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It is with pleasure that we introduce to you the Food & Drink Guide – St. Kitts & Nevis 2008 Edition. This first edition heralds the start of our culinary journey, and we are confident that visitors, friends, citizens and residents alike, will partake in our exciting guide. Our guide hopes to capture the culinary experience of St. Kitts & Nevis, through stories, photographs and personalities. We feature the successful 2007 NICHE event; take a look at Funny Fruits and the growing importance of agri-tourism. We also draw attention to the great special offer at the new Smoke ‘n’ Booze duty free store in Port Zante, which is open to both citizens and visitors. We must thank the restaurants, hotels, bars and suppliers who had the foresight and imagination to join us in this first edition. Our intention is to promote local and international establishments, both exclusive and modest, and to highlight the wealth of talent within these beautiful islands. ‘Supporting a local community through international marketing is the future.’ Therefore, if you have a culinary venue, experience or story you would like to share – please contact us. Remember when you’re out, take time to enjoy the food, the wine and the fun, and make sure you fully explore these gastronomic islands. When spending precious time at home, why not attempt a new recipe or simply take a moment to plan your next meal. Happy Dining!


Food & Drink Guide 2008

St. Kitts & Nevis

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Fatal Fruits & Poisonous Plants Caribbean Fast Food Snackettes Funny Fruits Cool Caribbean Books NICHE Event 2007, Nevis Mansa - The Importance of Agriculture

56-57. Developing Agri-tourism

Chef Profiles 11. 57.

Chef Gregory Austin, Ocean Terrace Inn Chef Bruno Correa, Four Seasons Resort

58. 74.

Chef Lynn Williams, Old Manor Hotel Executive Chef Janice Ryan & Chef de Cuisine Peter O’Toole, Montpelier, Nevis

RECIPE PAGES 5. 10. 12. 14. 16. 58. 63. 64. 67. 72. 74.

St. Kitts & Nevis National Dish Recipe Serendipity Recipe Waterfalls Restaurant, OTI Recipe Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant Recipe Formosa Garden Restaurant Recipe Old Manor Hotel Recipe Nature’s Way Vegetarian Recipe The Hermitage Rum Cocktail Recipe Banana’s Cocktail Recipes Nisbit Plantation Beach Club Recipes Montpelier Plantation Inn Recipe







Shirley Jones Snackette



Fancy Loaf Bakery

Bird Rock


Ferninand’s Shop


3 4






Parish Shopping Center



Viola’s Shop


24 Sophia Martin


Lyn’s Place

Lodge Project



Fraites and Son


25 E & F Snackette

Cotton Ground




26 Mansa Last Stop

Cades Bay

10 Bowald Warner


27 ANA Auto Parts


11 Down Point Bar


28 Leroy Thompson

Hanleys Road

12 Royden

St. Pauls

29 Edric Stanley

Church Ground

13 Rover’s Bar

Newton Ground

30 Panchos

Cole Hill

14 B’s Enterprise

Sandy Point


Brimstone Hill Souvenir Shop

Brimstone Hill

16 Ingrid’s Shop


17 Mang


18 Ross University

West Farm

19 J’s Shop and Save


20 Ticket Shop


21 C & C Superfoods


22 Ziggy’s Beach Bar

Frigate Bay




70 55



61 60

59 62 61 68 69 62 63




75 59


20 17 11 13

43 26 24 25 42 31 45 19 44 21 22 33 32 48 35 39 30 41 23 28 40 36

Food & Drink Guide Directory of Establishments Indra’s Roti House & Bar

Basseterre, STK


Inn at Cades Bay

Cades Bay, NEV


Newtown, STK


Castle Bay Villas


Frigate Bay Resort


Cayon St., STK


Airport Cabana

Newcastle, NEV


Alpha Deli

Charlestown, NEV


Basseterre, STK


Newcastle, NEV


Hamilton Est. NEV


44 Jasmines

Bird Rock, STK


26 Restaurant

20 Ballahoo Restaurant Bambooshay Bar & Restaurant

66 Bananas Bistro Bary’s Bar Grill &

42 Entertainment Spot

25 Irma’s Jade Kalabash Vegetarian


Kentucky Fried Chicken Basseterre, STK


Frigate Bay, STK


Kim Sha

Basseterre, STK


Frigate Bay, STK


Kim Xing Restaurant

Basseterre, STK


Breeze’s Restaurant

Sugar Bay Club, STK


Kings Palace Restaurant

Basseterre, STK


Brians One Spot Bar

Basseterre, STK


Kittitian Kitchen


40 Buddies Beach Bar

Frigate Bay, STK


Douglas Comm. Dev., STK

69 Café Des Arts

Laws Ezrette

Basseterre, STK


Charlestown, NEV


Life Savers Snackette

Valu Mart Complex 466-7566


Charlestown, NEV


Benji’s Bar & Restaurant Basseterre, STK Bob & Elvis The Party Bus

32 Bobsy’s Restaurant


Light House Restaurant Bird Rock, STK & Night Club

Carambola Beach Club South Friars Bay, STK 465-9090

62 Caribbean Kitchen 19 Caribe Café 43

20 Mango Tree Bar

Basseterre, STK


Basseterre, STK


55 Mansa’s Grocery Shop Cades Bay, NEV Frigate Bay, STK 31 Marshall’s



Basseterre, STK


Circus Grill

Basseterre, STK


Coconut Grove Restaurant

Cliftons Estate, NEV


Nelson’s Spring Complex, NEV


Bird Rock Beach Hotel, STK


Charlestown, NEV


D-L’s Snackette

28 Driftwood Duty Free


Merchant Ralph

Basseterre, STK


Miss June’s Cuisine

Jones Bay, STK


68 Mem’s Pizzaria

36 Monkey Bar 75


Prospect Gardens, NEV

Frigate Bay, STK


Montpelier Plantation Inn

Charlestown, NEV


Mount Nevis Hotel

Charlestown, NEV


Basseterre, STK


Frigate Bay, STK


21 Mr. Pretzels

Port Zante, STK


Eddy’s Restaurant

Charlestown, NEV


Excellent Fast Food

Charlestown, NEV


Excelsior Restaurant

Basseterre, STK


Nature’s Way 63 Vegetarian Restaurant Charlestown, NEV

Fisherman’s Wharf

Ocean Terrace Inn Basseterre, STK



Fortlands, STK



Pinney’s Beach, NEV


Frigate Bay, STK 33 Oasis Cafe 33 Oasis Sports Bar & Grill Frigate Bay, STK Basseterre, STK 13 Ocean Terrace Inn

Ginger House Rest. & Caribbean Cooks

Frigate Bay, STK


Basseterre, STK


Hilltop Restaurant

Gingerland, NEV


21 Olive Press Canteen 26 OJ’s Ital Van

West Farm, STK

663 5787

Hunkins Drive, NEV


Basseterre, STK

663 5787

13 Seafood & Grill

Formosa Garden Restaurant Four Seasons Resort

59 Nevis 35


Circus Deli

33 Diana’s Restaurant


Charlestown, NEV

CIAO Italian Restaurant St. Christopher Club

61 Deli by Wendy


62 I & I Ital Spot 8


Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack Bar & Grill


Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

OJ’s ‘watch no face’ Ital Bar

Nisbet Plantation, NEV

469-0688 469-9325

465-9332 465-2754

Food & Drink Guide Directory of Establishments Ottley’s Plantation Inn

Basseterre, STK


25 TJ’s Bar & Restaurant

Newtown, STK


Oualie Beach Resort

Oualie Beach, NEV


25 Tota Snackette

59 Pancho’s Bar & Grocery Nevis Pemo’s Restaurant

Camp’s Village, NEV




Newtown, STK


Unella’s by the Sea Bar & Restaurant

Charlestown, NEV


V’s Snackette

Charlestown, NEV

469-1854 465-2754

Pizza Place Restaurant & Bar

Basseterre, STK


13 Waterfalls

Ocean Terrace Inn, STK

41 PJ’s Bar & Restaurant

Frigate Bay, STK


32 Xpress Auto Rentals

Conaree, STK



Young’s Chinese Restaurant

Charlestown, NEV


Frigate Bay, STK



Queens Jamaican Restaurant

Basseterre, STK

15 Rawlins Plantation Inn Mount Pleasant, STK 465-6221 Ribs N’ Rolls

45 Rock Lobster Rumours Bar &

70 Restaurant

Seafood Madness Restaurant

11 24 Sharry’s

Basseterre, STK


Frigate Bay, STK


Newcastle, NEV


Charlestown, NEV


Serendipity Restaurant Basseterre, STK


Newtown, STK


Friars Beach, STK


70 Shirley’s Place

Newcastle, NEV


15 Sprat Net

Old Road Bay, STK



Ship-Wreck Beach Bar & Grill

St. Kitts Marriott Resort Frigate Bay, STK

Victoria & Losack Rds 466-1537

Stone Walls Garden Bar & Bistro

Princess Street


Victoria & Cayon Sts 466-9524 Frigate Bay, STK


71 Sunset Beach Club

Jamestown, NEV


30 Sunset Cafe

Basseterre, STK


60 Sunshine’s Bar & Grill

Pinneys Beach, NEV 469-5817

Tea House Restaurant

Charlestown, NEV


The Cooperage & Terrace Restaurant

Old Manor Hotel, NEV


21 The Fruit Bowl 1

Basseterre, STK


21 The Fruit Bowl 2

TDC Downtown Mall, STK


Charlestown, NEV


The New Thriving Chinese Restaurant

Charlestown, NEV


The Patio Restaurant

Charlestown, NEV


Basseterre, STK


23 Tifanny Bar & Grill

# = Establishment Page Numbers

Useful or Important Telephone Numbers NAME



48 Sugar

The Hermitage

39 Ziggy’s Beach Bar


Star of India

65 Plantation Inn




Seared LOIN OF LAMB served with mashed potato & vegetables Chef Alexander James - Serendipity Restaurant, St. Kitts PREPARATION TIME: 15mins



Lamb Marinade Ingredients 2 (6 oz to 8 oz) Lamb Loin Steaks 1dl Teriyaki Light Sauce 1 dl Teriyaki Glaze (marinade) Salt & Pepper to season lamb Red Sauce Ingredients .50dl Vegetable Oil 1.5dl Red Wine 1.5dl Brown Sauce/Demi-glace Bunch Fresh Mint Leaves Accompaniments Ingredients 10 oz. Potatoes 1 Leek Stems (julienne) 1 Potato (finely julienne) 6 Asparagus Stems 2 Sprigs Basil 4 Cherry Tomatoes

