World Health Organization's standards for the “Five Moments for Hand Hygiene.” It's purpose and intent was to create awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene practices within the NICU. The Hand Hygiene Program was conducted by Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children's Dr Katherine Runkle over a period of three years. The Programme was delivered through on-site

workshops at the GPHC, Linden, New Amsterdam, Suddie West Demerara and Bartica Hospitals. As part of the Program “Five Moments for Hand Hygiene” posters were provided to all sites. Surveillance data, which captured incidences of subscription to or deviation from the suggested Hand Hygiene best practices, was shared with the management and staff of each site. Dr. Runkle's data was also shared with management personnel at the Guyana Ministry of Public Health, as well as the GPHC. The data identified further gaps within the system, which at that time was a key component to the GPHC's recorded infection rates. GHTK responded by providing hand dryers, soap dispensers, garbage bins and over 100 cases of hand sanitizers, CAVI wipes and non-sterile/sterile gloves for the NICUs.

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As the prog ramme advanced the infection rates dropped with the recorded data identifying an overall success rate of 61%. The recorded compliance component was 50% for nurses and 75% collectively for residents, GMOs, interns and medical students. Further efforts to address infection control led to GHTK assisting GPHC's main laboratory with blood screening media as part of a pilot project to identify and isolate which bacteria was responsible for the sick babies in the NICU and to target those with treatments. GHTK also worked with GPHC to create platforms between its staff and professional consultants in that area of expertise. As a direct result of GHTK's involvement, efforts were also made in 2013 to improve Pediatric Oncology Services at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. GHTK's President, Dr Narendra Singh, met with Pediatric Oncologist Dr Lorna Fitzpatrick who is attached to the University of Buffalo and Women and

GHTK’s Donated Incubators

Children's Hospital of Buffalo to discuss ways to meet the needs of the department. Through this collaboration, Dr. Fitzpatrick agreed to conduct a site visit to the institution in February, 2013 to assess its needs. At the end of this visit she met with the institution's key stakeholders to provide feedback and her recommendations.

Dr. Fitzpatrick's intervention also significantly reduced the time for cancer diagnosis to be made for patients. She and her team, comprised of a Pharmacist, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Neuro Surgeon, traveled to Guyana later that year to assist in the further development and provision of pediatric services at the GPHC. As a result of all these initiatives the following was achieved: —

Dr. Fitzpatrick

Dr. Fitzpatrick has since then trained two Pediatricians to perform bone marrow biopsies. Prior to her involvement there had been only one doctor who could conduct bone marrow procedures. These were also only done every two weeks since he was based out of Georgetown.

GPHC could finally send home more children who were admitted with cancer! Previously admission would have been detrimental to any child who was diagnosed with cancer at GPHC. — Bone Marrows were done more efficiently and samples were coordinated through GPHC's main lab to have those shipped to Dr Fitzpatrick where she voluntarily reviewed them and reported her findings back to the Pediatricians. — Dr Fitzpatrick assisted by providing treatment roadmaps which allowed pediatricians to make improved recommendations to Pharmacy which best served and met patient needs. Furthermore, Dr Fitzpatrick's initiatives also provided valuable assistance in securing the clinical rotation of Dr Sherelyn Stanton from the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo. Dr Stanton was a senior resident who has since graduated from the Pediatric Residency Programme delivered through GHTK, in collaboration with the University of Guyana and the Georgetown Public Hospital Institute of Health Science Education. Dr Stanton along with Dr Mala Shewram (another Programme graduate) thereafter took ownership of the Pediatric Oncology ward at GPHC. They also served as active advocates for the Program. GHTK also raised awareness of the Program at GPHC by highlighting the needs of patients coming from remote parts of the country. As a result the Jay Mohabir Foundation responded by committing to an annual donation to GHTK that was aimed to reach out to these specific patients. To date GHTK has assisted several families with cost coverage for accommodation, travel, MRI payments and CT scans as well as those for medications whenever there is a shortage. Dr Fitzpatrick has remained committed to working with the doctors at GPHC and has been readily available for any consult on cases seen by the Pediatricians. She is widely regarded at the GPHC as a resident hero! In November, 2013, GHTK conducted a five (5) day Biomedical Training workshop. Mr. Mike Weirmer – Dragger Consultant and Mr. Kelly Pearce – CEO, Lifetronics/Respiratory Therapist were the lead instructors for the course. All technicians from the GPHC department and those from regional sites were invited to participate in the training which was aimed at the sustainability of technical support and preventative maintenance for all medical equipment introduced to the NICU. Since this training was conducted, one biomedical technician has been working with GHTK to assist with technical support at both GPHC and regional hospitals.

Graduation Class of Pediatricians with Dr Madan Rambaran and the GHTK Team

GHTK's Pediatric Residency Program Helping To Train Outstanding Guyanese Pediatricians! Launched in October 2010, the Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) Pediatric Residency Program (PRP) is currently being delivered through the Institute of Health Science

Education. It is also accredited through the University of Guyana. Financially supported by GHTK, PRP

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is affiliated with external faculty from some of the world's leading medical and educational institutions. T hese include Canada's McMaster University, the University of Toronto, Humber River Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children, the McMaster's Children Hospital, Buffalo State University, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas (UTSW), the USA Nationwide Children's Hospital as well as the Trinidad & Tobago based University of the West Indies and Eric Williams Medical Center. The Program is delivered through a three (3) year residency at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) with four (4) years of attachment in the public health sector after graduation. The minimum requirements for application into the program are a BSC in

Medicine from a recognized university and one (1) year post internship experience. The Pediatric Residency Program is currently managed by Dr. Narendra Singh (External Director), Dr. Andrea Hunter (Co- Director), Dr. Arnelle Spearman (Local Director), Dr. Julie Johnston (Curriculum Director) and Ms. Aruna Farina (Program Administrative Assistant). During the program's first year, Residents are required to complete PGY-Med 661 modules in the following areas: 3 months of General Pediatric Ward; 2 months each of General Pediatric Clinic, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Newborn Medicine Service, as well as 1 m o n t h e a ch o f I n f e c t i o u s D i s e a s e, Emergency Department and Community Rotation.

Pediatric Residents in Training

The Program's second year (PGY-2 MED 761) requirements are for two months each of Electives: these can be chosen from Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Surgery, General Pediatric Clinics and Wards. Residents are also required to complete a month each of units in either Pediatric Intensive Care, Adult Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, Developmental / Adolescent Pediatric Clinic, Community Rotation and/or Infectious Disease.

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The Year 3 (PGY-3 Med 861) syllabus includes 3 months each of General Pediatric Clinic and Electives chosen from either Adolescent Pediatric Clinic or Neonatal Intensive Care. There are also 2 months of General Pediatric Wa r d a n d 1 m o n t h e a c h o f Developmental Pediatrics Clinic, Pediatric Intensive Care or Adult Intensive Care Units, Community Rotation and Pediatric Emergency Department. Residents are also tasked with the completion of 4 months of Chief Resident rotations. Clinical rotations are also incorporated into the Program's requirements for graduation. These are designed to include a full complement of internal and external rotation and include: Infectious Disease – HIV/TB Clinics, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Neonatology, Pediatric ICU, Adolescent and Developmental Clinics, General Pediatric and Postnatal Wards, Pediatric Surgery, O p h t h a l m o l o g y, O t o l a r y n g o l o g y, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology in addition to Community service at either of the sites where NICUs are currently established. As of May 2018 the Program has graduated fifteen (15) Pediatricians. Final examinations are held in May of every year and are conducted by both local and external examiners. The final examinations consist of a Short Answer and a Multiple Choice Question segment on Day One that is supervised by a University of Guyana Proctor. Day Two consists of seven (7) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) stations. The required passing grade is 65% for the Program.

Guyana Help The Kids' Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Program The Guyana Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (NCIU) Programme was launched in June, 2012 as the next step in the process of staff training. Its primary purpose was to provide highly qualified nurses to complement the fully trained pediatricians at targeted hospitals. In Guyana the NICU nursing program is delivered through the Institute of Health Science Education. It is currently a hospital based Certified Programme, that's administered over the duration of one (1) year. There is also a three (3) year post graduation attachment to Guyana's Public Sector. Faculty support for the Programme is provided by Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) and The Nationwide Children's Hospital. The Programme applies a holistic approach to the provision of health and illness nursing care for neonates and their families. It places emphasis on neonatal and infant adaptation to various health alterations within a developmental context and includes environmental surveillance/risk reduction, evidence based practice and family education.

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The following is a summary of the course content: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ


Nurses' role in the care of the neonate Gestational age and physical assessment of the neonate Family-centered care Developmental care of the neonate Care of the high-risk neonate Pain assessment and management Thermoregulation Neurologic, respiratory, cardiac, skin, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, endocrine, hematologic, and fluid and electrolyte alterations in neonates Infectious disease identification and management Environmental risk reduction Laboratory concepts Pharmacology and IV regulation Evidence based practice, advocacy and communication End-of–life care and responses with the neonatal client and their family.

