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com Antigua & Barbuda– the gems of the Caribbean Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle magazine was first published in 2006, and this highly regarded real estate publication spanned many of the Eastern Caribbean islands. It also highlighted guest islands from further afield. This, the 2nd edition of is 100% Antiguan & Barbudan. Alongside our showcase of beautiful places to stay, from the modest to the simply stunning, we hope you enjoy the lifestyle articles. For our lifestyle articles we look at the third annual Flower & Garden Show which is blossoming into one of Antigua’s best annual events. Snap Shot Art is a highlight of just some of our Island’s photographers, their works are as diverse as is the canvas of Antigua & Barbuda. In these exciting artistic times, photography is limited more by the imagination than by technology, from Sailing Week and Classic Yachts, to the thousands of weddings that take place here annually, to the macro focus on food and nature, to the outright creative and artistic, we dare all to have a go. Sport fishing continues to reel in the crowds with annual events attracting anglers from many other islands. Once the fish is landed, the real fun begins with some of the best family days to be had on the calendar. Locals know!!! For builders, we ‘go green’ building tyre walls and save a few bucks too. And lastly but most importantly

the ‘Barbuda Legacy’ is explained, complementing our Barbuda articles for Caribbean Week of Agriculture in the Food & Drink Guide. We hope that this glimpse of Barbuda will tempt you to visit and learn more about our eco-systems, our unique history and the fight to protect Barbuda from over development. If you are lucky enough to live or visit Antigua the only improvement you can make is to visit Barbuda! The true beauty of the Island resonates through our people.

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2013 Contents


Publisher’s Welcome


Barbuda Legacy – Too Blessed to be Stressed


Private Chef Hire


Barbuda Vacation Properties


Golf Crossing Boundaries from Antigua to Scotland


Destination Wedding Expo with Preston Bailey


English Harbour & Environs Vacation Properties


Snapshot Art - Showcase of Local Photographers


25th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta – Yachts on the Catwalk


Dickenson Bay Vacation Properties


East Coast & Environs Vacation Properties


St. John’s Vacation Properties


Tyre Wall Building – Eco-Friendly Construction


Jolly Harbour & Environs Vacation Properties


Entertainers Spotlight


Fit for Life - Fitness Boot Camps


46th Antigua Barbuda Sports Fishing Tournament


Miguel’s Holiday Adventure


The Essential Reading List of Antigua & Barbuda Books


3rd Annual Flower & Garden Show

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Complete serenity.

Welcome to Barbuda’s Lighthouse Bay Resort. Naturally exclusive from the rest of the world, words are inadequate for this hidden gem in a quiet corner of the Caribbean. Come savour our exquisite pink sand beaches, exceptional cuisine and impeccable service. Enjoy personal attention and elegant privacy of our exclusive nine-room resort. In between the glorious sunrises and exhilarating Barbudan sunsets, every day of the year, swim, sail, fish, and relax against a perfect paradise backdrop.

Contact us for reservations: 268-562-1481 or or VHF Channel 16

Secluded location.



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“Too Blessed to Be Stressed”


Land NOT for sale, but EVERYONE is welcome to visit. Please contact + 1 (268) 725 4663 •


arbuda remains one of the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in the world. If you are from or have made it to Antigua, then Barbuda is the icing on the cake. Make sure you treat yourself and a loved one to a visit. Its rich history of the inhabitants of the island can be traced back to 4,000BC. From 1200 to the 1600s the Carib Indians from Dominica and St. Vincent made regular incursions to Barbuda. During this period Barbuda was given the name ‘Wa’Omoni’ by the Caribs. In1685 the first European and African settlements were established on the Island and Codrington became the main residential center. Today Barbudan people and their descendants communally own all the land on Barbuda. In

effect the law says the land must not be sold and must remain with the Barbudan people. This unique situation has preserved an unrivaled natural habitat. Some leases have been granted, but poor negotiating skills and unfulfilled promises have left many hotels and tourism projects abandoned or unfinished. That said, Barbuda remains a breathtakingly beautiful destination, with many attractive places to stay. The true warmth of the Island resonates within its people. We would like to share this unsurpassed warmth and hospitality with ‘friends of Barbuda’. Our ecofriendly tourism projects are sustainable and allow visitors to enjoy Barbuda at its best. Please respect our environment and the unique laws which protect our land.


Barbuda Legacy Eco-Living & The Glamping Experience 10


arbudans take camping very seriously. For visitors, ‘The Glamping Experience’ is likely to satisfy any person seeking a little refuge in nature, without foregoing any of life’s luxuries. Our Eco-living pods are set in the most beautiful locations.The first is set next to the National Park at Two Foot Bay. The rock ledges can be 140 feet high and the caves range from small crawl-in holes to huge cavernous areas complete with stalactites and stalagmites and many fossils. The beach here has brown sand with a huge reef visible as the waves break in this dramatic and rugged terrain. Beachcombing is a favourite, you would be amazed at what washes up. The ‘Eco-living pod’ is equipped with solar power, AC for very hot moments, and a four poster bed. As you enjoy the sea breeze you

will feel connected to nature, and it’s easy to forget the rest of the world. Guided tours, meals, picnic hampers and personalized service will be our pleasure. Your favourite food, wine and beverages can be ordered, chilled, and waiting for you. A modern 4x4 Jeep is a part of the package should you wish to get into town or explore at your own pace. Welcome to Glamping Barbuda style! Further down the coast ‘Barbuda Cottages’ is a beautiful example of selfcatering luxury accommodation on a typical Barbudan beach. This fabulously designed three-bedroom cottage was built with total relaxation in mind. Footsteps from the sand of Coral Group Bay it is, eco-friendly with solar power, AC and all mod con amenities. There is a beautiful view from every room, even from the showers!


Barbuda Legacy Transport Yourself Here


Barbuda is 26 miles from the coast of Antigua. There are three transport options, by helicopter, boat or plane. The service provided by our friends at Caribbean Helicopters is fast, efficient, personalized and a marvelous experience in itself. The view of Barbuda from the sky is unique. Their largest chopper can carry six persons with luggage and can land at ‘Legacy’ at Two Foot Bay, the Codrington Airport or several other designated heliport sites.


lternative forms of transportation include the charter yacht ‘Blue Clouds’, a beautiful 56ft. Princess which also makes great overnight accommodation. The scheduled plane service is regular as is the island’s daily ferry service from Antigua provided

by Barbuda Express. Once on Island there are some excellent taxi and tour guides with which we will gladly connect you. Car rentals are provided on Island, but you should book in advance to secure your vehicle before you arrive. A very useful source of information for all things Barbudan is


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Barbuda Legacy ThingsTo Do


arbuda can be both a blessed place to relax and a very stimulating eye opener. Local Barbudans operate several tours and are proud to showcase the Island’s natural splendour. A typical tour can include as much of Barbuda as you choose, including Spanish Point, Two Foot Bay, Codrington Village and the surrounding schools, churches and landmarks like The Lagoon and Martello Tower. One-third of Barbuda is a national preserve primarily for wildlife like the incredible frigate birds. Birding is fabulous in Barbuda, with many unexpected species at home on the island. A boat tour of this preserve will show one of the largest assembles of the magnificent frigate birds, established here since pre-historic times. There is also some of the best bone

or tarpon fishing in the world at the saltwater lagoon. Other activities include sport fishing excursions and surfcasting off the beach. Please note only Barbudan registered vessels should fish in our waters. Scuba diving in Barbuda is for the adventurous, and there are numerous wrecks and reefs to be explored. A local guide is essential, and full tanks and equipment can be provided. If you wish to stay on land and the season is right you may be tempted to join ‘the hunt’ with a local guide for wild game, deer, boar and more. If you are ready to snag a loved one, why not pop the question or get married here. It does not get any more romantic anywhere else on earth. For equestrian adventures, sunset horseback riding is a magical way to welcome the evening.


Barbuda Legacy Places of Interest



ere are a few places of interest, there are so many more to explore. DARK CAVE is in the Highlands and descends about thirty degrees into the bowels of the earth to a depth of 400 feet. At the bottom are a series of five fresh water pools with a rare blind shrimp found nowhere else in the world. INDIAN CAVE is at Two Foot Bay and is prehistoric. The small entrance leads into Drop Cavern and connected to this is Bat Chamber, about 35 feet high. From the main entrance there is a passage with Amerindian rock carvings (petroglyphs). A large Amerindian site is close at hand on the lower plains. DARBY’S CAVE is mostly an open, vertical sinkhole formed by solution below Barbuda’s coralline crust and subsequent

collapse. There is also a stalagmite eight feet high and two feet in diameter, belonging to the Pliocene period 2-4 million years ago. THE BEACH Barbuda is one of the best beach destinations in the Caribbean, if not the world. If you venture offshore you are likely to see turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and other wildlife up close. SPANISH POINT SALT POND & THE MANGROVES Technically, the salt pond is actually part of a much larger mangrove wetland ecosystem. This ecosystem includes Bull Hole, Freshwater Pond and the flood plains extending from the River Area up to Coco Point and Spanish Point. The mangrove plants function as nursery, breeding ground, and habitat for both marine and terrestrial wildlife. Please take a look but be very careful not to disturb our wetlands.