Preparation for Mash: Wash and peel potatoes, then cut into cubes. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to boil and add potatoes. Boil until cooked. Drain, mash and set aside. Preparation for Lamb: Season lamb loins and pass through Teriyaki marinade to absorb a slight flavor. Cook to your liking, (rare, medium or well-done), in a pan with oil, finish under the grill if needed. Allow lamb to rest for 3 minutes. Reduce the red wine by half, add Demi-glace (brown sauce) and bring to boil, simmer for 2 mins. then add fresh mint. Cut lamb loins in half diagonally at a 45ยบ angle. Assembling of Recipe: Place mashed potato mounds on plate, then add the 2 pieces of lamb crisscrossed, pointing upwards. Deep fry potatoes and leeks and place a small portion on top of the mashed potato mounds. Boil the asparagus stems until al dente, add 3 stems to each plate. Spoon around the red wine and mint sauce. Garnish each plate with herbs and cherry tomatoes and top with basil sprigs. Serve with separate choice of fresh vegetables. Accompany with mint jelly or mint sauce Cooking Tips: - Do not over cook lamb, unless well-done is preferred. - Restaurant Demi-glace takes a long time to make, you can substitute this for a quality commercial brown sauce. - Prepared crushed or mashed potato in advance and reheat in microwave at the last minute. 10


Tel: (869) 465 9999/8999 Fax: (869) 465 5479


8 Wigley Avenue, Fortlands, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Serendipity continues to set the standard for a first-rate fusion of modern European & Caribbean dining in St. Kitts. Located in the historic Fortlands district of Basseterre, Serendipity restaurant & lounge bar is situated in a converted historical home that has been sympathetically renovated to create a perfect balance between the old & new. From the ocean view terrace, diners are treated to magnificent views of Basseterre harbour, the Caribbean Sea & Nevis beyond. Inside cooled by the ever-present trade winds, classical dining arrangements are available and guests are invited to relax at the lounge bar. An air-conditioned private dining room is also available for intimate social events. Chef Alexander James is a native islander returned home. He & his partner Pauline have a combined industry experience of almost 50 years. Alexander & his team prepare their meals with loving attention, you will be impressed with the excellent quality; aesthetically the food knows no boundaries. The menus for both lunch & dinner are extensive, offering exotic, classical & oneof-a-kind temptations. Lunchtime specials include Caribbean seafood bouillabaisse with lobster & fish, infused with brandy & saffron. Showcasing the versatility of Serendipity’s cuisine, the dinner menu continues with a full range of meat, poultry, seafood & vegetarian options. Caribbean classics include stuffed baby crab backs, and are united with European options like sautéed scallops, tiger shrimps & crawfish “Jacqueline” from France . The comprehensive & continually growing wine list offers a quality selection from around the globe. In essence, this is an irresistible venue by day or night, where excellent service goes hand-in-hand with the finest cuisine. Reservations preferred.

Lunch Tues-Fri 11:45am-3pm Bar & Light snacks until 5pm Dinner Tues -Sun 6pm-10pm



Split pea & Green Banana Loaf with peppers, Spinach & Parmesan cheese Head Chef Gregory Austin - Waterfalls Restaurant, Ocean Terrace Inn PREPARATION TIME: 30 mins.

COOKING TIME: 12 mins. 1 lb. Green Bananas 8 oz. Split Peas ½ Red Peppers (diced) ½ Green Peppers (diced) ½ sml. Onions (diced) 1 oz. Parsley ½ oz. Thyme (leaves) ½ oz. Garlic (crushed)

SERVES: 4 ½ oz. Spinach Leaves (chopped) 2oz. Parmesan Cheese (fresh or grated) ½ oz. Butter (salted) 2 oz. Heavy Cream (or Evaporated Milk) Salt & pepper to taste

Preparation for Loaf: Boil green banana in the skin until soft (approx. 10/15 mins.) in seasoned water, then remove skin. Cook split peas in seasoned water until soft (retain water). Place banana and peas in a metal bowl - set aside. Retain some sliced banana pieces for decoration. Combine peppers, onions, garlic, herbs and spinach and lightly sauté with butter until onions are light brown and peppers are still firm. Add vegetables to banana and peas. Roughly crush together with a wooden spoon. Bind heavy cream and Parmesan cheese into the mixture. Pour lentil water into the mixture a little at a time and fold until the texture is soft, but not runny. Add salt and pepper if needed. Place the mixture into an ovenproof ceramic dish and sprinkle with a little Parmesan cheese. Place in a pre-heated oven at 350ºC/650ºF for 12 mins.

In The Picture - ‘Celebrity Chef Austin’ Head Chef Gregory Austin - Ocean Terrace Inn, St. Kitts Chef Gregory Austin was voted Chef of the Year for St. Kitts & Nevis 2007, and he has had a career with a difference, being something of a celebrity chef. He was born in Barbados & entered the industry through the Barbados Hotel School, which he attended for 2 years in 1989. But, his chef-acting career first came to light when he was invited by Caribbean Airlines (formally BWIA) to star in an in-flight Christmas Season presentation. The in-flight show gave travellers ideas of how to spice up their traditional Christmas menu. Recently, Chef Austin has stared in “Cooking made Easy” culinary TV series, produced by the local ZIZ TV Channel. Chef Austin may be a celebrity chef, but he has also been a chef to the celebrities including former US President Bill Clinton & the Nigerian Premier. 12


Ocean Terrace Inn

Tel: (869) 465 2754 Fax: (869) 465 1057

Wigley Avenue, Fortlands, St. Kitts

Ocean Terrace Inn – A very special place, on a very special island. For years, Ocean Terrace Inn has been welcoming guests to the magical beauty of St. Kitts. OTI’s superb setting and warm, gracious service provides every visitor with their preference of accommodation, activities, and dining experience. OTI is known for the best in dining, with a variety of settings and cuisine. For a snack or light meal, head for the Poolside Bar and Grill where you’ll find sandwiches and cool drinks served in a casual setting. Dinners at Fisherman’s Wharf are legendary! This famous seafood grill restaurant on the ocean’s edge is a Kittitian instruction. Choose your entrée from ‘just-caught’ seafood or choice cuts of beef, then relax while it’s cooked to order on open grill. Open nightly for dinner. At the Waterfalls Restaurant enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at this romantic hilltop setting, with lush tropical gardens and a panoramic view of Basseterre. It’s the ideal place for an elegant meal or special occasion. You’ll find fine continental cuisine with a distinctively Caribbean flavour. OTI’s Exceutive Chef invites you to discover his menu creations, described as “Art on a Plate.” An extensive wine list provides a wealth of choices from around the world. Waterfalls offers the choice of an outdoor verandah setting, which can accommodate 70 persons, or for private engagements an air-conditioned dining room seating up to 40. No matter what dining experience you prefer, you’ll find it at OTI. Ocean Terrace Inn Hotel offers highly personalized standards of service. The 71 elegantly appointed air-conditioned guest rooms, all boast dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea, or Basseterre Bay from their private balcony or patio.

Fisherman’s Wharf opens nightly for dinner. Waterfalls Restaurant opens daily for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Reservations advised.



Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant at Ocean Terrace Inn

Hands On Deck 1 measure Triple Sec 1 measure Sambuca 1/2 measure Belmont Dark Rum 11/2 measures orange juice Dash of Grenadine

Original Watercolour Illustration by Gilly Gobinet, recipe taken from her Cool Caribbean Cocktail Book

Mix all the ingredients together and shake over ice. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with cherries and flowers.

Fisherman’s Wharf “The Best Catch In Town” offers the only dining experience on the water. A favourite with locals & visitors alike. Renowned for its Conch Chowder, Conch Fritters, Fresh Lobster and a wide selection of Local Seafood, grilled to perfection over St. Kitts Cosha coals. Come satisfy your needs for a nautical dining experience.

Tel: (869) 466 7535 Tel: (869) 664 4405 Open Tuesday to Sunday during season

Sprat Net

Old Road Bay, St. Kitts

A simple cluster of picnic tables are sheltered by a brilliant turquoise corrugated-tin roof and decorated with driftwood, life preservers and photos of coastal scenes; Spat Net is a casual Caribbean restaurant perched along the seafront. There is nothing fancy on the menu: just grilled fish, lobster, ribs and chicken -- served with mountains of coleslaw and peas & rice. The fish is amazingly fresh: the fishermen-owners, Marcus & Jack heap their catches on a centre table, where you choose your own dinner, as if you were at market. Watch it grilled to your specification, then dine family-style on paper plates. Sprat Net offers old-style Caribbean flavour, with the cheapest drinks and best bands on weekends. No wonder cars line up along the road, creating an impromptu jump-up. No credit cards. It’s 5 miles to town; 10-15mins or $20usd by taxis from Frigate Bay.



Chicken Satay on Skewers Chef Chi Pang - Formosa Garden Restaurant, St. Kitts PREPARATION TIME: 2 hrs.

4 Skinless Chicken Breast

Marinade Ingredients 1 Small Onion, (finely chopped) 1 Garlic Clove, (crushed) 2 tbsp. Dark Soy Sauce 2 tsp. Chili Powder 1 tsp. Ground Coriander 2 tsp. Dark Brown Sugar

COOKING TIME: 20 mins.