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The course incorporates the respective standards of the American Nurses Association, Quality & Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/ World Health Organization (WHO) Standards of Maternal and Neonatal Care and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Guidelines for Clinical Practice. It also adheres to the Standards of Accreditation for Degree Nursing Programmes within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). As part of the Programme's curriculum, registered Nurses are exposed to web based and in house teaching conducted by educators from the Nationwide Children's Hospital. The Programme is currently jointly managed by a team of highly qualified medical practitioners including Dr. Leif Nelin – Neonatologist/External Director, Nurse Caitlin Yeager – External Educator, Nurse Alexis Jones-Hooper – Local Educator and Ms. Aruna Faria – Programme Administrative Assistant. The Guyana Help The Kids' NCIU Programme delivers didactic sessions three days per week for the first two months and follows a preceptorship period, when sessions are reduced to once per week with more practical training within the NICU. As of May 2018, the Programme has graduated seventy (70) NICU Nurses from both GPHC and regional hospitals. The Programme's required passing grade is 65%. Establishment of a NICU and the Neonatal Network The Neonatal Network was established with the core objective to

strengthen regional sites to advance Pediatric and Neonatal Care and by extension further reduce referrals to GPHC. The Network was officially launched in 2013 with the addition of Linden and New Amsterdam Hospitals with GPHC serving as the Center for Excellence. Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation There are over 7000 deliveries in Georgetown annually and the bulk of these are received at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). In this regard, GPHC was identified as the core of the Neonatal Network. Standards of Neonatal/Pediatric Care that are piloted and implemented at this level will ultimately be paralleled at each site as part of the Neonatal Network. The GPHC's NICU was commissioned on March 16th, 2012. The unit was originally outfitted with incubators, patient monitors, infusion pumps, infant warmers and bassinets, of a model type that were a significant improvement from the wooden ones formerly used. Over the last four (4) years the unit has moved to a level 3 NICU with the introduction of CPAP in 2012 and ventilator services in June 2013. Twenty Five (25) NICU Nurses were initially trained to provide service at this site. Linden Hospital As one of the five referral hospitals within the Neonatal Network, the Linden Hospital Complex cares for approximately 580 deliveries annually. The Linden Hospital's neonatal unit, which


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New Amsterdam Regional Hospital On May 3rd, 2013 the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital Neonatal Unit was commissioned. Hospital officials at the opening ceremony expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the donations and the efforts made by GHTK. The hospital sees approximately 2100 deliveries annually and is one the highest referral sites to the GPHC.

GHTK Board Member, Cait Yeager with the first batch of NICU nurse trainees.

initially was only comprised of one functioning incubator and two phototherapy units, provided care for many of the sick babies while those that were seriously ill were being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. The Linden Hospital Complex's NCIU was commissioned by GHTK President, Dr. Narendra Singh and the former Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran. The unit was refurbished and equipped with Air Shield Vickers Incubators (4) Infusion Pumps (2), Patient Monitors (4), Phototherapy Units (4), an Infant Warmer (1) and a Transport Incubator (1). To date twelve (12) NICU Nurses have been trained to provide service to this site.

Construction of the site commenced in April, 2014 with the installation of lines for air, oxygen and suction. The unit was subsequently outfitted with Air Shield Vickers Incubators (4), Infusion Pumps (2), Patient Monitors (4), Phototherapy Units (4), an Infant Warmer (1) and a Transport Incubator (1). To date seven (7) NICU Nurses have been trained to provide service at this site. West Demerara Regional Hospital The West Demerara Regional Hospital has approximately 1050 deliveries annually. As the second highest referral hospital to the GPHC, prior to GHTK’s intervention the hospital did not have either a NICU or a NNU. All sick babies were therefore referred to the GPHC's NICU for care. On August 6th, 2014 the NICU was ceremonially commissioned by GHTK's President Dr. Narendra Singh and the former Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran. The NICU commenced services on February 4, 2016 after advancements by Guyana's current Minister of Health, George Norton. The area selected was refurbished and outfitted with the standard equipment consisting of Air Shield Incubators (4), Infusion Pumps (2), Patient Monitors(3), Phototherapy Units (4) an Infant Warmer(1) and Transport Incubator(1). To date five (5) NICU Nurses have been trained to provide service at this site. Suddie Public Hospital The Suddie Public Hospital receives approximately 900 deliveries annually and for very sick babies, referrals to the Georgetown Hospital are oftentimes unsuccessful. The Suddie Hospital's NCIU commissioning ceremony was held on August 8th, 2014 by officials of the Ministry of Health, GHTK, Local Government and the Unit’s Management. Donated equipment included, Air Shield Incubators (4), Infusion Pumps (2), Patient Monitors, an Infant Warmer as well as Phototherapy Units(4) and a Transport Incubator. To date four (4) NICU Nurses have been trained to provide service at this site. Bartica District Hospital Bartica District Hospital's NCIU was ceremonially commissioned on May 7th, 2016 by His Excellency, President David Granger, Minister George Norton and GHTK President Dr. Narendra Singh. Donated equipment included Incubators (3), Phototherapy Units (4), a portable Suction Machine, Patient Monitor and Infant Warmer. To date One (1) NICU Nurse has been trained to provide service at this site.

Pediatricians Accepting New Patients OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK North Etobicoke Children's Clinic was established in 2011 to serve communities in the Etobicoke, Brampton, York, and the greater Toronto area. The clinic is staffed with pediatricians who provide primary care, specialty care, consultations, and urgent medical care for sick patients.

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GHTK's Neonatal Project 50% Fewer Deaths in One Year! The first year of a Neonatal Intensive Care Services Project, between the Ministry of Health and Dr Narendra Singh's Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK), resulted in a 50% reduction in the number of infant deaths at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The GHTK-Guyana Ministry of Health partnership was developed in 2013 to ensure safer delivery for mothers, healthier childhoods for infants and to reduce infant mortality.

Under the Project Guyana's Ministry of Health constructed neonatal units that were outfitted with air conditioning and oxygen, w h i l e G H T K p r ov i d e d s p e c i a l i z e d equipment at six main public hospitals: Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Linden, West Demerara, Suddie and Bartica; as well as providing pediatric training for health personnel. These six institutions were chosen after a survey showed that they had recorded the Malcolm Cho-Kee, B.Sc., CCIM Broker of Record

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highest numbers of premature babies born in the country. The Project was piloted in Georgetown and subsequently rolled out to the New Amsterdam, Linden, West Demerara Regional, Suddie and Bartica hospitals. At the commencement of the Project Dr Singh had emphasized that while the specialized equipment was n e c e s s a r y, t h e h e a l t h personnel's skills were more important. As a result a key component of the Project was the development of a Pediatric Residency Programme. By means of collaboration among several entities, the Pediatric Residency Programme was developed to train physicians to become qualified Pediatricians. Dr Clive Bowman and Dr Seepersaud Chatterdeo created history in September 2013 as the first locally trained Pediatricians when they wrote and successfully passed the Guyana Pediatric Residency Licensing exams.An additional thir teen (13) doctors have subsequently graduated from the Pediatric Residency Programme.

Donated Equipment

in the first year. To date there have been a total of 70 NICU trained.

The opening of the New Amsterdam NICU. Mr Chetram Singh, Hon Bheri Ramsaran and Dr Narendra Singh

Under the Project's auspices a Neonatal Nurse Training Programme was also developed with eleven (11) nurses graduating

According to Dr Singh, the training also had an infection control aspect, towards which multiple lectures and demonstrations were delivered. A retrospective review of the GPHC's logbooks and char ts had been conducted in 2011 and a data collection system was subsequently put in place from January 2012 onwards. This data showed a 50% reduction in the number of deaths at the hospital within the Neonatal Project's first year of implementation. Additionally in January 2013, GHTK in collaboration with the University of Buffalo's Dr Lorna Fitzpatrick, introduced an Oncolog y Programme to treat children with various forms of cancer. Under the auspices of the Project, systems were also established to allow participating hospitals to network with each other. This has facilitated consultations between doctors in instances of critical cases where expert opinions are needed. Emphasis was also placed on the establishment of a safe transport system. As a result transport incubators are now available at the GPHC and New Amsterdam neonatal units. Complete ownership of the project was transferred to Guyana's Ministry of Health in 2016. All the units were by then up and running and there were enough trained professionals available for their ongoing management. Since then the Guyana Ministry of Health has assumed responsibility for sustaining the units, purchasing new equipment and continuing the training programmes.