Barbuda Legacy A Delicate Balance



arbuda is an island of great natural beauty. As with any inhabited place of such raw natural beauty there must be a balance struck between the needs of the people and living with nature. Historically and to date the Barbuda Council has been charged with protecting the land and representing the will of the people. It is a fact that if you disturb an ecosystem or interfere with any of its components you end up affecting the whole thing and the consequences are often unpredictable and catastrophic. In finding this precarious balance mistakes have been made. The over-mining of

the sand in Barbuda is a good example of this tampering with nature, with little evidence of benefit to the islanders and very disturbing effects to the land and precious underground water. However, with a growing number of concerned individuals of Barbudan descent paying attention, there is a renewed vigor to protect and capitalize on our unique geography, enabling the people to meet the challenge of living with nature for their mutual benefit. We hope this special Barbuda section of the magazine has tempted you to experience Barbuda. To visit or learn more about the Barbuda Legacy please call: +1 (268) 725 4663


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MONTSERRAT VOLCANO TOUR Simply the most exciting tour in the Caribbean! A chance to see the live Soufrière Hills Volcano and the surrounding exclusion zone from the safety and comfort of a Bell helicopter. Includes views of the crater, pyroclastic flows, and the former capital of Plymouth, which in some places has been buried under 40 feet of ash! 45 mins

ANTIGUA HALF ISLAND TOUR Combine the exhilaration of a helicopter flight with the amazing tropical scenery of the South West coast of Antigua. Includes Cades Reef, Rendezvous Bay, Half Moon Bay and English Harbour. 20 mins

ANTIGUA FULL ISLAND TOUR See more of Antigua in 30 minutes than most visitors see on an entire vacation. This tour includes dramatic overhead views of most of Antigua’s hotels and historic sites, along with over 50 miles of translucent tropical waters, reef systems and, of course, 365 of the best beaches in the world! 30 mins

BARBUDA TOURS See our sister island from above, spend the day, or enjoy an intimate lunch on one of Barbuda’s secluded pink sandy beaches – either way Barbuda is an experience you won’t forget.

CUSTOM CHARTERS Do you have something special in mind…? Shopping, Golf, Lunch, Sightseeing. St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, St. Barth’s, St. Martin, Anguilla, Guadeloupe – we can take you there. Contact us with your ideas for a custom quotation. TOURS • CHARTERS • MEDICAL AIRLIFT • SEARCH & RESCUE • AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • AERIAL CONSTRUCTION



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our chef doesn’t have to be quite as glamorous or expensive as Food Network’s ‘Private Chefs of Beverley Hills’, but having someone else take the stress out of entertaining and solving your dining dilemmas can be a heavenly godsend and will definitely free up more of your precious time for relaxation. When you hire a villa or vacation home, or plan a chartered yacht trip in Antigua and Barbuda consider also hiring a private chef for at least one or two nights for hassle-free dining. Whether you’re planning an intimate candle-lit dinner for two, an interactive cooking course for friends, a personalized dinner party, an important business lunch, a ladies night in or a men’s cards night, an unforgettable culinary experience will add the ‘icing’ to your night in. Your chef can infuse passion and soul into every dish and create an exquisite meal that your guests will find memorable. You can concentrate on ensuring that everyone has a good time. Chefs who offer this service will normally include meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, presentation and kitchen cleanup

A Few Locally Available Private Chefs Sarah Wong T: (268) 789 0076 • E: Christopher Terry T: (268) 726 4011 • E: Judith “Two Cents” Michailiuk T: (268) 464 3243 E: • Also has a yacht and villa provisioning service called “Loose Ends”. Charlie Chaffin T: (268) 460 6997 or 472 9480 • E: or

afterwards, allowing you to enjoy your holiday. Some chefs may provide optional extras like arranging for any necessary service or bar staff and selecting wines to complement your menu. Usually there is an in-home consultation so you can discuss your likes and dislikes and check for food allergies. The chef will check and become familiar with the kitchen and equipment. You will then be offered a delicious menu specifically tailored around your culinary wishes. The cost normally includes the shopping time, cost of groceries and a rate for preparation of the meal depending on the requirements of the event. All you will have to do is relax and enjoy the company of your guests. Your chef will handle everything else. Now that’s perfect! Let a private chef indulge you with an extraordinary evening in paradise at one fixed price. Whether you plan a five course gastronomic event complemented by the finest wines, or a more unassuming Caribbean BBQ around the pool, the secret to a perfect meal is good company, great wine, a beautiful setting and not having to do the washing up! • Also yacht catering and provisioning Ruthie Coleshill T: (268) 774 7046 • E: Curtis Joseph T: (268) 464 9171 • E: Colleen Simpson T: (268) 774 2656 • E: Selwyn James T: (268) 788 7731 • E: Tiffany & Vincent Pryce T: (268) 728 0770 • E:

Tips for Creating The Perfect Night in With Your Own Private Chef

Ask your chef for sample menus. This will give you an idea of the style of cooking you can expect. Make sure the culinary style suits your taste. Ask about the chef’s specialties. There’s no point hiring a sushi chef if what you want is a Caribbean BBQ, or an Italian chef if you’re looking for authentic local dishes. Make sure you know what the service includes. Look for answers that illustrate use of quality ingredients, sound food-safety practices and menu creativity. If you have already bought wine for your event or evening, make sure you tell your chef so that the menu can be planned around the wine. Is your chef expected to provide wine and table service? Check that your chef is willing to serve the meal or can provide reliable service staff. Finally, enjoy your evening.



Barbuda take a ride and go A to B by Sea.

The Barbuda Express runs 6 days a week between Antigua and Barbuda: • Barbudans can spend a convenient day in St. Johns for business &/or shopping with a liberal allowance for personal goods carried on board by hand. • Antiguans can visit Barbuda for the day or longer, at reasonable rates, to enjoy the amazing beauty and peace of their sister island. • Tourists and independent travellers can economically visit Barbuda with a selection of packages to explore and discover this undeveloped and little-visited island. Guided Barbuda Day Tours are available upon request and taxis are available at the ferry docks on both islands. The Barbuda Express is a great way to visit Barbuda. Just turn up, get on and have fun. Your itinerary could include a visit to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, a hike to Indian Cave at windswept Two Foot Bay beach, a walk through the historic Martello Tower or the ruins of Highland House.

Email: Tel: (268) 560 7989 • Tel: (268) 764 2291

The Antigua Barbuda ferry service uses the Barbuda Express, an innovative wave-piercing catamaran giving passengers comfort at high speed. The journey time of 90 minutes in nearly all weather conditions makes it ideal for business use and for daytrips or excursions.

For ferry schedule visit:

Barbuda Cottages

Tel: (268) 722 3050 | Canada Tel: (416) 699 1067 |

Coral Group Bay, Barbuda holiday rental villa • Eco-friendly solar powered • Solar Air-conditioning

Welcome to Barbuda! This fabulously designed self-catering cottage was built with total relaxation in mind. Not only is it spacious, tastefully furnished and footsteps from the white powdery beach, but it is also ecofriendly – being the only fully solar powered accommodation on the island. There’s a view of the ocean from every room, even from the showers! The master suite has an en-suite bathroom, walk-in closet and patio doors onto the raised ocean front deck. The second bedroom has a queen size bed with patio doors onto the deck, and third room has twin beds. These two rooms share a bathroom. The modern kitchen is fully equipped with all appliances and utensils.

The open-plan living room has a TV and DVD player with a selection of movies, wireless Internet, radio with CD and an ipod docking station, board games, cards and novels to enjoy when you’re not out exploring all that the island has to offer! Chill-out on the hammock and enjoy the sweet ocean breeze or feel free to snorkel directly in front of the cottage. Keep in mind that due to the solar power system a coffeemaker, hairdryer or iron will not work. We are located on the southwestern side of the island, only a short drive from Codrington where you can grocery shop, and enjoy our local dishes and bars. Uncle Roddy’s Bar & Grill is located next door for freshly grilled seafood meals. Rates from USD$250 per night (2 guests) or USD$350 per night (max. 6 guests). Discounted rates for stays of 7 days or more.

• 3 bedroom luxury beach villa • Footsteps from the beach


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Westrading Co. Ltd.


Tel: 268 462 9425/6/7 | Fax: 268 462 3189 Email:

Palm Tree Guest House

Gerald’s Guest House

holiday guest house

holiday guest house

Tel: (268) 784 4331

Tel: (268) 772 0932 or 726 0271 | Tel: (268) 460 0209 E:

Cerene Deazle’s Palm Tree Guest House is located on the outskirts of Codrington Village in a peaceful neighbourhood with well-kept surroundings. This popular guest house has 8 spacious en-suite double rooms each with a fridge and kettle. Cerene also has a large family suite which has 2 double bedrooms, a shower bathroom, separate kitchen and living room. All rooms have air-conditioning, ceiling fans, satellite TV and Internet access. Palm Tree is 10 minutes walk to the village and close to the airport; beaches are 10-20 minutes drive away. Meals can be provided on request and maid service is included. Prices range from USD$80 to USD$120 per night including government tax.

A holiday is much more than a change of scenery; better weather, no alarm clock and time to relax. A real holiday should be all about you. And it’s a pleasure for us here at Gerald’s Guest House to help you get the most of your holiday experience. With a small population, little development, a protected wild life sanctuary and miles of beaches, ‘Beautiful Barbuda’ is a true getaway. Gerald’s Guest House is located on this beautiful unspoiled island and consists of three bedrooms, one bathroom, a fully operational kitchen, cable television, hot and cold water and a small relaxing patio on the outside. Come and experience the vacation of a lifetime. Our rate is ECD$250.00 or USD$93.00 per night.