1 tbsp. Lime Juice 1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil Sauce Ingredients 1 1/4 cups Coconut Milk 4 tbsp Crunchy Peanut Butter 1 tbsp Thai Fish Sauce Salt & Pepper

Preparation for Chicken: Soak wooden skewers in cold water. Using a sharp knife, trim fat or bones from the chicken, then cut it into thin strips, about 3 inches long. Preparation for Marinade: Place all marinade ingredients in a shallow dish and mix well. Add the chicken strips and coat thoroughly with marinade. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Preheat the grill to medium. Remove the chicken from the marinade and thread onto the presoaked skewers. Grill the meat satays for 8-10 minutes, turning and brushing occasionally with the marinade, until completely cooked through. Meanwhile, to make the sauce, mix the coconut milk with the peanut butter and fish sauce in a pan. Bring to boil and cook for 3 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Cooks Tip: Soaking the skewers in cold water prevents the skewers from burning while cooking. 16


Tel: (869) 465 8227

Formosa Garden Restaurant

Wigley Avenue, Fortlands, Basseterre, St.Kitts

Formosa Garden is St. Kitts’ latest fine dining restaurant. Opened in August 2007, this elegant restaurant is set within a converted period house offering impressive views over the Basseterre Harbour out to sea. Formosa Garden is the brainchild of Luisa Chang and the fulfilment of a dream for her partner Chef Chi Pang. Luisa the proprietor is well travelled and an excellent hostess. Chef Chi has over 18 years experience working with some of the best Chinese establishments in London. The main dishes served are a mixture of traditional Peking and Szechuan style cuisine. However, the three chefs specialize individually in Dim-Sum, Japanese/Taiwanese cuisines and Cantonese style cooking. All dishes are exquisitely presented and tantalizing to taste. The gourmet menu includes some of the best handmade Vegetable Spring Rolls. Sharks Fin and Chicken Soup, Lobster with ginger and spring onion (whole one!) and the sizzling platter dishes are always popular. The wine list is excellent, featuring notable wines from around the globe – they are the perfect accompaniment to ones meal. Attention to detail can be seen throughout the premises from the sympathetic restoration of the property, to the attractive furnishings and manicured gardens with water fountain. Attentive, but unobtrusive service starts upon your arrival. You will be graciously greeted at the front entrance and led to either the terrace, or the formal dining areas. The seating capacity is between 90 – 100, including two private rooms. Open 6 days a week. Closing day may vary, please phone ahead. Formosa Garden offers a majestic setting and unforgettable dining experience.

Reservations accepted for Lunch from 12-2:30pm and 6-10:30pm for Dinner.



A Tale Of

written by, Jim Johnson

Poisonous plants to North Americans mean poison ivy or oak, mushrooms or even jimson weed; the English think of stinging nettles and Caribbean people all know about the deadly Manchineel, the most dangerous contact plant known to exist. They rarely think of common, everyday plants and foods such as peaches, plums and apples. Everybody eats potatoes, and rhubarb pie is famous among the British; West Indians love cashews, but all are poisonous. Potatoes were actually banned from France until 1763 as they kept eating the wrong parts! The French are big on salads, so were collecting the sprouts off those funny tubers. White potatoes are in the Nightshade Family, Deadly Nightshade! Solenoid compounds can do strange things in the human body. Those peaches, plums and apples, as well as Caribbean passion fruit are all high in cyanide, the same thing used in rat poison and gas chambers (Peach Pits were actually used to kill rats). Most of the glyco-cyanides are in the young fruits to stop one from eating them too soon, then the cyanide 18


is either concentrated in the pits or converted into cyancobalamine, also known as Vitamin B12. The B12 provides one with energy, so the fruit gets eaten and the seeds spread. Nature finds a way. Cashews grow on trees and have a wonderful tasting fruit, which Caribbean people love. The seed hangs on the bottom and contains Ursh Oil, used during World War II for brake fluid in tanks. Cracking the shell and trying to eat the nut causes blistering; swallowing triggers anaphylactic shock, then death. Surprisingly, roasted (but care should be taken not to inhale the fumes!), the shell pops off making a delicious treat. How did mankind ever find that out? Then there is Tapioca which is made from the cassava root. This wonderful pudding is made from a root that is extremely toxic! The roots are soaked in water, beaten, and pressed not once but three times before eating. Why did someone keep trying after the first and second time? These are just a few of the foods from poisonous plants. Check out Jamaican Akee for pancreatic toxins, certain types of legumes can do strange things to the brain, and look at those tomatoes carefully!

Caribe Café

Tel: (869) 465 JAVA (5282) Fax: (869) 465 5285 Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 9:00pm Sat: 9:30am - 9:00pm

The Sands, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Caribe Café’s owners, Greg & Angèle are a husband and wife team and nationals of St. Kitts. As coffee enthusiasts, they quickly realized what the island was missing - a comfortable place, with an upscale and trendy atmosphere, where patrons can meet, relax, socialize or study, while enjoying a cup of coffee. Caribe Café is St. Kitts’ first coffeehouse. We offer a truly unique, island inspired coffeehouse experience. At Caribe Café, coffee is our top priority and the Caribe Crew is committed to producing the best coffee-based beverages. Our goal is to bring the island a new, warm and fun experience everyday. Our selective product offering will appease your taste buds during your visit. Enjoy pastries baked on-site and inspired by local fruits, ice cream creations, smoothies, salads, wraps, panini and pizza. And of course we offer specialty coffee beverages such as espresso, cappuccino, lattes, iced coffees and frappes. During the day, Caribe Café is the ideal place to read a book, escape from the office for a casual business meeting with a colleague, meet with friends to study or take advantage of the FREE Wi-Fi Internet connection. You can just relax and enjoy the music, catch up on the news, or simply kick back on our open terrace and take in the view of the Caribbean Sea and Nevis. At night, Caribe Café transforms into a dessert and cocktail lounge. We offer a selective wine list and various coffee and non-coffee cocktails. Come visit us soon and try a coffee beverage with a twist!



Ballahoo Restaurant The Circus, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 465 4197 Fax: (869) 465 7627

The Ballahoo restaurant overlooks the centre of historic Basseterre & for 25 years has established a reputation among both locals & tourists for consistent quality food. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, Monday–Saturday, the menu features a range of Caribbean & International dishes with lunch & dinner specials. We are proud to feature the very best of local seafood, fruits & vegetables; thanks to our longstanding links with local producers. Great cocktails & wines, good vegetarian choices & friendly service keeps this restaurant the most popular open air dining spot in town.

Mango Tree Bar

Off Wellington Rd, Opp. Public Works, Basseterre

Cell - CEBO: (869) 663 2058 Cell - Skin Man: (869) 664 1788

The Mango Tree Bar & Ital Spot is an easy-going local venue to kick back and soak up some good oldfashioned island hospitality. The Mango Tree serves up: Good Local Food Good Local Seafood Good Ital Specials Good Local Drinks And a Positive Island Vibe Lift your spirit. Stop off and check out the Mango Tree Bar.




Olive Press Canteen

The Sands Complex, Bay Road, Basseterre

The Olive Press Canteen located in the tranquil setting of The Sands Complex, a stones throw away from Port Zante, offers an authentic Creole taste of the island’s cuisine. You cannot visit St. Kitts without experiencing the exquisite taste of its menu. Enjoy a blend of our exotic dishes such as, steamed fish with okras, festivals, dumplings & saltfish, Escoveitch fish, breaded baked chicken, stewed liver & papaya casserole. Also try the versatility of the Olive Press Catering Service. Olive Press is where good food & good times come together. Tel: (869) 466 1315 - Cnr. Cayon & Virgil Newtown St’s Tel: (869) 465 1318 - TDC Downtown Mall

The Fruit Bowl II TDC Mall & Cayon Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Fancy a healthier lunch or snack? We have the answer. Everyone should treat themself to something from The Fruit Bowl II at least twice a week, if not more! We offer green salads, pasta salads, fruit salads, fruit baskets, fruit platters, soups, coffee, tea, local drinks, smoothies & much, much, more. Open from Mon-Fri 8am-5pm & Sat 9:30am-2pm. Shopping is great at The Fruit Bowl I, in St. Johnson Village, where seasonal local fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fruit baskets, fruit salads & fruit platters are sold everyday. Open everyday, Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm, Fri & Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-12:30pm. “THE FRUIT BOWL WHERE THE FRESHNESS IS IN THE VARIETY.”



Queen’s A&J Jamaican Restaurant

Tel: (869) 465 7720 Tel: (869) 668 1940

Baker’s Corner, Cayon Rd Roundabout, Basseterre

Queen’s A & J (Angele & June) is a 100% Home-grown, Original Jamaican Styled Café Restaurant. For over 7 years, Queen has been providing friendly Jamaican service and a solid menu of good food. Queen’s A & J spot is thunderous in style and even more flamboyant in the colour. There’s no mistaking the origin of this restaurants proprietor – inside and out, the colours of the Jamaican flag are boldly displayed in yellow, black & green. Whatever you choose from the wide-ranging menu, dishes all have that punchy, but spicy kick that you might expect from Jamaican cuisine. Substantial main dishes bring together the traditional and the modern, usually with success. Jamaica’s national dish of ackee & saltfish is flavour-packed. The famed curry goat is authentic with lean chunks of meat in a rich sauce. Of course you can expect to receive your dose of hot jerk chicken or pork with the trademark smoky grilled flavour. Also on offer you’ll find, fish water, Mannish (goat) water, carrot & banana porridge and a range of savoury snacks like bun ‘n’ cheese and patties. JA style Hardo Bread and Bun baked inhouse are always in demand! To tame the fire - Queens real passion is her serious punches and tonics. Try the Horse Tonic, Baba Roots or Guiness punch for size. Of course there is always an ice cold Red Stripe in the fridge - Jamaica’s number one Beer.

Open from 6am for breakfast Monday - Saturday. 22


Friday & Saturday are party nights, so if you’re up for copious quantities of rum, good food, reggae & spirited crowds then this is the place to be! “So, Before Good Food Waste; Make Belly Burst!”


Sandown Rd, Newtown, Basseterre, St. Kitts Tasty curried mutton, ribs, chicken, fish and shrimp all served with breadfruit salad season rice, chow mein and much more. Homemade local fruit juices are a favourite. Open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm.

CAGGIE’S NEVIS Cedar Trees Tel: 869 664 9837

Like entering the secret garden, this hideaway bar is a magical wonderland. Enter the backyard bar of Rastaman Rickardo Gittens and be immersed in the local spirit of Nevis. Quite literally, any spirit is on offer alongside delicious pizzas and friendly conversation. Come early and stay late!

THE PUDDING POT Cayon Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts Nicole serves up strictly local style weekend food! Black pudding, goat water and ‘cook-up’. Roadside service ever Friday & Saturday from 11am till de pot dem dun!



PAT’S BAR No. 8 Bus Terminal The Bus Terminal & Ferry Port in Basseterre has non-stop action around the clock. You can always get a drink or bite to eat here. Visit Pat at No. 8 or find your own favourite bar, there are loads to chose from.

TJ’s Bar & Snackette George St, Newtown, Basseterre, St. Kitts Tel: 869 466 2138 Cell: 869 663 6400 Serving fried fish, fried chicken, BBQ pigtail, Johnnycakes. Shelly also pours a mean drink. Bring along a photo and add it to her collection.