GHTK's Canadian Leadership Team Dr Narendra C. Singh Dr. Narendra (Nar) Singh is the Founder and President of Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK). He was born in Guyana and migrated to Canada 44 years ago. Following his medical degree he completed a Pediatric Residency Program at the University of Western Ontario and Fellowships in Pediatric Critical Care at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Singh is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Critical Care Medicine. Recently retired as the Humber River Hospital's Chief Of Staff, Dr Singh still has appointments as Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University, the University of Toronto and Queens University. He is currently the Co-Program Director for the Pediatric Post Graduate Program at the University of Guyana and an External Examiner for the University of Guyana's Undergraduate Medical Program. “The trip to Guyana in 2007 will forever change my life. As a Pediatrician, I recognized that I could make a significant impact on saving the lives of babies in Guyana with little effort and relatively little resources compared to Canada. The value of a life should not be determined by the country of your birth. As I began to see dramatic results in Guyana, it became a passion for me to want to save every baby. This passion is not limited to Guyana!”

Terry Sawh Topnotch Employment's Guyana-born President Terry Sawh's story is similar to that of many immigrants. Terry Sawh left Guyana in 1976 with a burning desire to succeed despite the obstacles he knew he would face. He was just 18 years old at the time and about to start a fresh chapter in his life. One which he sensed would be radically different to that which he'd become accustomed to growing up in La Grange, a rural village on the West Bank of Demerara in Guyana, where he'd also attended West Demerara Secondary School.

Apart from his outstanding contributions as one of the Guyana Help The

Hemdat Sawh Hemdat Sawh is a CPA, and holds an MBA, a BSc in Geology and a Graduate Diploma in Geology. H e m d a t h a s ove r 1 6 y e a r s o f experience at Grant Thornton LLP, where he acted as lead supervisor for auditing teams. He also has over 13 years' experience serving as CFO of Amarillo Gold Corporation, Wesdome G o l d M i n e s, S c o r p i o M i n i n g , Crystallex and Goldbelt Resources. Hemdat arrived in Canada in 1974 to pursue agriculture in Guelph, changed his mind, became a geologist and finally ended up as an accountant. Go figure! Of humble origins from the rice fields of Berbice, Guyana, Hemdat has not forgotten his roots where helping others in need comes naturally. He immediately accepted the role of GHTK's Treasurer three years ago and was amazed by the selfless giving of expertise, time and resources by Drs. Singh, Hunter and Nelin and all of their contacts in helping to save the lives of infants. He is committed to giving background support to the well-established team of professionals in the shared vision of helping kids in need in the Caribbean and worldwide.

Dr Nar Daljeet Dr. Nar Daljeet was born in New Amsterdam, Guyana from a prominent business family that came to Canada in 1974 .He received a BSc in Honors Chemistry at McMaster University and then graduated as a Dentist from University of Toronto in 1985. He currently practices in Scarborough and Stouffville with his son Nikhil. Dr Daljeet has also served on the U of T Dental Alumni Board for over 5 years, as Chair of the Board's Mentorship Program and on the University's Awards Gala Fundraising Program Committee He also served on the College of Electors of University of Toronto in 2016-2017. Dr Daljeet is a recipient of several Community Awards including those from the Vedic Cultural Center, and the Pranav and Vishnu Mandirs. A GHTK Board Member for over five years, Dr Daljeet has also served as a Volunteer Dentist for LIGA in Guatemala where he and the other flying doctors of mercy treated over 200 impoverished mouths in 2018. He is also an active Lions Club Member.


After working with Dun & Bradstreet for five years, Sawh launched his own collection agency – The Debt Safe Corporation – in Toronto and Topnotch Employment Services, a staffing agency. Today Topnotch Employment Services Inc., which he launched in 1992, employs eight fulltime employees, and manages more than 300 contract staff — many of whom are visible minorities and members of aboriginal communities — through its spin-off companies: Prime Time Plus and Topnotch Executive Staffing.

Kids most active Board Members, Terry Sawh also volunteers his time towards several other community service organizations. These include the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council's Supplier Input Committee and the Markham Softball League, both of which he Chairs. He also serves as Vice-President of the Lakshmi Mandir in Mississauga and maintains active memberships with the Guyana Canada Chamber of Commerce, the Guyana Awards Council and the Leaside Lions Club.


Kelly Robert Pearce Along with his mom and brothers, Kelly Pearce emigrated from Georgetown, Guyana to Toronto, Canada in December 1965. For Kelly it was love at first sight for the big city of Toronto. Since then he has lived in the GTA achieving an interesting, happy and rewarding life with no regrets. He quickly attained citizenship in 1969 after deciding to make this incredible country his permanent home. With opportunities for higher education at college and university levels, he was able to achieve a varied career in the healthcare industry. He served as a respiratory therapist and cardio-respiratory services director in two Toronto area hospitals. While there, he also served on and chaired several hospital-wide committees and became involved in various projects. Later on, with no background in business, Kelly decided to become an entrepreneur by starting up and building a national medical devices distribution company representing several major multinational manufacturers. His company also included a respiratory home-care services division operating in the GTA. He also served two terms as president/chairperson for The Ontario Home Respiratory Services Association (OHRSA). Of special significance during his term, he implemented an accreditation program for the industry.

Dr. Mina Singh is a faculty member (Professor; Associate Director, Research) in the School of Nursing, York University. She has been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years. She was the Coordinator of the Program Evaluation Unit from 2011-2013, at the York Institute for Health Research. She is an inaugural Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Nurse Educators. She is the Secretary of the Board of GHTK.

Mahendra Singh Mahendra is a founding member of Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK). He has over 25 years of health care experience in the US and Canada, He brings a diverse background in hospital management, health care and strategic planning, ambulatory care clinic management and operations to the board. Mahendra's academic qualifications include an undergraduate Degree from Western University, a Masters Degree in Health Care Management from Governors State University in Chicago and an Executive MBA from the University of Toronto. Mahendra was born in New Amsterdam, Guyana. He is married and has two sons. His personal interests include golfing, cricket, aviation, architecture, music, traveling and F1 racing.

Kelly currently resides in Alliston, Ontario with his wife Cassandra and their two Siamese cats, Cisco and Karma.

Niluka Kottegoda

Caitlin Yeager, aka Cait, is a Registered Nurse credentialed in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2005 and a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in 2010, both from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She is currently studying for a PhD in Nursing Education at Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA.


Dr. Mina Singh

Seven years ago, a very persuasive and inspirational Dr. Narendra Singh Founder and President of Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK), invited Kelly to join the Charity’s Board of Directors. After very brief consideration, Kelly decided that he has much to be thankful for and that this represented an ideal opportunity to give back utilizing his experience and skills. Kelly is very proud to be a part of GHTK, which is making a significant difference in reducing the newborn mortality rate in Guyana and is now expanding its programs into the Eastern Caribbean.

Caitlin Yeager


While not Guyanese by birth, Cait has developed a love of the country, and often has cravings for snapper curry and cassava pone. She is continuously humbled by the opportunity to serve the people of Guyana and to make a difference in the lives of neonates.

Born in the Sultanate of Oman, Niluka hails from Sri Lankan family roots and moved to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1995. Upon graduation from Acadia University in 2003, she headed to Toronto in search of a career. Within a year she was working at Sobeys Inc. where she progressed to her current role as Vice President Merchandising Innovation & Development.

Cait currently works full-time as an Instructor at The Breen School of Nursing at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, OH. She has been taking care of neonates and their families for the past 13 years as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, OH and at Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) in Columbus, OH.

With profound gratitude for her own good fortunes, Niluka passionately gives back to th e co m mun i ty a n d ca res f o r th e environment. While completing her Master's Degree with the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA prog ram, she was fortunate to meet and work with the ever-inspirational Dr. Narendra Singh. Their shared ambition to leverage their education to make a difference in the world led Niluka to enthusiastically join GHTK as a Director in June 2016.

Presented with the idea of combining her passions for travel and nursing education, she volunteered to join a team of educators at NCH in creating and implementing the Neonatal Nurse Training Program with Dr. Leif Nelin in 2012. She has assisted in the training of all 5 nursing cohorts and continues to mentor the lead nurse educator in Guyana.

Upon introduction to GHTK, Niluka had great respect for the work done by this organization. Her passion and true understanding of the work was ignited when she joined the group for a visit to Guyana in November 2017. “It's one thing to be aware of the work being done, it's something completely profound to experience it in person” Niluka said. “I always

knew we were working towards a great cause when we fund-raised. When that 'great cause' became real people - our incredible staff, doctors and nurses who literally save lives every single day, the parents who face unimaginable challenges trying to care for their babies, and those precious little ones – that's when I started to understand what we are working for. They are the reason I happily give my time and effort to this amazing organization, I am very proud to be a part of it.”

Samantha Mele Samantha is a Creative Services Manager for Canada's top business event specialist and destination management company, JPdL Inc. She is a skilled event manager who specializes in curating engaging client events. Samantha is also one of two Canadians named to the Professional Convention Management Association's “20 in their Twenties” Class of 2018. A program designed to engage the best and brightest young professionals in the business event industry. Her layered experience in food and beverage, not-forprofits, incentive travel and business events provides her with the necessary qualifications and networks to challenge the event status quo. While working for an event firm in Vaughan, Samantha was first introduced to GHTK in 2015. After her first meeting with Mahendra Singh and Dr. Narendra Singh, she immediately fell in love with the work of the organization. She was compelled by the passion and dedication of the organization to make a difference in Guyana. Amongst all of the event committees she has worked with, the GHTK family is like nothing Samantha had ever seen before. She is humbled to be a part of such an impactful force, while working alongside some of the most beautiful hearts and minds. She is honoured to be a part of the journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds for GHTK.