Outskirts of Codrington Village, Barbuda

Codrington Village, Barbuda 27

Island Chalet

Terracotta Cottage

holiday guest house

holiday rental villa

Tel: (268) 460 0065


Overlooking the centre of Codrington village known as Madison Square, it is easy to find this popular inn. It is a favourite stop-over for guests and tourists visiting Barbuda because of its excellent location. Transportation, supermarkets and a vibrant village life are all centred around this hub. Perline Askie, the owner and your welcoming host, offers a warm island atmosphere and great service. She prides herself on maintaining the accommodation to a good standard. The four bright guest rooms are all similar with comfortable queen beds, ceiling fans and ensuite bathrooms. There is a fully equipped communal kitchen and living room for guests use. Prices start from USD$80 in low season.

Terracotta is the largest cottage in a small hamlet midpoint between Barbuda’s main village and many breathtaking beaches. The cottage faces a sprawling pond where horses, cattle, ducks and even the infamous Frigate bird can all be spotted from the comfort of the porch that encompasses the perimeter of the house. Once inside, high open beamed ceilings, terracottatiled floors and large windows ensure that the house is airy and cool throughout. Terracotta comfortably sleeps 5 guests in 2 spacious bedrooms. There is a family bathroom and a concealed outdoor shower. The open living space gives way to a bar-style kitchen that is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities and a washroom.

Codrington, Barbuda


Off River Road, Barbuda

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BARBUDA your friendly driver

CLAUDE BURTON Specialises in... Air-conditioned Island Tours, Airport, Helipad or Ferry pick-up and drop-off service. All with a comfortable reliable & professional service

Call ahead to book Tel: (268) 460-0103 Cell: 721-3552 or 771-4345

Bus Stop

Island Inn Guest House

holiday guest house

holiday guest house

Tel: (268) 721 2796

Tel: (268) 720 2629 or 561 4294

Mr. Lynton Thomas owns the Bus Stop guest house with 3 guest rooms of a good standard, all with air-conditioning, ceiling fans, tea and coffee and a small refrigerator. Two rooms have a double bed and one has twin beds. Located near to the centre of Codrington Village, close to the bus stop. Mr Thomas also has a shop below the guest house and a convenient taxi service and bicycle rental. Meals and tours can be arranged.

The Island Inn Guest House is located on the eastern edge of Codrington Village in a beautiful garden. It consists of two fully furnished 2-bedroom, 1 bath apartments and one 3-bedroom, 1 bath apartment. All are fitted with cable TV and a microwave oven. The duplex building was built in 2006, and was designed by Hatford John, the owner. The building is designed so that a group or family can occupy all seven rooms. Mr. John is always on hand to assist guests,

River Road, Codrington, Barbuda Codrington, Barbuda


Comfort, Elegance & Style Patio Sets Office Furniture Dining Room Sets Orthopaedic Mattresses Bedroom & Living Room Sets

Industries LTD

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written by Brenda Lee Browne

Amateur golf tournaments have come a long way in the last ten years, from quiet events for a certain sector of society to international affairs attracting a cross section of players, often younger, and who all share a passion for a game that takes concentration, accuracy as well as strength. In Antigua and Barbuda, a former cricket administrator, businessman and keen amateur golfer Zorol Barthley decided that the local and regional landscape needed broadening. He purchased the Caribbean franchise for the International Pairs and formed Golf Experience Caribbean with the winners having an opportunity to participate in the International Pairs World Finals in Scotland annually.

Errol Samuel and Sir Vivian Richards at the International Pairs World Finals, The Carrick, Scotland

Barthley added a few celebrity sports personalities including Brian Lara, Dwight Yorke, Jeffrey Dujon and NBA Coach Jim Todd. The competition garnered media and business support, grew in size and scope to now include players from across the region. “We started Golf Experience Caribbean as an opportunity for our players to travel and play in tournaments that have until now been closed to us as a region. We also recognised that this sport is critical to our sports tourism product, as golfers are passionate about their sport and will play whenever and wherever they get the chance. We, at Cedar Valley have a golf course that offers huge potential to be one of the best in the region.� states Barthley.

International Pairs World Finals winners from Portugal share their excitement with International Pairs Founder, Ross Honey and the Caribbean Teams.

Zorol Barthley, CEO Golf Experience Caribbean.

ambassadors and speak about our courses here in Antigua and in St. Kitts. They are now looking at a twin island golf trip and this would mean a group of over 30 golfers staying and playing in Antigua and then travelling on to St. Kitts,” explains Barthley. Although the teams placed 17th (Antigua and Barbuda) and 8th (Caribbean) at the International Pairs World Finals, all the players enjoyed the experience: “It was an amazing five days especially as Sir Viv, our national hero and ambassador, was with us and everyone wanted to meet him – he was incredibly gracious and hard working.” The success of the International Pairs competition, as well as the annual Antigua and Barbuda Open, the Rotary tournaments, and the international women’s club annual Charity event is firmly placing the spotlight on the island’s premier golf club: “Cedar Valley Golf Club has a junior golf program where school children from across the country can come and learn how to play golf. Beginner’s classes are offered and the club is open to all. The course has so much potential and the game has so much to offer our economy, that we must move it to the next level. We need to position Antigua and Barbuda as a great golf destination as well as a great place to watch cricket or play tennis or do water sports.”

This year’s competition, renamed as the INET International Pairs Caribbean Golf Open 2012, played annually in September, attracted players from Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Anguilla, St. Lucia and St. Kitts: “It is the first time that we have opened up the competition to regional players and they really enjoyed their time in Antigua. However, our franchise area is for the entire region, and we anticipate greater participation in 2013. Our visitors had a great time; the camaraderie, the golf, the organization, the beach! They were pleasantly surprised and have vowed to spread the word to enhance the event. They were all vying for the opportunity to represent their country in Scotland. It meant that there would be two teams from our region taking part in the finals.” The winning Caribbean team of Adrian Norford of St. Kitts and Max Raffoul of Dominica joined the winning Antigua and Barbuda pair of cricket icon Sir Vivian Richards and avid golfer Errol Samuel as the Caribbean’s representatives to the World Finals. They had an opportunity to meet members of the Afro-Caribbean Golf Society based in London at a pre-Scotland event at the Weald Park Golf Club in Brentwood, Essex. “This event was an opportunity for our players to acclimate to playing conditions in a colder country and also an opportunity to be

Zorol Barthley, Sir Vivian Richards, Bernard Ho-Manager, Virgin Atlantic, Errol Samuel, Max Raffoul of Dominica and Adrian Norford of St. Kitts & Nevis leaving for Scotland.


Create something unique and perfectly individual.

Caribbean Countertops have years of experience in artisan concrete design and development. The design options in concrete are only limited by your imagination, and perfect for creating a practical, but dynamic feature to withstand our demanding tropical environment. Whether you know exactly what you would like to create or if you need some design consultation to produce a bespoke centrepiece, the experts at Caribbean Countertops will work closely with you from start to finish. Countertops, sinks, showers, tabletops, vanity basins and pedestals, garden furniture, planters and other custom projects can all be realised. All locally made on island.

For a consultation call +1 (268) 562 5378 or 722 3115 |

Nelson’s Dockyard National Parks ...a uniquely Antiguan experience Step back in time… and explore the only active original Georgian Dockyard in the world. A fabulous and varied day out where we would suggest that you commence at The Dow’s Hill Historical Centre to gain an insight into Antigua’s history, people, culture and nature through a 15 minute multimedia show. Then proceed on to the famed Shirley Heights. Afterwards, make time for the wonders of the legendary Nelson’s Dockyard with its many facilities and amenities. And don’t forget our nature trails and wonderful beaches!

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PARK • Museum & visitor centre • Friendly knowledgeable tour guides • Beautiful beaches & wonderful nature trails • Unique historical wedding & event venue • Countless major military fortifications • Breathtaking views & photographic panoramas • First-class multimedia historical show in air-conditioned comfort • Marina, restaurants, bars, cafés, boutiques & gift shops • Wheelchair access The all-inclusive $8.00US per person entry fee includes access to Shirley Heights,The Dow’s Hill Historical Centre and all of Nelson’s Dockyard. The historic venues and the grounds of the National Parks can be hired for private events & weddings please contact us for details. Nelson’s Dockyard National Parks, P.O. Box 1283, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 481 5022 | Email:


Wedding Expo

with Preston Bailey



© Caribbean Bride Magazine


nclement weather conditions did not deter vendors and patrons at Antigua & Barbuda’s first “Bride Villa Event” hosted at the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel. The Destination Wedding Expo organized by The Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA) and Caribbean Bride Magazine showcased more than 20 vendors, offering a range of wedding and honeymoon services including event planning, floral artistry, decor, photography, entertainment and catering. Among the list of exhibitors such as, Cakes by Cicely, Jaybird Event Design, Indigo Events, Chef2U Catering and Flower World were several hotels including the host hotel, Copper and Lumber Store, Sugar Ridge and Jolly Beach Resort and Spa.

event planners. Bailey wants to help cultivate local talent by offering a scholarship for his classes to a promising young event planner. Tourism officials are excited about this gesture from Bailey. The ABTA has also received positive feedback from vendors and patrons, and officials are already making plans on how “Love in Antigua & Barbuda” can be expanded and improved in 2013. Colin James, CEO of the ABTA is pleased with the results of the “Love in Antigua & Barbuda” weekend of activities. He said, “We have a strong product which is evidenced by the accolades that we have received over the years as a wedding and honeymoon destination. However, our association with Preston Bailey, who is considered to be an icon in wedding design and event planning, will enhance the vibrancy and competitiveness of our product.” Our islands continue to receive accolades as a premier destination for weddings and honeymoons. The pristine beaches, range of accommodations, ease of access and airlift options to the destination, and the ability to offer same-day weddings with uncomplicated paperwork, are among the attributes that make Antigua & Barbuda a popular choice for couples. Brides Magazine considers the twin islands one of the world’s top 20 honeymoon destinations, and one of the top 10 Romance Retreats in the Caribbean. With the help of industry stars like Preston Bailey we can take the lead in this growing tourism niche.