TOTA’S George St, Newtown, Basseterre, St. Kitts Tel: 869 465 6733 Mr Shelly Sheldon is famous local personality in the Newtown community. For 15yrs he has been serving an ‘everyday breakfast’ at his local snackette, which draws a large crowd of hungry workers 7 days a week. He also serves lunch. Shelly travelled for 20yrs playing tenor sax in the Elli Matt & The GI’s Brass Band.



Kalabash Vegetarian Restaurant Main Road, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 466 2398 Email:

Let the menu do the talking… the food at Kalabash can only be described as V-Ital! Established in 2002, Kalabash vegetarian restaurant is located on Cayon Street & has progressed from strength to strength. The food served is what we all should be eating more of - vegetable stir-fry, falafels, lentil cakes, vegetable soups, stewed chunks (tofu) with brown rice & vegetables are among the favourites on the Kalabash menu. The delicious Mali Mambo dish with stir-fry vegetables in a peanut sauce comes recommended. A variety of other main meals & light snacks are served with care of presentation & consumed with the knowledge that it is fresh, local produce & good for you. Kamau prepares both dairy & non-dairy celebration cakes. Try the scrumptious mango & guava cheesecake – superb! Let your food be your medicine. All food is available to eat-in or takeaway.

OJ’s “Watch no Face” Ital Bar & Van

Tel: (869) 663 5787

Central Sreet, Basseterre & Opp. Ross Veterinary University, Mattingley, St. Kitts Food is an essential part of the Caribbean experience, but at OJ’s “Watch No Face” Ital Bar, good food is the order of the day. Ital food takes its traditions from the Rastafarian faith, consisting primarily of a vegetarian diet. This unique cooking method utilises locally grown provisions such as yam, bananas, sweet potato and coconut milk to create a variety of delicious dishes. OJ’s Ital bean and vegetable soup with fresh coconut is an island winner. Lentil cakes, veggie lasagne, pizza and stewed soya chunks add to the menus versatility. Ital food is popular with everyone; tourists, students and even non-vegetarians. As we all become more health conscious of our eating habits this alternative cuisine will continue to grow in popularity. “Ital is Vital” to achieve a healthier lifestyle. By night OJ changes up the theme with his fresh fried fish & chips take-out shop. Firmly marked on the Basseterre nightlife scene list, this is a must-not be-missed experience. The fish is to die for! 26


a) Sugar Apple b) Sour Sop c) Passion Fruit

a) Sour Sop b) Passion Fruit c) Sugar Apple

a) Sugar Apple b) Sour Sop c) Passion Fruit

Funny Fruits St. Kitts & Nevis has numerous types of fruits that grow in odd locations all around the islands, and many people wonder just what they are! They are the fruit often eaten by birds and monkeys as well as local people and many are delicious!

Too granular for drinks or cooking, so just wolf it down.

Sour Sop is large and thorny, but has a soporific effect on small children. While you can eat it straight, it makes a great sorbet, lovely cold soup, and drink that mixes well with rum (though most things mix well with rum).

Of course there are also Gyneps (similar to a Litchi Nut) and Passion Fruit (named not because it increases passion but because the flowers were used by the Catholic Priests to tell about the passion of Christ), Sour Oranges (Seville to the Europeans) and many others.

One may have to fight the small children and monkeys to get a taste of the bizarre fruit that looks like a hand grenade, the Sugar Apple. It is a close relative of the Sour Sop, but ultra sweet.

And the American author, Mark Twain, claimed the Cherimoya was the Food of the Gods. It is locally known as a Custard Apple and taste just like a rich English Custard, smooth and sweet.

Why not dare to come share some of our funny fruits?

written by, Jim Johnson is the online home of the Top to Bottom company owned by Jim & Nikki Johnson. They would like you to join them on hikes to learn more about the History, Biology, and Culture of Nevis! Top To Bottom is a nature and historical hiking guide agency operated by Jim & Nikki Johnson on Nevis. They also assist Universities with various research projects and work heavily with conservation efforts. They were the first licensed guides on Nevis. If you’d like to contact Jim and Nikki, call them at (869) 469-9080 or email:



Tel: (869) 466 8245 Fax: (869) 466 8246


Horizon Villas Complex, Fort Tyson Rise, Frigate Bay

Marshall’s is an exquisite restaurant that will open your mind to a new world of dining. The scene, décor and the aromas will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Generous attention has been devoted to the styling of the restaurant, from the crisp linen tablecloths to the signature crockery and quality glassware. The poolside dining room is well thought out, offering diners an amalgamation of space and intimacy. The floodlit pool and lantern glowing tables create an atmospheric setting, (ocean view tables are in popular demand). If you arrive before dusk, watch Nevis as it performs its nightly recital altering into a glimmering jewel illuminating the Caribbean Sea. Not only will the setting leave a lasting impression, but the enticing menu will certainly leave you satisfied. Marshall’s menu is a fusion of Caribbean and international flavours. Appetizers include the Asian inspired scallop and coriander wontons and the Jamaican speciality Caribbean ackee & saltfish. Entrée dishes include the cosmopolitan pan roasted Chilean Sea Bass and supreme of chicken in a light curry sauce. The dessert menu has a wide selection of homemade delights and the wine list is first class. Marshall’s guests are also happy to reveal their favourite dishes, this is what they recommend: “…the food, (especially the Seafood Coquille St. Kitts) was both outstanding and innovative.” “I have not had a better, more mouth-watering rack of lamb dinner anywhere in my life.” Service standards are high, but unobtrusive. Reservations are not required, but are recommended. Marshall’s offers you exceptional fine dining.

Open Monday - Saturday from 6.00pm - 10.00pm



Bobsy’s Bar & Grill Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 466 6133 Tel: (869) 465 8149

Bobsy’s plays host to one of St. Kitts’ favourite dining venues. Locals flock to this semi-alfresco terrace eatery with magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea and Nevis for lively happy hours and on Wednesdays through the weekend for karaoke, sizzling salsa, live Calypso bands, and a DJ spinning favorite dance tunes. Vivid colours (scarlet linens, orange walls with mauve and lime trim, turquoise rafters), African masks and autographed photos of reggae stars attest to the authentic island ambiance. The menu serves fine specialties such as sweet potato & coconut soup, freshly caught grilled lobster, glazed passion-fruit ribs, jerk pork tenderloin and mangoginger chicken. You can also get hefty burgers and Continental standbys such as grouper specials, chicken and seafood fettuccini alfredo, and juicy steaks. Vegetarian and children’s menu available. Visit Bobsy’s and partake in some island pleasures.



Oasis Cafe: Basseterre Tel: (869) 465 7065 Oasis Sports Bar: Frigate Bay Tel: (869) 465 9332 ext.22

Oasis Café Basseterre, St. Kitts. Oasis Restaurant & Sports Bar

At the Oasis Café you will enjoy dining in a relaxing tropical courtyard located in the centre of town. The alfresco setting includes the Tiki Bar, which is set amidst beautiful floral surroundings and majestic Royal Palm Trees. Our delicious Kittitian style breakfast and lunch menus are tasty, well presented and served by our friendly staff. We are open from 7am for Breakfast and Lunch is served from 11.30am. At Oasis Restaurant & Sports Bar on South Frigate Bay Beach we serve up icy cold draft beer and offer affordable, casual dining in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Bring along the kids for a great family day out and catch all your favourite sporting action. We have 18 TV’s, a pool table, slot machines and air hockey; something to entertain everyone in the family. We’ve got all the sports covered! Feast royally on our great burgers, steaks, original buffalo wings, pizzas and other mouth-watering meals. We are open from 4pm Monday - Friday and from 12midday at the weekends.



Monkey Bar & Restaurant Frigate Bay Beach, St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 465 8050 Fax: (869) 466 9633

Since first opening their doors in 1986, no one visits St. Kitts without spending some time at the Kittitian Monkey Bar & Restaurant, the islands longest running beach bar. It has advanced over time to include a great seafood restaurant. When it comes to beachfront ‘lyming’, The Monkey Bar is at the top of its game. Both locals and tourists take timeout to mingle, eat, drink or just watch the sun set as the waves roll into shore. The proprietor is the world famous boxer Roy Gumbs who opened the bar when he retired from boxing. He won several titles including the British & Commonwealth Championships. He can often be found engaging patrons in lighthearted conversation around the friendly bar.

Open daily, all year round from 11.00am - 11.00pm



At the Monkey Bar & Seafood Restaurant they offer an exciting, but simple and well-prepared menu, serving both lunch and dinner. Lunchtime specials include, fish & chips, burgers, seafood salad, BBQ ribs or chicken. Dinner is a more formal affair. The lights are dimmed and diners are invited to relax to the sweet sound of steel bands. The signature dish is their lobster thermidor. Other tasty dishes include the seafood platter, grilled shrimp and baby back ribs. The chalkboard can always be consulted for more daily specials and the catch-ofthe-day. The Magnetic Monkey is the signature cocktail, and experienced bartenders are always happy to mix you up a storm from their well-stocked bar. Premium spirits, beers, wine and champagne are all readily available. It is difficult to put your finger on the secret of its success, but easy to see why after two decades they remain market leaders. Everyone leaves the Monkey Bar with a smile!

Tel: (869) 465 8373 Open Tues-Sun 5.30pm-11.00pm.

PJ’s Bar & Restaurant

Atlantic Strip, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

Celebrating 20 years, PJ’s, an all-time favourite is famous for incredible Italian cuisine, beastly cold beers & delicious pizzas & calzones. Thanks to our internationally renowned Consultant, seen on the Discovery Channel’s “Great Chefs of the World”, PJ’s serves mouthwatering Italian & vegetarian entrees, hand-rolled pastas, fresh baked breads & thin-crust pizza laced with Island spices & toppings. Drop in for a truly pleasurable dining experience or just join us for a relaxing cocktail at the bar. Takeout service available. Inquire about our delivery service. Tel: (869) 764 7200

ShipWreck Beach Bar & Grill Friars Beach, St Kitts

Land lubbers, Pirates & Brigands draw nigh & read on. Be it knowne that in the month of February in the year of our good lord 2003, Mother Nature didst play a cruel trick. She wrecked, ‘ShipWreck Bar & Grill your treasured watering hole’. Now be knowne that at 10 nautical miles to the west of the wreck. ShipWreck a new watering hole was erected in your honour (to take ye out of your misery). Tis cause for great celebration so draw ye nigh to drink, eat & be merry. And what a fabulous location to be shipwrecked! Fantastic beach, great meals, ice cold drinks & friendly people. The Beach, The Bar, The Grill!