Dr Leif Nelin Dr Leif Nelin is a neonatologist practicing at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Dr Nelin became interested in Guyana when his daughter spent a year teaching in Annai in Region 9. On his first trip to Guyana to visit his daughter he wanted to see how neonatal care was provided in Georgetown. After a search on the web he found the GHTK website and a contact named Dr Narendra Singh, who kindly arranged for a tour of the neonatal ward at Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC).

Dr Nelin led a team from Nationwide Children's that has developed and implemented a NICU nursing certificate program at GPHC. The NICU at GPHC has come a very long way, but there is still work to be

Dr Shirley Sit Dr Shirley Sit is a General Pediatrician with a busy practice in Woodbridge and staff privileges at Humber River Hospital. She received her Pediatrics training at the University of Western Ontario, where she met her husband, Dr Narendra Singh. She holds appointments at the University of Toronto and Queens' University, allowing her to teach the medical students and pediatric residents who rotate through her office. Born in Toronto to Chinese parents from mainland China, Dr Sit has fully immersed herself in the Guyanese culture. In 2007, Dr Sit and Dr Singh traveled to Guyana and visited the neonatal intensive care unit at Georgetown Public Hospital. They were shocked by the lack of proper equipment for treating sick newborn babies, and lack of basic infection control. The images of sick infants in wooden boxes, premature babies in open cots lined up side by side, and an unsanitary cell phone placed next to a baby, had such a profound effect on Dr Sit and Dr Singh that shortly upon their return to Toronto, the pair launched GHTK with the goal to decrease infant mortality.

Dr Andrea Hunter Dr. Andrea Hunter is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McMaster University and a Consultant Pediatrician at McMaster Children's Hospital and St. Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton. She completed both medical school and pediatric residency at McMaster University, followed by a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in London, UK and joined the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster in 2008. Dr. Hunter maintains a consulting pediatric practice at Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre, in addition to outreach clinics with newcomer children/youth at the Hamilton Shelter Health network. Dr. Hunter is a recognized educator, and transitioned in June 2016 to the role of Program Director of the Pediatric Residency Program after co-chairing the curriculum subcommittee and initiating a social pediatrics rotation within the Program in 2013. Her clinical and research interests include pediatric refugee and immigrant health, social determinants of health and global child health. She has coordinated community-based pediatric refugee/immigrant health clinics in Hamilton since 2004, and is an editor and task force member for Caring for Kids New to Canada, a Canadian Pediatric Society peer-reviewed guide to health professionals working with refugee immigrant children and youth. Internationally, she has been involved in ongoing global child health education programs in Uganda and is co-program director of a Pediatric Residency Program in Guyana.


Dr Singh took the opportunity to point out that GHTK was working to improve neonatal care at GPHC and that they needed volunteers. After touring the neonatal ward and spending time in Guyana, Dr Nelin realized not only how much needed to be done but the incredible opportunity to develop a sustainable neonatal care program at GPHC, which could provide real intensive care when needed to positively impact the problem of infant mortality in Guyana. He volunteered with GHTK and began making regular trips to see patients at GPHC and to teach the physicians and staff the skills necessary to use the GHTK provided equipment to save babies lives.

done not only at GPHC but in developing a functional neonatal network in a country with such a challenging geography so that all newborn babies can benefit from modern pediatric care. Dr Nelin joined GHTK’s Board of Directors to not only continue the excellent work that they do but also to broaden the work to save babies lives throughout Guyana and around the world.


Saturday, October 13, 2018 Woodbine Banquet Hall (30 Vice Regent Boulevard)



6:00 pm

Doors Open. Silent Auction Begins

7:00 pm

Evening Program Begins

9:00 pm

Entertainment and Dancing

11:00 pm Prize Giveaways 11:30 pm Silent Auction Closed The Chairperson and Members of GHTK's 8th Annual Dinner & Dance 'Havana Nights' Organizing Committee wish to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to all corporations and individuals who contributed to the event's success.

GHTK's Guyana Leadership Team Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) local activities and initiatives are completed at participating hospitals in Bartica, Georgetown, Linden, New Amsterdam, Suddie and West Demerara by a talented and dedicated group of medical practitioners. GHTK's outstanding Guyana Leadership Team is as follows:

Dr Winsome Scott Dr Winsome Scott’s interest in medicine has always been in the field of Pediatrics. After completing her undergraduate degree (MMBS) at the University Of Guyana (UG), School of Medicine in 2007, her d e s i r e t o wo r k w i t h children was fur ther strengthened during her medical internship at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados. Since returning to Guyana in 2009, most of her medical experience in hospitals and clinics has been in this area.


In addition to the acquiring her MBBS, she received a certificate from the Caribbean Association of Medical Councils (CAMC), University of the West Indies, Jamaica. She also obtained a Master of Medicine in Pediatrics from UG and has been trained in Echocardiography through collaboration with the University of Calgary, equipping her with the skill to allow for early detection and management of congenital heart defects in children.


As President of GHTK’s local chapter, she was further afforded the opportunity to not only raise awareness on the issues surrounding mortality and morbidity but to actively be a part of a team

working towards improving the lives of children in Guyana.

Dr Sara Singh In addition to her Undergraduate Degree from the University of Guyana, School of Medicine, Dr Sara Singh also holds a Postgraduate Masters in Pe d i a t r i c s f r o m t h e University of Guyana, School of Medicine in collaboration with McMaster University, Toronto and Nationwide Children's Hospital, O h i o, S h e h a s b e e n p r a c t i c i n g Pe d i a t r i c Medicine for the past six years. Dr Singh is the Vice President of GHTK’s Local Chapter in Guyana. Her primary interest is neonatal intensive care.

Dr Mala Shewram Dr. Mala Shewram, MBBS MD, has always wanted to be a Pediatrician. This desire was fulfilled in 2016 when she graduated from the Masters in Pediatric Programme. She also serves on the GHTK Guyana branch as the Treasurer and remains an advocate for the work being done in Guyana. Dr. Shewram further serves as the coordinator for the level 2 NICU at the West Demerara Regional Hospital. As she continues to serve her country, she hopes to advance her career in pediatric intensive care.

Ms. Aruna Faria Ms. Aruna Faria is Guyanese by birth and has lived her entire life in Guyana. She commenced her training in Computer Science to which she holds a CompTIA A+, Network + and MSCA certification. She later projected into management where she completed her Advance Diploma in Project Management through Cambridge University Institute of Commercial Management. Her career therefore transitioned from a Network Administrator to a Project Coordinator when she was entrusted with her first project – The Cervical Cancer – VIA Screening Project at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in 2009. After the birth of her first child in 2011, she returned to work and was entrusted with the Guyana Pediatric Programme in April 2012. Since then she has ser ved as the GHTK’s Guyana based coordinator for the Pediatric Residency and NICU Nursing Programmes as well as the Neonatal Network. She also serves as Board Secretary for the GHTK Guyana Office. Ms. Faria is currently pursuing an undergrad in Business Management at the University of Guyana to compliment her future goals of completing her MBA.

Dr. Radha Luknauth Dr. Radha Luknauth, has always prided herself at being a Pediatrician. She graduated from the Masters in Pediatrics Programme in 2015, made possible through Dr. Narendra Singh, his colleagues and GHTK.

Dr. Clive Bowman Dr. Clive Bowman has being serving children for over three (3) decades. He was one of the graduates from the first batch of medical students at the University of Guyana. He completed his Masters in Pediatric Programme in 2015, while he served as the Chief of Pediatrics at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Dr. Bowman has always taken great pride in the trust that parents place in him daily and has therefore been an advocate for higher education of doctors seeking to advance pediatric care in the Public Health Sector. He continues to be instrumental in advancing pediatric ser vices at GPHC through the collaborative effort with GHTK and the Guyana Ministry of Public Health.

Dr. Areefa Alladin Karan Dr Areefa Alladin Karan is a Pediatrician working at GPHC who has a special interest in charity work and volunteering. She is also h a s a b a ck g r o u n d i n Pharmacy and serves as a lecturer at the University of Guyana School of Medicine and Pharmacy. Dr. Alladin Karan is a graduate from the Masters in Pediatrics Programme and has a seat as the Assistant Secretary to the Board of Directors for the GHTK Guyana Branch.She is an advocate for higher learning and has been actively involved in research.


Dr. Luknauth enjoys her career and derives satisfaction from the fact that she participates in serving a unique patient population who are the future of Guyana. She

admits that it is her goal to focus on Pediatric Critical Care and be able to make a difference as part of a team to care for children who require this type of specialized medical care.