World-renowned event planner Preston Bailey, who was on island for the “Love in Antigua & Barbuda” weekend of activities, was the guest of honour at the Destination Wedding Expo. Recognized for his talent and creativity in planning destination weddings and other high-end events throughout the world, Bailey had an opportunity to see the array of talent and local resources that are available in Antigua & Barbuda. One highlight of the event was a Bridal Fashion Show organized by Caribbean Bride Magazine. Bridal couture from local and international designers, including Antiguan fashion designer Calvin S. Bailey was very impressed with the level of talent and creativity on display at the Bride Villa Expo. He said, “I am blown away by the talent, creativity and level of detail that has gone into some of these displays. There is so much talent here I really want to help the people of Antigua and Barbuda find ways to harness this talent and create more business opportunities and jobs for the country.” The celebrity event planner did a walk through at the show to see every display, engage exhibitors and provide constructive feedback. Bailey took many photos and later “tweeted” about the creativity and artistry at “Bride Villa,” the Bridal Fashion Show and many of the weekend’s highlights. This pioneer in wedding design who offers several courses in Design and Event Management, has committed to returning to the island in the next few months to offer education and training to local




We are the Caribbean’s premier generator specialists, providing sales, servicing, parts supply, and maintenance to residential and commercial generators for the entire English Speaking Caribbean. Tel: +1 (268) 462 - EXEL (3935)

The Ocean Inn Hotel English Harbour, Antigua

intimate hillside hotel Tel: (268) 463 7950 | Fax: (268) 460 1263 E: |

Factory Authorized Agents for


Friars Hill Road, St. John’s |

What’s amazing about Ocean Inn Hotel? It offers affordable rooms with an exceptional glimpse of the charm of Antigua’s historic Nelson’s Dockyard, the beauty of Ordinance Bay and the tropical elegance of the luxury yachts in the surrounding turquoise Caribbean waters. This intimate Antiguan owned and managed hotel offers 12 unique hillside bedrooms with a swimming pool, bar and mini gym within a lush garden setting. Just 5 mins. walk from the many activities located around 3 of Antigua’s marinas and within easy reach of the entire island. But what makes it really special is they believe in giving each visitor their personal care and attention. Rooms include continental breakfast, WiFi and maid service. $100-$170USD depending on season and room type.




The Admiral’s Inn

Dockyard Hotel, Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua historic boutique hotel

The stunning historic building that now hosts The Admiral’s Inn Hotel was planned in 1785 (the year after Nelson arrived in English Harbour as Captain of the HMS BOREAS) and completed in 1788. The round pillars on the hotel’s grounds once supported a large boat-house with a sail loft above. Each sympathetically furnished guest room has a private bathroom and most are furnished with twin beds. Three of the superior rooms have a queen size bed. The annex rooms each have a small patio and garden entranceway, while the front rooms in the main building have a nice view out over the harbour. Air-conditioning and telephone in the superior and moderate rate category rooms, while all other rooms are cooled by ceiling fans.

VHF: Ch.68 Tel: (268) 562 7199 Cell: (268) 725 5377 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Tel: (268) 460 1027 / 1153 | Fax: (268) 460 1153 E: |

Soul Immersion is a full service dive centre with the latest high-tech dive gear. It is run by Shawn Clarke, a local dive instructor with 17 years experience in the waters around Antigua. He offers a full range of PADI dive courses for all abilities open water to professional dive masters and snorkelling adventures for non-divers. Soul Immersion is one of only a few hydrostatic testing stations and they also specialise in dive equipment repairs and visual tank inspection.



Banana Tree Bungalows

Falmouth Main Road, English Harbour, Antigua

Falmouth, St. Paul’s, Antigua

holiday rental guesthouse

holiday rental cottages

Tel: (268) 463 7838 or 728 2897 | E:

E: | |

An amazing waterfront guesthouse with fantastic facilities for budget travellers or land-seeking crewmembers. Situated harbour-side are 4 clean, spacious guest rooms (2 with air-con), with shared inside and outside bath/ shower rooms. Also a fully self-contained Caribbean cottage with a private harbour front verandah. For guests they offer free WiFi, a Purple Pineapple Gym, a dinghy dock, car parking, 50ft. of private beach, watersports rentals, and a large space for hosting private events. Budget rooms are under US$100 per night. The cottage is a little more depending on length of stay. Tax, service charge, and maid service included. The Caribbean Holistic Institute providing holistic techniques and natural therapies is also based within the complex.

Individually styled twin cottages ideally located in Falmouth on the south western tip of Antigua. Set on an elevated, private plot, these spacious, two-bedroom self-catered cottages are perfect for families, couples and independent travellers vacationing in Antigua. Attractively priced, both cottages comfortably sleep four, are well appointed and feature all the modern comforts of home, including high speed internet, flat-screen cable TV’s and entertainment systems. With views across Falmouth Harbour from large, airy verandahs and within moments of all the activities of the Antigua Yacht Club and the historic English Harbour National Park, Banana Tree Bungalows is the perfect location to experience the true charm the Caribbean.

Reef Gardens Antigua


Snapshot Art

Looking for some new artworks to hang in your home or office...

byZIA photography • T: (268) 779-6634


Nez Event Photography T: (268) 720-5255 Nez Event Photography brings to life all the moments you need captured… Weddings, christenings, parties, modeling and personal shoots. Owned and Operated by the multitalented Nez Graham, whose photography flair coupled with his musical DJ-ing skills brings vibes to your event with Nez Entertainment.

byZIA photography celebrates life, love and the people who dare to live out loud. Considering herself a hopeless romantic, Zahra I Airall, loves capturing the love stories of others. As a performing artiste and patron of the arts, she sees photography as another medium to express her creative side, as well as her other passion as a women’s and children’s rights activist. byZIA photography is dedicated to “expressing timeless moments”.

Snapshot Art

or are you looking for someone to make a magical memory last a lifetime.

Jonathan Murphy is a professional computer technician with over 10 years experience. This background has enabled him to create a happy marriage between photography and the latest digital technologies. His romance with photography began in 2008 and has become a driving passion ever since. His eye for composition and detail is striking. His love for landscape and nature photography has resulted in several incredible photos.

Jonathan Murphy Photography T: +1(268) 783-7035 T: +1 (268) 725-3405 Living in Antigua has provided some of the best photographic opportunities available. The quality of different light levels at all hours of the day is something to behold. The sea, small boats, big boats, mega yachts, people, sky, flowers, trees, all provide many hours of enjoyment and pleasure to share.

Kevin Johnson Photography


25th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

YACHTS Catwalk

on the



lue skies, calm seas and light winds delivered a picture perfect backdrop to Antigua’s ultimate nautical fashion show where friendly competition, mutual admiration and socializing are the order of the day. The Parade of the Classics at the 25th Annual Classic Regatta is a greatly anticipated annual highlight of the four-day racing event where stunning yachts and well-groomed spectators show off their finery at this irreplaceable seafaring pageant.

45 46

Surrounded by the timeless splendour of English Harbour, the infectious exuberance or ‘joie de vivre’ (as the French would decree) built, as excited spectators from every corner of the island (and world) assembled at the many overflowing waterfront bistros and harbour side restaurants on the slipway to welcome the yachts to shore after the 3rd day of racing. This is a lunchtime spectacle like no other in the Caribbean. Bottles of bubbly champagne, crisp rosé wine and cocktails flowed, and countless plates of lobster were consumed at this no expense spared jamboree. As each of the 56 strong fleet of yachts sashayed through the harbour, announced by the infamous master of ceremonies Jol Byerley, the raucous spectators cheered and raised their glasses in admiration of the vessels and crew members lining the decks. In gratitude the yachts let off thunderous cannon fire, threw water bombs and entertained their appreciative crowd. This year the crews went all out with historic-styled fancy dress costumes. The French-built St. Briac had its very own Napoleon Bonaparte complete with a sexy French wench and band of garlic sellers. The Carriacou sloop Savvy hurled free t-shirts as they passed and had their own Pirate of the Caribbean styled crewmembers, whilst the crowd pleaser Old Bob had her very own drag queen dressed in a wig and bright pink dress. Hosted by the prestigious Antigua Yacht Club, and part of the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge, the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta offers a world-class annual sailing event. It is not only noticeably growing in size and

popularity, but due to the impeccably honed nature of its vessels it also plays a vital underpinning role in the economy, encouraging skilled craftsmanship and impacting positively on local support and supply services. Competing vessels include traditional crafts from the islands, classic ketches, sloops, schooners, and yawls making the bulk of the fleet, together with the stunningly beautiful Spirit of Tradition yachts, J Class yachts, and Tall Ships. This year, all eyes were undoubtedly on Eilean, the fabulously restored Bermudian ketch created in 1936 by the Scottish yacht designer William Fife III. A multimedia exhibition presented the history of Eilean from her inception, to her discovery in ruins 5 years ago by Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati, to this year’s triumphant return home to Antigua. Members of the band Duran Duran, who shot the video for their song “Rio” aboard Eilean exactly 30 years ago in Antigua, also took part in the festivities in celebration of Eilean’s return. Simon Le Bon, a passionate sailor himself, along with Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor were thrilled to accept Panerai’s invitation to return to Antigua and sail again on Eilean. Also the Honourable John Maginley, Minister of Tourism presented Eilean with a copy of Antigua & Barbuda’s Gourmand award winning cookbook and guide entitled Tablemanners: A Culinary Review of Hospitality in Antigua & Barbuda. At the final prize-giving for 2012, the winner of the Panerai Prize for First Overall Classic & Vintage Class was Saphaedra. Winning 1st Place in the Spirit of Tradition Class A was Rebecca with Drumfire winning Class