Bary’s Bar, Grill & Entertainment Spot Birdrock, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 466 8993 Cell: (869) 762 8993

Bary’s oozes some serious Kittitian flavour. This great local enterprise has been growing from strength to strength, and is recommended as a favourite hangout for both food & drink. The convenient location in Birdrock overlooks Basseterre, and as night falls the town lights up like a sea of candles. Soak up the cool evening breeze whilst you eat your meal in the open courtyard. Food is cooked to order, so you will have time to enjoy a drink or two and some good old fashioned conversation before it’s served. The bar is fully stocked with a great range of bottled beers, spirits and soft drinks to wet your appetite. If you wish to skip the drinks it’s advisable to phone ahead and book your order in advance. Bary’s is very popular! All food is cooked on traditional drum style barbeques. The grill menu includes chicken, baby back ribs and fish, all served with a delicious SKN flavour. You can pick your own fish before it’s cooked and the whole snapper or Parrott fish are excellent. The menu has added specials like sauté shrimp, conch chowder and grilled lobster all served with a terrific selection of side orders. All meals at Bary’s are available to eat-in or takeaway. Bary’s patrons are varied with locals, families, tourists and University students mixing it up. Open 7 days a week, music plays every night, but Karaoke on Thursdays is the most popular event of the week. Open all year round and all week long from 5.00pm until.... 42


Come and chill-out with Bary and his friends. At Bary’s they don’t tease they always please!

Tel: (869) 466 3735 Fax: (869) 466 7053

Ciao Ristorante Italiano

St. Christopher Club, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

CIAO Ristorante Italiano was originally founded in St. Maarten, but moved to St. Kitts 3 years ago. Proprietors Dario & Idle have over 18 years experience in the industry & now they have created an authentic, flavoursome little corner of Italy in St. Kitts. The food, the wine & the hospitality are three attributes that make the CIAO experience superb. The menu has a broad range to suit all tastes, with traditional Italian classics like pizzas (served at lunchtime only) & lasagne alongside more adventurous chef specials like the veal piccata, lobster pappardelle & fresh clam linguine. The wine list is designed to suit all occasions, with the best selection of Italian wines on island. The CIAO venue boasts a choice of dining areas including an air-conditioned main room, al fresco terrace & private dining room. This is an ideal place to catch up with friends, talk business, celebrate a special occasion or treat the kids. You will certainly be made to feel welcome at this friendly venue.




Frigate Bay Resort, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 465 8935 Fax: (869) 465 7050

Jasmines Restaurant is a popular, well respected favourite venue that has long been recognized for providing “an elegantly casual dining experience”. Jasmines’ new International Executive Chef has created a menu to stir all palates and has created an exceptional wine list to compliment. The cool and airy restaurant is conducive to modern relaxed dining, lending itself perfectly to a romantic experience or reflective conversation between friends or family. Dine under the stars on the elevated alfresco terrace surrounded by tropical gardens filled with fragrant jasmine and oleander blossoms and overlooking the Frigate Bay Resort’s magnificent pool, and manicured grounds.

Open daily, all year round for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Reservations recommended. 44


You’ll be spoilt for choice at any time of the day. The breakfast menu is served local, continental, or full à la carte style. Lunch has a laid-back atmosphere, serving an all-day casual, varied menu combined with daily specials, such as jerk-chicken, a variety of local seafood, blue cheese baguettes and a wide selection of salads. In the evening, Jasmines is transformed into a venue providing an elegantly casual dining experience. The dinner menu has been injected with creative flair that caters to all tastes with its international and local cuisine. The full à la carte includes a variety of seafood, meat, poultry, pasta, vegetarian and daily house specials. The weekly barbeque is a very popular specialty night, serving a selection of steaks, chicken, seafood and local dishes. Jasmines friendly staff will extend you a warm island welcome whenever you choose to visit.

Tel: (869) 466 1092 Email:

Rock Lobster

St. Christopher Club Complex, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

For an unforgettable evening dining out, make a trip to Rock Lobster. There you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at this friendly restaurant, conveniently located a stones throw away from the Marriott Hotel Resort and within short walking distance from the beach. Patio dining at the Rock Lobster is a popular event with both locals and tourists -and for very good reason. Since opening in December 2005, Giles and Debbie have built a casual, but pleasurable venue that serves FRESH food, which is definitely value for money. Lobster is the staple favourite and nothing short of delicious! They are renown for serving some of the best lobster dishes on Island. A comprehensive à la carte menu is available for appetizers and entrees. At the bar, specialty tapas dishes are served with your drink of choice. Refreshing cocktails, wine and beers (including Stella Artois Draught) are all readily available. The bar at Rock Lobster opens at 3.00pm and dinner is served from 5.00pm. There is an additional air-conditioned dining room and a spacious bar area to relax among friends. We challenge you not to have an evening of fun at this great place to dine. Every night is an ‘unmissable’ affair; there’s a live band on Sunday, but most of all the friendly service is available everyday.

Open daily throughout the year from 3pm until ... Closed on Wednesdays.



COOL CARIBBEAN BOOKS An exotic blend of cookery, cocktails & spices served with a large dose of fun! written by, Gilly Gobinet & Dr. Anthony Richards Which sexy Caribbean spice was once so valuable that a few seeds could buy a life of financial independence? How was Jamaican ginger used in training British parade horses to raise their tails? Which paint pigment was distilled from the urine of cattle fed on mango leaves? And whatever happens to bees that collect pollen from marijuana flowers? The Cool Caribbean Book of Hot Spices, Luscious Fruit & Heady Herbs by Dr. Anthony Richards and Gilly Gobinet, goes where even Rastas dread to tread. Their aim was to serve up culinary and cultural nuggets in digestible chunks, with Gilly’s quirky cartoons as an appetizing ingredient. The pair, who want to forget that they are both trained biochemists, hit it off while sampling honeycomb from Anthony’s beehives in Orange Valley. They went on to produce articles celebrating Caribbean honey, herbs and fruit for the then LIAT in-flight airline magazine, where Gilly was editor. Before long, a couple of other magazines had requested permission to republish their work. It was a clear signal that many others enjoyed both the style and the substance of their fruity partnership.



Gilly also applied the cool Caribbean approach to her love of cooking, and compiled a range of contributions, from the prestigious Hermitage Plantation Inn to the successful Banana’s Bistro. Some of the recipes are fun and funky and others are true classics and include contributions from various restaurants in St. Kitts, Nevis and St. Lucia as well as Antigua. Most of the ingredients used are typically Caribbean, such as Grenada’s wickedly divine chocolate. Gilly’s signature cartoons and her classic watercolours illustrate the moods and settings of the various restaurants as well as details of the local fish, fruit, vegetables and spices used. The book’s small format has also contributed to its popularity. The success of the Cool Caribbean Cookery Book prompted Gilly to produce the companion Cool Caribbean Cocktail Book, which follows the same principles. Fun, funky, cool, and classical cocktails from various bars, restaurants, resorts – and even a charter yacht! Producing another colourfully illustrated compilation of refreshing drinks typical of the hot, sunny Caribbean, when a drink at any time of the day or night is always welcome!

LIBROS FRESCOS DEL CARIBE ¡Una mezcla de cocina, cócteles y especias servidos con una dosis grande de diversión! ¿Cuál especia sexy del Caribe fue tan valiosa que, antes, con tener solo dos o tres semillas uno podía comprarse una vida de independencia económica? ¿Cómo se usó el jengibre jamaicano en el entrenamiento de caballos militares británicos para subir sus colas? ¿Cuál pigmento de pintura fue destilado de le orina de ganado alimentado por las hojas del mango? ¿Y qué pasa con las abejas que cogen polen de las flores de marihuana? The Cool Caribbean Book of Hot Spices, Luscious Fruit & Heady Herbs (El Libro del Caribe de Especias Picantes, Fruta Exquisita & Hierbas Potentes) por Dr. Anthony Richards y Gilly Gobinet explora donde ni los Rastas se atreven explorar. Su intención fue servir trozos de cocina y cultura en porciones digestibles, acompañados por los dibujos divertidos y apetitosos de Gilly. La pareja, cual quiere olvidar el hecho que los dos son bioquímicos, se conoció mientras probaban el panal de las colmenas de Anthony en Orange Valley. Después hicieron artículos para la revista de LIAT, donde Gilly ya era editora, celebrando la miel, las fruta y las hierbas del Caribe. Dentro de poco, otras revistas pidieron permiso para volver a publicar su trabajo. Fue una clara señal de que la gente disfrutaba de ambos el estilo y la sustancia de ésta colaboración.

caribeño en su pasión por la cocina y hizo una serie de contribuciones; empezando por el prestigioso “Hermitage Plantation Inn” hasta la camioneta “Banana’s Bistro”. Algunas recetas son divertidas y algunas son más clásicas e incluyen contribuciones de varios restaurantes en St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Lucia y también Antigua. La mayoría de los ingredientes son típicos de la región, por ejemplo el chocolate divino de Grenada. Los dibujos únicos de Gilly y su acuarela ilustran exactamente el ámbito de los restaurantes igual que los detalles del pescado, las verduras y especias y las frutas regionales. El formato pequeño del libro lo ha hecho popular también. El éxito del Cool Caribbean Cookery Book ha impulsado a Gilly a producir su compañero Cool Caribbean Cocktail Book (Libro de cócteles del caribe), cual sigue los mismos principales. Cócteles divertidos, frescos y clásicos de bares, restaurantes y locales, y hasta de un yate fletado! Otra compilación de ilustraciones coloradas de bebidas refrescantes, típicas de un Caribe soleado y caliente, donde una bebida es siempre oportuna, de día o de noche.