Nurse’s Notes Janessa Griffith St Hill (1st Batch - NICU Nurse Graduate 2012-2013) In 2012 while working on the Maternity block as a Registered Nurse, I was approached about being a part of a pilot course (Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing). At the time having been a hardworking, inquisitive individual with a passion for working with babies and a sad personal experience, I decided to embrace the venture. Neonatal training opened a whole new level of understanding and education that was nothing short of amazing for me. My training experience included a complete team effort since our neonatal family, as we rightfully call ourselves, includes our coordinator, doctors, overseas mentors, other nurses from various hospitals and our international collaborators. As part of this programme we were thought about all aspects of Neonatal Care and Conditions, including the use of equipment such as CPAP machines (continuous positive airway pressure), ventilators, incubators, mechanical intravenous pumps and more.

from the experience and hands on training by all the NICU nurses and doctors. Today, as the nurse in charge of the GPHC's Neonatal Unit, I can proudly offer more or less the very same care in Guyana. Through the same collaboration several nurses have been provided with similar neonatal course training which in turn helps to keep a well functioning unit. Looking back I have no regrets. I am proud to be the NICU Nurse that took the opportunity to benefit from this NICU Training, which was provided through GHTK and the Guyana Ministry of Public Health. Janessa Griffith St Hill

Today we have a fully functional neonatal unit that offers care to neonates on a wide range. Prior to this programme, Neonatal Mortality was very high and premature babies were being lost due to gestational ages below the viability in Guyana (28 weeks age) as well as on account of needed requisites not being readily available.


Through Guyana Help The Kids and Nationwide Children's Hospital I was offered a 17 day Observation at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio, USA. There I was able to observe their Neonatal Unit and benefit


Nurse’s Notes Nurse Dothlyn Richmond Trotman (5th Batch - NICU NURSE Graduate 2017)

I have been in the Neonatal Unit at GPHC for almost 3 decades now serving as a nurse. At the age of 50+ years with over 28 years of nursing experience, I happily accepted the offer to be trained as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse in 2017. Having been out of a classroom for a long time, returning to work and study was very challenging, but I have always believed in the old adage “knowledge is power.� Being a nurse is always admirable when you can upgrade your educational status. Every day things are changing so I am always willing to learn of the latest new trends and techniques in health care. I was privileged to have tutors who are well learned in this area of study, both theoretically and Dothlyn Richmond Trotman

practically. Some important areas that really stood out for me were the lectures in resuscitation of the new born, the use of mechanical ventilation, cardiac monitors and fluid balance among others. Continuous oral and written assessments were done throughout the course, which served as great motivators to keep an active reading and study schedule. I can truly say that this programme assisted me in developing my critical care nursing skills and education. It also helped me to fully appreciate the different conditions and illnesses that come to the NICU daily. More importantly it helped me to use more effectively the lifesaving equipment that was introduced to the NICU by GHTK, which included the Infant Ventilators, CPAP, Cardiac Monitors and Pulse Oximeter.


Additionally my professional growth has benefited tremendously from this training in various areas. These include developing My Care Plan Time, which has improved my interactions with mothers and their families about their sick child. Other areas include recognizing special problems for an at-risk or sick infant and becoming a team leader. Further it has helped me to develop patience and to be a better nurse to the infants in the unit.


I think that every nurse that works on the maternity unit should be trained in Neonatal Intensive Care, so they can function effectively when called upon to provide relief to the unit. I can now recognize that basic Nurse Training is not enough and that we the nurses must receive continuous education in order to build our capacity to deliver quality nursing care. I would like to acknowledge my family, tutors, doctors and my nursing colleagues who have contributed to my successes in this course. To God Be The Glory.

Childrens Clinic, Family Practice and Medical Walk in Clinic

Established in 1999, the Westway Medical Clinic has worked to provide the North Etobicoke community with extensive health care and medical services. Family Check Up Ÿ New Born Well Baby Check Ups Ÿ Sick Visits Ÿ Pregnancy Test Ÿ Kids Immunizations Pediatric Consultations Ÿ Screenings and Check Up Ÿ Ear & Throat Infections Ÿ Rashes Ÿ Fever Cold Coughs Ÿ Asthma Ÿ Bronchitis Ÿ Allergies Ÿ Eye Infections Ÿ Minor Injuries Preventative Care Screening Ÿ Flu Vaccines Ÿ WSIB Ÿ Complete Physical Examination

Walk in: 416-244-8404 | Children’s Clinic: 416-244-7617 1723 Kipling Ave. #4, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9R 4E1

Georgetown Public Hospital Receives Cdn $70,000 ICU Ventilator Donation From GHTK Director Kelly Pearce Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) Director, Kelly Pearce has put his money where his mouth by way of his company Lifetronics Medical Inc.'s major donation of a Canadian $70,000 ORICARE V8800 ICU VENTILATOR W/C4500 COMPRESSOR, plus all related accessories and biomedical test equipment to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GHPC). In making the donation Pearce said that he was very pleased to do so via GHTK to the Georg etown Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Kelly Pearce

The essential state of the art, life saving/supporting medical device will be reserved at GPHC for use with kids requiring continuous mechanical ventilation, either invasively or noninvasively. The need for this type of critical care treatment is due either to respiratory failure (from a variety of causes) or post major surgery where normal breathing may be compromised. Besides serving kids, the Ventilator is versatile and can also be used on older children, even adults if necessary, but not infants. Kelly Pearce serves as GHTK's medical equipment technology specialist. As a functioning GHTK Board Member he has been helping with the procurement of specialized equipment to elevate the level of neonatal care at the various hospitals in Guyana. Pe a r c e n o t e d t h a t h i s c o m p a n y, Lifetronics Medical Inc. could have sold the device in Canada or elsewhere in the

Beautiful, Talented, Intelligent & Cultured

Miss West Indian


world for a profit. However, in light of his position as a GHTK Director and his familiarity with GPHC's respiratory therapy needs, he decided to donate it instead. “The donated Ventilator will contribute significantly to the healthcare of Guyana's kids requiring critical life support treatment. This decision outweighs any profit that may have been gained by my company!” Pearce noted. The V8800 is a critical care ventilator for infants, children and adults. It has comprehensive functions, a user-friendly design, and is full of high-quality, reliable treatment options for the clinician. The V8800 offers a simple and intuitive interface with powerful lung mechanics monitoring functions. With its 15” TFT LCD touch screen and a simple intuitive interface, the user can easily complete the entire operation. At the same time the display can be rotated 180 degrees around the user in different d i r e c t i o n s, a n g l e s o f observation and action. V8800 can display waveforms and loops, and

with a freeze function a cursor can be used to measure values. Loop references can also be saved. The V8800's graphic trend of monitoring parameters and ETCO2 options provides clinicians with complete information, including the automatic measurement of static compliance, airway resistance and intrinsic PEEP. The data it provides directly is easy to use.

The V8800's Ventilator System is also easily removable and has an autoclavable exhalation valve module to keep, maintenance costs low. The built-in battery eliminates the need to worry about power interruptions. An optional second internal battery is also available. The V8800's intelligent alarm system, reinforces safe use of the machine's user-friendly design. Users can position the ventilator easily by using the handle which circles the main unit. By using the side rails on the machine, users can also addon modules, such as a humidifier or carbon dioxide monitoring module, as needed. The V8800 provides complete ventilation functionality. In addition to typical ventilation modes, V8800 also has BIVENT and PRVC, to fully meet the demands of critical care mechanical ventilation. V8800 is full of valuable clinical features which include a synchronized nebulizer as well as an inspiratory and expiratory hold manual inspiration smart suction.

V8800 Ventilator System


5283 Rutherford Road, Unit 3 Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 2T2

The V8800 also includes enhanced features such as automatic tube compensation as part of the standard configuration. V8800 includes NIV Ventilation as a standard feature. Users have the flexibility to use V8800 for both invasive and non-invasive therapy to reduce equipment cost. Quite the gift and indeed a most laudable example of GHTK's Director Kelly Pearce having put his money where his mouth is! Kudos to you Mr Kelly Pearce!

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PATTERSON KAYE RESORT IN MUSKOKA For more information, visit their website or call (705) 645-4169 or toll free 1-855-645-4169

Guyana Medical Scientific Conference Graduation and Awards Banquet T he Institute of Health Science Education (IHSE) was established in November 2006 through the initiative and under the direction of Dr. Madan Rambaran. It was conceptualized to have overarching responsibility for medical training, education, and research at GPHC. The Institute is attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and since its establishment has offered training programmes to

medical professionals. The educational training programmes offered include the following: Masters Deg rees in Emerg ency Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal M e d i c i n e / I n f e c t i o u s D i s e a s e s, Radiology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Nurse Anesthesia, Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing and Critical Care Nursing. Diplomas are also offered in



1176 Morningside Avenue, Unit 112-2 Scarborough, ON • 416-293-7181


Anesthesia & Intensive Care, Orthopedics & Traumatology and Surgery. Other trainings include courses in Emergency Cardiac Care, Trauma Team Tr a i n i n g a n d A d va n c e d Trauma Life Support Courses. As means of celebrating these initiatives, the IHSE hosts an annual event titled the Guyana Medical Scientific Conference. T he event commenced in 2008 and is aimed at promoting medical research throughout Guyana's medical fraternity.