B. Zemi with Alwn Enoe and Eli Fuller won the Traditional Class A and Jamalaya took the Class C trophy. The winner of Vintage Class A was Mariella, helmed by Carlo Falcone with Dennis Conner; Mariella was also the overall winner of Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2012. Eilean, helmed by Andrew Cully and for several races, Simon Le Bon, won the Woodstock Restoration Trophy in Vintage Class A for Best Restored Yacht. Dorade won First Place in Vintage Class B, and was also the Overall Winner for the Concours d’Elegance, with Eilean receiving a special mention from the jury. The Coral of Cowes was the oldest yacht this year, built in 1902 and racing for the first time in 78 years. She came 3rd in the Vintage Class C. Billed as “the life and soul of the regatta”, Old Bob came 3rd in the Classics Class D, definitely not the fastest boat on the water but she was the most fun and captured the true spirit of the occasion. Repeat after me, “Old Bob, Old Bob, Old Bob!”


FamilyDentistry “where a beautiful smile is always in style”

Maxwell H. Francis B.Sc, B.A., DDS & FICOI Total Cosmetic Mercury Free Fillings Only • Sedation • Sealants Invisalign Braces • Bleaching • Gum Treatment • Crowns Dental Implants • Wisdom Teeth Extraction Out of hours emergency & appointments number:

+1 (268) 462 0058 48

Cnr. Cross & Newgate Streets, P.O. Box 1421, St. John’s

Lord View Manor

Buccaneer Beach Club

holiday rental apartments

intimate beachfront hotel

Tel: USA (404) 437 7414 | Tel: Antigua (268) 764 1126 E: |

Tel: (268) 562 6785/84 | Fax: (268) 562-6784 E: |

Lord View Manor boasts a contemporary approach to Caribbean life and living with 4 stylish condo apartments that give you all the luxuries of being home and more… The hillside setting close to the beach makes this a wonderful location to vacation, recoup, study or entertain. Each apartment has a spacious open-plan design, with the kitchen, dining and living areas flowing out to the balcony with lovely patio furniture. Oversized wall-tofloor windows, framed by the contemporary design of the building, permit stunning sea views. Master bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. Amenities include Wifi Internet, cable TV, DVD, full kitchen, washer/dryer, security alarm system, air-conditioning and ceiling fans in each room.

Located directly on the beach, Buccaneer Beach Club is ideal for an informal, independent stay in Antigua. The 16 one-bedroom suites and 2 two-bedroom cottages are designed in a colourful Caribbean style and are surrounded by flowers and tropical palms, with views of either the swimming pool or the tranquil turquoise bay. Our suites and cottages have everything you need to have a great vacation or business trip. Water sports, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and casinos are located within walking distance. Our multilingual friendly staff are always on hand for assistance. Also a basic “grocery pack” with no surcharge can be organized for the guests on arrival. Transfers from/to the airport can be organized on request.

Sunset View, Paradise View, nr. Dickenson Bay, Antigua

Dickenson Bay, Antigua 49

ARTISTIC WOODWORK & JOINERY SPECIALISTS Kitchens, Doors and Windows Architectural Joinery Soild Surface Fabrication


Visit our showroom workshop at Valley Road, Creekside, St. John’s Tel: (268) 562 4231 or 727 9268 Email:

Ellen Bay Cottages

Buckleys Heights Country Club

holiday rental apartments

holiday rental apartments

Tel: (268) 561 2003 | Cell: (268) 720 8637 E: |

Tel: (268) 773 7994 | E:

If you are looking for a place to stay where you can enjoy the natural environment and be a part of Antiguan life, Ellen Bay offers you a unique little taste. We are set a minute’s walk from the local jetty, in the picturesque fishing village of Seatons. Ellen Bay Cottages is a two-storey building painted the colour of the surrounding sky and Atlantic Ocean. Our units are keenly priced to ensure that your vacation remains affordable, with self-catering facilities. There are 3 apartments, consisting of a single studio apartment on the lower floor, and two 2 bedroom apartments on the upper floor. Our sister property Ellen Bay Rooms & Dinette offers rooms to accommodate from 1 to 4 persons with a dinette serving mainly local foods.

Buckleys Heights Country Club is a new luxury development of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments that bring Caribbean contemporary style and superior expectations to one of Antigua’s most prestigious locations. Buckleys Heights not only offers panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, it is also perfectly situated for easy access to the island’s main attractions. All apartments are air-conditioned and finished to the highest standard with plush, comfortable furnishings and fully equipped kitchens with all the modern conveniences needed for your vacation home. The location allows for rest and relaxation in a private retreat perfect to end every day of your trip with beautiful sunsets and star-filled skies.

Seatons, Antigua

Buckley’s, Antigua 51


City View Hotel

short-term rental property

intimate city hotel

Tel: (268) 723 0692 or 562 7876 | Tel: USA (352) 327 7838 E:

Tel: (268) 562 0259/60/61 | E:

ELS short-term rentals is a newly completed four storey apartment block featuring twelve fully furnished 1 bedroom suites, and four fully furnished 2 bedroom suites. Each suite has a private balcony, is air-conditioned with ceiling fans and includes a refrigerator, Internet and cable TV. Some rooms offer a stove for your convenience. The top floor features a small communal restaurant and games room for guests, friends and local patrons visiting the premises. The Roof Top Café is a lovely place to relax, enjoy the prevailing Caribbean breeze and take in panoramic views across the island. Staying at ELS you are just a short drive from downtown St. John’s, and within easy reach of both the southwest and northeast coast beaches.

City View Hotel is located in the heart of St. John’s, close to all major banks, corporate businesses, duty free shops and casinos. This property prides itself on quality service and complete comfort, with 50 spacious airconditioned rooms complete with flat screen televisions and cable TV. The hotel is a leading business conference facility provider, with 2 fully equipped conference meeting rooms and a full array of catering services. The Sapodilla Restaurant and Bar on the ground floor holds up to 120 guests in cozy, yet sophisticated surroundings. Other amenities include free Wireless Internet and telephones in all rooms, a gift shop, gym and room service.

Radio Range, off American Road, St. John’s, Antigua


Newgate Street, St. John’s, Antigua

for us and for you... welcome to the new home of Caribbean Alliance Insurance

with us you get expertise, knowledge, stability and financial strength, alongside an unparalleled insurance experience.

Rated A- (Excellent) at A.M. Best Company • Cnr. Long & Temple Streets, P.O. Box 1609, St. John’s, Antigua • +1 268. 481 2900

Do you long for a way to combine a money saving idea with exercise and environmentally friendly construction? If your answer is yes...then,

tyre ramming is for you! written by Janie Conley-Johnson





eeking practical and affordable solutions to building dilemmas in Antigua & Barbuda can be a frustrating experience. But we found building a retaining wall with the use of old tyres to be a cost effective, eco-friendly and a health rewarding solution to an otherwise costly building project. Our mission was to complete a 10 feet high by 200 feet long retaining wall on a meager $20,000ECD budget. So we turned to Google to look for an answer and our research led us to a simple, but clever solution. Build a retaining wall from recycled tyres. Every year thousands of used tyres are dumped in Antigua’s sanitary landfill in the Cooks area of St. John’s. A major catastrophe was averted in October 2011, when the fire services department and workers at Cooks prevented a raging fire fuelled by an enormous number of tyres from getting disastrously out of control. Since this near tragedy many of our used tyres are now shipped abroad for incineration to create solid fuel, which certainly is not any more ecological than a landfill as this is a very toxic process. Our ecological retaining wall used over 400 old tyres from the dump and local tyre repair shops to create a stylish vertical garden. The old tyres are now barely visible through the tropical foliage planted in them.