Gilly también mantuvo su método

The Cool Caribbean Cookery Book, The Cool Caribbean Cocktail Book and The Cool Caribbean Book of Hot Spices, Luscious Fruit & Heady Herbs are available from stores in St. Kitts & Nevis – or call (268) 461 0761 or (268) 464 6084 or email



The food & drink guide Highlights of NICHE 2007

nevis international culinary heritage exposition 2007

Nevis, West Indies - October 19 - 21, 2007

Make Plans Now to Attend

NICHE 2008

October 17th-19th 2008 * Nevis, West Indies

A weekend of Caribbean Cuisine-Nevisian style *** Cooking demonstrations by leading Caribbean and International chefs *** Gourmet lunches and dinners *** Cheese and wine tastings *** Rum tastings *** Participating hotels are offering attractive discounted packages

Nevis International Culinary Heritage Exposition For complete information and reservations go to Or call 869.469.7550

written by Gulliver Johnson

The Importance of Agriculture

One sunny afternoon in Nevis I met with Mansa, a farmer and shop owner, in order to interview him. “No problem”, he said, and started by telling me that he was a city child. “Which city?” I asked, “Charlestown”, he replied! ‘City child’ is a relative term in the Caribbean; Mansa threw back his head and laughed along with me. “I knew I was going to be a farmer from early. I put my occupation down as FARMER on my first voter registration, even though I had not begun, I just knew”. Mansa has worked his small holding since 1992; he humbly claims farming is not so hard. He continues by questioning why the Caribbean islands are not more self-sufficient with food. “After all”, he surmises, “at one time we supplied a great proportion of the USA and the UK with vital foodstuffs including vegetables, banana, sugar, tobacco; we should be masters of farming! As a country, first we must be able to feed ourselves, that is basic, and that’s the importance of agriculture. Farming also works well with the tourism service industry. The natural cycle of fruit and vegetables coincides very well with the supply required by the restaurants and hotels during the tourist season”. Farming is a perfect existence for Mansa. “It’s fulfilling to know you are feeding so many; there are so many spin offs, you can use everything in farming, there is no waste. For example you can make wines, jams, and local juice. Dry wood and manure help biomass ecology. This is true sustainability”. In the shop, Mansa’s girlfriend Margaret and a family member Ingrid will sell you the farm’s fresh produce. A tour of the farm with Mansa is recommended. This is food for thought (agri-tourism!) and you will learn alot. Please call (869) 469 8530 for further details and to book your tour.



written by, Conrad Kelly, Agricultural Consultant

Until recently, sugarcane and cotton cultivation dominated the landscape as the major agricultural crops in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Witness the many Heritage Sites with potential for enhancing the tourism market on the islands. These two crops grown for export of sugar and cotton, constituted the predominant economic activity for over three centuries. However, the fortunes of the sugar and cotton industries changed negatively as the traditional markets became less remunerative. The traditional markets were undermined by competition from significantly larger sugar and cotton industries that are able to produce lower priced products. Moreover, the globalization of trade led to the dismantling of preferential market in Europe where St. Kitts and Nevis along with other African, Caribbean and Pacific countries long enjoyed duty free market access. Eventually, this resulted in the closure in 2005 of the 350 year old sugar industry and the virtual disappearance of cotton from the landscape. Consequently, tourism has taken over from agriculture as the main driver of the economy 56


on St. Kitts and Nevis. In fact, the tourism sector is expanding with the construction of several large hotels, villas and golf courses coupled with a significant increase in the arrival of both stayover visitors and cruise tourists. The Tourism Authority in St. Kitts recently stated that St. Kitts is expected to record its best ever cruise ship season in 2007-2008. Over 425,000 cruise ship passengers are expected to be on board the cruise ships to berth in the Basseterre ports. This represents a 70% increase over the arrival records for the previous season. Similarly, the Nevis Island Tourism Department is predicting marked increases in both stay over and cruise tourists. These positive predictions present enormous challenges and opportunities for local hotels, service businesses, including tour and excursion operators, to provide adequate attractions and activities to occupy these hundreds of thousands of visitors. One sector that stands to benefit is the agricultural sector. However, the agricultural sector has only limited capacity and experience in its linkages to the tourism sector. In this context, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) and the Organization of American States (OAS) are teaming up to stimulate the strengthening of the linkages between the agriculture and tourism

sectors, Agritourism, in ways that would benefit local farmers, food processors, other micro and small service providers, hotels and restaurants, and the thousands of locals employed by both sectors. As part of Tourism Month celebration in St. Kitts and Nevis, the month of October 2007, a national Agritourism Consultation is being planned to bring over 50 stakeholders together to consider and discuss proposed options for strengthening Agritourism linkages in the Federation. As an example, a small farmer in Nevis is presently pioneering a project that brings the two industries together. Mansa, operating from a six acre farm in Cades Bay, is demonstrating what can be done in the Federation to link agriculture with tourism in ways that bring opportunities for increasing farm income while enhancing the tourism product. In addition to the production of vegetables and fruits on his farm, Mansa has developed an on-farm

sales outlet for his produce, entertains locals and visitors at his barbeque agro-eatery on weekends, and has struck up a relationship with the famous upscale Four Seasons Resort on Nevis to schedule tours to his farm this coming tourist season. Moreover his outlet buys, displays and sells produce from other farmers at his sales outlet. Mansa has become a one-stop shopping micro-business. Clearly, on St. Kitts and Nevis there are expanding opportunities to further develop Agritourism linkages in the areas of farm tours, attractions and entertainment; in herbal, wellness, eco, organic and garden tourism; in agricultural, educational and scientific tourism; in historical and anthropological tourism; in cultural and heritage tourism; and in culinary tourism, including increasing the trade of fresh and processed food to hotels and restaurants. The future for Agritourism in St. Kitts and Nevis is extremely bright.

In The Picture - ‘EXECUTIVE CHEF, BRUNO CORREA’ Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies Four Seasons Resort Nevis recently welcomed a new culinary leader: Executive Chef Bruno Correa. This globetrotting cuisine artist made his way to the West Indies from the Far East, where Chef Bruno was Executive Sous Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. The fresh and organic ingredients that stem in abundance on the lush island of Nevis have already inspired Chef Bruno. He has been garnishing native catch such as mahi mahi, parrotfish, grouper and wahoo with home-grown ingredients such as ginger, cilantro, lemongrass, banana leaf and pineapple. Chef Bruno referred to the green island of Nevis, as a dream. “Between the bounty and the beauty of the island, there is so much to work with,” he said. Bruno is a great advocate for purchasing his kitchens provisions from Nevis island suppliers, fishermen and farmers.



Island Spiced Mahi-Mahi with Mango Curry Head Chef Lynn Williams - Old Manor Hotel, Nevis PREPARATION TIME: 10 mins


10 mins


4 Mahi-Mahi Steaks 3 tbsp. Flour 5 tbsp. Olive Oil (for frying fish) 1 Ripe Mango (diced) 2 tbsp. Olive Oil 3 tsp. Curry Powder 2 tsp. Ginger (grated) 4 tsp. Seasoning Peppers (diced) 4 tsp. Scallion Tops (diced) 2 tsp. Lemon Grass (finely sliced) 1 Medium Red Bell Pepper 3 oz Coconut Rum 4 oz Coconut Milk Bunch of wilted greens for garnish. Over a high heat, pour olive oil into a nonstick frying pan. Whilst heating dust MahiMahi fillets with flour, then fry to perfection. In a separate pan add olive oil, when hot add curry powder and cook for 1 minute. Stir in the ginger, both peppers, scallion, lemon grass, fry on medium heat for about 1 minute then lower heat, add mango, rum and coconut milk and allow to simmer for a further 2 minutes. Serve with wilted greens and fungi.

In The Picture - ‘Upholding Grandma’s Flavour’s’ Head Chef Lynn Williams - Old Manor Hotel, Nevis It is no secret that Chef Lynn’s heart is fixed on his passion for food & drink. His career is long & varied, but an important lesson he lives by is that quality produce is paramount to creating fine cuisine. As a member of the Caribbean Culinary Federation (C.C.F.), Chef Lynn has tutored chefs from around the Caribbean. He has campaigned tirelessly, encouraging them in their culinary practise to utilise local resources and preserve the Caribbean flavours that they grew up with. Chef Lynn’s specialty is the creation of delicious fruit sauces that compliment his dishes. He uses various fruit bases to thicken, flavour and colour his contemporary designed Caribbean dishes. “Eye contact with the food is as important as its flavour”, insists Chef Lynn. 58


Pancho’s Bar & Grocery Cole Hill, Nevis

Tel: (869) 469 3947

Huggies Mobile Snack Bar St. James Parish, Nevis

Huggy’s Snack Bar can be found parked near the Nisbet Plantation Inn throughout the week at lunchtime. Huggy’s is also available to hire for parties and events. - 765 7226

This is truly a convenient place to replenish your thirst, vanquish your hunger or satisfy your Alcohol Intake! The Deli & Grocery store opens from 6am for breakfast. On the menu, meals & snacks include chicken drumsticks, sandwiches, goat-water, fishwater & pastries. After work hours it is the preferred point of call for a refreshing beer, shared amongst friends. At the weekends, Smokyz Bar & Grill next door opens its doors from 5pm. The bar & club runs throughout the night. It has a well-stocked bar, lots of character & serves breakfast from as early as 3am!



Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

Tel: (869) 469 5817

Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill is the most famous beach bar on Nevis and home to the “Killer Bee” rum punch. Located next door to the Four Seasons Resort on Pinney’s Beach, Sunshine’s is the place to hangout and have fun. The legend of Sunshine’s has been over 20 years in the making, and its evolving rustic appeal continues to improve. The simple, but fascinating décor includes thatched roofing, vibrantly painted picnic benches and driftwood walls plastered with photographs of Sunshine’s revellers, family and famous visitors. Sunshine’s appeal has grown on word-of-mouth recommendations. Its high profile patrons have added kudos to this unpretentious beach bar.

Bar Open Daily 10am-Until Lunch Served Daily 12pm- 3pm Dinner Served Daily 6:30- 9pm 60


Open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, dancing and drinking- you have no excuse not to visit! His menu consists of a variety of tasty BBQ dishes including fresh, succulent Caribbean lobster, fish, shrimp, conch, chicken and ribs. Sunshine also makes delicious salads utilizing the bounty of vegetables and fruits grown right here in Nevis. You won’t need to be reminded to sample a Killer Bee – it will come naturally. Sunshine says that, “First there’s some rum, then some passion fruit juice,” then he says. “There’s some more rum.” He won’t divulge the other mystery ingredients that keeps everyone buzzing! The monthly Full Moon Party draws a large crowd; attractions include a bonfire and limbo contest. Sunshine uses his popularity to assist local children with his sponsor a “Sunshine Scholarship”, which gives children the opportunity to attend Bellevue Int’l Primary School. Check out the website for more details.