Dr Winsome Scott and Dr Sara Singh

The Conference is hosted as a two-day event. Day 1 is allocated to research papers that were accepted for podium and poster presentations and

Dr Nelin, Dr Zamora and Dr Singh with the pediatric graduates at the Gala.

includes a Q and A segment. Prizes are awarded for the Best Research and the Best Presenter. Day 1 caters for an audience of over 400 persons.

Ashmani Boodnarine Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public (Ontario) Real Estate Law Wills and Estate Law Civil Litigation and Family Law 7600 Highway 27, Unit 7A, Vaughan, ON L4H 0P8 Tel: 905-856-5777 Fax: 905-266-2855

Day 2 of the Guyana Medical Scientific Conference is set aside for a graduation and awards ceremony. Graduates who have successfully completed their respective programmes receive their certificates, awards and tokens. There is usually an honoree in the form of a person or programme selected by the Conference's Editorial Committee. The Graduation and Awards Ceremony attracts an attendance of well over 300 persons.

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The Awareness Walk


Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) was originally for med to reduced infant mortality in Guyana. In this regard, GHTK has been working with the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Public Health and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) - the main referral hospital in the country - to identify and target the gaps leading to neonatal deaths. GHTK has therefore, recognized how important awareness is to saving the life of a child and what mothers and all others who are involved can do to save that child. This was the basis for the GHTK's launching of its first Annual Prematurity Awareness Walk in 2017. Since 2008, November 17 has been

Niluka Kottegoda and Shirley Sit

established globally as World Prematurity Awareness Day. Each year since then thousands of organizations across the globe have staged events and activities to raise awareness of prematurity. GHTK’s 2017 1st Annual World Prematurity Awareness Day Walk attracted well over 150 persons. Among those who took the time to participate in the GHTK's World Prematurity Awareness Day

Walk were mothers and fathers of sur vivor premature babies, doctors, health officers, nurses, hospital administrators and many others.

In addressing attendees at the conclusion of the walk, GHTK local Chair, Dr Winsome Scott noted that one out of every ten babies born globally will be premature. She also noted that prematurity is in fact the leading cause of death among infants under 5 years of age. Some causes of prematurity, such as multiple pregnancies, hyper tension, infections and diabetes are known but there are still far too many unknown c a u s e s. T h e b e s t way t o c o m b a t prematurity therefore is to prevent it by ensuring that mothers remain as healthy as possible before and during their pregnancies.

Pre-Walk Warmup

programmes for the country's medical practitioners and the supply of specialized equipment to its hospitals. He indicated that 15 pediatricians and 70 nurses have emerged to date as graduates of the GHTK’s Neonatal Training Programmes.

L infiniteLinx

During his brief remarks GHTK Founder and Canadian-based President Dr Nar Singh added to Dr Scott's remarks by advising the audience that globally well over 15 million babies are born each year. Of these well over 1 million die as a direct result of being bor n prematurely. Prematurity he noted, is actually the 10th leading cause of death globally with incidences that are equivalent to those of hyper-tension. Dr Singh reiterated the GHTK's commitment to reducing infant mortality in Guyana through its provision of training

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Keybase Financial To Donate Investment Commissions Proceeds To Guyana (Global) Help The Kids! Dax Sukraj


Guyana Help T he Kids (GHTK) has announced plans to expand its activities to other countries within the Eastern Caribbean. As a means of assisting GHTK with its expansion goals, one of its major corporate sponsors, Keybase Financial, has immediately stepped up to the plate by announcing plans for its implementation of a supportive donation program. Under the program Keybase Financial will henceforth give back to the Charity 10% of the commissions earned from investments it receives from individuals under the GHTK's auspices.


According to Keybase Financial President and CEO, Guyanese-born Dax Sukhraj, 10% of the commissions earned from investments placed with his company by individuals who indicate that they are doing so under the GHTK's auspices will be donated back to the charity. In order to participate in the program, individuals when placing their investments to be managed by a Keybase Financial Consultant will simply have to indicate that they are doing so as a means of supporting GHTK. Within a

designated period Keybase Financial will provide to GHTK lists of the investments received, commissions earned and the accrued 10% donations. The Dax Sukraj led Keybase Financial has now been in existence as an Canadian Financial Services Company for over two decades. Founded by Sukraj in 1997, Keybase Financial celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2017 under its corporate logo motto: Building And Preserving Wealth!� Keybase Financial Group was created to fill a niche by providing unbiased advice while offering an extensive spectrum of financial products. As a Canadian financial assets management company, Keybase Financial is not affiliated with any bank, insurance company or captive investment organization. Keybase Financial's Advisors are independent and free from compromise. This allows them to choose for their clients the very best products from a wide array of alternatives available from most well known financial institutions.

This independence allows Keybase's consultants to create portfolio strategies that are consistent with their acquired clients' goals and dreams, personal visions and lifestyle expectations. Keybase Financial's consultants are trained to make it their business to provide each and every acquired client with independent financial advice. Independence is a fundamental part of the company's history and has remained as a driving force throughout its 20-year existence. Keybase Financial Group's mission is to assist clients in building, managing and preserving a superior retirement portfolio strategy. Keybase Financial's adopted and practiced co r p o ra te p h i l o so p hy i s th a t f i n a n ci a l independence is based on setting goals, which can address an individual's immediate needs, their long term dreams and everything in between. The secret to setting personal financial goals is foreseeing future wants and aspirations. The creation of a financial plan allows the individual to be one step closer to achieving their established goals. Under Sukhraj's leadership, Keybase Financial has been one of GHTK's longest serving and most outstanding corporate sponsors. The relationship between the two entities, one corporate and the other charitable, started some ten years ago. Sukhraj's was one of the very first individuals Dr Narendra Singh had approached with his idea to establish a Canadian charity, as a means of providing assistance to his homeland Guyana. This came as a direct result of the alarming discoveries he'd made concerning the country's high incidence of infant mortalities and its desperate need for pediatric care assistance.

Fueled by his own desire to give back in some measure to his former homeland Sukhraj, not unlike the few other likeminded individuals Nar Singh had approached, immediately pledged his company's corporate support. As a direct result of the corporate financial contributions of Sukraj's Keybase Financial, Tony Whyte's Go L o g i s t i c s a n d Te r r y S aw h ' s To p n o t ch Employment among others, the newly formed GHTK was able to accumulate the financing required to immediately become operational as a registered Canadian Charity. Keybase's pledge of support was initially intended to be maintained within a specified period of time, after which an evaluation was to be made as to whether GHTK as a charity had fulfilled its mandate. The fact that it has now been over ten years since that initial agreement was structured is indicative of Keybase Financial's satisfaction, as a corporate company, with the outstanding contributions GHTK has made within that same period to improving the standards of Guyana's pediatric health care. Sukhraj now feels however that the time is ripe, especially in the light of GHTK's announced expansion plans and the associated need for its


Sukhraj was immediately moved by Singh's alarming reports on Guyana's obvious need for basic pediatric care equipment and of its woeful lack of qualified practitioners. Appreciating that Guyana's very future was at stake in relation to the inevitable mal effects of its experienced

abnormally high rates of infant mortality, his decision to have his company contribute to rectifying the situation was instantaneous.


there would be absolutely no issues or grounds for critical comment on any amounts of donated funds being spent for administrative purposes.

base of individual donors to be significantly increased, for a new model relationship to be developed between the two entities. Hence Keybase Financial's announcement of its intensions to donate 10% of any GHTK’s inspired donations. Sukraj's hope is that this initiative will allow GHTK to expand its appeal from its current Guyanese-Canadian base to the much wider Canadian Caribbean and perhaps even mainstream communities, both at an individual and corporate level. It will also hopefully accelerate GHTK's acquisition of the increased donor funding that will be required to finance its plans to expand the provision of its services to other Caribbean countries, particularly the OECS territories that are most in need of such assistance.


GHTK says Sulhraj, must now more than ever embrace the understanding and appreciation that it is in direct competition with many other Canadian registered charities for corporate and individual financial donations. As such GHTK should be seeking to significantly improve on its use of social media and other available promotional vehicles, to increase public awareness and support of its initiatives and activities.