The tyres get their strength from the process of being compacted with soil and rock, similar to conventional building where concrete is poured into hollow blocks to form a solid mass. However, with this process human labour, not financial wealth is the determining factor. The tyre ramming part of this build is not for the faint-hearted and took a workforce of 6-8 people about 30 days hard labour to complete. We didn’t need to dig extensive foundations once the line of the wall was established, and cut in with the backhoe slightly larger than the width of a large truck tyre. The wide surface area and weight of the compacted tyres provides strength without major foundations and only one or two tyre depths are needed below ground to form a solid base. As the wall went up we stepped-back each row of tyres a few inches at an angle to lean into the earth they were retaining for added stability. What was required to complete the mission was hard physical effort and tons of soil. Working in the blazing sunshine is physically demanding, but provides a major workout and builds muscle fast! Motivation came in the form of ice-cold Wadadli beers at the end of each day and that was enough to keep the pounding rhythm going for hours. It takes 30-40 minutes to ram each tyre with a two man (or woman!) team; one person to shovel the soil in and the other to compact it by jumping, sledge-hammering and pushing it into every nook and cranny. It’s amazing how much soil fits into a tyre. Some days we had a backhoe on-site during the ramming process and this was a major labour saver. The backhoe would fill a line of tyres with soil within a few minutes, then everyone would work feverishly to compact the soil, ready for the next soil depositing drive by. This was much easier than having to barrow the soil into each tyre, especially when the wall got high. However, it gets expensive if the backhoe operator only has work for 5-10 minutes each hour. An alternative would be to hire a mini digger that can be self-operated. For added strength, lengths of steel rods were rammed down every other column of tyres into the sub-soil foundation.

Tyre ramming is fair weather work and not something to be attempted with wet earth or during wet weather. If you have problems getting tires from the dump then the many tire shops on island will gladly gift and divert their used tyres to your project. Thanks are extended to the National Solid Waste team for their understanding in this environmentally conscious project. And most of all to the team, Reynold the Engineer, Shawn ‘The Surgeon’ Backhoe and transportation services, Monty and the gang, and our neighbour Neil and his son Johnny. The biggest spend was the transportation of tyres to the site and the backhoe operator’s time. Expect to go through several sledgehammers, countless days of aching muscles and many cases of beer. You will learn that going green can save and make money, whilst building a wall of tyres is much stronger than concrete alone.

The links below offers useful instructions and information on how to create tyre walls. build:earthship:_tyre_ramming


Property Management & Villa Rentals

“We have a rental villa for you”

Choose from over 100 top quality short and long term villa rentals to suit all budgets. Our villas are always impeccably clean, with custom furnishings, and stunning surroundings on the beautiful island of Antigua. We can arrange transportation to and from the airport and to take you around the island. If you need a private rental car or jeep or would like to book tours and excursions we can also reserve these in advance, so when you arrive, you don't have to worry about anything. All you need to do is arrive, unpack your bags and…let us do the rest!

P.O Box 209, Jolly Harbour, Antigua | +1 (268) 561-6184 |

Villa Terena

South Finger, Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Tel: (268) 725 4663 | E:

holiday rental property • Pier for mooring boat • Expansive decked verandah

Villa Terena is a luxurious 3-bedroom villa with air-conditioning and ceiling fans throughout. The villa consists of an ensuite Master bedroom with a kingsize bed. There is a 2nd large, bright, double bedroom, and the 3rd bedroom is ideal for children as it contains a bunk bed with single top bunk and a double bed beneath. The property also has a large family size bathroom. The spacious marble-topped fully fitted kitchen has its own water machine and all the modern conveniences needed for a fantastic selfcatering experience. There is a family dining table and access to the utility room from the kitchen/dining room. Adjacent is an open-plan living area with leather sofas, TV (includes cable), DVD player, stereo, Internet, and even a

karaoke system for the budding Sinatras amongst you! The living area opens out onto a decked verandah and chill-out area. The chill-out deck also comprises a BBQ and gazebo styled alfresco dining area. There is large mooring for a boat, where you can even fish! This villa is minutes from the 18-hole golf course, within the popular Jolly Harbour Marina, which is the biggest Marina in the Caribbean. You are within a 5-minute walk to the commercial centre where there is an abundance of shops including; a large supermarket, 3 banks, a pharmacy and a selection of bars and restaurants. From here you are also only a short stroll to the sports centre which offers a 25 metre swimming pool, tennis, squash and basketball courts and this is just a quick 2 minute walk to the fabulous South Beach, complete with its very own Caribbean beach bar and a choice of watersports. From US$1,950.00 per week.

• 3 bedroom luxury villa • Sleeps up to 7 persons


LightingEXPO The island’s leading commercial & residential lighting product retail specialist.

Villa 239F

South Finger, Jolly Harbour, Antigua


Security Lights Garden Lighting Ceiling Fans Hunter Fans Outlet Dimmers Lutron Switches Bulbs & Lighting Accessories

Sir George H. Walter Highway, St. John’s, Antigua. Call in today or contact us for info: +1 (268) 562-4988

holiday rental property Tel: (268) 725 4663 | E: Villa 239F is newly refurbished to the highest standards, air-conditioned throughout and linen provided. It is the perfect waterfront Caribbean retreat situated just 5 minutes from the nearest swimming pool and beach within a gated community, with 24-hour security. The kitchen is fully-equipped and the living area has seating for five and a dining table for four persons. For entertainment there is cable TV, WIFI Internet and a DVD player. There are 2-ensuite bathrooms and a washroom. The Master suite has a queen size bed and the 2nd bedroom has twin beds, both have ample space and builtin wardrobes. On the waterfront patio are sun beds, a table and chairs with parasol, a shower and BBQ. From US$800.00 per week.

MYSTIC AMARA II 30FT. PHOENIX Come fishing with Captain Leroy

The Grange

South Finger, Jolly Harbour, Antigua holiday rental property

A stunning detached waterfront, 3-bedroom private home in an enviable location facing the ‘Sleeping Indian’ hills. The gourmet kitchen is state-of-theart, it leads to an indoor dining area which leads onto the living area. There is also an alfresco dining area which seats 6 persons. From the living area are deck steps down to the expansive 71ft x 21ft lower deck which is ideal for relaxing with family and friends. On the ground floor are 2 bedrooms, a king bed ensuite and a twin bed ensuite. The 1st floor Master suite has a king-bed, ensuite with wet room, walk-in closets and a private balcony overlooking the waterway, and another overlooking the garden. There is a 30ft. finger pier, laundry room and parking for 1 vehicle. From US$1,785.00 per week.


Bottom Fishing C h a r t e r s

We reel in Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, King Fish, Marlin and Baracuda. All tackle, bait and drinks included.

For Reservations Call:

(268) 464 7112 or 779 7503

Tel: (268) 725 4663 | E:

Deep Sea


What do these celebrities have in common? 62

THEY ALL USE THE BEST T: (268) 562-1709 | C: (268) 774-3680 | E:

Driftwood Villa

Villa 221E, South Finger, Jolly Harbour, Antigua holiday rental property Tel: (268) 725 4663 | E: Driftwood is a lovely, air-conditioned waterfront villa with 2 bedrooms. It is positioned in the marina, a short walk from the mile long Jolly Beach. All the resort’s facilities are available to guests including; swimming pool, tennis courts, golf, shops, Internet cafÊ and an array of poolside and beachfront restaurants and bars. Car and boat hire are easily arranged, as is an airport pick-up/drop-off service. The villa is equipped with all the mod-cons you need for a fully self-catered stay. It has cable TV, WIFI internet, a CD player and local phone access. The master bedroom has a 4-poster queen size bed with ensuite bathroom and balcony with table and chairs. The twin bedroom has 2 single beds with an ensuite bathroom. From US$800.00 per week.

for everything kitchen

If you love cooking, you’ll love...

Gingerlily Villa Jolly Harbour, Antigua holiday rental property

A superb modernized 1-bedroom villa with a private pool, a recently constructed deck with BBQ and sun loungers and stunning views across the marina and countryside. The villa is tastefully decorated with a modern kitchen, air-conditioning and mosquito nets throughout. The extended lounge has a flat screen cable TV, WIFI & DVD player. The ensuite Master bedroom has a safety deposit box, a small balcony to the front of the property and overlooking the pool and marina, a large balcony with seating and sun loungers to the rear. There is a driveway for a rental car and laundry facilities. Additional parking is opposite the villa. There are two bicycles for use with the villa, also golf cart rental is available. From US$750.00 per week.

we’ll supply all your

Home Chef & Commercial Kitchen Requirements

We have the perfect recipe for making life easier in the kitchen. From kitchen design to slicing the steak on your plate. We’re Antigua’s first and only one-stop store for the professional chef & gourmet home cook. We carry great gift ideas for wedding registries, birthdays and other special occasions.