Tel/Fax: (869) 469-1191

Deli by Wendy

Nelson’s Spring Complex, Nevis

Deli by Wendy is Nevis’ first full-service delicatessen, providing both a walk-in restaurant & local delivery service. The sheer range of goods on offer will certainly impress you, & leave you in awe. Once you’ve decided whether to eat-in or take-away, choose from your favourite cheeses, salads, meats or smoked fish. Or try the fresh food selection - roasted chicken, pot pies, roti, lasagne & daily specials all served packaged & ready to eat or travel. Temptation waits in the form of heavenly homemade desserts, & Wendy also offers a speciality grocery store with a quality wine selection. Deli by Wendy has various off-site provisioning & catering options - from small intimate dinner parties to large corporate events. Yacht & villa provisioning & a private chef service are available on request. Wherever you choose to dine, inside or out, Wendy has a delicious solution. For a full list of Wendy’s menu packages see Tel: (869) 469 0008 Fax: (869) 469 7714

Youngs Chinese Restaurant Old Hospital Road, Charlestown, Nevis

Proprietors Lau and Ting opened the first Chinese restaurant on Nevis 12 years ago. Their evident success has resulted in the building of a new fully air-conditioned venue on Old Hospital Road. This first class restaurant boasts an upscale public dining room and a private dining room. It is popular with both guests from the Four Seasons Resort and local patrons. The venue is impressive, as is the food. There are now four chefs who conjure up an extensive Chinese menu, to include mixed seafood in a pot and sautéed shrimp with chilli. Customers can watch the chefs at work through the glass of their ‘state of the art’ kitchen. All their traditional Chinese dishes are cooked to the highest standard using authentic ingredients. This variety of in-house skill and knowledge is truly unique, and reflects the concern to bring genuine flavours to your table. Local West Indian and Chinese foods are available to takeaway.



Caribbean Kitchen

Prince William Street, Charlestown, Nevis

Tel: (869) 469 0572

When Jamaica meets Nevis in the kitchen there can be only one outcome - a culinary tropical storm. For over 3 years Peter & Jean ‘CK’ have consistently provided an excellent selection of home-style cooking. The cool air-conditioned Caribbean Kitchen is open for breakfast & lunch. Whether you live, work or are visiting Charlestown this is one café not to be missed. CK’s mixed grill breakfast provides a hearty start to any day & Peter’s famous Jerk Chicken JA style is always in hot demand at lunchtime. Steam fish with ground provisions, salads & burgers are among other favourites on the menu. They even offer a local delivery service as required.

I & I Ital Spot

Tel (869) 669 7174

Hunkins Drive, Nevis “Under the Tamarind tree” are the lyrics to an oldtime Caribbean folk song & also the home of Nevis’ lunchtime I & I Ital Spot. Just a short walk from the ferry terminal, up Hunkins Drive you’ll find Kareem, Evi, Jahsonn & Tafari serving up roots style meals, fresh local juices & fruit punches. I & I Ital Spot’s specialty is Ital (vegetarian) food, they claim this is “Vital” for one’s health. A typical meal of veggie chunks, stewed peas & plantain served from traditional Jabba clay pots with an ice cold juice will only cost you about $20EC. Bless Up!



Layered Eggplant & Soya Chunk Bake with Cashew Nut Sauce Natures Way Vegetarian restaurant, Nevis PREPARATION TIME: 15 mins.

COOKING TIME: 30 mins.


Eggplant & Soya Stew Ingredients 1 tbsp. Whole Wheat Flour 1 tsp. Paprika 1 tsp. Garlic Seasoning 2 Eggplants Sliced 1 tbsp. Seasoning (garlic, onion, pepper) 250 g. Soya Chunks 1 tbsp. Tomato Sauce

Cashew Nut Creamy Sauce 1/2 cup Water 1/2 cup Cashew nuts 2 tbsp. Yeast Flakes 1 1/2 tbsp. Lemon/Lime Juice 1/3 tsp. Pimento (crushed) 1/4 tsp. Salt 1 tsp. Onion powder 1/2 tsp. Garlic powder

Preparation for Stew: Peel and slice eggplants. Soak for

15 minutes in salted water. Pat dry. On a plate mix wholewheat flour, paprika and garlic seasoning. Coat eggplant slices both sides in mixture. Place eggplant slices in oven to bake. Bake until al dente. Sauté seasonings – garlic, onions, peppers – then add Soya chunks and tomato sauce. Cook through, stirring occasionally for 15-20 mins. Preparation Cashew Nut Sauce: In a blender, mix all ingredients until smooth. Chill to thicken. In an ovenproof dish layer eggplant slices and Soya chunks to make four alternate layers. Pour sauce over top layer. Place the dish in oven to bake until golden brown. Serve with whole-wheat pasta and salad.

Cooks Tip: Cashew Nut Creamy Sauce can also be used on its own over pasta.



The Hermitage A Plantation Inn, Nevis This inn includes the oldest wooden house on Nevis, dating back to 1670. Nestling in the lush hills, this collection of beautifully restored accommodations, each with a fourposter bed, also has a reputation for old-world hospitality – which includes, of course, the house rum punch, to be sipped and savoured at any time of the day whilst taking in the breathtaking sea view.


Original Watercolour Illustration by Gilly Gobinet, recipe taken from her The Cool Caribbean Cocktail Book

ONE- 1 cup of fresh sour orange juice. ONLY fresh oranges will do – use those that are still somewhat green and leave in the pulp TWO- 2 cups of sugar syrup, boiled down thinly: two cups of water to one cup of demarara sugar, boiled with cinnamon stick THREE- 4 cups of Cavalier Dark Rum FOUR- Serve mixture in a glass full of ice, with fresh nutmeg and bitters

Tel: (869) 469 3477 Fax: (869) 469 2481

The Hermitage A Plantation Inn

P.O. Box 497, Nevis

The Hermitage is a very special place; the cool breeze of the mountain and the warm breeze up from the sea blend to soothe the soul. One may dine on the verandah of the 300 year old Great House or guests may choose to have a romantic evening on the private balcony of their very own cottage. Each morning starts with a Full Planters Breakfast served on the verandah with West Indian omelettes, a variety of breakfast breads, fresh seasonal fruit, pancakes or Orange-blossom French toast. Bacon, ham or flying fish are usually available as well as West Indian saltfish every Sunday. Lunch is served poolside or on the verandah, where offerings include grilled marinated chicken breast, grilled fish of the day, lobster, shrimp or salads. These are served alongside regional dishes such as pumpkin soup and rotis. Afternoon tea with homemade treats and desserts is also available. On an island with little nightlife, dining is almost the social event of the day. Every evening just when the aroma from the kitchen becomes irresistible, two rings of the bell announce the call to dinner. And dinner is always an event at The Hermitage. Maureen’s menu features the most amazing creations, mixing fresh local produce with classic international recipes. Many local products are produced on the plantation, including fruit and herbs from the kitchen garden and home-reared pork and lamb. Fresh fish and seafood are obtained from the community’s fishermen. All of the baking, ice cream, desserts, jellies and jams are homemade.

The restaurant is open daily for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.




Tel: (869) 869 469 1891

Hamilton Estate, Nevis

Hidden away above the Historic Hamilton Estate, Bananas restaurant is surrounded by over an acre of lush tropical gardens. Bananas is quaint but never staid and stodgy. It is built in the old plantation cottage style with shingled walls and heavy shutters. Inside, it is full of shabby chic touches with iron day beds, antique Kilims, ornate chandeliers, which hang down from rustic galvanized roofing, and old Nevis stone flooring. Our dining porch overlooks the garden with sweeping views over the Caribbean Sea whilst Nevis Peak looms from behind as a picturesque backdrop. Come early and enjoy magnificent sunsets whilst savoring one of our house cocktails. Try the Bertini and a basket of homemade focaccia bread with hummus. Our unpretentious menu features international comfort food, from Moroccan lamb shanks to Thai curries or French onion soup. The variety on our menu also extends to Churrasco Beef, Marinated tuna and Guava BBQ Shrimp. Always leave room for dessert, especially for our ‘molten chocolate cake’. If you don’t have a sweet tooth you will love our plate of Manchego cheese with a glass or two of10 year old Warra Vintage Port. Bananas has no dress code. Open from 5.30 pm for Sunset cocktails. Closed most Sundays - call to confirm. Open all year round. 66


Round off a perfect evening relaxing in the garden with an aged rum and maybe a cuban cigar. Take time to listen to the call of the tree frogs and feel like you really are in your own hideaway deep in a tropical forest.

Bananas, Nevis Hot as Haiti


Put a segment each of fresh lemon, lime and orange in a tall glass and mash with a spoon to release juices then add the ice. Pour over a measure of Barbencourt rum and top up with ginger ale, garnish with a slice of orange.

Fill a large martini glass with ice. Pour over 2/3 measure Absolut Kurant vodka and 1/3 measure Absolut Citron vodka. Pour in a splash of passion fruit syrup (Bello brand is good): let it sink to the bottom and do not stir. Squeeze a fresh lime segment into the glass and drop it in; serve with a stirrer.

(the house drink and very popular !!)

Original Watercolour Illustration by Gilly Gobinet, recipe taken from her The Cool Caribbean Cocktail Book

The relatively new but already highly successful Bananas is literally set in a cluster of banana palms where owner and chef Gillian Smith produces creative Caribbean fusion cuisine and totally wicked tropical cocktails.

Mem’s Pizzaria Prospect Garden, Nevis

Tel: (869) 469 1390 Fax: (869) 469 1926

Local homemade pizzas don’t get much better than those served at Mem’s Pizzaria. Utilising local ingredients for her toppings, Mem’s pizzas give you the choicest Caribbean style pizzas on island. From the Mem’s Inferno topped with Nevisan hot peppers & black olives to the always-in demand, Seafood pizza special with fresh Nevisan lobster & garden vegetables, the Caribbean influence is never far. Other menu delights include fresh lobster or chicken salads & on Saturdays the Mem’s team serves up local specials of conch water, pelau rice & souse. “Mem’s is where good food is our speciality”

Unellas by the Sea

Waterfront, Charlestown, Nevis

Tel: (869) 469 5574 Open from 8am until......

Unellas is one of Nevis’ longest standing restaurants. It is a highly regarded traditional Nevisan restaurant with an alfresco dining room that overlooks Nevis’ quaint harbour out towards St. Kitts. The menu is brimming with a tantalising selection of quality West Indian cuisine & international dishes. Each day diners can choose from a range of local daily specials, burgers & fries, salads, fresh fish & delicious homemade local juices. During high season Unellas is open for a relaxed dinner service. Unellas has a broad appeal & its central location makes it excellent for business lunches & meetings.