GHTK, says Sukhraj, was also initially founded on the premise that 100% of the corporate sponsorship financing and individual donations it receives would be dedicated to its initiatives and activities. This would always ensure that

As a Canadian registered charity, GHTK has admirably and laudably been in absolute strict adherence to that premise throughout the now almost twelve years of its existence. Sukhraj is however, now completely open to the suggestion that as a means of addressing the immediate need to expand its donor base, GHTK may also have to consider becoming somewhat more professional and conversely less volunteer reliant in terms of the administration of its charitable activities. 100% of $1 million dollars raised, he agrees, would be a much smaller amount than the 70% of the $2 million that might instead be forthcoming to GHTK through its employment of full or part-time professional staff. There's only so much that volunteers can do he says in giving of their available respective individual time. As such in order for GHTK to successfully implement and execute its expansion plans it will most likely have to increase its use of professional services. Sukraj suggests that whichever methods GHTK adopts to finance its expansion plans shouldn't be at the risk of alienating its core group of loyal Guyanese-Canadian suppor ters. T heir continuing contributions over the years have been fueled by their respective heart strung desires to give back in some measure to their former homeland. Hence his company's introduction of a model that would allow its proven outstanding record of prudent financial management to be of service to both GHTK and its individual donors. A model that's definitely now worthy of support. One which should be embraced by all GHTK supportively inclined individuals for the financial benefit of both themselves and the Charity!

Shinaaz & Steve Nijjar: Outstanding & Unwavering GHTK Donors From Day 1! That involvement has been based on a dual pillar foundation of their personal relationship with GHTK's Founder and President Dr Narendra Singh, coupled with their inherent distrust of most other charities. Says Shinaaz quite frankly “ GHTK was the only Charity we felt we could trust!” The Nijjars first met Nar Singh in 2006. Back then they were both business occupants of the same Vaughan plaza. Steve and Shinaaz as owners of a Fitness Studio, Nar and his brother Robin as proprietors of the Sandtrap Restaurant.

GHTK Donor Royalty: Shinaaz & Steve Nijjar

Shinaaz Nijjar came to Canada from Guyana in 1982, along with her Mom and two sisters. She's never been back in the now thirty-six years that have passed since then. That will soon change however, as on November 16, 2018 Shinaaz, along with fifteen Canadian and US family members, will be heading to Guyana for a oneweek stay.


The primary objective of Shinaaz and her family's trip will be to pay a return visit their former home village Grove, which is situated on the East bank of the Demerara River, one of Guyana's three main waterways. A secondary, no less important objective, will be for Shinaaz to see for herself the effects of the charitable contributions Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) has been making to the country's hospitals for the past eleven years since its 2007 founding. Shinaaz also wants to explore and hopefully discover other areas for potential assistance that herself and other family members may be able to provide.


Shinaaz' interest in GHTK’s activities in Guyana stems from the fact that she and her husband Steve have been among the Charity's longest serving and most generous financial donor supporters. The Nijjars have in fact been GHTK Donors virtually from Day 1.

Nar had come over one day to borrow the Nijjars copy of the local yellow pages. It was from that first business oriented encounter that their friendship, which has blossomed since then, was started. In the years since the Nijjars and Singh's have become almost like each other's extended families. Steve now very fondly describes Nar's mother as his own second Mom. Nar's wife Shirley had also initially been one of the Nijjars Fitness Studio's regular clients. In fact at times she might even have been their only client. Not surprisingly the Nijjars were among the very first persons Nar Singh had confided in about the disturbing discoveries he'd made during his 2007 visit to Guyana. His also advised them of his subsequent decision to establish a Canadian Charity that would address the country's apparent desperate need for significantly improved pediatric services. Shinaaz was very surprised by Nar's revelations about the disparate lack of qualified Pediatricians in Guyana. She'd naturally assumed that, like most other countries, Guyana would have been adequately supplied with such important and essential practitioners.

Shinaaz and Steve immediately pledged their unwavering support to Nar even though there was very little that they could have afforded to give at that time. The gym, which was their only source of income, was struggling financially and eventually closed. According to Steve very soon after the gym's demise, they found themselves “deadass broke” and Shinaaz pregnant with a kid on the way. Steve then made the decision to go back to working in entertainment security, which he had dabbled in before. He started working full time, more often than not clocking 18-20 hour days, while Shinaaz stayed at home with their newborn son. With very little food and money to cater to the needs of their infant son, Shinaaz and Steve relied heavily upon upon her Texas based sister, Shameela, as well as Bibi her Mom. They both provided the then financially challenged Nijjars with the support that allowed them to weather the hard times. Shinaaz and Steve now consider Tejpaul's birth as their first child together to have been their good luck charm. Tejpaul, turned 10 on September 14. It was the demand of having to be a responsible father to their newborn son, that drove Steve to work as hard as he did. Steve had worked in entertainment security while attending college and knew that he was good at it. Shinaaz supported his decision to get back into that industry, so he started by initially working at some clubs before eventually breaking off to form his own company! It was very hard for him to have to work such long hours and leave Shinaaz at home alone with the baby. Steve made money working his very long hours and totally entrusted Shinaaz with the handling of every sent he made. Which she turned out to be quite expert at! They operated their household as a business with two different departments, income generation and management, under the cardinal rule that neither should and would ever interfere with the other.

Steve's Punjabi Sikh background had instilled in him, the virtues of hard work, honesty and integrity. With

their financial fortunes ever improving, it was also Nar Singh's readily apparent possession of those very same qualities, particularly his honesty and integrity, that stimulated Shinaaz and Steve's decision to become continuous donor supporters of GHTK. Steve on his part wanted to support Shinaaz in her love for her country and culture. Shinaaz herself saw it as an opportunity to help fellow mothers. Shinaaz was also overly impressed by Nar's inclination to do so much of the required GHTK work on his very own. GHTK was from the outset not like so many other charities which spend far too much of the donations they receive on administrative costs. On the contrary, Nar and his wife Shirley were both there pitching in to do as much of the required work as possible. The Nijjars consistent annual donation to GHTK, which by comparison to others places them in the very top tiers of the Charity's donors, is in Shinaaz's words “all about the kids!” Shinaaz had been very moved by Nar's explanation that so many of the basic things that are taken for granted here in Canada, many of Guyana's kids never have access to. She was shocked by Nar's reports of how poorly equipped Guyana's hospital pediatric care wards were with basic equipment such as incubators and monitors.


Fueled by Steve's hard work and professional honesty, along with Shinaaz's money management dexterity, the Nijjars slowly but surely built for themselves and their growing family a much better lifestyle than they had experienced before.

Steve, Shinaaz, and Tejpaul


Steve on his part has indicated that he found himself burdened by thoughts of the emotional pain that any parent in Guyana would have to endure as a result of knowing that their child, whom they would have been waiting for all their life, was going to die soon after being born. Such thoughts were simply too unbearable for him to entertain, hence his decision for himself and Shinaaz to do what little they could to help prevent such occurrences.

an identical love for their newborn. As such GHTK's expansion plans, which will allow it do the same amount of good in other countries, are most welcome and should be heartily supported.

Shinaaz says that the happiness that they have witnessed, from videos of the parents and also the nurses of kids who have survived simply because of the GHTK's contributions, is reward by itself for their expressed generosity.

Steve's philosophical viewpoint is that the good done in one part of world will also, through its ripple effect, have a positive impact in another. That stems from his inscribed Indian bred beliefs that good deeds and karma, inevitably travel. From a purely spiritual perspective he says that there's an existing need for him, Shinaaz as his wife and indeed even their entire family, to do as much good as they possibly can for others. He now firmly believes that the benefits of doing so will inevitably come back to them as a family.

While Shinaaz is delighted to learn of GHTK's plans to expand its operations into other Caribbean countries, she hopes that this will not be at the expense of the continued efficient maintenance of its programs in Guyana. Steve's view of GHTK's planned expansion is that every parent, no matter where they may be in terms of their location, shares

Based on those beliefs, to which Shinaaz also subscribes, the Nijjars now view their GHTK donor involvement as one of the most blessed gifts they have ever received. As such they are ever grateful to Nar Singh for having given them the opportunity to be involved as donor contributors to GHTK’s highly laudable activities.


Steve and Shinaaz Nijjar


Steve says that he and Shinaaz have worked very hard to get where they are today. While doing so they have also developed the habit of invariably putting away sums every two weeks for the charities they support, of which GHTK is by far the most favored. Their outstanding, dedicated donor support has placed Shinaaz and Steve Nijjar topmost among GHTK's most appreciated and valued sponsors. The story of their u n wave r i n g c o m m i t m e n t t o GHTK's charitable causes, even in the face of their own financial struggles, should serve as an inspiration to all and an example most worthy of emulation. Cheers to you both, Shinaaz and Steve and to your sons as well.


Honored Donors Without the outstandingly generous financial support of its donors, none of the initiatives and activities Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) engages in annually in its quest to reduce neonatal and infant mortality rates would be possible! GHTK therefore wishes to acknowledge with utmost gratitude the respective donations of its 2017 corporate and individual donors.