Chef’s World, Gambles Medical Centre, Friar’s Hill Rd, St. John’s Tel: +1-268-560-CHEF (2433) | Cell: +1-268-726-3233 |

Tel: (268) 725 4663 | E:


Hectors House

Harbour Island, Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Tel: (268) 725 4663 | E:

holiday rental property


• Sleeps up to 10 persons • Large swimming pool

• WIFI Internet access available • 30ft. finger pier for mooring boat

Hectors House is a beautifully furnished 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom detached waterfront villa with a large swimming pool. The Master bedroom situated on the top floor has a kingsize bed with rich soft bedding and its own private balcony complete with comfortable outdoor chairs with foot rests. The bathroom is spacious and has a Jacuzzi bathtub. Bedrooms 1 and 2 each have a queen size bed with 2-side tables, lamps, a wardrobe and ensuite shower bathroom. Bedroom 3 is very spacious with 2 double beds, a wardrobe, and ensuite shower. All bedrooms are furnished to a high standard. The family size kitchen is great with fully-equipped cooking facilities and a dishwasher. There is also a laundry room with a washing

machine. The inside lounge/TV room has a comfortable ‘L’ shaped sofa with the softest cushions, great to relax in after a long day in the sunshine. Sit back and enjoy a movie and a glass of wine with the family. The lounge has a flat-screen cable TV, DVD player, CD player and a local cellular phone. The dining area inside has a large dining table and views out to the swimming pool. There is also an outside dining area with a large sunshade. If lounging by the pool is what you’re after, then Hectors House has plenty of comfortable seating, a hammock, bar area and blow-up pool loungers for your enjoyment. The villa comes complete with mooring for a boat or yacht, the use of a golf cart and 3 bicycles. If you are looking for a private getaway with family or friends, but want luxury furnishings and a view that is just spectacular, especially at sunset, then Hectors House is the right choice for you. From US$3,500.00 per week.

|| Carter’s 65

FurnitureGallery High Quality Name Brand Furniture & Appliances

Sir. George H. Walter Highway, St. John’s, Antigua | tel. 268.462 4952 . fax. 268.462 4953 . e.


Fresh talented performers Mad T-guans are a local Antiguan music group with 5 band members: Joel ‘Hard Knaxs’ Lewis, Raffique ‘Lyrical Reds’ Edwards, Seth ‘SetOn’ Alexander, ‘Dorian Twenty2’ Sampson and Juney ‘Jukey Dan’ James. The group achieved recent success in 2011 by winning the Antigua Soca Monarch competition and the Road March title with their “Kentucky” song. Tel: (268) 721 2496 or 722 6446 FB: Madtguans E:

Songwriter, folksinger and finger-style guitarist, Buell’s mellow Caribbean folk music is beautiful background entertainment perfect for weddings, parties, dinner shows, cocktail parties and celebrations. Tel: (268) 770 4898 FB: Buell Stringsthatsing

Ffryes Estate, Nr. Jolly Harbour, Antigua holiday rental property

Tel: (268) 732 8290 or 783 3257 E: | Enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility that only Stoneyhill Studio Apartments can bestow. Nestled in a lush tropical garden on the hillsides of the southwest coast, Stoneyhill offers quaint, self-catering cottages for couples. Your charming, helpful hosts will ensure you have plenty of privacy to recline and let the winds rock you to sleep in an outside hammock. You will see unbelievable sunsets above the turquoise Caribbean Sea and beautiful beaches are within viewing and walking distance. Furnished with a touch of class, every cottage-apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, a large patio and separate living area, and a flat-screen TV. There is also a communal swimming pool. Your paradise awaits at under $100US per night.

Buell:Stringsthat Sing

Stoneyhill Studio Apartments





Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle choices help us maintain good health. If you are looking for some motivational training to step up your fitness levels join a work-out programme that will stretch your ability and imagination.

nsane Boot Camp is a self-challenge fitness programme designed to achieve your fitness goals! We are dedicated to your success and will provide you with all the tools you need to accomplish your results. Our programme is intended to maximize your potential while achieving total body transformation! Our commitment is to provide the highest level of customer service, quality workouts in a safe environment, inspire results-oriented behaviour and teach you how to make permanent lifestyle changes. Our ex-military Instructors will physically challenge you at each session. We will develop your strength and coordination. You will accomplish increased endurance and flexibility while experiencing a decrease in bodyfat and body weight. Mentally we will inspire you to increase your self awareness, boost your self-esteem,

Tel: 268. 725. 5534 E: FB: search for ‘Insane Boot Camp’ improve your self confidence and positively shift your thoughts as you feel energized and motivated about the New You. Nutritionally we will provide the knowledge you need to maximize your results PERMANENTLY! Each hour of boot camp will vary, but will incorporate core conditioning, flexibility, agility drills, abdominal toning, cardiovascular exercises, short distance running, walking, interval training, circuit training, body weight resistance training, strength building and more. We all know the question will always come up as to what did you do to embrace change within yourself when given the opportunity to feel, look, perform and most importantly live better for yourself. Your answer should be simple! We accepted the insane Boot Camp Challenge.



evinia Francis, aka “Krazy Kev” or “Killa Kev” is one of Antigua’s most enthusiastic fitness trainers. In addition to a MS in Physical Therapy, she has obtained diverse training which affords her multiple designations. Her designations include, but are not limited to, National Council of Strength & Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Trainer/Instructor in the following disciplines: Crossfit, KettleBell, Silver Sneakers, Martial Arts/Kickboxing, and Cycling. Kevinia’s strengths lie predominantly in the areas of functional training, core stabilization, boot camp, and dynamic flexibility; specialising in sculpting the body through fun and intense work-out sessions which focus on weight loss, speed, agility, muscle toning and strength gains. This has led to Kevinia conceptualizing ‘Kreative Fitness’ (KF). Currently, Kevinia practices her passion at the Antigua

T: 268.732.1341 E: FB: Athletic Club, but engages a number of persons otherwise through her ‘Kreative Fitness’ Fit for Carnival and Fit for Christmas exercise Camps. These camps offer a pepperpot of activities to participants, including Boot Camp, Dance Fusion, Kickboxing, Crossfit Training and Yoga. Recently, Kevinia added road cycling to her resumé of sports, and is an executive member of the Vitamalt® Road Runners Cycling Club. Through KF, Kevinia continues to encourage fitness and health in the community and collaborated with the Vitamalt® Road Runners Cycling Club to host the first Independence Sprint Duathlon in November 2012. She is one of the top female riders, and notably, within a year of starting the sport, Kevinia secured a place on the Antigua National Team which competed against 20 other countries in the Caribbean Cycling Championships that was held in October 2012. 69

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The SunSource® Commercial Energy System is the first and only commercial HVAC system to integrate directly with solar power. Simple, scalable and easy to install. LL Supply can help you save money with future technology available today!


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Sport Fish






Total poundage brought to the scale – 2267.5 lbs. Anglers: 109 male, 13 female and 15 youths - making a total of 137 from 5 countries. 30 boats from Antigua, 6 from Guadeloupe, 2 from French St. Martin, 1 from Dutch St. Maarten and 1 from St. Barths.

Quick Facts

he 46th Antigua & Barbuda Sport Fishing Tournament proved to be as pleasurable and as highly competitive as previous years. This year, 40 boats from Antigua and neighbouring Caribbean islands took part; converging dockside after each day’s fishing, alongside thousands of enthusiastic visitors who passed through the gates of Nelson’s Dockyard to Enjoy The Fishing and Enjoy The Lime. In total, a staggering 2,267.5 lbs of fish were brought to the scales, then wheel-barrowed off to the fishmongers’ stall where fish were still being cleaned, gutted and filleted up to 11pm each night. Fresh fish lovers queued willingly to bag their own catches and take supplies home. The number of line-caught fish weighed in totalled 55 dolphin, 34 wahoo and 5 kingfish. In the marlin division all were ‘tag and release’ with 8 blue marlin and 1 white marlin.


Record Winning Tuna


Undoubtedly the most thrilling on-land moment was when angler Vincent Herpe on the Guadeloupian boat Apollon brought his 176.75 lb tuna to the scale. The record-breaking tuna was the largest tuna ever caught in the tournament and Vincent also netted the prize for largest fish caught by a male. Participant Margaret Habib of Aquasports summarized the sentiments of the event in a nutshell. She said, “What this event brings is a union, a kinship of everyone regardless of colour, creed, race or age… It’s always great to see families together. Fathers holding their babies, mothers pushing the prams, grandparents looking after the little ones, and friends coming together and enjoying good, clean fun. What I enjoy the most is seeing the children running and playing freely, with very little adult intervention. Aren’t we lucky here in Antigua that our children can still roam free without fear?” With a growing number of high-standard participating stalls, crews, sponsors and visitors declared the event a roaring success. From the pulled-pork-in-a-bun at the Food & Drink Guide’s Grab ‘n’ Go stall, to the tasty conch fritters and seafood pasta at Global Catering. Just Desserts produced “to die for” passion fruit cheesecake, and succulent ribs could be found at Jane’s BBQ. Visitors wiped their mouths and licked their fingers whilst quenching their thirst with ice-cold Carib in the beer garden and refreshing rosé wine from Premier Beverages. This was an event to remember.

2012 Winners & Participants

Scallywag captained by Michael Hall caught a total of 282.5 lbs and walked away with ‘champion boat’, beating runner up Goldfin skippered by Nico Psihoyos, by 37.75 lbs. The Scallywag crew also scored high on individual prizes. The youngest crew member, 10 year old Sebastian Gobinet, cleaned up; winning ‘2nd largest kingfish’ and with a whopping 55.25lb wahoo he won ‘largest wahoo’ and ‘biggest fish caught by a youth’. That said, Goldfin did win ‘champion boat 25ft. and under’ with an excellent catch of 244.75 lbs. Also on Scallywag, Robert Hall won ‘2nd largest wahoo’ whilst Kimberley Hall won ‘largest fish caught by a female’ with a 35.75 lb wahoo. Another great performance by a woman came from Sixpence and angler Dana Siva, a tournament regular, who caught a 34.75 lb kingfish and won ‘biggest kingfish’. In the Marlin Division, Blue Rapid was a ‘champion boat’ winner with two tag and releases. Hard working angler Justin Barreto aged 15 also earned ‘most tag and releases’ for his efforts as well as ‘champion youth’. The ‘champion female’ title went to Tameka Wharton on Missa Ferdie with one tag and release and ‘champion make’ to Giliano Lawrence on Xtreme with one tag and release. The runner up boat was Apollon skippered by Karl Petrelluzzi with one blue and one white release, and second runner up Missa Ferdie and captain Pelo Bailey with one blue release.