Café des Arts

Tel: (869) 469 7098

Charlestown, Nevis

The Café des Arts is a tropical delight and a peaceful oasis in the centre of Charlestown. The café features a wide variety of Caribbean arts and crafts and delicious food in one historic location. The attractive, brightly painted courtyard has a beautifully maintained garden, with a scattering of umbrellashaded tables, at which breakfast and lunch is served. Whilst inside the pretty shingle cottage, there are 2 floors of fabulous arts, crafts and gifts items. The best cappuccinos on island and their own fresh homemade fruit juices ensure a good start to anyone’s day. Breakfast can include your choice of fruit plates, smoothies or the perfect omelette. The lunch menu will not disappoint. Fresh salad bowls served with a wide range of toppings like; blue cheese, walnut and apple or feta cheese, chickpeas and sundried tomatoes are favourites with the lunchtime diners. Tasty hot panini’s, homemade bread and muffins are all featured on the menu, alongside hearty meals like Bourbon baby-back ribs with garlic mash and shrimp curry with coconut rice. Round off your meal or start your afternoon with a Café des Arts killer cocktail. The Café des Arts eclectic menu ensures there is something to satisfy all tastes, as does the art range that awaits exploration inside. Browse around the gallery spaces filled with jewellery, gifts, island wear and a varied range of contemporary Caribbean artworks. Local Nevisan & Kittitian artists are showcased together with Caribbean artists from further a field. The gallery is a treasure trove of gift ideas to suit any occasion.

Open Monday-Saturday from 8.00am - 4.00pm.



Rumours Bar & Restaurant Newcastle Village, Nevis

Tel: (869) 469 9436 Cell: (869) 664 2822 Monday - Friday 5pm until.... Saturdays 10am until....

Rumour has it there’s a cool, easy going bar stirring up a storm on the West Coast! Rumours Bar & Restaurant has been steadily building its reputation & gathering speed over the last 3 years. Local entrepreneur Alvan’s idea for Rumours quickly lead to a design sketch & the building soon followed. Renovations & improvements have continued; now this vibrantly painted character restaurant & bar is a hub for local Nevisans & visitors alike. Alvan & his team make their guests feel relaxed & welcomed, with polite, unobtrusive service. This is an absolute must for anyone visiting or getting out & about for a day in Nevis. Regular ‘dinner & a movie nights’ attract a social crowd, the Caribbean Buffet (with 13 dish options) on Friday evenings is popular. Romantic candle lit dinners on the cool terrace are always available. The enticing menu is infused by regular Guest Chefs who add their flare to the mainly Caribbean based menu. “The Rumour is true, the best service on Island”.

Shirley’s Place

Tel: (869) 667 3532

Next to the Airport, Newcastle, Nevis Shirley’s place is the home of authentic Creole food blessed with a Dominican flavour. The menu is simple and caters to all who have good taste. It has Creole lobster, Creole fish, curried conch and shrimp in coconut, to name but a few dishes on offer. Everything from the menu is cooked to order; it is fresh, and you can literally taste the love in the food. The venue, conveniently located on the beach front, is next to the airport. It oozes rustic charm and is a great stop off. Shirley, the proprietor is a lovely lady, ask for her by name when you visit. Boobys, a species of sea bird, can often be seen fishing along the beach, and the sea view is enhanced by windswept coconut trees. All this makes for an essential part of the dining out experience when in Nevis. Open 6 days a week Tuesday - Sunday for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served throughout high season. 70


Tel: (869) 469-0125 Fax: (869) 469-0125 Cell: (869) 662-9600 or 669-0341

On September 8th 2007, Livingston Liburd and Abdue Hill, owners of Sunset Beach Club in Nevis, hosted an intimate Cocktail Reception for friends and business associates at the official opening of their new restaurant. Local group “Friends”, provided entertainment on the night. Creighton Pencheon, Director of the St. Kitts Department of Culture and Ali Jordan Guilbert, a well-known radio personality and Station Manager of Choice FM 105.3 in Nevis, toasted the entrepreneurs with warm wishes of support. Sunset Beach Club is located in Cades Bay near the historic Jamestown, Nevis’ first capital and just a few minutes away from the new Seabridge Inc. ferry dock, which operates between St. Kitts & Nevis. Leaving from Charlestown, the short 10-minute drive offers you a personal view of the tranquil villages that line the winding road and border the lush Nevis landscape, once home to sugar and cotton production. Open Monday to Saturday for Lunch and Dinner. The kitchen is open from 10:00am -10:30pm. Chef Abdue Hill boasts more than 30 years experience in culinary arts and provides a wonderful variety of International and Caribbean Cuisine to satisfy your appetite. He offers choices of seafood,

Sunset Beach Club Near Jamestown, Nevis

steak, chicken or mutton and fresh locally grown vegetables. You must also sample his special lasagna and pasta dishes. The exotic vegetation surrounding the restaurant provides the perfect setting for secluded moments and intimate gatherings. Adjacent to the restaurant is a placid pond that derives its source from the Nelson Springs, named after British Naval Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson famous for his courageous reign during the Battle of Trafalgar. On the fringe of the premises a wooden bridge crosses the pond and leads to an extraordinary beach that presents a panoramic view of St. Kitts, Nevis’ sister island. Sunset Beach Bar also has a sound stage that accommodates live entertainment Thursday to Saturday. Thursday Night, enjoy “House of Blues”, Friday Night – Open Mic for artistes, poetic expression & karaoke. On Saturday Nights sample the “Caribbean Fiesta” a combination of food and entertainment, which provides an assortment of local flavours; goat water, cook-up, pellau, and bull-foot soup also known as prop-up. On the last Sunday of every month experience “Sounds After Sunset”, which features music, theatre and visual arts presentations. written by Marlene L. Phillips



TINY CROUQUEMBOUCHE WITH VANILLA CHIBOUSTE Pastry Chef Virgilio Mista Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis

NISBET SEAFOOD CIOPPINO Chef Tony Piani - Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis PREPARATION TIME: 15 mins. 2 (1 oz.) Mahi-mahi & Snapper fillets 2 medium size Shrimps ½ medium size Lobster 4 Half Shell Mussels 4 oz. Scallops and Clams

Ciopino Sauce Ingredients 2 cups Water ½ cup Tomato juice or V-8

COOKING TIME: 15 mins.


½ medium size Onion (finely diced) 1/4 tsp. Chopped Ginger ½ cup White Wine Salt & Pepper to taste Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes 2 tbsp. Scallion 1 tbsp. Butter 1 tbsp. Fresh Basil (shredded) or Cilantro

In a large pan add all Ciopino sauce ingredients except the basil and scallion. Simmer gently for a few minutes. Keep pan on a low heat and add in all seafood to sauce. Do not overcook seafood. Lastly add scallion. Remove the seafood from the pan and arrange in a large serving bowl. Add butter to the sauce and pour over seafood. Sprinkle with the garnish. Serve with Garlic Bread



Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish Executive Chef Janice Ryan - Montpelier Plantation Inn, Nevis PREPARATION TIME: 10 mins.

COOKING TIME: 10 mins.

SERVES: 4 4x 6oz. portions Mahi Mahi or Snapper fillets 4 Pieces of Banana Leaf, approx. 10” x 12” Clarified (unsalted) Butter Salt and Pepper 1 Lime sliced into rings

Coconut & Cilantro Sauce 1 Can Coconut Milk ½ Onion (finely minced) Handful of Cilantro, ½ pt. White Wine ¼ pt. Fish Stock ¼ lb. Unsalted Butter (cold cubed) Salt and Pepper to taste

Preparation for Sauce: Put onion, white wine and cilantro stems into a heavy based saucepan, boil and reduce to a syrup and add fish stock and coconut milk. Reduce until a sauce like consistency and strain into a clean pan. Gradually whisk in cold butter and cilantro leaves

Preparation for Fish: Season the fillets well. Drizzle with clarified butter and top with lime slices. Wrap and fold into banana leaf pieces. Bake on a greased tray at 400ºF for approx. 7 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish. Janice Ryan - Executive Chef, Montpelier Plantation Inn. Originally from England, Janice has lived & worked in the Caribbean for 19 years. For part of this time she ran her own hotel & restaurant, alongside a successful consulting practice. Janice has also appeared on various cooking shows. She joined Montpelier in 2002, advancing the inn into the Relais & Châteaux gourmet restaurant collection & the AAA Four Diamond Hotel. Janice has been Executive Chef since 2006. Patrick O’Toole – Chef de Cuisine, is a native of San Francisco & was previously the Executive Chef in an award winning fine dining restaurant in Oregon. He compliments the team with a diversity of styles & presentations gained from over 15 years experience in the culinary industry. “At Montpelier Plantation Inn we utilize as much locally grown produce as available. Our dinner menu changes daily & is best described as continental incorporating a tropical twist”. 74


Tel: (869) 469 3462 Fax: (869) 469 2932

Montpelier Plantation Inn P.O. Box 474, Nevis

A Relais & Châteaux and AAA Four Diamond property invites you to indulge the senses and have a relaxing lunch or dinner at Montpelier. During the 18th century Montpelier was a working sugar plantation and witness to the marriage of Lord Nelson to Fanny Nisbet in 1787. Today, Montpelier Plantation Inn is still a romantic hideaway located 750 feet above the Caribbean Sea. The dining experience offered at the Montpelier Plantation Inn will delight the palate and charm you with its sophistication. Under the guidance of Executive Chef, Janice Ryan, Montpelier’s award winning restaurant specializes in using locally grown produce and spices to delight the senses. From the fresh squeezed juices at breakfast, to the daily lunch special and the fresh made scones & cakes at teatime each meal is carefully and creatively prepared. Take a stroll through our tropical gardens, then relax in the Great Room for drinks and canapés before enjoying a romantic alfresco dining experience. Innovative classical cuisine is served on the terrace amid tropical plants and flowers, overlooking the lights of Charlestown and St. Kitts. The casually sophisticated dining veranda showcases a superb menu of island and continental cuisine... the freshest seafood, local delicacies and produce from our own garden. For an extra special event experience intimate dining in the 18th century sugar mill. No more than twelve persons will be pampered at this candlelight dinner, offering a ‘prix fixé’ dinner.

Reservations required for dinner and private dining in The Mill.



Profile for Leeward Consultants

Food and Drink Guide - St Kitts Nevis 2008  

Food and Drink Guide - St Kitts Nevis 2008

Food and Drink Guide - St Kitts Nevis 2008  

Food and Drink Guide - St Kitts Nevis 2008