Platinum Donors


Tony Whyte: Go Logistics Dr Narendra Singh: North Etobicoke Children's Clinic The Maxwell and Ruth Leroy Foundation Dax Sukhraj: Keybase Financial Steve Nijjar:Titan Securities Dr Khalid Almajid Terry Sawh: Topnotch Employment

Gold Donors Rangasamy Ramanathan:Metapharm Inc. Dr Nar Daljeet Dentistry Domenic Gurreri: Forest Contractors Phil Colucci:Erosion Control Gord Ramkissoon Terry Betts Dr Leland Dhurjon Medicine Professional Corp Richmond Hill Rotary Club Guyana Goldfields Chet Singh Boys Chet Singh Girls Hemdat Sawh Dr Kamal & Mrs Neelam Midha Terrance & Mary Leon Sheikh Khan: Halal Farms Mrs Daniel Dr Mohamed Hussein Professional Corp Department of Obstetric & Gynecology, Humber River Hospital Mark Tamburro Pestrin Group Cliff & Bhano Rajkumar Ronita Singh & Fazal Bacchus Stephen & Bibi Ameena Rajpaul Beryl D'Andrade Wentao Tian Fitlight Sports Group Mark Cosman Jainarine Narsingh Manoj Verdi Mohamed Ally Brenda Barr Agnes Noronha Dr Leif Neilin

Silver Donors Niluka Kottegoda Faz Trac Management Deochand Bahadur Frank Fazzari Dr. Ramesh Seegobin Dr. M U Hack Anita Dr Andrea Hunter Medicine Professional Corp.

Bronze Donors Mohan Contracting Wazir Sharif Formusa Zuccaro Vishnu Mandir Dr Russell Blumer The Benevity Community Dr Guninder Bir Sandu Peter & Sabi Jailall Savitri Prashad Dr Nigel Jagan Medicine Professional Corp Masters Insurance Bio Ped Thomas Wenner Rohit Raghabir Dr Rajendra Harricharan Medicine Professional Corp 8151440 Canada Inc. Dr Anthony Mascia Frencho Rampersaud Cheikh Diop Rohit Ragabir

The generosity of your respective contributions is gratefully appreciated.


Guyana Help The Kids also wishes to acknowledge and express its sincerest appreciation to the following corporations and individuals for their respective donations: the Consulate General of Barbados,Ms. Gerianne Bawn, Dr Madan & Rena Roy, Dr Amelia Chan, Roy Hefford, Rajeswari Selvarajan,

Bosco Jude D'SA, Micheal Iacovelli, Ace solution Provider, Rupert Kartick, Christian Mark, Alana Ramsahai, Knights of Columbus, C Smith & Mrs E Smith, Dianand & Sombhadra Persaud, Aneal Thansingh, Tayo Denton, Geoffrey & Mary Latter, Roopnarine Sugrim, Jirayr Hanimyan, Dr Madan Roy, Homeira Jowhari, Mina & Kelly Pearce, Janine Davy, Jean T Fraser, Alana Ramsahai, Angella Lewis, Mary Magni, Sarah Kim-Hak, Dr Jacob Rosenberg, Sofi Quadri, Pat Petrie, Linda S Bottos, Danik Presacco, Lily Wong, Robert G Woods, Prometheum Institute, Andrew Rapsey, Robin Nath, Rohan Parbhu, Minwati Singh, Naresa Ramjohn, Mohan Contracting, Nigel Au b r a Ja n s z , C a r o l E d wa r d s Benjamin, Martin J Oswald, Surojini & Ivor Lall, Kenneth James Mate, Michael Weimer, Pam Wong, Jean Fraser, Lynette McDoom, Ann & John Renn, Matt Bourne, Nadira Persaud


From Guyana To The Eastern Caribbean - GHTK Going Global! Dr Narendra Singh As has been indicated in my Pg 5 Chairman's Message, Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) is now in the process of finalizing plans to expand operations from its current focus on Guyana to other territories within the Eastern Caribbean. The planned expansion, which is being targeted for 2019 implementation, will have as its foundation the valuable lessons learned and experience gained from GHTK's activities in Guyana over the last eleven years since its 2007 founding.

Lessons Learned in Guyana We have gained some invaluable lessons from our experience working in Guyana to develop the Neonatal and Pediatric Programs. Much of that learning has come from some mistakes that we have made and the many successes that we have had in the process. Engaging the Government,

identifying common goals and defining responsibilities was crucial to the success of any program. Achieving these goals without having a vision of sustainability would have been a sure prescription for failure. Our experience tells us today that education and ownership have to be the two pillars of sustainability. We have been successful in educating numerous outstanding physicians and nurses who have taken the responsibility for owning these programs while taking great pride in ensuring that the programs maintain the highest quality. The Government of Guyana has also assumed ownership of the majority of the programs, at least from a financial perspective. Though our work is not yet done in Guyana, we feel confident of the need to now expand our activities to other Caribbean countries with similar needs.

Expansion into the Caribbean We feel that a natural progression should be into the Caribbean, given the similarities in culture, language and the largely identical challenges. We have approached the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) since they are a natural conduit to gain access to the Governments and health sectors of the respective islands. The OECS is made up of 10 islands. It is an InterGovernmental Organization dedicated to economic harmonization and integration, the protection of human and legal rights, and the encouragement of good governance among independent and non-independent countries of the Eastern Caribbean. We have engaged Dr. Carlene Radix who is the Head of Health| Human & Social Cluster Lead of the OECS in a strategic partnership to identify the needs of the region and to develop a plan forward to address these challenges.


Challenges Faced by the Islands


Dr. Radix facilitated a video-conference meeting with hospital representatives and neonatal caregivers from some of the islands, during which time we had an opportunity to listen to the challenges and gaps in the care provided to babies within the region. Our general impression is that they are interested in working with GHTK and other partners to elevate the level of care provided for the region's high risk babies. The challenges they face include but are not limited

to the following: (1) Very few NICU Nurses in the region (2) There are few neonatologists but a number of pediatricians that carry out neonatal care (3) There is often inadequate functional neonatal equipment with limited biomedical support (4) There are sometimes shortages of needed drugs and consumable items( 5) Critically ill babies may need to be transferred overseas at very significant costs to the respective governments.

Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

Proposed Plans In light of the need to address these identified challenges, the OECS Commission has decided to engage a number of partners to form an alliance to adress maternal and neonatal issues in the OECS. The Alliance's mandate will be to address the many challenges facing the OECS in their desire to provide the highest standards of neonatal care. Representatives from the OECS Member States, GHTK and the World Pediatric Project (WPP) are some of the partners being considered. In the meantime GHTK is working with the OECS Health Unit to implement the following plans: 타 NURSING: Development of a Local Neonatal

The major lesson learned in Guyana was that success of this program hinges on developing a partnership with the Government to ensure that there is a shared vision and a delegation of responsibilities. To this end, I would like to thank Guyana's Toronto Counsul General, Anyin Choo, for facilitating a presentation to the Canadian based Counsul Generals of all of the Caribbean Islands. After our presentation, they were all very positive about the plan and volunteered to help us in our efforts to engage the local Diaspora. They also agreed to facilitate required meetings with their respective governments. After this very favourable reception, I am confident that we are on the correct path for GTHK's expansion. An engagement with the Canadian Caribbean Diaspora will be fundamental to GHTK's required expansion of its donor base, as it seeks to acquire the financial support that will be necessary to fulfill its plans. Towards this end, GHTK will be embarking on several new and exciting public awareness activities in the months ahead. Exciting times now lie ahead for GHTK. Exciting times which will also be filled with beckoning opportunities for all to become involved in GHTK's expansion plans. I invite you to come be a part of what promises to be an interesting and fulfilling journey for all involved!


Nursing Program. Our plan is to begin the program in August 2019. 타 PHYSICIANS: We will be starting monthly webinars with current practices in Neonatal Care. In addition, we have opened the Pediatric Residency Program in Guyana to any physician from the Islands. 타 EQUIPMENT/DRUGS/CONSUMABLES: We will work with the OECS to harmonise types of equipment for collective purchasing and better shared biomedical support as well as to ensure that the current OECS-PPS pooled procurement mechanism for medications and medical products for neonates is optimized. 타 NEONATAL NETWORK: More longterm, GHTK will work with OECS and the alliance of partners in order to develop a network of care. This network aims to combat the high cost of transferring babies overseas. A neonatal network can be developed in which one or two islands can function as Tertiary Care Centres for high risk babies. To facilitate this network, an inter-island Neonatal Transport

system will also need to be developed to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of high risk mothers and critically ill babies.


GHTK's Outstanding Record Of Actual Donations!


In the spirit of complete transparency that has been a foundation for all of its activities, the following is a listing of the donations Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) has actually made to Guyana's hospitals from the Program's 2011 commencement to 2018.


A most worthy demonstration of charitable giving at its very best made entirely possible by the kind and generous, ever gratefully received, support of the GHTK's corporate and individual donors. The GHTK's plans to now expand its services from a previous Guyana concentration to other countries within the Eastern Caribbean will however require much increased funding support. Under its new Global Help The Kids banner GHTK hopes its activities will continue to receive the outstanding support of all charity minded members of Canada's Guyanese, Caribbean and mainstream communities.


Guyana (Global) Help The Kids Annual Magazine October 2018 Premiere Issue


Guyana (Global) Help The Kids Annual Magazine October 2018 Premiere Issue