The Birthplace of Denim

Lower Redcliffe Street | St. John's, Antigua | P.O.BOX W631 | 268.562.1212 | 268.562.3535 | 610.990.3535 |

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u 0 l: mig 7418 or 46 om Emai 3 .c 2 d 7 n sla 268) peari Tel: ( y l k c .pri www

© 2012 Rana Lewis

© 2012 R

ana Lew

© 201

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a Lew

is 78

The Essential Reading List written by Joanne C. Hillhouse

So, I stopped by the studio of a locally filmed online TV programme recently, and the host, Colin Sampson, unexpectedly said of my new book Oh Gad! “This should be on a national reading list”. Colour me purple! I’ll venture no opinion on that, but it did get me thinking, what would a list of Antiguan and Barbudan essential reading contain?


Francis’ Road to Wadi Halfa, which jumps between the UK and North Africa. My new book Oh Gad!, I feel, tiptoes along this line. One reviewer said, “(it) reels the reader deeply within the cultural fabric of Antiguan society… (but) could potentially bridge the gap that separates Caribbean people and their African American counterparts; particularly from a literary standpoint.” Consider this list instead, the other list, the list of books by Antiguans and Barbudans, of and about Antigua and Barbuda. Pineapple Rhymes by Veronica Evanson Bernard –like Selvyn Walter’s short story collection Bank Alley Tales, it captures in poetry form the fabric of Antigua then, a when before many of us were even a beam in our mother’s eyes, a time that was already fading during our toddler-hood, a time which exists in the haze of nostalgia. Well, there’s that, and there’s the fact that Women of Antigua! – my favourite from the collection – is a fitting tribute to the formidable fairer sex of our fair isle. I am that I am by Tameka Jarvis – a poetry collection that cuts to the bloody pulsing heart of the modern Antiguan woman struggling through the joy and pain of loving; including raw verse which stand alone but which, as ordered, serve as a narrative of the construction and deconstruction of a woman becoming and a relationship unravelling. Ladies of the Night by Althea Prince – You can’t talk about Antiguan women’s stories, without flipping through the pages of this collection from one of our most prolific, generous, and esteemed (and deservedly so) writers. These women’s stories are unflinchingly frank in a world where romance (of the Hollywood kind) is a luxury few can afford.

irst, a disclaimer: Just because a book is not on this list does not mean I do not like it, nor does it mean that you won’t. In fact, I encourage you to run – don’t walk – to my evergrowing ‘Antiguan and Barbudan Writings’ page located at and work your way from top to bottom because not only are we a reading culture, we are a writing culture, and you’ll find much to engage, enlighten, and entertain between the pages of the books listed there. Also you’ll find links to sub-genres within the canon of Antiguan and Barbudan literature. This list excludes my previous books The Boy from Willow Bend and Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, because who puts themselves on a list of their own making. Unlike my list on the site, it excludes books that may be set in Antigua and/or Barbuda but which are not necessarily written by AntiguansBarbudans like Eric Jerome Dickey’s Dying for Revenge and John Le Carre’s Our Kind of Traitor; and overlapping with that, it excludes books I simply haven’t yet read like Robert Coram’s Caribbean Time Bomb and David Barry Gaspar’s Bondmen and Rebels. Plus, honestly, this list is purely subjective and of the moment, and specific to works not only written by locals but LARGELY SET in Antigua and/or Barbuda – which disqualifies favourites that could easily have made the list like Althea Romeo Mark’s continent-hopping If Only the Dust Would Settle; D. Gisele Isaac’s Considering Venus, largely set in New York; Althea Prince’s Loving This Man, largely set in Canada; and Marie Elena John’s Unburnable, set in Dominica. And you perhaps can’t get more international than Claudia E.R.

79 80

The Way We Talk and Other Antiguan Folkways by Joy Lawrence – It’s a good resource for visitors and residents, students and casual readers with respect to the local vernacular. Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid – A coming of age tale set in Antigua, but which any young girl anywhere can relate to; a tale that, in some ways, only hints at the candour and, some would say, rancour of later works. It is the standard by which literary fiction is measured, Jamaica, the writer not the country, sitting, figuratively speaking, atop Mount Obama as far as literature from the 108 is concerned. And, more personally, it is the book that planted the seed, that my dream of being a writer wasn’t pie in the sky; rather, as they say in the school yard ring game, Puncinella You can do it too! My Brother by Jamaica Kincaid – A book which, to the best of my knowledge, broke ground by taking on two taboo subjects, homosexuality and AIDS. Like A Small Place, it doesn’t exist behind the veil of fiction; and like that it likely ruffled a few feathers. Somehow, I don’t think she cares. The Dancing Granny by Ashley Bryan – This breaks my rules a bit as the writer is American born but with Antiguan roots; and while this book isn’t specifically set in Antigua, it draws like most of his stories on African lore familiar to all corners of the diaspora. Besides, I couldn’t resist including an Anancy tale, especially one that I’ve found to be a good ice breaker when I present to kids who like joining in keeping the beat. Pink Teacups and Blue Dresses by Floree Williams – A memoir that is an easy and familiar read for teens, dealing as it does in sentimental snatches with a girl’s coming of age in modern-ish Antigua.

Journeycakes by Monica Matthew – Because I edited this book, I have a certain affection for it; but that’s not why I’m recommending it. A love letter to the author’s Mama May, it also provides insight to the social life of Antigua of a certain time, the modern past if you will. To Shoot Hard Labour: The Life and Times of Samuel Smith, an Antiguan Workingman 1877-1982 by Keithlyn and Fernando Smith – but really by Samuel Papa Sammy Smith as it is his voice that infuses this post-slavery narrative that, as one academic once said – with its personal and relatable protagonist, anecdotal insight to the journey of Antiguans from the plantation to now, implicit reminder of why we must continue to be vigilant about the state of our Independence – should be essential reading for every Antiguan and Barbudan.

And that’s where we came in. Joanne C. Hillhouse is the author of three books including her latest bestseller Oh Gad! She is the founder of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize; follow her literary journeying at and She encourages you to purchase her new book, which is available in e-book and print format any where books are sold. Many of the books mentioned in this Essential List can be purchased on island in Antigua at the Best of Books Bookstore located on St. Mary’s Street, St. John’s.

b a F


Backhoe | 10 Ton Dump Truck


WEuAl WVeEaSves



W l u f i t u a e cB i t s i t r A s Fabulou e Artistic B Fabulous

Johnston’s Village, Off Factory Rd, St. John’s, Antigua TEL: 268. 721 0847 & 268. 782 4824


Contact Bernadette for more information. +1 (268) 728-5305 or 770-1718

It’s All About

Quality Oil Depot Old Parham Road, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 481-3590 Fax: (268) 481-3577 Email:

If you are looking for artistic original gifts for friends and family, FAB Weaves is the only one with that creative touch specializing in thread-by-thread hand-woven textiles. Come and see how our West Indian Sea Island Cotton and other natural fibre yarns are handmade into beautiful products such as: tablecloths and runners, placemats, napkins, coasters, floor mats, chair backs, fabrics, shawls, scarves, sashes, baby-blankets, toss cushions and more…



3rd Annual



Garden SHOW

The day could not have been more beautiful for the almost 300 attendees at this year’s Flower and Garden Show. The Antigua & Barbuda Horticultural Society, GARD Centre and vendors old and new, showcased their collections of plants, flowers, orchids, palms and fruit trees with several stalls selling stems of tropical exotics such as gingers, heliconias and anthuriums.

he Flower and Garden Show’s competition categories included potted plants (flowering), potted plants (foliage), cacti and succulents, ferns, palms, herbs, fruit and vegetables. New to this year’s show was a cut flower arranging category and there was an exquisite variety of exotic hibiscuses on display, much to the delight of patrons. Many of these were entered by talented hibiscus grower Jacinta Graham. The Display Gardens created by the Horticultural Society and GARD Centre were a popular spectacle. Presentations were given by Ronald of Decorative Landscapes, on the benefits of concrete curbed garden beds and by Dave of International Micro Concrete Products on the many paths he creates. Mr. Joyce Grant of Claremont Farms demonstrated how to graft fruit trees and Hyacinth Hillhouse was captivating with her demonstration on making local clay pottery. Seasoned gardeners and backyard planters just starting out were well informed. Entertainment was by the Royal Police Force Band and Expressions Choir and refreshments were enjoyed at the Horticultural Café. Judging this year’s winners were Edith “Snookie” Oladele, Myrna Kelsick and Jean Derrick. Her Excellency Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack ‘a good shopper and a lover of plants’ made presentations to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and to Mr. Montgomery Lewis, for ‘Best In The Show’ for the third year running. The Antigua & Barbuda Horticultural Society thanks all who attended and participated. For further information visit or call Barbara Japal: +1 268 725-5507 83

Profile for Leeward Consultants - Antigua & Barbuda 2013  

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Welcome to this, our 2nd edition of formerly Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle magazine. This 2013 issue is focused 100%...